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Marriages in Brock District, part 4

From Ontario Archives microfilm MS 248, reel 1, vol 2

Brock Dist. part 1

Brock Dist. part 2

Brock Dist. part 3

transcribed & submitted by Kathie McCutcheon-Gawne


Rev. Selianus (Silvanus?) Nichols

Pg 212, 1852

June 27 Adam DOXY, Norwich, to Nancy SLACK, Norwich. Wit: Franklin W. Earl, William Amy.

Oct. 17 George CORY, Oxford, to Charlotte CORKINS, Oxford. Wit: John Thomson.

Pg 212, 1853

Nov. 14 Nathan TREADWELL, Norwich, to Mary TUTTLE, Norwich. Wit: George Lice

Pg 212, 1855

Jan. 21 Rheuben H. HENDERSON, Norwich, to Susannah BRICE, Norwich. Wit: Selianus Nichols, Oreas O. Brown.

April 16 John TURNER, Norwich, to Sarah TOPP, Norwich. Wit: Hiram Brown.

No date Daniel UTTER, Saltfleet, to Julia A. HAINES, Burford. Wit: Barzellas M. Earl, Harvey Griswold.


Rev. Samuel Bailey, Methodist Episcopal Church

Page 37, 1843

July 13 Joseph WEIR to Letitia BAILEY. Wit: Thomas & John Bailey.



Rev. Samuel Harris, Congregational Church

Page 67 Note: Residence not recorded


May 30 Richard LOSSING to Emily WILCOX. Wit: Daniel Wilson, Asa Snider.

June 18 Frederick INDERSMILLER? to Hannah GRAY. Wit: James Barr, H. Van Valkenburgh.


Page 68, 1846

June 24 Chauncy WILCOX to Pheobe CROMWELL. Wit: Daniel Wilson, Asa Snider.

Nov. 14 Isaac WELSH to Mary Jane HERRITT. Wit: John Welsh, James Wright.


Page 68, 1847

Jan. 18 John NESBITT to Almira ROSS. Wit: William Nesbitt, Joseph Shattuck.



Rev. Samuel C. Philp, Wesleyan Methodist Church

Page 30, 1842

Sept. 5 Charles SLINGER, Zorra, to Ann BURNET, Blanford. Wit: William Buckle, Thomasin Davis.

Sept. 22 Henry DENMAN, Zorra, to Mary PERRIN, Zorra. Wit: Thomas & William Perrin.

Oct. 14 Edwin WILSON, Zorra, to Jane LACY, Zorra. Wit: Thomas Summers, Emelin Wilson.

Oct. 22 Andrew OSBORNE, Woodstock, to Elizabeth CHADWICK, Oxford. Wit: Rier Fuller, Margaret Osborne.

Nov. 30 Levi PERRY, Dereham, to Elizabeth GUNN, Dorchester. Wit: John F. Barnes, Catherine Gunn.


Page 30, 1843

Feb. 6 John WALKER, Oxford, to Amanda HERRIN, Oxford. Wit: Cornelius Falkner, John Hagerman.

March 9 William PEERS, Woodstock, to Ann YOUNG, Zorra. Wit: Mary & John Young.

March 28 Thomas LATIMER, Woodstock, to Catherine BANNERMAN, Zorra. Wit: Jacob & Matilda Snellgrove.

June 16 James FOOT, Oxford, to Amanda LUMMAS, Dorchester. Wit: Mary Phil, Mary Clark.

July 19 Edmund SHEPHARD, London, to Mary HATCH, Woodstock. Wit: Henry Peers, Mary Vilch.

July 22 Joseph SHERARD, Oxford, to Mary Ann DORMAN, Oxford. Wit: Catherine & James Dorman.

Aug. 22 James PERRY, Woodstock, to Mary TUTTLE, Woodstock. Wit: Julius & Daniel Perry.


Page 36, 1843

Nov. 9 Joseph SUDWORTH, Woodstock, to Melissa Jane LAURENCE, Oxford. Wit: Christopher Boise, Jane Lampost.

Oct. 30 William DUNDAS, Dorchester, to Lilly LAND, Zorra. Wit: Daniel McLarty, Phebe Land.

Dec. 12 Lawrence MCLEOD, Zorra, to Mary SMITH, Zorra. Wit: James Goodyer, Thomasin Davis.

Dec. 26 John LEGG, Zorra, to Ruth LUDDINGTON, Zorra. Wit: Silas & (not recorded) Waterbury.

Dec. 30 Thomas SHENSTON, Woodstock, to Mary LARZENBY, Oxford. Wit: John Hatch, Elizabeth Jackson.


Page 36, 1844

Jan. 31 William HERRINGTON, Zorra, to Esther GRIFFIN, Zorra. Wit: Adam Karn, Loisa Herrington.

Feb. 2 James GOODYER, Zorra, to Thomasin DAVIS, Zorra. Wit: William & Agnes Smith.

Feb. 8 Charles DUNDAS, Dorchester, to Gitty Ann MATHEWS, Zorra. Wit: Winston Dundas, Sally Mathews.

Feb. 19 Richard CLIFFORD, Oxford, to Jane LOVE, Oxford. Wit: Mary Philp, James Love.

April 1 Alexander JACKSON, Blanchard, to Jemima ENNEST, Zorra. Wit: John Watson, Lucy Phelps.

April 23 Walter MEADOWS, Zorra, to Fedosia SHAW, Oxford. Wit: Joseph & Ann Meadows.

June 20 Martin MORROW, Zorra, to Harriet DIPPLE, Zorra. Wit: Elijah Bronson, Catherine Dipple.


Rev. Samuel Rose, Wesleyan Methodist Church

Page 42, 1843

Dec. 2 James GRIGG, Blenheim, to Ann Eliza NIGHT, Blenheim. Wit: Eliza Grigg, Benjamin H. Mudge.



Rev. Thomas Jeffers, Wesleyan Methodist Church

Page 111, 1847

Sept. 27 Noah ROUSE, Blenheim, to Rebecca BIRD, Blenheim. Wit: Susan & Isaac Bird.

Nov. 23 William RANDAL, Blenheim, to Ursula ROBINSON, Blenheim. Wit: George Gibson, Denis Thompson.


Page 111, 1848

Feb. 15 William BRODRICK, Blenheim, to Elizabeth DODMAN, Blenheim. Wit: Freeland Graham, John Dodman.

April 11 James BULLOCK, Blenheim, to Elizabeth HEWITT, Blenheim. Wit: Daniel & Elizabeth Potter.

April 11 Ruben PENNABECKER, Blenheim, to Nancy LAWDER, Blenheim. Wit: Denis Thompson, Lewis Beeshy.

June 8 Robert POGSON, Blenheim, to Sarah JOHNSON, Blenheim. Wit: Aaron Pogson, John Johnson.

June 13 George BERRY, Blenheim, to Jane MCCARTY, Blenheim. Wit: Not recorded.

Aug. 29 Henry BERRY, Blenheim, to Agnes MCCARTY, Blenheim. Wit: Emeline Jeffers, William McCarty.

Sept. 26 George DESTON, Blenheim, to Mary DIMOND, Blenheim. Wit: Aaron Draton, Henry Rush.


Page 111, 1849

March 6 Obed MELECK, Blenheim, to Mary Ann OBRIEN, Blenheim. Wit: Delos & Elizabeth Meleck.

May 28 William ROBINSON, Blenheim, to Rebecca HEWITT, Blenheim. Wit: James Woods, Thomas Hewitt.


Rev. Simon Mabee, Baptist Church

Page 1, 1839

April 7 Calob D. HUGHSTON to Elizabeth MCSWAIN both of Woodhouse. Wit: James Hughston, Nelson Montross.

May 15 David ALMON to Claricy BURTCH both of Brantford. Wit: Samuel H. Mabee, Ely Sage.

Aug. 22 James JONES to Covina POSTE both of Charlotteville. Wit: George Jones, Abigail Mabee.

Feb. 4 Emanuel SPRAGUE to Mary CRONK both of Oxford. Wit: James Davis, Charles Harris.


Rev. Solomon Snider, Wesleyan Methodist Church

Page 68, 1846

Oct. 7 Daniel LINTZ, yeoman, Norwich to Eliza HADCOCK, Norwich. Wit: David Elliot, Adam Tripp, yeomen.

Oct. 20 John Howard FELL, yeoman, Pelham Straight, to Susan Pierson WOODROW, Norwich. Wit: Amos & Jas. F. Chapman, yeoman.


Page 68, 1847

Jan. 26 William WRIGGLEWORTH, yeoman, Burford, to Almira CONKWRIGHT, Burford. Wit: Richard Smith, Platt Conkwright, yeomen.

Feb. 18 Nathaniel Hughson MCAGEE, yeoman, Oxford, to Zilphah CORBIN, Norwich. Wit: David Kelso, Angus Jas. McAffee, yeomen.

Feb. 24 Richard SMITH, yeoman, Windham, to Mercy RIDER, Burford. Wit: Richard & Thomas Wriggleworth, yeomen.

March 4 Michael LAWLOR, blacksmith, Norwich, to Elizabeth HEWSON, Norwich. Wit: Nichael Stover Jr., Leonhard Prasso, yeomen.

March 16 Nelson SCHOOLEY, carpenter, Burford, to Mary SECORD, Burford. Wit: Andrew Nellis, yeoman, Thomas Bailey.

March 29 Henry W. AMEIGH, yeoman, Norwich, to Elizabeth AMEIGH, Dereham. Wit: Jas. P. Barker, blacksmith, Jacob Esmond, painter.

April 28 Jacob JOHNSON, yeoman, Burford, to Senith SMITH, Norwich. Wit: William E. Johnson, Charles Gray, yeomen.


Page 69, 1847

May 5 Enoch PALMER, yeoman, Norwich, to Eliza CAVERHILL, Norwich. Wit: David Secord, carpenter, William Caverhill, yeoman.

May 13 Francis MOORE, yeoman, Norwich, to Celestine OATMAN, Norwich. Wit: William Moore, Jas. McCollow, yeomen.

May 15 Hiram MCDOWELL, yeoman, Norwich, to Mary HUNT, Norwich. Wit: David McDowell, Reuben Mott, yeomen.


Page 96, 1847

Sept. 22 Chauncey ARMINGTON, mechanic, Norwich, to Sarah BIRMINGHAM, Norwich. Wit: Cornwall Sacrider, yoemna, Jacob Birmingham, iron founder.

Sept. 30 Joseph LAWSON, blacksmith, Norwich, to Lydia LEWIS, Norwich. Wit: Asa Snider, medical student, Amasa Lewis, yeoman.

Oct. 27 Samuel SEARLS, yeoman, Norwich, to Hannah PALMER, Norwich. Wit: William Caverhill, yeoman, John Palmer, yeoman.

Oct. 27 James VINTON (DUNTON?), yeoman, Burford, to Mary SANDLOOSE, Burford. Wit: Henry William Lawson, wheel wright, William Kendrin, yeoman.

Nov. 27 David HEWLETT, yeoman, Norwich, to Helen Mar AUSTIN, Norwich. Wit: Thomas Bailey, harness maker, William Wallace, yeoman.

Dec. 16 Henry LAWSON, wheelwright, Norwich, to Ezelpha STOVER, Norwich. Wit: Benjamin Holms, yeoman, Rev. Elias Williams, Wesleyan Methodist minister.


Page 96, 1848

Jan. 12 John ADAMS, yeoman, Norwich, to Deborah TOMPKINS, widow, Norwich. Wit: Charles Taylor & Henry Force, yeomen.

Feb. 2 John FRAIN, yeoman, Norwich, to Hannah DUNKIN, Norwich. Wit: William Barley & Gilbert Durkin, yeomen.

Feb. 9 Henry SMITH, yeoman, Otterville, to Phebe Jane BARTON, Otterville. Wit: Charles Hewlett, yeoman, John Barton, Carpenter.

March 14 James ROUNDS, yeoman, Norwich, to Sarah CHAMBERS, Norwich. Wit: Enock & Adam Stover, yeomen.

March 25 Samuel SHEPHERD, yeoman, Norwich, to Mary SACKRIDER, Norwich. Wit: Schuyler Brown, iron founder, John McKee, yeoman.

April 14 Andrew HUGHES, yeoman, Oxford, to Mary BRIGGS, Oxford. Wit: Jeremiah Hughes, Edmund Lossee, yeomen.

May 9 Mordecai REYNOLDS, accomptant, Burford, to Mary G. CORNELL, Burford. Wit: Daniel Wilson, medical student, Henry Lossing, yeoman.

May 17 Albert B. TIFFANY, cooper, Norwich, to Hannah TENNANT, Norwich. Wit: John McKee, yeoman, Orin Avery, cooper.

May 18 Joseph BARKER, joiner, Norwich, to Sarah MCLEES, Norwich. Wit: james P. Barber, blacksmith, Adam McLees, yeoman.

June 7 Nelson B. WALKER, cabinet maker, Otterville, to Charity Ann CORNELL, Norwich. Wit: James P. Barber, blacksmith, Caleb P. Fowler, yeoman.

June 21 Joseph Tamworth WATSON, yeoman, Norwich, to Abigail Ann HENDERSHOT, Norwich. Wit: Ablert A. ??, yeoman, James ???, yeoman.


Pg 135, 1849

Nov. 23 Tobias SWITZER, Norwich, to Sarah Ann DAPELE, Norwich. Wit: William B. Robinson, Nathaniel Harcourt.


Pg 135, 1850

Jan. 1 William ADDISON, Otterville, to Mary GRAY, Otterville. Wit: James Cromwell, Lorenzo Swartout.

Jan. 1 William HADCOCK, Dereham, to Hannah WAGGONER, Dereham. Wit: Daniel Hadcock Sr.,

Feb. 17 Daniel W. C. KELLY, Windham, to Susannah KINNEY, Burford. Wit: Daniel Renny, Amos Merrigold.

Feb. 20 Walter MOSERIP, Galt, to Christiana RING, Dereham. Wit: William James, John Ring.

Sept. 24 Andrew MUDGE, Charlotteville, to Mary GILLARD, Norwich. Wit: James & Robert Gillard.

Nov. 19 Roswell WILLSIE, Burford, to Rhoda CROMWELL, Blenheim. Wit: John & William Willsie.

Nov. 30 William YATES, Burford, to Harriet KINGSFORD, Burford. Wit: John & Phillip Yates.

Dec. 3 Henry VANCAR, Norwich, to Rachel SCOTT, Norwich. Wit: Schoolmaker Witherall.


Pg 135, 1851

Jan. 1 Simon SIMMONS, Norwich, to Ann TOPHAM, Norwich. Wit: Peter Topham.


Pg 149, 1851

Jan. 1 Simon SIMMONS, Norwich, to Ann TOPHAM, Norwich. Wit: Peter Topham.

Feb. 7 William White WEST, Norwichville, to Catherine DAVIS, Norwichville. WIT: William Stroud, William Wait.

Feb. 27 Joseph THOMPSON, Norwichville, to Diana MORE, Norwichville. Wit: William Stroud, William Wait.

April 10 George BLEAKLEY, Norwichville, to Mary HAND, Norwichville. Wit: Lindeman Sackrider, William Hand.

May 4 Henry J. HILLIKER, Hopedale, to Hannah HILL, Norwich. Wit: Jeremiah Smith.

July 30 John WITHERS, Dereham, to Elenor TRIPP, Oxford. Wit: David Clark, Amos Tripp.

Aug. 27 Peter ALLEN, Oxford, to Catherine SIPLE, Norwich. Wit: Stephen Smith, George Siple.

Aug. 27 Schuyler SYPLE, Norwich, to Mary MORGAN, Norwich. Wit: Mrs. Eunice Siple, Miss Galietta Siple.

Oct 12 John MARSHALL, Norwich, to Augusta SOTHWICK, Norwich. Wit: Amos Switzer Sr., William Williams.

Oct. 17 Robert A. WILLCOX, Norwich, to Charity OAKLEY, Norwich. Wit: Robert & Ambrose Willcox.


Pg 178, 1852

Jan. 1 Peter TOPHAM, Norwich, to Sarah STOVER, Norwich. Wit: William Topham, Richard Tombs.

Feb. 8 Richard MERCER, Norwich, to Rachel WILLSON, Norwich. Wit: Charles Sherman, George Willson.

March 28 Richard FOREMAN, Norwich, to Sarah QUINN, Norwich. Wit: John Leader, Thomas Titus.

Aug. 21 John D. KELLY, Windham, to Elizabeth DOAN, Norwich. Wit: Daniel Ward Kelly, Robert Kelly.


Rev. Thomas B. Brown, Methodist Episcopal Church

Page 48, 1844

Nov. 28 Theophilus HALLOCK, Zorra, to Lavina HARRINGTON, Zorra. Wit: Benjamin Thornton, Mary Burgess.


Page 48, 1845

June 15 Hezekiah NELSON, Blanchard, to Arrabella DOTY, Blanchard. Wit: James & Amanda Brown.

June 15 James BURGESS, Nissouri, to Jane NELSON, Nissouri. Wit: Francis Bowers, John Alwood.


Page 49, 1845

July 3 John JACKSON, Oxford, to Mariette HALL, Oxford. Wit: George Stimson, Willard Eastwood.

Dec. 16 George MCQUEEN, Nissouri, to Lucinda WARD, Nissouri. Wit: Joseph Gleeson, William Purdy.


Page 71, 1846

July 1 Robert DEAN, Nissouri, to Caroline GARNER, Nissouri. Wit: Peter & William Garner.

Sept. 3 Josiah WHETSTONE, Nissouri, to Sarah HOMES, Nissouri. Wit: Josiah Whetstone Sr., Joseph Gleeson.

Sept. 20 George RICHARDSON, Nissouri, to Jane BURCH, Nissouri. Wit: Javob Hair, Robert Burch.


Page 71, 1847

March 4 William WRIGHT, Nissouri, to Mary SMITH, Nissouri. WIT: Joseph Uren, John Lince.

April 26 Benjamin SWEAZY, Nissouri, to Elizabeth TOLES, Nissouri. Wit: Benjamin Sweazy Sr., Harvey Campbell.

No date Edward A. FLETCHER, Zorra, to Elizabeth ADAIR, Zorra. Wit: James McCilvy,

Sept. 1 Adam COTTINGTON, Zorra, to Margaret ALLIN, Zorra. Wit: James Fletcher, William Allin.


Page 130, 1849

June 18 Samuel HOWARD, Nissouri, to Margaret GARNER, Nissouri. Wit: Jacob & George Garner.

Dec. 10 Hiram PURDY, Nissouri, to Adaline NEAR, Nissouri. Wit: Chaney & William Purdy.


Page 130, 1850

Jan. 30 Peter SCRAM, Nissouri, to Catherine FLAKE (FLATT?), Nissouri. Wit: Elisha & John Brown.

May 5 Vernan GERMAN, Nissouri, to Catherine CAVIN, Nissouri. Wit: James & Jacob German.

Oct. 7 Joseph HALL, Nissouri, to Jane ROBINS, Nissouri. Wit: John Schard, Richard Talbot.

Oct. 17 George WEST, Nissouri, to Catherine MCDONALD, Nissouri. Wit: Jacob German, John Beaughton.

Oct. 29 John COOK, Zorra, to Caroline BULLIS, Zorra. Wit: Samuel Carn, Daniel Youngs.

Nov. 4 John CLEMENS, Nissouri, to Jane MCCOLLAM, Nissouri. Wit: Henry May, John Wean.


Pg 188, 1852

April 28 Joseph ALAN, Zorra, to Jane WOOD, Zorra. Wit: Weston Alan, Jonah Cottington.

July 19 George CARR, Nissouri, to Elizabeth WANCH, Nissouri. Wit: Michael Egan, Sylvester McKim.

Dec. 27 William ANDERSON, Nissouri, to Jane GRASS, Nissouri. Wit: James Young, Daniel Yates.


Pg 188, 1853

May 21 David LEWIS, Zorra, to Margaret MCLEOD, Zorra. Wit: William H. Gregory, William Elliott.


Pg 214, 1853

Oct. 26 Oliver GOLINGER, Nissouri, to Elizabeth YOUNGS, Nissouri. Wit: Margaret & John Youngs.


Pg 214, 1854

Oct. 1 James Gage MILLER, Nissouri, to Elizabeth HARRIS, Nissouri. Wit: William & Chancey Purdy.


Pg 242, 1855

Dec. 12 Charles SMITH, Nissouri, to Elizabeth OREN, Nissouri. Wit: Richard Hughs, Robert Jarner.

Dec. 19 James NESMITH, Nissouri, to Caroline MILLER, Nissouri. Wit: John Norter, J. Miller.

Dec. 22 Christopher ARMSTRONG, Nissouri, to Ann MCKAY, Nissouri. Wit: Elisha Harris, William Falls.


Pg 242, 1856

March 17 Hamilton F. MCLEOD, Nissouri, to Lucinda SIMONS, Nissouri. Wit: Robert Freeman, John Burns.


Rev. Thomas Fawcett, Wesleyan Methodist Church

Page 6, 1840

May 20 Charles BRINK, Oxford, to Elizabeth WILSON, Oxford. Wit: James Dundas, Robert Merrygold.

May 26 Elijah JANES, Zorra, to Jane THOMPSON, Burford. Wit: William Isdale?, Isaac Piper.


Thomas Horner, Justice of the Peace

Page 108, 1823

July 1 Jeremiah COWAN, Blenheim, to Desire GREEN, Blenheim. Wit: Susannah Cline, Ebenezer Withers, John Galbraith, William Landon, Anna W. Smith, Abner D. Coner, Mary Hornor, John Nellis, Isaac Horner, Jane Nellis, Harriet Smith, A.E. Godfrey.


Pg 144, 1820

June 27 Peter BASTEDO, Blenheim, to Margaret GALBRAITH, Blenheim. Wit: John L. Vanman, Donald McIntyre, John Biggar, Richard Brown, Elizabeth Gibber, Anna Smith, Jane Eakin, Jeremiah Cowan.


Rev. William Bird, Methodist Episcopal Church

Page 3, 1840

Jan. 7 James BALDWIN, Oakland, to Hannah FAIRCHILD, Townsend. Wit: Lyman Chapan, John Silverthorn.

Jan. 29 Edwin S. FURMAN, Malahide, to Amanda TIFFANY, Grimsby. Wit: Pilo W. Dalfoot, Seth Deam.

May 19 Peter RENEIN (RENEW?, Windham, to Lory WOUGH (Waugh?), Norwich. Wit: John Renein/Renew, James Wough.

May 21 Oliver CHAMBERLAIN to Hepzebah MCDONALD both of Oxford. Wit: Pamer Chamberlain, Thomas J. Phillips.

June 11 John RALAFSAN, Beverly, to Mercy TEMPLETON, Dumfries. Wit: Richard Hill, Daniel Templeton.

Aug. 23 James F. PADDLEFORD to Prudence ROUND both of Malahide. Wit: Luther Taple (Teeple?), John M. Tredwell.


Page 4, 1840

Nov. 3 Thomas FOX, Brantford, to Hannah GRIGG, Blenheim. Wit: John Chandler, James Grigg.

Nov. 6 John SUTTON/SULLON to Mary Ann TEMPLETON both of Dumfires. Wit: Andrew Gage.

Nov. 10 John INNES, Oxford, to Sarah HARRINGTON, Zorra. Wit: John Bain, James Maver.

Dec. 4 Joseph KIRK to Sarah SOPER both of Nissouri. Wit: Joseph Woodrow, James L. Chapman.

Page 4, 1841

Jan. 6 James H. WOOD, Oxford, to Mary S. UNDERWOOD, Norwich. Wit: Denis Spencer, Philip J. Snyder


Rev. Thomas Peacock Wesleyan Methodist Church

Pg 205, 1854

June 15 John HAY, Woodstock, to Agnes Ann PARKER, Woodstock. Wit: Mary Jane & Phebe Parker.



Rev. Thomas Robson Methodist Episcopal Church

Page 74 Note: Residence Not Recorded


Dec. 29 Enoch LAURENCE to Mary DATEN. Wit: Allen & Elizabeth Sage.

Dec. 29 Shepherdson LAURENCE to Elena SECORD. Wit: Allen & Elizabeth Sage.


March 22 Benjamin FONGER to Sarah REOLFSON. Wit: Obadiah & Lydia Smith.


Page 75, 1847

April 19 James MCGLACKLING to Mary Ann BOWEN. Wit: James Love, Christianah Clifford.

April 19 James THORLOW to Margaret WELLS. Wit: Thomas Nash, Maria Thompson..

May 30 James CARR to Elizabeth HALL. Wit: Mary Carr, Heman Dodge.

July 10 William CHOAT to Elizabeth SMITH. Wit: Elizabeth & George Smith.

Oct. 25 John ARMSTRONG to Nancy FERGUSON. Wit: Alexander McDonald, Margaret Wallis.


Page 90, 1848

May 1 William TURNER, Oxford, to Catherine SPENCER, Oxford. Wit: Margaret Turner, Alexander McDonald.

July 12 Jacob FORBS (Forbes?), Dereham, to Debroah M. WHITE, Dereham. WIT: John English, Ann Wallis.


Page 99, 1848

Aug. 11 Michael THONAN (Thoman?), Oxford, to Catherine OLAUGHLIN, Oxford. Wit: William Collins, Eliza Hodge.


Page 129, 1849

Nov. 6 Edward G. HILL, 23, Blenheim, to Jane MARTIN, 22, Blenheim. Wit: George Lowthian, Donald McRae.

Dec. 25 John CHANEY, 29, Blandford, to Ann FOREST, 40, Blandford. Wit: Mary A. & James Edmans.

Dec. 26 Henry TAYLOR, 22, Brantford, to Maryline WHITE, 21, Brantford. Wit: james Sibel, Margaret White.


Page 129, 1850

Jan. 1 Richard M. BEAMER, 21, Blenheim, to Margaret SHARP, 18 Blenheim. Wit: Margaret & Alexandra Mann.

Feb. 13 Jonah CAMPBELL, 29, Blenheim, to Sarah A. MILLER, 17, Blenheim. Wit: Isaac Griffen, Roger Wolsey.

Feb. 19 Robert BOYCE, 21, Blandford, to Catherine MERCHANT, 17, Blanford. Wit: John Wilson, Theresa Forbes.

Feb. 28 Hugh DALE, 28, Brantford, to Emily PIERCE, 22, Brantford. Wit: Alexander Shephard, Mary Ann Kelly.

March 3 Amos GOODWIN, 38, Blandford, to Sarah BARKER, 39, Blandford. Wit: John Bagent, Michael Overholt.

March 21 Christopher BEAMER, 26, Burford, to Ann MILLARD, 23, Burford. Wit: Ellen & Henry Millard.

April 15 Grines ROBSON, 33, Brantford, to Deborah GRAY, 18, Brantford. Wit: John Cook, Loviney Gray.

May 2 Henry STADON, 24, Burford, to Nelly SCHOFIELD, 15, Burford. Wit: John Standon, Jane Robson.

May 5 James BAGENT, 33, Oxford, to Ann S. FRIZELLE, 31, Oxford. Wit: Thomas & Catherine Sherwood.


Pg 145, 1850

Oct. 2 James EDMONS, Blenheim, to Mary A. TREMONTH, Blenheim. Wit: James & Elizabeth J. Overholt.

Nov. 14 Jacob W. CLARK, Blenheim, to Sarah PINE, Blenheim. Wit: Richard Taylor, Mary Maynard.


Pg 145, 1851

Jan. 28 Phillip WILSON, Blenheim, to Emila WOOD, Blenheim. Wit: Henry Hill, Dideme Petrie.

Feb. 2 Semour AYERS, Burford, to Catherine GRAHAM, Burford. Wit: Thomas & Maria Combs.

April 16 Henry HILL, Blenheim, to Dideine PETRIE, Blenheim. Wit: William Hill, Agnes Waldie.

April 26 William H. TAYLOR, Burford, to Jessie YOUNG, Burford. Wit: John Clayton, Thomas Evrast.

April 29 George ATKINS, Blenheim, to Jane HOWERY, Blenheim. Wit: Eli & Chancy Wonck.

July 6 Joseph GRIGG, Blenheim, to Jane CRAWFORD, Blenheim. Wit: Douglas Tennant, Margaret Crawford.


Pg 231, 1855

Aug. 11 Robert FLETCHER, Blenheim, to Elizabeth BABCOCK, Blenheim. Wit: James & Elizabeth Lorenly.

Sept. 3 Henry ROBINSON, Blenheim, to Margaret HILL, Blenheim. Wit: William & Mariah Robinson.

Nov. 1 Aaron MEDDAUGHT, Blenheim, to Almira DAKINS, Blenheim. Wit: James Meddaugh, Thomas Parks.


Pg 246, 1856

Feb. 25 Robert PARKS, Blenheim, to Margaret LONG, Blenheim. Wit: Lyman Parks, Martha Long.

Aug. 14 Samuel WINGARDEN, Blenheim, to Mary Ann ASH, Blenheim. Wit: Samuel Parks, John Ribbon.

Sept. 17 William COOK, Blenheim, to Jane HAGAN, Blenheim. Wit: Mark & Matilda Sales.


Pg 247, 1856

Sept. 18 James CLARK, Blenheim, to Mary MIXLEY, Blenheim. Wit: Welcome Kelborn, Hannah Potter.

Oct. 14 Abraham D. SHANTZ, Blenheim, to Mary TREFFREY, Blenheim. Wit: rosannah Fonger, Samuel Treffrey.


Rev. Thomas Rump, Wesleyan Methodist Church

Pg 218 Note: Witnesses not recorded


Dec. 26 David PHELPS, Dereham, to Betsey PELCH, Dereham.

Pg 229 Note: Marriages between Feb. 23, 1855 & Dec. 30, 1855. Acutal date & residence not recorded.


Samuel HAWTHORNE to Elizabeth CHESOLEN. Wit: Charles Ward, Jennet Chesolen.

John SCOTT to Charlotte BEST. Wit: Channey & Louisa Smith.

Frederick SHARP to Sarah BROWN. Wit: Richard J. & Elizabeth Mele.

Robert GOODFELLOW to Elizabeth ELLIOTT. Wit: Jonas Rump, Letitia Keeler.

John CANELL to Jennett CHESOLEN. Wit: Ann & Robert Chesolen.

James RODGERS to Tamson HICKS. Wit: John Claetors, Melissa ??

Luke WALKER to Dorothea G. MATTHEWS. Wit: Cyrus & Catherine Matthews.

William SPENCERBURGH to Elizabeth NORTHCOTT. Wit: Edward & Mary York.

Stephen CRANE to Catherine BEST. Wit: Rachel Crane, Hiram Best.



Rev. William S. Ball, Knox’s Church

Page 126 Note: Date, residence & witness not recorded. Return among other pages in register dated 1848 & 1849.

George MUNN to Christina MCINTOSH.

Archibald PARKE to Mary RICE.

James INGRAM to Margaret HENDERSON.



Hugh MCKAY to Sarah MCLEOD.


Pg 153, 1850

Sept. 13 Alexander TURNBULL, Woodstock, to Catherine SUTHERLAND, Woodstock. Wit: Francis R. Ball, J. McKay.

Oct. 24 Donald MCKINNON, Woodstock, to Ellen MCBERTH, Woodstock. Wit: Donald Morrison, Peter M. Innes.

Nov. 11 William MCKENSIE, Woodstock, to Sarah DUNHAM, Woodstock. Wit: Frances R. Ball.


Pg 153,1851

Jan. 21 John MCDONALD, Zorra, to Mary MCMEEKIN, Zorra. Wit: Hugh Gunn, David Gordon.

Feb. 27 James ANDERSON, Zorra, to Agnes SMITH, Zorra. Wit: James Baddion, William Smith.

May 1 Alexander THOMPSON, Woodstock, to Ann (Last name not recorded), Woodstock. Wit: George & Archibald Thompson.

May 22 John CALLAM, N.E. Hope, to Mary Ann WHALEY, N. E. Hope. Wit: Peter McTavish, William Whaley.

July 18 George CURRIE, Oxford, to Mary SHERRAN, Oxford. Wit: Alexander McKay, James Sherran.

Sept. 2 Rev. Robert WALLACE, Ingersoll, to Mariana BARKER, Ingersoll. Wit: John Walker, John Barker.

Oct. 16 Willard BURDICK, Oxford, to Sarah CARROLL, Oxford. Wit: Joseph Ludworth, John Carroll.

Dec. 19 George R. HOPKINS, Norwich, to Ann TACKER, Norwich. Wit: Robert Rice, George Tacker.

Dec. 19 David WATT, Oxford, to Martha RICE, Oxford. Wit: Robert Rice, George Tacker.


Pg 154, 1850

June 25 Alexander MCKAY, London, to Janet SUTHERLAND, London. Wit: John McKay, John Sutherland.

Aug. 10 Richard BUSH, Oxford, to Janet MCKAY, Oxford. Wit: John Munro, Francis Ball.

Dec. 18 Donald SUTHERLAND, Woodstock, to May MCDONALD, Woodstock. Wit: George Hotson, Donald McKay.


Pg 154, 1851

April 29 Robert BAIRD, Burford, to Martha OLIVER, Burford. Wit: Alexander Baird, Thomas Oliver.

Sept. 30 George THOMPSON, Woodstock, to Jane SCISSONS, Woodstock. Wit: John & Archibald Thompson.

Oct. 23 Colin MCLEAN, Zorra, to Elizabeth MCKAY, Zorra. Wit: George Hotson, Donald McKay.

Oct. 23 John MCKAY, Zorra, to Effey MCKAY, Zorra. Wit: George Hotson, Donald McKay.


Pg 177, 1852

Jan. 21 Samuel MARTIN, Walpole, to Elizabeth ALLEN, Townsend. Wit: Alexander White, Elizabeth Sutherland.

Feb. 5 Robert CHAMBERS, Woodstock, to Mary Jane CLARKE, Woodstock. Wit: Thomas J. Clarke.

Feb. 5 Franklin BEATON, Embro, to Jessie MCKAY, Woodstock. Wit: A. D. Chisholm, John McKay.

Feb. 10 Christopher MCKAY, Woodstock, to Mary MCLEOD, Woodstock. Wit: Hugh McKay, Alexander Grant.

April 10 John NORTHEY, Oxford, to Catherine MCKAY, Woodstock. Wit: James Smail, Eric McKay.

June 3 John SYLVESTER, Yarmouth, to Agnes OLIVER, Oxford. Wit: Angus Gray, Francis Oliver.

July 28 James H. HILL, Dereham, to Abigail Emily PERRY, Woodstock. Wit: Caleb Harris, Herman Dibble.

Aug. 2 Alexander MCKENZIE, Pittsburg, Pa., to Rebecca ALLEN, Woodstock. Wit: John Duglas, Margaret Sutherland.

Sept. 5 Hermon DIBBLE, Woodstock, to Caroline HARRINGTON, Woodstock. Wit: Francis R. Ball.

Sept. 13 Thomas MCLEOD, Oxford, to Sarah Ann JOHNSTON, Oxford. Wit: John G. Carroll.

Sept. 24 Alexander HAY, Woodstock, to Margaret M. WHINNIE, Woodstock. Wit: John Hay, Robert M. Whinnie.

Nov. 10 Francis OLIVER, Ingersoll, to Ann JACKSON, Ingersoll. Wit: James & Adam Oliver.


Pg 178, 1852

Nov. 25 Thomas COWAN, Zorra, to Mary HANT, Zorra. Wit: J. Cowan Jr, William Cowan.

Dec. 20 James WILKES, Brantford, to Matilda CARROLL, Zorra. Wit: John A. Smiley, Cyrus Carroll.


Pg 215, 1853

Feb. 18 William BARTLY, Zorra, to Ann Adelaide UPDUKE, Oxford. Wit: John Bartly Jr., Thomas Bartly.

June 11 Hector FERGUSON, Eastwood, to Barbara BUDD, Woodstock. Wit: Charles Walls, Harriet Denman.

Sept. 20 Charles W. ROBINSON, Woodstock, to Jane BEITH, Beachville. Wit: Marriane Ball.

Oct. ? Duncan MCLAREN, Woodstock, to Elizabeth CLARK, Woodstock. Wit: James 7 Robert Clark.

Dec. 4 John Carr BRADSHAW, Woodstock, to Julia BAKER, Woodstock. Wit: Robert Young, Timothy Mure.


Pg 215, 1854

Jan. 20 George CAMPBELL, Zorra, to Margaret BRUCE, Zorra. Wit: Thomas Bruce.

Feb. 9 Joseph CLOSE, Woodstock, to Jane FALCONER, Woodstock. Wit: Mary Close, James Baddison.

April 22 John MCKAY, Woodstock, to Margaret LAKEMAN, Woodstock. Wit: Robert McWhinnie, James Lakeman.

May 3 William MCKENZIE, Woodstock, to Ann CALDER, Woodstock. Wit: Peter Campbell, Andrew Kennedy.

May 16 Stephen CATCHER, Woodstock, to Elizabeth THOMPSON, Woodstock. Wit: John & George Thompson.

Aug. 11 Robert MILLER, Oxford, to Sarah MCDOWELL, Oxford. Wit: Thomas Ball.

Sept. 25 Thomas FULLER, Blenheim, to Eva Maria ARNOLD, Woodstock. Wit: Heydice Arnold, John G. Carroll.

Oct. 25 William GOBLE, Blenheim, to Ann Sophia BAGENT, Oxford. Wit: George Daly, W. G. Waker.

Oct. 27 Peter B. LONG, Brantford, to Marion LAIRD, Nissouri. Wit: Romayne Mulligan, Reuben Carroll.

Oct. 27 Joseph TORRANCE, Dereham, to Mary LILLIWHITE, Woodstock. Wit: Salmon B. Fan, Esther Lilliwhite.

Dec. 6 George DALY, Oxford, to Jane RUTLEDGE, Oxford. Wit: Frederick B. Daly, Ryerson Rutledge.

Dec. 12 John REID, Hamilton, to Susan GRAHAM, Woodstock. Wit: John Fratrand, George Graham.


Rev. William C. Beardsall, Baptist Church

Page 81, 1846

Dec. 31 Eli WANCH, Blenheim, to Clarissa KIPP, Blenheim. Wit: Isaac Kipp.


Page 81, 1847

March 11 Walter EDMONSTON, Blenheim, to Eliza GRAHAM, Blenheim. Wit: John Graham.

May 5 Franklin CODY, Zorra, to Honor BYRNE, Zorra. Wit: Miriam Cody.

July 19 Robert MILLARD, Blenheim, to Jane FORCE, Blenheim. Wit: Levi Bent.

Oct. 24 John WADDINGTON, Oxford, to Mary Margaret BASTEDO, Blenheim. Wit: Adam Allison, Gilbert Bastedo.

Oct. 25 John GRAHAM, Blenheim, to Mary Matilda MORIL, Blenheim. Wit: Thomas Moril.


Page 89, 1848

Feb. 25 James LINDEN, Blandford, to Helen BROWN, Wilmot. Wit: John Beardsall.

Feb. 28 John GIVERN, Blenheim, to Mary Ann CROSBY, Blenheim. Wit: Thomas ??


Page 90, 1848

April 12 Thomas BROWN, farmer, Blanford, to Margaret MCINTYRE, widow, Blandford. Wit: George Sha.

May 4 William GRANT, farmer, Blenheim, to Elizabeth ROSS, Zorra. Wit: George Ross.

May 4 William ROSS, farmer, Zorra, to Caroline APPLEFORD, Blenheim. Wit: George Ross.


Page 121, 1850

March 5 Isaac BEAN, farmer, Blandford, to Sarah SHARRICK, Blandford. Wit: John Sharrick.

July 23 Peter BOWMAN, Blanford, to Catherine BEAN, Blandford. Wit: John Beardsall.

Nov. 5 Thomas SNAREY, Woodstock. to Sarah COON, Zorra. Wit: Joseph Place.


Page 122, 1850

Sept. 25 Archibald EDMONSTON, Blenheim, to Lydia Ann MORRILL, Blenheim. Wit: John Graham.

Nov. 8 William GILES, Blandford, to Catherine NOBLE, Blandford. Wit: Molhy Stewart.

Nov. 26 Henry RUPERT, Blenheim, to Emeline CODY, Blenheim. Wit: John Pine.


Pg 150, 1851

Jan. 9 John BEARDSALL, Zorra, to Eliza BRICKHAM, Zorra. Wit: William Carroll.

Nov. 1 Gabriel MABEE, Oxford, to Mary HUGHILL, Oxford. Wit: Samuel Mabee.


Pg 176, 1852

March 11 William EVERETT, Zorra, to Mary FICKLING (TICKLING?), Zorra. Wit: Robert Fickling/Tickling.

Nov. 22 Thomas HAYCOCK, Dereham, to Sarah TURNER, Dereham. Wit: Jeremiah Turner.

Dec. 20 Marshall LEWIS, Oxford, to Margaret SUTHERLAND, Oxford. Wit: Alvin Hill.


Pg 198, 1853

May 11 John BEARDSALL, Zorra, to Mary LOCKHART, Zorra. Wit: James Lockhart.

June 21 Abel PAYNE, Blandford, to Elizabeth MARSHALL, Blandford. Wit: James Pelton.

Aug. 4 Enock PALMER, Wisconsin, to Sarah TRIPP, Oxford. Wit: Moses Tripp.

Aug. 28 Thomas BARKER, Beachville, to Margaret WRIGHT, Oxford. Wit: Mark Barker.


Pg 224, 1854

April 5 James PALMER, Dereham, to Angeline SIBBALD, Oxford. Wit: Charles E. Chadwick.

June 7 Eliphalet WOOD, Oxford, to Eliza ALLIN, Nissouri. Wit: Nalhan P. Allen.


Pg 237, 1855

March 6 John PEARSON, Zorra, to Lydia FLETCHER, Zorra. Wit: James Fletcher.

April 16 Charles FURSMAN, Oxford, to Bridget MAYLON, Oxford. Wit: Levi Jones.

April 22 George SHARP, Dereham, to Eliza Jane ROSS, Dereham. Wit: Geroge Smith.

Aug. 28 Kenneth WHITE Paris, to Mary Ann MCDONALD, Paris. Wit: Adam Gordon.

Sept. 8 Joshua J. JAMES, Norwich, to Marietta SAGE, Dereham. Wit: Erastus Sage.

Sept. 20 Thomas BENNETT, Ingersoll, to Maria WILLIAMS, Ingersoll. Wit: William Howey.

Sept. 28 William TICKLING, Zorra, to Ann CLUM, Zorra. Wit: John Beardsall.


Pg 252, 1856

Jan. 9 James SIBBALD, Oxford, to Janet SIBBALD, Oxford. Wit: Richard Mayberry.

June 4 Gabriel MABEE, Charlotteville, to Adeline JONES, Oxford. Wit: Justus Reynolds.

June 18 James HOLLAND, Oxford, to Susan Barey JAMES, Oxford. Wit: John James.

Dec. 24 William HALL, Ingersoll, to Ellen WALKER, Ingersoll. Wit: William Hall.


Rev. William H. Haviliand, Baptist Church

Pg 152, 1850

Nov. 12 Levi SECORD, Blenheim, to Jane LAYCOCK, Blenheim. Wit: Charles Taylor, John Laycock.

Dec. 10 John SALES, Oxford, to Elizabeth SALES, Oxford. Wit: Charles Sales, Charles Sales Jr.


Pg 152, 1851

April 20 Alexander CONLIF, Oxford, to Charlotte BALEY, Oxford. Wit: James Fritch, William Princain.

May 10 John STRINGHAM, Oxford, to Sarah SIPERAL, Oxford. Wit: John Burnett, Andrew Haviland.

May 18 Alexander GRAHAM, Oxford, to Eliza J. BLANEY, Oxford. Wit: Alexander & William Canlif.

June 21 George COON, Oxford, to Hannah WARDEN, Oxford. Wit: Joshua Burnett, Andrew Haviland.

Dec. 15 Henry GRIFFITH, Blenheim, to Almira WINTERMOST (Wintermute?), Blenheim. Wit: Samuel Wood, Jeremiah Malcolm.


Pg 181, 1853

Jan. 2 Thomas MAYCOCK, Blenheim, to Jane MORELL, Blenheim. Wit: John Waugh, James Haviland.

March 1 Charles E. SHERMAN, Norwich, to Angeline SPRAGUE, Oxford. Wit: John E. Haviland, John Perdey.

March 3 Isaac GRIFFITH, Blenheim, to Catherine WINTERMULE, Blenheim. Wit: Jary Malcom, Samuel Wood.

March 4 James HAVILAND, Blenheim, to Caroline ENSLAY, Blenheim. Wti: Andrew Haviland, Robert Turnbole.

March 6 Benjamin WOODLEY, Oakland, to Mary STUTARD, Oakland. Wit: William Secord, Henry Stutard.

March 12 Mathias WOODLEY, Oakland, to Mariann C. SLOTE, Oakland. Wit: Rev. David Carrey Bell, John Slote.

March 14 James MAYCOCK, Blenheim, to Mirehan GRUNETT, Blenheim. Wit: John Maycock, Witham Graham.

March 22 John CLARK, Dumfries, to Margaret COLTER, Dumfries. Wit: Henry & John Colter.

April 12 Benjamin HAVILAND, Norfok, to Martha PURSLEY, Norfolk. Wit: John Haviland, Aaron Woodey.

April 25 Harman FRELAND, Windham, to Jane SWAIN, Windham. Wit: Henry & Samuel Swain.

June 2 David FULTON, Blenheim, to Jane GRIFFITH, Blenheim. Wit: John Manard, Henry Griffith.

June 10 George HONEL, Blenheim, to Augusta TACKELBURY, Blenheim. Wit: George Honel, John Waugh.


Pg 183, 1853

Oct. 6 William BALEY, Wilmot, to Mary MAYNARD, Blenheim. Wit: George Cumins, Andrew Haviland.

Oct. 6 William GRAHAM, Blenheim, to Agnas ALLISON, Blenheim. Wit: George & James Curry.

Aug. 27 Richard VAN BUSKIRK, Norfolk, to Charity HAVILAND, Norfolk. Wit: James & Benjamin Haviland.


Rev. William Calman, Wesleyan Methodist Church

Page 13, 1841

July 28 Justus S. REYNOLDS, Oxford, to Lawra JAMES, Zorra. Wit: Isaac Piper, Moses Tripp.

July 29 Darius DOTY, Oxford, to Susan Cornelia HYDE, Oxford. Wit: David & Edwin Doty.

Sept. 25 Robert GLENDENNING, Oxford, to Ann SMITH, Zorra. Wit: John Armstrong, Neal McTaggart.

Oct. 5 Albert BURDICK, Zorra, to Mary PERRY, Woodstock. Wit: James Burdick, Levi H. Perry.

Oct. 6 John COREY, Oxford, to Juliette MEACHAM, Dereham. Wit: Ransom Lewis, Gilbert Harris.

Oct. 7 John BUDD, Woodstock, to Charlotte DENMAN, Woodstock. Wit: Sarah Sanaway, John Denman.

Oct. 30 Samuel MCBRIDE, London, to Elizabeth WEBSTER, Brantford. Wit: Elizabeth McBride, Alexander Lowry.


Page 13, 1842

March 8 Jacob SHANHOLD, Zorra, to Deliah CHADWICK, Zorra. Wit: Isaac & Margaret Osborne.

March 9 John CYPHER, Oxford, to Mary SALMON, Oxford. Wit: John & Samuel Karn.

March 15 Robert Addison SHELL, Oxford, to Catherine FITZGERALD, Oxford. Wit: David Mustard, Henry Shell.

March 15 David MUSTARD, Oxford, to Mary Ann CASTOR, Oxford. Wit: Robert A. Shell, Isaac Dyggert.


Rev. William Fletcher Clarke, Congregational Church

Page 54 Note: Residence not recorded


Jan. 29 Hartwell GRISWOULD to Lydia WILKINS. Wit: James Barton, Stephen Wilkins.

May 20 William WINSKEL to Mary LYMEBURNER. Wit: Jacob Winegarden, David Henry.

May 22 Richard Robert HAYWOOD to Jane STEVENS. Wit: George Simmons, William D. Brown.

Oct. 19 Richard Nelson VANNATTER to Ann Eliza MOORE. Wit: Adbell Eddy, John Moore.

Dec. 21 George HUFFMAN to Charlotte HERON. Wit: Johnson J. Tapley, Hervey Ross.


Jan. 18 Jonathon MALCOLM to Deborah MOORE. Wit: Thomas Snell, Adbell Eddy.


Page 104, 1848

Feb. 14 Robert MALCOLM, Oakland, to Martha BAILEY, Norwich. Wit: Egbert Stover, John N. Bailey.

March 20 William WILLSON, Norwich, to Ann DIXON, Nelson. Wit: Robert Lang, Walter Brown.

Nov. 11 Peter CROSTHWAITE, Norwich, to Deborah BINGHAM, Norwich. Wit: Charles Wickham, Alfred Bingham.


Page 126, 1849

April 17 Bartley S. WHITNEY, Norwich, to Dinah SWITZER, Norwich. Wit: Isaac B. Henry, John McFee.


Rev. William Coleman Methodist Church

Page 23, 1843

June 12 Isaac PIPER, Oxford, to Sarah ALLEN, Zorra. Wit: David Ford, Mosses Allen.


Rev. William Cope, Methodist Episcopal Church

Page 94, 1847

Dec. 22 Jared SPRAGUE, Blenheim, to Margaret SNIDER, Dumfries. Wit: Russal Martin, Elizabeth Snider.

Dec. 30 Daniel DAVIS, Burford, to Losina BUGBEE, Burford. Wit: Elizabeth Davis, Henry H. Force.


Page 94, 1848

Feb. 14 George C. SEARS, Burford, to Elizabeth ROGERS, Burford. Wit: Joseph Jones, Sarah Carson.

Feb. 2 Ethan DOYALE, Westminster, to Catherine SWARTS, Blenheim. Wit: Russell Martin, Elenor Voial.

Feb. 23 Henry H.R. BENNETT, Burford, to Sarah R. CARR, Beverly. Wit: William Bennett, William Wooden.

May 22 Thomas PEARCE, Blenheim, to Sarah Ann RICHARDS, Blenheim. Wit: Erastus Eaton, Edward Lounsbery.

July 3 Robert RAMSEY, Burford, to Laetitia LATTEMORE (Latimore?), Burford. Wit: Geroge Can Norman, Stephen Barker.


Rev. William Freeman, Baptist Church

Pg 162, 1850

Nov. 5 Harrison FORBES, 54, Oxford, to Harriet Ann CARN, 36, Oxford. Wit: D. Curtis, E.B. Waite.


Rev. William Pollard, Wesleyan Methodist Church

Page 98, 1848

Jan. 18 James WALKER, Oxford, to Barbary MCLEOD, Oxford. Wit: Elizabeth White, Margaret Walker.


Rev. William Hay, Congregational Chruch

Pg 139, 1850

Feb. 27 John CHISHOLM, Burford, to Julia CONKLIN, Burford. Wit: George Chisholm.


Pg 139, 1851

June 28 Marus MALCOLM, Burford, to Hulda Ann BUGBEE, Burford. Wit: Martin Phillips, William Abbot.

Feb. 19 David ABBOTT, Brantford, to Jane HOLLIS, Brantford. Wit: William Abbott, William Philip.


Pg 140, 1849

April 25 Henry TAYLOR, Burford, to Elizabeth WOOLEY, Burford. Wit: Peter Mitchell, John Marlatt.

Dec. 13 Eddy MALCOLM, Burford, to Sarah MCCOMBS, Burford. Wit: Alonzo Foster, James Malcolm, Nathan Kelley.


Pg 140, 1850

Jan. 3 W. H. FOWLER, Burford, to Elizabeth RUSSELL, Burford. Wit: James Hay.


Rev. William Jolley, Primitive Methodist Church

Page 69, 1847

Jan. 7 John DAVIES, Burford, to Rachel MOORE, Burford. Wit: Phillip Reid, Adam Simmerman.

May 5 William Henry SERPELL (SERPETT?), Burford, to Hannah YEIGH, Burford. Wit: Joseph Jackson, James B. Rounds.


Rev. William Hedger Landan, Baptist Church

Page 1, 1840

Jan. 30 Gilbert CHURCHEL to Elizabeth STOCKDEN both of Dumfries. Wit: Samuel Nevers, John Stockden.

April 10 Alexander KENNEDY to Emily SNOW both of Blenheim. Wit: Alexander Sprague, Mary Jane Crowden.

May 31 Robert HORTON to Melinda EAKINS both of Blenheim. Wit: James Sopping, William Burtch.

Oct. 25 Ephraim SPRAGUE, Oxford, to Mary NELSON, Burford. Wit: James Walker, John Nelson.

Nov. 19 Levi LEWIS, Townsend, to Sarah Angeline EGGLESTON, Townsend. Wit: Uriah Pettit, Hugh Slaght.

Dec. 24 James DORMAN, Oxford, to Caroline SMITH, Oxford. Wit: Henry Dorman, Emory Landan.

Dec. 29 George FRALICK, Oxford, to Mariah FULLER, Oxford. Wit: Ebeneezer Galloway, Lydia Fuller.


Page 1, 1841

Jan. 13 William CARROLL, Zorra, to Hannah CHAMBERS, Oxford. Wit: Reuben Martin, Lucinda Mastin.

Feb. 17 Tracy LUDDINGTON, Blanford, to Jane FORSTER, Zorra. Wit: David Luddington, rufus Forster.

Feb. 18 Ira PELTON, Blenheim, to Elizabeth QUACKENBRESS (Quackenbush?), Blenheim. Wit: Sylvia Pelton, Elijah Hill.

March 8 John Charles BENNETT, Oxford, to Magdalene FALCONER, Blanford. Wit: Rutherford & Elizabeth Muttlebrory.

April 21 John HARRINGTON, Zorra, to Sarah KARN, Oxford. Wit: Willard & Jacob Karn.

May 19 William BURTCH, Oxford, to Sarah HATCH, Oxford. Wit: Hamilton Burtch, Mary Hatch.


Page 14, 1841

July 21 David DEAN, Clinton, to Ann BROWN, Zorra. Wit: Andrew Dean, Eleanor Brown.

Aug. 24 James TOPPING, Oxford, to Elizabeth BARTLEY, Zorra. Wit: Edward Topping, Ann Bartley.

Oct. 30 James HINCKS, Zorra, to Margaret MCKENZIE, Zorra. Wit: James Nasmith, Alexander McLeod.

Dec. 31 James WATT, Oxford, to Mary CURRIE, Oxford. Wit: Mary Rice, George Currie.


Page 14, 1842

Feb. 7 Samuel KARN, Oxford, to Mary BULLIS, Oxford. Wit: John Karn, Adam Dodge.


Page 15, 1842

Feb. 24 Alexander MCKENZIE, Zorra, to Ann ROSS, Zorra. Wit: William Frazer, Jane Ross.

March 1 Harvey PURDEY, Dereham, to Harriet FERGUSON, Burford. Wit: Lucious Bray, Samuel Ferguson.

March 17 James CHAMBERS, Burford, to Mary Ann STEWART, Burford. Wit: Jane & Charles Stewart.

March 24 George MOIT, Oxford, to Eliza Ann COOK, Oxford. Wit: Adam Marshall, Edmund Sayton.

May 13 Sylvanus KIPP, Oxford, to Loreena BUSH, Oxford. Wit: Gilbert Hopkins, Henry Hesman.


Page 34, 1843

March 9 John HERSEE, Blenheim, to Lina BEAMER, Burford. Wit: William Smiley, Christopher Beamer.


Page 38, 1843

June 12 Ezra LUDINGTON, Oxford, to Julia CAMPBELL, Oxford. Wit: David Ludington, John Upton.

June 18 Henry I. BURTCH, Oxford, to Mary GALLOWAY, Oxford. Wit: Archibald Burtch, Thomas Clark.

July 30 William WINNEY, Oxford, to Nancy GREEN, Tuscarora. Wit: John Licken, William Green.

Oct. 10 John CONDESWOOD, Oxford, to Serena KIPP, Oxford. Wit: Robert & Harriet Burtch.


Page 71, 1846

Oct. 22 Peter CAMPBELL, Zorra, to Mary BROWN, Scarborough. Wit: Robert Murray, George Douglas.

Oct. 22 Robert MURRAY, Zorra, to Mary DICKEY, Scarborough. Wit: Peter Campbell, George Douglas.

Nov. 24 Joel HORNER, Oxford, to Diana BENNET, Oxford. Wit: William Hornor, William Bennet.


Page 72, 1846

Nov. 26 John GREEN, Oxford, to Mary Ann BURTCH, Oxford. Wit: Josiah Luddington, Daniel Burtch.

Dec. 10 James SIMPSON, Blandford, to Mary BAGULEY, Blandford. Wit: R. H. Burtch, Charles Baguley.

Dec. 30 George BRUCE, Zorra, to Margaret JACKSON, Woodstock. Wit: Peter Smith, Mary Lance.


Page 72, 1847

Jan. 20 Stewart CANFIELD (Caufield?), Oxford, to Mary MAYBEE, Oxford. Wit: Elizabeth Canfield, Nelson Carroll.

Jan. 20 Nelson CARROLL, Oxford, to Elizabeth CANFIELD (Caufield?) , Oxford. Wit: Mary & Stewart Canfield.

Feb. 4 Lewis H. SMITH, Nissouri, to Margette BUNCE, Nissouri. Wit: Norman L. Olds, Francis Bunce.

March 30 John CHARLTON, London, to Violet BLAIR, Westminster. Wit: Thomas Greaves, James Blair.

April 24 John RANDAL, Zorra, to Ann PEARSON, Zorra. Wit: Hannah Randal, T. H. Carryer.

April 28 Daniel R. TREE, Zorra, to Eleanor BURGESS, Zorra. Wit: Abigail & Stephen B. Tree.

Sept. 17 Alexander MCKAY, Woodstock, to Margaret CURRIE, Woodstock. Wit: George McLeod, Mary Ann Grey.


Page 86 Note: Witnesses not recorded


Jan. 14 Alexander MCKAY, Woodstock, to Ann MONROE, Zorra.

Jan. 24 John SUTHERLAND, Zorra, to Ann CALDER, Zorra.

Feb. 18 Thomas FRASER, Woodstock, to Mary Ann GREEN, Woodstock.

March 1 Robert CUMMINGS, Woodstock, to Ann HAY, Woodstock.

March 2 Daniel MALCOLM, Zorra, to Dinah LEE, Zorra.

March 30 Leopold HOFFMAN, Woodstock, to Sarah THORNTON, Oxford.


Page 97, 1847

Oct. 13 Rober MCEWING, Zorra, to Rhoda BARLEY, Zorra. Wit: Adam Doge, Hannah Stuklow.

Oct. 15 David DENNY, Woodstock, to Isabella CALDER, Woodstock. Wit: Henry & Lucy Lamport.

Oct. 13 Titus FULLER, Zorra, to Barbery KARN, Zorra. Wit: Davie Fuller, John Dodge.

Nov. 11 Joseph CORNIE, Woodstock, to Janet MCPHERSON, Zorra. Wit: George Mellville, Ann Sutherland.

Nov. 17 Jacob TOPPING, Oxford, to Eunice LECK, Oxford. Wit: Almira Ingles, Adam Leck.

Nov. 17 William PALMER, Woodstock, to Jessie CALDER, Woodstock. Wit: Joseph Waterhouse, Marilla Kane.

Dec. 22 John FULLER, Zorra, to Maria GEE, Zorra. Wit: Rodney & Susan Fuller.

Dec. 25 Albert HILL, Zorra, to Elizabeth OSBORNE, Zorra. Wit: J. Gregory, Margaret Osborne.


Page 97, 1848

Jan. 14 Alexander MCKAY, Woodstock, to Ann MUNRO, Zorra. Wit: William Simpson, Angus Thomson.

Jan. 24 John SUTHERLAND, Zorra, to Ann CALDER, Zorra. Wit: James Bailey, Mary Simpson.

Feb. 18 Thomas FRASER, Woodstock, to Mary Ann GREEN, Woodstock. Wit: Absalom Paine, Christina Oliver.

March 1 Robert H. CUMMING, Woodstock, to Ann HAY, Woodstock. Wit: John Allan, Thomas Hay.

March 2 David MALCOLM, Zorra, to Dinah LEE, Zorra. Wit: John Allen, Mary Landon.

March 30 Leopold HOFFMAN, Woodstock, to Sarah THORNTON, Oxford. Wit: Joseph & Sarah Hatch.


Page 98, 1848

May 22 Donald GORDON, Woodstock, to Catherine GUNN, Woodstock. Wit: Thomas Cummings, James Gunn.

July 19 Simon M. TOWL (Tovel?), Delaware, to Eveline CHARLES, Blenheim. Wit: A. McDonald, Frances Charles.

Aug. 28 John DROUGHT, Woodstock, to Mary BAIN, Woodstock. Wit: Nathaniel Hill.

Sept. 14 George MIDGELY, Woodstock, to Nancy PEERS, Oxford. Wit: Mary Bowers, Ann Scofield.

Sept. 25 Thomas COOK, Blandford, to Jemima BROWN, Zorra. Wit: Emory Landon, Hannah Stacktown.

Sept. 25 John MAIR Sr., Burford, to Elizabeth CROSKER (Crocker?), Burford. Wit: A. Burch, James Mair.


Page 114, 1848

Oct. 13 Thomas OUTRAM, Woodstock, to Elizabeth LILLYWHITE, Woodstock. Wit: Emory Landon, Charlotte Johnson.

Nov. 8 Henry VAN VALKENBURG, Woodstock, to Hannah LOUNSBURY, Zorra. Wit: Sabina Dolson, James Lounsbury.

Nov. 9 Peter ROSE, Dereham, to Ann GOODHAND, Dereham. Wit: William Scott, Abraham Prout.

Nov. 21 William HORNER, Woodstock, to Jennet HAY, Woodstock. Wit: John McColl Jr., Elizabeth Thomson.

Dec. 1 James MCKENZIE, Woodstock, to Jane SUTHERLAND, Woodstock. Wit: Murdock McLeod, Ann Sutherland.


Page 114, 1849

Jan. 2 James MUIR, Burford, to Susannah LAURENCE, Burford. Wit: Benjamin Kipp, Matthew Virtue.

Jan. 11 George G. WATT, Oxford, to Agnes WATT, Oxford. Wit: John Watt, Mary Rice.

Jan. 18 John WATT, Oxford, to Rosamond HOBBS, Oxford. Wit: Archibald Parks, Agnes Rice.

Jan. 29 Edward UNDERHILL, Norwich, to Mary Jane CASE, Norwich. Wit: Gustavis Bingham, John Allen.

Feb. 15 Thomas COWIN (Cowan?), Blenheim, to Mary Ann CLARK, Blenheim. Wit: jeremiah Cowin, Benjamin Hornor.

March 1 John CUMMINGS, Zorra, to Marilla CARN, Oxford. Wit: John Harrington, Joseph Hatch.


Page 115, 1849

Sept. 12 Henry RIVERS, Oxford, to Calista CANFIELD (Caufield?), Oxford. Wit: Richard Rivers, George Galloway.

Sept. 12 Wellington GOULD, Oxford, to Ann MABEE, Oxford. Wit: James hatch, Jane Mabee.

Sept. 17 William BEDFORD, Zorra, to Abigail SUTTON, Saltfleet. Wit: William & Esther Waterbury.


Pg 134, 1849

Oct. 9 Andrew GRANT, Woodstock, to Clara Georgina CUMMINGS, Blandford. Wit: Robert Hall, Joanna Malona.


Pg 134, 1850

April 2 John HART, Oxford, to Sophia LAWRENCE, Oxford. Wit: Edward & Jane Hart.

May 14 Richard Hunt DOYLE, Burford, to Charlotte SYMMON, Burford. Wit: Ruth Doyle, William Dorman.

May 14 William DORMAN, Burford, to Ruth DOYLE, Burford. Wit: Richard H. & Charlotte Doyle.

June 26 Robert REYNOLDS, Oxford, to Jennet FRASER, Oxford. Wit: James & Henry Igard.

July 8 William WEST, Woodstock, to Jemima CROMWELL, Oxford. Wit: ?? Gibson, Delia Landon.

July 24 John G. CAMPBELL, Woodstock, to Margaret WILSON, Woodstock. Wit: Emery Landon, William Wilson.

Aug. 8 Thomas THOMPSON, Zorra, to Thirza FISHER, Paris. Wit: David Thompson, Charlotte Fisher.

Sept. 9 William JOHNSON, Oxford, to Emma SMITH, Oxford. Wit: Nathan Clifford, ?? Smith.


Pg 171, 1851

No date Henry HOLMES, Paris, to Frances LISSENT, Brantford. Wit: Joseph Martin, John McCall.

Oct. 15 John CORBIN, Norwich, to Sarah ROSS, Norwich. Wit: Nicholas Corbin, Salome Ross.

Oct. 27 Joshua CASE, Oxford, to Sarah CHAMBERLAIN, Oxford. Wit: William Edwards, Eliza Chamberlain.


Pg 171, 1852

March 2 John MCPHIE, Zorra, to Jane WILSON, Zorra. Wit: John & Mary Sutherland.

March 8 George BLAKE Jr., Zorra, to Catherine ROWEL, Zorra. Wit: George Blake Sr., Strutten Rowel.

April 22 Abraham CARROLL, Oxford, to Sylvia HILL, Woodstock. Wit: Henry Lampert, James Nasmyth.

May 19 James G. WOOD, Oxford, to Susan MATHEWS, Zorra. Wit: Peter Bastedo, Adlitha Sage.


Pg 190, 1852

Nov. 10 John Edward HAVENS, Blenheim, to Adelia LANDON, Blenheim. Wit: Jeremiah & Susan Cowan.


Pg 190, 1853

Jan. 28 James MALCOLM, Zorra, to Maria WALTON, Zorra. Wit: Margaret Sutherland, Thompson Walton.

Feb. 19 Joseph ONEIL, Oxford, to Catherine DIXON, Oxford. Wit: H. Coots, G.N. Whitehead.

Feb. 22 Joseph BROWN, Zorra, to Ann Louisa WELCH, Zorra. Wit: Emory Landon, Christina Borthe.

April 6 Israel VANDECAR, Oxford, to Frances CANFIELD, Oxford. Wit: Galetso Sage, William Canfield.

May 3 Alinson/Almson TEEPLE, Woodstock, to Sarah Ann WELLS, Woodstock. Wit: Arthur Miller, Elizabeth Blow.

Sept. 6 Arthur MILLER, Oxford, to Priscilla FALLAN, Oxford. Wit: Elizabeth Blow, Charles Fallan.


Pg 208, 1853

Dec. 6 George PASCOE, Woodstock, to Martha CLIFFORD, Woodstock. Wit: Weight Sudworth, Jane McDonald.

Dec. 26 Patrick ROONEY, Oxford, to Mary Ann NEIL, Oxford. Wit: Susannah Cowin, Emory Landon.


Pg 208, 1854

Dec. 7 Jacob TOPPING, Oxford, to Elizabeth CASE, Oxford. Wit: Edward Topping, Mahlon Blow.

Feb. 10 James VANATTER, Oxford, to Margaret CUNNINGHAM, Oxford. Wit: Daniel Carroll, Titus Fuller.

March 21 Frederick BRODRECHT, Oxford, to Elizabeth WEAVER, Oxford. Wit: Henry Brodrecht, Newer Youngblood.

March 26 Elias S. HERRINGTON, Oxford, to Margaret RICE, Oxford. Wit: Richard Sharp, Betsy Kennedy.

April 12 George DUNBROOK, Blandford, to Margaret LYMAN, Blandford. Wit: Harriet Richardson, James Lyman.

May 31 John G. WARD, Perth, Ellen LISSENT, Perth. Wit: Richard Pascoe, Martha Peswick.

Aug. 15 Peter CUTHBERT, Oxford, to Elizabeth PALISER, Oxford. Wit: James Paliser.

Sept. 10 Robert HUTTON, Oxford, to Mary LOWES, Oxford. Wit: J.G. Mahalen, Henry Igond.

Sept. 18 John GOBLE, Oxford, to Charity Maria HERRINGTON, Oxford. Wit: Margaret & E.S. Herrington.


Pg 209, 1854

Oct. 15 Richard SHARP, Oxford, to Susannah STEWART, Oxford. Wit: P.H. Wait, Sarah Stewart.

Nov. 1 John LINCH, Oxford, to Catherine ITEREMAN, Oxford. Wit: Thomas Norman, Robert Itereman.


Pg 211, 1854

Nov. 1 John QUICK, London, to Catherine STEVENSON, London. Wit: Thomas Norman, Robert Stevenson.

Nov. 24 Robert TURNBULL, Zorra, to Hannah Mariett McAFEE, Zorra. Wit: E. Landon, Archibald McAfee.

Nov. 24 Richard DAVIS, Woodstock, to Elizabeth STEVENS, Woodstock. Wit: Ezra & Julia Luddington.


Pg 211, 1855

Jan. 3 Norman BURLEY, Oxford, to Margaret CANFIELD, Oxford. Wit: Alexander Robb, Nathan Burley.

April 11 William RIVERS, Oxford, to Mary SCOTT, Oxford. Wit: John G. Malcolm, E. Landon.

March 15 John GOULD, Zorra, to Sarah TURNER, Zorra. Wit: Edward & Jane Hart.

May 8 Harvey RUNNELLS, Oxford, to Eunice CRAIG, Oxford. Wit: John G. Malcolm E. Landon.

May 23 William Parnell CRISP, Dereham, to Sarah PINEL, Dereham. Wit: henry & Joseph Dorman.

July 16 Edwin DARK, Oxford, to Eliza COLLINS, Oxford. Wit: George & Elizabeth Forbes.

Aug. 22 Jacob VANALSTINE, Oxford, to Allice NORRIS, Oxford. Wit: E. Landon, Violet Nasmyth.

Sept. 5 Welcome CRAIG, Zorra, to Polly Ann KARN, Oxford. Wit: William Farnsworth, Miranda Williams.


Pg 212, 1855

Oct. 11 Henry DORMAN, Woodstock, to Mary TOUSLEY (Tansley?), Woodstock. Wit: J. W. Ferguson, E. Landon.


Pg 256, 1855

Nov. 22 George POWLES, Blenheim, to Elizabeth MARSHALL, Blenheim. Wit: Sarah & Henry Marshall.

Dec. 18 Aluyo WEELIN, Zorra, to Sarah DIBBLE, Zorra. Wit: Charles Iles, Lawrence McLeod.


Pg 256, 1856

Jan. 1 Henry L. MURRAY, Blenheim, to Ann B. COWAN, Blenheim. Wit: Thomas & Jeremiah Cowan.

Jan. 15 James FLETCHER, St. Catherines, to Ruth Caroline PEARSON, Zorra. Wit: Charles Iles, George Pearson.

Jan. 23 Josiah (last name not recorded), Woodstock, to Jemima SUTHERLAND, Woodstock. Wit: George Forbes, A. Sutherland.

Feb. 2 Thomas DAVIS, Dereham, to Esther Charlotte, LILLYWHITE, Dereham. Wit: Joseph Torens, Mary Ann Lillywhite.

March 18 Chillian B. REYNOLDS, Oxford, to Agnes FLOOD, Oxford. Wit: Henry Reynolds, Susannah Forbes.

April 17 Leander FORBES, Dereham, to Sarah Salome BORYBUN, Dereham. Wit: Susannah Forbes, John Beryham.

April 22 Hugh MCBERNEY, Zorra, to Mary Hannah MEADOWS, Zorra. Wit: Mary & John Meadows.

April 30 S. S. READ, Zorra, to Susan GAFNEY, Zorra. Wit: C. C. Canger, J. Gafney.

Oct. 7 Arthur HAYWARD, Oxford, to Harriet COOPER, Blenheim. Wit: Joseph Edgeword, Rhoda Cooper.


Rev. William L. Lorry Methodist Episcopal Church

Pg 187, 1852

Dec. 7 James DENT, Zorra, to Alvira SAUNDERS, Zorra. Wit: Sarah Youngs, George Saunders.



Rev. William McCulloch, Wesleyan Methodist Church

Pg 220, 1855

Jan. 3 Joseph HANNA, Oxford, to Caroline CLENDENNEN, Oxford. Wit: Joseph & John Well.

Jan. 30 James VANSICKLE, Nissouri, to Mary Ann TAYLOR, Nissouri. Wit: W.L. Huston, Jonah Blow.


Pg 221, 1855

April 14 David MASON, Woodstock, to Mary Ann OURTRAM, Woodstock. Wit: Joseph Mason, Edward Outram.

May 24 Enoch BROWN, Dereham, to Maria WILLIAMS, Dereham. Wit: W. L. Hutton, Eliza McCulloch.

May 26 Thomas MASON, Downie, to Jane HARRIS, Downie. Wit: Robert Haynes, Christopher Salwin.

June 16 William BROWN, Blandford, to Mary SCOTT, Blandford. Wit: James Galbraith, Mary Jane McCulloch.

June 21 Alexander HUTTON, Chaiguacacsy?, to Louisa SUTHERLAND, Woodstock. Wit: W. L. Hutton, J. Sutherland.

July 12 James MCDUGAL (MCDOYAL?), Woodstock, to Cecilia RICE, Woodstock. Wit: Robert Gray, James Bickle.

Aug. 25 Haydon E. ARNOLD, Ingersoll, to Eliza DORMAN, Woodstock. Wit: J. G. Carroll, J. Charles.

Sept. 22 Beattie HINDS, Zorra, to Elizabeth BALDRAY, Zorra. Wit: John McKee, James Baldray.

Sept. 28 Charles PASCOE, Woodstock, to Ann DELTON, Woodstock. Wit: John Shaw, Alfred Dillon.

Oct. 14 Benjamin HILL, Dereham, to Charlotte PAUL, Dereham. Wit: John Shaw, Edward Stone.

No date John HALL, Ingersoll, to Hannah WALKER, Ingersoll. Wit: William & Eliza Dorman.


Rev. William McLellan, Baptist Church

Pg 196, 1853

March 30 Robert NICKOLSON, Norwich, to Minerva QUARTERMAS, Norwich. Wit: Abraham Kinnard, Betsey Jane Wright.

May 8 Abel MACLEM, Norwich, to Achsah OATMAN, Norwich. Wit: Alvernus Hamilton, Mahala Oatman.

Dec. 29 William C. GARDINER, Norwich, to Elenor C. MCINNIS, Norwich. Wit: Jennet E. Gardiner, Edmond Sheldon.


Pg 213, 1854

Feb. 26 Eli HARRIS, Norwich, to Ruth BLUET, Norwich. Wit: Samuel Stephanson, Peter Addison.

June 18 Aaron PRICE, Middleton, to Mahaley Jane BENN, Middleton. Wit: Hugh Hamilton.


Pg 226 Note: Marriages between Jan. 1, 1855 & Dec. 31, 1855. Only 1 date recorded.


Jan. 21 Harvey SMITH, Norwich, to Melissa SCOTT, Norwich. Wit: Benjamin Mahoney.

John TURNBULL, Norwich, to Phidelia JILLARD, Norwich. Wit: James & Mary Otis.

Richard H. CLARKE, Norwich, to Martha E. CLARKE, Norwich. Wit: Freeman Clarke, Jane Umphrey.

John TOPP, Norwich, to Elizabeth A. SMITH, Norwich. Wit: Robert & Harriet Williams.

John F. DURKEE, Norwich, to Hulda BALLARD, Norwich. Wit: Alynn G. Durkee, Bridget McArory.

John B. SANDERSON, Windham, to Mary Ann HOWEY, Windham. Wit: R.H. Ison, Marcus Austin.


Pg 248, 1856

Feb. 17 A. Schooley MACLIEN, Norwich, to Margaret MCCARTY, Norwich. Wit: Cameron & Elizabeth Wiltsie.

Sept. 7 Thomas SOPRONY, Norwich, to Catherine BINGHAM, Norwich. Wit: Solomon Sophrony, Mary Helen Bingham.

Oct. 18 John HOLLENS, Dereham, to Mary Jane BALL (NALL?), Dereham. Wit: Joseph Grimshaw, Elizabeth Ball/Nall.

Nov. 12 Isaac B. HOLLENBECK, Norwich, to Anna Maria COOPER, Norwich. Wit: William I Holcum, Eliza A. Cooper.

Dec. 3 Lewis Justus SIPLE, Norwich, to Sarah MONK, Norwich. Wit: Maranda Fairchild, John H. Monk.

Dec. 7 Leander HOOPER, Woodstock, to Martha Ann SHAW, Woodstock. Wit: Margaret M. Thomas, Philip Shaw.

Dec. 11 William HAGEL, Norwich, to Eliza HOGAN, Norwich. Wit: William Wolcott, Margaret More.