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Brant Co., 1904


004366-1904 (Brant Co.) Benjamin AULICE?, 32, machinist, Brantford, same, s/o Hyacinthe AULICE & Ann GIVENS, married Minnie CONBAY (Conboy?), 26, Brantford, same, d/o Thomas CONBAY & Mary COCKNELL, witn: Ry CHALANSKE & Frances CONBAY, both of Brantford, 25 Jul 1904 at Brantford.  
004480-04 ( Brant Co) William Robert BANNISTER , 21 , farmer , Vanessa , same , s/o Robert , married Ethel CRANE , 21 , Tillsonburg , Vanessa , d/o James & Ella , witn: Charles CRANE & Nellie BANNISTER both of Vanessa , 22 December 1904 at Scotland. 04377-04 (Brant Co) Joseph Gideon BARKER, 34, widower, motorman, Simcoe Ont., Brantford Ont., s/o James BARKER & Rhoda SMITH, married Mary Marilla FINCH, 33, Port Ryerse Ont., Brantford Ont., d/o Niles FINCH & Nancy ANGUISH, witn: Mr. & Mrs. William JOHNSON both of Brantford, 6 Sep 1904 at Brantford
4495-04 William Thomas BARNES, 24, farmer, Townsend, Oakland, s/o Thomas BARNES & Ann HILL, married Leutitia Maud WESTBROOK, 24, Oakland, same, d/o Mordecai WESTBROOK & Mary J. DANIELS, witn: Harry WESTBROOK & Ada BURTCH, both of Oakland, 9 March 1904 at Oakland 004737-05 ( Brant Co) Charles M. BIGGAR , 30 , farmer , Brantford Twp., same , s/o Charles BIGGAR & Mary MAGGART , married Nellie SALES , 23 ,Simcoe , Brantford Twp., d/o Albert SALES & Jennie McCALLUM , witn: Ethel HAMILTON & Lizzie BRAZIER both of Brantford Twp., 9 March 1904 at Mt. Pleasant
  004978-06 ( Brant Co) Lee BING , 25 , laundry , China , Paris , parents unknown , married Fong KIM , 21 , China , Paris , parents unknown , witn: Mrs FATHERS & Miss FEATHERSTONE both of Paris , 29 Aug 1904 at Paris
004354-1904 (Brant Co.) James Frank BLAKLEY, 21, machinist, Canada, Brantford, s/o Russell BLAKELY & Maggie OSTRANDER, married Jennie Maud HELSDON, 21, Canada, Brantford, d/o Samuel HELSDON & Maggie FLETCHER, witn: James FLETCHER & Miss RONSON of Dutton & J. B. WADDLE of Simcoe & Miss ? of ?, 1 Jul 1904 at Brantford. 04527-04 (Brant Co.) Harasy BLOUGH, 22, moulder, Watford, Paris, s/o F. BLOUGH & Matilda RUTLEDGE, married Ida SLATER, 20, near Strathroy, Paris, d/o Jas. SLATER & Frances M. HARNON, witn Maggie SLATER and Russel WARD, both of Paris, April 13, 1904 at Paris
04524-04 (Brant Co.) Archibald E. BOAG, 21, merchant, Rainshoe, Toronto, s/o David BOAG and Olive PHILLIPS, married Amelia M. FREE, 20, Switzerland, Paris, d/o E. FREE and Mary MEYERS; witn L.K. CAMERON of Paris and Ida B. FLINT of Galt; April 6, 1904 at Paris 4466-04 William J. BUNDY, 21, farmer, of Brantford twp., s/o William BUNDY & Margaret BROWN, married Eva Grace McMILLAN, 17, of Ancaster, d/o Robert McMILLAN & Eliza BROOK, witn: F. C. GULLEN & Eva B. COLLINS, both of Cainsville, 28 Dec 1904 at Brantford twp
4496-04 Clarence Leslie BURTCH, 21, Mt. Pleasant, same, s/o Stephen BURTCH & Ann HOULDING, married Ruby HALL, 21, Townsend, same, d/o Walter HALL & Carrie PERROT, witn: George HOWARTH of Mt. Pleasant & Edith WHITTAKER of Wilsonville, 16 March 1904 at Oakland #004549-04 (Brant Co) William BUSHER, 29, gardener, Canada, Dundas, s/o William BUSHER & Caroline D. GRRENBANK?, married Grace Bennett WALTON, 38, Canada, Paris, d/o Thomas WALTON & Eva BOWER, witnesses were William T.A. WALTON of Hamilton & Edith W. WALTON of Paris, Oct. 19, 1904 at Paris
004478-04 ( Brant Co) Walter C. BYERS , 23 , farmer , Northfield Centre , Burford Twp., s/o John BYERS & Mary CAULTON ,married Mabel E. STANDON , 20 , Falkland , Burford Twp., d/o William STANDON & Margaret LAVERY , witn: Michael & Elizabeth MONTURE both of Brantford , 23 November 1904 at Burford  
4561-04 David F. CAMPBELL, 43, carpenter, Goderich, Brantford, s/o Robert CAMPBELL & Ellen FERGUSON, married Annie E. WALLS, 37, widow, England, Brantford twp., d/o W. H. ROBERTSON & Hannah RICHARDSON, witn: Alice DANIELS & Grace SCOTT, both of Paris, 3 Aug 1904 at Paris 4448-04 Charles A. CAMPBELL, 50, farmer, Brantford twp., same, s/o Thomas B. CAMPBELL & Rhoda JONES, married Effie Gertrude YOUMANS, 31, Windham twp., Brantford twp., d/o Daniel YOUMANS & Mary Jane MASECAR, witn: Harry H. JONES of Brantford & Louis N. WYMER of Rockford, 13 July 1904 at Brantford twp
#004471-04 (Brant Co): John Thomas CANNELL, 31, mason, Burford twp., same, s/o John CANNELL & Annie BLANCHE, married Elva Maud McINALLY, 23, Burford twp., same, d/o Wesley McINALLY & Nancy LYMBURNER, witn: Ambrose CANNELL of Harley & Ada McINALLY of Northfield Center, 23 March 1904 at Northfield Center 4500-04 Ambrose CANNELL, 29, farmer, Harley, same, s/o John CANNELL & Annie BLANCH, married Polly Caroline GRANTHAM, 19, Harley, Mohawk, d/o George GRANTHAM & Marie WESBROOK (Westbrook?), witn: Ernest SWIFT of Brantford & Bella MILLER of Mohawk, 14 Sept 1904 at Oakland
#004469-04 (Brant Co): John McClary CANNON, 21, farmer, Caradoc, Burford twp., d/o Elijah CANNON & Emma BURDICK, witn: Clarence SWARTS of Princeton & Katherine BENEDICT of Woodstock, 23 Feb 1904 at Burford twp 4498-04 Wilbert CAPLING, 23, farmer, Milberton, Oakland, s/o William CAPLING & Margaret PARKINSON, married Lillian DUNNETT, 21, Wilsonville, same, d/o John S. DUNNETT & Eliza ROBERTS, witn: John S. DUNNETT & Mrs. W. SHEPPHERD, both of Oakland, 10 Aug 1904 at Oakland
#004474-04 (Brant Co): James Henry CAVIN, 22, mail carrier, Burford, same, s/o Robert CAVIN & Catherine VANCAMP, married Ellen REID, 18, Mt. Vernon, same, d/o Simon REID & Bertha SMITH, witn: Carrie CAVIN & Ida A. LUGH, both of Burford, 11 June 1904 at Burford #004557-04 (Brant Co) George Henry CHAPINEAU, 28, blacksmith, England, Brantford, s/o George CHAPINEAU & Sarah SAICH, married Jessie LOCKETT, 20, England, Paris, d/o Henry LOCKETT & Mary BARNES, witnesses were George H. & Letitia GILLESPIE of Paris, Dec. 24, 1904 at Paris
4493-04 William Frederick CHAPMAN, 26, cartage agent, Toronto, same, s/o William CHAPMAN & Ellen NOTTINGHAM, married Lottie Adorah McMICHAEL, 25, South Dumfries, same, d/o David McMICHAEL & Louia McWAYNE, witn: John McMICHAEL of South Dumfries & Mary McWAYNE of Buffalo, 17 Nov 1904 at South Dumfries #004487-04 (Brant Co): David E. CHAPMAN, 28, laborer, Glanford twp., Galt, s/o James CHAPMAN & Annie LAING, married Bertha MORDEN, 22, Walkerton, Wingham, d/o Parmer? MORDEN & Maggie FALKHAM, 30 March 1904 at St. George
4789-05 - Alonzo C. CHEW, 24, farmer, Tuscarora Reserve, same, s/o George HILL (sic) & blank, married Sarah MARACLE, 30, Tuscarora Reserve, same, d/o George MARACLE & Sarah HILL, witn: Belle JOHNSON & Mabel PATTERSON, both of Tuscarora Reserve, 12 April 1904 at Tuscarora Reserve 004367-1904 (Brant Co.) Herbert Benson CHRISTIE, 34, clergyman, Haldimand Co., Port Elgin, s/o Alexander CHRISTIE & Sarah HUNTER, married Ethel Kathleen PRESTON, 28, Ottawa, Brantford, d/o Thomas N. PRESTON & Lillian McDONALD, witn: G. J. REAUY of Hamilton & Lillian PRESTON of Brantford, 3 Aug 1904 at Brantford.
4513-04 John Stewart COCKER, 36, gardener, Scotland, Cainsville, s/o Peter COCKER & Elizabeth STEWART, married Mary Agnes MANNEN, 28, Beverly twp., Onondaga twp., d/o Ben--? MANNEN & Sarah FISHER, witn: Henry MANNEN of Cainsville & Clara FISHER of Brantford, 16 Nov 1904 at res of bride's father 4458-04 Dufferin COLE, 27, farmer, Brantford twp., same, s/o John Granville COLE & Charlotte BOOK, married Isabella COLBECK, 27, Brantford twp., same, d/o not given, witn: Harry FOULGER & Gertrude COLE, both of Brantford twp., 5 Oct. 1904 at not given [reg'd in Brantford twp]
#004483-04 (Brant Co): Fred M. COOK, 24, farmer, Corinth, same, s/o Alonzo COOK & Naomi LINDY, married Daisy FLEMING, 19, Dereham, Springford, d/o Thomas FLEMING & Mary Jane SCOTT, witn: Annie BENNETT & Ella PURDY, both of St. George, 20 Jan 1904 at St. George 4460-04 Calvin COTTON, 21, farmer, of Mt. Pleasant, s/o James COTTON & Drusilla HARRIS, married Maude SMITH, 22, of Townsend, d/o Thomas SMITH & Frances WILLSON, wtn: Eva B. & Edith May COLLINS of Cainsville, 28 Oct. 1904 at Cainsville
#004472-04 (Brant Co): George T. CRANSTON, 22, farmer, Middleport, Windham twp., s/o George CRANSTON & Mary ARMSTRONG, married Alice BRAYBROOK, 19, Brantford, Burford twp., d/o Fred BRAYBROOK & Sarah BARLOW, witn: Agnes CRANSTON of Kelvin & Gertrude BRAYBROOK of Brantford, 18 April 1904 at Kelvin 004365-1904 (Brant Co.) Albert CROCKFORD, 25, tinsmith, England, Brantford, s/o Guy CROCKFORD & Elizabeth LEAMINGTON?, married Lucy Emily GINN, 22, England, Brantford, d/o Alford GINN & Hannah CHUCK, witn: George E. IRELAND & Alice E. GINN, both of Brantford, 27 Jul 1904 at Brantford.
04526-04 (Brant Co.) William CROSBY, 34, farmer, Princeton, same, s/o William CROSBY & Margaret FARBIS, married Margaret SCARF, 25, Barford Twp., same, d/o Jas. H. SCARF & Rosanna M. MICHAEL; witn Ida K. FLINT of Galt and L.K. CAMERON of Paris; April 13, 1904 at Paris 004357-1904 (Brant Co.) Frederick Joseph CUMMINGS, 25, carpenter, Toronto, same, s/o Thomas CUMMINGS & Annie SMART, married Elizabeth Smith EASSON, 23, Alton, Brantford, d/o James EASSON & Sarah Elizabeth SMITH, witn: R. EASSON & E. CUMMINGS, both of Brantford, 6 Jul 1904 at Brantford
014401-04 ( Oxford Co) William Franklin DARROCH , 30, teacher, Minto, Brantford, s/o John DARROCH & Agnes GREEN--?, married Lenora WOLVERTON, 28, Wolverton, same, d/o Isaac WOLVERTON & Rebecca HOWELL , witn: M.G. HELLICK of Brantford & Jennie WOLVERTON of Wolverton, 3 Aug 1904 at Wolverton. 014424-04 ( Oxford Co) Samuel DAY , 31, farmer, England, Tillsonburg, s/o John DAY & Emma RODEN , married Lucy Bella HURSK , 22, Ontario, Tillsonburg, d/o Robert L. HURSK & Janet WILEY , witn: F.W. RUTHERFORD & Amelia E. FRENCH both of Tillsonburg, 15 July 1904 at Dereham.
4512-04 Edwin DEAGLE, 22, farmer, Onondaga twp., same, s/o John DEAGLE & Annie HICKS, married Bella M. COWIE, 22, music teacher, Onondaga twp., same, d/o William COWIE & Rachel McLELLAN, witn: George & William COWIE of Onondaga twp., 27 Oct 1904 at res of bride's brother #004556-04 (Brant Co) William Warren DENNIS, 34, factory hand, Brantford, same, s/o Louis DENNIS & Mariah FONSON, married Elizabeth C. APPS, 28, Brantford twp., Paris, d/o Charles O. APPS & Charlotte GURNEY, witnesses were C.W. APPS of Ottawa & John DENNIS of Brantford, Dec. 22, 1904 at Paris
04525-04 (Brant co.) Winford EATON, 29, farmer, Burford Twp., same, s/o Elam EATON & Keziah THOMAS, married Margaret CROZIER, 25, Burford Twp., same, d/o Adam CROZIER and Maude A. McGRIFFINS; witn Alice DANIEL and Grace E. SCOTT, both of Paris; April 7, 1904 at Paris  
4497-04 E. Maitland EDY, 23, farmer, Oakland, same, s/o Mahlon EDY & Mary E. McLEAN, married Helen J. CHASE, 24, Brigden, Oakland, d/o James CHASE & Adelaide CROTHERS, witn: M. Lavell EDY of Oakland & Ethel SILVERTHORN of Teeterville, 30 March 1904 at Oakland #004488-04 (Brant Co): Edward ELLIS, 47, farmer, widower, South Dumfries, same, s/o William ELLIS & Jane CUSHMAN, married Margaret GRAHAM, 39, widow, Seneca twp., South Dumfries, d/o Robert McCULLOUGH & Catherine DOUGLAS, witn: Mrs. D.Y. ROSS & Mrs. Alex GRAHAM, both of St. George, 1 June 1904 at St. George
4509-04 Alexander FAIR, 35, farmer, Onondaga, same, s/o William FAIR & Catherine BRYAN, married Bertha CLARKE, 28, Brantford twp., same, d/o James CLARKE & Sarah HAROLD, witn: C. D. CHAPIN of Cainsville & Janet HAROLD of Brantford, 8 June 1904 at res of Charles EDWARDS 4492-04 James Ivan Reid FOLSETTER, 22, merchant, South Dumfries, Ayr, s/o John Robert FOLSETTER & Margaret FLETT, married Mary Helen PETRIE, 21, South Dumfries, same, d/o John PETRIE & Orilla CASIDY (s/b Cassidy?), witn: Thomas & Helen BAIN of Dundas, 24 May 1904 at South Dumfries
4566-04 Arthur Russell FOWLER, 34, farmer, Burford twp., same, s/o Giles FOWLER & Annie RUSSELL, married Emily Katharine KEMP, 28, Brighton England, same, d/o Charles KEMP & Emily GROSS, witn: John M. HALL & Olive C. WHITBY, both of Paris, 27 Sept 1904 at Paris 4511-04 David Zealand GIBSON, 33, farmer, Oneida twp., same, s/o James GIBSON & Jennie LEWIS, married Annie GILMORE, 23, Onondaga twp., same, d/o Henry GILMORE, farmer, & Jessie KNOX, witn: Lewis GIBSON of Oneida twp & Mary ALLAN of Onondaga twp., 21 Sept 1904 at res of bride's parents
04519-04 (Brant Co.) George H. GOTCHALL, 23, cooper, Fenlon Falls, Galt, s/o George GOTCHALL & Nancy LOUGH, married Annie HOEY, 24, Scotland, Paris, d/o James HOEY & Catherine MacKENZIE; witn R.C. GEDDIS of Toronto and Nettie HOEY of Paris; February 24, 1904 at Paris. 4788-05 - Percy GREEN, 25, farmer, Tuscarora Reserve, same, s/o Henry GREEN & Charlotte MARTIN, married Melissa GREEN, 22, Tuscarora Reserve, same, d/o John GREEN & Annie SERO, witn: Louis MARTIN & Lucinda JAMIESON, both of Oshweken, 12 Oct 1904 at Grand River Parsonage
#004551-04 (Brant Co) George L. C. GROOMS, 24, wood worker, Drumbo, Paris, s/o George G. GROOMS & Sarah FURTNEY?, married Annie Ellna PEARCE, 20, England, Paris, parents unknown, witnesses were Mary YOUNG & Bessie PLOUKLIN, both of Paris, Nov. 2, 1904 at Paris 004489-04 (Brant Co): John Henry HAAS, 26, blacksmith, St. George, same, s/o Charles HAAS & Sarah POTTS, married Mary Alice ROOS, 27, Hespeler, St. George, d/o Edward ROSS (sic) & Jane Ellen REID, witn: Charles L. HAAS of Galt & Carrie Bell ROBINSON of St. George, 18 June 1904 at St. George
#004473-04 (Brant Co): Benjamin D. HAINLAND, 42, widower, butcher, Norfolk Co., same, s/o Eli HAINLAND & Eleanor MITCHELL, married Malissa Jane STROHM, 29, widow, Norfolk Co., Brant Co., d/o John STICKLES & Mary GAUNTLETT, witn: John & Mary STICKLES of Burford, 18 May 1904 at Burford 004364-1904 (Brant Co.) Charles E. HAMEL, 21, barber, Canada, Brantford, s/o Joseph E. HAMEL & Margaret LEIGH, married Edith HOWARTH, 22, Canada, Brantford, d/o Alex HOWARTH & Margaret ROBB, witn: Albert & Eva HOWARTH, both of Brantford, 1 Jun 1904 at Brantford.
4462-04 Herbert Ashton HANMER, 37, farmer, Burford, Brantford twp., s/o David Gilbert HANMER & Elida BOUGHNER, married Allice Ethel CHATTERSON, 30, Brantford twp., same, d/o Solomon CHATTERSON & Sarah Celista, witn: Beverly Loyd JONES of Mt. Vernon & Effie Olivia CHATTERSON of Mohawk, 17 Nov 1904 at Brantford twp [Hamner?]  4446-04 George James HARPER, 27, moulder, Canada, Brantford twp., s/o John HARPER & Sarah HARVEY, married Mary Elizabeth MARTIN, 21, England, Toronto, d/o Eugerstance? MARTIN & Saubra? BUCKINGHAM, witn: Harry E. & Mary E. HARPER of Brantford twp., 7 June 1904 at Brantford twp
004481-04 ( Brant Co) Henry HARTLEY , 39 , farmer , New Durham , Norwich , s/o John HARTLEY & Ann WOOD , married Miranda POOLE , 40 , artist , Burford Twp., same , d/o William POOLE & Emily DAYTON , witn: Sayler POOLE of Burford & William HARTLEY of North Norwich , 29 December 1904 at Burford Twp. 4564-04 Edward Sherk HECKADON, 18, pattern maker, Troy, Brantford, s/o William HECKADON & Annie NEAR, married Effie Luella WOOD, 23, Linden, Brantford, d/o W. A. WOOD & Jane KITCHEN, witn: Jessie J. & Lottie K. CAMERON of Paris, 27 Sept 1904 at Paris
04520-04 (Brant Co.) Thomas W. HENDERSON, 26, laborer, Reidville, Paris, s/o Robt. E. HENDERSON & Joanna C. MILLER, married Alice M. McLEOD, 18, Falkland, Paris, d/o Lewis McLEOD & Annie BAHAMASO; witn Alice DANIEL & Grace E. SCOTT, both of Paris; March 9, 1904 at Paris 4445-04 Henry Oswald HITCHMOUGH, 31, farmer, England, Brantford twp., s/o Thomas HITCHMOUGH & Elizabeth FARMER, married Mary Adelaide AULSEYBROOK, 28, Canada, Brantford twp., d/o George AULSEYBROOK & Mary Ann SECORD, witn: William FAIRCHILD & Marie Antoinette PINKEY, both of Brantford twp., 27 April 1904 at Brantford twp
4452-04 Edward John HOLDER, 36, tinsmith, Canada, Ingersoll, s/o John HOLDEN (sic) & Sophia HAMILTON, married Emma Minerva MARSH, 29, Canada, Grand View, d/o Thomas MARSH & Elizabeth ASHTON, witn: William H. LEHMAN of London & Cassie Olive MARSH of Brantford twp., 16 Aug 1904 at Brantford  004479-04 ( Brant Co) Sanford B. HOLT , 32 , farmer , Burford , same , s/o Louis HOLT & Adelaide KING , married Hennrietta LANGMAID , 24 , Brantford , Burford , d/o John LANGMAID & Eliza CULLEN , witn: Mary E. HOLT of Brantford & Addie TIGH of Harley , 14 December 1904 at Burford Twp
004355-1904 (Brant Co.) Henry HOUSE, 46, laborer, England, Toronto, widower, s/o Henry HOUSE & Ellen MOREY, married Marcia EATWELL, 41, England, Toronto, d/o Henry EATWELL & Sarah BANKS, witn: Thomas BANKS & John BURROWS, both of Brantford, 2 Jul 1904 at Brantford 4506-04 Daniel Austin HOUSE, 24, farmer, Ancaster, same, s/o Harman HOUSE & Emily FILES, married Essie ROBINSON, 23, Onondaga, same, d/o William BAYNA & Martha ROBINSON, witn: T. F. SIMPSON of Brantford & Mrs. W. SCOTT of Onondaga, 23 March 1904 at Parsonage, Onondaga
04523-04 (Brant Co.) William HOWARD, 30, laborer, England, Hagersville, s/o John HOWARD & Elise Elizabeth GUNNEY(?), married Jannet REASON, 15 (or 16), Oxford Co., Hartsford, d/o Alex. REASON & Jannet WILSON; witn L. SILCOX and C.E. SILCOX, both of Paris; April 7, 1904 at Paris. 04517-04 (Brant Co.) James Leslie HUNTLY, 27, farmer, Middlesex, West Oxford, s/o William D. HUNTLY & Freda STONER(?), married Eva Estella BAUSLAUGH, 23, Oxford, Paris, d/o Henry BAUSLAUGH & Jane TIBORS; witn E.M. KENNEDY & Clara KENNEDY, both of Paris; January 20, 1904 at Paris
4510-04 Henry JACKSON, 41, farmer, Oneida twp., same, s/o Henry JACKSON & Christena WETHERBURN?, married Ida GILMORE, 30, Onondaga, d/o Henry GILMORE, farmer, & Jessie KNOX, witn: William DUNNETT of Oneida twp & Fannie McBAY of Onondaga twp., 21 Sept 1904 at res of bride's parents 4531-04 Albert Edward JACQUES, 24, sectionman GTR, London England, Paris, s/o Samuel JACQUES & Hannah RILEY, married Barbara F. H. MILNE, 23, Hamilton, Paris, d/o William MILNE & Jessie HEENIE?, witn: L. DAVIS & Emma FRIER, both of Paris, 4 June 1904 at Paris
4787-05 - Peter JOHN, 29 (or 20), farmer, Tuscarora Reserve, same, s/o Peter JOHN & Mary BURNBERRY?, married Elizabeth RUSSELL, 16, house keeper, Tuscarora Reserve, same, d/o Wilson RUSSELL & blank, witn: Hilton HILL & Helen WHITE, both of Oshweken, 10 Oct 1904 at Oshweken 04522-04 (Brant Co.) William John JORDAN, 19, painter, Harriston, Toronto, s/o William H. JORDAN & Joan RUTHERFORD, married Emma Teleka KNIGHT, 19, Blenheim Twp., Paris, d/o Jacob W. KNIGHT & Susan WHITE; witn Ida KNIGHT and Ava KNIGHT, both of Paris; April 6, 1904 at Paris
04518-04 (Brant Co.) William Orton KITCHEN, 21, farmer, St. George, same, s/o Henry KITCHEN & Theresa PEMBLETON, married Annie G. SHERMAN, 23, Barford, same, d/o George SHERMAN & M. TUCKER; witn Chas. MAIN of Brantford and C. FICK of Paris; January 27, 1904 at Paris #004485-04 (Brant Co): Albert Wesley KITCHEN, 22, farmer, South Dumfries, same, s/o George W. KITCHEN & Mary Ann JACKSON, married Mary Ann LOWRY, 24 (or 20), Rockton, Red Deer Alberta, d/o Robert LOWRY & Margaret SMITH, witn: Lowell W. & Mabel KITCHEN of South Dumfries, 3 Feb 1904 at St. George
#004553-04 (Brant Co) Adolph KUHLMAN, 25, tinsmith, Canada, Paris, s/o George KUHLMAN & Elizabeth KING, married Annie NEWSOME, 21, Canada, Paris, d/o Edwin NEWSOME & Sarah ELLINGWORTH, witnesses were S.W. BROWN & Sarah SHEPPARD, both of Paris, Nov. 14, 1904 at Paris  
004932-06 ( Brant Co) John KYLE , 30 , farmer , South Dumfries , same , s/o George KYLE & Margaret KINGSBURGH , married Bessie GUTHRIE , Oxford Co., South Dumfries , d/o Robert Henry GUTHRIE & Esther RITCHIE , witn: Robert G. GUTHRIE of South Dumfries & Jamesina McRUER of Ayr , 22 June 1904 at South Dumfries. 04528-04 (Brant Co.) William Henry LEMERY, 21, blacksmith, near Ayr, Paris, s/o William Hy. LEMERY & Ellen HERBERT, married Josephine KOHL, 18, Delhi, Paris, d/o William KOHL & Sophia FICK; witn Ida K. FLINT of Galt and L.K. CAMERON of Paris; May 6, 1904 at Paris
4538-04 Edward LINCH, 36, machinist, Oxford Co., Brantford, s/o James LINCH & Margaret ELWIN, married Annie MOORE, 36, Ireland, Brantford, d/o James MOORE & Jane COWAN, witn: A. DANIEL & Grace E. SCOTT, both of Paris, 26 July 1904 at Paris 4535-04 John Sanford LITTLE, 22, laborer, Paris, Brantford, s/o John LITTLE & Jane SHOBRIDGE, married Edith Matilda BLANSHARD, 21, Brantford, Paris, d/o Enos BLANSHARD & Matilda HARRIS, witn: William L. LITTLE of Burford & Lettie K. CAMERON of Paris, 7 July 1904 at Paris
04529-04 (Brant Co.) William James LOCK, 24, barber, Innerkip, same, s/o John LOCK and Maria SKELLINGS, married Margaret ROBE, 22, Drumbo, same, d/o Andrew ROBE & Mary Ann SKELLINGS; witn N.R. BENNING and Gertrude HENRY, both of Paris; June 15, 1904 at Paris 004476-04 ( Brant Co) Arthur Frederick LOCKWOOD , 20 , laborer , Suffolk Co. England , Burford , s/o Robert & Emma , married Thedo Elfreta PEARSON , 19 , Mt Vernon , Burford , d/o Edward PEARSON & Elizabeth BAWTINHEIMER , witn: George & Mercy PEARSON of Burford , 7 September 1904 at Burford
004794-05 ( Brant Co) William LOUNSBURY , 36 , widower , blacksmith , Norfolk Co., Ayr , s/o William LOUNSBURY & Jane JAMISON , married Mabel Annie PRINE , 18 , Brant Co., Paris , d/o William PRINE & Annie McSWAINS, witn: Thomas & Alfred PRINE of Paris , 29 Dec 1904 at Paris. 004361-1904 (Brant Co.) Alexander MARKLE, 50, laborer, Sheffield, Brantford, widower, s/o Alexander MARKLE & Elizabeth COYLE, married, Elizabeth H. JONES, 35, Seymour Twp., Brantford, d/o Charles JONES & May RUNDLE, witn: Frank & Ellen JONES, both of Brantford, 19 Jul 1904 at Brantford.
  4439-04 Russell W. MASSECAR, 24, farmer, Beverley twp., same, s/o Benona MASSECAR & Sarah FISHER, married Laura DEAGLE, 18, Onondaga twp., same, d/o Samuel DEAGLE & Jane HAMILTON, witn: Henry & Mary A. MASSECAR of Onondaga, 13 Jan 1904 at Brantford twp
#004550-04 (Brant Co) Joseph H. McCABE, 21, knitter, Paris, same, s/o Charles McCABE & Mary Jane McDERMOT?, married Marie PETIT, 20, Simcoe, Paris, d/o Hiram PETIT & Elizabeth MILLARD, witnesses were Henry W. McCABE & Margaret COOLEY (or Codey) both of Paris, June 2, 1904 at Paris (Rom. Cath.) 004359-1904 (Brant Co.) Thomas McCORMACK, 42, fireman, Brantford, same, s/o Peter McCORMACK & Mary CONLAN, married Mary Ann CARTER?, 35, Brantford, same, widow, d/o Bryan DUNN & Catharine SHAWSON?, witn: P. LEMON & Christine McDONALD, both of Brantford, 28 Jun 1904 at Brantford.
4507-04 Robert McIRVINE, 44, farmer, Brant Co., Brantford, s/o John McIRVINE & Jane MELDRUM, married Mary Jane FERRIS, 29, Onondaga, same, d/o John FERRIS & Eliza GILMORE, witn: John H. FERRIS & Ellen McIRVINE, both of Onondaga, 1 June 1904 at res of bride's father 04516-04 (Brant Co.) William G. McKAY, age not given, carpenter, Paris, Winnipeg, s/o Duncan C. McKAY & Emma H. BUKASTOFF? (Bickerstaff?), married Mary Jane LOCKE, age not given, Paris, same, d/o Harry LOCKE and Mary Ann BAKER; witn M.R. McKAY of Toronto and Emma LOCKE of Paris; January 6, 1904 at Paris
4499-04 George Humes McMAN, 45, farmer, Townsend twp., Rockford, s/o George McMAN & Catherine CHAPMAN, married Alda L. CAMPBELL, 38, Oakland, same, d/o Murdock CAMPBELL & Eliza WARFIELD, witn: Elmer & Ella CAMPBELL of Brantford, 1 Sept 1904 at Oakland 004358-1904 (Brant Co.) Lorne A. McVICAR, 25, farmer, Brantford Twp, same, s/o Alex McVICAR & Celeste THOMAS, married Ethel A. DUEL, 25, England, Georgetown, d/o John & Annie, witn: Jennie R. CAUSEN (Cousin?) & J. DAVIDSON, both of Brantford, 30 Jun 1904 at Brantford.
4451-04 Ward Grant MERRALL, 24, farmer, Onondaga, same, s/o George MERRALL & Georgiana GILLMORE, married Martha Beatrice LEE, 19, Burford twp., Cainsville, d/o C. W. LEE & Anna SHAVER, witn: H. DOUGLASS of Toronto & T. MERRALL of Onondaga, 3 Aug 1904 at Cainsville  
4839-05 James MIDDLEMISS, 26, cabinet maker, Chesterfield, Woodstock, s/o George MIDDLEMISS & Margaret TAYLOR, married Maggie McLELLAND, 26, South Dumfries, same, d/o Andrew McLELLAND & Elizabeth ROSS, witn: George McLELLAND of Niagara Falls NY & Daisy FOLSETTER of South Dumfries, 27 Sept 1904 at South Dumfries 4786-05 - David Percy MILLER, 27, farmer, widower, Tuscarora Reserve, same, s/o Anthony MILLER & Sarah DOXTATER, married Annie FISH, Tuscarora Reserve, same, d/o David, farmer, & not given, witn: George A. & Lizzie MARTIN of Ohsweken, 5 Oct 1904 at Grand River parsonage
4514-04 James MILLER, 24, farmer, Ancaster twp., Alberton, s/o George E. MILLER & Elizabeth VANSICKLE, married Minnie FERGUSON, 22, Perth Scotland, Alberton, d/o Robert FERGUSON, farmer, & Lydia CHALMERS, witn: William FERGUSON & Ethel GRINDON?, both of Ancaster twp., 22 Dec 1904 at Onondaga village 4463-04 Tom M. NEEDHAM, 27, machinist, Brantford twp., same, s/o Edward NEEDHAM & Elizabeth MINTERN?, married Christina FERRIS, 28, Hamilton City, Brantford twp., d/o Thomas FERRIS & Barbara GREEN, witn: E. J. NEEDHAM & Maud M. WEIR, both of Brantford twp., 23 Nov 1904 at Brantford twp
004477-04 ( Brant Co) Charles Mortimer NESBITT , 31 , trainman , Ontario New York , Charlotte New York , s/o Samuel NESBITT & Mary Caroline DOUGLAS , married Rachel Armetta McKENZIE , 32 , Burford , same , d/o Richard McKENZIE & Rebecca MILES , witn: C.E. & Nellie DOUGLAS of Brantford , 21 September 1904 at Burford 4536-04 Abraham NORTH, 28, spinner, Paris, same, s/o Abraham NORTH & Catherine McKEOUGH, married Alice Maud Mary HARRIS, 20, Brantford, Paris, d/o William HARRIS & E. GREENHEAD?, witn: Robert & Mrs. R. CREEDON of Paris, 9 July 1904 at Paris
4494-04 Charles OSBORNE, 25, farmer, St. George, South Dumfries, s/o William OSBORNE & Ruth GREENFIELD, married Florence LAINE, no age given, Mt. Pleasant, South Dumfries, d/o Thomas LAINE & Eliza J. ROUSE, witn: Fred OSBORNE of Brantford & Ethel LAINE of Paris, 7 Dec 1904 at South Dumfries 4491-04 William H. PATTERSON, 32, farmer, Blenheim, same, s/o John PATTERSON & Jane HOGG, married Jennie PETRIE, 28, South Dumfries, same, d/o not given, witn: John W. ABRA of Rosevillle & Carrie M. DANIEL of Richwood, 23 March 1904 at South Dumfries
4515-04 John Edward PHELPS, 20, farmer, Brantford twp., same, s/o Adam PHELPS & Elizabeth PHILIPS, married Carrie Edith FAIR, 19, Onondaga twp., same, d/o George FAIR, farmer, & Elizabeth SLATER, witn: John Alexander FAIR of Onondaga twp & Tillie BRADT of Ancaster twp., 21 Dec 1904 at res of bride's father 004360-1904 (Brant Co.) Oliver PHILP, 22, harness maker, Grey Co., Brantford, s/o Thomas PHILP & Elizabeth LAUEY? (Loney?), married Lillie WILLIAMS, 20, Brantford, same, d/o James WILLIAMS & Elizabeth BEMMIS, witn: Albert SAWYER & Agnes WILLIAMS, both of Brantford, 13 Jul 1904 at Brantford
4437-04 Michael PONTUS, 24, Austria, 42 High St. in Brantford, s/o Simon PONTUS & Mary MYHAL, married Maria KAWALKO, 21, Austria, Broadway St. in Buffalo, d/o Nickalay KAWALKO & Anna SYWYK, witn: Annie SARDYASKI of Brantford & Joannes JAPEHAWIK, 15 Feb 1904 at Brantford  4502-04 Charles Ray PURSLEY, 22, laborer, Waterford, same, s/o John PURSLEY & Mary JACKSON, married Florence WOODLEY, 18, Windham, same, d/o Barnett WOODLEY & Mary POWELL, witn: W. A. SPENCER & Flossie PURSLEY, both of Waterford, 21 Dec 1904 at Oakland
4464-04 John RANDALL, 22, farmer, Brantford twp., same, s/o Thomas RANDALL & Margaret ORMANDY, married Ethel WINGROVE, 23, Burford twp., same, d/o Henry WINGROVE & Percy? CHAMBERS, witn: Charles WHEELER & Myrtle WINGROVE, both of Burford twp., 30 Nov 1904 at Mt. Pleasant 004362-1904 (Brant Co.) Lemon RANTSFORD, 24, painter, Drumbo, Paris, s/o William RANTSFORD & Ellen HERBERT, married Elizabeth RICHARDSON, 20, Paris, Brantford, d/o Charles RICHARDSON & Mary WHITE, witn: Henry RICHARDSON & Lizzie STRACHAN, both of Brantford, 20 Jul 1904 at Brantford
#004470-04 (Brant Co): Henry H. READ, 26, farmer, Burford twp., same, s/o Henry READ & Maud STEPHENSON, married Ellie DEAN, 23, New Durham, Burford twp., d/o Levi DEAN & Jane ROADHOUSE, witn: Levi DEAN & Alice WRIGHT, both of Harley, 8 March 1904 at Harley 4537-04 George Thomas RECOE?, 26, finisher, Waterloo, Woodstock, s/o Thomas RECOE & Manna? DAVY, married Gertrude HENDERSON, 23, Burford twp., Paris, d/o John HENDERSON & Jane ALFORD, witn: Rosa MITCHELL & Grace E. SCOTT, both of Paris, 11 July 1904 at Paris
4563-04 Oliver REICHARD, 25, clerk, Howick twp., Paris, s/o John REICHARD & Mary WHITNER, married Mary Jane STEWART, 22, Paris, same, d/o Isaac STEWART & Sarah McINTYRE, witn: Edwin W. REICHARD of Fordwich & Hazel C. LATIMER of North Bay, 26 Sept 1904 at Paris 4568-04 Arthur REID, 22, mill hand, England, Paris, s/o Frank REID & Mary WILLIS, married Bertha POTRUFF, 21, Paris, same, d/o R. POTRUFF & C. ALEXANDER, witn: W. H. WILSON & Jennie REID, both of Paris, 19 Oct. 1904 at Paris
4508-04 Albert Edward RICHARDSON, 27, farmer, Onondaga, Brantford twp, s/o Thomas RICHARDSON & Elizabeth HAROLD, married Janet Marion HAMILTON, 23, Onondaga, same, d/o John & Janet, witn: Thomas W. CLARKE of Cainsville & Bell RICHARDSON of Newport, 1 June 1904 at res of bride's father  
4461-04 John ROBB, 70, farmer, widower, Beverley twp., Harrisburg, s/o William ROBB & Jane HUNT, married Mary T. GREENFIELD, 54, Brantford twp., same, d/o James GREENFIELD & Prudence POWELL (Dowell?), witn: Joseph & Mrs.? Joseph GREENFIELD of Hamilton, 2 Nov 1904 at Brantford twp 004363-1904 (Brant Co.) William G. ROBBINS, 23, spinner, Canada, Brantford, s/o Herbert ROBBINS & Eliza ?, married Josephine JUDGE, 18, Canada, Brantford, d/o Michael JUDGE & Mary SMITH, witn: Mary JUDGE & H. A. ADAMS, both of Brantford, 28 May 1904 at Brantford.
004799-05 ( Brant Co) Andrew ROSS , 27 , railroad man , Scotland , Paris , s/o James ROSS & Mary ARMSTRONG , married Edith DAY , 30 St. Marys , Paris , d/o Robert DAY & Annie BOLTON , witn:Lorne HAGEN & Jennie BYERS both of Paris , 14 Oct 1904 at Paris. 4457-04 Harry Jacob SCHNEIDER, 22, farmer, Rainham twp., same, s/o Nicholas & Catherine, married Ethel Bodella SHAVER, 21, Rainham twp., Brantford twp., d/o Robert Howard SHAVER & Margaret BOYER, witn: Edward N. RAYS of Rainham twp & Letta E. SHAVER of Brantford twp., 21 Sept 1904 at not given [reg'd in Brantford twp]
4562-04 James SCOTT, 42, widower, drover, Blenheim twp., same, s/o Alexander SCOTT & Elspeth OLIVER, married Mary Agnes SHEHER?, 34, Blenheim twp., same, d/o Richard SHEHER & Ellen LAW? (Lace?), witn: Thomas & Ellen SHEHEE of Blenheim twp, 21 Sept 1904 at Paris 4534-04 George H. SHAY, 25, farmer, Norfolk Co., same, s/o Martin SHAY & Lucy GOODWIN, married Maud LEE, 22, Forestville, Paris, d/o Daniel LEE & Susan HAROSY?, witn: Henry A. THOMPSON of Simcoe & Maria BROWN of Paris, 29 June 1904 at Paris
4539-04 Joseph A. SHEPPARD, 49, railway agent, Paris, Chicago, s/o Thomas SHEPPARD & Ann McCABE, married Margaret T. KEARNEY, 40, Chicago, same, d/o Joseph J. KEARNEY & Mary BYRNE, witn: Thomas & M. J. HALTON of Brooklyn NY, 22 Aug 1904 at Paris 004832-05 ( Brant Co) Frederick SIBBICK , 20 , farmer , Burford Twp., same , s/o Albert SIBBICK & Mary ELLIS , married Abbie LOWES , 20 , Brant Co., Burford Twp., d/o Rob LOWES & Margaret GOW , witn: Alice DANIELS & Grace E. SCOTT both of Paris , 27 April 1904 at Paris
4450-04 Frank SIMONS, 26, horseman, West Flamboro, Brantford, s/o Andrew SIMONS & Catherine SMITH, married Maud SUMMERHAYES, 19, of Brantford, d/o John SUMMERHAYES & Ann WINEGARDNER, witn: Harry & Lillie SUMMERHAYES of Brantford, 3 Aug 1904 at Oakwood, Brantford twp 4443-04 Herbert E. SINULAR, 25, farmer, Brantford twp., same, s/o William SINULAR & Orpha VANDERLIP, married Marian B. YOUNG, 19, Onondaga twp., same, d/o Theodore YOUNG & Maggie MYERS, witn: F. W. SINULAR & Isabella YOUNG, both of Brantford twp., 30 March 1904 at Brantford twp
#004554-04 (Brant Co) Michael J. SKUCE, 20 or 26, railway brakeman, Stratford, same, s/o David KUCE & Ellen KELLY, married Jennie KENNEDY, 17, Richwood, same, d/o Levi KENNEDY & Ellen BROWN, witnesses were W. & Mary OSTRANDER of Richwood, Dec. 22, 1904 at Paris 4447-04 George SMITH, 26, farmer, Tuscarora twp., same, s/o William SMITH & Charlotte MILLER, married Maud STYERS, 25, Tuscarora twp., Brantford twp., d/o James STYERS & Mary JAMIESON, wit: Susan HARDIE & Beulah STYRES (sic), both of Brantford twp., 16 June 1904 at Brantford twp
4454-04 Harry Loamma SMITH, 28, machinist, of Canada, s/o Henry SMITH & Melinda KITCHEN, married Agnes Sophronia BENSON, 22, Canada, same, d/o Adolphus BENSON & Sophronia ELLERBY, witn: Fred Elgin ELLIOTT of Brantford & Bertha Jane BENSON of Grand View, 17 Aug 1904 at Grand View 4449-04 Herbert H. SMITH, 30, teacher, Scotland Ont., Prince Albert Sask., s/o James Hamilton SMITH & Sarah MALCOLM, married Annie M. CAMPBELL, 26, Burtch, Mt. Pleasant - Mohawk P.O., d/o James CAMPBELL & Sarah TAYLOR, witn: Wilbert L. McDONALD of Orangeville & Jennie BIGGAR of Mt. Pleasant Mohawk, 3 Aug 1904 at Mt. Pleasant
#004486-04 (Brant Co): Robert SOWDEN, 40, farmer, Brantford, same, s/o John SOWDEN & Caroline E. TURNER, married Mary WARREN, 29, tailoress, Port Dover, Brantford, d/o Thomas WARREN & Mary COATES, witn: Annie BENNETT of St. George & Annie RONALD of South Dumfries, 16 March 1904 at St. George 4501-04 James SOWERS, 21, laborer, Boston, same, s/o Henry SOWERS & Laura SLOAT, married Carrie ROSWELL, 18, Scotland, same, d/o William ROSWELL & Rachel COX, witn: Mrs. Nellie DOIDGE of Hamilton & Mrs. E. SHEPPHERD of Oakland 16 Nov 1904 at Oakland
4453-04 Robert SPARLING, 22, mechanic, of Toronto Junction, s/o John & Lizzie, married Harriet SMITH, 23, Canada, same, d/o Thomas SMITH & Harriet CAYNE (Coyne?), witn: George & Annie SMUCK of Grand View, 17 Aug 1904 at Brant Co. 4532-04 George Richmond TATE, 34, mason, Canada, Paris, s/o Thomas H. TATE & Janet MARSHALL, married Gertrude Louisa CHAPPLE, 30, Canada, Paris, d/o Jonathan CHAPPLE & Lucy PITT, witn: Charles TATE & Lucy CHAPPLE, both of Paris, 23 June 1904 at Paris
004736-05 ( Brant Co) William Elliot TAYLOR , 33 , farmer , Galt , Burford Twp., s/o Thomas TAYLOR & Margaret ELLIOT ,married Jean Proven HYSLOP , 29 , Brantford Twp., same , d/o Robert HYSLOP & Jean PROVEN , witn:Robert HYSLOP & Jean TAYLOR both of Brantford Twp., 4 Jan 1904 at Brantford Twp. #004484-04 (Brant Co): William Elliott TELFER, 35, farmer, South Dumfries, same, s/o Andrew TELFER & Barbara ELLIOTT, married Myrtle Louise MADGELY, 28, Brantford twp., South Dumfries, d/o Thomas N. MADGELY & Mary Elizabeth BARKER, witn: George L. TELFER & Eva MADGELY, both of Paris, 20 Jan 1904 at South Dumfries
4533-04 Henry Arthur THOMPSON, 22, stone cutter, Simcoe, same, s/o Andrew THOMPSON & Mary MOYES, married Maria BROWN, 20, Simcoe, Paris, d/o James BROWN & Anny CLINE, witn: George H. SHAY of Norfolk & Maud LEE of Paris, 29 June 1904 at Paris #004490-04 (Brant Co): Smith Albert THOMPSON, 23, farmer, South Dumfries, same, s/o Egerton R. THOMPSON & Sephronia CORNELL, married Agnes J. KELMAN, 26, South Dumfries, Glenmorris, d/o Alex KELMAN Helen HALL, witn: Morley D. MADDEN of London & Sarah M. WEIR of Glenmorris, 22 June 1904 at Glenmorris
4455-04 Sinclair THOMPSON, 33, painter, St. George, Brantford, s/o Thomas THOMPSON & Lucinda WEAVER, married Oriel PARKS, 16, Beverley, Brantford, d/o Charles B. PARKS & Nettie LAWRASON, witn: Lemuel VANSICKLE of Jerseyville & Clara CARPENTER of Newport, 24 Aug 1904 at Brantford 4503-04 Charles D. THOMPSON, 25, farmer, Burtch, same, s/o Walter THOMPSON & Betsy Jane LEWIS, married Gertha E. WHITING, 23, Townsend, Burtch, d/o Edward WHITING & Agnes SLACK, witn: Walter SLACK & Delila WHITING, both of Nober, 22 Dec 1904 at Oakland
4456-04 George THOMPSON, 21, farmer, Alberton, Onondaga, s/o Francis THOMPSON & Mary DOUGLAS, married Annie Alma MATTHEWS, 21, Brantford twp., same, d/o Joseph MATTHEWS, farmer, & Sarah GARDNER, witn: David Thomas THOMPSON of Onondaga & Bella MATTHEWS of Brantford twp., 17 Sept 1904 at Brantford twp 04521-04 (Brant Co.) Angus TILLEY, 19, laborer, Marboro, Paris, s/o William TILLEY & E. BROOK, married Mary Ellen HEALD, 18, Princeton, Paris, d/o George HEALD & Lizzie McINTYRE; witn A. HEALD of Paris & D.McINTYRE of Brantford; March 6, 1904 at Paris
4444-04 Henry J. VANDERLIP, 25, farmer, Brantford twp., same, s/o Robert VANDERLIP & Margaret Ann BOOK, married Maud J. OBERLIN, 22, Brantford twp., same, d/o Hartwig OBERLIN & Rachel LONG, witn: Arthur A. & Annie L. OBERLIN of Brantford twp., 6 April 1904 at Brantford twp  4560-04 John WALL, 43, widower, farmer, Brantford twp., Paris, s/o George WALL & Caroline BOYCE, married Margaret Ann GOWDY, 33, Burford, Paris, d/o F. GOWDY & Ann BOYD, witn: John WALL & Elsie M. KENNEDY, both of Paris, 3 Sept 1904 at Paris
#004552-04 (Brant Co) Oscar Thomas WATERHOUSE, 20, moulder, Clinton, Paris, s/o Jospeh WATERHOUSE & Mary JAMES, married Ella RIDLEY, 19, Falkland, Paris, d/o S. RIDLEY & MArtha STARK, witnesses were Annie BROOKS & Maggie PATTON, both of Paris, Nov. 21, 1904 at Paris 4530-04 Ernest P. WATSON, 42, widower, manufacturer, Hamilton, Paris, s/o James WATSON & Helen DEWER, married Lilian Helen KAY, 22, Hamilton, Paris, d/o Alex KAY & Margaret MARTIN, witn: William & Alex KAY of Paris, 8 June 1904 at Paris
004356-1904 (Brant Co.) Charles H. WHITEHEAD, 27, printer (painter?), Ottawa, same s/o William & Jane, married Ethel SECORD, 27, Oakland, Brantford, d/o Wallace SECORD & Eliza SIMPSON, witn: C. COOK of Brantford & Ada A. JOHNSON of Ottawa, 29 Jun 1904 at Brantford 4565-04 Robert Elliott WILSON, 25, baker, Paris, Brantford, s/o Philip WILSON & Jemima RICHMOND, married Ethel Mary STEWART, 19, Paris, same, d/o John STEWART & Mary PAUL, witn: Elly SWIFT of Brantford & Jennie STEWART of Paris, 28 Sept 1904 at Paris
#004468-04 (Brant Co): Horace WINSKEL, 48, widower, farmer, Windham, not given, s/o William WINSKEL & Mary LIMBURNER, married Ester DAVIS, 38, East Oxford, not given, do Richard DAVID & Nessie JACKSON, witn: S. SAUNDERS & Flossie HOOKER, both of Scotland, 6 Jan 1904 at Scotland 4567-04 Joseph WOOD, 24, knitter, Streetsville, Paris, s/o Joseph WOOD & Alice KELLY, married Lena M. ROBINSON, 21, Paris Plains, Paris, d/o A. G. ROBINSON & Mary RICHTER, witn: George A. GIBBS of Paris & H. Margaret GORDON of Ayr, 12 Oct 1904 at Paris
#004553-04 (Brant Co): William Ira WOODEN, 27, dyer, Burford twp., Paris, s/o John WOODEN & Mary E. ROWE, married Eveylin Pearl PETTIT, 19, Walsingham, Paris, d/o Hiram PETTIT & Mary E. MILLARD, witness was Emily PETTIT of Paris, Dec. 7, 1904 at Paris. 004475-04 ( Brant Co) Charles Wesley WRIGHT , 21 , farmer , Hatchley , same , s/o Alexander WRIGHT & Amanda E. BOWMAN , married Lena Maud LAMPMAN , 19 , New Durham , same , d/o Alva LAMPMAN & Mary ADAMS , witn: Elymer WRIGHT of Hatchley & Cora M. KELLY of New Durham , 31 August 1904 at New Durham