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Scrapbook of


Documents Pertaining to William to come

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William Bitts Varner

(From Mabel Wirsing)


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Downtown Cottonwood, Texas, in 1890
(From Ben Varner)

Web site for Cottonwood, Texas
and school pictures of Harry Scobie Varner (1873-1959)
and his school.

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Wife of William
Martha (Sammons) Varner



Unknown Varner

On the back:  "This may be a picture of
William Bitts Varner (1830-1925)
when he was in California (1849-1870). 
The picture was taken in Truckee, California."

(From Mabel Wirsing)



Unknown Varner Children

On the back:  This may be a tintype of my
uncle William B. Varner (1882-1953)
with Mary Varner (1881-1883)

(From Mabel Wirsing)



Unknown Varner Boy


On the back:  This may be a childhood
tintype of my grandfather,
Harry S. Varner (1873-1959),
or my uncle William Varner (1882-1953).

(From Mabel Wirsing)


William Bitts Varner Family

William Bitts Varner Family about 1915

Copied from Varner, Verner, Werner Families of America
by Janice B. Palmer