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Bruce Co, 1911

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001763/11 (Bruce Co) John ARSCOTT, full 59, widower, leather manufacturer, of Walkerton, s/o Samuel ARSCOTT a leather manufacturer & Mary Anne EASTERBROOK, married Jessie FARQUHARSON, full, of Walkerton, d/o William FARQUHARSON a Hotel keeper & Catherine MORRISON, witn: Florence VOGT of Morriston Ontario & William FARQUHARSON of Walkerton, 31 October 1911, house of brides father in Walkerton 001762-11 (Bruce Co) Bertie ASHKEWIE, 29, widower, farmer, of Cape Croker Reserve, s/o Frank ASHKEWIE & Lizzie WAUBZY, married Ida WAHBEREE, 21, of Saugeen Reserve, d/o Fred WAHBEREE & Maria NAWASH, witn: Frank ASHKEWE & Lizzie ASHKEWIE both of Cape Croker, 9 September 1911, at Wiarton
001796/11 (Bruce Co) Percy BAKER, 22, laborer, of Southampton, s/o Thomas BAKER a laborer & Sarah CROSS, married Ada GIBBONS, blank, Southampton, d/o Richard GIBBONS & Caroline ROBBINS, witn: Ena GIBBONS & Jim WRATHELL both of Southampton, 27 December 1911, Town of Southampton 001780/11 (Bruce Co) Milton Leonard BALL, 27, accountant, of Hanover, s/o Robert J. BALL a manufacturer & Mary J. LEONARD, married Lucinda Jane GARNER, 29, farmer's daughter, of Walkerton, d/o William GARNER a farmer & Lucinda J. BROWN, witn: John GARNER of Walkerton & Ethel M. BALL of Hanover, 29 June 1911, Brant Twp.
001783/11 (Bruce Co) Fredrick M. BARBER, 21, farmer, of Derby Twp, s/o Samuel Kaake BARBER a farmer & Martha Ellen BARBER, married Sarah E. JOHNSON, 23, of Greenock Twp, d/o William JOHNSON a farmer & Elizabeth FULLERTON, witn: Christina JOHNSON & James JOHNSON both of Lovat Ontario, 5 July 1911, Village of Paisley 001765/11 (Bruce Co) Richard BAXTER, 37, farmer, of Andrew Twp. Manitoba, s/o James BAXTER a farmer & Mary McCULLOCH, married Maria SKINNER, 37, of Keppel Twp Grey Co. Ontario, d/o John SKINNER a farmer & Grace HARVEY, witn: Alice COLLINS & Alexander BLUE both of Wiarton, 4 January 1911, Town of Wiarton
001773/11 (Bruce Co) Albert BELL, 22, farmer, of Culross Twp, s/o Henry BELL & S. SMITH, married Elizabeth PINNELL, 21, of Arran Twp., d/o Henry PINNELL & Margaret BRADLEY, witn: Mary P. TAIT & Minnie TURNBULL both of Teeswater, 1 March 1911, Teeswater Village 001782/11 (Bruce Co) John Edward BELL, 27, farmer, of Culross Twp, s/o George BELL a farmer & Mary STEWART, married Thirza Maria MELVIN, 25, Culross Twp, d/o Thomas MELVIN a farmer & Eliza FORD, witn: Mabel HAYLOCK & Ford MELVIN both of Teeswater Ontario, 14 June 1911, Culross Twp.
001788/11 (Bruce Co) Archibald Thomas BELL, 26, storekeeper, of Toronto, s/o Archibald BELL & Mrs. Elean BELL, married Annie DENNETT, 22, of Chesley, d/o Hirman DENNETT a laborer & Martha DENNETT, witn: Herman BECKER & Mrs. H. BECKER both of Chesley, 14 September 1911, brides house in Chesley  

006306/10 (Bruce Co) J. Sidney BELLAMY, 27, manager, of Toronto, s/o Justus Sidney BELLAMY & Elizabeth LESKEY, married Maud A. BAKER, 24, clerk, of Toronto, d/o James BAKER a barber & Martha BURTCH, witn: James BAKER of Chesley & Mina BELLAMY of Toronto, 2 January 1911, Chesley

001775/11 (Bruce Co) Bernard John BENINGER, 26, butter maker, of Dungannon, s/o Lawrence BENINGER a farmer & Frances STEPHEN, married Elizabeth Catherine KEIP, 28, of Teeswater, d/o Bernard KEIP – deceased & Catherine DEHLER, witn: Edward G. KEIP of Harriston Ontario & Helen BENINGER of Riversdale Ontario, 29 April 1911, of Teeswater Village
001779/11 (Bruce Co) Gregory BENNINGER, 26, tinsmith, of Formosa, s/o Conrad BENNINGER a retired farmer & Mary KLOEFFER, married Christina KUNTZ, 24, of Formosa, d/o Joseph KUNTZ a farmer – deceased & Mary DIETRICH, witn: Albert KUNTZ & Mary BENNINGER both of Formosa Ontario, 16 May 1911, Church of St. Mary’s Formosa 001766/11 (Bruce Co) Anthony BERBERICH, 27, farmer, of Carrick, s/o Anthony BERERICH a farmer & Mary WEILER, married Laura REINHARDT, 23, of Carrick, d/o George REINHARDT a farmer & Teresa BAUER, witn: John BEITZ of Waterloo Ontario & Tickla BERBERICH of New Germany Waterloo Co., 10 January 1911, at the R.C. Church of Mildmay
  001790/11 (Bruce Co) Charles Durnip BESTWARD, 35, farmer, of Miller Lake Ontario, s/o Samuel BESTWARD a farmer & Jane KELLY, married Minnie Minerva SADDLER, 23, widow, farmer's daughter, of Miller Lake Ontario, d/o George SIMPSON a sec. boss of rail road & mother's name "she does not know", witn: Samuel Alexander BESTWARD & Minnie May HANNAH both of Cape Chin Ontario, 31 October 1911, house of grooms parents in Bruce Pen.
001787/11 (Bruce Co) John Alexander BLACK, 34, farmer, of Elderslie Twp Bruce Co, s/o John BLACK a farmer & Mary RUTHVEN, married Susie McDONALD, 24, domestic, of Elderslie Twp Bruce Co, d/o Solomon McDONALD a farmer & Catherine BOYD, witn: Hugh McDONALD of Elderslie Twp Bruce Co & Mrs. Angus McDONALD of Chesley Ontario, 29 August 1911, Paisley Village 001769/11 (Bruce Co) Solomon J. S. G. BLAKE, 27, farmer, Eastnor Bruce Co., s/o John BLAKE a farmer & Ann CALLIE, married Mary Paul FORBES, 29, of Eastnor Bruce Co, d/o James FORBES a mechanic & Harriet DUNN, witn: John DUNN & Fred HAWES of Spry Eastnor Bruce, 15 February 1911, Eastnor Twp.
001791/11 (Bruce Co) John Edward BLAKEWAY, 45, laborer, of Vester, s/o Joseph BLAKEWAY a laborer & Sarah BLAKEWAY, married Agnes Jane McFADDEN, 43, housekeeper, of Vester, d/o Henry McFADDEN a laborer & Sarah McDOLE, witn: Mrs. T. KING of Chesley & David WILLIAMS of London Canada, 16 October 1911, Chesley Town 001784/11 (Bruce Co) Hugh BLUE, 24, laborer, of Owen Sound, s/o Archibald BLUE a farmer & Annie BELL, married Emily MAWHINNEY, 23, domestic, of Bruce Twp, d/o Robert MAWHINNEY a brick maker & Mary EWOLD, witn: Mrs. Rev. G.C. LITTLE & Mrs. Jane A. LITTLE both of Paisley, 5 July 1911, Village of Paisley
001768/11 (Bruce Co) Herman BOETTGER, 30, well driller, of Paisley, s/o Henry BOETTGER a farmer & Elizabeth BICKEL, married Georgina NUTTALL, 25, Bruce Twp. d/o John NUTTALL a farmer & Margaret GROGAN, witn: Bert NUTTALL & Mary CARR both of Bruce, 11 January 1911, Twp. Bruce  
001793/11 (Bruce Co) William BOURKE, 27, Bank Manager, of North Bay, s/o John BOURKE a business man & Hannah COUGHLAN, married Letitia McNAMARA, 28, of Walkerton, d/o Michael McNAMARA a customs collector & Gertrude MURPHY, witn: Alonzo T. SMITH of North Bay & Marjory KILMER of Toronto, 15 November 1911, Walkerton 001785/11 (Bruce Co) Harry R. BREWER, 38, widower, Real Estate, of Calgary, s/o George BREWER a farmer & Elizabeth COOK, married Clena Letta McCANN, 31, clerk, of Walkerton, d/o William McCANN a minister & Sarah GUINN, witn: S.L. HAHN of Hespeler & H.L. McCANN of Toronto, 2 August 1911, Town of Walkerton
001792/11 (Bruce Co) Clark Albert BRIDGE, 22, farmer, of Lions Head Eastnor, s/o Clark Albert BRIDGE a farmer & Mary HAYS, married Margaret SMITH, 20, Lindsay Twp, d/o Norman SMITH a farmer & Margaret McIVER, witn: William BRIDGE of Eastnor Twp & Mary SMITH of Lindsay Twp, 22 November 1911, Lindsay Twp. 001777/11 (Bruce Co) Fred BRIGDEN, 27, barber, of Port Elgin Ontario, s/o Henry BRIGDEN a plaster & Maria WELLER, married Teresa Beatrice McLEAN, 23, tailoress, of Port Elgin, d/o Gillen McLEAN & Minnie GRAFTON, witn: Will BRIGDEN & Flora McLEAN both of Port Elgin, 5 April 1911, Port Elgin Village
001771/11 (Bruce Co) Joshua BRINKMAN, 30, farmer, of Arran Twp Bruce Co., s/o James BRINKMAN a farmer & Susanna FAULKNER, married Mary Ann WELSH, 21, farmer, of Arran Twp. Bruce Co, d/o James WELSH a farmer & Mary CHALMERS, witn: Stewart WELSH of Arran Twp. Arkwright P.O. & Margaret D. WELSH of Port Elgin, 22 March 1911, Port Elgin Village 001776/11 (Bruce Co) William Parker BROCKELBANK, 21, farmer, of Greenock Twp, s/o William Harry BROCKELBANK, auctioneer & Eveline Mary ALTON, married Isabella MOFFATT, 21, of Greenock, d/o Lois MOFFATT a farmer & Margaret SCHOFELD, witn: R. Spence NESBITT & Mabel B. BROCKELBANK both of Walkerton, 5 April 1911, Greenock Twp.
001770/11 (Bruce Co) James Thornton BROWNRIDGE, 44, farmer, of Trafalgar Twp. Halton Co, s/o Andrew BROWNRIDGE a farmer & Margaret Ann THORNTON, married Louisa Missouri WATTERHOUSE, 35, of Cooksville, d/o George WATTERHOUSE a farmer & Dilema PARKER, witn: E. Lonzo THORNTON & Lottie M.A. THORNTON both of Teeswater Ontario, 8 February 1911, Teeswater Village #001772-1911 (Bruce Co): Alexander BRUCE, 28, farmer, no birth place, Bruce Tp, s/o Alexander BRUCE & Margaret McCAROLL, married Florence STEINHOFF, 29, no birth place, Bruce Tp, d/o John STEINHOFF, & Martha OVERLAND; witnesses were Donald Bruce, of Underwood & Charlottie McKay, of Bruce. 8 Mar 1911 at Township of Bruce
001767/11 (Bruce Co) John Franklin BRUNTON, 37, farmer, of Arran Twp, s/o Alfred BRUNTON a farmer & Rachel Pearson CUMMER, married Mary Luella TRELFORD, 26, of Tara, d/o William TRELFORD a farmer & Katherine KERR, witn: Mabel BARBER of Tara & Richard C. FENTON, 17 January 1911, Christ Church Invermay 001778/11 (Bruce Co) Frances Edward BRYAN, 28, hotel keeper, of Colpoy’s Bay, s/o James BRYAN a store keeper & Mary BURNS, married Minnie Catherine BAKER, 23, of Wiarton, d/o Samuel BAKER a laborer & Mary TAYLOR, witn: Charles BRYAN & Annie BRYAN both of Colpoy’s Bay, 11 May 1911, Town of Wiarton
001795/11 (Bruce Co) Richard BUCKINGHAM, 50, widower, windmill agent, of Ripley Huron Twp, s/o Thomas? BUCKINGHAM – deceased & Sarah COOK?, married Katherine HARRISON, 44, Huron Twp, d/o James HARRISON – deceased & Dorothy ATHINS, witn: Mabel B. HARRISON of Kincardine & Richard MARTIN of Lucknow, 20 December 1911, Huron Twp 001786/11 (Bruce Co) Washington William BURDEN, 28, transfer man, of Winnipeg, s/o Richard BURDEN an advertiser & Normanda ADAMS, married Margaret S. WILSON, 25, stenographer, of Winnipeg, d/o Thomas WILSON a retired farmer & Jane Ann THOMPSON, witn: Alfred S. POLLOCK & Mrs. Alfred S. POLLOCK both of Pine River, 1 August 1911, Village of Pine River
001789/11 (Bruce Co) Albert Wesley BURNS, 27, farmer, of Bruce Twp, s/o James BURNS a farmer & Harriet JAMES, married Myrtle Olive BELL, 20, farmer's daughter, of Greenock, d/o William BELL a farmer & Mary JEWETT, witn: William BURNS of Pinkerton Ontario & May STEWART of Ceylon Ontario, 11 October 1911, Village of Paisley 001781/11 (Bruce Co) Josiah William BURNS, 30, gardener, of Southampton, s/o William BURNS – deceased & Anne FRANK?, married Amy Marion LOVELL, 29, maiden, of Saugeen Twp, d/o William LOVELL a farmer & Marion WILSON, witn: Jos. BURNS of Southampton & Bessie T. LOVELL of Saugeen Twp, 1 June 1911, Twp Saugeen
001798/11 (Bruce Co) George E. BURNS, 26, Brantford, Brantford, s/o Edward Proctor BURNS a machinist & Mary TAYLOR, married Mary E. HAMILTON, 26, Moorefield, Aris? d/o William John HAMILTON a veterinary & Annie (Fannie?) HILL, witn: Robert VENNARD & Sarah VENNARD both of Port Elgin, 9 December 1911, Village of Port Elgin 001774/11 (Bruce Co) Arthur William BURROWS, 34, laborer, of Cargill, s/o home boy – not known & not known, married Margaret Ann HALL, 27, domestic, of Cargill, d/o John HALL a farmer & Kate DEUBLER, witn: Marie WILSON & Alice CONDY both of Walkerton, 26 April 1911, Walkerton
001797/11 (Bruce Co) David James BYERS, 32, vessel owner, of Wiarton Ontario, s/o John David BYERS a timber man & Lily Jean HAMILTON, married Jennet Luella CURRIE, 22, of Wiarton Ontario, d/o Neil CURRIE a forest bailiff & Margaret GIBSON, witn: (writing not clear), 27 December 1911, Town of Wiarton  
001804/11 (Bruce Co) Henry CAMERON, 38, widower, farmer, of Saugeen Reserve, s/o John CAMERON – deceased & Maria, married Evelyn WESLEY, 20, farmer, of Saugeen Reserve, d/o Charles WESLEY & Alice SHIELDS, witn: Willie CAMERON & Berth RICHARD both of Saugeen Reserve, 19 July 1911, Saugeen Reserve 001809/11 (Bruce Co) William George CAMPBELL, 32, farmer, of Albemarle Bruce Co, s/o William CAMPBELL a farmer & Mary FRAME, married Jean Fisher HUME, 23, teacher, of Walkerton Bruce Co, d/o James HUME a section man on R.R. & Elizabeth MICHIE, witn: Ethel READON of Harriston Ontario & Annie WILSON of Walkerton, 29 November 1911, Town of Walkerton
001801/11 (Bruce Co) Dennis Joseph CARROLL, 26, farmer, of West Wawanosh, s/o Edward CARROLL – deceased & Mary Ann FORAN, married Mary Ann KENNEDY, 22, Culross, d/o John KENNEDY a farmer & Mary KING, witn: Matthew Francis GAYNOR of Lucknow Ontario & Margaret KENNEDY of Wingham Ontario, 14 June 1911, Village of Teeswater 001802/11 (Bruce Co) Francis Henry CASKANETTE, 55, hotel keeper, of Munising Michigan U.S., s/o Belony CASKANETTE – deceased & Judith QUINVILLE, married Mary Ann MURRAY, 42, Westford Ontario, d/o James MURRAY – deceased & Elisabeth O’BRIAN, witn: Louis KRAEMER & Margaret M. KRAEMER both of Teeswater, 27 June 1911, Village of Teeswater
001806/11 (Bruce Co) Charles Percy CHAMBERLAIN, 29, contractor, of Calgary, s/o Charles Waters CHAMBERLAIN a farmer & Emma BLAIR, married Eva Maude GLAZIER, 28, Wiarton, d/o Adam GLAZIER a minister & Eliza SOMERS, witn: Mary ASHCROFT of Saskatoon & S.J. GLAZIER of Owen Sound, 20 September 1911, Wiarton 001803/11 (Bruce Co) John A. CHAPMAN, 31, farmer, of Arran Twp, s/o Mungo CHAPMAN a farmer & Agnes STEWART, married Mary Isabella WEBB, 30, Saugeen Twp, d/o Richard WEBB a farmer & Jessie HAY, witn: William MORROW & Jennie WEBB both of Burgoyne, 28 June 1911, residence of Richard WEBB in Bruce
001812/11 (Bruce Co) John Andrew CLOSE, 25, mail carrier, of Dobbington, s/o John CLOSE a farmer & Sarah BROWN, married Mildred WALPOLE, 20, servant, of Paisley, d/o George WALPOLE a farmer & Jane WILKINSON, witn: Andrew KIRKCONNELL & Fannie McEWEN both of Tiverton, 27 December 1911, Paisley Village 001811/11 (Bruce Co) William Arthur COLE, 24, farmer, of Underwood, s/o John COLE a farmer & Mary Jane MONKMAN, married Margaret Jane WAMSLEY, 22, dressmaker, of Bruce Twp Bruce Co, d/o Charles WAMSLEY a farmer & Margaret SHEPARD, witn: Charles Henry WAMSLEY & Beatrice Maud COLE both of Port Elgin Ontario, 27 December 1911, Bruce Twp
001805/11 (Bruce Co) Frank COLEMAN, 29, pork packer, of Kincardine, s/o Henry COLEMAN a pork packer & Rebecca ALLAN, married Agnes Hay MACPHERSON, 29, clerk, of Kincardine, d/o William MACPHERSON a farmer & Marie JACKSON, witn: Edward F. FOX & Nellie MACPHERSON both of Kincardine, 18 July 1911, Town of Kincardine 001807/11 (Bruce Co) Charles Julius COLVILLE, 24, broker, of Calgary Alberta, s/o Charles COLVILLE & Margaret McDONALD, married Wilma Urch JOHNSTON, 24, teacher, of Teeswater, d/o William W. JOHNSTON a Engineer & Lottie HEPINSTALL, witn: Florence HUNTER of Fordwich & W. JOHNSTON of Teeswater, 26 October 1911, Village of Teeswater
001800/11 (Bruce Co) John CORDICK, 27, laborer, of Tobermory, s/o John CORDICK a laborer – deceased & Mary ROBINSON, married Sadie BUTCHART, 19, domestic, Tobermory, d/o Daniel BUTCHART a timber man & Christina GIBSON, witn: Mrs. E.M. CARTER & Mrs. Daniel BUTCHART both of Tobermory, 28 April 1911, St. Edmunds Twp. 001799/11 (Bruce Co) Charles Thomas Henry COVENEY, 35, farmer, of Albemarle, s/o James COVENEY a farmer & Mary Elizabeth RYDALL, married Annetta Howard KAY, 18, housewife, of Albemarle, d/o Neil McLean KAY a farmer & Annetta KNIGHT, witn: Hugh CRAWFORD & Margaret L. RUSLETON?, both of Purple Valley Ontario, 20 February 1911, Albemarle Twp
001808/11 (Bruce Co) Clarence Wilbert COWPER, 39, merchant, of Dundas, s/o W. Cloughby COWPER a merchant & Annie HALL, married Ida Amelia KRAMPP, 23, of Walkerton, d/o Daniel KRAMPP a workman & Charlotte MADTER, witn: Cora SMITH & Dan. KRAMPP both of Walkerton, 18 October 1911, Town of Walkerton 001810/11 (Bruce Co) Henry Robert CRUICKSHANK, 30, farmer, of Elderslie, s/o William CRUICKSHANK a yeoman & Mary Ann NANNENMILLER, married Clara Rosaline SHAW, 29, of Elderslie, d/o John SHAW a yeoman & Susan OLEMENT, witn: Norman L. SHAW & Margaret Jean CRUICKSHANK, 20 December 1911, Elderslie Bruce County
001815/11 (Bruce Co) Roy DAVIS, 22, widower, brake man, of Toronto, s/o John DAVIS & Jane McLEOD, married Artie DOBIE, 23, milliner, of Walkerton, d/o Archibald DOBIE a laborer & Sarah McLEAN, witn: William DOBIE & Laura WILLIAMS both of Palmerston, 22 February 1911, Town of Walkerton 001816/11 (Bruce Co) Peter DIEMERT, 42, farmer, of Deemerton, s/o Louis DIEMERT a farmer & Maria LEFRANCE, married Susanna SCHWARTZ, 46, housekeeper, of Deemerton, d/o Nicholas SCHWARTZ a carpenter & Elizabeth FORTNEY, witn: John SWARTZ & Regina DIEMERT, 14 February 1911, Village of Deemerton
001813/11 (Bruce Co) Ernest Aubrey DOLLIVER, 28, trained nurse, of Boston Mass., s/o James W. DOLLIVER a carpenter & Mary Ellen DEXTER, married Winnifred Grace TURNBULL, 19, of Kincardine Ontario, d/o James TURNBULL a hardware clerk & Kilda SMITH, witn: James TURNBULL & Mrs. James TURNBULL both of Kincardine, 2 January 1911, Kincardine Twp. 001814/11 (Bruce Co) Earl DRINKWATER, 25, laborer, of Wiarton Ontario, s/o William DRINKWATER a farmer & Caroline CASE, married Ella WALZ, blank, of Wiarton Ontario, d/o John WALZ a laborer & Matilda RILEY, witn: Eva DAY & Adam WALZ both of Wiarton Ontario, 31 January 1911, Town of Wiarton
1874-11, (Bruce Co), Samuel HALDENBY, 30, of Kinloss Twp, s/o, William HALDENBY & Diana PARKER, married, Edythe Mae MOORE, 20, of Huron Twp, d/o, Thomas MOORE & Helen WEBSTER, June 14, 1911, Huron Twp  
#001889-1911 (Bruce Co): J. Walter JOHNSTON, 24, blacksmith, no birth place, Tiverton Village, s/o Stephen JOHNSTON & Annie McKENZIE, married Christina MORRISON, 19, no birth place, Underwood, d/o Panny MORRISON & Christina McNEILL; witnesses were Walter MacKAY, Agnes LAMONT, Underwood. 14 Jun 1911 at Township of Bruce. #006110 -11 (Bruce Co) James McKENZIE, 27, Foreman, of Vancouver, B.C., s/o Donald and Mary McKENZIE, married Mable Louise QUAID, 28, of Port Albert, d/o James QUAID and Mary Ann DOHERTY, witn: Alfred QUAID & Mary Ann McKENZIE, Oct. 11, 1911 at House of Brick, Reid’s Corners
1978-11, (Bruce Co), Thomas William NICOLL, 23, Farmer, of Elderslie, s/o, Robert NICOLL & Fanny ROBBINS, married, Emma CHAMBERS, 29, of Elderslie, d/o George CHAMBERS & JAne PATTERSON, March 15, 1911, Paisley

023131/11 (Bruce Co) Daniel Leo O'MARA 32, railway conductor, of Toronto, s/o Thomas O'MARA a laborer & Mary Ann MURPHY, married Eleanora LAMBERTUS, 22, of Teeswater, d/o George Albert LAMBERTUS a drayman & Caroline REIBEL, witn: William LAMBERTUS of Teeswater & Miss Lilian O'MARA of Rochester N.Y., 18 October 1911, village of Teeswater

006309/10 (Bruce Co) Alfred John OSBORNE, 29, laborer, of Chesley, s/o Alfred George OSBORNE a section man & Susanna OSBORNE, married Maude JORDAN, 24, servant, of Chesley, d/o Edward JORDAN a laborer & blank, witn: Arthur BOWMAN & Mrs. John FROST both of Chesley, 4 January 1911, Chesley

002039/11 (Bruce Co) William Thomas SALLONS, 33, farmer, Colborne Twp. Loyal, s/o Thomas SALLONS a farmer & Jean GREENE, married Elizabeth COURTNEY, 24, housekeeper, of Huron Twp. Bruce Co., d/o Patrick COURTNEY a farmer & Elizabeth CHRISHOLM (Chisholm?), witn: Blanche A. SALLONS of Loyal & Archie COURTNEY of Amberly, 27 December 1911, Huron Twp.

002035/11 (Bruce Co) James SCHELL, 26, sailor, of Albemarle Twp. Bruce Co., s/o Benjamin SCHELL a sailor & Mary PIKE, married Jessie Bell ANDERSON, 18, of Wiarton Ont., d/o Thomas ANDERSON a sailor & Margaret BLODE, witn: Elise SCHELL & Jane HOWE both of Wiarton, 14 December 1911, Town of Wiarton

002034/11 (Bruce Co) Frank X. SCHMIDT, 23, express messenger, of Hamilton Ont., s/o Joseph SCHMIDT (deceased) & Mary NEUBECKER, married Mary MAHONEY, 22, of Preston Ont., d/o Patrick MAHONEY a laborer & Christina LENAHAN, witn: Frank SCHMIDT & Flora MAHONEY both of Mildmay Ont., 4 October 1911, Village of Mildmay

002033/11 (Bruce Co) Ezra SITTER, 32, farmer, of Culross Bruce Co., s/o John SITTER a farmer & Sarah GOOD, married Adda Bell STANLEY, 20, of Greenock Bruce Co., d/o Edward STANLEY a farmer & Emma Matilda COOK, witn: Edward STANLEY of Culross Bruce Co. & Ada RICHARDSON of Lucknow, 10 October 1911, Rectory of the English Church in Lucknow

002037/11 (Bruce Co) John SKENE, 42, sailor, of Wiarton, s/o Alexander SKENE a farmer & Beatrice STRAND, married Lucy Ann BLACKMORE, 37, of Toronto, d/o Edward BLACKMORE a iron worker & Sarah NIVENS, witn: Louis STEPHANY of 7 N Towland? Rd. Toronto & Jane C. NICOL of Wiarton, 23 December 1911, Town of Wiarton

002038/11 (Bruce Co) Frederick Pearson SLADE, 41, farmer, of Tiverton Ont., s/o Charles SLADE a tanner & Mary Ann TAIT, married Maggie Elizabeth MacDONALD, 34, widow, dressmaker, of Tiverton, d/o John MacDONALD & Catherine ANDERSON, witn: J.A. MacDONALD & Archibald OLIVER, 27 December 1911, Village of Tiverton

002032/11 (Bruce Co) Hugh Alexander SMITH, 24, farmer, of Kincardine Twp. 9 Conc. Bruce, s/o John SMITH a farmer & Sarah MATHESON, married Christina Gordon SHEWFELT, 26, Kincardine Twp. 5 Conc., d/o Archibald SHEWFELT a farmer & Kate McDERMOTT, witn: George B. SMITH & Catherine SHEWFELT both of Armow Ont., 11 October 1911, bride's home Kincardine Twp.

002029/11 (Bruce Co) David Pearlie SPEARS, 22, baker, of Tara, s/o James C. SPEARS a farmer & Margaret KENNEDY, married Lena May HEPBURN, 17, at home, Port Elgin, d/o George W. HEPBURN a sawyer & Isabella McEACHERN, witn: Miss Sarah Ethel SPEERS of Tara & Mr. Finwill HEPBURN of Port Elgin, 20 September 1911, Village of Port Elgin

002036/11 (Bruce Co) Andrew McRoby STEVENSON, 31, farmer, of Arran, s/o James STEVENSON a farmer & Isabella McROBY, married Olive Hazel SCHWALM, 19, daughter at house, of Amabel, d/o George SCHWALM a farmer & Mary SPURRELL, witn: Mary S. SCHWALM & Arthur W. SCHWALM both of Chippewa Hill, 19 December 1911, Amabel Twp

002031/11 (Bruce Co) James Alexander STEWART, 59, widower, farmer, of Kincardine Twp., s/o John STEWART a farmer (deceased) & Ann KEAY, married Isabella McNEIL, 46, farmer's daughter, of Kincardine Twp., d/o Alexander McNEIL a farmer (deceased) & Catherine LIVINGSTONE, witn: Claude DORE of Purple Grove Ont. & Lottie McCOMBE of Bervie Ont., 25 October 1911, Kincardine Twp.

002030/11 (Bruce Co) Anthony STRAUSS, 26, farmer, of Carrick Twp., s/o Phillip STRAUSS a farmer & Josephine EMEL, married Mary POECHMANN, 24, of Brant Twp., d/o Michael POECHMANN a farmer & Caroline WALTER, witn: Joseph STRAUSS of Riversdale Ont. & Clara POECHMANN of Carlsruhe Ont., 19 September 1911, Village Carlsruhe

002048/11 (Bruce Co) William John TAYLOR, 40, farmer, of Carrick, s/o Gilbert TAYLOR a farmer & Catherine McLELLAN, married Catherine McPHAIL, 30, farmer's daughter, of Carrick, d/o Robert McPHAIL a farmer & Catherine McDONALD, witn: Albert TAYLOR & Cora McPHAIL both of Carrick, 22 June 1911, Carrick Twp.

002046/11 (Bruce Co) Harvie George TAYLOR, 22, clerk of store, of Ingersoll, s/o George TAYLOR & blank, married Clara Henrietta DIERLAMM, 21, of Chesley, d/o Harvey DIERLAMM a clergyman & Anna POLIFF, witn: Jean? DAUMM? & J. HAUSER both of Chesley, 21 June 1911, Town of Chesley

002047/11 (Bruce Co) George Thomas TENNYSON, 29, farmer, of Bruce Twp. Bruce Co., s/o Philip TENNYSON a retired farmer & Margaret Ann JAMIESON, married Margaret HUNTER, 29, of Bruce Twp. Bruce Co., d/o Hugh HUNTER a farmer & Eleanor TAYLOR, witn: James TENNYSON of Toronto Ont. & Bella HUNTER of Bruce Twp. Bruce Co., 27 June 1911, Village of Port Elgin


002043/11 (Bruce Co) Julius THIEL, 25, mechanic, of Hensall Ont., s/o Henry THIEL a builder & Elizabeth ELICE, married Lillie JOHNSTON, 21, of Kincardine, d/o John JOHNSTON a mechanic & Sarah Jane EVANS, witn: William JOHNSTON & Alice JOHNSTON both of Kincardine, 13 April 1911, Town of Kincardine

002044/11 (Bruce Co) Martin THIEL, 37, farmer, of Fullerton, s/o Con. K. THIEL a farmer & Catherine THIEL, married Regina WAGNER, 33, servant, of Bruce, d/o Henry WAGNER a farmer & Sarah MESSERSCHMIDT, witn: Reuben THIEL & Hilda THIEL of Bruce, 7 June 1911, home of H. WAGNER of Bruce Co.


002051/11 (Bruce Co) Robert William THOMAS, 24, farmer, of Albemarle Twp. Bruce Co., s/o William THOMAS a farmer & Margaret WOODS, married Gertrude WEIR, 18, of Albemarle Twp. Bruce Co., d/o William WEIR a farmer & Sara CLUFF, witn: Grace WEIR of Mar & Jane NICOL of Wiarton, 26 December 1911, Town of Wiarton

002042/11 (Bruce Co) William Wesley THOMPSON, 23, laborer, of Wiarton, s/o Wesley THOMPSON a farmer & Agnes SMITH, married Mary May WHENHAM, 23, laborer, of Wiarton, d/o William WHENHAM a farmer & Emily M. ELDRIDGE, witn: Frances A. SMITH & William A. SMITH of Colpoy’s Bay Ont., 1 March 1911, home of groom in Wiarton

002045/11 (Bruce Co) Fred Earl THOMPSON, 24, electrician, of New Liskeard, s/o Taylor? (deceased) & Charlot FEATHERSON, married Hazel Gladys DRINKWATER, 19, of Wiarton Ont., d/o George Edward DRINKWATER & Mary Agnes McCREA, witn: A.R. DAVIS & Mrs. A.R. DAVIS of Wiarton, 30 August 1911, Town of Wiarton

002041/11 (Bruce Co) David THOMPSON, 35, widower, farmer, of Sauble Falls, s/o Peter THOMPSON a farmer & Mrs. THOMPSON (Nancy OHTAGESHIG), married Bella WAHBIZEE, 18, domestic, of Scotch Settlement, d/o Fred WAHBIZEE a laborer & Miss. NAWASH (Maria NAWASH), witn: Mrs. T.J. SMITH & Charles SMITH both of Chippewa Hall, 20 January 1911, Village of Saugeen

002049/11 (Bruce Co) William Thomas THOMPSON, 27, farmer, of Elderslie Twp. Bruce, s/o George THOMPSON a farmer & Anna Maria EDWARDS, married Harriet ANSTEAD, 23, dressmaker, of Elderslie Twp. Bruce, d/o William C. ANSTEAD a farmer & Margaret WILLISCRAFT, witn: George KLOSTON of Elderslie Twp. & Margaret M. ANSTEAD of Paisley, 1 November 1911, Elderslie Twp.

002050/11 (Bruce Co) Duncan THORNBURN, 59, widower, farmer, of Ashfield Huron, s/o James THORNBURN a sailor & Ann McGINNIS, married Mrs. Margaret McGILL, 43, of Sault St. Marie Michigan, d/o Donald McKECHNIE a mason & Catherine LAMOND, witn: Margaret ARMSTRONG & Christina S. McFARLANE both of Kincardine, 2 December 1911, house of Rev. J. McFARLANE in Kincardine


002040/11 (Bruce Co) Lloyd Beatty TUFFORD, 29, electrician, of Beamsville Ont., s/o Leo? Waller E. TUFFORD a farmer & Margaret BEATTY, married Meta Gertrude McKEEMAN, 25, milliner, of Glamis, d/o W. McKEEMAN a merchant & Margaret E. HANDRY?, witn: Miss Jennie McKEEMAN & Mr. D. CAMPBELL both of Glamis, 14 January 1911, Glamis Village

002052/11 (Bruce Co) Peter VALADE, 26, hotel keeper, of Riversdale, s/o Peter VALADE a hotel keeper & Sarah RACHER, married Ellen STAPLETON, 23, of Chepstow, d/o Thomas STAPLETON a laborer & Margaret RUSSELL, witn: P? VALADE of Riversdale & Bella STAPLETON of Chepstow, 30 October 1911, Chepstow Village
002068/11 (Bruce Co) William John WALKER, 27, farmer, of Kinloss Twp., s/o William Russell WALKER a farmer & Mary A. McPHEE, married Jessie BARR, 25, Lady, Kinloss Twp., d/o Mary A. McPHEE (sic), farmer & Margaret FRASER, witn: Annie BARR of Lucknow & Alexander WALKER of Langside, 27 December 1911, Village of Lucknow

002067/11 (Bruce Co) Henry WARD, 27, farmer, of Wawanosh, s/o J.G. WARD a farmer & Margaret RYAN, married May STEWART, 18, of Lucknow, d/o William Henry STEWART a farmer & Margaret Ann McNALL, witn: Mrs. Laura McNALL & Robert McNALL both of Lucknow, 20 December 1911, Village of Lucknow

002057/11 (Bruce Co) William WARNSON, 38, of British Columbia, married Sarah BLYTHE, 28, Amabel Twp., 8 April 1911, Bruce County (Amabel twp?) [no other information given]

002066/11 (Bruce Co) John Pollick WATSON, 21, millwright, of Wiarton, s/o Charles WATSON a stone mason & Nancy NELSON, married Ethel WOODS, 18, of Mar, d/o Charles WOODS a farmer & Mary HUCK, witn: Pauline DRINKWATER & Amy E. PIERCE both of Wiarton, 3 July 1911, Town of Wiarton

002054/11 (Bruce Co) Henry Louis WEDOW, 30, farmer, of Brant Twp., s/o (does not know the name or occupation) & Sophia HOWE, married Mary S. WIECHMANN, 20, of Brant Twp., d/o Theodore WIECHMANN a farmer & Elizabeth MONK, witn: Fred WIECHMANN of Brant Twp. Hanover & Minnie HOWE of Walkerton, 22 February 1911, Brant Twp.

002058/11 (Bruce Co) Franklin E. WELKER, 38, widower, merchant, of St. Jacobs Ont., s/o Charles WELKER a gentleman & Eliza WOLF, married Eliz. MURAT, blank, of Mildmay Ont., d/o Elizabeth MURAT a Post master & Mary HUNSTEIN, witn: W.H. MURAT & Carolina MURAT both of Mildmay, 21 June 1911, Bruce Ont.

002064/11 (Bruce Co) Stewart WELSH, 30, farmer, of Arran Twp., s/o James WELSH a farmer & Mary CHALMERS, married Marion ESPLEN, 23, of Arran Twp., d/o John ESPLEN a farmer & Elizabeth BLACK, witn: Wallace ESPLEN & Albert MENYER? both of Burgoyne Ont., 27 September 1911, Arran Twp.

002059/11 (Bruce Co) Joseph Albert WHITE, 22, stream fitter, of Kincardine, s/o Joseph WHITE a hotel keeper & Sarah WHITE nee ASHMORE, married Lilia C. GEATZ, full age, Ripley, d/o Jacob GEATZ a shoemaker & Elizabeth GEATZ nee KLEMPP, witn: Mrs. J. JOHNSTON of Ashfield Bruce Co. & Harry R. WHITE of Kincardine, 21 June 1911, St. Paul’s Church of Ripley

2065-11, (Bruce Co), Frederick WHITEMAN, 23, Yeoman, of Bentinck, s/o, Joseph WHITEMAN & Annie BLACK, married, Mary GROSS, 21, of Hanover, d/o, George GROSS & Lanesia EDIT, January 18, 1911, Walkerton

002055/11 (Bruce Co) Albert WILLIAMS, 20, laborer, of Saugeen Indian Village, s/o James WILLIAMS a farmer & Mary Jacobs, married Christine JOSHUA, 17, domestic, of Saugeen Indian Reserve, d/o Ed JOSHUA (Madwishmind) a farmer & Eunice JAMES, witn: Franklin KAHBEGE & Emily NICODIMUS both of Chippewa Hill, 31 March 1911, Saugeen Village

002053/11 (Bruce Co) Alonzo Graham WILSON, 23, book keeper, of 890 1st Ave. W. Own Sound, s/o James Thomas WILSON a commercial traveler & Sarah Jane ALEXANDER, married Florence Myrtle POWLEY, 20, milliner, of Invermay, d/o Samuel POWLEY a store keeper, & Susan Amelia QUINTON, witn: Mr. E.S. POWLEY of 1202 E. 4th Ave Owen Sound & Mabel PERRY of Invermay, 25 January 1911, Invermay Village

002069/11 (Bruce Co) Archibald Edward WILSON, 26, Real Estate Business man, of Calgary Alta., s/o Archibald WILSON a Physician & Mary Eliz. BOWMAN, married Lilyan Ingles SMITH, 27, of Kincardine Ont., d/o Arthur M. SMITH a Banker & Jane Ingles PRICE, witn: George B. WILSON of Toronto  & Hilda SMITH of Kincardine Ont., 27 December 1911, Town of Kincardine

002061/11 (Bruce Co) Henry Hartford WINCH, 22, farmer, of Eastnor, s/o Fletcher WINCH a farmer & Janet BARASS, married Margaret Ellen SMITH, 19, Eastnor, d/o John SMITH (deceased) a farmer & Mary BRUFF, witn: Eva M. GLAZIER & Mamie ASHCROFT both of Wiarton, 15 August 1911, Amabel Twp

002060/11 (Bruce Co) George Graton WISE, 27, farmer, of Bentinck Twp., s/o Frank WISE a farmer & Sophie DEY?, married Ada RAY, 23, Bentinck Twp., d/o John RAY a farmer & Mary TORRY, witn: Mrs. William BELL & Wilhelmina HENDERSON both of Hanover, 18 July 1911, St. James Church in Hanover

002062/11 (Bruce Co) Edward WOODS, 22, farmer, of Windermere Ont., s/o William Henry WOODS a farmer & Euphemia McNAB, married Minnie Louisa WALMSLEY, 26, farmer's daughter, Kincardine Twp., d/o William WALMSLEY a farmer & Mary Ann WALMSLEY, witn: William SNOWDEN of Gresham Ont. & James PACE of Kincardine, 13 September 1911, at bride's home in Kincardine Twp.

002056/11 (Bruce Co) Christie WYLD, 35, farmer, of Huron Twp., s/o Charles WYLD a farmer & Catherine RIVER, married Emma McLEAN, 20, of Huron Twp., d/o Murdoch McLEAN a farmer & Catherine McDONALD, witn: Annie McLEAN & Henry WYLD both of Ripley Ont., 19 April 1911, Huron Twp. Bruce

002063/11 (Bruce Co) John WYLIE, 40, farmer, of Kincardine, s/o James WYLEY a farmer & Lena? (Tena?) MULLIN, married Mary SPENCER, 20, White Church, d/o (don’t know father’s name) a farmer & Catherine RINTOUL, witn: Mrs. Minnie McTAVISH & Robert McTAVISH of Huron Bruce, 21 September 1911, Huron Twp.


002070/11 (Bruce Co) Willis Lewis YEREX, 31, farmer, of Picton, s/o George James YEREX a farmer & Josephine Augusta SMITH, married Ida Isabel ARSCOTT, 27, of Walkerton, d/o Samuel ARSCOTT (deceased, was a tanner) & Sara Jane NICHOL, witn: Violet Fair HAMILTON of 51 Alma St. London Ont. & John Bourne DUNKLEY of Picton Ont., 15 March 1911, Walkerton

002071/11 (Bruce Co) Robert John YOUNG, 31, farmer, of Amabel, s/o Alexander YOUNG a farmer & Harriet RAMSAY, married Ethel SMITH, 20, of Amabel Twp., d/o Thomas SMITH a farmer & Mary COOPER, witn: Jessie FINDLAY of Clavering & Forbes R. MULLER of 555 16th St. Owen Sound, 20 December 1911, Amabel Twp.

002072/11 (Bruce Co) Fred Martin John ZIMMERMAN, 36, farmer, of Bentinck Twp., s/o Carl ZIMMERMAN a farmer & Sophia TREMP, married Mary Dorothy FROOK (Froeck), 35, of Brant Twp., d/o Fred FROOK a farmer & Wilhelmina ENGEL, witn: Fred FROOK of Maple Hill Brant Twp. & Emma F. HORFF of Brant Twp., 22 February 1911, Twp. Brant

002073/11 (Bruce Co) Ezra ZURBRIGG, 28, photographer, of New Market, s/o Peter R. ZURBRIGG a farmer & Angeline WENZEL, married Adelina KOENIZ, 26, servant, of Ayton, d/o Henry KOENIZ an implement agent & Elizabeth KOEHLER, witn: Mr. Ben STAHR & Mrs. Ben STAHR both of Clifford Ont., 26 July 1911, Ayton