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Bruce Co., 1910, part 2

Birthplace was rarely given on 1910 registrations

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006514/10 (Bruce Co) James E. ADAMS, 36, farmer, Amabel, s/o John ADAMS & Annie CLOE, married Florence WOODS, 18, Amabel, d/o William WOODS & Sarah O. FOUNTAIN, witn: William CANDLE & Sarah CANDLE both of Wiarton, 26 January 1910, Wiarton

006384/10 (Bruce Co) Frederick Percival ANNING, 43, painter, of Kincardine, s/o Frederick A. ANNING a marble cutter & Francis TEMPLETON, married Winnifred May KELLY, 33, servant, of Kincardine, d/o Daniel KELLY & Mary FANNING, witn: Lily EDMISON of Kincardine & Alex FITZGERALD of Peterboro Ont., 24 December 1910, Kincardine

006450/10 (Bruce Co) William Roy ASHMAN, 22, mail clerk, Southampton - home in London Ont., s/o Thomas James ASHMAN a mechanic & Emma CUDNEY, married Helen Louise EBY, 21, Southampton Ont., d/o Emanuel EBY a mechanic & Elizabeth MEYERS, witn: J.S. ROBERTSON of London Ont. & Leola RICHARDSON of North Bay, 7 June 1910, Southampton 006485/10 (Bruce Co) William ATKINSON, 23, farmer, of Brant Twp., s/o William ATKINSON & Martha PIERSON, married Susan OSBORNE, 23, of Brant Twp., d/o Robert OSBORNE & Armenia WEBB, witn: Robert OSBORNE & Mrs. Robert OSBORNE of Greenock, 26 April 1910, Tiverton
006386/10 (Bruce Co) E.J. AVERY, 27, widower, farmer, of Kincardine Twp., s/o Samuel AVERY a farmer & Katherine SHEWFELT, married Martha Viola McCONNELL, 20, farmer's daughter, of Kincardine Twp., d/o W.M. McCONNELL a farmer & M.A. HODGSKINSON, witn: W. AVERY of Armow & B. McCONNELL of Kingarf, 19 January 1910, Bruce Co. 006463/10 (Bruce Co) Frederick BAILEY, 30, miller, of Tara, s/o John BAILEY a retired farmer & Mary CLOSE, married Sarah Elma WALKER, 24, of Tara, d/o Francis WALKER a grain thrasher & Margaret McMITCHELL, witn: Francis William WALKER of Tara & Robert BAILEY of Tara Arran Twp., 9 February 1910, Tara
006287/10 (Bruce Co) Frederick BANNISTER, 22, Port laborer, of Walkerville, s/o John BANNISTER & Caroline TILLEY, married Margaret MERKON, 19, of Port Elgin, d/o William MERKON & Elsie BELL, witn: Mrs. J.A. HAINES & Etta MILLER both of Mildmay, 17 August 1910, Mildmay  
006524/10 (Bruce Co) Abraham BARRETT, 21, pail maker, Owen Sound, s/o Abraham BARRETT a contractor & Laura BARRETT, married Violet TWEMLEY, 18, Owen Sound, d/o Henry TWEMLEY a engineer & Elizabeth Ann CAHOON, witn: Wilhelmina HENDERSON & K.N. HENDERSON both of Wiarton, 2 July 1910, Trinity Church Wiarton 006295-10 Milton Tilt BECHTEL, 45, veterinary surgeon, of Elmira, widower, s/o Isaac BECHTEL & Jane TILT married Mary Magdalen DIEBEL, 34, of Mildmay, spinster, d/o Henry DIEBEL & Amelia Catherine HUNSTEIN, witn: Charles & Caroline WYARD both of Chesley, 26 December 1910 in Mildmay
006275-10 Joseph BECK, 30, laborer, of Carrick, s/o (blank) BECK & Magdalena BECK married Caroline STEFFLER, 21, of Culross, d/o Joseph STEFFLER & (no mother's name given), witn: William & Matilda STEFFLER both of Formosa, 25 January 1910 at not given

006506/10 (Bruce Co) John Herman BECKER, 28, carpenter, Elmwood, s/o John BECKER a farmer & Eliza RUBY, married Grace Agnes DENNETT, 19, Elmwood, d/o Hiram DENNETT a farmer & Martha BRUCE, witn: Mrs. PERDUE & Jane EBBITT both of Walkerton, 26 October 1910, Walkerton

  006392/10 (Bruce Co) Archibald Lachlan BELL, 30, engineer, North Battleford Saskatchewan, s/o McSandy BELL & Effie CAMERON, married Mary Ann McKINNON, 25, clerk, Glamis Ont., d/o Donald McKINNON & Mary McINNES, witn: Archie BELL & Charlotte McKINNON both of Glamis, 29 June 1910, 10th Conc. Kincardine

006460/10 (Bruce Co) George Wesley BELROSE, 22, laborer, of Tobermory, s/o George Wesley BELROSE a fisherman & Sarah SPEARS, married Debra Alberta HOPKINS, 18, domestic, of Tobermory, d/o James Henry HOPKINS a farmer & Martha Jane BLAKE, witn: Thomas Andrew HOPKINS & Victoria HOPKINS, 8 June 1910, Tobermory

006285/10 (Bruce Co) Frederick BENNINGER, 21, laborer, Walkerton, s/o Philip BENNINGER a hotel keeper & Caroline SEITZ, married Catherine WINTER, 20, Formosa, d/o George WINTER a farmer & Catherine DIEMERT, witn: W.H. BENNINGER of Stratford & Salonia WINTER of Formosa, 28 June 1910, Formosa

006464/10 (Bruce Co) Martin Leslie BOGART, 41, widower, farmer, of Newmarket Ont., s/o John BOGART & Elizabeth WEBB, married Margaret DOUGLAS, 37, school teacher, of Tara, d/o Robert DOUGLAS a gentleman & Mary HALL, witn: John DOUGLAS & Mrs. Arthur DALGARNO both of Tar Ont., 16 March 1910, Tara  
006496/10 (Bruce Co) Alex O.R. BROWN, 41, farmer, of Chesley, s/o Alex O. BROWN & Elizabeth RATTRAY, married Peggy SCOBIE, 39, widow, of Chesley, d/o Edward John BROWN & Mary Ann GERMANE, witn: A.E. WILSON & Annie HODGKINSON both of Walkerton, 28 April 1910, Walkerton 006381/10 (Bruce Co) John Charles Sanford BROWN, 26, medical doctor, of Saskatoon, s/o A.V. BROWN a traveler & Susan HENRY, married Minnie Ethel HUNTER, 28, of Kincardine, d/o Alex HUNTER a manufacturer & Minnie FISHER, witn: Margaret HUNTER & Elizabeth PURDY both of Kincardine, 21 September 1910, Kincardine
  006500/10 (Bruce Co) Milton Melville BURK, 29, farmer, Franklin Muskoka, s/o William George BURK a farmer & Ellen Van ALSTINE, married Cora Maria McKAY, 27, of Walkerton, d/o D.C. McKAY a lumberman & Ellen Jane ELDER, witn: Charles Edmon NOBLE of Walkerton & Edna A. BINGHAM of Clifford, 14 June 1910, Walkerton
006481/10 (Bruce Co) Charles E. BURT, 27, woodworker, of Toronto, s/o Andrew BURT & Ether HODGEKINS (Hodgkins?), married Annie L. HOWE, 26, Culross Twp., d/o James HOWE a farmer & Mary McKAGUE, witn: Leslie HOWE & Merle THOMPSON both of Teeswater, 15 November 1910, Teeswater

006255/10 (Bruce Co) Stewart A. BUTCHART, 21, farmer, of Brant Twp., s/o John BUTCHART a farmer & Lizzie ALEXANDER, married Emma MAURER, 18, of Brant, d/o Charles MAURER a farmer & Josephine LAHN, witn: David MAURER & Edna BUTCHART both of Vesta, 27 April 1910, Walkerton

006395/10 (Bruce Co) William Cameron CAMPBELL, 29, farmer, blank, s/o Duncan CAMPBELL a farmer & Ann KITCHING, married Mary JARRELL, 23, farmer, of Kincardine Twp., d/o John JARRELL & Catherine McKAY, witn: Secord CAMPBELL & Mabel BENNETT both of Kincardine, 17 August 1910, Kincardine Twp

006476/10 (Bruce Co) Joseph Andrew CASKANETTEE, 28, farmer, of Culross, s/o Andrew CASKANETTEE a farmer & Octiva CESSINAREU,, married Ada Jane FREIBURGER, 19, Greenock, d/o Andrew FREIBURGER a farmer & Annie SADLO, witn: Francis CASKANETTE & Josephine STRANS, 20 January 1910, Teeswater

006522/10 (Bruce Co) David Henry COLLINS, 25, lumberman, Wiarton, s/o Richard COLLINS & Mary Ann OFIELD, married Anne Louise LEMCKE, 21, Wiarton, d/o Henry LEMCKE & Mary CHRISTOPHER, witn: R.E. GLENDENNING & Jane C. NICHOL both of Wiarton, 11 May 1910, Wiarton 006509/10 (Bruce Co) Claude Leslie COOPER, 34, mechanic, Walkerton, s/o Daniel COOPER & Angelina DRAKE, married Annie Elizabeth GLEBE, 21, milliner, Walkerton, d/o Frederick GLEBE & Rachel CEILING, witn: Charles GLEBE & Jennie GLEBE both of Walkerton, 24 December 1910, Walkerton
006526/10 (Bruce Co) Lionel CORRIGAN, 22, laborer, Wiarton, s/o James CORRIGAN a laborer & Alice McNAIR, married Grace Elizabeth RICKCARD, 30, Wiarton, d/o Elijah RICKARD & Sarah LLOYD, witn: Annie BENNETT & Arnold BENNETT both of Wiarton, 2 July 1910, Wiarton 006393/10 (Bruce Co) James H. CRAIG, 21, farmer, Glamis, d/o Norman CRAIG a farmer & Maggie BLAKE, married Lillian May BROWN, 18, Glamis, d/o J.J. BROWN a harness maker & L.J. PENNA, witn: Annie McKAY & Donald McDERMID, 25 May 1910, Glamis
006288/10 (Bruce Co) Hugh CULLATON, 34, mechanic, of Walkerton, s/o Patrick CULLATON a laborer & Margarita O'NEIL, married Agatha Agnes Helena MERKEL, 21, of Neustadt, d/o Jacob MERKEL a mechanic & Agatha GUETTARD, witn: James BEDARD of Mildmay & Isabella MERKEL of Neustadt, 20 September 1910, Deemerton 006253/10 (Bruce Co) George CUNNINGHAM, 21, farmer, of Brant Twp., s/o John CUNNINGHAM a farmer & Sarah RUMMINGS, married Annie E. TANNER, 19, Brant, d/o Henry TANNER a farmer & Laura LINNES, witn: Elmer LINNES & Mabel TANNER both of Walkerton, 30 March 1910, Brant Twp.
006480/10 (Bruce Co) Adam DAVIDSON, 68, widower, farmer, of Teeswater, s/o John DAVIDSON & Annie HOWIE, married Margaret REID, 62, widow, of Teeswater, d/o Robert WOODS & Lillias WEBSTER, witn: D. STEWART & Ester MURRAY both of Teeswater, 14 June 1910, Teeswater 006510/10 (Bruce Co) John Frederick DAVIS, 32, mariner, Wiarton, s/o Robert DAVIS a farmer & Elizabeth WOOD, married Elnora PATTERSON, 32, school teacher, Wiarton, d/o Archibald Walter PATTERSON a woolen manufacturer & Maggie KINNEE, witn: Mrs. A. Morton WALKER & Mrs. K. HUNTER both of Wiarton, 26 January 1910, Baptist Manse Wiarton

006391/10 (Bruce Co) Richard DAWSON, 42, widower, bridge builder, of Winnipeg, s/o Robert DAWSON a farmer & Isabella EVANS, married Margaret Anna McCULLOUGH, 33, nurse, of Kincardine Twp., d/o James McCULLOUGH a farmer & Alice TOMLINSON, witn: H.F. McMULLEN & Sara McMULLEN, 30 June 1910, Kincardine Twp

006292-10 Andrew DETZLER, 32, farmer, of Culross, s/o Jacob DETZLER & Magdalena KUNKEL married Rose WILLIE, 18, of Culross, d/o Matthew WILLIE & Magdalen SCHIESTEL, witn: Frank SCHIESTEL of Formosa & Elizabeth WILLIE of Belmore, 19 October 1910 in Formosa

006254/10 (Bruce Co) Albert W. DIEBEL, 29, farmer, of Carrick Twp., s/o Henry DIEBEL a farmer & Mary HELWIG, married Clara MIEHLHAUSEN, 23, Brant, d/o John MIEHLHAUSEN a farmer & Julia SCHMIDT, witn: Frank MIEHLHAUSEN & Mabel MIEHLHAUSEN both of Walkerton, 25 May 1910, Brant Twp  
006482/10 (Bruce Co) George DIEMERT, 27, teamster, of Toronto, s/o Louis DIEMERT a farmer & Mary Ann LaFRANCE, married Josephine KUNTZ, 28, domestic, of Teeswater, d/o Peter KUNTZ (deceased) & Catherine SCHWAB, witn: Francis GROSS & Mrs. Francis GROSS both of Toronto, 12 October 1910, Teeswater 006279-10 Joseph J. DIETRICH, 28, farmer, of Carrick, s/o Joseph DIETRICH & Joanna SCHUETT married Pauline WEISS, 24, of Culross, d/o Michael & Emelia, witn: Richard SCHUETT of Mildmay & Kate WEISS of Formosa, 21 June 1910 in Carrick
006257/10 (Bruce Co) Samuel DILS, 30, farmer, Haldimand Co. York, s/o Daniel DILS a farmer & Henriette SHARP, married Marguerite May DRAPER, 19, Ancaster Wentworth Co., d/o James DRAPER a farmer & Emma MELTZER, witn: Fannie E.B. OCKLEY & Louise OCKLEY both of Elmwood, 15 June 1910, Elmwood 006396/10 (Bruce Co) Frederick Herbert DOUPE, 35, farmer, Kincardine Twp., s/o Samuel DOUPE a farmer & Rebecca TESKEY, married Isabella KIRK, 25, of Kincardine Twp., d/o John G. KIRK a farmer & Faith ROBINSON, witn: Ryerson ROBINSON of Kincardine & Jean E. KIRK of Millarton, 1 September 1910, Kincardine Twp
  006501/10 (Bruce Co) Anthony FEHRENBACH, 26, mechanic, of Walkerton, s/o Mathew FEHRENBACH (deceased) & Susan BEITZ, married Mary BRISLAN, 25, house servant, Walkerton, d/o James BRISLAN a mechanic & Margaret GLENN, witn: Alex FEHRENBACH & Francis BRISLAN both of Walkerton, 21 June 1910, Walkerton

006458/10 (Bruce Co) Edward FISHER, 20, baker, of Port Elgin Ont., s/o Henry FISHER & Emma, married Margaret KRAUTH, 19, of Port Elgin Ont., d/o Gottlieb KRAUTH & Fanny, witn: Mrs. J.A. WYLIE of Orangeville Ont. & Miss Susie KRAUTH of Toronto Ont., 31 October 1910, Southampton

006502/10 (Bruce Co) Mark FISHER, 36, merchant, Walkerton, s/o Richard FISHER a farmer & Jane EZARD, married Marion DIXON, 29, Walkerton, d/o Thomas DIXON a laborer & Mary McKAY, witn: Walter DIXON & Isabella CLENDENNING both of Toronto, 4 May 1910, Walkerton
006252/10 (Bruce Co) Robert E. FLICK (Feick?), 30, farmer, of Normanby Twp., s/o Valentine FLICK a farmer & Elizabeth DAMM, married Melinda FELZING, 24, of Brant Twp., d/o Conrad FELZING a farmer & Magdalena HOPF, witn: John FELZING of Carrick Twp. & Minnie FLICK of Normanby Twp., 23 March 1910, Bruce 006529/10 (Bruce Co) James FLOOD, 25, farmer, Keppel, s/o Thomas FLOOD & Sarah HILLIS, married Lottie WILSON, 18, Keppel, d/o Samuel WILSON & Sarah BAYSON, witn: Charles FLOOD & Maggie WILSON both of Shallow Lake, 21 September 1910, Wiarton
006493/10 (Bruce Co) Theodore FORSTER, 21, mechanic, of Hanover, s/o Fred FORSTER (dead) & Caroline DOTZENROD, married Gertrude BLUHM, 18, Hanover, d/o Fred BLUHM a carver & Emma YOST, witn: Katie WEPPLER & Mary BURRELL both of Walkerton, 8 March 1910, Walkerton 006452/10 (Bruce Co) Thomas Charles GIBBONS, 28, widower, laborer, Southampton Ont., s/o Richard GIBBONS & Marion PRINGLE, married Alice RADCLIFFE, 21, domestic, Liverpool Eng., Southampton Ont., d/o (did not know her parents), witn: Maggie GIBBONS & Mary UHRIG both of Southampton Ont., 29 June 1910, Southampton
6535-10 William A. GIBSON, of Chelsea Michigan, s/o William GIBSON & Catherine FARLINGER, married Huldah E. LIPPERT, 24, of Wiarton, d/o Frederick LIPPERT & Mary SPEIS, witn: Beatrice LIPPERT of Wiarton, 20? Dec 1910 at Wiarton 6537-10 John William Victor GILPIN, 28, manufacturer, of Wiarton, s/o Thomas GILPIN & Emma STREET, married Frances JACKSON, 25, of Wiarton, d/o Ephraim JACKSON & Rebecca FRANCIS, witn: S.G. JACKSON & J. McKINNON, both of Wiarton, 14 Dec 1910 at Wiarton
006488/10 (Bruce Co) Joseph William GIRODAT, 24, mattress maker, of Hanover, s/o Joseph GIRODAT a laborer & Josephine LETSCUS, married Bella DAVIS, 20, of Hanover, d/o John DAVIS & Maggie McTAVISH, witn: A.E. WILSON & Murray WILSON both of Walkerton, 4 January 1910, Walkerton 006291-10 Isaac GOWDY, 50, blacksmith, of Mildmay, widower, s/o Alexander GOWDY & Eliza ROE married Lovina VOLLICK, 39, of Carrick, spinster, d/o Maurice VOLLICK & Mary KEMP, witn: William VOLLICK of Carrick & Priscilla GOWDY of Wingham, 28 September 1910 in Carrick
006503/10 (Bruce Co) Alexander GROSS, 22, painter, Hanover, s/o John GROSS & Elizabeth JAMES, married Evelyn RUNSTADTLER, 19, Walkerton, d/o Engelbert RUNSTADTLER & Sarah O'NEIL, witn: Patrick QUIRK of Brant Twp. & Annie RUNSTADTLER of Walkerton, 23 August 1910, Walkerton 006483/10 (Bruce Co) Francis GROSS, 26, piano worker, of Toronto, s/o William Henry GROSS a cabinet worker & Mary Ann KISTER, married Amelia KUNTZ, 29, domestic, of Teeswater, d/o Peter KUNTZ (deceased) & Catherine SCHWAB, witn: George DIEMERT & Josephine KUNTZ both of Toronto, 12 October 1910, Teeswater
006277-10 Herbert HEIMPEL, 26, laborer, of Waterloo, s/o (no parent's names given) married Rose GERBER, 23, of Waterloo, d/o Christian GERBER & Catherine MEIER, witn: John HEIMPEL of Waterloo & Martha GERBER of Carrick, 23 May 1910 in Carrick 006270-10 Emmanuel HESCH, 24, farmer, of Saskatchewan, s/o Peter HESCH & Christina GRUB married Adeline HOFFARTH, no age given, of Carrick, d/o Peter HOFFARTH & Catherine ROESER, witn: Philip HOFFARTH of Berlin & Agnes HESCH of Carlsruhe, 31 January 1910 at not given
006491/10 (Bruce Co) Edward Oscar HICKLING, 23, farmer, Carrick Twp., s/o Thomas HICKLING a farmer & Elizabeth BROCKLEBANK, married Elizabeth FENNER, 24, Carrick Twp., d/o John FENNER a farmer & Maria GRESS, witn: J.D. FENNER of Walkerton & Martha HICKLING of Carlsruhe, 2 February 1910, Carrick Twp 006278-10 William HOELZLE, 28, farmer, of Carrick, s/o Joseph HOELZLE & Maria PIEPER married Elizabeth GRUB, 20, of Carrick, d/o Nicholas GRUB & Susanna DIEMERT, witn: Joseph DRUMM (DAUMM?) of Walkerton & Helena GRUB of Carrick, 31 May 1910 in Carrick
006534-10 John Joseph HOLLER (Hollis?), 25, engineer, of Hope Bay, s/o Joseph HOLLER & Althea BELSON married Mary Ann FERGUSON, 21, of Wiarton, d/o Malcolm FERGUSON & W?. MARTIN, witn: Adam FERGUSON of Wiarton & Flora HOLLER of Hope Bay, 7 December 1910 in Wiarton 006533-10 William John HOLMES, 35, baker, of Wiarton, s/o John Fletcher HOLMES & Annie McLEAN married Lottie Beatrice TAYLOR, 18, of Wiarton, d/o George E. TAYLOR & Elizabeth ARNETT, witn: Jerry HOLMES & Flossie JONES, both of Wiarton, 27 October 1910 in Wiarton.
006294-10 Herman HOPF, 52, farmer, of Carrick, s/o Martin & Elizabeth married Martha VOELZING, 41, of Carrick, widow, d/o Ernest & Fredericka SCHMIDT, witn: Mary & Alma WITTICH both of Mildmay, 21 December 1910 in Mildmay  
6536-10 Martin HOPKINS, 21, of Tobermory, s/o Edward HOPKINS & Harriet MARTIN, married Martha YOUNG, 18, of Tobermory, d/o Benjamin YOUNG & Mary COTTERAL, witn: Robert J. & Mrs. Robert J. MARTIN of Tobermory, 14 Dec 1910 at Wiarton 006260/10 (Bruce Co) John HUNSTEIN, 42, widower, merchant, of Mildmay, s/o Henry HUNSTEIN a retired farmer & Elizabeth LAPP, married Magdalene C.A. DIPPEL, 23, of Brant Twp., d/o Jacob DIPPEL a farmer & Mary REUBER, witn: Peter HUNSTEIN & Rosetta WHITTICK, both of Mildmay, 23 November 1910, Brant Twp
006283/10 (Bruce Co) Thomas A. HUTTON, 25, farmer, of Carrick, s/o James HUTTON a farmer & Janet KINMOND, married Rosetta FENNER, 23, of Carrick, d/o John FENNER a farmer & Anna M. GRESS, witn: George A. FENNER & Janet L. M. HUTTON both of Carrick, 29 June 1910, Carrick 006492/10 (Bruce Co) Joseph Henry KIRKPATRICK, 27, farmer, Calgary, s/o William KIRKPATRICK a farmer & Catherine CHESNEY, married Mary Jane ROLSTON, 24, Walkerton, d/o Charles ROLSTON a farmer & Mary CRAMER, witn: Joseph McPHAIL & Belle McPHAIL both of Walkerton, 23 February 1910, Walkerton
006505/10 (Bruce Co) Christopher KLOEFFER, 34, carpenter, Greenock Twp., s/o John KLOEFFER a farmer & Mary BAHOLMA, married Margaret Teresa FRANK, 26, Brant Twp., d/o Ferdinand FRANK a farmer & Harriet CHATRAN, witn: Peter FRANK of Brant Twp. & Susie KLOEFFER of Greenock Twp., 6 September 1910, Walkerton 006531-10 Alfred Brooker KLUGH, 27, professor of biology, of Kingston, s/o Arthur G. KLUGH & Ellen Ann SIME married Gertrude Sarah BELL, 24, of Colpoys Bay  - Albemarle, d/o John H. BELL & Hermione Edith WHICHER, witn: Arthur G. KLUGH of Kingston & H. W. BELL of Colpoys, 14 September 1910 at Trinity Church in Wiarton.
  006261/10 (Bruce Co) Walter LANCASTER, 25, laborer, of Wiarton, s/o John LANCASTER (dead) & Mary Ann LEE, married Martha J. WHITEHEAD, 23, of Brant, d/o John WHITEHEAD a farmer & Elizabeth STANSAL, witn: John LANCASTER of Wiarton & Cecilia WHITEHEAD of Brant, 27 December 1910, Brant Twp

006267-10 Adam LANZ, 26, farmer, of Normanby, s/o Henry LANZ & Christine KREIN married Lilliette WAGNER, 18, of Carrick, d/o Charles WAGNER & Catherine SCHAUS, witn: August LANZ & Minnie ORTMANN both of Carrick, 26 January 1910 at not given

006459/10 (Bruce Co) Robert LAUGHLEEN (Laughlin?), 37, widower, chair maker, of Southampton, s/o Joseph LAUGHLEEN & Jennie LAW, married Annie JOHNSTON, 28, of Southampton, d/o William JOHNSTON & Mary Jane VANWYCK, witn: John JOHNSTON & Mrs. John JOHNSTON both of Southampton, 26 December 1910, Southampton

006284/10 (Bruce Co) Maurice LEONARD, 28, clerk, of Toronto, s/o John LEONARD & Catherine LAMB, married Josephine FISCHER, 26, Carrick, d/o John M. FISCHER a farmer & Regina BENNING, witn: John LEONARD & Amelia FISCHER both of Toronto, 29 June 1910, Formosa 006451/10 (Bruce Co) Edward LETHEM, 37, commercial traveler, City of Peterboro Ont., s/o Edward LETHEM a gentleman & Eliza ADAMS, married Helen Cameron ECKFORD, 34, Southampton Ont., d/o James Christie ECKFORD a town clerk & Catherine CAMERON, witn: John ECKFORD of Mexico, James Cameron Jr. of Walkerton & Lt. Col. D. McCRAE of Guelph, 15 June 1910, Southampton
006484/10 (Bruce Co) Henry LEWIS, 27, agent, of Teeswater, s/o George LEWIS & Jane BRADLEY, married Olive Elizabeth PERKINS, 24, Teeswater, d/o Henry PERKINS a drover & Jane MOFFAT, witn: Clark B. LEWIS of Bervie & Lottie M. THORNTON of Teeswater, 31 October 1910, Teeswater 006266-10 Henry B. LINTS, 30, farmer, of Manitoba, s/o John LINTS & Sarah CHUBB married Margaret R. SCHWEITZER, 22, of Carrick, d/o George R. SCHWEITZER & Mary RIEHL, witn: Milton SCHWEITZER of Mildmay & Martha LINTS of Clifford, 16 February 1910
006511/10 (Bruce Co) Harvey LISK, 21, farmer, 12 Conc. Amabel, s/o John LISK a farmer & Jane LAMBKIN, married Helena WILLIAMSON, 22, Owen Sound, d/o William WILLIAMSON & Minnie LUNTT, witn: Thomas LYNE & Mrs. A. Morton WALKER both of Wiarton, 19 January 1910, Wiarton  
006479/10 (Bruce Co) Adam W. LITTLE, 35, miller, of Teeswater, s/o Adam LITTLE a miller & Jane WEIR, married Annie McDONALD, of Teeswater, d/o David McDONALD a farmer & Kate McDONALD, witn: Kate McDONALD of Teeswater & Thomas McDONALD of Toronto, 13 April 1910, Teeswater 006282-10 Robert H. LONG, 21, farmer, of Brant, s/o William LONG & Harriet WILSON married Gertrude E. JASPER, 22, of Carrick, d/o Walter JASPER & Kate SCHMIDT, witn: Maud JASPER of Teeswater & Stella JASPER of Walkerton, 18 May 1910 in Carrick

006265-10 William Henry LOTH, 25, farmer, of Carrick, s/o William LOTH & Susan BUHROW married Lillie Ann NICKEL, 23, of Carrick, d/o William J. NICKEL & Jennie McGAVIN, witn: Margaret NICKEL of Belmore & George NICKEL of Carrick, 9 February 1910

006455/10 (Bruce Co) Leonard LUNDBURG, 22, laborer, Southampton, s/o Hanson LUNDBURG a farmer & Maria LUNDBURG, married Olive Mildred SHULAR, 18, Southampton, d/o Charles SHULAR a laborer & Anna SHULAR, witn: George C. PULLEN & Charlotte SHULAR both of Southampton, 26 December 1910, Southampton

  006477/10 (Bruce Co) Clark Stewart MAHURG (Maharg?), 43, widower, R.R. Superintendent, of Calgary Alta., s/o Archibald MAHURG & Grace FREELAND, married Minnie STAPLES, 37, of Teeswater, d/o Samuel STAPLES & Martha HENDRY, witn: Mildred JOHNSTON of Teeswater & Evelyn EVANS of Gorrie, 2 March 1910, Teeswater

006258/10 (Bruce Co) Robert Rowland MARSHALL, 47, farmer, of Brant Twp., s/o Robert MARSHALL & Mary Eliza HAGERMAN, married Elleweile Salome WEBER, 26, of Brant Twp., d/o Charles WEBER & Carrie KUHL, witn: James Albert MARSHALL of Malcolm & Adeline HANNAH of Weber, 26 October 1910, Brant Twp

006390/10 (Bruce Co) Donald MARTYN, 30, dentist, of Detroit, s/o David MARTYN a farmer & Annie McDONALD, married Florence May COLWELL, 26, of Kincardine Twp., d/o George COLWELL a farmer & Rebekah PORTICE, witn: Angus MARTYN of Ripley & Ada COLWELL of Bervie, 15 June 1910, Kincardine Twp

006504/10 (Bruce Co) Ralph T. McCABE, 29, lumber merchant, Tottenham, s/o Henry McCABE a farmer & Elizabeth STEWART, married Lillian R. ZINN, 21, Walkerton, d/o William ZINN a mechanic & Rebecca SCHWITZER, witn: Vester ZINN & Ethel SHEFFIELD both of Walkerton, 1 September 1910, Walkerton 006382/10 (Bruce Co) Mathew McCREATH, 53, widower, a teacher?, of Kincardine, s/o Hugh McCREATH a gardener & Elizabeth DAVIDSON, married Florence MITCHELL, 47, dressmaker, of Kincardine, d/o Alex MITCHELL a gentleman & Mary McKENZIE, witn: J.A. McKENZIE of Kincardine & wife of M.E. SMITH, 16 November 1910, Kincardine

006454/10 (Bruce Co) Alexander MacDONALD, 32, mariner, of Southampton Ont., s/o John MacDONALD a mariner & Annie MORRISON, married Effie McDONALD, 31, maiden, of Southampton, d/o Murdock McDONALD a fisherman & Mary B. McLEAN, witn: John D. McLEOD of Southampton & Mary B. McLEAN of Glamis Ont., 11 August 1910, Southampton

006508/10 (Bruce Co) John A. MacDONALD, 44, liveryman, Cranbrook B.C., s/o Angus MacDONALD a farmer & Flora CAMPBELL, married Carlotta Jane DOBBIE, 34, Walkerton, d/o Arch. DOBBIE a carpenter & Sarah McLEAN, witn: William DOBBIE & Art DOBBIE both of Walkerton, 21 December 1910, Walkerton
006528/10 (Bruce Co) Roger McEACHERN, 26, laborer, Wiarton, s/o John McEACHERN a laborer & Sarah MOLES, married Minnie May WILCOX, 18, Amabel, d/o John WILCOX a farmer & Mary Ann COX, witn: Donald McEACHERN & Mrs. Jennie McEACHERN both of Wiarton, 7 September 1910, Wiarton 006486/10 (Bruce Co) Gavin McINTOSH, 40, merchant, of Haileybury Ont., s/o Robert McINTOSH a farmer & Margaret TURNER, married Sarah Olive SHIER, 25, music teacher, Tiverton, d/o Amos SHIER a retired farmer & Mary Jane RUNCHEY, witn: George T. HAMILTON of Haileybury Ont. & Rev. George BROWN of Chippewa Lake Mich., 15 June 1910, Tiverton
006389/10 (Bruce Co) Lachlan McLEAN, 38, farmer, of Tiverton, s/o John McLEAN a farmer & Rebecca McKINNON, married Margaret MONTGOMERY, of Tiverton, d/o Kenneth MONTGOMERY a farmer & Sarah McLEAN, witn: Kenneth MONTGOMERY of Southampton & Mrs. MANDELY of Shelburne Ont., 12 April 1910, Hill Crest Farm, Kincardine Twp 006489/10 (Bruce Co) Finlay McPHERSON, 65, widower, sea captain, Port Elgin, s/o Duncan McPHERSON & Catherine McDONALD, married Rebecca McVICAR, 58, widow, of Port Elgin, d/o Henry MILNE & Rebecca BLAIR, witn: William FARQUHARSON & Jessie FARQUHARSON both of Walkerton, 13 January 1910, Walkerton
006487/10 (Bruce Co) John McVEAN, 44, farmer, of "B" Line Kincardine Twp. Bruce Co., s/o John McVEAN a farmer & Anne McKENZIE, married Flora McLAURIN, 40, of Queen St. Tiverton Ont., d/o D.E. McLAURIN a blacksmith & Bella McRAE, witn: Norman McDONALD of Tiverton Ont. & Mary CHRISTIE of Winnipeg, 19 October 1910, Tiverton 006293-10 Matthias J. MINDORFF, 31, farmer, of Chatham, s/o Matthias J. MINDORFF & Margaret KOHEN married Lily Elizabeth SEEBER, 34, of Neustadt, spinster, d/o Ernest SEEBER & Josephine CASKANETTE, witn: Richard G. McNAB of Elsinore & Maud SEEBER of Neustadt, 16 November 1910 in Carlsruhe
006498/10 (Bruce Co) James Albert MITCHELL, 23, stove mounter, Preston, s/o Charles MITCHELL & Lizzie FLEISHMAN, married Johanna SCHUMACHER, 19, Formosa, d/o Frank SCHUMACHER & Mary BUTLER, witn: Mrs. PERDUE & Miss DENISON both of Walkerton, 27 May 1910, Walkerton 006262/10 (Bruce Co) William MOORE, 25, farmer, of Mona Road, s/o James MOORE a farmer & Mary TUCKER, married Hannah B. COATES, 26, of Brant, d/o Thomas COATES a farmer & Eliza McINTOSH, witn: Thomas MOORE of Mona Road & Phoebe COATES of Walkerton, 27 December 1910, Brant

006394/10 (Bruce Co) George MURRAY, 30, farmer, Kincardine Twp., s/o Alexander MURRAY a farmer & Christina GRAY, married Catherine EVANS, 23, Kincardine Twp., d/o William EVANS a farmer & Beatrice GARDINER, witn: William SLESSOR & Eliza H. SLESSOR, 6 July 1910, Kincardine Twp

006397/10 (Bruce Co) Robert Henry OSBORNE, 27, farmer, of Ripley, s/o William OSBORNE a farmer & Jane HOVEY, married Annie Rebecca Grace STEWART, 26, of Kincardine, d/o James A. STEWART a farmer & Annie MacAULAY, witn: Christina MacFARLANE of Kincardine & G. Wesley HOVEY of Ripley Ont., 21 December 1910, Kincardine Twp

006490/10 (Bruce Co) Harvey W. PALMATEER, 24, trainman, of 454 Quebec Ave. Toronto, s/o Harvey PALMATEER a farmer & Caroline PRUDER, married Juletta OBERLE, 18, book keeper, of Walkerton, d/o Andrew OBERLE a cattle dealer & Lucinda DOYLE, witn: Arthur E. PALMATEER of 213 Midland St. Toronto & Gertrude OBERLE of Walkerton, 2 February 1910, Walkerton

006453/10 (Bruce Co) Arnold Ralph PERFECT, 25, brush maker, of Port Elgin Ont., s/o William PERFECT a brush maker & Elizabeth STONE, married Clara POTTS, 35, maiden, Port Elgin Ont., d/o Henry POTTS a policeman & Maria SHOULT, witn: Mrs. W.F. BROWNLEE & Mrs. V. GILBERT both of Southampton Ont., 16 July 1910, St. Paul's Church Southampton

006507/10 (Bruce Co) John P. PLETSCH, 39, laborer, Walkerton, s/o John PLETSCH a farmer & Catherine PFEFFER, married Mary KLAHR, 30, Walkerton, d/o Albert KLAHR a farmer & Pauline PERSCHBACHER, witn: J.A. PLETSCH & Leah KLAHR both of Walkerton, 7 December 1910, Walkerton 006280-10 Edward R. PLETSCH, 27, farmer, of Normanby, s/o Adam PLETSCH & Elizabeth PREISS married Mary STEMLER, 25, of Carrick, d/o Daniel STEMLER & Elizabeth WENDT, witn: Aaron STEMLER of Mildmay & Edith BOHLENDER of Elmwood, 21 June 1910 in Carrick
006380/10 (Bruce Co) William H. PRICE, 32, Barrister, of Toronto, s/o William Herbert PRICE & Jane S. GARDINER, married Alice GENTLER, 25, of Kincardine, d/o John GENTLER a dealer & Mary GREEN, witn: Charles A. GENTLER of Parry Harbor & Lottie BRUCE of Kincardine, 31 August 1910, Kincardine 006264/10 (Bruce Co) Louis REDMAN, 31, carpenter, of Montague Mich., s/o William REDMAN a farmer & Amelia REHDER, married Lucy QUAST, 23, of Brant, d/o Ferdinand QUAST a farmer & Mary SCHROEDER, witn: Edward WENDORF of Hanover & Hilda QUAST of Elmwood, 29 December 1910, Brant
006274-10 Frank REINHART, 29, farmer, of Culross, s/o Frank REINHART & Mary HUNDT married Laura HOFFARTH, 26, of Carrick, d/o Joseph HOFFARTH & Mary GRUB, witn: Albert HOFFARTH of Carlsruhe & Mary REINHART of Culross, 11 January 1910 at not given 006286/10 (Bruce Co) Daniel REITZEL, 42, widower, photographer, of Hanover, s/o Isaac REITZEL & Catherine FREY, married Alonia? REIPERT, 20, of Hanover, d/o Albert REIPERT & Mary SEIFORT, witn: Milton WITTICH & Rosetta WITTICH both of Mildmay, 12 July 1910, Mildmay

006383/10 (Bruce Co) David A. REMINGTON, 32, engineer, of Kincardine, s/o Samuel REMINGTON a laborer & Rachel SMALL, married Freda M. ABELL, 21, of Kincardine, d/o Thomas ABELL a laborer & Clara GARDINER, witn: Thomas ABELL & Clara ABELL both of Kincardine, 26 December 1910, Kincardine

006497/10 (Bruce Co) William J.F. ROSS, 25, banker, Innisfree Alta., s/o John P. ROSS a General Agent Life Ins. Co. & Annie SWENERTON, married Janet A. MACKAY, 29, Registrar's Clerk, Walkerton, d/o Robert H. McKAY a gentleman & Flora MORRISON, witn: George D. MACKAY of Walkerton & Edith E. DUNN of Toronto, 3 June 1910, Walkerton

006527/10 (Bruce Co) Stanley William ROURKE, 24, farmer, Owen Sound, s/o James ROURKE & Mary WILLIAMS, married Alice Norma COLE, 18, Owen Sound, d/o Wellington COLE & Rebecca WARD, witn: Annie BENNETT & Arnold BENNETT both of Wiarton, 9 August 1910, Wiarton 006269-10 Nicholas RUETZ, 26, farmer, of Carrick, s/o John RUETZ & Mary HOFFARTH married Bertha OBERLE, 26, of Carrick, d/o Basil OBERLE & Caroline KRAMER, witn: Joseph RUETZ of Walkerton & Carrie OBERLE of Carlsruhe, 1 February 1910 at not given
006457/10 (Bruce Co) James Albert Garfield RUSH, 27, laborer, of Hespeler Ont., s/o Albert RUSH a cooper & Mary CANNING, married Sarah Maria LONGE, 23, of Southampton Ont., d/o Fred LONGE a fisherman & Christina McNEILL, witn: Fred LONGE & Mrs. F. LONGE both of Southampton Ont., 29 October 1910, Southampton 006272-10 George RUSSWURM, 28, farmer, of Carrick, s/o George RUSSWURM & Christina WEPPLER married Amelia Aloisia WOLFRAM, 21, of Mildmay, d/o Charles WOLFRAM & Caroline WISSEMAN?, witn: Conrad WISSEMAN & Christina RUSSWURM both of Carrick, 3 February 1910 at not given
  006263/10 (Bruce Co) Daniel Otto SCHILLING, 29, farmer, of Brant, s/o Ludwig SCHILLING a farmer & Marie PETER, married Wilhelmina E.F. LEIFSO, 26, of Brant, d/o Charles LEIFSO a farmer & Marie GETHMAN, witn: Samuel LEIFSO & Emma SCHILLING both of Elmwood, 28 December 1910, Brant
006271-10 Albert A. SCHNURR, 26, farmer, of Saskatchewan, s/o Andrew SCHNURR & Mary ZETTEL married Catherine BENNINGER, 26, of Formosa, d/o Conrad BENNINGER & Mary KLOEPFER, witn: Gregory G. BENNINGER of Formosa, 2 February 1910 at not given 006281-10 George F. SCHWALM, 28, merchant, of Saskatoon Saskatchewan, s/o George SCHWALM & Annie KRAAT?, married Marguerite Laura PLETSCH, 26, of Mildmay, d/o Lewis PLETSCH & Elizabeth HERMAN, witn: William SCHWALM & Melinda PLETSCH both of Mildmay, 22 June 1910 in Mildmay
006268-10 Nicholas V. SCHWARTZ, 33, farmer, of Carrick, s/o Nicholas SCHWARTZ & Elizabeth FORTNEY married Mary KUPFERSCHMIDT, 27, of Carrick, d/o Henry KUPFERSCHMIDT & Francisca FORTNEY, witn: Peter DIEMERT & Clara SCHWARTZ both of Deemerton, 1 February 1910 at not given 006523/10 (Bruce Co) Hugh Menarie SHIELS, 19, laborer, Amabel, s/o Hugh SHIELS a laborer & Ann GROAT, married Harriet Rosella MUTINEX, 19, Amabel, d/o John MUTINEX a laborer & Sarah Elizabeth SMALL, witn: Wilhelmina HENDERSON & Nora HENDERSON both of Wiarton, 29 June 1910, Wiarton
006525/10 (Bruce Co) Thomas SIMPSON, 29, laborer, Wiarton, s/o Thomas SIMPSON a soldier & Marion GILMORE, married Adelith Maria SMITH, 18, Wiarton, d/o Martin SMITH a engineer & Eliza Laura WATSON, witn: Charles GERMAINE & Dorothy GERMAINE both of Wiarton, 13 July 1910, Wiarton 006530-10 Albert SKENE, 27, farmer, of Eastnor, s/o James & Kate married Lydia HEPBURN, 19, of Eastnor, d/o Simpson HEPBURN & Annie THOMAS, witn: Jane C. NICOL & Ila GRIFFIN both of Wiarton, 28 September 1910 in Wiarton.

006378/10 (Bruce Co) Amos SMITH, 29, farmer, of Toronto, s/o William SMITH a farmer & Maria SMITH, married Laura A. BOSTOCK, 22, of Kincardine, d/o John A. BOSTOCK a Vet. Surgeon & Anna Maria TILLEY, witn: J.E. BOSTOCK & Susy BOSTOCK both of Kincardine, 26 July 1910, Kincardine

006532-10 William Alexander SMITH, 21, laborer, of Albemarle Twp, s/o Franklin SMITH & Elizabeth HOGG married Frances Olive WHENHAM, 18, of Albemarle Twp, d/o William WHENHAM & Anna ELDRIDGE, witn: William Wesley THOMPSON of Wiarton & Mary WHENHAM of Albemarle, 16 August 1910 in Wiarton.

006513/10 (Bruce Co) Josiah John SOCKETT, 30, farmer, Amabel, s/o Thomas SOCKETT a farmer & Mary Ann CLAVE, married Annie Blanche SUMMERS, 25, Amabel, d/o Oron SUMMERS a farmer & Mary Jane HENDERSON, witn: James B. SOCKETT & Forest SUMMERS both of Amabel, 8 February 1910, Wiarton  
006461/10 (Bruce Co) Lytle SPEARS, 28, farmer, of Tobermory, s/o Solomon SPEARS a gentleman & Fanny Ann DIAMOND, married Mary Helen BELROSE, 21, of Tobermory, d/o Jacob BELROSE & Agnes BIGGAR, witn: Margaret BURTMAN of Owen Sound & N.R. McLEOD of Toronto, 17 August 1910, Tobermory 006495/10 (Bruce Co) George S. SWITZER, 35, farmer, Esquesing - Co. Halton, d/o George SWITZER a farmer & Mary SUTCLIFF, married Sadie Isabella GUINN, 28, Walkerton, d/o Richard GUINN a farmer & Isabella LAFFERTY, witn: J.L. GUINN & Ellen COWLING both of Walkerton, 14 April 1910, Walkerton

006462/10 (Bruce Co) Peter Noah THOMPSON, 35, millwright, of New Conway, s/o J.V. THOMPSON a farmer & Ellen THOMPSON, married Violet Clare GOLDEN, 22, clerk, of Tobermory, d/o George GOLDEN a merchant & Mary Jane GOLDEN, witn: John BENNETT of Strathroy & Thomas PATTERSON, 27 September 1910, Tobermory

006521/10 (Bruce Co) Conrad Percy TURNBULL, 27, bank manager, Englehart Ontario, s/o Eber TURNBULL a merchant & Sarah Maria HENDRICKS, married Irene Jessie NELSON, 27, Wiarton, d/o Robert NELSON a railway mail clerk & Jessie FLEMING, witn: Eber H. TURNBULL of St. Johns N.B. & Ethel Grace NELSON of Wiarton, 22 June 1910, Trinity Church Wiarton
  006289-10 Anthony VOISIN, 26, farmer, of Culross, s/o Anthony VOISIN & Sophia BECKER married Appolonia SCHLOSSER, 26, of Culross, d/o Julius SCHLOSSER & Appolonia WEILER, witn: Louis VOISIN & Pauline SCHLOSSER both of Culross, 27 September 1910 in Formosa
006290-10 Anthony WEBER, 26, farmer, of Culross, s/o Matthias WEBER & Catherine LETTNER married Adelina KUNKEL, 22, of Carrick, d/o Christian KUNKEL & Christina SCHAEFER, witn: Bernard WEBER of Culross & Lucia KUNKEL of Formosa, 27 September 1910 in Formosa 006494/10 (Bruce Co) Conrad WEINGARD, 36, laborer, Walkerton, s/o James WEINGARD a farmer & Mary WEILER, married Mary HIMMELSBACH, 38, widow, servant, Walkerton, d/o D. TSCHIRHARDT a laborer & Regina DREWER, witn: Peter LaFRANCE & Agnes HARTLIEB both of Walkerton, 5 April 1910, Walkerton
006276-10 Edward WENZEL, 29, farmer, of Howick, s/o Sebastian WENZEL & Catherine HEINMILLER married Lillian MILLER, 21, of Carrick, d/o John H. MILLER & Lydia LIESEMER, witn: William MILLER of Mildmay & Ida L. WENZEL of Howick, 18 May 1910 in Carrick 006499/10 (Bruce Co) John Frederick WILLIAMS, 24, C.P.R. Service, Toronto, s/o James WILLIAMS a C.P.R. Station Agent & Fanny RAWSON, married Maudeline WESLEY, 23, Walkerton, d/o William WESLEY a publisher & Jane FULLERTON, witn: Jane HAYS & W.A. WILLIAMS both of Walkerton, 8 June 1910, Walkerton
006256/10 (Bruce Co) David WILLOUGHBY, 28, farmer, of Brant Twp., s/o Nicholas WILLOUGHBY a farmer & Rachel LONG, married Emma CLARK, d/o Alexander CLARK a farmer & Eliza WALLS, witn: Gennill HOOD of Brant Twp. & Adelaide WILLOUGHBY, 7 June 1910, Brant Twp 006259/10 (Bruce Co) David Carl John WILKIN, 25, farmer, Brant, s/o Theodore WILKIN a farmer & Mary SCHUELLER, married Magdalene RODE, 18, of Brant, d/o John RODE a farmer & Magdalene LOGIE, witn: William RODE & Caroline FROOK , 16 November 1910, St. Peters Church Brant Twp.
006478/10 (Bruce Co) Daniel YOUNG, 25, farmer, Arcola Sask., s/o John YOUNG a farmer & Ann RYAN, married Caroline SEWERS, 22, of Culross, d/o Charles SEWERS a farmer & Mary COMBUR, witn: Lilian BAKER & Mrs. R.S. BAKER both of Teeswater, 7 March 1910, Teeswater