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My Hodgen Family

Tree of Anne Elizabeth Hodgen
Great Granddaughter of Robert Hodgen and Sarah Larue of Hodgenville, Larue County, Kentucky

                                                                             |Robert Hodgen
                                                    | Samuel Larue Hodgen------+
                                                    |                        |
                                                    |                        |Sarah LaRue
                           |James Montague Hodgen----------+
                           |                        |
                           |                        |                        |James Montague
                           |                        |                        |
                           |                        |Ann Elizabeth Montague-----------+
                           |                                                 |
                           |                                                 |Ann E Edmonson
 Anne Elizabeth Hodgen--------+
                           |                                                 |Samuel Oldham
                           |                                                 |
                           |                        |Samuel Oldham--------+
                           |                        |                        |
                           |                        |                        |Rebecca Wylie
                           |                        |
                           |Blanche Lizabeth Oldham
                                                    |                        |Samuel M Oldham
                                                    |                        |
                                                    |Mary Jane Oldham----+
                                                                             |Mary A Sherrard

Generation One

  Ann Elizabeth Hodgen 
	daughter of James Montague and Blanche Lizabeth Oldham
	was born 11 Jun 1884 at Lyndon, Osage., Kansas.
	Ann married Lewis W Hardy, 20 Dec 1908 at Everett, Snohomish, WA.
	Lou was the son of Samuel T Hardy and Martha Emma Waldron.
	Ann died 8 Nov 1960 at Seattle, King, WA, at age 76.
	Ann was a school teacher, great uncle Robert Samuel Hodgen
	helped her and pay for school at State Normal in
	Charleston, Cole, Ill. She graduated in 1902.
	She taught two terms of school in 1905 at Oak Harbor, Island Co, WA.

Generation Two

James Montague Hodgen
	son of Samuel Larue Hodgen and Ann Elizabeth Montague
	was born 7 Feb 1843 at Elizabethtown, Hardin Co, KY.
	married Blanche Lizabeth Oldham, 14 Feb 1883 at Franklin, KS;
	died 19 Nov 1916 at Everett, Snohomish Co, WA, at age 73.
     	Children of James and Blanche Hodgen were as follows:
  	1	   i.	Ann Elizabeth1 Hodgen.
  		  ii.	James Montague Hodgen Jr;
			born 27 Mar 1886 Lyndon, Osage Co, KS;
			married Jessie circa 1906 at Mervin, Bates Co, Missouri;
			died 1 Jun 1929 at Seattle, King Co, WA, at age 43.
  		 iii.	Robert Samuel Hodgen;
			born 16 Mar 1888 at Lyndon, Osage Co, KS;
			married Fannie Boyd 29 Sep 1938 at Chicago, Cook Co, Il;
			married a 2nd time to Lorretta on 14 Dec 1955 at Colorado Springs, CO.

Blanche Lizabeth Oldham 
	daughter of Samuel Oldham and Mary Jane Oldham (Second Cousins)
	was born 16 Jan 1859 at PA;
	died 2 May 1938 at Chicago, Cook Co, Il, at age 79.

Generation Three

Samuel Larue Hodgen son of Robert Hodgen and Sarah Larue
	 was born 20 Apr 1791 at Elizabethtown, Hardin Co, KY;
	 married Lucy F Montague,
	 daughter of James Montague and Ann Elizabeth Edmonson,
	 4 Jul 1832 at Hardin Co, KY
	 Luey died and Samuel married a second time to his
	 sister in law,
	 Luey's sister, Ann Elizabeth Montague,
	 on 30 Nov 1834 at Hardin Co, KY;
	 Samuel died 15 Aug 1864 at Elizabethtown, Hardin Co, KY, at age 73.
         He was at one time one of the Trustees of Hodgenville, LaRue Co, KY.
         Children of Samuel and Ann Hodgen were as follows:
  		   i.	Elizabeth Hodgen;
			born circa 1838 at Hodgenville, Hardin Co., KY.
			died circa 1840 at KY.
  		  ii.	Robert Samuel Hodgen; married Sallie Taylor;
			born 1840 at Hodgenville, Hardin Co., KY.
			died Aug 1918 at Charleston, Coles Co, IL.
  		 iii.	Virgina Frances Hodgen;
			born 1840 at Hodgenville, Hardin Co., KY.
			died 1847 at Hodgenville, Hardin Co., KY.
  	2	  iv.	James Montague Hodgen.
  		   v.	Mary C Hodgen;
			born 1845 at Hodgenville, Hardin Co., KY.
			died 1876 at KY.
  		  vi.	Lucy Hodgen; born circa 1847.
  		 vii.	Alexander Campbell Hodgen;
			born 1849 at Elizabethtown, KY;
			married Mary A Thomas 30 Oct 1875;
			died 23 Apr 1941 at Russelville, Logan Co, KY.
  		viii.	Martha M Mattie Hodgen; died at Champaign, IL;
			born 1853 at Elizabethtown, KY;
			married Charles B Jr Hatch circa 1874.

Ann Elizabeth Montague was born 1 Mar 1812 at VA;
	died 2 Jun 1890 at Charleston, Cole Co, IL, at age 78.
     	She lived at one time in Virginia, Kentucky, and Illinos
	Ann was very involved in her church.

Generation Four

Robert Hodgen 
	was born 7 Aug 1742 at 18 miles from Philadelphia, PA;
	died 5 Feb 1810 at LaRue Co, KY, at age 67;
	He first married Susannah Adkins , after she died
	Robert married a second time Sarah Larue 
        Children of Robert and Sarah Hodgen were as follows:
  		   i.	Margeret Hodgen;
			born 14 May 1776 at Frederick Co, VA;
			married Joseph Vertrees 1804;
			died 1852 at Hardin Co, KY;
  		  ii.	Jacob Hodgen;
			born 3 Jan 1793 at Hardin Co, KY;
			married Frances Park Brown 29 Nov 1818 at KY;
			died 10 Apr 1858 at Piker Co, Il, at age 65.

			Text from Haynes, Nathaniel S.
			History of the Disciples of Christ in
			Illinois 1819-1914, Cincinnati:
			Standard Publishing Company, 1915.  

	Was born in Hodgenville, Ky., in 1793,
	and came to Pike County, Ill., in 1832.
	Mrs. Emma Crow, of Pittsfield, has written of him as follows:
	He was in turn a wagon-maker,farmer and merchant.  He was one
	of the grand characters among the pioneers of the county and
	the church.  Of the strictest integrity, sturdiest manhood
	and unwavering faith, he was a man whose faith and opinions
	commanded the respect of his fellow-men.  His genial and
	whole-souled nature made him a host of friends, and his
	enthusiasm in the cause of Christianity made his house
	the home of the	ministry so that it was known as
	"the preachers' hotel."  It was said of	him that whatever
	the need, he stepped into the breach, whether it was to
	pray, to preach, to plead or to cry. Such was the character
	and spirit of the man who helped so much in laying
	the foundations of a purer gospel in Pike County.

  		 iii.	James Hodgen;
			born 18 Jan 1795 at Hardin Co, KY;
			married Deidama Mcdonald 15 Jan 1824.
			died at Oregon;
  		  iv.	Jabez Robert Hodgen;
			born 22 Jan 1800 at Hardin Co, KY;
			died 12 Mar 1821 at Hardin Co, KY, at age 21.
  		   v.	Phebe Hodgen;
			born 18 Oct 1777 at Frederick Co VA;
			married Jacob Larue 1796 at Coles Co, Il;
			died 9 Mar 1825 at age 47.
  		  vi.	Isaac Hodgen;
			born 8 Aug 1779 at Frederick Co, VA;
			married Phebe Trabue 27 Dec 1804;
			died 22 Mar 1829 at age 49.
			He was a Baptist.
  		 vii.	Sarah Hodgen;
			born 7 Apr 1781 at Frederick Co, VA;
			married William Larue;
			died 23 Nov 1811 at age 30.
  		viii.	John Hodgen;
			born 27 Apr 1783 at Frederick Co, VA;
			married Diedamia Larue;
			died 4 Jun 1850 at Iowa at age 67.
			He was Baptist.
  		  ix.	Rebecca Hodgen;
			born 4 Nov 1784 at betweem VA amd KY on a flat boat;
			married Jacob Keith 6 Sep 1803 at KY;
			married John Thomas 1831 at IN;
			died 1845 at Floyd Co, IN.
  		   x.	Elizabeth Hodgen;
			born 26 Jan 1787 at Hardin CO KY;
			married Horatio G Wintersmith 1 Aug 1811;
			died 4 May 1819 at Elizabethtown, KY, at age 32.
  		  xi.	Mary Polly Hodgen;
			born 23 Oct 1788 at Hardin CO KY;
			died 12 Aug 1820 at Hardin CO KY at age 31.
  		 xii.	Samuel Larue Hodgen.

Sarah LaRue daughter of Isaac LaRue, SR and Phebe Carman,
	born 6 Sep 1755 at VA;
	died 27 Jun 1825 at Larue Co., KY, at age 69.

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Window in the Church in Hodgenville

Robert Hodgen and Sarah's Tombstone

Jacob Hodgen
son of Robert & Sarah

Samuel Larue Hodgen
son of Robert & Sarah

Dr Robert Hodgen son of John & Deidama

Samuel Larue Hodgen
son of Robert & Sarah

Ann E Montague
2nd wife of Samuel Larue Hodgen

James M Hodgen
son of Samuel L & Ann E

Blanche Oldham
wife of James M Hodgen

The Hodgen Trio
James, Robert and Anne,
children of James and Blanche

James and Blanche with James,
Robert and Anne on porch swing