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Bruce Co., 1900, part 1

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3360-00 George E. ADAMS, 20, laborer, Ontario, Amabel, s/o Adam ADAMS & not known, married Maud CAULDWELL, 19, Ontario, Amabel, d/o John CALDWELL (sic) & Eliza MOTHERSELL, witn: Robert REECE & Dora THOMPSON, both of Amabel, 14 March 1900 at Amabel  
#003411-00 (Bruce Co): David A. ALLERDICE (or Alderdice), 30, farmer, Canada, Brant twp., s/o John ALLERDICE & Hannah EDWARDS, married Emma FISK, 23, Canada, same, d/o Austin FISK & Emma SNELLING (or Shelling), witn: John ALLERDICE & Maggie FISK, both of Brant, 11 April 1900 at Brant 003579-00 (Bruce) Joseph David ANDERSON, 22, farmer, Wawanosh, same, s/o Archibald ANDERSON & Lizzie WILSON, to Ellen Caroline TORRANCE, 21, Kinloss, same, d/o Peter TORRANCE & Elizabeth MILLAR, wit: James TORRANCE of Kinloss & John SHERRIFF of Wawanosh, 30 January 1900, Kinloss
#003729-00 (Bruce Co): James ATCHISON, 35, widower, blacksmith, Toronto, Hepworth, s/o William ATCHISON & Susanna MORROW, married Florence KELSO, 35, Keppel, Wiarton, d/o Alex KELSO & Catherine BELL, witn: William & C. WITTHAN? of Wiarton, 4 July 1900 at Wiarton #003639-00 Frederick ATKINSON, 22, farmer, Elsinore, Arran, s/o William & Elisabeth , married Edna KEARNS, 16, Elsinore, same, d/o Charles & Elisabeth , witn: J.C. & S.E. POMEROY Jr, both of Southampton, 10 Jan 1900 at Southampton
3504-00 (Bruce Co): William Oliver ANDERSON, 25, farmer, Elderslie, same, s/o John ANDERSON & Bella McGREGOR, married Annie PARK, 25, Listowel, Elderslie, d/o Alexander PARK & Annie McINTOSH, witn: David LILICO & Maggie McDONALD, both of Elderslie, 28 Feb 1900 at Elderslie 003674-00 (Bruce) Mathew B. BARKER, 26, carpenter, no birthplace, Sarnia, s/o J. BARKER & L. M. WRIGHT, to Henriette McCANDLISH, 19, no birthplace, Teeswater, d/o R. J. McCANDLISH & Chris. HENDERSON, wit: Melissa GREEN of Teeswater & Ira P. WELLWOOD of Culross, 3 October 1900, Teeswater
  #003644-00 William John BARNARD, 22, farmer, Owen Sound, same, s/o John (no surname given) & Mary SANDERSON, married Nelly WALKER, 22, Saugeen, same, d/o Thomas & Charleseena? , witn: Sam BARNARD, Owen Sound & Anne WALKER, Saugeen, 3 May 1900 at Southampton
#003653-00 Richard John BARNES, 23, farmer, Arran Twp, Arran Twp, s/o John BARNES & Susan COLLEY, married Ada Jane SMITH, 22, Tara, same, d/o Alex SMITH & Sarah BATTY, witn: Thomas W. SMITH, Tara Ont & Miss Alice ROSS, Lucknow, 14 Mar 1900 at Tara #003394-00 (Bruce): James BELL, 27, miller, Elderslie, Tara, s/o William BELL & Ann ELMS, married Edith Adelia ROBERTSON, 24, Guelph, Tara, d/o John ROBERTSON & C- PH--,(smudged) witnesses wereEliza HANES of Chesley & Alice DIX of Arran, Oct. 17, 1900 at Allenford
3430-00 Archibald M. BELL, 26, farmer, Ontario, Saugeen twp., s/o Malcolm BELL & Catherine McKINNON, married Mary McKINNON, 21, Ontario, Bruce twp., d/o Donald McKINNON & Flora McCALLUM, witn: William BELL of Saugeen twp & Isabella McKINNON of Bruce twp. 7 March 1900 at Bruce twp. 3436-00 Thomas BENTLEY, 28, farmer, Elmgrove, Bruce twp., s/o Joseph BENTLEY & Mary M DICKHOUT, married Christena AVIS, 28, Bruce Ont., Bruce twp., d/o John AVIS & Kate McDONALD, witn: Hugh McLEOD & Maggie OSLER, both of Bruce twp., 27 June 1900 at Bruce twp
003664-00 (Bruce) Newton H. BOWERS, 28, saddler, Ont. Massey States?, s/o William BOWERS & S. W. CRUVEN, to Marion JOHNSTON, 27, Teeswater, same, d/o Jas. JOHNSTON & Mary V. ROSS, wit: W.W. JOHNSTON & Maggie COLWIN both of Teeswater, 7 February 1900, Teeswater 003544-00 (Bruce) Alfred BRADLEY, 24, farmer, Huron tp., same, s/o John BRADLEY & Mary MULLEN, to Hannah Edith HOOEY, 21, Huron tp., same, d/o William HOOEY & Ruth SMITH, wit: Thomas H. BRADLEY & Ida J. PRITCHARD both of Huron, 19 December 1900, Huron
003893/01 (Bruce Co) Samuel L. BRAUN, 29, farmer, Carrick, Carrick, s/o Louis BRAUN & Wilhelmina LOTTER, married Elizabeth VOELZING, 25, Carrick, Carrick, d/o Valentine VOELZING & Elizabeth FOIRCH, witn: William MUEHLHAUSER of Brant Bruce Co & Ida Elizabeth BRAUN of Carrick, 19 December 1900, Carrick 3435-00 Alexander BRUNTON, 39, widower, mason, Scotland, Bruce twp., s/o James BRUNTON & Isabella TAIT, married Mary WILKIE, 28, Scotland, Bruce twp., d/o Peter WILKIE & Isabella McKAY, witn: W. L. McQUARRIE & Annie McDONALD, both of Queenhill, 18 July 1900 at Queenhill
003378-00 (Bruce Co): David H. BRYCE, 31, farmer, Saugeen, Saugeen twp., s/o Thomas BRYCE & Margaret WILSON, married Annie GREIG, 24, Arran, same, d/o Stewart J. GREIG & Susanna HARPER, witnesses were John SCOTT of Saugeen & Ethel MILLER of Arran, March 13, 1900 at Arran 003487-00 (Bruce Co) James BURGESS, 28, farmer, Ontario, Twp. Eastnor, s/o William BURGESS & Jane HILDITCH, married Lily WARDER, 25, Ontario, Twp. Eastnor, d/o Eli WARDER & Emma KIVELL, witn: William BURGESS Jr. & Esther WARDER both of Twp. Eastnor, 23 May 1900, Ferndale, Eastnor.
#003734-00 (Bruce Co): George M. BURKE, 24, farmer, Tilsonburg, Albermarle, s/o William BURKE & Teresa KING, married Beatrice M. COVENEY, 21, Albermarle, same, d/o James COVENEY & Mary RYDALL, witn: Beeford RYDALL & Annie BURKE, both of Albemarle, 26 Sept 1900 at Wiarton 3363-00 Fred BURKTON, 22, farmer, Ontario, Amabel, s/o John BURKTON & Ann WALTON, married Mary FERRELL, 21, Ontario, Amabel, d/o Robert FERRELL & Margaret JOHNSTON, witn: William & Mary McKASKILL of Amabel, 30 April 1900 at Amabel
#003717-00 (Bruce Co): Richard BURRELL, 44, widower, farmer, Albion, Brant, s/o Thomas BURRELL & Ann JACKSON, married Clara A. ALTON, 22, Brant, same, d/o John ALTON & Elizabeth TYNDAL, witn: G.W. THOMPSON & F.J. FERGUSON, both of Toronto, 7 June 1900 at Wiarton #003383-00 (Bruce Co): Peter CAMERON, 32, manufacturer, Leith - Grey Co., Arran, s/o George A. CAMERON & Maggie McDONALD, married Janet McLEAN, 27, Arran, same, d/o James McLEAN & Marion McDONALD, witnesses wereOliver CAMERON of Leith & Davina ESPLEN of Arran, July 4, 1900 at Arran
3344-00 Thomas CAMPBELL, 34, farmer, Ontario, Albermarle twp., s/o Thomas CAMPBELL & Sarah ASHENHURST, married Mary Jane ADAMS, 25, Ontario, Albermarle twp., d/o Samuel ADAMS & Helen SMITH, witn: Samuel & Martha M. ADAMS of Albermarle twp., 3 Jan 1900 at Adamsville 003580-00 (Bruce) James CAMPBELL, 34, farmer, Morris tp., Wingham, s/o James CAMPBELL & Christina GRAHAM, to Maria McGEE, 22, Morris tp., Wingham, d/o James McGEE & Maria BLOOMFIELD, wit: W. ELLIOTT & Jennie McGEE both of Wingham, 21 March 1900, Whitechurch
003676-00 (Bruce) John CASLICK, 27, Bruce, Culross, s/o George CASLICK & Hannah McKENZIE, to Jane HARKNESS, 18, Bruce, Culross, d/o William HARKNESS & Jane MUIR, wit: Ira P. WELLWOOD & Jennie FERGUSON both of Culross, 26 December 1900, Teeswater 3366-00 Albert CHAMBERS, 29, farmer, Ontario, Amabel, s/o James CHAMBERS & Sarah ROSE (Roe?), married Jeannette WHITE, 22, Ontario, Amabel, d/o James WHITE & Jannet BROWN, witn: William CHAMBERS & Lizzie AIKIN, both of Amabel, 27 June 1900 at Amabel
#003715-00 (Bruce Co): Harmon CLARK, 21, farmer, Eastnor, same, s/o William CLARK & Mary Jane DAVIDSON, married Katherine FRIES, 24, Howick, Eastnor, d/o Peter FRIES & Louisa FOAV, witn: George & Mrs. George FRIES of Eastnor, 30 May 1900 at Wiarton #003395-00 (Bruce Co): George COBB, 25, farmer, Toronto twp., Arran, s/o John COBB & Catherine CRUSSE, married Margaret TEDFORD, 23, Brant twp., Arran, d/o Nicholas TEDFORD & Ellen WATSON, witnesses wereEdwin TEDFORD of Arran & Levina SCOTT of Derby twp., Nov. 14, 1900 at Arran
#003389-00 (Bruce Co): Daniel J. COLEMAN, 28, farmer, Arran twp., same, s/o James M. COLEMAN & Sarah Ann McCURDY, married Ellen F. HILL, 21, arran twp., same, d/o Thomas HILL & Mary LOREE, witnesses wereArthur C. MOLLET & Samuel WARD, both of Arran twp., Sept. 12, 1900 at Arran twp. 003537-00 (Bruce) Charles Richard COLLINS, 26, farmer, Huron, same, s/o William COLLINS & Ann Jane McAULEY, to Joanna McDONALD, 29, Huron, same, d/o James McDONALD & Margaret MOORE, wit: R. Watson COLLINS & Ellen McDONALD both of Huron, 10 October 1900, Lot 65 & 66 con 1 Huron
  003591-00 (Bruce) John W. COLWELL, 25, farmer, Kincardine, Kinloss, s/o George COLWELL & Rebecca PORTICE, to Bella MOORE, 22, Kinloss, same, d/o George MOORE & Agnes WARDROPE, wit: James COLWELL of Kincardine & Nellie MOORE of Riversdale, 5 December 1900, Kinloss
003627-00 John George CONNOR, 25, clergyman, of Port Elgin, s/o Patrick CONNOR & Hannah E. YEAGLEY?, married Alberta Viola CLARK, 26, Sheffield Ont., Port Elgin, d/o Robert A CLARK & Elizabeth FRY, witn: John B. CLARK of Niagara Falls & Anna M. CLARK of Port Elgin on Aug. 15, 1900 at Port Elgin 3433-00 James R. COOPER, 29, merchant, Ontario, Orono, s/o William COOPER & Grace STARK, married Mary McKAY, 25, Ontario, Underwood, d/o Peter A. McKAY & Ann McGILLIVRAY, witn: Neil McGILLIVRAY of Bruce twp. & Maggie McKAY of Underwood, 27 June 1900 at Underwood
3432-00 Joseph COTTRELL, 28, farmer, Ontario, Bruce twp., s/o John COTTRELL & Mary KITCHENER, married Eliza Jane ROBINSON, 22, Ontario, Bruce twp., d/o Peter ROBINSON & Eliza FAWCETT, witn: William COTTRELL & Phoebe ROBINSON, both of Bruce twp., 3 April 1900 at Bruce twp. #003368-00 (Bruce Co): Matthew CRAWFORD, 30, farmer, Ontario, Arran, s/o George CRAWFORD & Rachel DICKSON, married M.E. McCLELLAND, 19, Ontario, Amabel, d/o William McCLELLAND & A.J. DICKSON, witnesses were H.P. GILPIN of Arran & Lizzie CRAWFORD of Amabel, Sept. 19, 1900 at Amabel
#003398-00 (Bruce Co): Robert CURTIS, 27, farmer, Brant, same, s/o J. CURTIS & Agnes PATTERSON, married Emma STADE, 22, Brant, same, d/o William STADE & Wilhelmina SADE, witn: Henry STADE of Brant & Conrad BRINZEL? of Bentinck, 10 Jan 1900 at Hanover #003718-00 (Bruce Co): Alphons CUTTING, 45?, farmer, Erin, Keppel, s/o William CUTTING & Rebecca BEEBE, married Margaret LAMBKIN, 27, Keppel, same, d/o John LAMBKIN & Mary Ann FOREMAN, witn: Mary KITCHING & Nellie SIBLEY, both of Wiarton, 13 June 1900 at Wiarton
003592-00 (Bruce) James DALLAS, 38, farmer, Brucefield, same, widower, s/o James DALLAS & Janet McFARLAND, to Christina HUNTER, 30, Blyth, Kinloss, d/o Robert HUNTER & Elizabeth COMBS, wit: Dougald McDONALD & Mary McDONALD both of Kinloss, 24 October 1900, Kinloss  
#003393-00 (Bruce Co): James DAVIDSON, 40, Peel Co., Amabel, s/o James DAVIDSON & Jane KAIN, married Lizzie JOHNSTON, 23, Arran, same, d/o Joseph JOHNSTON & Mary Ann NELSON, witnesses were James DAVIDSON of Amabel twp & Sarah Jane JOHNSTON of Arran twp., Nov. 14, 1900 at Arran #003647-00 John Wilson DAVIDSON, 35, clergyman, Union, Quebec, s/o James (no surname given) & Jane GRANT, married Elfrieda M. POMEROY, 35, Napanee, Southampton, d/o J.C. POMEROY & Sarah MARSH, witn: James DAVIDSON, Toronto & Gertrude POMEROY, Southampton, 20 June 1900 at Southampton
#003989-01 (Bruce Co): Alex W. DEVER, 31, minister (Meth.), Durham Co., Welton, s/o William DEVER & Mary Ann REYNOLDS, married Susie W. Mary BLAIR, 29, Huron twp., Pine River, d/o William BLAIR & Elizabeth JOHNSTON, witn: Ella BLAIR of Pine River & Rev. Thomas E. SAWYER of Culross twp., 20 Dec 1900 at Pine River 003593-00 (Bruce) Robert J. DOBIE, 39, merchant, Brussels, Whitechurch, s/o John DOBIE & Mary SMITH, to Mary Ann McCLENAGHAN, Whitechurch, same, d/o James McCLENAGHAN & Susanna BAKER, wit: Robert McCLENAGHAN & Addie McCLENAGHAN both of Whitechurch, 5 September 1900, Whitechurch
  003673-00 (Bruce) James DONACHY, 37, currier, no birthplace, Teeswater, s/o Jas. DONACHY & Ellen WINE, to Annie LEWIS, 24, no birthplace, Kincardine, d/o George LEWIS & M. A. BRADLEY, wit: A. BUTCHART & Ida A. WILLOUGHBY both of Teeswater, 12 July 1900, Teeswater
003625-00 James Walker DOUGHERTY, 26, druggist, Mitchell Ont., Port Elgin, s/o James DOUGHERTY & Barbara FORRESTER, married Emma Katherine CAMERON, 24, Port Elgin, same, d/o William CAMERON & Johanna STARK, witn: Colin S. CAMERON of Port Elgin & Kate A. DOUGHERTY of Mitchell Ont. on Sept. 19, 1900 at Port Elgin. 003581-00 (Bruce) Thomas DRANMEN, 29, farmer, Ashfield, same, s/o George DRANMEN & Agnes BEARD, to Annie O’RIELY, 32, Ashfield, same, d/o Thomas O’RIELY & Hannah SHEA, wit: George DRANMEN & Maria DRANMEN both of Ashfield, 16 January 1900, Kinloss
#003710-00 (Bruce Co): William George DRINKWATER, 21, barber, Scugog Island, Wiarton, s/o Elijah Young DRINKWATER & Elizabeth Grace SANGUINES, married Pauline HARLEY, 20, Hanover, same, d/o John HARLEY & Amelia GUSA, witn: Bert DRINKWATER & Kate FERGUSON, both of Wiarton, 28 Feb 1900 at Wiarton #003640-00 John DUFF, 31, brush maker, not given, Port Elgin, s/o George & Agnes , married Mary FENTON, 26, not given, Southampton, d/o Richard & Margaret , witn: James DUFF, Southampton & Edith NELSON, Port Elgin, 10 Jan 1900 at Southampton
003484 – 00 (Bruce Co) Abram EASTON, 35, farmer, Ontario, Appleby, s/o John Easton & Margaret LAING, married Isabella BAIN, 24, Ontario, Lions Head, d/o Robert BAIN & Elizabeth ANDREW, witn: Thomas J. EASTON of Appleby & Matilda BAIN of Lions Head, 24 January 1900, at Lot 31 Conc. 3 E., Eastnor. #003728-00 (Bruce Co): Jacob EBERTH, 25, brick maker, Hanover, same, s/o John EBERTH & Antonia SCHULTZ, married Clara SCHENK, 18, Wiarton, Bentinck, d/o George SCHENK & Mandy KROUNHALTZ?, witn: W.E. SIBLEY of Brampton & M. KITCHING of Wiarton, 3 July 1900 at Wiarton
#003388-00 (Bruce Co): Frederick H. ELLIOTT, 28, farmer, Southampton village, Sullivan twp., s/o Sidney Marshall ELLIOTT & Margaret SPENCE, married Emma CROWE, age not given, public school teacher, Arran twp., same, d/o Francis CROWE & Ann Jane WELSH, witnesses were Joseph A. WELLS of Southampton & Catherine E. CROWE of Arran twp., Sept., 18, 1900 at Arran twp #003723-00 (Bruce Co): Thomas ELLIOTT, 28, laborer, Kincardine, Wiarton, s/o William ELLIOTT & Agnes JOHNSTON, married Sophie COLE, 24, Keppel, Owen Sound, d/o John COLE & M. Ann ARKENS, witn: Robert COLE of Mar & Agnes J. ELLIOTT of Wiarton, 14 Nov 1900 at Wiarton
3348-00 Duncan ELLIOTT, 22, farmer, Cape Croker, same, s/o Frank & Elizabeth, married Lucy PEDONQUOTT, 16, Cape Croker, same, d/o William & Mary, witn: Charles & Sarah PEDONQUOTT of Cape Croker, 15 Aug 1900 at Cape Croker #003727-00 (Bruce Co): Lucius Morgan ELY (or Eby), 33, merchant, Glanford twp., Wiarton, s/o Henry R.A. ELY & Ellen Eliza HATT, married Mary Etta JOHNS, 22, Aurora, Wiarton, d/o John JOHNS & Mary Jane VICARS, witn: J.R. LANE of Wiarton & Margaret MacAULEY of Southampton, 5 Dec 1900 at Wiarton
3416-00 Carl EMKE, 30, farmer, Howick, Brant twp., s/o Carl EMKE & Friedericka SIERK?, married Caroline SCHLAEGER, 20, Brant twp., same, d/o blank & Elizabeth SCHLAEGER, witn: Cris. WERDENDORF & Annie WICKEN, both of Brant twp., 17 July 1900 at Brant twp. 3421-00 John ENGEL, 28, farmer, Brant twp., same, s/o John ENGEL & Wilhelmina BIERWIRTH, married Annie BECKER, 20, Brant twp., same, d/o George BECKER & Eva GUNTHER, witn: Henry ENGEL & Minnie? BECKER, both of Brant twp., 9 Oct 1900 at Brant twp.
#003375-00 (Bruce Co): Malcolm ESPLEN, 32, farmer, Arran, lot 4 con 5 Arran, s/o Henry ESPLEN & Margaret HATCHEL, married Mary HARRON, 27, Arran, lot 23 con 9 Arran, d/o John HARRON & Margaret Jane MORROW, witnesses wereGeorge ESPLEN & Maud HARRON, both of Arran, Jan. 31, 1900 at Arran 3359-00 Samuel John EYRE, 27, farmer, Ontario, Amabel, s/o William EYRE & Catherine COOK, married Susan Mary HODGINS, 17, Ontario, Amabel, d/o John J. HODGINS & Eliza THORNTON, witn: James EYRE & George E. HODGINS, both of Amabel, 7 Feb 1900 at Amabel
#003377-00 (Bruce Co): Thomas J. FENTON, 22, farmer, Anabel, Anabel twp., s/o Henry FENTON & Susan HAYS, married Margaret E. S. POWELL, 22, Arran, same, d/o Robert A. POWELL & Margaret RUSHTON, witnesses were J.R.FENTON of Arran & Bessie HUTTON of Port Elgin, March 15, 1900 at Arran #003390-00 (Bruce Co): Roland FINN, 20, mason, Allenford, Chesley, s/o Luke FINN & Jane BELL, married Maggie WALPOLE, 22, Oxenden Ont., Arran, d/o Richard WALPOLE & Sarah COUSINS, witnesses were Samuel WARD & Sara WALPOLE, both of Arran twp., Oct. 17, 1900 at Arran
003536-00 (Bruce) Joseph FISHER, 29, blacksmith, Ontario, Kincardine, s/o James FISHER & Judith POLLOCK, to Isabella THOMPSON, 28, Ontario, Huron, d/o Robert THOMPSON & Eliza EMERSON, wit: Ed. THOMPSON of Huron & Sadie POLLOCK of Purple Grove, 3 October 1900, Lot 2 con 12 Huron 3434-00 William H. FLEMING, 24, druggist, Ont, Stayner, s/o James H. FLEMING & Isabella CHALMERS, married Mary Jane McDONALD, 22, Ontario, Stayner, d/o Alexander McDONALD & Mary McARTHUR, witn: W. L. & Annie McQUARRIE of Queenhill, 18 July 1900 at Queenhill
#003410-00 (Bruce Co): Samuel FLEMING, 30, farmer, Sydenham twp., Greenock twp., s/o George FLEMING & Margaret ANDERSON, married Lydia Ann RATHWELL, 22, Brant, same, d/o John RATHWELL & Elizabeth COTNAM, witn: George FLEMING of Derby & Edith HOPPER of Brant, 11 April 1900 at Brant 3502-00 (Bruce Co): Albert E. FROST, 24, laborer, Elderslie, same, s/o Charles FROST & Sarah THOMPSON, married Martha McWATERS, 16, Elderslie, same, d/o William McWATERS & Elizabeth BERRY, witn: J. D. & E. A. VOLLICK of Elderslie, 15 June 1900 at Elderslie
3500-00 (Bruce Co): Wesley E. FRY, 24, teamster, Port Hope, Chesley, s/o Samuel FRY & Edna MERRYFIELD, married Ester E. KERR, 19, Elderslie, same, d/o John KERR & Ester CONNOR, witn: David McNAUGHTON of Chesley & Jessie WILLISCROFT of Paisley, 9 April 1900 at Elderslie 003594-00 (Bruce) George GARTON, 29, farmer, England, E. Wawanosh, s/o George GARTON & Mary Anne PUGH, to Jenny RINTOUL, 23, W. Wawanosh, Whitechurch, d/o Henry RINTOUL & Ann McGEE, wit: Lizzie RINTOUL of Whitechurch & Samuel GARTON of St. Helens, 24 October 1900, Whitechurch
  3423-00 William GATEMAN, 28, teamster, Brant twp., Hanover, s/o Chris GATEMAN & Maria TOGER, married Emma FROOK, 24, Carrick, Brant twp., d/o Fred FROOK & Wilhelmina ENGEL, witn: William FROOK & Mary GATMAN (sic), both of Brant twp., 28 Nov 1900 at Brant twp
003532-00 (Bruce) William Thomas GILLESPIE, 25, teamster, Exeter, same, s/o John Andrew GILLESPIE & Rachel Agnes BARKER, to Agnes DICKSON, 28, Huron, same, d/o James DICKSON & Margaret WEIR, wit: John A. ROSS & Maggie DICKSON both of Huron, 27 June 1900, Huron 003629-00 Henry GOOD, 58, blacksmith, widower, Waterloo, Conestoga, s/o Benjamin GOOD & Barbara BERGEY, married Elizabeth KELLER, 50, widow, Germany, Port Elgin, d/o Conrad KRAUS & Elizabeth LANTZ, witn: Frederick & Caroline ROEBKE both of Port Elgin on Oct. 31, 1900 at Port Elgin.
003671-00 (Bruce) Joseph GOWDY, 47, yeoman, Huron Co., Howick, s/o Alex GOWDY & Eliza ROW, to Margaret J. GAMBLE, 38, Huron Co., Howick, d/o William GAMBLE & Agnes P(A or U)?LEN, wit: Mrs. J. MALCOLM & Mrs. J.J. HISCON both of Teeswater, 2 July 1900, Teeswater #003648-00 James F. HADDEN, 25, lumber dealer, Nassaguya (as written), Lewiston U.S., s/o Robert & Isabel, married Gertrude KERCHNER, 23, Clifford, Southampton, d/o Louis & Phoebe, witn: G.W. BURNS & Mable KERCHNER, both of Southampton, 5 Sept 1900 at Southampton
#003396-00 (Bruce Co): George HAMILTON, 27, machinist, North Easthope, Toronto, s/o Christopher HAMILTON & Mary ARMSTRONG, married Mary MAXWELL, 22, York Co., Arran, d/o Peasmarsh? MAXWELL & Jane BALLANTYNE, witnesses wereJohn E. HAMILTON of Arran & Aggie DOUGLASS of Tara, Nov. 21, 1900 at Arran 3503-00 (Bruce Co): Wesley HAMMOND, 28, farmer, Elderslie, Amabel twp., s/o John HAMMOND & Sarah SHAW, married Emma BEATTIE, 21, Elderslie, same, d/o John BEATTIE & Catherine HAMMELL, witn: John BEATTIE of Elderslie & Manell? HAMMOND of Amabel, 24 May 1900 at Elderslie
003675-00 (Bruce) George? HARKNESS, 24, laborer, Bruce, Teeswater, s/o W. HARKNESS & Jane MUIR, to Rebecca CASLICK, 24, Bruce, Teeswater, d/o George CASLICK & Hannah McKENZIE, wit: Lucy CASLICK & Oliva HEMINGWAY both of Teeswater, 28 November 1900, Teeswater  
003619-00 Albert Oliver HARMER, 25, laborer, Kincardine, Tiverton, s/o James & Roda Elizabeth, married Margaret KERR, 19, Kincardine, Tiverton, d/o Murdoch & Mary Ann, witn: Mr & Mrs Robert GEORGE both of Port Elgin on July 2, 1900 at Port Elgin. 003847-01 (Bruce Co), Henry HARMES, blank, widow, undertaker, Brantford Ont, Southampton, s/o Henry HARMES & Mary GRIDLEY, married Susannah ATCHESON, blank, Arran, same, d/o Charles ATCHESON & Frances PARK, witn Edward COULTER & Annie PARK both of Invermay, 20 March 1900 at Invermay, Arran
003631-00 George HARMON, 24, laborer, Brant Tp., Port Elgin, s/o Emanuel HARMAN & Elizabeth SAGO (Sager?), married Lydia HELWIG, 24, Carrick Tp., Port Elgin, d/o Henry HELWIG & Minnie EWALD, witn: Jasper NIGH & Sadie HARMON both of Port Elgin on Dec. 25, 1900 at Port Elgin 003539-00 (Bruce) Ferdinand HARTWICK, 36, farmer, Fullerton Perth Co., Kincardine tp., s/o Ludwig HARTWICK & Christine BERTHELL, to Ann Frances HAMILTON, 25, Rawden Quebec, Huron, d/o Robert HAMILTON & Fanny McGARRITY, wit: Hugh GARDINER of Kincardine tp. & Melissa MILLS of Huron, 14 October 1900, Pine River
  #003655-00 John L. HARVEY, 27, druggist, Oshawa, Toronto, s/o John Samuel HARVEY & Susan HUNT, married Mabel Agnes BRUCE, 22, Tara, same, d/o Robert C. BRUCE & Annie NEWTON, witn: James H. NEWTON, Owen Sound & Mary CARLILLE, Tara, 6 June 1900 at the residence of R.C. Bruce, Tara
003623-00 Frederick W. HEARN, 25, station agent, London England, Delhi, s/o Charles HEARN & Anne E. HAYWARD, married Mary Elizabeth CURRIE, 21, Port Elgin, same, d/o Duncan CURRIE & Mary FALCONER, witn: Harry G. HEARN of Welland & May A. FALCONER of Port Elgin on Sept. 8, 1900 at Port Elgin #003659-00 Robert Henry HENDERSON, 28, merchant, Ireland, Big Bay Ont, s/o Robert HENDERSON & Mary WILSON, married Jessie F. LENG, 22, Ont, Tara, d/o Francis D. LENG & Henrietta RICHARDS, witn: Ernest LENG & Aggie DOUGLASS, both of Tara, 20 Jun 1900 at residence of bride, Tara
#003409-00 (Bruce Co): Thomas Oliver HENDERSON, 22, finisher, Normanby twp., Chesley, s/o Robert HENDERSON & Agnes WILSON, married Mary GEISEL, 24, Bentinck, Elmwood, d/o Henry GEISEL & Catherine BRINZEL, witn: Robert John HENDERSON of Hanover & Emma GEISEL of Elmwood, 23 May 1900 at Brant 3499-00 (Bruce Co): Francis HERRON, 24, farmer, Elderslie, same, s/o William HERRON & Matilda CROWE, married Margaret Ann ROBB, 22, Elderslie, same, d/o William ROBB & Mary CORDICK, witn; William HERRON of Elderslie twp & Mary VANCE of Arran twp., 4 April 1900 at Elderslie
003542-00 (Bruce) Samuel B. S. HEWITT, 23, farmer, no birthplace, Kincardine tp., s/o John HEWITT & Jane WELSH, to Maud M. CHAMBERS, 22, no birthplace, Huron tp., d/o John James CHAMBERS & Mary BRADLEY, wit: Thomas HEWITT & Bernica J. CHAMBERS both of Ontario, 5 December 1900, Huron 003672-00 (Bruce) Percy J. HILL, 21, pop manf., no birthplace, Wingham, s/o R. HILL & K. SMITH, to Maggie YOUNG, 21, no birthplace, Wingham, d/o Jas. YOUNG & Maggie TUSKER, wit: Nelson CLARK & Mary YOUNG both of Wingham, 4 July 1900, Teeswater
#003652-00 George Arthur HILLS, 23, labourer, Grey Co, Tara, s/o George HILLS & Elizabeth JEFFRY, married Annie MCCRAE, 33, Bruce Co, Arran Twp, d/o Archibald MCCRAE & Janet DAVIS, witn: Jessie MCGREGOR, Kemble & Mrs. D.A. MCLEAN, Tara, 21 Feb 1900 at the Manse, Tara 003582-00 (Bruce) Walter HODGINS, 32, farmer, Kinloss tp., same, s/o Henry HODGINS & Mary Jane PERCY, to Mary Jane STATTERS, 19, Dereham Oxford Co., Kinloss tp., d/o Edwin STATTERS & Jane FACEY, wit: Denzel E. STATTERS & Elizabeth Harriet HODGINS both of Kinloss tp., 7 March 1900, Kinloss
3352-00 Thomas James HOGG, 24, laborer, Albermarle twp., same, s/o Alex HOGG & Sarah E. ARMSTRONG, married Mary Elizabeth DIXON, 16, Albermarle twp., same, d/o William DIXON, farmer, & Mary Ann MALLARD, witn: William & Mrs. William DIXON of Albermarle, 10 Dec 1900 at Albermarle twp 3349-00 William John HOWE, 26, farmer, Elmer, Albermarle twp., s/o George HOWE & Margaret HODGINS, married Ellen Edith WAUGH, 20, Eastnor twp., Albermarle twp., d/o Francis WAUGH, farmer, & Ann WATCHORN, witn: James Allen WAUGH & Margaret Jane HOWE, both of Albermarle, 10 Oct 1900 at Albermarle twp
#003370-00 (Bruce Co): Ford S.J. IVEY, 27, painter, England, Southampton, s/o T.W. IVEY & Sarah A. EMERSON?, married Isabella McDONALD, 18, Ontario, Southampton, d/o John A. McDONALD & M.A. CROSS, withnesses were Thomas H & M.J. LOUGHEED of Allenford, Oct. 15, 1900 at Amabel 003595-00 (Bruce) James JAMIESON, 27, farmer, E. Wawanosh, same, s/o Thomas JAMIESON & Agnes DICK, to Mable PATTERSON, 19, E. Wawanosh, same, d/o James PATTERSON & Susanna GAUNT, wit: Annie McKAY & Jennie McKEE both of Lucknow, 17 October 1900, Kinloss
003525-00 (Bruce) John Wesley JEATER, 32, Yeoman, Halton Co., Huron tp., s/o Israel JEATER & Margaret HUSBAND, to Kate McGUIRE, 35, Hastings Co., d/o William McGUIRE & Janet McGILLVRAY, wit: William Duncan McTAVISH & Lena McLENNAN both of Huron, 3 January 1900, Huron #003725-00 (Bruce Co): Charles Alfred JONES, 39, lumberman, Eramosa, Wiarton, s/o Arthur JONES & Nancy JOHNSTON, married Rebecca Adelaide MALONE, 31, Owen Sound, Wiarton, d/o Daniel MALONE & Margaret DONALDSON, witn: Walter Russell JONES & Marion Alice KYLE, both of Wiarton, 27 Nov 1900 at Wiarton
#004176-00 (Bruce Co): Joseph KERR, 30, engineer, Wiarton , Keppel, s/o George & Susan, married Olive MARSHALL, 17, Albermarle, same, d/o Anthony MARSHALL & Julia BLAKE, witn: John BRUNDRILL & Gordon McEWEN, both of Wiarton , 16 Oct 1900 at Wiarton 3362-00 George W. KEYES, 26, laborer, Ontario, Amabel, s/o George KEYES & Letitia ARMSTRONG, married Harriet Ann CASE, 24, Ontario, Amabel, d/o Joseph CASE & Susan POWELL, witn: Adam CASE & Ellie KEYES, both of Amabel, 18 April 1900 at Amabel
#003642-00 Charles E. KILMER, 30, electrician, Walkerton, Hamilton, s/o Edward (no surname given) & Jane FORD, married Helena LINDSAY, 21, Southampton, same, d/o Andrew & Jennie , witn: W.M. SHAW, Walkerton & Cara LINDSAY, Southampton, 21 Feb 1900 at Southampton #004177-00 (Bruce Co): Harold J. KYLE, 19, finisher, Wiarton , same, s/o Ebenezer KYLE & Annie Laurie FAIRBORN, married Myrtle A. McDERMOTT, 16, Palmerston, Wiarton , d/o Thomas William McDERMOTT & Margaret STODDART, witn: H.B. KYLE of Wiarton & Olive KELLS of Listowel, 25 Dec 1900 at Wiarton
3347-00 John Albert LAWRENCE, 28, farmer, Toronto twp., Albermarle twp., s/o George LAWRENCE & Isabella HUNTER, married Maud Alice HOGUE, 22, Grey Co., Albermarle twp,. d/o James HOGUE & Mary J. BLAIR, witn: George E. LAWRENCE & M. PERKINS, both of Clavering, 27 June 1900 at Albermarle twp #003656-00 James Alexander LAWSON, 42, insurance agt, Norfolk Co Ont, Delhi, s/o Peter LAWSON & Mary DEAN, married Mrs Susan CROFT, 32, Dufferin Co, Tara, widow, d/o Samuel TURNER & Sarah REID, witn: Thomas COCHRANE, St Thomas & Miss Nellie TURNER, Tara, 6 June 1900 at British Hotel, Tara
#003726-00 (Bruce Co): William George LEE, 36, widower, laborer, Albion, Albermarle, s/o James LEE & Sarah Ann MORTON, married Sarah Elizabeth SCHELL, 26, Now Lowell, Albermarle, d/o Abner SCHELL & Elizabeth SHEPPERD, witn: Mrs. M.R. COWELL & B.B. MILLER, both of Wiarton, 5 Dec 1900 at Wiarton #003729-00 (Bruce Co): Thomas LONGWAY, 22, laborer, Owen Sound, Hepworth, s/o Louis LONGWAY & Henrietta NEWMAN, married Hannah HILTZ, 18, Egremont, Keppel, d/o Isaac HILTZ & Selena SCHELL, witn: William G. URDE? of Keppel & Mrs. SEBRAL of Amabel, 4 Oct 1900 at Wiarton
#003641-00 George W. MARTIN, 29, engineer, Bruce Twp, Southampton, s/o Murdock & Margaret , married Jennie E. MCVITTIE, 32, Saugeen, Southampton, d/o George & Catherine , witn: George & Catherine MCVITTIE, both of Southampton, 31 Jan 1900 at Southampton 003583-00 (Bruce) David MARTYN, 61, farmer, Lewiston Scotland, Huron tp., widower, s/o John MARTYN & Kate MORRISON, to Christina McRITCHIE, 44, Lewiston Scotland, Kinloss tp., widow, d/o Murdock & Sarah McKAY, wit: Murdock McRITCHIE & Tena or Lena McRITCHIE both of Kinlough, 29 January 1900, Kinlough
003530-00 (Bruce) Thomas Robert MASON, 28, farmer, Huron tp., same, s/o Robert MASON & Betsey MUNROE, to Catherine C. HODGINS, 27, Huron tp., same, d/o George HODGINS & Jane ARDELL, wit: James H. HODGINS & Sarah E. HODGINS both of Huron, 18 April 1900, Village of Ripley 003584-00 (Bruce) William H. MAXWELL, 42, carpenter, Caledon, Grangeville, widower, s/o William MAXWELL & Margaret ERSKINE, to Isabella WIGGINS, Peel Co., Grangeville, d/o Thomas WIGGANS & Essa HARRIS, wit: Alf. LOVE of Alliston & Maggie MAXWELL of Toronto, 23 May 1900, Kinloss
003669-00 (Bruce) Robert McCALLISTER, 29, farmer, Culross, same, s/o ? McCALLISTER & Mary MANLEY, to Alice REID, 23, Culross, same, d/o Jas. REID & Janett WHYBETT?, wit: John McCALLISTER & Josephine REID both of Culross, 24 May 1900, Teeswater 3429-00 John McARTHUR, 57, farmer, Scotland, Bruce twp., s/o Donald McARTHUR & Phemie McKECHNIE, married Lexy Jane THOMPSON, 39, Ontario, Bruce twp., d/o Robert THOMPSON & Catherine McLEOD, witn: Colin McARTHUR of Bruce twp. & Nora THOMPSON of Saugeen twp., 23 Feb 1900 at Bruce twp
3419-00 William James McBEATH, 28, farmer, Elderslie, same, s/o William McBEATH & Elizabeth McINTYRE, married Hannah KIRKWOOD, 28, Brant twp., same, d/o Gavin KIRKWOOD & Mary HOPE, witn: George McBEATH of Elderslie & Sarah KIRKWOOD of Brant twp., 19 Sept 1900 at Brant twp.  
003596-00 (Bruce) John McBURNEY, 26, farmer, Huron tp., Kinloss tp., s/o William McBURNEY & Jean REID, to Mary GORDON, 22, Kinloss tp., same, d/o Archibald GORDON & Isabel McKENZIE, wit: Angus GORDON & Belle HAIGH of Kinloss tp., 12 December 1900, Kinloss #003643-00 Malcolm MCCANNEL (MCCONNEL?), 25, farmer, Arran, same, s/o Donald & Mary , married Mary E. BROOKS, 21, Saugeen, same, d/o George & Margaret, witn: David BROOKS, Saugeen & Daisy MCINTOSH, Southampton, 14 Mar 1900 at Saugeen
#003633-00 (Bruce Co) Malcolm McCANNELL, 25, farmer, Arran Twp Same, s/o Donald & Margaret McCANNELL married Mary Ellen BROOKS, 21 Saugeen Twp. , same., d/o George BROOKS & Margaret McINTOSH. Wtn.- Daniel BROOKS Saugeen Twp. & Daisy MCINTOSH, South Hampton. 14 March 1900 Lot 10 Con 13 Saugeen Twp #003986-01 (Bruce Co): Neil K (or R) McCORVIE, 25, farmer, Kinloss twp., same, s/o Neil McCORVIE & Ann McLELLAND, married Mary Marilla CLARK, 24, Huron twp., same, d/o John Abraham CLARK & Marilla SCOTT, witn: Arthur McLEAN of Whitechurch & Lizzie MURDOCH of Lucknow, 28 Nov 1900 at Huron twp (also 3545-00)
#003406-000 (Bruce Co): James McCUTCHEON, 26, farmer, Nassagaweya, Prosperity NWT, s/o James McCUTCHEON & Elizabeth WRIGHT, married Jessie Ann CARGILL, 26, Nassagaweya, Brant, d/o Alexander CARGILL & Jessie STEWART, witn: Henry WINKLESS of Cargill & Maggie CARGILL of Brant, 28 Feb 1900 at Brant 003535-00 (Bruce) Alexander MACDONALD, 33, farmer, Huron, same, s/o James McDONALD & Margaret MOORE, to Katie Ann McKAY, 23, Huron, same, d/o Murdoch McKAY & Mary McDONALD, wit: James McDONALD & Margaret McKAY both of Huron, 13 September 1900, Huron
003665-00 (Bruce) Archibald McDONALD, 32, farmer, Culross, same, s/o Alen McDONALD & Janett LITTLE, to Mary MARTIN, 27, Culross, Teeswater, d/o Jas. MARTIN & Mary McPHERSON, wit: Ale. McLENNAN of Walkerton & Mrs. Jas. MARTIN, 13 March 1900, Teeswater #003731-00 (Bruce Co): John Andrew McDONALD, 28, plumber, Meaford, Owen Sound, s/o Archie McDONALD & Julia RAYMOND, married Emma Sim TROTTER, 27, Owen Sound, Wiarton, d/o Thomas TROTTER & Mary Elizabeth SIM, witn: Maggie Amelia & Minnie Augusta TROTTER of Wiarton, 21 July 1900 at Wiarton
003597-00 (Bruce) William McDONALD, 36, liveryman, Langside Ont., Hartney Man., s/o John McDONALD & Catherine McDAIRMID, to Mary Jane MURRAY, 30, Langside, same, d/o Thomas MURRAY & Ann Elizabeth TIFFIN, wit: Neil McDONALD & Lizzie MURRAY both of Langside, 12 September 1900, Langside 003528-00 (Bruce) Roderick McINTOSH, 28, yeoman, Huron tp., same, s/o Andrew McINTOSH & Jessie GILLIES, to Kate THOMPSON, 20, Huron tp., same, d/o John THOMPSON & Grace McMILLAN, wit: Carrie E. SWANN & Kathleen SWANN both of Ripley, 14 February 1900, Village of Ripley
3426-00 Kenneth McIVER, 39, fisherman, widower, Scotland, Underwood, s/o Donald McIVER & Maggie MORRISON, married Isabella McPHAIL, 28, Ontario, Bruce twp., d/o Lachlan McPHAIL & Flora McARTHUR, witn: Angus McKENZIE of Underwood & Flora McPHAIL of Bruce twp., 17 Jan 1900 at Bruce twp. 003527-00 (Bruce) George McIVER, 28, farmer, Ashfield tp., same, s/o Donald McIVER & Mary SMITH, to Sarah Ann McLAY, 19, Huron tp., same, d/o John McLAY & Bella SMITH, wit: Allan K. McLAY & Isabella McLAY both of Huron, 7 March 1900, Huron
003531-00 (Bruce) Angus McKAY, 23, cabinet maker, Goderich, same, s/o Donald McKAY & Mary Ann RUSSELL, to Anna Bell McLEOD, 23, Huron tp., same, d/o Angus (very hard to read) McLEOD & Kate McKENZIE, wit: S. G. McKAY of Goderich & Kate McLEOD of Huron, 25 April 1900, Huron  
#003721-00 (Bruce Co): Archibald McKECHNIE, 31, farmer, Bruce twp., Eastnor, s/o John McKECHNIE & Ann McLEAN, married Flora FOX, 21, Eastnor, same, d/o James FOX & Sarah DRIFFEL, witn: Fannie M. & F. May ACHESON of Wiarton, 17 Oct 1900 at Wiarton #003381-00 (Bruce Co): Robert James McKELVEY, 31, farmer, Arran, Elderslie, s/o William McKELVEY & Elizabeth CROWE, married Jane Louisa KIRKLAND, 26, Dummer twp., Arran, d/o Robert KIRKLAND & Elizabeth GRANT, witnesses wereWilliam D. McKELVEY & Aggie KIRKLAND, both of Arran, June 20, 1900 at Arran
#003233-00 (Bruce Co): Allan McKINNON, 24, farmer, North Bruce, same, s/o Alan McKINNON & Kate KENNEDY, married Annie LEITCH, 20, North Bruce, same, d/o Malcolm LEITCH & Catherine McINNES, witn: Neil D. McKINNON of N. Bruce & Kate PATTERSON of Wiarton, 19 Sept 1900 at Wiarton 3428-00 Duncan McKINNON, 40, farmer, Ontario, Bruce twp., s/o John McKINNON & Catherine McPHAIL, married Jeannie KENMOND, 31, Ontario, Bruce twp., d/o Peter & Mary, witn: E. McDONALD of Manitoba & Lizzie KENMOND of Bruce twp., 19 Feb 1900 at Bruce twp.
3431-00 Malcolm McLEAN, 25, farmer, Ontario, Bruce twp., s/o Malcolm McLEAN & Sarah McKECHNIE, married Sarah A. HOWE, 24, Ontario, Bruce twp., d/o Jacob HOWE & Sarah NELSON, witn: Daniel McLEAN & Jennie HOWE, both of Bruce twp., 14 March 1900 at Bruce twp. 003529-00 (Bruce) Angus McLELLAN, 60, farmer, Inverness Shire Scotland, Huron tp., s/o Donald McLELLAN & Mary McDONALD, to Marion McLEOD, 35, Sutherland Shire Scotland, Ripley, d/o Murdock McLEOD & Marion McLEOD, wit: Norman McLEOD & Maggie MUNRO both of Ripley, 14 March 1900, Ripley
003538-00 (Bruce) Donald B. McLEOD, 35, farmer, Huron, same, s/o Donald McLEOD & Isabella McDONALD, to Maggie McKINNON, 24, Kincardine tp., Huron tp., d/o Donald McKINNON & Annie McKENZIE, wit: Angus McLEOD & Etta McLEOD both of Huron, 31 October 1900, Ripley 3420-00 Nelson McMAHON, 24, teamster, Elderslie, Paisley, s/o John McMAHON & Sarah McLAUGHLAN, married Annie MAXWELL, 23, Sullivan, Brant twp., d/o James MAXWELL & Jane HOPE, witn: John MAXWELL of Ellengowan & Lillie McMAHON of Paisley, 29 Aug 1900 at Brant twp
003621-00 John McNAUGHTON, 27, printer, Halton Co., Ann Arbor Mich. USA, s/o Malcolm McNAUGHTON & Catherine BROWN, married Christina M. McEWING, 24, Saugeen Tp., Port Elgin, d/o John McEWING & Christina WILKIE, witn: Sarah McLEOD of Walkerton & D. J. McEWING of Port Elgin on Aug. 15, 1900 at Port Elgin. 3441-00 Daniel McPHAIL, 25, Ontario, Bruce twp., s/o Archibald McPHAIL & Mary BROWN, married Lizzie McKAY, 21, Scotland, Bruce twp., d/o William McKAY & Mary McGLASHAN, witn: Malcolm McNEILL & Jennie McPHAIL, both of Bruce, 25 Dec 1900 at Bruce twp.
3427-00 Duncan J. McPHAIL, 38, warehouse man, Ontario, Duluth Minn., s/o John McPHAIL & Catherine McDONALD, married Jessie B. McLEAN, 32, Ontario, Detroit, d/o Donald H. McLEAN & Mary McMILLAN, witn: Hugh McPHAIL & Sarah Ann McLEAN, both of Bruce twp., 1 Jan 1900 at Bruce twp #003724-00 (Bruce Co): Alexander McQUEEN, 28, painter, Collingwood, Wiarton, s/o Peter McQUEEN & Laura McNAB, married Catherine A. FERGUSON, 25, Kincardine, Wiarton, d/o Roderick FERGUSON & Catherine McCLAIN?, witn: Hugh McQUEEN of Wiarton, 21 Nov 19090 at Wiarton
#003649-00 Robert MCVITTIE, 24, electrician, Saugeen, Burlington, s/o William & Margaret, married Eva MCKAY, 21, Southampton, same, d/o Hiram & Eliza , witn: John MCVITTIE & Bershian? MCKAY, both of Southampton, 17 Aug 1900 at Southampton  
#003736-00 (Bruce Co): Robert J. MILLAR, 27, electrician, Kincardine, Wiarton, a/o James MILLAR & Janet SMITH, married Lizzie DEVITT, 28, Wainfleet, Wiarton, d/o Matthias Dean DEVITT & Jean ANGLE, witn: R.E. TROUT of Barrow Bay & Maggie DEVITT of Wiarton, 26 Sept 1900 at Wiarton #003740-00 (Bruce Co): Charles Albert MILLER, 28, butcher, Neustadt, Wiarton, s/o August MILLER & Hannah HASSERGAGER, married Susan Minnie WHITE, 23, Keppel, Wiarton, d/o William WHITE & Margaret McDOUGALL, witn: Ruby M. HOWITT of Wiarton & George MILLER of Chesley, 17 Oct 1900 at Wiarton
3443-00 Robert MINTO, 37, Ontario, Paisley, s/o John MINTO & Mary ARMSTRONG, married Mary BENTLEY (Mrs. OSLER), 33, widow, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Joseph BENTLEY & Mary DICKHOUT, witn: James PALL? & Maggie MINTO, both of Bruce, 25 Dec 1900 at Bruce twp #003722-00 (Bruce Co): George MOORE, 18, farmer, Eastnor, same, s/o Samuel MOORE & Charlotte BAKER, married Sarah YEO, 19, Sydenham, Eastnor, d/o Harry YEO & Susan HALLIDAY, witn: Samuel MOORE of Eastnor & Mrs. J. DONGAVEL of Wiarton, 8 Nov 1900 at Wiarton
#003654-00 Thomas MORRIS, 24, farmer, Leeds Co, Grey Co, s/o Joseph MORRIS & Mary J. BARKER, married Flora MCARTHUR, 22, Grey Co, same, d/o Duncan MCARTHUR & Mary GILCHRIST, witn: Miss Eleanor BROWN & Mrs Rev D.A. MCLEAN, both of Tara, 24 Apr 1900 at Manse, Tara 3350-00 William John MORRISON, 28, farmer, Collingwood, Albermarle twp., s/o William John MORRISON & Mary Elizabeth COOK, married Mary Eliza CRAWFORD, 29, Brant twp., Albermarle twp., d/o James CRAWFORD, farmer, & Mary WILSON, witn: Josiah CRAWFORD & Jennie CAMERON, both of Albermarle, 14 Nov 1900 at Albermarle twp
003670-00 (Bruce) Thomas MULLEN, 28, carpenter, Bruce Co., Chipstow, s/o Cornelius MULLEN & Susannah STAPLETON, to Laura DETRICK, 26, Bruce Co., Riversdale, d/o A. DETRICK & A. KUSTINE, wit: N. O. HAGAN & Barbara HAGOTT both of Riversdale, 20 April 1900, Teeswater  
003526-00 (Bruce) Allan MURRAY, 26, farmer, Huron tp., same, s/o Norman MURRAY & Mary McDONALD, to Annie McDONALD, 22, Huron tp., same, d/o John McDONALD & Margaret McDONALD, wit: Dan. S. McDONALD & Mary McDONALD both of Huron, 24 January 1900, Huron 3364-00 Angus NASHMAN, 24, farmer, Ontario, Amabel, s/o John & Mary, married Eliza Jane NUGENT, 20, Ontario, Amabel, d/o Elijah NUGENT & Ann BROWN, witn: Edward & Solomon JAMES of Amabel, 13 May 1900 at Amabel
003620-00 James NAUGHTEN, 22, farmer, Peel, Kincardine, s/o John NAUGHTEN & Rosa Anne McGUIRE, married Agnes KAY (RAY?), 21, Kincardine, same, d/o Alex KAY & Margaret BELL, witn: L. M. McINTYRE of East Toronto & Mrs J. C. McINTYRE of Glammis on July 6, 1900 at Port Elgin 003622-00 Thomas NELSON, 40, farmer, widower, Brant Tp., Bruce Tp., s/o William NELSON & Sara ARMSTRONG, married Sarah Ann KERRY, 29, Brant Tp., Bruce Tp., d/o George KERRY & Mary REYBURN, witn: Jessie ROBERTSON of Elora & Mrs. Jean MAHAFFY of Port Elgin on Sept. 6, 1900 at Port Elgin.
  #003369-00 (Bruce Co): Christopher NEWAGUM, 20, farmer, Ontario, Amabel, s/o Luke NEWAGUM & Sarah MUTELL?, married Eliza Jane RITCHIE, 15, Ontario, Amabel, d/o Peter RITCHIE & Sophia WAUBSIA, witnesses wereCephas KABBAGE & Peter RITCHIE, both of Amabel, Oct. 14, 1900 at Amabel
#003712-00 (Bruce Co): Walter M. NEWMAN, 27, mill owner, Listowel, Wiarton, s/o John P. NEWMAN & Sophia CHAPMAN, married Ada GILPIN, 23, teacher, Wiarton, same, d/o Thomas GILPIN & Emma STREET, witn: Lillie E. NEWMAN & Thomas E. ATKINSON, both of Wiarton, 31 Jan 1900 at Wiarton 003630-00 Jacob NICHOLS, 22, sailor, Oxford Co., Saugeen Tp., s/o Jonathan NICHOLS & Frances BATES, married Jane CAMPBELL, 24, Port Elgin, Saugeen Tp., d/o John CAMPBELL & Elizabeth ROBERTSON, witn: Jacob & Catherine REINHART both of Port Elgin on Dec. 18, 1900 at Port Elgin.
003628-00 John NICOLL, 37, station agent, widower, Hamilton, Brantford, s/o John B. NICOLL & Janet CONNELL, married Jean Isabel PATERSON, 27, Port Elgin, same, d/o James R. PATERSON & Christina McPHAIL, witn: A. H. RIDOUT & Neil McGILLVRAY both of Port Elgin on Oct. 10, 1900 at Port Elgin #003735-00 (Bruce Co): John NOBLE, 25, lumberman, Keppel, same, s/o William NOBLE & Dinah SMALL, married Nellie HALL (or Hatt), 26, Fergus, Spry, d/o Richard HALL & Emma GRANT, witn: Alice G. HARRISON of Weepawa (should be Neepawa?) Man. & F.J. FERGUSON of Toronto, 25 Sept 1900 at Wiarton
#003719-00 (Bruce Co): Charles NUNENBERG, 22, cabinet maker, Hanover, Wiarton, s/o Frederick NUNENBERG & Elizabeth METZ, married Esther JOHNSTON, 21, Sydenham, Wiarton, d/o William JOHNSTON & Jane VAN WYCK, witn: David ALLAN & Mattie JOHNSTON, both of Wiarton, 8 May 1900 at Wiarton 3356-00 Frank OTTER, 21, farmer, Ontario, Amabel, s/o James OTTER & Mary WHITE, married Mary Jane MITCHELL, 20, Ontario, Amabel, d/o John MITCHELL & Betsy STEPHENSON, witn: Betsy & Elias MITCHELL of Amabel, 28 Jan 1900 at Amabel
3437-00 James A. PATTERSON, 30, farmer, Bruce Ont., Portlock Algoma, s/o George PATTERSON & Letitia YOUNG, married Jane C. McKINNON, 29, Bruce Ont., Bruce twp., d/o John McKINNON & Jane CRAWFORD, witn: T. H. PATTERSON of Kinloss & Grace P. McKINNON of Bruce, 8 Aug 1900 at Bruce twp 3357-00 Levi PERKINS, 32, widower, farmer, Ontario, Keppel, s/o Elias PERKINS & Mary Ann MOORE, married Mary McBEATH, 19, Ontario, Amabel, d/o Andrew McBEATH & Elizabeth FORSR--?, witn: John MacKINNON of Keppel & Jessie McBEATH of Amabel, 31 Jan 1900 at Amabel
003534-00 (Bruce) Stewart Wesley POLLOCK, 24, farmer, Canada, 12th con. Huron, s/o Robert POLLOCK & Mary POLLOCK, to Elizabeth FARRELL, 24, Canada, Brussels, d/o John FARRELL & Margaret FARRELL, wit: Frank POLLOCK of Ripley & Cassie FARRELL of Royal Oak Ont., 27 June 1900, Huron  
#003387-00 (Bruce Co): Harvey Henry PORTER, 23, farmer, Elderslie, Arran, s/o John PORTER & Mary SCOFFIELD, married Mary CROW, age not given, Arran, same, d/o George CROW & Bella YOUNGER, witnesses wereThomas AIKEN & Bella PLANT, both of Allenford village, Sept. 19, 1900 at Burgoyne village, Arran twp #003714-00 (Bruce Co): William J. PRITCHARD, 23, carpenter, Wiarton, same, s/o Joseph PRITCHARD & Marian NEWLOVE, married Etta A. WRIGHT, 22, house keeper, Wiarton, same, d/o William WRIGHT & Martha SEAMAN, witn: Norman DAVIS of Amabel & Myrtle WRIGHT of Wiarton, 15 May 1900 at Wiarton
#003404-00 (Bruce Co): W.J.F. PRUSS, 26, farmer, Brant, same, s/o John PRUSS & Mary PRUS (sic), married Elizabeth A.K. SCHRIBER, 22, Bentinck, Brant, d/o William SCHRIBER & Catherine HOFFMAN, witn: John PRUSS & John SCHRIBER, both of Brant, 20 Feb 1900 at Brant (Lutheran) #03645-00 Robert QUIGLEY, 28, farmer, Sullivan, same, s/o George & Jane , married Jane M. STEVENSON, 20, Elderslie, same, d/o James & Isabella , witn: William QUIGLEY, Sullivan & Caroline STEVENSON, Arran, 30 May 1900 at Southampton
#003400-00 (Bruce Co): James RAE, 27, farmer, Michigan USA, Brant, s/o William & Hannah, married Ann SMART, 28, Minto twp., Brant, d/o Peter & Mary Ann, witn: William YOUNG of Sullivan twp & Maggie SMART of Brant, 10 Jan 1900 at Brant 3438-00 David RAMSAY, 34, Huron Co., Morris, s/o Allan RAMSAY & Jane MARKS, married Martha COLWELL, 23, Bruce Ont., Bruce twp., d/o Andrew COLWELL & Ann J. BROWN, witn: Hugh A. RAMSAY of Wingham & Essie COLWELL of Bruce, 4 Sept 1900 at Bruce twp
003543-00 (Bruce) Peter Duncan REAVIE, 29, farmer, Huron tp., same, s/o Edward REAVIE & Susan MANN, to Mary Elizabeth BELL, 25, Huron tp., same, d/o Thomas BELL & Margaret O'NEIL, wit: Archibald BELL & Margaret YASSEL both of Huron, 12 December 1900, Huron #003716-00 (Bruce Co): William D. REID, 36, sailor, Goderich, Wiarton, s/o Francis W. REID & Charlotte SLADE, married Eliza SLOCUM, 34, Lexon? Ont., Wiarton, d/o Daniel W. SLOCUM & Margaret HUGHES, witn: Ogle & Fannie M. ACHESON of Wiarton, 4 May 1900 at Wiarton
  003668-00 (Bruce) George REILEY, 32, farmer, Carrick, same, s/o J. REILY & E. BELL, to Annie KLEIN, 26, Carrick, same, d/o Henry KLEIN & Minnie WOLF, wit: Francis MUNWORTHY & Julia BAKER both of Teeswater, 28 March 1900, Teeswater
3442-00 William T. RICHARDSON, 24, Ontario, Bruce twp., s/o John RICHARDSON & Rachel BEST, married Elizabeth COLE, 20, Ontario, Bruce twp., d/o John COLE & Mary MONKMAN, witn: William YATES of Brant twp & Sarah COLE of Bruce twp., 12 Dec 1900 at Bruce twp. 003586-00 (Bruce) Alexander RINTOUL, 25, farmer, W. Wawanosh, same, s/o John RINTOUL & Hannah CHISHOLM, to Jennie GILLIES, 22, Kinloss tp., same, d/o John GILLIES & Margaret HAMILTON, wit: John GILLIES of Kinloss & David GILLIES of Wawanosh, 14 March 1900, Kinloss
#003379-00 (Bruce Co): William Andrew ROADHOUSE, 27, swayer, Albion twp., Brookholm, s/o William C. ROADHOUSE & Charlotte WOLFE, married Lillias Susannah POOLE, 25, Elderslie, Arran, d/o Jesse POOLE & Phoebe DUNHAM, witnesses were Samuel M. ROADHOUSE of Dickinson North Dakota & Lena W. WOLFE of Durham, June 13, 1900 at Arran 003540-00 (Bruce) James ROBERTSON, 31, farmer, Huron, same, s/o John ROBERTSON & Margaret McLENNAN, to Martha Elizabeth CAMPBELL, 24, Huron, same, d/o Roderick CAMPBELL & Martha BELL, wit: Kenneth McLEOD & Elizabeth BELL both of Huron, 5 December 1900, Huron
003587-00 (Bruce) Samuel ROBINSON, 29, farmer, Kincardine tp., N. Hemsworth Parry Sound, s/o Samuel ROBINSON & Annie TOMLINSON, to Melinda McCAIG, 24, Kinloss, same, d/o Kennedy McCAIG & Margaret JOHNSTON, wit: Robert McVITTIE of Southampton & Selena McCAIG of Kinloss, 18 April 1900, Kinloss 003486-00 (Bruce Co) Edward ROGERS, 25, farmer, Ontario, Twp. Luther, s/o James RODGERS & Catherine Mchevin?, married Georgina WILLIAMSON, 25, Ontario, Twp. Eastnor, d/o George WILLIAMSON & Sarah MORRISON, witn: John GOTT of Pike Bay & Sarah WILLIAMSON of Wiarton, 14 March 1900, at Pike Bay, Eastnor.
3351-00 William H. ROTHWELL, 42, farmer, of Albermarle twp., s/o Edward ROTHWELL & Mary WHITE, married Emily WATCHORN, 35, of Albermarle twp., d/o Charles WATCHORN & Ann TYNDELL, witn: Webster & Emma WATCHORN of Albermarle, 28 Nov 1900 at Albermarle twp 3440-00 Charles H. ROWE, 22, England, Bruce twp., s/o Ryan ROWE & Sarah BABB, married Mary E. McKNIGHT, 17, Ontario, Bruce twp., d/o Charles McKNIGHT & Emily MANCHESTER, witn: John SMITH & Charlotte STRUTHERS, both of Bruce, 15 Nov 1900 at Bruce twp.
3424-00 Addison RUDY, 23, machinist, Bridge Pt., Brant twp., s/o Samuel RUDY & Nancy JONES, married Clara PLANTZ, 21, Neustadt, Brant twp., d/o John PLANTZ & Anna SHERMAN, witn: George BECKER & Sharlotte PLANTZ, both of Brant twp., 26 Dec 1900 at Brant twp 3365-00 George Henry RUTLEDGE, 30, lumber dealer, Ontario, Amabel, s/o William RUTLEDGE & Rebecca LOWERY, married Bessie JEWELL, 21, Ontario, Amabel, d/o Lewis JEWELL & Sarah PROUT, witn: Alfred E. JEWELL & Edith RUTLEDGE, both of Amabel, 20 June 1900 at Amabel
003533-00 (Bruce) John Andrew RUTTLE, 25, farmer, Canada, 9th con. Huron tp., s/o Adam RUTTLE & Agnes JOHNSTON, to Margaret Ann FARRELL, 25, Canada, 11th con. Huron tp., d/o Benjamin FARRELL & Margaret FARRELL, wit: Gideon A. RUTTLE & Cassie FARRELL both of Huron, 30 June 1900, 11th con. Huron  
#003405-00 (Bruce Co): Alvisten SACKS, 22, farmer, Bentinck, same, s/o John SACKS & Sophia PRINS, married Rica SCHLORFF, 22, Brant, same, d/o Louis SCHLORFF & Dorothea LAHN, witn: William SCHLORFF & Henrietta WILKEN, both of Brant, 27 Feb 1900 at Brant (Lutheran) #003401-00 (Bruce Co): August SCHILLING, 28, carpenter, Normanby, Bentinck, s/o Fred SCHILLING & Anna JACKE, married Mary MAUER, 21, Brant, Bentinck, d/o Carl MAUER & Josephine LAHN, witn" Val. Sachs MAUER & Annie SCHILLING, both of Bentinck, 23 Jan 1900 at Brant (Lutheran)
#003402-00 (Bruce Co): William M. SCHULTZ, 35, farmer, Normanby, Brant, s/o Fred SCHULTZ & Louise MILLER, married Vilhelmina E. SOTHERN, 25, Huron Co., Brant, d/o William SOUTHERN (Sic) & Catherine GLANSER, witn: Charles TAGER of Hanover & Catherine SCHULTZ of Brant, 7 Feb 1900 at Brant #003720-00 (Bruce Co): Conrad SCHOP, 22, farmer, Hanover, Lindsay, s/o Peter SCHOP & Agnes SPECKT, married Laura ROSENBERG, 19, Detroit USA, Williamsford, d/o George ROSENBERG & Elizabeth HURLBERT, witn: Leonie PARKE of Wiarton & Lettie WHITTAKER of Niagara Falls, 7 March 1900 at Wiarton
3417-00 Joseph M. SCHWOOB, 30, foreman in cement works, Waterloo twp., Shallow Lake, s/o Anthony SCHOOB (sic) & Mary Ann, married Carrie KIMMEL, 24, Neustadt, Shallow Lake, d/o Henry & Katie, witn: John FLETCHER & Annie KIMMEL, 14 Aug 1900 at Brant twp. #003386-00 (Bruce Co): John SCOTT, 25, farmer, Saugeen, same, s/o Robert SCOTT & Decilila FRASER, married Mary CAMPBELL, age not given, Arran, same, d/o Alexander CAMPBELL & Mary McDOUGALD, witnesses were Clarence FRASER of Elderslie twp & Lucy CAMPBELL of Arran,Sept. 5, 1900 at Arran
#003374-00 (Bruce Co): George SCOTT, 24, laborer, Ontario, Arran, s/o Joseph SCOTT & S.J. RUSSELL, married Fanny EBY, 18, Ontario, Amabel, d/o G. EBY & Amelia G. CHIBOLT?, witnesses were A. EBY of Amabel & Nellie SCOTT of Arran, Dec. 19, 1900 at Amabel 003541-00 (Bruce) William John SILLIB, 34, farmer, Muskoka, W. Wawanosh, s/o Henry SILLIB & Jane NIXON, to Elizabeth ROBB, 20, Huron tp., same, d/o John ROBB & Elizabeth FOWLER, wit: David W. EVANS of Laurier & Annie ROBB of Amberley, 5 December 1900, Amberley
#003392-00 (Bruce Co): James Austin SHIRREFF, 26, farmer, Arran, Amabel twp., s/o Benjamin SHIRREFF & Susan McDOUGALL, married Mabel Agnes MORRAN, 20, Arran, same, d/o John MORRAN & Ellen VIRTUE, witnesses were Hugh SHIRREFF of Allenford & Clara Elizabeth MORRAN of Arran, Oct. 24, 1900 at Arran #003711-00 (Bruce Co): Charles E. SHUTE, 24, sawyer, Exeter Ont., St. Edmunds, s/o Edward SHUTE & Mary Ann Elizabeth BRIMACOMB, married Charlotte BRYAN, 21, Orangeville, Wiarton, d/o James BRYAN & Mary BURNS, witn: Thomas B. McBRIDE of St. Edmunds & Annie BRYAN of Wiarton, 3 March 1900 at Wiarton
#003367-00 (Bruce Co): Wesley SIDWELL, 25, laborer, Ontario, Wiarton, s/o Luke SIDWELL & Elizabeth PENSE?, married Sarah Pauline CRAIG, 19, Ontario, Amabel, d/o John CRAIG & Catherine Jane McCAW (or McGaw), witnesses were Ellen CRAIG & William ASTROPE, both of Wiarton, March 22, 1900 at Amabel #003380-00 (Bruce Co): Wilbert SIMPSON, 26, farmer, Clarke, Arran, s/o Hugh SIMPSON & Margaret COONEY, married Effie WHITE, 21, Arran, same, d/o Robert WHITE & Augustina Charlotte GAGE, witnesses were Edmund CRUIKSHANK & Rebecca PATCHELL, both of Dobbinton, June 13, 1900 at Arran
  003598-00 (Bruce) John Amos SKILDING, 41, Elgin Co., same, widower, s/o G. W. SKILDING & Almira BINS, to Annie KEW, 29, Pt. Edward, Whitechurch, d/o W.J. KEW & Annie WELCH, wit: A.E. SKILDING of Shelbourne & May KEW of Whitechurch, 5 September 1900, Whitechurch
#003737-99 (Bruce Co): Samuel SMITH, 24, lumber man, Paisley, Hepworth, s/o David L. SMITHY & Mary CAMPBELL, married Maggie HAWKE, 24, Rostock Ont., Wiarton, s/o Nelson HAWKE & Jane FAIR, witn: Mr. & Mrs. James A. HAWKE of Wiarton, 2 Oct 1900 at Wiarton 003667-00 (Bruce) George SMITH, 32, stone mason, Culross, same, s/o William & Martha SMITH, to Ruth SMITH, 32, Culross, same, d/o Robert & Charlotte SMITH, wit: Francis & M. A. MUNWORTHY (Muxworthy?) both of Teeswater, 7 March 1900, Teeswater
003485-00 (Bruce Co) Wesley SOLOMON, 23, farmer, Ontario, Cape Croker, s/o William SOLOMON & Catherine, married Sophia WAUKEE, 25, Ontario, Cape Croker, d/o William WAUKEE & Susan, witn: William WAUKEE & Susan WAUKEE, both of Cape Croker, 27 January 1900, Eastnor #003376-00 (Bruce Co): George Dixon SPAVEN, 27, farmer, England, Arran, s/o James SPAVEN & Hannah DIXON, married Frances Martha FAWCETT, 30, Ontario, Arran, d/o John FAWCETT & Sarah RICHMOND, witnesses wereWiliam SPAVEN of Arran & Jessie Florence LANG of Tara, March 7, 1900 at Arran
#003373-00 (Bruce Co): Edward SPENCER, 27, farmer, Ontario, St. Edmunds, s/o W.H. SPENCER & Lydia VARY, married Carrie YOUNG, 18, Ontario, St. Edmunds, d/o William YOUNG & Flora WEBB, witnesses were W.H. jr & Aurelia SPENCER of Amabel, Nov. 9, 1900 at Amabel 3345-00 Thomas A. STEWART, 29, farmer, Fullarton twp., same, s/o William & Rachel, married Lizzie J. GLAZIER, 29, Blyth, Cape Croker, d/o Adam & Eliza, witn: Wellington STEWART of Fullarton twp & Rachel GLAZIER of Cape Croker, 10 Jan 1900 at Cape Croker
#003741-00 (Bruce Co): John STOBY, 28, farmer, East Zorra, Keppel, s/o George & blank, married Janet McALLISTER, 20, Keppel, same, d/o George McALLISTER & Sarah WATT, witn: John McALLISTER of Keppel & Maggie GALLOWAY of Wiarton, 10 Oct 1900 at Wiarton #003384-00 (Bruce Co): Thomas STRONG, 51, farmer, widower, Cartwright twp., Arran, s/o Thomas STRONG & Mary VANCE, married Margaret Jane McMULLEN, 41, widow, Arran, Sullivan twp., d/o Samuel McCURDY & Ann Jane HAYS, witnesses wereSamuel McMULLEN of Sullivan twp & Mary STRONG of Arran, July 14, 1900 at village of Arkwright, Arran
3422-00 Joseph L. TANNER, 25, farmer, Perth Co., Brant twp., s/o Richard L. TANNER & Ann WORDEN, married Sarah Ann TENNANT, 25, Brant twp., same, d/o John TENNANT & Sarah Ann HILL, witn: James TENNANT & Jessie MUNN, both of Brant twp., 21 Nov 1900 at Brant twp. #003399-00 (Bruce Co): John TANNERFRED?, 28, farmer, Brant, Germany [as given as registration], s/o Louis TANNERFRED & Sophia ECKHOFF, married Annie WEDOW, 23, Brant, same, d/o John WEDOW & Fredericka WIRCHMAN (or Wiechman), witn: John KUTZ & Wilhelmina WEDOW, both of Brant, 16 Jan 1900 at Brant (Lutheran)
#003408-00 (Bruce Co): Ralph TEASDALE, 24, farmer, England, Bentinck twp., s/o Joseph TEASDALE & Mary Jane LATTERS, married Matilda STANCIL, 25, Canada, Brant twp., d/o Joseph STANCIL & Jane CAMPBELL, witn: John HEWTHAN? & Rebecca STANCIL, both of Brant, 4 March 1900 at Brant 3418-00 Frederick E. M. THEDORF, 24, farmer, Brant twp., same, s/o Fred THEDORF & Elizabeth MANTO, married Elizabeth MONK, 22, Bentinck, Brant twp., d/o Martin MONK & Hannah GETMAN, witn: Henry MONK of Brant twp. & Annie BECKER of Bentinck, 18 Sept 1900 at Brant twp
003590-00 (Bruce) David M. THOMPSON, 25, clerk, Canada, Lucknow, s/o Adam THOMPSON & Hellen REID, to Jeanie Isabella McKENZIE, 27, Canada, Kinloss, d/o Roderick McKENZIE & Isabella McKENZIE, wit: A. McMILLAN of Lucknow & Marie CAMPBELL of Kincardine, 10 January 1900, Kinloss #003646-00 W.D. THOMPSON, 26, treasurer, Detroit, same, s/o Duncan & Harriet, married Euphemia K. FOSTER, 21, Scotland, Southampton, d/o Peter & Margaret, , witn: John FOSTER, Detroit U.S. & Jemima A. THOMPSON, Michigan U.S., 27 June 1900 at Southampton
3355-00 John Alex THOMSON, 26, law clerk, Scotland, Owen Sound, s/o Alex THOMSON & Rebecca J—Y?, married Mary BUCKLEY, 28, Ontario, Amabel, d/o William BUCKLEY & Hannah LAW (Laur?), witn: Oliver BAKER of Wiarton & R. BAXTER of Owen Sound, 24 Jan 1900 at Amabel #003709-00 (Bruce Co): Matthew TOMLINSON, 41, farmer, Perth Co., Keppel, s/o Stephen TOMLINSON & Margaret ROUMING?, married Phoebe STUBBS, 39, widow, house wife, Lanark Co., Wiarton, d/o James McCRAE & Adelia BIGHAM, witn: A.R. & Mrs. A.R. DAVIS of Wiarton, 12 Jan 1900 at Wiarton
3361-00 David A. TOTTEN, 22, butcher, Ontario, Amabel, s/o William TOTTEN & Jane PARR, married Lydia SIDWELL, 22, Ontario, Amabel, d/o George SIDWELL & Sarah J. HYATT, witn: James & Maggie OVERAND (s/b Overland?) of Amabel, 11 April 1900 at Amabel 003626-00 Roy TROUT, 21, farmer, Keppel Tp, Purple Valley Ontario, s/o John TROUT & Harriet CHAMBERS, married Annie WISMER, 16, Michigan USA, Arran Tp., d/o Joseph WISMER & Hannah Sophia BRO (page cut off), witn: Jean MAHAFFY of Port Elgin & Elizabeth R. ROBERTSON of Elora on Oct. 3, 1900 at Port Elgin
003666-00 (Bruce) James TURNBULL, 38, farmer, Waterloo, Morris, s/o W. TURNBULL & M. KIRKLAND, to Margaret FALCONER, 28, Kinloss, Culross, d/o J. FAULKNER & Mary THORNTON, wit: Mrs. Jas. MALCOLM & Miss M. UNDERWOOD both of Teeswater, 3 April 1900, Teeswater #003738-00 (Bruce Co): John C. TYNDALL, 28, farmer, Palmerston, Dyers Bay, s/o Thomas TYNDALL & Mary CHRISTIAN, married Ethel BRINKMAN, 21, Spry, Dyers Bay, d/o Joseph & Eliza, witn: John TACKSBERRY of Lions Head & Mary TYNDALL of Dyers Bay, 24 Oct 1900 at Wiarton
3346-00 James Jackson TYSON, 28, merchant, Ontario, Wiarton, s/o Albert Munro TYSON & Elizabeth KELLY, married Amy Harriet WHICHER, 21, Colpoys Bay, same, d/o Charles E. WHICHER & Alice ROBINSON, witn: D. James HUNTER of Wiarton & Hermione WHICHER of Colpoys Bay, June 1900 at Colpoys Bay #003713-00 (Bruce Co): William Millar TYSON, 30, master mariner, Berlin, Nelson BC, s/o A.M. TYSON & Elizabeth KELLY, married Ada C. HUNTER, 26, Everton, Wiarton, d/o James HUNTER & Margaret STEWART, witn: J.J. TYSON of Wiarton & Mary HUNTER of Toronto, 25 April 1900 at Wiarton
#003657-00 Frederick A. VANDRICK, 21, broom maker, Port Elgin, Owen Sound, s/o Alexander VANDRICK & Josephine RAYMOND, married Mary L. SMITH, 23, New Toronto, Owen Sound, d/o Neil SMITH & Martha SILVER, witn: John J. DAVIS, Wiarton & M.F. LAKINGS, Owen Sound, 13 June 1900 at British Hotel, Tara #003372-00 (Bruce Co): John VARY, 23, laborer, Ontario, Amabel, s/o Henry VARY & Louisa STUBBINS, married Binea CALDWELL, 17, Ontario, Amabel, d/o John H. CALDWELL & Frances MOTHERSALL?, witnesses were Reuben STUBBINS of Grand Bend & Mary F. VARY of Amabel, Oct. 24, 1900 at Amabel
1900 #003385-00 (Bruce Co): George WAIN, 34, meat merchant, Amabel twp., same, s/o George WAIN & Amy McTAGGERT, married Emma A. ROWE, 28, Arran, same, d/o James ROWE & Matilda McINNIS, witnesses were Colin CAMPBELL & Sarah ROWE, both of Arran, July 4,1900 at Arran 003843-01 (Bruce Co), Samuel WARD, 20, laborer, Euphsaia Tp, Arran Tp, s/o James WARD & Mary E JOHNSON, married Clara WALPOLE, 20, Oxenden, Arran Tp, d/o Richard WALPOLE & Sarah COUSINS, witn Charles McKAY of Arkwright & Adeline WALPOLE of Arran, 5 Dec 1900 at Arran
#003371-00 (Bruce Co): David WARNOCK, 25, farmer, Ontario, Amabel, s/o John WARNOCK & Ellen MORNINGTON, married Phebe E. DRAPER, 17, Ontario, Amabel, d/o George DRAPER & Bidocia ROVIN, witnesses were John B--TER & Ella WARNOCK, both of Amabel, Oct. 17, 1900 at Amabel 3358-00 David WASHBURN, 21, farmer, Ontario, Amabel, s/o John WASHBURN & Mary BROWN, married Margaret COOK, 18, Ontario, Amabel, d/o John & Margaret, 4 Feb 1900 at Amabel
#003407-00 (Bruce Co): Andrew WATSON, 29, farmer, Bruce Co., Manitoba, s/o Joseph WATSON & Sarah PORTER, married Janet ALEXANDER, 25, Brant, same, d/o William ALEXANDER & Rebecca WATSON, witn: Andrew WATSON of Brant & Sarah E. WATSON of Paisley, 13 March 1900 at Brant #003391-00 (Bruce): William Charles WHITE, 25, Proton twp., same, s/o William WHITE & Martha Jane DUNCAN, married Sarah GRIFFIN, 24, Arran, same, d/o John GRIFFIN & Mary Ann CRUIKSHANK, witnesses wereWalter & Esther GRIFFIN of Arran twp., Sept. 19, 1900 at Arran
003624-00 Henry WICK, 52, laborer, widower, Mecklinberg Germany, Port Elgin, s/o John WICK & Maria BEGMAM, married Catherine KESSELRING, 43, widow, Perth Co., Saugeen Tp., d/o Robert KENNEDY & Barb Elie HOFFMANN, witn: John & Cathy KESSELRING both of Saugeen Tp., on Aug. 30, 1900 at Port Elgin  
3354-00 Paul WILLIAMS, 20, farmer, Ontario, Amabel, s/o William WILLIAMS & Mary BROWN (Bourie?), married Amelia SHEILDS, 15, Ontario, Amabel, d/o Mach--? SHIELDS & Mary WESLEY, witn: James WILLIAMS & Aggie DYBEAU, both of Amabel, 21 Jan 1900 at Amabel #003730-00 (Bruce Co): Isaiah WILLIAMS, 22, farmer, Cape Corker, same, s/o Noah WILLIAMS & Sophia MARTEN, married Eva KOZZAH, 21, Cape Corker, same, d/o Tom KOZZAH & Elizabeth ELLIOTT, witn: Tom KOZZAH of Cape Corker & Priscilla INGRAM of London, 1 July 1900 at Wiarton
#003403-00 (Bruce Co): Archibald Walter WILLIS, 23, farmer, Canada, Bentinck, s/o Alex Archibald & Mary (or Marg), married Florence Rachel MARTIN, 18, Canada, Bentinck, d/o Henry MARTIN & Elizabeth KIRKPATRICK, witn: William A. McCHESNEY & Clara ORR, both of Hanover, 14 Feb 1900 at Brant #003382-00 (Bruce Co): Peter WOLFE, 50, farmer, Oxford Co., Arran, s/o Andrew WOLFE & Isabella ELLIOTT, married Tena BROWN, 40, Scotland, Toronto, d/o John BROWN & Mary WILLIAMSON, witnesses were John & Mary WATSON of Arran, June 27, 1900 at Arran
3439-00 Kenneth McKenzie WRIGHT, 33, Scotland, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o William WRIGHT & Mary FRASER, married Jessie Helen McDIARMID, 34, Ontario, Bruce twp., d/o Archibald McDIARMID & Kate McEWEN, witn: Peter McDIARMID & Annie McDOUGALL, both of Bruce, 12 Sept 1900 at Bruce twp.