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Bruce Co., 1909

Birthplace was rarely given on 1909 registrations


05596/09 (Bruce Co) Joseph Nelson ADAMS, 24, farmer, of Albemarle Twp, s/o Robert ADAMS a farmer & Elizabeth NELSON, married Louisa BLAKE, 19, of Albemarle Twp, d/o William BLAKE a farmer & Janet WEIR, witn: Eleanor ADAMS & Robert H. ADAMS of Mar Ontario, 30 September 1909, Bruce

005598/09 (Bruce Co) David Atkinson ADDISON, 47, carpenter, Chesley, s/o Vickerman ADDISON a farmer & Isabella IZZARD, married Catherine Agnes McDOUGALL, 30, Toronto, d/o Arch. McDOUGALL a farmer & Carrie ELBERT, witn: David ADDISON of Chesley & Sarah McDOUGALL of Toronto, 14 January 1909, Allenford

005796-09 (Bruce) John Leslie AGAR, 25, farmer, resided: Ashfield, s/o James AGAR & Elira DURREIN, to Lydia Agnes MILLER, 25, resided: Lucknow, d/o Thomas MILLER & Catherine YOUNG, wit: Mrs. James FORD & Jessie FORD both of Lucknow, 22 December 1909, Lucknow

005712/09 (Bruce Co) William Roy ALEXANDER, 25, farmer, of Riding Mountains Man., s/o Andrew ALEXANDER & Elizabeth COHRON, married Susan Helen LAMB, 24, farmer's daughter, of Greenock Twp., d/o William LAMB a farmer & Katherine TAYLOR, witn: James MUNRO of Aylesborough & Maggie LAMB of Pinkerton, 13 January 1909, Greenock

005729/09 (Bruce Co) Joseph H. ALLAN, 37, factory hand, of Walkerton, s/o Joseph ALLAN & Mary HAMMOND, married Jessie BRINDLEY, 25, farmer's daughter, of Riversdale Greenock Twp., d/o Jacob BRINDLEY & Miss BACHER, witn: Chas. BRINDLEY of Riversdale & Carrie ALLAN of Walkerton, 14 December 1909, Riversdale

005705/09 (Bruce Co) Peter Garret ALPAUGH, 24, apiarist, of Dobbinton, s/o John ALPAUGH & Sarah ROBINSON, married Mary Ann CRUICKSHANK, 23, farmer's daughter, of Dobbinton, d/o William CRUICKSHANK a farmer & Mary Ann MILLER, witn: Thomas McKee ALPAUGH of Brantford & Margaret Jane CRUICKSHANK of Dobbinton, 29 September 1909, Dobbinton

005716/09 (Bruce Co) James T. ARCHER, 36, farmer, of Elm Creek Manitoba, s/o William ARCHER a farmer & Jane RAGEN married Mary Jane BELL, 33, farmer's daughter, of Greenock, d/o Stratford BELL a farmer & Katherine MORRISON, witn: M. MORRISON of Harriston & George BYERS of Arkwright, 10 February 1909, Greenock

005743-09 (Bruce) Herbert Reilly ARMSTRONG, 36, Merchant, resided: Millbrook, s/o Alexander T. ARMSTRONG & Rebecca O'BRIAN, to Sara McDONALD, 25, resided: Huron twp., d/o John McDONALD & Margaret MARTYN, wit: Thomas YEMEN & Margaret McDONALD both of Ripley, 28 July 1909, Huron
005695/09 (Bruce Co) Frank G. BAIN, 25, farmer, of Lions Head, s/o George BAIN a farmer & Hester HALL, married Nellie GRIEG, 25, farmer's daughter, of Lions Head, d/o John GRIEG a farmer & Jessie BUTCHART, witn: William WIGHT of Lions Head & Beth GRIEG of Owen Sound, 11 November 1909, Lions Head 005696/09 (Bruce Co) George Henry BAKER, 26, farmer, of Ferndale Eastnor, s/o William J. BAKER a farmer & Mary Ann McNAUGHTON, married Isabella Jane McCUTCHEON, 22, farmers daughter, of Ferndale Eastnor, d/o Robert McCUTCHEON a farmer & Jane CRAWLEY, witn: James BAKER of Owen Sound & Bell GRIEG of Lions Head, 9 June 1909, Ferndale

005641/09 (Bruce Co) Anthony BATTE, 27, farmer, Carrick, s/o Joseph BATTE a farmer & Catherine BEITZ, married Barbara RUETZ, 26, of Carrick, d/o Frank RUETZ a farmer & Caroline LOBSINGER, witn: Anthony RUETZ & Regina BATTE both Carrick, 19 January 1909, Mildmay


005651/09 (Bruce Co) Herman BECKER, 24, mason, of Walkerton, s/o John BECKER & Catherine BOEGEL, married Cecilia SCHNURR, 21, of Mildmay, d/o Joseph SCHNURR a mason & Pauline FISCHER, witn: Alex BECKER of Kincardine & Fibronia SCHNURR of Mildmay, 12 May 1909, Mildmay

005662/09 (Bruce Co) Joseph BECKER, 23, farmer, of Carrick, s/o Nicholas BECKER a farmer & Appolonia KOHLER, married Agnes KUENEMANN, 22, of Carrick, d/o Joseph KUENEMANN a retired farmer & Kate SCHNEIDER, witn: Frank KUENEMANN of Deemerton & Sybila KOHLER of Walkerton, 27 July 1909, Deemerton

005792-09 (Bruce) Robert Franklin BELL, 38, blacksmith, resided: Huron twp., s/o John BELL & Annie BELL, to Mary McDONALD, 22, resided: Huron, d/o Malcolm McDONALD & Maggie McRITCHIE, wit: Jessie McGILLISPEY & Mary C. McKERROL both of Lucknow, 14 July 1909, Lucknow

005620/09 (Bruce Co) William BENEDICT, 30, cabinet maker, Chesley, s/o Arnold BENEDICT & Christina KELSO, married Margaret Alice COUSINS, 32, operator, Cargill, d/o William COUSINS a watch repairer & Amelia WILLIAMS, witn: Margaret PURDY & Stella FORTNER both of Cargill, 29 December 1909, Cargill

005756/09 (Bruce Co) Cleveland BENNER, 24, trainman, of Stratford, s/o Jacob BENNER a dairyman & Charlotte HUMBLY, married Muriel DAVEY, 23, of Kincardine, d/o Leonard DAVEY a clerk & Jennina SOUTHCOTT, witn: Southcott DAVEY of Kincardine & Gertie JOHNSTON of Owen Sound, 22 September 1909, Kincardine 005659/09 (Bruce Co) Edwin BENNETT, 25, farmer, of Howick, s/o Richard BENNETT a farmer & Elizabeth MONTGOMERY, married Bertha Elizabeth GILMAR (Gilman?), 21, of Carrick, d/o William GILMAR a farmer & Rachel WYNN, witn: Robert A. GILMAR & Annie Mary GILMAR both of Mildmay, 14 April 1909, Carrick

005664/09 (Bruce Co) George BENNINGER, 22, cabinet maker, of Clifford, s/o Philip BENNINGER a hotel keeper & Caroline SEITZ, married Sophia FISCHER, 25, Normanby, d/o Valentine FISCHER a farmer & Mary WALLNER, witn: Fred RENNINGER & Catherine WINTER both of Walkerton, 21 September 1909, Carlsruhe

005637/09 (Bruce Co) John Albert BONIFANTI, 24, machinist, Stratford, s/o Paul BONIFANTI a laborer & Catharine HOEFELE, married Anna KREITZ, 20, Carrick, d/o Nicholas KREITZ a farmer & Susanna VOGT, witn: Henry KREITZ of Formosa & Rose BONFANTI (sic) of Baden, 11 January 1909, Formosa

005618/09 (Bruce Co) Josephus B. BOWMAN, 31, chair driver, of Elmwood, s/o Amos BOWMAN a farmer & Barbara BOWMAN, married Maggie DENNET, 23, of Elmwood, d/o Hiram DENNET a laborer & Martha BRUCE, witn: Herman BECKER & Annie DENNET both of Elmwood, 27 October 1909, home of bride

005636/09 (Bruce Co) William Ewert BROWN, 28, farmer, Kincardine Twp., s/o Peter BROWN a farmer & Christina MUSTARD, married Mary Ann McNAUGHTON, 23, Bruce Twp., d/o Daniel McNAUGHTON a farmer & Mary McGREGOR, witn: Daniel McNAUGHTON of Bruce Twp. & Margaret BROWN of Kincardine Twp., 23 December 1909, Bruce Twp

005668/09 (Bruce Co) George BRUDER, 28, butcher, of Walkerton, s/o Jacob BRUDER & Mary BROWN, married Ida KELLER, 23, of Carrick, d/o Joseph KELLER a farmer & Catherine LEHMANN, witn: Linus BRUDER of Walkerton & Amelia KELLER of Buffalo, 8 November 1909, Mildmay

005677/09 (Bruce Co) George Gordon BURCHELL, 24, clerk, of Chesley, s/o Joseph BURCHELL & Abbie MILLS, married Eliza SUTCLIFFE, 25, of Chesley, d/o Matthew SUTCLIFFE a section man & Margaret BRADSHAW, witn: William J. SUTCLIFFE of Chesley & Bella HERRON of Dobbinton, 3 August 1909, Chesley

005738/09 (Bruce Co) Archibald CAMERON, 33, farmer, of Huron Twp., s/o Archibald CAMERON a farmer & Mary McMURCHY, married Jane BLACK, 31, farmer's daughter, of Huron Twp., d/o John BLACK a farmer & Mary Ann COLLING, witn: Dugald BLACK & Nettie SCOTT both of Huron Twp., 14 April 1909, Huron Twp

005633/09 (Bruce Co) Allan A. CAMERON, 35, teacher, Fenelon FALLS, s/o Allan CAMERON & Elizabeth BATE, married Christina Marion HOOD, 32, Underwood Bruce Twp., d/o Finlay HOOD a farmer & Jane McKAY, witn: Finlay D. HOOD of 1010 Bank St. Ottawa & Jennie SMITH of 50 Argyle St. Toronto, 18 August 1909, Underwood

005703/09 (Bruce Co) John CAMPBELL, 34, farmer, of Arran Twp., s/o Alexander CAMPBELL a farmer & Annie McDOUGALL, married Nancy McGILL, 37, farmer's daughter, of Elderslie Twp., d/o James McGILL a farmer & Margaret McCURDY, witn: Archibald CAMPBELL of Burgoyne & Christina McGILL of Gillies Hill, 23 June 1909, Gillies Hill

005774-09 (Bruce) Roderick CAMPBELL, 33, farmer, resided: Kinloss, s/o Donald CAMPBELL & Mary BEATON, to Catherine FISHER, 26, resided: Kinloss, d/o James FISHER & Barbara McWILLIAM, wit: William FISHER of Lucknow & Ann MacLENNAN of Kinloss, 10 February 1909, Kinloss

005740/09 (Bruce Co) Peter McDonald CAMPBELL, 26, farmer, of Huron Twp., s/o Peter CAMPBELL a farmer & Eliza Ann BRADLEY, married Estella Rosina GEDDES, 26, of Huron Twp. Bruce Co., d/o James GEDDES a farmer & Mary Jane BLACKWELL, witn: Willie BRADLEY & Agnes CAMPBELL both of Huron Twp. Bruce Co., 2 June 1909, Huron Twp

005591-09 (Bruce Co) George CAMPBELL, 44, farmer, Albemarle, s/o William CAMPBELL & Caroline BROMBLE, married Jessie FROME,40, Albemarle, d/o James FROME & Elizabeth HUNTER, witn: Mr. & Mrs. William CAMPBELL, both of Albemarle, 2 June 1909 at Adamsville Albemarle Twp.
006355-10 (Bruce) John Thomas CARRUTHERS, 31, farmer, Holyrood, s/o David CARRUTHERS & Rachel LOCKHART, to Margaret Eliza COLLINS, 22, Purple Grove, d/o Henry R. COLLINS & Agnes ARMSTRONG, wit: David CARRUTHERS of Holyrood & Catherine E. COLLINS of Purple Grove, 29 December 1909, Huron

005750/09 (Bruce Co) Morley J. CASSEL, 27, prospector, of New Liskeard Ont., s/o William D. CASSEL & Nina CLEMENS, married Eva May WALKER, 24, of Kincardine, d/o John WALKER a hotel keep & Letitia A. McCUE, witn: M.W. CASSEL of Lansdale P.Q?. & Celinda WALKER of Kincardine, 15 June 1909, Kincardine

005728/09 (Bruce Co) John F. CASSIDY, 24, merchant, of Chepstow, s/o John CASSIDY a farmer & Sarah FLYNN, married Margaret HOGAN, 20, yeoman's daughter, of Greenock, d/o John HOGAN a farmer & Agnes MIER, witn: Louis HOGAN & Mary CASSIDY both of Chepstow, 12 October 1909, Chepstow

005723/09 (Bruce Co) Dan CASSIDY, 27, laborer, of Greenock, s/o William CASSIDY & Bridget DOYLE, married Mary BURNS, of Brant, d/o William BURNS & Mary KENNEDY, witn: William BURNS & Nellie CASSIDY both of Chepstow, 21 June 1909, Chepstow

005616/09 (Bruce Co) John William CASTER, 24, farmer, of Brant Twp, s/o Fred CASTER a farmer & Elizabeth RHODE, married Frieda Elizabeth HALKER, 20, of Brant Twp, d/o Carl HALKER a farmer & Mine? LORENZ, witn Herman RHODE & Marie CASTER, 29 September 1909, St Peter's Church Brant

005621/09 (Bruce Co) John CLARK, 32, farmer, Brant, s/o Alex CLARK a farmer & Eliza HALLS, married Harriet Jane NAPPER, 33, Brant, d/o James NAPPER a farmer & Margaret McFARLANE, witn: Wesley NAPPER of Cargill & Emma CLARK of Edengrove, 29 December 1909, Brant Twp

#005759-09 (Bruce Co.) Frederick CLARKE, 26, of Ottawa, Civil engineer, s/o Patrick James CLARKE & Agnes NEIL, married Jennie Evelyn HENRY, 23, of Kincardine, d/o William J. HENRY & Jean Elizabeth SIMPSON, witnesses: J.H. HENRY & Margaret HENRY, both of Kincardine, on 15 December 1909 at Kincardine

005700/09 (Bruce Co) Joseph CLATWORTHY, 21, laborer, of Wiarton, s/o James CLATWORTHY & not known, married Annie STEWART, 18, servant, of Eastnor, d/o William STEWART a farmer & Anne WATERS, witn: Duncan CLATWORTHY of Wiarton & Anna SPEERS of Barrow BAY, 22 December 1909, Lions Head

005672/09 (Bruce Co) Richard Stanley CODE, 28, engineer, of Cobalt, s/o Richard CODE a gentleman & Evelyn GLOVER, married Annie Maud McEWEN, 31, milliner, of Chesley, d/o John McEWEN a cattle buyer & Martha HENRY, witn: W. NEWTON of Hanover & Ida McEWEN of Chesley, 20 February 1909, Chesley

005667/09 (Bruce Co) James COLLINS, 27, merchant, of Preston Ont., s/o Daniel COLLINS & Barbara DIVER, married Margaret RUETZ, 23, of Stratford, s/o Henry RUETZ & Catherine REINHART, witn: Bernard COLLINS of Tweed & Elizabeth RUETZ of Mildmay, 10 November 1909, Mildmay

005593/09 (Bruce Co) William R. COVENEY, 24, farmer, of Albemarle, s/o James COVENEY a farmer & Mary RYDALL, married Minnie L. GILBERT, 18, of Albemarle, d/o William GILBERT a farmer & Sarah A. COOPER, witn: Thomas COVENEY of Purple Valley & Beatrice WILSON of Wiarton, 23 June 1909, Twp. Albemarle

006297/10 (Bruce Co) Robert William COX, 35, farmer, of Arthur Twp., s/o William COX a farmer & Elizabeth CAMPBELL, married Florence Elizabeth ARMSTRONG, 23, teacher, of Chesley, d/o John ARMSTRONG & Mary CARTER, witn: Samuel WRIGHT & Thomas ROBINSON both of Chesley, 15 September 1909, Chesley

005785-09 (Bruce) John S. CRAIG, 28, farmer, resided: Whitechurch, s/o John CRAIG & Fanny DAWSON, to Mabel COULTER, 20, resided: Whitechurch, d/o William COULTER & Janet McGEE, wit: William J. COULTER of Whitechurch & Hannah J. COULTER of Wingham, 29 December 1909, Whitechurch

005768/09 (Bruce Co) Walter H. CRAIG, 22, farmer, of Kincardine Twp., s/o Norman Henry CRAIG a farmer & Margaret Jane BLAKE, married Mary Ann McRAE, 23, of Kincardine Twp., d/o Duncan McRAE a farmer & Elizabeth WILSON, witn: Katie May THOMPSON & Norman McRAE both of Glamis, 8 September 1909, Kincardine Twp.

005779-09 (Bruce) Richard CREECH, 32, farmer, resided: Kinloss, s/o Edward CREECH & Mary Jane McCORMICK, to Ann Jane CARRUTHERS, 29, resided: Kinloss, d/o David CARRUTHERS & Rachel LOCKHART, wit: John Thomas CARRUTHERS of Lucknow & Ann HOUSTON of Holyrood, 5 May 1909, Kinloss

005754/09 (Bruce Co) Thomas Arthur Burt CULLEN, 23, furrier, of Toronto, s/o James Leslie CULLEN a copper engraver & Caroline NIXON, married Hannah May McKENZIE, 25, of Toronto, d/o Edmund McKENZIE a carpenter & Lenora HARTWICK, witn: Leslie Nixon CULLEN of Toronto & Clara Sophia McKENZIE, 2 August 1909, Kincardine
005610/09 (Bruce Co) Robert Andrew DALGARNO, 26, farmer, of Brant Twp, s/o Robert DALGARNO a farmer & Elizabeth GREGG, married Mary Ann ATKINSON, 26, farmers daughter, of Brant Twp, d/o William ATKINSON a farmer & Martha PEARSON, witn: William DALGARNO & Lucy ATKINSON both of Edengrove, 7 April 1909, Edengrove, Brant Twp

005635/09 (Bruce Co) Richard DANIEL, 34, labourer, Exeter, s/o James DANIEL a farmer & Margaret KERR, married Mabel Beatrice INKSTER, 26, Bruce Twp., d/o William INKSTER a farmer & Janet FIDLAR, witn: Archie McINTYRE & Jennie MATHESON both of Bruce Twp., 22 December 1909, Bruce Twp

005775-09 (Bruce) Walter DAY, 28, farmer, resided: Culross, s/o George DAY & Margaret CASLICK, to Isabella McKENZIE, 24, resided: Kinloss, d/o John McKENZIE & Christena McKENZIE, wit: Laughlin McKENZIE of Kinloss & Emma DAY of Culross, 31 March 1909, Kinloss 006273-10 Joseph DEVITO, 27, railway contr. foreman, of Allan Park, s/o Nicholas & Olympia married Margaret PURVIS, no age given, of Allan Park, d/o George PURVIS & Janet ARMSTRONG, witn: William & Lizzie GIRODAT both of Carlsruhe, 29 December 1909 in Bruce Co.
005639/09 (Bruce Co) John R. DEVLIN, 23, finisher, Mildmay, s/o John DEVLIN a laborer & Matilda KINGSHOT, married Elizabeth HESCH, 22, Mildmay, d/o Joseph HESCH a carpenter & Sophia WEILER, witn: Seraphine KUNKEL & Annie HESCH both of Mildmay, 12 January 1909, Mildmay

005632/09 (Bruce Co) Melzor Webster DIER, 26, farmer, Aberdour, s/o Henry DIER a farmer & Janet PORTER, married Hilda May KIDD, 22, Aberdour, d/o George KIDD a farmer & Mary Ann WHITE, witn: Martha KIDD & Mary DIER both of Aberdour, 2 June 1909, Bruce

005658/09 (Bruce Co) James DOUGLAS, 38, farmer, of Howick, s/o James DOUGLAS a farmer & Ann STINSON, married Mary F. MUNRO, 38, of Howick, d/o Andrew MUNRO a farmer & Mary MILNE, witn: G.H. WHYTE of Clifford & Elsie BARRIE of Greenock, 6 April 1909, Carrick

005753/09 (Bruce Co) Harry EAULLIN? (Bullen?),  27, farm hand, of Kincardine Ont., s/o Thomas EAULLIN? a laborer & Elizabeth EGGETT, married Selena Sarah SMITH, 23, Leicester Eng., d/o Albert SMITH a laborer & Mary STRINGER, witn: J.W. CLEMENTS & Mrs. J.D. CLEMENTS both of Kincardine, 21 July 1909, Kincardine

005590-09 (Bruce Co) Oliver ELLIOTT, 28, farmer, Cape Croker, s/o Stephen ELLIOTT & Mary KAHBYATE, married Roseana CHEGAHNO, 18, Cape Croker, d/o Charley CHEGAHNO & Sarah WILLIAMS, witn: George R. Jones & Effie ELLIOTT both of Cape Croker, 5 May 1909 at Cape Croker Reserve, Albemarle. 005780-09 (Bruce) Philip Frederick ELLIS, 28, mason, resided: Lucknow, s/o Charles ELLIS & Elizabeth Louisa HODGE, to Vergia WHITLEY, 18, resided: Lucknow, d/o John Thomas WHITLEY & Lillie Ann HOPKINS, wit: John W. COOK of Kinloss & Winnie COOK, 22 April 1909, Kinloss

005601/09 (Bruce Co) Adam John ESPLEN, 28, farmer, Lot 3 Con 6 Arran, s/o Adam ESPLEN a farmer & Ann GEDDES, married Margaret B. MENZIES, 25, school teacher, Lot 17 Con. A Arran, d/o Duncan MENZIES a farmer & Jessie McCANNEL, witn: Duncan MENZIES & A. G. ESPLEN, 21 April 1909, Lot 17 Con A Arran

005690-09 (Bruce) Arthur William EVANS, 24, farmer, resided: Greenock twp., s/o William EVANS & Elizabeth SCATTERGOOD, to Alice ARNOLD, 23, resided: Greenock twp., d/o William ARNOLD & Maria SNELGROVE, wit: William HOWE & Robert CHARTRON, 18 May 1909, Culross

005752/09 (Bruce Co) Harold EVERETT, 21, laborer, of Dean Lake Algoma, s/o William EVERETT a laborer & Mary GARLAND, married Eva GILMOUR, 19, of Kincardine, d/o John GILMOUR a laborer & Charlotte CAMPBELL, witn: Thomas COOK & Annie COOK both of Kincardine, 7 July 1909, Kincardine

005666/09 (Bruce Co) John FAHRER, 35, laborer, of Formosa, s/o Anthony FAHRER & Theresia KNOEPFER, married Caroline ERNEWEIN, 23, of Formosa, d/o Philip ERNEWEIN a laborer & Theresia SCHOHN, witn: Anthony GRAF & Angelica ERNEWEIN both Formosa, 9 November 1909, Formosa

005602/09 (Bruce Co) Richard Cooper FENTON, 28, farmer, Lot 32 Con. 3 Arran, s/o John Robert FENTON a farmer & Sarah Jane NELSON, married Beatrice BRUNTON, 28, farmer's daughter, Lot 32 Con 7 Arran, d/o Alfred BRUNTON a farmer & Rachel P. CUMMER, witn: William H. FENTON & Elizabeth C. BRUNTON, 22 June 1909, Lot 32 Con 7 Arran

005682/09 (Bruce Co) Bertrum James FERGUSON, 27, physician, of Teeswater, s/o Dougal FERGUSON a hardware merchant & Elizabeth HAYCROFT, married Isabella KYLE, 30, housekeeper, of Chesley, d/o James KYLE a gentleman & Mary O'NEIL, witn: Charles KYLE of Cargill & T.A. FERGUSON of Teeswater, 26 October 1909, Chesley 05894-09 (Bruce Co) William Henry FINCH, 22, farmer, of Lindsay Township, s/o James FINCH & Mary Ann MAIKENS, married Susann POORE, 22, of Eastnor, d/o David POORE & Eliza Jane KENESENHAUSER, witn: Donald & Mrs. Donald McEACHERN both of Wiarton, 16 Dec 1909 at Wiarton

005755/09 (Bruce Co) Robert FITZGERALD, ?0, widower, farmer, of Kincardine, s/o Patrick FITZGERALD & Margaret SULLIVAN, married Alice DAVIS, 33, widow, of Kincardine, d/o John WRIGLEY & Katherine HUMPHRIES, witn: George GILDER of Kincardine & Mrs. Margaret? FITZGERALD of Pine River, 6 September 1909, Kincardine

005727/09 (Bruce Co) James Nelson FLETT, 21, farmer, of Greenock, s/o William FLETT a farmer & Mary THORN, married Frances ROUMEY (Rowney?), 21, domestic, of Greenock, d/o Joseph ROUMEY a farmer & Mary Jane REID, witn: Earnest WEBB of Bradley & Sadie ROUMEY of Pinkerton, 22 September 1909, Lot 16 Conc. 13 Greenock

005733/09 (Bruce Co) Robert FLOOD, 21, laborer, of Shallow Lake, s/o Thomas FLOOD a laborer & Sarah HILLIS, married Ida SMITH, 16, domestic, of Sauble Falls, d/o Oscar SMITH a farmer & Etta SMITH, witn: Owen GIRLING & Bertha GIRLING, December 1909, Hepworth

005720/09 (Bruce Co) Adam S. FOREMAN, 31, farmer, of Parkhead, s/o John FOREMAN a farmer & Sarah SPEIRS, married Lily Pearl GARLAND, 21, of Pinkerton, d/o Nicholas GARLAND a farmer & Lizzie JOHNSTON, witn: W. SMITH of Parkhead & Myrtle GARLAND of Pinkerton, 9 June 1909, Pinkerton
005745-09 (Bruce) Norman Roy FRASER, 25, market gardener, resided: Kincardine, s/o Robert FRASER & Mary Ann ROSS, to Flossie McKAY, no age, resided: Kincardine, d/o John McKAY & Mary HARTWICK, wit: Mrs. D. A. McLEAN & Miss E. B. JACKSON both of Ripley, 25 October 1909, Ripley

005654/09 (Bruce Co) Jacob FREIBURGER, 35, farmer, of Woodstock, s/o Joseph FREIBURGER a farmer & Caroline HUNDT, married Clara Alice CUMMINGS, 37, of Rochester N.Y., d/o Francis CUMMINGS & Catherine THOMAS, witn: David FREIBURGER & Mary LACEY both of Walkerton, 1 June 1909, Formosa

#005760-09 (Bruce Co.) Hugh Robert FYFE, 28, of Kincardine, Farmer, s/o John FYFE & Margaret LEITH, married Lena GRIFFITH, 24, of Kincardine, d/o Andrew GRIFFITH & Mary Ann BEATTY, witnesses: Wilbert FYFE & Mary GRIFFITH, both of Kincardine, on 22 December 1909 at Kincardine

005600/09 (Bruce Co) Wilfred Eldon GALLIHER, 30, farmer, Arran Twp., s/o William GALLIHER a farmer & Mary Jane WILSON, married Ann Jane HAMMILL, 24, farmer's daughter, Lot 20 Con. 4 Arran, d/o John HAMMILL a farmer & Margaret Jane KIDD, witn: Harry Grenville GALLIHER & Catherine Mary HAMMILL both of Tara, 24 March 1909, Lot 20 Con. 4 Arran

005731/09 (Bruce Co) Stanley GERLING, 22, laborer, of Shallow Lake, s/o William GERLING a laborer & Mary Jane TYLER, married Bertha FLOOD, 18, domestic, of Shallow Lake, d/o Thomas FLOOD a laborer & Sarah Jane HILLIS, witn: Robert FLOOD & Mrs. Westley GERLING both of Shallow Lake, 28 July 1909, Hepworth

005718/09 (Bruce Co) Samuel J. GIBSON, 25, vet. surgeon, of South Mountain Ont., s/o Robert GIBSON & Sarah GIBSON, married Jessie A. LOUGHLUN, 21, of Cargill, d/o John LOUGHLUN a laborer & Balina BRENAIR, witn: M.L. ZIEGLER & Emma LOUGHLUN both of Cargill, 14 April 1909, Cargill

005648/09 (Bruce Co) William GOLL, 25, farmer, of Carrick, s/o Fred GOLL a farmer & Mary SCHAEFER, married Martina FORTNEY, 28, of Carrick, d/o Andrew FORTNEY a farmer & Elizabeth BISSINGER, witn: William FORTNEY of Ayton & Ottillia FORTNEY of Carrick, 27 April 1909, Deemerton

005653/09 (Bruce Co) Ignatius GRUB, 25, farmer, of Carrick, s/o George GRUB a farmer & Mary Ann DIEMERT, married Mathilda REINHART, 23, of Carrick, d/o George REINHART a farmer & Theresa BAUER, witn: Joseph GRUB & Lauretta REINHART both of Carrick, 1 June 1909, Mildmay

005795-09 (Bruce) George Douglas HAIGH, 24, farmer, resided: Kinloss, s/o John HAIGH, to Mary Jane JOHNSTON, 25, resided: Lucknow, no parents listed, wit: William R. JOHNSTON of Lucknow & Dorothy HAIGH of Kinloss, 22 December 1909, Kinloss 005687-09 (Bruce) James Wesley HAINES, 30, farmer, resided: Ashfield twp., s/o George HAINES & Miss DYMOND, to Emma Maud EDGAR, 27, resided: Culross twp., d/o James EDGAR & Miss EDGAR, wit: Gillies HAINES & Lillie BAKER of Teeswater, 23 May 1909, Culross
005679/09 (Bruce Co) Stefanus M. HAITINK, 20, cabinet maker, of Chesley, s/o Arnold W. HAITINK & Hendricka WanVOOI, married Stoffelina G. HOAGSTADT, 25, housemaid, of Chesley, d/o Jan HOAGSTADT a laborer & Ingetji HOOGEBOOM, witn: Hendrick HOUSLER of Chesley & Mrs. Ade VanCHALET, 9 November 1909, Chesley 005686-09 (Bruce) James S. HARDY, 30, farmer, resided: Culross twp., s/o Solomon HARDY & Mary NEWMAN, to Amelia J. CARLICK, 21, resided: Culross twp., 21, resided: Culross twp., d/o Alfred CARLICK & Sarah DOBSON, wit: Roy CARLICK & Mrs. J. E. WATSON both of Culross, 12 May 1909, Culross

005657/09 (Bruce Co) Thomas HARTFORD, 27, clerk, of Owen Sound, s/o Christopher HARTFORD a night watchman & Margaret McASLY, married Theresa Margaret RETTINGER, of Formosa, d/o Valentine RETTINGER a farmer & Louisa HANS, witn: James HARTFORD of Owen Sound & Elenora ZETTIE of Formosa, 29 June 1909, Formosa

005645/09 (Bruce Co) William John HARTFORD, 30, mason, Toronto, s/o George HARTFORD & Mary NUGENT, married Janet Elvira DUSTOW, 27, of Carrick, d/o Thomas DUSTOW a farmer & Sophia MASON, witn: Frederick T. DUSTOW of Belmore & Harriet R. MASON of Seaforth, 24 March 1909, Carrick

005675/09 (Bruce Co) Hendrick HAUSLER, 32, widowed, factory hand, of Chesley, s/o Johan Diederick HAUSLER & Johanna Gertrude VERHOEVEN, married Marie VanOART, 27, housekeeper, of Chesley, d/o Roelof VanOART & Cornelia CONSUL, witn: George FIELD & Margaret HAINES both of Chesley, 29 April 1909, Chesley

005663/09 (Bruce Co) Louis HEHN, 36, machinist, of Berlin, s/o Michael HEHN & Catherine LAMBERTUS, married Christina EUPER, 33, of Carrick, d/o Joseph EUPER a farmer & Catherine KAISER, witn: John J. KAISER of Riversdale & Charlotte EUPER of Formosa, 3 August 1909, Formosa

005692-09 (Bruce) Stanley HEMINGWAY, 24, farmer, resided: Culross twp., s/o Joseph HEMINGWAY & Annie SINCLAIR, to Lilian H. MARSHALL, 21, resided: Culross twp., d/o Robert MARSHALL & Sarah PORTER, wit: J. W. WHYTOCK & Minnie YOUILL both of Teeswater, 23 December 1909, Culross

005770/09 (Bruce Co) Fredrick Henry HILL, 27, engineer C.P.R., of Calgary Alberta, s/o John Henry HILL a yeoman & Catherine A. FORD, married Mary Ann HARRIGAN, 23, farmer's daughter, of Kincardine Twp., d/o Noble Emerson HARRIGAN a farmer & Mary A.B. COLWELL, witn: Frank STANLEY & Eva HARRIGAN both of Bervie, 6 October 1909, brides home

005767/09 (Bruce Co) John Robert Lorne HODGINS, 24, farmer, of Kinloss, s/o John HODGINS a store keeper & Hannah HARRISON, married Ethel SMITH, 21, of Kinloss, d/o Alex SMITH a farmer & Elizabeth McNIECE, witn: J. KAAKE of Kinloss & Mae WOODS of Armow, 1 September 1909, Bervie

005614/09 (Bruce Co) Joseph HODGSON, 33, farmer, of Bentinck Twp, s/o John HODGSON & Mary CASTLE, married Emma Elizabeth BAILEY, 18, of Bentinck, d/o Thomas BAILEY & Delina WHITTLE, witn: William BAILEY & Mrs. Henry HODGSON both of Bentinck, 1 June 1909, Methodist Church Elmwood
005588/09 (Bruce Co) George William HOLLER, 27, farmer, of Fielding Sask., s/o Jacob Holler a farmer & Margaret PATTON, married Eva Matilda McIVER, 28, school teacher, Albemarle Twp, d/o John McIVER a farmer & Christina ROBINSON, witn: John J. HOLLER of Hope Bay & Flora B. McIVER of McIver P.O., 23 February 1909, McIver

005707/09 (Bruce Co) George HOPE, 28, farmer, of Elderslie Twp., s/o Edward HOPE a farmer & Amelia WARD, married Alie Ray MAXWELL, 23, of Elderslie Twp., d/o Joseph MAXWELL a farmer & Catherine OSWALD, witn: W.D. BELL of Chesley & Janet ATKINSON both of Chesley, 15 September 1909, Elderslie Twp.

005585/09 (Bruce Co) David Edwin HOWES, 32, medical practitioner, of Shallow Lake, s/o Edwin HOWES a farmer & Kathleen McLAUGHLIN, married Margaret Eleanor YOUNG, 27, nurse, of Park Head, d/o Joseph YOUNG a lumberman & Katherine SPARROW, witn: Cassie YOUNG of Shallow Lake & Francis J. HOWES of Drew, 6 October 1909, Park Head 005793-09 (Bruce) Oscar HUICK?, 23, clerk, resided: Guelph, s/o HUICK, to Adella Mary GREER, 19, resided: Lucknow, d/o George GREER & Nina ROSS, wit: Walter HUICK of Elmira & Laura McCOWIE of Lucknow, 22 September 1909, Lucknow
005781-09 (Bruce) Charles Henry HUIDE, 33, merchant, resided: Harriston, s/o William HUIDE & Emma LANE, to Elizabeth HENRY, 22, resided: Kinloss, d/o Frank HENRY & Jennie SIMPSON, wit: James F. HUIDE of Harriston & Ethel MUSGROVE of Wingham, 15 April 1909, Kinloss

005769/09 (Bruce Co) Peter Edward HUNTER, 28, steam fitter, of Toronto, s/o John HUNTER & Ann PURCHES (Purchase?), married Isabella ROWE, 27, yeoman's daughter, of Greenock Twp., d/o James H. ROWE a farmer & Elizabeth McINTOSH, witn: William F. McKEE of Armow & Bessie ROWE of Kingarf, 22 September 1909, Kingarf church

005606/09 (Bruce Co) David Herbert JAMISON, 27, moulder, Bowmanville, s/o Edward JAMISON a farmer & Maria JOHNSTON, married Mary KENNEDY, 22, farmer's daughter, Tara, d/o George KENNEDY a farmer & Phoebe TRELFORD, witn: Frank KENNEDY & Mrs. CHIPPS both of Tara, 29 September 1909, Invermay

005791-09 (Bruce) Robert JOHNSTON, 27, clerk, resided: Lucknow, s/o William James JOHNSTON & Mary Ann RITCHIE, to Mary Jane JOYNT, 23, resided: Lucknow, d/o John JOYNT & Ann PULFON?, wit: H. R. JOHNSTON & Ida F. JOYNT both of Lucknow, 23 June 1909, Lucknow 005671/09 (Bruce Co) Thomas JOHNSTON, 32, widower, laborer, of Chesley, s/o blank & blank, married Edith LETTAN, 22, housekeeper, of Chesley, d/o Edward LETTAN a laborer & blank, witn: Margaret HANLEY & Alfred HUNTLEY both of Chesley, 22 January 1909, Chesley

005629/09 (Bruce Co) Frederick William KANNOPIN, 27, wood carver, Kincardine, s/o William KANNOPIN & Eleanor LABONE, married Margaret May McNAUGHTON, 18, Inverhuron, d/o blank, witn: D. McNAUGHTON of Inverhuron & E. KANNOPIN of Berlin, 7 April 1909, Inverhuron

005794-09 (Bruce) Charles Samuel KELLUM, 25, mechanical engineer, resided: Detroit Mich. US., s/o William C. KELLUM & Laura McKINNON, to Margaret May GARDNER, 27, resided: Lucknow, d/o Janes H. GARDNER & Jane RITCHIE, wit: William R. GARDNER of Ashfield & E. Olive GARDNER of Lucknow, 25 November 1909, Lucknow 005713/09 (Bruce Co) Frank KESTNER, 27, laborer, of Chepstow, s/o Philip KESTNER & Stephana RUMIG, married Lena KLEIN, 22, of Chepstow, d/o Andrew KLEIN & Mary SCHAEFTER, witn: Henry KLEIN & Maggie KISTNER both of Chepstow, 18 January 1909, Chepstow
005576/09 (Bruce Co) Charles R. KING, 21, farmer, of Keppel Twp, s/o James KING a farmer & Minnie KIEL, married Pheobie WARNOCK, 25, widow, of Amabel, d/o George DRAPER a farmer & Bohiea ROGAN, witn: Eliza GLAZIER & Rebecca EVANS both of Amabel, 31 March 1909, Amabel

005603/09 (Bruce Co) Hugh Edmund KING, 29, farmer, Lot 30 Con 1 Arran, s/o Robert KING a farmer & Martha FOSTER, married Elizabeth Mary ALEXANDER, 29, farmer's daughter, Invermay Arran, d/o Hector ALEXANDER a farmer & Betsy COLLINS, witn: William Henry COLLINS of Tara & Minnie McGILVARY of Invermay, 30 June 1909, Invermay

005577/09 (Bruce Co) Aaron Walker KIRKLAND, 35, farmer, of Amabel, s/o Hugh KIRKLAND a farmer & Mary WALKER, married Pearl Amelia MULLINEX, 22, domestic, of Amabel, d/o John MULLINEX a farmer & Sarah Elizabeth SMITH, witn: Helen E. WILSON & Clara J. WILSON both of Allenford, 21 April 1909, Allenford 005676/09 (Bruce Co) Harry KLEMP, 21, laborer, of Chesley, s/o John KLEMP & Dorah KLEMP, married Marie BLEICH, 19, of Chesley, d/o Gottfried BLEICH & Augusta BLEICH, witn: Louis BLEICH & Mrs. POWELL both of Chesley, 7 April 1909, Chesley

005642/09 (Bruce Co) John KNOEPFLER, 26, laborer, Formosa, s/o Joseph KNOEPFLER a retired farmer & Magdalena VOGT, married Elenora LEHMANN, 18, Culross, d/o Jacob LEHMANN a farmer & Regina SCHAEFTER, witn: Philip LEHMANN & Magdalen KIEFFER both of Formosa, 2 February 1909, Formosa

006512/10 (Bruce Co) William John LABATT, 22, clerk, Toronto, s/o John LABATT a gardener & Catherine MONTGOMERY, married Eliza Jane HYDE, 22, Wiarton, d/o William HYDE a gentleman & Sarah POLLOCK, witn: R.J. HYDE of Wiarton & M. LABATT of Toronto, 22 December 1909, Wiarton
  005789-09 (Bruce) John Alexander LANGFORD, 56, farmer, resided: Kinloss, widower, s/o Isaac W. LANGFORD & Martha PARKINSON, to Mrs. Elsey BOUGHNER, 47, resided: Detroit, widow, d/o Andrew ROSS & Elsey ROSE, wit: Robert SNELLGROVE & Mrs. Robert SNELLGROVE of Lucknow, 10 March, Lucknow
005730/09 (Bruce Co) John H. LATTIMER, 38, Government clerk, of Toronto, s/o James W. LATTIMER a farmer & Eliza Jane STRATTON, married Malvina DAUKERT, 27, of Hepworth, d/o Henry J. DAUKERT a carpenter & Susannah WOELFLE, witn: John DAUKERT of Hepworth & Alice WOOD of Owen Sound, 23 June 1909, Hepworth

005721/09 (Bruce Co) Patrick LEONARD, 30, farmer, of Greenock, s/o Neil LEONARD a farmer & Margaret STAPLETON, married Lucy GOLDEN, 24, of Chepstow, d/o Thomas GOLDEN a laborer & Catharine FLYNN, witn: Neil KELLY & Lillie MASSEL both of Chepstow, 8 June 1909, Chepstow

005782-09 (Bruce) Thomas S. LOCKHART, 31, farmer, resided: Kinloss, s/o John LOCKHART & Elizabeth Jane STURGEON, to Elizabeth GRAHAM, 29, resided: Kinloss, d/o John GRAHAM & Mary Ann McKENZIE, wit: John Thomas CARRUTHERS of Kinloss & Dollie Bell HENDERSON of Lucknow, 1 June 1909, Kinloss 005579/09 (Bruce Co) Peter V. LOUCKS, 22, farmer, of Amabel, s/o Samuel LOUCKS a farmer & Lizzie TEMPLE, married Leah May SUTHERLAND, 16, farmer's daughter, of Amabel, d/o Donald M. SUTHERLAND a farmer & Joanna FLUKE, witn: D.J. SUTHERLAND of Skipness & Ella LOUCKS of French Bay, 7 July 1909, Amabel

005631/09 (Bruce Co) John LUNOW, 31, farmer, Bruce Twp., s/o Fred LUNOW a farmer & Frederica CLARE, married Mary ROPPEL, 25, Bruce Twp., d/o Henry ROPPEL a farmer & Julia KEHNE, witn: John ROPPEL of Bruce & Mary BEIRMAN of McKillop, 9 June 1909, Bruce Twp


005702/09 (Bruce Co) Henry Garfield LYON, 27, farmer, of Paisley, s/o Henry LYON a farmer & Margaret LLOYD, married Clara Esther CORMACK, 20, farmer's daughter, of Paisley, d/o Andrew CORMACK a farmer & Margaret SILIER, witn: Laura May CORMACK & Henry B. McTAVISH both of Paisley, 23 June 1909, Paisley

005615/09 (Bruce Co) William James MACK, 24, engineer, of Shallow Lake, s/o Richard MACK & Susan CORDICK, married Eliza RUSSELL, 26, of Elmwood, d/o James RUSSELL & Jane DUNN, witn: Alex. RUSSELL of Elmwood & Mabel MACK of Thessalon, 11 August 1909, Elmwood

005609/09 (Bruce Co) William Henry MAUER, 28, farmer, Brant, s/o Charles MAUER a farmer & Sophia LAHN, married Anna Mina LEIFSO, 20, Brant, d/o John LEIFSO a farmer & Sophie HARNACK, witn: William LEIFSO of Malcolm & Emma MAUER of Brant Twp., 23 February 1909, Brant

#005757-09 (Bruce Co.) Alexander MAUL, 34, of London, Upholster, s/o Henry MAUL & Elizabeth McIVOR, married Evelyn FISHER, 24, of Kincardine, d/o Molineux FISHER & Margaret ANGUS, witnesses: Ernest BLACKWELL of London & Rebecca STANLEY of Kincardine, on 4 December 1909 at Kincardine
005613/09 (Bruce Co) John McCAW, 21, farmer, of Brant Twp, s/o Patrick McCAW a farmer & Jane FOSTER, married Ida BELBICK 18, farmer's daughter, of Brant, d/o Joseph BELBICK a farmer & Anna Bella STEWART, witn: George BROWN of Bruce & Ella BELBICK of Brant, 21 April 1909, Brant Twp  

005634/09 (Bruce Co) Lachlan McDOUGALL, 33, farmer, Bruce Twp., s/o Hector McDOUGALL a farmer & Mary F. McARTHUR, married Mabel DRUMMOND, 26, Bruce Twp., d/o Hepburn DRUMMOND a farmer & Martha McARTHUR, witn: John DRUMMOND & Minnie DRUMMOND both of Underwood, 29 December 1909, Bruce Twp

005580/09 (Bruce Co) Donald McECHIN, 21, labourer, of Wiarton, s/o John McECHIN a laborer & Sarah NOLE, married Jane POURE, 20, farmer's daughter, of Eastnor Twp, d/o David POUNE a farmer & Elizabeth Teresa COUNTEN?, witn: Roderick McLEHINE of Wiarton & Jessie FRASER of Woolsey, 15 July 1909, Amabel
005693-09 (Bruce) Archabald McFARLANE, 26, farmer, resided: Kinloss twp., s/o D. McFARLANE & C. McDONALD, to Mary WALL, 23, resided: Culross twp., d/o Edward WALL & M. SMITH, wit: John McFARLANE of Westford & Nellie MORGAN of Ripley, 22 December 1909, Culross 005787-09 (Bruce) John James McINNES, 27, farmer, resided: Kinloss, s/o Daniel McINNES & Mary FALCONER, to Elizabeth Gillies KENNEDY, 22, resided: Kinloss, d/o William KENNEDY & Kate McPHERSON, wit: William C. McINNES of Langside & Maggie KENNEDY of Whitechurch, 15 December 1909, Kinloss

005625/09 (Bruce Co) David Adam McINTOSH, 24, farmer, Bruce Twp., s/o Alexander McINTOSH a farmer & Jessie McRAE, married Sarah Jane NELSON, 20, Bruce Twp., d/o Thomas NELSON a farmer & Margaret STOUT, witn: Norman McINTOSH of Durham & Florence NELSON of North Bruce , 24 February 1909, Bruce Twp.

005722/09 (Bruce Co) Hugh Duncan McINTYRE, 26, grain merchant, of Glencoe, s/o Duncan B. McINTYRE a farmer & Flora McLACHLIN, married Jessie McKENZIE, 21, domestic servant, of Armow, d/o Angus McKENZIE & Barbara McKENZIE, witn: Dan McINTYRE of Appin Ont. & Catherine McKENZIE of Armow, 14 July 1909, Armow
005594-09 (Bruce Co) Franklin Wilfred McKAY, 26, farmer, East Zorra Oxford County, s/o John McKAY a farmer & Annie RUSSELL, married Annie Jane BULL, 24, Albemarle Twp, d/o James BULL a farmer & Maggie BEST, witn: J.W. BULL & A.E. BOLTON both of Wiarton, 22 June 1909, at Albemarle Twp.

005734/09 (Bruce Co) Donald McKAY, 27, farmer, of 10th Conc. Huron, s/o Kenneth McKAY a farmer & Annie McLEOD, married Catherine PATTERSON, 27, farmer's daughter, of 10th Conc. Huron, d/o Alexander PATTERSON a farmer & Sarah MILLS, witn: Alex. PATTERSON of 10th Conc. Huron & Etta CORBETT of Mount Forest, 20 January 1909, Huron Twp.

005766/09 (Bruce Co) Murdock Alexander McKENZIE, 27, farmer, of Kincardine Twp., s/o Alex McKENZIE a farmer & Mary McLEOD, married Mary Jane CAMPBELL, 19, servant, of Kincardine Twp., d/o Alex CAMPBELL a farmer & Abigail GODFREY, witn: Rose McKENZIE & Isabella CAMPBELL both of Bervie, 8 July 1909, North line Kincardine Twp.

005630/09 (Bruce Co) Alexander McKENZIE, 30, widower, farmer, Bruce Twp., s/o David McKENZIE a farmer & Margaret FLETCHER, married Mary Turner HENDERSON, 26, Underwood Bruce Twp., d/o John HENDERSON a farmer & Margaret McCALLUM, witn: Mrs. A. McKENZIE & J.W. JOHNSON both of Underwood, 6 January 1909, Underwood

005763/09 (Bruce Co) Alexander McKINNON, 37, farmer, of Kinloss, s/o John McKINNON & Margaret STEWART, married Sarah McKINNON, 31, of Kincardine Twp., d/o Archibald McKINNON a farmer & Catherine McDONALD, witn: Finnie McKINNON & Kate McKINNON both of Glamis, 6 January 1909, bride's home Kincardine Twp. 005674/09 (Bruce Co) Duncan John McLAUGHLIN, 30, tailor, of Chesley, s/o Thomas McLAUGHLIN & Mary McINTOSH, married Margaret Reid STANLEY, 28, housekeeper, of Chesley, d/o George STANLEY a retired hardware merchant & Miss Brown, witn: Josie STANLEY of Chesley & Jessie McLAUGHLIN of Brussels, 31 March 1909, Chesley
005704/09 (Bruce Co) Donald McLEAN, 29, gentleman, of Port Arthur, s/o Neil McLEAN a farmer & Janet McDONALD, married F. Isabel McFADDEN, 29, of Port Arthur, d/o John McFADDEN a farmer & Maria WOLFE, witn: Malcolm McDOUGALL of Gillies Hill & Ethel McFADDEN of Mount Hope, 4 August 1909, Elderslie

005773/09 (Bruce Co) Kenneth McLENNAN, 34, farmer, of Kincardine Twp., s/o Kenneth McLENNAN a farmer & Christina McLEAN, married Sarah McDOUGALL, 34, Kincardine Twp., s/o Charles McDOUGALL a farmer & Mary McLEAN, witn: Peter McDOUGALL & Mary McDOUGALL both of Tiverton, 27 December 1909, Kincardine Twp.

005786-09 (Bruce) Angus B. McLEOD, 45, merchant, resided: Lucknow, s/o Donald McLEOD & Mary MARTIN, to Margaret GOLLAN, 28, resided: Kinloss, d/o Thomas GOLLAN & Kate McLEOD, wit: F. A. MacLENNAN of Kinloss & Emma McCLUSKY of Lucknow, 1 December 1909, Kinloss 005778-09 (Bruce) Donald McLEOD, 32, farmer, resided: Kinloss, s/o Donald McLEOD & Mary MARTIN, to Caroline JOHNSTON, 22, resided: Kinloss, d/o Samuel JOHNSTON & Belinda SWITZER, wit: William C. JOHNSTON of Port Elgin & Arabella JOHNSTON of Ripley, 12 January 1909, Kinloss
#005761-09 (Bruce Co.) John Duncan McLEOD, 36, of Kincardine, Railroad contractor, s/o Murdock McLEOD & Jean MALSTON(?), married Elizabeth FYFE, 39, of Kincardine, d/o John FYFE & Elizabeth LEITH, witnesses: Wilbert FYFE & Ida FYFE, both of Kincardine, on 25 December 1909 at Kincardine

005628/09 (Bruce Co) Donald McLEOD, 30, farmer, Bruce Twp., s/o Allan McLEOD a retired farmer & Mary MORRISON, married Flora Etta McNALLY, 24, Bruce Twp., d/o William Henry McNALLY a farmer & Normanda McDONALD, witn: Angus McLEOD of Tiverton & Sarah Maud McNALLY of Glamis, 30 March 1909, Bruce Twp.

006385/10 (Bruce Co) Angus McLEOD, 41, farmer, of Huron Twp., s/o Edward McLEOD a farmer & Isabella MURRAY, married Jessie Ann McLEOD, 31, farmer's daughter, of Kincardine Twp., d/o Angus McLEOD a farmer & Flora NORMAN, witn: Dan McLEOD of Kincardine Twp. & Lena McLEOD of Ripley, 29 December 1909, Bruce 005751/09 (Bruce Co) Donald McNAUGHTON, 22, farmer, of Bruce Twp, s/o Kenneth McNAUGHTON a farmer & Hannah McIVOR, married Elizabeth McPHAIL, 28, widow, of Bruce Twp., d/o William McKAY & Jean McGLASHAN, witn: John D. MILLAR & Mary S. MILLAR, 23 June 1909, Kincardine


05691-09 (Bruce) John McPHERSON, 34, farmer, resided: Culross twp., widower, s/o William McPHERSON & Catherine ORR, to Elizabeth PARKER, 18, resided: Culross twp., d/o George PARKER & Mary CASLICK, wit: Laura HOWE & Mable HAYLOCK both of Teeswater, 18 August 1909, Culross

005748/09 (Bruce Co) Charles Mason MERRITT, 29, farmer, of Kincardine Twp., s/o George MERRITT a farmer (dead) & Sophia BALDROW, married Vinnie Edna GOESSEL, 22, of Huron Twp., d/o Daniel GOESSEL a farmer & Ellen SMITH, witn: Secord GRAHAM & Beatrice SMITH both Pine River Ontario, 22 December 1909, Huron Twp

005665/09 (Bruce Co) Joseph MEYER, 23, laborer, of Carrick, s/o Charles MEYER a farmer & Angelina BESTER, married Theresia DURRER, 18, of Carrick, d/o Werner DURRER a farmer & Mary RICH, witn: Frederick MEYER & Josephine RICH both of Formosa, 12 October 1909, Formosa

005776-09 (Bruce) Samuel MILLER, 27, farmer, resided: Fielding Sask., widower, s/o Jacob MILLER & Margaret WALKER, to Edith FITZELL, 22, resided: Lucknow, d/o Aaron FITZELL & Catherine McKINNON, wit: Nelson FITZELL of Lucknow & Ms F. A. Macherman of Kinloss, 23 February 1909, Kinloss 005587/09 (Bruce Co) Glen H. MILLER, 30, farmer, of Oleatt Beach - Niagara Co NY, s/o Albert MILLER is probably farmer & Charlotte HAGERMAN, married Elizabeth GIVEN, 19, farmer's daughter, Albemarle Twp, d/o James GIVEN a farmer & Martha J. CRONE, witn: George A. GIVEN of Mar Bruce Co & Flossie M. CRONE of Wiarton , 17 February 1909, Lot 20 Conc. 4 Albemarle Twp

005608/09 (Bruce Co) Francis James MILLER, 29, farmer, Arran, s/o Samuel MILLER a farmer & Ellen J. LANGSTAFF, married Malissa MATCHETT, 25, farmer's daughter, Arran, d/o James MATCHETT a farmer & Isabella FAULKNER, witn: Herbert MILLER & Mrs. Fred MALLET both of Arkwright, 14 December 1909, Arran

005777-09 (Bruce) James T. MOFFAT, 27, farmer, resided: Kinloss, s/o George G. MOFFAT & Jane THOMPSON, to Katherine McGREGOR, 25, resided: Kinloss, d/o James McGREGOR & Catherine McWILLIAM, wit: Lancelot MOFFAT & Edith McGREGOR both of Kinloss, 10 March 1909, Kinloss 005783-09 (Bruce) William MONTGOMERY, 34, farmer, resided: Huron twp., s/o Frank MONTGOMERY & Ann McMILLAN?, to Mary Susan PERCY, 28, resided: Kinloss, d/o William PERCY & Susan PATTERSON, wit: William MITCHELL of Kincardine & Ida MONTGOMERY of Huron, 22 June 1909, Kinlough
005697/09 (Bruce Co) Frank Graham MOORE, 26, merchant, of Lions Head, s/o Robert Everard MOORE a merchant & Elizabeth VANDUSEN, married Nina FRIES, 25, book keeper, of Lions Head, d/o Jacob FRIES a farmer & mechanic and Elizabeth COOPER, witn: Bower LAIDLAW & Cora FRIES of Lions Head, 30 June 1909, Lions Head

005622/09 (Bruce Co) William Gregg MORGAN, 25, farmer, Brant, s/o David MORGAN a farmer & Elizabeth GREGG, married Ethel May McCONNELL, 26, farmer's daughter, Brant, d/o Oliver McCONNELL a farmer & Emma HILDRED, witn: A.W. McCONNELL of Toronto & Abbie THOMPSON of Walkerton, 29 December 1909, Brant

005736/09 (Bruce Co) Thomas James MORRISON, 28, farmer, of Deloraine Manitoba, s/o Thomas H. MORRISON a farmer & Catherine FAUST, married Ethel WYLDS, 19, of Huron Twp., d/o William WYLDS a farmer & Elizabeth CORNISH, witn: Henry WYLDS & Eva J.H. HARDIE both of Huron Twp., 3 March 1909, Huron Twp

005599/09 (Bruce Co) Aaron James MORROW, 40, farmer, Nanton Alberta, s/o Thomas MORROW a farmer & Jane WHITE, married Gertrude BRUNTON, 32, farmer's daughter, Lot 32 Con. 7 Arran, d/o Alfred BRUNTON a farmer & Rachel P. CUMMER, witn: John F. BRUNTON & Thomas G. MORROW both of Tara, 17 March 1909, English Church, Invermay

005681/09 (Bruce Co) William Austin MUIR, 22, laborer, of Bentinck Twp, s/o Alexander MUIR a farmer & May Ann MUIR, married Lucinda BECKER, 20, housekeeper, of Bentinck Twp, d/o John BECKER a farmer & Eliza BECKER, witn: Fred JACKLIN of Chesley & Miss KING of Kincardine, 30 August 1909, Chesley

005739/09 (Bruce Co) Duncan MUNN, 35, merchant, of Ripley, s/o Angus MUNN a merchant & Mary THOMPSON, married Mary Alice HARRIS, 28, milliner, of Ripley, d/o John HARRIS a drover & Annie JOHNSTON, witn: John MUNN & Alice HARRIS both of Ripley, 28 April 1909, Ripley

005715/09 (Bruce Co) David MURRAY, 35, farmer, Holyrood, s/o James MURRAY & Elizabeth O'BRIEN, married Agnes LEONARD, of Chepstow, d/o Neil LEONARD & Margaret STAPLETON, witn: R. REDMOND of Teeswater & Nellie KELLY of Greenock, 26 January 1909, Chepstow

005586/09 (Bruce Co) George F. MYLES, 29, farmer, Eastnor Twp., s/o George MYLES a farmer & Maryann WHITE, married Alma M. EBEL, 20, of Albemarle , d/o William EBEL a farmer & Margaret McKROY, witn: Mrs. Eliza GLAZIER & Mrs. Elizabeth McCABE both of Wiarton, 6 October 1909, Ames Survey? Amabel

005719/09 (Bruce Co) George NICHOL, 29, farmer, of Bruce Twp., s/o William NICHOL a farmer & Emma SWINDLIL?, married Luella ROWLEY, 23, of Greenock Twp., d/o Joseph ROWLEY a farmer & Mary PAYNE, witn: N.H. ROWLEY of Paisley & Lydia NICHOL of Underwood, 14 April 1909, Greenock


005643/09 (Bruce Co) Michael NIESEN, 33, farmer, Carrick, s/o Peter NIESEN a farmer & Susanna SCHINTZLER, married Clara KUENEMANN, 32, Carrick, d/o Joseph KUENEMANN a retired farmer & Catherine SCHNEIDER, witn: Joseph NIESEN, Agnes KUENEMANN, Frank KUENEMANN & Mary SCHNEIDER all of Deemerton, 22 February 1909, Deemerton

005650/09 (Bruce Co) Joseph NIESEN, 27, farmer, of Carrick, s/o Peter NIESEN a farmer & Susanna SCHNITZLER, married Margaret KESTNER, 25, of Carrick, d/o Philip KESTNER a farmer & Stephanie RUNING, witn: Anthony GRAFF of Walkerton & Cecilia NIESEN of Carrick, 25 May 1909, Mildmay

005701/09 (Bruce Co) Thomas J. NORTHY, 25, machinist, of Toronto, s/o Felix NORTHY & Melissa MOON, married Bessie WATKINS, 23, gardener's daughter, of Chesley, d/o Edward T. WATKINS a gardener & Isabella McGILL, witn: Edward T. WATKINS & Isabella WATKINS both of Chesley, 29 June 1909, Chesley

005574/09 (Bruce Co) James NORTON, 23, laborer, of Keppel, s/o William NORTON a farmer & Mary Ann WEATHUP, married Annie BERRY, 18, farmer's daughter, of Keppel, d/o Isaac BERRY a farmer & Catherine McLEAN, witn: Eliza GLAZIER & Eva M. GLAZIER, 18 January 1909, Amabel
005683/09 (Bruce Co) Henry NUHN, 24, farmer, of Sullivan Twp, s/o Valentine NUHN a farmer & Minnie LOHN, married Sarah Jane ALLEN, 25, housekeeper, of Holland Twp, d/o Jas ALLEN a farmer & Ellen WOLFINGTON, witn: Charles LETTAN & Lena LETTAN both of Chesley, 29 December 1909, Chesley 005688-09 (Bruce) Orval Alex ORR, 30, farmer, resided: Culross twp., s/o Alexander ORR & Jane Ann MAINPIECE? (Mainprize?), to Sarah Ann DOBSON, 28, resided: Culross twp., d/o William DOBSON & Mary E. DOWNE, wit: Mary DOBSON & Margaret J. WAUGH both of Culross, 30 June 1909, Teeswater
#005851-09 (Bruce Co.) William John OSBORN, 27, of Teeswater, CPR Employee, s/o Thomas Charles OSBORN & Mary Jane OPTHEYRO??, married Margaret Adeline FILSINGER, 23, of Teeswater, d/o Henry FILSINGER & Hattie MILLER, witnesses: Fred M. AUBURN & Verna FILSINGER of Teeswater, on 20 October 1909 at Teeswater

005749/09 (Bruce Co) Alfred Samuel OSBORN, 24, farmer, Greenock Twp., s/o Robert OSBURN a farmer & Minnie WEBB, married Susanna WRIGHTSON, 20, Bruce Twp., d/o Thomas WRIGHTSON a farmer & Bella McKENZIE, witn: Katherine C.M. McNABB & Erma M. LOOS both of Kincardine, 27 January 1909, Kincardine Twp

005746-09 (Bruce) William Crawford PARSONS, 32, farmer, resided: Barnard Kansas, s/o Charles PARSONS & Sarah CRAWFORD, to Mary Lucinda SMITH, 30, resided: Huron twp., d/o William C. SMITH & Mary E. CARDIS, wit: William C. SMITH & Susan SMITH both of Huron twp., 1 December 1909, Huron  

005623/09 (Bruce Co) Christopher PEGELO, 40, widowed, farmer, Brant, s/o Carl PEGELO a farmer & Sophie KOESTER, married Elizabeth KOESTER, 21, Brant, d/o Fred KOESTER a farmer & Elizabeth RHODE, witn: Fred PEGELO and wife of Elmwood, 14 December 1909, Elmwood

005694/09 (Bruce Co) Walter PERRY, 23, laborer, of Lions Head, s/o John PERRY a merchant & not know, married Elizabeth FOWLIE, 21, farmer's daughter, of Spry, d/o James FOWLIE a farmer & Jane COPLAND, witn: James FOWLIE & Jane FOWLIE of Spry, 3 February 1909, Spry, Eastnor
005790-09 (Bruce) Albert Edward PICOT, 23, sailor, resided: Goderich, s/o Alford PICOT & Alice SPREDBERRY, to Christena May MATHISON, 21, resided: Ripley, d/o Kenneth MATHISON & Christena McDONALD, wit: Tena McKAY of Ripley & Angus McDONALD of Lucknow, 8 April 1909, Lucknow

005735/09 (Bruce Co) Charles Alfred POLLOCK, 23, butcher, of Ripley Village, s/o Edward POLLOCK a retired farmer & Esther TOTTEN, married Annie McDONALD, 20, of Huron Twp., d/o John McDONALD a farmer & Margaret MURRAY, witn: Malcolm McDONALD & Mary McDONALD both of Ripley, 24 February 1909, Huron Twp

  #005849-09 (Bruce Co.) Charles Henry QUINN, 28, of Toronto, Machinist, s/o Alexander QUINN & Ann CURTISS?, married Ida May GRIFFITHS, 25, of Teeswater, Servant, d/o George GRIFFITHS & Mary MARTIN, witnesses: A.E. QUINN & Mrs. Lyman WATSON, both of Toronto, on 15 September 1909 at Teeswater
005788-09 (Bruce) John REID, 31, farmer, resided: Lucknow, s/o Robert REID & Mary DAVIDSON, to Alexandra K. McLEOD, 23, resided: Whitechurch, d/o Alex. McLEOD & Elizabeth KENNEDY, wit: Robert J. REID of Toronto & Margaret BARBER of Whitechurch, 27 October 1909, Whitechurch

005708/09 (Bruce Co) Alexander REID, 37, manufacturer, of Hepworth Co., s/o Robert REID & Mary HENDERSON, married Ina B. LILLICO, 30, of Elderslie Twp., d/o Archibald LILLICO a farmer & Francis WHITE, witn: Richard J. LILLICO of Elderslie & Alfred J. REID of Hepworth, 1 September 1909, Elderslie Twp

005655/09 (Bruce Co) John RETTINGER, 32, farmer, of Culross, s/o Valentine RETTINGER a farmer & Louisa HANS, married Anna HEIDMILLER, 34, of Greenock, d/o Willibald HEIDMILLER a farmer & Mary LUDLOW, witn: Anthony RETTINGER of Formosa & Elizabeth HEIDMILLER of Riversdale, 22 June 1909, Formosa 005582/09 (Bruce Co) Thomas E. REYNOLDS, 28, laborer, of Toronto, s/o William REYNOLDS a farmer & Elizabeth GRILLS, married Susanna ATCHINSON, 25, farmer's daughter, of Amabel, d/o William ATCHINSON a farmer & Sarah CROOKSHANKS, witn: Isaac McCULLOCH of Allenford & Agnes ATCHINSON of Hepworth, 15 December 1909, Amabel

005717/09 (Bruce Co) Walter RITCHIE, 27, farmer, of Greenock, s/o Patrick RITCHIE a farmer & Elizabeth ROBERTSON, married Sarah BENNINGER, 21, servant, of Kinloss, d/o Anthony BENNINGER a labourer & May ERNEWINE, witn: Ed HARRISON & Webster KAAKE both of Kinloss, 22 February 1909, Kinloss

005575/09 (Bruce Co) Thomas RITCHIE, 21, farmer, Indian Reserve, s/o James RITCHIE a farmer & Mary KEWAKESHIG, married Christina ASHWONQUST, 19, Indian Reserve, d/o Elijah ASHWONQUST a farmer & Susan A. NOON, witn: Louisa KEWAKESHIG & Susan WAHBEZEE both of Chippewa Village, 26 February 1909, Indian Village Amabel

#005848-09 (Bruce Co.) Anson Miller ROBINSON, 37, of Teeswater, Bank manager, s/o Robert M. ROBINSON & Ruth Emily KENNY, married Minnie M. MANN, 23, of Teeswater, d/o Robert J. MANN & Minnie ERVEY, witnesses: B.A. HISCOX of Teeswater & Hattie L. WINGHAM, on 10 August 1909 at Teeswater  
005583/09 (Bruce Co) Joseph ROOT, 23, farmer, of French Bay Amabel, s/o Jessie ROOT a farmer & Margaret WAHBEZEE, married Julia AHJABA, 24, domestic, of French Bay Amabel, d/o Hiram AHJABA & Hannah THOMPSON, witn: Josiah KAHGEE & Albert ROOT both of Chippewa Hill, 20 September 1909, Indian Village Bruce Co. 005584/09 (Bruce Co) Henry ROSS, 29, miner, of Wiarton, s/o William ROSS & Annie LEWIS, married Annie Amelia SHANNON, 26, farmer's daughter, of Amabel, d/o William Henry SHANNON a farmer & Rachel BLINKIN, witn: Ida SHANNON & Hoy SHANNON both of French Bay, 22 September 1909, Amabel

005698/09 (Bruce Co) Daniel ROUSE, 30, laborer, of Cape Chin, s/o Henry ROUSE a farmer & Sarah Ann ROBERTS, married Mrs. Olive Ann SADLER, 26, widow, of Cape Chin, d/o James Henry WATSON a farmer & Emma LAMPHEAR, witn: Arthur ROUSE & Flora WATSON of Cape Chin, 14 July 1909, Lions Head

005669/09 (Bruce Co) Valentine RUSSWURM, 25, farmer, of Hanover, s/o Valentine RUSSWURM a farmer & Josephine FISCHER, married Barbara RUSSELL, 24, of Carrick, d/o John RUSSELL a farmer & Caroline KRUMMHOLZ, witn: Fred RUSSWURM & Lizzie RUSSELL both of Carlsruhe, 24 November 1909, Carrick

005597/09 (Bruce Co) Thomas RYDALL Jr., 42, farmer, of Albemarle Twp., s/o Thomas RYDALL Sr. a farmer & Sarah SIMPSON, married Elfride JOHNSTON, 27, of Albemarle Twp, d/o William B. JOHNSTON a farmer & Annie SMITH, witn: Beaford RYDALL & Jessie RYDALL of Albemarle Twp, 13 October 1909, Bruce

005660/09 (Bruce Co) John SCHIESTEL, 27, farmer, Culross, s/o Matthew SCHIESTEL a farmer & Catherine HAUSER, married Appolonia DETZLER, 18, Culross, d/o Jacob DETZLER a mason & Magdalen KUNKEL, witn: Andrew DETZLER & Rosa WILLIS both of Culross, 20 April 1909, Formosa

005640/09 (Bruce Co) Linus SCHNURR, 22, miller, Mildmay, s/o John SCHNURR a hotel keeper & Caroline SCHUHMACHER, married Caroline M. SCHUETT, 23, Mildmay, d/o Joseph SCHUETT a wagon maker & Mary Ann DIEMERT, witn: Richard SCHUETT & Elizabeth SCHNURR both of Mildmay, 13 January 1909, Mildmay

005714/09 (Bruce Co) Joseph SCHUETT, 63, widower, carriage maker, of Mildmay, s/o John SCHUETT & Ann DRUAR, married Catherine CLANCY, 61, widow, Brant, d/o Jeremiah QUINLAN & Bridget RYAN, witn: R. SCHUETT of Mildmay & Bride MALONE of Brant, 27 January 1909, Chepstow
005673/09 (Bruce Co) Linus SCHUMACHER, 23, upholsterer, of Chesley, s/o Andrew SCHUMACHER a Insurance agent & Margaret SADY, married Lena GUIER, 22, housekeeper, of Teeswater, d/o William GUIER a farmer & Magdala SCHISWEL, witn: Victor SCHUMACHER of Chesley & Anna GUIER of Teeswater, 22 February 1909, Chesley

005652/09 (Bruce Co) Albert SCHUMACHER, 23, farmer, of Carrick, s/o Peter SCHUMACHER a farmer & Mary KOHLESS, married Helen St. MARIE, 22, of Carrick, d/o Alex St. MARIE a farmer & Mary M. GLYNN, witn: Adam St. MARIE of Carrick & Maggie SCHUMACHER of Culross, 8 June 1909, Mildmay

005578/09 (Bruce Co) Isaiah SHABADEES, 22, painter, of Indian Reserve Amabel, s/o John SHABADEES a farmer & Elizabeth GAGEESHING, married Louisa ATKEWZIE, 17, domestic, of Indian Reserve Amabel, d/o William ATKEWZIE a farmer & Eliza WAQURN?, witn: Walter SHABADEES & Josephine JOHNSON both of Chippewa Hill, 20 May 1909, Saugeen Indian Village 005617/09 (Bruce Co) Charles E. SHEWELL, 23, farmer, of Dornock, s/o Fred SHEWELL a farmer & Catherine BARRY, married Catherine SWEENEY, 18, housemaid, of North Brant, d/o John SWEENEY a farmer & Julia MURPHY, witn: Edward SWEENEY of North Brant & Mary SHEWELL of Bentinck, 6 October 1909, North Brant
005592-09 (Bruce Co) Peter SIMS, 35, widower, farmer, Cape Croker Reserve, s/o Samuel SIMS & Eliza SAMUEL, married Martha WAUKEY, 18, Cape Croker, d/o William WAUKEY & Betsy NAWASH, witn: John SIMS & Theresa WAUKEY, both from Cape Croker, 10 June 1909 at Cape Croker, Albemarle Twp.

005709/09 (Bruce Co) Harvey Duncan SINCLAIR, 24, farmer, Sullivan Twp., Keppel Twp., s/o Duncan SINCLAIR & Sarah LINN, married Clarissa CLEMENTS, 21, farmer's daughter, Elderslie Twp., Elderslie Twp., d/o Thomas John CLEMENTS & Martha GREEN, witn: Warren SINCLAIR of Sullivan Twp. & Alameda CLEMENTS of Elderslie Twp., 24 November 1909, Elderslie Twp.

005742/09 (Bruce Co) Malcolm SMITH, 30, of Huron Twp., married Annie McLEOD, 26, of Huron Twp., witn: John F. ARCHER a carpenter of Huron Twp. & Margaret MORRISON of Huron Twp., 24 March 1909, Huron Twp

005649/09 (Bruce Co) George SMITH, 28, baker, of Neustadt, s/o Calvert SMITH & Emma J. ASHWORTH, married Adeline Laura WELTZ, 29, of Carrick, d/o Adam WELTZ a farmer & Elizabeth FILSINGER, witn: Fred RAYNER of Palmerston & Lownie WELTZ of Carrick, 4 May 1909, Carrick

005605/09 (Bruce Co) Lorne Lancelott SMITH, 26, blacksmith, Toronto Ont., s/o Thomas SMITH (not given) & Sarah BRITTON, married Gertrude PLANT, 22, farmer's daughter, Lot 20 Con 8 Arran, d/o Thomas PLANT a farmer & Elizabeth CROW, witn: George PLANT of Tara & Sarah FENTON of Allenford, 6 September 1909, Allenford

005744-09 (Bruce) Richard Henry SOLOMON, 28, hardware merchant, resided: Ripley, s/o James T. SOLOMON & Annie DILLINGS, to Jane Isabel RAULSTON, 24, resided: Huron twp., d/o Johnston RAULSTON & Mary HELM, wit: Fred H. SOLOMON & Mayne M. RAULSTON both of Ripley, 15 September 1909, Huron
006296/10 (Bruce Co) Daniel D. STEWART, 30, merchant, of Wiarton, s/o Daniel D. STEWART & Margaret BECHTEL, married Ruby E. CARTER, 22, housekeeper, Chesley, d/o Harry R. CARTER a hardware merchant & Margaret McARTHUR, witn: M.R. PEARCE & E.J. COBEAN both of Chesley, 8 September 1909, Chesley

005706/09 (Bruce Co) Daniel D. STEWART, 30, merchant, of Wiarton, s/o Daniel STEWART & Margaret MACARTHUR, married Ruby E. CARTER, 22, of Chesley, d/o Harry CARTER a merchant & Mary BECHTEL, witn: blank, 8 September 1909, Chesley

005711/09 (Bruce Co) Charles Wallace STEWART, 27, chemist, of Toronto, s/o Peter STEWART & Margaret ROSS, married Margaret Maud HAWTHORNE, 24, farmer's daughter, of Greenock, d/o Samuel HAWTHORNE a farmer & Margaret GIFFIN, witn: George E. HAWTHORNE of Greenock & Miss F.H. STEWART of Ailsa Craig, 1 January 1909, Greenock

005646/09 (Bruce Co) David Omar STOKES, 22, farmer, of Turnberry, s/o Thomas STOKES a farmer & Margaret INERRY, married Elsie Francis TESKEY, 20, of Carrick, d/o Edmund TESKEY a farmer & Hannah WADE, witn: Hannah RADFORD & Bella A. McLEOD both of Belmore, 21 April 1909, Belmore

#005850-09 (Bruce Co.) Albert L. STROMO, 30, of Teeswater, Machinist, s/o Noah STROMO, married Myrtle HOWSON, 27, Post office assistant, d/o John L. HOWSON & Harriet TURDALE, witnesses: Agnes GATES of Bolton & Norman BROCKELBANK of Walkerton, on 17 November 1909 at Teeswater  

005732/09 (Bruce Co) Alexander TASSIE, 25, merchant, of Listowel, s/o Alexander TASSIE a mechanic & Wilhelmina WOODROFF, married Minnie STOCKFISH, 25, domestic, of Hepworth, d/o Simon STOCKFISH a mechanic & Elizabeth WEUKEL (Wenkel?), witn: W.K. GROSSZ of Attwood & Minnie STOCKFISH of Hepworth, 4 September 1909, Hepworth

005680/09 (Bruce Co) Christopher John TEBUTT, 24, finisher, of Chesley, s/o Christopher TEBUTT & Jenny OKES, married May Josephine LINDSAY, 20, housekeeper, of Chesley, d/o James LINDSAY & Edith LINDSAY, witn: Elijah COPE of Marmion & Edith CRUIKSHANK of Owen Sound, 6 June 1909, Chesley
005581/09 (Bruce Co) John Alexander TEMPLE, 29, farmer, of Amabel, s/o James TEMPLE a farmer & Jean MURRAY, married Annie Edith BLYTHE, 22, farmer's daughter, of Amabel, d/o John BLYTHE a farmer & Mary CALVERT, witn: Thomas BLYTHE of Hepworth & Jean TEMPLE of Skipness, 25 June 1909, Amabel 005684/09 (Bruce Co) John THOMPSON, 39, farmer, of Elderslie Twp, s/o George THOMPSON a farmer & blank, married Lizzie ANDERSON, 33, housekeeper, of Chesley, d/o Andrew ANDERSON a gentleman & blank, witn: blank, 21 March 1909, Chesley
005619/09 (Bruce Co) Hugh Andrew THORNDYKE, 28, farmer, of Brant, s/o John Joseph THORNDYKE a farmer & Isabella McNAUGHTON, married Hannah Isabella KERRY, 29, of Brant, d/o George KERRY a farmer & Mary RAEBURN, witn: John Henry THORNDYKE & Mary KERRY both of Walkerton, 28 December 1909, Brant Twp #005761-09 (Bruce Co.) Alexander TOLMIE, 25, of Kincardine, Accountant, s/o John IOLINIE & Margaret PATTERSON, married Margaret HENRY, 25, of Kincardine, d/o William J. HENRY & Jean Elizabeth SIMPSON, witnesses: H.J. RANKIN of Stratford & Geraldine TOLMIE of Kincardine, on 25 December 1909 at Kincardine
005685-09 (Bruce) William A. TOLTON, 32, farmer, resided: Brant Tp., widower, s/o James TOLTON & Bessie PARKINSON, to Dorothy ARKELL, 30, resided: Culross twp., d/o Peter ARKELL & Jane WHARTON, Wit: Peter ARKELL & Gertrude DOGHERTY of Stouffville, 11 March 1909, Culross 005589/09 (Bruce Co) Anderson TOMAH, 38, widower, farmer, of Cape Croker, s/o James TOMAH a farmer & Margaret JOHNSON, married Mary Jane NADJIWON, 40, widow, of Cape Croker, d/o James SNAKE a farmer & Mary KOOZEAH, witn: James SOLOMON & Eliza SOLOMON both of Cape Croker, 14 March 1909, Cape Croker

005626/09 (Bruce Co) John Henry VANCE, 33, farmer, Bethune Sask., s/o Irwin VANCE & Maria HUDSON, married Catherine Isabella DENNIS, 28, Bruce Twp., d/o Ira DENNIS a farmer & Catherine McLENNAN, witn: Robert SMEATON of Allenford & Lulu DENNIS of Underwood, 27 December 1909, Bruce

005670/09 (Bruce Co) John VOELZING, 43, widower, farmer, of Carrick, s/o Valentine VOELZING a farmer & Elizabeth VOELZING, married Elizabeth M. HANG, 44, of Carrick, d/o Jacob HANG a farmer & blank , witn Samuel BRAUN & Elizabeth BRAUN both of Mildmay, 22 December 1909, Mildmay

005611/09 (Bruce Co) Otto WACHSMUTH, 26, salesman, of Berlin, s/o William WACHSMUTH & Frederica TIEGER, married Mamie KLIPPERT, 23, milliner, of Elmwood, d/o Thomas KLIPPERT & Rosania RICHLEY, witn: Alvin WACHSMUTH of Berlin & Lizzie KLIPPERT of Elmwood, 12 April 1909, Elmwood  

005607/09 (Bruce Co) Robert James WALKER, 29, farmer, Amabel Twp. Bruce Co., s/o George WALKER a farmer & Elizabeth McKIDDIE, married Carrie HILLS, 21, farmer's daughter, Arran, d/o Thomas HILLS a farmer & Mary LOREE, witn: Cora G. WILLIAMS & Mrs. H. CALDWELL both of Allenford, 17 November 1909, Allenford

05573/09 (Bruce Co) George WALKER, 32, farmer, of Amabel, s/o George WALKER a farmer & Elizabeth McKEDDIE, married Ina GOWAN, 24, farmer's daughter, of Amabel, d/o John M. GOWAN a farmer & Sarah McDOUGALD, witn: David W. WALKER & Eva GOWAN both of Allenford, 1 January 1909, Amabel

005725/09 (Bruce Co) S. Albert WALSH, 25, farmer, of Kincardine Twp., s/o Stephan WALSH & Mary DAVIDSON, married Anna L. IRWINE, 22, yeoman's daughter, of Kincardine Twp., d/o Samuel IRWINE a farmer & Maggie CRAWFORD, witn: William G. WALSH & Mrs. T.J. HAMILTON both of Kincardine, 18 August 1909, Lot 33 Conc. 6 Greenock Twp.

005689-09 (Bruce) Thomas J. WARREN, 34, merchant, resided: Rapid City Manitoba, s/o John WARREN & Martha J. SMITH, to Mary E. P. JACKSON, 24, resided: Culross twp., d/o James JACKSON & Adeline C. RONE, wit: John S. W. JACKSON of Culross & Mrs. LOWNSBURY? Of Philadelphia, 25 June 1909, Culross
005595-09 (Bruce Co) Archie WAUKEY, 22, farmer, Cape Croker, s/o Joseph WAUKEY & Betsy NADJIWON, married Elmira JONES, 23, Cape Croker, d/o Fred JONES & Eliza TOBIAS, witn: Effie J. MILL & Mabel McDOUGH both of Colpoy's Bay, 16 September 1909, at Methodist Parsonage Colpoy's Bay, Albemarle.

005724/09 (Bruce Co) William Wesley WEBBER, 25, moulder, of Walkerton, s/o William WEBBER & Isabella MORRISON, married Jessie May CHICK, 20, Greenock, d/o George CHICK a farmer & Hannah PAUL, witn: William ANDERSON of Cargill & Carrie CHICK of Pinkerton, 30 June 1909, Greenock

005647/09 (Bruce Co) Les WEBER, 26, carpenter, of Mildmay, s/o John G. WEBER a carpenter & Caroline Elling LAUSON, married Ottillia DIETRICH, 22, of Mildmay, d/o Joseph DIETRICH a farmer & Joanna SCHNETT, witn: Joseph J. DIETRICH & Laura WEBER both of Mildmay, 27 April 1909, Mildmay

005644/09 (Bruce Co) Henry WEBER, 22, farmer, Formosa, s/o Matthew WEBER a farmer & Catherine LETTNER, married Rosalia KUPFERSCHMIDT, 20, Carrick, d/o William KUPFERSCHMIDT a farmer & Walburga BISSINGER, witn: William WEBER & Bertha WEBER both of Formosa, John KUPFERSCHMIDT of Deemerton & Katie ERLIE of St. Clements, 23 February 1909, Deemerton

005661/09 (Bruce Co) Andrew WEISHAAR, 36, farmer, of Culross Twp., s/o Andrew WEISHAAR a farmer & Margaret ZINGER, married Margaret SCHUMACHER, 22, of Culross Twp., d/o Peter SCHUMACHER a farmer & Mary KOHLIS, witn: Charles J. SCHUMACHER of Formosa & Johanna WEISHAAR of Culross, 6 July 1909, Formosa

005699/09 (Bruce Co) William A. WIGHT, 24, farmer, of Lions head, s/o William WIGHT a farmer & Margaret J. CHISHOLM, married Charlotte D. LAIDLAW, 24, of Lions Head, d/o William LAIDLAW a laborer & Isabella GOWAN, witn: Bower LAIDLAW of Lions head & Jean LAIDLAW of Vancouver B.C., 20 October 1909, Lions head

005722/09 (Bruce Co) Ambrose WILHELM, 33, farmer, of Brant, s/o Joseph WILHELM & Theresa KNOEPFLER, married Elizabeth KUNKEL, 27, of Greenock, d/o Joseph KUNKEL a farmer & Ann VOGT, witn: Joseph KUNKEL of Narva & Miss WILHELM, 15 June 1909, Chepstow

005612/09 (Bruce Co) Henry WILLIAMS, 67, widower, farmer, of Brant Twp, s/o Thomas WILLIAMS & Eliza TANNER, married Sarah Emily BELL, 28, domestic, of Goderich, d/o David BELL & Elizabeth JACKSON, witn: Robert R. MARSHALL of Brant & Marie WILSON of Walkerton, 15 April 1909, Brant twp

005604/09 (Bruce Co) James T. WILSON, 42, farmer, Carlow Twp. Co. Hastings, s/o James WILSON (not given) & Grace TAYLOR, married Jennie R. WALLACE, 39, farmer's daughter, Twp. Saugeen Co. Bruce, d/o John WALLACE a farmer & Lydia CRAIG, witn: Eliza BROWN & Charlotte HENDERSON both of Burgoyne, 21 July 1909, Burgoyne

005726/09 (Bruce Co) John WILSON, 28, shipper, of Davidson Sask., s/o John WILSON a farmer & Elizabeth JEFFERY, married Marie Elizabeth BARRIE, 26, music teacher, of Greenock, d/o John BARRIE a farmer & Marion McDONALD, witn: Peter BARRIE & Margaret FLETCHER both of Lovat, 1 September 1909, Lovat

005771/09 (Bruce Co) William George WILSON, 29, farmer, Holland Twp., s/o John C. HILL a farmer & Susan LYTTLE, married Isabella MATHESON, 30, of Kincardine Twp., d/o John MATHESON a farmer & Margaret McLENNAN, witn: J. MELVILLE of Lynn Kelsy & Grace MATHESON of Toronto, 25 September 1909, Kincardine Twp.

005765/09 (Bruce Co) James W. WOODS, 26, farmer, of Conc. 7 lot 29 Kincardine Twp., s/o William WOODS a farmer & Eliza RENCHIE, married Mary E. CHADBURN, 23, Conc. 5 Kincardine Twp., d/o Dennis CHADBURN a farmer & Susanna LANE, witn: John WOODS of Kincardine Twp. & Anna L. IRWIN of Greenock Twp., 9 June 1909, Kingarf Church

005656/09 (Bruce Co) Ezra YANDT, 25, farmer, of Mildmay, s/o Charles YANDT a farmer & Catherine KERMAN (Herman?), married Lorena HAMEL, 19, of Mildmay, d/o John HAMEL a furniture manufacturer & Magdalene ARNOLD, witn: Norman HAMEL & Annie HAMEL both of Mildmay, 30 June 1909, Mildmay
005784-09 (Bruce) Joseph W. YOUNG, 38, mining foreman, resided: Latchford, s/o James YOUNG & Nancy POLLOCK, to Annie RICHARDSON, 31, resided: Kinloss, d/o Henry RICHARDSON & Mary HUNTER or FAUSH, wit: Robert SCOTT of Culross & Emma RICHARDSON of Kinloss, 9 June 1909, Langside #005758-09 (Bruce Co.) John YOUNG, 58, of Greenock, Farmer, s/o Simon YOUNG & Isabella SLOAN, married Isabella GODFREY, 48, of Kincardine, d/o Andrew GODFREY & Sarah DOBBS, witnesses: John CAMPBELL & Isabella CAMPBELL, both of Kincardine, on 8 December 1909 at Kincardine