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Francis and Aurelia (Girard)

Francis Berthiaume and wife Aurelia (Girard)

Francis and Aurelia (Girard) Berthiaume


Funeral card of Francis Berthiaume, died 1903

Funeral Card of
Francis Berthiaume, husband of Aurelia




Obituary--The Buffalo Journal, 8 March 1923


 Obituary--The Buffalo Journal, 8 March 1923


Aurelia (Girard) Berthiaume about 1907

Aurelia taken about 1907


Berthiaume Cemetery Stone, Marysville Cemetery

Marysville Cemetery, Wright County, Minnesota

Near the foot stone for Francis Xavier.  I believe the old stones were replaced with these newer stones. 

Marysville Cemetery is a part of property that was first owned by William Eusebe Berthiaume, brother of Francis Xavier.    William's wife, Sophie, was probably the first person buried in the cemetery--his infant daughter four months later, the second.  Click here to see their old stone.



Francis Xavier Berthiaume (1820-1903)

Foot stone for

Francis Berthiaume
Born 28 November 1820
Died 9 June 1903

No foot stone found for Aurelia


1903 Obituary of Francis Berthiaume

Buffalo Journal
12 June 1903
p. 1