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Some unidentified early descendants of
Francis Maybury and Elizabeth Gilliam

Descendants of Randolph C. Mabrey

Chatham County, North Carolina
Orange County, North Carolina
Maury County, Tennessee

We now have new information about Randolph Mabrey which suggests that he was a son of Cornelius3 Mabry (Charles2, Francis1). Watch this page for updates.

Randolph C. Mabrey was born about 1774 in Virginia or North Carolina. He is found the the 1800 and 1810 census records of Chatham County, North Carolina. By 1820 he had moved his family to adjacent Orange County where he was still living in 1830. By the time of the 1840 census he and others of his family had moved to Maury County, Tennessee. The "Mabrey" spelling has been fairly consistently used through several generations of this family.The following are the known children of Randolph Mabry. There were probably two or three others.
  1. (Male) Mabrey b 1784-94
  2. Willis Mabrey b 1794-1800 NC; m 13 Feb 1818 Patsy Jones
    1. (Male) Mabrey b 1804-1810 NC
    2. Willis Mabrey b 1815; m Polly _____ in Orange Co NC; (the Patsy Mabrey, age 55 was living in his household in 1850 was probably his mother); living in Hamilton Co IN in 1860
    3. John M. Mabrey b ca 1819 NC; m Polly _____; (1860 IN Hamilton)
  3. (Female) Mabrey b 1790-1800 NC
  4. Francis Mabrey b 1800-1810 Chatham Co NC; m 30 Mar 1818 Martha Wilkey in Orange Co NC (1820 NC Orange; 1830/1840 TN Maury)
    1. (Male) Mabrey b 1815-20 NC
    2. (Male) Mabrey b 1820-25 NC
    3. (Female) Mabrey b 1820-25 NC
    4. (Female) Mabrey b 1820-25 NC
    5. (Male) Mabrey b 1825-30 (this may be Willis P. Mabrey, born ca 1826)
    6. (Male) Mabrey b 1825-30
    7. (Female) Mabrey b 1825-30
  5. Randolph Mabrey b ca 1806 NC; m Lucinda _____; listed as Mis. Baptist Preacher in 1850 census; (1840 TN Maury; 1850 TN Lawrence)
    1. (Male) Mabrey b 1830-35
  6. Oran Aaron Mabrey b 1 Jan 1806 NC; m1 24 May 1827 Mary Rickett Maury Co TN; m2 Mary Dunlap Shipman; d 18 Dec 1893 at Green Forest, Carroll Co AR; he was a Baptist minister. (1840: TN Maury; 1850: R Searcy)
    1. Eleanor Mabrey b ca 1828; m William P. Pugh
    2. Sarah "Nellie" Mabrey b ca 1830; m Alexander N. Copeland; d ca 1880
    3. John Irvine Mabrey b ca 1833 TN; m Frances Catherine Satterfield; d 2 Feb 1865 in a Union POW camp at Rock Island, IL
    4. Randolph Pinkney Mabrey b 5 Apr 1835 TN; m ca 1854 Elizabeth Emaline Satterfield (d/o Gassaway R. Satterfield & Mary Ann Darby) in Searcy Co AR; d 1 Jul 1899
    5. Emily N. Mabrey b ca 1837 TN; m Wade Campbell; d ca 1912 (She and her dau Jane were living with her parents in the 1860 census of Searcy Co AR)
    6. Lucinda E. Mabrey b ca 1840 Maury Co TN; d ca 1860
    7. Samuel E. Mabrey b ca 1842 Maury Co TN; d ca 1850
    8. Robert D. Mabrey b ca 1844 Maury Co TN
  7. (Male) Mabrey b ca 1808 Chatham Co NC

Descendants of William Mabry (ca 1770 - 185?)

of Roane and Meigs Counties in Tennessee

William1 Mabry was probably born about 1770 in North Carolina. He is likely the William Mabry who was living in Buncombe County, North Carolina in 1810. While his parents are as yet unknown, we believe that he was a grandson or great grandson of George Mabry who died in Rowan County, North Carolina in December 1770. The name of William Mabry's first wife is not known. We do know that on 18 Feb 1843 in Meigs County, he married Drusilla Phillips, widow of Clemmons Phillips. This was probably his second marriage. Drucilla was the ninth child of Charles Prewitt, Sr. who was born in 1757 in VA and died before 1830 in Roane Co TN.

That William Mabry came to Roane County at least by 1824 is shown by his being on Roane County Tax lists from 1824-27. He is listed in the Roane County census of 1830. By 1840 he was living in Meigs County. In 1850 he is listed in the Meigs County census at age 80.

  1. Fanny2 Mabry b ca 1804; m 25 Sep 1824 Terry Adkinson in Roane Co TN
    1. Walker A.3 Adkinson b 20 Feb 1826 near Nashville, TN
  2. John2 Mabry b ca 1806; m ca 1828 Sarah _____; (went to Upshur Co TX?)
    1. Lafayette3 Mabry b ca 1829 TN
    2. John C.3 Mabry b ca 1831 TN; m ca 1859 Sarah J. C. _____; (in Wood Co TX in 1860).
    3. George M.3 Mabry b ca 1833 TN; m ca 1858 Louisa _____ (in Wood Co TX in 1860).
    4. Sarah3 Mabry b ca 1836 TN
    5. Louisa3 Mabry b ca 1838 TN
  3. James Larkin2 Mabry b ca 1810; m 26 May 1841 Sarah Crow (d/o Abel Crow); d ca 1854/55.
    1. Larkin3 Mabry b ca 1842 TN
    2. Thomas E.3 Mabry b ca 1834 TN
    3. Sarah E.3 Mabry b ca 1845 TN
    4. Emma3 Mabry b 2 Mar 1847 TN; m Mr. Margrave
    5. John M.3 Mabry b 18 Feb 1849 TN; d 3 Oct 1826 TN
    6. William F.3 Mabry b 24 Jan 1852 TN; m Elizabeth Jane _____; d 31 Jul 1953 TN
    7. Martha C.3 Mabry b 24 Oct 1853 TN; m Mr. Jones
  4. (daughter)2 Mabry b 1810-20
  5. (daughter)2 Mabry b 1810-20
  6. Elizabeth2 Mabry b 20 Oct 1816 NC; m 28 Dec 1843 Samuel Snow Meigs Co TN; d 15 Sep 1879 Upshur Co TX
  7. William2 Mabry b ca 1820 NC; ?m1 28 May 1842 Elizabeth Gregory; m2 1848 Elender Coffer
    1. James L.3 Mabry b ca 1844 TN
    2. Thomas J.3 Mabry b ca 1846 TN
    3. George C.3 Mabry b ca 1848 TN
    4. Mary E.3 Mabry b ca 1849 TN
  8. Nancy2 Mabry b ca 1822 TN; (she may be the Nancy Mabry, 40, living in the household of Alpheus and Patsy Owings (ages 55 and 58) in the 1860 census of Roane County.

The Mabrys of Abbeville and Edgefield
Counties in South Carolina

The Mabrys of Abbeville and Edgefield Counties descend from one of four Mabrys, all of whom were born between 1779 and 1790:
  • James Eaton Mabry (b ca 1779)
  • Dr. Reuben Langdon Mabry (b ca 1782)
  • Bartholomew Mabry (b ca 1783)
  • Dudley Mabry (b ca 1790).
Circumstantial evidence suggests that James Eaton, Bartholomew, and Dudley were brothers and that they were the sons of Delilah Mabry, who was a widow living in Edgefield County at the time of the 1800 census. While it is possible that Reuben Langdon Mabry was another son of Delilah Mabry, there is also evidence that he may have come from New Jersey and was thus not directly related. We have yet to discover the name of Delilah's husband who probably died shortly before 1800. Delilah Mabry sold her property in Edgefield County in 1806 and moved to adjacent Abbeville County. Most of the records of her presumed sons are found in Abbeville County after that date.

James Eaton1 Mabry (or Eaton A.) b ca 1779 NC; m Ursula Young; in Pendleton Co SC by 1820; moved to Shelby Co AL by 1830; Pickens Co AL 1840; then Chickasaw Co MS; d after 1852 MS; in 1809 he was an appraiser for the estate of Sarah Greene in Abbeville County. Dudley and Bartholomew Mabry were witnesses to her will and Delilah Mabry was one of the buyers in the Greene estate.
  1. James Brown2 Mabry b ca 1820 SC; m Sallie _____; He was in Choctaw Co MS 1860 along with James S. Mabry, son of Dudley Mabry; also living in his household in 1860 was Cynthia Richardson, age 67 (born in NC)
  2. Emily2 Mabry m Richard Howard (when she died Richard married her sister, Missouri Ann Mabry).
  3. Frances H.2 Mabry m John Bentley
  4. Missouri Ann2 Mabry b ca 1831 AL; m Richard Howard
  5. William Harrision2 ("Hash") Mabry b 24 Jul 1832 Shelby Co AL; m 2 Apr 1865 Frances Pepper; d 25 Jun 1898 Calhoun Co MS.
  6. Angeline2 Mabry b ca 1835 AL; m Sylvanus Green Taylor; d Chickasaw Co MS.
  7. Little B. C.2 Mabry (Little Berry Clark?) b ca 1837 AL
  8. Thomas T.2 Mabry (aka Thomas Clark Mabry) b ca 1839 AL; m Tempy Howard (she m George Pepper after the death of Thomas in the Civil War).
  9. Nancy Rebecca2 Mabry b ca 1842 MS; m1 D. G. Hearron; m2 Francis Marion Burgess
  10. Elizabeth2 Mabry b. ca 1849 MS.

Dr. Reuben Langdon1 Mabry was born about 1782 in NC. He married about 1812 Mary (Polly) Tompkins. He died in 1853 and is buried in the Cokesbury Cemetery near Greenwood, S.C. An article by Julia B. Mabry in the Abbeville County Family History states that Reuben Langdon Mabry was born in Sussex, N. J. and came to Liberty Hill in Old Abbeville District, later settling in Cokesbury. However it is unlikely that he was born in New Jersey as the census records all give North Carolina as his place of birth. The New Jersey tradition probably stems from the fact that his father-in-law, Stephen Tompkins, came from New Jersey.

  1. Dr. Thomas Jefferson2 Mabry b 16 Nov 1815; m1 Elizabeth Perrin (d/o Thomas Perrin); Elizabeth died 26 Mar 1837 and is buried in a cemetery described as on the line between Edgefield and McCormick Counties about 1.5 miles northeast of Liberty Hill, SC (about 8 miles east of the town of McCormick); m2 ca 1850 Frances E. Boyd; lived in Abbeville Co SC; lived in "Newberry in July 1844 when his brother, Matthias wrote about him in his journal; d 26 Oct 1896; buried in Abbeville Co SC. All children below are by Frances E. Boyd.
  2. Dr. John Chapell2 Mabry b 14 Jan 1818; d Mar 31, 1845 in Memphis, TN (referred to in the journal of Matthias Washington Mabry as "my oldest brother").
  3. Stephen Tompkins2 Mabry b 17 Jul 1812/13 (tombstone says 17 Jul 1819); d October 2, 1843; buried in Abram-Shell Family Cemetery.
  4. Dr. Matthias Washington2 Mabry b. Sept 21, 1822 Edgefield Co SC; graduated from the University of Virginia with an M.D. degree on 4 Jul 1842; m1 before Sept 1848 Amanda Katherine Farr (d/o Titus Greene Farr) by whom he had his first 12 children. Amanda was born 16 Nov 1835 in Union Co SC and died in White Co Ga 1 Jun 1873. Dr. M. W. Mabry m2 _____ by whom he had one child that died young; he m3 21Sep 1893 Angeline Leopard Wright by whom he had three children; he d 9 Sep 1902 Augusta, GA; d 9 Sep 1902 Augusta. GA
  5. Elizabeth B.2 Mabry m. Dr. Benjamin A. Ross 6 Jan 1843 in Edgefield County, SC
  6. Dr. James Flitcher2 Mabry b 24 Jun 1824 (in 1850 he was living with his brother, Thomas J. Mabry and listed as a "medical student"); m by 1863 to Mary Julia Keller (d/o David and Nancy Keller); d 23 Feb 1878.
  7. Mary B. Farr2 Mabry b 25 Oct 1827 in Union Co SC; d 27 Apr 1914 Augusta, GA.
  8. Caroline C.2 Mabry b ca 1831 Abbeville Co SC; m Robert D. Meek; Living in Holmes Co MS in 1857.
  9. Dr. Lucien L.2 Mabry b ca 1833; graduated from the Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia; d 3 Jun 1858, Abbeville Co SC.
  10. Samuel W.2 Mabry b. ca. 1835 (listed as 32, attorney, living with his brother Dr. Thomas Mabry in the 1860 census of Abbeville Co SC.
  11. Ann2 Mabry
  12. Barbara2 Mabry m Wyatt C. Holmes; lived in Holmes Co MS in 1857; (named as distributee in the estate of Reuben L. Mabry).

Bartholomew Nathaniel1 Mabry was born about 1783 in North Carolina. He married Rebecca ?Hazel and by 1816 was in Monroe County, Alabama (Mississippi Territory). By 1820 they were Shelby County Alabama. Bartholomew died 6 May 1853 in Conway County Arkansas. In 1808 he and Dudley Mabry were witnesses to the will of Sarah Greene in Abbeville County. Eaton Mabry was also an appraiser of the Sarah Greene estate. Bartholomew and his sons, Hazel and Thomas were in Chickasaw County, MS when the state census was taken in 1841.

  1. Hazel2 "Hash" Mabry b 20 Sep 1812 Abbeville Co SC; m1 Nancy Jane ______; m2 15 Jul 1858 Jane Tier in Conway Co AR; Hazel, a blacksmith, died 1863 Conway Co AR; He was in Chickasaw County, MS when the state census was taken in 1841.
  2. Delilah2 Mabry b 8 Aug 1815 Abbeville Co SC
  3. Thomas Allen2 Mabry b 3 Feb 1818 Shelby Co AL; m 10 Nov 1838 Mary Lowery (d/o John Lowery); lived in Conway Co AR; d 18 Nov 1861 Bowling Green, KY while in CSA; he was in Chickasaw County, MS at the time of the 1841 state census.
  4. Nathaniel Bartholomew2 Mabry b 20 Mar 1821 Shelby Co AL; m2? ca 1848 Parmelia _____ Chickasaw Co MS; d 1870-1880
  5. Elizabeth2 Mabry b 24 Aug 1823 Shelby Co AL
  6. Martha2 Mabry b 23 Aug 1825 Shelby Co AL
  7. Daniel2 Mabry b 10 Jul 1829 Shelby Co AL; m 7 Nov 1858 Nancy Cardin Conway Co AR; lived in Conway Co AR; d 9 Dec 1862 while serving in CSA.
  8. Stacy Charles?2 Mabry b 4 Jul 1832 Shelby Co AL
  9. Nancy2 Mabry b 28 Dec 1835 Shelby Co AL; m 7 Aug 1856 William M. Brady Conway Co AR; d 19 Jan 1899 Faulkner Co AR.
  10. James Eaton2 Mabry b 15 Jun 1838 Shelby Co AL; m1 24 Aug 1865 Amanda Catharine Brady Conway Co AR; m2 5 Jun 1879 Rebecca A. Wilmoth; d 18 Nov 1895 Faulkner Co AR.

Dudley1 Mabry b ca 1790 SC; m1 _____; m2 ca 1845 Lucinda Burts; d after 1850 most likely in Abbeville Co SC. He was in the Pendleton County census in 1820; in Abbeville County in 1830 and 1850. He and Bartholomew Mabry were witnesses to the 1808 will of Sarah Greene in Abbeville County; Eaton Mabry was an appraiser of the Greene estate and Delilah Mabry was one of the buyers. (Dudley lived at Cokesbury in 1860)

  1. Whitfield W.2 Mabry died 1848 Tuscaloosa Co AL, not married.
  2. Zachariah S.2 Mabry.
  3. James Sanders2 Mabry b ca 1820 SC; m ca 1839 Grace Ann Bowie (d/o Richard Price Bowie and Elizabeth Hodges) (1850 AL: Tuscaloosa; 1860 MS: Choctaw)
  4. George M.2 Mabry.
  5. John W.2 Mabry d 1849, Abbeville Co, leaving no family.
  6. William W.2 Mabry b ca 1830; d 1858 Abbeville Co SC.
  7. Elizabeth2 Mabry b ca 1832.
  8. Andrew Jackson2 Mabry b ca 1834.
  9. Smith2 Mabry (lived in Mississippi about 1848).
  10. Susan2 Mabry b ca 1839.
  11. Matilda2 Mabry b ca 1842.
  12. Merinda2 Mabry b 1844.
  13. Casper2 Mabry b 15 Apr 1848 near Hodges, SC; m 1870 Mary Cason; d Jan 1916
  14. Joel Townsend2 Mabry b 1850 Hodges SC; d 1928 Cokesbury SC AL: Tuscaloosa; 1860 MS: Choctaw)

Benjamin Mabry of Sumner County, Tennessee

Benjamin Mabry b 21 Feb 1755 NC or VA. (Census: 1790/1800 NC:Warren; 1811 TN:Sumner; 1820 TN:Sumner); d 1839? Benjamin Mabry came to Sumner County from Warren County, NC. He was a Revolutionary soldier who served in Capt. Archibald Lytle's Company of soldiers from Caswell County, North Carolina.

The following are the three known children of Benjamin Mabry. There were undoubtedly others.

  1. James Mabry b 1776 NC; m 15 Aug 1808 Susannah Bernard Sumner Co TN.
  2. John Mabry b 1777 NC; m 9 Dec 1808 Margaret "Peggy" Trigg Sumner Co TN; d 1862 Sumner Co TN.
  3. Benjamin Mabry, Jr. b 1782 NC; m 28 Dec 1819 Elizabeth Robertson Sumner Co TN.

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