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Hunt Family (& others) in 1861 Whitchurch twp census

taken from microfilms C-1089 & C-1090

all transcriptions are of partial pages only


section 2, pg 18 [faded page]

Joseph J. HUNT, shoe maker, 43?, born England, married

Emily HUNT, 40?, born England, married

George? HUNT, 18

Maria J. HUNT, 16

Margaret HUNT, 14

Ann Eliza HUNT, 10


section 3, page 3

Richard HORSLEY, farmer, b. UC, 33, married

Anna HORSLEY, born England, 24, married

Walter HORSLEY, born UC, 5

Thomas HORSLEY, born UC, 3

Thomas HORSLEY, laborer, born UC, 24, single

George COLLARD, carpenter, born USA, 26, married

Mary Ann COLLARD, born UC, 23, married

Joseph COLLARD, born UC, 1

Sarah COLLARD, born England, 70, widow

Reuben BOYD, carpenter, born UC, 20, single

George LASELLE, laborer, born England, 57, married

Elizabeth LASELLE, born England, 65, married

Thomas LASELLE, laborer, born England, 25, single

Emma HUNT, born UC, 5

John LEAREY, farmer, born Ireland, 27, single

Jane LEAREY, born Ireland, 49, widow

Frances LEAREY (female), born UC, 21, single

Samuel LEAREY, laborer, born UC, 20,

William LEAREY, laborer, born UC, 18

Joseph LEAREY, born UC, 11

Sarah LEAREY, born UC, 6g

William GUILDREY, laborer, born Ireland, 40, single,

Orr CARLOLE?, farmer, born Ireland, 35, single,

George ADAMS, laborer, born England, 28, single

Jane ADAMS, born England, 7

[end of page]


section 3, page 8

J--? BROWN, farmer, born ?, 26, married [all born in the same place]

Jane BROWN, born ?, 21, married

John Thomas BROWN, born ?, 1

John McIVOR, laborer, born Scotland, 20, single

John CONLIN, laborer, born Ireland, 40, married

Mary CONLIN, born Ireland, 40, married

John CONLIN, born Ireland, 15

Martha CONLIN, born Ireland, 12

James CONLIN, born Ireland, 11

Claris? CONLIN (female), born UC, 7

Bridget CONLIN, born UC, 6

T.B.? GOOD, laborer, born England, 42, married

Ann GOOD, born England, 34, married

Em Ann GOOD, born England, 11

Jane GOOD, born England, 10

Ann GOOD, born England, 8

Richard GOOD, born UC, 2

William Henry GOOD, born UC, 1

John HUNT, laborer, born England, 26, married

Ann HUNT, born England, 23, married

Mary HUNT, born England (ditto marks from above), 2

James HUEY, laborer, born Ireland, 23, single

Andey HUEY, laborer, born Ireland, 21, single

[end of page]


section 4, page 1

John JOSEY, laborer, born England, 28, married

Anne J. JOSEY, wife, born England, 23, married

George R. JOSEY, child, born Canada, 2

Henry HUNT, child, born Canada, 4

illegible VENN, farmer, born Canada, 23, married

Mary J. VENN, wife, born Canada, 23, married

George C. VENN, child, born Canada, 2

John THOMPSON?, laborer, born Canada, 19, single

Robert ALLECK, carpenter, born England, 35 (38?), married

Ann ALLECK, wife, born New Brunswick?, 29, married

Henry J. ALLECK, child, born Canada, 6,

George P. ALLECK, child, born Canada, 2

Joseph ROBERTSON, farmer, born Canada, 29 (24?), married

Sarah ROBERTSON, wife, born Canada, 22, married

Charles ROBERTSON, child, born Canada, 3

Henry WIDDERFIELD, illegible occupation/relation, New Jersey state, 82, widower,

Charles WIDDERFIELD, farmer, born Canada, 48, married

Angelina WIDDERFIELD, wife, born Canada, 40, married

Agnes WIDDERFIELD, spinster, born Canada, 19,

Joseph H. WIDDERFIELD, laborer, born Canada, 16

Phoebe WIDDERFIELD, born Canada, 10,


section 6, page 5

Mary Ann GOODKIN?, born Canada, 2

Edward WISE, born England, 13

William BELL, born England, 34, married

Mary Ann BELL, born Canada, 21, married

Elizabeth A. BELL, born Canada, 1

William BELL, born England, 75

Alexander KINGSTON (Livingston?), born Canada, 20

Robert ROLERSON (Robson?), born England, 45

Daniel STOKELY, farmer, born Canada West, 40,

Nancy STOKLEY, born Canada West, 35

John STOKLEY, born Canada West, 10

Fanny STOKLEY, born Canada West, 9

Daniel STOKLEY, born Canada West, 7

Mary Ann STOKELY, born Canada West, 5

Peter STOKELY, born Canada West, 4

Nancy STOKLEY, born Canada West, 2

Joseph STOKLEY, born Canada West, 1

Elizabeth COOK, born Canada West, 20

Walter HUNT, farmer, born Canada West, 24, married

Catherine HUNT, born Canada West, 36

David STOKLEY, born Canada West, 16

Reuben STOKELY, born Canada West, 13

Lydia STOKELY, born Canada West, 12

Fanny STOKELY, born Canada West, 10

Sarah STOKELY, born Canada West, 9

Elizabeth STOKLEY, born Canada west, 8

Albert STOKELY, born Canada West, 3

Catherine STOKLEY, born Canada West, 2

Edward NEWTON, farmer, born Ireland, 40

Lavina NEWTON, born Canada west, 34

Frederick NEWTON, Canada West, 14

Susannah NEWTON, born Canada West, 12

Martha NEWTON, born Canada West, 11

David NEWTON, born Canada West, 9

Mary Ann NEWTON, born Canada West, 7

Lewis NEWTON, born Canada West, 4

John N. NEWTON, born Canada West, 2

John STOKLEY, farmer, born Canada West, 55

Sarah STOKLEY, born Canada West, 30

[end of page]


section 10, pg 11

Nancy McGILL, 45, married [whole family born in the same place, ditto marks from above]

James McGILL, 22, single

Rosa McGILL, 19

Catherine McGILL, 17

William McGILL, 15

Robert McGILL, 4?

David McGILL, 1

John WHITE, cordwainer, born Ireland, 33, married

Margaret WHITE, born Ireland, 32, married

William J. WHITE, born Canada West, 9

Thomas WHITE, 7

Matilda WHITE, 6

Humphrey WHITE, 3

George FLINT, cabinet maker, born England, 38, married

Mary E. FLINT, born England, 37, married

George FLINT, born England, 17

Matthew FLINT, born England, 11

John B. FLINT, born USA, 8

Ida Rose FLINT, born USA, 6

Paul FLINT, born Canada West, 4

Simeon FLINT, born Canada West, 2

Henry (Cheney?) STEPHENS, born USA, 44, married

Susan STEPHENS, born Canada West, 44, married

Ester STEPHENS, born Canada West, 1

Prander? STEPHENS (male), born Canada West