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Marriages in Brock District, part 2

From Ontario Archives microfilm MS 248, reel 1, vol 2

Brock Dist. part 1

Brock Dist. part 3

Brock Dist. part 4

transcribed & submitted by Kathie McCutcheon-Gawne


Rev. Elijah Harris, Methodist Episcopal Church

Page 62, 1845

Oct. 27 Robert SCHRAM, Middleton, to Harriet HUBBARD, Middleton. Wit: Thomas Brigham, Abner Woodward.


Page 62, 1846

Jan. 3 Charles PENNEL, Dereham, to Sarah HODGSON, Dereham. Wit: John King, Thomas Brigham.

Jan. 4 John CRAWFORD, Dereham, to Jamson CHASE, Dereham. Wit: William & John Chase.

Jan. 11 Leonard YERINGTON, Norwich, to Liddia YERINGTON, Norwich. Wit: Mary & Sidney P. Wright.

Jan. 15 James MCKENNY, Dereham, to Ellen FREDY, Dereham. Wit: Noah Tyrell, James Dennis.

March 4 Timothy BRIGHAM, Dereham, to Charlotte BACKER, Dereham. Wit: Elias Rawley, Jacob Neff.

March 10 Gilbert LAWSING, Norwich, to Deba Ann WIRE, Norwich. Wit: Isaac Hadcock, David McCawley.

March 9 William NICKERSON, Norwich, to Elena AUSTIN, Norwich. Wit: William Wardward, John Frain.

April 21 Alexander CLOCK, Dereham, to Pamela BARTLES (Bartlet?), Dereham. Wit: George Haggadon, William Bartles.

June 21 William RUSSELL, Dereham, to Jane CUNNINGHAM, Dereham. Wit: Thomas & Henry Russell.

Sept. 20 William APPLEGARTH, Dereham, to Irena KELLY, Dereham. Wit: Elisha Harris, Cloe Herrick.

Sept. 21 Elisha HARRIS, Dereham, to Cloe HERRICK, Dereham. Wit: Betsey Harris, Joseph Herrick.


Page 84, 1846

Nov. 5 William PEASLEY, Norwich, to Mary FULLER, Norwich. Wit: David McCauley, Charles Fuller.

Nov. 21 Joseph LANNIN, Dereham, to Permeley MCKAY, Dereham. Wit: John Lannin, George C. Thomas.

Dec. 20 Robert BARKER, Dereham, to Emaline MILLER, Dereham. Wit: Thomas Withers, Augustus Fisco.


Page 84, 1847

June 28 James Stuart BARING, Blandford, to Surtoly WHITE, Zorra. Wit: John Smith, Alexander Murray.


Page 85, 1847

March 19 Alexander WILSON, Dereham, to Creelor Pamella TID, Dereham. Wit: William & Deany Wilson.

May 19 Abil Martin WOOD, Norwich, to Nancy Ann HILACAR, Norwich. Wit: Poly Cutley, Mary Petit.


Page 109, 1847

Dec. 21 Alexander KINGLEY, Dereham, to Jane LANDON, Dereham. Wit: John Anderson, William Scott.

Oct. 22 Amos HORTON, Dereham, to Ann POWEL, Dereham. Wit: Elisha Harris, Sidner Rite.

No date James TRUMAN, Dereham, to Mulis A. MATHER, Dereham. Wit: Porter Bartlet, Abraham Mathers.


Page 127, 1849

May 27 James TRUMAN, Dereham, to Malissa MASTHERS, Horton. Wit: Portor Bartlet, Abraham Masthers.

July 24 George Augustus APPLEGERTH (Applegarth?), Carodoc, to Elizabeth Julia HARRIS, Dereham. Wit: Elisann Clark, David Harris.


Page 127, 1850

March 25 James SCOT (Scott?), Dereham, to Elizabeth LAURY, Norwich. Wit: David & Betsey Harris.


Rev. Elijah Mudge, Methodist Episcopal Church

Pg 213, 1854

March 8 Daniel CARLIS, Dereham, to Catherine LOUKS, Dereham. Wit: Mary Ann & John W. Smith.

April 9 Elijah HARRIS, Dereham, to Seloney SHEPHERD, Dereham. Wit: Gilbert & Eliza Harris.


Rev. F. Berry, Wesleyan Methodist Church

Pg 203, 1853

Jan. 4 John HAVERS, Blenheim, to Elizabeth DANIEL, Blenheim. Wit: Daniel & Mary Beamer.


Rev. George Murray, Presbyterian Church

Page 2, 1839

July 25 William Watson ELGIE to Maria MORELL both of Blenheim. Wit: Brockway Rollison, Adam Alison.

Nov. 13 John Galbraith LINDSAY to Jane GALBRAITH both of Blenheim. Wit: John Lindsay, Jeremiah Cowin.

Nov. 13 John SOMMER 3rd, U.S., to Margaret C. LINDSAY, Blenheim. Wit: John Lindsay, Jeremiah Cowin.


Page 2, 1840

Jan. 20 Thomas Brine PALMER, Oxford, to Janet MITCHELL, Burford. Wit: John Thomson, Peter M. Mitchell.


Page 8, 1840

July 7 Edward HAMMOND, Paris, to Agnes BAIRD, Burford. Wit: James Davidson, Alexander Baird.

Sept. 7 John PARKER, Brantford, to Mary Ann IRWIN, Brantford. Wit: James Parker, Hiram Beaver.

Sept. 9 William GRINTON, Blenheim, to Hannah E. TOPPING, Burford. Wit: Benjamin & Henry C. Hornor.

Nov. 11 James SWART, Blenheim, to Catherine MARTIN, Blenheim. Wit: Benjamin Hornor, Elias Martin.


Page 8, 1841

Feb. 22 Thomas SPIERS, Blenheim, to Catherine DONNELL, Blenheim. Wit: William Spiers, Lawrence Dansel.

March 9 Hugh ROSS, Woodhouse, to Catherine REED, Woodhouse. Wit: John Smith, Robert Campbell.

April 29 William Alfred GISSING, Blenheim, to Mary WHITE, Blenheim. Wit: Henry Hersce, Matthew B. French.


Page 14, 1842

Feb. 4 John DIXON, Blenheim, to Elizabeth RICHARDSON, Blenheim. Wit: William & John Tenant.

Feb. 8 Thomas Patrick KINCADE, Blenheim, to Caroline MILLARD, Blenheim. Wit: Peter Mitchell, Richard Kepp.

Feb. 16 Elam MARTIN, Blenheim, to Eliza Jane LESTER, Blenheim. Wit: Henry C. Hornor, H.F. Maston.

May 6 Alexander BLAIR, Dumfries, to Jane BAIRD, Burford. Wit: Peter Michell, Edward Hammond.

June 20 George KEACHER (Kercher?), Burford, to Mary SMITH, Blenheim. Wit: John R. Douglas, George W. Douglas.


Page 23, 1843

May 3 James ROCHESTER, Dumfries, to Jane GERRARD, Dumfries. Wit: Charles & Henry Rochester.


Page 35, 1843

July 28 Michael SHIEL, Blenheim, to Lucy HARP, Blenheim. WIT: John C. Shiel, Thomas Wakefield.

Nov. 16 David TAYLOR, Brantford, to Lucy Ann GOODBONE, Brantford. Wit: W. L. Goble, James Holmes.

Nov. 20 William HERSEE, widower, Blenheim, to Mary Catherine SWARTZ, Blenheim. Wit: Alexander Milmore Jr., William S. Swartz.


Page 35, 1844

Jan. 11 Gideon SCOTT, Burford, to Christina MCKINLAY, Blenheim. Wit: John Bedford, Peter McKinlay.

Jan. 12 James LITTLE, Dumfries, to Elizabeth DAVIDSON, Dumfries. Wit: Andrew Little, James Davidson.

April 10 Joseph Ely PEEK, Norwich, to Catherine Maria SNYDER, Norwich. Wit: Ephraim Cook, John McKee.


Page 45, 1844

July 16 Henry C. HORNOR, Burford, to Elizabeth CHARLTON, Oakland. Wit: D. F. Rockwell, Michael Charlton.

Sept. 13 Francis LEE, Dumfries, to Jane LAMB, Blenheim. Wit: William & John Lee.


Page 45, 1845

Jan. 10 Hugh ALLAN, Brantford, to Helen SPIERS, Blenheim. Wit: Alexander McKay, Thomas Spiers.

Jan. 14 Gibson PELTON, Zorra, to Ann LYMAN, Blanford. Wit: James Pelton, Timothy Lowthian.

Feb. 15 Charles ARNOLD, Paris, to Agnes TAYLOR, Blenheim. Wit: John Bedford, George B. Murray.

March 6 Aaron LYMBURNER, Burford, to Maria SWARTZ, Blenheim. Wit: Peter N. Weaver, Ensign Buck.


Page 46, 1845

April 4 Alexander JAMIESON, Dumfries, to Margaret WALDO, Blenheim. Wit: John Jamieson, Thomas Newton.

April 11 Robert SHAW, Brantford, to Margaret BALLANTINE, Brantford. Wit: Robert Cairn, William D. Donaldson.

May 22 Andrew GORDON, Oxford, to Williamina DAVIDSON, Oxford. Wit: Hugh Lindsay Munro, Andrew Davidson.


Page 59, 1845

Sept. 25 William CAULTEN, Blenheim, to Mary SCHERMERHORN, Blenheim. Wit: Mathew B. French, James M. Rouse.


Page 60 , 1845

Dec. 4 Thomas WILSON, Blenheim, to Mary HILL, Blenheim. Wit: George Wilson, Henry Waters.

Dec. 19 George MCVICAR, Paris, to Martha QUA, Brantford. Wit: Robert Swan, Robert Qua.


Page 60, 1846

Jan. 2 Andrew EADIE, widower, Brantford, to Isabella MCDONALD, widow. Wit: Robert Eadis, John McDonald.

March 26 John TENNANT, widower, Brantford, to Margaret MCKINLEY, Blenheim. Wit: William & James Tennant.

May 6 Martin FOX, Blenheim, to Eliza SCHERMERHORN, Blenheim. Wit: Benjamin Stevison, Agnes & George B. Murray.

June 12 James RUNCIMAN, Paris, to Mary Ann STEVENS, Burford. Wit: G. Denholm, Andrew Blackford.


Page 81, 1846

Dec. 7 Henry HARP Jr., Blenheim, to Martha Marice KNIGHT, Blenheim. Wit: William Sharman, Jeremiah Harp.


Page 81, 1847


Jan. 19 William KENNEDY, Burford, to Catherine HOWEY, Burford. Wit: Walter Muir, James Howey.


Page 82, 1847

April 13 James GRAHAM, Blenheim, to Agnes CRAIG, Paris. Wit: George Ross, Robert Craig.

Oct. 29 Alexander MCKAY, Woodstock, to Ann OLIVER, Woodstock. Wit: George McLeod, Adam Oliver.

Dec. 3 Henry HERSEE, Blenheim, to Rachell MARLATT, Burford. Wit: George W. Lewis, Edward Magee.

Dec. 23 Elijah HARP, Blenheim, to Unis Rebecca CHAMBERS, Blenheim. Wit: Walter B. Sheehan, Joseph Paul.


Page 82, 1848

April 13 Peter MCGREGOR, Scarborough, to Margaret INNARCH, Scarborough. Wit: G. Denholm, R. M. Beamer.

April 19 George CHURCHILL, Blenheim, to Cynthia GILLES, Blenheim. Wit: Acord Churchill, Hiram Kenney.


Page 125, 1849

Jan. 11 Robert HOWIE, Blenheim, to Mary BRETT, Blenheim. Wit: William & John Burgess.

Feb. 9 John MCKINLEY, Hamilton Twp., to Nancy STOCKTON, Dumfries. Wit: Peter McKinley, John Tennant.

Aug. 27 Alexander HOWIE, Blenheim, to Lydia STERNAMAN, Blenheim. Wit: Robert & Stephen Howie.

Nov. 30 William QUIRK, Burford, to Theresa BUGBEE, Burford. Wit: Archibald Pitcher, John Utley.


Pg 172, 1851

Feb. 7 William ROSS, Zorra, to Mary REECE, Burford. Wit: Caleb Campbell, Daniel & Benjamin Kipp.

April 10 Stephen HOWIE, Blenheim, to Lucinda SHAVER/SHARER, Blenheim. Wit: Marcus Dimon, Joseph Mudge.

April 10 Peter Murray Theopland MITCHELL, Burford, to Mary Caroline COOK, Brantford. Wit: William P. Mitchell, R. A. Chattterson.

June 23 Daniel WILSON, Norwich, to Sarah Ann MCGUIRE, Blenheim. Wit: John M. Charles, G. B. Landy M.D.


Pg 188, 1852

April 6 John THOMSON, Blenheim, to Adeline ELLIOTT, Blenheim. Wit: Benjamin Darling, Hannah Luddy.

May 11 Alexander SPARK, Blenheim, to Helen FORD, Blenheim. Wit: William Spark, Robert Dalgety.

July 6 Robert RICHARDSON, Blenheim, to Jean GILLES, Paris. Wit: Robert McCosh, Robert Barclay.


Pg 202, 1853

July 28 George HOTSON, Blandford, to Elizabeth VINCENT, Zorra. Wit: John Robson, Charles Vincent.

Oct. 3 James STEPHENSON, Oxford, to Mary BYRES, Oxford. WIT: James Hay, Richard Day.

Oct. 14 Thomas MACGILL, Blenheim, to Agnes EDMISTON, Blenheim. Wit: John Cairns, Thomas Spiers.

Oct. 24 Lazarus SANBORN, Blenheim, to Rachel SCAMMEARHORN (Schermerhorn?), Blenheim. Wit: William Edmond, George B. Murray.


Pg 227, 1855

April 24 George GOW, Burford, to Mary KIPP, Burford. Wit: Alexander Gow, Hamilton Kipp.

June 18 James RODGERS, Burford, to Jane FISH, Burford. Wit: John Rutherford, Abner F. Matthews.

Nov. 3 Dewitt Clinton EGGLESTONE, Meliana, Wisconsin, to Esther M. BASCOM, Blenheim. Wit: A. & G. Milmine.


Pg 243, 1856

Jan. 10 George PEFFERS, Burford, to Ann VIRTUE, Burford. Wit: Allan Mair, John Virtue.

March 25 Donald MCINTYRE, Burford, to Janet MCDUGOL, Burford. Wit: Alexander McIntyre, Donald McDugol.

Sept. 8 Albert F. KELLOGH, Blenheim, to Mary Jane THOMSON, Blenheim. Wit: William & Isaac Thomson.

Sept. 11 James NORWOOD, Smith Falls, to Jane BENT, Port Dover. Wit: William Norwood, George B. Murray.

Sept. 17 Duncan DORNES, Beachville, to Juliet Ann MELMINE, Blenheim. Wit: A. & Alpheus Melmine.

Oct. 21 Peter TENNANT, Brantford, to Margaret MILLER, Paris. Wit: John Tennant, Hugh Finlayson.

Dec. 5 Hector YOUNG, Blenheim, to Mary Jane PERDICT, Blenheim. Wit: William Weathway, Alia Wood.


Rev. Francis Pickle

Page 43, 1844

March 24 James I. TAPLEY, Burford, to Sarah HUFFMAN, Burford. Wit: Nathaniel H. Cattle, Caroline Hubble.

May 26 William THOMPSON, Charlotteville, to Miram E. MONSON, Charlotteville. Wit: Caroline Hubble, Jane Pickle.

June 29 Isaac DICKEY, Brantford, to Lucinda VANEVERY, Brantford. Wit: Caroline Hubble, Maria Pickle.

Aug. 26 William BUCKLE, Oxford, to Deborah A. BAKER, Oxford. Wit: James & Sarah Alensby.

Sept. 5 Solomon MARTIN, Burford, to Unis KENNEY, Burford. Wit: Hiram & Hannah Martin.

Sept. 29 Francis BEZZO, Burford, to Ester TAPLEY, Burford. Wit: William Doyle, Thomas O. Tapley.

Nov. 24 Thomas O. TAPLEY, Burford, to Ester THOMPSON, Burford. Wit: Majer & Mary E. Campbell.

Nov. 24 Majer CAMPBELL, Burford, to Elizabeth MCDONALD, Burford. Wit: Ester & Thomas O. Tapley.


Page 47, 1845

Jan. 13 William WESTFORD, Townsend, to Hannah NELLIS, Townsend. Wit: robert Drummon, Andrew Nellis.

Jan. 15 George MIDKEFF, Burford, to Ann RENSHIE, Burford. Wit: Caroline Hubble, Jane Pickle.

Feb. 3 George BURGESS, Blenheim, to Maria WILBER, Blenheim. Wit: John Burgess, Elizabeth Campbell.

Feb. 23 George R. ROBERTSON, Burford, to Lidia M. HUFFMAN, Burford. Wit: Sarah & Johnson A. Tapley.

March 12 George SIPHERAL, Burford, to Hester Ann CAMPBELL, Burford. Wit: Elizabeth Innis, George R. Campbell.

July 13 Thomas PHILLIPS, Burford, to Emeline BOWMAN, Burford. Wit: Sarah & John H. Tapley.

Sept. 4 Abraham WINEGARDEN, Blenheim, to Catherine PARKS, Blenheim. Wit: Ruth Benjamin, William Crockley.

Sept. 4 George PARKS, Blenheim, to Armenta COPE, Blenheim. Wit: Ruth Benjamin, William Crockley.

Sept. 19 Henry WINEGARDEN, Blenheim, to Eliza BYE, Blenheim. Wit: Eliza & James Bye.


Page 74, 1846

May 2 Edward MANN, farmer, Burford, to Rolinda YEIGH, Burford. Wit: Charles Duncomb, farmer, Mary Ann Yeigh.

May 10 William MARTIN, farmer, Burford, to Elizabeth WHITE, Burford. Wit: Hannah Martin, Henry Cole, shoemaker.

June 25 Charles MOODY, farmer, Brantford, to Sharlotte FRAZE, Brantford. Wit: Eliza Jane Perrin, Lewis Fraze.

Sept. 7 Daniel S. WINEGARDNER, farmer, Blenheim, to Susannah KIPP, Blenheim. Wit: George & Isaac Winegardner, farmers.


Page 90, 1847

Feb. 20 George CAMPBELL, Blenheim, to Catherine HARRIS, Blenheim. Wit: James & Caroline Hughson.

No Date Morris WINEGARDNER, Blenheim, to Eleanor MURPHY, Blenheim. Wit: Daniel & Losannah Winegarden.

Sept. 8 Jacob YOUNG, Brantford, to Margaret FARREL, Brantford. Wit: John Cosna, Andrew Farrel.

Nov. 8 Herchimine PUTMAN, Brantford, to Mary MCGATHE, Brantford. Wit: Robert G. & Ann Wilkins.


Page 104, 1848

Jan. 27 James HESSE, Burford, to Mary Ann SHOWERS, Burford. Wit: Joseph R. Bastedo, Mary J. Frose.

March 1 Thomas SAYLES, Blenheim, to Ruth PICKLE, Blenheim. Wit: A. McDonald, Rachel Hughson.

May 18 Thomas SPENCER, Burford, to Elizabeth JACKSON, Burford. Wit: James McKay Sarah Spencer.

Nov. 26 Hamilton PELTON/PETTON, Burford, to Hannah MARTIN, Burford. Wit: Thomas & Elizabeth Spencer.


Page 127, 1850

April 4 Samuel FLEWELLING to Mary Jane PICKLE. Wit: Fanny & Frances Pickle.


Pg 143, 1851

Note: Residence not recorded

Feb. 10 James INWOOD to Allas DONLAY. Wit: Sarah Inwood, William Fritch.

April 24 Jabes CAMPBELL to Elda WILCOX. Wit: Elizabeth Pickle, Simon Wilcox.

June 6 Peter HUTCHISON to Mary LUCAS. Wit: George & Elizabeth Pickle.

Nov. 6 George MIRACLE to Ann SMOKE. Wit: Cortland Pickard, Elizabeth Pickle.

Dec. 23 Joshua BURNETT to Rachel PINKHAM. Wit: George & Elizabeth Pickle.


Rev. G. Albs, Methodist Episcopal Church

Pg 238, 1855

June 27 William RAYNES, Brant, to Elsie GRANT, Oxford. Wit: Alexander Bain, James Garner.

Aug. 26 John CLEMENT, Nissouri, to Betsey FARRICE, Nissouri. Wit: Alexander Bain, Nelson McCarty.

Sept. 1 Robert TURNER, Oxford, to Jane H. HARRIS, Oxford. Wit: Andrew Turner, John Elliott.

Sept. 5 John WREN, Zorra, to Maria A. REID, Oxford. Wit: A. L. Ross, E.S. Reid.

Sept. 6 George DREANEY, Oxford, to Eliza SHAW, Dorchester. Wit: James Miller, Charles Cragg.


Pg 239, 1855

Sept. 11 William JOHNSTONE, Oxford, to Caroline VINCENT, Oxford. Wit: M. Johnstone, M. Swartout.

Nov. 15 Joseph TURNER, Dereham, to Margaret MADO, Oxford. Wit: Jeremiah Turner, Boriah Wright.

Nov. 21 John ANDERSON, Brant, to Miss MEEK, Oxford. Wit: William Anderson, Wesley Scott.

Dec. 25 Nelson MCCARTY, Nissouri, to Elizabeth COLE, Nissouri. Wit: David McCarty, A. Thornton.


Pg 239, 1856

March 3 Abner S. YOUNG, Oxford, to Melinda A. DEMPSEY, Oxford. Wit: Joseph Cass, S. C. McNames.

March 21 James FLETCHER, Nissouri, to May A. BOSSENCE, Oxford. Wit: james McDonald, William S. Wright.

March 24 William ROBINSON, Oxford, to Sarah ESHELLY, Oxford. Wit: Eliza Hogg, Richard Eshelly.

May 14 John LAWRENCE, Oxford, to Rachel NORTIN, Zorra. Wit: Hiram Wharfield, Catherine ??

June 3 Jeremiah TURNER, Dereham, to Jane EASTLING, Oxford. Wit: Beriah Wright, Ruth Turner.


Rev. George Ferguson, Wesleyan Methodist Church

Page 22, 1842

March 15 Jared KILBURN, Blenheim, to Nancy REYNOLDS, Blenheim. Wit: Mary Kilburn, James Browne, Aaron Reynolds, Edward Bouchier.

May 17 Robert J. BOUCHIER, Blenheim, to Charlotte THOMPSON, Blenheim. Wit: Edward Bouchier, Denis Thompson, Mary J. Thompson, George Thompson.

Sept. 6 Mathew RUSHLAND, Blenheim, to Elizabeth HAGGEN, Blenheim. Wit: Emanda Rice, John Fleming, William Haggen, Thomas Wolsea.

Nov. 17 William HAGGEN, Blenheim, to Emanda RICE, Blenheim. Wit: Jacob Shoup, Peter Jerman, Mary Ann Johnston, Denis Thompson.

Dec. 28 John WEBB, Blenheim, to Hannah COLEMAN, Blenheim. Wit: John W. Colburn, Mary Kilburn, Silvester Coleman, Adam Hand.

Dec. 28 William CALBURN, Blenheim, to Almira CREAMER, Blenheim. Wit: john W. Calburn, Samuel S. Stroud, Mary Kilburn, William Hanks.


Rev. George Paine Harris, Methodist Episcopal Church

Page 85, 1847

Dec. 14 Jackson SIPLE, Norwich, to Harriet PRATT, Norwich. Wit: Catherine Siple, James Swartout.


Page 85, 1848

March 1 Seth GRIFFIN, Norwich, to Elizabeth KENEDY, Oxford. Wit: Edwin Underwood, Jonathan D. Kenedy.

March 1 Jonathan D. KENEDY, Oxford, to Hannah MCCALL, Oxford. Wit: Seth Griffin, Edwin Underwood.

March 8 Ambrose L. WILCOX, Norwich, to Levina COLLINS, Dereham. Wit: Melonia W. Wilcox, Jerome Collins.

March 20 Abel W. PRATT, Norwich, to Polly OAKLY, Norwich. Wit: Luke Peaselee, Charity Oakly.


Page 91, 1848

Note: Residence not recorded

May 21 Anthony PROCUNIER, 26, to Susan BEAUMWART, 27. Wit: Lot & Mary Spencer.

June 13 Egbert MEVINS, 24, to Lucinda DAKINS, 18. Lydnen J. Wright, Edward York.


Page 101, 1848

Sept. 12 John G. CUMMET, Norwich, to Martha SWARTOUT, Norwich. Wit: Enoch Hilliker, John Maybee.


Rev. George Hill, Methodist Episcopal Church

Page 95, 1848

Feb. 21 James GRIGGS, 26, Blenheim, to Mary PICKETT, 19, Blenheim. Wit: Donald McRae, Marcus Deamon.

March 30 Charles H. RYKEMON (Ryckman?), 22, to Hannah M. EAGLES, 17, Blenheim. Wit: William Sly, Joseph R. Eagles.

April 18 Peter SNYDER, 24, Blenheim, to Eliza GRIGG, 21, Blenheim. Wit: Edward G. Hill, Lewis H. Daniel.


Page 100

Note: Marriages dates not recorded. Return labeled marriages between Oct. 1, 1848 -Dec. 31, 1848. Residence not recorded.

Joseph B. PICKARD, 22, to Elizabeth SNIDER, 20. Wit: Jared Sprague, Ed. G. Hill.

Joseph HERBERT, 28, to Ann KERRISON, 20. Wit: William & Mary Bubert.

John PERRCY, 24, to Ann RODGERS, 20. Wit: Huton Reed, Dickson Rodgers.


Rev. I. Tufford, Methodist Episcopal Church

Pg 163, 1851

June 26 Robert NOBLE, Oakland, to Eliza COLES, Oakland. Wit: Daniel Griffin, Elizabeth Nobles.

July 21 Henry SMITH, Brantford, to Ann FRANKLIN, Brantford. Wit: George Smith, Caroline Stratford.


Rev. George Sherman, Christian Church

Page 103, 1848

Oct. 11 James SLACK, farmer, Dereham, to Abigail WOOLY, Oxford. Wit: Alfred Roblin, Mary Treadwell.


Page 106, 1849

Feb. 6 William WIBSIE, Burford, to Mary SHERMAN, Norwich. Wit: John Parmer, Harcolt.

March 1 James BARTON, Norwich, to Louisa CAMERON, Burford. Wit: Hartwell C. Griswold, William Clarke.

March 1 Hugh MCKAY, Woodstock, to Sarah CLARK, Woodstock. Wit: Hartwell C. Griswold, William Clarke.

March 3 John DOOLITTL, Dumfries, to Catherine RUSSELL, Burford. Wit: Lucretia & Amos Russell.

March 21 John WILSON, Dumfries, to Rebecca Jane SIMMERMAN, Burford. Wit: Solomon & William Simmerman.


Page 110, 1849

May 22 George WILSON, Norwich, to Hannah BURDISS, Norwich. Wit: Charles Sherman, Sarah Wilsie.

May 22 Beagle HUNT, Burford, to Mary Eliza AUSTEN, Norwich. Wit: Levi Hunt, Louis Wilson.

June 5 Benjamin RIDER, Burford, to Lucy AYRES, Burford. Wit: Charles Rider, William Hart.


Page 120, 1849

Feb. 6 William WILSIE, Burford, to Nancy SHERMAN, Norwich. Wit: John Farmer, Hamish Sherman.

March 1 James CARTON, Norwich, to Loissa CAMERON, Burford. Wit: Hartwell Emonds, William Clark.

March 1 Hugh MCKAY, Woodstock, to Sarah CLARK, Woodstock. Wit: Hartwell Emonds, William Clark.

March 3 John DOOLITTLE, Dumfries, to Catherine RUSSELL, Burford. Wit: Lucretia & Amos Russell.

March 21 John WILSON, Dumfries, to Rebecca Jane SUMMERSMAN, Burford. Wit: Solomon & William Summersman.

May 22 George WILSON, Norwich, to Hanro BURDISS, Norwich. Wit: Charles Sherman, Sarah Wilsie.

May 22 Beagle HUNT, Norwich, to Mary ELIS, Norwich. Wit: Levi Beagle, Sarah Wilson.

June 5 Benjamin RIDER, Burford, to Lucy AYERS, Burford. Wit: Charles rider, William Hart.

Dec. 14 Henry CRONKWRIGHT, Burford, to Jane WARD, Burford. Wit: Amanda Cronkwright, Charles Ward.


Page 121, 1850

Jan. 13 George HULBERT, Blenheim, to Sarah RUNELL, Blenheim. Wit: John Doolittle, Mary Hubert.

March 4 Peter PECKHAM, Norwich, to Harriet SHERMAN, Norwich. Wit: William & James M. Barton.

July 11 Adam SIMMERMAN, Burford, to Margaret LAWRENCE, Burford. Wit: William & Solomon Simmerman.

Sept. 24 John PALMER, Burford, to Lydia SPRAIGUE, Oxford. Wit: Phebe & Jonathon Spraigue.


Pg 151, 1851

Feb. 3 Lewis H. ESTELL, Burford, to Permelia CHURCH, Burford. Wit: Henry Johnson, Seth Church.

Feb. 22 David SOUTHWICK, Blenheim, to Jane CARTER, Blenheim. Wit: Daniel Southwick, Joseph Wilson.

Aug. 8 John SWEAVER, Burford, Margaret STEPHENS, Burford. Wit: Charles & William Allen.

Oct. 1 Joseph JONES, Brantford, to Eliza BURNS, Burford. Wit: Alva & Ira Jones.


Rev. George Turner, Methodist Church

Page 2, 1839

Oct. 17 John BENNETT to Hannah CHAMBERLAIN both of Oxford. Wit: Enoch Sage, Oliver Chamberlain.


Page 3, 1840

Jan. 30 James SMITH to Clarissa CAMPBELL both of Zorra. Wit: Homer Campbell, Thomas Brown.

March 27 Daniel KARN to Mary LEWIS both of Zorra. Wit: Uriah Phelps, George Lewis.

May 30 John SWAYZEY to Margaret MILLER both of Oxford. Wit: William & Miriam Swayzey.

July 26 Mark HAGLE, Dereham, to Helen CASSEY, Oxford. Wit: Luke Hagle, Thomas Poole.

Oct. 7 Lewis PICKARD to Eliza LENCE (Lince?)both of Nissouri. Wit: Peter & Matthew Smith.

Not given Edward LENCE to Eliza PICKARD both of Nissouri. Wit: Peter & Matthew Smith.


Page 9, 1841

Jan. 26 Samuel HAGLE, Dereham, to Ann TAPLEY, Burford. Wit: Luke & Mark Hagle.

Jan. 26 David BRINK, Oxford, to Unis SAGE, Oxford. Wit: Ann & Andrew Turner.

Feb. 2 Levi SAGE, Oxford, to Miriam SWAYZEY, Nissouri. Wit: Allen Sage, Sydia Fuller.

March 3 John KERNS, Zorra, to Jane MATHEWS, Zorra. Wit: Peter Kerns, Robert Dundas.

March 10 William HARRIS, Oxford, to Emma Jane POST, Norwich. Wit: Gilbert Harris, John Cory.

Sept. 20 Heman HILL, London, to Margaret WAUGH, London. Wit: Ann & Andrew Turner.


Page 18, 1841

Dec. 2 Abel WILLIAMS, Zorra, to Jane LEWIS, Zorra. Wit: Henry Kerns, John Williams.


Page 18, 1842

Feb. 2 Peter KERNS, Zorra, to Pricilla THORNTON, Zorra. Wit: Samuel & Henry Kerns.

Oct. 11 Jacob KERNS, Oxford, to Catherine BROWN, Zorra. Wit: Peter Kerns, Uriah Phelps.

Nov. 11 Uria PHELPS, Oxford, to Miranda BRINK, Oxford. Wit: Ann Turner, David Brink.


Page 31. 1843

March 6 Cornelius FALING, Nissouri, to Lois KEYES, Nissouri. Wit: Zuriel May, Reuben Gleeson.

April 10 Robert WESTERN, Zorra, to Rebecca MAYNARD, Zorra. Wit: Hannah & William Maynard.

April 20 Thomas POOLE, Dereham, to Leweza RUSSELL, Dereham. Wit: John Graham, Thomas Russell.

May 24 Charles ELLIOT, Zorra, to Irena READ, Zorra. Wit: Harman & Betsey Piper.

May 24 David BRINK, Oxford, to Elizabeth ROLEPSON, Oxford. Wit: Henry & Mary Ann Carrol.

May 26 Caleb RICHARDSON, Blanchard, to Maria INGERSOL, Blanchard. Wit: William Richardson, Reuben Mastin.

June 2 Elijah WAITE, Zorra, to Jannett MURRAY, Burford. Wit: Abraham Waite, James Allen.

June 15 Hiram ENNEST, Zorra, to Mary Ann POOLE, Oxford. Wit: George Burdock, Abraham McNames.

June 20 Joseph TYSON, Dereham, to Mary Ann RUSSELL, Dereham. Wit: Charles Wilson, Thomas Russell.

June 21 James MCDONALD, Zorra, to Emily LEWIS, Zorra. Wit: William Grisnet, James Baines.

July 6 Vanden TAFT, Zorra, to Mary MCMAHON, Zorra. Wit: William & Abigail Thomas.


Page 32, 1843

July 18 Henry SCOFIELD, Dorchester, to Elizabeth KENEDY, Dorchester. Wit: Thomas Dobie, George Peril.

Aug. 10 Morgan LEWIS, Dereham, to Sarah Ann HILL, Dereham. Wit: nancy & Andrew Turner.

Sept. 7 James PATERSON, Nissouri, to Frances VANSICKLE, Nissouri. Wit: Frances German, William Rookledge.

Sept. 7 Keyes GLEESON, Nissouri, to Cinderella VANSICKLE, Nissouri. Wit: Frances German, William Rookledge.

Sept. 26 William DODGE, Zorra, to Delilah MOOTE, Zorra. Wit: James Kerns, Gittyman Mathew.

Sept. 28 Daniel TAYLOR, Oxford, to Deborah KEMBLE, Oxford. Wit: George Kitchen, Samuel French.

Oct. 17 Andrew DREW, Oxford, to Julia MOORE, Zorra. Wit: John Bennett, Joseph Upper.

Oct. 24 Samuel CAMPBELL, Burford, to Harriett CHAMBERLAIN, Burford. Wit: Thomas Chalker, Lyman Chamberlain.

Dec. 2 James COOK, Zorra, to Sarah HILL, Oxford. Wit: George Sipheril, John Hunter.

Dec. 4 Lyman CHAMBERLAIN, Oxford, to Mary Ann MCDONALD, Oxford. Wit: Lemon Chamberlain, John Bennett.

Dec. 10 John CUNNINGHAM, Nissouri, to Eudocia FISK, Nissouri. Wit: George Garner, John Alward.

Dec. 29 Osman JACOBS, London, to Margaret ARTHUR, Oxford. Wit: Truman Herrington, William Grey.


Page 39, 1844

Jan. 9 John MCKENZIE, Oxford, to Eliza GRAY, Oxford. Wit: John & Elizabeth Ross.

Jan. 23 Enoch D. CARROL, Blanchard, to Cecilia WHALEY, Blanchard. Wit: Irraway Fuller, Samuel Whaley.

Feb. 27 Joseph CASS, Nissouri, to Caroline GODFREY. Wit: Nissouri. Wit: Joel Cass, George McCartey.

March 14 Calvin HASKINS, Oxford, to Sophia JAMES, Oxford. Wit: Mark & Elizabeth Alway.

March 21 Thomas PHILPS, Oxford, to Susan CHURCHILL, Oxford. Wit: David Philps, Benjamin Churchill.

April 8 Hiram CYPHER, Norwich, to Phebe MONK, Norwich. Wit: Hermiker Digett, Calvin Haskins.

April 10 Henry SMITH, Oxford, to Jane ROLPH, Nissouri. Wit: George Lince, James Burgess.

May 7 Willard EASTWOOD, Oxford, to Catherine MCDONALD, Oxford. Wit: Nelson Eastwood, Alexander McDonald.

May 12 George LINCE, Nissouri, to Helen RAMAGE, Nissouri. Wit: Angus Shaw, Jannett Read.

May 18 Joel CASS, Nissouri, to Isabella MCLEOD, Nissouri. Wit: Nancy & William Turner.

May 20 Philip KEAN, Nissouri, to Eliza KELLY, Nissouri. Wit: Hull Curtis, John Fletch.

Aug. 15 William R. SUTHERLAND, Zorra, to Margery SHOWERS, Zorra. Wit: Martin Barney, John Land.

Aug. 22 William SHERMAN, Oxford, to Harriet THURLOW, Oxford. Wit: John Sherman Sr., John Sherman Jr.

Sept. 3 Thomas RUSSELL, Dereham, to Mary HARRIS, Dereham. Wit: Robert & Thomas Poole.

Sept. 15 James NICHOLS, Oxford, to Lucinda SAGE, Oxford. Wit: Mary Arthur, Allen Sage.

Sept. 19 Robert ESHELBY, Oxford, to Ephy SHERMAN, Oxford. Wit: William Eshelby, William Sherman.

Nov. 28 Henry ROUNDS, Nissouir, to Kesseah MEASLBY, Nissouri. Wit: Sparford Rounds, Williard Grout.


Page 50, 1845

Jan. 1 Noble HOSKISS, Dorchester, to Mary ROACH, Dorchester. Wit: Ar. Hoskiss, Pamela Newcomb.

Feb. 16 Daniel S. BURDOCK, Zorra, to Mary Ann GRAVE, Nissouri. Wit: Willard Burdock, Thomas W. Squire.

March 25 William MCDOWAL, Downie, to Susannah ALLEN, Zorra. Wit: Mathew Adair, Robert Weston.

April 21 Chauncey SHOWERS, Zorra, to Rhoda SCRAM, Zorra. Wit: joseph Crawford, Abel Williams.

May 21 Thomas ELLIOT, Zorra, to Laurie LEWIS, Zorra. Wit: james Baines, James Van Alter.

June 5 Christian LINCE, Nissouri, to Anna MCKENZIE, Nissouri. Wit: Nelson Twayzie, George Munroe.

June 18 Daniel CARROL, Oxford, to Isabella MURRAY, Zorra. Wit: Nelson Carrol, Stewart Camfield.

July 28 Israel S. WOOD, Oxford, to Ann ARMSTRONG, Oxford. Wit: Eliphalet Wood, David Curtis.

Sept. 25 John W. HODGSON, Osford, to Betsey TAYLOR, Oxford. Wit: Samuel French, Henry Taylor.

Sept. 28 James MINKLER, Dorchester, to Esther BEVERLEY, Dorchester. Wit: William Doty, William H. Niles.

Oct. 28 William S. SMITH, St. Catherines, to Lavina REED, Zorra. Wit: William Ehle, Joseph Reed.

Nov. 20 George STIMSON, Oxford, to Margaret MCDONALD, Oxford. Wit: Elam Stimson, James McDonald.


Page 63, 1846

Jan. 17 Michael MURRAY, Blanchard, to Margaret MARROW, Dorchester. Wit: Joseph Cass, Jonathon Cook.

Jan. 29 Homer P. BROWN, Woodstock, to Jannett MCDONALD, Burford. Wit: William R. Griswold, Alexander McDonald.

April 6 James FARLEY, Oxford, to Eliza WHITING, Oxford. Wit: Elizabeth & Henry Swain.

April 30 Peter HAGLE, Dereham, to Christina COOK, Oxford. Wit: Miles Hagle, Elery Cook.

June 1 Allen WELCH, Zorra, to Charity A. PATTERSON, Zorra. Wit: Thomas Eller, William Turner.

July 9 Abraham ALLEN, Zorra, to Roxy LEWIS, Zorra. Wit: James Bain, James Stearns.

July 20 William CLEVELAND, Zorra, to Margaret SWAYZE, Zorra. Wit: Elizabeth Tolls, Herman Swayze.

Sept. 27 Matthew SWITZER, Oxford, to Lorinda MORRISON, Nissouri. Wit: Elisha Hall, John English.

Nov. 5 Noah ELLIOT, Oxford, to Sarah HODGE, Oxford. Wit: M.D. Long, Richard Wright.

Dec. 10 William ROOKLEDGE, Nissouri, to Mary LAYTON, Dereham. Wit: Francis German, William Layton.


Page 83, 1847

Feb. 1 Robert SCHRAM, Zorra, to Rosy CRAIG, Zorra. Wit: Peter Schram, Welcome Craig.

Feb. 17 John JOHNSON, Nissouri, to Almiza PURDY, Nissouri. Wit: John Taylor, William Purdy.

March 6 John ASHELBY, Oxford, to Amanda KIMBLE, Oxford. Wit: David Culp, William Turner.

March 8 Miles HAGLE, Dereham, to Jane TRIPP, Dereham. Wit: Mark Hagle, Ransome Lewis.

March 31 Joel D. STIMSON, Oxford, to Mary Ann SUTTON, Oxford. Wit: George Stimson, Joseph O. Shepherd.

May 20 John BASFORD, Oxford, to Sarah HOLDING, Blanchard. Wit: Alexander Curry, John Holding.

June 3 William HUTCHINSON, Oxford, to Margaret SMITH, Oxford. Wit: Jessie & Sarah Hutchinson.

July 21 John MATHEWS, Zorra, to Mary CAMPBELL, Zorra. Wit: John Ford, Eliza Campbell.

Oct. 27 Amaziah LEWIS, Zorra, to Harriet WHEATON, Nissouri. Wit: Abel Williams, William Carter.

Nov. 10 John THORNTON, Dereham, to Mary STOCKDALE, Dereham. Wit: Lafayette Harris, Robert Wiseman.

Nov. 21 Amherst EASTMAN, Warwick, to Mary HAGLE, Dereham. Wit: Charles Tripp, Henry Hagle.

Dec. 27 John MILLS, Zorra, to Elizabeth HARKINSON, Zorra. Wit: Rboert Gordon, Jacob Hotchkinson.


Page 87, 1848

Jan. 1 Benjamin RICHARDSON, Oxford, to Lois Ann FULTZ, Oxford. Wit: James Farley, William Turner.

Jan. 2 William EDWARDS, Dereham, to Mary J. ELDRIDGE, Oxford. Wit: Purchase Hill, Nancy Turner.

Jan. 25 David FRENCH, Oxford, to Elizabeth FLEWELLEN, Oxford. Wit: Andrew Turner, Abel Flewellen.

Feb. 6 Jacob SCHRAM, Zorra, to Margaret HORTON, Zorra. Wit: William & Andrew Turner.


Page 92, 1848

April 11 Abel THORNTON, Oxford, to Jane LARSON, Oxford. Wit: William Turner, Ira Carrol.

May 31 George KEARNS, Zorra, to Eliza A. BULLIS, Zorra. Wit: Charles & Caroline Bullis.


Page 98, 1848

Sept. 20 Miranda LAWRENCE, Oxford, to Ann PALISTER, Oxford. Wit: Loiza Lawrence, Enoch Goodland.

Sept. 25 Asa CHURCHILL, Nissouri, to Mary OLDRICH, Nissouri. Wit: Elmir Day, Luther Oldrich.


Page 107, 1849

Jan. 14 Peter HAGLE, Dereham, to Catherine JOHNSON, Dereham. Wit: John Hay, Richard Day.

March 4 Charles BULLIS, Zorra, to Mary Ann GAINER, Zorra. Wit: Israel Read, John Young.

March 26 Thomas HERRON, Oxford, to Elizabeth DOBIE, Oxford. Wit: John Basford, Daniel McKay.


Page 122, 1849

April 19 Silas AVERY, Oxford, to Jane MOLASKEE, Oxford. Wit: John & Mary Jane Avery.

June 12 Lyman PURDY, Nissouri, to Harriet HARRIS, Nissouri. Wit: William Purdy, John W. Rufus.

June 26 David FULLER, Zorra, to Lucy THORNTON, Zorra. Wit: Merrick Fuller, Henry Robertson.

April 9 Harford ESTLING, Dereham, to Maria TRULL, Dereham. Wit: John Broady, Christopher Karn.

Sept. 25 Willard KARN, Oxford, to Isabella MOOT, Oxford. Wit: Christopher Karn, Sarah Scott.

Sept. 26 John SMITH, London, to Sarah MATHEWS, Zorra. Wit: John Doty, James Dundas.

Oct. 8 Chancy SHOWERS, Zorra, to Mary MCKENZIE, Zorra. Wit: James & Ann Barclay.

Oct. 8 Arthur ADAMS, Oxford, to Sarah Ann HONERS, Oxford. Wit: George Forbes, Parchan Hill.


Page 123, 1849

Nov. 13 Walter C. ROUSE, Nissouri, to Larepta ABBOTT, Nissouri. Wit: Charles & Jane Counter.

Dec. 25 John W. RUFUS, Nissouri, to Maria A. PAERLEY, Nissouri. Wit: William Turner, William Paerley.


Pg 133, 1850

Jan. 13 Swinthen CAMPBELL, Oxford, to Elizabeth BIRCH, Oxford. Wit: james Finley, Archibald Thompson.

Jan. 30 Thomas TURNBULL, Dereham, to Sarah HAGLE, Dereham. Wit: Alvin Hill, Mark Hagle.

Feb. 12 William H. PURDAY, Nissouri, to Emeline MEAR, Nissouri. Wit: Lyman Purday, Vernon German.

Feb. 24 Robert MOORE, Zorra, Catherine AVERY, Zorra. Wit: Norval Butney, George Bailey.

March 2 Daniel DAY, Nissouri, to Barbary MILLER, Nissouri. Wit: Jospeh Godfrey, Andrew Turner.

March 20 Joshua DOTY, Oxford, to Emily COLBURN, Nissouri. Wit: Edwin Doty, Robert McDonald.

May 1 Calvin BROWN, Nissouri, to Lucinda NICHOLS, Oxford. Wit: Henry C. Lewis, Abigail Colburn.

May 14 John SEATON, Nissouri, to Jane GERRARD, Nissouri. Wit: Hugh J. Miller, David Doty.

June 25 Jacob MONK, Norwich, to Hester BALLARD, Dorchester. Wit: Thomas & Elizabeth Barnard.

Oct. 23 Joseph GODFREY, Dorchester, to Amanda PHARES, Nissouri. Wit: John Clement, Betsey Phares.

Dec. 2 Silvester MCKIM, Nissouri, to Caroline KERR, Nissouri. Wit: Israel Harris, George Kerr.


Pg 156, 1851

Jan. 20 William DICKEY, Nissouri, to Susannah MCWIRE, Nissouri. Wit: George Snatsinger, James McWire.

Feb. 6 Peter VANATTER, Zorra, to Jannet ROSS, Zorra. Wit: Robert & John Gordon.

March 2 Richard GODFREY, Nissouri, to Fanny VICE, Nissouri. Wit: Thomas Huston, Peter Vice.

April 24 William SQUIBB, Dereham, to Elizabeth LESLIE, Zorra. Wit: Peter Murray, Hiram Walker.

May 18 Moses ST. CLAIR, Nissouri, to Ellen CONNOR, Dorchester. Wit: John Clement, John Day.

June 20 John EDWARDS, Dereham, to Mary Ann WARD, Dereham. Wit: George Harris, Thomas Wiffred.

Oct. 20 Patrick ROBINSON, Dereham, to Mary GRAHAM, Dereham. Wit: Thomas Poole, James Graham.

Nov. 23 Alfred COURTNEY, Oxford, to Agnes FLEWELLEN, Oxford. Wit: Freman Steel, William Flewellen.

Dec. 14 James SMALL, Oxford, to Jane IRVIN, Oxford. Wit: John Holding, Samuel Appleman.


Pg 179, 1852

Feb. 17 James ESHELBY, Oxford, to Margaret FLEWELLAN, Oxford. Wit: Richard Eshelby, David French.

March 3 Edward MILLS, Nissouri, to Eleanor MCLELLAN, Nissouri. Wit: Thoams Palmer, Andrew McLellan.

March 8 James TURNBULL, Dereham, to Maria HAGLE, Dereham. Wit: James Turner, Miles Hagle.

March 20 William BUCKLE, Zorra, to Elizabeth HORTON, Zorra. Wit: Chauncy Ford, James Turner.

March 27 James BROWN, Zorra, to Abigail COLBORN/COLHOUN, Zorra. Wit: James Burdick, George Leslie.

May 1 Silas THORNTON, Oxford, to Caroline MOOR, Oxford. Wit: Lyman Thornton, Peter Kearns.

May 18 William ORE, Nissouri, to Mary ROSS, Nissouri. Wit: David Black, Robert McDonald.

June 16 Samuel HILMAN, Oxford, to Philomene PACEL, Oxford. Wit: Arthur Curtis, David Ausmer.

June 19 Rodman FULLER, Oxford, to Marriett BABCOCK, Oxford. Wit: James Fuller, Andrew Turner.

Sept. 8 James VANATTER, Oxford, to Catherine GAFFEY, Oxford. Wit: Isaac Vanatter, James White.

Oct. 13 James SMART, Dereham, to Loisa TANNER, Dereham. Wit: John Day, Andrew Tanner.


Pg 180, 1852

Dec. 2 Alden BARTLETT, Nissouri, to Isabella MCLELLAN, Nissouri. Wit: Edward Mills, James McLellan.

Dec. 7 John RUSSEL, Dereham, to Harriet STOCKDALE, Dereham. Wit: Oliver Russel, John Thornton.

Dec. 11 John HOLDING, Dorchester, to Martha SMALL, Dorchester. Wit: Thomas Basford, Jacob Appleman.


Pg 201, 1853

Jan. 30 Stewart BIRCH, Oxford, to Mary FOWLER, Oxford. Wit: Andrew & James Turner.

June 27 John H. WATTS, Dorchester, to Elizabeth NORSWORTHY, Dorchester. Wit: Charles Counter, Charles Norsworthy.

July 27 John MARKHAM, Nissouri, to Eliza WARD, Nissouri. Wit: Elijah Edwards, John Nilpar.

Sept. 18 Arial THORNTON, Zorra, to Catherine VANATTER, Zorra. Wit: John S. Wood, James Vanatter.

Nov. 16 Elijah EDWARDS, Dereham, to Lucy WARD, Nissouri. Wit: Charles Kitener, John Nilper.

Nov. 21 Freeman STEELE, Dereham, to Celestia LAWRENCE, Dereham. Wit: James & George Turner.


Pg 223, 1854

July 23 Samuel BASFORD, Oxford, to Mary Ann HOLDING, Oxford. Wit: John & Sarah Basford.

Aug. 20 John SCHRAM, Nissouri, to Harriet MINARD, Nissouri. Wit: Andrew & Mary Turner.

Oct. 27 Jacob G. GERMAN, Nissouri, to Mary Linn JINKINGS, Nissouri. Wit: Goodrich Doty, Hector McDonald.


Pg 240, 1855

Jan. 1 Nathan HUNTLY, Nissouri, to Lucy THORNTON, Nissouri. Wit: Levi Hudson, Remember Thornton.

Jan. 18 Peter HILL, Dereham, to Lucy SMITH, Dereham. Wit: Thomas Barn, Emeline Smith.

March 23 William SMITH, Oxford, to Barbara SWANSON, Oxford. Wit: Thomas Barker, Michael Neepil.

May 15 Richard WILTON, Oxford, to Ann BENNETT, Oxford. Wit: Robert & John Bennett.

May 24 Cornelius AVERY, Nissouri, to Helen JUDGE, Nissouri. Wit: Owen Avery, John McNamis.

June 1 William SNIDER, Zorra, to Mary Ann REID, Zorra. Wit: Joseph Snider, Charles Crawford.

June 14 Francis MAYBY, Nissouri, to Catherine IRWIN, Nissouri. Wit: William Norn, John Brock.

June 20 John TOLL, Nissouri, to Mary ARMSTRONG, Nissouri. Wit: William Taylor, William Elliott.

Nov. 11 Richard ELLIOTT, Oxford, to Christian MCFEE, St. Catherines. Wit: William Finley, John Parsons.

Nov. 4 Phineas GODFREY, Nissouri, to Agnes MCKAY, Nissouri. Wit: Alexander Smith, Elesha Godfrey.

Dec. 26 James VANATTER, Nissouri, to Angelina MICKELSON, Nissouri. Wit: James & Jacob Turner.


Pg 247, 1856

Aug. 31 Silas DOLSON, Oxford, to Matilda WISHER, Oxford. Wit: Trueman Thornton, L. Benson.

Sept. 17 William SPAYDEN, Dorchester, to Alvira GODFREY, Dorchester. Wit: Ann & Thomas Godfrey.

Dec. 10 Russel LEONARD, Dorchester, to Miranda KIMBERLY, Dorchester. Wit: Orsen McCaulley, T. R. Cogidale.


Rev. Heman Fitch, Baptist Church

Page 6, 1840

July 26 John M. KENEDY Blenheim, to Mary Ann DENTON, Blenheim. Wit: Alexander Sprague, Dorothy J. Burns.

Sept. 27 Charles RATHBONE, burford, to Parmelia RIDER, Burford. Wit: Seymore Ayres, Lydia Rider.

Oct. 30 John F. DUMON, Dumfries, to Sarah RICE, Dumfries. Wit: Russell B. Beach, David Alyer.

Oct. 30 Russell B. BEACH, Dumfries, to Charlotte DUMON, Dumfries. Wit: David Alyer, John F. Dumon.

Nov. 26 John SEABROCK, Brantford, to Elizabeth KNIGHT, Blenheim. Wit: William Daniels, Jeremiah Harp.


Page 6, 1841

Jan. 26 Henry RUPERT, Blenheim, to Lenora WEBSTER, Blenheim. Wit: Nicolas Pickle, Joshua Burnett.


Page 7, 1841

Feb. 15 Phillip MUMA, Dumfries, to Mary Jane CLARKE, Dumfries. Wit: Henry Gardner, Lewis Alger.

April 6 Jeremiah HARP, Blenheim, to Claricy Jane KNIGHT, Blenheim. Wit: William Chambers, John Winters.

April 20 Elijah HILL, Blanford, to Silna PELTON, Blenheim. Wit: Samuel & James Pelton.


Page 16, 1841

Oct. 4 Asa COOK, Burford, to Ruth WOODWARD, Burford. Wit: Henry Ross, George Kearchie.

Oct. 13 William BEAM, Brantford, to Charlotte A. ACHER, Burford. Wit: Charles Flanigan, Charles Howard.

Nov. 10 William PERRY, Dumfries, to Rachel KINCH, Dumfries. Wit: Thomas & Mariah Perry.


Page 16, 1842

Feb. 3 Lawrence GOULD, Zorra, to Christiana EVERT, Zorra. Wit: James & Josiah Campbell.

March 2 Trueworth SMITH, Blenheim, to Ione ROACH, Blenheim. Wit: James Ennes, Thomas Baxter.

April 5 Samuel PELTON, Blenheim, to Elizabeth QUACKENBOSS, Blenheim. Wit: Silas E. Prior, John Read.

April 19 John E. HARP, Blenheim, to Letice ENNIS/INNIS, Blenheim. Wit: Abel & Mary Mudge.

May 3 Graham WATSON, Waterloo, to Harriet ISENHOUR, Woolwich. Wit: James Watson, Eta Grant.

May 10 Elijah FORSYTHE, Dumfries, to Catherine DAWSON, dumfries. Wit: geirge Forsythe, Richard Dawson.

May 10 Elijah CODDLING, Dumfries, to Mary Ann CHESLEY, Dumfries. Wit: Fichard Dawson, Peter Kingsbury.

June 7 Richard DAWSON, Dumfries, to Harriet KIMBLE, Blenheim. Wit: Adam Hasel, Joshua Burnett.

June 28 Samuel BURGESS, Blenheim, to Nancy Ann MOWRY, Blenheim. Wit: John H. Burgess, Abel Mudge.

July 12 George DAWSON, Dumfries, to Eliza FORSYTH, Dumfries. Wit: Richard Dawson, Elijah Forsyth.

July 19 Silas S. KITCHEN, Blenheim, to Elizabeth RANSOM, Blenheim. Wit: Whaler & Esther Kitchen.


Page 28, 1842

Dec. 11 Laurence SCHERMERHORN, Blenheim, to Jane FRITCH/FULCH, Blenheim. Wit: Daniel Kinney, H.C. Clarke.


Page 28, 1843

Jan. 18 John W. WINTERS, Burford, to Mary KITCHEN, Blenheim. Wit: William Campbell, James Watson.

Jan. 18 Abraham DAWSON, Blenheim, to Ann DAVIDSON, Blenheim. Wit: William Dawson, James Watson.

April 2 Jacob MUMA, Dumfries, to Charlotte LANE, Dumfries. Wit: Abraham Curtis, Joseph Lardsner.

May 28 Elonzo BROCKET, Blenheim, to Joan DENTON, Blenheim. Wit: William Griffis, James M. Kennedy.

June 8 Alexander BECKET, Dumfries, to Bridget MCALLEY, Dumfries. Wit: William Gibson, James Wyllie.

June 27 Francis KERNEY, Blenheim, to Elanor NELSON, Blenheim. Wit: Uriel Snow, Stephen York.

July 15 John B. FREE, Zorra, to Rachael BURGESS, Blenheim. Wit: William & George Burgess.

July 30 Isaac GRINGRICH, Blenheim, to Susanna BURKHOLDER, Blenheim. Wit: Abraham J. Gingrich, Robert McLean.

Aug. 18 Robert BURGESS, Blenheim, to Jane INNIS, Blenheim. Wit: Richard Burgess, Jabez Campbell.

Sept. 20 Christopher NICKERSON, Esquesing, to Julian BUCK, Esquesing. Wit: Obadiah Roy, William Johnson.

Oct. 11 Charles FRITCH, Blenheim, to Harriet E. CLARK, Blenheim. Wit: Nicholas Pickle, Jabez Campbell.

Nov. 12 David BEAMER, Burford, to Sarah HARRISON, Blenheim. Wit: Benjamin Hornor, Charles Day.

Oct. 12 George VAN NORMAN, Burford, to Elizabeth HARRISON, Blenheim. Wit: Benjamin Hornor, Charles Day.

Oct. 26 Andrew LEVERGOOD, Waterloo, to Polly SMITH, Waterloo. Wit: Robert McLean, Amanda Fitch.

Nov. 12 R.W. TITUS, Blenheim, to Elizabeth EAGLES, Blenheim. Wit: Charles Flannigan, Joseph Eagles.


Page 41, 1844

Jan. 17 William A. HITCHCOCK, Blenheim, to Eliza Jane WALKER, Blenheim. Wit: John P. Best, Aaron Clarke.

Jan. 17 Josiah WALKER, Blenheim, to Lydia Ann HITCHCOCK, Blenheim. Wit: John P. Best, Aaron Clarke.

April 18 Robert HARDY, Blenheim, to Hannah WALTERS, Blenheim. Wit: Adam Mazel, John Muma.

May 19 James WALKER, Blenheim, to Mary VANDICAR, Blenheim. Wit: Uriah Corlis, Joshua Burnett.

Sept. 22 James STUART, Burford, to Martha EATON, Burford. Wit: George Clark, Erastus Eaton.

Oct. 1 Aaron SPRINGER, Blenheim, to Mary SIPPRELL, Blenheim. Wit: David D. Proser, George Sipprell.

Oct. 29 Uraih N. CORLIS, Townsend, to Fanny BATES, Townsend. Wit: Uriah S. Corlis, Amanda S. Fitch.

Nov. 5 James PARKER, Burford, to Almira JOHNSON, Burford. Wit: William B. Stuart, Hyram Beamer.

Nov. 6 Asher LANE, Dumfries, to Lucy WHITMORE, Dumfries. Wit: Abraham W. Corlis, to Alexander Sprague.

Nov. 7 Elias D. PARKER, Burford, to Lydia RIDER, Burford. Wit: William H. Woodward, William McWilliams.

Nov. 23 Jane MORE, Blenheim, to Sarah LAZENBY, Blenheim. Wit: Ebeneezer Pinkham, William Fritch.


Page 41, 1845

Jan. 7 William H. DIAMOND, Blenheim, to Sibey PIERIE, Blenheim. Wit: Amanda S. Fitch, Caroline Sleight.


Page 56, 1845

April 27 John MCWILLIAMS, Burford, to Eunice PARKER, Burford. Wit: William McWilliams, Amanda S. Fitch.

May 2 Henry MUMA, Blenheim, to Margaret MCCARTY, Blenheim. Wit: Jacob & Hannah McCarty.

May 27 Joseph P. WATSON, Blenheim, to Sarah F. EATON, Blenheim. Wit: Elias Fowler, Erastus Eaton.

June 4 Alexander SPRAGUE, Blenheim, to Sarah MARTIN, Blenheim. Wit: Henry H. Vinton, Gordon Vining.

July 16 Harvey H. VINTON, Dumfries, to Silas/Silan/Silva SPRAGUE, Blenheim. Wit: James N. Williamson, Daniel Towl.

Oct. 1 William George BELL, Blenheim, to Anna ROBERTSON, Blenheim. Wit: Samuel McArty, Wlsy Robertson.

Oct. 1 George DENTON, Blenheim, to Rhoda SPRAGUE, Blenheim. Wit: james M. Kennedy, Silas Sprague.

Nov. 2 Andrew KEMURE, Oakland, to Mary Ann STUART, Blenheim. Wit: Charles Hoyt, Pashan Burnett.


Page 56, 1846

Jan. 22 John SHARP, Brantford, to Catherine FRASER, Brantford. Wit: Laurence Daniel, Lewis Fraser.

Feb. 9 James KERN, Zorra, to Prudence FULLER, Zorra. Wit: Titus & Ira Fuller.

April 20 William BEAR, Charlotteville, to Caroline SLAGHT, Charlotteville. Wit: Aphebe Fitch, Job Slaght.


Page 66, 1846

April 30 Joshua DAVIDSON, Blenheim, to Elizabeth ROBERTSON, Blenheim. Wit: William Picket, Usley Robertson.

May 4 Hyram ENNEST (Ernest?), Zorra, to Mary MCNAMES, Zorra. Wit: Amanda S. Fitch, Benjamin Vandicar.

June 2 John BOUGHTINHIMER, Blenheim, to Elizabeth INNIS, Blenheim. Wit: Amanda S. Fitch, James McLeod.

June 17 Eli HENDRICK, Charlotteville, to Lucinda CRONK, Charlotteville. Wit: Heman & Amanda S. Fitch.

July 8 Jeremiah WALKER, Blenheim, to Barbary BESIGNER, Blenheim. Wit: John Walker, John P. Best.


Page 67, 1846

Sept. 29 John BURGESS, Blenheim, to Elizabeth BURGESS, Blenheim. Wit: Robert Burgess, Allen W. Sheek.

Oct. 18 John E. TAPLEY, Blenheim, to Sara Ann HOLTEAST, Blenheim. Wit: Margaret Dolittle, George Holteast.

Oct. 22 Samuel S. HILL, Blenheim, to Mary MCCOLL, Blenheim. Wit: William S. Weeks, Sarah Tascy.

Nov. 18 Richard BURGESS, Blenheim, to Rhoda SHEEK, Blenheim. Wit: Nicholas Pickle, Joshua Burnett.


Page 67, 1846

Jan. 6 Samuel GILES, Burford, to Claricy FRAIN, Brantford. Wit: Lewis Fraser, G. W. Lewis.

Feb. 10 Oliver D. MABEE, Charlotteville, to Susan WILLIAMS, Charlotteville. Wit: Robert Shearer, Ephraim Tisdale 3rd.

Feb. 25 Horace FOX, Blenheim, to Jesse BOULTON, Blenheim. Wit: C. D. Boylston, John Boulton.

March 9 Joseph MILLONG Jr., Waterloo, to Rebecca LUTY, Waaterloo. Wit: Fanny Clarke, Phebe C. Fitch.

March 38 Hiram EVANS, Burford, to Harriet LOUNDSBURY, Brantford. Wit: C.D. Roylston, N. W. Cory.

March 30 James PICKET, Dumfries, to Susannah A. GRIGS, Burford. Wit: William Picket, Elisande Orr.


Page 88

Note: Actual marriage date not recorded. Marriages between July 1, 1847 & Oct. 1, 1847

James SHARRICK, Blenheim, to Besi TAYLOR, Blenheim. Wit: Jacob Bowman, Sally Shark.

Benjamin SLINGERTONS, Charlottetown, to Elizabeth FARICHILD, Charlottetown. Wit: Jacob McCall, Garrott Slingertons.


Page 88

Marriages between Jan. 1, 1847 - Jan. 1, 1848

Henry FOX to Elizabeth Ann KELLY. Wit: Benjamin Parmiston, William McDermid.

George A. SPEER, Blandford, to Elizabeth ARMSTRONG, Blenheim. Wit: J. Parkson, N. Williamson.


Page 88

Marriages between Jan. 1, 1848 & April 1, 1848

Norman COLE, Brantford, to Mary COOLD, Blenheim. Wit: Ambris L. Cole, Asa Grald (Gould?).

Henry GORDON, Blenheim, to Melvina HULL, Dumfries. Wit: Thomas Rickert, Phebe FILTH.

John CHEFNEY/CHESSNEY, Blenheim, to Mary DAVIDSON, Blenheim. Wit: James Chefney/Chessney, Christopher Swep.

Jacob LUTZ, Waterloo, to Hannah SIMPSON, Brantford. Wit: Levi Wilson.

Joseph CHATTERSON, Blenheim, to Cordelia BAXTER, Blenheim. Wit: C. & Edmund Harp.

Thomas RICKERT to Phebe C. FILCH. Wit: John Rickert, Rinsford Watson.


Page 89, 1847

May 24 Robert SALES, Blenheim, to Susannah BURTCH, Blenheim. Wit: John & Solomon Curtis.

May 24 Reuben PURER, Blenheim, to Jane BONTIOR, Blenheim. Wit: G. A. Sparr, John Jackson.

June 24 Daniel WILSON, Brantford, to Beatrice ARMSTRONG, Blenheim. Wit: David Wilson, John Jackson.


Page 100, 1848

July 3 Israel GILES Jr., Burford, 24, to Joannah WALKER, 18, Oxford. Wit: Uriah Conlis, Israel Giles.

July 12 Reuben CONDLE, 24, Blenheim, to Jane BURGESS, 19, Blenheim. Wit: George & William Burgess.

July 18 William GREGG, 24, Blenehiem, to Mary Jane LEONS, 20, Blenheim. Wit: James & Susannah Picket.


Rev. Hiram Dewey, Congregational Church

Pg 216, 1854

July 3 John FOSTER, Norwich, to Eliza Jane BACHELDOR, Norwich. Wit: Edwin & Mary Nylesly.


Pg 216, 1855

Jan. 4 Homer RANNEY, Dereham, to Emma DEWEY, Norwich. Wit: Henry Ranney, Mary Harris.


Rev. Hugh Montgomery; Wesleyan Methodist Church

Pg. 2, 1839

July 31 Richard HIPKINS, Blenheim, to Mary Ann MARKS, Waterloo. Wit: Denys Thompson, Henry Harp.

Pg. 2, 1840

March 12 Thomas THOMPSON to Sarah CLARKE both of Blenheim. Wit: Moses Johnson, Edward Boucher.



Rev. J. Owen, Methodist Episcopal Church

Pg. 140, 1849

Nov. 2 Edward MORE, Dereham, to Elizabeth MORE, Norwich. Wit: John Rowson, Samuel Jacobs.


Pg. 140, 1850

Jan. 1 Nathaniel SNELL, Norwich, to Margaret CHASE, Dereham. Wit: Benjamin Flewellan, John Chase.

May 6 John MCDOWELL, Norwich, to Yaty ENOS, Norwich. Wit: Hiram McDowell, George Stevens.


Pg 141, 1851

April 30 Mathias HOLTBY, Westminster, to Susan SHELL, Oxford. Wit: Robert Barlow, John Shell.


Pg 173, 1851

Oct. 19 Elijah ALLEN, Dereham, to Sarah Ann DURFEY, Dereham. Wit: Seth Allen, Elisha Durfey.

Dec. 31 George FRIEND, Bayham, to Adalane LEVINES, Dereham. Wit: Walter Brown, Emelia Devine.


Pg 173, 1852

Jan. 1 Nathan SMITH, Norwich, to Adaline HILLAKER, Norwich. Wit: Daniel Wilson, William Hillaker.

Feb. 24 Barnabus BROWN, Norwich, to Malvina SIPLE, Norwich. Wit: Arza Brown, Frederick Kirsh.

March 22 Geillum SALON, Dereham, to Ann Miles LEVINES, Dereham. Wit: Joseph & Nancy Woodrow.

April 8 William RAGADONE, Dereham, to Parmelia GODARD, Dereham. Wit: Abraham Hartzel, Nancy Botles.


Rev. Ira Howey, Baptist Church

Page 77, 1847

Jan. 10 Melvin M. FARMER, Norwich, to Mary Jane LANCASTER, Norwich. Wit: Platt Dennice, Jonathon Spencer.

Jan. 13 Thomas WHEALEY, Windham, to Eliza Jane REVELY, Windham. Wit: Andrew Buskirk, William Revely.

Sept. 21 Henry DENNIS, Norwich, to Cornelia EMEIGH, Norwich. Wit: Aaron & Henry Emeigh.

Nov. 9 John HUGHS, Norwich, to Louisa SHELDON, Norwich. Wit: Edmond Losey, George Sheldon.

Page 87, 1848

Jan. 25 Frederick KETTLE, Norwich, to Margaret SILVERTHORN, Norwich. Wit: John Dennis, Henry Hawley.

Feb. 2 Robert VANDUSEN, Norwich, to Phebe Ann CORBEN, Norwich. Wit: Jacob Griffin, John Corben.

Feb. 2 Joseph T. LANCASTER, Norwich, to Sarah Ann WATSON, Norwich. Wit: Milvin Farmer, Jarvis Dennis Jr.

Feb. 10 Jacob ALMAS, Windham, to Elsy FREALAND, Burford. Wit: Christopher Almas, John N. Frealand.


Page 103, 1848

Note: Only 1 date was recorded.

Jan. 25 Frederick KETTLE, Norwich, to Margaret SILVERTHORN, Norwich. Wit: John Dennis, Henry Hawley.

Robert VANDUSEN, Norwich, to Phebe Ann CORBEN, Norwich. Wit: Jacob Griffin, John Corben.

Joseph T. LANCASTER, Norwich, to Sarah Ann WATSON, Norwich. Wit: Melvin Farmer, Jarvis Dennis.

Jacob ALMAS, Windham, to Elry FRILAN, Burford. Wit: Christopher Almas, John Frilan.

Jarvis DENNIS Jr., Norwich, to Nancy Ann DIXON, Norwich. Wit: John Dennis, William Dennis.

Simon MAYBEE, Oxford, to Mary Ann HOWEY, Oxford. Wit: John & Gabriel Maybee.

Robert HENDERSON, Oxford, to Margaret CAMPBELL, Norwich. Wit: Abiath Dykeman, Jefferson Baterson.

Angus J. MCFEE, Oxford, to Ann LANCASTER, Norwich. Wit: Dennis Spencer, David Kelso.

Charles COTHBET, Oxford, to Eliza MULVEN, Oxford. Wit: William Nisbet, Robert Forist.

John HALL, Oxford, to Mary Jane TRIPP, Oxford. Wit: William Hall, Jonathon Tripp.


Page 123, 1849

Jan. 2 Francis FENMAN, Oxford, to Jane TEEPLE, Oxford. Wit: James Doorman, Lemuel Vandecar.

Feb. 1 Lemuel VANDECAR, Oxford, to Catherine SMITH, Oxford. Wit: Luck Secord, Joseph Howey.

June 5 William GATHRIK, Oxford, to Margaret Ann SACKRIDER, Norwich. Wit: Simon Mabee, Henry Jard.

June 30 David NUTT, Norwich, to Mary HUGHS, Norwich. Wit: George Emeigh, ?? Emeigh.

July 18 John HOWELL, Oxford, to Elizabeth HOLDSWORTH, Oxford. Wit: Benjamin & Thomas Holdsworth.

Sept. 30 James CALSON, Norwich, to Mary Ann CHEEVERS, Norwich. Wit: James M. Less, James Chidwood.

Nov. 5 Alonzo SMITH, Dorchester, to Malicia HUFFMAN, Dorechester. Wit: John Smith, Samuel Mabee.

Dec. 2 Alexander SHEARLOCK, Norwich, to Elizabeth Ann EMIEGH (Emigh?), Norwich. Wit: James Dennis, Garret ??


Page 132, 1850

Jan. 8 Alfred REYNOLDS, N. Hope, to Ann KENDRICK, N. Hope. Wit: Henry Izard, William Heaveland.

Feb. 13 W. Simon BURCH, Oxford, to Nancy KEARL, Oxford. Wit: Philander King, Charles Brown.

Feb. 25 John SLOW, Burford, to Mary Ann SPRAGUE, Oxford. Wit: Henry & Geisga Taylor.

Feb. 26 Francis FORSE, Oxford, to Jane WORBOYS, Burford. Wit: James Dorman, James Martin.

Feb. 27 Harris NUTT, Norwich, to Elizabeth LIGHTHEART, Dereham. Wit: James Derman, Frederick Lightheart.

March 13 James HAWKESWORTH, Oxford, to Elen SHAW, Oxford. Wit: O.D. Mabee, W.B. Mabee.

April 5 Robert NUTT Jr., Norwich, to Mary NICHOLS, Norwich. Wit: Robert Nutt Sr., Lathrop Shoup.

Oct. 19 Jarvis THOMPSON, Norwich, to Mary ONEAL, Oxford. Wit: Hiram & R. Thompson.

Nov. 13 Cornelius HUGHS, Norwich, to Matilda DENNIS, Norwich. Wit: jarvis & John Dennis.

Nov. 20 John S. SNYDER, Norwich, to Lusinda COLE, Norwich. Wit: Asa Snyder, Alexander Ross.

Dec. 18 Simcoe J. WOODROW, Norwich, to Lydia JELLIM, Norwich. Wit: William Nearl, James J. Woodrow.

Dec. 29 Frederick EMEIGH, Norwich, to Elizabeth TISE, Norwich. Wit: James Dennis, Alexander Shearloop.


Rev. Isaac Elliott Baptist Church

Page 4, 1840

March 4 Stephen LOCKMAN, Dumfries, to Charlotte BUCKBERRY, Dumfries. Wit: Charles Kitchen, John Person?

March 10 Eli PAVEY, Oxford, to Nancy BRETT, Oxford. Wit: William Pavey, Martin Ellis Barney.

March 27 Daniel SITTS, Dereham, to Polley KEYS, Dereham. Wit: James & Richard Wright.

May 2 Mark BARKER, Dorchester, to Mary PULB, Dorchester. Wit: Thomas & Susannah Barker.

June 29 Abraham DOLSON, Zorra, to Eliza BARR, Zorra. Wit: David Elliott, David Luddington.

June 29 George BARR, Zorra, to Martha RICHARDSON, Zorra. Wit: David Elliott, David Luddington.

July 8 William GOODWIN, Dereham, to Phoebe CROSSET, Bayham. Wit: Benjamin Bently, Ralph Archer.

Sept. 29 Joseph L. COOK, Bayham, to Lucinda MCGAFFEE, Bayham. Wit: joseph Merrill, Ebeneezer Galoway.

Oct. 22 Dyer WOODARD, Norwich, to Easter COHOE, Norwich. Wit: Edmond Losee, James McLees.

Oct. 24 David FULLER, Oxford, to Almina KIMBLE, Oxford. Wit: David Elliott, George Carn.


Page 5, 1840

Nov. 11 Leroy FULLER, Oxford, to Dolly KIMBLE, Oxford. Wit: Ebeneezer Galloway, Edward Lakeman.

Nov. 23 William SMITH, Dereham, to Catherine GARK, Dereham. Wit: Isaac Wagoner, William Bartles.

Dec. 30 Emmanuel ROLPH, Dorchester to Melita TEEPLE, Dorchester. Wit: Harry & William Edwards.


Page 5, 1841

Jan. 26 Reuben H. CARROL, Oxford, to Maria BROWN, Osford. Wit: Joseph Browett, Willard Eastwood.


Page 11, 1841

March 31 Thomas SMITH, Norwich, to Catherine MONKS, Norwich. Wit: John Smith, Margaret Monks.

April 16 Abraham HILL, Dorchester, to Sarah Ann READ, Dorchester. Wit: Hiram Fields, Thomas Squires.

July 16 David CRONK, Oxford, to Debby CLARK, Oxford. Wit: Harison & Clark Hendrik.

July 10 Leonard VINSON, Nissouri, to Harriet BROWN, Nissouri. Wit: Thomas Eller, William Withers.


Page 12, 1841

Aug. 13 Jonathon NICHOLS, Norwich, to Emala LEWIS, Oxford. Wit: Joseph S. Cook, Ransom Lewis.

Sept. 20 John CANNON, Dereham, to Emala EDWARDS, Dereham. Wit: Elias Cook, David Sibley.

Nov. 8 Barnabas HEIRIN, Dorchester, to Lucinda ALLEN, Dorchester. Wit: David Elliott, Abraham Irish.

Nov. 23 Philip SNIDER, Norwich, to Catherine MCLEES, Norwich. Wit: Nicolas Haligun, Elias Snider.


Page 12, 1842

Jan. 9 Alexander CUTHBERT, Oxford, to Jane DENNIS, Norwich. Wit: James & John Dennis.

Jan. 12 Milo WOODWARD, Norwich, to Lucy HILL, Oxford. Wit: Ervin Turner, Ransom Lewis.

Jan. 19 David BROWN, Dereham, to Nancy SMITH, Dereham. Wit: Claradon & Orange Smith.

Jan. 26 Hiram SHATTRICK, Norwich, to Phebe FULLER, Westminster. Wit: Osborn & Isaac Barrows.

Feb. 10 Albert SPENCER, Norwich, to Unice GRIFFIN, Norwich. Wit: Aaron Kenedy, Garet Nestervilt.

Feb. 10 Denis SPENCER, Norwich, to Olive POLLARD, Norwich. Wit: Aaron Kenedy, Garet Nestervilt.

Feb. 13 John THOMSON, Norwich, to Mary WESNOT, Norwich. Wit: Nelson Eastwood, Joseph H. Dickson.

Feb. 22 James MCCARTHEW, Oxford, to Cornelia A. CARROLL, Oxford. Wit: John Ingersoll, Reuben Carroll.

March 2 Robert GORDON, Dorchester, to Belinda LORD, dorchester. Wit: Cyrus Hendrick, David Elliot.

March 23 John MILLER, Dereham, to Harriet SHATTRICK, Norwich. Wit: Hiram & George Shattrick.

March 24 Henry CARROLL, Oxford, to Mary Ann MARICLE, Oxford. Wit: Daniel & Clarissa Carroll.


Page 19, 1842

April 25 Solomon HARTSEL, yeoman, Norwich, to Rachel HATHLY, Norwich. Wit: Hiram Sprague, John Hathly.

June 15 John SCRAM, farmer, Nissouri, to Lucinda PRICE, Dereham. Wit: William Withers, Thomas Eller.

July 4 William BARTLETT, tailor, Ingersoll, to Sarah FOX, Nissouri. Wit: Smith W. Squire, William Bozart.

Sept. 5 Ira P. SCHOFIELD, merchant, Ingersoll, to Flora A. HUFFMAN, Ingersoll. Wit: James Ingersoll, Willard Eastwood.

Sept. 11 John FISH, farmer, Dorchester, to Easter BURCH, Dorchester. Wit: Sheldon Sweet, Hiram Burch.

Oct. 7 William ARNOLD, farmer, Oxford, to Mary HALL, Oxford. Wit: David Dixon, William Hall.

Oct. 9 Abram MORE, Farmer, Westminster, to Mary SWEET, Westminster. Wit: Samuel Monayer, William Kenedy.

Oct. 26 Lyman FLOOD, farmer, Oxford, to Margaret SIRLES, Oxford. Wit: Noah Flood, David Dixon.

Nov. 5 Richard LAMB, saddler, Westminster, to Jane MERRICK, Westminster. Wit: William McLarry, William H. Niles.

Nov. 8 Andrew MONK, farmer, Norwich, to Peggy CLOCK, Dereham. Wit: Jacob Monk, Jacob Clock.

Nov. 15 Edward TOPPING, Baptist Minister, Blenheim, to Matilda H. ELLIOTT, seamstress, Oxford. Wit: Jacob Topping, Hiram Bodwell.

Dec. 8 John F. BARNS, farmer, Woodstock, to Elizabeth GREY, Oxford. Wit: John Barns, William Reynolds.

Dec. 12 Danford GASSE, sayer, Dorchester, to Mahaly ALLEN, Dorchester. Wit: Barnabas Herren, William Hotchkes.


Page 19, 1843

Jan. 3 Mathew LEWIS, farmer, Oxford, to Mary MCCLESE, Norwich. Wit: Samuel & Ransone Lewis.

Jan. 12 Orrin SIMMONS, farmer, Dereham, to Susan BOYER, Dereham. Wit: John Smith, David Brown.

March 2 Cutlope STROPE, farmer, Dereham, to Aleina NEET, Norwich. Wit: William Strope, Daniel Waggoner.


Page 20, 1843

March 5 George FINCH, farmer, Lobo, to Violettee EDWARDS, London. Wit: Samuel Drake, Henry Gustin.

March 15 Aaron RYENOLDS, farmer, Brantford, to Rachel GALLOWAY, Oxford. Wit: William Grey, James Davidson.

March 19 Daniel YOUNGS, farmer, Oxford, to Ann LECK, Oxford. Wit: John Youngs, Andrew (last name not recorded).

March 23 Samuel BROWN, farmer, Dereham, to Eleanor SEERS, Dereham. Wit: David Elliott, William Cook.


Page 33, 1843

May 12 Peter CROSSET, farmer, Bayham, to Charlotte HALEY, Bayham. Wit: Elizabeth Elliott, John Haley.

May 23 Nathaniel WHITE, farmer, Oxford, to Mary Ann TRULL, Oxford. Wit: Morgan & Mary Lewis.

May 24 Benjamin HILLERKEE, farmer, Norwich, to Almyry SMITH, Norwich. Wit: William & Benjamin Haley.

July 17 Preserved THOMSON, farmer, Norwich, to Ann DIXSON, Norwich. Wit: Jonathon Amy, George Troope.

July 25 Lawrence BUSKEE, blacksmith, Oxford, to Margaret MALLON, Oxford. Wit: Elisha Hall, Benjamin Richardson.

July 3 Hugh WILSON, farmer, Dorchester, to Jane DOUGLASS, dorchester. Wit: Noble Hotchkiss, Roswell Tibbit.

Sept. 14 Jacob SITTS, farmer, Dereham, to Peggy Ann KEYS, Dereham. Wit: John & Isaiah Elliott.

Dec. 16 George AMY, farmer, Norwich, to Elizabeth NUTT, Norwich. Wit: cuttepe Strope, Robert Nutt.

Dec. 28 John YOUNG Jr., farmer, Oxford, to Sarah EASTWOOD, Oxford. Wit: Alexander McDonald, Nelson Eastwood.


Page 33, 1844

Jan. 2 George LEWIS, farmer, Oxford, to Angelina CONGLING, Oxford. Wit: Henry Calkins, John Morrison.

Jan. 21 George TUTTLE, farmer, Norwich, to Fanny MEWSON, Norwich. Wit: Garrett Tuttle, Cyrenius Rayment.

Jan. 24 James DENNIS, farmer, Norwich, to Mary ROSS, Norwich. Wit: Eliza Jane & Nicholas Ross.

Jan. 30 George SITTS, farmer, Dereham, to Sally MONKS, Dereham. Wit: Cutlope Strope, Jacob Stevens.

Feb. 19 Abraham BROWETT, saddler, Oxford, to Martha PULL, Oxford. Wit: Thomas Barker, M.D. Say.

March 12 Philander SEBRING, farmer, South Hope, to Mary SACKRIDER, Norwich. Wit: David Sebring, John Dennis.

March 13 William PAVEY, farmer, Zorra, to Elizabeth BLAKE, Zorra. Wit: Eli Pavey, Thomas Blake.


Page 34, 1844

March 13 William HALL, farmer, Oxford, to Mary Ann PAVEY, Oxford. Wit: Thomas Blake, Eli Pavey.

March 19 Hiram CHOAT, farmer, Dorchester, to Margaret WARD, Dorchester. Wit: Christopher Choat, Livrus Cooke.

April 30 Michael OCONEL (O'Connel?), farmer, Oxford, to Ellen WATERS, Oxford. Wit: Harris & Honoria Hendrick.


Page 44, 1844

July 2 John MORRA, farmer, Norwich, to Jane Ann TROOP, Oxford. Wit: Edward Morson, Lewis Troop.

July 9 Alexander CLOCK, farmer, Dereham, to Joanna CONGLING, Dereham. Wit: Lechariah Ritter, James Gark.

Sept. 15 David CONKHITE, carpenter, Oxford, to Susan SPRAGUE, Oxford. Wit: Nelson & Robert Millard.

Oct. 2 Hopkins ROSS, farmer, Norwich, to Mary MUSTARD, Oxford. Wit: not recorded.

Oct. 8 Larance MORE, farmer, Oxford, to Charlotte BARTRON, Oxford. Wit: Philip Martin, David Bartron.

Nov. 21 Josiah COLLINS, farmer, Dereham, to Amanda HARRIS, Dereham. Wit: John correy, Leneigh Harris.

Dec. 13 Stephen BROWN, mechanic, Oxford, to Margaret CRAY, Dorchester. Wit: Oliver Brown, Wilson Smith.

Dec. 16 William CAHO, farmer, Norwich, to Elizabeth GRIFFIN, Norwich. Wit: Henry Losee, Albert Spencer.

Dec. 25 John VINCIENT, farmer, Dereham, to Mary FULLER, Dereham. Wit: Curlin Vincient, Daniel Sheldon.

Dec. 29 Silas COOK, farmer, Oxford, to Betsey CARNS, Oxford. Wit: Isaih W. Elliott, George Kitchen.


Page 44, 1845

Jan. 1 Samuel DRAKE, merchant, Delaware, to Elizabeth J. GUSTIN, Lobo. Wit: William Beamworth, Richard Edward Jr.

Jan. 13 Benjamin SMITH, farmer, Norwich, to Prudence SMITH, Norwich. Wit: Richard Gillet, Simson Sischoe.

Feb. 11 Augustus SISCHOE, farmer, Dereham, to Sofrona HALL, Dereham. Wit: Isaiah W. Elliott, Charles Woodward.

Feb. 11 Perry SISCHOE, farmer, Dereham, to Rosetta BROWN, Dereham. Wit: Isaiah W. Elliott, Charles Woodward.

March 6 Jacob BOUGHNER, farmer, Dereham, to Susan COLLINS, Dorchester. Wit: Thomas Barry, William Collins.

March 10 Smith MCDONALD, farmer, Norwich, to Mary MORE, Norwich. Wit: Mary Ann Rice, William More.


Page 45, 1845

April 23 Frederick STOVER, farmer, Dereham, to Amanda DUFF, Dereham. Wit: Isaiah W. Elliott, Smith Sheldon.

May 10 Hiram THOMSON, farmer, Norwich, to Rachel MOTT, Norwich. Wit: Jacob Esmond, William Silkworth.

May 15 Robert IRVING, farmer, Oxford, to Jane SHELDON, Oxford. Wit: Patrick Stone, Duty R. Sheldon.

May 27 Henry HILL, farmer, Oxford, to Julia Ann LEWIS, Oxford. Wit: Isaiah W. Elliott, Heman Still.

June 5 Lencis/Zenas WEAVER, carpenter, Dereham, to Elizabeth SCEARS, Dereham. Wit: William Ried, Isaiah W. Elliott.

June 10 David SEBRING, farmer, Ellice, to Mary AMY, Norwich. Wit: Philander Sebring, George Amy.


Page 60, 1845

Sept. 17 Curlin VINCENT, farmer, Nissouri, to Mary GARK, Dereham. Wit: Jacob & John Scram.

Nov. 22 John MCILMOIL, farmer, Dorchester, to Almyra WARD, Dorchester. Wit: Aaron Steele, Harriet Monges.


Page 61, 1845

Dec. 4 Gorden LEWIS, cooper, Dereham, to Nancy HILL, Dereham. Wit: G. W. Morley, Walter Harris.


Page 61, 1846

Jan. 20 Frederick SISCHO, farmer, Dereham, to Loisa SNIDER, Norwich. Wit: Augustus Sischo, Isaac Elliott.

Jan. 26 James NICHOLS, farmer, Dorchester, to Sarah VINCENT, Dorchester. Wit: Walter Nichols, Aaron Steel.

Sept. 15 Thomas BEARSS, farmer, Norwich, to Almyra CASTLER (Castles?), Norwich. Wit: Shubel & Harmon Nichols.


Page 73, 1847

Oct. 5 Daniel HADCOCK, farmer, Dereham, to Almiry WAGGONER, Dereham. Wit: Isaac Hadcock, Adam Tripp.

Oct. 5 John SACRIDER, farmer, Norwich, to Phebe Ann MACLEES, Norwich. Wit: James Barton, Isaiah W. Elliott.


Page 76, 1847

Feb. 17 Edmon LOSE, farmer, Bayham, to Catherine WEINST, Bayham. Wit: Harimond Nickle, Henry Macles.

March 9 Thomas VANBUSKIRK, joiner, Dorchester, to Martha MCGAFFEE, Dorchester. Wit: John Henry Newcomb, George Bayneston.

July 13 William B. PURDY, farmer, Norwich, to Mary WARD, Norwich. Wit: William Manning, Samuel Ward.

Oct. 5 John SACRIDER, farmer, Dereham, to Phebe Ann MACLES, Dereham. Wit: James Burton, Isaiah W. Elliott.

Oct. 5 Daniel HADCOCK, farmer, Dereham, to Almyrey WAGGONER, Dereham. Wit: Isaac Hadcock, Adam Tripp.

Nov. 16 Enoch GOODHAM, farmer, Oxford, to Adaline TARANCE, Oxford. Wit: Thomas Herrin, Elizabeth Elliott.


Page 91

Note: Marriage dates not recorded. Return states this is a list of marriages that occurred between April 5 & July 5, 1848. Witness & Residence not recorded.

Solomon TUTTLE to Ann M. STOVEN.

John SCATH (LEATH?) to Philanda HERRIN.

Horace CARNS to Mary AYER.

Joseph HERREN to Margaret COOK.

Isaac HADCOCK to Abigail GUSTIN.

Daniel HERREN to Triphen ALLEN.


Page 102, 1848

March 7 William WOODWARD, farmer, Dereham, to Mary Ann LEISCHO, Dereham. Wit: Josiah Elliott, Mary Ann Woodward.

March 7 Amos HADCOCK, farmer, Dereham, to Mary STOVER, Dereham. Wit: Isaac Elliott, Daniel Stover.

March 21 Solomon SIBBINS, sawyer, Dorchester, to Ruth HERRON, Dorchester. Wit: James Priest, Samuel Herron.

March 22 Peter CARSON, joiner, Zorra, to Phebe WOODRON, Norwich. Wit: Ananias Carson, Mary Woodron.

March 22 Cyranus RAYMOND, farmer, Norwich, to Margaret TUTTLE, Norwich. Wit: George & Solomon Tuttle.

April 9 Solomon TUTTLE, yeoman, Norwich, to Anna M. STEVESON, Norwich. Wit: James & George Tuttle.

April 25 John SCARTH/SEARTH, turner, Dorchester, to Philana HERRON, Dorchester. Wit: Abraham Hill, Ira B. Leonard.

May 4 Harris CARNS, farmer, Oxford, to Mary AYER, Dereham. Wit: George Carns, Michael Tallard.

May 16 Joseph HERRON, farmer, Dorchester, to Margaret COOK, Dorchester. Wit: Belinda Allen, Abraham Irish.

May 31 Isaac HADCOCK, farmer, Dereham, to Abigail GUSLIN, Dereham. Wit: David Elliott, Charles Harris.

June 20 Daniel HERRON, farmer, Dorchester, to Trifina ALLEN, Dorchester. Wit: Phillip Headden, Abraham Irish.

Nov. 12 Clark FERGUSON, farmer, Dereham, to Elizabeth TURNER, Dereham. Wit: Chalres Wanck, Elizabeth Elliott.


Page 124, 1849

Jan. 8 John FILL, Dereham, to Eliza HALL, Dereham. Wit: Thomas Scott, John Hall.

March 28 John GOODHAND, Dereham, to Margaret MONTEITH, Dereham. Wit: Thomas & Charles Goodhand.

April 24 Levy SIECHO, Dereham, to Sally ACHER, Dereham. Wit: William & Augustus Siecho.

May 27 Elijah CLARK, Oxford, to Maria HARRIS, Oxford. Wit: Augustus Crawford, John Goodwin.

Sept. 13 Samuel MITHCELL, Dereham, to Margaret MITCHELL, Dereham. Wit: Robert Merar, Samuel Jacobs.

Nov. 4 William SCHRAM, Zorra, to Lorinda MORRISON, Zorra. Wit: Thomas Eller, Walter Chram.

Dec. 2 John OSBORN, Zorra, to Marilla GREGORY, Zorra. Wit: John Williams, Nelson Edwards.


Page 124, 1850

Jan. 6 Abraham W. GREGORY, Zorra, to Margaret DOUGHTY, Zorra. Wit: Josiah Gregory, William Osborn.


Pg 136, 1850

Jan. 13 Alfred MILLER, Dereham, to Anna JACKSON, Dereham. Wit: Rev. James White, Josiah W. Elliott.

March 21 Madersin PRICE, Norwich, to Phidelia HUTCHERSON, Norwich. Wit: Sylvester Price, Joseph Mayrer.

Oct. 8 John BEARSS, Norwich, to Sarah CARTER, Norwich. Wit: Elizabeth Elliott, Harriet Goodman.

Nov. 28 Ira CARROLL, Beachville, to Henrietta WILLIAMS, Beachville,. Wit: Isaac Thayer, Merritt Fuller.


Pg 174, 1851

Sept. 15 Elijah CHASE, Dereham, to Charity SNELL, Norwich. Wit: Nathan & Jacob Snell.

Sept. 22 John MORIS, Dereham, to Margaret Jane SMITH, Dereham. Wit: Edward Moris, Robert Conely.


Pg 174, 1852

Jan. 8 Samuel MORRISON, Dereham, to Jane CRAWFORT, Dereham. Wit: Emery Woodward, John Elliott.

Jan. 13 Alexander STURTON, Dereham, to Margaret RONSSON, Dereham. Wit: John Sturton, John Ronsson.

Feb. 18 Lyman WHITFORD, Dereham, to Cornelia BETTS, Dereham. Wit: William & Sarah Darrow.

March 17 Alexander ROBERTS, Norwich, to Anna Elizabeth SLINGERLAND, Norwich. Wit: William ??, Frederick Scischo.


Pg 191, 1852

Dec. 26 Thomas JOHNSON, Centerville, to Jane MCGREGOR, Centerville. Wit: Thomas McCloud, William Johnson.


Pg 191,1853

Jan. 23 Thomas DENNIS, Norwich, to Mary Ann SWAIL, Norwich. Wit: James Fitzgerald, H.C. Gunn.

Feb. 20 John MCNAMES, Oxford, to Sarah KEARNS, Oxford. Wit: David & John J. Elliott.

May 3 Henry TOMKINS, Dereham, to Rosana RITTER, Dereham. Wit: Morgan Hadcock, Jane Woodward.

Aug. 12 Isaac H. THAYER, Blanchard, to Elizabeth SINKINS, Blanchard. Wit: J. B. Fard, James Falk.

Dec. 2 William SMITH, Dereham, to Sarah LOGAN, Dereham. Wit: John Reed, Peter Morrison.


Pg 207, 1853

Dec. ?? John SMITH, Dereham, to Sarah LOGAN, Dereham. Wit: John Reed, Peter Morison.


Pg 207, 1854

Sept. 20 Alfred RITTER, Dereham, to Sarah MORRISON, Dereham. Wit: Jene Wager, Wallace Hewitt.

Nov. 6 Bennett NUTT, Dereham, to Mariett HUGHS, Dereham. Wit: David Elliot, William Hadcock.

Nov. 6 William BRIGGS, Oxford, to Alice DUNPHIE, Oxford. Wit: David Elliott, William Hadcock.


Pg 233, 1854

Dec. 11 Henry FORD, Blandford, to Ann EARL, Blanford. Wit: Chauncey Ford, Andrew Earl.

Dec. 31 John WRIGHT, Dereham, to Jane MUDGE, Dereham. Wit: Edward Wright, Philip Mudge.


Pg 233, 1855

Jan. 10 Jessee W. WAGGONER, Dereham, to Phoebe M. JACOBS, Dereham. Wit: Samuel Wheeling, William Hadcock.

Jan. 20 Horace MOYER, Dereham, to Susan LOVEL, Dereham. Wit: Elizabeth & Lorinda Elliott.

Feb. 15 Naboth DANIEL, Dereham, to Isabella SCOTT, Dereham. Wit: William Ellis, Elizabeth Morse.

May 24 William RONNSON, Dereham, to Elizabeth CASADA, Dereham. Wit: John Rowsere, Henry Casada.

June 4 Jacob WHITING, Dereham, to Sarah YOUNGS, Oxford. Wit: Joel Whealy, Thomas Hilman.


Pg 234, 1855

July 8 Jonathon GREGORY, Zorra, to Susan ROSBERRY, Zorra. Wit: Warren & Margaret Gregory.

July 30 Thomas GOODWIN, Dereham, to Sarah BURNS/BARNS, Dereham. Wit: Hosea Heath, John Burns/Barns.

Aug. 17 Patrick SAGE, Dereham, to Ellen SKINNER, Dereham. Wit: Samuel Whiting, James Snell.

Oct. 7 Stephen SCHRAM, Bayham, to Amy OSTRANDER, Bayham. Wit: John Blandford, Joel Wheathy.

Oct. 29 Isaac HADCOCK, Dereham, to Ruth MOYER, Dereham. Wit: Moses Hadcock, Adam Tripp.

Nov. 11 William BAKER, Dereham, to Caroline TAFFE, Dereham. Wit: Isaiah W. Elliott, James Mulehill.


Pg 251, 1856

Jan. 4 Heman DAVIS, Dereham, to Elizabeth WESTBROOK, Dereham. Wit: William Miller, Lorinda Elliott.


Pg 252, 1856

Feb. 10 John SMILEY, Dereham, to Charlotte WOODWARD, Dereham. Wit: Herbert Harris, Jane Woodward.

Feb. 28 William MILLER, Dereham, to Ellen ERVIN/ERVICE, Dereham. Wit: David Elliott, Washington Shell.

March 12 Sylvester PHELPS, Dereham, to Betsey GERMAN, Dereham. Wit: Thoams Elliott, Levi Johnson.

July 31 Thomas MORSORE, Norwich, to Margaret LIGHTHEART, Norwich. Wit: James & John S. Elliott.

Dec. 11 William FRISLEN, Norwich, to Margaret HADCOCK, Norwich. Wit: Joel Whetty, William Hadcock.

Dec. 30 James H. SACKRIDER, Norwich, to Milicea MCLEES, Norwich. Wit: Isaiah W. Elliott, John Mugan.