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004626/04 (Bruce Co) Milton Isaac ABELL, 22, cheese maker, Twp Brant, Twp Brant, s/o Israel ABELL & Mary HALLOWAY, married Emma Elmira BROWNSCOMBE, 18, Holyrood, Brant, d/o Henry BROWNSCOMBE & Esther Ann PINNELL, witn: Wesley C. ABELL & Phyllis Jane BROWNSCOMBE both of Brant, 21 December 1904, Twp Brant 004589-04 (Bruce Co) John Ephraim AIKEN, 33, builder, Ontario, Amabel, s/o John AIKEN & Jean BROWN, married Annie K. HEDDLE, 35, dressmaker, Ontario, Amabel, d/o John HEDDLE & Irvine LONGMOORE?, witn: Nellie MOWAT & Mary MOWAT both of Allenford, 6 December 1904, at Allenford
#004798-04 (Bruce Co.) Benjamin Oswald ALLEN, 27, b. Kincardine, of Kincardine Town, Carriage maker, s/o Robert ALLEN & unreadable, married Sarah Elizabeth JARREL, 23, b. Kincardine Twp, of same, d/o John JARREL & Kate McKAY, witnesses: George JARREL & Kate CONLEY, both of Kincardine Twp, on 24 February 1904 at Kincardine Twp 004605/04 (Bruce Co) Francis J.W. ALLISON, 25, farmer, Nassagawaya, Puslinch Twp, s/o Jacob ALLISON & Fanny NEWTON, married Lena Gertrude MOLLET, 19, farmer's daughter, Arran Twp, Arran Twp, d/o Phillip MOLLET & Helen LOREY, witn: F.W. HARMON of Milton & Maggie MATCHETT of Arran, 28 December 1904, Arran
4702-04 Thomas William ARTHURS, 27, teacher, Ireland, Owen Sound, s/o John ARTHURS & Margaret HILLIARD, married Maud CASLICK, 26, Culross twp., same, d/o Alfred CASLICK & Sarah DOBSON, witn: D. B. DETVILLOR of Port Elgin & Millie CASLICK of Culross twp., 16 Aug 1904 at Culross twp 004584-04 (Bruce Co) Alex. W. ARMSTRONG, 34, farmer, Ontario, Amabel, s/o John ARMSTRONG & Catherine WALKER, married Mary M. BAILEY, 34, Ontario, Amabel, d/o Jas. BAILEY & Mary OBRIAN, witn: A.S. ARMSTRONG of Peterboro Ontario & G. ALLAN of Wiarton, 5 October 1904, at Amabel
004937-04 (Bruce Co) Bertie ASHKEWE, 19, labourer, Cape Croker Reserve, Cape Croker Reserve, s/o Frank ASHKEWE & Julia ELLIOTT, married Elizabeth BRANT, 19, Paris, Albemarle, d/o Henry BRANT & Ether CONRIGHT?, witn: F. ASHKEWE & Mrs. F. ASHKEWE both of Cape Croker Reserve, 9 February 1904, at Cape Croker Reserve 004595/04 (Bruce Co) John Warnock BAILEY, 26, farmer, Arran, Arran, s/o John BAILEY & Mary CLOSE, married Victoria Francis LANG, 26, farmer's daughter, Holland Twp, Arran, d/o Jas. LANG & Elizabeth PROULD, witn: Thomas LANG of Arran & Emma SCARROW of Sullivan Twp., 30 March 1904, Lot 28 Conc. 10 Arran
4708-04 William BAIN, 35, farmer, Ontario, same, s/o Robert BAIN & Elizabeth GREY, married Jessie Eveline CORAM, 25, Ontario, same, d/o George H. A. CORAM & Margaret BUTCHART, witn: James BAIN & Mabel CORAM, both of Lions Head, 2 March 1904 at Lot 32, con 2E, Eastnor 004591-04 (Bruce Co) David BARRS, 25, Millwright, Ontario, Owen Sound, s/o Caleb BARRS & Elizabeth MITCHELL, married Eliza AIKEN, 24, Ontario, Amabel, d/o Adam AIKEN & Mary COOK, witn: Moffat AIKEN of Allenford & Flora JEFFERY of Guelph, 28 December 1904, at Amabel
004890/04 (Bruce Co) John Irwin BEST, 25, farmer, Ontario, Twp. Arran, s/o James BEST & Irene CAIRS, married Linda CRAWFORD, 20, Ontario, Twp. Arran, d/o James CRAWFORD & Mary MILLER, witn: Ethylene TOBEY & Alice ATKINS both of Tara Ontario, 23 November 1904, Parsonage Tara  
#005051-05 (Bruce Co.) William Leonard BLAND, 23, b. Oxford Co, of Kincardine Twp, Farmer, s/o L.F. BLAND & Harriet McCURLEY, married Lillian Grace McLENNAN, 24, b. Kincardine Twp, of same, d/o Kenneth McLENNAN & Christina McKENZIE, witnesses: Ida BLAND & Kenneth McLENNAN, both of Kincardine Twp, on 21 December 1904 at Kincardine Twp 004631/04 (Bruce Co) Angus BLUE, 28, blacksmith, Brant, Brant, s/o John BLUE & Annie CAMPBELL, married Annie Caroline CATTO, 18, Brant, Brant, d/o Andrew CATTO & Caroline MUIR, witn: Stanley GALLINGER & Tina CATTO both of Brant, 14 December 1904, Twp Brant
#004799-04 (Bruce Co.) Joseph BOAL, 54, b. Petrolia, of Kincardine Twp, Widower, Carpenter, s/oMatthew BOAL & Annie STUBBS, married Mary Jane FARREL, 48, b. Hastings Co., of Kincardine Twp, d/o John FARREL & Jane RUTLEDGE, witnesses: Alex McNEIL & Mrs. Alex McNEIL, both of Kincardine Twp, on 30 March 1904 at Kincardine Twp 004666/04 (Bruce Co) Joseph A. BORKS, 27, farmer, Culross, Culross Bruce Co, s/o Felix BOHRS & Agatha DITNER, married Susan HIHN, 24, Carrick, Carrick, d/o John HIHN & Mary HIHN, witn: Joseph J. BORKS & Rosina BORKS both of Culross, 19 April 1904, Carrick
  5221-05 (Bruce Co) Lesley BRADY, 25, engineer, St. Catharines, Wiarton, s/o Nelson BRADY & Elizabeth CATROLL, married Annie E. HICKS, Gravenhurst, Wiarton, d/o William HICKS & Mary LERNAN, witn: Eva FOWLER & Margaret MCEWEN, both of Wiarton, 7 Dec 1904 at Wiarton
004614/04 (Bruce Co) Robert Norman BROCELBANK, 26, farmer, Halton Co, Brant, s/o Robert BROCELBANK & Mary NEWSON, married Nellie Florence BARTLEMAN, 22, Brant, Brant, d/o William BARTLEMAN & Margaret CLARK, witn: Spence NESBITT of Twp Brant & Irene TAYLOR of Hanover, 13 June 1904, Twp Brant 005080 – 05 (Bruce), John D. BROCK, 21, Blacksmith, Bervie, Bervie, s/o Chistopher BROCK & Margaret MONKS, to Harriet A. BLACKWELL, 22, Kinloss Twp., Kinloss Twp., d/o William H. BLACKWELL & Sarah A. COLLINS, wit: Gordon ALEXANDER & Tena BROCKS, 28 Dec. 1904, Kinloss Twp.
4716-04 Leonard E. BRUIN, 24, merchant, London England, St. Edmunds twp., s/o Thomas A. BRUIN & Jane BAKER, married Frances E. BRIDGE, 22, Palmerston, Lions Head, music teacher, d/o Thomas J. BRIDGE & Ann Jane HAYES, witn: T. John BRIDGE of Lions Head & Margaret RUTHERFORD of Wiarton, 28 Dec 1904 at Methodist Church, Lions Head 4656-04 Joseph BUCKLE, 25, farmer, Huron Co., Culross, s/o Joseph BUCKLE & Regina WALTER, married Anna ANTHONY, 22, Culross, same, d/o Joseph ANTHONY & Catherine BAER, witn: Albert KIRSTINE of Nebraska USA & Mary ANTHONY of Culross, 2 Feb 1904 at Culross
004580-04 (Bruce Co) Ephraim John BURT, 22, farmer, Ontario, Amabel, s/o Charles BURT & Hester M. PARKER, married Harriet Rose TAMBLING, 22, Ontario, Amabel, d/o Thomas TAMBLING & Rosanna BOURNE, witn: Honey? TAMBLING & Wilfred Allen SHIER both of Wiarton, 6 July 1904, at Amabel 004624/04 (Bruce Co) Brownlee CAIN, 30, farmer, Amabel, Twp Brant, s/o Robert CAIN & Jane BROWNLEE, married Amanda BELBECK, 21, Brant, Brant, d/o Edmund BELBECK & Jennet DOBBIE, witn: Arthur BELBECK & Essel BELBECK both of Brant, 26 October 1904, Twp Brant
4707-04 Archibald J. CAMERON, 23, farmer, Essex Co., Eastnor, s/o Ronald CAMERON & Jessie ALDERTON, married Hannah Maria HAGEN, 16, domestic, Eastnor, same, d/o Michael HAGEN & Jane SLOCUM, witn: Edward HALL of Spry & Mary A. E. DALTON of Lions Head, 2 March 1904 at Spry  
004842/04 (Bruce Co) Peter McGregor CAMPBELL, 32, blank, Canada, Cardston Alberta, s/o John CAMPBELL & Jane CONNERY, married Esther SCOTT, 26, Canada, Paisley, d/o Robert SCOTT & Euphemia McTAGGART, witn: Robert SCOTT Jr. & Emily Alice HEPFORD? both of Paisley, 27 April 1904, Paisley 004581-04 (Bruce Co) William CANDLE, 25, carpenter, Ontario, Amabel, s/o William CANDLE & Mary HIBBONS?, married Sarah E. BUCKLAND, 22, Ontario, Amabel, d/o Fletcher BUCKLAND & Annie ADAMS, witn: Joseph BUCKLAND & Maggie CANDLE both of Amabel, 24 August 1904, at Amabel
004966-04 (Bruce Co) J. N. CHAMBERS, 44, farmer, Lanark Co., Amabel, s/o James CHAMBERS & Sarah Jane ROE, married Rachel LONGMIRE, 23, Amabel, Amabel, d/o John LONGMIRE & Ann TUPLING, witn: Fannie M. ACHESON & F. May ACHESON both of Wiarton, 14 September 1904, at Wiarton 4776-04 Hiram CHARLTON, 64, widower, commercial traveller, South Mountain - Dundas Co., Aylmer Ont., s/o Abram CHARLTON & Laben CONWAY, married Sarah McARTHUR, 42, Kincardine twp., same, d/o John McARTHUR & Mary McLEOD, witn: George W. VANCE of Bervie & Elenor PRINGS? of Kincardine, 31 March 1904 at Kincardine
004848/04 (Bruce Co) Thomas CHESNEY, 33, farmer, Canada, Twp Brant, s/o Robert CHESNEY & Susan SMITH, married Louise WEBBER, blank, Canada, Walkerton, d/o William WEBBER & Isabella MORRISON, witn: John CASNELL & Susina KLOEPFER both of Walkerton Bruce Co, 3 August 1904, Paisley 4642-04 George Henry CLAYTON, 31, laborer, Wellington Co., Paisley, s/o William CLAYTON & Elizabeth BARKWELL, married Estella GRAHAM, 25, Grey Co., Bruce twp, d/o John James GRAHAM & Rose Ann BABCOCK, witn: Alexander Henry MORLAND & Ray CLAYTON, both of Paisley, 15 June 1904 at Underwood
004968-04 (Bruce Co) Robert John CLIFFORD, 22, farmer, Amabel, Amabel, s/o James CLIFFORD & Martha LAYNE, married Alice AULT, 20, England, Amabel, d/o (unknown adopted and raised by Edurio HUMPHRIES?), witn: James PHILLIPS & Mrs. James PHILLIPS both of Wiarton, 16 November 1904, at Wiarton 004568-04 (Bruce Co) Joseph CLIFFORD, 27, farmer, Ontario, Amabel, s/o Jas. W. CLIFFORD & Martha LANS, married Mary Jane CURREY, 20, Ontario, Amabel, d/o Johnston CURREY & Matilda McDONALD, witn: Samuel CLIFFORD & Clara CURREY both of Amabel, 13 January 1904, at Amabel
004945-04 (Bruce Co) Jas. COLE, 24, farmer, Keppel, Albemarle, s/o John COLE & Annie ATKINS, married Maggie GALBRAITH, 27, widow, Elderslie, Wiarton, d/o Jns. COOPER & Matilda CUMMING, witn: C.N. McMATH of Wiarton & Susie COLE of Albemarle, 8 June 1904, at Wiarton 004959-04 (Bruce Co) Sylvester COLE, 62, farmer, widower, Hawkesbury, Eastnor, s/o Hiram COLE & Samantha HOWARD, married Annie ARD, 48, widow, Wellesley, Wingham, d/o Conrad LEVRINCE? & Eve LEVRINCE?, witn: Gertie HUMPHREY & John PLAYFORD both of Wiarton, 9 July 1904, at Wiarton
004949-04 (Bruce Co) William COLLINS, 27, farmer, Wiarton, Arcola Manitoba, s/o Jeremiah COLLINS & Christian DAVIDSON, married Rebecca DOBSON, 21, Egremont Twp., Wiarton, d/o David DOBSON & Mary McLEAN, witn: Amos COLLINS of Arcola & Sarah DOBSON of Wiarton, 24 February 1904, at Wiarton 4682-04 William COLOMBO, 24, butcher, Baden Ont., Guelph, s/o John COLOMBO & Barbara BACHMANN, married Lizzie SCHEFTER, 23, Culross, Carrick, d/o Anthony SHEFTE & Caroline KUENEMANN, witn: Charles L. COLOMBO of Stratford & Lillie SCHEFTER of Carrick, 24 Oct 1904 at Carrick
004844/04 (Bruce Co) Charles CROSS, 27, blank, Canada, Chesley, s/o Thomas CROSS & Elizabeth IRWIN, married Mary RICHMOND, 30, Canada, Chesley, d/o Robert RICHMOND & Jane MILNE, witn: J.C. GIBSON & Isabella JOHNSTON both of Paisley, 7 June 1904, Paisley 4699-04 Walter DANN, 24, carpenter, London, same, s/o Joseph DANN & Margaret McKENZIE, married Margaret SPROAL, 22, Culross twp., same, d/o Charles SPROALS (sic) & Mary Jane BOYD, witn: Robert SPROAL of Teeswater & Bertha DANN of London, 15 June 1904 at Culross
004970-04 (Bruce Co) Charles DAVIDSON, 21, farmer, Guelph, Keppel, s/o William DAVIDSON & Elizabeth CASTTES, married Lucinda BURROWS, 19, Keppel, Keppel, d/o James BURROWS & Annie YOUNG, witn: William WRIGHT & Charlotte WRIGHT both of Wiarton, 16 November 1904, at Wiarton 4711-04 Jacob H. DAVIDSON, 23, lumberman, Hope Bay, Lions Head, s/o Robert DAVIDSON & Rebecca WELLS, married Kate A. MOSHIER, 22, Lions Head, same, d/o Washington B. MOSHIER & Jessie R. WALKER, witn: G. S. DAVIDSON of Lions Head & A. J. WALKER of Mitchell, 22 June 1904 at Lions Head
4772-04 Alexander DAVIE, 32, farmer, Durham Co., Lodner? BC, s/o Thomas B. DAVIE & Mary STALKER, married Margaret Jean PATTERSON, 29, London twp., Kincardine, d/o Alexander & Agnes, witn: Alexander TOLMIE & Mary S. PATTERSON, both of Kincardine, 30 Dec 1904 (s/b 1903?) at Kincardine 004846/04 (Bruce Co) Archibald DENNEY, 35, commercial traveler, Canada, Toronto, s/o James DENNEY & Sarah DUNHAM, married Christina McARTHUR, 30, Canada, Paisley, d/o Duncan McARTHUR & Mary TAIT, witn: William G. McQUILLAN & Margaret C. TEESDALE both of Toronto, 29 June 1904, Twp Paisley
  004669/04 (Bruce Co) Peter DENTINGER, 29, farmer, Carrick, Carrick, s/o Joseph DENTINGER & Elizabeth BAUER, married Charlotte HOEFELE, 30, Carrick, Carrick, d/o John HOEFELE & Josephine WEYER, witn: Alphonse DENTINGER & Serephina ZIMMER both of Carrick, 7 June 1904, Carrick
4698-04 Edwin Clayton DEPOTIE, 26, painter, London Ont., same, s/o Alfred DEPOTIE & Martha BESSEY, married Elizabeth KERR, 29, Haldimand twp., Culross twp., d/o John KERR & Ellen ADAMS, witn: John KERR of Culross & Mrs. MALCOLM of Teeswater, 1 June 1904 at Manse, Teeswater [Keir?] 4654-04 Francis Xavier DITNER, 36, farmer, Wilmot, same, s/o Andrew DITNER & Francisca SCHULER, married Regina HOFFARTH, 22, Brant twp., Greenock, d/o John HOFFARTH & Mary STROEDER, witn: John DITNER of Carrick & Appoline HOFFARTH of Greenock, 18 Jan 1904 at Carrick
004600/04 (Bruce Co) George DIXON, 30, farmer, Howick Twp, same, s/o Robert DIXON & Sarah GREENSWAY, married Olive Annie BAKER, 29, Logan Huron Co., Invermay, d/o Michael BAKER & Mary Annie CONER, witn: Frank DIXON of Howick & George BAKER of Invermay Bruce Co, 5 October 1904, Invermay #004877-1904 (Bruce Co): Claude E DIXON, 25, painter, Mich US, Grand Ledge MI, s/o David DIXON & Mary F ALLEN, married Maud Eva EBY, 21, Southampton, same, d/o Jas EBY & Flossie MOGG, witnesses were --& Elizabeth EBY, of Southampton. 21 Sep 1904 at Southampton.
#004883-1904 (Bruce Co): George P. DOBSON, 24, shoe merchant, Southampton, same, s/o Robert H DOBSON & Annie PRINGLE, married Violet A CREIGHTON, 21, Southampton, same, d/o J J CREIGHTON & Theresa PENDERGAST; witness was Mrs (Rev) ENGLISH, of Southampton. 7 Dec 1904 at Southampton 004575-04 (Bruce Co) Edward R. DOLL, 30, farmer, Ontario, Amabel, s/o George H. DOLL & Catherine RIES, married Ann J. McINTOSH, 30, Ontario, Amabel, d/o Alex McINTOSH & Mary McRANE, witn: Charles DOLL & Isabella McINTOSH both of Amabel, 27 April 1904, at Amabel
004667/04 (Bruce Co) John W. DOPP, 27, cabinet maker, Preston, Preston Ontario, s/o George DOPP & Mary FROMEN, married Ellen SCHUMACHER, 26, Carrick, Carrick, d/o Francis SCHUMACHER & Mary BUTLER, witn: Frank SCHUMACHER of Carrick & Lizzie DOPP of Preston, 17 May 1904, Carrick  
004572-04 (Bruce Co) Duncan C. DORNAN?, 26, farmer, Ontario, Amabel, s/o Charles DORNAN? & Agnes McKINNON, married Mary Jane SCOTT, 23, Ontario, Amabel, d/o Jas. SCOTT & Margaret KNIGHT, witn: William ASKIN & Bella SCOTT both of Amabel, 23 March 1904, at Amabel 004620/04 (Bruce Co) John DOWNING, 30, farmer, Canada, Twp Carrick, s/o Thomas DOWNING & Barbara GRAY, married Mary Ann DICKISON, 28, Canada, Twp Brant, d/o Samuel DICKISON & Catherine MYERS, witn: Joseph DICKISON & Elizabeth DICKISON both of Twp Brant, 27 July 1904, Twp Brant
4703-04 George EDGAR, 23, farmer, Teeswater, Culross twp., s/o James & Frances, married Sarah Ann TAYLOR, 19, Teeswater, Culross twp., d/o Andrew TAYLOR & Ellen FORSYTH, witn: Robert CHARTRON of Greenock twp & Mrs. James WALKER of Culross twp., 28 Sept 1904 at Culross twp 4651-04 Richard Milton EDMONSON, 42, farmer, Carrick, same, s/o Robert EDMONSON & Mary ANDERSON, married Eliza J. POGSON, 39, Wellesley, same, d/o Willaby POGSON & Eliza WHITEHEAD, witn: John IRWIN of Howick & Bessie STEWART of Carrick, 8 Jan 1904 at Carrick
4662-04 Ernest E. EICKMEIER, 27, farmer, Carrick, same, s/o Henry EICKMEIER & Mary SCHWEITZER, married Eliza A. QUANZ, 20, Carrick, same, d/o Adam QUANZ & Mary REHILL, witn: Frank EICKMEIER & Mary MILLER, both of Carrick, 8 March 1904 at Carrick 004617/04 (Bruce Co) Henry William ENGEL, 24, farmer, Brant, Brant, s/o John ENGEL & Minnie BISQUWIRTH, married Charlotte RODY, 20, Brant, Brant, d/o Henry RODY & Augusta HAAS, witn: Fred MILLER of Hanover & Annie RODY of Brant, 3 February 1904, Twp Brant
004940-04 (Bruce Co) James Richard EYRE, 29, farmer, Sombra Twp, Oliphant, s/o William EYRE & Catherine COOK, married Adaline L. HOGGUE, 18, Albemarle Twp, Amabel, d/o Alex. HOGGUE & Sarah ARMSTRONG, witn: George N. EYRE & Mary E. EYRE both of Oliphant, 9 March 1904, at Wiarton 004576-04 (Bruce Co) Herbert H. FARROW, 23, farmer, Ontario, Amabel, s/o Fred FARROW & Sarah SHANE, married Florence TAMBLING, 23, Ontario, Amabel, d/o Thomas TAMBLING & Rosanna BOURNE, witn: Ephraim BURT & Harriett TAMBLING both from Wiarton, 25 May 1904, at Amabel (also 4579-04 as Albert FARROW)
4683-04 Alexander FEDY, 19, clerk, Carrick, same, s/o Joseph FEDY & Elizabeth SCHUMACHER, married Barbara SCHUETT, 22, Carrick, same, d/o Joseph SCHUETT & Mary Ann DIEMERT, witn: Richard A. SCHUETT of Carrick & Pauline FEDY of Culross, 21 Nov 1904 at Carrick 004632/04 (Bruce Co) Joseph FERRIS, 32, farmer, Nassagawaya, Twp Bruce, s/o Joseph FERRIS & Barbara JOHNSTON, married Hughina McARTHUR, 30, Twp Brant, Twp Bruce, d/o Neil McARTHUR & Margaret McINTYRE, witn: James FERRIS & Flora Jane McARTHUR both of Bruce Twp, 14 December 1904, Twp Brant
004947-04 (Bruce Co) John FISHER, 24, laborer, Grey Co, Wiarton, s/o Samuel FISHER & Margaret MEMIE?, married Nellie TAYLOR, 22, Grey Co, Wiarton, d/o William G. TAYLOR & Ellen DOCKET, witn: Alfred TILLEY & Annie WHETHANS both of Wiarton, 15 June 1904, at Wiarton #004880-1904 (Bruce Co): Dennis FLYNN, 45, engineer, Hamilton, Southampton, s/o James FLYNN & Sarah BUSTED, married Victoria ALEXANDER, 46, Grand Point, Southampton, d/o Abraham ALEXANDER & Victoria Du GEORGE; witnesses were Cath GRANVILLE, Annie AUBIN, of Southampton. 1 Apr 1904 at Southampton.
004623/04 (Bruce Co) James FORD, 25, wood worker, Scotland, Hanover, s/o John FORD & Miss FRASER, married Annie Ellen BARTMAN, 22, Bentinck, Allen Park, d/o Julius BARTMAN & Sarah Jane KERR, witn: Clayton HALLMAN of Hanover & Emma BARTMAN of Allen Park, 12 October 1904, Twp Brant 004596/04 (Bruce Co) William FORRESTER, 30, farmer, Saugeen, Bruce Twp, s/o William FORRESTER & Annie McKELLAR, married Margaret S. ESPLEN, 24, farmer's daughter, Arran, Arran, d/o Alex ESPLEN & blank McMURCHY, witn: Archie M. ESPLEN of Arran & Annie FORRESTER of Saugeen, 8 June 1904, Lot 2 Conc. 7 Arran
004629/04 (Bruce Co) George FROOK, 24, laborer, Brant, Twp Brant, s/o Frederick FROOK & Mina ENGEL, married Selina WILKEN, 22, Brant, Carrick Twp, d/o Theodore WILKEN & Marie SNELLER, witn: Henry FROOK & Louisa MUSEHL both of Brant, 23 November 1904, Twp Brant  
004943-04 (Bruce Co) John GAULT, 38, farmer, Garafraxa, Keppel, s/o Thomas GAULT & Jane DIXON, married Margaret Ellen NORTON, 18, Bruce Co, Keppel, d/o William Thomas NORTON & Mary Ann WITHUP?, witn: Jas. L. NORTON & Lillie May NORTON both of Keppel, 4 May 1904, at Wiarton 4638-04 William GEISZ, 35, farmer, Bruce twp, same, s/o William GEISSZ (sic) & Sus. STADELBAUER, married Louisa R. BERNDT, 27, Bruce twp, same, d/o C. M. & Mary, witn: James SCHMIDT & Susana GEISZ, both of Bruce twp, 13 Jan 1904 at Bruce twp
004967-04 (Bruce Co) Robert GILCHRIST, 21, labourer, Big Bay, Big Bay, s/o John GILCHRIST & Esther HOUSTON, married Nellie STRONG, 19, Saugeen Twp., Tara, d/o Robert STRONG & Elizabeth CERONE?, witn: M. Grace AMES & Fannie M. ACHESON both of Wiarton, 17 September 1904, at Wiarton 004570-04 (Bruce Co) James G. GLOVER, 24, farmer, Ontario, Amabel, s/o Thomas GLOVER & Mary PUMMELL, married Ada Bertha HYATT, 24, dressmaker, Ontario, Amabel, d/o Samuel HYATT & Eleanor BLAKEY, witn: S.M.W. RATHWELL & Maud HYATT both of Amabel, 24 February 1904, at Amabel
  4674-04 Frederick GOOL, 20, laborer, Mount Forest, Hanover, s/o Frederick GOOL & Margaret SCHAFER, married Carrie JUNG, 23, Carrick, Neustadt, d/o Philip YUNG (sic) & Mary WEBER, witn: Eugene & Elizabeth WEBER of Carrick, 18 July 1904 at Carrick
4778-04 William GRAHAM, 22, yeoman, Huron twp., same, s/o Alex GRAHAM & Margaret SEXSMITH, married Margaret McTAVISH, 22, Huron twp., same, d/o John McTAVISH & Elizabeth LOFFT?, witn: Thomas & Mrs. Thomas HARNWELL? of Huron twp., 27 April 1904 at Kincardine 4705-04 Donald A. GRANT, 37, farmer, Culross twp., same, s/o Peter GRANT & Elizabeth HEWITT, married Margaret McNAUGHTON, 28, Culross twp., same, d/o Peter McNAUGHTON & Eliza McALLISTER, witn: David GRANT & Eliza McNAUGHTON, both of Culross twp., 28 Dec 1904 at Culross twp
4712-04 Alexander GREIG, 31, farmer, Colpoy, Albermarle twp., s/o Alexander GREIG & Helen GODLAWAY?, married Isabella MOWATT, 23, Keppel twp., Eastnor, d/o Robert MOWATT & Wilhelmina GEDDES, witn: William MOWAT (sic) of Pike Bay & Lena RATRAY of Chesley, 28 March 1904 at Pike Bay 004953-04 (Bruce Co) John GUNNIS (Ginnis?), 21 farmer, Albemarle, Albemarle, s/o Nelson GUNNIS & Mary ARNOLD, married Ruth DIXON, 18, Albemarle, Albemarle, d/o William DIXON & Mary MALLARD, witn: Eva M. WIGLE of Wiarton & Sophia PARROT of Albemarle, 16 June 1904, at Wiarton
4677-04 Charles HANLEY, 34, commercial traveler, Brant, Winnipeg, s/o Richard HANLEY & Catherine SWEENEY, married Rose HERRINGER, 28, Carrick, same, d/o George HERRINGER & Catherine O'REILLY, witn: George S. HERRINGER of Carrick & Laura HANLEY of Walkerton, 12 Sept 1904 at Carrick 4679-04 Joseph HAUCK, 56, widower, laborer, Waterloo Co., Carrick, s/o Philip HAUCK & Margaretta BERBERICH, married Magdalena HERRGOTT, 46, widow, Waterloo Co., Carrick, d/o not given, witn: George & Magdalena FLOCHS of Carrick, 27 Sept 1904 at Carrick
004976/04 (Bruce Co) Thomas HAWKE, 23, mill-man, Wellesley, Pike Bay, s/o Nelson HAWKE & Jane FAIN, married Sarah TRAVIS, 20, Wiarton, Wiarton, d/o Calvin TRAVIS & Isabel BANN, witn: Mrs. A. STULL of Hepworth & F. May ACHESON of Wiarton, 11 October 1904, Wiarton  
004597/04 (Bruce Co) William HERRON, 26, farmer, Canada, Elderslie Twp, s/o William HERRON & Matilda CROW, married Rachel STRONG, 21, farmer's daughter, Canada, Arran, d/o Thomas STRONG & Elizabeth Ann DAVIS, witn: E.M. HERRON of Dobbinton & J. STRONG of Tara, 12 March 1904, Invermay 004566/74 (Bruce Co) William James HILDITCH, 26, lumberman, Mine Mills, Albermarle, s/o William HILDITCH & Mary Ann MORTON, married Nellie Mary KYTE, 25, London England, Albermarle, d/o Ed KYTE & Frances THOMPSON witn: Charles KYTE of Pike Bay & Jennie HYDE of Wiarton, 21 December 1904, Albemarle
4657-04 Henry HILL, 26, farmer, Carrick, Mt. Carmel Dakota, s/o Joseph HILL & Mary FISCHER, married Bridget HOEFFLING, 22, Carrick, same, d/o Mathew HOEFFLING & Barbara DIMERT, win: Henry HOEFFLING & Emilia SCHURTER, both of Carrick, 26 Jan 1904 at Carrick 4714-04 David Joseph HOMES, 24, laborer, Greenock twp., Eastnor, s/o James HOMES & Eliza Jane SEABURN, married Edith Priscilla BOYLE, 22, domestic, Eastnor, same, d/o William BOYLE & Jane INGRAM, witn: John & Mrs. J. HOMES of Wiarton, 15 Nov. 1904 at Spry
004564/04 (Bruce Co) Edward Murray HOUGH, 27, butcher, Wiarton, Wiarton, s/o Albert HOUGH & Rhonda TORN?, married Margaret Maud SCHELL, 26, Mt. Forest, Red Bay, d/o Benj. SCHELL & Mary PYKE, witn: Isaac Alex MURRAY of Wiarton & Susan Emily SCHELL of Red Bay, 31 August 1904, Red Bay 004603/04 (Bruce Co) Joshua HOWE, 26, farmer, Bruce Twp, Bruce Twp, s/o John HOWE & Isabella NELSON, married Selina CRAWFORD, 23, farmer's daughter, Arran Twp, Arran Twp, d/o Alexander CRAWFORD & Jane UNDERWOOD, witn: Thomas HOWE of Bruce Twp & Phoebe BEST of Arran, 16 November 1904, Arkwright
004665/04 (Bruce Co) Jacob HUBER, 22, farmer, Carrick, Carrick, s/o Jacob HUBER & Catherine FORTNEY married Mary A. RUBAND, 22, Carrick, Carrick, d/o Bernard RUBAND & Georgina JANTZ, witn: Anthony HUBER & Rebecca RUBAND both of Carrick, 19 April 1904, Carrick 4777-04 George HUNTER, 26, barber, Riverdale Ont., Kincardine, s/o George HUNTER & Ellen FITZELL, married Mary Dolena McDONALD, 27, Huron twp., Kincardine, d/o Angus McDONALD & Mary McQUARRIE, witn: W. BISHOP Jr. & Angus McDONALD, both of Kincardine, 21 April 1904 at Kincardine
#004676-1904 (Bruce Co): William Hart HUNTER, 27, farmer, Bruce Tp, Con 5 Bruce Tp, s/o William HUNTER & Mary JAMIESON, married Hughina McDOUGALL, 25, Bruce Tp, Con 5 Bruce Tp, d/o Hugh McDOUGALL & Mary McFADGEN; witnesses were John R Hunter, Allie J. McDOUGALL, of Bruce Tp. 28 Dec 1904 at Bruce Twp 004630/04 (Bruce Co) Thomas James JENKINS, 45, widower, blacksmith, Twp Brant, Walkerton, s/o James JENKINS & Ann Jane CUNNINGHAM, married Priscilla JASPER, 42, widow, Twp Brant, Brant, d/o Joshua CARLTON & Catherine MUNSHAW, witn: Jas. McNEIL & Jemima McNEIL both of Brant, 14 December 1904, Twp Brant
004609/04 (Bruce Co) William John JOHNSTON, 27, farmer, Brant, Brant, s/o Robert H. JOHNSTON & Sarah ARMSTRONG, married Bertha Bethiah ATTON, 21, Brant, Brant, d/o John Parker ATTON & blank, witn: Alf. L. ATTON & Sarah Grace JOHNSTON both of Brant, 6 April 1904, Twp Brant 004939-04 (Bruce Co) John H. JOHNSTON, 39, farmer, Hanover, Spry, s/o John H. JOHNSTON & Mary Jane, married Alice FREEMAN, 28, dress maker, Norwich England, Toronto, d/o Frederick (blank) & Alice BERRY, witn: Harry FERRIE & Sarah GERRIE both of Wiarton, 14 March 1904, at Wiarton (LDS)
004941-04 (Bruce Co) George KENNEDY, 46, widower, farmer, Owen Sound, Arran Bruce, s/o John KENNEDY & Elizabeth FULFORD, married Edith Adelia BELL, blank, widow, Guelph, Wiarton, d/o John H. ROBERTSON & Lydia Jane PHIPOT (Philpot?), witn: John H. ROBERTSON Jr. & F.A. ROBERTSON both of Wiarton, 12 April 1904, at Wiarton 004588-04 (Bruce Co) Paul KEWAGESHIG, 21, farmer, Ontario, Reserve, s/o Michael KEWAGESHIG & Hannah ASHWASNIGA, married Elizabeth ROOT, 20, Ontario, Reserve, d/o Jesse ROOT & Margaret WAHBIZEE, witn: Jesse Root & Cora? TAYLOR both of Reserve, 3 December 1904, at Reserve
004571-04 (Bruce Co) Arthur KEYOSHK, 24, farmer, Ontario, Indian Reserve, s/o Adam KEYOSHK & Alice WASHOSH, married Ellen RITCHIE, 18, Ontario, Indian Reserve, d/o Henry RITCHIE & Martha SAMUEL, witn: William JOHNSON & Martha ELIAS both of Indian Reserve, 8 March 1904, at Indian Reserve 004952-04 (Bruce Co) W.J. KING, 25, farmer, Howick, Albemarle, s/o John KING & Sarah SMITH, married Sarah Ann SHAW, 21, Hope Bay, Hope Bay, d/o Joseph SHAW & Ann MALONEY, witn: John L. KING of Adamsville & Mary Ellen SHAW of Hope Bay, 29 June 1904, at Wiarton
004963-04 (Bruce Co) John L. KING, 28, farmer, Howick, Albemarle, s/o John KING & Sarah SMITH, married Annie VOGHT, 20, Hanover, Albemarle, d/o George VOGHT & Susie MACHIE, witn: Walter CROW & Emma BULL both of Adamsville, 6 July 1904, at Wiarton 004843/04 (Bruce Co) William K. KING, 23, blank, Canada, Paisley, s/o Robert KING & Jessie WHALEN, married Isabella J. FORRESTER, 19, Canada, Paisley, d/o David FORRESTER & Effie McARTHUR, witn: Alvin ANSTEAD of Paisley & Mary SPARION of Twp Elderslie, 20 April 1904, Paisley
004582-04 (Bruce Co) James KIRKLAND, 35, farmer, Ontario, Amabel, s/o Hugh KIRKLAND & Mary WALKER, married Minnie PHILP, 28, Ontario, Amabel, d/o John PHILP & Jane STREET, witn: E. PATTISON of Allenford & Olive M. GILLISS of Wiarton, 6 September 1904, at Amabel 004954-04 (Bruce Co) Robert KIRKPATRICK, 40, farmer, Twp. Fitzroy, Twp. Colborne, s/o Edward KIRKPATRICK & Rebecca WILSON, married Ruth Griffin SOCKETT, 35, Twp. Normanby, Twp. Amabel, d/o Thomas SOCKET & Mary Ann CLOSE, witn: Josiah J. SOCKETT of Amabel & Wilhelmina HENDERSON of Wiarton, 26 May 1904, at Wiarton
4659-04 Albert KIRSTINE, 22, farmer, Bruce Co., Dodge Co. Nebraska, s/o Frederick KIRSTINE & Elizabeth WALTER, married Mary ANTHONY, 19, Culross, same, d/o Joseph ANTHONY & Catherine BAER, witn: Andrew BERGMAN of Carrick & Lizzie ANTHONY of Culross, 9 Feb 1904 at Carrick 4675-04 Theodore KLEIN, 28, adv. special, Grey Co., Toronto, s/o John KLEIN & Fredericke LANG, married Elizabeth ZINGER, 27, Carrick, same, d/o John ZINGER & Helena HUNDT, witn: James A. RANDSPERGER of Toronto & Justina ZINGER of Carrick, 16 Aug 1904 at Carrick
004627/04 (Bruce Co) John KLINCKE, 30, hardware merchant, Elmira, Elmira, s/o Adam KINCKE & Rosine LOUKNER, married Annie MICHELHAUSEN, 26, Brant, Twp Brant, d/o Elias MICHELHAUSEN & Mary FROOKS, witn: Henry FROOKS & Mary FROOKS both of Brant, 9 November 1904, Twp Brant 004607/04 (Bruce Co) Frederick KRUGER, 60, widower, farmer, Germany, Brant Twp, s/o John KRUGER & Hannah MUELLER, married Sophia EMKIE, 40, Germany, Bentinck, d/o Charles EMKIE & Ricke KING, witn: William EMKIE & Sarah EMKIE both of Bentinck, 17 February 1904, Twp. Brant
4680-04 Louis KUNTZ, 28, farmer, Culross, same, s/o Joseph KUNTZ & Mary DIETRICH, married Barbara FLACH, 29, Brant, same, d/o John FLOCH (sic) & Genevieve REINHART, witn: John R. FLACH of Brant & Christina KUNTZ of Culross, 18 Oct 1904 at Carrick 004671/04 (Bruce Co) Edward LAMBERTUS, 28, farmer, Walkerton, Walkerton, s/o Jacob LAMBERTUS & Natalie DEHLER, married Mary C. St.MARIE, 22, Carrick, Carrick, d/o Alexander ST. MARIE & Mary McGLYNN, witn: Albert LAMBERTUS of Walkerton & Nellie ST. MARIE of Carrick, 21 June 1904, Carrick
004563/04 (Bruce Co) Ernest LAMORANDIERE, widower, of Cape Croker, s/o Frederick LAMORANDIERE & Marie MATCHISIBI, married Susan RICHARDS, blank, Cape Croker, Cape Croker, d/o blank & Nancy RICHARDS, witn: Henri TAYLOR & Josephine JOHNSON both of Cape Croker, 14 July 1904, Cape Croker 004574-04 (Bruce Co) Elijah LAMPKIN, 32, farmer, Ontario, Keppel, s/o John LAMPKIN & Mary Ann MILLER, married Agnes MILLER, 19, Ontario, Amabel, d/o John MILLER & Mary Ann MILLER, witn: John MASTERSON of Keppel & Mary Ann MILLER of Amabel, 27 April 1904, at Amabel
004565/04 (Bruce Co) Dennis LAVALLIE, blank, widower, carpenter, Cape Croker, Cape Croker, s/o Pierre LAVALLIE & blank, married Anne JANIANIGIJIK, blank, Cape Croker, Cape Croker, d/o Isaac JANIANIGIJIK & blank, witn: John TAYLOR & Susanna MANITORCH both of Cape Croker, 1 November 1904, Cape Croker 4701-04 William LITTLE, 59, widower, gentleman, Puslinch twp., Teeswater, s/o Archibald LITTLE & Euphemia LAING, married Christena CLARK, 37, Culross twp., same, d/o Peter CLARK & Christena McINTYRE, witn: William SMITH of Toronto & Kate CLARK of Culross, 6 July [1904] of Culross twp
  004971/04 (Bruce Co) Nicholas LIVERANCE, farmer, Neustadt, Eastnor, s/o George LIVERANCE & Christina DUTSEL, married Ellen Jane THOMAS, 19, Purple Valley, Albemarle, d/o William THOMAS & Maggie WOODS, witn: George LIVERANCE of Spry & Mary THOMAS of Mar, 16 November 1904, Wiarton
4713-04 Daniel LIVERENY, 28, farmer, Stratford, Eastnor, s/o George LIVERENY & Christena HUDSON (Dudson?), married Margaret DIXON, 21, Albermarle twp., Eastnor, d/o William H. DIXON & Mary MALLARD, witn: Henry W. & Meline J. WILLIS, both of Man, 12 July 1904 at Lions Head 4643-04 Harris LOGAN, 35, physician, Grey Co., Underwood, s/o James LOGAN & Marjorie PEOPLES, married Christena MACKAY, 21, Bruce twp, same, d/o George D. MACKAY & Mary McFARLANE, witn: Walter McKAY of Underwood & Mary McKINNON of Milverton, 8 June 1904 at Bruce twp
4781-04 George Busby LUCAS, 26, laborer, Watford - Lambton Co., Sarnia, s/o James LUCAS & Mary THOMPSON, married Clara ISARD, 26, Kincardine, same, d/o Albert ISARD & Elizabeth AVERY, witn: Edward J. A. NASH of Wingham & Ella ISARD of Kincardine, 29 June 1904 at Kincardine 004969-04 (Bruce Co) John Gordon MacLENNAN, 21, labourer, Burks Falls, Owen Sound, s/o John Gordon MacLENNAN & Mina LOVELL, married Elizabeth FLOOD, 20, Walkerton, Keppel, d/o James Isaiah FLOOD & Mary Elizabeth ELLIS, witn: F.M. CLARK & Mary E. WAIT both of Wiarton, 21 November 1904, at Wiarton
004960-04 (Bruce Co) Thomas John MARTIN, 23, labourer, Mornington, Lions Head, s/o John MARTIN & Annie FAIR, married Hattie MERVYN, 24, Hanover, Lindsay Twp., d/o Ferdinand MERVYN & Mary J. MARSH, witn: W.S. HENDERSON & M. Wilhelmina HENDERSON both of Wiarton, 13 July 1904, at Wiarton 004888/04 (Bruce Co) James R. MAXWELL, 26, carpenter, Ontario, Toronto Ontario, s/o Bernard MAXWELL & Jane VALENTINE, married Ida Margaret BRIGGS, 21, Ontario, Tara Ontario, d/o Lewis George BRIGGS & Margaret Anne WELKE, witn: L.G. BRIGGS & Jean S. BRIGGS both of Tara Ontario, 3 May 1904, Tara
004604/04 (Bruce Co) Robert John McAVOY, 26, farmer, Derby Twp, Derby Twp, s/o James McAVOY & Mary Jane BREEN, married Gertrude KENNEDY, 21, farmer's daughter, Arran Twp, Arran Twp, d/o George KENNEDY & Phoebe TRELFORD, witn: Frank KENNEDY & Edith A. KENNEDY both of Arran Twp, 13 December 1904, Arran 004840/04 (Bruce Co) David McBEATH, 36, farmer, Canada, Twp Elderslie, s/o Andrew McBEATH & Margaret McDONALD, married Isabella CLARKE, 27, Canada, Paisley, d/o George CLARKE & Mary Jane JOHNSTON, witn: George FULLERTON of Twp Bruce & Coral A. CLARKE of Paisley, 17 February 1904, Paisley
004672/04 (Bruce Co) John McBURNIE, 24, farmer, Lancashire England, Toronto Junction, s/o John McBURNIE & Marjory L. MARSHALL, married Margaret Jane HARRON, 23, Huron County, Carrick, d/o William HARRON & Elizabeth ARMSTRONG, witn: John P. MARSHALL of Toronto Junction & Annie HARRON of Carrick, 29 June 1904, Carrick 004942-04 (Bruce Co) John McCARTNEY, 23, farmer, Dobbington, Albemarle, s/o James McCARTNEY & Eliza Ellen CUTCH, married Jane FOWLIE (Fowler?), 20, Scotland, Eastnor, d/o James FOWLIE & Jane Cope CAND, witn: John HOLMES & Mrs. John HOLMES both of Wiarton, 4 May 1904, at Wiarton
004608/04 (Bruce Co) Herbert D. McCOMB, 24, farmer, Holland Twp, Holland Twp, s/o James McCOMB & Isabella GREEN, married Grace Clark NESBIT, 32, Brant, Brant Bruce Co, d/o James NESBITT & Elizabeth ARMSTRONG, witn: B.T. McCOMB of Grey Co., & Luisa ROISAND? of Brant Twp, 2 March 1904, Brant Twp. 4715-04 William James McCUTCHEON, 22, farmer, Eastnor, same, s/o Robert McCUTCHEON & Jane GAWLEY, married Georgina LEE, 18, domestic, Eastnor, same, d/o George LEE & Margaret SCOBIE, witn: R. G. McCUTCHEON of Eastnor & Sarah E. LEE of St. Edmunds, 7 Dec 1904 at Spry
4779-04 Norman McDONALD, 38, diamond mill contractor, Kincardine, Virginia Minn USA, s/o Norman McDONALD & Margaret MATHESON, married Annie McKENZIE, 35, Kincardine twp., Huron twp., d/o Kenneth McKENZIE & Isabella CAMERON, witn: John SMITH & Dolena McKENZIE, both of Kincardine, 12 May 1904 at Kincardine #0046474-1904 (Bruce Co): John McDONALD, 32, farmer, Con 2 Bruce Tp, 17 Con 2 Bruce Tp, s/o John McDONALD & Ann McDONALD, married Sarah McDOUGALL, 30, Con 11 Kincardine Tp, 20 Con 3 Bruce Tp, d/o Donald McDOUGALL & Jane McLEAN; witnesses were D D McDOUGALL, Sara J McDOUGALL, of Tiverton. 12 Sep 1904 at 20 con 3 Bruce Tp
#004881-1904 (Bruce Co): Duncan McDONALD, 23, chair maker, Southampton, same, s/o Neil McDONALD & Hester McEACHREN, married Annie SCOTT, 22, Manitulan Island, Southampton, d/o James SCOTT & Susan MARTIN; witness Emma---, Southampton. 1 Dec 1904 at Southampton. 004961-04 (Bruce Co) Daniel McDONALD, 26, fisherman, Bayfield, Wiarton, s/o John McDonald & Mary Jane McNEIL, married Lizzie REID, 24, Elderslie, Wiarton, d/o William REID & Florence McNEIL, witn: Howard MATHEWS & Emma REID both of Wiarton, 27 July 1904, at Wiarton
004615/04 (Bruce Co) Daniel McDONALD, 23, laborer, Bentinck, Walkerton, s/o Donald McDONALD & Ann McDUFFY, married Mabel MONTGOMERY, 19, Walkerton, Cargill, d/o David MONTGOMERY & Ester CHAPMAN, witn: William LINDSAY of Walkerton & Clara May McDONALD of Durham, 13 January 1904, Twp Brant 004962-04 (Bruce Co) Robert McDOUGALL, 26, farmer, Orangeville, Keppel, s/o Angus McDOUGALL & Maggie Ann POKERFIELD, married Euphemize RADCLIFFE, 33, Lydenham, Keppel, d/o William RADCLIFFE & Elizabeth McDOWELL, witn: John J. COWAN of Stokes Bay & Fannie M. ACHESON of Wiarton, 28 September 1904, at Wiarton
004841/04 (Bruce Co) William A. McDOUGALL, 25, blank, Canada, Paisley, s/o Alex McDOUGALL & Tina BALSLEY, married Hannah LAKE, 19, Canada, Paisley, d/o John LAKE & Augusta JANKE, witn: John LAKE & Augusta LAKE both of Paisley, 16 March 1904, Paisley  
004958-04 (Bruce Co) David McEACHERIN, 24, mason, Gleneln, Wiarton, s/o John McEACHERIN & Sarah MOLE, married Harriet May JOHNSTON, 16, Wiarton, Wiarton, d/o Alexander JOHNSTON & Avis TILLEY, witn: W.H. MOLE & Maggie McEACHERIN both of Wiarton, 12 July 1904, at Wiarton 004573-04 (Bruce Co) Andrew A. McINTOSH, 32, farmer, Ontario, Amabel, s/o Alex McINTOSH & Mary McRANE, married Lillie GINGRICH, 26, Ontario, Amabel, d/o Jessie GINGRICH & Fannie BAKER, witn: Oliver GRINRICH & Ann Jane McINTOSH both of Amabel, 30 March 1904, at Amabel
004611/04 (Bruce Co) John McINTYRE, 34, farmer, Canada, Canada, s/o John C. McINTYRE & Janet McTAVISH, married Margaret SMART, 30, Canada, Brant, d/o Peter SMART & Mary Ann KEITH, witn: George C. McINTYRE of Elderslie & Jessie SMART of Brant, 18 May 1904, Twp Brant 4640-04 William John McMANN, 22, farmer, Kinloss twp., Bruce twp, s/o William McMANN & Jane McCONNELL, married Jannette HAMMOND, 22, Bruce twp, same, d/o George HAMMOND & Catherine LAWTON, witn: Ambrose HILL & Mabel HAMMOND, both of Bruce twp, 23 March 1904 at Underwood
004975/04 (Bruce Co) Ernest Oliver McMULLIN, 29, laborer, Blytheswood, Winnipeg, s/o George McMULLIN & Sarah DOUGLAS, married Ethelinda BRADFORD, 30, Meaford, Wiarton, d/o Thomas BRADFORD & Jane Ann LILLIE, witn: R.A. WATT & M.E. WATT both of Wiarton, 19 October 1904, Wiarton 004606/04 (Bruce Co) James Edward MEDCALF, 30, farmer, Canada, Brant Twp, s/o William MEDCALF & Mary Louisa THING, married Lillian May BARTLEMAN, 25, Canada, Twp Brant, d/o William BARTLEMAN & Margaret CLARK, witn: Charles S. MEDCALF & Nellie F. BARTLEMAN both of Brant Twp, 10 February 1904, Brant Twp
4774-04 John A. MEYER, 33, upholsterer, Waterloo Co, Kincardine, s/o George MEYER & Anna Catherine KERNAH?, married Elizabeth Geraldine ISARD, 32, Kincardine, same, d/o Albert ISARD & Elizabeth EVERY, witn: Arthur NASH of Sarnia & Bert ISARD of Kincardine, 23 Feb 1904 at Kincardine 004891/04 (Bruce Co) William MIDDLETON, 31, railway agent, Ontario, Tara, s/o George MIDDLETON & Mary HUNTER, married Laura G. HOOPER, 19, Ontario, Tara, d/o Joseph HOOPER & Sarah J. KERBY, witn: Jean BRIGGS & Victor BERFORD both of Tara Ontario, 21 December 1904, Tara
004619/04 (Bruce Co) Jacob MILLER, 38, farmer, Twp Brant, Bentinck, s/o Charles MILLER & Leah SCHUARTZ, married Agnes BATES, 35, Bentinck, Brant, d/o Henry BATES & Christina HALLER, witn: Charles KUNKE of Hanover & Pearl KUNTZINHAUSER of St. George Ontario, 29 June 1904, Twp Brant #004801-04 (Bruce Co.) Robert Henry MILLS, 30, b. Huron Twp, of same, Farmer, s/o William MILLS & Sarah HAMILTON, married Florence Elizabeth GRAHAM, 23, b. Kincardine Twp, of same, d/o James GRAHAM & Annie SHIER, witnesses: James MILLS of Huron Twp & Vina GRAHAM of Kincardine Twp, on 17 February 1904 at Kincardine Twp
004577-04 (Bruce Co) Joseph MITCHELL, 39, widower, farmer, Ontario, Indian Reserve, s/o John MITCHELL & Mary DESJARDINE, married Nancy STEPHENS, 30, Ontario, Indian Reserve, d/o Stephen JOHN (as written) & Mary THOMPSON, witn: Aphias? KABUZE & Mrs. S. JAMES both of Indian Reserve, 3 June 1904, at Indian Reserve 004587-04 (Bruce Co) John MONTGOMERY, 42, widower, Implement agent ?, Ontario, Allenford, s/o George MONTGOMERY & Flora McLEOD, married Mary Elizabeth EVANS, 38, Ontario, Allenford, d/o Richard Evans & Mary BOYD, witn: W.J. EVANS & Wm? W.K. EVANS both of Allenford, 14 November 1904, at Allenford
004938-04 (Bruce Co) John MOON (Moore?), 32, widower, farmer, Keppel Twp., Wiarton, s/o Henry MOON & Margaret WALKER, married Matilda HUTCHINSON, 25, farmer's daughter, Oliphant, Oliphant, d/o John HUTCHINSON & Rebecca COURTNEY, witn: Thomas M. HUTCHINSON of Oliphant & Emma BAILEY of Wiarton, 2 March 1904, at Wiarton  
4709-04 Charles MOORE, 30, widower, farmer, Madoc twp., Albermarle, s/o Alexander MOORE & Elizabeth WEIR, married Aurelia GAWLEY, 29, widow, house keeper, Beverly twp., Eastnor, d/o George JENKS & Helen COOLEY, witn: John MOORE of Oliphant & Agnes JENKS of Spry, 27 April 1904 at Lions Head 5217-05 (Bruce Co) William Norman MUNRO, 32, barrister, Carleton Place, Ottawa, s/o Angus MUNRO & Agnes YOUNG, married Kate Victoria SYMON, 24, Ospringe Wellington Co, Wiarton, d/o William SYMON & Mary Jane LYNDEN, witn: John L. & Will A. SYMON, both of Wiarton, 9 Nov 1904 at Wiarton
4700-04 John MURRAY, 32, merchant, Kinloss, Langside, s/o Thomas MURRAY & Elizabeth TIFFEN, married Lottie Eliz. SCOTT, 31, Culross, same, d/o John E. SCOTT & Euphemia INNES, witn: Price SCOTT of Culross & Lizzie MURRAY of Langside, 15 June 1904 at Culross 004618/04 (Bruce Co) George. Darwin MURRAY, 33, salesman?, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Tilman MURRAY & Greyse? RICH, married Emma Eliza WATSON, 36, Edingrose?, Edingrose?, d/o Samuel WATSON & Eliza J. HENDERSON, witn: George. G. PINKERTON of Cargill & Victor RIFE of Walkerton, 29 June 1904, Twp Brant
004625/04 (Bruce Co) William MUSEHL, 24, farmer, Brant, Twp Brant, s/o John MUSEHL & Sophia RODY, married Wilhelmina AHRENS, 21, Bentinck, Twp Brant, d/o Christian AHRENS & Sophia STADE, witn: Herman AHRENS & Louise MUSEHL both of Brant, 2 November 1904, Twp Brant 4635-04 Alexander MURDOCH, 30, broker, Toronto, same, s/o illegible William MURDOCH & Sarah SMITH, married Laura RUSH, 26, Whitechurch, Chesley, d/o William RUSH & Mary Jane HELMKAY, witn: Donald ANDERSON & Elsie RUSH, both of Chesley, 21 Dec 1904 at Brant
  004845/04 (Bruce Co) James Thomas MUTRIE, 28, blank, Canada, Regina N.W.T., s/o John MUTRIE & Margaret DOW, married Hattie Holmes STAFFORD, 26, Canada, Paisley, d/o Charles E. STAFFORD & Caroline HOLMES, witn: George H. CORAM of Walkerton & Emily Alice STAFFORD of Paisley, 22 June 1904, Paisley
004944-04 (Bruce Co) Peter NADJIWON, 21, labourer, Cape Croker, Cape Croker, s/o Frank NADJIWON & Hannah KEESHIG, married Charlotte PENN, 20, Keppel, Keppel, d/o John PENN (s/b Joshua Penn) & Amelia HAGAN (s/b Ormeda HAINES), witn: Mrs. Chas. JONES & Mr. Chas. NADJIWON both of Cape Croker, 11 May 1904, at Cape Croker 004561/04 (Bruce Co) Xavier NADJIWON, blank, blank, Cape Croker, Cape Croker, s/o Joseph NADJIWON & Mary DESJARDINE, married Mary LAFRENIERE, blank, Parry Sound, Parry Sound, d/o Joseph LAFRENIERE & Catherine KING, witn: ?s JOHNSON & Josephine AKIWENZIE both of Cape Croker, 21 May 1904, Cape Croker
004965-04 (Bruce Co) Paul NAWASH , 23, farmer, Cape Croker, Cape Croker, s/o Louis NAWASH & Tressa (s/b Theresa) NAWASH, married Lucy NADJIWON, 19, Cape Croker, Cape Croker, d/o Louis NADJIWON & Mary Jane SNAKE, witn: B.B. MILLER of Wiarton & William WAKEY of Cape Croker, 3 September 1904, at Wiarton 005015-05 (Bruce Co) Richard NEEDHAM, 35, Farmer, Kincardine Tp, Glamis, s/o Samuel NEEDHAM & Mary STRINGER to Sarrah Isabella KAAKE, 28, Greenock, Greenock, d/o Richard KAAKE & Jennet CAISSE; witn: Thomas L. KAAKE of Greenock & Emily NEEDHAM of Barrie, 28 Dec, 1904 Brides Residence, Greenock
004974/04 (Bruce Co) Daniel ORMSBY, 40, widower, farmer, Proton, Euphrasia, s/o Andrew ORMSBY & Mary O’HARA, married Matilda RATHWELL, 25, widow, Wolseley, Wiarton, d/o Edward KINCH & Maggie SHOULDICE, witn: D.A. WRIGHT & William David WRIGHT both of Wiarton, 3 October 1904, Wiarton 004849/04 (Bruce Co) Christopher James PARKER, 24, farmer, Canada, Twp Greenock, s/o Christopher PARKER & Mary CURRIE, married Minnie Bess? METCALFE, 27, Canada, Twp Greenock, d/o David METCALFE & Susan? WEBB, witn: John REDFORD Senior? of Kinloch - Co. Grey & Mrs. J. O'NEIL of Paisley, 2 November 1904, Paisley
004951-04 (Bruce Co) William PARTRIDGE, 23, laborer, Keppel, Keppel, s/o William PARTRIDGE & Jane MINOR, married Elizabeth MILMAN, 22, Keppel, Keppel, d/o Thomas MILMAN & Jane DAY, witn: W.J. REID of Clavering & Lizzie REID of Wiarton, 25 May 1904, at Wiarton 004622/04 (Bruce Co) George PINKERTON, 27, T.T.R. Agent, Edingrose, Cargill, s/o Thomas PINKERTON & Mary Ann BRADLEY, married Charlotte WATSON, 26, Brant, Edingrose, d/o Samuel WATSON & Eliza J. HENDERSON, witn: John BRADLEY of Greenock & Bertha Watson of Montreal, 14 September 1904, Twp Brant
4636-04 Thomas Robert PINNELL, 31, farmer, Kinloss twp., St. Helen's, s/o George PINNELL & Jane GUEST, married Elizabeth Margaret PRACKNOW (Procknow?), 25, Brant twp., same, d/o Herman PRACKNOW & Elizabeth LIEFSO, witn: George Henry PINNELL of Teeswater & Carrie PROCKNOW of Brant, 28 Dec 1904 at Brant  
004973/04 (Bruce Co) John POLLOCK, 40, laborer, Ireland, Wiarton, s/o George POLLOCK & Sarah POLLOCK, married Margaret CUFF, 35, Bentinck, Uxbridge, d/o Robert CUFF & Margaret HOPKINS, witn: Ed. KYTE & D. HUETHER both of Wiarton, 30 November 1904, Wiarton #004879-1904 (Bruce Co): William RAKE, 24, tinsmith, Guelph, Southampton, s/o Wm & Mary RAKE, married Elizabeth McDONALD, 18, Southampton, same, d/o Murdock McDONALD & Margaret McCORMICK; witnesses were Malc & Mrs M McNEILL, of Southampton. 24 Oct 1904 at Southampton.
004569-04 (Bruce Co) Robert Edwin REID, 30, lumberman, Ontario, Amabel, s/o Robert REID & Mary HENDERSON, married Sarah FORREST, 32, Ontario, Amabel, d/o Robert FORREST & Easter A. BINGHAM, witn: Alex REID & Alfred J. REID both of Hepworth, 10 February 1904, at Hepworth 004612/04 (Bruce Co) William Thomas REID, 49, widower, farmer, Co. York, Co. Bruce, s/o John REID & Eliza Jane McCAULEY, married Margaret KEYS, 30, Bruce Co, Bruce Co, d/o William KEYS & Mary Ann LARDERS, witn: Edith SHAW of Cargill & Mary A. BELL of Greenock, 25 May 1904, Twp Brant
  4641-04 Daniel REIDER, 52, widower, minister, East Zorra, Carrick, s/o Dan REIDER & Christina McGOETLINGER (McGoettinger?), married Susana GEISZ, 32, Bruce twp, same, d/o William & Susanna, witn: William & Louise GEISZ of Bruce twp, 18 May 1904 at Bruce twp
4681-04 John J. REINHART, 28, farmer, Carrick, same, s/o John REINHART & Helena VOGT, married Susannah DENTINGER, 25, Carrick, same, d/o Joseph DENTINGER & Annie REINHART, witn: Alphonse DENTINGER & Anna REINHART, both of Carrick, 19 Oct 1904 at Carrick 4658-04 Joseph REINHART, 24, farmer, Carrick, same, s/o John REINHART & Helen VOGT, married Catherine St.MARIE, 24, Carrick, same, d/o Alexander St.MARIE & Celina DUVAL, witn: John A. RUETZ & Mary REINHART, both of Carrick, 10 Feb 1904 at Carrick
004594/04 (Bruce Co) Victor RICHARDS, 24, farmer, Guelph, Arran, s/o Samuel RICHARDS & Mary Jane MATTHEWS, married Sarah MOORE, 22, farmer's daughter, Lions Head, Arran, d/o James MOORE & Mary BARBER, witn: George MOORE & Gertrude RICHARDS both of Arran, 16 March 1904, Lot 36 Conc. 10 Arran 004887/04 (Bruce Co) Victor Charles RICHARDS, 24, farmer, Guelph, Twp Arran Co. Bruce, s/o Samuel RICHARDS & Mary Jane MATTHEWS, married Sarah Ellen MOORE, 22, Lions Head, Twp Arran Co. Bruce, d/o James MOORE & Mary BARBER, witn: George MOORE & Gertrude RICHARDS both of Twp. Arran, 16 March 1904, Tara
004613/04 (Bruce Co) Joseph Alex. ROBERTSON, 38, oil driller, Perth Co, Petrolia Ontario, s/o Joseph ROBERTSON & Phoebe HARVEST, married Amanda M. BURNHAM, 33, Brant, Brant, d/o Albert BURNHAM & Mary RIVERS, witn: Bruce BURNHAM of Brant & Lena LARACK of Toronto, 19 May 1904, Twp Brant 5220-05 (Bruce Co) Jack ROBERTSON, 24, farmer, Winnipeg, Eastnor, s/o Peter R. ROBERTSON & Sarah J. BAKER, married Eva May BROWN, 22, Toronto, Wiarton, d/o George BROWN & Elizabeth HELLYER, witn: Edith WHITE & Mary MCEWEN, both of Wiarton, 30 Nov 1904 at Wiarton
  4637-04 Jacob Henry ROPPEL, 24, farmer, Bruce twp, same, s/o John ROPPEL & Elizabeth KREITSER, married Annie WRIGHTSON, 21, Bruce twp, same, d/o Thomas WRIGHTSON & Bella McKINZEY, witn: William WRIGHTSON & Matilda ROPPEL, both of Bruce twp, 3 Feb 1904 at Bruce twp
#004802-04 (Bruce Co.) William ROSENBERY (Rosenberg?), 26, b. Michigan, of Thessalon Algoma, Farmer, s/o Charles ROSENBERY & Mary MURPHY, married May Rose DANIEL, 29, b. Kincardine Twp, of same, d/o William DANIEL & Mary Elizabeth SHEWFELT, witnesses: Joseph N. HICKS of Algoma & Lena SHEWFELT of Kincardine Twp, on 8 June 1904 at Kincardine Twp 4704-04 Alfred William ROSS, 25, farmer, Culross twp., same, s/o George ROSS & Mary A. LATIMER, married Florence SCOTT, 20, Culross twp., same, d/o Graham SCOTT & Jessie McTAVISH, witn: William SCOTT & Georgina ROSS, both of Culross twp., 27 Dec 1904 at Culross twp
4684-04 Michael ROSSEL, 43, pump maker, Carrick, Hanover, s/o Jacob ROSSEL & Catherine GRAFF, married Josepa WALLNER, 34, Austria, Normanby, d/o John WALLNER & Mary SCHOLFIELD, witn: Peter WALLNER & Sophia FISCHER, both of Normanby, 26 Nov 1904 at Carrick 004670/04 (Bruce Co) Nathaniel ROSZEL, 26, farmer, Carrick, Carrick, s/o Elijah ROSZEL & Frances AITKINS, married Florence OGRAM, 19, Normanby Co. Grey, Carrick, d/o William OGRAM & Mary DICKSON, witn: Urich M. ROSZEL of Owen Sound & Sadie OGRAM of Carrick, 15 June 1904, Carrick
#004878-1904 (Bruce Co): Alexander RUSSELL, 20, farmer, Bruce Co, Tp Saugeen, s/o Leo RUSSELL & Rebecca VANCE, married Sarah CAMPBELL, 18, Port Elgin, same, d/o Neil CAMPBELL; witnesses were Walter BATTERILL, of North Bruce, Matilda QUESTAIN, of Pt. Elgin. 2 Nov 1904 at Southampton. #004646-1904 (Bruce Co): John Richard SAVAGE, 35, civil engineer Underwood, Jamaica LI. USA, s/o John Richard SAVAGE & Sally KEYSER, married Elspeth Moira MURRAY, 26, Underwood, same, d/o Hugh MURRAY & Kate McDOUGALL; witnesses were D A Murray, of Toronto, Mary MEREDITH, London. 7 Jun 1904 at Underwood, Bruce Tp.
004889/04 (Bruce Co) James F. SCARROW, 26, farmer, Ontario, Twp. Arran, s/o Isaiah SCARROW & Mary GIBB, married Gertrude Sabella RICHARDS, 21, Ontario, Twp Arran, d/o Samuel RICHARDS & Mary Jane MATTHEWS, witn: Emma SCARROW & Ralph RICHARDS both of Twp Arran, 23 November 1904, Parsonage Tara  
4633-04 William C. SCHLORFF, 24, farmer, Brant, same, s/o Louis SCHLORFF & Dorothea LAHEL?, married Minnie BECKER, 22, Brant, same, d/o George BECKER & Eva GUNTHER, witn: John SCHLORFF & Carrie HARNSCKE, both of Brant, 14 Dec 1904 at Brant (Lutheran) 004884-1904 (Bruce Co): SCHWAB ?, Robert, 30, labourer, Tp of Normanby, Durham, s/o Geo ?-RABB & Jeanella GRAY, married Mary ARD, 18, Tp of Normanby, Amabel Tp d/o E. J. ARD & Ellen J. BALL; witnesses were Milton ARD, of Tp Amabel, Nellie ---ABB, of Durham. 28 Dec 1904 at Amabel. Need help on this one. Other sources suggest this last name may be Schwab
4653-04 Henry Edwin SCHWALM, 22, operator, Carrick, same, s/o Nicholas SCHWALM & Louisa SCHELL, married Rebecca WEINDT, 20, Carrick, same, d/o Charles WENDT & Mary REPIKE?, witn: Emma L. SCHWALM & John R. WENDT, both of Carrick, 12 Jan 1904 at Carrick 4673-04 Frank SCHUMACHER, 24, laborer, Carrick, same, s/o Frank SCHUMACHER & Mary BUTTER, married Amelia BRUDER, 28, Carrick, same, d/o Lawrence BRUDER & Margaretta EBERTH, witn: Francis H. NOLL & Isabella SCHUMACHER, both of Carrick, 12 July 1904 at Carrick
004599/04 (Bruce Co) Quintin SCOTT, 23, C.P.R. brakesman, Mount Forest Ontario, Medicine Hat N.W.T., s/o George SCOTT & Lizzie DAVIS, married Minnie GOETZ, 22, servant, Formosa, Formosa, d/o John B. GOETZ & Kate LEBMAN, witn: Mrs. George SEITZ of Arkwright & Kate GOETZ of Formosa, 1 September 1904, Arkwright  
004955-04 (Bruce Co) James W. SHAW, 25, farmer, Eastnor, Eastnor, s/o Joseph SHAW & Ann MALONEY, married Edna M. ROBINSON, 18, Michigan U.S., Albemarle, d/o John ROBINSON & Martha GIGGEST, witn: Minnie W. HENDERSON & Beatrice E. WIGLE both of Wiarton, 15 June 1904, Wiarton 004956-04 ( Bruce Co) Charles SHIELS, 24, farmer, Mt. Forest Ontario, Amabel, s/o Hugh SHIELS & Annie GROAT, married Lilly CEASER, 19, Lindsay, Amabel, d/o John CEASER & Ellen LYONS, witn: Marie WAIT & F.M. CLARK both of Wiarton, 29 June 1904, at Wiarton
004585-04 (Bruce Co) Michael SIEGRIST, 69, widower, Gentleman, Germany, Keppel, s/o John SIEGRIST & Margaret ROSSING, married Elizabeth BITSON, 60, widow, U. States, Amabel, d/o Henry COPPENENERS? & Margaret HOTMAN, witn: ?.W. GEDDES & J. GEDDES both of Hepworth, 19 October 1904, at Amabel 004616/04 (Bruce Co) Adam SIELING, 33, widower, manufacturer, Carrick, Walkerton, s/o Adam SIELING & Elizabeth DOERBECKER, married Annie K. KURTZ, 32, widow, Brant, Brant, d/o Gotlieb SCHROEDER & Louisa KURTZ, witn: Fred ENGEL & Emma ENGEL both of Brant, 28 January 1904, Twp Brant
004601/04 (Bruce Co) Charles William SIM, 34, farmer, Scotland, Arran, s/o John SIM & Betsy CALDER, married Maggie HALL, 32, Scotland, Arran, d/o William HALL & Isabella HALL, witn: Frank SIM of Arran & Gertie YOUNG of Tara, 19 October 1904, Arran 004850/04 (Bruce Co) Alfred Buchanan John SIMONS, 48, miner, Canada, Calgary N.W.T., s/o Thomas M. SIMONS & Mary Nixon BLACK, married Charlotte Elizabeth MALLOCH, 47, Canada, Paisley, d/o George W. MALLOCH & Charlotte GORD, witn: J. McNAMARA of Walkerton Co Bruce & Ethel M. CAMPBELL of Toronto, 14 December 1904, Paisley
  4686-04 Duncan Spencer SINCLAIR, 27, machinist, Wingham, same, s/o George SINCLAIR & Elizabeth CARSON, married Margaret CAIRNS, 27, Chesley, same, d/o James CAIRNS & Katie DOBIE, witn: Agnes SINCLAIR of Wiarton, 14 June 1904 at Chesley
4782-04 David Alexander Thompson SLIGHT, 31, mechanic, Goderich, Kincardine, s/o William SLIGHT & Salina THOMPSON, married Teresa FITZELL, 28, Limerick Ireland, Kincardine, d/o Thomas & Teresa, witn: E. SLIGHT & Myrtle HUFFMAN, both of Kincardine, 30 June 1904 at Kincardine 4639-04 Edwin SMITH, 25, farmer, Bruce twp, same, s/o George SMITH & Catherine BANDER, married Minnie Maud McMANN, 24, Kinloss twp. Bruce twp, d/o William McMANN & Jane McCONNELL, witn: Andrew SMITH & Janetta HAMMOND, both of Bruce twp, 16 March 1904 at Bruce twp
4676-04 David SMITH, 36, implement agent, Ellice twp., Milverton, s/o David SMITH & Jessie CAMPBELL, married Susannah Ellen BERRY, 25, Carrick, same, d/o William BERRY & Susannah STERNE, witn: Edward A. & Eliza J. BERRY of Carrick, 16 Aug. 1904 at Carrick 4685-04 John Robert SMITH, 38, carpenter, Caledon Ont., Regina NWT, s/o William SMITH & Flora Ann McLEAN, married Mary HARPER, 28, Carrick, same, d/o William HARPER & Mary BARNES, witn: Frederick HARPER & Isabel CHAPMAN, both of Carrick, 6 Dec 1904 at Carrick
004957-04 (Bruce Co) William SOUTHGATE, 40, farmer, England, Assiniboia, s/o George SOUTHGATE & Caroline COLLINS, married Louisa VANSLYKE, 38, Elderslie, Keppel, d/o John VANSLYKE & Mary HAINES, witn: Jas. VANSLYKE & Louisa FLAVITY both of Keppel, 6 July 1904, at Wiarton  
004567/04 (Bruce Co) James Alexander SPEIRS, blank, farmer, Amabel, Colpoy’s Bay, s/o Alex SPEIRS & Elizabeth THOMPSON, married Elizabeth Ann BOLTON, blank, Keppel, Colpoy’s Bay, d/o William BOLTON & Elizabeth, witn: Thomas RYDALL of Albemarle & Ruth BOLTON of Keppel, 28 December 1904, Colpoy’s Bay 004950-04 (Bruce Co) William SPENCER, 20, farmer, Keppel, Keppel, s/o George SPENCER & Mary Ann MOORE, married Josephine WARD, 21, Keppel, Keppel, d/o William WARD & Sarah HALLIDAY, witn: W.H. KINCH & Charlotte Ward both of Lake Charles, 30 March 1904, at Wiarton
#004876-1904 (Bruce Co): Wellington STEELE, 23, farmer, Bruce Co, Saugeen Tp, s/o Thomas STEELE & Margaret SEAFORTH ?, married Martha CHAPPELL, 23, England, Saugeen Tp; d/o David CHAPPELL & Naomi LEVESTON; witnesses were Rob't BROWN, Mrs H A COOK, of Southampton. 26 Aug 1904 at Southampton. 004593/04 (Bruce Co) David STEVENS, 26, farmer, Derby, Tara, s/o John STEVENS & Jane MUNDLE, married Levina Maud HARRON, 25, farmer's daughter, Arran, Arran, d/o John HARRON & Margaret Jane MARROW, witn: Robert STEVENS of Tara & Lizzie HARRON of Arran, 24 February 1904, Lot 27 H.M. Strip Arran
  #004804-04 (Bruce Co.) William Robert STEWART, 26, b. Kincardine Twp, of Rock Lake Manitoba, Farmer, s/o Charles Stewart & Mary Ann FERGUSON, married Alzina GRIFFITH, 19, b. Kincardine Twp, of same, d/o Johnston GRIFFITH & Sarah Ann CASWELL, witnesses: Albert GRIFFITH & Eliza Jane GRIFFITH, both of Kincardine Twp, on 24 February 1904 at Kincardine Twp
4655-04 Andrew STROEDER, 28, farmer, Carrick, same, s/o Mathias STROEDER & Annie DRUAR, married Monica BENNINGER, 23, Culross, same, d/o Conrad BENNINGER & Mary KLOEPFER, witn: Jacob BENNINGER & Veronica SCHNAUR, both of Carrick, 19 Jan 1904 at Carrick 4660-04 John STROEDER, 27, farmer, Carrick, same, s/o Andrew STROEDER & Theresa VOLL, married Cecilia GRUB, 20, Carrick, same, d/o Nicholas GRUB & Susanna DIEMER, witn: Philip GRUB & Mary SCHNIEDER, both of Carrick, 9 Feb 1904 at Carrick
004610/04 (Bruce Co) Alvin? STUERNEILL?, 24, farmer, Arran Twp, Arran Twp, s/o Conrad STUERNEILL? & Magdalena EBY, married Lydia THALER, 20, Elmwood, Normandy Twp, d/o John THALER & Sophia KARSTADD, witn: Ephraim STUERNNEILL? & Mrs. E. STUERNEILL? both of Arran Twp, 3 May 1904, Twp Brant 004628/04 (Bruce Co) John F. TERRY, 25, painter, Toronto, Toronto, s/o Jas. T. TERRY & Sarah ATKINSON, married Margaret KILDEA, 28, Brant Twp, Toronto, d/o John KILDEA & Elizabeth GILSON, witn: J. KILDEA of Brant & Annie McQUE of Elderslie, 9 November 1904, Twp Brant
#004805-04 (Bruce Co.) George David THOMPSON, 28, b. Huron Twp, of same, Farmer, s/o Robert THOMPSON & Elizabeth EMERSON, married Sarah NESBITT, 28, b. Kincardine Twp, of same, d/o Robert NESBITT & Sarah SCOTT, witnesses: John NESBITT & Mary NESBITT, both of Kincardine Twp, on 6 April 1904 at Kincardine Twp #004882-1904 (Bruce Co): John A THOMPSON, 27, butcher, Ireland, Southampton, s/o W J THOMPSON & Mary CLARKE, married Phoebe Janet KIDD, 34, Bruce Co, Southampton, d/o Andrew KIDD & Marg't WHITE; witnesses were Wm & Stella KIDD, of Southampton. 1 Jun 1904 at Southampton
4775-04 John Oscar TODD, 21, farmer, Kincardine twp., same, s/o Oscar TODD & Mary Jane NORMAN, married Kate McDONALD, 18, Kincardine twp., same, d/o Angus McDONALD & Christena McKENZIE, witn: Verna & Evelyn MURRAY of Kincardine, 24 Feb 1904 at Kincardine 004621/04 (Bruce Co) James TOLCHARD, 30, farmer, England, Twp Sullivan, s/o George TOLCHARD & Bessie TOLCHARD, married Marie DALES, 26, Brant, Twp Brant, d/o William DALES & Ann DALES, witn: John DALES of Brant & Annie TOLCHARD of Twp Sullivan, 2 September 1904, Twp Brant
  004847/04 (Bruce Co) Malcolm A. TURNER, 42, widower, farmer, Dakota U.S.A., Dakota U.S.A., s/o Andrew TURNER & Rachel CHAFFEE, married Jennie McBRIDE, 40, Canada, Paisley, d/o William McBRIDE & Mary CASSELL, witn: Isabella GALBRAITH of Paisley & James McBRIDE of Twp Elderslie, 7 July 1904, Paisley
004946-04 (Bruce Co) Charles VANCE, 29, laborer, Grey Co., Shallow Lake, s/o David B. VANCE & Elizabeth FERGUSON, married Mary Ann JONES, 26, Blantyre, Amabel, d/o Henry Jones & Rosanna PORTER, witn: F.M. CLARK & Olive V. CLARKE both of Wiarton, 21 June 1904, at Wiarton 4652-04 Joseph WAGNER, 23, farmer, Carrick, same, s/o Anthony WAGNER & Barbara LAMBERTUS, married Susanna FOERSTER, 28, widow, Carrick, same, d/o Joseph S. SCHWARTZ & Caroline KUENEMANN, witn: Philip WAGNER of Sanburn Dakota & Clara KUENEMANN of Carrick, 11 Jan 1904 at Carrick
004964-04 (Bruce Co) Henry WARDROP, 21, farmer, Riversdale, Dyers Bay, s/o Andrew WARDROP & Emily GAVROW, married Effie McKINNON, 18, Owen Sound, Oxenden, d/o Neil McKINNON & Jane LONEY, witn: John G. MOORE of Riversdale & Mary McKINNON of Oxenden, 21 September 1904, at Wiarton 4687-04 James WARMINGTON, 27, carpenter, Eramosa, Chesley, s/o Robert WARMINGTON & Elizabeth HUSCH?, married Jennie NICHOL, 31, London Ont., Chesley, d/o James NICHOL & Elspeth SCOTT, witn: G. & Mary WARMINGTON of Chesley, 8 June 1904 at Chesley
04562/04 (Bruce Co) James Allen WAUGH, 26, farmer, Hope Bay, Adamsville, s/o Francis WAUGH & Ann WATCHORN, married Margaret Jane HOWE, 20, Purple Valley, Purple Valley, d/o George HOWE & Margaret HODGINS, witn: George Edward HOWE of Purple Valley & Sarah Jane HODGINS of Wiarton, 6 July 1904, Purple Valley 004668/04 (Bruce Co) Peter WEBER, 24, laborer, Carrick, Carrick, s/o Jacob WEBER & Barbara WISENOUR, married Catherine MOYER, 25, Carrick, Carrick, d/o Peter MOYER & Mary SCHMIDT, witn: John F. GREENLEY of Howick Co Huron & Mrs. J. F. GREENLEY of Howick, 1 June 1904, Carrick
4663-04 John WEBER, 21, laborer, Carrick, same, s/o Jacob WEBER & Barbara WISENER?, married Lydia KLAHR, 22, Carrick, same, d/o Albert KLAHR & Paulina PESEN--?, witn: Mrs. H. A. & F. C. THOMAS of Carrick, 5 March 1904 at Carrick 4710-04 Thomas Henry WEBB, 26, millman, Creemore, Lions Head, s/o John WEBB & Alice HOWARD, married Rachel M. HELLYER, 25, domestic, Carthage, Lions Head, d/o Abram HELLYER & Mary LINZEMAN?, witn: James R. & Lucinda MALCOLM of Lions Head, 8 June 1904 at Lions Head
004590-04 (Bruce Co) William James WEBSTER, 26, farmer, Ontario, Amabel, s/o Richard WEBSTER & Janie JAMES, married Elizabeth E. AIKIN, 35, Ontario, Amabel, d/o John AIKEN & Jean BROWN, witn: Henry AIKEN & Eva AIKEN both of Amabel, 21 December 1904, at Amabel 4661-04 William WEILER, 29, farmer, Carrick, same, s/o Joseph & Johanna, married Cecelia MEYER, 22, Carrick, same, d/o Louis MEYER & Catherine SEITZ, witn: Joseph L. MEYER & Catherine DIETRICH, both of Culross, 15 Feb 1904 at Carrick
004948-04 (Bruce Co) J. Jefferson WEIR, 23, sailor, London Twp., Wiarton, s/o Robert WEIR & Sarah TROYER, married Verna FOWLER, 17, Wiarton, Wiarton, d/o William FOWLER & Sarah KING witn: Gordon GLOVER & Ada HYATT both of Wiarton, 3 February 1904, at Wiarton (also 4578-04) 4678-04 James WEIR, 33, farmer, Turnberry, same, s/o James WEIR & Mary MANSON, married Barbara C. COCHRANE, 28, Quebec City, Howick, d/o John COCHRANE & Barbara BELL, witn: Mrs. A. C. & Bessie STEWART of Carrick, 21 Sept 1904 at Carrick
4634-04 Christian WEINDINDORF, 24, farmer, Bentinck twp, same, s/o Frederick WEINDINDORF & Sophia WILLMEYER, married Annie KABE, 20, Holland, Bentinck twp, d/o Karl KABE & Sophia KAHN, witn: Henry PRIES of Hanover & Fannie MINK (Menk?) of Brant, 23 Nov 1904 at Brant [Weindendorf?] 004586-04 (Bruce Co) Levi WESLEY, 21, farmer, Ontario, Indian Reserve, s/o Charles WESLEY & Alice SHIELDS, married Bella RITCHIE, 16, Ontario, Indian Reserve, d/o David RITCHIE & Mary STEVENS, witn: William RITCHIE & Mary RITCHIE both of Indian Reserve, 13 November 1904, at Reserve
004583-04 (Bruce Co) William WESLEY, 29, farmer, Ontario, Indian Reserve, s/o Charles WESLEY & Alice SHIELDS, married Etta NASHKEWA, 23, Ontario, Indian Reserve, d/o Robert NASHKEWA & Mary NASHKEWA, witn: Angus NASHKEWA & William ONEYANT of Indian Reserve, 3 October 1904, at Reserve 004598/04 (Bruce Co) Arthur Benjamin WILDE, 27, farmer, Goderich, Lindsay Twp, s/o George WILDE & Martha WHITEHEAD, married Agnes Elizabeth CROWE, 26, school teacher, Arran Twp, Arran Twp, d/o James CROWE & Elizabeth MILLER, witn: Keziah CROWE of Mt. HOPE & Mary B. PEART of Arkwright, 13 July 1904, Mount Hope, Arran Twp.
  004972/04 (Bruce Co) David WILSON, 26, laborer, Howick, Hepworth, s/o Robert WILSON & Ann Jane McMIME, married Mary FLOOD, 21, Hanover, Keppel, d/o Thomas FLOOD & Sarah Jane HOLLIS, witn: Wesley & Jennie GIRLING both of Shallow Lake, 23 November 1904, Wiarton
#004806-04 (Bruce Co.) Charles James WILSON, 28, b. Milverton, of same, Clergyman, s/o James WILSON & Margaret HOOEY, married Belle HENDERSON, b. Bervie, of same, d/o William HENDERSON & Agnes Ann PRINGLE, witnesses: William HENDERSON & William L. HENDERSON, both of Bervie, on 16 June 1904 at Bervie 004602/04 (Bruce Co) William Henry WINCH, 51, farmer, North Guillimbury, same, s/o Samuel WINCH & Ann WILLIAMS, married, Elizabeth GRANGE, 43, farmer's daughter, Arran, Arran, d/o William GRANGE & Ann HUMPHRY, witn: John GRANGE & Kezia GRANGE both of Arran, 9 November 1904, brides home in Arran
004664/04 (Bruce Co) Edwin E. WOOLNER, 27, gardener, Waterloo, Aldborough, s/o Noah WOOLNER & Mary EBY, married Kate WICKE, 20, Carrick, Carrick, d/o Charles WICKE & Rebecca BRILL, witn: Ferdinand WICKE & Lizzie WICKE both of Carrick, 1 March 1904, Carrick 4773-04 William Henry YOUNG, 29, barber, Aldersley twp., Kincardine, s/o Henry YOUNG & Jane WESTCOTT, married Mabelle Ethel MERRITT, 20, Kincardine twp., Kincardine, d/o John MERRITT & Sarah ANDERSON, witn: William G. & Mrs. William G. ALLEN of Kincardine, 26 Jan 1904 at Kincardine