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Dunlop Family

                     Generation One

1.  John Dunlop; b. 1580; m. Elizabeth Dunlop 1632; 2nd husband; d.
     He was 1st Laird of Garnkirk.

     Elizabeth Dunlop married James Mackl'dune; 1st husband.
     Known children of John Dunlop and Elizabeth Dunlop include:
     2.          i. James Dunlop, b. 1633; m. Elizabeth Roberton.

                     Generation Two

2.  James Dunlop (John1); b. 1633; m. Elizabeth Roberton, daughter of
James Roberton, 1654 at Garnkirk, Scotland; d. 1695.
     He was 2nd Laird of Garnkirk.

     Known children of James Dunlop and Elizabeth Roberton include:
     3.          i. James Dunlop, b. circa 1655; m. Lilias Campbell.

                     Generation Three

3.  James Dunlop (James2, John1); b. circa 1655; m. Lilias Campbell,
daughter of Robert Campbell and Catherine Napier, 5 Apr 1689; d.
between 1715 and 1719.
     He resided at Gamkirke, Scotland. He was 3rd Laird of Garnkirk.

     Lilias Campbell resided at Bythewood, Lanarkshire, Scotland.
She was born in 1675. She died in 1709.
     Known children of James Dunlop and Lilias Campbell include:
     4.          i. Jean Dunlop, m. Thomas Peter.

                     Generation Four

4.  Jean Dunlop (James3, James2, John1); m. Thomas Peter, son of
Walter Peter, 2 Jul 1722; d. 1761.

     Thomas Peter resided at Crossbasket, Lanarkshire, Scotland. He
died on 9 Oct 1773.

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