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Volume #1, WFT #986 Descendants of Thomas Anderson

1 Thomas Anderson WFT Est 1703-1732 - WFT Est 1757-1817

........ 2 Sarah Anderson 1754 - WFT Est 1786-1848

.............. +William McCLELLAND 1745 - 1824

................... 3 Samuel McCLELLAND 1784 - 1867

......................... +Margaret Ann Minnick 1788 - 1867

.............................. 4 Robert Wallace McCLELLAND 1821 - 1884

.................................... +Dolly Ingert Gregory 1823 - 1890

......................................... 5 Phillip Curry McCLELLAND 1851 - 1908

............................................... +Margaret Elizabeth Burkhart 1856 - 1924

.................................................... 6 George Burkhart McCLELLAND 1879 - 1941

.......................................................... +Mattie Isolene Faulkenberry 1880 - 1959



The book, Faith of Erin, is just a story based on fact. It was written by Annie M. Gilchrist. She must have heard parts of the story passed down through the years and decided to put it into written form. I don't see anything to indicate that this Anderson family is related to yours.

Tom Anderson was born c. 1727 near McGuire Bridge in Parish of Anchelour, Ireland. He came to the colonies about 1763. He was reunited with his lost love, Ann Lyon, in Carlisle, PA. They were married and moved to Virginia.

After the death of their infant daughter they returned to PA and then went to Bedford. Tom ran an Inn or tavern - he was issued a license from 1780-1794. They had another daughter who died and then a son named John was born and grew to adulthood. Tom served in the Bedford County Militia during 1776 and in 1782 was a ranger under the same command. Tom died c. 1799 and Ann c,1807. Their son John became a doctor and was also a banker and postmaster. He married Mary Espy and they had five children. Mary died in 1818. He died in 1840. This is all according to the book. The names of John Anderson's children were not given. It did say that after the wife's death his daughters moved to Pittsburgh.

The reason I posted the query was to see if anyone knows anything about this specific Tom and Ann Lyon Anderson. I believe she might be the sister of one of my gr grandfathers. Some of the information in the story seems to match my research but then there are other things that are way off.

From another source I found a Tom Anderson married to a Lyon with a different given name. Mostly I'm just curious - it was such a beautiful story even if Ann isn't related. Sorry that I couldn't be of any help to you, like I said - this was just a story based on fact but I don't know how much fact was left out - so maybe Tom Anderson ties in some way with your Andersons wills

ANDERSON, Christian 490 1850

ANDERSON, David 3 101 1837

ANDERSON, Espy 6210 1884

ANDERSON, G. Espy 6210 1884

ANDERSON, James 1144 1800 of Bedford twp, wife - Elizabeth, children - John, William, Robert desc, Sally, grandson - James son of Rober, wit- Thomas Hay and Samuel Hull ( plantation to be sold in 2 years and 10 months or sooner after death, also mentions a indenture of George Burkit and requests his plantation to be divided

ANDERSON, James A, 5342 1877

ANDERSON, John 385 1836 of Bedford twsp, carpentor of Chairs?, wife - Christianna, chld - Eliazbeth (oldest daugh and desc) mar Peter Swift in Ohio, Mary marr William Bower, Rebakah marr David Robby, Christianna, Jean (youngest daugh), William, Samuel Hemfinell?, David , desc, marr Nancy Singer, grandchld - little Ellen Jean, exe - John Mann and Samuel Hammond, wit- William Crisman and John Mann and Joseph Fergus and Samuel Hammond (this will has much info on their lives)

ANDERSON, John 3330 1855 of Bedford twsp, children - George Woods Anderson and Espy Lyon Anderon, Mary Woods Anerson, Elizabeth Stewart Anderson, exe - George and Espy Anderson ( mentions lot on Pott Street, manision tent by Andrew Eline Esq, and adj lot with house tent by Joseph W Duncan, and 2 lots occup by himself and son George, and stone house and tract adj the heirs of Henry Woods desc occup by Daniel Cruse, and land north of Juniatta river at the foot of Dunnings MT, and land at Springs Estatishment called Mineral Springs and a adj lot with monor of Bedford tent Samuel Drenning

ANDERSON, William 3239 1843 of Hopewell, wife - Elizabeth, chld - Jonathan, susanna, Samuel, William, Thomas , Sara Grieves, Elizabeth Foster or Hester, Mary Kidnicks?, James and Edwards , Granchld = Edward, Eliazbeth and Josiah chld of Jeriemah Horton Desc, exe- Edword and Jonathan Anderson, wit - William and David Piper

ANDERSON, William W. 7564 1899


James Robert Peeles c / 323 1787 1790 deed Bedford T

James Robert Anderson d / 442 1796 deed Bedford T

James jr Christian Werts d / 543 1796 deed Bedford T

James jr John Steel e / 191 1798 mtg Sat/

James sr John Anderson e / 476 1797 1800 deed Bedford T

James David Espy e / 882 1793 1800 deed Bedford T

James Isaac Bonnett aa1 / 140 -2 1800 1801 deed Bedford T

James George Woods f / 286 1803 deed Bedford T

James John Shell f / 383 1803 1804 deed Bedford T

James John Shell, Sr f / 483 1804 deed Bedford T

James William Crabb f / 479 1804 1805 deed Bedford T

James John Shell g / 45 1805 deed

James James Burns g / 737 1801 1809 deed Bdford T St Clair T

James Joshua Johnson g / 852 1810 deed Bedford T

James Robert Anderson ij / 456 1814 deed Naper T

James Robert Anderson L / 300 1818 deed Naper T

James Peter Hilligass m / 89 1819 deed Naper T

James Gabriel Hull m / 416 1818 1821 agrmt

James Robert Anderson n / 50 1821 deed Naper T

James, sr James Anderson jr m / 546 1821 deed

James Jacob Frank m / 675 1821 1822 deed Naper T

James A Daniel Wisegarver x / 169 1846 deed

James A Pa Com y / 564 & 568 1850 Bond and oath

Samuel Peter Shaver b / 95 1784 1785 deed

Samuel Cornelius Croos b / 306 1786 deed

Samuel H James Anderson s / 344 1838 agrmt Bedford T

William Janes Mcgaughey e / 41 1789 1797 deed WBY T

William Elizabeth Chellin g / 570 1805 1808 deed

William John Anderson g / 571 1808 deed Bedford t

William Jeremiah Parker I J / 78 1813 deed

William Rachel Willet I j / 439 1812 1814 deed Hopewell T

William Peter Soyler I j / 498 1814 MTG

William Thomas McGaughey I j / 676 -7 1789 1815 AGRMT and Memo dbij / 676

William John Shinefield I j / 728 1815 MTG Naper T


James George Smith d / 110 1792 1793 deed Bedford T

James Samuel Rhoads d / 353 1795 deed

James Jr Agness Steel e / 189 1797 1798 deed

James jr Rebekah Dickey f / 99 1797 1798 deed

James Simon Kinton f / 250 1803 deed St Cl T

James John Steel f / 257 1803 deed

James George Moore, Sr f / 413 1804 deed Bedford T

James William Plunket f / 469 1804 deed Bedford T

James robert McKnight g / 48 1805 agrmt

James PA COM g / 361 1807 J P

James John Graham g / 810 1809 deed

James, jr James Anderson, Sr m / 546 1821 deed

James A John Dunlap Anderson o / 349 1826 deed

James A Sarah D Anderson r / 337 1835 deed Bedford T

James J Christiana Anderson s / 344 1838 agrmt Bedford T

James A William Bixler u / 244 1841 deed Bedford T

James A PA Com Y / 494 1850 J P Bedford T

Samuel Peter Shaver a / 160 1771 1775 deed

Samuel John Shaver a/ 161 1772 1775 deed

Samuel William Smith b / 94 1768 1785 deed Cumberland

Samuel Samuel Willet aa2 / 249 1819 1853 deed Bedford T

Samuel John A Anderson aa2 / 251 1853 deed Bedford T

Samuel William Anderson aa2 / 252 1853 deed Bedford T

Samuel Rebecca Anderson ac / 353 1863 1866 deed Bedford T

William John Mooney a / 386 1780 deed Bethl T

William John Burns g / 736 1808 1809 deed Bedford T

William John Shinnefilt IJ / 149 1813 1814 deed Naper T

William James J Anderson s / 344 1838 agrmt Bedfored T

Census...........1800 Hopewell and Woodberry

William 32010 21010

.................1800 Bedford Borough

Thomas -1111 -1- -1

.................Bedford and St Clair

Robert 30010 10010

James third 10100 20100

James Sr 01111 02001

James second 22110 11000

John 20010 10010

Thomas Oldham 02101 01101

John Oldham 00010 40010

David Anderson Sr 40001 00001

Westmoreland co,PA

GEORGE ANDERSON I am looking for information on GEORGE ANDERSON b. abt 1760 , possibly in Scotland. Married ELINOR SHARPE. They had a son THOMAS who was born in Westmoreland County, but moved to Beaver County. Any information on these names and their families would be greatly appreciated

GRAHAM-ANDERSON Hugh Graham lived near Ft. Hand, Pine Creek, Washington township in Westmoreland county. He was born in 1785, served in the War of 1812, and married Sarah Ann ANDERSON, also from Westmoreland county. When Hugh was discharged from service he was given land in Butler county, where he lived with his children in 1850. Hugh and Sarah GRAHAM were Scots-Irish and Presbyterian , both are buried in Westmoreland county. Would like to know more about either family and have information of the GRAHAM children. In later years some of the family lived near Freeport, Armstrong county,

My wife's 2nd Great Grandparents, Ephraim ANDERSON, 1815-1897, m. Charlotte FELL lived in Westmoreland Co, PA, and his parents were Alexander and Drusilla ANDERSON. Ephraim and Charlotte had the following children:
Charles Fletcher ANDERSON 1843- m. Nancy Miranda BEALL
Rizpah Viola ANDERSON 1845-
William Fell ANDERSON 1847- m. Lizza HARBAUGH
Leonidas Hamline ANDERSON 1850-1938 m. Susannah L. HOCKENBURY
Mary Elmira ANDERSON 1853- m. Samuel CAMPBELL, Jr.
Amelia M. ANDERSON 1854- m. Newton H. REEVES

.................1800 Fairfield census

ANDERSON, John" 2-2-1 2-1-1

................1790 Derry Township:

John ANDERSON, 1-2-

Thomas ANDERSON, 1----


William Anderson Rostraver twsp 1795

Rev Soldiers

3 John , inhabitant of Pittsburgh, 16 May 1775 and on standing committee

10 William, 1 June 1780 acted as commissioners of purchases

16 Martain , pvt in Capt Jos Erwin's comp. 2/10/235

22 Isaac, Lt in Samuel Shannon Cmp, 2/14/684

24 milita- Isaac, Lt , capt Shannon, 6/2/343

William, comm , June 1780, rooster, 6/2/261

William, pvt, capt Ritchie Comp, 6/2/388 and 2/14/693

80 Adam, pvt, PA pen- file s-39939 pensioners

George * * s- 39938

Thomas * * s- 39940

89 John, Joshua, Thomas non-denominated West. Co Militia

97 Abraham , pvt, Stokeley's Comp 3/34/445 and 229

James, * Timothy Jaynes 3/23/327

William, * Joseph Cosna's Comp 3/23/308

* , * Troop light horse comp 3/23/318

* * Thomas Fletcher comp 3/23/332

166 George, pvt, Brady 5/3/360

William, 2nd LT 8th PA Reg, 13 July 1777 5/3/328

183 John and Joshua and two Thomas all unknown

200 Qualify for depreciation pay

Abraham, pvt, Stokeley's Rangers

William, pvt

217 William, pvt

Michael, pvt

243 William, pvt Capt Craig Ritchie 6/2/388


ANDERSON, Alex. 2265 1831

ANDERSON, Ann Jane 4068 1855

ANDERSON, Catherine 5348 1870

ANDERSON, David 1043 1808

ANDERSON, David 8123 1889

ANDERSON, Elizabeth 1114 1794

ANDERSON, George 8570 1892

ANDERSON, James 2226 1830

ANDERSON, James 3132 1845

ANDERSON, James 3308 1851

ANDERSON, John 2084 1820

ANDERSON, John 2167 1827

ANDERSON, John 3187 1847

ANDERSON, Joseph 8570 1892

ANDERSON, Joshua 1154 1800

ANDERSON, Mary 7141 1884

ANDERSON, Mary S. 8042 1888

ANDERSON, Robert 3161 1846

ANDERSON, Robert 5577 1873

ANDERSON, Robert 7285 1885

ANDERSON, Samuel 9354 1896

ANDERSON, Sarah 1375 1815

ANDERSON, Thomas 2271 1832

ANDERSON, Thomas 4016 1854

ANDERSON, William 1343 1814

ANDERSON, William 2234 1830

ANDERSON, William 3095 1843

ANDERSON, William 3260 1850


Allegheny Co, PA

WATT-ANDERSON Seeking parents of David Watt, b 1791 PA and Jane Anderson b.1796 Coal Hill PA. Married Apr 11, 1815 in Trinity Episcopal Church ,Pittsburgh PA. David Watt served in the War of 1812 with the PittsburghBlues, a company of volunteer militia. According to newspaper articles, when David and Jan were married, David was from Brownsville, Fayette Co PA and Jane was from Pitt Twp., Allegheny Co. Their first child, Isabel Watt was born in PA in 1816. In 1817 this family moved to Cincinnati Ohio . In1833 they moved to Winchester , Il. David Watt died in 1848 and Jane Watt in 1851 both in Illinois. They had nine children. Information sought by JackG.Watt Email to

I have very good information on my paternal side of the family back tomy great grandfather Robert Currie. On his death certificate his birthday is given as 1813 and there are notes that he was born in Allegheny Co,Pa and his father's name was Aaron. I cannot find Aaron but have found a John Curry in the 1800 census of Allegheny County with two young males, four young females and an older female, most likely his wife. I believe one of the young males is Aaron and the other David who is found with Robert (my ggf) in Ohio and are buried together in Owen County, Indiana. A John Anderson who is listed in the same census as a neighbor of John Curry, I believe is Aaron's father-in-law. John Anderson died in 1808 and his will lists a daughter Sarah who I believe married Aaron Curry (Currie).


Alex 6-552 1862

Ann H 7-253 1852

Eliz 6- 162 1846

Eliz 9-400 1860

Ezekiel 5-154 1840

James 6-005 1845

James 7-091 1851

Jane 7-043 1850

John 1-267 1808

John 2-239 1821

John 4-122 1834

John 6-550 1849

John 12-213 1866

Robt 5-246 1841

Robt 6-159 1846

William 5-493 1844 of Lawrenceville / brothers John and Samuel, sisters Martha Whitaker, Nieces, Eliz (living with them), Margaret Eaton daughter of Samuel Eaton desc of Phil, witt T Mellon and John Laughlin

William 6-351 1848 of Ross / brother Joseph, David, James, Robert, and Ivin, Mentions the late Robert Anderson, sisters Elizabeth Anderson and Jane Sample wit John Logan and William McFarland

William 9-056 1858


Wm p 308-- Sgt, Irwin's, PA Continental Line, b 1747 died 1820

Married Mary Ann Carn

mentions -Ch: Sarah, m. to Richard Gray and Clarissa, m. to John Herron

.Page 308-- PA SAR Index 1955..

William ANDERSON,Sgt, Irwin's, PA Continental Line, b 1747 died 1820

...Married Mary Ann CARN : no dates SARAH ANDERSON, married RICHARD GRAY no dates SARAH GRAY married JAMES PARK no dates WILLIAM GRAY PARK PA SAR Member 18 b: 3-20-1848

...............married: (Not Shown) CLARISSA ANDERSON, m. to JOHN HERRON no dates RICHARD G. HERRON, m. to MARY A. TOMLINSON no dates RICHARD G. HERRON PA SAR Member #370 b: 12-18-1865 MARGARETTA D. HERRON m. to WILLIAM C. FRIEND no dates JOHN HERRON FRIEND PA SAR Member #372 b: 9-29-1855

.......................married (Not Shown) KENNEDY T. FRIEND PA SAR Member #138 b: 10-14-1853

........................married (Not Shown) JOHN D. HERRON s/o Clarissa/John Herron no dates

..................married: EMILY THOMPSON no dates HARRY J. HERRON PA SAR Member #123 b: 10-31-1861 d:3-14-1943

.......................married LAURA POTTER no dates WILLIAM A. HERRON no dates

..................married: LOUISE JANNETTE HILLS no dates JOHN W. HERRON PA SAR Member # 73 b: 12-1-1851

..............................married: (not shown) RUFUS H. HERRON PA SAR Member # 76 b: 4-20-1849

PHILLIPS WHITE (COMM. OF SAFETY, N. H.) b.: 1729 d: 8-11-1811

...married: RUTH BROWN no dates RICHARD WHITE no dates

.....married: SALLIE STEWART no dates


...maried:ANNA no dates [father of Louise Jannette Hills above]

SOURCE for the above:

The 1955 Year Book of the Pennsylvania Society, Sons of the American Revoluton, 1956: Compiled by Floyd G. Hoenstine, Historian, Pennsylvania Society, Published by: The Pennsylvania Society, Sons of the American Revolution

1710 Investment Bldg, 239 Fourth Ave, Pittsburgh 22, Pa Printed by Mirror Printing Co., Altoona, Pa

Bound by: The Telegraph Press, Harrisburg, Pa Call # E202.3.p46 1955X

Ezra Lehman Memorial Library, Shippensburg University, Shippensburg, PA 17257

Also: Library of Congress: Call No. E202.3 .P473 - Card No. 58-18349


My early ANDERSON line is: William [I] ANDERSON b. 1747 Belfast, Ireland, d. 1821 Mercer Co PA m. Mary Ann CANN (CONN?) after 1776. Their children were: (1) Sarah b. 1781, d. 1853 m. 1807 Richard GRAY; (2) Paul, b. 1782 d. 1861 m. c.1815 Mary CLARK; (3) William [II] ANDERSON b. 1783 d. 1828 m. Polley ----; (4) Colonel James ANDERSON b. 1785 d. 1861 m. 1811 Ann MILLER; (5) Letitia ANDERSON b. 1790 d. 1871 m. 1812 John CALDWELL; (6) Mary Ann (Mary C.?) ANDERSON b. 1794 d. 1881 m. 1817 Abishai WAY; (7) Clarissa ANDERSON b. c.1796 d. 1873 m. 1817 John HERRON.

Mary Carn is from Wales, was an orphan, had a brother who was killed in the battle of Brandywine, and she was a ward or maid (or both) of a Dr. Duffield, a chaplain in the Revolutionary army.

Catherine ANDERSON shows up as the child of one of the above.William [II] was my ggg-grandfather. Might there be a connection?Best regards, Earl Anderson:

Cushing has a bio on William Anderson, b. Ireland, fought in the Rev., built the White House?, lived in Carlisle Pa for a time, then Pittsburgh until 1820, then Mercer Co. where he died. There is no bio for a C. Anderson - there were several other Williams. One other William was b. 1822 in Wa Co. He was the son of Hon. Robert Anderson, who was in the legislature representing Allegheny


The early years of Allegheny Co. 1780s through about 1825. These are the patents for the first land holdings by the early pioneers. This is what I got from the Index.

Anderson David L. pg. 51

John pg. 40

Robert pgs. 28, 35, 41 - don't know townships

Thomas pg. 23 Collier twp.

William pg. 41


-William Anderson in Raccoon Church, Candor, Allegheny co, PA or Montours Presbyterian Church, 10 miles east of Raccoon Church.


land.............Book 2,

page 22 dated 13 Oct 1789 16 Dec 1789....... Denny McClure to John McClure, both of Mifflin twsp, 327 acres on the Penney Fork of Peters Creek, adj land of Daniel Higgans, now in the hands of Robert McCartney, William Rigdon, John Anderson, James Rollens and George Sickman see deed on 295

page 225 dated 1 Nov 1786 18 Sept 1790....... Executive Council to George Anderson, private in the late Army of the U.S., 200 acres in Westmoreland Co, in the 4th district of donation lands #759,

page 226 date 6 March 1790 18 Sept 1790....... George Anderson of Allen twsp, Cumberland co, PA to Thomas McBroom of East Pennsboro twsp, Cumberland co, PA, 200 acrea in Westmoreland Co,see above , witt J Rowney and Jno. Sloan

page 498 date 6 june 1788 2 June 1792...... James Anderson & William Armstrong wit deed from Elias & Elizabeth Pegg to Robert McCartney , 85 a in WA Co


Tax Lists from 1785 to 1808 and the 1790 Census list Alexander ANDERSON in Washington County, PA, and a Will for him was probated there on 4 Jan 1854. Westmoreland County Will Book 1, pp. 114-115, recorded 23 Aug 1794,for Elizabeth ANDERSON of Huntingdon Tp. and listed the following children:

James, Margaret GILBERT, Jane TWEED, William, Mary McGIBBONS, Jacob, and Alexander (oldest son) of Hopewell Tp, Washington Co., PA, who had a son Alexander, Jr. (this could be Ephraim's father).

K. Edward Lay, ncarb , Cary D. Langhorne Professor of Architecture University of Virginia, 104 Wilson Ct.Charlottesville, VA 22901 Home 804.973.6151 Web Home Page


Rebecca Anderson marr 1811John McMillan, ll. One child was born to them, John . Rebecca born 1790, died Feb 17, 1812 They lived in North Strabane Township, Washington, PA


There are no Andersons listed in Washington County, PA that probated before 1805. The earliest is Samuel Anderson in 1819 (Volume 3, page 311). There is a Catherine Anderson probated in 1850 (Volume 7, page 66).


John Anderson in Allegheny County, PA probated in 1808 (Volume 1, page 267). The Myers

My wife's 2nd Great Grandparents, Ephraim ANDERSON, 1815-1897, m. Charlotte FELL lived in Westmoreland Co, PA, and his parents were Alexander and Drusilla ANDERSON. Ephraim and Charlotte had the following children:Charles Fletcher ANDERSON 1843- m. Nancy Miranda BEALL; Rizpah Viola ANDERSON 1845-; William Fell ANDERSON 1847- m. Lizza HARBAUGH; Leonidas Hamline ANDERSON 1850-1938 m. Susannah L. HOCKENBURY; Mary Elmira ANDERSON 1853- m. Samuel CAMPBELL, Jr.; Amelia M. ANDERSON 1854- m. Newton H. REEVES Tax Lists from 1785 to 1808 and the 1790 Census list Alexander ANDERSON in Washington County, PA, and a Will for him was probated there on 4 Jan 1854. Westmoreland County Will Book 1, pp. 114-115, recorded 23 Aug 1794, for Elizabeth ANDERSON of Huntingdon Tp. and listed the following children:............ James, Margaret GILBERT, Jane TWEED, William, Mary McGIBBONS, Jacob, and Alexander (oldest son) of Hopewell Tp, Washington Co., PA, who had a son Alexander, Jr. (this could be Ephraim's father). My wife's 2nd GGP were Peter C. HOCKENBURY 1826-1884 and Frances KEAGY 1826-1914, daughter of John KEAGY 1800-1864 and Susan LONGANECKER. Peter and Frances (Fanny) lived in E. Huntington Twp., Westmoreland Co., PA. Their five known children were: Lydia M. HOCKENBURY 1851-; Samuel HOCKENBURY 1852-; Rebecca HOCKENBURY 1854-; Susannah Longanecker HOCKENBURY 1856-1935 m Leonidas Hamline ANDERSON 1850-1938 and lived in Beaver Falls, Beaver Co., PA.; Charles HOCKENBURY They are listed in Albert, HIST OF COUNTY OF WESTMORELAND, 1882, pp.683-

I am interested in the fact that you mention that name in connection with Washington Co., PA.One of my ancestors was Samuel ANDERSON (d. abt 1834 in Monroe Co., OH), who married Jane ARMSTRONG (b. 1800 in Washington Co., PA). Some of their children, I believe, were born in Washington Co., PA. Phyllis Schnedler

Looking for family information about my great grandmother Ann Anderson of Wa, PA. b.1874, d.1967, daughter of John (?), married to Samuel O. Master(s). Large family with many siblings: Bob Masters

I can only go back to Thomas Anderson - no date, no address.

Two wives - 1. Unknown 2. Ann Unknown

Children: William, Robert January 1,1802 m. Unknown Finch November 27, 1808, Joseph, Hannah, Tenay, Rebecca, Sally, Catherine m. Unknown Murner

2nd wife: Ann Unknown

Catherine, James Simon (There was a James listed with the children of the 1st marriage). 1832-1882 Green County,

Are you familiar with this area of PA? We are in the SW corner of PA. I can travel S from Washington CO. and be in Greene CO in 30 minutes or in WV in 30 minutes going W. Several of the Andersons I remember lived in WV. Have you looked in WV?I got my info from my mother. She had her little "ROOTS" book. It was amazing to me how much information she had accumulated before she died. She was born in 1899. IBeer's History of Washington County. there is an article of James Stevenson and Thomas Love Anderson. Their grandfather was married in 1780 in Ireland. It lists 3 generations of children. Any connection? My mother always said that the Greene Co Andersons were "Country People" They may not have made wills. Ruth Nesbit


From: John R. Mort
Marcia, I do not have anything that suggests that family. There were many 'differnt' Anderson Clans in that area at that time. Do you have a clue as to where in Washington Co. they were? I just discovered another group of Andersons up at Cross Creek and around the Mt. Pleasant Twp. area. I have nothing on them as yet, but it is my intention to research them out futher.

Do you frequent Compuserv? I see the name Oldham frequently there. The reason that I recall is a few years ago I was in England for a few months and was quite frendly with a family of Oldham's there. I will keep you in my Anderson file, in the event that I come across anything that may benefit you.******** I was at the Courthouse there a few, or more, years ago looking up some dockets. They sent me down into the basement, where they were all boxed up, showed me how to do it, and said "go to it". To get some of that stuff, takes a lot of time. That is probably where they draw the line on what they send you by mail.*************


From: V Bice

Hi Marcia,

Here is what I have for Anderson's in Washington Co.-Greene Co.:

Descendants of Daniel Anderson

1 Daniel Anderson b: 1770

......... 2 Sarah Anderson b: 1786 in PA

......... 2 Richard Anderson b: 1789 in PA

d: May 09, 1868 in Wetzel,WV

......... 2 Daniel Anderson b: February 13, 1792 in Greene, PA

d: February 04, 1864 in Wetzel, WV

............. +Mary PAYNE b: October 03, 1789 in Greene, PA

d: July16, 1850 in Wetzel, WV


From: David Cornett

My Anderson was Andrew and he was born in Ireland, married in Washington Co PA and then moved to OH in the 1830's. In the abstract of John Anderson's will dated 13 July 1831 it mentioned other children who were not named. The will was probated 3 Feb. 1831 and is on page 645 of Will book #4. Kathy Cornett



34 Joshua Anderson, exec of John Tweed, wife Jean, of Hopewell , 1791

35 Joshua Anderson, exec of Robert Cunningham, wife Ruth, of Strabane, 1791

70 John Anderson, exe, of Patrick McMillan of Robinson, 1793

76 Joshua Anderson, exe. of William Whiteside , wife Mary, of Canonsburg, 1799

85 Andrew Anderson, wife Jane daug of David Riddle of Strabane twsp, 1801

93 Joshua Anderson, exe, of Thomas Bracken, wife Ann, 1805

Matthew Anderson res Buffalo twsp, land adj Samuel McConnochy, 1799

125 John Anderson wit Charles Henderson will, 1808

127 Joshua Anderson, exe, of Walter Buchanan, wife Elizabeth, 1808

132 Alexander Anderon of Borough of Washington, wit Thomas Johnston will of Washington twsp, 1809

141 Samuel Anderson, exe of David Korn will, 1810

161 James and John Anderson, wit will of Johathan Reddick, wife Ann, 1812

166 Lydia Anderson, wit will of Moses Coe, wife Sarah,land of Sam'l Anderson to Dan'l Coe, 1813

167 James Anderson, exe will of Neal McNeal of Peters, 1813

169 James Anderson mentioned in Richard Donaldson's of Robinson twsp will 1813

173 Benjermin Anderson, wit will of David Coldwell of Hopewell, wife Hannah, 1813

175 Rev John Anderson wit will of William Smiley of Hopewell, wife Margaret, 1813

195 John Anderson mentioned in will of David Elder, Sr, yeoman of Little Beaver, Beaver Co, PA , 1814

227 Abraham AndersonSr, exe will of Robert McCloskey, 1818

207 Rev John Anderson wit will of John Vincent , 1815 ( see 175 Vincent related to Smiley)

228 James Anderson, exe will of John Watson of Peters, 1818

234 James son of Richard Anderson and Mary Anderson, bene in Margaret Donaldson of Robinson twsp, will, 1818

237 John Anderson wit will of Robert McComb of Cross Creek, wife Elizabeth, 1818

241 Robert Mary Anderson, wit will of Samuel Rankin of Strabane, 1818

John Anderson, wit will of Mary Cox of Hopewell, 1819

258 Rev John Anderson, wit will of Ebenexer Burt of Strabane, 1820

282 John Anderson, witt will of Jacob Rape of Fallow Field, 1811

283 John Anderson son in law, Peggy Anderson grandchild, Samuel Reed Anderson other, in will of Margaret Reed of Somerset twsp, 1822

254 Robert Anderson, wit will of John Armstrong of Strabane twsp, 1820

246 Robert Anderson, son in law, wit will of Samuel Agnew daug Elizabeth Anderson, grandchild Samuel Anderson, , 1819

Hannah Anderson, daughter of John Rankin of Strabane twsp in will, 1819

252 James Anderson, , wit will of Samuel Anderson, of Peterson, or Cellers, wife Sarah, son Samuel, daughter Cathrine, Marey, Hannah and Nancy, grandson Samuel Bell -------------------check out will

265 Margaret Anderson, exe will of husband Jacob Anderson, of Amwell twp, sons Jacob, James, Isral, John Boszel, daughters Rachel Selel, Hannah, Peggy, Salley, Lidy Trusler, 1820

270 John Anderson, wit will of David Clarke, farmer of Hopewell twsp, wife Hanna, grandchild Mary Clarke Anderson, 1821

276 James Anderson, wit will of Polly Neel , 1821

302 Jemima Anderson wit will of Andrew Swearingon of Chartiers, 1824

303 James Anderson of Peters twp, 1824, exe Jane and Alexander Anderson, sons - Bernard of South Beaver twsp, Beaver Co, PA, and James K., Daughters - Elizabeth marr Samuel Beard, Sarah , Isabella, and Jane, grandson - John Anderson

311 Benjamin Anderson, 1815 , wit - Matthew Anderson, wife - Nancy, son- Benjamin and William, daughters - Jane and Nancy

314 Joshua Anderson of Strabane, 1816, exe - Samuel and John Anderson, wit- Moses McWhirter, wife- Isabella, son - John, Andrew, Samuel and Robert Anderson (desc), daughters- Isabella Riddle, Martha marr Alezander Reed, Mary marr John McBruce, Rachel marr John Rankin, grandchildren - Robert , decs, wife and 3 children, Joshua son of Andrew

328 Rev John Anderson wit will of William McGowen of Catton twsp, 1826

331 James Anderson wit will of Jane Tweed of Hopewell twsp, 1815, brother - James Anderson, sister in low - Mary Anderson wife of James Anderson, children of James and Mary is Mary , Elizabeth and Sarah

340 Abraham Anderson wit will of David McConughey Sr of Mt Pleasant twsp, 1827

352 James Anderson of Beaver Co, exe will of Thomas Bigger of Robison twsp, 1818

359 Rev John Anderson, Doc, wit will of Patrick Miller of Hopewell twsp, 1829

378 James Anderson wit will and also leased farm from Alexander Buchanan of Strabane twsp, 1831

383 Samuel S Anderson wit will of James Reed of Hopewill twsp, 1830

390 Andrew Anderson wit will of John Anderson, 1831, wife - Mary, daughters- Jane and other children not named

398 Lydia Anderon daughter of John Dannell of Cecil twsp, 1832

404 James Anderson of Hopewell twsp, 1833, exe Reeds, wife - Mary, sons -Benjamin and William, daughters - Sarah, Rebecca, Elizabeth Cowen and Mary Doke

426 Rev John Anderson, DD, of Upper Buffalo twsp, 1835, wife - Rebecca, sons- John B and William A., daughters Nancy, Caroline, Ann Flack, Rebecca Smiley, Sarah Huston, and Elizabeth Vance, decs

430 George Anderson of Chartiers, 1831, sons - Matthew and John, Daughters- Elizabeth (decs) marr David Campbell, Sarah marr George Watson, esq, granchilden - Mary and Martha Anderson

448 James Anderson, nuncupative, wife and chil not named, 1836

455 Abraham Anderson of Chartiers, 1836, wife - Elizabeth, sons- John, William, David and Abramham, daughters - Sarah McKnight, Elizabeth Harbison and Mary Reed

457 Benjamin Anderson land adj to George Work of Hopewell twsp, 1834

483 Benjamin Anderson wit will of Jame Wilkins of Hopewell twsp, 1832

501 Alex Anderson wit will of Mary Conyer of Peters twsp, 1840

509 Dr Robert Anderson exe will of Alex. McConnel of Cross Creek twsp, 1840

514 Thomas Anderon wit will of Frederick Lool of Hanover twsp, 1841

pg ? Catherine Anderson of Peters twsp will names John Roley, Sophia Kinnman, James and William Hannims, James Anderson of Allegheny Co, Alexander and Catherine children of Isaac Dickson, Elizabeth, and Isaac Dickson , John and Catherine McCabe, Catherine Andews and Mrs Ruth Roley exe - William Hill and John Park, wit - Ebenezer Archer and Robert Bell


Samuel Anderson to Mary Berryhill of Brooke Co, WV 28 Jun 1811

Agnes Anderson to David Mather 12 Nov 1813

Benjamin Anerson to Margaret Cooke Stephenson, 25 Nov 1816 , Samuel McCullogh

Robert Anderson to Jemima Sweringen, 14 Nov 1811 John Johnson

Frontier Rangers 1781 - 1782

Abraham Anderson private 3 - 23 - 231

James Anderson Rev war WA Co. burials

John Anderson Rev War WA Co. burials vol 8 pg 392

Daniel (Jacob) Anderson Cem., Cumberland twsp, now Greene co

John Anderson Cem Perry twsp, now Greene co

History - Crumbrine

444 Dr John Anderson, Pres of Canonsbury abt ? 1815

492 tax 1800 WA Borough, Robert, silversmith, opened a watchshop in 1798 and was elected as sheriff Oct 1808

496 describes land by Robert

689 Joshua Anderson, 1787 canton twsp, patated land Huntington, James Dinsmore purchased 276 acres from Anderson 21 July 1795

808 a Anderson had the first store in Smith twsp abt 1815


Beers, J. H. and Co., Commemorative Biographical Record of Washington County, Pennsylvania (Chicago: J. H. Beers & Co., 1893).

Anderson Family, p. 412

THE ANDERSON FAMILY are among the most prominent and esteemed citizens of Cross Creek township. They trace their ancestry to one Francis Anderson, of Butler county, Penn. He was of Scotch parentage, and when a young man came west to try the hard and perilous life of a hunter. In this vocation he soon achieved a reputation as one of the most skilled and successful hunters of the day. In a short time, he had saved a portion of his earnings, and buying a small farm, combined agricultural pursuits with his former vocation. As old age drew near, the excitement and danger of life among the forests lost its power to charm, and he longed for the more quiet, if less eventful, life of the home. He retired from the ranks of Nimrod's followers, being at that time the owner of over 1,000 acres of land, and devoted the remnant of life to agricultural pursuits. With his children and grandchildren around him, the old hero would then relate exciting tales of adventures with panthers, bears and other wild animals of the forest. Thus living again the hunter life, he would for the time forget his surroundings, and with flashing eye and panting breath describe some fierce contest with savage beasts. In peace and comfort the old man passed his declining days, and died at a good old age, leaving children as follows: John, Francis, Robert, James, Samuel, Elizabeth, Jane and Sarah, of whom Elizabeth and Sarah are living.

Robert Anderson was born June 17, 1809, in Butler county, Penn., where he grew to manhood on the farm. At the age of nineteen years he began working on the Pennsylvania Canal, thus earning enough money to enter an academy, which he attended for some time. He then entered the Jefferson College, of Canonsburg, Penn., graduated in 1832, and began the study of medicine under the celebrated Dr. Jonathan Leatherman, of Canonsburg. While pursuing his medical studies, the young man frequently taught short terms of school, finally graduating from the Jefferson Medical College, of Philadelphia. He began to practice his profession in the town of Hickory, Washington county, but soon after came to Cross Creek village, remaining there until his death. Robert Anderson was united in marriage with Miss Agnes Cochran, a native of Canonsburg, a daughter of the late Henry Cochran, a prominent farmer and stock raiser of that place. The children born to this union were: Henry C., Jane, Lizzie, Francis, James E., Robert and Joseph. Mr. Anderson was a member of the Cross Creek Presbyterian Church. In politics he was a stanch, Republican, being one of the leaders of that party. In the year 1860 he was elected to the State Legislature, holding that office two years, meanwhile winning a reputation for strict integrity and honor as well as intellectual power. Of his children there are yet living: Henry C., Robert and Joseph.

Henry C. Anderson (the eldest son) was born November 9, 1834, at Canonsburg, and when but two years of age was brought to Cross Creek vil1age by his parents. He passed his youth on the farm which his father purchased soon after arriving in Cross Creek, and attended the academy at that place for several terms, thus laying the foundation for the extensive literary work in which he has been employed. After leaving school he selected as his life companion, Margaret J. McFarland, daughter of Andrew McFarland, a tailor of Grant City, Mo. Their children are as follows: Flora, Francis, Emma, Charles E., Cassius B., Hattie May, Laura Jeanette, James L., Sarah Isadore and Robert Harold. Henry C. Anderson is an ardent Republican, is connected with Grange, and for many years has been a correspondent of the Farmers' Friend, of Mechanicsburgh, also of the Presbyterian Banner, of Pittsburgh. He has written much valuable history for the county papers, and in church work has been superintendent of the Presbyterian Sabbath-school four years.

ROBERT ANDERSON was born October 8, 1846, in Cross Creek village. He remained on the farm during boyhood, assisting in agricultural work, and receiving a common-school education. He afterward attended the Duff Business College, from which he graduated in 1865. He married Sarah N. Stephenson, of Smith township, Washington county, daughter of Mark Stephenson, a prominent farmer of that neighborhood. They have three children: Nannie I., Robert S. and Edna O., all living at home. After his marriage Mr. Anderson settled on the place in Cross Creek where he has since resided, with the exception of three years, during which time he kept store in Cross Creek village. The farm consists of 120 acres of good land. Robert Anderson is a member of the Cross Roads Presbyterian Church, to which he gives liberally. In politics he is a Republican, being an active and influential member of that party, having served his township as road supervisor and census enumerator. Mr. Anderson is one of the most respected citizens of the community, and a successful, honorable business man.

James Stevenson, p. 1043

JAMES STEVENSON AND THOMAS LOVE ANDERSON are descended from that sturdy people known as the Scotch-Irish race. Their ancestry lived originally in Scotland, and were of the Covenanter faith. To escape religious persecution, they fled their native land and settled in County Donegal, Ireland. Here the great-grand parents of James S. and Thomas L. lived and reared a large family: George, Matthew, Benjamin and a daughter--Mrs. Scott, her son John, a merchant, settled in Baltimore, Md.--being among the number. Benjamin, their grandfather, was married in 1780, to Nancy Love, of County Tyrone, Ireland, where they became the parents of six children: William, Thomas, Benjamin, George, Jane and Nancy, none of whom are now living. Grandfather Anderson followed the blacksmith trade in Ireland, and in 1792 he sailed with his family to America, accompanied by his brother Matthew and family. After a long and tedious voyage of over thirteen weeks, during which time little George was seized with a fatal disease and his body buried in an ocean grave, the family landed in New York. They proceeded to Washington county, Penn., and settled on Brush run, in what is now Hopewell township, the neighborhood being then very thinly settled. Mr. Anderson continued to work at his trade while the sons attended to the duties of the home farm. Here he died in 1827, his wife having been called home a short time before. Of their children, William settled in Harrison county, Ohio, where he married Melila Thompson; Thomas was a river trader, and died in New Orleans; Jane became the wife of Holstin Bartleson, of Hopewell township; Nancy married John Daugherty.

Benjamin Anderson, their father, was born in Ireland in 1789. He came with his parents to Washington county, where his boyhood was passed on the pioneer farm. At the outbreak of the war of 1812, he was made captain of a company of drafted infantry, which entered the service under the command of Gen. Richard Crooks, whose battalion was a part of the First Regiment of Pennsylvania Militia, which was assigned to duty in the West under Gen. William Henry Harrison. About the close or the war Capt. Anderson (afterward raised to the rank of a colonel) returned home, and in 1816 was married to Margaret Cook, daughter of Gen. James Stevenson. To them were born eight children: Ann Eliza (Mrs. John Moore, of Buffalo township, deceased at the age of thirty five), James Stevenson (farmer of Donegal town ship), Thomas Love (died March 7, 1892), Nancy Jane (deceased at the age of nineteen), Catharine (Mrs. Jonathan Brownlee, of Buffalo township), William Cook (merchant, Claysville, Penn.), Mary Melila (deceased at the age of nineteen) and John (died when seven years old). Col. Anderson passed the first five years of his married life on the old home farm, 1ocated about three miles west of West Middletown, in Hopewell township. He then moved to Donegal township, settling about one mile west of C1aysville, along the National pike, where he owned 250 acres of land, and which be came his permanent residence. He was brigade inspector of Washington county for seven years. In politics he was a stanch Democrat, and besides holding different township offices, he was elected county commissioner in 1836. Col. Benjamin Anderson and his wife were both members of the South Buffalo U. P. Church. He died in 1861, Mrs. Anderson in 1875.

Mrs. Margaret Cook Anderson's father, Gen. James Stevenson, a civil engineer, was a native of Pennsylvania, born July 25, 1755. The place of his birth is not definitely known, but his boyhood home was in Letterkenny township, Cumberland count. Though scarcely more than a boy at the outbreak of the Revolution, he enlisted in the struggle for independence, endured the hardships of the Colonial soldier on the field, suffered the misery and want with fellow-prisoners in the hole of an English prison-ship, where the greater number of his companions starved to death; and bore as the evidence of close encounter, the scar of a saber-stroke on his head. About the year 1787 he came west and settled on the Dutch fork of Buffalo creek, in what is now Donegal township, Washington Co., Penn., where he owned some 600 acres of land. In 1791 he was married to Catharine Bonar, the daughter of a pioneer neighbor, born November 7, 1766. Their children were Margaret Cook, John, Ann, Mary, Elizabeth, Catharine and Nancy. Gen. Stevenson for several years held the office of justice of the peace. He was twice elected State senator from Washington county, and also served five sessions in the House of Representatives. He died during the last session, and is buried in the cemetery at Harrisburg. His obituary, on record at the State capitol, is in part: "Died December 20, 1815, Major General James Stevenson, member of the House of Representatives from Washington county. In him were united the venerable and worthy citizen: the firm and enlightened patriot: the soldier and officer of the Revolution: the generous" friend and the indulgent father: the affectionate husband and the honest man." The House, on hearing of his death, Thursday, the 16th, suspended business, and the Governor and heads of departments were invited to attend the funeral. As a mark of respect his fellow-members wore crepe on the left arm for thirty days. They had inscribed on his tomb: "in memory of Gen. James Stevenson, of the House of Representatives, * * * * He was a native of the State and one of the heroes of '76. He served his country: his country honored him." Gen. Stevenson also served as major-general in the war of 1812.

JAMES STEVENSON ANDERSON was born in the year 1820, in Hopewell township, Washington Co., Penn. He received his early education in the subscription schools of the neighborhood. He came with his parents to Donegal township, where he assisted with the farm work. In 1847 he made a trip through the western States. He was married in 1856, to Mary E., daughter of John and Mary (Milligan) Miller, of Cadiz, Harrison Co., Ohio. John Miller was the son of John and Mary (Reed) Miller, the former of whom came to this country from the North of Ireland, the latter being a native of Pennsylvania. The children of James S. and Mary E. Anderson were John Benjamin, a teacher by profession, who received his education in the public schools, and in the Jefferson Academy, Canonsburg, Penn., under Dr. William Ewing (he commenced to teach at the age of seventeen years; in the summer of 1884 he was elected principal of the Canonsburg public schools, which position he held until the spring of 1891, when on account of failing health he resigned; he died October 4, 1891); Anna Eliza, deceased at the age of seven years; Mary Elizabeth, residing at home; William Frank, a contractor and rig-builder, living at Crafton, Allegheny Co., Penn.; Albert Reed, now in the State of Iowa; Jennie, deceased in infancy; Margaret Cook, living with her parents; and Charles, also at home and managing the work on the farm. In 1860 J. S. Anderson was chosen to succeed Capt. Cracraft as captain of the Claysville Blues, a company of Pennsylvania volunteers. Capt. Anderson was a commissioned officer in the Pennsylvania Militia for twenty-two years. After his marriage he located on his farm, west of Claysville and near the National pike, which is his present home. His farm, by care and cultivation, has become one of the most valuable in Donegal township. He is now living a retired life. In politics he has always been an active Democrat. Capt. Anderson and his family belong to the U. P. Church at West Alexander, Penn., where he is also a member of the church's Session.

THOMAS LOVE ANDERSON was born July 6, 1822, on his father's farm, situated about one mile west of Claysville, along the National pike. Here his early life was passed, and here he received his agricultural training and an education in the public schools. He was married November 30, 1864, to Celia Rachel, daughter of Alfred and Margaret Crump, of Millersburg, Holmes Co., Ohio. Three children were born to them: William Howard, Benjamin and Catharine Brownlee, all of whom are living and at home. After his marriage Mr. Anderson settled on a part of the old Stevenson tract, always his home. The farm is well improved, and its location makes it a valuable property. He was a successful farmer, a Democrat in politics, active in the interests of his party, and held different local offices. His family are members of the U. P. Church at Claysville, Penn., to which he belonged at the time of his death. Alfred Crump, the father of Mrs. T. L. Anderson, was a native of Virginia, a wagon-maker by trade, and a soldier in the war of 1812. Her mother was Margaret Walter, daughter of Peter Walter, of Baltimore, Md. After their marriage Mr. Crump and his wife moved to Ohio and settled on a farm near Georgetown, Columbiana county, afterward moving to Millersburg. Mrs. Anderson was the eighth of a family of ten children.

W. J. Anderson, p. 838

W. J. ANDERSON, a prosperous farmer of Union township, is a grandson of John Anderson, who came from Ireland in 1771, and first settled in Beaver county, Penn. He was compelled to leave that section on account of the Indians, and prior to 1788, he having paid tax in that year, came to the place Washington county, Penn., where his descendants are yet living. While living in Ireland he was married to Miss Elizabeth Bigger, who came with them to America. The descendants of Thomas Bigger, brother of Miss Elizabeth Bigger, now reside in Robinson township, Washington county. To John and Elizabeth Anderson five children were born, viz.: James, Benjamin, Matthew, Martha and John, all born in Pennsylvania, except James, who was born in Ireland. In September, 1786, he bought the farm on which the subject of this sketch now resides.

John Anderson, the youngest son of John and Elizabeth, was born June 5, 1789, on the farm in Union township, Washington county, in a. cabin which stood on the site now occupied by the house of W. J. Anderson. John Anderson was reared to farm life, and remained at home until 1843, when he was married to Miss Elizabeth Scott, a native of West Virginia, residing near East Liverpool, Ohio, and they then settled on the home farm in Washington county, Penn., where he died June 3, 1868, followed by his wife, April 20, 1873. The father was a stanch, ''High-Tariff" Republican. They had six children, viz.: W. J., two died in infancy, James G. (dead), Martha E. (married to J. C. Borland, of Peters township, now a grocer in Sewickley, Penn.), and Ada V., who is living with her brother, W. J.

W. J. Anderson was born January 22, 1844, on the farm in Union township, Washington county. On December 21, 1876, he was married to Agnes, daughter of Thomas Kiddoo, and granddaughter of James Kiddoo, a native of England. The family are now residents of Allegheny county. Penn. After their marriage Mr. and Mrs. Anderson came to their present home, where he has been successfully engaged in general farming. In politics he is a Republican, having held a number of township offices. and in religion is a member of the Peters Creek United Presbyterian Church, in which he is also trustee. They conduct a small dairy in connection with the farm, and for twenty years have sold butter to W. J. Caskey & Co., Pittsburgh. The home place contains eighty-four acres of excellent land. Mr. and Mrs. Anderson had one child that died in infancy.

William C. Anderson, p. 952 William C. Anderson, a prominent business man of Claysville, is a native of this county, born April 5, 1831, on the Stevenson farm in Donegal township. He is a son of Benjamin Anderson, who was born in 1789 in Ireland, and came with his parents to America and to Washington county, Penn. where his boyhood was passed on the pioneer farm. In the war of 1812 he was captain of a company of drafted infantry, First Regiment of Pennsylvania Militia, and was afterward promoted to the rank of colonel. In 1816 he was married to Margaret Cook, daughter of Gen. James Stevenson, a civil engineer of Pennsylvania, who was born July 25, 1755; he was a soldier in the Revolutionary war. and was taken prisoner by the British and confined in prison ship. To Benjamin and Margaret C. Anderson were born eight children: Ann Eliza, Mrs. John Moore, of Buffalo township, who died at the age of thirty-five years; James Stevenson, a farmer of Donegal township; Thomas Love who died March 7, 1892; Nancy Jane, deceased at the age of nineteen; Catharine, Mrs. Jonathan Brownlee, of Buffalo township; William Cook; Mary Melila, deceased at the age of nineteen, and John, who died when seven years old. Col. Anderson passed the first five years of his married life on the old home farm, situated about three miles west of West Middletown, in Hopewell township. He then moved to Donegal township, settling about one mile west of Claysville, along the National pike, where he owned 250 acres of land, which became his permanent residence. He was a stanch Democrat, and, besides holding different township offices, he was elected county commissioner in 1836. He was brigade inspector of Washington county for seven years. Col. Anderson and his wife were members of the South Buffalo United Presbyterian Church. He died in 1861, Mrs. Anderson in 1875.

William C. Anderson was reared and educated on the home place in Donegal township, and at the age of fifteen years commenced clerking for Joel Truesdell, with whom he remained two years. He then entered into partnership with James G. Noble, of ClaysviIle, and two years later went to Cameron, W. Va., remaining with William McConaughy for three years. In 1856 he dissolved partnership with Mr. Noble, and passed one year with Samuel Prother, in Wheeling, W. Va. In 1856 William C. Anderson was married to Eliza, daughter of John Simpson, of Wheeling, W. Va., and they had the following children: Dr. John B., Sara (Mrs. William H. Lester), Mary, Dr. Thomas (a physician in Mansfield Penn. ), Robert and William. Of these children, Mrs. Lester was a missionary in Santiago, Chili, S. A., but died after a few years' work in the service of her Master, beloved by all both for her beauty of character and person. Her only son, Harold arrived in this county in January, 1893, making his third trip to and from his Southern home, at the age of eight and one half years. His language is Spanish, which he speaks and writes fluently with the language of his father and mother. He will remain to continue his education in the United States. Soon after his marriage, Mr. Anderson engaged in general merchandise in West Alexander, Donegal township, and ten years later came to Claysville, where he bought out Schrontz, Martin & Brokman, and is still conducting the business. His success is due to his own efforts, and he is one of the leading men of Claysville. Politically he is an active member of the Democratic party. He and his family are among the leading members of the Presbyterian Church.


The Anderson Family Tinkling Spring church

Elizabeth Skillern's maiden name may have been Anderson, so it is unclear why her new husband also took this name, but James Anderson certainly sounds better than Utis Perkins! Unfortunately, it also adds to the confusion in history. In Sequatchie Families by James L. Douthat, (printed by Mountain Press, Signal Mountain, TN) we read:

The Anderson family of east Tennessee and southwest Virginia has been, and remains one of the most influential of all families. Each county of this area of the United States owes much of their history to the influence of these people.

The family traces it's origin to a Scotch-Irish background. They were forced to leave Scotland due to religious persecution and thence came to America where they became pioneers in the southwestern part of the Commonwealth of Virginia, called at the time Augusta County, an area of the Commonwealth that covered the present boundaries of several states.

There are known to have been about seven to eight heads of households in the area of the time in question. Tradition says that John, George, William and James Anderson settled in the Stone Church area and were thought to have been brothers. Some of them settled on the Borden land grant in what is now Rockbridge County, Virginia.

This is definitely the same Anderson family, and subsequent generations in America also married Skillerns, as seen in John Anderson's will of 1794: son Isaac C. Anderson, to son William Anderson, three hundred acres on North Fork of Clinch River; to daughter Mary Skillern, 185 acres adjoining same; ....

More from the Sequatchie Valley book reveals these notes:

Of John Anderson's children two, and possibly three, moved to Sequatchie Valley. We do know that John Anderson, Jr. and his sister Mary (John Skillern) were earlier settlers in Sequatchie. In all likelihood Rebecca (William Skillern) also came to Sequatchie.

When Bledsoe County was created on November 10, 1807, the commissioners listed in Book A, page 403, were John Anderson, John Narramore, John Tollett, Michael Rawlings, William Roberson, James Standifer and Thomas Coulter.

The Skillern family began their migration towards Sequatchie Valley from Lee County, Virginia when John and Mary Anderson Skillern made their own roads into the unsettled Sequatchie Valley. John received a grant of 280 acres in the Hamilton District of Bledsoe County that was taken from Thomas C. Clark's land granted in 1809. This land, in part, was sold by Audley Skillern to James B. Skillern in 1851 for $1,000.00 This was done at the time that Audley was in Washington County, Arkansas. James Skillern was granted 200 acres from the same tract of Thomas N. Clark and this land adjoined John Skillern's and William Rodgers. Anderson Skillern was granted 76 acres in Bledsoe by the State fo Tennessee in the Third District....this grant was made "in consideration of military services performed by John Flinn to the State of North Carolina warrant #5096 dated December 6, 1797 and entered on August 25, 1807..." Anderson was the assigned heir to Flinn....James was granted 81 acres for the same reason as Anderson.

In Skillern Family History and Genealogy - Including the Family of John and Rebecca Maxwell Anderson, researched and compiled by Darlene R. Appell and Ethelmae Eylar Carter we read on page 27:

John Anderson, earliest known and immigrant ancestor of this Anderson family in America, was born about 1690, came to America from Ireland via Philadelphia, and died (probably in Pennsylvania) before the family moved to Virginia in 1740. His wife, Margaret was "imported" into Orange County, Virginia with others of her family, in May 1740, by her eldest son George. She was born about 1695 and died in Augusta County, Virginia in 1764. Her will, dated May 4, 1761 and probated in Augusta County on March 20, 1764, is found in Will Book 3, page 311. The children of John and Margaret Anderson were: George, John, James and William. William, b. ca 1718, first married Margaret (Reid?) and then in 1746, Elizabeth Campbell (born in Ireland).

William Anderson's importation into Orange County, Virginia, was proven by his elder brother George, in May 1740. William was granted a land patent by James Blair on December 1, 1740, of 90 acres in Augusta County, "south side of Cathey's River." His neighbors were John Moffett and John Francis. Later, two adjacent purchases were made, one of 400 acres in March 1747, and the other of 82 acres on August 16, 1756. In 1742 he serrved as an ensign in Colonel James Patton's Company of Militia for Orange County."

William Anderson's will, presented at the Augusta Court June 1794, is recorded in Will Book 8, p. 114 in that Virginia county. It mentions his "sons in Law and their wives to wit James Clindinen and his wife Margaret William Skillings and his wife Mary James Grigsby and his wife Rebecca Samuel Anderson and his wife Elizabeth Ten Shillings each." This Mary Anderson, b. June 5, 1747, who married William Skillern, was baptised at Tinkling Spring Presbyterian Church, by Rev. John Craig, on 21 June, 1747. Her sister Margaret, whose mother died the day of Margaret's birth, was born 10 April 1743 and baptised the same day. (The record for these dates is the Bible of Capt. John Anderson, Mary's brother. It also gives William Skillern's birth and death dates - b. 31 October 1740, d. 19 Nov. 1816).

William and Mary Anderson Skillern's children were:

William b. 14 April 1764 m. Nancy Alcorn

George b. 20 Jan. 1766

Elizabeth b. 14 April 1768

John 31 August 1770 m. Mary Anderson

Rebecca b. 1 February 1773 m. William Anderson

James b. 27 September 1777 m. Rebecca _____

Anderson b. 14 April 1780

Anna b. 17 April 1783 m. Jonathan Wood

Isaac b. 2 September 1787 m. Martha (LeVert) d. 18 Sept. 1850

Margaret b. 20 November 1791




Anderson, Elizabeth 1776 vol - c bk - 1 pg- 326

Anderson, George.... 1770 a 1 224

Anderson, Hannah.... 1825 o 1 335

Anderson, Jamea..... 1740 a 1 48

Anderson; James..... 1790 f 1 231

Anderson, John.......... 1775 c 1 325

Anderson, John.......... 1818 m 1 193

Anderson, llargaret..... 1759 b 1 319

Anderson, Margaret...... 1802 h 1 152

Anderson, Richard....... 1748 I 1 1

Anderson, Robert........ 1779 d 1 1

Anderson, Samuel........ 1764 b 1 556

Anderson, William....... 1767 a 1 212


Anderson, Francis 1767

Anderson, James 1740

Anderson, James 1789

Anderson, James 1799

Anderson, James 1814

Anderson, John 1743

Anderson, John 1744

Anderson, John 1818

Anderson, John 1831 f 1 3

Anderson, Joshua 1773

Anderson, Robert 1779

Anderson, Robert esq 1822 a 1 238

Anderson, Thomas 1779


Green county, PA


James Anderson of Cumberland from Johnathan Morris 25 acres 31 dec 1836

James Anderson from Benj Worthiinton 8 acres 42 p. 13 jan 1840

Will Book with probable date:

Charles - 1822

Charles - 1836

Emaline Eliz. - 1893

Hannah - 1839

James - 1834

James - 1841

John - 1834

Samuel - 1857

William - 1864

Burials (old WA Co)

Daniel (Jacob) Anderson Cem., Cumberland twsp

John Anderson Cem Perry twsp

>Mifflin Co,

1.Samual Anderson; from Sherman, Mifflin Co, PA settled on 400 a. in Greenwood Twp 1796.

1.1.John Anderson sp.Nancy Hall

1.1.1.Lonley (Lonely) Anderson b.2-17-1845 Greenwood Twp, Crawford Co, PA d.4-5-1925 Greenwood Twp, Crawford Co, PA married John G. Wood.

1.1.2.Mary Anderson

These are some other Andersons I can't tell from my list how related.

John Anderson

Mildred Anderson sp.J.Forrest Wood

Hope this helps. Will try to provide more on the above Andersons, TTFN, Chip Mattocks

Mercer Co, PA

census..........Wolf Creek 1850

4 127 130 COULTER, Samuel 52 M Farmer 600 Pa.

6 127 130 COULTER, Ann 53 F Pa.

7 127 130 McCREARY, Elizabeth 11 F Pa. S

8 127 130 ANDERSON, Joseph W. 34 M Farmer Pa.

9 127 130 ANDERSON, Rebecca M. 31 F Pa.

10 127 130 ANDERSON, Elizabeth E. 10 F Pa. S

11 127 130 ANDERSON, Thomas C. 5 M Pa. S

12 127 130 ANDERSON, Albert T. 2 M Pa.

13 127 130 ANDERSON, Alexander 76 M Farmer 2000 Pa.

42 271 275 ANDERSON, Samuel 50 M Farmer 1500 Ireland

Schedule No. 38, Frame No. 886, Enumeration Date 30 Oct 1850

1 271 275 ANDERSON, Margaret 55 F Ireland

Adams Co and York Co

Adams County Church Records of the 18th Century" n.a. Family Line Publication. n.y.

* Jean bap 1 Sep 1751 and Sarah bap 9 Sep 1754 daus of Thomas ANDERSON - Marsh Creek Society per Diary of Rev Cuthbertson

"Abstracts of Adams County, Pennsylvania Wills (1745-1800" Randy J. Miller. Adams County Historical Society. 1994

* Jean ANDERSON of Straban Twp will D-14 w/ 20 Apr 1777 p/13 May 1777: son: Robert dau: Jean, Susan; Son-in-laws: Andrew McKEE, Benjamin MICANCE. wit: James Dickson, Richard Brown. Exec: John SCOT (nephew) * John MILLER of Straban Twp will G-232 w 10 Dec 1787 mentions: Rebecca md Thomas ANDERSON (dec'd), 3 children (Rebecca aNDERSON), Rebecca md James BELL, 2 sons (Rebecca Bell), 1 dau (Rebecca Bell). wit: David Beaty Jr, Hugh Rowland, Rebecca Bell. Exec: William King.

[I don't know if this means Rebecca had 3 children by Thomas and remarried and had 3 children by James. If of interest you should get a copy of the will. This might be a clue to Thomas' wife's maiden name, Miller.]

* Samuel Anderson wit. Nicholas Miller Sr will 26 Jul 1783, Nick from Germany Twp.

* Michael Anderson wit. Alexander Murphy of Straban Twp will 19 May 1757. he also wit. John SCOT of Straban Twp will 2 Dec 1757


Anderson Abraham 1848 T-215 Anderson Agnes 1846 T-53 Anderson Allen 1818 Q-107 Anderson Allen 1866 W 665 Anderson Andrew 1849 T-238 Anderson David 1863 W-75 Anderson Eleanor 1878 aa-302 Anderson Esther 1846 T-61 Anderson Esther 1883 CC-337 Anderson Fanny 1883 CC-192 Anderson Isaac I. 1873 Y-516 Anderson James 1893 ii-285 Anderson James 1894 ii-483

ANDERSON James 1815 M-516 of Borough of York, owes slaves, wife- Mary, children- Mary, James, Joseph, Tate (son), Margaret, Benjamin, Eliza Anne, David and Sarah Jane, uncle -Adam Tate, Stock- Anderson ferry, Marietta, Richland and Mt Joy turnpike road, Lancaster Marietta and Harrisbury Stage Comp, Land- waterford, Marietta, Lancaster Co, pA and Clearfield, Clearfield Co. and Falmonth, Lancaster Co, exe - friends William Barber and Bushnell Carter

ANDERSON James 1832 Q~498

ANDERSON Jean 1828 Q- 84

ANDERSON Jean 1777 D-14 of Straban, son in law- Andrew McKee and Benjamin McCance?

Son - Robert, daughter - Jean and Susanaha, nephew - John Scott, Witt- James Dickson and Richard Brown

ANDERSON Jennet 1807 M-25

ANDERSON John 1815 M~463

ANDERSON John 1884 C~471

ANDERSON John 1897 LL - 448

ANDERSON Joseph 1898 MM-48

ANDERSON Joseph R. 1873 Y~616

ANDERSON Mary 1894 LL-486 ANDERSON Robert 1819 0-196

ANDERSON Robert 1877 AA-149

ANDERSON Sarah 1838 R-379

ANDERSON Wlililam 1862 V~6 ANDERSON William 1884- CC - 463

ANDERSON William 1885 JJ-505

ANDERSON William 1750. A-25 children -James and Rachel, brother- John, witt- James Bonne and Joseph Coulson


Rev Cuthbertson

James Anderson child bapt to him

Martha b 8 Nov, 1752 Lower Chanceford Soc., York Co

Alexander b. 7 Dec 1755 Middle Octoraro, Lancaster Co

Jean b. 21 Dec, 1758 Middle Octoraro, Lancaster Co

Mary b. 31 Aug 1761 Middle Octoraro, Lancaster Co

Esther b. 27 May , 1764 Middle Octoraro, Lancaster Co

Rebekah b. 12 Nov 1765 Rocky Springs, Franklin Co

Elizabeth b 24 Aug 1767 Rocky Springs, Franklin Co

Silas b. 26 March 1769 Rocky Springs,Franklin Co

Ann b 2 June 1771 Rocky Springs, Franklin Co

Thomas Anderson child bapt to him

Jean b. 1 Sept 1751 Marsh Creek, York Co now Adams

A ( daughter ) b. 12 Apr 1752 Marsh Creek, York Co now Adams

Sarah b. 9 Sept 1754 Marsh Creek, York Co now Adams

Agnes b. 22 May 1757 Marsh Creek, York Co now Adams

William Anderson child bapt to him

Martha b 27 Apr 1760 Middle Octoraro, Lancaster Co

Andrew b 29 July 1788 Lower Chanceford Soc., York Co

James b. 29 July 1788 Lower Chanceford Soc., York Co

John b 29 July 1788 Lower Chanceford Soc., York Co

William b 29 July 1788 Lower Chanceford Soc., York Co

John Anderson child bapt to him

John b. 16/17 Nov 1765 Big Spring, Cumberland Co

William b. 15 Aug 1773 Licking Creek, Fulton Co

Joseph Anderson child bapt to him

Katharin b. 1 june 1777 Middle Octoraro, Lancaster Co

Grave Stones

Presbyterian Graveyard near Dillsburg

Elizabeth wife of Thomas Anderson born June 12, 1778 died March 6, 1846

Puckety United Presbyerian Church

James A died Jan 13, 1853 aged 2 y 6 m 11 d son of J H and J Anderson

James died April 22 1830 aged 60 y

Margaret died 24 Aug 1867 aged 83 y

Lovine died Nov 1824 aged 2 y

Matilda died July 21, 1845 in 21st y

Fanny died aug 11, 1836 aged 23 y

John C died Oct 11, 1836 aged 5 y 6 m 29 d son of J and A Anderson

Infant Dec 4 1853 - Dec 27 1863 son of J and A Anderson

Matthew M died Aug 26, 1862 aged 3 y 3 m 22d son of J and A Anderson

West Virginia

4GGF: Thomas Anderson b. ca 1780, Ireland. Came to US in early 1800's. Wife Elizabeth. Sons: James, Andrew, Thomas, William, Alexander.

3GGF: James Anderson, b. Ireland. Wife Sarah J. Morrow/Rhome. Died before 1860 Tyler Co., WV. Had 9 children: I have seven listed: Susan J. (Allen),Charles, Nathaniel J., George W., Sidney E. (Kennell), Martha E., William R.

2GGF: Nathaniel J. b. @1841 in Belmont Co., OH; Wifes: #1) Sarah E. Buck, #2) Hester Phillips. Last known location 1880 Wood Co WV. 9 Children: Sarah L., Melvin L., Marion F., Francis, James A., Clara/Clarissa, Dayton G., Anna H., Diantha.GGM: Clara/Clarissa

Rhea Family discussion list

1790 Petition

The names below are from a Greenbrier County Petition dated November 20, 1790, which refers to a proposition for a westward extension of navigation improvements on the James River.

John Anderson

'Thomas Anderson

William Anderson

Robert Armstrong

Appalachian Springs-A publication of the Greenbrier Historical Society Vol. 3, No. 2 April 1995

Estate Settlements....Hampshire Co

William , will, 4/9/1794 wife Nancy, daug, Rachael, Catherine, Sarah, Hannah, son Thomas

William, will 6/19/1815 wife Margaret, Will Phillip

Alexander, L.G. 12/2/1796

David, * 12/24/1783

Gar * 5/11/1780

Jessie Sur 3/15/1798

Jessie * 2/2/1802

Berkeley Co James Inv and Sale 6/13/1814

Col est 10/27/1806

Col, Colb will 2/25/1805 wife Nancy, chld wm, Providence, James, Thom, Rebecca, Eliner, Mary, Nancy

Colbert estate 2/19/1811

Monogalia Co

John SB 10/9/1813

Ohio Co

Alex will 9/16/1802 Dolly and James Anderson

Eliz will 1/1849 Otho Heiskell, Catherine Norris

Greenbrier co

John will 11/28/1817 wife Besty and others * app 12/8/1817

Kanawha co James will 8/2/1838 Thomas, Andrew, Isaac, John, Anna, Almira, Amanda, Milvina, Sarah Bowman, Nancy Melton, Mary Bess app 1841

Wood co

James will 1842 wife Eliz


From: Doug Boyer


The following information appeared in Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia, Volume 1. I will send transcriptions from Volumes 2 and 3 and the Tinkling Springs Book as I get it ready:

Volume 1, page 44 (ORDER BOOK NO. II, May 28, 1751) (574) Road ordered from John Davis's mill to Wood's New Cleared Gap, and John King, with Andrew Erwin, John McGill, Wm. McGill, ...James Anderson, ...,Gabriel Pickens, keep it in repair.

Volume 1, page 140 (ORDER BOOK NO. XI, November 17, 1767) (340) James Anderson and wife, Elizabeth, bound to peace towards Wm. Robertson.

Volume 1, page 152 (ORDER BOOK NO. XII, November 15, 1768) (474) James Anderson, Jr., (son of James Anderson, deaf) be summoned for not supporting his children in Christian like manner.

Volume 1, page 153 (ORDER BOOK NO. XIII, November 21, 1768) (31) Wm. Stewart vs. James Anderson - Abates by plaintiff's death.

Volume 1, page 163 (ORDER BOOK NO. XIV, March 21, 1771) (217) Elizabeth, wife of James Anderson, relinquished dower in 100 acres - deed to Joseph Reaburn.

Volume 1, page 270 (ORDER BOOK NO. XXII, October 16, 1792) (189) Admn. of estate of George Peerson granted James Anderson.

Volume 1, page 301 (COUNTY COURT JUDGEMENT, February and May, 1747) John Tillory vs. James Anderson and Elizabeth, his wife, late Elizabeth Skillern - Debt on note given by Elizabeth when single. Writ dated 28th January, 1747. Note dated 27th November, 1747.

Volume 1, page 302 (COUNTY COURT JUDGEMENT, August, 1749) James Patton, qui tam, vs. Rev. John Hindman. - In 1747 defendant married James Anderson (Alias Ute Perkins) and Elizabeth Skeleron, widow and relict of William Skeleron, late of Augusta, without license.

Volume 1, page 335 (COUNTY COURT JUDGEMENTS, February, 1763) Givens vs. Frame. - Signatures: James Anderson and Jesse Jackson, David Frame and John Botkin.

Volume 1, page 343 (COUNTY COURT JUDGEMENTS, August, 1766) Anderson vs. Russell. - James Anderson and Elizabeth, his wife. 1766.

Volume 1, page 347 (COUNTY COURT JUDGEMENTS, August, 1768) Anderson vs. Watterson. - James Anderson, blacksmith, 1765.

Volume 1, page 359 (COUNTY COURT JUDGEMENTS, June, 1769) Rex vs. James Anderson. - James Anderson, indicted 1768, for poisoning Wm. Robertson's hogs, &c. On October, 1768, James Meeks was about to leave the Colony.

Volume 1, page 360 (COUNTY COURT JUDGEMENTS, August, 1769) Thomas Miller vs. James Anderson, son of Deaf James.

Volume 1, page 361 (COUNTY COURT JUDGEMENTS, November, 1770) William Robertson vs. James Anderson, of Long Meadow.

Volume 1, page 364 (COUNTY COURT JUDGEMENTS, March, 1771) William Robertson vs. James Anderson (Long Meadow). - Trespass. James killed Robertson's fowls and hogs with ratsbane in 1767. James Meek's deposition, November 1, 1768. He was at James Anderson's house on Long Meadow. James wife Elizabeth, and they had a daughter Jean. William Robertson's wife was Lettice. Elizabeth was sister of William Skillem and Gearge Skillem (?). Verdict for plaintiff.

Volume 1, page 372 (COUNTY COURT JUDGEMENTS, May, 1779) James Anderson vs. John Erwin. - Petition. Writ, 24th August, 1774. "The defendent is gone out on the expedition."

Volume 1, page 383 (COUNTY COURT JUDGEMENTS, March, April and May,1785) John Burnsides vs. Samuel Anderson (son to James). - Writ, 11th May, 1784.

Volume 1, page 385 (COUNTY COURT JUDGEMENTS, August, 1786) James Anderson and Sarah, his wife, vs. Mary Crane. - Writ, 5th July, 1784.

Volume 1, page 399 (OFFICE JUDGEMENTS, November, 1793) Sampson Mathews vs. Ann Hogshead. - James Anderson and Alexander Kilpatrick were living in Greenbrier in 1789. Sampson Mathews was of the City of Richmond, 1786.

Volume 1, page 406 (OFFICE JUDGEMENTS, August, 1796) William, Samuel, James Anderson and George Glenn (defendants) vs.William Young (orator). - Writ. Chancery, 27th September, 1793. William and Samuel were brothers. Petition by William Young, 1792, states that some years ago he employed George Nicholas to commence and prosecute this cause, that on removal of George from this county the case was entrusted to John Nicholas, who drew and filed the bill, shortly after which John also declined practicing in this court, and left his business to Robert Jouett, Esq., Attorney, who has also declined practicing in this court. Witness is aged and infirm. Petition for rehearing. Ellinor Young, wife of William Young, orator, 1st November, 1793. Samuel Anderson and George Glenn returned no inhabitants, 25th August, 1790. Samuel Anderson's deposition 15th February, 1791, before Benjamin Harrison, a Justice of Bourbon County. Spa. executed on Samuel Anderson, 30th August, 1787.

Volume 1, page 387 (COUNTY COURT JUDGEMENTS, March, 1788) William Anderson vs. Samuel Anderson and Sarah, his wife. - Writ, 6th November, 1788.

Volume 1, page 390 (OFFICE JUDGEMENTS, May, 1789 - January Causes) Samuel Anderson and Sarah, his wife, vs. William Anderson. - Writ, 8th March, 1788. Volume 1, page 21 (ORDER BOOK NO. 1, August 20, 1746) (74) Cap. Daniel McAnaire to be overseer of above road (road from Buchanan's to Co. Ho.) with the following tithables: Samuel Wallis, ... , Wm. Anderson, ...

Volume 1, page 25 (ORDER BOOK NO. 1, February 15, 1746/7) (159) When Church Wardens are chosen they are to bind out Wm. Anderson.

Volume 1, page 33 (ORDER BOOK NO. 1, February 18, 1747/8) (345) Ro. Cunningham compalins that Samuel Gay has indulged Utis Perkins in several things after he had apprehended him; ordered under bond; John and Wm.Anderson securities.

Volume 1, page 80 (ORDER BOOK NO. 6, May 17, 1758) (146) Edward Breedin, indentured servant of Wm. Anderson, agrees to serve William twelve months longer in consideration of William's supporting Edward's daughter, Mary Breedin.

Volume 1, page 139 (ORDER BOOK NO. XI, August 22, 1767) (257) Wm. Mathews, Wm. Anderson and George Moffett, to value improvements of John Archer on 260 acres and 83 acres.

Volume 1, page 187 (ORDER BOOK NO. XVI, February 20, 1776) (99) Administration of estate of Thomas Anderson granted to Samuel Anderson and William Anderson - the father, Samuel Anderson, having refused. Isaac Cannon, one of the appraisers.

Volume 1, page 193 (ORDER BOOK NO. XVI, August 20, 1777) (222) Tithables to be taken in the following Companies: Capt. Charles Campbell's, ... , Capt. Wm. Anderson's, ...

Volume 1, page 196 (ORDER BOOK NO. XVI, March 17, 1778) (269) Admn. of estate of William Anderson granted to Margaret, his widow.

Volume 1, page 205 (ORDER BOOK NO. XVI, May 18, 1779) (444) Joseph Patterson recommended Captain, vice Captain William Anderson; John Campbell as Lieutenant, and David Gibson as Ensign.

Volume 1, page 215 (ORDER BOOK NO. XVII, May 18, 1780) (230) George Bratton appointed road surveyor from Robert Wiley's to Jonathan Humphrey's, with tithables from James Kilpatrick's to John Alfall's. Wm. Anderson, vice John Findley, appointed road surveyor.

Volume 1, page 225 (ORDER BOOK NO. XVII, April 17, 1782) (372) John McKittrick recommended Captain, vice James Trimble, resigned; John qualified, and William Anderson as Lieutenant and Robert Anderson as Ensign; Robert qualified; John Campbell qualified Captain, vice Joseph Patterson, and William Allen qualified as Lieutenant and Arthur Connerley as Ensign.

Volume 1, page 235 (ORDER BOOK NO. XVIII, May 18, 1784) (220) Nimrod Crane, aged 6, to be bound to James McGonegal; Mary Crane, aged 10, to be bound to Wm. Anderson; Kezia Crane, aged 9, to be bound to George Anderson.

Volume 1, page 295 (COUNTY COURT JUDGEMENTS, August, 1747) Thomas Gardner vs. William Anderson. - Chancery. Supra, 10th January, 1745-6. Volume 1, page 340 ( COUNTY COURT JUDGEMENTS, May, 1765) John Daley vs. William Anderson. - William lived at Hart's Bottom, on North Branch of James, 1760.

Volume 1, page 361 (COUNTY COURT JUDGEMENTS, March, 1770) William Anderson vs. John Dailey. - Writ 22d August, 1769.

Volume 1, page 372 (COUNTY COURT JUDGEMENTS, March, 1779) Mathew Edminston vs. George Anderson. - Allat., 16th April, 1776.Defendant "some time ago of this County." Levied in hands of Wm. Anderson, son to John.

Volume 1, page 373 (COUNTY COURT JUDGEMENTS, May, 1779) Benj. Morganson vs. Wm. Anderson (son of John). - Writ, 28th March, 1774.

Volume 1, page 377 (COUNTY COURT JUDGEMENTS, March, August and September, 1782) John McMahon vs. William Anderson (son to James). - Case writ, 16th March, 1782.

Volume 1, page 379 (COUNTY COURT JUDGEMENTS, August and September, 1783) Mary Stephenson vs. James Waugh and Mary, his wife. - Slander. Writ, 27th March 1780. Elizabeth Wilson deposes, 30th August, 1780, Margaret, wife of James Blair, asked her for the loqan of a bag to send grain to her mother, Margaret, and her sister, Mary. Wm. Anderson, owner of Anderson's mill. James Blair deposes, 29th May, 1780.

Volume 1, page 381 (COUNTY COURT JUDGEMENTS, May and June, 1784) Robert McMahon vs. William Anderson (son to James). - Writ, 16th March, 1782.

Volume 1, page 383 (COUNTY COURT JUDGEMENTS, March, April and May, 1785) Wm. and Samuel Anderson vs. Wm. Young. - On 29th May, 1781, AlexanderBlair was so aged and infirm that he could not attend Court. Alexander deposes, 1st August, 1781: About 40 years ago he got the surveyor, Mr.Hume, to survey the land in question for his brother, James Blair and himself. Writ, 16th May, 1780. Grant by George II to James Blair, 10th March, 1756.

Volume 1, page 385 (COUNTY COURT JUDGEMENTS, May, 1786) William Anderson vs. Robert Porter and Reice Porter, infants, and Adam Porter, their father. - Writ, 19th November, 1785.

Volume 1, page 386 (COUNTY COURT JUDGEMENTS, May, 1787) John Price and Judith, his wife, vs. William Anderson. - Slander.

Volume 1, page 456 (COUNTY COURT JUDGEMENTS, May, 1768) Anderson vs. Flushing. - Mr William Fleming to William Anderson, debtor. 1767.

Volume 1, page 463 (COUNTY COURT JUDGEMENTS, May, 1768) William Anderson vs. Thomas Hughes. - 1767. Sworn to 13th August, 1767. Patrick McCallard, Dr., to Andrew Donnelly, 1767, 16th February.

Volume 1, page 464 (COUNTY COURT JUDGEMENTS, August, 1768) John Campbell vs. William Anderson. - 1767, to malling rails, sawing plank. 1767, credit, by Jerry Edwards, by the schoolmaster, by paying mother, by paying Thomas, by paying John Graham. Received by William.

Volume 1, page 480 (ORIGINAL PETITIONS AND ORDERS) Bundle marked "Old deeds, wills, etc.," County Court. Alexander Elliott and Ann Conway, his wife, to William Anderson, power of attorney to make deed and settlement with James Brent.

The following information is for James and Sarah Anderson in volume 2 of the Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia. There is no need to repay me, I enjoy helping out other genealogists. My wife has roots in Augusta County. Some of her surnames include Kerr, Stewart, Lafferty, and Swope. Do you have any of those?

Volume 2, page 13 (CIRCUIT COURT RECORDS, September, 1799) Palser Tevebaugh vs. John Poage, surviving executor of John Poage - Case.Writ to Augusta, 25th May, 1795. John Poage, deceased, as county surveyor,negligently performed his duty. Witnesses summoned, 17th July, 1797. JamesAnderson, son of George.

Volume 2, page 56 (CIRCUIT COURT CAUSES ENDED) Anderson vs. Demoss - O.S. 1; N.S. 1 - In 1734 Thos. Anderson boaught from Alexr. Ross & Morgan Bryan 1,000 acres west of Opeckon but Fairfax entered caveat. Thomas Anderson died after having deeded 6th March, 1774-5, 600 acres to Colbert Anderson, one of his sons, and devised 300 acres to James Anderson, his eldest son. Colbert settled on his tract and lived there until his death, 17--, intestate, leaving orator Colbert, eldest son, an infant of tender years. After Colbert's death his widow married Francis Lilburn who obtained a patent in his own name & then sold out in small parcels to persons who afterwards relinquished to Colbert, Jr., except Rebecca DeMossm, who with her children Sarah, Ann, the widow of Charles who is dead without issue, William, Thomas, Lewis, Catherine & Throckmorton DeMoss are in possession of 80 acres. Writ dated 28th December, 1792. Thomas Anderson came in 1734 from New York. Copy of Thomas Anderson's will 11th December, 1747. Blacksmith. Wife Jane, son James, son Colbert to Patrick Riley (he having received his proportion already) daughter Mary Yeats to William Mitchell. Mary Yeats is a widow - proved 2nd March, 1747-8. Thos. Anderson of Colleton Co., So. Carolina, appoints Colbert Anderson of Frederick Co., Va., Power of Att'y - dated Charleston 28th June, 1771. Will of James Anderson, Senr., of Colleton Co., So. Carolina, dated 2nd May, 1770. Eldest son Thomas, 2nd son John, 3rd son James, 4th son Colbert, daughter Ann Mount, 5th son William, 6th son Stephen.

Volume 2, page 85 (CIRCUIT COURT CAUSES ENDED) David Rees, Henry Bickel (Pickel), and Sarah, his wife, and Jacob Rees, adults; Nathan, Joel, Hanna and Jesse Rees, infants, by their brother Jacob Rees, heirs and devisees of their father, Jacob Rees, deceased, vs. William, Benjamin and Mackinney Robinson - O.S. 44; N.S. 15 - ...Col. David Scott deposes at house of Hugh McNeeley, in Morgantown, Monongalia County, 13th August, 1798, he employed James Anderson to make improvement on 10 Mile Creek in the spring of 1773...

Volume 2, page 143 (CIRCUIT COURT CAUSES ENDED) John Anderson vs. Gilford and Anderson - O.S. 173; N.S. 61 - Bill, 1811.Orator had allowed his son, James Anderson, to occupy part of his plantation, and lent him a negro slave, which was attached upon execution from the Superior Court of law for Greenbrier. James Anderson came to Greenbrier to reside more than 20 years ago. Will of John Anderson of Greenbrier County. Wife, Elizabeth; daughter, Elizabeth; son, James; daughter, Peggy Reed; son James's children, viz: Rebeckah, John, Elizabeth, William, Washington, Davis, James, nancy, Crawford, and the child James's wife is now pregnant with; son James's wife Nancy (Agness); son-in-law William Ward; daughter, Rebecca Ward. Dated 16th January, 1810. Never recorded. (Objected to because testator is still living.)

Volume 2, page 229 (CIRCUIT COURT CAUSES ENDED) Lamie (Lemmie) vs. Tate - O.S. 309; N.S. 110 - Bill, 1805, in High Court Chancery by Andrew Lemmie or Lamie. In 1770 or 1771 James Anderson made a settlement on Cove (Cone) Creek branch of North Fork of Holstein, now in Washington County. Soon afterwards Samuel Lammie or Lamie settled and improved near him and then bought out Anderson...3d June, 1809, William Hays deposes, in 1769, 1770, or 1771 Samuel Lamie and james Anderson built a house on the land Andrew Lamie now lives on. James sold to Samuel, who was living there in 1774...

Volume 2, page 245 (CIRCUIT COURT CAUSES ENDED) Bourland vs. Dean - O.S. 342; N.S. 124 - Bill, August, 1812, by William Bourland and wife Mary, William Crawford and Margaret, John Kincaid and Alice, James Kinkaid and Elizabeth, James Anderson and nancy, James Venable and sarah, Andrew McClung and Jean. The females are daughters of John Dean, deceased, of Bath, who died 1810 or 1811 at age of nearly 90, testate...

Volume 2, page 277 (MARRIAGE LICENSES IN AUGUSTA COUNTY) 1771 - December 10, James Anderson.

Volume 2, page 284 (MARRIAGE BONDS) 1785 - March 17, Robert Scott and Ann Campbell (her own written consent); surety, James Anderson; witnesses, Samuel Black, James O'Neal.

Volume 2, page 313 (MARRIAGE BONDS) 1793 - June 25, William Spence and James Anderson, surety. William Spence and Mary Anderson.

Volume 2, page 375 (ROCKINGHAM COUNTY RECORDS) (62) _____ber 5, 1738, survey for ye Reverent James Anderson, beginning at a Red Oak and White Oak by Midow Side ye Midow bearings, S. 50 W. 4, Run; N. 40 W. 164 to 2 Chestnuts, Oaks and 1 White oak; S. 50 W. 560 to a White oak and 2 Locus standing on ye side of a hill by a branch, thence S. 40 E. 230 to a branch running to ye right to 2 White Oaks in ye head of a valley; N. 50 E. 280 to 1 small Hiccory, thence S. 40 E. 40 to 1 White Oak; N. 50 E. 288 to a Red Oak and Hiccory, thence--- (66) ( ), beginning at 2 White Oaks in ye Rev. James Anderson's line 23 poles from where we begun and runneth, thence N. 60 E. 143 to 1 White Oak to George Anderson's N. E. 182, 40 8 ch. Robison's Midow Branch to 1 White Oak and blazed Red Oak Seawright. Survey for Geo. Hutchison, beginning at 1 White Oak and runneth--

Volume 2, page 376 (LAND ENTRY BOOK NO. 1, AUGUSTA COUNTY) 1750, April 17th - Thomas Armstrong, 100, joining his own land. James Anderson, vid., Alex. Gibson.

Volume 2, page 379 (LAND ENTRY BOOK NO. 1, AUGUSTA COUNTY) 1751, April 17th - Alexander Gibson, 200, where his father lived; James Anderson's.

Volume 2, page 389 (ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS) 15th June, 1779 - Saml. Anderson, administrator of James Anderson.

Volume 2, page 399 (FEE BOOKS OF AUGUSTA COURT) 1757 - page 28, James Anderson, Black Smith ... page --, James Anderson, near Carr's.

Volume 2, page 403 (FEE BOOKS OF AUGUSTA COURT) 1767 - page 83, James Anderson, Long Meadow

Volume 2, page 404 (FEE BOOKS OF AUGUSTA COURT) 1768 - page 5, James Anderson, son to John, (March), Donaho's deeds to you; page 49, James Anderson, deaf, (November), record Anderson's deeds to you

Volume 2, page 405 (FEE BOOKS OF AUGUSTA COURT) 1769 - James Anderson, Long Meadow

Volume 2, page 406 (FEE BOOKS OF AUGUSTA COURT) 1770 - Page 2, James Anderson, Long Maedow

Volume 2, page 407 (FEE BOOKS OF AUGUSTA COURT) 1771 - page 31, James Anderson, Long Meadow

Volume 2, page 408 (FEE BOOKS OF AUGUSTA COURT) 1774 - page 22, James Anderson, John's son

Volume 2, page 409 (FEE BOOKS OF AUGUSTA COURT) 1777 - page 32, James Anderson, B. Land

Volume 2, page 410 (FEE BOOKS OF AUGUSTA COURT) 1779 - page 130, James Anderson, Philadelphia

Volume 2, page 411 (FEE BOOKS OF AUGUSTA COURT) 1784 - page 98, James Anderson, farmer

Volume 2, page 417 (DELINQUENTS) 1755 - James Anderson, twice charged

Volume 2, page 419(DELINQUENTS) 1766 - Col. Smith's List: James Anderson, overcharged 1 tithable

Volume 2, page 430 (TITHABLES) 1781; Alexander Robertson's List: ... George Anderson and son James, ...

Volume 2, page 431(TITHABLES) 1784, in Capt. Givens' and Rankin's Companies: George Anderson and son James, ...

Volume 2, page 435 (AUGUSTA PARISH VESTRY BOOK) Page 19 - Daniel harrison and Morgan Bryant report, viz: ... processioned for James Anderson, lines unknown; ...

Volume 2, page 436 (AUGUSTA PARISH VESTRY BOOK) Page 25 - John Moffett and james Hogshead report, viz: 24th February, 1748, ... processioned for James Anderson, present John Young; ...

Volume 2, page 450 (AUGUSTA PARISH VESTRY BOOK) Page 385. - 15th February, 1765: Reported by Andw. Hall, Jas. Buchanan, viz: ... for James Anderson, ...

Volume 2, page 458 (AUGUSTA PARISH VESTRY BOOK) Page 449. - 1767-68: ... Processioned by James Craig, James Patterson: For..., James Anderson, ...

Volume 2, page 462 (AUGUSTA PARISH VESTRY BOOK) Page 272. - 1760: Processioned by John Malkem and Alex. Blair, viz: ..., for James Anderson, ...

Volume 2, page 464 (AUGUSTA PARISH VESTRY BOOK) Page 287. - 1760: Processioned by Reagh and Huston: ..., for James Anderson, ...

Volume 2, page 508 (THE PRESTON PAPERS, COPIES OF MUSTERS OF AUGUSTA COUNTY) Capt. John Buchanan's List: ... , James Anderson, ...

Volume 2, page 158 (CIRCUIT COURT CAUSES ENDED) Will of Henry Anderson of Hanover. Sons, William, Stephen, Charles, Michael; daughters, Lecelia, jane, Sarah; brother, Robert. Dated 10th September, 1783. Proved in hanover, 3d February, 1785.

Volume II of the Chalkley books:

Volume 2, page 32 (JUDGEMENTS, September, 1802) McPheeters vs. Moffett ... W. Erwin's letter to William Anderson, 17th March, 1791. William is brother of Samuel Anderson...

Volume 2, page 37 (JUDGEMENTS) Indict. vs. Deft. & Thos. Lewis, Wm. Sulcer, Wm. Anderson, James Nutingham, & Jno. Coonrod for breaking into Bath Jail & rescuing Charles Rodgers, 1803.

Volume 2, page 43 (JUDGEMENTS) Claudius Buster and Jno. Staples vs. William Anderson - Ejectment. Patent by Monroe, 1801, to plaintiffs, 54 acres on Back Creek.

Volume 2, page 63 (CIRCUIR COURT CAUSES ENDED) William Anderson vs. William Young - O.S. 17; N.S. 6 - Answer filed 29th November, 1802, Uagusta. William Young (stated in answer) is near one hundred years old. John Blair deposes, 7th July, 1804, in Staunton, that about 50 years ago, when a certain James Blair was building a cabin at or near the main spring of Naked Creek on the disputed land, depondent's grandfather, james Scott, came there and asked if Blair was building on his own ground, as his grandfather had a location adjoining.

Volume 2, page 128 (CIRCUIT COURT CAUSES ENDED) Boyd vs. Mathews - O.S. 152; N.S. 53 - Deed dated 21st March, 1796, by William Anderson and Margaret, his wife, of Fayette County, Ky., to Andrew Boyd of Wythe County, conveys tract in Botetourt County. Recorded in Botetort County, February-June, 1797. Recorded in Fayette County, April, 1796. On 10th July, 1766, John Smith made an entry for 400 acres at mouth of Purgatory Creek on James River, including town of Pattonsburg, which in 1770 he sold to Margaret Buchanan, widow of John Buchanan.

Volume 2, page 166 (CIRCUIT COURT CAUSES ENDED) Bell vs. Anderson - O.S. 210; N.S. 74 - Bill, 24th August, 1813. On 17th March, 1778, David bell made an entry in Augusta for 400 acres adjoining his own and Hall's and Moffett's lands. David died intestate in 1780 as to this land, and William Bell, his heir-at-law, became untitled, who had the survey made and conveyed to orator, James bell. On 12th June, 1772, William Anderson located 100 acres adjoining. At David Bell's death, William bell was a minor. Robert Anderson, son of William, sold to Detrick. Answer by Alexander Anderson, son of William; answer by Isaac and Enos Jones.

Volume 2, page 172 (CIRCUIT COURT CAUSES ENDED) Drake vs. Campbell - O.S. 214; N.S. 75 - Bill, 8th June, 1807. Orator is John Drake of Kentucky...Widow of Col. John Buchanan, deceased, married William Anderson shortly after marriage of Joseph Drake and some time before the death of her son John...

Volume 2, page 276 (MARRIAGE LICENSES IN AUGUSTA COUNTY) 1763 - May 21, William Anderson.

Volume 2, page 278 (MARRIAGE LICENSES IN AUGUSTA COUNTY) 1774 - September 5, William Anderson.

Volume 2, page 301 (MARRIAGE BONDS) 1788 - February 9, Wm. Allison and Wm. Anderson, surety. Wm. Allison and Jean Young, daughter of James Young (consent).

Volume 2, page 344 (MARRIAGE BONDS) 1801 - February 26, Jacob Tharp and Wm. Spence, surety. Jacob Tharp and nancy Anderson, daughter of William Anderson, deceased.

Volume 2, page 385 (GUARDIAN'S BONDS, AUGUSTA COUNTY) 18th September, 1787 - Jno. Christian, ditto of George Anderson, ditto of Wm. Anderson.

Volume 2, page 388 (ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS) 20th February, 1776 - Saml. and Wm. Anderson, administrators of Thomas Anderson.

Volume 2, page 389 (ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS) 17th March, 1778 - Margt. Anderson, administrator of Wm. Anderson.

Volume 2, page 397 (FEE BOOKS OF AUGUSTA COURT) 1750-51 - page 127, Samuel Smith, Wm. Anderson's servant.

Volume 2, page 405 (ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS) 1768 - page 98, William Anderson, R. Oak.

Volume 2, page 406 (ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS) 1769 - page 178, William Anderson, Middle River

Volume 2, page 407 (ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS) 1771 - page 31, William Anderson, Middle River, ... , page 114, William Anderson, George's son.

Volume 2, page 408 (ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS) 1774 - page 40, William Anderson, son of George

Volume 2, page 410 (ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS) 1783 - page 51, John and Wm. Anderson, Fredericksburg

Volume 2, page 411 (ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS) 1783 - page 96, Wm. Anderson, James River

Volume 2, page 417 (DELINQUENTS) 1755 - List of Robert Breckinridge, Sheriff: ..., Wm. Anderson, not found, ...

Volume 2, page 423 (DELINQUENTS) 1768 - Delinquents and supernumeraries, 1782; List of james Davis, D.S.: Wm. Anderson, Kentucky

Volume 2, page 436 (AUGUSTA PARISH VESTRY BOOK) Page 25. - John Moffett and James Hogshead report, viz: 24th February, 1748, ... processioned for Wm. Anderson, present John Lusk, ... ,processioned for John Moffett, present Wm. Anderson, ... , processioned for John Finley, Samuel Lusk, Wm. Anderson.

Volume 2, page 437 (AUGUSTA PARISH VESTRY BOOK) Page 35. - 17th June, 1747: Church Wardens bind Wm. Anderson to John Preston

Volume 2, page 465 (AUGUSTA PARISH VESTRY BOOK) Page 294. - 1760: Processioned by Abraham Brown and Wm. Holdman: for Wm.Anderson

Volume 2, page 469 (AUGUSTA PARISH VESTRY BOOK) Samuel Bell's Declaration, July, 1834: Mentions Williams Anderson

Volume 2, page 494 (MILITARY SERVICES) ... Tenth Virginia Regiment of Colonel Stevens ... ; the lieutenant was William Anderson; ...

Volume 2, page 508 (THE PRESTON PAPERS, COPIES OF MUSTERS OF AUGUSTA COUNTY) Capt. John Smith's List: William Anderson, Ensign

Volume 2, page 463 (AUGUSTA PARISH VESTRY BOOK) Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia: Extracted from the Original Court Records of Augusta County, 1745-1800. Three volumes Lyman Chalkley, Genealogical Publishing Co., 1989. DGB

The following information is for James and Sarah Anderson in volume 3 of the Chalkley books. It looks like your Stewart and Kerr are not directly linked to those of my wife.

Volume 3, page 12 (WILL BOOK NO. 1) Page 143. - 9th February, 1747-8. Isaac Anderson's will - To be buried where his son John is buried; wife, Martha, and her daughter Elizabeth; son, Isaac; son, James; son, Jacob; daughter, Elizabeth; daughter, Mary. Executors, wife Martha and Hugh martin. Teste: Hugh Martin, James Anderson. Presented 17th May, 1749, by widow Martha and proved by Hugh Martin and Jacob Anderson. Hugh martin refuses to execute.

Volume 3, page 30 (WILL BOOK NO. 1) Page 518. - 20th June, 1751. John Patterson's vendue by Agnes Patterson. To George henderson, John McCroskry, Robt. Stewart, Wm. Henry, james Anderson, Wm. Laughridge, John Moore, Jacob Anderson.

Volume 3, page 51 (WILL BOOK NO. 2) Page 276. - 6th May, 1758. John McCroskry's (signed Coskry) will, planter - ... James and Isaac Anderson's bond to be divided between sons and daughters...

Volume 3, page 154 (WILL BOOK NO. VI) Page 72. - 19th January, 1776. james Anderson's will - To wife, Jean; to son, John, 5 shillings; to son, George, 5 shillings; to son, James, 5shillings; to daughter, Agnis, 5 shillings; to daughter, Jane, 5 shillings; to son, Samuel, whole estate; to son Samuel's son, James, 200 acres,infant. Executors, George Moffett and John Young. Teste: John Blair, Isaac Carson, Peter Challe. Proved, 15th June, 1779, by Blair and Carson. Executors refused, administration granted Samuel.

Volume 3, page 177 (WILL BOOK NO. VI) Page 550. - 4th March, 1779. John Anderson's will - To wife, Jane, the mare called the Carolina mare; to son, Robert; to son, William, in case he return from his journey; to son, James; to son, Andrew, tract adjoining John Patterson; to son William's son, John, infant; to son-in-law, james Allen; to son-in-law, Wm. Craig. Executors, sons James and Andrew. Teste: James Anderson, James Blair, George Anderson. Codicil, 17th May, 1786, transfers slave from son James to son Andrew. Teste: James and George Anderson. Proved, 20th February, 1787, by James and George Anderson. Andrew qualifies.

Volume 3, page 184 (WILL BOOK NO. VI) Page 144. - 12th June, 1784. George Anderson's will, Sr. - To wife; to grandson, George, infant, son to testator's deceased son and heir-at-law, grandson, William, 100 acres where William lived, adjoining Paterson's Island; to sons, George and James, executors; to grandson, George Anderson, son to testator's deceased son, John, infant; to son William's daughters, sisters of grandson George, supra; to son-in-law, James Andiddle; to son-in-law, Wm. Anderson; to daughter, Jane. Teste: Robert Kenney, James Magonel, Andrew Anderson. Codicil, 9th June, 1788. The 100 acres devised to grandson George is now divided between him and his mother Margaret, and at her marriage or death, then her 50 acres to testator's grandchildren, Elizabeth, Mary, Margaret, Robert, jane, and nancy Anderson. Teste: james Anderson, Wm. Anderson, Wm. Brooks. Proved, 21st April, 1789, by Kenny and Anderson, and on 22d April, 1789, executors qualify.

Volume 3, page 193 (WILL BOOK NO. VI) Page 335. - 2d February, 1791. James Craig's will (Sr.) - ... James Anderson's son, James; ... ; to daughter, Agnes Anderson, and her husband, James Anderson.

Volume 3, page 209 (WILL BOOK NO. VIII) Page 231. - George Pierson's estate in account with James Anderson, administrator.

Volume 3, page 225 (WILL BOOK NO. IX) Page 362. - 3d September, 1798. John King's will - To wife, Isabella; son, John; son, William; daughter, Margaret; daughter, charity; friend, Wm. Anderson; friend, James Anderson; friend, Ezekiel Cooper. Executors, wife Isabella, sons John and William. Teste: John didell, Jno. Cook. Proved, 26th March, 1804. Executors qualify.

Volume 3, page 243 (WILL BOOK NO. XI) Page 458. - 22d December, 1801.George Glenn's will - ... Teste: John Anderson, James and Geo. Anderson. 11th March, 1815, commission to Justices of Augusta County to take deposition of George Anderson, an aged and infirm witness, returned executed 14th March, 1815. Proved, 27th March, 1815 (George Anderson is dead since above deposition; James (and John?) Anderson are also dead).

Volume 3, page 348 (DEED BOOK NO. 6) gent., and Margaret to James Anderson, 75 pounds, 200 acres. Cor. Hugh Martin's old survey on Back Creek.

Volume 3, page 365 (DEED BOOK NO. 9) Page 76. - 19th November, 1760. James Anderson to Wm. McMillen, 70 pounds, 120 acres on Woods Creek of north branch of North River of Shanandore. Teste: John, John and Robert Anderson. Delivered: McMillen, November, 1762.

Volume 3, page 379 (DEED BOOK NO. 10) Page 96. - 19th November, 1761. James Anderson and Elizabeth ( ) formerly Elizabeth Skilleron, widow of Wm. Skilleron, to George and William Skilleron, sons and devisees of said William Skilleron: 1. A tract on Linvel's Creek, 343 acres; 2. A tract on Long Meadow, 635 acres; ---pounds, 20 shillings; except 100 acres of second tract bounded viz: cor.Wm. Skilleron, Care's line.

Volume 3, page 380 (DEED BOOK NO. 10) Page 154. - ---day ----, 176-. John Anderson to james Anderson, --- pounds, 200 acres on Long Glade, a branch of North River of Shanandoe, part of 400 acres on which jno. now lives, line of James Anderson's land. Teste: Robert Anderson. Delivered: James Anderson, March 1765.

Volume 3, page 419 (DEED BOOK NO. 11) Page 789. - 19th May, 1765. James Anderson, blacksmith, to his son James Anderson, 4 pounds, 200 acres on head of Long Glade Branch of North River of Shanandoe, part of 400 acres patented to James Anderson, Sr. Teste: George and Wm. Anderson and John Frazer. Delivered: Joseph Redburn, September, 1768.

Volume 3, page 463 (DEED BOOK NO 14) Page 152. - 15th March, 1768. Hugh Donaho, farmer, and Elizabeth to James Anderson, son of John Anderson, 68.15 pounds, on a draft of North River of Shanando; corner Charles Campbell's land on northwest side of the pennsylvania road, field of Robert McMahon's, being 300 acres patented to Robert McMahon 12th May, 1759, and conveyed by Robert to Hugh 21st October, 1765. Delivered: John Anderson, November, 1767.

Volume 3, page 481 (DEED BOOK NO. 15) Page 305. - 21st March, 1768. james Anderson to John and James Hookes, 40 pounds, 300 acres patented to Robert McMahon, 12th May, 1759, on a branch of North River of Shanandore, Alexander Walker's corner. Delivered: james Hook, 21st March, 1775.

Volume 3, page 508 (DEED BOOK NO. XVII) Page 172. - 27th December, 1770. James Anderson and Elizabeth ( ) to Joseph Reaburn, 125 pounds, 100 acres on Long Meadow, corner land formerly belonging to William Skillern and now Isaac White's, William Robertson's. Teste: Samuel McKee. Delivered Jos. Reaburn, 20th May, 1771.

Volume 3, page 565 (DEED BOOK NO. 23) Page 436. - 15th May, 1781. John ( ) Anderson to his son James Anderson, tract conveyed by Beverley to John, 15th March, 1739; also 135 acres patented to John, on Middle River of Shanandore.

Volume 3, page 579 (DEED BOOK NO. 25) Page 410. - 20th February, 1787. Samuel Anderson and Sarah to William Curry, part of 137 acres patented to James Anderson, deceased (whose heir by will Samuel is), 1st September, 1780.

Volume 3, page 581 (DEED BOOK NO. 26) Page 73. - 8th November, 1786. james Anderson and Ann (Agness) to Nathaniel Birkett (delivered: Andrew Moody, 25th October, 1788), part of 747 acres conveyed to John Anderson by Beverley, 15th March, 1739; also part of 135 acres patented to said John and since conveyed to james by said John, 15th May, 1781.

Volume 3, page 585 (DEED BOOK NO. 26) Page 262. - 21st October, 1788. Samuel Anderson and Sarah, wife of Samuel, heir-at- law of his son, james Anderson, Jr., deceased, to Anthony Mustoe and Wm. Chambers, on Long Glade, 200 acres devised to said James by his grandfather, james Anderson, Sr., and conveyed to James, Sr., by John Anderson, 17th February, 1762; 34 acres patented to Samuel Anderson, 1st June, 1782.

Volume 3, page 580 (DEED BOOK NO. 25) Page 551. - 17th July, 1787. Samuel Anderson and Sarah to Mustoe and Chambers, 316 acres on Long Glade conveyed to Samuel by his father, corner Phersythe's land.

Volume 3, page 77 (WILL BOOK NO. 3) Page 231. - 18th March, 1760. George Moffett's bond (with Wm. Anderson), as guardian (chosen) to William Moffett, orphan of John Moffett. Volume 3, page 115 (WILL BOOK NO. 4) Page 325. - 18th August, 1770. James Hogshead, Jr.'s, improvements valued -89 acres joining James' other land and Thomas Bradshaw, by Roger Kirkpatrick, William McKemey, Wm. Anderson.

Volume 3, page 135 (WILL BOOK NO. 5) Page 241. - 30th April, 1774. Robert Graham's estate appraised by Robert Bratton, William Lockridge, James Bratton - To money due by Wm. Anderson, overseer for Thos. Adams.

Volume 3, page 263 (WILL BOOK NO. VIII) Page 114. - 27th August, 1792. William Anderson's will - To wife, Elizabeth; to son, John, tract whereon James Black lives, 244 acres; toson, George, tract known as Burnt Cabbin whereon George now lives, adjoining John, Robert and Jacob Baylor; to son, Robert, 149 acres whereon Ro. now lives; to son, Alexander, home plantation, 290 acres; to sons-in-law and their wives, viz: James Clendenning and Wife Margaret, Wm. Skillings and wife Mary, James Grigsby, and wife Rebecca, Samuel Anderson and wife Elizabeth; to daughter, Jean Anderson. Executors, son John and David McNare. Teste: Edward Breadin, Sr. and Jr.; George Breaden. Proved, June Court, 1794, by all the witnesses.

Volume 3, page 266 (DEED BOOK NO. 1) Page 472. - 22d January, 1747-8. 75 pounds. William Anderson to Robt. Gilkerson, 400 acres on a branch of Cathey's River called Anderson's branch granted to Wm. Anderson by patent, 1st December, 1740; corner to James and John Hogshead. Teste: Samson Archer, John Francis, George Anderson. Acknowledged by William, 16th March, 1747, and dower released by Elizabeth.

Volume 3, page 271 (DEED BOOK NO. 2) Page 92. - 15th February, 1748. Samuel Lusk, farmer, to William Anderson, yeoman; Middle River of Shannadoe; John Finley. Teste: George Rennick.

Volume 3, page 274 (DEED BOOK NO. 2) Page 278. - 22nd August, 1749. Silas Hart, mason, to William Anderson, farmer. Delivered: Benjamin Morgan, August, 1762. 460 acres on North Branch James. Patented to Silas, 12th January, 1746. Teste: Alexander Wright, Andrew Johnston, James Edmiston.

Volume 3, page 425 (DEED BOOK NO. 12) Page 30. - 22d May, 1765. William Anderson and Elizabeth ( ) to John Daily (Dealey), 200 pounds, 400 acres on North Branch of james, opposite an island. Sent to John Dailey by his order, September, 1770.

Volume 3, page 545 (DEED BOOK NO. 21) Page 230. - 20th March, 1776. William Anderson and Rebecca ( ) and Samuel Anderson to Casper Siller (Silling), part of 195 acres patented to Robert Boyd, 10th March, 1756, and conveyed by Robert Boyd, heir of Robert, to Robert Young.

Volume 3, page 569 (DEED BOOK NO. 24) Page 200. - Patent to William Anderson 1st March, 1781. Teste: Samuel, Andrew and James Anderson.

Volume 3, page 574 (DEED BOOK NO. 25) Page 107. - 25th June, 1785. John Anderson to his son, Andrew Anderson.Delivered: Wm. Anderson, the present owner 8th July, 1815.

Volume 3, page 585 (DEED BOOK NO. 26) Page 265. - 16th December, 1788. William Anderson and Jane, and Samuel Anderson and Elizabeth, to Henry Dill, part of patent to James Blair, 10th March, 1756.

Volume 3, page 594 (DEED BOOK NO. 27) Page 265. - 23d August, 1791. Robert Gilkenson to Francis Gilkenson, natural love and affection, part of 400 acres patented to William Anderson, 1st December, 1740, near North Mountain between Moffetts and Jennings Branch.


Page 185: Listed among a list of participants in the Augusta Regiment at the battle of Point Pleasant (October 10, 1774) was James Anderson.

Page 439: In a list of Tinkling Spring Subscribers, 1765-1770 was James Anderson located at Lower Quarter Christian's Creek.

Page 470: A Record of Baptisms by Rev. James Craig, 1740-1749 shows

George Anderson

William 2 Nov 1740

Margaret 27 June 1742

Mary 18 Mar 1744

John June 1746

George 25 Nov 1748

Jacob Anderson

John 2 Mar 1747

James Anderson

Agnes 19 Oct 1740

Ann 1 Mar 1741

Mary 23 Mar 1743

Thomas 12 Feb 1745

Samuel 15 Feb 1747

John Anderson

John 19 Oct 1740

Robert 15 Nov 1741

Jean 29 Apr 1744

Rebecca Oct 1746

James 6 Mar 1748

William Anderson

Margaret 10 Apr 1743

Mary 21 June 1747

Page 424: IMPORTATIONS - A list of persons who imported themselves, or were imported by others, and the date they proved their importation in Orange County, VA, from 1734 through 1745 in order to obtain legal right to hold title to land in the colony. They came principally from Great Britain through Pennsylvania into the Valley of Virginia. George Anderson, Elizabeth, his wife, William Anderson, Margret, John and George Anderson; 22 May 1740; O. Bk II, 158.

Page 442: PETITIONERS 1792 - Augusta County Legislative Petition, October 15, 1792, to the Virginia General Assembly from the Tinkling Spring congregation concerning new trustees; signed by the following ... William Anderson...

Page 12: ...The Kerrs were a part of the Donegal Presbyterian Society on the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania, under the ministry of Rev. James Anderson.

Page 14: the temper of the Scots concerning extensive unoccupied lands, and the lack of a welcome by the earlier settlers in pennsylvania, is seen in their clash with the law in Pennsylvania about the year 1730. In October of that year James Logan, a Scot himself but representing William Penn, wrote: "Ja Anderson, Minister of Donegal, My goo fr'd, Since i first encouraged the Settlem't of Donegal I have always had so Sincere a Regard to all such of my Countreymen in these parts as shew'd an honest upright Intention that I ever resolved to shew my self their true friend in what should lye in my power with justice to the Proprietor...But now very lately I have heard to my great Surprise that some of ye Same Countrey from Skirts of Donegal have been so audaciously impudent as to attempt a Settlem't on Conestogoe Mannor regularly survey'd to the Proprietor's use almost 15 years since...Some I hear have been so foolishly weak as to value themselves on their number, but they will find themselves mistaken...Justice is lawed & will prevail, one man with this on his side is more powerful than many without...It further concerns your whole Settlem't whose Prosperity as I have said I have always had at heart as I have thine in particular being very sincerely, Thy real Loving friend."

Pages 43-45, 49-52: An account of Rev. James Anderson's Presbyterian emissary to Virginia

Page 55: The Old Side maintained with vehement fervor the idea of God's working in an orderly manner through constituted authority lodged in the hands of men educated and ordained in the orthodox tradition of the Scotch or the Irish Presbyterian Church and sent forth in the authority on specific missions to preach the truth, which God could use to the saving of souls irrespective of the minister's piety at the moment, producing a salvation evident primarily to God in its manifestations and never audible or visible to man in its emotional expression. the Old Side leadership centered in Donegal Presbytery, with John Thomson, Richard Sanckey (Thompson's son-in-law), Robert Cross and James Anderson taking the lead. This group was joined by eight other ministers in aggresive action at the Synod of 1741 to force the division of the Presbyterians. Their zeal for supplying ministers for the Scots-irish immigrants was spurred on by this controversy, for they were anxious to keep them in line with the Old Side.

Page 57: ...These centers had no doubt shared the services of the "itinerant" preaching from 1738 to 1740 of Anderson, Thomson and Craig as they were sent by the Presbytery of Donegal. These ministers by gathering these groups together intensified their desire for meeting houses at central places where they could support them. They preached in homes, arbors and pole shelters (possibly hopefully calling them meeting houses at times) and in the open air under the shade of a tree.

Page 430 (APPENDIX C, LEADERS AT TINKLING SPRING, II. STUDENT, ASSISTANT AND TEMPORARY SUPPLY PASTORS): Rev. James Anderson, Itinerant, On 12(?) November 1738 he founded, in the home of John Lewis, the Triple Forks of the Shenando Congregation in the South Side of which was built the Tinkling Spring Meeting House. Rev. James Anderson, part-time for about one year, 1769. (Not the same as the founder)

Page 35: Eight months after Makemie's death Rev. james Anderson arrived on the eastern shore of Virginia from his native Scotland expecting to preach the Gospel. Some years later he wrote to the head of the University of Glasgow, where he no doubt went to school, and revealed some details of his experience:

Page 36: James Anderson's "unaccountable disappointments" in the Virginia Colony were but a foretaste of the failure of Presbyterian work in Virginia for decades following Makemie's death.

Page 39: According to the custom of that day the Reverend James Anderson had served as Moderator of the Presbytery of Donegal for a full year, and being ill at the time of the fall meeting in 1735 wrote a letter concerning the things he wanted acted upon at that meeting. The minutes of September 2 record: "...Mr Anderson being absent is Excused beacause of Indisposition. Ordered yt a letter from Mr. Anderson containing some Ovrteurs be read...wch were deliberally read & considered, & approven as follows, first...relating to the Synods sending an itinerant to Virginia is simply Approven."

Page 56: The presence of an uninvited probationer from New England probably touched off the first repercussion of this religious controversy in the Valley of Virginia. Mr Anderson had returned from Virginia with an even more fervent zeal than formerly for supplying "the new settlement" with ministers to preach among them. His ferry service on the Susquehanna River, near his Donegal Church, gave him contacts with many of those migrating toward Virginia. One man traveling southward, of whom James Anderson took notice, was a Mr. Dunlap, who having preached for awhile in New Side New Castle Presbytery, was on his way to preach in the back parts of Virginia. Mr. Anderson in his zeal for the purpose of Dunlap's mission gave him recommendations to the Societies of his persuasion in Virginia. The Donegal Presbytery learning of this matter rebuked Mr. Anderson, forbade Mr. Dunlap to preach in their bounds and speedily wrote "to that people to signifie our Judgement in this matter." However, Mr. Dunlap served in the Valley about three months before leaving Virginia.

Page 68: According to appointment Donegal Presbytery met in the Donegal Presbyterian Church on the Susquehanna Church on the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania at 10 o'clock on the morning of the third of September, 1740. How appropriate this meeting in this church for the purpose of ordaining a minister for Virginia! It seemed like a memorial to the Reverend James Anderson for it had been exactly seven weeks since this church had lost him by death. A major lifetime interest for James Anderson had been his desire to see the Gospel preached to the people in the Colony of Virginia. To that end, let us remember, he had been ordained by Irvine Presbytery before leaving his native land.

Page 52: There is evidence that James Anderson was in the Valley early in November. Whether at the request of the people of Beverley Manor interested in securing a pastor to settle among them or by the initiative of James Anderson himself is not known, but the surveyor George Hume in his field notes of "9ber 5, 1738" makes an entry of lands surveyed for "Reverend James Anderson." These lands were in adjacent surveys called the "Glebe Lands," indicating they were intended for the settled pastor in their midst

The following completes the information from the Chalkley books as well as the Tinkling Spring book.

Volume 3, page 77 (WILL BOOK NO. 3) Page 231. - 18th March, 1760. George Moffett's bond (with Wm. Anderson), as guardian (chosen) to William Moffett, orphan of John Moffett.

Volume 3, page 115 (WILL BOOK NO. 4) Page 325. - 18th August, 1770. James Hogshead, Jr.'s, improvements valued -89 acres joining James' other land and Thomas Bradshaw, by Roger Kirkpatrick, William McKemey, Wm. Anderson.

Volume 3, page 135 (WILL BOOK NO. 5) Page 241. - 30th April, 1774. Robert Graham's estate appraised by Robert Bratton, William Lockridge, James Bratton - To money due by Wm. Anderson, overseer for Thos. Adams.

Volume 3, page 263 (WILL BOOK NO. VIII Page 114. - 27th August, 1792. William Anderson's will - To wife, Elizabeth; to son, John, tract whereon James Black lives, 244 acres; to son, George, tract known as Burnt Cabbin whereon George now lives, adjoining John, Robert and Jacob Baylor; to son, Robert, 149 acres whereon Ro. now lives; to son, Alexander, home plantation, 290 acres; to sons-in-law and their wives, viz: James Clendenning and Wife Margaret, Wm. Skillings and wife Mary, James Grigsby, and wife Rebecca, Samuel Anderson and wife Elizabeth; to daughter, Jean Anderson. Executors, son John and David McNare. Teste: Edward Breadin, Sr. and Jr.; George Breaden. Proved, June Court, 1794, by all the witnesses.

Volume 3, page 266 (DEED BOOK NO. 1) Page 472. - 22d January, 1747-8. 75 pounds. William Anderson to Robt. Gilkerson, 400 acres on a branch of Cathey's River called Anderson's branch granted to Wm. Anderson by patent, 1st December, 1740; corner to James and John Hogshead. Teste: Samson Archer, John Francis, George Anderson. Acknowledged by William, 16th March, 1747, and dower released by Elizabeth.

Volume 3, page 271 (DEED BOOK NO. 2 )Page 92. - 15th February, 1748. Samuel Lusk, farmer, to William Anderson, yeoman; Middle River of Shannadoe; John Finley. Teste: George Rennick.

Volume 3, page 274 (DEED BOOK NO. 2) Page 278. - 22nd August, 1749. Silas Hart, mason, to William Anderson, farmer. Delivered: Benjamin Morgan, August, 1762. 460 acres on North Branch James. Patented to Silas, 12th January, 1746. Teste: Alexander Wright, Andrew Johnston, James Edmiston.

Volume 3, page 425 (DEED BOOK NO. 12) Page 30. - 22d May, 1765. William Anderson and Elizabeth ( ) to John Daily (Dealey), 200 pounds, 400 acres on North Branch of james, opposite an island. Sent to John Dailey by his order, September, 1770.

Volume 3, page 545 (DEED BOOK NO. 21) Page 230. - 20th March, 1776. William Anderson and Rebecca ( ) and Samuel Anderson to Casper Siller (Silling), part of 195 acres patented to Robert Boyd, 10th March, 1756, and conveyed by Robert Boyd, heir of Robert, to Robert Young.

Volume 3, page 569 (DEED BOOK NO. 24) Page 200. - Patent to William Anderson 1st March, 1781. Teste: Samuel, Andrew and James Anderson.

Volume 3, page 574 (DEED BOOK NO. 25) Page 107. - 25th June, 1785. John Anderson to his son, Andrew Anderson. Delivered: Wm. Anderson, the present owner 8th July, 1815.

Volume 3, page 585 (DEED BOOK NO. 26) Page 265. - 16th December, 1788. William Anderson and Jane, and Samuel Anderson and Elizabeth, to Henry Dill, part of patent to James Blair, 10th March, 1756.

Volume 3, page 594 (DEED BOOK NO. 27) Page 265. - 23d August, 1791. Robert Gilkenson to Francis Gilkenson, natural love and affection, part of 400 acres patented to William Anderson, 1st December, 1740, near North Mountain between Moffetts and Jennings Branch.


She is Esther ANDERSON born 11 Mar 1794 place unknown. She married Robert WILSON in Ross Co. OHIO. He was born 2 Oct 1781 Alleghe4ny or Washington Cos. PA died 9 Aug 1875 in Ross Co. OH. Esther died 7 Dec 1851 Ross Co. OH. They had at least 5 children. Nan in Ca


On 1 May 1997 wrote:

> > ANDERSON,Daniel bc.1780,PA?,m.Margaret HILL b.1806,VA

> > Children b.Tuscarawas Co.OH.-Sarah b.1830-Daniel Meeks b.1833- John W.b.1836-William N.b.1838-Cintha b.1841-James b.1843- Alexander b.1848

> > ANDERSON, Daniel Meeks m.Margaret Sicker b.1833,OH. He is my ggrandfather. A Methodist Minister-attended a seminary in 1839- would like to know where? Need info on Daniel b.1780 thru 1796, not sure even if PA.

> > One clue is that Daniel Anderson was born ca 1780, so you can probaby presume that he was born east of the Allegheny Mountains. The reason is because most settlers didn't cross the Alleghenies until after the Treaty at Fallen Timbers, near Toledo OH.

> > Since the Revolutionary War was in progress at that time, Daniel's father may have served in the military.

> > Another possible clue is their religion. You know that your ggrandfather was a Methodist minister; do you think his ancestors were also Methodists?

> This is very likely. I think there were more Presbyterians, Associate Reformed, and Congregationalists in most parts of early Ohio times. Methodists weren't always well received by members of the other congregations


I am looking for James ANDERSON and wife Sarah J. Between 1828 until the1850's they transversed the Belmont and Monroe Co. lines, living in both counties before crossing the Ohio River to Tyler Co. WV.

Also, James ANDERSON and Sarah Morrow were issued a marriage license in Belmont Co., OH on Feb 25, 1828 (with no return). Did they cross the Ohio River to get married in Tyler County (W)V? Please send replies to Rebekah Shelton



Children: John Milton, Blaine, Sigfried (born in PA)

John Milton ANDERSON, b: PA, occupation: farmer & horse breaker, buried: Harrisburg, PA Married Elizabeth "Lizzie" Brown, b: PA and buried in Harrisburg, PA. They lived in Three Springs, PA and had the following children:


Mary Alberta ANDERSON, b: July 10, 1895

Alma Pearl ANDERSON, b: Jan 29, 1905

Michael Morris Northern CA