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Is the parents of REBECCA WYLIE (who was born 5 May 1790, Pennsylvania according to her tombstone)... Samuel Wylie and Florence Huthinson or Samuel Wiley & Elizabeth Kramer?

Rebecca married Samuel Oldham before 1823., school teacher to the Seneca Indians,Warren County, res: Conewagon and Cornplanter. 1818- 1825 res: Washington County, PA and Ohio County, WVA , 1830, they went back and forth buried : in Washington County. died : 3 Feb 1875.


Isaac (after Samuel's father)
Wylie H Oldham
Benjamin Oldham
John Miller Oldham
Samuel Oldham
Mary M Oldham
James H Oldham
Caroline E Oldham
Rebecca Oldham

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Hutchison from Lancaster Co, PA
Research Notes

Samuel Wylie will

born: 1754 Lancaster Co PA marr
res : Miflin town in Allegheny Co, PA
priv in the Lancaster Co, PA militia in Capt Joseph Sheres comp.
will: dated 18 Oct 1813 and proven 26 Mar 1814.
Marr : sister to Samuel Hutchison, Florence Huthinson
sons: Samuel (marr a Mary Patterson), Moses, James Oliver and John,
daugs: Rebeckah, Elizabeth, Sarah, Mary (marr Nathaniel Kirkpatrick) and Margaret.
Mary Kirkpatrick, marr in will
Exec:l Andrew Finney and son Samuel Wylie,
witnesses: Adam Boyd and Thomas Hazelton

Items in will:
my will that if the Carolina hiers shall com forward demanding their share of the place I sold paseton which contained 161 acers at Eight dollers & 66 3/4 cents per acer, if they com proveing themselvs to be the Rail heirs. it my will then that my four sons John,Samuel, and Moses and James discarge that debt each one paying an equel part except John he haveing paid me one hundred and sixty dollers towards what property I wild him. Counting each ones share at twelve hundred dollers will bring his part to value on but ten hundred and forty, he has paid ten dollars for that purpose to his Uncle Jincans wiche must be alowed for Item, it is my will that if the Caroline hiers do ___ come forward within ten yares that my four sons shall pay unto their sisters to each one eight dollers the at the same time them giving a refunding bond ingaging to pay back the some if the legale haiers shall ever com.

Caroline/ Carolina heirs ? Uncle Jenkins ???? their sisters????
WYLIE,Oliver Will abstract:
19 Dec. 1754 2 Nov. 1757
Wife: name omitted.
Children: Margaret, Oliver and William
Ex. Jhn Hrris and Thomas Dugan
Marriages 1753-1856 Lancaster Co.PA pulished by SouthWest PA genealogical Services, P.O Box 253, Laughlintown PA 15655
Vol. 3 pg. 107 St James Episcopal (Anglican)

Levingston, Ducan married to Jennet Wiley August 1, 1775
Robert Wiley & Elizabeth Mackilheny 29 Oct 1767 112
Hugh Wiley & Jane Hemphill 10 Sep 1771 Lic pg. 117
Jennet & Duncan Livingston 1 Aug 1775 Lic .pg. 119
Samuel Wiley & Elizabeth Kramer 7 Sep 1776 pg. 127
Robert Wiley & Jane Megrew 14 Feb 1796

Records of Rev. John Cuthbertson

Wylie, Margaret baptised 29 March 1752 parents Jo. and not given
Mary "" "" 29 March 1752 "" ""

Holy Trinity Luthern Church,Lancaster "Pennsylvania Births Lancaster County 1778-1800 by John T. Humph

Wily, Daniel 14 May 1786 Samuel & Elizabeth
Wily, Eva Catharina 9 oct. 1783 "" ""
Wily, Margaret 30 Oct. 1782 (James & Elizabeth)
Wily,Rebecca 5 Mar. 1789 Samuel & Elizabeth
Wily, Wilhelm 30 Nov. 1780 Samuel & Elizabeth

Personal Records of Rev. John Cuthbertson

Wylie, Janet baptised 29 July 1787 Robert & not given
William Wiley maybe the sister of Rebecca September 21, 1837 On Friday the 8th of September, died at 8 a.m., William Wiley in his 57th year.

Abstract of Lancaster Co. Wills 1732-1785

Write the Records and Archives department at the Lancaster County Courthouse, 50 N. Duke ST. Lancaster they make copies for 50 cents a page.
20 May 1758 29 May 1761
Bro. and Sister: William, Margaret and Sarah.
Ex. Samuel Lefever and Joseph Ferree. Strasburg. Twp.

East Donegal twp. Session Records LITTLE CHICKEESE pg. 189

Thomas Wily, X Com; Rebecca Wily, X Com.; Revecca Wily, widow, X Com. William Wily; Alexander Wily; John Wily; Mary Wily, X Com. Rebecca Wily; Martha Wily.

James Hutcheson, sr.; Jas. Hutcheson, jr.; James Hutcheson, com.; Ann Hutcheson, Com.; Samuel Hutcheson; Jos. Hutcheson; Thos. Hutcheson; Rebecca Hutcheson; Ambrose Newsman, serv't
Rev. Colin McFarquhar prepared a "Catechising Roll of the members of the Congregation of Donegal," in 1779
. The list was published by Egle in his Notes and Queries: Historical Biographical and Genealogical Relating chiefly to Interior Pennsylvania, 4th series, originally published in 1893 and reprinted by Genealogical Publishing Company in 1970. In his publication Egle included his notes on the families of the list and the general area in which they lived.

Lancaster Co. PA. Church
Rec. of the 18th Century by F.Edward Wright so I did not even look in them. Most time they have the same info that Humphrey has except they will also have the sponsors.

Dauphin Co. PAXTANG & DERRY CHURCHES Marriages:

Hutchinson, Joseph & Sarah Cathcart 13 Jun 1786
Samuel & Jane Rutherford 29 Jun 1780
Margaret & Robert Moody 18 Apr 1775

Have the first book also, 1723-1777 and in it is:
Eliz. bp. 27 Aug 1753 John 16
Jon. bp. 9 Jun 1765 John, jr. 16
Rose Anne bp. 1 Sep 1751 John 16
Thomas bp. 1 Apr 1766 not given 16

James bp. 3 Apr 1768 John 16
John bp. 20 Mar 1770 John 16

Elizabeth ca Nov 1795 John Elizabeth 3

# 3 Rec. of St.James'Protestant Episcopal Ch. Lancaster # 16 Rec. of Rev. John Cuthbertson *****************************************************************
Oliver Wylie, b. ? d. 1757, Paxton, Lancaster, PA m 1 unknown known children: James, John, Moses, Robert m 2 Elizabeth ---- known children: Oliver*, William

* Oliver Wylie (Wiley) b. abt 1741, PA, d. Dec 1802, buried Spears Graveyard, Concord, NC; m.1769 Mary Shelby, b. abt 1746, MD, d. Aug 21, 1882, buried Spears Graveyard, Concord, NC, next to husband Oliver and daughter Margaret. Mary Shelby was the daughter of Moses Shelby**, b. May 05, 1728, Wales, d.1776, NC, and Isabella ----. Known children of Oliver and Mary (Shelby) Wiley:
Hannah Wiley**, Moses Wiley, Isaac Wiley, Margaret Wiley.

** Evan Shelby (father of Moses Shelby): They came to America with four small sons in 1735 and first settled in Lancaster Co, PA, [on the other side of the Susquehanna in what is now called the Cumberland Valley] 300 acres just outside the present town of Greencastle; the farm was called "Black Walnut Point" which now lies in the center of the present Franklin Co, PA. / had a warrant for 1200 acres across the PA line in western MD, then Prince George's Co, MD, [near Hagerstown on the Conococheague Creek in what is now Washington Co, MD]; one thousand acres he laid on a tract called "Maiden's Choice" which lies at the foot of what was then called North Mountain and is about 12 miles west of the site of the present Hagerstown. Moses Shelby: on May 4, 1744, his father turned over to Moses a 50-acre parcel of land called "Hunt's Cabin." In 1749, he added 310 acres to this farm, which was then located in Frederick Co, MD / in 1760, he moved to SC, but on Jun 2, 1762, he bought from Arthur Dobbs a sizeable piece of land on the waters of Clear Creek, a branch of Rocky River in Anson Co, NC / Rees Shelby bought from Dobbs a tract of land in that same neighborhood on the same day and it is here that they both settled / Moses is listed as a Sergeant in the Mecklenburg Co Militia, commanded by his brother-in-law, Adam Alexander, in 1766 / on Sep 2, 1776, Moses made his will and died within 4 months

** Hannah Wiley, b. May 27, 1788, Mecklenberg Co, NC; m. Aug 28, 1812, Cabarrus Co, NC, Cyrus Campbell. They moved to TN and eventually to IL.
Kathleen Hale
1. Adam WYLIE, b. 1690, Larne, Scotland, d. 1754 Moylarg, Co Antrim, Ireland
+ Jean ( ) (possibly WYLIE, a cousin)
1a. Peter WYLIE, b. 1717, Co Antrim, removed to Chester Co, SC via the "Earl of Donegal" 1767, buried Fishing Creek Cemetery, Chester Co, SC
+ Ann HAWTHORNE b. 1720, Co Antrim
1b. Margaret WYLIE, b. 1745 (or 1747) Co. Antrim, Ireland, d. 1824, Chester Co, SC
+ David BOYD (issue omitted)
2b. James WYLIE, b. 1746, Co Antrim, Ireland, d. 1829 Chester Co.
3b. William WYLIE, b. 1747/48, Co. Antrim, Ire, d. 1819 Perry Co AL. Patriot and POW in Revolutionary War. m. 1780
+ Isabello KELSO, b. 1755, Co Antrim Ireland, d. 1825, Perry Co AL
1c. Peter Kelso WYLIE, b. 18 Feb. 1787, d. 1855 TX, m. 1800
+ Annie EVANS, b. 1782, d. 1859
1d. Richard Evans WYLIE, M.D., b. 11 Nov 1810
1e. Thomas McCullough WYLIE, b. 1837
2e. Peter WYLIE, b. 1835
3e. John Dunovant WYLIE, b. 1833
1f. Richard Evans WYLIE, b. 1859
2d. Isabella WYLIE, b. 17 Nov 1811
3d. Dekalb WYLIE, b. 27 Jun 1813, m. 1842
+ Jenny ROSS
1e. Antonia WYLIE, b. 1843
2e. William Peter Kelso WYLIE, b. 1849
3e. Abraham Ross WYLIE, b. 1851, m. 1896
+ Elizabeth KEY
4e. Richard Evans WYLIE, b. 1852
5e. Susan, b. 1856
6e. Mary, 1857
4d. Katherine WYLIE b. 22 Jun 1815, d. as infant
5d. Alexander Pearson WYLIE, b. 1816
+ Juliet Agnes GILL
1e. Robert Hawthorne WYLIE
2e. William Harrison WYLIE
+ Amelia Jane McFADDEN
1f. James McFadden WYLIE, b. 1880
3e. Alexander WYLIE
4e. Mary Isabella WYLIE
5e. Peter Kelso WYLIE
6e. Walker Gill WYLIE
7e. Jane WYLIE
8e. Annie Evans WYLIE
+ E.P. MOORE (2 children, no further data)
6d. Catherine WYLIE, b. 30 Dec. 1817
+ Joseph BASKINS
7d. William WYLIE, M.D., b. 30 Dec 1818, m. 1846
+ Amanda Slade JOHNSON
1e. Mary WYLIE, b. 1848
2e. John WYLIE, no dates
3e. Edward (Ned) WYLIE, b. 1850
4e. Amanda (Slink) WYLIE b. 1853
8d. Hannah WYLIE, b. 23 Mar 1821 (wrote a letter with family data,which I have a transcribed copy of, and a family history,.)
9d. Susan WYLIE, aka Susan Anna, no dates
10d. Mary WYLIE
2c. Jennet WYLIE (aka Jenny). b. 1790, d. 5 May 1860
+ William WALKER (issue omitted)
3c. Samuel Kelso WYLIE, removed to Perry Co AL
+ ( ) McNEAL 11 children, only data on following
1d. Thomas B. WYLIE, b. 1839, d. 1911
1e. Thomas Milton WYLIE, Sr. 1890-1971
+ Geneva GORDON
1f. Thomas Milton WYLIE, Jr. b. 1913
1g. Mary Frances WYLIE, b. 1940
2d. Laura Martha WYLIE, b. 1826
4c. John Nixon WYLIE (aka John Nickson WYLIE), b. 25 Apr 1801, removed to Marion Co, AL
+ Jane NELSON - 5 children, no data
+ 2nd, Mary B. PEPPERS - 10 children, no data
5c. Susan WYLIE, b. 1782, Chester Co, d. 1866, Perry Co AL
+ Alexander WALKER

6c. Mary "Polly" WYLIE
7c. Sarah "Sally" WYLIE
+ William MORROW
8c. Annie WYLIE, d. as infant
4b. Francis WYLIE, b. 1750, Co Antrim, Ireland, d. age 72, Patriot
1c. Joseph WYLIE, no dates
2c. Francis WYLIE, no dates
3c. Samuel WYLIE, no dates
4c. Hance WYLIE, removed to Shelby Co TN
5c. Lily WYLIE. b. 1783
6c. Peter WYLIE, b. 1785
+ Elizabeth MORROW
1d. Nancy WYLIE
+ William MARTIN
2d. Lilly Ann WYLIE, b. 1820, 11 children, no data
3d. Margaret WYLIE, 3 children no data
4d. James Y. WYLIE, b. 1822
+ ( ) PARDUE
1e. James P. WYLIE
5d. Joseph WYLIE, b. 1820, remained single
6d. Francis WYLIE, b. 1818
+ Julia ( )
1e. James Washington WYLIE
7d. Jane WYLIE, b. 1816
+ James SERVICE (had issue, but data not extracted from will of Peter
2a. Adam WYLIE, b. 1712 Co Antrim, Ireland
+ Margaret Brown
3a. Thomas WYLIE, b. 1715, Co Antrim, Ireland
+ Margaret ( )
4a. John WYLIE ****** NOTE ****** this is the link I am unsure of. That *this* John is the father of my Thomas is hypothesis! Thomas's father was *a* John Wylie with spouse and children as shown below, but John may not have been the same John who was a son of Adam.
+ Margaret ( )
1b. Thomas WYLIE, b. bet. 1770-1780
+ Anne ( )
1c. William A. WYLIE, b. 10 Nov 1808, Chester Co. d. 30 Mar 1890 Freestone Co TX
+ Martha N. ( ), b. 8 Oct. 1808, d. 16 Feb, 1886
1d. Samuel Adolphus WYLIE, b. Jun 1830, d. Oct. 1841 (Note: one researcher doesn't believe that Samuel was the son of this William. I have no opinion, but include the data. His burial site is known.)
2d. Thomas Lewis WYLIE, b. 1833, Chester Co SC
+ Mary E. LOVE, no data on issue
3d. James David WYLIE, b. 11 Jun 1834, Chester Co SC, d. 3 Mar 1835 Chester Co SC
4d. Daniel Carter WYLIE, b. ca. 1835, d. ca. 1880 on the road between TN & TX (death is presumed -- he vanished.)
5d. Elizabeth WYLIE, b. 19 Dec. 1835, Chester Co. m. 22 Mar 1855
+ John Petyon LOVE no data on issue
6d. Sarah Elizabeth WYLIE, b. 10 May 1837, d. 24 Jan. 1838, Chester Co SC
7d. William L. WYLIE, b. 1 Jun 1838, Chester Co, d. 29 Dec. 1882, Hill County TX, m. 1 Feb. 1860
1e. William Ike WYLIE, b. 1861, Fayette Co TN, d. 12 Dec. 1958
+ Francis Catherine SPARKS no data on issue
2e. Emma E. WYLIE, b. 1863, no further data
3e. Martha M. WYLIE, b. 1865
+ Sydney DUPREE, no data on issue
4e. John Thomas WYLIE, b. 4 Jul 1868, d. 4 Nov. 1928
+ Willie Ann HALL, no data on issue
5e. Nannie N. WYLIE, b. 1870, no further data
6e. Walter WYLIE, b. 1873, no further data
7e. Hattie Leigh WYLIE, b. 13 Jan, 1876, d. 26 Jun 1906, m. 4 Apr 1894
+ Henry Leonard FLOWERS
1f. James Ormond FLOWERS, b. 20 Jan, 1895, d. same day
2f. Oscar Lee FLOWERS b. 6 Sep 1896, d. 9 Nov 1960
+ Philomenia ( ) no data on issue
3f. Albert Thomas FLOWERS, b. 1 Mar 1898, d. 5 Jan 1968
+ Lillie HOLDER
4f. Ernest Dewey FLOWERS b. 15 Apr 1900
+ Bertha JAMISON
5f. Mamie Leigh FLOWERS, b. 9 Mar 1902, d. 13 Apr 1995, m. 26 Nov. 1917