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Marriages in Toronto, 1863

transcribed from MS248, reel 15, vol 66, Toronto 1858-67

All surnames are capitalized.

FORMAT: groom's name his age, birth place, residence, parents names, bride's name, her age, birth place, parents name, witnesses, date



Page 153, return 136: by Rev Henry Hilbronn, Jewish Congregation

Jacob STERN, 29, Krakaw, Toronto, s/o A M & H STERN, married Fegal BLOCK, 19, Heimelstadt Prussia, Toronto, d/o W & Rahel BLOCK, witn: M SOLOMON of Toronto, 01 Jan 1863.

Jacob GRUNBERG, 28, Bucarest Walachia, Toronto, s/o I & R GRUNBERG, married Lea GALDBERG, 19, Rowida Musflan, Toronto, d/o H & Simi GALDBERG, witn: Lewis SAMUEL of Toronto, 28 Jan 1863.

S Moses SOLOMON, 34, London England, Toronto, s/o Moses & B SOLOMON, married Esther MOSES, 30, Plymouth England, Toronto, d/o Jacob & Egnas MOSES, witn: M KAPEL of Toronto, 05 Jul 1863.


Page 154, return 137: by Rev William Briggs, Wesleyan Methodist

William H THOMAS, 28, Canada, Oshawa, s/o William & Mary, married Mary J MAY, 21, Canada, Oshawa, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: W BRISCOE & William WILKISON of Toronto, 01 Oct 1863.

George R VERRALL, 30, Canada, Toronto, s/o Harriet & George, married Mary DANCY, 19, Canada, Toronto, d/o Henry Nehemiah & Sara Eliz, witn: Walter VERRALL & John DANCEY of Toronto, 02 Oct 1863.

William H BOXALL, 24, Canada, Toronto, s/o William Henry & Jane, married Mary GODWIN, 18, England, Toronto, d/o John & Mary, witn: William STANLEY & George BOXALL of Toronto, 19 Oct 1863. Church was on Temperance Street.

Henry HURLING, 23, England, Toronto, s/o James & Mary, married Anne CHERRY, 21, Canada, Toronto, d/o Peter & Ann, witn: R BARMACH & Rebecca POWELL of Toronto, 19 Oct 1863. Church on Temperance Street

Fred BUTTERS, 21, New York, Toronto, s/o Edward & Sarah, married Jane W CLELAND, 18, Canada, Toronto, d/o James & Eliza, witn: Charles SCOTT & M R CLELAND of Toronto, 30 Nov 1863.

William BROWN, 37, England, Toronto, s/o James & Elizabeth, married Susannah LITTLE, 30, Ireland, Toronto, d/o John & Isabella, witn: William LITTLE & Isa J EARLS of Toronto, 14 Dec 1863.

John W HETHERINGTON, 27, Canada, Toronto, s/o Andrew & Alice, married E Ann TURNER, 20, Canada, Toronto, d/o William James & Ann, witn: R B LINTON & John STILKEN of Toronto, 23 Dec 1863.


Page 154, return 138: by Rev John Barclay, St Andrew's Presbyterian Church

David BORLAND, 24, Scotland, Toronto, s/o David & Mary BORLAND, married Theresa BOLGER, 22, Dublin, Toronto, d/o Matthew & Ann Bolger, witn: Edward Bolger & Bridget Butter, both of Toronto, 13 Apr 1863.

George SHEPHERD, 27, Canada, Yorkville, s/o Matthew & Char SHEPHERD, married Jane BOYCE, 25, England, Yorkville, d/o John & Sarah Boyce, witn: Peter Shepherd & Eliz Shepherd, both of Toronto, 25 Apr 1863.

George Samuel HEROD, 34, England, Guelph, s/o George & Eliza HEROD, married M SANDILAND, 24, Canada, Guelph, d/o Thomas & Mary SANDILAND, witn: George ARKLE of Toronto & A H MILLS of Hamilton, 06 May 1863.

Jas Alexander THOMPSON, 32, Scarboro, Scarboro, s/o A A & H THOMPSON, married M J McCOMB, 26, Darlington, Scarboro, d/o David & Catherine McCOMB, witn: Charles RAWSON of Pickering & Eliz C THOMSON of Scarborough, 18 Jun 1863.

John ADKINS, 30, England, Toronto, s/o William & Marilla ADKINS, married F A McFAYDEN, 25, Scotland, Toronto, d/o Roderick & F McFADYEN, witn: John MILNE & Alice O'KEEFE, both of Toronto, 03 Nov 1863.

V SPENCER, 29, Canada, Nottawa, s/o Erastus & Lucinda ADKINS [sic], married M FORREST, 45, New York US, Collingwood, d/o Matthew & Sarah CHAMBERS, witn: Annella FOREST of Collingwood & Mary GILMORE of Toronto, 08 Dec 1863.

William WILSON, 27, Ireland, Trafalgar, s/o Jane [sic] & Elizabeth WILSON, married Ann MILLER, 24, Esquesing, Esquesing, d/o Robert & Mary MILLER, witn: George WILSON of Milton & Jane WILSON of Toronto, 29 Dec 1863.


Page 155, return 139: by Rev Henry Melville, Evangelical Union

William ELLISON, 22, Ireland, Brampton, s/o Robert & Ann, married Annie GOOD, 21, England, Brampton, d/o John & Susannah, witn: John WRIGHT & Jessie WRIGHT, both of Toronto, 12 Jan 1863.

George ATKINSON, 32, England, Vaughan, s/o John & Ann, married S SINDER, 22, York Twp, York Twp, d/o Henry & Mary, witn: G W LAWRENCE & Eliza SEMPLE, both of Toronto, 17 Feb 1863.

Alexander HENNING, 26, Scotland, Toronto, s/o Peter & Jane, married M A HASTINGS, 21, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Alexander & Janet, witn: Robert CAMPBELL & Jane HASTINGS, both of Toronto, 03 Mar 1863.

John KIMNINS, 29, England, Toronto, s/o Edward & Sarah, married Jane WARNOCK, 21, Ireland, Toronto, d/o , witn: Andrew COOK & Anne WARNOCK, both of Toronto, 09 Dec 1863.
NOTE: Groom's surname is as written on return.


Page 155, return 140A: by Rev Gifford Dorey, Wesleyan Methodist

Thomas H HARRIS, 22, England, Toronto, s/o T H & Elizabeth HARRIS, married Margaret SPENCE, 20, Scotland, Toronto, d/o John & Mary SPENCE, witn: Mary SPENCE & Thomas PATERSON, both of Toronto, 01 Jan 1863.

James HUNTER, 26, Ireland, Toronto, s/o B & S HUNTER, married M PHILIPS, 23, Ireland, Toronto, d/o George & Emily PHILLIPS, witn: Emily PHILIPS & Alex STEWARD, both of Toronto, 03 Feb 1863. NOTE: Registrar is not consistent in the spelling of surnames in this return.

Henry Wood HAY, 23, England, Toronto, s/o John & Mary HAY, married Sarah WARIN, 22, Toronto, Toronto, d/o William & E WHARIN, witn: E WHARIN & J D PYKE, both of Toronto, 11 Feb 1863.
NOTE: Registrar is not consistent in the spelling of surnames in this return.

William D JOHNSON, 25, United States, Toronto, s/o D K & Jane JOHNSON, married D CONNER, 20, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Edward & Jane CONNER [CONNOR], witn: Jane CONNOR & Sarah JACKSON, both of Toronto, 24 Feb 1863.
NOTE: Registrar is not consistent in the spelling of surnames in this return.

Henry QUANT, 26, England, Toronto, s/o William & Mary QUANT, married M J BRAG, 20, England, Whitby, d/o John & Eliz BRAG, witn: Eliz BOAG & J D PYKE, both of Toronto, 04 Mar 1863.
Thomas GRANGER, 37, England, York Twp, s/o J & Ann GRANGER, married C LUDFORD, 23, Thornhill, York Twp, d/o T & Phoebe LUDFORD, witn: Phoebe LUDFORD & Emily DOREY, both of Toronto, 10 Mar 1863.

Robert WILLIAMSON, 22, Ireland, Toronto, s/o E & M WILLIAMSON, married M McDEVITT, 18, Ireland, Toronto, d/o J & E McDEVITT, witn: E McDEVITT & Emily DOREY, both of Toronto, 30 Mar 1863.

Charles PALMER, 33, England, Toronto, s/o Thomas & Ann PALMER, married F CHERRY, 22, England, Whitchurch Twp, d/o Moses & F CHERRY, witn: F CHERRY & J D PYKE, both of Toronto, 21 May 1863.


Page 155, return 140B: by Rev James Preston, Wesleyan Methodist

Thomas BLACKBURN, 21, Canada, Clarke [Twp], s/o William BLACKBURN & E CARTY, married E P COMSTOCK, 19, Canada, Toronto, d/o L R COMSTOCK & E BILLINGS, witn: L R COMSTOCK of Toronto, 10 Jul 1863.

John COOK, 25, Ireland, Niagara, s/o Charles COOK & Mary KING, married Susannah BISH, 21, Canada, Toronto, d/o William BISH & J BRIGHT, witn: Jacob SHAFER of Toronto, 13 Jul 1863

Robert STANLEY, 28, England, Toronto, s/o C STANLEY & M A WATKINS, married M A SHUTER, 26, Canada, Toronto, d/o R SHUTER & Jane SPENCE, witn: W MEAKIN of Toronto, 28 Jul 1863.

William SHARP, 27, Scotland, Toronto, s/o W SHARP & Jane KEIR (Kerr?), married Jane BAIN, 28, Canada, Toronto, d/o Angus BAIN & Ann DUNN, witn: Thomas THOMSON of Toronto, 01 Sep 1863.

Benjamin STACEY, 29, England, Toronto, s/o B STACEY & L SPENCE, married M J KARKEEK, 22, England, Toronto, d/o John & A KARKEEK, witn: Jas FARLEY of Toronto, 14 Sep 1863.

William BARNES, 23, England, Toronto, s/o W BARNES & J BARNES, married J HILLYARD, 24, Canada, Toronto, d/o John HILLYARD & A LIVINGSTONE, witn: F FITZSIMMONS of Toronto, 17 Sep 1863.

Joseph HOPSON, 23, England, Toronto, s/o J HOPSON & M HENDERSON, married M McNAMARA, 23, Canada, Toronto, d/o J McNAMARA & Ann DWYER, witn: P BULGER of Toronto, 18 Sep 1863.

John HANNA, 30, Ireland, Toronto, s/o W HANNA & A DOUGALL, married H HANCOCK, 21, England, Toronto, d/o John HANCOCK & Eliza JONES, witn: W ASHFORD of Toronto, 15 Oct 1863.

Samuel BURNETT, 25, Ireland, Toronto, s/o R BURNETT & M EUSTON, married E J SMITH, 18, Canada, Toronto, d/o David SMITH & M A SHETTLE, witn: William SMITH of Toronto, 15 Oct 1863.

Thomas TOMLINSON, 23, Ireland, York Twp, s/o T TOMLINSON & Jane ARWOOD, married M UNDERHILL, 20, Canada, York Twp, d/o T UNDERHILL & Sarah LOWE, witn: J BOYNTON of York Twp, 22 Oct 1863.

John COX, 35, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Robert COX & Sarah BENCE, married Ann HOLMES, 29, Ireland, Toronto, d/o E HOLMES & R CABBICK, witn: Samuel HOLMES of Toronto, 12 Nov 1863.

Samuel ROGERS, 33, England, Toronto, s/o John ROGERS & E ROBINSON, married M E COVE, 22, United States, Toronto, d/o Warren COVE & P HASS, witn: W H COVE of Toronto, 24 Nov 1863.

Allen COLLINS, 22, England, Collingwood, s/o Thomas COLLINS & M COLLINS, married Isabella DUGEON, 18, Scotland, Collingwood, d/o A DUDGEON & A FORD, witn: J METZER of Toronto, 23 Dec 1863.

William INKER, 26, England, Toronto, s/o A INKER & M VINE, married Ellen CARBITT (Corbett?), 28, Ireland, Toronto, d/o John CARBITT & E SULLIVAN, witn: W J FORD of Toronto, 24 Dec 1863.

James BROWNE, 20, England, Toronto, s/o Thomas BROWN & A J GILMORE, married S WALLIS, 20, Canada, Toronto, d/o Irwin WALLIS & M HALLEY, witn: Henry DONALD of Toronto, 28 Dec 1863.


Page 156, return 141: by Rev Charles F W Rechenberg, First Evangelical Lutheran Church

Frederick MAHATZKI, 27, Grunora Brandenburg Prussia, Toronto CW, s/o Gottfried MAHATZKI & Elizabeth LEHMAN, married Maria TREMNEL, 21, Oderstadt Speir-Renish Bavaria, Toronto CW, d/o George Michael TREMNEL & Veronica ERBACH, witn: John STELLENWAGER, Elizabeth TREMNEL, Rosa DEAN & Eliza KECHENBERG, all of Toronto, 09 Mar 1863.

Christopher SCHNDLER, 27, Bayreuth Bavaria Germany, Toronto, s/o Johann Schindler & Kunigunde PFIRSCH, married Elizabeth FAHRENBACH, 20, Rhenish Bavaria Germany, Toronto, d/o Johanna FACHRENBACH & Catherine KUHN, witn: Abert CARL & Margaret CARL, C STEWARD & J E HYNES, all of Toronto, 30 Mar 1863. Spelling is as given including variations. No problem reading handwriting.

George McDONALD, 42, Vaughan Twp, Vaughan Twp, s/o John McDONALD & Sarah, married Catherine SNIDER, 42, York Twp, Vaughan Twp, d/o Daniel STANG & Elizabeth, witn: Daniel SNIDER & Susan SNIDER, both of Vaughan Twp, 02 Jul 1863.

Charles REX, 58, Reipzig Province of Brandenburg Prussia , Toronto, s/o Gottfried R REX & Caroline HOFFMAN, married Anne Dorothea BANG, 46, Skuern Province of Brandenburg Bavaria, Toronto, d/o Christian FEST & Ann Elizabeth HAHN, witn: Charles BOECTH, H F BOECTH, & H FAUST, all of Toronto, 29 Jul 1863. Bride appears to be a widow.

Francis SCHNABEL, 29, Steinsdorf Saxe Weimer Germany, Toronto, s/o Francis William SCHNABEL & J S SERBRER, married Anna IRVINE, 20, "McQuire's place" Co of Fairmany [Fermanaugh?] Ireland, Toronto, d/o Arthur IRVINE & Catherine BUSHELL, witn: P JACOBI & M JOINE, both of Toronto, 22 Sep 1863.

Anthony KADER, 29, Coblenz Prussia, Toronto, s/o Johann Michael KADER & Agnes SCHWINGER, married Susannah REILLY, 18, Toronto, Toronto, d/o Terence REILLY & Catherine CLARKE, witn: Lewis SIEVERT & Margaret SIEVERT, both of Toronto, 01 Dec 1863.


Page 160, return 143: by Rev T F Caldicott, Bond Street Baptist

Joseph SLEMIN, 30, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Charles & Jane, married Mary BEATY, 25, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Charles & Fanny, witn: James BEATY of Toronto, 21 May 1863.

R V FACY, 30, England, Camden, s/o Alexander & Clarisa Mira, married Mary DUIN? (Dean?), 30, England, Toronto, d/o William & Ann, witn: David BUCHAN of Toronto, 22 May 1863.

Thomas H BILLS, 30, England, Toronto, s/o Stephen & Elizabeth, married Ann SHAW, 23, England, Toronto, d/o John & Leah, witn: James WARD of Toronto, 30 May 1863.

William DANCY, 20, England, Toronto, s/o Nehemiah & Sarah Elizabeth, married E J SUTHERLAND, 19, Canada, Toronto, d/o Alexander & Helen, witn: John DANCY of Toronto, 17 Jul 1863.

Franklin REYNOLDS, 24, Camden, Toronto, s/o William Henry & Margaret, married E OVENS, 20, New Jersey US, Toronto, d/o John & Jane, witn: W H REYNOLDS of Toronto, 06 Aug 1863.

Thomas RIDER, 24, England, Toronto, s/o John & Christina, married S A WILSON, 26, Kingston CW, Toronto, d/o George & Jane, witn: M R WHYMAN of Toronto, 06 Aug 1863.

Aaron WALKER, 26, England, Toronto Twp, s/o Richard & Ann Eliza, married M E OLIPHANT, 18, Toronto Twp, Toronto Twp, d/o James & Sarah, witn: William H JONES of Port Hope, 20 Aug 1863.

William E CHAPMAN, 20, England, Toronto, s/o William M & Maria M, married S A WEST, 19, England, Toronto, d/o William & Mary, witn: William WEST of Toronto, 26 Aug 1863.

John Alexander BOYD, 26, Toronto, Toronto, s/o John & Margaret, married E BUCHAN, 24, Paris CW, Paris CW, d/o David & Jane, witn: Jas BUCHAN of Paris CW, 31 Aug 1863.

William PATERSON, 26, Toronto, Toronto, s/o David & Sarah, married M COLVILLE, 21, England, Toronto, d/o William Walter & Elizabeth, witn: Peter PATERSON of Toronto, 24 Sep 1863.

Ralph EMERY, 25, Toronto, Toronto, s/o Robert & Hannah, married Charlotte CLINK, 18, Markham , Toronto, d/o William & Nancy, witn: W H JONES of Port Hope, 19 Oct 1863.

E CHESTER, 25, Toronto, Toronto, s/o Richard & Annie, married E VICKERS, 25, Clark Twp, Hamilton, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth, witn: S Caldicott of Toronto, 26 Oct 1863.


Page 161, return 144: by Rev A Lilly [Lillie], "The Congregational Body"

J S BROUGHTON, 25, England, Toronto, s/o J BROUTON & ___ BROUGHTON [sic], married M BINNEY, 23, Scotland, Toronto, d/o David BINNEY & _____ BINNEY, witn: David BINNEY & W S BROUGHTON, both of Toronto, 16 Sep 1863.


Page 161, return 144: by Rev W W Clarke, Wesleyan Methodist

John HEATH, 35, England, Toronto, s/o Ellis & Betsy HEATH, married Annie GATES, 25, Ancaster, Toronto, d/o Henry & Naomi GATES, witn: S S MARTIN of Toronto, 02 Aug 1863.

Henry WEST, 28, England, Toronto, s/o Charles & Maria WEST, married Jane TURNER, 27, Newfoundland, Toronto, d/o William & Jane TURNER, witn: H RUTLEDGE of Yorkville, 20 Sep 1863.

Joel GIBBS, 25, England, Yorkville, s/o William & Sarah GIBBS, married Cath McCOY, 25, Toronto, York Twp, d/o Andrew & Alice McCOY, witn: Charles ROBINSON of Yorkville, 26 Oct 1863.

Edmond MACKLIN, 26, England, Haldimand, s/o Jas & Charlotte MACKLIN, married Jane LAYTON, 22, England, Hamilton Twp, d/o Thomas & Eliz LAYTON, witn: Miriam BRENT of Yorkville, 25 Nov 1863.

John ALLEN, 23, Aurora, Toronto, s/o James & Mary A ALLEN, married Elizabeth LEAK, 22, Yorkville, Yorkville, d/o William & Mary LEAK, witn: Robert DAVIS of Toronto, 03 Dec 1863.


page 162, return 146: by Rev Robert Boyle, Primitive Methodist

Morris COLLINS, 19, Ireland, Cooksville, s/o "Father dead" & M COLLINS, married Eliz HAYES, 22, England, Cooksville, d/o "dead", witn: Robert WALKER & Mary WALKER, both of Toronto, 29 Jan 1863.

Samuel P BRIGS, England, Toronto, s/o W BRIGGS & "dead", married M J NEGEAR, 18, Canada, Toronto, d/o James & Grace NEGEAR, witn: William BRIGS & M LYON of Toronto, 09 Feb 1863. NOTE: Groom's age not given. All spelling as given.

Henry J WARD, 26, England, Esquesing, s/o J WARD & H WARD, married M M DAVISON, 17, Trafalgar, Georgetown, d/o W DAVISON & E DAVISON, witn: W WATSON & Sarah WATSON of Georgetown, 08 Oct 1863. All spelling as given.

William BLAKE, 25, Ireland, Toronto, s/o "dead", married M A CARR, 23, Ireland, Toronto, d/o "dead", witn: Charles KING & W McNICOL, both of Toronto, 12 Mar 1863.

George A WALTON, 24, Canada, Scarboro, s/o W WALTON & "dead", married E J McCLURE, 21, Canada, Scarboro, d/o "dead", witn: Wesley WALTON & H McCLURE, both of Scarboro, 07 May 1863.

William HALLS, 30, England, York, s/o "dead" & S HALLS, married M A MILIGIN, 27, Canada, York, d/o Norman & M J MILLIGIN, witn: Martha BOYCE & H William B[OYCE?] of Toronto, 05 Jun 1863.

Thomas HUTCHINSON, 25, Ireland, Hamilton, s/o "dead" & J HUTCHINSON, married M A BAMBACH, 21, Canada, Toronto, d/o "dead", witn: M A BELL & M A BOYCE of Toronto, 12 Jun 1863.

N WHITEHOUSE, 24, England, Toronto, s/o "dead" & S A WHITEHOUSE, married S KENT, 24, Canada, Toronto, d/o Joseph & M KENT, witn: L WHITEHOUSE & C J WHITEHOUSE of Toronto, 14 Jun 1863.

James HEWITT, 23, Ireland, Toronto, s/o "dead" & Cath HEWITT, married J GOWDY, 18, Ireland, Toronto, d/o William & Sarah GOWDY, witn: John HEALLY & Sarah GOUDY [sic] of Toronto, 13 Jun 1863.

William GAMMON, 24, Ireland, Toronto, s/o "dead", married E BROOK, 19, Canada, Toronto, d/o "dead", witn: W SANDIMAN & R PROVER, both of Toronto, 23 Jul 1863.

Thomas JORDON, 22, England, Toronto Twp, s/o Jeremiah & Mary, married S HEARTLEY, 21, England, Toronto Twp, d/o "dead", witn: Thomas SWANN & R V LANGDON of Toronto, 15 Aug 1863.

Samuel MUTTON, 21, Canada , Toronto , s/o William & M Ann MUTTON, married S A LEAK, 21, Canada, Toronto Twp, d/o "dead", witn: W MUTTON & M A MUTTON, both of Toronto, 05 Aug 1863.


Page 162, return 146: by Rev William Herridge, Primitive Methodist

Francis LUNDY, 21, Canada, Chinguacousy, s/o Joseph & M J LUNDY, married C MORTON, 29, Canada, King, d/o Andrew & Mary MORTON, witn: J LUNDY & M FITZLEYONE, both of Chinguacousy, 17 Sep 1863.

James WARWOOD, 26, England, Toronto , s/o J WARWOOD & E WARWOOD, married H PLANT, 19, England, Toronto, d/o William PLANT & Sarah P, witn: Isaac ROBINSON & Eliz BOYLE, both of Toronto, 07 Nov 1863.

Alex CALDER, 25, Scotland, Toronto, s/o W CALDER & "dead", married M LOUGHMAN, 22, Scotland, Toronto , d/o Charles & Margaret LOUGHMAN, witn: John JENNINGS DD & Charles LOUGHMAN of Toronto, 03 Nov 1863.

John McCLAIN, 24, Canada, Toronto, s/o J McCLAIN & "dead", married M MINES, 21, Ireland, Toronto , d/o Samuel & Mary MINES, witn: Samuel JAMES & John H LINEN, both of Toronto, 06 Dec 1863.

George PERRY, 21, England, Stratford, s/o "dead", married H RENT, 20, Canada, Toronto, d/o Joseph RENT & Ann RENT, witn: John RENT & J G WALKER, both of Toronto, 07 Dec 1863


Page 163, return 147: by Rev. George Haigh, Primitive Methodist

John MASON, 35, England, Yorkville, s/o John & Ann, married Jane WILLIAMS, 33, Ireland, Yorkville, d/o James & Eleanor, witn; Jane Johnston of Toronto and Charles BANSELDEN of Yorkville, 22 sep 1863 (licence)

John SHAW, 50 between Great Britain & France, Toronto, s/o Alex & M. Ann, married Seviah FARLEY, 33, Toronto, same, d/o Lenard & Seviah, witn; George LEWIS of Yorkville and Augusta WILLCOX of Toronto, 19 oct 1863 (bands)

Richard SMILEY, 28, Liverpool England, Toronto, s/o Jas. & Jane, married Sarah SHARPE, 24, London England, Toronto, d/o James & Ann, witn; William DANIELS of Yorkville and Eliz. FERGUSON of Toronto, 20 oct 1863 (licence)

Stephen LAWRENCE, 21, England, Yorkville, s/o W. & Susanah, married Jane DUNNE, 20, Yorkville, same, witn; George and mary Ann BOWLING both of Yorkville, 8 dec 1863 (banns)


Page 163, return 148: by Rev. Alexander Lorimer, Baptist

John DORSEY, 32, Baltimore Md., Toronto, s/o John & Ellen, married C. A. HICKMAN, 32, Toronto, Toronto C. W., d/o W & E., witn; D. COLLIN and H. MILLER both of Toronto, 5 feb 1863

John O'BONNER, 40, North Carolina, Toronto, s/o George & R., married E. H. POTTER, 43, Virginia, Toronto, d/o Jacob & M. HATTAN, witn; John BEATTY and M. WARREN both of Toronto, 11 feb 1863

Robert A. SMITH, 26, New Orleans, Toronto, s/o Allen & Lavinia, married Mary HOWARD, Clare Ireland, Toronto, d/o John & M., witn; Ino IRWIN and Margt HOGG both of Toronto, 10 mar 1863

Robert TRACEY md., 28, Abergavny Wales, Hastings C. W. s/o T. B. and H. married Rachael DAVIS, 18, Kingston, Kingston C. W. d/o G. & M. F., witn; J. G. HARRIS Jr. and Francis TRACY both of Kingston, 5 aug 1863

David MOLTON, 25, Hamilton C. W., Guelph, s/o Jackson & M. married W. H. DAVIS, 21, Madison Indiana, Cincinatti Ohio lately Toronto, d/o H & Mary DAVIS, witn; William SCOTT and Elisha EDWARDS both of Toronto, 22 dec 1863


Page 164, return 149: by Rev. William Gregg, Presbyterian

Alexander ANDEEM, 30, Ireland, York Tp., s/o A. ANDEEM & Mary DEWDEY, married Ann YOUNG, 30, Scotland, York Tp., d/o Jas YOUNG & Cath McFARLAN, witn; George STIHAN of Toronto and Jacob ANDEEN of York Tp., 2 jan 1863

John DARBY, 55, England, Toronto, s/o William DARBY & Sarah WITHDALL, married E. LAWRENCE, widow, 70, New Brundwick, Sacrborough, d/o J. RUSSELL & Eliz. MARCE, witn; Sun PETTMEN of Cy. Oxford and Alice MARKHAM of Toronto, 2 mar 1863

Robt. HEAIST, 22, Ireland, York Tp., s/o George HEAIST & Eliz. WHOLSIDE, married Sarah STIRLING, 14, Canada, York Tp., d/o Lechlin STIRLING & Jane KANE, witn; Rich. LAWRENCE of Toronto and Rich HEART of York Tp. 2 apr 1863

John CRAWFORD, 23, Canada, Toronto, s/o John CRAWFORD & Cath. CHAMBERS, married M. A. CRAWFORD, 22, Canada, Toronto, d/o Hamilton CRAWFORD & Jane HOLDING, witn; Robt. TEASDALE and Rich. CUTHROY both of Toronto, 20 apr 1863

William DOUGLASS, 26, Scotland, Chatam, s/o George DOUGLASS & Janet GUM, married Jane E. HUDSON, 22, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Ridi HUDSON & Julia CONNOR, witn; Thomas MOSS and Anna HUDSON both of Toronto, 6 may 1863

James HENRY, 26, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Thomas HENRY & Eliz PURDY, married Helen JOHNSTON, 21, Canada, Toronto, d/o Arthur JOHNSTON & Ann McBRIDE, sitn; Charles W. COFFEY and Robert HENRY both of Toronto, 1 jun 1863

D. A. CREASON, 24, Canada, Owen Sound, s/o John CREASON & Marg. HUDSON, married Jane PLATT, 20, Canada, Toronto, d/o John PLATT & Eliz CARTER, witn; George KENNEDY of Owen Sound and Saml. PLATT of New York, 25 jun 1863

Robert NUGENT, 25, Ireland, Narnfleet (Wainfleet?), s/o Oliver NUGENT, & Jane CARMICHAEL, married Martha BREDEN, 28, Ireland, Yorkville, d/o Rodger BREDON & Martha AILANS, witn; William CORBETT and mary HUNTER both of Toronto, 13 jul 1863

George FRAME, 37, Scotland, Toronto, s/o James FRAME & Phobe MORTON, married Suire CARR, 37, Ireland, Toronto, d/o John CARR & Ann GILLESPIE, witn; Joseph EDWARDS and Margaret QUIN both of Toronto, 24 jul 1863

William SHARP, 34, Scotland, Toronto, s/o Robert SHARP & M. FALKNER, married Margaret PERKINS, 29, Scotland, Toronto, d/o Alex BUTEHAD & Margaret INGLIS, witn David INGLIS and Ellen BUTCHER both of Toronto, 29 jul 1863

James KEN (Kerr?), 22, Ireland, Toronto, s/o William KEN & Margaret IRWIN, married Sarah McKNIGHT, 24, Ireland, Toronot, d/o Robert McKNIGHT & Jane CAMPBELL, witn; Charles KINGSTON and Jane McARTHUR both of Toronto, 30 jul 1863

Nicholas RENNICK, 23, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Thomas RENNICK & Mary J. WARNOCK, married Susana WHITSIDE, 21, Toronto, same, d/o Arthur WHITESIDE & Jane ALLEN, witn; Hugh LENARGHTY and Thomas FARAGHEN both of Toronto, 2 sep 1863

Joseph BOOTH, 22, Canada, Scarborough, s/o Thomas BOOTH & Margaret SMITH, married Ann OMEROD, 21, Canada, Scarborough, d/o Jas. OMEROD & Temiah LEEOR, witn; Joseph OMEROD and Margaret BOOTH both of Scarboro, 2 oct 1863

Andrew LINLINE (Tinline?), 31, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Jas. LINLINE & Hannah CHAPMAN, married Asa PATTERSON, 25, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o William PATTERSON & Margaret REDFORD, witn W. BADENACH and Sarah DUFF both of Toronto, 24 oct 1863

Peter McCALLUM, 25, Canada, Town of King, s/o Duncan McCALLUM & Jane McECHEM, married Marth WELLS, 23, Canada, Tp. King, d/o Joseph WELLS & Eliza LORD, witn Robert STEWART of King and E. MOORE of Whitechurch, 28 oct 1863

Peter MARTIN, 23, Scotland, Toronto, s/o James MARTIN & Mary MOODIE, married Cath OLIVER, 25, Canada, Toronto, d/o John OLIVER & H. DREMAR (Dewar?), witn; James DENDY & Jas MARTEN(son) both of Toronto 6 nov 1863

Charles HOODLESS, 34, England, Toronto, s/o John HOODLESS & Dinah COOKE, married Margaret SIMPSON, 32, widow, Scotland, Toronto d/o Duncan McLAUGHEN (McLaughlin?) & Margaret DOUGLAS, witn John SHARP of Scarboro and Margaret CAMPBELL of King Tp. 15 dec 1863


Page 165, return 150: by Rev. John de King, Presbyterian

John MIDDLMIS, 34, Montreal, Toronto, s/o Ino MIDDLMIS & Jane MIDDLEMIS, married Eliz TELFER, 27, Antwerp U.S., Toronto, d/o Thomas TELFER & Janet TELFER, witn R. J. EASSON of Toronto, 4 jun 1863

John Vanchead BARLOW, 34, Lancashire, Nawasaga, s/o George BARLOW & Helen HAGUE, married Helen BURNS, 24, Whitby, Toronto, d/o Gavina BURNS & Helen BURNS, witn; D.C. MOODMAN of Oshawa, 2 jul 1863


Page 165, return 151: by Rev. William McClure Methodist New Connexion

NOTE: A fire at the manse destroyed the register on 6 Dec 1863. The minister was unable to make a return of marriages which he conducted in 1863 before this date.

John McEWEN, 23, Ireland, Toronto, s/o William & Mary, married Janet STEVENSON, 20, Scotland, Toronto, d/o Robert & Janet, witn; Robt. STEVENSON of Toronto, 25, nov 1863


Page 165, return 152 Jas. Harper a Minister of Colored Wesleyan Methodist

Andrew HUNTER, 21 Richmond Virginia, Brampton, parents unknown, married Louisa WALLACE, 18, Baltimore Mich. Toronto, d/o F. WALLACE & Richard WALLACE, witn; Eliz. HARKEN and Ben TOURNS (Towns?) both of Toronto, 30 jun 1863

George LODINE, 31, Baltimore, Toronto, parents unknown, married Eliza LAMBERT, 30 Washington, Toronto, parents unknown, witn; Eliz. HARKEN and Samuel WELLS both of Toronto 28 aug 1863


Page 166, return 153: by Rev J S Ellerby, Zion Congregationalist Church

John MORRISON, 26, Alloa Scotland, Toronto, s/o John & Isabella MORISON, married S A LOUNSBOROUGH, 21, Toronto, Toronto, d/o William & Ann LOUNSBOROUGH, witn: W LOUNSBOROUGH, J L MORISON & John STRACHAN of Toronto, 10 Mar 1863. NOTE: MORISON & MORRISON were both used in the entry.

Henry PINDER, 25, Stone Gloucs England, Toronto, s/o Joshua & Eliz PINDER, married Rebecca BUNKER, 20, Toronto, Toronto, d/o Thomas & Sarah BUNKER, witn: Sarah BUNKER & Thomas BUNKER of Toronto, 07 Oct 1863.

Jas D SMITH, 24, Chatham Kent England, Toronto, s/o Jas Alfred & Lucy SMITH, married Julia HEYHEN, 20, Kingston, Toronto, d/o Joseph & S F HEYHEN, witn: George HAMILTON, R T THOMAS & J A R DICKSONS of Toronto, 17 Nov 1863.


Page 166, return 154A: by Rev James Elliott, Wesleyan Methodist

William H CODDINGTON, 23, Canada, London CW, s/o Aaron & Elizabeth, married Elizabeth CLINE, 21, Canada, Toronto, d/o Eliz & George CLINE, witn: W WILKINSON & W H PEARSON of Toronto, 16 Jan 1863.

Joseph BENNETT, New York, Toronto, s/o [not given], married Mary A RIDLEY, US, Connecticut, d/o [not given], witn: Henry RIDLEY of Connecticut, 16 Jan 1863. NOTE: Ages of bride and groom not given.

James SAVAGE, 22, [not given], Toronto, s/o John & Bridget SAVAGE, married Hannah GARLICK, 21, Toronto, Toronto, d/o John & Susan, witn: William SAVAGE of Toronto, 07 Feb 1863

William STAFFORD, 44, England, Elora, s/o William & Sophia, married Harriet GALLAGHER, 40, Canada, Toronto, d/o Archibald & Charlotte, witn: Eliza GARLICK & Horatio HICKSON of Toronto, 05 Mar 1863.

Samuel WILSON, 40, Canada, Toronto, s/o David & Susan, married Susan CALDWELL, 19, England, Toronto, d/o John & Evelina, witn: M C ROSE & John WILSON of Toronto, 05 Mar 1863.

Leonard WILLIS, 27, England, Toronto, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Maria LEAK, 23, Canada, Toronto, d/o William & Mary, witn: Susan WILSON & Alex TODD, 03 Apr 1863.

Joseph DIXON, 29, England, Holland - Grey Co, s/o George & Jane, married Eliza HOLMES, 23, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Edward & Rebecca, witn: John NIMMO & J H McCOLLUM, 06 Apr 1863.

Robert D BAKER, 21, Canada, York Co, s/o George & Mary, married Amelia SRIGLEY, 21, Canada, King , d/o Jesse & Phebe, witn: Ann HOLMES & David WADDLE of Toronto, 22 Jun 1863.


Page 166 & !67, return 154B: by Rev William Pollard, Wesleyan Methodist

Rev Pollard was the successor to James Elliott with whom he shared this return.

Robert BERRY, 24, Toronto, Toronto, s/o [not given], married Priscilla DUNCAN, US, US, d/o [not given], witn: M J BEATTY & H L SIMPSON of New York, 06 Aug 1863. NOTE: Bride's age not given.

Benjamin McLAREN, 25, Canada, Guelph , s/o James & Susan, married Mary E CAIN, 25, Ireland, Guelph, d/o James & Christian, witn: H G SIMPSON & Hugh ATKINS of Toronto, 07 Sep 1863.

William WINTER, 26, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Irwin & Jane, married Jane RENNIE, 23, Canada, Toronto, d/o [not given], witn: Maria ATKINS & D J R CORMACK of Toronto, 14 Sep 1863.

John H KITCHEN, 31, Canada, Brampton, s/o Henry & Elizabeth, married Sarah KITCHEN, 33, Canada, Wilmot Twp, d/o Jesse & Elizabeth, witn: Ann McDONALD & S R LUND of Woodstock, 08 Oct 1863.

Samuel COX, 26, Canada, Niagara, s/o John & Salome, married Matilda LAMBERT, 29, England, Toronto, d/o Edward & Susan, witn: Roliemma VANKEYMAN & Polimann RANKOMEN of Toronto, 17 Dec 1867.

John Wesley WATSON, Canada, Toronto, s/o [not given], married Sarah JACKSON, Toronto, Toronto, d/o [not given], witn: Sarah DAWSON & Henry JACKSON of Toronto, 25 Nov 1863. NOTE: Ages of bride and groom not given.

James ALMOND, 46, England, Whitby, s/o Robert & Elizabeth, married Lucy TODD , 34, England, Toronto, d/o William & Sarah, witn: William TODD & Thomas TODD of Toronto, 23 Dec 1863.


Page 167, return 155: by Rev F H Marling, Bond Street Congregational Church

John FARRELL, 28, Ireland, Essa Twp, s/o Edward & Margaret, married Mary "FOLEY", 26, Ireland, Toronto, d/o John Foley [only], witn: Jas Farley of Toronto & John Foster of Orillia, 28 Jun 1863. NOTE: Quotes are as given.


Page 169, return 157: by Rev. Anson Green, Wesleyan Methodist

William WRIGHT, 27, York England, St. Andrews CW, s/o John & Ann, married Mary BROWN, 21, Ireland, St. Andrews, d/o William & Mary, witn: John LONEY & Samuel PLOWRIGHT, both of St. Andrews, 22 Jan 1863

Michael BANKS, 29, England, Pickering twp., s/o John & Mary, married Martha HUNTER, 24, England, Pickering, d/o George P & Sarah, witn: William MARA & W.L. WILKINSON, both of Toronto, 23 March 1863

John McCALLUM, 33, Ireland, Albion twp., s/o William & Ann, married Elizabeth McCONNELL, 21, Chinguacousy, same, d/o Thomas & Isabella, witn Samuel McCALLUM of Albion & Margaret McCONNELL of Chinguacousy, 9 April 1863

Richard WAYLING, 24, Newmarket, Toronto, s/o Richard & Ann, married Jane MOORE, 21, Toronto, same, d/o James & Ann, witn: James PRICE Jr. & Margaret LONGMUIR, both of Toronto, 14 May 1863

Thomas SPEIGHT, 29, Markham, same, s/o Thomas & Martha, married M. HOGARTH, 24, England, Scarboro twp., d/o Henry & Agnes, witn: William & Martha SPEIGHT of Markham, 22 May 1863

Francis STONE, 27, Kingston, York twp., s/o John & Mary, married S.A. CROSSON, 22, York twp., same, d/o Henry & Margaret, witn: Thomas & Elizabeth HUTCHINSON of York twp., 16 July 1863

William CHUDLEY, 30, England, Scarboro twp., s/o William & Susannah, married M.A. HUTCHINSON, 28, Scarboro, same, d/o Joseph & Mary, witn: William UNDERWOOD & Mary CURRAH, both of Scarborough, 12 Aug 1863

Alfred HALE, 22, Etobicoke, same, s/o John & Mary, married Ann PAYNE, 22, Etobicoke, same, d/o William & Jane, witn: David PAYNE & S.E. TEWDSLEY, both of Etobicoke, 8 Oct 1863

William Colbert BRADSHAW, 31, England, Toronto, s/o J. & Martha, married Margaret CHERRY, 24, England, Toronto, d/o Moses & Fanny, witn: Charles PALMER & Sarah HURST, both of Toronto, 7 Nov 1863

Joseph SYMONS, 26, England, Scarboro twp., s/o Robert & Keziah, married Susannah CHAPMAN, 30, Scarborough, same, d/o John Sr. & Nancy, witn: Jesse & John CHAPMAN of Scarborough, 28 Dec 1863


Page 169 & 170, return 158: by Rev. Alexander Topp, Knoxs Presbyterian Church

Edward HUTCHINSON, 23, Wellington twp., Toronto, s/o J. HUTCHINSON & E. KEILLOR, married Eliza SWIFT, 18, London England, Toronto, d/o William SWIFT & Jane MOSES, witn: John ANDERSON & Elizabeth FELL, both of Toronto, 5 Jan 1863

Duncan McLEAN, 38, Kintyre Scotland, York Mills, s/o Robert McLEAN & Agnes, married Agnes NIXON, 37, Kintyre Scotland, York Mills, d/o Richard NIXON & Margaret SMITH, witn: Robert RISEBROUGH & A. McLEAN, both of York Mils, 13 Jan 1863

James COWAN, 31, Dumfries Scotland, Toronto, s/o Thomas COWAN & Elizabeth GEDDES, married Elizabeth HANNAH, 27, Dalyrymple - Ayrshire Scotland, Toronto, d/o John HANNAH & Mary THOM, witn: James WRIGHT & Mary HANNAH, both of Toronto, 16 Jan 1863

James RICHARDSON, 24, Yorkshire England, Toronto, s/o Charles RICHARDSON & Annie FRANCIS, married Ann SUTHERLAND, 20, Sutherlandshire Scotland, Toronto, d/o George SUTHERLAND & Mary CLARK, witn: C. RICHARDSON & Chris. SUTHERLAND, both of Toronto, 22 Jan 1863

Robert WILSON, 30, Enniskillen Ireland, Toronto, s/o Robert WILSON & Jane BURNSIDE, married Lilly LOWRY, 24, Tyrone Ireland, Toronto, d/o James LOWRY & Elizabeth PARKHILL, witn: John BURNS & Mary WILSON, both of Toronto, 30 Jan 1863

William ALLEN, 32, Westmoreland England, Georgetown, s/o Richard ALLEN & Margaret ALDERSON, married A.A.L. BENNETT, 23, Streetsville, Georgetown, d/o Josiah BENNETT & Ann LEWIS, witn: John LANDA & Jane TOPP, both of Toronto, 25 Feb 1863

Robert SMITH, 24, Indiana USA, Aurora CW, s/o James SMITH & Jane LAUDEL (or Landel), married Jamison HALIDAY, 18, Kent England, Whitechurch CW, d/o H. HALLIDAY (sic) & M. SOUTHAM, witn: Margaret STONE & Jane TOPP, both of Toronto, 11 March 1863

Duncan McJANES (or McInnes), 26, Mull Scotland, Streetsville, s/o Ad. McJANES & A. McARTHUR, married Annie GARDINER, 23, Fermanagh Ireland, Streetsville, d/o A. GARDINER & Ann CLARKE, witn: Margaret GREY of Streetsville, 29 March 1863

George WOODS, 24, Vaughan, same, s/o John WOODS & Reb. SMITH, married Elizabeth MARSSAN, 24, Vaughan, same, d/o William MARSSAN & Hannah , witn: Helen HORNAL & Priscilla CARLISLE, both of Toronto, 31 March 1863

Joseph DUFF, 32, Duncombe - Dumfrieshire Scotland, Scarborough, s/o James DUFF & Agnes CARR, married Elizabeth DICKSON, 23, Hollywood - Dumfrieshire Scotland, Scarborough, d/o John DICKSON & Eliz. WIGHTMAN, witn: illegible & M. DICKSON of Scarborough, 31 March 1863

Robert FOSTER, 25, Scotland, Gwillumbury, s/o Robert & Mary, married Jane LOCKHART, 24, Dalhousie, Toronto, d/o James & Jane, witn: Eliz. A. McEWEN & James COWAN, both of Toronto, 26 May 1863

John William SMITH, 38, Nottingham England, Guelph, s/o William SMITH & Ann HAYES, married Jane McLAREN, 24, Falkirk Scotland, Toronto, d/o J.G. McLAREN & Janet HENRY, witn: H. McLANE & John McCLAIN, both of Toronto, 29 June 1863

John LINDSAY, 28, Caledon CW, Port Bruce, s/o Samuel LINDSAY & M. BUCHANAN, married E. McDONALD, 25, Nova Scotia, Toronto, d/o John McDONALD & Mary McG--?, witn: E. McLELLAN & Charles ROBERTSON, both of Toronto, 17 Sept 1863

John ROSS, 25, Watton - Caithness Scotland, Nelson twp., s/o William & Margaret, married Mary THOMPSON, 25, Kilpatrick - Dumfries Scotland, Nelson, d/o William THOMPSON & Jane CHARTERS, witn: Fred LASH of Toronto, 17 Sept 1863

Alexander WALLACE, 31, Kirkcudbright Scotland, Scarborough twp., s/o Alexander WALLACE & Jane GUTHRIE, married Agnes FRAME, 25, Lanarkshire Scotland, York twp., d/o John FRAME & Jane GIBSON, witn: John FRAME & Charles BARBER, both of York twp., 22 Sept 1863

William BLACK, 56, Armagh Ireland, Toronto, s/o John BLACK & H. McILROY, married A. PILLOW, 39, Armagh Ireland, Toronto, d/o William TURTLE & Agnes MAY, witn: John ROBINSON & C. BARBER, both of Toronto, 24 Sept 1863

Andrew CRAWFORD, 26, Tossaway Scotland, Toronto, s/o Robert & M., married Cath GIBB, 20, Toronto, same, d/o Charles GIBB & E. SHILLINGTON, witn: John LEYS & John LEYS Sr., both of Toronto, 24 Sept 1863

James M. GRANT, 26, Woodstock CW, Ingersoll, s/o James GRANT & E. McDONALD, married Ann BARCLAY, 24, Iowa twp CW (Iona?), d/o John BARCLAY & M. McLEOD, witn: Ellen HOMEL of Toronto, 9 Oct 1863

Louis EQUIN, 30, Burga Tuscany - Italy, s/o Antonia EQUI (sic) & Cath, married Margaret RUSSELL, 21, London England, Toronto, d/o William RUSSELL & Helen CARGILL, witn: Robert STEPHEN & Jane BRAIRD, both of Toronto, 13 Oct 1863

Henry WALLEN, 28, Devonshire England, Scarborough, s/o John WALLEN & Elizabeth PARISH, married Margaret B. GIBSON, 35, Arbroath Scotland, Toronto, d/o Robert McGILVRAY & E.S. LEITCH, witn: W. & E. McGILIVAR (sic) of Toronto, 12 Nov 1863

James SHAW, 24, Rothwell Scotland, King twp., s/o George SHAW & Jane HOUSTON, married Agnes DAVIDSON, 25, Richmond Hill, same, d/o B. DAVIDSON & M. REDPATH, witn: Ben DAVIDSON Jr. of Richmond Hill & Charles THOMPSON of Toronto, 12 Nov 1863

David PETERMAN, 23, Vaughan twp., King twp., s/o John PETERMAN & Susan ROBINS, married Eliz. GILLENS, 24, Greenock Scotland, King twp., d/o John GILLERS (sic) & Jane STRUTHERS, witn: John GILLIES (sic) of Toronto & Margaret NIXON of King, 18 Nov 1863

Robert MAUR, 24, Adjala twp., same, s/o R. MAUR & Jane EWINS, married Ellen RUPELL (Russell?), 24, Armagh Ireland, Adjala twp., d/o James RUSSELL (sic) & Isabel DOWIE, witn: Samuel & M. Ann GILMORE of Toronto, 11 Dec 1863

illegible J. BARKER, 29, Markham, same, s/o A. BARKER & Eliz. MILLER, married Eliz. LEYS, 22, Toronto, same, d/o William LEYS & Eliz. NICHOLS, witn: John LEYS & John TAYLOR, both of Toronto, 14 Dec 1863

George EAKIN, 33, Markham, Unionville, s/o S. EAKIN & Eliz. PRINGLE, married E. ECKHART, 25, Markham, Unionville, d/o A. LEKHART (sic) & C. HUNTER, witn: Jane TOPP & Priscilla CARLISLE, both of Toronto, 24 Dec 1863


Page 171 & 172, return 159: at St. Marys Church

D.M. HOURIGAN, 23, Ireland, King twp., s/o D.M. HOURIGAN & Eliz. FOGARTY, married Ellen McQUEEN, 20, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Mathew McQUEEN & Margaret CAIL, witn: John & Ellen McQUEEN of Toronto, 16 Jan 1863

Mathew MAHER, 45, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Daniel MAHER & Johana POWER, married Johana O'BRIEN, 35, Ireland, Toronto, d/o John & Ellen, witn: Thomas McCARTHY & Mary HUGHES, both of Toronto, 26 Jan 1863

Thomas KANE, 50, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Pat KANE & Biddy MURRY, married Mary MURPHY, 30, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Pat MURPHY & Elizabeth, witn: Mick FITZPATRICK & Biddy KANE, both of Toronto, 20 June 1863

John LAFFERTY, 30, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Pat LAFFERTY & Biddy GILASPIE (should be Gillespie?), married Ellen McNEILLY, 20, Ireland, Toronto, d/o John McNEILLY & Cath WALSH, witn: Renni DALGAL & Harriet FLYNN, both of Toronto, 12 June 1863

David BORLAND, 24, Scotland, Toronto, s/o D. BORLAND & Mary McNAB, married Teresa BOLGER, 22, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Matthew BOLGER & Ann BURNS, witn: Edward BOLGER & Biddy BUTLER, both of Toronto, 10 April 1863

Terence McDONAGH, 20, Canada, Toronto, s/o Mick McDONAGH & Louisa CUNNINGHAM, married A.C. CAMPBELL, 23, Canada, Toronto, d/o Dan CAMPBELL & Mary CHAPMAN, witn: John & A. PLATT of Toronto, 13 June 1863

John BYRNE, 28, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Pat BYRNE & Biddy SOULER, married E. MARVYN, 23, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Mick MARVYN & Ann MAHON, 11 July 1863

John ROBSON, 28, Scotland, Toronto Garrison, s/o George ROBSON & Margaret WALSH, married E. HOULAGHAN, 24, Toronto, same, d/o James HOULAGHAN & Ellen GARDNER, witn: Patrick SERGEANT & Eliza COOPER, both of Toronto, 14 July 1863

Thomas O'BRIEN, 20, Ireland, 30th Regiment, s/o John O'BRIEN & Ann McPHERSON, married Cath COLLINS, 18, Ireland, Toronto, d/o John COLLINS & Margaret JURPY, witn: William McFADDEN & Mary COLLINS, both of Toronto, 10 July 1863

James HARKANE, 52, England, Toronto, s/o Richard HARKANE & Cath STOCK, married Ann WALSH, 35, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Thomas & Ann, witn: D. & Marg McDONALD of Toronto, 25 July 1863

Thomas O’RORKE, 28, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Michael O’RORKE & Cath WINTER, married Bridget FITZGIBBONS, 21, Ireland, Toronto, d/o John FITZGIBBONS & Ellen FITZGERALD, witn: John O’DONOHOGUE & Kate CREIGHTON, both of Toronto, 3 Aug 1863

John SHEEHAN, 27, Ireland, Toronto, s/o John SHEEHAN & Cath CARROLL, married Eliz. BOLGER, 22, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Pat BOLGER & Ann BUCKLEY, witn: Mathias NANOY & Clara STERLING, both of Toronto, 3 Aug 1863

Thomas DOYLE, 27, Ireland, 30th Regiment, s/o John DOULE & Bridget O’KEEFE, married Eliz. WHITE, 29, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Thomas WHITE & E. HABERLAN, witn: Dan & Ellen FOLEY of Toronto, 5 Aug 1863

Gregory DUNNE, 30, Ireland, Scarboro, s/o James DUNN (sic) & B. FURLONG, married Cath MANGAN, 27, Ireland, Toronto, d/o William MANGAN & M. HANIGAN, witn: Pat & Mary KEARNY of Toronto, 8 Sept 1863

John FOGARTY, 27, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Pat FOGARTY & Mary DONELLY, married M. Ann DALY, 23, Canada, Toronto, d/o Pat DALY & Julia COLBERT, witn: Dan FERGUSON & Louisa STANFORD, both of Toronto, Sept 1863

James BRYSON, 47, Ireland, Canadian Rifles, s/o James BRYSON & Ellen McDONALD, married Maria SELF, 21, Ithaca, Toronto, d/o Samuel SELF & Cath McCAULEY, witn: James? McCARTY & M. Ann SELF, both of Toronto, 7 Sept 1863

Daniel BARTLEY, 26, Ireland, 30th Regiment, s/o Charles BARTLEY & Cath BROWN, married Mary RENAHAN, 26, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Michael RENAHAN & Eliz. CARROLL, witn: Thomas MURRAY & Margaret SMITH, both of Toronto, 9 Sept 1863

John KEEGAN, 31, Ireland, 30th Regiment, s/o James KEEGAN & Honora KELLY, married Cath CAMPBELL, 21, Scotland, Toronto, d/o Malcolm CAMPBELL & M. McARTHUR, witn: J.G. & Bessie MOYLAN of Toronto, 10 Sept 1863

Bernard GROGAN, 29, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Pat GROGAN & Mary DUFFY, married Mary WALTON, 19, Toronto, Brockton, d/o Adam WALTON & Cath BRODY, witn: John CURRAN & Ann BRENNAN, both of Toronto, 13 Sept 1863

William CAHILL, 24, Ireland, 30th Regiment, s/o James CAHILL & Eliz. DENNIS, married Mary MURPHY, 24, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Edward MURPHY & Cath CALAHAN, witn: Pat KELLY & Maria RIDDEL, both of Toronto, 21 Sept 1863

Thomas ALLEN, 28, England, 30th Regiment, s/o James ALLEN & Ann SMITH, married Eliz. McDONAGH, 30, Ireland, Toronto, d/o James McDONAGH & Cath BERNY, witn: William DOYLE & Maria McEVOY, both of Toronto, 21 Sept 1863

Thomas BARRY, 45, Ireland, Bradford, s/o Richard BARRY & Margaret DOYLE, married Mary BRAZIL, 40, Ireland, Bond Head, d/o Hugh KELLY & Ellen DUNN, witn: Bernard SHORT & Anast. WALSH, both of Toronto, 1 Oct 1863

John RATTRAY, 32, Scotland, Toronto, s/o Alick RATTRAY & Margaret SHA--?, married Maria KIRK, 20, Newfoundland, Toronto, d/o Edward KIRK & Catherine GREEN, witn: Samuel & Kate KIRK of Toronto, 3 Feb 1863

John TOOLE, 29, Ireland, 16th Regiment, s/o James TOOLE & Ellen HANLON, married Mary Ann FLEMMING, 23, Quebec, Toronto, d/o John FLEMMING & Eliza McCAWEN?, witn: Lawrence BORON (Bovon?) & Eliza FLEMMING, both of Toronto, 10 Oct 1863

John BRECKEN, 24, Ireland, Toronto, s/o O. BRECKEN & M. MALLOY, married Cath CRETIN, 23, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Malady CRETIN & Hannah HOULAHAN, witn: James SHEEREN & Mary CRETIN, both of Toronto, 25 Oct 1863

George CLARK, 22, Ireland, Toronto, s/o William CLARK & Alice McDONALD, married Eliza TALBOT, 23, America, Toronto, d/o John TALBOT & Bridget FLYNN, witn: Joseph POWER & Mary Ann CLARK, both of Toronto, 26 Nov 1863

James MURRAY, 30, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Robert MURRAY & Mary K--?, married Mary LEE, 28?, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Owen LEE & Mary MATHESON, witn: Thomas BUTLER & Catherine WHELAN, both of Toronto, 1 Dec 1863


Page 172 & 173, return 160: by A. Sauvadel, Pastor of St. Patricks Church Toronto Canada

James DAXE, 30, Scotland, Toronto, s/o Adam DAXE & Mary DITON, married Jane RAYNE, 26, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Michael & Jane RYNE (sic), witn: Thomas OLERY & Jane ODEA, both of Toronto, 11 Jan 1863

James QUIN, 29, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Arthur QUIN & Mary MENARY, married Mary MAHONY, 23, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Michael MOHONY & Mary KEDY, witn: Daniel FOLEY & Jane REVIS?, both of Toronto, 13 Jan 1863

John OLERY, 25, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Denis OLERY & Ellen MURPHY, married Mary MOONEY, 19, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Bernard MOONEY & Ellen MULDOON, witn: Martin MORIARTY & Mary CLARK, both of Toronto, 17 Feb 1863

Thomas GUENING, 36, England, Toronto, s/o Thomas GUENING & Anna THOMAS, married Johanna DALY, 30, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Michael DALY & Mary KENNY, witn: John OLERY & Mary MOONEY, both of Toronto, 17 Feb 1863

Peter FINERAN (Finican?), 21, Canada, Toronto, s/o James FINERAN & Bridget DAUPHY?, married Johana ODONOHO, 20, Canada, Toronto, d/o Pat ODONOHO & Mary MAHANY, witn: Bridget ODONOHO & Edward KIRK, both of Toronto, 20 Feb 1863

Pat BUXLEY, 30, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Michael BUXLEY & Linny McNAMARA, married Mary GLEEN, 30, Ireland, Toronto, d/o John GLEEN & Anna SULIVAN, witn: Mary OCONELL & Michael McNAMARA, both of Toronto, 20 April 1863

Pat FARLEY, 31, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Wil? FARLEY & Isabella, married Bridget DOWLY, 24, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Mich DOWLY & Cath ROILE (Boile?), witn: John MAHAN & An McREES, both of Toronto, 20 April 1863

Michael SULIVAN, 25, Ireland, Weston, s/o Mat SULIVAN & Sarah CONNER, married Bridget SINOTT, 24, Ireland, Toronto, d/o John SINOTT & Joha HAMILTON, witn: Pat POIRER & Catherine COEY, both of Toronto, 30 April 1863

Michael MOONEY, 27, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Mathew MOONEY & Honor MURPHY, married Bridget GLESSON (Gleeson?), 30, Ireland, Toronto, d/o John GLESSON & Bridget HIKEY, witn: James NOLLIN & Honor BRENAN, both of Toronto

John WALSH, 23, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Wil WELSH (sic) & Cath MERRON, married Elizabeth LENNON, 20, Quebec, Toronto, d/o Wil LENNEN & Mary HADSOCKS, witn: An WELSH & George EDMON, both of Toronto, 26 May 1863

Peter GARRY, 40, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Pat GARRY & An MORN, married Mary McGARITY, 26, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Pet McGARITY & Cathe DALY, witn: James & Rosa McGARITY of Toronto, 1 July 1863

Michael DONOHO, 28, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Rich DONOHO & Mary JOHN, married Mary BROWN, 40, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Pat BROWN & Mary SMITH, witn: John FITHGIVEN & Jane FRANKLIN, both of Toronto, 16 July 1863

Jeremahia McCORMIQUE, 37, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Thomas McCORMIQUE & Mary DALY (or Dacy?), married Mary WALSH, 21, Scotland, Toronto, d/o Thomas WOLSH (sic) & Mary HILL, witn: Hueghes DEBELE & Cath WALSH, both of Toronto, 5 Sept 1863

Hugh McDONELL, 26, Canada, Toronto, s/o Hugh McDONALD (sic) & Mary WEBY, married Ellen BREATH, 26, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Pat BREATH & Mary KENNEDY, witn: Joseph BRIEN & Mary CORBET, both of Toronto, 5 Sept 1863

Wil McGUIRE, 25, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Denis McGUIRE & Susan QUIN, married Suz. ANDERSON, 24, Canada, Toronto, d/o John ANDERSON & Kezia MELLIS, witn: Frank & Emily McGUIRE of Toronto, 10 Sept 1863

Michael SULIVAN, 27, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Jermia SULIVAN & Mary KALEY (or Keeley?), married Mary OHAIR, 23, Canada, Toronto, d/o Edward OHAIR & Mon.? CONWAY, witn: Timothy SHEA & Jermia LAYNCH, both of Toronto, 11 Sept 1863

John MAHANY, 25, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Camel MAHANY & An McLONAL, married Anna MOORE, 22, Ireland, Toronto, d/o John MOORE & Mary CAURSIGA?, witn: Chris FITSPATRICK & Bridget MOORE, both of Toronto, 12 Sept 1863

James KING, 28, Ireland, Toronto, s/o John KING & Cath CASSIDY, married Brid HEGAN, 21, Ireland, Toronto, d/o James HEGAN & Jane COLFORD, witn: Dan C. CONELL & Julia TERESH?, both of Toronto, 23 Nov 1863

Daniel SULIVAN, 29, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Daniel & Julia, married Cath RYAN, 25, Ireland, Toronto, d/o John & Bridget, witn: Pat FLANEGAN & An SHANNON, both of Toronto, 29? Nov 1863


Page 173 & 174, return 161: St. Basils Church

Thomas OBRIEN, 21, Co. Wicklow, York twp., s/o Joseph OBRIEN & Mary KERR, married Mary Ann BRADY, 18, Guelph, same, d/o Richard BRADY & Rosanna CASER, witn: Michael OBRIEN of Hoggs Hollow & Catherine SHEA of Yorkville, 15 Feb 1863

Cornelius GURIN, 27, Co. Limerick, Toronto, s/o Thomas GURIN & Mary HICHOCK, married Catherine KELLY, 25, Co. Limerick, Toronto, d/o John KELLY & Margaret MALONEY, witn: John HULL & Mary O'CONNER, both of Toronto, 4 May 1863

James ROGAN, 29, Co. Down, Toronto, s/o Bernard ROGAN & Margaret KILLAN, married Cesa SHANAHAN, 25, Co. Tipperary, Yorkville, d/o William SHANAHAN & Elerst? MEGHER, witn: Ann LENSOR? & William MOYLEN, both of Toronto, [no date given] 1863

Francis O'ROURKE, 33, Co. Tiperrary, Toronto, s/o Michael O'ROURKE & Catherine WIRKDID?, married Bridget DORAN, 28, Co. Kilkenny, Toronto, d/o John DORAN & Mary KENNEDY, witn: Jane & Anthony McNEFF of Toronto, [no date given] 1863

Lawrence ARCHIBALD, 32, Co. Wexford, Toronto, s/o Thomas ARCHIBALD & Eliz DOYLE, married Ann DALEY, 25, C. Westmeath, Toronto, d/o William DALEY & Ann KANE, witn: Patrick KELLY & Margaret DALEY, both of Toronto, 17 Aug 1863

Sam Joseph REILY, 26, Leeds England, Toronto, s/o William & Elen, married Margaret McCOLGAN, 24?, Co. Tyrone, Toronto, d/o Will McCOLGAN & MAry COIL, witn: Patrick DAUNE & Margaret McMULLEN, both of Toronto, 14 Sept 1863

Charles McCURRY, 41?, Belfast Ireland, Toronto, s/o James & Barbara, married Margaret BUCLEY (Beedy?), 24, Co. Kerry, Toronto, d/o Daniel BUCLEY & Cath SULIVAN, witn: James McCURRY & Julia HOOD, both of Toronto, [no date given] 1863


return 162 - See St. James Cathedral marriages


Page 177, return 163: by Rev. Wellington Jeffers, Wesleyan Methodist Church

William SHUNK, 25, Vaughan, same, s/o Simon & Susanna, married Mary McDOUGAL, no age given, York E., Vaughan, d/o William & Mary, witn: William H. ARCHER & Terese HEWITT, both of Yorkville, 24 Sept 1863

Arthur Lawrence NELSON, 25, York T., Stratford, s/o John & Margaret, married Sarah Adeline MITCHELL, 24?, Eglinton, same, d/o James & Lavina? (Louisa?), witn: Egerton WILSON & Margaret MITCHELL, both of York T., 1 Oct 1863


Page 198, return 191: by Rev John Jennings, Presbyterian

Return not entered until 1865. NOTE: Part way down this return, it is difficult to assess which witnesses match which marriage.

James PIERCE, 22, London England, Toronto, s/o James PIERCE & Sarah PIDDINGTON, married Jane CONNEL, 23, Balina Co Mayo Ireland, Toronto, d/o Alex CONNELL & Jane CUTHBERT, witn: John BAIN & G BAILY, both of Toronto, 01 Jan 1863.

John GREGORY, 38, Milbrook England, St Andrew's Etobicoke, s/o Thomas GREGORY & Jane DREW, married Frances Barton Wilson WHITEHEAD, 24, York England, St Andrew's Etobicoke, d/o John WHITEHEAD & Sarah FURSTER [HUNTER?], witn: Thomas GLADSTONE & Donald McKAY, both of Toronto, 12 Jan 1863.

Given [Gavin] AGNEW, 34, Edinburgh Scotland, Prince Albert, s/o John AGNEW & ---[?] TURNBULL, married Ann Summerville ROSS, 22, Hanwell Middlesex England, Delaware, d/o William ROSS & Margaret LIVINGSTON, witn: John N AGNEW & John ERSKINE, both of Toronto, 14 Jan 1863.

James ADAM, 28, Inverness Scotland, Hamilton, s/o James ADAM & Margaret FRASER, married Margaret ERSKINE, 22, Belfast Ireland, Toronto, d/o Alex ERSKINE & Margaret WILKINSON, witn: John McFARQUHAR of Uxbridge & Margaret MILLS of Toronto, 23 Jan 1863.

Andrew CAVEN, 29, Traquair Scotland, Toronto, s/o William CAVEN & Jane ARMSTRONG, married Helen MILL, 22, parish of Louchbers [Lochaber?] Scotland, Toronto, d/o Jas MILL & Mary BICKANSTON, witn: G B O'NEILL of Toronto & William KNOWLES of Pickering, 26 Jan 1863

Richard KNOWLES, 22, Pickering, Scarboro, s/o Abraham KNOWLES & Nancy BARCKLEY, married Susan HUXTABLE, 20, Scarboro, Scarboro, d/o Edward HUXTABLE & Amelia CLAYDON, witn: Amelia HUXTABLE of Scarboro & Margaret JENNINGS of Toronto, 24 Feb 1863.

Robert LEE, 31, York Twp, Toronto, s/o Francis LEE & Priscilla HARNIHAN, married Jemma PRICE, 25, London England, Toronto, d/o John PRICE & Naomi HUBBARD, witn: William T JENNINGS & William PARK, both of Toronto, 03 Mar 1863.

James PARK, 30, Glasgow Scotland, Toronto, s/o Garvin PARK & Margaret KEITH, married Margaret Thompson REID, 23, Glasgow Scotland, Toronto, d/o Alexander REID & Isabella WILSON, witn: Robert W RAMSEY & William H TORRENCE, both of Toronto, 31 Mar 1863.

George BURNETT, 32, Huntingdon England, Buffalo, s/o James BURNETT & Sarah DODD, married Eliza Jane MILLER, 30, Quebec, Toronto, d/o John MILLER & Isabella TORRENCE, witn: William H TORRENCE & George THOMAS, both of Toronto, 09 Apr 1863.

Benjamin EWING, 25, Edinburgh Scotland, Buffalo, s/o Benjamin EWING & Margaret ROBERTSON, married Harriet CLARK, 23, Toronto, Toronto, d/o Christopher CLARK & Mary WALKER, witn: Mathew HATER & Hannah WINIAN, both of Toronto, 07 May 1863.

Robert BROWN, 27, Loughanland Co ----[?] Ireland, London, s/o Robert BROWN & Margaret CALVERT, married Elizabeth CONNELL, 23, Bathinay Co Mayo Ireland, Toronto, d/o Alex CONNEL & Jane J CUTHBERT, witn: John BAINE of Toronto & James BROWN of Hamilton, 12 May 1863.

Egbert Amos SMITH, 22, Trafalgar, Toronto, s/o Thompson SMITH & Mary May POST, married Mary Ellen VANSLYCK, 21, Kinderhook Columbia Co NY, Toronto, d/o John VANSLYCK & Mat P NORLAND, witn: H P HOWLAND & Euphemia SMITH, both of Toronto, 28 May 1863.

George RIVELY, 48, Yorkshire England, York Twp, s/o Thomas RIVELY & Mary WRIGHT, married Elizabeth Martin BARTON, 18, Fort William Inverness-shire Scotland, Toronto, d/o Alex MARTIN & Barbara MATHESON, witn: Margaret S JENNINGS of New York & William C JENNINGS of Toronto, 13 Jun 1863.

John ELLIOT, 55, Scarboro, Scarboro, s/o James ELLIOT & Janet THOMPSON, married Mary PHILIPS, 48, [not given], Scarboro, d/o William PHILLIPS & Helen ANDERSON, witn: James BROWN of Scarboro & S STROUD of Toronto, 25 Jun 1863.

George MATHER, 37, Inverkeillor Forfarshire Scotland, Toronto, s/o George MATHER & Mary DUNCAN, married Jane McFARLANE, 32, Portmock [?] Kinross-shire Scotland, Toronto, d/o Sam McFARLANE & Isabella WHITE, witn: Adam KEAY & Margaret LYONS, both of Toronto, 02 Jul 1863.

James HAMILTON, 27, Toronto, Toronto, s/o James HAMILTON & Helen FAUSTON, married Mary Ann STINSON, 29, York Twp, Toronto, d/o John STINSON & Mary WATSON, witn: John STINSON of York Twp & Fanny SLEIGHT of Toronto, 18 Jul 1863.

William HURST, 23, Co Sligo Ireland, Lockport NY, s/o George HURST & Cath HENRY, married Ellen BUTCHART, 22, Montrose Scotland, Toronto, d/o Alexander BUTCHART & Margaret INGLIS, witn: Mrs SHARP & Henry HURST, both of Toronto, 10 Aug 1863.

Robert CURRIE, 30, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o William CURRIE & Eliza MURRAY[?], married Mary CAMPBELL, 29, Marchbrasa [?] Scotland, Toronto "just arrived", d/o Robert CAMPBELL & Barbara ----, witn: Robert FERGUSON & Peter STEVENSON, both of Toronto, 24 Aug 1863.

William FENWICK, 24, Jedburgh Scotland, Toronto, s/o William FENWICK & Alice OLIVER, married Euphemia BELL, 25, M----[?] Roxburghshire Scotland, Toronto, d/o W BELL & Jane WHITSON, witn: John HENWICK & Euphemia OLIVER, both of Toronto, 11 Sep 1863.

John STINSON, 20, Toronto, Toronto, s/o John STINSON & Mary WATSON, married Francis WRIGHT, 16, Toronto, Toronto, d/o Christopher WRIGHT & Sarah JOHNSTON, witn: J ??? MORRISON & Christopher WRIGHT, both of Toronto, 25 Sep 1863.

Richard SANDERS, 34, Holdsworthy Devon England, Toronto, s/o John SANDERS & Mary [not given], married Julia CONNOR, 24, Co Clare Scotland, Toronto, d/o Edward CONNOR & Mary O'BRIEN, witn: John LITTLE & Martha McKAY, both of Toronto, 07 Oct 1863.

John TURNER, 25, New Mills Derbyshire England, Scarborough, s/o William TURNER & Sarah WILD, married Elizabeth BUCKLEY [BRINKLEY?], 26, Lees [Leigh] Lancashire England, Scarborough, d/o Reuben BUCKLEY & Ann WATSON, witn: Robert JENNINGS & Mary JENNINGS, both of Toronto, 24 Oct 1863.

Robert HUNTER, 54, Str---[?] Co Tyrone Ireland, Toronto, s/o William HUNTER & Nancy BRADIN, married Jane ROBINSON, 35, Belfast Ireland, Toronto, d/o William ROBINSON & Jane WALTON, witn: Margaret JENNINGS & John KENNEDY, both of Toronto, 28 Nov 1863.

William ANDERSON, 31, Berwick on Tweed England, Toronto, s/o John ADAMSON & Janett SCOTT, married Agnes MITCHELL, 26, Montreal, Toronto, d/o Thomas MITCHELL & Isabella HAMILTON, witn: Thomas MITCHELL of Toronto & Robert ADAMSON of Detroit, 14 Dec 1863.