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John Sedrick
Phoebe Dorothy Ledbetter
(May 06, 1917 - Dec. 31,1986)

John and Phoebe Sedrick
were married on the
Sixth Day Of November, The Year Of Our Lord, 1937

Shortly after he was discharged from the U.S. Army, at the end of WWII, they moved from Missouri to Tucson Arizona. They raised their family there. Uncle John still lives in Tucson. Aunt Phoebe, passed away from cancer and is buried in Tucson, along side their oldest son Eugene.

Untill he retired, John worked for Sunset Dairy in Tucson. They raised seven children in Tucson Arizona.

Their children are:

  • Charles Eugene Sedrick - 9/11/1938 - 10/31/1977
  • Agatha Elizabeth Sedrick, Lewis
  • Gerald Anthony Sedrick
  • Larry Dale Sedrick
  • Johnny Sherril Sedrick
  • Aloha Kyrendia Sedrick, Berry
  • Erick Adrian Sedrick

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