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Pennsylvania Gazette, 18 December 1755

Pennsylvania Gazette, 18 December 1755 ". . . and a Boy, the Son of one Sylvas . . . ." 







Pennsylvania Gazette, 18 December 1755

". . . House of one Sarsass . . . ."   [Serfass]











In the account contained in Egle's Notes and Queries of Pennsylvania, 1700s-1800s, Annual Volume 1897, XXVII, p. 155, [see below] it is stated that the boy in the mill was "son of one Serfas."  There are other wording differences between Egle's account and the account in the Pennsylvania Gazette [above].  Also, in the Pennsylvania Gazette version, the printer could not read the last name of the miller.  In Egle's, the name is listed as Phillip Heimann.  The article was called Wekquitank--The Annals of a Moravian Indian Village, 1760-1763, pp. 153-156.  This Moravian Indian Village was built on the land that had belonged to Frederick Hoeth.

A look at the microfilm of the original deposition of George Caspar Heiss (before Justice Timothy Horsefield) should determine if the boy in the mill was a Sylvas or a Serfas.  This Heiss deposition was not mentioned in Frontier Forts of Pennsylvania nor in The Indian Wars of Pennsylvania nor in the Forts on the Pennsylvania Frontier so it is not known if it would be found in the Archives of Pennsylvania, the Colonial Records of Pennsylvania, and is not in the Horsefield Papers at The American Philosophical Society, Philadelphia.

[Later note: Actually, no deposition of the date of December 13, 1755, was found in the Horsefield Papers per the web site for the American Philosophical Society.  mar] [Note 1/15/04--the deposition is not at the Northampton County Historical Society nor the Northampton Genealogical Society.  It is not at the Easton Library nor the Library in Gilbert]

It is not mentioned in Candace Anderson's Abstract of Public Records, Northampton Co., Pa, 1727-1779, Vol. I, nor her Abstracts of Deeds, Volume I which also contains Miscellaneous Public Records 1749-1838.  So I suspect the deposition is not located in the Northampton County Archives nor on microfilm of those records. 

Later note:  It has been recommended that the Moravian Archives for the Northern Province, Bethlehem, Pa., should be checked.  In addition, the Pa. Historical Society, the Pa. State Archives in Harrisburg, and the Northampton County Archives in Easton.

A deposition of John Michael Hued/Hute regarding the Hoeth massacre was taken before Justice William Parsons in Easton.   The Heiss deposition was taken in Bethlehem.  The Hued deposition did get referenced in the Colonial Records of Pennsylvania series.

A missing deposition is the Geisle deposition. 


Egle's Account of the Hoeth Massacre