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Bruce Co., 1906, part 2

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005050/06 (Bruce Co) Robert Lindsay ALEXANDER, 34, farmer, Mono Twp. Ont., Elderslie Twp., s/o James ALEXANDER & Eleanor LINDSAY, married Margaret Emma ADALPH (Adolph?), 25, Brant Twp., Brant Twp., d/o Henry ADALPH & Madeline LEATZER?, witn: Bert CAVIL of Chesley & Essie McKINNON of Walkerton, 24 October 1906, Brant Twp.

005261/06 (Bruce Co) Samuel Amos BABCOCK, 29, farmer, Canada, Greenock Twp. Bruce Co., s/o John BABCOCK & Mary McLEOD, married Helena Margaret HILL, 15 years, Canada, Bruce twp., d/o William HILL & Jennie HUNTER, witn: J.C. GIBSON of Paisley & Alice BABCOCK of Greenock Twp., 22 August 1906, Paisley

005057/06 (Bruce Co) Joseph BAILEY, 28, blacksmith, Brant Twp., Paisley, s/o Thomas BAILEY & Anna Belle THOMPSON, married Agnes BELL, 19, Brant Twp., Cargill, d/o David BELL & Margaret Jane BELL, witn: Albert Elgin BELL & Charlotte Agnes BELL both of Medicine Hat, 20 December 1906, Cargill

005043/06 (Bruce Co) Arthur John BAILEY, 38, blacksmith, Brant Twp., Chesley, s/o Thomas BAILEY & Anna Belle THOMPSON, married Emma Daninat TRIMBLE, 38, Halton Co., Cargill, d/o William TRIMBLE & Anna KEAN, witn: William TRIMBLE & Carrie J. DOBBIE both of Cargill, 16 April 1906, Cargill

005076/06 (Bruce Co) Arthur W. CHRISTMAN, 21, farmer, Arran Twp., Bruce Twp., s/o William H. CHRISTMAN & Phillipine DURST, married Sarah E. SUMPTON, 20, farmer’s daughter, Bruce Twp., Bruce Twp., d/o William SUMPTON & Elizabeth BLAKLEY, witn: Henry CHRISTMAN of North Bruce & Hattie A. SUMPTON of Bentinck Twp., 19 December 1906, Bruce Twp


005038/06 (Bruce Co) William Leach COURTNEY, 46, widower, farmer, Niagara, Tecumseth Twp., s/o Thomas COURTNEY & Patience VARA, married Catherine Lucy JOHNSTON, 29, Walkerton, Walkerton, d/o John Philemon JOHNSTON & Lucy DUCK, witn: Janet JOHNSTON & Emily JOHNSTON both of Brant Twp., 24 January 1906, Brant Twp.

005042/06 (Bruce Co) James Walker CRAIG, 36, artisan, Brant Twp., Brant Twp., s/o Alexander CRAIG & Annie MILLAN, married Mary Jane COATES, 31, Claremont Ont., Brant Twp., d/o Thomas COATS & Christine McINTOSH, witn: Mizey McKELLAR & Mitchell MITCHELL both of Port Elgin, 25 April 1906, Brant Twp.


005263/06 (Bruce Co) George Edward FALCONER, 32, merchant, Canada, Port Elgin, s/o John FALCONER & Catharine LAVROCK, married Bessie Anderson JOHNSTON, 23, Canada, Paisley, d/o John JOHNSTON & Isabella M. WILKIE, witn: Bella B. JOHNSTON of Paisley & J. Rosa MUNRO of Port Elgin, 31 October 1906, Paisley

005040/06 (Bruce Co) Conrad GRISEL, 46, widower, workman, Waterloo Co., Elmwood Twp. Brant, s/o Heinrich GRIESEL & Mary LONY, married Margarita DICKERT, 26, Normanby Twp., Normanby Twp., d/o Valentine DICKERT & Anna WAGNER, witn: Chris. DEMMERTON & Christine DICKERT both of Ayton, 16 January 1906, Elmwood

005078/06 (Bruce Co) Norman HAMEL, 20, upholsterer, Waterloo Co., Carrick, s/o John HAMEL & Magdalena ARNAULD, married Emma Marie ROSENOW, 21, domestic servant, Carrick, Carrick, d/o William ROSENOW & Fredericka VOIGT, witn: Charles ALBRECHT & Ida ROSENOW both of Carrick, 6 March 1906, Carrick

005041/06 (Bruce Co) William G. JOHNSTON, 22, butcher, Cargill, Cargill, s/o J.P. JOHNSTON & Annie J. GARLAND, married Blanch C. BRENAIR (Brenner?), 18, Cargill, Cargill, d/o Robert BRENAIR & Lucy MONAHAN, witn: H.J. MOFFATT & J.G. SPARLING, 19 April 1906, Cargill


005046/06 (Bruce Co) Robert KING, 34, widower, lawyer, Bay City Mich., Bay City Mich. , s/o Alfred M. KING & Francis THOMSON, married Ella Maude WILLOUGHBY, 24, Elmwood Brant, Elmwood Brant, d/o Nicholas WILLOUGHBY & Rachel LONG, witn: David WILLOUGHBY & Addie WILLOUGHBY both of Brant, 4 September 1906, Elmwood

005051/06 (Bruce Co) Gavin KIRKWOOD, 29, farmer, Brant Twp., Brant Twp., s/o Gavin KIRKWOOD & Mary HOPE, married Ida Moise MALCOLM, 25, Brant Twp., Bran t Twp., d/o John MALCOLM & Helen MADALE, witn: Thomas CARDER & John BRAUGH both of Brant, 7 November 1906, Brant Twp

005055/06 (Bruce Co) Gotlieb KLAGES, 26, widower, farmer, Sullivan Twp., Sullivan Twp., s/o Gotlieb KLAGES & Christina MAUER, married Mary PEGELO, 18, Brant Twp., Brant Twp., d/o Carl PEGELO & Elizabeth LIEFSO, witn: Henry W. KLAGES of Sullivan & Emma MAUER of Bentinck, 18 July 1906, Brant Twp.

005058/06 (Bruce Co) William LEASK, 38, farmer, Greenock Twp., Greenock Twp., s/o George LEASK & Barbara LAMB, married Lillie BELL, 20, Brant, Brant, d/o W.J. BELL & Mary E. JAVITT, witn: W.J. BELL & William DALGARNO both of Edengrove, 25 December 1906, Brant

005259/06 (Bruce Co) David LEMONT (Lamont?), 27, farmer, Canada, Greenock Twp. Bruce Co., s/o Henry LEMONT & Mary Ann BEATTIE, married Florence HUGHES, 19, England, Greenock Twp. Bruce Co., d/o (christian name unknown) HUGHES & Florence COLVILLE, witn: Louis Henry LEMONT & Sarah JOHNSON both of Greenock Twp. Bruce Co., 1 August 1906, Paisley

005044/06 (Bruce Co) Edward LIPPERT, 27, packer, Normanby Grey Co., Berlin Ont., s/o Henry LIPPERT & Mary KACH (Koch?), married Nancy Jane McKELVIE, 22, Brant Twp., Brant Twp., d/o William McKELVIE & Ida SCHINK, witn: Edward McKELVIE of Brant & Addie LIPPERT of Neustadt Ont., 17 April 1906, Brant Twp


005037/06 (Bruce Co) Richard Thomas LYONS, 28, farmer, of Euphrasia Twp., s/o Richard LYONS & Sarah REED, married Catherine McLAUGHLAN, 23, farmer’s daughter, of Holland Twp., d/o Peter McLAUGHLAN & Effie McCOLEMAN, witn: Margaret Lavina LYONS of Toronto Ont. & Peter J. McLAUGHLAN of Waterloo Falls Ont., 25 April 1906, Strathavon

005047/06 (Bruce Co) Charles Arthur McCONKEY, 29, farmer, Greenock Twp., New Westminster, d/o William McCONKEY & Sarah CARUTHERS, married Phillis Jane BROWNSCOMBE, 18, Kinloss, Brant, d/o Henry BROWNSCOMBE & Ester Ann PENEL, witn: E.N. BROWNSCOMBE & Agnes McCONKEY both of Brant, 22 August 1906, Brant

005048/06 (Bruce Co) Robert McCONKEY, 30, farmer, Greenock Twp., Brant, s/o William McCONKEY & Sarah CARUTHERS, married Violet A. SPARLING, 22, Cargill, d/o Henry SPARLING & Eliza MONEHEN, witn: John McCONKEY of Walkerton & Emma LAUGHLAN of Cargill, 26 September 1906, Brant

005077/06 (Bruce Co) Alex MEWHINNEY, 30, farmer, Bruce Twp., Bruce Twp., s/o Joseph MEWHINNEY & Jane PATTERSON, married Eva Maud COLE, 24, farmer’s daughter, Bruce Twp., Bruce Twp., d/o Robert COLE & Mary McCALLUM, witn: J. G McLEOD M.D. of Underwood & Margaret J. MEWHINNEY of Bruce Twp., 18 September 1906, Underwood

005255/06 (Bruce Co) James Norman MONTGOMERY, 24, painter, Canada, Bruce Twp., s/o Kenneth MONTGOMERY & Sara McLEAN, married Mamie McFADYEN, 21, Canada, Bruce Twp., d/o Archibald McFADYEN & Janet McFADYEN , witn: Angus McFADYEN & Jean SLESSOR both of Bruce Twp. Ont., 4 April 1906, Paisley

005049/06 (Bruce Co) John F.L. MUSEHL (Muschl?), 24, farmer, Brant Twp., Brant Twp., s/o John MUSEHL & Sophia RODY, married Mary Caroline Elizabeth PROCKNON, 19, Brant Twp., Brant Twp., d/o William PROCKNON & Caroline LEIFSO, witn: Henry MUSEHL & Cora PROCKNON both of Brant, 24 October 1906, Brant Twp.

005045/06 (Bruce Co) Randolph NIGHTINGALE, 30, widower, Engineer, England, Sullivan Twp., s/o not given, married Emma Fredericke LE HAN, 22, Sullivan Twp., Chesley, d/o Edward LE HAN & Eva MINKA, witn: Edward & Eva LE HAN both of Chesley, 13 August 1906, Brant

005083/06 (Bruce Co) Andrew RICH, 47, widower, laborer, Carrick, Greenock, s/o Bernard RICH & Mary SIMMERLE, married Mary LANG, 46, widow, Hay Twp., Greenock Twp., d/o Francis ADDIS & Magdalena BRENNER, witn: Joseph STROEDER & Catherine both of Greenock Twp., 15 May 1906, Carrick

005262/06 (Bruce Co) John ROBERTS, 27, photographer, Canada, Clinton Ont., s/o Robert J. ROBERTS & Saloma HUMPBELL, married Minnie BRYCE, 23, Canada, Paisley, d/o George BRYCE & Johanna GRIER, witn: J.R. VERNON of Listowel Ont. & Kate GREER of Paisley, 10 October 1906, Paisley

005082/06 (Bruce Co) Hugo SCHWARTZ, 26, printer, Normanby Twp., Kincardine Bruce Co., s/o Henry SCHWARTZ & Henrietta HEINZMANN, married Catherine SMALL, 23, dress maker, Kincardine, same, d/o David SMALL & Agnes SOAPER, witn: Joseph SCHULTIES & Mrs. W.E. STAFFORD both of Carrick, 27 April 1906, Carrick

005081/06 (Bruce Co) Otto SCHWARTZ, 30, widower, hotel keeper, Normanby, same, s/o Henry SCHWARTZ & Henrietta HEINZMANN, married Brigitta DIEBOLD, 19, domestic servant, Carrick, Carrick, d/o Martin DIEBOLD & Mary FORTNEY, witn: Frank HUBER & Julia DIEBOLD both of Carrick, 24 April 1906, Carrick


005768/07 (Bruce Co) Earnest Alfred WALPOLE, 25, farmer, Wiarton Ont., Elderslie, s/o George WALPOLE & Jane WILKINSON, married Sarah BLUE, 24, farmer’s daughter, Elderslie, Elderslie, d/o Archibald BLUE & Ann BELL, witn: Alexander BLUE & Ellen WALPOLE both of Elderslie, 20 November 1906, Elderslie Twp

005253/06 (Bruce Co) Thomas WATSON, 28, barber, blank, Lucknow, s/o Thomas WATSON & Mary SCOTT, married Margaret CAMPBELL, 30, blank, Lucknow, d/o Malcolm CAMPBELL & Margaret ARMSTRONG, witn: Mary C. McKERROLL of Lucknow & Mary CAMPBELL, 25 April 1906, Lucknow

005254/06 (Bruce Co) William WITTMAN, 29, laborer, Germany, Cargill Bruce Co., s/o Wesley WITTMAN & Gertrude TRACTE, married Mary WESELOH, 23, Ontario, Waterloo Town Ont., d/o John WESELOH & Ann HOPNER, witn: Anton HANBNER of Port Elgin & Annie WITTMAN of Paisley Ont., 14 February 1906, Paisley

005079/06 (Bruce Co) Ezra ZINN, 36, farmer, Carrick, Carrick, s/o George Ernest ZINN & Julia SCHELL, married Catherine PEIKER, 35, tailoress, Normanby Twp. Grey Co., Carrick, d/o George PEIKER & Elisabeth DIEBEL, witn: George PEIKER & Elizabeth PEIKER both of Carrick, 28 March 1906, Carrick