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Researching Lehigh Township, Northampton County? 
Wondering where that early ancestor's Lehigh Township land is situated on today's map? 
I've researched that for you, created a map, and published the tract details in a book described here:




Maria Jane (Bitz) Raygor

Daughter of Simon Bitts, Son of Isaac Bitts


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Simon's daughter, Maria Jane Bitz

born 24 July 1855

died 16 November 1904

Married Oliver Perry Raygor
8 July 1875

Family of Oliver and Maria (Bitts) Raygor


L to R Back: Charles, Elmer, and Gertrude (Laura)

Middle:  Oliver Perry, Maria, and Effie

Front:  Sara and Clyde


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Sara Kathryn (Raygor)
Daughter of Oliver and Maria (Bitts) Raygor

Sara born 3 May 1886

Died 8 October 1957

Married James Kelly
22 March 1907

James Kelly

born 27 December 1879

died 11 April 1949


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Helen, baby James, Charles sitting, and Paul


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Helen, mother Sara, baby James, Paul, and Charles in back

Family of James and Sara (Raygor) Kelly

Standing, Charles

Helen, James, and Paul


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Thanks to Lee Ann Baker for sharing her family's photographs of descendants of Isaac Bitts.   See Researchers page for her email address.