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Brant Co. Marriages, 1859, part 2

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Transcribed from microfilm MS 248, Reel 5, vol. 1, Brant Co. marriages 1858-68

birth place is given before residence


Page 26, return 38, by Joseph Longfish, Baptist,

Elijah HILL, 20, Brantford twp., Tuscarora, s/o David HILL & Eve, married Betsy HEES, 18, Brantford twp., same, d/o Joseph TWOFISH & Lee? TWOFISH, witn: Joseph HENRY & Levi JONATHAN, both of Tuscarora, 15 Dec 1859


Page 26, return 39, by Rev. Edward Ebbs, Congregational

James BARBER, NY state, same, s/o Joshua BARBER & Esther, married Sarah BOUGHTON, NY state, Paris, d/o Levi BOUGHTON & Lydia, witn: Levi Jr. & Henry BOUGHTON of Paris, 1 Feb 1859

David KYTE, NY state, same, s/o William KYTE & Lorinda, married Sarah Ann BURNS (Bevans?), New Brunswick, Blenheim, d/o Michael BURNS & Mary Ann, witn: George F. BURNS & George A. PICKLE, both of Blenheim, 3 Feb 1859

Peter John HYDER, England, Woodstock, s/o Peter HYDER & Mary Jane, married Emma Jane LOWELL (LOVATT?), England, Woodstock, d/o Thomas SNEATH & Jane, witn: George & Louisa SNEATH of Dumfries, 5 May 1859

George CARTER, Wiltshire England, London C.W., s/o William CARTER & Lovanna, married Joanna SLATTERY, Limerick Ireland, Paris, d/o James SLATTERY & Catherine, witn: Thomas HILL & Ellen HUDSON, both of Paris, 5 July 1859

George BEAVER, Canada, Brantford twp., s/o George BEAVER & Catherine, married Susan KIDDEL, England, Brantford twp., d/o Samuel KIDDEL & Elizabeth, witn: Elizabeth BROWN of Brantford & Hannah FRY of Dumfries, 29 Sept 1859

George HOFFMAN, Germany, Paris, s/o Anthony HOFFMAN & Catherine, married Jane LONGFALL, Canada, Paris, d/o William LAYFORD & Harriet, witn: Rosanna LAYFORD & Christopher HOFFMAN, both of Paris, 12 Oct 1859

Samuel Charles SWAZEY, Canada, Burford, s/o Gilbert SWAZEY & Margaret, married Sarah Jane McINALLY, Canada, Burford, d/o James McINALLY & Sarah Jane, witn: Henry & John McINALLY of Burford, 7 Dec 1859


Page 29, return 42, by Samuel Lake, Messiah Church

George A. WILCOX, 25, Townsend, same, s/o John WILCOX & blank married Hannah CAUFIELD, 19, Townsend, same, d/o L.W. CAUFIELD & blank, witn: George BEEMER & M. FLANDERS, both of Townsend, 24 Nov 1859


Page 29, return 43, by James Cheetham, Primitive Methodist Church, Brantford

John DAVIES, 23, Maryland, Brantford, s/o Jerry DAVIES & blank, married Margaret ESTRESS, 18, Canada, Brantford, d/o Zacheriah ESTRESS & blank, witn: John & F.P. SIMS of Brantford, 28 Feb 1859

William M. WYATT, 37, England, Brantford, s/o Edward WYATT & blank, married Fanny SCOTT, 26, Virginia, Brantford, d/o Michael BEARMAN & blank, witn: James CHEETHAM & W.P. SCOTT, both of Brantford, 8 Nov 1859

William COOKE, 19, England, Brantford, s/o John COOKE & blank, married Kate A. EVANS, 24, Canada, Brantford, d/o R. Henry EVANS & blank, witn: James CHEETHAM of Brantford & Sam McINTYRE of Brant, 14 Dec 1859


Page 30, return 44, by blank

John BURBERRY, 26, South Dumfries, same, s/o John BURBERRY & Martha WILSON, married Clarissa SHAVER, 20, Dumfries, South Dumfries, d/o Isaac SHAVER & Mary COLEMAN, witn: A.D. BRADFORD & Isaac HOWELL, both of Paris, 2 Feb 1859

George FOWLER, 23, Batavia NY, Brantford, s/o Daniel FOWLER & Margaret VANSAW?, married Henrietta NOLLOGE?, 18, Brantford, same, d/o George NOLLOGE (Nollop?) & Betsy NAREY?, witn: William RYERSON & John NOLLOP, both of Brantford, 30 Aug 1859

David VAN SICKLE, 20?, South Dumfries, same, s/o Abraham VAN SICKLE & Deborah DRAKE, married Minerva HAWLEY, 21, South Dumfries, same, d/o Henry HAWLEY & Charlotte FILE, witn: James POPPLE of Brantford & John File POWERS of South Dumfries, 20 Sept 1859

Lemuel VAN EVERY, 24, South Dumfries, same, s/o Andrew VAN EVERY & Nancy May ?, married Mary STEWART, 21, Beverley, Brantford twp, d/o Henry STEWART & Margaret GREENWAY?, witn: Abraham LOCKMAN of South Dumfries & Fredk ASBOUGH of Brantford, 12 Oct

Charles Clarke VAN EVERY, 28, South Dumfries, same, d/o Charles VAN EVERY & Joanna PETTIT, married Eliza Jane HAWLEY, 19, South Dumfries, same, d/o Henry HAWLEY & Charlotte FIFE, witn: David BAPTIE of St. George & David VAN SICKLE of South Dumfies, 23 Nov 1859


Page 30, return 45, by Benjamin Conyer, Regular Baptist

James Sylvester MONGER, 28, New Brunswick, Burford, s/o Isaac MUNGER & Frances A., married Sarah Ann SMITH, 22, New Brunswick, Burford, d/o John D. SMITH & Elizabeth, witn: H.R. SKINNER of Burford, 15 June 1859

James MURRAY, 30, New Brunswick, Burford, s/o John MURRAY & Jannette, married Maria GROOM, 24, New Brunswick, Burford, d/o Enoch GROOM & Margaret, witn: James SMITH of Burford, 2 Nov 1859