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Bruce Co., 1907, part 2

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005703-07 (Bruce Co) Joseph ACTON, 28, barber, Sullivan Twp, Chesley, s/o Joseph ACTON & Ann McNAB married Amelia HOPE, 23, domestic, Elderslie Twp, Chesley, d/o Edward HOPE & Amelia WARD, witn: Sarah ACTON & Margaret STANLEY both of Chesley, 19 December 1907 in Chesley. 005787/07 (Bruce Co) Robert J. ACTON, 38, farmer, Sullivan, Greenock, s/o Arthur ACTON & Jane McNAB, married Grace WILLIS, 26, Normanby, Greenock, d/o Sidney WILLIS & Ann WELLS, witn: George ACTON & Mary ACTON both of Greenock, 30 May 1907, Greenock
005667/07 (Bruce Co) William. Hamilton ALEXANDER, 22, clerk, Alisa Craig, Sarnia, s/o Johnston ALEXANDER & Matilda BUTLER, married Mary Ellen CAMPBELL, 20, Greenock Twp, Brant, d/o James. Duncan CAMPBELL & Nellie WUSTER, witn: Ed. CAMPBELL of Greenock Twp. & Jeanette McKINNON of Greenock, 23 January 1907, Cargill

005175/08 (Bruce Co) Leburn ALLEN, 23, oiler, Kentucky U.S.A., Detroit U.S.A., s/o John F. ALLEN & Luranie HAMMOND, married Margaret WILSON, 26, Bruce Twp., Inverhuron Bruce, d/o Thomas WILSON & Margaret McGREGOR, witn: Hector McKENZIE & Ellen MILLER both of Inverhuron, 25 December 1907, Inverhuron Bruce Twp

005761/07 (Bruce Co) Archie Malcolm ASH, 22, laborer, not known, Lindsay Twp., s/o P. BOUGH (step father) & Maggie STEWART, married Minnie GAWLEY, 16, farmer’s daughter, Lindsay Twp., Eastnor Twp., d/o Andrew GAWLEY & Mary McGUIRE, witn: Mrs. Jos. WELLS & Elizabeth THOMSON both of Lions Head, 20 November 1907, Eastnor Twp.

005773/07 (Bruce Co) Franklin BAINTON, 30, glove manufacturer, Wingham, Blythe Ont., s/o Charles BAINTON & Elizabeth JONES, married Hannah HOPE, 27, farmer’s daughter, Elderslie, Elderslie, d/o Edward HOPE & Amelia WARD, witn: James HOPE of Chesley & Nettie MacKAY of Walkerton, 2 June 1907, Elderslie

005689/07 (Bruce Co) William BAPTIST, 29, farmer, Hamilton Twp. Northumberland Co., Culross Twp. Bruce Co, s/o William BAPTIST & Leah SMITH, married Mary Elizabeth RUSSELL, 22, Bruce Twp, Bruce Twp, d/o William RUSSELL & Elizabeth McGREGOR, witn: George BAPTIST of Teeswater & Jennie RUSSELL of Lovat Bruce Twp, 18 September 1907, Bruce Twp. 005669/07 (Bruce Co) William. Henry BECHTEL, 28, machinist, Saugeen Bruce Co, Southampton, s/o Jacob BECHTEL & Elizabeth Ann SIMPSON, married Ida May CRISPIN, 24, Normanby Grey Co, Brant, d/o James CRISPIN & Martha SCOTT, witn: Harvey CRISPIN & Olive MAGWOOD both of Hanover Ontario, 9 January 1907, Brant
005722-07 (Bruce Co) William BEINGESSNER, 24, laborer, Carrick, Guelph, s/o Joseph BEINGESSNER & Frances HOELZ? married Margaretha KUENEMANN, 25, Carrick, Deemerton, d/o Alexander KUENEMANN & Mary SCHWARTZ, witn: Joseph BEINGESSNER of Walkerton & Katie KUENEMANN of Deemerton, 19 August 1907 in Deemerton. 005783/07 (Bruce Co) Eldon BELL, 24, laborer, Walkerton, Walkerton, s/o James BELL & Mary Ann COOK, married Margaret H. HERD, 19, house maid, Greenock, Greenock, d/o Hector HERD & Mary Jane ORR, witn: George HERD of Greenock & Minnie BELL of Walkerton, 20 Feb. 1907, bride's residence Greenock

005764/07 (Bruce Co) Robert George BRIDGE, 26, farmer, Eastnor Twp., Eastnor Twp., s/o Albert BRIDGE & Mary HAYES, married Georgina DETWILER, United States, Eastnor Twp., d/o George DETWILER & Jane McMASTER, witn: William BRIDGE & Mary McMASTER both of Lions Head, 4 December 1907, Eastnor Twp.

005664/07 (Bruce Co) Aug. Carl Ludwig BRODHAGEN, 35, farmer, McKillop Twp, Brant, s/o August BRODHAGEN & Fredereke ROSE, married Anne Louisa Sophia SCHLOAFF, 28, Brant Twp, Brant Twp, d/o Christopher SCHLOAFF & Minnie UNROTH, witn: Christopher SCHLOAFF & Mary WILKEN both of Brant Twp., 2 January 1907, Brant
005715-07 (Bruce Co) Robert BROWN, 23, laborer, Fordwich, Fordwich, s/o Simon BROWN & Catharine BRODISAN? married Adeline DIEBEL, 21, dressmaker, Mildmay, Mildmay, d/o John DIEBEL & Margaret KOCH, witn: William DIEBEL of Mildmay & Margaret DIEBEL of Preston, 2 April 1907 in Mildmay

005204/06 (Bruce Co) Richard Wellington BURGESS, 34, contractor, Springfield Ont., Virden Manitoba, s/o Simon BURGESS & Dorothy WEBSTER, married Hannah Ethel CUNNINGHAM, 26, Glamis, Glamis, d/o Joseph CUNNINGHAM & Elizabeth HEMSTREET, witn: Mrs. C.R. PURDY of Pinkerton & A.B. CUNNINGHAM of Virden Man., 1 January 1907, Glamis

005692/07 (Bruce Co) William James CAMPBELL, 34, carpenter, Holland Twp. Grey Co, Amabel Twp, s/o John CAMPBELL & Mary WHITE, married Maggie DOBSON, 19, Bruce Twp, Bruce Twp, d/o John DOBSON & Jennie SMITH, witn: R.J. SCOTT & W.J. SCOTT of North Bruce , 23 October 1907, Bruce Twp 005675/07 (Bruce Co) John COLLINSON, 65, widower, farmer, of Hanover, s/o John COLLINSON a farmer & Elizabeth HAUGH, married Harriett DISNEY, 63, widow, seamstress, of Hanover, d/o Adam SIELING a farmer & Anna Elizabeth DERBECKER, witn: Mrs. J.E. FIDLER & Miss Naomi FIDLER both of Elmwood Ont. Canada, 6 November 1907, Elmwood

005795/07 (Bruce Co) Herbert DAUKERT, 26, machinist, New Stead, Owen Sound, s/o Henry DAUKERT & Susan WOLFLE, married Clara BLAKLEY, 27, domestic, Park Head, Hepworth, d/o Robert BLAKLEY & Jane GREAVE, witn: Ezra DAUKERT & Phoebe BLAKLEY both of Hepworth, 26 June 1907, Hepworth

005779/07 (Bruce Co) John Albert DAVIS, 27, farmer, Arran Twp. Bruce Co., Salisbury Ont., s/o Hugh DAVIS & Lucy McFAUL, married Pricilla Amelia Victoria DUDGEON, 24, farmer’s daughter, Elderslie Twp., Elderslie Twp., d/o William DUDGEON & Elizabeth HEMBROFF, witn: Joseph F. DUDGEON & Margaret Jane Flora DAVIS both of Salisbury, 3 September 1907, Elderslie Twp

005789/07 (Bruce Co) William Henry DAVISON, 26, merchant, Greenock Twp., Chesley, s/o William DAVISON & Ann FLEMING, married Annie May LYON, 21, Elderslie Twp., Greenock, d/o Henry LYON & Margaret LLOYD, witn: Sam. F. DAVISON of Greenock & Leona McARTHUR of Winnipeg, 26 June 1907, Greenock

005663/07 (Bruce Co) George DAVISON, 24, Undertaker, Fullerton Twp, Hamilton Ontario, s/o Robert DAVISON & Maggie SOMMERVILLE, married Elizabeth GEISEL, 30, Bentinck Twp, Bentinck Twp, d/o Henry GEISEL & Mary LANG, witn: Clara URSTADT & Mrs. A.E. GEIGER both of Elmwood, 1 January 1907, Elmwood
005653/07 (Bruce Co) Thomas Edgar DOLPHIN, 25, railway fireman, Sullivan Twp. Grey Co, Kincardine, s/o William DOLPHIN & Rachel WALKER, married Matilda Mary NICHOLSON, 26, farmer's daughter, Arran, Arran, d/o Richard NICHOLSON & Mary FREEBORN, witn: John Edgar DOLPHIN of Derby Twp. & Jane NICHOLSON of Arran Twp., 28 May 1907, Lot 29 Con. 4 Arran  
005701-17 (Bruce Co) Clemon ERWIN, 22, real estate agent, Holland Centre, Holland Centre, s/o Robert ERWIN & Eliza WEBSTER married Amelia BLYTH, 20, housekeeper, Chatsworth, Chatsworth, d/o George BLYTH & Emilia HOWELL, witn: Elizabeth G. KING & Mrs. George GRAB both of Chesley, 12 October 1907 in Chesley. 005656/07 (Bruce Co) William EVANS, 42, Druggist, Addington Co., Allenford Twp. Arran, s/o Samuel EVANS & Ann Elizabeth HUMPHREY, married Elizabeth Ann ELLIOTT, 37, dress maker, Yorkshire England, Allenford, d/o Henry Elliott & Ann TAYLOR, witn: John E. HARRON of Arran & Miss Nellie TAYLOR of Allenford, 15 June 1907, Allenford
005705-07 (Bruce Co) Jacob FISCHER, 28, farmer, Waterloo Co., Michigan, s/o William FISCHER & Ottilia BRAUN married Theresa SCHMIDT, 28, Mildmay, Mildmay, d/o Joseph SCHMIDT & Mary NEUBECKER, witn: Frank SCHMIDT of Mildmay & Emma FISCHER of Chepstow, 8 January 1907 in Mildmay

005766/07 (Bruce Co) Herbert J. GILL, 29, clerk, London England, Lions Head, s/o John GILL & not known, married Laura Catherine WAUGH, 24, Gentleman’s daughter, Eastnor Twp., Lions head, d/o Thomas WAUGH & Sarah SCHMEHORN, witn: George WARREN & Blanche WAUGH both of Lions Head, 25 December 1907, Lions Head

  005698-07 (Bruce Co) George William Henry GRAB (Grub?), 22, cabinet maker, Listowel, Chesley, s/o Henry GRAB & Fanny BAYHLOR married Margaret Thompson WARD, 25, Chesley, Chesley, d/o John WARD & Hannah HOPE, witn: Mary WARD & Joseph ACTON both of Chesley, 28 August 1907 in Chesley.
005718-07 (Bruce Co) Philip GRUB, 27, farmer, Carrick, Carrick, s/o Joseph Nicholas GRUB & Susan DIEMERT married Annie LORENTZ, 20, Carrick, Carrick, d/o Joseph LORENTZ & Delina St.MARIE, witn: Joseph GRUB & Mary LORENTZ both of Carrick, 4 June 1907 in Mildmay 005658/07 (Bruce Co) William. Murton HANBIDGE, blank, farmer, Southampton, Arran Twp, s/o Robert HANBIDGE & Fanny MURTON, married Susanna OLDRIEVE, blank, farmer's daughter, Elderslie Twp, Arran Twp, d/o Richard OLDRIEVE & Eliza Jane JACQUES, witn: Leith HANBIDGE & Jennie OLDRIEVE both of Arran, 29 July 1907, Lot 9 Con. 3 Arran

005784/07 (Bruce Co) Clarence G. HAWTHORNE, 29, farmer, Greenock, North Dakota, s/o Samuel HAWTHORNE & Margaret GIFFEN, married Jane E. CUNNINGHAM, 29, Greenock, Greenock, d/o John CUNNINGHAM & Mary J. WALLACE, witn: John CUNNINGHAM & Minnie HAWTHORNE both of Greenock, 27 Feb. 1907, Greenock

005757/07 (Bruce Co) Jos. E. HEATH, 24, farmer, Wiarton, Eastnor Twp., s/o William B. HEATH & Elizabeth E. WAUGH, married Ida WAUGH, 27, farmer’s daughter, Eastnor Twp., Eastnor Twp., d/o John WAUGH & Jennie LAMONT, witn: R. LAMONT of Barrow Bay & William B. HEATH of Hope Bay, 7 August 1907, Eastnor Twp.

005796/07 (Bruce Co) Ebenezer HENDERSON, 23, labourer, Tarves Scotland, Shallow Lake, s/o William HENDERSON & Barbara BURR, married Mary Jane HENDERSON, 23, domestic, Keppel Twp. Grey Co., Shallow Lake, d/o John HENDERSON & Ellen GREIG, witn: David AMAND & Annabella HENDERSON both of Shallow Lake, 24 December 1907, Hepworth

005758/07 (Bruce Co) James HENDERSON, 25, jeweler, Ireland, Lions Head, s/o Robert HENDERSON & Mary WILSON, married Gertrude PACEY, 23, dressmaker, Goderich, Lions Head, d/o Edward PACEY & Emily CRUICKSHANKS, witn: Minla? B. COOPER & L.E. BRIEN both of Lions Head, 15 August 1907, Lions head


005760/07 (Bruce Co) John Wallace Lawrence JENKS, 32, widower, farmer, Eastnor Twp., Eastnor Twp., s/o George JENKS & Helen C. COOLER, married Margaret Sarah BAKER, 30, farmer’s daughter, Eastnor Twp., Eastnor Twp., d/o William BAKER & Mary Ann McNAUGHTON, witn: George BAKER of Lions Head & Jennie McCUTCHEON of Lions Head, 5 November 1907, Eastnor Twp.

005729-07 (Bruce Co) Edward KALBFLEISCH, 27, tinsmith, Mornington Twp, Mildmay, s/o Jeremiah KALBFLEISCH & Barbara DALLER married Matilda M. LIESEMER, 24, Mildmay, Mildmay, d/o Conrad LIESEMER & Magdalena HIMMER, witn: Peter & Laura LIESEMER both of Mildmay, 16 October 1907 in Mildmay. 005713-07 (Bruce Co) Louis KIEFFER, 29, farmer, Carrick, Carrick, s/o Ignatz KIEFFER & Appolonia MESSNER married Theresa KNOEPFLER, 26, Culross, Culross, d/o Joseph KNOEPFLER & Magdalena VOGT, witn: John KNOEPFLER of Formosa & Magdalena KLOEPFER of Culross, 16 April 1907 in Formosa.
005710-07 (Bruce Co) Sebastian KIRSTINE, 27, farmer, Brant Twp, Brant Twp, s/o Sebastian KIRSTINE & Jane HOAR married Mae McPHAIL, 23, Carrick, Carrick, d/o Robert McPHAIL & Catharine McDONALD, witn: Andrew KIRSTINE Jr. of Brant Twp & Mrs Andrew KIRSTINE of Brant, 26 February 1907 in Carrick 005707-07 (Bruce Co) Jacob KLOEPFER, 25, carpenter, Waterloo, Formosa, s/o Jacob KLOEPFER & Barbara BERBERICH married Wilhelmina SCHWEHR, 29, Waterloo, North Dakota, d/o Herman SCHWEHR & Christina SCHRATZ, witn: Joseph KLOEPFER of Waterloo & Amelia SCHWEHR of Toronto, 28 January 1907 in Formosa
005694-07 (Bruce Co) Julius KOCH, 48, millwright, Waterloo, St. Edmunds Twp, widower, s/o Julius KOCH & Catherine CHIEFLEY (s/b SCHIEFLEY) married Sarah CHARLTON, 45, Kincardine Twp, Saugeen Twp, widow, d/o John McARTHUR & Mary McLEOD, witn: M.J. & Margaret ORFORD of Bruce Twp, 18 December 1907 in Bruce Twp. 005678-07 (Bruce Co) Carl KREUGER, 27 , workman, Sullivan, Chesley, s/o Fred KRUGER (sic) & Dorothea LUTHER married Catharine PETERS, 21, Bentinck Twp, Chesley, d/o Fred PETERS & Frederika STEINHAGEN, witn: William PETERS of Sullivan & Mary PETERS of Chesley, 16 October 1907 in Brant Twp.
005730-07 (Bruce Co) John KUNTZ, 27, laborer, St. Clements, St. Clements, s/o Jacob KUNTZ & Caroline VOLL married Elizabeth LOBSINGER, 28, Carlsruhe, Carlsruhe, d/o Louis LOBSINGER & Catharine GEHL, witn: Joseph LOBSINGER of Carlsruhe & Tillie KUNTZ of St. Clements, 17 September 1907 in Carlsruhe 005672/07 (Bruce Co) Charles KYLE, 40, book keeper, Parkhill Middlesex Co, Cargill, s/o James KYLE & Mary CONNELL, married Sarah Louisa CLARK, 32, Cargill, Cargill, d/o William CLARK & Sarah GRIFFN, witn: W.C. OSTIC of Clifford & Edna May PEARSON of Cargill, 26 June 1907, Cargill (also 5790-07

005785/07 (Bruce Co) William LAMBERTUS, 26, farmer, Huron Twp., Greenock, s/o George LAMBERTUS & Catherine McCORMICK, married Catherine FISK, 18, Greenock, Greenock, d/o George FISK & Wilhelmina KRAMP, witn: Joseph LAMBERTUS of Greenock & Margaret LAMBERTUS of Walkerton, 4 April 1907, Chepstow

005716-07 (Bruce Co) Joseph LEHMANN, 32, bookbinder, Germany, Toronto, s/o Herman LEHMANN & Anna PIEPER married Barbara WEBER, 24, Germany, Toronto, d/o Peter WEBER & Antoinette MUELLER, witn: James BEDARD & Bertha PALM both of Mildmay, 1 May 1907 in Mildmay 005712-07 (Bruce Co) John Henry LERCH, 34, farmer, Carrick, Carrick, s/o Henry LERCH & Wilhelmina POLFUSS married Maggie HOSSFELD, 39, Carrick, Carrick, spinster, d/o Conrad HOSSFELD & Mary MILLER, witn: Albert LERCH & Mary HOSSFELD both of Carrick, 2 April 1907 in Carrick

005782/07 (Bruce Co) Oscar Robert LLOYD, 23, farmer, Bruce Co., Elderslie Twp. s/o Robert LLOYD & Martha HEMBROFF, married Mabel Ethel WALKER, 23, farmer’s daughter, Bruce Co., Elderslie Twp., d/o William WALKER & Hannah MAHON, witn: Walter J. LLOYD of Chesley & Ida L. WALKER of Elderslie, 25 December 1907, Elderslie Twp.

005772/07 (Bruce Co) Edgar Gordon LLOYD, 21, farmer, Elderslie Twp., Elderslie, s/o Robert LLOYD & Martha HEMBROFF, married Etta Marie DAVIS, 21, Elderslie Twp., Elderslie Twp., d/o Hugh DAVIS & Lucy McFAUL, witn: Walter J. LLOYD of Shallow Lake Ont. & Maggie Jean DAVIS of Salisbury Ont., 2 April 1907, Elderslie

005700-07 (Bruce Co) Thomas McCAW, 22, barber, Elderslie Twp, Cargill Ont, s/o Patrick McCAW & Jane FOSTER married Cora HAMILTON, 19, Moorefield, Port Elgin, d/o William John HAMILTON & Annie HILL, witn: John McCAW of Elderslie Twp & Mary HAMILTON of Port Elgin, 26 September 1907 in Chesley.

005781/07 (Bruce Co) Daniel McCAW, 23, barber, Brant Twp. Bruce Co., Brant Twp. Bruce Co., s/o William McCAW & Mary McCAULAY, married Annie FORTUNE, 23, farmer’s daughter, Elderslie Twp., Elderslie Twp., d/o John FORTUNE & Evelyn BALTROP, witn: Albert FORTUNE & Elizabeth McCAW both of Vesta Ont., 12 November 1907, Elderslie Twp.

005681-07 (Bruce Co) Edward McCRIMMON, 22 , lawyer, Bolton Ont, Toronto, s/o David McCRIMMON & Hanna PARR married Minnie Louise ROTHAUP (?), 22 , Bentinck Twp, Elmwood, d/o John ROTHAUP & Frederike STADTLENDER, witn: William McCRIMMON of Toronto & Norma ROTHAUP of Elmwood, 20 November 1907 in Elmwood  
005685/07 (Bruce Co) Archibald Alexander McDONALD, 26, farmer, Bruce Twp, Bruce Twp, s/o Archibald McDONALD & Mary McGILLIVRAY, married Harriet Helen ROGAN, 21, Bruce Twp, Bruce Twp, d/o John ROGAN & Agnes CORSIE, witn: Neil D. McDONALD of Bruce Twp & Minnie ROGAN of Toronto, 10 July 1907, Bruce Twp. 005670/07 (Bruce Co) Donald McFADYEN, 36, farmer, Kincardine Twp, Kincardine Twp, s/o Neil McFADYEN & Mary McKINNON, married Mary Ann ROBINSON, 25, housekeeper, Kincardine Twp, Bruce Twp, d/o Kennedy ROBINSON & Susan BENNET, witn: Alice TRUAX & Effie GRICE both of Cargill, 16 April 1907, Cargill

005776/07 (Bruce Co) William McKAY, 26, farmer, Holland Twp. Grey Co., Elderslie, s/o Roderick McKAY & Catherine BUCHANAN, married Eliza Jane McCALLUM, 28, farmer’s daughter, Elderslie Twp., Elderslie, d/o Matthew McCALLUM & Martha LEONARD, witn: Joseph McCALLUM of Salisbury Ont. & Jessie PEARS of Williamsford Ont., 12 June 1907, Elderslie

005650/07 (Bruce Co) Matthew George McKNIGHT, 27, farmer, Keppel Twp, Keppel Twp, s/o Robert. McKNIGHT & Elizabeth Ann MILLER, married Margaret Christina MOORE, 27, farmer's daughter, Lions Head Bruce Co, Amabel Twp, d/o James MOORE & Mary BARBER, witn: Eliza C. HALL & Etta A. HALL both of Allenford, 12 March 1907, Methodist Parsonage of Allenford

005769/07 (Bruce Co) Stephen John McLAUGHLIN, 33, farmer, Elderslie Twp., Elderslie Twp., s/o William McLAUGHLIN & Mary Ann RUSK, married Janet BONE, 32, farmer’s daughter, Owen Sound, Elderslie, d/o William BONE & Alice FOREMAN, witn: Irwin McLAUGHLIN of Minto North Dakota & Eliza Jane BONE of Elderslie, 30 January 1907, Elderslie Twp.

005682/07 (Bruce Co) Hugh McLENNAN, 45, farmer, Bruce Twp, Bruce Twp, s/o Dougald McLENNAN & Catherine McDONALD, married Flora PATTERSON, 33, Bruce Twp, Tiverton, d/o John PATTERSON & Margaret THOMSON, witn: Donald McLENNAN of Bruce Twp & B. THYNNE of Underwood, 16 January 1907, Underwood

005774/07 (Bruce Co) Robert Joseph McMULLEN, 21, farmer, Sullivan Twp., Sullivan Twp., s/o John McMULLEN & Jessie McCURDY, married Lauretta CALHOUN, 19, Elderslie Twp., Elderslie Twp., d/o W.H. CALHOUN & Margaret SIMMONS, witn: Daniel G. McMULLEN of Sullivan Twp. & Ellen CALHOUN of Elderslie Twp., 19 June 1907, Elderslie

005654/07 (Bruce Co) Albert MEUSER, 30, farmer, Saugeen Twp Bruce, Arran, s/o August MEUSER & Catherine KREUS, married Elizabeth ESPLEN, 22, farmer's daughter, Arran, Arran, d/o John ESPLEN & Elizabeth BLACK, witn: Simon MEUSER & Marion ESPLEN both of Arran, 5 June 1907, Lot 7 Con. 7 Arran 005683/07 (Bruce Co) Thomas MEWHINNEY, 33, foreman, Bruce Twp, Bruce Twp, s/o Joseph MEWHINNEY & Jane PATTERSON, married Annie Elizabeth SUMMERS, 23, Huron Twp, Bruce Twp, d/o Wesley F. SUMMERS & Katherine THORNBURN, witn: W. F. SUMMERS of Underwood & Robert MEWHINNEY of Bruce Twp, 6 February 1907, Underwood
005719-07 (Bruce Co) Frederick B. MEYER, 31, minister, Bentinck, Mildmay, s/o Charles MEYER & Mary BAUER married Alice HOOEY, 26, nurse, Carrick, Mildmay, d/o James HOOEY & Mary BEESE, witn: George MEYER of Chesley & Margaret EWALD of Toronto, 15 May 1907 in Mildmay. 005728-07 (Bruce Co) Bernard MEYER, 29, farmer, Carrick, Carrick, s/o Charles MEYER & Angeline BESTER married Iventeline (?) BECKER, 23, Culross, Culross, d/o John BECKER & Iventeline DURRER (?), witn: Frank BECKER & Mary CRONIN both of Culross, 15 October 1907 in Formosa.
005676-07 (Bruce Co) Frederick MILLER, 26, cabinet maker, Bentinck Grey Co., Southampton, s/o Henry J. MILLER & Caroline MARTIN married Annie RODY, 28, housekeeper, Brant Twp, Brant Twp, d/o Henry RODY & Agusta HAASE, witn: David HELWIG of Southampton & Edna E. RODY of Brant Twp, 19 June 1907 in Brant Twp. 005680-07 (Bruce Co) George MONK, 24 , farmer, Bentinck, Brant, s/o Martin MONK & Hanna GELHMAN married Frederike Marie RHODY, 20, Brant, Brant, d/o Menno RHODY & Mary WILKEN, witn: Charles RHODY & Minnie HOWE both of Brant, 13 November 1907 in Brant.

005771/07 (Bruce Co) William Hay MONKMAN, 38, farmer, Arran Twp. Ont., Mount Hope Ont., s/o Robert B. MONKMAN & Kezia POOLE, married Elizabeth Marjory FLETCHER, 26, London England, Wallace Croft Twp. Ont., d/o Gilbert CURRIE & Janet SMITH (foster parents), witn: Samuel HANDY of Dobbington & Mrs. John HOSIE of Salisbury Ont., 2 April 1907, Elderslie


005176/08 (Bruce Co) John MONTGOMERY, 31, farmer, Kincardine Twp., Kincardine Twp., s/o Kenneth MONTGOMERY & Sarah McLEAN, married Margaret McLEAN, 33, Kincardine Twp., Bruce Twp., d/o John McLEAN & Rebecca McKINNON, witn: Lauchlan McLEAN & Colin MATHESON both of Tiverton, 25 December 1907, Bruce Twp

 005709-07 (Bruce Co) Frank MORAN, 31, farmer, Culross, Culross, s/o Michael MORAN & Johanna MALOY married Catharine TRAUTMANN, 25, Culross, Culross, d/o Joseph TRAUTMANN & Catharine KEMPEL, witn: Robert MORAN & Ellen KELLY both of Culross, 12 February 1907 in Formosa
005652/07 (Bruce Co) Isaac John MORROW, 42, farmer, Arran, Lot 41 H.M.S. Arran, s/o William MORROW & Margaret HARRON, married Charlotte JOHNSTON, 38, farmer's daughter, Arran, Arran, d/o Joseph JOHNSTON & Mary Ann NELSON, witn: Joseph S. JOHNSTON & Jennie COFFEY both of Arran, 1 May 1907, Elsinore 005661/07 (Bruce Co) Milton Andrew MORROW, 25, farmer, Amabel Twp, Arran Twp, s/o William MORROW & Martha WIDDIS, married Margaret Ellen MILLER, 18, farmer's daughter, Amabel Twp, Arran Twp, d/o Charles J. MILLER & Ann McCAULLAY (McCauley?), witn: Frank S. MARROW & Lizzie MILLER both of Arran Twp, 2 October 1907, Arran Twp
005686/07 (Bruce Co) George MUNRO, 24, farmer, Bruce Twp, Bruce Twp, s/o Donald MUNRO & Annie HOGG, married Margaret Jane ALEXANDER, 20, Allegheny Penn. U.S.A., Bruce Twp, d/o Robert ALEXANDER & Elizabeth THOMSON, witn: Robert ALEXANDER & Elizabeth ALEXANDER both of Bruce Twp, 11 September 1907, Bruce Twp. 005702-07 (Bruce Co) John MURCHISON, 44, laborer, Glenelg Twp, Chesley, widower, s/o Donald MURCHISON & Mary BUTTERS married Jennie HORE, 31, Invermay, Chesley, d/o William HORE & Jessie CAIRNS, witn: B. BARNES of Hanover & Mary WALES of Ogdensburg N.Y., 4 December 1907 in Chesley.

005788/07 (Bruce Co) Nixon NEEDHAM, 27, farmer, Kincardine Twp., Kincardine Twp., s/o Samuel NEEDHAM & Mary STRINGER, married Lydia KAAKE, 26, farmer’s daughter, Greenock, Greenock, d/o Richard KAAKE & Janet KAIRNS, witn: Thomas KAAKE of Greenock & Lizzie LINDAL of Toronto, 12 June 1907, bride's residence in Greenock

005770/07 (Bruce Co) Thomas Henry PATTERSON, 30, farmer, Elderslie Twp., Elderslie Twp., s/o Samuel PATTERSON & Sarah DOON, married Maggie PEPPER, 35, Elderslie Twp., Elderslie, d/o Samuel PEPPER & Jane RAE, witn: Thomas Allen PATTERSON & Agnes PEPPER both of Elderslie, 12 March 1907, Elderslie Twp.

005762/07 (Bruce Co) John George PETTIGREW, 32, livery man, Shelburne, Lions Head, s/o John PETTIGREW & Margaret WALLACE, married Christina RUTHERFORD, 28, widow, milliner, Ripley Twp., Lions Head, d/o John McLEOD & Margaret McIVOR, witn: A.M. PENMAN of Lions head & Mary MURRAY of Eastnor Twp., 27 November 1907, Eastnor Twp.

005756/07 (Bruce Co) Frank POWERS, 21, farmer, Greenock Twp., Lions Head, s/o Richard POWERS & Nellie McLAUGHLAN, married Mildred MARTIN, 18, merchants daughter, Lions Head, Lions Head, d/o John MARTIN & Ann PHOWT, witn: John WAUGH of Lions Head & William MARTIN of Eastnor Twp., 7 August 1907, Lions Head

005720-07 (Bruce Co) George READING, 30, farmer, Minto Twp, Carrick, s/o Joseph & Harriet married Rebecca KAECHELE, 22, Carrick, Carrick, d/o Simon KAECHELE & Margaret PERSCHBACHER, witn: David KAECHELE of Carrick & Alice MEYER of Mildmay, 5 June 1907 in Mildmay. 005699-07 (Bruce Co) Hiram RIGGS, 63, farmer, Madoc Twp, Williamsford, widower, s/o Cyrus RIGGS & Elizabeth SQUIRES married Elizabeth Caroline GATIS, 56, housekeeper, Beverly Twp, Chesley, spinster, d/o Elwood GATIS & Agnes GRAY, witn: Selma CAMPBELL & Sarah IRVINE both of Chesley, 3 September 1907 in Chesley.
005777/07 (Bruce Co) George ROBB, 50, widower, farmer, Markham, same, s/o William ROBB & Maria DANIEL, married Ellen Barbara McBEATH, 40, school teacher, Elderslie Twp., Elderslie Twp., d/o Andrew McBEATH & Margaret McDONALD, witn: James G. ROBB of Markham York Co. & Margaret C. McBEATH of Paisley Ont., 19 June 1907, Elderslie

005791/07 (Bruce Co) William Albert ROUMEY, 23, mill hand, of Cargill, s/o Joseph ROUMEY & Mary J. REED, married Maude Lorraine PARKER, 20, Cargill, d/o Thomas PARKER a farmer & Mary JOHNSON, witn: Earnest WEBB & Hannah P. PARKER, 18 December 1907, Cargill

005690/07 (Bruce Co) Jacob RUSSELL, 77, widower, farmer, England, Bruce Twp, s/o Job RUSSELL & Mary DUCK, married Ann POTTER, 67, widow, England, Bruce Twp, d/o William ALDERSON & Jane BROWN, witn: W.F. SUMMER & B. THYME of Underwood, 25 September 1907, Underwood 005625/07 (Bruce Co) William RYDALL, 21, farmer, Durham Co. Ontario, Albemarle Twp, s/o John RYDALL & Mary SPEIRS, married Jennie PRUDER, 19, Albemarle Twp, Albemarle Twp, d/o Henry PRUDER & Margaret CHARBONNEAU, witn: Charles. GILBERT of Colpoy’s Bay & Lizzie PRUDER of Purple Valley, 25 December 1907, Colpoy’s Bay
005706-07 (Bruce Co) Francis SCHAEFER, 25, farmer, Carrick, Carrick, s/o Jacob SCHAEFER & Elizabeth ZIMMER married Annie DETZLER, 24, Carrick, Carrick, d/o Jacob DETZLER & Magdalena KUNKEL, witn: Andrew DETZLER & Adeline KUNKEL both of Culross, 29 January 1907 in Formosa. 005671/07 (Bruce Co) Christopher SCHLORFF, 23, farmer, Brant, Brant, s/o Christopher SCHLORFF & Minnie UNRUH, married Mary WILKEN, 17, Carrick Twp, Brant, d/o Christopher WILKEN & Louise DEUTCHMAN, witn: Albert WILKEN & Elizabeth LOGIE both of Brant, 17 April 1907, Brant
005714-07 (Bruce Co) Norman SCHMERMUND, 23, carpenter, Woolwich Twp, Woolwich Twp, s/o Ludwig SCHMERMUND & Caroline WEBER married Emma BORTH, 27, Woolwich Twp, Carrick, d/o William BORTH & Salome GROHS, witn: Moses WERNER of Stratford & Minnie BORTH of Carrick, 17 April 1907 in Mildmay 005725-07 (Bruce Co) Frank SCHMIDT, 22, farmer, Carrick, Carrick, s/o George N. SCHMIDT & Theresa SCHEELE married Anna SCHWARTZ, 22, servant, Carrick, Carrick, d/o Nicholas SCHWARTZ & Elizabeth FORTNEY, witn: Nicholas & Clara SCHWARTZ, Aloysius & Creceus (?) SCHMIDT all of Carrick, 1 October 1907 in Deemerton.
005717-07 (Bruce Co) Frank SCHMUCK, 25, brass worker, Formosa, London, s/o Ferdinand SCHMUCK & Catharine BUTLER married Margaret KIRSTEIN, 25, Carrick, London, d/o Henry KIRSTEIN & Magdalen PRIESTER, witn: Henry HUNDT of Mildmay & Mary KIRSTEIN of London, 21 May 1907 in Carlsruhe. 005708-07 (Bruce Co) Joseph SCHNURR, 30, farmer, Carrick, Carrick, s/o Andrew SCHNURR & Mary ZETTEL married Caroline BREIG, 28, Carrick, Carrick, d/o Simon BREIG & Catharine MOYER, witn: Simon BREIG of Carrick & Catharine BENNINGER of Berlin, 5 February 1907 in Mildmay
005691/07 (Bruce Co) Oswald Stewart SCHRANK, 23, harness maker, San Francisco, Port Elgin, s/o H.C. SCHRANK & Augusta Christina VIESHUR?, married Martha PARKS, 20, Bruce Twp, Bruce Twp, d/o Hiram PARKS & Sarah Ann FOSTER, witn: Thomas McLENNAN & Bell McLENNAN of Underwood, 23 October 1907, Bruce Twp.


005759/07 (Bruce Co) George A. SHAW, 25, farmer, Eastnor Twp., Eastnor Twp., s/o William SHAW & Margaret McCAULEY, married Estella A. LAIDLAW, 20, dressmaker, Granton, Lions Head, d/o William LAIDLAW & Margaret GOWAN, witn: Robert SHAW & Lottie LAIDLAW both of Lions head, 30 October 1907, Lions Head

005763/07 (Bruce Co) William E. SHAW, 26, farmer, Eastnor Twp., Eastnor Twp., s/o Joseph SHAW & Annie MALONEY, married Euphemia McINTYRE, 22, farmer’s daughter, Keppel Twp., Eastnor Twp., d/o Arch McINTYRE & Annie MORRISON, witn: Steven WENCH & Duncan McINTYRE both of Barrow Bay, 3 December 1907, Eastnor Twp.

005765/07 (Bruce Co) John SMITH, 25, fisherman, Eastnor Twp., Eastnor Twp., s/o Alex SMITH & Christina SMITH, married Mabel Christina McIVOR, 21, fisherman’s daughter, Bruce Twp., Tobermory, d/o Kenneth McIVOR & Maggie MORRISON, witn: Walter VAIL of Tobermory & Alex SMITH of Stokes Bay, 4 December 1907, Tobermory

005695-07 (Bruce Co) James SMITH, 24, farming, Listowel, Elderslie Twp, s/o William J. SMITH & Lizzie WILLIAMS married Carrie M. McWATTERS, 17, Elderslie Twp, Elderslie Twp, d/o William McWATTERS & Elizabeth BERRY, witn: Janet ATKINSON of Chesley & Martha FROST of Dobbinton, 2 April 1907 in Chesley.

005792/07 (Bruce Co) Thomas R. SMITH, 31, mechanic, Chicago, Chicago, s/o Bernard SMITH & Mary NOLAN, married Mary LACEY, 28, Chepstow, Chepstow, d/o John LACEY & Elizabeth OEHMIG, witn: Thomas LACEY & Maggie LACEY both of Chepstow, 20 August 1907, Chepstow

005727-07 (Bruce Co) Robert Harvey SOCKETT, 24, farmer, Normanby, Normanby Twp, s/o George SOCKETT & Ellen DUFFIELD married Ethel Lena McCULLOCH, 19, Minto Twp, Carrick, d/o George McCULLOCH & Mary HENRY, witn: Thomas S. SOCKETT of Gleneden & Maude B. McINTOSH of Clifford, 25 September 1907 in Carrick 005696-07 (Bruce Co) Morley STEVENS, 35, grocery salesman, Brant Twp, Sault Ste. Marie Michigan, s/o William A. STEVENS & Elizabeth DOYLE married Susan Jane BARSS, 29, dressmaker, Sullivan Twp, Chesley, d/o William BARSS & Sarah JACKSON, witn: Harry STEVENS & Mabel BARSS both of Chesley, 13 June 1907 in Chesley.
005711-07 (Bruce Co) George SUTHERLAND, 25, farmer, Elmwood, Waskada Man., s/o David SUTHERLAND & Ellen FOWLER married Emma HEATH, 23, Carrick, Mildmay, d/o Levi HEATH & Carrie KAERCHER, witn: Coverdale HAWES of Listowel & Maggie HEATH of Mildmay, 5 March 1907 in Mildmay

005775/07 (Bruce Co) Albert Victor TANNER, 22, farmer, Walkerton, Elderslie, s/o Richard TANNER & Ann NORDEN, married Lydia Craig BRYCE, 20, farmer’s daughter, Elderslie Twp., Elderslie Twp., d/o John BRYCE & Jessie WALLACE, witn: James MITCHELL & Lena TANNER both of Paisley, 19 June 1907, Dunblane

005724-07 (Bruce Co) John TAUGHER (Tougher?), 29, cabinet maker, Teeswater, Toronto, s/o John TAUGHER & Catharine ZIMMER married Mary VOISIN, 28, Culross Twp, Formosa, d/o Jacob VOISIN & Rosina SCHUETT, witn: Richard A. SCHUETT of Mildmay & Tillie VOISIN of Formosa, 17 September 1907 in Formosa

005786/07 (Bruce Co) John Corfield TAYLOR, 22, wood worker, Cargill, Cargill, s/o James N. TAYLOR & Mary REICH, married Lizzie YOUNG, 21, Chepstow, Chepstow, d/o Henry YOUNG & Maggie HALL, witn: Robert YOUNG a Chepstow & Lorinda? TAYLOR of Cargill, 3 April 1907, Pinkerton

005693/07 (Bruce Co) Horatio John THORNBURN, 39, farmer, Canada, Bruce Twp, s/o John THORNBURN & Lillian BONNER, married Sarah Moore KELSO, 32, Canada, Bruce Twp, d/o Thompson KELSO & Mary A. CAMERON, witn: William MILLER of Bruce Twp & Jessie M. McTAVISH of Port Elgin, 23 October 1907, Bruce Twp. 005665/07 (Bruce Co) Charles E. VICKERY, 38, widower, farmer, England, Brandon, s/o George VICHERY & Selina HUTCHINS, married Agnes McCONKEY, 36, Brant Twp, Brant Twp, d/o William. McCONKEY & Sarah CAROTHERS, witn: S.H. McCONKEY of Brant & Maggie May SHARP of Paisley, 9 January 1907, Cargill Brant
005668/07 (Bruce Co) Benjamin WAECHTER, 21, farmer, Brant, Brant, s/o Andrew WAECHTER & Teresa TAREWELL (Farewell?), married Julia Anastis RYAN, 21, Brant, Brant, d/o Daniel RYAN & Dorothea QUIRK, witn: William. RYAN of Vesta & Jennie WAECHTER of Walkerton, 30 January 1907, Brant  
005726-07 (Bruce Co) Anthony WAGNER, 21, mechanic, Greenock Twp, Walkerton, s/o John WAGNER & Rosanna HEOCK married Susan ILLIG, 22, Culross, Culross, d/o Joseph ILLIG & Margaret BEITZ, witn: Joseph WAGNER of Toronto & Elizabeth ILLIG of Culross, 24 September 1907 in Formosa

005778/07 (Bruce Co) Herbert D. WALPOLE, 29, farmer, Keppel Co. Grey, Elderslie Twp., s/o George WALPOLE & Pricilla Jane WILKENSON, married Catherine REID, 29, farmer’s daughter, Elderslie Twp., Elderslie Twp., d/o Peter REID & Christina TAYLOR, witn: Donald REID & Annie Phyllis WALPOLE both of Gillies Hill Ont., 26 June 1907, Elderslie Twp

005674/07 (Bruce Co) Alfred G. WARD, 26, Minister, of Prescott, s/o Alfred WARD a mason & Ellen BRADLEY, married Mary Ellen MARKLE, 25, house Missionary, of Elmwood, d/o William MARKLE a farmer & Ellen COUCH, witn: James SPICER of Maynard Ontario & Olive MARKLE of Elmwood Ontario, 16 October 1907, Elmwood

005780/07 (Bruce Co) Albert Earnest WARK, 30, farmer, Arran Twp., Arran Twp., s/o Robert WARK & Mary A. DROITT, married Elizabeth KING, 23, farmer’s daughter, Elderslie Twp., Elderslie Twp., d/o Robert KING & Martha FOSTER, witn: George D. WARK of Toronto & Margaret KING of Elderslie, 4 September 1907, Elderslie Twp.

005687/07 (Bruce Co) James Mitchell WEBB, 30, miller, Eden Mills Ont., Eden Mills Ont., s/o John Edward WEBB & Isabella MITCHELL, married Hannah Ethel MEWHINNEY, 24, Bruce Twp, Bruce Twp, d/o Joseph MEWHINNEY & Jane PATTERSON, witn: Thomas R. CURRY of Bruce Twp. & Ella Hazel WEBB of Eden Mills, 18 September 1907, Bruce Twp 005677-07 (Bruce Co) Samuel WENDORF, 22, livery man, Hanover, Hanover, s/o William & Agusta married Bessie WALL, 20, dressmaker, Lavelash (?) Grey Co., Lavelash, d/o Moses & Mary, witn: Mrs. E. H. LORENZ & Mrs. J.A. JEWITT both of Elmwood, 3 September 1907 in Elmwood
005721-07 (Bruce Co) Charles WHYWARD , 23, bookkeeper, Dungannon, Waterloo, s/o James WHYWARD & Jane GIRVIN, married Caroline DIEBEL, 25, tailoress, Mildmay, Mildmay, d/o Henry DIEBEL & Catharine HUNSTEIN, witn: Peter LIESEMER & Mary DIEBEL both of Mildmay, 19 June 1907 in Mildmay. 005657/07 (Bruce Co) George WOLFE, 25, farmer, Arran Twp, Arran Twp, s/o Robert WOLFE & Clara BARSS, married Almeda Mary HORNING, 21, farmer's daughter, Brant Twp, Arran Twp, d/o Fred HORNING & Annie WRIGHT, witn: John HORNING & Minnie WOLFE both of Arran Twp., 19 June 1907, Lot 15 Con. 3 Arran
005723-07 (Bruce Co) Joseph WOOD, 27, farmer, Howick, Howick Twp, s/o James WOOD & Sophia BEESE (Besse?) married Sarah HOLTZMANN, 19, Carrick, Carrick, d/o George HOLTZMANN & Priscilla BILGER, witn: Mrs. F.B. MEYER of Mildmay & Cecilia HOLTZMANN of Carrick, 4 September 1907 in Mildmay.

005793/07 (Bruce Co) Joseph YACEK, 24, mechanic, Bentinck Twp., Walkerton, s/o Joseph YACEK & Magdalena O’BRECHT, married Josephine ERNEWEIN, 21, Greenock, Greenock, d/o George ERNEWEIN & Ann MASSEL, witn: Charles Van HATTEN of Walkerton & Appolonia ERNEWEIN of Greenock, 3 September 1907, Chepstow

005794/07 (Bruce Co) John ZETTLER, 33, farmer, Carrick, Walkerton, s/o Andrew ZETTLER & Carolina NAUER, married Ludwina SCHURTER, 29, Greenock, Greenock, d/o Michael SCHURTER & Magdalena WEBER, witn: Andrew ZETTLER of Walkerton & Veronica SCHURTER of Chepstow, 1 October 1907, Chepstow