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Marriages in Bathurst District, part 2

Bathurst Dist. marriages transcribed from Ontario Archives microfilm MS 248, reel 1, vol 1


Rev. J. Metcalfe, Methodist Episcopal Church

Page 6, 1831

Nov. 5 John GREENLY, Perth, to Jane POOLE, Lanark. Wit: James Morris, Samuel Boyd.

Nov. 13 James ROSAMON, Beckwith, to Margaret WILSON, Ramsay. Wit: John Farley, William Wilson.


Rev. James Smith, Baptist Church

Page 38, 1846

Aug. 19 William LOCKHART to Leone STEWART both of Lanark. Wit: Robert Currie, John Stewart.

Sept. 29 Robert CAMERON to Isabella BAIRD both of Lanark. Wit: James McKinley, John Yail (Yuil?)


Page 58, 1843

May 5 James SMITH to Catherine DICK both of Lanark. Wit: Robert Stead, William Smith.

May 12 James KING to Margaret YORK both of Darling. Wit: John Borrowman, John Dodds.

May 12 John KING to Elizabeth ARNIL both of Darling. Wit: John Borrowman, John Dodds.

June 30 Thomas BRIGGS to Janet ROBB both of Darling. Wit: Francis Turner, Collin Robb.

Nov. 10 William DOW, Lanark, to Mary WATT, Darling. Wit: Henry McGee, Thomas Watt.

Nov. 10 William ROBERTSON, Ramsay, to Mary DOW, Lanark. Wit: John Patterson, John Boulin.


Page 58, 1844

June 19 James ERDALE to Janet MCCARTER both of Lanark. Wit: Alexander Park, Charles Parkhurst.

June 7 John MCPHERSON to Jean PEACOCK both of Lanark. Wit: Quenton & Robert Peacock.


Page 64, 1845

July 24 Thomas WATT to Ann GUN both of Lanark. Wit: Walter Sterling, James Penman.

Page 64, 1846,

March 21 Alexander ANKINE, Ramsay to Jane MCFARLANE. Lanark. Wit: Colin Robb, Jn. McIlhinnie.

Page 138, 1849

March 30 Matthew BALENTINE to Elizabeth Ann GODEL both of Lanark. Wit: John Cummings, John Robertson.


Page 139, 1850

Nov. 8 John BOAGE, Lanark, to Flora BAAR, Darling. Wit: Peter Lason, John Cumming.

Feb. 27 John BOWES to Mary HARPER both of Bathurst. Wit: William McDonald, Barbara McNee.

June 4 James BOYLE to Jane BEITH both of Lanark. Wit: Archibald & Mrs. Bulock (s/b Bullock?)


Page 139, 1851

Aug. 4 Noble BECROFT to Elizabeth NERIAL both of Darling. Wit: David Barr, Margaret White.

Page 148, 1848

Sept. 29 John CAMILON to Christiana WARK both of Darling. Wit: Daniel Pretty, Peter Guthrie.

Page 149, 1850

Jan. 25 David CANVALON to Mary STREACH both of Darling. Wit: John Caldwell, Martin Lovely.

Page 189, 1848

Sept. 8 James GUTHRIE, Ramsay, to Ann MIDDLETON, Lanark. Wit: Peter Guthrie, James Smith.

Page 229, 1850

March 1 Peter KING to Margaret BULOCK both of Lanark. Wit: William Robertson, Thomas Ballock (sic).

Page 229, 1851

Aug. 8 John KHULE/KHALE to Jane TRAIL both of Darling. Wit: William Middleton, John Neaper.

Page 244, 1850

Aug. 27 James MANLEY to Francis CORSON both of Ramsay. Wit: John Belon, Frances Corson.

Page 244, 1851

Sept. 2 John MOFFET to Jane WHITTEN both of Lanark. Wit: ?? Rankin, John Angus Jr.

Page 247, 1851

Feb. 6 William MCLELLAN to Martha WALLACE both of Lanark. Wit: Robert Brahs, Isabella McNeal.

Page 248, 1849

Oct. 19 Robert MCPHERSON to Jane JARDEN (s/b Jardine?) both of Darling. Wit: Hendry McPherson, Robert Jarden.

Page 248, 1850

Jan. 29 James MCKINLEY to Janet YULE (or YALE) both of Lanark. Wit: Duncan McKinley, John Yule/Yale.

Page 249, 1851

Jan. 24 Andrew NAPIER to Fanny STRETCH both of Darling. Wit: Duncan McInley, David Baar.

Page 276, 1851

Nov. 4 William RODGERS to Jane STEWART both of Lanark. Wit: James & John Rodgers.

Page 281, 1849

March 20 William SMITH to Jane SCOBIE both of Lanark. Wit: James Smith Jr., Mrs. James Smith, Elizabeth Smith.

Page 287, 1849

Oct. 16 Marten TOOLEY to Mary MCPHERSON both of Darling. Wit: John Boage, Robert Jarden.

Page 287, 1850

March 22 William TRAILL to Martha CAMELON both of Darling. Wit: John Rull, Mrs. Mary Blackburn.

Page 287, 1851

Aug. 1 Alexander TURNBULL, Lanark, to Margaret WHITE, Dalhousie. Wit: Alexander Turnbull, John Alexander Williams.

Page 305, 1849

March 2 John WATT, Darling, to Janet ANGUS, Lanark. Wit: Thomas & James Watt.

Page 306, 1851

Aug. 26 Daniel Craford WILSON to Jane BAIRD both of Lanark. Wit: Robert & James Baird.


Rev. John Armstrong Wesleyan Methodist Church

Page 22, 1837

Oct. 18 Thomas BOSTON to Martha PATTERSON both of Fitzroy. Wit: Peter Deisar, John Marshall.

Nov. 2 John WELWOOD to Jane CASWELL both of Drummond. Wit: John Halfpenny, John Nicoll.

Nov. 21 Abraham MILLER to Mary MCLELLAN both of Fitzroy. Wit: Thomas & James Elliot.

Dec. 19 George MCEWAN to Sophia LANLACETTE both of Fitzroy. Wit: Thomas Fraser, Lewis Lanlacette.


Page 23, 1837

Dec. 4 Lauchlen MCCOLLUM to Janet ROBERTSON both of Lanark. Wit: Alexander McCollum, William Gibson.

Dec. 25 John MURPHY to Esther ELBERT both of Lanark. Wit: Thomas Jackson, William McDowell.


Page 23, 1838

Feb. 8 William OSBURN to Eliza A. LAUT both of Fitzroy. Wit: Peter F. Depevceer, Andrew Bradley.

Aug. 31 John RAE to Jane LOTTON both of Lanark. Wit: Archibald Browning, John Totten.


Page 36, 1841

March 15 John SINCLARE (s/b Sinclair?) to Sarah CHARLES both of Clarenden. Wit: Alexander Swart, John Fulford.

March 22 Archibald MCKECHNIE to Matilda WALKER both of Bristol. Wit: George Sothien, James Armstrong.

March 24 Robert STANLEY to Elizabeth SIDES both of Clarenden. Wit: George Stanley, Joseph Cline.

March 30 James ELLIOTT to Elizabeth GOODWIN both of Clarenden. Wit: Edward Hodgins, Jonathon Goodwin.


Page 45, 1838

Nov. 30 John CRAIG, Lanark, to Ellen WALLACE, Dalhousie. Wit: Robert Craig, Andrew Robertson.


Page 45, 1839

Jan. 7 James CAMPBELL, Packenham, to Ann SHANNON, Drummond. Wit: Robert Mills, Jn. Churchill.

Jan. 10 William COLEMAN to Ann DOHERTY both of Ramsay. Wit: George Bailey, Henry Fitzpatrick.

April 5 Francis BRADFORD, Darling, to Jane WATT, Lanark. Wit: J. A. Ross, William Rankin.


Page 46, 1839

April 30 Frederick PRICE to Elizabeth WHITTEN both of Lanark. Wit: David Winnan, Buchan Mathews.

July 2 Robert STURGEON, Lanark, to Margaret STERN, Drummond. Wit: Andrew Stevenson, Samuel Boyd.

Aug. 22 James MCDOWAL to Sophia STRUTT both of Clarendon. Wit: William McDowal, Thomas Clark.


Page 47, 1839

Nov. 22 Walter RUSSELL to Elizabeth ORR both of Bristol. Wit: Thomas Cuthbertson, Jesse McDonald.


Page 47, 1840

Jan. 30 Robert RALPH to Pamelia RICHARDSON both of Clarendon. Wit: Thomas Ralph, T. M. Richardson.

Feb. 2 James WILSON to Mary WILSON both of Clarendon. Wit: Robert Nox, James Hobbs.

March 20 Henry KNOX to Hannah MCDOWAL both of Clarendon. Wit: James Wilson, Robert McDowal.

May 13 James NELSON to Abigail WILSON both of Alumet Island. Wit: Anthony Doton, Job Wilson.

June 2 John PALMER, Litchfield, to Eliza SHARLING (Sparling?), Clarendon. Wit: Francis Brezer, John Hodgins.

June 11 James WILSON to Jane KNOX both of Clarendon. Wit: Samuel Wilson, James Armstrong.

Aug. 18 Ira PARCHER to Mary M. LONG both of Bristol. Wit: Douglas Hazen, James McHarra.

Sept. 2 Russel SMITH to Mary STEEN both of Pembroke. Wit: James Boman, William Blair.

Sept. 8 Matthew ELDER to Elizabeth WILSON both of Clarendon. Wit: James Armstrong, James Hobbs.


Page 61, 1844

Feb. 14 Robert CRINGUE, Dalhousie, to Eliza SMITH, Beckwith. Wit: James Shillington, George Kerfoot.

Page 61, 1845

June 7 James KINCHELLA Carleton Place, to Bridget DORSAY, Beckwith. Wit: William & Samuel Kerfoot.


Page 62, 1840

Oct. 19 Thomas FORAN to Eliza CAMPBELL both of McNab. Wit: William Storie, Archibald Stewart.

Nov. 10 Charles BAKER to Elizabeth PENDERGRASS/RENDERGRASS both of Clarendon. Wit: John Maitland, Robert Harris.

Nov. 19 William IRVINE to Mary NASH both of Pembroke. Wit: John Thompson, Luke Shero.

Dec. 15 Francis BRAZIER to Dianna MOORE both of Clarendon. Wit: John Morton, Thomas Johnston.


Page 62, 1841

Jan. 10 Moses B. BELLOWS, Westmeath, to Fanny M. PEIRCE, Black River. Wit: John Lucker, Jannett Robertson.

Jan. 29 John MCKECHNIE, Bristol, to Ann ARMSTRONG, Clarendon. Wit: Archibald McKechnie, James Armstrong.

Feb. 1 Charles ORR, McNab, to Elizabeth HUDSON, Bristol. Wit: Martin Elbert, Francis Armstrong.

March 17 William JOHNSTON to Jane WINTERS both of Pembroke. Wit: Matthew Connor, Peter White.

May 12 James COLBURN, Pembroke, to Jane ROBESON, Westmeath. Wit: Matthew & F.C. Connor.


Page 249, 1851

July 2 Cornelius NELSON to Elenor MOOREHOUSE both of Perth. Wit: Thomas Percival, Henry Moorehouse.


Rev. John Carrol, Methodist Episcopal Church

Page 13, 1834

Jan. 1 Robert KENNY to Elizabeth GRIMES both of Bytown. Wit: Matthew McFadden, Beulah Carroll.

April 28 William COOMBS to Mary SORZE both of Bytown. Wit: John A. Miller, John Scott.


Page 100, 1844

Sept. 12 George HECK, Augusta, to Karey ADAMS, Bathurst. Wit: M. A. Heck, Daniel Adams.


Rev. John Cruickshank, Church of Scotland

Page 2, 1831

July 19 Daniel CARRIE, Hull, to Nancy MUNRO, Glengarry. Wit: Daniel Fisher, Neil Barne.

Aug. 22 Samuel LYONS to Elizabeth SIMPSON both of illegible. Wit: William Clegg, James Gordon.


Page 3, 1831

Sept. 8 James EDWARD, Clarence?, to Eliza CAMERON, Canterland? Wit: James Jameson, Nathan Edward.

Sept. 14 William MORROW to Lucy GRIFFITHS both of Nepean. Wit: John Anderson, Leonard Loyde.

Oct. 21 Alfred TAFFTS to Helena MCCONNELL both of Lower Canada. Wit: Thomas E. Woodbury, Joseph Kellogg.

Oct. 24 Archibald LANDS, Corpone S & M?, to Elizabeth MILES, widow, Bathurst. Wit: Thomas Jenkins, John Richards.

Page 3, 1832

Jan. 13 Donald CAMERON, Templeton, to Grace CAMERON, Lochaber. Wit: Lewis Cameron, Andrew Wilson.


Page 5, 1832

Feb. 27 Henry EDWARDS to Elizabeth LOGGAN both of March. Wit: Freeman & Joseph Smith.

March 5 Thomas YORK, Osgood, to Catherine LOUCKS, Ruperts Landing. Wit: Alexander McTavish, Archibald Loucks.

March 13 John STEEL to Sally OBDU?, both of Bristol. Wit: Daniel McLeod, E.B. McMullen.

March 24 William SMITH to Clarissa SMITH both of Baskerton? Wit: John Donaldson, Rodny Smith.

March 27 Richard Smith BEAN/BEAU, Osgood, to Sarah COOK, Cornwale. Wit: William Jackson, John Wood.


Page 4, 1832

May 25 George WATSON to Mary MCGALE both of Daurre? Wit: William Boyd, John Kennedy.

June 5 Donald MCGILVARAY to Mary MCQUINIS both of Bathurst. Wit: Peter McKellan, Alexander McTavish.

July 16 Andrew MAIN to Janet ARNOLD both of Bathurst. Wit: James Thompson, William Arnold.

July 23 Robert COOK to Margaret MORRISON both of Nepean. Wit: James Thompson, Andrew McLeod.

July 13 Henry/Harry MOORE to Alice DRONE both of Hull. Wit: David Forbes, John Munner.

July 21 George HUNT, Beckwith, to Maria THOMPSON, Bytown. Wit: John King, John Thompson.

Aug. 1 Robert CLARKE, March, to Maria MOONEY, Bytown. Wit: John Shouldier, William Mooney.

Sept. 14 Anthony PHILLIPS, Grantham, to Isabella BUCHANAN, Beckwith. Wit: George Lyon, Robert Short.

Oct. 29 William JOHNSTON to Catherine DUNLOP both of Nepean. Wit: Robert Johnston, Ralph Smith.

Nov. 27 Robert BOYD to Sally BELL both of Bytown. Wit: John Thompson, Hugh Bell.

Dec. 22 William GRANT to Janet MURRAY both of Hull. Wit: Robert Grant, Donald McArthur.

Dec. 21 Hyam/Hyme GORDON to Mary MOTHERWELL both of Hull. Wit: Isaac Blackburn, John Gordon.


Page 4, 1833

Jan. 13 John C. DAVIDSON, illegible, Clergyman, to Anna Elizabeth BURROWS, Bytown. Wit: Joseph Coombs, John Burrows.

Feb. 3 Miles MCMILLEN, Fitzroy, to Mary CAMERON, Lower Canada. Wit: Alexander McMillen, Alexander Cameron.


Page 15, 1833

April 22 Calvin GOODWIN to Mary POLLACK both of Bytown. Wit: David Ross, Angus Wharton.

June 12 Henry SHOULDICE to Bridget CAVANAGH both of Nepean. Wit: S. Thoasly?, John Cavanagh.

July 4 James DAVIDSON to Nancy ALEXANDER both of Nepean. Wit: John Nicoll, Thomas Alexander.

July 12 John BALLANTYNE to Margaret FAERNBAIRN both of Bytown. Wit: M. McPherson, John Halliday.

Sept. 11 James MCGARRETT to Ann GRAHAM both of Illegible. Wit: Alexander McDonell, George Buchanan.

Sept. 13 Lewis Alexander CLIFFORD to Margaret BOYD both of Bytown. Wit: William Clegg, Joseph Coombs.


Page 15, 1834

Jan. 9 Henry H. EATON to Ann KIRK both of Hull. Wit: John Cameron, Joseph Kirk.

Feb. 4 William MORRIS/MORROW, Bonchere?, to Margaret BYERS, Gloucester. Wit: Joseph Little, Thomas Byers.

March 9 William POTTER to Anne SMITH both of Goulbourn. Wit: James Bell, Samuel Bradly.

March 13 Jesse MCDONELL, Land Point, to Nancy RUSSEL, Lambton. Wit: Robert Campbell, Thomas Craigh.

March 18 John OLIVER to Jane CARSON both of Gloucester. Wit: Thomas Dean, Daniel Mater.

March 31 William HALE to Margaret SMITH both of Hull. Wit: Demson Brown, James Cooper.



Page 20, 1835, Note: Marriage location recorded, not residence

May 14 Alpen MCMILLAN to Agnes MCDONALD at Bytown. Wit: James Buchanan, James Fraser.

June 6 Baptiste DEGOQUAIGERMAN to Mary SMITH at Bytown. Wit: Lewis Manscar?, Francis D. Leole.

July 2 John MCCULLOCK to Betsey MCKAY at Bytown. Wit: John Nixon, William McSorley.

July 6 William MCQUEEN to Sarah MCLAUGHLIN at Bytown. Wit: Samuel Albert, Donald Kennedy.

July 23 Patrick MCGARLIN to Dorothy MUSTMORE at Bytown. Wit: Donald McArthur, John Muchmore.

Aug. 12 Michael MCMURRAY to Clarissa WHALEY at Bytown. Wit: Saul & John Whaley.

Aug. 17 David NEWTON to Amelia BIGELOW at Bytown. Wit: Donald Canety, John Newton.

Aug. 24 Angus MCGUILLIVRAY to Elizabeth MUCHMORE at Bytown. Wit: Donald McArthur, John Muchmore.

Oct. 8 Alexander MOFFAT to Mary ROBERTSON at Bytown. Wit: Farquhar Urquhart, John Robertson.

Nov. 11 James ANDERSON to Susannah ROCHESTER at Bytown. Wit: James Moffat, Donald Kennedy.

Nov. 13 Farquhar URQUHART to Alison Inglis MCKAY at Bytown. Wit: Robert Long, ?? McKay.

Dec. 17 William QUINN to Ann HART at Bytown. Wit: J.B. Stanley, James Hart.

Dec. 22 Richard MAXLEY to Elizabeth TEMPLETON at Bytown. Wit: John Freeman, George Paige.


Page 20, 1836, Note: Marriage location recorded, not residence

Feb. 4 John BAGGS to Mary Ann MUNRO at Bytown. Wit: John Muchmore, Thomas Ferguson.

Feb. 20 Robert MATHEWS to Cleo FULFORD at Bytown. Wit: John Atkinson, William Mather.

March 22 Campbell DUNLOP to Polly DEVERAL at Bytown. Wit: Jane Leach, John McKay.

March 23 James MCKAY to Jane MURRAY at Bytown. Wit: John Lutt, Taylor Bile.

March 23 James COPELAND to Helen MURRAY at Bytown. Wit: John Stett, Hugh Bile.

March 24 Richard PIERCE to Margaret MCLEAN at Bytown. Wit: Daniel Ferguson, William H. Adams.

March 31 William FENTON to Catherine SIEVEWRIGHT at Bytown. Wit: Thomas S. Burns, James Sievewright.


Page 29, 1837

April 10 John MELDRUM to Mary CILLENS both of Fitzroy. Wit: J.R. Stanley, Robert Nichol.

April 11 Edward MONTREVILLE to Jane COLE both of Cumberland. Wit: Alexander Christie, Samuel Cole.

April 24 Peter KENNINWORTH or KENNINMOUTH to Betsey SHARP both of Gloucester. Wit: David Nealle, Charles Monmond.

April 28 James CLARK to Agnes BOSTWICH both of Gloucester. Wit: James Stevenson, Thomas Bostwich.

May 14 James ALLAN, Bytown, to Janet TEMPLETON, Gloucester. Wit: John Gordon, Alexander Peterkin.

June 20 John MCMILLAN, Templeton, to Letitia AILKIN, Nepean. Wit: John R. Stanley, George Wurthorpe.

June 22 George STANLEY, Clarendon, to Ann WALKER, Bytown. Wit: John R. Stanley, Robert Harky.

July 5 Thomas MCNEE to Ellen OWENS both of Burgess. Wit: John Ryan, Thomas Graham.

Aug. 1 George BARKER to Margaret BLAKE both of Cumberland. Wit: Robert Stewart, John Wallis.

Aug. 1 Robert CONROY, Aylmer, to Mary MCCONNEL, Hull. Wit: John Eagan, William Thompson.

Aug. 9 Arthur NICKERS to Caroline BONELL both of Bytown. Wit: Peter C. Campbell, Amos Bonell.

Aug. 24 John CAMERON to Ellen HAMILTON both of Templeton. Wit: James & Alexander Cameron.


Page 30, 1837

Sept. 25 Francis GAGNON to Elizabeth MOORE both of Hull. Wit: John Cooke, Robert McConnell.

Sept. 27 James NESBET to Mary MULLIN both of Hull. Wit: Barney Crely, Patrick Deanend.

Sept. 29 Richard PEER to Elizabeth SHOULDICE both of Wolford. Wit: William Turney, Joseph Shouldice.

Sept. 29 James AVERILE to Elizabeth GRAHAM both of Bytown. Wit: D. Kennedy, Adam Hall.

Oct. 9 Edward MORRIS, Fitzroy, to Ann THOMPSON, Harbour. Wit: M. McPherson, Patrick Brown.

Oct. 10 Robert LEES to Elizabeth BRADDEN both of Gloucester. Wit: William Johnston, Peter Tomkins.

Oct. 12 Rodrick STEWART to Wilhelmina ROSS both of Bytown. Wit: B. Gordon, James Fitzgibbon.

Oct. 19 William JOHNSTON to Elizabeth MITCHELL both of Gloucester. Wit: James Johnston, William A. Pyke.


Page 30, 1838

June 11 Lane Kimble STONE to Rebecca MCARTHUR both of Litchfield. Wit: William Roebuck, Daniel McLachlan.

June 19 James ROBERTSON to Margaret MCKECHNIE both of New Edinburgh. Wit: David Dowie, William M. Patterson.

July 17 Archibald CAMERON to Nancy MCMILLAN both of Burgess. Wit: Richard Cameron, Miles McMillan.

Aug. 30 John SMITH, Beckwith, to Jane MORSON, Rockcliffe. Wit: Archibald Petree, Thomas Morson.

Sept. 8 William HITCHMAN, Russel, to Margaret MCDAVIE, Nepean. Wit: Patrick Brennan, Michael Daice.


Page 31, 1838

Oct. 2 Nicholas SHOULDICE to Margaret NESBIT both of Hull. Wit: James Newel, Robert Nesbit.

Oct. 5 Thomas PLUNKET to Mary CRAIG both of Nepean. Wit: Isaac Plunket, John Robinson.

Oct. 10 Samuel EVENS to Margaret MULLIN both of Wolford. Wit: Robert Erwin, Archibald Fairbairn.

Oct. 17 Ira MASON, Westmeath, to Mehetabel CHAMBERLAIN, Hull. Wit: Charles D. Decelles, Hugh M. Boulton.

Nov. 5 Archibald FAIRBAIRN to Elizabeth OHARA both of Wolford. Wit: John Fairbairn, Joseph Shouldice.

Nov. 15 William JENKS, River, to Elizabeth DEXTER, Gotten. Wit: Prosper Olivier, Samuel Thompson.

Dec. 7 James NEWELL to Jane LINDSAY both of Hull. Wit: William Nesbit, William Lindsay.


Page 31, 1839

Jan. 1 Hugh RORISON, Fitzroy, to Ann GRIERSON, Torbotton. Wit: Thomas McDonald, John Grierson Jr.

Jan. 24 Harvey PARKER to Helen LAFURGY both of Hull. Wit: Eq. Chamberlain, Denis Lafurgy.

Feb. 2 John MONTGOMERY to Sarah WISENER both of Huntley. Wit: William Montgomery, James Cameron.

Feb. 21 William STEPHENS, Matilda, to Martha RAE, Clarence. Wit: P.H. Miller, George R. Rae.

March 5 Thomas PEDAN to Janet BAYLIE both of Gloucester. Wit: Thomas Savage, Thomas Dempsey.

March 5 Dougald MCDOUGALD, Lochiel, to Margaret MCLAREN, Templeton. Wit: Alexander McLenan, Charles Styneard.


Page 32, 1839: Note: The ink on this page was smeared making reading difficult

April ? George HOLSTEAD or HALSTEAD to Esther OLMSTEAD both of illegible. Wit: Illegible.

April ? Hugh KERR to Ann MCINTOSH both of Illegible. Wit: Illegible.

April 8 Gilbert HERON to Margaret FORESTER both of Gloucester. Wit: Donald Mc??, Arthur McBean.

May 7 John FORGIE, Smith Falls, to Mary CRAIG, Bytown. Wit: Donald McArthur, John Campbell.

July ? Robert MCLOROY, Templeton, to Margaret LOUGH, Cumberland. Wit: George Fraser, Joseph McCleland.

July 19 John MCMARTIN to Sarah CAMPBELL both of Lochaber. Wit: James & Donald Campbell.

July 28 Duncan GRANT to Margaret/Mary D. SMITH both of Buckingham. Wit: Simon Fraser, Donald McArthur.

Aug. 2 Isaac MCTAGGART to Ann Maria STEVENSON both of New Edinburgh. Wit: Robert Lang, James Stevenson.

Aug. 9 Woodie JOHNSON to Hannah BENNET both of Nepean. Wit: Alexander Spittal, C. Bennet.

April 12 Robert COLLINS to Susan MCMILLAN both of Hull. Wit: Henry R. Symms, Hugh M. Bolton.

Aug. 13 John EAGAN, Aylmer, to Ann Margaret GIBSON, Bytown. Wit: James McIntosh, William Gibson.

Aug. 17 William PATTERSON to Sarah MATHEWS bothof Osgood. Wit: John Patterson, Solomon Graham.

Aug. 23 Robert IRWIN, Wolford, to Ann Jane PARKER, Hull. Wit: Foster Moncrief, John Nielson.


Page 33, 1839

Sept. 5 Jonathon MOORE to Susan SIMPSON both of Templeton. Wit: Baptiste Beauchamp, Anthony Simpson.

Sept. 17 George M. HUDSON, Bristol, to Harriet SHEFFIELD, Hull. Wit: Joseph Hudson, Elizabeth Sheffield.

Nov. 14 Thomas KINSLEY to Ellen MCKEE both of Cumberland. Wit: Joseph Kinsley, John McKee.

Nov. 23 Timothy SULIVAN to Ann DAVIDSON both of Nepean. Wit: Reuben Traciller, William Davidson.

March 29 John BERKIE to Marian WILSON both of Cumberland. Wit: Archibald Garrie, Peter Heath.

Dec. 5 Seth KETTS to Mary LINK or LURK both of Hull. Wit: Crawford & Thomas Link/Lurk.


Page 33, 1840

Jan. 27 Robert MCCONNELL to Charlotte WORRELL both of Litchfield. Wit: Matthew Hogan, James Uorqite?

Jan. 26 Ira HYDE to Maria CHASE both of Nepean. Wit: Robert Lushman, Julius Bupre.

Jan. 13 John CAMERON, Kempville, to Jessie CAMERON, Bytown. Wit: James Moffate, William Clegg.

Feb. 5 George DANTON/DUNTON to Jane FALFORD both of Hull. Wit: Robert Whitcomb, A. Strinks.

Feb. 7 John HALE to Amelia LOUGH both of Bathurst. Wit: William Lusk, Samuel Lough.

Feb. 18 William GOODFELLOW, Wolford, to Emily ROBERTSON, Nepean. Wit: Hugh Bell, Edward Reiley.

Feb. 18 Donald MONROE, Bytown, to Barbara PEARSON, Nepean. Wit: William Monroe, John Burns.


Page 34, 1840

March 31 Peter DALGLISH (s/b Dalgleish?), Osgood, to Eliza LEE, Gloucester. Wit: William & James Johnston.

May 30 William THOMPSON to Jane DORAN both of Nepean. Wit: Donald McArthur, D.F. McLaren.

June 3 Isaac COVE to Janet MCFARLANE both of McNab. Wit: Daniel Johnson, Duncan McFarlane.

July 8 Thomas FAIRBURN, Nepean, to Elizabeth NICHOLSON, Bytown. Wit: Robert Fairburn, M. McPherson.

July 30 Daniel MURPHY to Elizabeth BRADLEY both of Bytown. Wit: Henry Graves, Edward Dunn.

Aug. 24 Robert ARMSTRONG to Matilda GUIS or GURS (Gunn?) both of Hull. Wit: William Armstrong, Robert Newel.

Sept. 8 Johnston FENTON, Bytown, to Jessie NEWTON, Nepean. Wit: John Campbell, F. G. Burns.

Sept. 15 William MCINTOSH to Elizabeth MCVICAR both of New Edinburgh. Wit: Alexander McIntosh, George Patterson.

Sept. 23 Alexander PARK to Catherine SWITZER both of Nepean. Wit: William & James McCullagh.

Oct. 12 William JOHNSON, Huntley, to Ann BRYAN, Fitzroy. Wit: John Rotanley, Robert Hardy.

Oct. 20 Samuel CHILCOTT to Margaret NICHOL both of River Gattina. Wit: Alexander McRaslis, Daniel Nichol.

Oct. 21 William LAWESON or JAMESON to Ellen DAW both of Buckingham. Wit: James Thompson, Samuel McConnel.


Page 51, 1840

Oct. 27 William FORD to Eliza Jane CLIFFORD both of Gloucester. Wit: James & George Clifford.

Oct. 27 William MORRIS, McNab, to Eliza CAMERON, Bytown. Wit: James Robertson, John Cameron.

Oct. 28 William KENDAL, Plantagenet, to Harriet COOKE, Petit Nation. Wit: Charles B. Knapp, James Cooke.

Oct. 29 Andrew SANGSTROM to Sarah SIMMONDS both of Onslow. Wit: Robert Leishman, Alexander Graham.

Nov. 7 Alexander BLYTHE to Jane ANDERSON both of New Edinburgh. Wit: James Clarke, Robert Kenley.

Dec. 3 George LANG to Agness Scartle STEVENSON both of New Edinburgh. Wit: William Lang, James Stevenson.


Page 51, 1841

Jan. 3 Moses HOLT/HALT to Sarah MOORE both of Hull. Wit: W. H. Gibson, David Brown.

Jan. 5 Samuel LOUGH, Clarence, to Elizabeth DALE, Cumberland. Wit: Dougal McLove, William Lough.

Jan. 7 William MCGIRR to Mary MCCORMICK both of Osgood. Wit: Henry & Hugh McCormick.

Jan. 7 Stewart MCMULLIN to Ann MCDONALD both of Osgood. Wit: Samuel McMullin, John Brunton.

Jan. 8 Edward MCGILLIVRAY to Catherine COLLINS both of Bytown. Wit: Elkanah Billings, Daniel Johnston.

Feb. 19 Alexander DOWE, Osgood, to Christy MCTAVISH, Beckwith. Wit: Neil Stewart, John Dowe.

Feb. 17 Archibald MCDONALD, Ross, to Christy MONK, illegible. Wit: Peter Daniels, Walter Monk.


Page 52, 1841

March 24 John SMITH to Betsey SMITH both of Buckingham. Wit: Rodway Smith, John Swalwell.

March 25 Thomas WILLIAMS, Gloucester, to Mary ANDERSON, Nepean. Wit: Robert Williams, John Anderson.


Rev. John C. Davidson, Methodist Episcopal Church

Page 2, 1831

Nov. 7 Henry MARRYFIELD to Sarah INGLISE or JUGLISE both of March. Wit: Alexander McCormick, James Inglise/Juglise.

Dec. 13 Frederick BEARMAN to Margaret FENTON both of Nepean. Wit: James Vincent, William Fenton.


Page 3, 1832

Jan. 1 James COOPER to Jane MURCHEAD both of Bytown. Wit: James Mathews, James Miller.

June 29 James BUSCHAMS or BURCHAM to Susanna MCVINTY both of Bathurst. Wit: John Eagen, Dr. A.J. Christer?

June 29 David BROWN to Anne MCVINTY both of Bathurst. Wit: Robert McConeghy, John Mcvinty.

June 29 Peter WILSON to Hannah KELLY both of Bathurst. Wit: George Moste, John Lamb.

Aug. 23 John H. MILLER to Margaret MCGIVEREN (s/b McGovern?) both of Bathurst. Wit: Samuel McIntosh, George Paterson.


Rev. John Fairbairn, Scotch Presbyterian Church

Page 10, 1834

Jan. 2 George BAUNERN, Ramsay, to Jenet MCKAY, Lanark. Wit: John Gawniell?, James Robertson.

March 20 James YOUELL to Elizabeth RITCHIE both of Ramsay. Wit: John Gawniell?, William Haley.

Sept. 2 Hamilton MCLEAN to Christian MCPHAIL, both of Ramsay. Wit: Thomas Laurie, Alexander McPhail.

Sept. 19 Adam BECK, Beckwith, to Mary WILSON, Ramsay. Wit: David Pattie, William Wilson.

Oct. 27 John BURNIE to Helen CARSWELL both of Ramsay. Wit: James Bruner?, Robert Carswell.

Dec. 22 John GILLAN/GILLOW to Nancy MCDONALD both of Fitzroy. Wit: Alpin McMillen, K. MacKenzie.


Page 17, 1835: Note: Marriage location recorded, not residence.

Jan. 16 William FORREST to Janet DRYMAN at Ramsay. Wit: James Rae, Ganilla Yoshack.

Jan. 23 Hugh BARBARY to Isabella HEADRICK at Ramsay. Wit: Robert Yule, James Headrick/Headnick.

Feb. 5 James AIKEN to Jean MILLER at Ramsay. Wit: Duncan MCGREGOR, John Hutchinson.

Feb. 20 Peter KERR to Agnes RONSON at Ramsay. Wit: Alexander Maxwell, John Ronson.

March 6 Alexander SINCLAIR to Elizabeth SHAW at Ramsay. Wit: Robert Young, John Shaw.

March 6 George POLLOCK to Susan LINDSAY at Ramsay. Wit: Robert Young, John Shaw.

March 20 James DICKSON to Sarah CARDIFF at Ramsay. Wit: James & William Couney.

Aug. 28 Alexander MELONIE to Jane BATER at Ramsay. Wit: Stephen Shipman, James McCarthy.

Oct. 19 Andrew MCKEAN to Mary Ann BROWN at Ramsay. Wit: Andrew McKeanden, George Brown.

Nov. 19 William BEATSON to Janet Penrose SINCLAIR at Ramsay. Wit: Matthew & John Sinclair.

Dec. 29 Robert SMITH to Mary SMITH at Ramsay. Wit: John Smith, George Bryson.


Page 25, 1837

Jan. 13 William WILSON, yeoman, to Ann HAMILTON both of Ramsay. Wit: Adam Beck, James MacLean.

Jan. 10 John MCQUEEN to Sarah DRYNAN both of Ramsay. Wit: James McQueen, John Aikenhead.

Feb. 16 Andrew MCARTHUR to Elizabeth THOMPSON both of Ramsay. Wit: John Patterson, Robert Bigham.

Feb. 16 Andrew COCHRANE to Isabella ERSKINS/ERAKINS both of Ramsay. Wit: Robert Goering, John Aikenhead.

March 7 William HOLLIDAY, Palestine?, to Ann MCNAB, March. Wit: John & James Holliday.

March 14 Peter MCGREGOR, laborer, to Ann STEWART both of March. Wit: Alexander & Allan Stewart.

April 4 David CRAM, Beckwith, to Ann NICOLSON, Ramsay. Wit: Daniel Cram, William Nicolson.

Dec. 27 William CRAIG, Macnal?, to Janet MCJENNET, Bristol. Wit: Alexander McDonald, Thomas McJennet.


Page 26, 1838

Jan. 16 Robert DICKSON, Fitzroy, to Margaret WALLACE, Packenham. Wit: Andrew Dickson, William Forbes.

Feb. 3 Thomas SWAN to Martha MCJENNET both of Bristol. Wit: George Donter, Thomas McJennet.

Feb. 2 Andrew THOMPSON to Margaret HAMILTON both of Packenham. Wit: William Forbes, James McLeod.

Feb. 2 Alexander SOMMERS to Mary Ann GRAY both of Clarendon. Wit: Robert Creson, Thomas Gray.

March 27 William MCLAREN to Margaret SHAW both of Ramsay. Wit: Robert McLaren, Peter Young.

April 3 John WILSON to Mary LANG both of Ramsay. Wit: William Smith, William Lang.

April 3 Martin JOHNSTON to Jane SADLER both of Packenham. Wit: Thomas Johnston, Alexander Erskine.

July 3 William LANG, yeoman, to Agnes NICOLSON both of Ramsay. Wit: William Smith, Thomas Lang.

Nov. 2 David YOULE to Agnes AITKENHEAD both of Ramsay. Wit: Alesander Youle, Stephen Young.

Nov. 27 John DUNCAN to Mary GEMMILL both of Ramsay. Wit: William Smith, James Gemmill.

Dec. 26 James MCCASHIERY to Matilda HOME both of Fitzroy. Wit: Andrew Forbes, James Home.


Page 43, 1839

Jan. 20 John PATTERSON, Ramsay, to Elizabeth SMITH, Huntley. Wit: James Patterson, William Wallace.

Jan. 7 Donald PATTERSON to Flora CAMERON both of McNab. Wit: Donald McIntyre, Alexander Stewart.

Sept. 19 Laurence NASMYTH to Mary PAUL both of Ramsay. Wit: Daniel Ferguson, William Paul.

Nov. 6 William HEDRICK, Packenham, to Agnes MCNAB, McNab. Wit: David Lackie, James Rae Jr.


Page 44, 1839

Nov. 8 John DUNFIELD to Elizabeth LOWE both of Packenham. Wit: James Dunfield, Samuel Lowe.

Dec. 7 William TEMPLETON, Packenham, to Ellen TAYLOR, Ramsay. Wit: Duncan Bain, David Lackie.


Page 68, 1840

Jan. 15 Edward MITCHELSON to Rachel WILKINSON both of Ramsay. Wit: James Patterson, James Grieg.

March 2 John COBB, Litchfield, to Margaret CANNON, Ramsay. Wit: James Anderson, William Canerand.

March 10 James GILCHRIST, Clarendon, to Martha GRIER, Ramsay. Wit: John McEwan, Peter Camrie.

March 20 Archibald MCLEAN, Packenham, to Margaret JOHNSTON, Ramsay. Wit: Alexander McLean, James Russell.

April 8 James GEMMILL to Janet BRIDGET both of Ramsay. Wit: John Dun, William Gilmour.

June 13 Mark CARDIFF to Elizabeth DUNFIELD both of Packenham. Wit: Thomas Potter, James Dunfield.

July 29 Isaac MITCHELL to Mary Jane COWEN both of Ramsay. Wit: James & John Wright.

Nov. 5 Thomas CAVERS to Margaret LOCKHART both of Ramsay. Wit: Robert & Peter Young.

Nov. 10 James MCLAREN to Elizabeth GORDON both of Ramsay. Wit: Alexander McLaren, Hugh Mallock.

Nov. 24 James KEARNEY to Margaret GRAHAM both of Ramsay. Wit: William Rae, Thomas Lang.

Dec. 23 William CAMPBELL to Isabella MCWHINNIE both of Ramsay. Wit: Jane Cameron, John McWhinnie.


Page 69, 1841

Jan. 19 Peter COWRIE, Beckwith, to Catherine BENNIE, Ramsay. Wit: Robert Carswell, John Bennie.

Jan. 22 William HART, Ramsay, to Helen MATHEW, Dalhousie. Wit: Alexander Patterson, Hugh Smith.

Jan. 30 John MCFARLANE, Lanark, to Mary SUTHERLAND, Ramsay. Wit: John Kemp, John Sutherland.

June 22 James MCALISTER to Mary MOORE both of Ramsay. Wit: James Toshack, John Moore Jr.

April 9 James MORE to Isabella BAIN both of Ramsay. Wit: John More Jr., James McQueen.

Dec. 3 William BENNETT to Mary MITCHELL both of Ramsay. Wit: Thomas Craig Sr., Thomas Craig Jr.

Dec. 23 Eneas TOSHACK to Margaret WILKIE both of Ramsay. Wit: Andrew Toshack, Peter Cram Jr.

Dec. 24 Duncan MCGREGOR to Ann LOCKHART both of Ramsay. Wit: James McGregor, William Smith.


Rev. John Howes, Wesleyan Methodist Church

Page 128, 1849

Sept. 6 George ALEN to Nancy BEACH both of Westmeath. Wit: Henry Bryce, Daniel Ferguson.

Page 138, 1849

April 4 William BENNET to Alice HUNTER both of Horton. Wit: Ewen Vance, Edward Rollin.

Page 199, 1849

Feb. 20 William HARVEY to Catherine FARRY both of Fitzroy. Wit: David Goodwin, Thomas Lockhart.

Page 219, 1850

Aug. 14 James JOHNSTON, Ross, to Mercy HOLT, Westmeath. Wit: John Reynolds, Robert Ross.

Page 244, 1849

Jan. 14 Malcolm MCCASKILL to Margaret MCILLVRAY both of Fitzroy. Wit: John Storie, David Goodwin.

Page 247, 1851

July 24 Alexander MCDONALD to Sarah LEARNARD both of Westmeath. Wit: Hugh Ferguson, Nathaniel Chamberlain.

Page 263, 1850

April 4 John PRETTY to Maria FARRELL both of Westmeath. Wit: Abel Beach, Noah Jackson Sr.


Page 275, 1850

April 22 Robert REILY, Ross, to Ann LEE, Westmeath. Wit: John Reynolds, Thomas Collins.

July 24 John REYNOLDS, Ross, to Mary A. BURKE, Westmeath. Wit: Thomas Collins, Joseph Keys.


Page 282, 1850

April 10 Henry SULLIVAN to Jane HAZARTY both of Pembroke. Wit: John Sullivan, Joseph Tucker.

Page 305, 1848


Dec. 6 James WADDLE to Sarah GINKINS both of Bagot. Wit: James McGilligan, John Church.


Page 305, 1850

April 15 George WARBRICK, Ross, to Mary MCKAY, Westmeath. Wit: John Warbrick, James Buchannan.

May 8 George WILSON to Jane WILSON both of Ross. Wit: David Buchannan, James Wilson.


Rev. John Huntor Huston, Methodist Church

Page 50, 1831

June 30 Robert TUSKEY, Ramsay, to Jane CUTHBURT, Goulbourn. Wit: William Willoughby, William Forbes Cuthburt.


Rev. John Lever Wesleyan Methodist Church

Page 138, 1849

Jan. 15 Francis BEAR to Mary BONE both of Montague. Wit: Benjamin Rose, Ann Harvey.

Jan. 17 James BROWNLEE, Wolford, to Margaret BARTON, Montague. Wit: Robert Riddle, Henry Magee.


Page 199, 1848

Aug. 21 William HUTCHISON, Montague, to Maria SILLS, Brockville. Wit: George Hutchisson, John Carr.

Page 199, 1850

June 18 Andrew HOPE, Perth, to Isabella ANDERSON, Drummond. Wit: George Foote, John Hall.

Page 219, 1848

Sept. 26 William JOHNSON to Orelia EDMONDS both of Montague. Wit: Gorsham Philips, Janet Riddle.


Page 237, 1848

Aug. 9 William LUCHER to Maria DAVIS both of Montague. WIT: John Graham, Levi Davis.

Sept. 8 John LAFFERTY to Ellen FITZGERALD both of Montague. Wit: Thomas Brown, Margaret Ferguson.


Page 237, 1849,

Nov. 4 Elesha LANDAN to Margaret HINCHLEY both of Elmsley. Wit: Asa Falkner, Samuel White.

Page 281, 1848

Sept. 27 Squire SMITH, Wolford, to Catherine KEEGAN, Montague. Wit: Nathaniel Bates, John Chester.


Rev. John McIntyre Wesleyan Methodist Church

Page 26, 1838

Jan. 29 Greville TOSHACK to Jane DRYMAN both of Ramsay. Wit: William Wallace, James Wallace, yeoman.


Page 46, 1839

March 19 Francis BUCHANAN to Margaret HUSTON both of Goulbourn. Wit: George Goodson, William Morton.

May 24 James QUIGLEY, Perth, to Margaret MITCHELL, Elmsley. Wit: Malcolm McPherson, Duncan McTavish.

Sept. 25 Ralph DAVIDSON to Margaret Ann SWAN both of Bathurst. Wit: Matthew Bell, James Moodie.


Page 48, 1840

Aug. 13 Thoams WRIGHT Jr., Hull, to Perlina Ann MOSIER, Merrickville. Wit: Flemming Wright, Jacob Mosier.

Aug. 29 Charles LEFRINER, Hull, to Eliza SIMMONDS, Ardley. Wit: William Juglee/Inglee, Thomas Morre.


Page 48, 1841

Jan. 9 John GORDON to Margaret MEECH both of Hull. Wit: John Wyatt, Ephraim Chamberlain.


Rev. John McMorine Presbyterian Church

Page 128, 1851

March 18 William ANDERSON, Packenham, to Elizabeth PETERS, Ramsay. Wit: William Lindsay, Edward Rose.

Page 138, 1850

Sept. 13 John BAIRD to Christina BRYSON both of McNab.

Page 148, 1849

June 21 Donald CAMERON to Stewart MILLER both of Ramsay. Wit: John & Sarah McPhail.

Sept. 14 Thomas CAVERS to Margaret CAMPBELL both of Ramsay. Wit: Allen Gilmore, John Lockhart.

Page 149, 1850

April 19 John CRAM to Janet MUNRO, residence not recorded. Wit: James Cram, John Patterson.

Nov. 19 James CRAIG to Ann SUTHERLAND, residence not recorded. Wit: William Craig, Alexander Sutherland.

Page 149, 1851

Jan. 21 John CURRIE, Packenham, to Margaret LANG, Ramsay. Wit: Robert & John Lang.

Page 159, 1851

Nov. 7 Peter DRUMMOND, Ramsay, to Jane DUNLOP, Huntley. Wit: Daniel Drummond, Charlotte Symington.

Page 189, 1850

Jan. 25 Daniel GALBRAITH to Janet MCFARLANE both of Ramsay. Wit: robert Anderson, Andrew Baird.

Page 199, 1849

Oct. 16 Daniel HILLIARD to Jane DICKSON both of Packenham. Wit: Robert Lees, Jane McFarlane.

Page 229, 1850

July 26 Robert KINKAID to Elizabeth MCGREGOR. Residence not recorded. Wit: John Kinkaid, Peter McGregor.

Page 237, 1849

Oct. 20 David LECKIE to Julian MURPHY both of Beckwith. Wit: Stewart Ilerston, John Murphy.

Page 237, 1850

July 5 William LECKIE to Ellen LOWRY, residence not recorded. Wit: John Leckie, John McIntosh.

Page 243, 1849

Dec. 25 William MCLAREN to Isabella STEEL both of Ramsay. Wit: Alexander McLaren, John Steel.


Page 244, 1851

Jan. 17 Peter MCGREGOR, Ramsay, to Sarah Ann KINCAID, Bytown. Wit: John Bryson, James Flemming.

April 30 John MCPHAIL to Katherine MCLEAN both of Ramsay. Wit: Gillin & Donald McLean.

Oct. 30 William MCEWAN to Mary Ann SUTHRELAND both of Ramsay. Wit: Dugald McPherson, John Sutherland.


Page 247, 1850

Jan. 23 John MCFARLANE to Agness BAIRD both of Ramsay. Wit: Robert Anderson, Andrew Baird.

April 30 Allan MCPHAIL to Rebecca METCALF both of Ramsay. Wit: Donald Cameron, Dugald McKillop.

Sept. 16 James MCFARLANE to Ann MCFARLANE. Residence not recorded. Wit: Robert & David McFarlane.


Page 248, 1851

Jan. 17 Peter MCGREGOR, Ramsay, to Sarah Ann KINCAID, Bytown. Wit: John Bryson, James Fleming.

April 30 John MCPHAIL to Katherine MCLEAN both of Ramsay. Wit: Gillin & Donald McLean.

Oct. 30 William MCEWEN to Mary Ann SUTHERLAND both of Ramsay. Wit: Dugald McPherson, John Sutherland.


Page 275, 1850

Feb. 15 Samuel REID to Mary PAUL, residence not recorded. Wit: Arthur Lang, James Moffat.


Page 276, 1851

May 16 Edward ROSE, Ramsay, to Margaret WADDELL, Packenham. Wit: John Thorn, John Waddell.

Dec. 25 James ROBERTSON to Elizabeth LEARY both of Ramsay. Wit: William Robertson, William Leary.


Page 281, 1850

March 26 William SMITH to Janet LOCKHART, residence not recorded. Wit: William Smith, John Patterson.


Rev. P. Gray Church of Scotland

Page 149, 1850

Sept. 26 John COLEMAN, Carleton Place, to Julia NEAL, Beckwith. Wit: Thomas Fitzpatrick, David McNab.

Nov. 1 Alexander COUDIE, Montague, to Janet MCDOUGALL, Beckwith. Wit: Duncan Coudie, Hugh Clark.


Page 159, 1851

Sept. 12 John DUFF to Jane THOMPSON both of Beckwith. Wit: William Rattray, Donald Campbell.


Page 179, 1850

Dec. 31 Gilbert FORGIE to Agness BAIRD both of Ramsay. Wit: John Forgie, Margaret Young.


Page 248, 1850

Sept. 20 William MCNAUGHTON, Stanley, Huron, to Jane PAUL, Ramsay. Wit: Laurence Naismith, William Paul.

Nov. 19 John MCEWAN, Carleton Place, to Eliza RORISON, Ramsay. Wit: Gilbert Cameron, James Leckie.


Page 249, 1851

Aug. 26 Isaac NANTELLE to Christina LEECH both of Ramsay. Wit: Stephen Young, James Snedden.


Page 275, 1851

Jan. 3 William RIDDEL, Ramsayville, to Marion BRUCE, Ramsay. Wit: Walter Riddel, John Bruce.


Page 282, 1850

Dec. 31 William SCOTT, Ramsay, to Margaret SUTHERLAND, Carleton Place. Wit: Walter Scott, William Snedden.


Page 282, 1851

May 27 Duncan STEWART, Ramsay, to Christina MCDOUGAL, Beckwith. Wit: John Stewart, John McTavish.


Rev. John Milne Church of Scotland

Page 232, 1851

Nov. 27 (Not Recorded) MCTAVISH, Elmsley, to Mary Ann SALTER, Montague. Wit: John McTavish, Francis Griffith.


John Richey Justice of the Peace

Page 13, 1835

Dec. 1 John JOHNES to Margaret TOWNSLAND both of Fitzroy. Wit: George & John Wilson.


Rev. Jonathon Scott Wesleyan Methodist Church

Page 148, 1850

July 11 Gilbert CROSBIE to Jane TOOLE both of Bathurst. Wit: Samuel & John Crosbie.


Page 219, 1850

March 8 John JACKSON to Ann POOLE both of Drummond. Wit: Abraham Astleford, Robert Elliott.


Page 263, 1850

June 26 Benjamin PIPER, S. Crosby, to Elizabeth WRIGHT, Elmsley. Wit: James Morrison, Rufus S. Collins.


Page 305, 1850

June 25 William WARNER, Burgess, to Mary RIDDLE, Elmsley. Wit: William McLoud, John Riddle.


Rev. John Shilton Wesleyan Methodist Church

Page 249, 1849

March 6 George NEEDHAM to Letitia STEWART both of Fitzroy. Wit: George Francis Hunt, Thomas Hunt.


Rev. John Smith Presbyterian Church

Page 12, 1834

Jan. 10 John MCEWAN to Christian MCEWAN both of Beckwith. Wit: John McTavish, Alexander Stuart.

Jan. 18 Duncan MCKENZIE to Anabelle MCGREGOR both of Beckwith. Wit: Thomas Sammons, Peter McFee.

Jan. 29 Colin? SINCLAIR to Margaret MCNAB both of Beckwith. Wit: John Sinclair, Duncan McLaren.

Feb. 24 Robert KENNADY to Christian MCDEARMID both of Beckwith. Wit: Alexander Drummond, John Kennedy.

March 7 John MCDONALD, Beckwith, to Jane COWIE, Montague. Wit: John McEwan, John Miller.

March 14 Thomas WHITE to Helen DRUMMOND. Wit: John White, Malcolm Drummond.

May 20 John CAMPBELL to Sarah BROWN both of Goulbourn. Wit: Francis Edwards, Margaret Campbell.

Sept. 1 Archibald MCGREGOR, Drummond, to Catherine STEWART, Beckwith. Wit: Douglas McTavish, James Mathewss.

Sept. 22 Francis EDWARDS to Margaret CAMPBELL both of Goulbourn. Wit: Richard Edwards, Donald McFee.


Page 13, 1834

Dec. 5 John ROBERTSON, Beckwith, to Catherine DOUGLASS, illegible. Wit: Alexander Stewart, John McArthur.


Page 22, 1837

May 1 Patrick MCPATRICK to Mary SIMPSON both of Goulbourn. Wit: George Bailey, Thomas Simpson.

May 2 Duncan MCALAM (s/b McCallum?), Goulbourn, to Helen SLOAN, Beckwith. Wit: Thomas Ferguson, James McArthur.

May 1 John MCDOUGALL to Margaret MCDONALL both of Beckwith. Wit: John McTavish, Peter Robertson.

April 10 Duncan MCINTOSH, Perth, to Margaret GILBREATH, Ramsay. Wit: Peter Anderson, John McArthur.


Page 27, 1838

Jan. 19 Donald ANDERSON to Janet STEWART both of Beckwith. Wit: Peter Anderson, Peter McArthur.

Jan. 26 James MCDEARMID, Beckwith, to Susannah MCDONALD, Drummond. Wit: Douglas & Alexander McTavish.

Feb. 23 William FORBES, Fitzroy, to Elizabeth BUNDIS, Packenham. Wit: Andrew & William Dickson.

March 30 Donald MCLEAN to Margaret GALBRAITH both of Ramsay. Wit: Dugald Stewart, Peter Camrie.

March 30 Peter MCARTHUR to Ann ANDERSON both of Beckwith. Wit: John McArthur, Peter Anderson.

Aug. 1 Rev. John CRUICKSHANK, Scotch Clergyman, Bytown, to Catherine FELLOWS, Rockcliffe. Wit: Thomas & Charles Morson.

Sept. 21 Hugh MCGRIGN to Catherine MCEWAN both of Beckwith. Wit: Peter McGrign, John McEwan.

Sept. 28 John MCQUARRY to Catherine DEWAR both of Beckwith. Wit: Archibald McPhail, Peter Camrie.

Oct. 12 James KING, Drummond, to Ann MCARTHUR, Beckwith. Wit: Colin King, John McArthur.

Oct. 26 Donald MCGRIGER, Drummond, to Elizabeth MCLAREN, Beckwith. Wit: Archibald McGriger, James King.

Nov. 9 Dugald STEWART to Janet FERGUSON both of Beckwith. Wit: Robert Dickson, James Ferguson.

March 3 James DUFF to Margaret RASSEY both of Beckwith. Wit: Alexander Thompson, Hugh McEwan.

March 9 Alexander MCEWAN, Beckwith, to Janet MCNAB, Osgood. Wit: Finlay & Duncan McEwan.

June 15 John BUCKHAM, Torbotton, to Catherine FERGUSON, Beckwith. Wit: Robert McLachlan, Alexander Ferguson.


Page 48, 1839

Jan. 18 Robert LAIDLAW, Beckwith, to Christian MCMILLAN, Ramsay. Wit: James Duncan, Alexander McGregor.

April 9 James MCARTHUR to Catherine FISHER both of Beckwith. Wit: John McArthur, James McInnis.

June 9 Robert MCGREGOR to Grace SCOTT both of Beckwith. Wit: John Stewart, John Scott.

July 18 William MCCRUMB, Young District,, to Jane CALZELLE/DAZELLE, Ramsay. Wit: Hugh McEwan, NewYear Watson.

July 26 John MCLACKLAN to Frances CONBOY both of Ramsay. Wit: William Wilson, Alexander Anderson.

Oct. 14 Peter ANDERSON to Catherine YORK both of Goulbourn. Wit: Joseph Little, David Mitchell.


Page 48, 1840

Feb. 7 John DOWDAL, Beckwith, to Elizabeth SHANNON, Drummond. Wit: William Codd, John Shannon.

March 13 Neil STEWART to Isabella STEWART both of Beckwith. Wit: John Scott, James Stewart.

Sept. 11 Thomas CROZIER, Drummond, to Margaret MOFFAT, Beckwith. Wit: John Allen, Robert Moffat.


Page 52, 1841

March 12 John MCTAVISH to Isabella STEWART both of Beckwith. Wit: Alexander McLaren, Neil Stewart.

March 26 Duncan MCLAREN to Mary MCLAREN both of Beckwith. Wit: Peter McLarens, John King.

April 30 Alexander MCGREGOR to Isabella FERGUSON both of Beckwith. Wit: John Campbell, Duncan Ferguson.

July 2 Thomas FERGUSON to Mary COWRIE both of Beckwith. Wit: Alexander McGregor, Peter Cowrie.

Dec. 24 Donald BUCHANAN, Drummond, to Grace STEWART, Beckwith. Wit: John Campbell, Neil Stewart.


Page 91, 1842

March 4 John MCNAB to Ann KENNEDY both of Beckwith. Wit: Niel Stewart, Donald Kennedy.

March 11 Hamilton LOWRY, Huntley, to Mary GORDON, Goulbourn. Wit: John & William Gordon.

April 21 William CAMRIE, Beckwith, to Rebecca GEAR, Carleton Place. Wit: John Anderson, Thomas Ferguson.

April 22 Peter MCDIARMAID, Beckwith, to Janet MCINTOSH, Goulbourn. Wit: Robert Dickson, Robert Kennedy.

June 24 Peter MCNAB to Catherine KENNEDY both of Beckwith. Wit: Duncan McLaren, Robert Kennedy.

June 24 John ANDERSON to Jessie CAMRIE both of Beckwith. Wit: Alexander McGregor, Peter McTavish.

July 28 Alexander STEWART to Margaret MCLAREN both of Beckwith. Wit: Alexander Cameron, D. McLaren.

Sept. 30 John CAMPBELL to Elizabeth MCNAUGHTON both of Beckwith. Wit: John McDonald, John McEwan.

Oct. 28 Peter CLARK, Montague, to Margaret SCOTT, Beckwith. Wit: John McArthur, Robert Scott.

April 1 Peter MCTAVISH to Janet CARMICAEL (s/b Carmichael?) both of Beckwith. Wit: Alexander McTavish, Niel Stewart.


Page 91, 1843

Feb. 7 James SUTHERLAND to Isabella NICHOL both of Ramsay. Wit: not recorded.

Feb. 28 George BARRY, Perth, to Isabella GILLIES, Beckwith. Wit: Colin Ferguson, J. McLaurence.


Page 92, 1843

March 2 John GRAHAM to Janet SUTHERLAND both of Carleton Place. Wit: Hugh Johnston, David Armstrong.

March 16 Andrew WILSON to Margaret BRYSON both of Ramsay. Wit: William Wilson, George Bryson.

March 16 William BLACK to Catherine MCLAREN both of Ramsay. Wit: James & Robert Black.

March 17 James GRIER to Sarah COWAN both of Ramsay. Wit: Thomas Craig, ?? Dunnan.

March 17 Robert STEWART, Horton, Janet FERGUSON, Beckwith. Wit: John & Robert Ferguson.

June 13 John MCEWAN, Carlton Place, to Susannah MORRIS, Beckwith. Wit: John McArthur, ?? Dunnan.

Jan. 5 Duncan CAMPBELL to Margaret FISHER both of Beckwith. Wit: John & Peter McArthur.

Oct. 27 William RATTERY to Ann DUFF both of Beckwith. Wit: Donald Campbell, John McTavish.

Dec. 7 James MOFFAT to Rosannah REID both of Beckwith. Wit: William & Robert Moffat.


Page 125, 1844

Feb. 2 Duncan MCLAREN, Drummond, to Janet MOORE, Ramsay. Wit: John McLaren, John A. Gemmell.

March 29 Jonathon MCDONALD, Bromley, to Sarah BAIN, Ramsay. Wit: John Nicolson, Robert Senior.

Aug. 9 William MUIR to Susannah THOMPSON both of Beckwith. Wit: Alexander Anderson, Walter McEffery.

Sept. 25 Cornelius HERRING, Goulbourn, to Caroline SAUNDERS, Smith Falls. Wit: Daniel Spearman, Samuel Gordon.


Page 125, 1845

March 18 Robert SERVICE to Mary NICOLSON both of Ramsay. Wit: John Sutherland, Alexander Nicolson.

March 19 J.A. GEMMILL, Beckwith, to Janet CAMERON, Ramsay. Wit: Andrew Dickson, Napolean Lavala.

June 27 William FERGUSON, Beckwith, to Catherine TILLOTSON, illegible. Wit: Duncan Ferguson, Peter McArthur.

July 4 John SCOTT to Eliza FERGUSON both of Beckwith. Wit: james & John Ferguson.

Aug. 14 William HOPPER, Huntley, to Jane EVANS, Richmond. Wit: Anthony Phillips, David Evans.

Feb. 28 James NEILSON to Marian MCFARLANE both of Ramsay. Wit: George Neilson, John McFarlane.

April 15 Alexander GILLEN to Christiana SUTHERLAND both of Ramsay. Wit: John Gillen, Angus Sutherland.


Page 126, 1846

Feb. 14 Hugh JOHNSON to Louisa STANSELL both of Carleton Place. Wit: James Boyd, Thomas Murphy.

May 5 Robert FERGUSON to Catherine CAMPBELL both of Beckwith. Wit: John Ferguson, John Campbell.

Nov. 6 Donald STEWART to Elison STEWART both of Beckwith. Wit: John Scott, George McLaren.

Jan. 19 James TOMLINSON to Sarah RENNIE both of Goulbourn. Wit: Samuel Tomlinson, James Ford.

March 5 Thomas LANG to Margaret NEILSON both of Ramsay. Wit: Arthur Lang, James Neilson.

May 2 Robert MOFFAT, Ramsay, to Jane Mary Ann SAUNDERS, Beckwith. Wit: Thomas & George Burgess.


Page 126, 1847

March 11 John MCGREGOR, McNab, to Janet FISHER, Beckwith. Wit: James McInnes, Peter McArthur.

Nov. 25 Alexander GRAHAM to Mary WATSON both of Beckwith. Wit: Alexander Stewart, Thomas Watson.

Jan. 22 Francis HUNTER to Barbara WARWICK both of Elmsley. Wit: Robert Hunter, Duncan King.


Page 138, 1848

Sept. 28 John BENSON, McNab, to Maria EVANS, Richmond. Wit: William byres, Robert W. Evans.


Page 169, 1848

Sept. 29 David EVANS, Richmond, to Martha GORDON, Goulbourn. Wit: Robert W. Evans, John Gordon.


Page 243, 1847

March 28 John MCDOUGALD to Elizabeth MCTAVISH both of Beckwith. Wit: James & Peter McArthur.


Page 243, 1849

March 30 James MCEWAN to Catherine MCCUAN both of Beckwith. Wit: John McEwan, John McCuan.

Oct. 4 James MAXWELL to Mary FERGUSON both of Beckwith. Wit: Robert Ferguson.


Page 275, 1848

Feb. 15 James RATTRAY to Catherine THOMSON both of Beckwith. Wit: Peter Carmichael, John McGregor.


Page 282, 1849

Aug. 6 James SIMPSON, Goulbourn, to Margaret MCGREGOR, Ramsay. Wit: John McKay, Robert Scott.


Rev. John Tuke Wesleyan Methodist Church

Page 76, 1842

Sept. 3 Fletcher WINTERS to Almira WHITEMORE both of Alumet Island. Wit: John Cox, Samuel Whitemore.

Oct. 3 John ROBERTSON to Janet BUCHANNAN both of Westmeath. Wit: Hugh Young, John Buchannan.

Oct. 17 John COX to Carly Ann WAITERS both of Alumet Island. Wit: David & Lorenzo Warren.

Oct. 26 Daniel MCKAY to Julia REYNOLDS both of Pembroke. Wit: Duncan McIntyre, Hugh Dunlop.


Page 76, 1843

Feb. 20 Robert LIVINGSTONE, Montague, to Mary ROWAN, Pembroke. Wit: John Supple, James Rowan.

April 3 John MCMARTIN to Sarah WORK both of Ross. Wit: Duncan McMartin, John Stewart.

Jan. 15 Robert MCCONNELL to Judah DUFFEY both of Westmeath. Wit: John Beach, David Warren.

May 14 Peter Grew CARGER to Sophia RACOUR both of Westmeath. Wit: Theodore Brace, Hyram Chamberlain.

June 19 Hiram CROSBY, Crosby, to Janet JOHNSTON, Pembroke. Wit: James McKay, Hugh Carr.

July 3 William WHITEMORE to Jane WARREN both of Perth. Wit: Theodore Brace, Hugh Dunlop.


Page 83, 1843

Nov. 25 David BUCHANAN to Catherine MCKAY both of Westmeath. Wit: James McHary, James McKay.

Dec. 5 Levi LEROY to Elizabeth NELSON both of Amherst Isle. Wit: James Coburn, James Nelson.

Dec. 24 Thomas WILLIAMHURST to Phebe DAVIS both of Pembroke. Wit: Hyram Chamberlain, John R. Tuke.


Page 83, 1844

Jan. 29 Gilbert EDMUNDS to Rachel ROSE both of Ross. Wit: Hugh Logan, Samuel Rose.

Feb. 14 Baptiste THIBEAUX, Stafford, to Margaret RECORD, Wwestmeath. Wit: John Stutt, Theodore Bruce.

March 12 John WATSON to Jane DAGG both of Deep River. Wit: Aelxander McMullen, D. B. Warren.

March 18 Joel WILSON to Sally JEWEL both of Amherst Isle. Wit: Mary Peirce, Nancy Tuke.

March 25 John N. OLMSTED, Ross, to Elizabeth TALLMAN, Nipean. Wit: Edward & William Sullivan.

May 9 Peter BELLILE, Montreal, to Amanda PIERCE, Black River. Wit: James Coburn, John Pierce.


Rev. John Wilson Methodist Episcopal Church

Page 138, 1848

Feb. 25 Joseph BOSTUNE to Margaret LEIPSITT both of Adamston. Wit: Arvella Caswell, Robert Leipsitt.


Page 179, 1848

Feb. 25 Peter FERGUSON to Ann JENKINS both of Bagot. Wit: Daniel McIntyre, Catherine Barr.


Rev. Laurence Hallcroft Baptist Church

Page 63, 1844

Dec. 17 John SMITH to Catherine HENDERSON both of McNab. Wit: James McDonald, Manny Nowlan.


Page 63, 1845

Jan. 17 John STEWART, Kupell?, to Jane COLBURN, Carleton Place. Wit: Gregor McGregor, Dun. Campbell.

Aug. 20 James MCGREGOR, Ramsay, to Agnes DUNLOP, Huntley. Wit: James Murphy, Robert McLaren.

Aug. 28 Arthur WALKER, Perth, to Elizabeth BUCHANAN, Drummond. Wit: ?? McPherson, Alexander Buchanan.

May 2 William WILLIE, Ramsay, to Matilda PLUNKETT, Lanark. Wit: Jn. & Jos. Murphy.

May 8 Greville TOSHACK to Janet ANDERSON both of Ramsay. Wit: M. Toshack, M. James.

March 25 John MCROSTY to Janet MCEWAN both of Beckwith. Wit: N. McCaffey, Peter McEwan.

Feb. 27 Allan MCDONALD, Carleton Place, to Margaret DEWAR, Beckwith. Wit: Manny Nowlan, R. Bolton.

Aug. 7 Abraham/Absolem MCCAFFREY to Margaret MCMULLEN both of Carleton Place. Wit: N. McCaffrey, Jn. McMullen.


Page 110, 1846

Jan. 26 John KINCHILLA to Mary WOODS both of Beckwith. Wit: William McHaff, John Kaly.

Feb. 13 Andrew COCHRAN, Lanark, to Jane NICOLSON, Ramsay. Wit: Robert Lerue, William Kemp.

March 9 David MCNAB to Mary Ann NEWLAND both of Carleton Place. Wit: Murray Newland, Hugh Bolton.

March 9 William CALVIN to Rosana HOLDEN both of Carleton Place. Wit: J. McLauchin, H. McCaffrey.

Dec. 4 James BUCHANAN to Jane MCGREGOR both of Drummond. Wit: Alexander Buchanan, Andrew McGregor.

Dec. 22 John CAMERON to Catherine MCNAB both of McNab. Wit: Peter & John McNab.

Dec. 31 Duncan CAMERON, Beckwith, to Janet MCLEAN, Drummond. Wit: N. McCaffrey, James McLean.


Page 110, 1847

Jan. 5 Roderick MACKENZIE, Beckwith, to Isabella MCNAUGHTON, Drummond. Wit: Archibald Cameron, Donald McGregor.


Page 118, 1847

March 17 Walter SCOTT, Ramsay, to Jane MILNE, Carleton Place. Wit: James Scott, Cornelius Sullivan.

April 3 Alexander STEWART, Goulbourn, to Anne MCLAREN, Beckwith. Wit: Adam Prethus?, J. McGregor.

July 24 John MCEWAN, Beckwith, to Catherine ROBISON, Drummond. Wit: John & Hugh Robison.

Jan. 5 Colin MCNAB, Elmsley, to Elizabeth SINCLAIR, Ramsay. Wit: Finlay McNab, Finlay Sinclair.


Rev. Michael Baxter Methodist Church

Page 128, 1849

March 30 William ANDERSON to Sarah Jane HANNAH both of S. Sherbrook. Wit: Edward Donaghy, Samuel Hannah.


Page 128, 1851

April 1 Joseph AVERY, Bathurst, to Mary MILLER, Dalhousie. Wit: Duncan Avery, Christiana McNeil.


Page 138, 1850

No date James BOTHWELL to Helen STEADMAN both of Horton. Wit: not recorded.


Page 148, 1850

No Date George CRAIG to Elizabeth STEWART, residence not recorded. Wit: not recorded.


Page 149, 1851

May 23 William CAMPBELL, Osborne, to Margaret SUMMERVILLE, Lanark. Wit: Thomas Magee, Ellen Summerville.


Page 189, 1848

Dec. 11 John GREER to Maria SORROTT both of Bathurst. Wit: William Gree, William Sorrott.


Page 189, 1850

No Date George GALLINGER to Rebecca CAMPBELL. Residence & witness not recorded.


Page 229, 1850

April 15 James KERR to Mary CLARKE both of Bathurst. Wit: John Cameron, David McKerker.


Page 243, 1848

Nov. 6 William MAUDER (MANDER?) to Eliza ARMSTRONG both of S. Sherbrook. Wit: John & Richard Armstrong.


Page 247, 1851

Jan. 14 Duncan MCKINLAY to Ann STRETCH both of Darling. Wit: Andrew Napier, James McKinlay.

Feb. 4 Donald MCLEAN, Dalhousie, to Francis DROOP, Bathurst. Wit: James McLean, Francis North.


Page 263, 1850

No date Francis PUBLOW to Eliza TODD. Residence & witnesses not recorded.


Page 275, 1850

May 3 James RATHWELL to Helen STEADMAN both of Drummond. Wit: John Bothwell, Jane Steadman.


Rev. Michael Davy

Page 100, 1845

Oct. 8 William RIDDLE, Perth, to Margaret WALL, Montague. Wit: John Riddle, James Wall.


Page 100, 1846

Sept. 2 John H. ANDREWS, Matilda, to Mary J. WILSON, Montague. Wit: Joseph Andrews, Claricy Wilson.