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Family of Joseph and Anna Theresia (Faber) Peyer


Joseph and Anna (Faber) Peyer


Joseph and Anna Theresia (Faber) Peyer
Parents of Mary (Peyer) Schwinefus

Mary (Peyer) was the mother of Louis Schwinefus


Joseph Peyer Anna Theresia (Faber)


Joseph Peyer and Anna Theresia (Faber)



Three generations


Kate (Peyer) Redding, sister of Mary (Peyer) Schwinefus and Emma (Peyer) Carpenter

Anna Theresia (Faber) Peyer and Margaret (Fleuri) Faber, mother of Anna Theresia



Margaret (Fleuri) Faber

Margaret (Fleuri) Faber Bettendorf



Henry Cyril and Margit Mary (Peyer)


Henry Cyril Schwinefus and Margit Mary (Peyer)

Parents of Louis Schwinefus

Family of Mary (Peyer) and Henry Schwinefus



Earland and Emma (Peyer) Carpenter

Emma (Peyer) and Earland Carpenter
Sister of Mary (Peyer) Schwinefus, mother of Louis