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Members of the Varner Email List


Mabel_at_age_98.jpg (47806 bytes)




Mabel Wirsing

descended from
Solomon Varner

One of the original Varner researchers

The original Varner researchers

Mabel's obituary


Craig Weber

descended from
Daniel Varner



Erin (Varner) Persian

descended from
Henry Varner






John Worf

descended from Henry Varner



Scott Varner

descended from
Lafayette Varner

Representing Scott's family is daughter, Francie (Frances), the 2009 Homecoming Queen at Buffalo High School

Scott is the son of Albert F.,
son of Solomon,
son of Lafayette




Eddie (Edward) Adams

descended from
Solomon Varner



Jess Wiederspan

descended from
William Bitts Varner






Lee Christiansen

descended from David Varner

Lee and grandmother Marian (Robinson) Kimball
daughter of Ruby (Hilliard) Robinson
daughter of Susan S. (Varner)
daughter of David Varner



Sandy (Varner) Krueger

descended from
Lafayette Varner

with mother Shirley (Hansen) Varner
(original Varner researcher)
brother Bruce and
his wife Nancy

Dean Varner

descended from Solomon Varner

Betsy, Dean, Sam and Katie
September 2007



Wayne Varner
Daughter Michelle (Varner) Stark
and son Matthew

descended from Lafayette Varner




Wanda Varner

husband, Clyde, is descended from

Janice, Kathie, Nina, Jackie, Shelley, Wendy
Clyde, Wanda, Brian



John Heyne

descended from Daniel Varner

Jessica, James, Margaret and John
in Crested Butte, Colorado, 2004




Henry Groth

descended from Solomon Varner

(Henry is the young boy in the picture)



Nila (Varner), Emma and Hannah Varner, Eileen (Jewison) and Mark Varner on Ellis Island



Mark Varner
and family

descended from Henry Varner

L to R is Mark's sister, Nila (Varner), daughters Emma (12) and Hannah (16) Varner, Mark's wife, Eileen (Jewison).  Mark and Nila are greatgrandchildren of Henry Varner.  Photograph was taken on Ellis Island with Manhattan, NYC in the background.  Mark's maternal grandmother and grandfather came through Ellis Island on their way from Sweden to Minnesota.



Betty LaPlant descended from John Varner Jr.



Betty LaPlant and Bugsy

descended from
John Varner Jr.



Nancy and Marc Hammerman



Nancy and Marc Hammerman

Nancy descended from Henry Varner



Siegel Solomon Varner



Siegel Solomon Varner, Jr. ("Bob")
and wife Gloria

descended from Lafayette Varner



Bob's grandsons

Noah Osterman
son of my daughter, Dee Ann (Varner) Osterman.
Noah is 21 and lives in Sioux Falls SD.



John Eidem
son of my daughter, Kris (Varner) Eidem
Eden Prairie MN.  John is 18.


claudia.bmp (214146 bytes)




Claudia Menzel

descended from
John Varner Jr.


Lori Waters and her family in Mexico 2002


Lori Waters

descended from brothers
John and David Varner


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Ben Varner

descended from
William Bitts Varner



ajvarner.jpg (16331 bytes)



Jerry Varner

descended from
Lafayette Varner


Jerry Varner's grandchildren

LtoR:  Helen Maholtra, Kimiko Varner, Mabel Maholtra,
Nathan Varner (son of Mike Varner-below),  Arthur Varner,
and Zoe Maholtra.


Jerry Varner's grandchildre



mike-kimunitycandle.jpg (28481 bytes)



Mike Varner
(and bride Kim)

descended from
Lafayette Varner




Marie Robinson

with husband Paul
and twin granddaughters
Lilly and Jasmine

descended from
Solomon Varner





Gennifer (Pantier) Varner

her husband, Rick, and daughter
 are descended from David Varner