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6581-24 Joseph GIBBONS, 27, glass worker, England, Detroit, s/o Job (Joseph?) GIBBONS & Sarah Jane RIPPON, married Almeda O'CONNOR, 17, Paris, same, do Thomas O'CONNOR & Mary SMITH, witn: Alfred GIBBONS & Kathleen O'CONNOR, both of Paris, 15 July 1924 at Paris  
6596-24 Willard James Alexander HAGER, 19, Canada, Onondaga twp., s/o Alex James HAGER (b. Middleport Ont) & Melissa HARVEY, married Edna MULLIGAN, 19, Canada, Langford, d/o Edmund Harvey MULLIGAN (b. Brant Co) & Annie WEATHERALL, witn: Elmer HAGER of RR1 Middleport & Fyrn MULLIGAN of RR1 Brantford, 25 June 1924 at Cainsville 6606-24 (Brant Co) Carl Lawson HALL, 31, bike builder, Waterford, same, s/o Wilson HALL (b. Canada) & Annie BARR, married Laura BETTERIDGE, 23, Waterford, same, d/o Robert LYNDEN (b. Canada) & Annie BRADSHAW, witn: Mrs. W.H. FAIRFAX & Brant ? L. GRAHAM both of Brantford, 22 Mar 1924 at Brantford
6602-24 Arthur Marshallsey HALL, 25, clerk, Greenend Scotland, Simcoe, s/o Robert HALL (b. Scotland) & Rosina LINDSAY, married Mary Aileen GARLAND, 23, Simcoe, same, d/o John GARLAND (b. Canada) & Marg PHENIX, witn: Constance RICHARDSON of 271 Colborne St. in Simcoe & Frank GARLAND of 501 Norfolk St. in Simcoe, 7 May 1924 at Brantford 6598-24 Elvin George HALL, 28, farmer, North Dumfries, same, s/o Archie HALL (b. North Dumfries Ont) & Robina OLIVER, married Irene Margaret EASTON, 21, Glenmorris, same, d/o John EASTON (b. South Dumfries Ont) & Margaret CUNNINGHAM, witn: Myrtle EASTON of Glenmorris & Charles Alexander HALL of Galt, 11 June 1924 at Glenmorris
6603-24 (Brant Co) Bertram Henry Charles HAMBLETON, 26, foreman, London England, 7902 Redell Ave Cleveland Ohio, s/o Ernest HAMBLETON (b. England) & Emily MILLER, married Beatrice Helen Victoria RICHARDS, 26, clerk, Brantford, 112 Cayuga St Brantford, d/o James RICHARDS (b. England) & Mary PARKHOUSE, witn: Dorothy COOK & G.M. COOK both of Brantford, 5 Apr 1924 at Brantford 6610-24 (Brant Co) Alfred Alexander HAMEL, 19, service station, Brantford, Hamilton, s/o Fred HAMEL & Edith HOWARTH, married Marjorie Helen DURNFORD, 19, Brantford, same, d/o George DURNFORD & Margaret COOPER, witn: Mrs. DURNFORD & George DURNFORD both of 15 Leonard St Brantford, 20 Dec 1924 at St Paul’s Church Brantford, divorced 14 Jan 1949
6582-24 Thomas Robert HAMILTON, 23, farmer, Oakland twp., Brantford twp., s/o Herbert HAMILTON (b. Onondaga twp) & Isabella BLACK, married Grace Evelyn PICKARD, 23, Brantford twp., same, d/o Nathaniel PICKARD (b. Ancaster twp) & Nellie GRUNDON, witn: Jessie HAMILTON of RR1 Brantford & Robert PICKARD of RR3 Cainsville, 10 Dec 1924 at Brantford twp 6593-24 Royal HAMILTON, 21, sailor, Brantford, same, s/o Reginald HAMILTON (b. Canada) & Annie McCOY, married Violet JEREMY, 24, domestic, England, Brantford twp., d/o Richard JEREMY (b. England) & Maria CHARLES, witn: Edward WOODS of Brantford & Mina G. GAFFNEY of Brantford twp., 16 Aug 1923 at Paris
6585-24 William Herbert HAMPTON, 21, farmer, Aldershot Ont., RR4 Paris, s/o William HAMPTON (b. Ont) & Eva May BOWEN, married Myra Alice BIRKETT, 20, Brantford, RR4 Paris, d/o C. E. BIRKETT (b. Ont) & Amy GIBBONS, witn: C. E. BURKETT (sic) & William HAMPTON, both of RR4 Paris, 19 Oct. 1924 at Brantford twp 6592-24 Ersel Elmer HARDING, 21, carpenter, New Durham, Grand View, s/o George HARDING (b. England) & Mary WEBBER, married Nellie HOWLETT, 22, printer, England, Grand View, d/o William HOWLETT (b. England) & Elizabeth McAULIFFE, witn: William HOWLETT & William John HARDING, both of Brantford, 30 Aug 1924 at Brantford
6595-24 James Henry HARMER, 25, laborer, London England, 11 Glanville Ave., s/o William Robert HARMER (b. London England) & Mary SMITH, married Esther HILL, 28, box maker, London England, Brantford, d/o Thomas Arthur HILL (b. London England) & Esther HARDING, witn: Wilfred H. & Emma H. GIBBS of 11 Glanville Ave in Brantford, 26 July 1924 at Brantford 6583-24 Horace Percy HARMER, 33, painter, London England, 139 Darling St. in Brantford, s/o Edward HARMER (b. Tunbridge Wells England) & Sophia HARMER, married Louisa CLEGHORN, 35, widow, Ayr Scotland, 268 Brock St., d/o John BROWN (b. Ayr) & Margaret BROWN, witn: George A. & Ethel YATES of 162 Sydenham St., 12 Nov. 1924 at Brantford
6605-24 (Brant Co) Wilbert Edgerton HAVENS, 25, farmer, North Norwich twp, Burford twp, s/o Walter HAVENS (b. Canada ) & Christine DAVIS, married Gertrude Laurene WILL, 27, home duties, Burford twp, same, d/o Frank WILL (b. Canada) & Nary Ann McLELLAN, witn: Marjorie E. WALKER of Winnipeg Manitoba & Ethel G. WILL of Harley, 29 Mar 1924 at New Durham 6604-24 (Brant Co) Harold George HAW, 24, farmer, Troy, same, s/o George HAW (b. Lynden) & Rose BUTLER, married Maizie Viola ATTRIDGE, 19, Brantford, St George, d/o Wesley ATTRIDGE (b. Lavender) & Rachel CRAWLEY, witn: R. DUTHIE of St George & S. CRAWLEY of Brantford, 2 Apr 1924 at St George
6591-24 Arthur Thomas HAWTEN, 46, missionary, King twp., Whitchurch, s/o George HAWTEN (b. England) & Jennie PATCH, married Frances A. GOOD, 29, Brantford, same, d/o Thomas A. GOOD (b. Canada) & Mary A. BALLACHEY, witn: W. C. GOOD & S. BALLACHEY, both of Brantford, 2 Sept 1924 at Brantford 6590-24 Russell Bowbear HAWTHORNE, 28, entertainer, Hamiota Manitoba, Hamilton, s/o John South HAWTHORNE (b. Milton Ont) & Isa Jane HAWTHORNE, married Helen Mary PATTEN, 24, teacher, Harrisburg, same, d/o Finley A. PATTEN (b. St. George Ont) & Mary PATTEN, witn: F. A. & Mrs. F. A. PATTEN of Harrisburg, 3 Sept 1924 at St. George
6586-24 Albert HAZARD, 41, painter, England, Paris, s/o Arthur HAZARD (b. England) & Elizabeth TUDD (Judd?), married Bessie HERRIMAN, 50, widow, Canada, Paris, d/o William HAWES (b. Canada) & Maria KIVELL, witn: F. Eskdale TERNEY? & Ida Seton ANDERSON, both of Paris, 30 Sept 1924 at Paris 6594-24 Charles Edward HENRY, 19, bell boy, Hamilton, Waterford, s/o Joseph A. HENRY (b. Canada) & Annie LINKLATER, married Eva Bernice O'BRIEN, 18, laundress, Hawtrey, Waterford, d/o Frank O'BRIEN (b. Canada) & Henrietta REAVELY, witn: Henrietta O'BRIEN of Waterford & George F. TRENWITH of Brantford, 20 July 1924 at Brantford
6588-24 Bertie Howard HENWOOD, 22, show card writer, Bray England, 2 Alfred St. in Brantford, s/o George HENWOOD (b. England) & Ann WEBB, married Dorothy BECKHAM, 18, Woodstock Ont., Mollott? Farm - Windham Centre, d/o Harvey BECKHAM (b. Canada) & Mary KING, witn: George BELTY (Batty?) & Elizabeth HENWOOD, both of Brantford, 22 Sept 1924 at Brantford [divorced 15/2/50] 6608-24 (Brant Co) Harry Harold HEWSON, 22, mechanic, Brantford, 61 Colborne St Brantford, s/o George HEWSON (b. York Ontario) & Matilda LEWIS, married Ida Floral McKAY, 18, Jerseyville, 218 Marlborough St Brantford, d/o George McKAY (b. Paris Ontario) & Elizabeth VANSICKLE, witn: C.L. PERSALL & G. PERSALL both of Brantford, 12 Jan 1924 at Brantford
6600-24 Robert Franklin HICKS, 57, widower, farmer, Ontario, Newtonbrook, s/o Richard HICKS (b. Ont) & Rebecca ELSTON, married Lottie BROWN, 43, clerk, Ontario, Brantford, d/o John BROWN (b. Ireland) & Eliza CHILDERHOSE, witn: A. H. BROWN of Ottawa & W. A. CLEMENS of Brantford, 27 May 1924 at Brantford 6587-24 Edward HOMEWOOD, 52, widower, Greitchant - Kent England, 17 Blossie? St. in Brantford, s/o Leonard? HOMEWOOD (b. England) & Mary LUCKHURST, married Caroline LEACH, 44, widow, Exeter England, 23 Park Ave in Brantford, d/o Richard DAVEY (b. England) & Minnie TUCK, witn: Charles & Mrs. Charles UDEN? Sr. of 55 Mohawk St. in Brantford, 15 Sept 1924 at Brantford
6597-24 Arthur Lloyd HOWEY, 25, mill hand, Burford Ont. Paris, s/o Arthur HOWEY (b. Ont) & Catherine McISAAC, married Pearl Philomene LOUDEN, 23, mil hand, Paris, same, d/o Franklin J. LOUDEN (b. Ont) & Philomene Mary MORIN, witn: A. & Mrs. S. McKENZIE of Paris, 14 June 1924 at Paris 6607-24 (Brant Co) Fred Clarence HOWIE, 23, merchant, Brantford, 58, Chestnut Ave Brantford, s/o James S. HOWIE (b. Southampton Ont) & Lavancha WOODYATT, married Joanna Blanche KENDRICK, 23, Brantford twp, Jerseyville - Cainsville, d/o Uzziel G. KENDRICK (b. Brantford twp) & Mary E. SPENCE, witn: Alva A. KENDRICK of Cainsville & James A. HOWIE of Toronto, 9 Feb 1924 at Brantford
6599-24 Richard Thomas HUGHES, 24, farmer, North Wales, 6 Smilie St. in Brantford, s/o Thomas HUGHES (b. North Wales) & Margaret MILLS, married Edith Myra JENKINS, 23, North Wales, 6 Smilie St. in Brantford, d/o Richard JENKINS (b. North Wales) & Ann Jane THOMAS, witn: L. LANGTON & A. THOMPSON, both of Brantford, 3 June 1924 at Brantford 6584-24 Richard Stuart HUGHES, 21, laborer, Hastings England, 131 William St. in Brantford, s/o Albert Edward HUGHES (b. England) & Eva WOODCOCK, married Jessie SIMPSON, 23, waitress, Aberdeen Scotland, Bodega Hotel in Brantford, d/o John SIMPSON (b. Scotland) & Jane CATTO, witn: Walter FOUNTAIN & Edith HUMPHREYS, both of Brantford, 25 Dec 1924 at Brantford
6589-24 Harvey M. HUTCHINGS, 38, widower, yeoman, Belleville Ohio, Bancroft Mich., s/o J. Harvey HUTCHINGS & Sarah E. HUTCHINGS, married Grace Isabel HALLMAN, 28, stenographer, Kitchener Ont., Bancroft Mich., d/o H. S. HALLMAN & Mariah ROSENBERGER, witn: Mrs. H. s. HALLMAN of Brantford & Mrs. Gordon KRUPP of Kitchener, 4 Sept 1924 at Brantford 6609-24 (Brant Co) George Mark Remus HUTCHINGS, 23, machine adjuster, Exeter England, London Ontario, s/o William Morey HUTCHINGS & Matilda DEACON, married Olive Lucy HARDING, 18, Birmingham England, Brantford, d/o Francis N. HARDING & Mary PLUMMER, witn: Francis N. HARDING of Brantford & Percy H. GODDARD of London Ontario, 14 June 1924 at Brantford
6601-24 Reginald Louis HYNDMAN, 19, farmer, South Dumfries, same, s/o Louis John HYNDMAN & Christena, married Charlotte Mildred PELTON, 19, Falkland, same, d/o Samuel Arthur PELTON, farmer, & Martha Winifred WOOLAMS, witn: Hazel Marjorie & William Stanford PELTON of Falkland, 7 May 1924 at bride's res, Falkland 6611-24 (Brant Co) Richard William INCE, 40 widower, farmer, Seneca twp Haldimand Co, same, s/o Richard William INCE (b. Ireland) & Rebecca THOMPSON, married Delia GILLAM, 33, clerk, Burford twp, same, d/o Joshua William GILLAM (b. Oxford Co) & Mary Jane TEW, witn: Mrs. Vera DEVEREUX & Mrs. W. K. SHEARER both of Brantford, 23 Oct 1924 at Brantford
6613-24 (Brant Co) William Edward INGRAM, 28, engineer, London England, 258 brock St - St Williams, s/o Edward INGRAM (b. Minehead Wiltshire) & Sarah BOND, married Grace SAMPSON, 24, hand folder, Newcastle England, General Delivery Brantford, d/o William SAMPSON (b. Dunstone England) & Annie PRICE, witn: F. STEPHENSON & George Price both of Brantford, 25 June 1924 at Brantford 6612-24 (Brant Co) Alexander Charles IRWIN, 24, accountant, Brantford, 22 Pearl St Brantford, s/o William IRWIN (b. Liverpool England) & Ellen JUBY, married Nellie Elizabeth DISHER, 24, Deloraine Manitoba, 20 Richmond St Brantford, d/o William DISHER (b. Burford) & Sarah Jane SMITH, witn: Elizabeth SMITH & Cecil E. DISHER both of Brantford, 13 Sept 1924 at the Burford Congregational Church
6615-24 (Brant Co) Fred James JOHNSON, 37, woodworker, Brantford, 291 Grey St Brantford, s/o Alexander JOHNSON (b. Scotland) & Sarah WALKER, married Mabel BEATTIE, 31, housework, Brantford, 291 Grey St Brantford, d/o George BEATTIE (b. Brantford) & Carrie KEYES ,witn: Mrs. T. TOOLEY & Miss Catherine McNEIL both of Brantford, 3 Nov 1924 at Brantford 6616-24 (Brant Co) Frederick Milton JOHNSON, 23, fireman, Strathroy Ontario, Paris, s/o Samuel JOHNSON (b. Norfolk Co) & Edith LINDSAY, married Emma Marie BAIRD, 19, Beverley Twp [Wentworth Co], Brantford, d/o Samuel BAIRD (b. Beverley twp) & Alberta Fedora MALLEN, witn: Maud PARKER & Barbara May GOSNELL both of Paris, 16 Oct 1924 at Paris
6618-24 (Brant Co) Oscar JOHNSON, 65, widower, farmer, Townsend twp Norfolk Co, Tuscarora twp, s/o Abraham JOHNSON (b. Boston Norfolk Co) & Mary WOODLEY, married Edith WINGER, 39, housekeeper, Jarvis Haldimand Co, Tuscarora twp, d/o Darius WINGER (b. Jarvis Haldimand Co) & Maggie STEWARTSON, witn: William SMITH & J.B. JOHNSON both of Hagersville, 10 Jan 1924 at Tuscarora twp 6619-24 (Brant Co) William D. JOHNSON, 28, farmer, Tuscarora twp, Ohsweken, s/o George JOHNSON (b. Tuscarora twp) & Elizabeth FISHTERRES, married Greta GREEN, 22, Tuscarora twp, Ohsweken, d/o George GREEN (b. Tuscarora twp) & Lydia ISAAC, witn: Cameron DAVIS & Bessie MARTIN both of Ohsweken, 11 Mat 1924 at Kangengeh
6614-24 (Brant Co) Peter JOHNSTON, 57, widower, retired farmer, Burford, 90 Emilie St Brantford, s/o Peter J. JOHNSTON (b. Scotland) & Matilda GOWAN, married Caroline STEVENS, 37, England, Brantford, d/o William STEVENS (b. England) & Emma SMITH, witn: Charles ROBSON of Brantford twp & Ann Jane STEVENS of Brantford, 16 Dec 1924 at Brantford 6617-24 Edwin Arthur JOHNSTONE, 26, farmer, Manitoba, Vittoria RR#1, s/o W. Charles JOHNSTONE (b. Ontario) & Margaret CUMMINS, married Belle Loraine CRANDELL, 21, Brantford, 334 Marlborough St Brantford, d/o Newton CRANDELL (b. Fort Erie) & Nellie SHELLINGTON, witn: Newton CRANDELL & Mrs. R.R. ALBRIGHT both of Brantford, 17 Mar 1924 at Brantford
6622-24 (Brant Co) Gragos KABADIAN, 27, moulder, Armenia, 40 Chatham St Brantford, s/o Grapos KABADIAN (b. Armenia) & Marion SHERNOVAN, married Anney APRAHAMIAN, 19, Armenia, 40 Chatham St Brantford, d/o Sarkis APRAHAMIAN (b. Armenia) & Artsin TERZIAN, witn: Tatos BOZORAN & Garakd BOZORAN both of Brantford, 29 Mar 1924 at Brantford 6626-24 (Brant Co) Ambrose KAVANAGH, 24, machinist, Bolton Lancashire England, 17 Walter St Brantford, s/o James KAVANAGH (b. Lancashire England) & Annie WORTHINGTON, married Lucy GRUNDY, 25, Bolton Lancashire England, 17 Walter St Brantford, d/o James GRUNDY (b. Lancashire England) & Mary Alice NICHOLSON, witn: Joseph WALTERS & Grace FITZGERALD both of Brantford, 5 May 1924 at Brantford RC
6623-24 Brant Co) Sahag KEBEDIAN, 53, widower, laborer, Armenia, 158 George St Brantford, s/o Geragos KABEDIAN ‘sic’ (b. Armenia) & Heroup ODABASHIAN, married Felor BARBARIAN, 45, widow, Armenia, 158 George St Brantford, d/o Hagop BARBARIAN (b. Armenia) & Miriam AJAMIAN, witn: Tatos BOZORAN & M. AFIGIAN both of Brantford, 16 Feb 1924 at Brantford 6620-24 (Brant Co) Ralph Henry KINGDON, 26, machine designer, South Bend Indiana USA, 251 Tenth St Milwaukee Wisconsin, s/o Frank Henry KINGDON (b. Oakville NY USA) & Elizabeth Cleora PEFFLEY, married Emily Pearl FREUNT, 24, bookkeeper, Strathroy, 59 Murray St Brantford, d/o Henry FREUNT (b. Baden Germany) & Mary Katherine CAMERON, witn: Kathleen FREUNT & J. Carter GRANTHAM both of Brantford, 4 Nov 1924 at Brantford
6625-24 (Brant Co) Artin KIRKORIAN, 34, widower, shoe shiner, Armenia, 242 Colborne St Brantford, s/o Kerkor KIRKORIAN (b. Armenia) & Agso GERAGOSIAN, married Mariam Kas YESAIAN, 28, widow, Armenia, 7 Wilkins St Brantford, d/o Hachig Kas YESAIAN (b. Armenia) & Servant MEZIGIAN, witn: Abraham B. BROIAN & Benj PAKAZIAN both of Brantford, 22 Mar 1924 at Brantford 6624-24 (Brant Co) Armenag KLAVANIAN, 28, machinist, Ezeroom Armenia, 182 Dalhousie St Brantford, s/o Bozos KLAVANIAN (b. Armenia) & Nunias SERABIAN, married Zvart ZAKARIAN, 22, Ezeroom Armenia, 184 Dalhousie St Brantford, d/o Serope ZAKARIAN (b. Armenia) & Agavan KORYOOMGIAN, witn: George MOORADIAN & M. BASMAJIAN both of Brantford, 10 May 1924 at Brantford
6621-24 (Brant Co) George Joseph KUHLMAN, 27, laborer, Paris Ontario, same, s/o Alphonsus KUHLMAN & Cecilia BUTLER, married Florence MEARS, 22, mill hand, England, Paris, d/o William MEARS & Florence COWLING, witn: Paul KUHLMAN of Paris & Clara MEARS of Brantford, 28 June 1924 at Paris  
6637-24 (Brant Co) Alfred George LAING, 37, machinist, Brantford, 12 Bedford St Brantford, s/o John W. LAING (b. Brantford) & Bessie BURNS, married Nellie Marie ALLIN, 28, Detroit Michigan, Paris Ontario, d/o Charles ALLIN (b. Durham Co) & Aurie WESSENGER, witn: Jessie I LAING & Richard E. LILLICO both of Brantford, 5 Jan 1924 at Brantford 6631-24 (Brant Co) Arthur Henry LANKSHEAR, 23, salesman, London England, 176 Dalhousie St Brantford, s/o William LANKSHEAR (b. London England) & Florence unknown, married Alice Beulah DARKE, 19, housekeeper, Hailebury, 176 Dalhousie St Brantford, d/o Harry DARKE (b. Hailebury) & Henrietta WILLOUGHBY, witn: Mr. J.C. STEVENS & Mrs. J.C. STEVENS both of Brantford, 16 July 1924 at Grace Church Brantford
6638-24 (Brant Co) Joseph Ernest LAUZON, 26, telegrapher, Cornwall Ontario, North Bay, s/o Joseph LANZON & Ellen LALONDE, married Esther FYLAND, 26, bookkeeper, England, Paris Ontario, d/o William FYLAND & Elizabeth PAPE, witn: Harry A. FYLAND & Eliz FYLAND both of Maisonneuve Montreal, 21 June 1924 at Paris RC 6633 Harvey James LEACH, 34, auditor, Ontario, 35 Fermaugh Ave Toronto, s/o George LEACH (b. Ontario) & Jane ABBOTT, married Rae Irene WATERSON, 22, Ontario, 65 King St Brantford, d/o Frank J. WATERSON (b. Ontario) & Tena BERTRAND, witn: J.W. CHICHTON of Toronto & R.W. WATERSON of Brantford, 21 June 1924 at Brantford
6636-24 (Brant Co) Norman LEWIS, 23, farmer, Scotland Ontario, Burlington PO, s/o John LEWIS (b. Ontario) & Flossie CARPENTER, married Vera SMITH, 18, Brantford, Burlington PO, d/o David SMITH (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth MARTIN, witn: E.D. LEWIS & Bertha LEWIS both of Brantford, 28 Apr 1924 at Brantford 6630-24 (Brant Co) Charles LEWIS, 20, laborer, Canada, Tuscarora twp, s/o Abraham LEWIS (b. Tuscarora twp) & J. Emma HILL, married Louisa GREEN, 25, housemaid, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Joseph GREEN (b. Tuscarora twp) & Annie EVERETT, witn: Louis GREEN & Verra GREEN both of Tuscarora twp, 17 Sept 1924 at Kanyengeh Rectory
6628-24 (Brant Co) Herbert John LIVERMORE, 19, laborer, London England, 25 Webling St Brantford, s/o Walter David LIVERMORE (b. London England) & Mary Ann CHEEK, married Elsie Dorothy MAY, 18, machine operator, Ramsgate England, 79 Emilie St Brantford, d/o Alfred MAY (b. England) & Emma H-----?, witn: Albert MAY & Emma Olive May both of Brantford, 25 Oct 1924 at 46 Cayuga St Brantford 6634-24 (Brant Co) Frank LIVSEY, 52, widower, farmer, Townsend twp Norfolk Co, same, s/o James LIVSEY (b. England) & Annie HALL, married Agatha Fern AXFORD, 43, widow, Ancaster twp, Brantford, d/o George FARLEY (b. Brantford) & Stella PETRIE, witn: Agnes FULTON of Cainsville & Alton FARLEY of Brantford, 25 June 1924 at Brantford
6627-24 (Brant Co) John Walter LOTTRIDGE, 62, laborer, Binbrook twp Wentworth Co, 98 Arthur St Brantford, s/o Thomas LOTTRIDGE (b. Canada) & Jane BARTRAM, married Rosie (Rozena) PROWS, 68 widow, Norwich, 98 Arthur St Brantford, d/o Samuel MARKLE (b. Canada) & Hannah SUTTON, witn: Florence CURTIS of Batavia NY & Kate RICHARDS of Brantford, 12 Nov 1924 at Brantford 6635-24 (Brant Co) Wilbert Lloyd LOUCH, 22, musician, London Ontario, 27 Chatham St Brantford, s/o George LOUCH (b. Wellburn Ontario) & Esther THUROW, married Reta Margaret ROWE, 16, Brantford, 224 Park Ave Brantford, d/o John A. ROWE (b. Toronto) & Nettie BEACROFT, witn: Nuella V. MIRTH & Frank W. FARR both of Brantford, 17 May 1924 at Brantford
6632-24 (Brant Co) Silas William LUCAS, 24, laborer, Richwood, same, s/o Silas LUCAS (b. Canada) & Rachael ROBINS, married Emma Margaret MacDONALD, 29, widow, housekeeper, Normanby Ontario, Richmond, d/o George WELTZ (b. Canada) & Louisa COOK, witn: William MILLER & Sarah Agnes MILLER both of Cainsville, 23 July 1924 at Paris 6629-24 (Brant Co) Orval Leslie LYONS, 21, farmer, Dundas, South Dumfries twp, s/o Edwin J. LYONS (b. West Flamboro [Wentworth Co] ) & Florence A. HOPKINS, married Margaret WILSON, 23, South Dumfries twp, same, d/o William D. WILSON (b. North Dumfries) & Ellen E. Henderson, witn: Thomas WILSON & Annie LYONS both of St George, 15 Oct 1924 at St George
6651-24 (Brant Co) William E. MADDEN, 21, machinist, Paris, same, s/o George F. MADDEN (b. Simcoe) & Mamie HAYES, married Laura Jane WALL, 21, knitter, Cleveland Ohio, Paris, d/o Edward WALL (b. Paris Ontario) & Lydia E. MOORE, witn: Lydia May WALL & Laurence Douglas MADDEN both of Paris, 24 Sept 1924 at Brantford  
6656-24 (Brant Co) Edward MADDOCK, 21, mechanic, England, 3177 Case Ave Detroit Michigan / 75 Mohawk St Brantford, s/o Joseph MADDOCK (b. England) & Sara FREEMAN, married Mary WARD, 21, England, 27 Wilkins St Detroit, d/o Henry WARD (b. England) & Catherine McGRATH, witn: Fred DECATOR & Margaret WARD both of Brantford, 11 June 1924 at Brantford 6649-24 (Brant Co) George Edwin MADDOX, 25, farmer, England, Winona, s/o James MADDOX (b. England) & Catherine GREEN, married Ada Beatrice ROCK, 26, bookkeeper, Canada, Oakland, d/o Albert ROCK (b. Oakland) & Lucenda WILKE, witn: John MADDOX of Winona & Miss Gladys ROCKE ‘sic’ of Oakland, 30 Aug 1924 at Oakland
6642-24 (Brant Co) William Edward MAGUIRE, 27, spinner, South Dumfries twp, Paris, s/o William Stewart McGUIRE (b. Ireland) & Catherine CAMPBELL, married Edith Maud Jane POTTRUFF, 24, needle maker, Cathcart, Paris, d/o George Thomas POTRUFF ‘sic’ (b. Canada) & Margaret Jane ROBINSON, witn: Rebecca POTTRUFF & W. KNIGHT both of Paris, 13 Dec 1924 at Paris 6668-24 (Brant Co) William Robert MALLOY, 24, machinist, Kings Co Ireland, 18 Leonard St Brantford, s/o William MALLOY (b. Ireland Kings Co) & Sarah KELLY, married Evelyn Louise YEATES, 21, Brantford, 187 Nelson St Brantford, d/o William H. YEATES (b. England) & Isabelle TURNER, witn: Frank ELLIOTT & Rose YEATES both of Brantford, 1 May 1924 at Brantford
6671-24 (Brant Co) William Bernard MALONEY, 26, teamster, Brechin, Toronto, s/o James MALONEY & Catharine MOFFATT, married Barbara Sophia HABER, 26, Millvale Pennsylvania, Brantford, d/o William HABER & Anna BLIEL, witn: Peter J. MALONEY of Udney & Marguerite F. HABER of Brantford, 10 June 1924 at Brantford RC 6645-24 (Brant Co) Arthur MALONEY, 33, garage manager, Battle Creek Michigan, 74 Richmond St Brantford, s/o George MALONEY (b. Brantford) & Catharine SHANNON, married Jessie WHITELY, 27, nurse, Birmingham England, 25 Bedford St Brantford, d/o Thomas WHITELY (b. Birmingham England) & Ann HARBRON, witn: William HURLEY & Mrs. William HURLEY both of Brantford, 1 Oct 1924 at Brantford RC
6672-24 (Brant Co) Joseph MANFREDI, 30, merchant, Italy, Brantford, s/o John MANFREDI & Josephine LUPINACCI, married Frances NEBUCCA, 20, Galt, Brantford, d/o Alphonsus NEBUCCA & Lucy GUTARA, witn: Nicholas SOCOPHASA & Mrs. N. SOCOPHASA both of Toronto, 4 Nov 1924 at Brantford RC 6661-24 (Brant Co) Josiah MARKS, 30, manager, Birkenhead England, 18 Myrtle Ave Hamilton, s/o Frederick James MARKS (b. Plymouth England) & Annie Mary SHARPE, married Winnie FLEMING, 26, Halifax England, Brantford, d/o Louis Frederick FLEMING (b. Halifax England) & Annie MARSHALL, witn: Robert B. CURRAN & Margaret ATHZA both of Brantford, 22 Apr 1924 at Brantford
6647-24 (Brant Co) Clarence Elmer MARLATT, 21, yeoman, Scotland Ontario, Oakland, s/o William MARLATT (b. Lutesville) & Ida Belle FAIRCHILD, married Hazel Fern CHURCHILL, 22, Wilsonville, Oakland, d/o Charles CHURCHILL (b. Bealton) & Emeranca FOSTER, witn: Mrs. Vern CHURCHILL & Mr. Vern Churchill both of Oakland, 6 Sept 1924 at Brantford 6643-24 (Brant Co) Lorne Edward MARSH, 19, laborer, Brantford, 387 Rawdon St Brantford, s/o John Edwin MARSH (b. Guelph) & Mary Ellen CRAIG, married Marjorie Louise SIMONS, 18, St Thomas, 295 Rawdon St Brantford, d/o John Albert SIMONS (b. Forestville) & Lucy Mariah KIRKBY, witn: Cecil Lloyd SIMMONS & Sabert Busby HUNT both of Brantford, 13, Dec 1924 at Brantford
6660-24 (Brant Co) William David MARSHALL, 29, blacksmith, Dover Kent England, 1 Alfred St Brantford, s/o Henry George MARSHALL (b. England) & Amelia Louise CLOKE, married Elizabeth Isabella CLOKE, 24, weaver, Dover Kent England, 1 Alfred St Brantford, d/o William Henry CLOKE (b. Dover England) & Elizabeth Mary FRIEND, witn: Albert NOAKES & Lillian CLOKE both of Brantford, 19 Apr 1924 at Brantford Salvation Army 6670-24 (Brant Co) Lewis John MARTIN, 30, farmer, Kent England, Caroline Alberta, s/o Edwin Lewis MARTIN (b. England) & not known by groom, married Mabel Elizabeth CHARLTON, 28, widow, Devon England, Bright, d/o William John MARTIN (b. England) & Mary PAYNE, witn: Arthur C. TOWNSEND & Lena P LEONARD of Bright, 23 Jan 1924 at Brantford
6639-24 Brant Co) Allan MARTIN, 24, farmer, Tuscarora twp, Newport Ontario, s/o Mark Martin (b. Tuscarora twp) & Susan MARACLE, married Susan STRENGTH, 26, Gibson Reserve near Barrie, Wilsonville, d/o Peter STRENGTH (b. Oka) & Sarah RIVET, witn: Angus MARTIN of Newport & Lizzie K. WHITE of Hagersville, 29 Dec 1924 at Kanyengeh 6655-24 (Brant Co) Lorne Stanley MARTIN, 26, farmer, Canada, Binbrook Wentworth Co, s/o Ithamar Lorne MARTIN (b. Binbrook) & Emma May MARSHALL, married Alma Hazel MULLIGAN, 27, Canada, Cainsville, d/o Thomas MULLIGAN (b. Ancaster) & Mary Ann ROBINSON, witn: Mr. Laverne RIDGE & Miss Beatrice CORLISS both of Binbrook, 25 June 1924 at Brantford twp, divorced 19 June 1952
6650-24 (Brant Co) Murray Wellington MARTIN, 33, laborer, Haldimand Co, Jordan, s/o John F. MARTIN (b. Haldimand Co) & Matilda Ann HARKNESS, married Myrtle Irene DOSSER, 28, home duties, Hagersville, Brantford, d/o Aaron DOSSER (b. Hagersville) & Margueritte BARTLETT, 20 Aug 1924 at 45 Rose Ave Brantford 6665-24 (Brant Co) John Stanley MARTIN, 27, school teacher, Paris Ontario, Stamford twp Welland Co, s/o John MARTIN (b. Canada) & E.L.M. BURNS, married Annie BILLINGS, 27, England, Paris, d/o George Henley BILLINGS (b. England) & Mary WEEDEN, witn: Leslie A. CLARKE & Rose CLARKE both of Paris, 5 Apr 1924 at Paris
6664-24 (Brant Co) Gordon Terry MASON, 28, farmer, Burford, same, s/o Charles Edward MASON (b. Norwich) & Mary Ann HEARNE, married Hazel Lillian AULSEYBROOK, 24, housework, Burford, same, d/o Solomon Harts AULSEYBROOK (b. Cathcart) & Annie Jane WARBOYS, witn: Christine AULSEYBROOK of Brantford & Ernest SPICER, 24, Apr 1924 at St. John's Church Cathcart 6662-24 (Brant Co) Edward Adelard MASSE Jr, 23, moulder, Quebec City, 22 Drummond St Brantford, s/o Adelard MASSE (b. Quebec City) & Elmare ROUSSEAU, married Mary LOWE, 19, Belfast Ireland, 305 Chatham St Brantford, d/o William LOWE (b. London England) & Elizabeth GALBRAITH, witn: Arthur DION & Marie Louise MASSE both of Brantford, 24 Apr 1924 at Brantford
6657-24 (Brant Co) Joseph Alexander MATHEWSON, 27, garage service man, Paris, 23 Balfour St Brantford, s/o John W. MATHEWSON (b. Scotland) & Alice SCOTT, married Louise CAMPBELL, 25, widow, Brantford twp, Cainsville, d/o Barton B. BURTCH (b. Ontario) & Clara MISNER, witn: Anna M. FINETTE & Annie L. WOODSIDE both of Brantford, 31 May 1924 at Brantford 6641-24 (Brant Co) Oliver Stanley MATTICE, 31, electrician, Oneida twp Haldimand Co, 28 Cayuga St Brantford, s/o Samuel W. MATTICE (b. Onondaga twp) & Sarah Ann DOUGHERTY, married Muriel Isabel PETTIT, 26, bookkeeper, Otterville, 44 Mary St Brantford, d/o Delos PETTIT (b. Windham) & Ethel Bella PARSON, witn: Amos J. HAINER & Clarence E. PARSON both of Brantford, 17 Dec 1924 at Brantford
6646-24 (Brant Co) Leon MAVEIAN, 31, laborer, Armenia, Brantford, s/o Hatchig MAVEIAN (b. Armenia) & Elizabeth MANOOGIAN, married Markrat GAIRABEDRAN, 19, housekeeper, Armenia, Brantford, d/o Hajop GAIRABEDIAN (b. Armenia) & Gader MARGOSIAN, witn: Hatchig MARDIROSIAN of Preston & Arten MANAASSIAN of Hamilton, 3 Aug 1924 at 150 George St., Brantford 6674-24 Alexander D. McCONACHIE, 25, farmer, Burford twp., same, s/o William LUMSDEN (sic) (b. Scotland) & Harriet PRIDDE, married Mabel LUMSDEN, 28, Burford twp., same, d/o John McCONACHIE (sic)(b. Burford twp) & Emma STOVER, witn: Charles Henry LUMSDEN & Jennie Margaret REEVES, both of Norwich, 10 Nov 1924 at Burford twp
6675-24 William Andrew McCULLOUGH, 37, missionary, Ireland, Nassau Bahamas, s/o John McCULLOUGH (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth BELL, married Lawrena Jane HARPER, 31, Ontario, 87 Victoria St. in Brantford, d/o Harry HARPER (b. England) & Oledina? HANLAND, witn: Beryl P. HARPER of Brantford & David McCULLOUGH of Toronto, 15 Oct. 1924 at Brantford 6682-24 William Jack MacDONALD, 19, driver, Brantford, 46 Church St. in Brantford, s/o Kenneth MacDONALD (b. Canada) & Marion Etta KELLEY, married Mary Clement FRASER, 18, Pollickshaw Scotland, 79 Walnut St. in Brantford, d/o James FRASER (b. Scotland) & Mary PORTER, witn: Edna & Reg G. MATTHISON of 61 Harriett St. in Brantford, 30 may 1924 at Brantford
6681-24 William John McHUTCHEON (McCutcheon?), 26, South Dumfries, Paris, s/o William John McHUTCHEON (b. Ireland) & Mary McGUIRE, married Grace Kathleen LANE, 20, Paris, same, d/o Fred LANE (b. Brantford Ont) & Bessy REID, witn: Kathleen & Sam McHUTCHEON of Paris, 16 June 1924 at Paris 6683-24 Stewart McKENZIE, 29, mechanic, Scotland, Paris, s/o Stewart McKENZIE (b. Scotland) & Marion NEY, married Gladys WALKER, 23, mill hand, Paris, same, d/o Henry WALKER (b. Paris Ont) & Jennie KINGSWELL, witn: Hugh WALKER & Isabel McKENZIE, both of Paris, 23 April 1924 at Paris
6676-24 Chester Lloyd McKINNON, 32, electric operator, Lanark, Trenton, s/o John McKINNON (b. Canada) & Matilda McDONALD, married Elsie Isabell MILLER, 24, London, same, d/o Edwin MILLER (b. Canada) & Isabell McLEAN, witn: Mrs. Augusta F.E. OWEN & Mrs. Ruth A. C. BULKIE?, both of Brantford, 15 Oct. 1924 at Ontario St. in Brantford 6673-24 George Reid McLAUGHLIN, 19, farmer, St. George Ont., RR1 Paris, s/o Edward Hector McLAUGHLIN & Janett GOSS, married Caroline BARLOW, 18, Lynden Ontario., 69 Eagle Ave in Brantford, d/o George BARLOW & Lillian MILLER, witn: Gordon KIRKLEY of RR1 Paris & Mary WEBB of 49 St. George St. in Brantford, 10 Dec 1924 at 63 Eagle Ave in Brantford
6677-24 William Henry McLEAN, 33, laborer, England, Lythmore? (Haldimand Co), s/o John James McLEAN (b. maybe Scotland) & Henrietta MA--?, married Alice A. JENKINS, 30, England, Brantford, d/o Richard JENKINS (b. Tylroch? Wales) & Ann Jane THOMAS, witn: Dorothy ROBERTSON & M. S. JENKINS, both of Brantford, 9 Oct 1924 at Brantford 6678-24 Carter Curtis MacMILLAN, 33, mech engineer, Bellevue PA., 419 Forest Ave in Bellevue, s/o Ed P. MacMILLAN (b. Pennsylvania) & Ida M. BROKAW, married Hazel Lena KELLETT, 27, stenographer, Darby PA, Bellevue PA, d/o James KELLETT (b. Ont) & Mary M. PLATT, witn: J. Vernon WILSON of Avilon PA & Vera KELLETT of Brantford, 15 Sept 1924 at Brantford
6679-24 Frank Gladstone McPHAIL, 26, farmer, North Dumfries twp., RR4 Paris, s/o Alexander Brown McPHAIL (b. Canada) & Lucy TURNBULL, married Rosalind Jane SHARP, 26, Brantford twp., RR4 Paris, d/o Andrew William SHARP (b. Canada) & Rosetta McGARVEY, witn: A. N. SHARP & A.R. McPHAIL, both of Paris, 3 June 1923 at South Dumfries 6684-24 Thomas Henry McWALTERS, 27, laborer, of Paris, s/o William McWALTERS, deceased, & Sarah MOORE, married Florence SHARPE, 26, of Paris, d/o John Henry SHARPE, deceased, & Mary Ann EMERSON, witn: Samuel G. W. HORSLEY & Madeline KNIGHT, both of Paris, 1 Jan 1924 at St. James Anglican Church, Paris
6680-24 Robert Carnie McWHIRTER, 18, brass spinner, Paisley Scotland, Brantford, s/o John McWHIRTER (b. Glasgow Scotland) & Annie BOLE, married Margaret Sarah Ann PEPPER, 18, Ancaster, Brantford, d/o Frank PEPPER (b. Ancaster) & Mary ROBINSON, witn: William B. McWHIRTER of 162 Clinton St. in Tonawanda NY & Ethel May PEPPER of 202 Grey in Brantford, 2 Aug 1924 at Brantford 6654-24 (Brant Co) William Corlis MELLICK, 27, farmer, Wolverton, Blenheim twp, s/o Alfonis MELLICK (b. Ontario) & Louisa SIBBICK, married Edith Gertrude READ, 27, Harley, same, d/o John READ (b. Ontario) & Mary CARTER, witn: Mrs. Lorne RUTHERFORD & Lorne G. RUTHERFORD both of Burford, 12 July 1924 at Harley
6653-24 (Brant Co) Wilmot Arthur MICKS, 26, machinist, Ayr, Paris, s/o Charles Edward MICKS (b. Ontario) & Annie CARROLL, married Edith Mary GILL, 23, mill hand, Paris, same, d/o Harry GILL (b. England) & Elizabeth RATCLIFFE, witn: Frank G. SEWELL & Arivell SEWELL both of Detroit Michigan, 16 Aug 1924 at Paris 6640-24 (Brant Co) Homer MILLER, 24, moulder, Scotland Ontario, 274 Marlborough St Brantford, s/o William MILLER (b. Germany) & Henrietta GLOVER, married Annie Isabelle DAVIES, 25, maid, Dundee Scotland, 60 Chestnut Ave Brantford, d/o James DAVIES (b. Scotland) & Alice BURT, witn: Clifford MILLER of Scotland Ontario & Florence KING of Brantford, 20 Dec 1924 at Brantford
6669-24 (Brant Co) James Chapman MONTGOMERY, 27, druggist, Brantford, 204 Cannon St E Hamilton, s/o Albert ROCK ‘sic’ (b. Rochester NY) & Anne Mariah CHAPMAN, married Mary Viola ROCK, 18yr 6 mo, clerk, Oakland, 307 East Ave N. Hamilton, d/o Albert ROCK (b. Oakland) & Lucinda WILKE, witn: Cecil L. WINGROVE of Scotland Ontario & Gladys P. Rock of Oakland, 16 Jan 1924 at Oakland 6652-24 (Brant Co) Nathan MONTOUR, 31, farmer, Brant, Brant Co, s/o Moses MONTOUR (b. Brant) & Mary LOUIS, married Blanche ZWIPF (Zwiff?), 37, widow, housekeeper, Hamburg N.Y., Buffalo N.Y., d/o Matthew PETERS (b. Springville NY) & Julia RICHARD, witn: Moses MONTOUR & Charlotte W. MONTOUR both of Hagersville, 5 Aug 1924 at the Mission, New Credit
6658-24 (Brant Co) Nhsan MOORADIAN, 44, widow, restaurant keeper, Armenia, 233 Gibson Ave Hamilton, s/o Shaohij BERBERIAN (b. Armenia) & Paris GORGEIAN, married Agavny BERBERIAN, 30, Constantinople, 27 Ross St Brantford, d/o Kevork GORGEIAN (b. Armenia) & Taqoy LABCHIAN, witn: B. PAPAZIAN & George MOORADIAN both of Brantord, 22 May 1924 at 27 Ross St Brantford 6648-24 (Brant Co) William Henry MORDUE (Morden?), 21, yeoman, Alford Junction, Alford Junction RR4 Paris, s/o John H. MORDUE (b. Brant twp) & Ellen Ann CLARK, married Ida Pearl RYAN, 21, Courtland, same, d/o William H. RYAN (b. Courtland) & Mary CLARK, witn: W.H. WILLIAMS of RR4 Paris & Emma G. GARDHAUS of Brantford, 3 Sept 1924 at Brantford
6667-24 (Brant Co) Robert Mt PLEASANT, 20, farmer, Ohsweken, same, s/o Isaac Mt PLEASANT (b. Tuscasora twp) & Mary Elizabeth HILL, married Eva JOHNSTON, 20, St Thomas, Ohsweken, d/o James JOHNSTON (b. Aldborough twp Elgin Co) & Margaret McLAUGHLIN, witn: Walter LONGFISH of Ohsweken & Laura WHITEBEAR of Newport, 8 Mar 1924 at Grand River North Parsonage 6663-24 (Brant Co) Victor Christian MOUNTAIN, 23, machinist, Sheffield England, 29 Fair Ave Brantford, s/o not known, married Helen Marjory GRIEVE, 19, clerk, Maplegrove, 125 Charlotte St Brantford, d/o William GRIEVE (b. Georgetown) & Ellen FOULGER, witn: Annie DONOVAN of Brantford & Muriel SMITH of Scotland Ontario, 28 Apr 1924 at Brantford
6666-24 (Brant Co) John Maitland MULLIGAN, 23, farmer, Brantford, Brantford twp, s/o Edmund MULLIGAN (b. Ireland) & Annie WETHERALL, married Mary Barbara GIDNEY, 21, Lynden, Brantford, d/o Elmer GIDNEY (b. Ontario) & Sarah MILES, witn: Frank L. MULLIGAN of Cainsville & Hazel GIDNEY of Troy, 12 Mar 1924 at Brantford 6659-24 (Brant Co) Nelson MURDOCK, 20, laborer, Ohsweken, same, s/o Nelson MURDOCK (b. Tuscarora twp) & Mary LICKERS (Liston?), married Gladys May STAATS (Stoats?), 20, Ohsweken, same, d/o Frank STAATS (b. Tuscarora twp) & Christine CLAUSE, witn: Lizzie K. WHITE & Mabel P. SMITH both of Hagersville, 9 May 1924 at Kanyengeh Rectory
6644-24 (Brant Co) James Douglas Edgar MURRAY, 26, farmer, Oneida, Same, s/o John S. MURRAY (b. Cayuga) & Harriet SHORT, married Velma Mary HOULDING, 24, Brantford twp, same, d/o Fred HOULDING (b. Brant Co) & Ethel BURCH, witn: Dalta McLUNG & Evelyn HARMAN both of Hamilton, 21 Oct 1924 at Brantford twp 6689-24 Andrew Stewart NEILL, 21, accountant, Hamilton, 108 Wentworth St. in Hamilton, s/o A. T. NEILL (b. Scotland) & Mary STEWART, married Molly Brenda MAGEE, 22, Yorkton Sask., 86 Wittington St. in Hamilton, d/o J. A. MAGEE (b. Drayton) & Ida O'DONAHUE, witn: Mr. & Mrs. George McLEAN of 17 Peel St., 26 Jan 1924 at Brantford
6686-24 Cephas William NOAH, 32, laborer, Moraviantown, same, s/o Thomas NOAH (b. Moraviantown) & Margaret WHITEFISH, married Lena HUFF, 19, house keeper, Moraviantown, same, d/o Johnston HUFF (b. Moraviantown) & Joanna? HENDRICK, witn: M. E. HATELY & G. S. FOTHERINGHAM, both of Brantford, 14 June 1924 at Brantford 6687-24 Victor John NORMAN, 21, butcher, Hamilton, 6 Bond St. in Toronto, s/o John Daws? NORMAN (b. Nfld) & Melvina HUTCHINGS, married Margaret BARNARD, 20, Edmonton Alberta, 68 Shutter St. in Toronto, d/o Benjamin Joseph BARNARD (b. Clifford Ont) & "died at birth", witn: James BURGESS & Jean MANARY?, both of Toronto, 19 Feb 1924 at Brantford
6688-24 James Duncan NORRIE, 66, widower, farmer, Wentworth Co., Blandford twp., s/o Thomas NORRIE (b. Scotland) & Elsie B. DUNCAN, married Frances Annie SYKES, 54, agent, England, Brantford, d/o Benjamin Drury SYKES (b. England) & Mary Ann GRASSBY, witn: William H. & Eliza Ann CRAWFORD of Hamilton, 19 March 1924 at Brantford 6685-24 Ernest Sherwin NUGENT, 24, manager, Orillia, 3 Grandview Ave in Toronto, s/o Hamilton NUGENT (b. Manvers twp) & Prescilla POLLITT, married Olive D'Ette SMOKE, 28, book keeper, Brantford, 195 Sheridan St. in Brantford, d/o Samuel SMOKE (b. Hamilton Ont) & Sarah COCHRAN, witn: Hamilton NUGENT of Orillia & Sarah SMOKE of Brantford, 20 Sept 1924 at Brantford
6718-24 Wilfrid Watson RACE, 26, dentist, Watford Ont., Brantford, s/o Wilfred Ballatine RACE, b. Mitchell Ont & Grace WATSON, married Alice Maude BROOKS, 23, Brantford twp., 10 Lorne Cres., d/o Thomas Edgar BROOKS, b. Brantford twp & Edith FAIRCHILD, witn: Gladys SANDERSON & Gavill? BROOKS, both of Brantford, 28 June 1924 at Brantford 6717-24 Harry RAMSBOTTOM, 28, laborer, Halifax England, Brantford, s/o Horatio RAMSBOTTOM, b. Halifax England & Louisa HOFF, married Lillian Mary MEADOWS, 29, operator, Gladstone Leicester England, Brantford, d/o Walter Charles MEADOWS, b. Leicester England & Clara PAGE, witn: Thomas Ernest EDWARDS of 53 Gladstone Ave & Emma Hilda MEADOWS of 12 Gordon St., 16 Aug 1924, 16 Aug 1924 at Brantford
6716-24 Nelson Clement RATHBUN Rathburn?) 21, farmer, Harley - Burford twp., Burford twp., s/o Charles RATHBUN (b. Harley) & Mary Ellen CLEMENT, married Mary Elizabeth SCRIMGER, 24, lady, Burford twp., same, d/o William R. SCRIMGER (b. South Dumfries twp) & Katherine L. SMITH, witn: George Anderson SCRIMGER of Toronto & Verne M. RATHBUN of Burford, 18 Sept 1924 at Burford 6713-24 Harry Nelles RATHBUN, 21, farmer, Burford twp., RR1 Harley, s/o Horace RATHBUN (b. Burford twp) & Edith FORCE, married Velma BONNEY, 19, Burford twp., RR2 Burford, d/o Henry BONNEY (b. Burford twp) & Minnie GOW, witn: George BONNEY & Ruby RATHBUN, both of Burford, 16 Dec 1924 at Burford
6727-24 Frederick Charles READ, 21, laborer, Brantford, 73 Brant St., s/o Charles Frederick READ, b. England & Susie LOE, married Violet Rose PALMER, 19, London England, 26 Brant St., d/o Frederick Thomas PALMER, b. England & Elizabeth GADEL, witn: Amy JEAVONS of 76 Walnut St. & Norman LUTTICK of 259 Erie Ave., 29 March 1924 at Brantford, 29 March 1924 at Brantford 6712-24 Harold REID, 22, book keeper, Cainsville, same, s/o James REID (b. Cainsville) & Martha ROWLING, married Elsie Violet STANDON, 21, factory hand, Cardiff Wales, 213 Grey St. in Brantford, d/o Albert William STANTON (sic) (b. England) & Maria DAVIS, witn: Maria M. SMITH of 213 Grey St. & E. A. ROBINSON of 848 King St. in Kitchener, 6 Dec 1924 at Brantford
6731-24 Konrad REPUSKI, 31, moulder, Lesawas Poland, Brantford, s/o Kasto REPUSKI & Leila SKOLOWA, married Magdalene KRAWEZYK, 25, domestic, Lisowuc Poland & Brantford, d/o Anthony KRAWEZYK & Margarite TATKO, win: Alex Andrew PAGONS? & Emelia MATROSOWNA, both of Brantford, 21 June 1924 at St. Josephs RC Church, Brantford 6724-24 James Morgan RIDDELL, 31, barrister, Trenton Ontario., Stratford, s/o James D. RIDDELL, b. Canada & Martha PHELPS, married Eleanor Margaret PARKER, 21, Brantford, res not given, d/o Charles J. PARKER, b. Canada & Mary Belle HOWARD, witn: Clare MASON of Peterboro & John James MURRAY of Stratford, 22 April 1924 at Brantford
6714-24 Walter John RITZ, 22, wood worker, Galt Ont., 356 Dundas St. in Galt, s/o C.F.Q. RITZ (b. New Hamburg Ont) & Anna BRUCE, married Bessie RUTHERFORD, 24, mill hand, Glenmorris, 116 Water St. in Galt, d/o George RUTHERFORD (b. Glenmorris) & Mary RITCHIE, witn: Jesse & Mrs. Jesse RYERSON of 116 Water St. in Galt, 29 Nov 1924 at Brantford 6720-24 Gordon ROBBINS, 23, machinist, Brantford, Edward in St. in Brantford, s/o Herbert ROBBINS, b. England & Eliza LEGG, married Ruth LEMON, 18, Hamilton, George Ave in Brantford, d/o George LEMON, b. Ont & Alice STORISE?, witn: Alice M. BOCK & Thomas KING, both of Brantford, 26 April 1924 at Brantford
6725-24 John Pascho ROBERTS, 30, machinist, Buffalo NY, same, s/o Pascho ROBERTS, b. Plymouth England & Maud ARCHER, married Hilda Rose BIGGS, 19, machine operator, Woolwich England, Brantford, d/o Robert Henry BIGGS, b. Plumstead England, & Annie STURCH, witn: Florence Ethel BIGGS & Stephen SMITH, both of Brantford, 19 April 1924 at Brantford 6726-24 Theodore Crocker ROBERTS, 21, carpenter, Buffalo NY, same, s/o Pascho ROBERTS, b. Devonshire England & Maude C. CROCKER, married Ada Grace WEBBER, 19, Portsmouth England, Brantford, d/o Charles WEBBER, b. Port Slade - Sussex England & Ada Grace BRYAN, witn: Amelia & Charles ROBBINS of 136 Wellington St., 12 April 1924 at Brantford
6721-24 Gordon Clare ROBERTSON, 23, book keeper, Windham twp., Brantford, s/o John ROBERTSON, b. Scotland & Alma WOODLEY, married Hazel ELLIOTT, 25, Burford, same, d/o Fred ELLIOTT, b. Burford & Ellen JOHNSON, witn: Fred E. ELLIOTT of Burford & Esther A. SMITH of Brantford, 31 May 1924 at Brantford 6723-24 Frank Raymond ROBINSON, 27, farmer, North Walsingham twp., same, s/o George ROBINSON, b. Ont & Annie STROME, married Edith Isabel BURRILL, 30, teacher, Norwich Ont., Wyecombe, d/o C.E. BURRILL, b. Ont & Jennie B. CUTHBERT, witn: Ida M. ROBINSON of Langton & Ormond BURRILL of Brantford, 25 April 1924 at Brantford
6729-24 William Norman ROWE, 28, laborer, Belleville, Brantford, s/o Edwin B. ROWE & Blanche COMB, married Hilda Evelyn BENSON, 20, South Shields England, Brantford, d/o Edward BENSON & Mary BILES, witn: Brerly ROWE & John ROUSE, both of Brantford, 13 April 1924 at Brantford 6722-24 Herbert Walter ROWE, 19, Nottingham England, Paris, s/o Herbert ROWE, b. England & Emma MARSHALL, married Elizabeth ANDREWS, 19, England, Paris, d/o Samuel ANDREWS, b. England & Emma WOODFIELD, witn: Charles Henry MORRIS & Florence MORRIS, both of Paris, 3 May 1924 at Paris
6730-24 John ROWLEY, 32, carpenter, Brantford, Detroit, s/o Martin ROWLEY & Catherine DWYER, married Annie KING, 30, Brantford, same, d/o Thomas KING & Mary MELLICON, witn: John KING of Brantford & Joan KINSELLA of Hamilton, 20 May 1924 at Brantford 6728-24 Stephen ROZNIAK, 28, laborer, Toposdick Vyzaycik Bukovina, Simcoe, s/o Jacob ROZNIAK & Wasylyna MELNYCHUK, married Catherine HUTZUL, 20, Dolyradick Czardein Eastern Galicia, Simcoe, d/o Wasyl HUTZUL & Maria GREECH, witn: Thomas HUTZUL of Simcoe & John TOPOROVSKY of Waterford, 27 Nov 124 at Brantford
6715-24 Richard Kenneth RUDDY, 25, Brantford, 40 Dufferin St. in Brantford, s/o Joseph RUDDY (b. York Ont) & Elizabeth Salena FOSTER, married Mary LEEMING, 22, Chicago, 142 Brant Ave in Brantford, d/o Dr. Charles W. LEEMING (b. Brantford Ont) & Grace Emily PARDRIDGE, witn: Dr. Charles W. LEEMING of Chicago & Joseph RUDDY of 40 Dufferin Ave, 8 Oct. 1924 at Brantford 6719-24 Reginald Albert RUMBLE, 21, machine hand, England, 99 Aberdeen Ave., s/o John RUMBLE, b. London England & Caroline CLETHEROE, married Olive Maud WEST, 17, England, 17 Alenby Ave., d/o William WEST, b. Northampton England & Maud Ann CAUDWELL, witn: Alfred RUMBLE of 99 Aberdeen Ave & Elsie Dorothy MAY of 79 Emilie St., both Brantford, 7 June 1924 at Brantford
6745-24 (Brant Co) James Leslie SAGE, 26, yeoman, Brantford twp, RR#4 Brantford twp, s/o Otto George SAGE (b. Canada) & Elizabeth Cranston COLWELL, married Lillian Viola DAVISON, 26, stenographer, Brantford twp, Paris, d/o George DAVISON (b. England) & Ada Augusta MONEY, witn: George Edgar SAGE of Toronto & George DAVISON of Brantford twp, 25 Sept 1924 at Brantford 6762-24 (Brant Co) Asadoor SARKISIAN, 36, widower, laborer, Erzeroom Armenia, 150 Darling St. Brantford, s/o Sarkis KRIKORIAN (b. Armenia) & Mariam DONOIAN, married Asniv DERDERIAN, 25, widow, Erzeroom Armenia, 148 Darling St. Brantford, d/o Hagop KECHECHIAN (b. Armenia) & Hamas KESKINIAN, witn: George MOORADIAN & Karabed BERBERIAN both of Brantford, 16 Apr 1924 at Brantford
6741-24 Robert Frederick SAULT, 20, farmer, Tuscarora twp., same, s/o Charles SAULT, b. Six Nations Reserve & Emma FRASER, married Lorne FROMAN, 19, Tuscarora twp., same, d/o Daniel FROMAN, b. Six Nations Reserve & Lilian MARTIN, witn: Walter M. & Dora SAULT of New Credit, 19 Oct. 1924 at New Credit 6738-24 Ashley SAYLES, 66, widower, foreman, Oakland Ont., 213 Murray St. in Brantford, s/o John SAYLES, b. Oakland & Elizabeth Ann SAYLES, married Isabella DUCKWORTH, 57, widow, Oakland Ont., Commercial Chambers in Brantford, d/o John PROPER, b. Oakland Ont & Mariah WAUGH, witn: Mary? Hazel FROMAN & Dorothy ROBERTSON, both of Brantford, 19 Nov. 1924 at Brantford
6752-24 (Brant Co) Norman Stainland SCHULTZ, 26, yeoman, Brantford, box 365 Brantford, s/o John F. SHULTZ ‘sic’ (b. Brantford) & Laurie Maud STAINLAND, married Gertrude Josephine POOLE, 25, secretary, Burford, same, d/o Joseph POOLE (b. Brant Co) & Laura Adelaide CHRYSLER, witn: H.F. SHULTZ of Brantford & Lorraine LEHMEN of Wallenstein, 30 Aug 1924 at Burford 6732-24 Thomas George SHARP, 25, clerk, Tooting London England, Brantford, s/o Thomas G. SHARP, b. Canada & Ellen ALLEN, married Frances Lillian EDWARDS, 27, stenographer, Brantford, same, d/o William EDWARDS, b. England & Elizabeth ALLEN, witn: Essie E. & W. EDWARDS of Brantford, 25 Dec 1924 at Brantford
6760-24 (Brant Co) Charles Lynes SHAVER, 25, farmer, Burford, Burford twp, s/o Ira L. SHAVER (b. Burford) & Rachael LYNES, married Lillian Ivy PLACE, 22, housekeeping, Oxford Co, Burford twp, d/o John W. PLACE (b. Ontario) & Charlotte SHAVER, witn: Ira L. SHAVER of Burford twp & Grace BARCLAY of Brantford, 1 May 1924 at 96 Wellington St. Brantford - Salvation Army 6749-24 (Brant Co) Clarence Joseph SHAW, 21, card tender, Toronto, Brantford, s/o James Henry SHAW (b. Ontario) & Martha MacKENNA, married Floris Lorrine BEAL, 18, New Liskeard, 16 Wilkes St. [Brantford], d/o Edwin BEAL (b. Ontario) & Pearl KEMP, witn: Arol E. BEAL & Marjorie BROWN both of Brantford, 6 Sept 1924 at Brantford, divorced 1 Jan 1958
6763-24 (Brant Co) James Charles SHEASBY, 35, widower, upholsterer, Kempey England, 74 Richmond St. [Brantford], s/o Charles SHEASBY (b. England) & Matilda PRICE, married Lulu Mary TEEPLE, 25, maid, blank, 157 St. Paul Ave [Brantford], d/o John TEEPLE (b. Ontario) & Emma Jane VANSYCLE, witn: Maud REYCROFT & Man REYCROFT both of Brantford, 5 Mar 1924 at Brantford 6774-24 (Brant Co) James SHERRY, 24, labourer, Ontario, Tuscarora twp, s/o Wilson SHERRY & Josephine DOXTATER, married Lydia WHITE, 20, lady, Ontario, Tuscarora twp, d/o Charles WHITE & Annie SERO, witn: Nelson OWENS & Mary J. WILSON both of Ohsweken, 7 Apr 1924 at Tuscarora twp
6733-24 George SHERWOOD, 32, chauffeur, Meade Co. Ireland, Buffalo, s/o George SHERWOOD, b. Co. Meade Ireland & Eliza Jane ROBINSON, married Annie NORRIS, 28, Woodstock, RR2 Scotland Ont, d/o John NORRIS, b. Co. Kent England & Emma THOM, witn: Dorothy HODGE & George NORRIS, both of RR2 Burford, 28 Dec 1924 at Burford twp 6766-24 (Brant Co) David SIBERRY, 40, farmer, Ireland, Brantford, s/o Robert SIBERRY (b. Ireland) & Margaret Jane FERGUSON, married Eva Pearl GRUMMETT, 28, clerk, Brantford, same, d/o Isaiah GRUMMETT ( b. Beverley) & Janet PATTERSON, witn: May FORD & Ralph Valentine Murray SMITH both of Brantford, 1 Jan 1924 at 82 Oak St. Brantford
6734-24 Charles Leslie SILVERTHORNE, 22, merchant, Springford Ont., Princeton Ont., s/o William L. SILVERTHORNE, b. Brant Co & Leona LYLE, married Flora Bell SMALE, 25, telephone operator, St. George, Brantford, d/o Jonah SMALE, b. Essex Co Ont & Sarah A. RICE, witn: Abbie W. ARMSTRONG & George W. BENNETT, both of Brantford, 17 Dec 1924 at Brantford 6755-24 (Brant Co) Edward Ashley SIMPSON, 27, bookkeeper, Onondaga, 105 Park Ave Brantford, s/o Samuel SIMPSON (b. Canada) & Wilhelmina JOHNSON, married Laura Mae ROY, 22, Brantford twp, RR#5 Brantford PO, d/o David Francis ROY (b. Canada) & Effie Gertrude HOWELL, witn: Nathaniel R MacBRIAN of Dunnville & Elura SOLOMAN of Hamilton, 28 June 1924 at Brantford
6776-24 (Brant Co) John SKRELETZ, 29, laborer, Gora Sisak Jugo-Slavia, Detroit Michigan, s/o Wooys SKRELETZ & Agnes LONCHANVICH?, married Helen BUNJEVAE, 18, Sisak Jugo-Slavia, Brantford, d/o Martin BUNJAEVE & Teresa DEVICE?, witn: Frank DERKACH & Teresa DERKACH both of Brantford, 28 June 1924 at Brantford RC 6767-24 (Brant Co) Robert Jess SLATER, 24, butcher, Kent England, Hamilton, s/o Thomas SLATER (b. Glasgow Scotland) & Emily MOUL, married Jean Louise TRIPP, 18 [15 Dec 1923], saleslady, Ingersoll, Hamilton, d/o James TRIPP (b. Oxford Co) & Charlotte MAIR, witn: Percy M. COOK & Charlotte TRIPP both of Brantford, 1 Jan 1924 at Brantford
6768-24 (Brant Co) Clement SMITH, 37, widower, carpenter, England, Paris, s/o Allan Foster SMITH (b. Yorkshire England) & Sarah D TATE, married Grace SCHOFIELD, 26, mill hand, England, Princeton, d/o John SCHOFIELD (b. England) & Mary Ann FARRAR, witn: Edward Harry TUCKER of Falkland & Lily SCHOFIELD of Paris, 5 Mar 1924 at Brantford 6769-24 (Brant Co) David John Warner SMITH, 22, musician, Scotland, 144 Forsyth St. Sarnia, s/o Frank Warner SMITH (b. Queen’s Co Ireland) & Agnes MACKIE, married Edna Louise LYONS, 19, Sarnia, 29 Wellington St. Sarnia, d/o John W. LYONS (b. London twp Middlesex Co) & Laura RYAN, witn: John W. LYONS & Hattie LYONS both of Brantford, 2 Feb 1924 at Brantford
6772-24 (Brant Co) Harold Elliott SMITH, 22, merchant, Brantford, 40 East Ave [Brantford], s/o Charles SMITH (b. Scotland) & Harriet Ann ELLIOTT, married Bertha REID, 23, Glenmorris, RR#2 Norwich, d/o Frank REID (b. Canada) & Florence WILSON, witn: Madeline GEE & Leslie PAYNE both of Brantford, 23 May 1924 at Brantford 6771-24 (Brant Co) Frank William SMITH, 27, yeoman, South Dumfries twp, Harrisburg, s/o Arthur W. SMITH (b. Harrisburg) & Annie HANKS, married Elizabeth Lorena PAPPLE, 30, nurse, Brantford, Harrisburg, d/o Isaac PAPPLE (b. St. George) & Christina BELL, witn: Elmer PAPPLE of Harrisburg & Annie Leona WIDNER of Brantford, 25 Oct 1924 at Harrisburg
6770-24 (Brant Co) Elgin Edgar SMITH, 23, bookkeeper, Brantford, 52 Erie Ave [Brantford], s/o John W. SMITH (b. Canada) & Charlotte A SMITH, married Julia Victoria BRAUND, 19, Brantford, 52 Mt Pleasant [Rd Brantford], d/o Edwin S. BRAUND (b. Canada) & Margaret V. SPICER , witn: Margaret E. BRAUND & Harris SMITH both of Brantford, 11 June 1924 at Brantford 6773-24 (Brant Co) Sidney Joseph SMITH, 21, moulder, England, 39 Sheridan St. [Brantford], s/o John George SMITH (b. Cumberland England) & Mary M. Jackson, married Mary Evelyn McINTYRE, 21, Brantford, 39 Sheridan St. [Brantford], d/o John Charles McINTYRE (b. Brantford) & Mary Ann ALDONS, witn: Lena McINTYRE & N. McINTYRE both of Brantford, 23 Feb 1924 at Brantford
6765-24 (Brant Co) Vartan SOLAKIAN, 31, shoe shine or boot black, Armenia, 13 Wilkins St. [Brantford], s/o Garabed SOLAKIAN (b. Armenia) & Marguerite GOCKEZIAN, married Vasganoosh OSGANIAN, 25, Armenia, 13 Wilkins St., d/o Sarkis OSGANIAN (b. Armenia) & Elizabeth GOBELIAN, witn: George MOORVADIAN & B. PAPAZIAN both of Brantford, 6 Jan 1924 at Brantford 6756-24 (Brant Co) Cecil Jack SPARKS, 21, electrician, Newfoundland, 23 Superior [St Brantford], s/o Moses SPARKS (b. Newfoundland) & Julia BURLOY (Burley?), married Lucy HOWELL, 18, England, 17 Walter St. [Brantford], d/o Thomas HOWELL (b. England) & Sarah Ann HALL, witn: Ernest LOCKLEY & Emma LOCKLEY both of Brantford, 19 June 1924 at Trinity Church Brantford
6761-24 (Brant Co) Alexander SPENCE, 26, drop forger, Orkney Scotland, 108 Adams Ave Endicott New York, s/o Thomas SPENCE (b. Orkney Is Scotland) & Mary JOHNSTON, married Myrtle Elma CRANE, 33, widow, stenographer, Windham twp, Norfolk Co, 150 Nelson St. Brantford, d/o John McNELLESS (b. Norfolk Co) & Margaret TALLMAN, witn: Mary E. TILLMAN of Walkerville & Bessie L. GRAHAM of Brantford, 19 Apr 1924 at Brantford  
6751-24 (Brant Co) Jack SPENCER, 47, porter, Kalamazoo’ Michigan, Toronto, s/o Sultan SPENCER (b. Michigan USA) & Mandie REEVES, married Carolyn PHILLIPS, 29, vocalist, Toronto, same, d/o Ben PHILLIPS (b. Baltimore Maryland) & Minerva TAYLOR, witn: Lila EVANS & Mrs W. REID both of Paris, 12 Sept 1924 at Paris 6743-24 (Brant Co) Wilfred Montross SPENCER, 28, banker, Brantford, Toronto, s/o Thomas S. SPENCER (b. Brantford) & Arabella SILVERTHORNE, married Gladys Helen BIGGER, 28, Mt Pleasant, Toronto, d/o James C. BIGGER (b. Mt Pleasant) & Sarah M. BRIGGS, witn: Ernest J. ATKINSON of Toronto & Hilda B. BRIGGS of Mt Pleasant, 2 Oct 1924 at Mt Pleasant
6742-24 Alexander STAAH, 22, merchant, Tuscarora twp., RR6 Hagersville, s/o Freeman STAAH, b. Six Nations Reserve & Eunice GARLOW, married Mildred Florence CUSICK, 20, Wilsonville, same, d/o Percy GREEN (sic) & Cassie Catherine CUSICK, witn: Howard STAAH of Lewiston NY & Alma MARTIN of RR6 Hagersville, 16 Oct. 1924 at res of James Staah, RR1 Wilsonville 6740-24 Robert Ormond STALKER, 24, manager, Stratford Ont., Hagersville, s/o Ormond Edward STALKER, b. Ont & Minnie SALMON, married Winifred MATTHEWS, 19, clerk, Port Dover, res not given, d/o Bert MATTHEWS, b. Ont & Mary REID, witn: Mr. K.C. HEAD & Mrs. Ray FORSYTHE, both of Hagersville, 25 Sept 1924 at 71 Dundas St., Brantford
  6750-24 (Brant Co) Kenneth Brock STEELE, 22, salesman, Port Dover, YMCA Brantford, s/o Harry STEELE (b. Port Dover) & Ellen BROCK, married Vera Hazel STROBRIDGE, 19, saleslady, Brantford, 236 Darling St. Brantford, d/o Fredrick STROBRIDGE (b. Ancaster ) & Nina THOMAS, witn: A MEUSER & Esther A. SMITH both of Brantford, 20 Aug 1924 at Brantford, divorced 28 Sept 1953
6775-24 (Brant Co) Frank William STEVENS, 25, sales manager, London England, 113 Charlotte St. Brantford, s/o William STEVENS (b. London England, deceased) & Dagmar CURTIS (b. Norfolk England), married Bertha Elizabeth Isabel CONNELL, 21, factory employee , Belved---? Kent England, 139 Terrace Hill St. Brantford, d/o George Herbert CONNELL (b. London England) & Bertha Jane CONNELL (b. Norfolk England), witn: May Florence DEAN, Irene KNOWLES & Francis James STEVENS all of Brantford, 21 Apr 1924 at Brantford

6748-24 (Brant Co) Frederick William STEVENS, 55, widower, engineer, New York City, Long Island Richmond Hill USA, s/o John STEVENS (b. Lowell Massachusetts) & Emma STEVENS, married Elizabeth Alfreda BREMNER, 46, Glasgow Scotland, Long Island Richmond Hill USA, d/o William BREMNER (b. Glasgow Scotland) & Euphemia BLAKE, witn: George B. BREMNER & Fleda A. BALDWIN both of Brantford, 10 Sept 1924 at Brantford

6758-24 (Brant Co) John Robert Ross STEVENSON, 26, salesman, Paisley Scotland, 109 Alfred St. Brantford, s/o William STEVENSON (b. Scotland) & Mary Ross, married Nellie Bunniss CRAIG, 25, embosser, Paisley Scotland, 231 Darling St. Brantford, d/o John CRAIG (b. Scotland) & Mary BUNNISS, witn: Robert BAXTER & Chrissie CRAIG both of Brantford, 3 June 1924 at Brantford 6754-24 (Brant Co) Sidney STEWARD, 25, farming, Norwich England, lot 14 con 9 Burford, s/o Robert Samuel STEWARD (b. England) & Susanna LISTER, married Ruby Elsie ELMSLIE, 20, housework, Blackboyes England, Harley Burford twp, d/o Harry ELMSLIE (b. England) & Pearl WILLIAMS, witn: May DAYNER of Burford & William G STEWARD of Harley, 26 July 1924 at Burford
6764-24 (Brant Co) Harris Edward STEWARDSON, 23, telegraph operator, Windham, Waterford, s/o William STEWARDSON (b. Garnet) & Alice COWAN, married Jean Evelyn THOMPSON, 24, Waterford, same, d/o John George THOMPSON (b. Rockford) & Matilda DONNELLY, witn: Edith M. McKERLIE & Albert E. McKERLIE both of Waterford, 12 Mar 1924 at Brantford 6759-24 (Brant Co) William Moir STEWART, 28, auto mechanic, Scotland, Galt, s/o James STEWART (b. Scotland) & Mary MOIR, married Elizabeth STAFFORD, 21, Scotland, Galt, d/o Samuel STAFFORD (b. Scotland) & Jean MURRAY, witn: Sarah Paton STAFFORD of Galt & Robert R. TAYLOR of Brantford, 28 May 1924 at Brantford
6744-24 (Brant Co) Clarence Burnley STRATFORD, 21, farmer, Townsend twp Norfolk Co, Oakland twp, s/o Sylvester STRATFORD (b. Burtch’s) & Hattie DUNNETT, married Ora ALWAY, 20, lady, Townsend twp Norfolk Co, Townsend twp, d/o Herbert ALWAY (b. Woodhouse Norfolk Co) & Ruth SHEPHERD, witn: Lyle SWEERS of RR#2 Scotland & Frank ALWAY of RR#1 Wilsonville, 23 Sept 1924 at Oakland 6757-24 (Brant Co) Clifford Henry STYLES, 26, clerk Hamilton, Echo Place Brantford twp, s/o William STYLES (b. Liverpool England) & Gertrude BOSLEY, married Lilian HICKMAN, 24, Liverpool England, 104 West Mill St. [Brantford] , d/o Job A HICKMAN (b. England) & Janet FERRIS, witn: Elizabeth HICKMAN of Brantford & Albert STYLES of Echo Place, 31 May 1924 at Brantford
6736-24 Herman STYRES, 21, farmer, Tuscarora twp., Ohsweken, s/o Elias STYRES, b. Ohsweken & Margaret MILLER, married Lucinda BUTLER, 18, Tuscarora twp., Ohsweken, d/o Samuel BUTLER, b. Ohsweken & Kathleen CLAUSE, witn: Phyllis SAYLES of RR2 Ohsweken & Francis McNAUGHTON of Ohsweken, 2 Dec 1924 at Grand River Methodist Mission 6735-24 Clarence David SUGDEN, 16, tanner, Paris, same, s/o William SUGDEN, b. Canada & Hilda Mary WOODS, married Dorothy Lydia JENNER, 15, England, Paris, d/o Frank JENNER, b. England & Elizabeth EDWARDS, witn: Frank William & Elizabeth JENNER of Paris, 23 Dec 1924 at Paris
6747-24 (Brant Co) Robert Victor SUMMERHAYS, 26, teacher, Burford twp, Klock Ave North Bay, s/o John SUMMERHAYS (b.. Brant Co) & Annie MORDUE, married Evelyn Beatrice BENSON, 23, teacher, Owen Sound, St. George, d/o Robert BENSON (b. Markdale) & Nellie COOPER, witn: Ashley BENSON of St. George & Ina SUMMERHAYS of Paris, 27 Dec 1924 at St. George 6739-34 George SUMMERS, 57, farmer, Tuscarora twp., same, s/o John SUMMERS, b. Oneida & Emily JOHNSON, married Susan JOHNS, 31, widow, Tuscarora, same, d/o Alexander HUNTER, b. Hagersville & Sarah STYRES, witn: Hulsey N. & Mrs. Hulsey MARTIN of RR6 Hagersville, 6 Nov 1924 at Medina, Tuscarora twp.,
6753-24 (Brant Co) Thomas Andrew SUTHERLAND, 34, carpenter, Edinburgh Scotland, Village of Oakland, s/o Thomas SUTHERLAND (b. Edinburgh) & Mary SMITH, married Alma May MITCHENER, 23, lady, blank, Windham twp, d/o W. James MITCHENER (b. Ontario) & Rebecca GRAVES, witn: Miss Arilla May MITCHENER & Cyril OWEN both of Scotland, 23 July 1924 at Oakland 6746-24 (Brant Co) Amos James SWAISLAND, 43, street railway conductor, Glencoe, 248 Brant Ave [Brantford], s/o Ernest Child SWAISLAND (b. Ontario) & Frances Pauline WYE, married Katharine Ann KERR, 36, private music teacher, England, 248 Brant Ave [Brantford] , d/o Frederick KERR (b. England) & Katharine MADDOX, witn: Millicent B. WATKINS & F.V. SWAISLAND both of Brantford, 21 July 1924 at Brantford
6737-24 George Henry SYMONS, 21, chief cook, Brantford, 115 Cayuga St., s/o Henry J. SYMONS, b. Ont & Matilda BOUGHTON, married Florence Gertrude WALKER, 19, Paris, 148 Albion St., d/o William R. WALKER, b. Ont & Harriet EAMES, witn: M.M.A. & Margaret REYCRAFT of Brantford, 11 Nov 1924 at Brantford 6785-24 (Brant Co) Cecil Carrol TANSLEY, 22, farmer, North Dumfries, St.. George, s/o Joseph Hamilton TANSLEY (b. Beverley twp) & Abbie LIVSEY, married Alice Emily COOPER, 25, Ontario, St. George, d/o George Francis COOPER ( b. Somersetshire England) & Susannah LYNES, witn: A.W. JONES & S.E. JONES both of St. Catharines. 29 Mar 1924 at St. George
6780-24 (Brant Co) Leonard TARGETT, 22, decorator, Surrey England, 189 Sheridan St. Brantford, s/o Frederick W. TARGETT (b. Surrey England) & Florence Maria FEAR, married Mildred ROBERTS, 17, Scotland Ontario, 182 Wellington [St] Brantford, d/o Frank ROBERTS (b. Vanessa Ont) & Annie HUFFMAN, witn: Elsie CHAMBERS of Wyndham Centre & Montford ROBERTS of Brantford, 8 July 1924 at Brantford 6778-24 (Brant Co) Parsek TARPINIAN, 25, moulder, Siros Turkey, 290 Ontario St. in St. Catharines, s/o Avedis TARPINIAN (b. Armenia) & Nazely KRIKORIAN, married Loucis BAGLYINIAN, 19, Azouroin [Azoren?] Turkey, 42 Chatham St. Brantford, d/o Setrak BAGLYINIAN (b. Armenia) & Azhire ARTINIAN, witn: Afraham PAROIAN & Ben PAPAZIAN both of Brantford, 6 Oct 1924 at 7 William St. Brantford
6787-24 Charles TAYLOR, 23, laborer, London England, 130 Euclid Ave in Kenmore NY, s/o Charles Frederick TAYLOR (b. London England) & Mary A. HILLARD?, married Alice LOMAX, 21, Bolton - Lancashire England, RR1 Mount Pleasant, d/o James H. LOMAX (b. Bolton England) & Alice GORME?, witn: Percival William TAYLOR of Hamilton & Miss Ada LOMAX of Mt. Pleasant, 18 April 1924 at Mt. Pleasant 6791-24 Reginald Ellwood TAYLOR, 22, machinist, Brantford, 182 Brock St. in Brantford, s/o Roland TAYLOR & Ellen JARVIS, married Hetty Elizabeth BENEY, 23, London England, 47 Port St. in Brantford, d/o Amos Edmund BENEY & Elizabeth Louisa KING, witn: Lawrence TAYLOR of St. George & Betty McDOUGALL of 28 Lewis St. in Brantford, 30 Jan 1924 at Brantford
6790-24 Stanley Richard TAYLOR, 22, accountant, Windham twp., RR2 Brantford, s/o James D. TAYLOR (b. Windham twp) & Agnes M. BANNISTER, married Vera Hazel LISTER, 20, Brantford, 197 Darling St. in Brantford, d/o Arthur A. LISTER (b. Norfolk Co) & Elizabeth J. PAFFER?, witn: Amy LOMAS of Hamilton & James C. WEDLAKE of Brantford, 14 Oct 1924 at Brantford [divorced 25 April 1934 at Toronto] 6789-24 Lionel Thomas TAYLOR, 27, machine operator, London England, 8 Maitland St. in Brantford, s/o Edwin TAYLOR (b. England) & Elizabeth TAYLOR, married Ethel May IRWIN, 32, Toronto, 286 Marlborough St., d/o John IRWIN (b. Canada) & Sarah IRWIN, witn: Irene SIMONS of 295 Rawdon St. in Brantford & Bertrum H. WRIGHT of 324 Shindon St., 7 March 1924 at Brantford
6786-24 (Brant Co) Andrew Carnegie TAYLOR, 20, yeoman, Ponoka Albert, RR #3 Cainsville, s/o George Henry TAYLOR (b. England) & Elizabeth Rebecca FRASER, married Lily Margaret RIGGLESFORD, 18, domestic, Ore England, RR #3 Cainsville, d/o James Henry RIGGLESFORD (b. England) & Ellen BLACKMAN, witn: James Henry RIGGLESFORD of Branchton & George Henry TAYLOR of Cainsville, 28 Aug 1924 at Cainsville 6788-24 Fernie H. TAYLOR, 33, architect, Clyde - Puslinch twp., Walkerville, s/o William H. TAYLOR (b. Paris) & Mary DRYDEN, married Alice Marie HOWELL, 30, St. George, same, d/o James Arthur HOWELL (b. St. George) & Sarah Maria ROSEBOUGH, witn: James Arthur & Sarah Maria HOWELL of St. George, 29 Oct 1924 at St. George
  6783-24 (Brant Co) Cain THOMPSON, 24, farmer, Drumbo, Oxford Co, s/o James THOMPSON (b. Oxford Co) & Riggia BENDER, married Amelia Annie BAILEY, 19, housework, Burford twp, Oxford Co, d/o John Harrison BAILEY (b. Burford twp) & Anna RICHTER, witn: Fred R BAILEY of Burford twp & Mae M CRERAR of Princeton, 26 Apr 1924 at Paris
6781-24 (Brant Co) Timothy THOMSON, 64, widower, plumber, Scotland, 7 Blossie St. Brantford, s/o Timothy THOMSON (b. Scotland) & Martha CHRISTIE, married Nellie PRIMROSE, 43, Scotland, 50 Gladstone Ave Brantford, d/o Andrew MURRAY (b. Scotland ) & Nellie PRIMROSE, witn: Mrs William SMITH & Dugald LOWDEN both of Brantford, 20 June 1924 at Brantford 6777-24 (Brant Co) Clarence Russell THOMSON, 18, printer, Langford, 17 Webling St. [Brantford], s/o David R. THOMSON (b. Canada) & Mary BURNING, married Elizabeth Charlotte Hilda HENWOOD, 18, Bray England, 2 Alfred St. [Brantford], d/o George HENWOOD (b. England) & Ann WEBB, witn: Anne BETTY & Walter DOUGLAS both of Brantford, 25 Oct 1924 at Brantford
6784-24 (Brant Co) Sherlock Holmes THORPE, 21, farmer, Elgin Manitoba. RR#3 Burford, s/o John William THORPE & Mary WEBSTER [stepmother], married Evelyn DAVIS, 17, Brantford, Cathcart, d/o Henry DAVIS & Florence McCARGER, witn: Mrs R.E. HAMILTON of Brantford & Henry DAVIS of Cathcart, 7 Apr 1924 at Brantford 6792-24 Horagin TOSOONIAN, 50, widower, laborer, Armenia 154 Market St. in Brantford, s/o Hampartz HOVAGIN (b. Armenia) & Marta SARKISIAN, marred Arck KASPARIAN, 42, widow, Armenia, 13 Sheridan St., d/o Kevork KASPARIAN & Sevlig ARKAMAV, witn: Larkie & Oroni KASPARIAN of 13 Sheridan St. in Brantford, 26 Jan 1924 at Brantford
6779-24 (Brant Co) George E. TRAVIS, 63, stableman, Brantford, 12 Charlotte St. [Brantford], s/o Courtland TRAVIS (b. Ontario) & Eliza BARNES, married Eliza McMANN, 57, widow, house keeper, Garafraxa, Brantford, d/o William (b. England) & Eliza DENNIS, witn: John ARMSTRONG & May ARMSTRONG both of Brantford, 23 Sept 1924 at Brantford 6782-24 (Brant Co) Leslie Wallace TURNBULL, 25, farmer, North Dumfries, same, s/o Andrew TURNBULL (b. North Dumfries) & Margaret WALLACE, married Etta May MILLER, 21, Glenmorris, same, d/o John MILLER (b. South Dumfries) & Annie REID, witn: Mary J TURNBULL of Galt & R Reid MILLER of Glenmorris, 30 Apr 1924 at Glenmorris
6793-24 William UNRUH, 42, laborer, Germany, Paris, s/o Ludveg UNRUH (b. Germany) & Wilhelmina CZOVESKEY, married Anniebell KYTE, 39, postal clerk, Blenheim twp., Paris, d/o William KYTE (b. Blenheim twp) & Jeanie STEVENSON, witn: Mrs. D. E. MARTIN & Lenna M. KYTE, both of Paris, 11 Oct 1924 at Paris 6795-24 Harvey Clayton VANSICKLE, 23, conductor, Brantford, same, s/o Austin VANSICKLE (b. Canada) & Lelah MESSACAR, married Catherine Bridget LANE, 25, Burford, Brantford, d/o John LANE (b. Canada) & Mary HERBERT, witn: Frank W. & Evelyn Margaret FARR of Brantford, 23 Sept 1924 at Brantford
6796-24 Adam VAROSI, 32, moulder, Hungary, Brantford, s/o John VAROSI & Julia SIMON, married Annie HARVOTH, 24, Hungary, Brantford, d/o Joseph HARVOTH & Elizabeth DEGLOVICZ?, witn: John & Mrs. HEGEDUS of Brantford, 7 Aug 1924 at Brantford 6794-24 James William VAUGHAN, 23, truck driver, Brantford, 341 Athol East Oshawa, s/o James Wallace VAUGHAN (b. Brantford Ont) & Mary Amelia POPE, married Mabel Jennie ROBBINS, 19, dress designer, Brantford, 23 Edwin St. in Brantford, d/o Percy Albert ROBBINS (b. Brantford Ont) & Jennie CURSEY?, witn: Leretta Irene VAUGHAN of Brantford & Iva JOHE? of La Salle Mich., 6 Nov 1924 at Brantford
6804-24 Bruce Johnson WAGAR, 22, machine hand, Napanee, Brantford, s/o Johnson WAGAR (b. Ont) & Nellie McCABE, married Bernice GILMOUR, 21, clerk, Milford - Prince Edward CO., Brantford, d/o Thomas GILMOUR (b. Milford) & Florence LAWSON, witn: Miss Ada BUTLER of 25 Leonard St. & Charlie WAGAR of Spring St., 29 Aug 1924 at Brantford 6803-24 Frederick George WAGG, 24, machinist, Bristol England, Grand View, s/o Frederick George WAGG (b. Bristol England) & Margareta SHELL, married Ethel May PEPPER, 19, Ancaster, 202 Grey St. in Brantford, d/o M. Frank PEPPER (b. Ancaster Ont) & Mary ROBINSON, witn: Mrs. Frank PEPPER of 202 Bridge St. in Brantford & Miss Alfreda WAGG of 44 Grandview St., 20 Sept 1924 at 44 Grandview St. in Grand View
6808-24 Jack Robert WALKER, 26, clerk, Paris, same, s/o John WALKER (b. Paris) & Margaret Helen AMES, married Eltha Marion HESS, 27, clerk, Burford twp., Paris, d/o Brilliant HESS (b. Burford twp) & Louisa CLARK, witn: David L. ETHERINGTON of Paris & Aula HESS of Princeton Ont., 7 July 1924 at home of the bride, Burford twp 6820-24 Joseph McKechnie WALLACE, 29, dairy man, Scotland, 27 Chatham St., s/o William WALLACE (b. Paisley Scotland) & Jean McKECHNIE, married Mabel FARR, 32, Brantford, 27 Chatham, d/o William FARR (b. Laverton England) & Maria PHIPPS, witn: Mary STERNE of 133 Bruce St. in Brantford & Alex POLLOCK of Massey Harris Fire Dept in Brantford, 23 Jan 1924 at Brantford
6819-24 Bolton Armstrong WALTON, 30, salesman, Peterboro Ont., 337 Reid St. in Peterboro, s/o James WALTON (b. Canada) & Mary ARMSTRONG, married Ruby Grace BARTLE, 29, saleslady, Brantford, 172 Darling St. in Brantford, d/o Jesse BARTLE (b. England) & Caroline DIGBY, witn: Alice Maud BARTLE & Mabel Dora LIVINGSTONE, both of Brantford, 2 Dec 1924 at Brantford 6821-24 Milson Ross WARDLE, 27, truck driver, Springford Ont., Burford, s/o John WARDLE (b. Srpingford) & Ella HILLICKER, married Alberta Maud CREIGHTON, 18, clerk at C.M. P. Company, Burford, same, d/o William CREIGHTON (b. Harley Ont) & Harriet Alberta CREIGHTON, witn: Earl CREIGHTON of Burford & Bertha HAMILTON of Burford Rd in Brantford, 1 Jan 1924 at Burford
6817-24 Edward Albert WARING, 33, tinsmith, Brantford, Echo Place in Brantford twp., s/o William WARING (b. England) & Frances HIBBIT, married Jean Agnes ROBERTSON, 28, Troy, same, d/o Charles ROBERTSON (n. Canada) & Jean WEATHERSTON, witn: Annie L. & Moffatt WOODSIDE of Brantford, 23 Feb 1924 at Brantford 6814-24 William M. WARING, 25, barber, England, Stratford, s/o not known by groom, married Gladys HAMMOND, 24, Burford twp., res not given, d/o George Henry HAMMOND (b. Canada, farmer) & Mary DOUGHERTY, witn: Winsor CORNELL of Otterville & Violet HAMMOND of New Durham, 7 May 1924 at Burford
6812-24 Charles Frederick WARING, 22, tinsmith, Brantford, Echo Place, s/o William WARING (b. England) & Francis HIBBERT, married Beatrice SMITH, 21, Burford, same, d/o James SMITH (b. Hamilton) & Ceclia MARKS, witn: Mrs. LIVINGSTON & Mrs. Margaret WELCH, both of Brantford, 14 June 1924 at Brantford 6797-24 Frederick Henry WARNING, 29, stitcher, Cainsville Ont., 151 Dundas St. in Brantford, s/o George WARNING (b. Paris Plains) & Mary SMITH, married Sarah HOWTING, 29, Drogleda Ireland, 120 William St. in Brantford, d/o George W. HOWTING (b. Kent England) & Sarah MITCHEL, witn: Arthur HOWING (sic) & Mrs. May SEDGWICK, both of Brantford, 15 Dec 1924 at Brantford
6800-24 Donald McGeary WATEROUS, 29, mech. engineer, Brantford, same, s/o David June? WATEROUS (b. Brantford Ont) & Elizabeth McGEARY, married Margaret Ratcliffe MATTHEWS, 25, Peterborough, Ontario, d/o George MATTHEWS (b. Lindsay Ont) & Frances RATCLIFFE, witn: Norman T. McDONALD & Bonnie LONGSTREET, both of Brantford, 11 Oct 1924 at Brantford 6822-24 Andrew WATRAL, 26, moulder, Czarnyara? Mata Galicia, Brantford, s/o Konstanty KOSIERACKI & Anna MEDYNSKI, married Lilan KOSIERACKA, 18, Buffalo NY, Brantford, d/o Peter KOSIERACKI & Josephine JANPA, witn: Paul DETOTOIVICH of Preston Ont & Annie KOWOLYK of 13 Main St., 17 May 1924 at St. Joseph RC Church, Brantford
6806-24 Charles Allan WEAVER, 28, motor mechanic, Lynden Ont., 280 Darling St. in Brantford, s/o Almond WEAVER (b. Linden Ont) & Emma BARLOW, married Janet Stirrat CARRUTH, 24, Scotland, 280 Darling St., d/o George CARRUTH (b. Paisley Scotland) & Jennett STERRETT, witn: William CARRUTH & Miss Jean CLEEVE, both of Brantford, 2 July 1924 at Brantford 6805-24 Norman Louis WEIR, 32, teacher, Burford, same, s/o John Graham WEIR (b. Burford twp) & Caroline HUFFMAN, married Constance Marion TEMPLAR, 28, Ancaster Ont., Burford, d/o Russell Gage TEMPLAR (b. Ancaster twp) & Anna Adelia BRETHOUR, witn: G. C. SAUNDERS of Burford & T. E. WEIR of Cathcart, 20 Aug 1924 at Trinity Church, Burford
6815-24 John Irwin WELSH, 34, grocer & butcher, Brantford, 49 King St. in Brantford, s/o George Shiseon? WELSH (b. Brantford Ont) & Lily LIVINGSTONE, married Bertie Victoria SMITH, 30, Oakland twp., 113 Brant Ave in Brantford, d/o Francis Adam SMITH (b. USA) & Cecilia DECATOR, witn: Norman & Lillian WELSH of Brantford, 24 April 1924 at Brantford 6816-24 Jesse WHEATLEY, 33, baker, Blackburn - Lancashire England, 125 Colborne St. West , s/o Jesse WHEATLEY (b. England) & Eliza LAWSON, married Winifred Mary WHEATLEY, 32, widow, Bigleswade England, 125 Colborne St. West, d/o Harry MATTHEWS (b. England) & Rose RYCROFT, witn: George H. & Lily WOODCOCK of 102 Colborne W., 19 April 1924 at 141 West Colborne St., Brantford
6818-24 Avery WHEELER, 28, farmer, Brantford twp., RR1 Vanessa, s/o Charles WHEELER (b. Ont) & Clara WAUGH, married Alice GUNSON, 18, England, Scotland Ont..., d/o John (b. England) & unknown, witn: Miss Marguerite SHILLINGTON of 47 Rose Ave in Brantford & Mrs. M.A. HOPKINS of 45 Rose Ave., 1 Feb 1924 at 45 Rose Ave.., Brantford 6799-24 Roy WHEELER, 36, butcher, Oakland twp., RR2 Vanessa, s/o Charles WHEELER (b. Oakland twp) & Clara WAUGH, married Vera FERRIS, 30, widow, Windham twp., Scotland Ont., d/o Herbert HENDERSHOTT (b. Windham twp) & Alma MALCOLM, witn: Mrs. C. H. & Vera SCOFFIELD of 45 Rose Ave., 13 Dec 1924 at 45 Rose Ave., Brantford
6813-24 Charles Baden WHITREAD, 24, boarder, Lester England, Paris, s/o Arthur WHITREAD (b. England) & Mary Helen CASTER (Carter?), married Gerealdine TURNBULL, 25, widow, looper, Chicago, Paris, d/o George FARROW (b. Canada) & Catherine BALL, witn: Wilfred REYNOLDS & Lillia MacDOUGALL, both of Paris, 17 June 1924 at Paris 6811-24 Geoffrey Swire WHITTAKER, 26, mechanical engineer, Reighley England, 2203 Virginia Park in Detroit, s/o Hartley WHITTAKER (b. England) & Emma Jane LATHAM?, married Dorothy May BROADBENT, 24, Brantford, 185 Chatham St. in Brantford, d/o Joseph BROADBENT (b. Canada) & Charlotte Mary SCUCE, witn: L. V. WHITTAKER & Marion C. BROADBENT, both of Brantford, 30 June 1924 at Brantford
6810-24 Edwin Jesse WILLIAMS, 52, widower, farmer, Brantford twp., same, s/o Henry W. (b. England) & Sarah, married Emma ATKINS, 52, nurse, Brantford twp., same, d/o George ATKINS (b. Ont) & Jane HOWEY, witn: Ada WILLIAMS & Maud RYCROFT, both of Brantford, 27 June 1924 at Brantford 6801-24 Morley La Clair WINEGARDEN, 24, roofer, Scotland Ont., Ingersoll, s/o Austin WINEGARDEN (b. Scotland Ont) & Delia BEEMER, married May JACKSON, machine operator, England, Ingersoll, d/o Walter JACKSON (b. Scotland) & Florence DUTTON, witn: Walter JACKSON & H. PARTRIDGE, both of Brantford, 6 Sept 1924 at Brantford
6809-24 George WOOD, 26, laborer, London England, 8 Herbert St. in Grand View, s/o John WOOD (b. England) & Martha Ann NELSON, married Mary Elizabeth MEGGITT, 19, London England, Grand View, d/o John MEGGITT (b. England) & Elizabeth Alice HANDS, witn: J. MEGGITT & H. HEWSON, both of Brantford, 28 June 1924 at Brantford 6798-24 Clarkson Kellam WOOLLEY, 22, farmer, Windham twp., same, s/o Frederick H. WOOLLEY & Louisa Belle KELLAM, married Audrey Winnifred LEIGHFIELD, 20, North Walsingham twp., same, d/o Charles LEIGHFIELD & Cynthia WELCH, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Fred H. WOOLLEY of RR4 Simcoe, 29 Nov 1924 at Wesley Church, Brantford
6807-24 James E. WOOLSEY, 28, clerk, Preston Ont., Ayr, s/o James B. WOOLSEY (b. Ireland) & Dorothy Ellen COLBY, married Laverna L. CLARK, 30, teacher, Drumbo, same, d/o George Willis CLARK (b. Canada) & Mary Elizabeth ERB, witn: Ida Seton ADAMSON & Dorothy BLACKHURST, both of Paris, 8 Feb 1924 at Paris 6802-24 Wilfred Gordon WYLLIE, 27, Hamilton, Brantford, s/o William H. WYLLIE (b. Scotland) & Grace McMILLAN, married Myrtle Ruth MAYLED, 22, stenographer, Brantford, 74 Pearl St., d/o Charles E. MAYLED (b. Brantford Ont) & Ruth McKENNA, witn: W. H. WYLLIE of 74 Pearl St. & Charles E. MAYLED of 310 West St., 17 Sept 1924 at Brantford