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Given names from Frederick - Joel

Abbreviations used below
b = born
m = married
d = died
Co = County
Com. = Company
Reg. = Regiment
Inf. = Infantry
Cav. = Cavalry

Frederick6 Maberry (Frederick5, Frederick, Abel, Charles, Francis), b about 1832 Overton Co TN; m 13 Oct 1857 Parthena _____; enlisted in Com. B of the 6th Cav. USA; d 9 Dec 1864 at Cairo, Illinois.
Frederick Maberry, enlisted on 13 Apr 1864 as Pvt. in Com. B, 6th IL Cav, at the age of 35. He was a resident of Reynoldsburg in Johnson Co IL.
Frederick7 Mabry (William L.6, Cornelius, Cornelius, Cornelius, Charles, Francis), b 31 Jan 1843; d 18 Jun 1864 north of Marietta, GA in Civil War.
Frederick Mayberry (Jobe, Frederick, Frederick of NJ), b 15 Jul 1847 Ste. Genevieve Co MO; m 29 Oct 1865 Elizabeth Harriet Dalton in Avon, MO; enlisted 30 Aug 1864 at Pilot Knob, MO in Com. K, 47th Reg. MO Inf.; discharged 29 Mar 1865 St. Louis, MO; enlisted again Apr 1865 in Capt. Flood's Com., Ste. Genevieve, MO for 3 months; d 28 Nov 1920 at home of his son in St. Francois Co MO.
Frederick S. Mayberry, enlisted as Pvt. in Com. K, 6th Cav. on 9 Oct 1861. He was 20 years old and a resident of Hamilton Co.
G. W. Mabry - Enlisted as a Pvt. in Com I, 36th AR Inf Reg.; d at Camp Hope, AR 10 Sep 1862. Claim filed 16 Jun 1863 by Mary Mabry, mother, who said that he died at home.
George7 Mabry (Joel6, Walter, Joel, Ephraim, Hinchia, Francis), b Jul 1846 MS; m before 1870 Cynthia Ann Harris.
George Madden7 Mabry (William T.6, William, Joel, Ephraim, Hinchia, Francis), b 1840s LA; m Henrietta Porter Black; lived later in TX; served in the Civil War Cav scout in Major Smith's Bat., LA Cav.; transferred to James H. Tevis Com. of Arizona Scouts, Gen. Green's Brig., Texas Cav.; he was a P.O.W at New Orleans on 26 May 1865 and was parolled at Natchitoces, LA on 8 Jun 1865.
George Mabry, was a resident of Vandalia in Fayette Co IL when he enlisted at a Sgt in Com. H, 8th IL Inf on 23 Apr 1861 at age 22.
George Maberry, was a 39 years of age and resident of Springfield, Sangamon Co IL, when he joined the 130th IL Inf. as a Pvt.
George Richard7 Mabry (Russell6, Patrick, Joel, Ephraim, Hinchia, Francis), b 12 Nov 1834 in Hall Co GA; m 1st 25 Feb 1872 Isabella McCullough in Navarro Co TX; m 2nd Grace L_____; enlisted 20 Aug 1861 in the Cav Com., Ellis Blues, 4th Regiment; transferred 28 Oct 1861 to Com. H, 12th Texas Cav., C.S.A.; d 30 Apr 1909.
George W. Mabary, (John, John, ?Isaac, George, Francis), m Louise Rains; b 3 Jan 1843; Served as a Pvt. in Com. K, 9th Reg. MO Union Cav.
George W. Mabry (son of Thomas and Mary Mabry of Elbert and Clarke Co GA), b about 1836 in Elbert Co GA; enlisted as a Pvt. 10 Jun 1861 at Clarke Co GA in Com. K, Athens Guards; he lost an arm 9 Apr 1865 at Appomattox, GA.
George W. Mabry Enlisted as a Pvt. in (old) Com. I at Pine Bluff, Arkansas, July 27, 1861; wounded in action at Shiloh, Tennessee, April 7, 1862; transferred to Com. A, 9th AR Inf on April 19, 1862; absent at home on sick furlough, April 30, 1862; present, August 31, 1864.
George W.6 Mabry (Robert Smith5, Braxton, Joel, Hinchia, Francis); b 20 Jan 1840; m Kate Powell; enlisted as a Pvt. on 24 Feb 1864 at Vandalia, IL, at age 24; mustered in 21 May 1864 at Camp Butler, IL in Co F, 7th IL Cav; d 29 Oct 1898.
George W. Mayberry served in Com. C (from Maury and Hickman Counties), 9th TN Cav. Bat. Organized November 28, 1861; into Confederate service December 23, 1861; surrendered Fort Donelson February 16, 1862; exchanged Vicksburg September, 1862; reorganized Jackson, Mississippi; paroled at Charlotte, North Carolina, May 3, 1865.
George W. Mayberry, enlisted as Pvt. on 15 Jan 1863 in Hazlegreen, KY.
George W. Mayberry (Richard, Thomas) of Mahaska Co served as Pvt. in Com. C, 40th Reg. IA Inf. George was born in October 1836 in OH.
George W. Mayberry, enlisted as Pvt. on 21 Oct 1861 in Prestonburg, KY.
George Maberry, served in te 10th Reg., TX Cav. (Locke's)
George W. Maybury, enlisted as Pvt. in Com. K, 16th IL Inf. on 24 May 1861 at age 24; he was a resident of Richfield, in Adams Co IL and gave his birthplace as Slippery Rock, Butler Co PA. When a reunion of the regiment was held in 1888, his place of residence was given as Stones Prairie.
George Washington7 Maberry (William6, James5, John4, John3, George2, Francis1). Born 10 Jul 1846 Livingston Co MO; m 15 Mar 1868 Elvira M. Moore; d 1880. Served in Com. G, 44th MO Inf.
George Washington7 Mabrey (Cornelius B.6, Cornelius, Cornelius, Cornelius, Charles, Francis) b 5 Apr 1843 Bollinger Co MO; d 15 Mar 1862 at Cape Girardeau, MO while serving in the Union Army.
George Washington Mabry (Joseph J.5, Charles, Isaac, George, Francis), b Mar 1836 Grayson or Patrick Co VA; m 1st 19 Nov 1859 Elizabeth Monday in Surry Co NC; m 2nd 15 Dec 1906 Alice Gardner Marshall; entered Com. G, 54th Virginia Reg. on 16 Sep 1861; transferred to 25th VA Cav.
George William Mayberry (Jesse, Seth of Jackson Co TN), b 17 Apr or May 1836 Jackson Co TN; m 4 Jun 1853 Nancy Loftis in Jackson Co TN; according to family tradition he was "forced into military service by being taken in the middle of the night by soldiers." He served in the Confederate Army and was killed 18 May 1863 in Georgia and was buried in Resaca, GA. However in the "Compendium of the War of the Rebellion", lists a battle at Resaca, GA on May 14-15th 1864. Thus he may not have d until 1864.
Gilliam Hopson6 Maybry (Daniel5, Jesse, James, George, Francis), b 14 May 1846 Spartanburg Co SC; m1 Martha Wingo; m2 Laura _____; joined Com. H (or K), 5th SC Reg. under Capt. Tom Cower; wounded at Petersburg Aug 1864; discharged 9 Apr 1865 Spartanburg Co SC; d 21 Jan 1921 Campabello, SC.
Green Berry6 Mabry (Samuel S.5, Charles, Isaac, George, Francis), b 14 Sep 1845; m 1st 24 Oct 1865 Mary Louisa Sutphin; volunteered for Com. G, 54th Virginia Infantry; d 7 Mar 1948. He was the last survivor of the 54th and one of the last 10 Virginia soldiers.
Griffin Lafayette 7 ("Tobe") Mabry, (Alexander6, James T., Joel, Ephraim, Hinchia, Francis), b 10 Jul 1841 Attala Co MS; m Sarah M. Donald; enlisted Com. C, 11th MS Cav as Toby L. Mabry; was later assigned to Com. F, 2nd MS Inf; served last in Com. A, 15th MS Inf.; d 10 Nov 1878 Attala Co MS.
Gunnison Mayberry, enlisted as Pvt. on 1 Sep 1861 in OH at the age of 24.
Hartwell B. Mabry (Hazel, Bartholomew, Delilah); Enlisted at age 19 on 23 Jun 1862 in Com. I, 36th AR Inf Reg at Springfield, AR; hospital parole Sep 1862. This is presumably the same H. B. Mabry who was captured 27 May 1863 near Port Hudson, LA and sent to MP at New Orleans, LA. Issued clothing 8 Jul 1863; the latter was serving in Com. E, 10 AR Inf. Reg (CSA).
Harrison W. Mabry, enlisted as a Pvt. 14 May 1862 GA.
Harvey Mabry, (son of Henry Mabry and Sally Hodge of Union Co SC) b ca 1841 Union Co SC; m ca 1865 Elizabeth _____; served in Com. B, 18th SC Inf, then with the Palmetto Sharpshooters (Brattens Brigade); sick and hospitalized through some pay periods; wounded 23 Jul 1864. Paroled 9 Apr 1865 at Appomattox Courthouse.
Henry Mayberry, listed with other soldiers in Com. G, 20th VA Cav. Night Hawk Rangers. Also in the same company were: Benjamin R. Pennybacker, Benjamin Y. Pennybacker, John Bird Pennybacker, John M. Pennybacker and William Pennybacker. This probably indicates that Henry Mayberry was a descendant of George Mayberry who m Rebecca Pennybacker and established several iron foundries in VA.
Henry F.7 Mabry (Francis6, John, Francis, Francis, Francis, Francis), b 24 Mar 1849 Trigg Co KY; enrolled Feb 1864 in Com. H., 20th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry; transferred to Com. D, 6th Kentucky Veteran Cav.; d 13 Nov 1864.
Henry L. Mabry enlisted in Com. H, 10th Texas Inf. in Houston, TX on 18 Oct 1861; he was 16 years of age and a resident of Bosque Co TX. Pvt. Mabry was detailed at "assistant clerk for Qr Mstr Dept" on 20 Dec 1862; he was captured 11 Jan 1863 at Arkansas Post, AR and sent to Camp Douglas Prison near Chicago, IL; paroled for exchange 1 Apr 1863 and exchanged at City Point, VA on 7 Apr 1863; he was admitted to the Episcopal Church Hospital in Williamsburg, VA on 4 May 1863 with Catarrhus; he was killed in action at Jonesboro, GA on 1 Sep 1864.
Henry M. Mayberry, b in 1830 in Hamilton Co IL; m1 Miss E. Fairweather of England; m2 M. F. Kennedy. He was the father of 15 children; enlisted on 24 Aug 1861 in Com. C, 6th KS Vol Cav. He mustered out on 1 Dec 1864 at Leavenworth, KS.
Henry Yeakley6 Mabrey (Cornelius5, Cornelius, Cornelius, Charles, Francis), b 3 Dec 1836 Randolph Co IN; m at Jackson, MO 12 Nov 1863 Sarah Jane6 Mabrey (Ezekiel5, Phillip, Cornelius, Charles, Francis); entered the Union Army as a private in Com. B, Missouri State Militia on 1 Feb 1862 in Com. L, 3rd MO Cav. and was promoted to fourth sergeant. On 21 August 1862 he was elected 1st Lt. of a Com. of recruits; he was later 1st Lt. in Com. H., U.S. 31st Cav.; he resigned his commision on 10 Aug 1863 because of illness and went home to recuperate; he later enrolled in Com. G, 56th Missouri Militia and was elected 1st Lt. on 21 Oct 1864; disability frosted feet and contusions of scrotum; He d 16 Nov 1915 Wayne Co Missouri.
Henry6 Mayberry (Frederick5, Frederick4, Abel3, Charles2, Francis1) b 28 Feb 1827 Overton Co TN; m 12 Mar 1850 Elizabeth Caroline Colier in Benton Co TN; and died 25 Apr 1904/5. He served as a Pvt. in Com. K, 6th Prov. Militia of Missouri (later became 16th Reg., MO Cav.). Buried in Rolla Cemetery, Phelps Co., MO.
Hinchia Parham6 Mabry (Hincha P.5, Charles, Joshua, Hinchia, Francis), b 27 Oct 1829 in Carroll Co GA; m 1854 Sarah Abigail Haywood; although opposed to secession, he enlisted in the Confederate Army, attaining the rank of Brigadier-General (never confirmed by Jefferson Davis); He was an attorney in Jefferson, TX and served in the Texas Legislature from 1856-1860; he participated in the constitutional convention in 1866; he d 21 Mar 1884 in Sherman, TX.
Huston Maberry, enlisted as Pvt. in Com. F, 7th Inf. on 17 Apr 1861 in IL, at the age of 29. Resident of Springfield, IL.
Hugh6 Mabry (James H.5, Gray, Joshua, Hinchia, Francis) b ca 1847 GA; d Mar 1927 at Oxford, GA. Obituary refers to him as a Confederate soldier.
Ira Jackson7 Mabry (Olive6, Isaac, Charles, Isaac, George, Francis) b Sep 1848 in Carroll Co VA; m 3 Aug 1871 Mrs. Elizabeth Foley Dickerson; served in Com. F., Reg. 5, 5th VA Inf.; d 1924 Carroll Co VA.
Irving Mabry is found on a list of "Indigent families of Confederate soldiers" from Texas. These families were supported by the Texas government while the soldier was away from home. Irving was listed as from Rusk County, TX.
Irwin Mabry is found on a list of "Indigent families of Confederate soldiers" from Texas. These families were supported by the Texas government while the soldier was away from home. Irwin was listed as from Rusk County, TX.
Isaac6 Mabry (Alfred5, Daniel, Ephraim, Hinchia, Francis), b 26 Nov 1843 in Pontotoc Co MS; m in 1871 Martha L. Jones; he served in Com. A, of the 22nd Texas Inf. in the C.S.A. After the war he settled in Montague Co TX.
Isaac S. Mayberry (son of Cynthia Maberry, a widow in 1850 Caldwell Co NC), b ca 1839 NC; resident of Chatham Co NC; enlisted in Caldwell Co NC 26 Jul 1861 at age of 22; served in Com. I, 26th Reg. NC Inf.; captured at Falling Waters, MD 14 Jul 1863; confined at Point Lookout, MD 17 Aug 1863; d at Point Lookout 19 Jan 1864 (or 27 Mar 1865), cause of death not reported.
Isaac Mayberry served as a Pvt. in Com. I, 34th Reg. PA Militia.
Isaiah Mabrey (may be son of Luke5, Francis, Francis, Francis, Francis) b 12 Dec 1826 NC; m1 Margaret Poplin; m2 ?; m3 Adeline Hinson; a resident of Stanly Co NC when he enlisted 17 Mar 1862, age 36, in Rowan Co.; her served a a Pvt. in Com. C, 42nd NC Inf.; present or accounted for until 8 Mar 1865; d 22 Nov 1874 Stanly Co NC; Also served in the Mexican War. N.B. Another record says he died on 8 March 1865 in NC.
Jacob Dennis Mayberry b 24 Jun 1844 Bibb Co AL; enlisted 8 Mar 1862 Centreville as Pvt in Com. F, 11th AL Reg.; paroled 9 Jun 1865 Fort McHenry Prison, MD.
J. F. Mabry served in the 19th Reg., TX Inf.
J. H. Mabry enlisted on 24 Jun 1861 as a Pvt. in Com. B., 1st NC Inf. at Mecklenburg Co NC. AWOL 8-31-61.
J. H. Mabry served for 6 months (1863-64) in the 4th Reg., TX Cavalry State Troops. He may be the J. H. Mabry who also served in the 19th Reg., TX Inf.
J. M. Mayberry listed as a Third Corp. in Com. C, 50th AR Militia, in Prairie county, Arkansas, March 7, 1862; enlisted in Co. A, 6th Arkansas Cavalry, at Hickory Plains, Arkansas, May 9, 1862; reduced to private, April 14, 1863; reappointed third corporal; present to February 29, 1864.
J. P. Mabrey enlisted as Pvt. in Com. D, 14th (Power's) AR Inf Reg (CSA) at Yellville, AR on 17 Jul 1861; discharged as a non-conscript at Priceville, AR 16 Jul 1862.
J. P. Mabry served in the 15th Reg., TX Inf.
J. R. Mayberry Pvt Enl 26 Feb 1862 at Nashville, AR. Disch 24 Jul 1863 as 46 years old. Co I, 19th AR Inf
Jacob Maberry mustered with Com. B., 10th Reg. AR Militia in Feb-Mar 1862 at Clarksville, AR. Later (25 Aug 1862) in Com. H, 34th AR Inf at Camp Cunningham, AR. Served as a drummer; present 29 Feb 1864.
Jacob Mabray (name found of roll of those who served in the 1st Arkansas Union Infantry).
Jacob A.(lexander)7 Mabrey, (William H.6, Luke, Francis, Francis, Francis, Francis) b 20 Dec 1842 Stanly Co NC; m Milley Penny Cable; a resident of Stanly Co NC; enlisted in Rowan Co 1 Feb 1862,at age 19, as a Pvt. in Com. C, 42nd Reg. NC Vol. Inf.; present or accounted for until hospitalized at Raleigh 10 Mar 1865 with a shell wound of the right leg; transferred 19 Mar 1865; no further records.
James 7 Mabry, (Alexander6, James T., Joel, Ephraim, Hinchia, Francis), b 10 Jul 1841 Attala Co MS; m Martha A. Barwick; served in Com. G., 21st MS Inf; d 30 Sep 1899 Attala Co MS.
James Mabry (probably son of Alfred5 Mabry, Gray, Joshua, Hinchia, Francis); enlisted as pvt in Co. D, 5th Regt. GA State Troops 12 Oct 1861; mustered out 11 Apr 1862; enlisted as Pvt. in Com. E, 59th GA Inf. on 10 May 1862 at Ft. Gaines, Clay County, GA; home on furlough Aug 1862; died in General Hospital #16 at Richmond, VA 4 Feb 1863.
James Maberry is listed on the Roster of Com. B, 2nd TN Mtd. Inf. He enlisted at age 18 and died in Reg. hospital at Clifton, TN on 15 Jun 1864 of erysipleas.
James Mayberry, served as Pvt. in Com. A, 21st (McCarver's) AR Inf Reg. (C.S.A.)
James Mayberry, served as a Pvt. from KY, beginning 26 Sep 1861; died of Pneumonia in Hopkinsville in Fall of 1862.
James A. Maberry, served as a Pvt. from MD, beginning 9 Oct 1861.
James Alva Mabrey, (son of Randolph & Harriet Mabrey of Cumberland Co NC), b 1848 Cumberland Co NC; moved to Hamilton Co IN about 1859; m1 16 Feb 1870 Ellen Jordan; m2 Nov 1902 Minnie Meyer; tried twice to enlist in Union Army and was rejected because of age; finally, at age of 16, enlisted on 21 Mar 1865 in Com. A, 123rd IN Volunteers; discharged 25/26 Aug 1865; d 2 Nov 1919 Hammond, IN.
James Anderson6 Mabry, Sr. (Joseph J.5, Charles, Isaac, George, Francis) b 2 Jan 1834 Grayson Co VA; m 1st 5 May 1853 America Bolt; m 2nd Mrs.Browning; m 3rd Tillie _____; enlisted in Com. G, 54th VA Inf. at Dugspur, VA on 16 Sep 1861 and served as a 2nd Lt. until his unit was reorganized in May 1862. In 1864 he re-enlisted in the 25th VA Cav and took part in 28 battles in the summer of that year. In October of that year James and his brother, Richard, were "detached" to procure horses. He d 29 May 1922 Golden City, MO. An article about his life appeared in the Denver, Illinois, newspaper titled: "J.A. Mabry, a Former Citizen of Denver, Helps Fight the Civil War, and Then Goes Out and Conquers Kansas. Mabry migrated to Kansas in 1866 and moved to Riley County.
James B. Mabry, (son of James Eaton Mabry & Ursula Young), b ca 1819 SC; Pvt. in Capt. Drane's Com., Choctaw Co Reserves, MS Cav.
James C. Mabry (probably son of Joel Braxton6, Robert S., Braxton, Joel, Hinchia, Francis), b ca 1840 IL; m Lavina Sage; was a resident of Vandalia in Fayette Co, IL when he enlisted as a Pvt. in Com. E, 32nd IL Inf. on 24 Mar 1864. He was 24 years of age.
James Mayberry served in Com. H, 36th MO Reg.; d 19 Oct 1862; buried Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery, St. Louis, MO.
James C. Mayberry, born ca 1836; was a Pvt. in Com. F, 5th TN Infantry (U.S.A.). The 5th was organized in Barbourbille, Ky. in 1862 and saw action at Cumberland Gap, the East Tennessee Campaign, the Atlanta Campaign, Franklin, Nashville, and Wilmington, N.C. The regiment suffered severe casualties during the Battle of Resaca, Georgia and was engaged in the battle near the Carter House cotton gin during the Battle of Franklin, Tennessee. Many of the soldiers in the 5th Tennessee regiment were from Roane Co., Monroe Co., Blount Co., Meigs Co., and Hamilton Co. in Tennessee.
James Eaton Mabry, (son of Bartholomew Mabry and Rebecca Hazel), b 15 Jun 1838 Shelby Co AL: m1 24 Aug 1865 Amanda Catharine Brady in Conway Co AR; m2 5 Jun 1879 Rebecca A. Wilmoth; d 18 Nov 1895 Faulkner Co AR. He first served in the 10th AR Inf (C.S.A.) and was captured at Port Hudson, LA. After his release he joined the 3rd AR Cav. (U.S.). He later moved to Choctaw, MS and then to Holland in Faulkner Co AR.
James E. Mabry (s/o Hazel, Bartholomew), m 7 Jan 1861 Sarah Jane Lavender Conway Co AR; enlisted as Pvt. 29 Feb 1864 in Com. L, 3rd AR Cav Reg. at Little Rock, AR. Ht 6', eyes blue, hair drk, complx farmer, age 25, born in Shelby Co, AL. Deserted 5 Nov 1864 at Lewisburg, AR.
James E. Mabry (son of John Mabry and Rosa Shearin of Halifax Co NC), b ca 1845 Halifax Co NC; enlisted as a Pvt. on 12 Jan 1863 in Halifax Co; present or accounted for until wounded in the left hip near New Bern in Apr 1864; reported absent wounded until 25 Nov 1864 when he was retired to the Invalid Corps.
James E. Marbry b Montgomery Co NC (later Stanly Co); enlisted in Stanly Co 25 Mar 1862 as a Pvt. in Com. I, 52nd Reg., NC Infantry; wounded at Gettysburg, PA 3 Jul 1863; Captured in hospital at Gettysburg 5 Jul 1863; hospitalized at Baltimore, MD, where he d 26 Jul 1863.
James F.7 Mayberry (Randolph6, Abel, Randolph, Abel, Charles, Francis) b ca 1841 Wilkes Co NC; enlisted in Iredell Co 22 Apr 1862, served in Com. E, 54th NC Inf. mustered in a Musician (Drummer); reduced to ranks prior to 4 Jun 1862; d at Camp Mangum 4 Jun 1864; cause of death not reported.
Dr. James Fletcher Mabry, son of Reuben Langdon Mabry and Polly Tompkins of Abbeville Co SC. Born 24 Jun 1824 (or 1826); m1 Elizabeth Stevenson; m2 by 1863 Mary Julia Keller; d 23 Feb 1878. Served in Com. M., (Jackson's Com.?) Wood's Regt. Confederate Cavalry.
James H. Mayberry served as Pvt. in Com. B, 26th KY Vol. Inf. beginning 5 Mar 1862.
James Harvey Mayberry b ca 1841 OH; m Arvilla _____; served as Pvt. in Com. H., OH 21st, beginning 20 Apr 1861.
James H. Mayberry served as Cpl. in Com. E, 87th IL Inf. beginning 15 Aug 1862. On 10 Mar 1864 he was listed as a Sgt. in the same Com. He was a resident of Hamilton Co.
James H. C. Mabry - Served in the 26th Reg., TX Cav. (Debray's) (Davis' Mounted Battalion)
James Kiddoo Mayberry (son of William Mayberry and Hannah Kiddoo), b 14 Oct 1841 in Mercer Co PA; m 6 Apr 1863 Sarah Ann Patterson; enlisted 14 Aug 1862 as a Pvt. in Com. B, 134th PA Inf.; discharged 26 May 1863. migrated to Kansas in 1878; d 1931 in Topeka, KS
James M. Mayberry - Served as a Pvt. in Com D, Carlton's AR CAV BAT; paroled 31 May 1865 at Pine Bluff, AR. Ht 5' 9'', eyes gray, hair drk, complx, drk.
James P. Mayberry - Served at a Pvt in Com. A of the 1st Reg., MD Inf.
James Patrick7 Mabry -- called James D. Mabry in some records. (Little Wafer6, Patrick, Joel, Ephraim, Hinchia, Francis), b 23 Aug 1837 Lumpkin Co GA; m about 1858 Mary Pastell; enlisted 18 Aug 1862 in Huntsville at age of 25, AL in Com. I, 1st AL Cav. (U.S.A.); MIA 28 Apr 1863 at Day's Gap, AL; rejoined Com. 2 Oct 1863; taken prisoner of war 22 Nov 1863 near Camp Davies, MS; held at Andersonville; released Apr 1/5 1864; arrived at Annapolis, MD 15 May 1865 and sent to Camp Chase, OH 17 May 1865; d 13 Jun 1926. (See the story on the main Civil War page about the two James Patrick Mabrys who met at Andersonville)
James Pinkney Maberry (probably a desc. of Charles2 Mabry), Pvt.; Com. D, 5th Reg, NC Cavalry; enlisted 18 Jul 1862 in Guilford Co NC; present or accounted for through Nov 1864.
James R.6 Mabrey (Cornelius 5, Cornelius, Cornelius, Charles, Francis) b 2 May 1842; m Mary _____; enlisted 21 Aug 1862 as Sgt. in Com. H, 31st MO Inf; discharged 13 Jun 1865; d 30 Mar 1902 near Greenville, MO. (He was a twin of Philip Pinckney Mabrey who died while serving in the Civil War.)
James W. Maberry - Enlisted as Pvt. at age 26 on 24 Jun 1862 in Com. I, 33rd AR Inf Reg (CSA) at Montgomery Co AR. Discharged by furnishing a substiture before 31 Oct 1862.
James Walton6 Mabry (Allen5, Joshua, Joshua, Hinchia, Francis) b ca 1825 Forsythe Co GA; m 23 Aug 1855 Mary Ann Calloway in Barbour Co AL; he served as a 2nd. Lt. in the AL State Militia in 1859; he enlisted 18 Jan 1861 and served as Capt. of Com. K, 1st Alabama Vol. Inf. Reg. (C.S.A.); in the summer of 1862 he organized his own Com. in Barbour Co. In 1863 Capt. Mabry's Com. became Com. B. of the 57th AL Inf. Reg. When the Reg. was mustered into service at Troy on 14 Apr 1863 he was promoted to Lt. Col. He was wounded in the battle of Pensacola, FL in Nov 1861. He d 3 Jan 1894 AL.
James Maybury, Pvt. Com. A, 1st Reg NC Artillery; resident of Virginia and enlisted in Wake Co NC at age 20 on 8 May 1862 for the war; wounded 17 Sep 1862 at Sharpsburg, MD; present or accounted for through Dec 1864; paroled 9 Apr 1865 at Appomattox Court House, VA.
James Mayberry, is listed as a Pvt. in Com. C, 47th (Crandall's) AR Cav. Reg. (C.S.A.) A Randolph P. Mayberry was a Comsy. Sgt. in the same Reg.
J. H. Mabry, enlisted as Pvt. in Mecklenburg Co NC on 24 Jun 1861; reported as "absent without leave" on muster roll dated 31 Aug 1861.
Jefferson Maberry, served in the 18th Reg., SC Inf.
Jefferson Mabary, served in the 54th Reg., VA Inf.
Jefferson C. Mabry b 9 Apr 1834 in Grenada, MS; m Mrs. Hattie A. Shoemake; moved to Waco, TX in 1869; later lived in Johnson Co TX where he d 28 Sep 1899. Served in Com. G, 6th Reg., TX Cav. His brother, Seth Washington Mabry, also served in the C.S.A.
Jehu Mabry served with Com. I, 19th Reg., Louisiana Inf. and was awarded the Confederate States of America Badge of Distinction for "conspicuous courage" and for his gallantry in the Battle of Chickamauga. He is also listed as being in Com. H of the same Reg. and as having been at the Battle of Gettysburg.
Jemerson6 Mabry (Daniel5, Joshua, Joshua, Hinchia, Francis), b 10 Apr 1830 Monroe Co GA; enlisted on 6 May 1862 at Monroe Co GA in Quitman's Guards, Com. K, 53rd Reg., Army of Northern Virginia. Killed at Chancellorsville, VA 3 May 1863.
Jemerson D.7 Mabry (Joshua R.6, Allen, Joshua, Joshua, Hinchia, Francis), b about 1846; served in Civil War.
Jesse Mayberry b ca 1830; m Emily Hart in 1848 in Greenup Co KY; lived in Scioto Co OH in 1850; enlisted 12 Aug 1862 as a Pvt in Com C, 131st IL Inf. in Elizabethtown, Hardin Co IL, serving in the 131st Illinois Inf.; he is also listed in Com F of the 131st IL; later transferred to the 29th Infantry. He died of smallpox on 13 March 1864 in Natchez, MS.
Jesse Mabry (s/o Joshua B. Mabry of Stoddard Co MO); served in Confederate Army. .
Jesse Randolph6 Mabrey (Cornelius5, Cornelius, Cornelius, Charles, Francis) b 2 May 1842; m Mary ______; d 30 Mar 1902; he was a Union Soldier during the Civil War. His twin brother, Philip Pinckney6 Mabrey was killed while serving in the Union Army; two other brothers, Henry Y. and Philip P. also served.
Jesse H. Maberry was 33 years of age when he enlisted on 14 Aug 1862 as a Pvt. in Com. E, 111th IL Inf. He was born in Hamilton Co IL and was a resident of Clay Co IL.
Joel Mabry, son of Joel Mabry and Sarah McKinzie of Washington Co IN. Mustered in as Pvt. 19 Aug 1862; mustered out 3 Jun 1865.
Joel Mayberry resident of Alexander Co NC, but enlisted in Iredell Co 20 Aug 1862 in Com. K, 23rd Reg., NC Inf.; wounded in the head and captured at Winchester, VA 19 Sep 1864; hospitalized at Winchester where he d 23 Sep 1864.
Joel N.7 Mabry (Dudley6, Robert, Braxton, Joel, Hinchia, Francis), b ca 1843 IL; m Amanda Summers; enlisted 13 Apr 1864 at Vandalia, IL; mustered in 9 May 1864 Camp Butler, IL in Com. F, 7th IL Cav; mustered out 4 Nov 1865, Nashville, TN; d 5 Feb 1877.
Joel Thomas Mabry (quite likely son of Mark S.5, Joel, Ephraim, Hinchia, Francis), b 14 May 1844; m1 Mary Rice; m2 Vastine Starr. Enlisted as a Private on 12 May 1862 in Com. I, 34th Reg., Flintville Greys, Army of Tennessee in Franklin Co GA. Captured at Vicksburg, MS and paroled there 8 Jul 1863. He was admitted to a Meridian, MS hospital on 23 Jan 1865. No further record.

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