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001410-78 (Bruce Co) James Henry ADAMS, 24,woollen manufacturer, Canada, Hanover, s/o Henry P. ADAMS and Hildah GRIFFIN married Lizzie Maria BOYD, 23, Canada, Hanover, d/o Thomas BOYD and Mary MOORE, witness - Betsy ADAMS and George ROWSELL, June 17, 1878, Hanover 001566/78 (Bruce Co) William ADAMSON, 22, brick maker, Guelph, Walkerton, s/o Thomas ADAMSON & Lydia SHEPHERD, married Catherine KENNEDY, 20, Bentinck, Walkerton, d/o Robert KENNEDY & Anne BLYTHE, witn: Thomas ADAMSON & David HOARE of Walkerton, 3 July 1878, Walkerton
001363/78 (Bruce Co) David ALLEN, 28, widower, farmer, Canada, Twp Derby, s/o William ALLEN & Charlotte McREARY, married Elizabeth McNAIREN, 22, Canada, Twp Derby, d/o Walter McNAIREN & Jane BANFORD, witn: Samuel CARLETON of Derby & Mary Jane BRINKMAN of Arran, 28 March 1878, Arran 1288-78 (Bruce Co): Richard ALLEN, 21, machinist, Ontario, Paisley, s/o Thomas & Ann Eliza, married Catherine Esther THOMAS, 23, Ontario, Elderslie, d/o John & Ann, witn: Charles E. THOMAS of Elderslie & Mary Agnes ALLEN, 2 March 1878 at Elderslie
001628/78 (Bruce Co) Alexander ANDERSON, 30, sawyer, Toronto, Saugeen, s/o David ANDERSON & Christina ANDERSON, married Jane NELSON, 24, Scotland, Saugeen, d/o James NELSON & Annie NELSON, witn: William ANDERSON of Saugeen & Fanny KENSON of Bruce, 14 February, at the Royal Hotel in Port Elgin 001603/78 (Bruce Co) Wallace ANDERSON, 28, merchant, Montreal, Simcoe Ontario, s/o James ANDERSON & Frances ANDERSON, married Ellen Jane McKIBBIN, 25, Richmond Hill, Kincardine O., d/o William M. McKIBBIN & Mary McKIBBIN, witn: C.G. PEARCE of Simcoe & Lavinia McKIBBIN of Kincardine, 20 August 1878, Kincardine
1467-78 Jacob ANIMEKEWE, 58, Michigan, Saugeen, s/o Kenenob & Nancy, married Margaret BAGUAGUAHDOON, 50, Michigan, Saugeen, d/o Cyrus & Omoze KEGHEGOGUA, witn: Simpson QUAKEGESHIZ & John KIHBAGE, both of Saugeen, 20 Jan 1878 at Saugeen 1469-78 James ANIMEKEWE, 19, Michigan, Saugeen, s/o Jacob & Margaret, married Sophia COPWAY, 20, Michigan, Saugeen, d/o George & Mary, witn: John KAHBAGE & Simpson QUAKEGESHIZ, both of Saugeen, 20 Jan 1878 at Saugeen
1426-78 Alex ARD, 27, farmer, Ontario, Normanby, s/o Edward (Edmond?) & Margaret, married Mary Agnes McCHESNEY, 19, Ontario, Culross, d/o Robert & Margaret, witn: Edward ARD of Normanby & Sarah J. McCHESNEY of Culross, 22 May 1878 at Culross 1418-78 Henry ARKELL, 45, widower, yeoman, England, Culross, s/o William & Mary, married Sarah TAPSCOTT, 32, Canada, Teeswater, d/o Samuel & Ann, witn: William TAPSCOTT of Teeswater & Deruisa? STARK of Toronto, 9 April 1878 at Teeswater
1385-78 Francis ARNETT, 30, farmer, Ontario, Derby, s/o Francis & Sarah, married Fannie HINDS, 25, Canada, Amabel, d/o Ralph & Jane, witn: George & Flora MONTGOMERY of Arran, 12 Dec 1878 at Arran 1430-78 George ARNOLD, 24, farmer, Greenock, Culross, s/o Henry & Margaret, married Elizabeth ADISS, 21, Perth Co., Culross, d/o Francis & Magdalena Barbara, witn: Thomas FAIRBAIRN? & Jeanie JAMIESON, both of Teeswater, 9 July 1878 at Teeswater
001552/78 (Bruce Co) Joseph AUSTELT?, 34, carpenter, Alsace Europe, Chepstow, s/o George AUSTELT & Madeline WEIBEL, married Catherine E. SPITZIG, 22, Canada, Chepstow, d/o Lawrence SPITZIG & Elizabeth DORLAN, witn: Joseph WILLEM & Louisa SPITZIG both of Chepstow, 29 January 1878, Walkerton 1465-78 Charles BANDRIE?, 23, clerk, Germany, Chepstow, s/o Frederick BANDRIE & Ann Gertrude MERM (Mann?), married Victoria KARTIS, 18, Canada, Greenock, d/o John KARTIS & Mary HOFFERTH, witn: John & Mary KARTIS of Chepstow, 24 Sept 1878 at Chepstow
#001521-78 (Bruce Co) John BELL, 25, b. Canada, of Huron Twp, Farmer, s/o William & Jane BELL, married Margaret McDONALD, 27, b. Scotland, of Huron Twp, d/o James & Catherine McDONALD, witnesses: John WATSON & Malcolm McDONALD, both of Huron Twp, on 13 March 1878 at Huron Twp 001310/78 (Bruce Co) David BELL, 30, yeoman, Scotland, Carrick, s/o Samuel BELL & Marion BELL, married Susan GRESS, 23, Dumfries, Carrick, d/o Philip GRESS & Mary GRESS, witn: Thomas R. HOGG & Catherine GRESS both of Carrick, 11 April 1878, Carrick
001416/78 (Bruce Co) James BENSON, 25, farmer, Peel Ontario, Brant Twp, s/o Richard BENSON & Anne BENSON, married Isabella CUNNINGHAM, 18, Wellington Co, Brant Twp, d/o Robert S. CUNNINGHAM & Jane CUNNINGHAM, witn: Thomas John CUNNINGHAM & Mary Ann McDONNELL both of Brant, 31 December 1878, Twp Brant 1462-78 Thomas BERNARD, 35, widower, yeoman, Ireland, Morris twp., s/o John BERNARD & Elizabeth SPARLING, married Sarah LEDGERWOOD, 25, Ontario, Greenock, d/o James LEDGERWOOD & Elizabeth WALLACE, witn: James WATSON of Elderslie & Maggie LEDGERWOOD of Greenock, 5 April 1878 at Greenock
001326/78 (Bruce Co) Joseph BILSTEIN, 25, farmer, Waterloo County, Carrick, s/o Jacob BILSTEIN & Genovefa ZINGER, married Magdalena WEILER, 20, Waterloo Co, Culross Twp, d/o Joseph WEILER & Barbara GEHL, witn: John FEHRNBACH, Catherine BILSTEIN, Carl FEHRNBACH & May FEHRNBACH all of Carrick, 8 October 1878, Formosa 001595-79 (Bruce Co.) William BOOMS?, 24, farmer, Dorchester, same, s/o Peter BOOMS? & Mary BOOMS?, married Harriett JOHNSTON, 19, Ancaster, Amabel, d/o John JOHNSON & Hannah BANK, wtn: John JOHNSON & Wilbert WEAVER both of Amabel, on Dec 5, 1878, at Amabel
001551/78 (Bruce Co) George BRIDGES, 50, conveyancer, Edinburgh Scotland, Walkerton, s/o Frances BRIDGES & Margaret HILL, married Susan GRAY, 39, widow, Bombay India, Walkerton, d/o Charles BAILE & Elizabeth RUSSELL, witn: J. Brown HENDERSON & Mary ROTHWELL both of Walkerton Canada, 28 January 1878, Walkerton 1387-78 Joseph H. BRINKMAN, 22, farmer, Grey Co., Derby, s/o William BRINKMAN & Hannah McCOMBS, married Eliza BRINKMAN, 22, Arran, Derby, d/o James & Mary Jane, witn: Robert AGNEW & Mary Jane BRINKMAN, both of Arran, 30 Dec 1878 at Arran
001629/78 (Bruce Co) Joseph BROWN, 24, farmer, Scott Twp Ontario, Arran, s/o James BROWN & Mary LUNDY, married Sarah Bell BEATTY, 20, Chinguacousy Twp, Arran Twp, d/o John BEATTY & Margaret BROWN, witn: John BEATTY & Margaret BROWN both of Arran, 27 March 1878, North American Hotel in Port Elgin 1300-78 James Harvey BROWN, 24, shoe maker, Ontario, Chesley, s/o Patrick J. BROWN & Catherine LYNN, married Emily HUDSON, 18, Ontario, Chesley, d/o Obadiah HUDSON & Jane McCORMICK, witn: James F. & Mary Ann URQUHART of Chesley, 6 Nov 1878 at Chesley
1306-79 Alexander BROWN, 55, widower, farmer, Scotland, Kincardine, s/o Donald & Ann, married Annie McKINNON, 40, Scotland, Kincardine, d/o Donald & Mary, witn: Malcolm McKINNON & Janet STEWART, both of Kincardine twp., 23 May 1878 at Kincardine 001581/78 (Bruce Co) John BRUCE, 29, farmer, Gosford Ontario, Bruce Twp, s/o Joseph BRUCE & Catherine McKAY, married Ellen HEDERMAN, 25, Lanark Ontario, Bruce, d/o Michael HEDERMAN & Catherine HAUGH, witn: Donald MATTHIESON & Jessie CORSIE of Bruce Twp, 24 October 1878, Walkerton
1388-78 John Henry BURROWS, 25, farmer, Ontario, Amabel, s/o Samuel & Frances, married Lucy Jane GIBBONS, 17, Ontario, Arran, d/o George & Maria, witn: blank SHULAR & William HOGG, both of Arran, 31 Dec 1878 at Arran 1534-78 (Bruce Co): John CAMPBELL, 29, farmer, Ontario, Greenock, s/o Malcolm CAMPBELL & Christena McCALLUM, married Catherine McARTHUR, 22, Ontario, Greenock, d/o James & Catherine, witn: Duncan CAMPBELL & Mary McARTHUR, both of Greenock, 6 Feb 1878 at Underwood
1420-78 Michael CLARKE, 23, Peel twp., Teeswater, s/o Killen? & Elizabeth, married Jessie McGREGOR, 22, Goderich, Teeswater, d/o Hector & Mary, witn: E. J. DOWNEY of Kleinburg & Mary E. CLARKE of Teeswater, 10 Sept 1878 at Teeswater (Rom Cath) 001396-78 (Bruce Co) William COCHRANE, 37, farmer, Ontario, Co Bruce, s/o William COCHRANE and Margaret MOFFAT married Elizabeth Jane McNALLY, 20, Twp of Brant, Twp of Brant, d/o George McNALLY and Ann WATSON, witness - James C. RANKIN and Mary Anne McNALLY, March 21, 1878, Brant
001583/78 (Bruce Co) John COFFEY, 27, farmer, Canada, Glenelg, s/o Patrick COFFEY & Catherine JOHNSON, married Mary Jane HICKEY, 19, Canada, Bentinck, d/o Patrick HICKEY & Ellen BOYLE, witn: Patrick HICKEY & Ellen HICKEY of Bentinck, 25 November 1878, Walkerton 1542-78 William CONRON, 29, teacher, Simcoe Co., Bruce, s/o Thomas & Frances, married Martha ENGLISH, 29, Hastings Co., Bruce, d/o Charles & Elizabeth, witn: Richard BEST & Annie RICHARDSON, both of Bruce, 16 Sept 1878 at Bruce
001639/78 (Bruce Co) Donald COOK, 24, farmer, Southampton, Saugeen Twp, s/o John COOK & Catherine COOK, married Ida HAINES, 21, Paris, Southampton, d/o David HAINES & Abigail HAINES, witn: Annie COOK of Saugeen Twp & James McGREGOR of Southampton, 3 October 1878, at the residence of James GOURLAY M.A. in Port Elgin 001401-78 (Bruce Co) William CORDUCH (Cordrick?), 22, merchant, Brant Twp, Ellengowan - Brant Twp, s/o James and Sarah married, Catherine SCOTT, 19, Ireland, Greenock Twp., d/o James and Jane, witness - John McWILLIAMS and Elizabeth SCOTT, April 23, 1878, Paisley
1480-78 Francis COSLEY, 24, fisherman, Ontario, Southampton, s/o Donald & Mary, married Susan SESSIER?, 20, Glengarry Co., Southampton, d/o John & Adeline, witn: Francis LONGE & Mary SESSIER, both of Southampton, 1 Jan 1878 at Southampton 001413-78 (Bruce Co) John COUCH, 27, farmer, Ontario, Brant, s/o James and Judith COUCH married Agnes KEEFER, 16, Ontario, Brant, d/o Jacob KEEFER and Emily BARRETT, witness - Joseph EDGE and Thomas Howard ROLSTON, September 18, 1878, Twp Brant
001637/78 (Bruce Co) George CRAIG, 35, merchant, Canada, Port Elgin, s/o Timothy CRAIG & Margaret MILLAR, married Elizabeth ROSS, 22, Canada, Port Elgin, d/o Arthur ROSS & Elizabeth MILNE, witn: Samuel ROETHER & Elsie ROSS both of Port Elgin, 1 October 1878, at the residence of brides father in Port Elgin 001576/78 (Bruce Co) Thomas CRISPIN, 22, farmer, Brant, Brant, s/o John CRISPIN & June SCOTT, married Emily WOODS, 19, Elena? Ontario, Brant, d/o John WOODS & Sarah A. WHITING, witn: Hiram J. WOODS & Mary WOODS of Brant, 9 October 1878, Walkerton
1423-78 James CROMAR, 42, farmer, England, Greenock, s/o James & Sarah, married Charlotte SMITH, 51, widow, England, Greenock, d/o Joseph & Susanna BACON, witn: William ROSS of Riversdale & James G. WARDROPE of Teeswater, 24 Oct 1878 at Teeswater 001364/78 (Bruce Co) William CROOKSHANK, 24, farmer, Canada, Arran, s/o James CROOKSHANK & Sarah JENKINS, married Margaret Jane TALBOT, 21, Canada, Arran, d/o Boyle TALBOT & Barbara TALBOT, witn: Boyle TALBOT & Barbara TALBOT of Arran, 21 March 1878, Arran
1378-78 John CRUIKSHANK, 30, farmer, Scotland, Arran, s/o William & Ann, married Sarah GRAFTON, 20, Saugeen, Arran, d/o William & Ann, witn: James CRUIKSHANK & Mary Ann GRAFTON, both of Southampton, 10 Jan 1878 at Arran #001527-78 (Bruce Co) Francis CUMMING, 30, b. Scotland, of Huron Twp, Farmer, s/o James & Ann CUMMING, married Charlotte Elizabeth HARRISON, 20, b. Canada, of Huron Twp, d/o James & Dorothy Ann HARRISON, witnesses: James ANDERSON & Deborah HARRISON, both of Huron Twp, on 10 April 1878 at Huron Twp
001392-78 (Bruce Co) Henry CUYLER, 23, grocer, Canada, Town of Kincardine, s/o William CUYLER and Sarah GAMMONDS married Rachel SMYTH, 21, Canada, Kincardine, d/o William SMYTH and Harriet SHAW, witness - Maggie COSTES and Nellie FROST, February 1, 1878, Hanover 1284-78 (Bruce Co): Charles W.W. DALTON, 24, farmer, England, Eastnor, s/o Jonathan & Grace Elizabeth, married Harriet Maria SLOCUM, 17, Canada, Eastnor, d/o Daniel W. & Margaret, witn: John SCOTT & Ellen Frances WRIGHT, both of Eastnor, 15 Jan 1878 at Eastnor
1462-79 George H. DAVIDSON, 25, farmer, New Brunswick, Saugeen twp., s/o John & Margaret, married Sarah SCHATZ, 19, Waterloo twp., Saugeen twp., d/o John & Barbara, witn: George & Jessie CRAIG of Toronto, 3 July 1878 at Southampton 001402-78 (Bruce Co) John DAVIDSON, 24, tailor, Aberdeen Scotland, Pinkerton, s/o James DAVIDSON and Isabella SMITH married Frances Jane HUNTER, 24, Peterborough, Brant Twp, d/o Richard HUNTER and Luetitia ANTWISSEL, witness - William HUNTER and Margaret DAVIDSON, March 1, 1878, Brant
001365/78 (Bruce Co) Hugh DAVIS, 27, farmer, Ontario Canada, Arran, s/o John & Maria DAVIS, married Lucy McFAUL, 22, Ontario Canada, Arran, d/o John & Susan McFAUL, witn: Robert HANBIDGE & Eliza DAVIS both of Arran, 8 May 1878, Arran 001589/78 (Bruce Co) Edward DAVIS, 41, widower, tailor, England, Kincardine, s/o Edward & Kate DAVIS, married Mrs. Mary GRAHAM, 40, widow, Scotland, Kincardine, d/o John & Catherine REA, witn: James BALLENTYNE & E.J. HILTS of Kincardine, 30 January 1878, Kincardine
#001594-78 (Bruce Co.) Harry DEAN, 21, b. England, of Galt, Telegraph operator, s/o Edward & Jane DEAN, married Jennie DENNING, 20, b. Canada, of Kincardine, d/o James & Sarah Ann DENNING, witnesses: James T. PHILPS of Galt & Jennie CAMPBELL of Mayfair P.O., on 28 May 1878 at Kincardine 1377-78 Henry DICK, 43, widower, farmer, Caledonia Ont., Arran, s/o David & Rachel, married Ann Jane HARPER, 28, St. Lawrence NY, Arran, d/o George & Ann Jane, witn: Donald McKECHNIE & Jemima HARPER, both of Arran, 22 Jan 1878 at Arran
#001446-78 (Bruce Co.) William Adams DICKIE, 28, b. Puslinch, of same, Farmer, s/o John DICKIE & Elizabeth ADAMS, married Elizabeth H. ARCHIBALD, 24, b. Puslinch, of Lucknow, d/o John ARCHIBALD & Mary McNAUGHTON, witnesses: James ARCHIBALD of Lucknow & Maggie DICKIE of Puslinch, on 8 May 1878 at Lucknow 001336/78 (Bruce Co) Martin DIEBOLD, 26, labourer, Wellesley Waterloo, Carrick, s/o Lawrence DIEBOLD & Walcurga SCHERIAN, married Mary FORTNEY, 22, Waterloo Co, Carrick, d/o John FORTNEY & Ann Mary DIEMERT, witn: Jas. DIEMERT, PETER SCHWARTZ, Clara DIEMERT and Mary DIEMERT all of Carrick, 26 November 1878, Belfort Carrick
001335/78 (Bruce Co) Peter Anthony DIEMERT, 22, druggist, Wilmot Waterloo, Walkerton, s/o Anthony DIEMERT & Mary Ann HINSPERGER? married Helena SCHEIL, 18, Dundee Waterloo, Mildmay Bruce Co, d/o Charles SCHEIL & Elizabeth GRAPER, witn: George SCHEIL, Anthony DENNIST, Catherine SCHEIL & Ronnie GRASSER all of Carrick, 25 November 1878, Mildmay 1373-78 Robert DOIG, 26, farmer, Quebec, Arran, s/o Andrew DOIG & Jeannette HALL, married Ann Jane HUMES, 20, USA, Arran, d/o Charles HUMES & Jane MORROW, witn: Thomas JOHNSTON & Mary Jane BRINKMAN, both of Arran, 4 March 1878 at Arran
001571/78 (Bruce Co) Charles Thomas DOYLE, 29, Insurance agent, Prince Edward Island, Walkerton, s/o John DOYLE & Sarah A. PARKER, married Leila Donnell SWANTON, 21, Bath Maine N.S., Walkerton, d/o Thomas SWANTON & Lucy L. PIERCE, witn: Ellen BELL & Alice M. J. BELL of Walkerton, 30 September 1878, Walkerton 001554/78 (Bruce Co) Patrick DOYLE, 26, laborer, Canada, Wawanosh, s/o Patrick DOYLE & Mary KILBRIDE, married Rose TRACY, 22, Canada, Pinkerton, d/o Richard TRACY & Ellen HEALY, witn: Henry McCULLOUGH of Wawanosh & Mary Ann KENNEDY of Pinkerton, 5 February 1878, Walkerton
001506/78 (Bruce Co) Benjamin Walter DUCKER, 22, teacher, Peel Co, North Bruce, s/o William DUCKER & Jessie BRUCE, married Melinda WORLAND, 15, Whitchurch, North Bruce, d/o Elias WORLAND & Elizabeth GIRVEN?, witn: Charles SHELL & Jennie SHELL both of North Bruce, 8 March 1878, 2nd Conc. Saugeen Twp. North Bruce [faded reg’n] 001644/78 (Bruce Co) Thomas DUNN, 27, minister, Ireland, North Bruce, s/o John DUNN & Christina CLARK, married Janet RICHARDSON, 18, Bruce, North Bruce, d/o blank, witn: Thomas GEORGE of Saugeen & Joseph SEAFORT of Bruce, 12 December 1878, residence of brides father in Port Elgin
001550/78 (Bruce Co) Henry ELLERBRUN, 26, farmer, Canada, Formosa, s/o Henry ELLERBRUN & Elizabeth MEEKERS, married Mary KARTES, 19, Canada, Dunkeld, d/o Peter KARTES & Mary SCHERRIDAY?, witn: John KARTES & Sophia ELLERBRUN both of Canada, 22 January 1878, Walkerton 1472-78 Amos ELLIOTT, 22, farmer, Dunville, Saugeen, s/o Sidney M. & Margaret, married Sarah TURNER, 24, Southampton, same, d/o James & Elizabeth, witn: W. J. PATTERSON & E. J. ELLIOTT, both of Saugeen twp., 25 June 1878 at Southampton
001549/78 (Bruce Co) William ELMORE, 29, farmer, Seneca Ontario, Walpole Ontario, s/o John ELMORE & Charlotte HAYNES, married Mary McDONALD, 21, Walpole Ontario, Walpole Ontario, d/o Peter McDONALD & Ann blank, witn: Charles BARREY of Brant & Jessie H. MOFFAT of Walkerton, 22 January 1878, Walkerton 1379-78 John ESPLEN, 40, widower, farmer, Dummer Ont., Arran, s/o Alexander & Jane, married Elizabeth BLACK, 21, Allandale Ont., Arran, d/o John & Mary, witn: Donald McKECHNIE & Dugald McLEAN, both of Arran, 25 April 1878 at Arran
001569-79 (Bruce) John FAIR, 46, farmer, Canada, Bervie, widower, s/o William & Nancy FAIR, to Margaret CUYLER, 40, Ireland, Bervie, widow, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth GAULEY, wit: James STURGEON & Eliza Jane STURGEON both of Bervie, 25 November 1878, Bervie 1533-78 (Bruce Co): William FERGUSON, 30, farmer, Scotland, Saugeen, s/o Duncan FERGUSON & Grace BARR, married Mary WILKIE, 22, Ontario, Saugeen, d/o Duncan WILKIE & Janet MILLOY, witn: Donald McCANNEL & Flora WILKIE, 15 Jan 1878 at Underwood
001569/78 (Bruce Co) Daniel FISHER, 26, machinist, Isle of Wight, Brantford, s/o Daniel FISHER & Margaret HYSLOP, married Margaret ERDMANN, 22, Elmira Ontario, Walkerton, d/o John B. ERDMANN & Anna OTTERBEIN, witn: William MORRISON & Anne LAMB of Walkerton, 5 September 1878, Walkerton 1304-78 Joseph FISHER, 26, farmer, Waterloo Co., Carrick, s/o Michael FISHER & Cate Regina ZETTEL, married Anna BEITZ (Bestz?), 18, Carrick, same, d/o Jacob BEITZ & Cate Anna SCHNELL, witn: Charles SCHENK of Waterloo Co., Regina ZETTEL of Culross and John FISHER & Mary BEITZ of Carrick, 19 Feb 1878 at Formosa (Rom Cath)
001318/78 (Bruce Co) Lawrence FRITZ, 29, farmer, Wilmot Twp, Greenock Twp, s/o Jacob FRTIZ & Julia FLACKMANN, married Elizabeth ILLERBRAUN, 21, Carrick Twp, Carrick Twp, d/o Henry ILLERBRAUN & Elizabeth WEIGUS, witn: Jacob FRITZ of Greenock, William ILLERBRAUN & Sophia ILLERBRAUN both of Carrick & Seula? FRITZ of Greenock, 14 May 1878, Formosa 1305-78 Johanas FRITZ, 26, farmer, Waterloo Co., Greenock, s/o Jacob FRITZ & Yeula HARMIGGE?, married Mary Ann BRICK, 22, Waterloo Co., Culross twp., d/o Michael BRICK & Mary DETZLER, witn: Louis BRICK & Barbara LEHMAN of Culross and Jacob & Yeula FRITZ of Greenock, 19 Feb 1878 at Formosa (Rom Cath)
001546/78 (Bruce Co) Sebastian FRYFOGEL, 26, farmer, North Easthope Ontario, Turnberry, s/o John FRYFOGEL & Catherine McFARLANE, married Jessie SMALL, 23, Waterloo Ontario, Hanover Bruce, d/o John SMALL & Catherine HAY, witn: John FRYFOGEL of Turnberry & Ellen BELL of Walkerton, 2 January 1878, Walkerton 1439-79 Angus GILLIS, 26, carpenter, Canada, Culross, s/o Daniel & blank, married Mary Ann MORRISON, 22, Canada, Culross, d/o Angus MORRISON & Mary STEELE, witn: Daniel GILLIS & Flora MORRISON, 18 Nov 1878 at Teeswater
001393-78 (Bruce Co) John GRAHAM, 24, farmer, Wellington Co, Brant Twp, s/o Robert GRAHAM and Sarah VANE married Sarah LAURIE, 19, Australia, Brant, d/o James S. LAURIE and Sarah McDANIEL, witness - James GRAHAM and Mary Scott LAURIE, January 17, 1878, Brant Twp. #001622-78 (Bruce Co): Henry GRAHAM 22, Beechville, Saugeen, Yeoman, s/o John GRAHAM & Elis. CRAWFORD, married Selina BROOKS, 18, Peel Twp., Saugeen, d/o Henry BROOKS & Margaret CROZIER, witn.- Archibald WILKIE, Port Elgin & George BROOKS, Saugeen Twp. 10 April 1878 at the residence of Henry BROOKS, Saugeen
1291-78 (Bruce Co): James GRAHAM, 23, farmer, Ontario, Elderslie, s/o John & Frances, married Mary TYFNIES, 22, Canada, Arran twp., d/o William & Jennett, witn: William GRAHAM & Mary A. LANGSTAFF, both of Arran twp., 23 May 1878 at Chesley 001309/78 (Bruce Co) George GRESS, 29, farmer, North Dumfries Ontario, Carrick, s/o Philip GRESS & Anna Maria GRESS, married Ann McDONALD, 25, Bentinck, Bentinck, d/o Neil McDONALD & Mary BLACK, witn: Angus McPHAIL of Carrick & Mary McINNES of Walkerton, 17 April 1878, Carrick
#001592-78 (Bruce Co.) Andrew GRIFFITH, 25, b. Canada, of Kincardine, Farmer, s/o Andrew & Jane GRIFFITH, married Mary Ann BEATTIE, 19, b. Canada, of Kincardine, d/o James & Margaret BEATTIE, witnesses: Edward BEATTIE & Emily J. TODD of Pine River, [undated] at Kincardine 001324/78 (Bruce Co) John GRUB, 22, wagon maker, County Waterloo Ontario, Carrick, s/o Philip GRUB & Anna STETSGER, married Maria SCHWARTZBACH, 21, Carrick, Carrick, d/o Francis SCHWARTZBACH & Theresa LANG, witn: Henry PRIESTER, Lizzie ZETTLER, Joseph HOFFARTH & Maria GRUB all of Carrick, 5 October 1878, Carlsruhe
1456-78 John HALL, 23, farmer, England, Greenock, s/o John HALL & Margaret YOUNG, married Catherine DEBLER, 20, Berlin Ont., Greenock, d/o Henry DEBLER & Cecila AHRENS, witn: James BURROWS & Robert McNEIL, both of Greenock, 22 Jan 1878 at Greenock 001584/73 (Bruce Co) Charles A. HAMBLETON, 27, farmer, Peel Ontario, Drayton Ontario, s/o Eli HAMBLETON & Hannah ALLEN, married Marjory MANN, 30, Esquesing Ontario, Drayton Ontario, d/o Hugh MANN & Helen McDONALD, witn: George JOHNSON & Annie WILLIAMSON of Walkerton, 20 November 1878, Walkerton
001362/78 (Bruce Co) John HAMILTON, 24, farmer, Canada, Twp Derby, s/o John HAMILTON & Isabella ELLIS, married Jane LOCKE, 22, Canada, Arran, d/o Charles LOCKE & Sarah HEAD, witn: John SMITH & Christina BROWN both of Arran, 6 March 1878, Arran 1382-78 James HAMMELL, 23, farmer, Ontario, Arran, s/o Francis & Catherine, married Ellen Jane KIRKPATRICK, 22, Ontario, Arran, d/o Thomas & Letitia, witn: William HAMMELL & Catherine GRIFFITH, both of Arran, 1 Nov 1878 at Arran
001631/78 (Bruce Co) John HARMAN, 23, yeoman, King, Brant, s/o Emanuel HARMAN & Elizabeth SEGEL, married Matilda GARROW, 20, King, Guelph, d/o Peter GARROW & Fanny GINN, witn: Jos. DELAGER & James EATON both of Port Elgin, 15 February 1878, at the residence of Joseph DELAGER 001656-79 (Bruce) Noble HARPER, 28, farmer, Ont., Kinloss, s/o William & Jane HARPER, to Janet McKENZIE, 25, Ont., Lucknow, d/o James & Isabella McKENZIE, wit: William J. HARPER & Mary Jane HARPER both of Kinloss, 25 December 1878, Kinloss
1286-78 (Bruce Co): William B. HEATH, 22, farmer, Marsden illegible England, Eastnor, s/o John & Gem, married Eliza A. WAUGH, 16, Ontario, Hope Bay, d/o Joseph & Mary, witn: John HEATH & Sarah Jane WAUGH, both of Hope Bay, 25 Dec 1878 at Hope Bay, Eastnor twp 001560/78 (Bruce Co) Jacob HEER, 22, farmer, Hastenback Germany, Greenock, s/o Valentine HEER & Catherine, married Mary DEIBLER, 17, Mersburg Wellington Co, Greenock, d/o Henry DEIBLER & Cecilia, witn: John KING of Walkerton & Margaret DEIBLER of Greenock, 21 March 1878, Walkerton
1299-78 William HEINBROFF , 28, farmer, Ontario, Marquette Manitoba, s/o Thomas HEINBROFF & Mary PIERCE, married Elizabeth LLOYD, 28, Ontario, Elderslie, d/o Marmaduke & Mary, witn: James LLOYD & Minnie HEINBROFF, both of Elderslie, 8 Oct 1878 at Elderslie #001460-78 (Bruce Co): Edward HENNESSY, 25, farmer, Canada, Greenock, s/o William HENNESSY & Mary NEIL, married Mary TOOHEY, 20, Greenock, same, d/o Patrick TOOHEY & Elizabeth COUMMAN, witnesses were P. TOOHEY, John & MJ. COUMMAN and C. DIXON, all of Greenock, 25 Feb 1878 at Chepstow (R.C.)
1461-78 William HENNESY, 23, blacksmith, Canada, Greenock, s/o William HENNESY & Mary NEIL, married Margaret ROURKE, 19, Greenock, same, d/o Michael ROURKE & Mary WELSH, witn: P. DIXON, C. ROURKE, L. LACEY & C. CASHIN, all of Greenock, 25 Feb 1878 at Chepstow 001317/78 (Bruce Co) Joseph G. HERINGER, 22, spinner, Waterloo Co, Carrick, s/o Sebastian HERINGER & Josephine SCHWAB, married Barbara GRASSER, 18, Carrick, Carrick, d/o Alois GRASSER & Lizzie HUEBSWERLIN, witn: William FROHNAPFEL, Peter SCHEIL, Mary HERINGER & Marion GRASSER all of Carrick, 13 August 1878, Mildmay
001590/78 (Bruce Co) William HEWITT, 28, carpenter, Canada, Greenock, s/o James & Charlotte HEWITT, married Eliza YOUNG, 26, Canada, Kincardine Twp, d/o Tunoi? & Sarah YOUNG, witn: William CONNOLLY of Kinloss & Harriett YOUNG of Kincardine, 30 January 1878, Kincardine 001633/78 (Bruce Co) Peter HEWITT, 26, yeoman, Woolwich, Arran, s/o Elijah HEWITT & Cath. BENNER, married Mary STENERNAGEL, 22, Wilmot, Port Elgin, d/o Philip STENERNAGEL & Barbara HERZNER, witn: Ben. SHANTZ & Cunrad STENERNAGEL both of Amabel, 19 March 1878, at the residence of Cunrad STENERNAGEL
1295-78 (Bruce Co): John HILL, 26, widower, laborer, Canada, Walkerton, s/o Henry & Mahala, married Margaret McGILL, 18, Canada, Walkerton, d/o John & Eliza Jane, witn: Alexander McGILVRAY of Greenock & Jane C. CAMPBELL of Elderslie, 1 July 1878 at Elderslie 001598/78 (Bruce Co) Isaac HILL, full, blacksmith, Canada, Kincardine, s/o Albert & Sarah HILL, married Margaret PERRY, under, Canada, Kincardine, d/o John & Jordon PERRY, witn: William McKIBBLE & Margaret RYAN of Kincardine, 20 February? 1878, Kincardine
001665-79 (Bruce) Mancil HODGINS, 22, farmer, Biddulph, same, s/o Edward & Catherine HODGINS, to Mary HODGINS, 20, Kinloss, same, d/o John & Frances HODGINS, wit: Matthew HALDENBY of Culross & Elizabeth HODGINS of Kinloss, 31 December 1878, Kinlough #001434-78 (Bruce Co.) Robert HOUSTON, 27, b. Scotland, of Kinloss, Saw miller, s/o David HOUSTON & Marion CARR, married Margaret McBURNEY, 23, b. Canada, of Kinloss, d/o John McBURNEY & Mary ATKINSON, witnesses: William HOUSTON & Richard McBURNEY, on 19 June 1878 at House of the Bride's Mother
1433-78 George HOWITSON, 22, farmer, Canada, Kinloss, s/o Samuel & Jessie, married Elizabeth McKINNON, 21, Canada, Culross, d/o Lachlan McKINNON & Mary McGREGOR, witn: James McKINNON & James McGREGOR, both of Lucknow, 22 May 1878 at res of Bride's mother (also 1425-78) 001366/78 (Bruce Co) George HUDSON, 23, farmer, Ontario, Arran, s/o George & Elizabeth HUDSON, married Mary Ann GLENN, 22, Ontario, Arran, d/o Joseph & Elizabeth GLENN, witn: Joseph Edge & Charles HUDSON both of Arran, 27 February 1878, Arran
001489/78 (Bruce Co) Ransome HUME, 34, farmer, Ontario, Kincardine Twp, s/o John & Mary HUME, married Mary McCALLUM, 21, Ontario, Kincardine Twp, d/o Angus & Catherine McCALLUM, witn: Robert CHECKLEY & Mary HUME of Kincardine Twp, 6 March 1878, Kincardine Twp. #001447-78 (Bruce Co.) William HUSTON, 34, b. Quebec, of Huron, Farmer, s/o Charles & Jane HUSTON, married Mary Ann HAYS, 22, b. Kincardine Twp, of Huron, d/o John & Lisetta HAYES, witnesses: D. CAMPBELL & Miriam COPELAND, both of Lucknow, on 11 June 1878 at Lucknow
#001640-78 (Bruce Co): John HUTTON, 21, harness maker, Carrick, Bruce Co, Port Elgin, s/o Andrew HUTTON & Agnes McGEE sic McNEE, married Sarah Anne POWELL, 19, Arran Bruce Co, Port Elgin, d/o Thomas POWELL, & Elizabeth FOX; witnesses were James HUTTON, Carrick, Letitia ALLEN, Allenford. 13 Nov 1878 at Port Elgin, residence of brides father #001520-78 (Bruce Co) James IRWIN, 28, b. Ireland, of Huron Twp, Farmer, s/o William & Letita IRWIN, married Isabella CAMERON, 28, b. Scotland, of Huron Twp, d/o Hugh & Ann CAMERON, witnesses: James CAMERON & John McKENZIE, both of Huron Twp, on 26 June 1878 at Huron Twp
#001435-78 (Bruce Co.) Robert JOHNSTON, 24, b. Stanley Twp, of Huron Twp, Farmer, s/o William JOHNSTON & Jane COWAN, married Martha HAMILTON, 22, b. Vaughan Twp, of Huron, d/o Archd. HAMILTON & Mary Jane THOMSON, witnesses: William G. JOHNSTON of Huron & J.S. CAMERON of Kinloss, on 27 June 1878 at Kinloss 001321/78 (Bruce Co) Adam JOHNSTON Jr., 22, farmer, Ontario, Carrick Twp, s/o Adam JOHNSTON & Jane HENRY, married Maria Jane DAVIDSON, 22, Ontario, Mildmay Co Bruce, d/o James DAVIDSON & Sarah Jane DAVIDSON, witn: Alexander GINNS? & Mary D. DAVIDSON both of Mildmay, 20 February 1878, Mildmay
#001591-78 (Bruce Co.) James JOHNSTONE, 23, b. Ireland, of Bervie, Carpenter, s/o George & Eliza JOHNSTONE, married Sarah Louisa(?) MOORE, 19, b. Canada, of Huron Twp, d/o Fred & Mary Ann MOORE, witnesses: David ARMSTRONG & Mary A.F. JOHNSTONE, on 9 January 1878 at Kincardine 001307/78 (Bruce Co) John F. JUCKSCH, 22, carpenter, Prussia, Neustadt, s/o John K. JUCKSCH & Wilhelmina RABE, married Anne HERRINGER, 21, Waterloo County, Neustadt, d/o Sebastian HERRINGER & Josepha SCHUAL, witn: Joseph HERRINGER, William FROHNAPFEL & Maria HERRINGER all of Neustadt & Barbara GRASSER of Carrick, 29 January 1878, Carlsruhe
1481-78 Joseph KASHURE, 19, fisherman, Owen Sound, same, s/o not given, married Lizzie LYTTLE, 18, City of Ottawa, Owen Sound, d/o Thomas & Lizzie, witn: Frances & Maggie SORRELL of Southampton, 18 Jan 1878 at Southampton 001632/78 (Bruce Co) Henry KELLY, 22, laborer, Innisfield, Saugeen, s/o Thomas ROSS & Eliz. KELLY, married Jemima NICHOLSON, 22, Saugeen, Bruce, d/o William NICHOLSON & Elizabeth BAYERS, witn: Andrew POLLOCK & Mary LAMONT both of Saugeen, 28 February 1878, at the residence of William NICHOLSON
001361/78 (Bruce Co) Peter C. KENNEDY, 24, farmer, Canada, Twp Bruce, s/o Angus KENNEDY & Margaret CAMPBELL, married Sarah Ann WILSON, 19, Canada, Arran, d/o Thomas WILSON & Elizabeth DOW, witn: John HUTTON of Port Elgin & Annie LAMBE of Walkerton, 6 March 1878, Arran 1383-78 George KENNEDY, 27, farmer, Ontario, Arran, s/o John KENNEDY & Elizabeth TRELFORD, married Phoebe TRELFORD, 20, Ontario, Arran, d/o George TRELFORD & Sarah SHAW, witn: Francis DYER & Mary KENNEDY, both of Arran, 4 Dec 1878 at Arran
1457-78 Alexander KERR, 25, teacher, Ontario, Brant twp., s/o Duncan KERR & Janet MATHESON, married Ann Jane LEDGERWOOD, 23, Ontario, Greenock, d/o James LEDGERWOOD & Elizabeth WALLACE, witn: Duncan KERR of Carrick & Ansley McGRAW of Greenock, 1 Feb 1878 at Greenock 001311/78 (Bruce Co) George KOCH, 22, yeoman, Wellesley Ontario, Carrick, s/o Henry KOCH & Augusta KOCH, married Catherine DIPPEL, 21, Carrick, Carrick, d/o Peter DIPPEL & Fredericka DIPPEL, witn: Fredrick FILSINGER & Jacob SCHNEIDER both of Carrick, 9 April 1878, Carrick
001323/78 (Bruce Co) Lawrence KOEHENSTEDT, 24, farmer, Preussen, Carrick, s/o Lawrence KOEHENSTEDT & Mary Elizabeth BRANT, married Susan SCHNEIDER, 21, Preussen, Carrick, d/o Michael SCHNEIDER & Angella BACKUS, witn: Joseph & Elizabeth KOEHENSTEDT, and John & Barbara SCHNEIDER all of Carrick, 5 March 1878, Belfort Carrick 1384-78 Charles KRAMER, 39, clerk, England, Owen Sound, s/o Charles Frederick & Ann, married Eleanor MOORE, 27, Ontario, Arran, d/o William & Jane, witn: George & Sarah Jane MOORE of Arran, 10 Dec 1878 at Arran
001338/78 (Bruce Co) Henry LAMONT, 27, farmer, Ontario, Elderslie, s/o James LAMONT & Jamima DUKE, married Mary Ann BEATTIE, 22, Canada, Elderslie, d/o David BEATTIE & Ann Emah CALEDONIA, witn: James LAMONT & Martha McTAVISH both of Paisley, 13 February 1878, Paisley 001518/78 (Bruce Co) Enoch LANGFORD, 27, farmer, Canada, Keppel, s/o Isaac LANGFORD & Jane McROBERTS, married Jessie McDOUGALD, 25, Canada, Keppel, d/o Peter McDOUGALD & Mary LANDER, witn: Cornelius LANGFORD & Agnes McDOUGALD both of Keppel, 7 May 1878, St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church of Wiarton
1381-78 Andrew LANGSTAFF, 23, carpenter, Ontario, Arran, s/o Richard & Margaret, married Eliza Jane BRINKMAN, 19, Ontario, Arran, d/o John & Ann, witn: Robert SOMERVILLE & Mary Ann LANGSTAFF, both of Arran, 15 Oct 1878 at Arran 1376-78 William LOVELL, 24, farmer, England, Saugeen twp., s/o John & Martha, married Mary Ann PEARSON, 23, England, Saugeen twp., d/o Thomas & Sarah E., witn: Frank & Sarah GUEST of Arran, 10 July 1878 at Arran
1544-78 William MALONEY, 25, farmer, Ontario, Inverhuron, s/o Thomas MALONEY & Mary Ann CAMPBELL, married Annie McKENZIE, 25, Nova Scotia, Inverhuron, d/o John McKENZIE & Margaret McDONALD, witn: William GIBB & John McLAY, both of Inverhuron, 24 Oct. 1878 at Inverhuron 1484-78 Adam MANNERS, 24, yeoman, Ontario, Culross twp., s/o Joseph & Caroline, married Mary ROBINSON, 20, Ontario, Kincardine twp., d/o Archibald & Jane, witn: Archie ROBINSON Jr. of Kincardine twp & Harriet E. MANNERS of Culross twp., 23 Jan 1878 at Kincardine twp
001563-1878 (Bruce Co.) Thomas MASTED?, 25, carpenter, England, Walkerton, s/o Thomas & Charlotte, married Margaret TESKEY, 24, Mornington, Walkerton, d/o William & Susan, witn: Charles MOORE & Addie CAMPBELL, both of Walkerton, 5 Jun 1878 at Walkerton. 1307-79 Donald MATHIESON, 38, farmer, Nova Scotia, Kincardine, s/o Hugh & Margaret, married Mary MUNROE, 30, Scotland, Kincardine, d/o Alexander & Ann, witn: John MUNROE & John MATHIESON, both of Kincardine, 11 June 1878 at Kincardine
1538-78 (Bruce Co): Peter McARTHUR, 30, farmer, Scotland, Greenock twp., s/o James & Catherine, married Mary CAMPBELL, 21, Canada, Bruce, d/o John & Kate, witn: John CAMPBELL of Bruce & Archibald ROBERTSON of Tiverton, 13 Feb 1878 at Bruce twp 001645/78 (Bruce Co) Duncan McARTHUR, 34, yeoman, Southwold, Kincardine, s/o Donald McARTHUR & Nancy McCALLUM, married Lavina SHELL, 26, Scott, Port Elgin, d/o Joseph SHELL & Sarah LAMONT, witn: Dougald McARTHUR & John McNESSER? (McNevin?) both of Kincardine, 18 December 1878, residence of brides father in Port Elgin
1296-78 (Bruce Co): William McATTON (or McAlton?), 28, teacher, Ontario, Chesley, s/o Matthew & Battrice ATTON (or Alton?) (sic), married Manda R. CUNNINGHAM, 24, Ontario, Kincardine, d/o Andrew & Jane, witn: William DRUMMOND of Kincardine & Eveline ATTON of Brant, 9 July 1878 at Kincardine 001562-1878 (Bruce Co.) William McBRIDE, 25, farmer, Streetsville, Elderslie, s/o William McBRIDE & Mary CASSELLS, married Sarah Ann PARK, 25, St. Davids, Elderslie, d/o Robert PARK & Anne McCARTNEY, witn: Ellen BELL & John LOGAN, both of Walkerton, 2 Apr 1878 at Walkerton.
001417/78 (Bruce Co) James McCULLOUGH, 30, carpenter, Ireland, Teeswater, s/o Robert & Mary McCULLOUGH, married Jane GREIG, 28, Province Quebec, Teeswater, d/o John GREIG & Susan RITCHIE, witn: Robert McCULLOUGH of Culross & Janet S. RITCHIE, 30 April 1878, Teeswater 001621/78 (Bruce Co) Donald McDONALD, 30, cooper, Scotland, Kincardine, s/o John McDONALD & Bella SMITH, married Elen Hannah HANLEY, 23, Eastern Twp. Quebec, Kincardine, d/o George HANLEY & Elen BAIRD, witn: Robert WATT? of Kincardine & Ann McLEAN of Huron Twp, 24 December 1878, Kincardine
#001523-78 (Bruce Co) Donald McDONALD, 23, b. Scotland, of Goderich, Seaman, s/o Donald & Christie McDONALD, married Christie McLAY, 22, b. Scotland, of Goderich, d/o Roderick McLAY & Margaret McDONALD, witnesses: Donald McLAY of Huron Twp & J. SMITH of Kincardine Twp, on 24 December 1878 at Huron Twp 1290-78 (Bruce Co): Kenneth McDONALD, 27, farmer, Scotland, Sullivan twp., s/o Angus & Catherine, married Janet LAWSON, 27, Scotland, Chesley, d/o Robert LAWSON & Jane TAYLOR, witn: Gregor McGREGOR & Sarah McDONALD, both of Sullivan, 12 Feb 1878 at Chesley
#001522-78 (Bruce Co) Peter McDONALD, 30, b. Scotland, of Huron Twp, Farmer, s/o James & Catherine McDONALD, married Elizabeth IRWING, 25, b. Ireland, of Huron Twp, d/o William & Lucinda IRWING, witnesses: Malcolm McDONALD & James IRWING, both of Huron Twp, on 27 February 1878 at Huron Twp 001626/78 (Bruce Co) Donald McDONALD, 25, farmer, Brock, Bruce, s/o Donald McDONALD & Elizabeth LAMONT, married Hughina McLEOD, 22, West Zorra, Underwood, d/o William McLEOD & Margaret GUNN, witn: Hector McDONALD & Annabelle McLEOD both of Bruce, 15 January 1878, Port Elgin
001625/78 (Bruce Co) Duncan McDOUGALL, 24, farmer, Caledon, Bruce, s/o Duncan McDOUGALL & Isabella PORTERFIELD, married Mary PATTERSON, 24, Blanchard, Bruce, s/o George PATERSON & Annie WILSON, witn: George PATTERSON of Bruce & Mary BLOW of Kincardine, 6 February 1878, Port Elgin 1305-79 William McDUFF, 38, farmer, Scotland, Kincardine, s/o Murdock & Mary, married Christena McDONALD, 29, Nova Scotia, Kincardine, d/o Donald & Catherine, witn: Henry REID & Andrew JOHNSTONE, both of Kincardine, 30 April 1878 at Kincardine (also 1502-78)
001510/78 (Bruce Co) Alexander McGILLIVRAY, 28, farmer, Markham, Bruce Twp, s/o Neil McGILLIVERY & Margaret McKECHNIE, married Sarah McEWING, Argyle Scotland, Saugeen Twp, d/o James McEWING & Elizabeth McPHAIL, witn: Neil Archibald McGILLIVERY of Bruce Twp & Eliza McEWING of Saugeen Twp, 26 December 1878, father of the Brides residence at 2nd conc. Saugeen 001624-78 (Bruce Co): Archibald McGILLIVRAY, 27, Vaughan, Saugeen Twp., Yeoman, s/o Peter & Margaret McGILLIVRAY married Maggie FERGUSON, 26, Bathurst, Port Elgin, d/o James & Amelia FERGUSON. witn.- Maggie SINCLAIR of Saugeen Twp., Neil McGILLIVRAY, Port Elgin, 10 July 1878 at the residence A.G. HERD? Port Elgin
#001437-78 (Bruce Co.) John McGREGOR, 25, b. Glasgow Scotland, of Wingham, Saddler, s/o Duncan McGREGOR & Sarah WATERHOUSE, married Maggie WILSON, 22, b. Greenock, of Lucknow, d/o James WILSON, witnesses: Robert ANDERSON of Kincardine & Jane WILSON of Lucknow, on 23 October 1878 at Lucknow 001604-77 (Bruce) Thomas McGREGOR, 29, yeoman, Seaforth, Brussels, s/o William McGREGOR & Jane Ann RAMSHAW, to Elizabeth NEWSOME, 23, St. Mary’s, Grey, d/o William NEWSOME & Eliza FULLER, wit: L. A. BRINK of Teeswater, 9 January 1878, Teeswater
1540-78 Duncan MacGREGOR, 40, farmer, Ontario, Kincardine twp., s/o Donald MacGREGOR & Ann ANDERSON, married Kate MacKENZIE, 29, Ontario, Bruce twp., d/o Archibald McKENZIE (sic) & Catherine McNAIR, witn: James MacGREGOR of Kincardine twp & James A. ANDERSON of Tiverton, 29 May 1878 at Bruce twp 1543-78 Duncan McKENZIE, 41, farmer, Scotland, Bruce, s/o Murdock & Isabella, married Elizabeth INKSTER, 31, Ontario, Bruce, d/o William INKSTER & Elizabeth McDONALD, witn: Keith WEBSTER of Derby & Isabella INKSTER of Bruce, 24 Sept 1878 at Underwood
1422-78 John McKENZIE, 29, laborer, Ontario, Turnberry, s/o John & Jane, married Elizabeth FERGUSON, 28, Ontario, Turnberry, d/o Joshua & Barbara, witn: J. G. WARDROPE & Janet S. RITCHIE, both of Teeswater, 23 Oct 1878 at Teeswater 001627/78 (Bruce Co) John McKENZIE, 31, sailor, Nova Scotia, Port Elgin, s/o John McKENZIE & Jessie, married Janet FALCONER, 29, Chatham, Port Elgin, d/o Angus FALCONER & Josephine FALCONER, witn: Hector FALCONER & Isabella McKENZIE both of Port Elgin, 13 February 1878, residence of brides father in Port Elgin
001604/78 (Bruce Co) John A. McKINNON, 30, farmer, Cape Breton, Greenock Twp. Ontario, s/o Angus & Catherine McKINNON, married Margaret CAMPBELL, 24, Greenock Twp Ontario, Greenock Twp, d/o Duncan & Elizabeth CAMPBELL, witn: Alexander CAMPBELL & Christina CAMPBELL of Greenock Twp, 5 September 1878, Kincardine #001436-78 (Bruce Co.) Dugald McKINNON, 34, b. Scotland, of Kinloss, Farmer, s/o John McKINNON & Margaret LIVINGSTONE, married Jane McKENZIE, 23, b. Kinloss, of same, d/o Angus McKENZIE & Mary RENNIE, witnesses: Kenneth CAMPBELL of Ashfield & John GRAHAM of Kinloss, on 17 July 1878 at Kinloss
001647/78 (Bruce Co) John McKINNON, 27, agent, Scotland, Port Elgin, s/o Hugh McKINNON & Isabella McLEAN, married Edith McFARLANE, 20, King Twp, Bruce, d/o Alex McFARLANE & Edith SMITH, witn: Charles McFARLANE of Bruce & Thomas DUNN of North Bruce, 1 July 1878, United Brethren parsonage Port Elgin 001600/77 (Bruce Co) Hugh McKINNON, 29, sailor, Scotland, Kincardine Twp, s/o Donald & Margaret, married Annie McKINNON, 19, Bruce Twp, Bruce Co, d/o Neil & Janet, witn: Mary McKINNON & Hector McPHAIL of Kincardine, 2 January 1878, Kincardine
1535-78 (Bruce Co): James MacKINNON, 33, widower, teacher, Scotland, Port Elgin, s/o Angus MacKINNON & Mary McFADDEN, married Maggie TOLMIE, 30, Scotland, Bruce twp., d/o Alexander TOLMIE & Mary FRASER, witn: Neil McGILLIVRAY of Port Elgin & John TOLMIE of Bruce twp., 7 March 1878 at Bruce twp 1304-79 Donald McLEAN, 30, farmer, Scotland, Huron, s/o John McLEOD (sic) & Catherine, married Maggie McDONALD, 25, Scotland, Huron, d/o Donald (Ronald?) & Sarah, witn: Angus McLEOD & John SMITH, both of Huron twp., 23 April 1878 at Kincardine
1536-78 (Bruce Co): Donald McLEAN, 35, widower, farmer, Ontario, Saugeen, s/o John McLEAN & Flora McDONALD, married Mary BROWN, 17, Ontario, Bruce, d/o Allan BROWN & Julia McDONALD, witn: Dugald MARTIN & Christena CARMICHAEL, both of Bruce, 16 March 1878 at Bruce twp 001505/78 (Bruce Co) Archabald McLEAN, 37, farmer, Ontario, Kincardine Twp, s/o Alexander McLEAN & Mariah FLETCHER, married Lydia ELLIS, 21, Ontario, Kincardine Twp, d/o William ELLIS & Mary McGREGOR, witn: William ELLIS of Kincardine Twp & Liman JUDSON of Bruce Twp, 9 December 1878, Tiverton
#001450-78 (Bruce Co.) Malcolm McLELLAN, 30, b. Scotland, of Lucknow, Blacksmith, d/o Neal & Marie McLELLAN, married Marie WRIGHT, 20, b. Hope, of Ashfield, d/o William & Elizabeth WRIGHT, witnesses: Alex. WRIGHT of Ashfield & Marie ROBINSON of Lucknow, on 23 December 1878 at Lucknow 001504/78 (Bruce Co) Roderick McLEOD, 39, tailor, Scotland, Tiverton, s/o Donald McLEOD & Ann Morrison McLEOD, married Margaret URQUHART, 29, Nova Scotia, Kincardine Twp, d/o John URQUHART & Christina KOSS, witn: Donald URQUHART & Duncan McGREGOR of Kincardine Twp, 5 December 1878, Kincardine Twp.
#001309-79 (Bruce Co): Daniel McLEOD, 27, farmer, Canada, Kincardine, s/o Angus & Janet, married Annie McKENZIE, 27, Canada, Kincardine, d/o Hugh McKENZIE & Catherine McLEOD, witnesses were Alexander & John McLEOD of Kincardine twp., 6 Nov 1878 at Kincardine twp. #001310-79 (Bruce Co): George McLEOD, 26, farmer, Canada, Kincardine, s/o John & Rachel, married Barbara McKENZIE, 26, Canada, Kincardine, d/o Hugh & Catherine, witnesses were John & Alexander McLEOD of Kincardine, 6 Nov 1878 at Kincardine
#001641-78 (Bruce Co): Neil McLEOD, 22, fisherman, Canada, Southampton, s/o Alexander & Effie McLEOD, married Annie DARLING, 19, Canada, Southampton, d/o James & Jane DARLING; witnesses were George McLEOD, Maggie DARLING, Southampton. 27 Nov 1878 at Southampton. #001458-78 (Bruce Co): John McLEOD, 26, farmer, Greenock Ont., same, s/o Murdock & Ann, married Flora McDONALD, 20, Greenock, same, d/o Donald L. & Mary Ann McDONALD, witnesses were Angus McDONALD & Maggie WALLACE, both of Greenock, 6 March 1878 at Greenock
1428-78 John McRAE, 28, farmer, Strapeffer? Scotland, Culross, s/o Alexander & Anabella, married Jane McDONALD, 24, Fergus, Culross, d/o John & Margaret, witn: Murdock McKENZIE of Teeswater, 11 Jan. 1878 at Culross 1530-78 (Bruce Co): James McTAVISH, 32, widower, farmer, Ontario, Huron twp., s/o not given, married Jane REID, 20, Canada, Huron twp., d/o not given, witn: John McTAVISH & Elizabeth GRAHAM, both of Huron twp., 11 Sept 1878 at Pine River Manse
001638/78 (Bruce Co) Thomas McVITTIE, 24, farmer, Stratford Ontario, Saugeen, s/o James McVITTIE & Janet McVITTIE, married Jemina WILLISCROFT, 18, Darlington, Southampton, d/o George WILLISCROFT & Eliza WILLISCROFT, witn: Donald COOK of Saugeen & Kate HUNT of Southampton, 1 October 1878, at the residence of Rev. James GOURLAY in Port Elgin 1483-78 Thomas MILLAR, 65, laborer, widower, England, Saugeen, s/o Thomas & Martha, married Maria SHIELDS, 57, widow, NY state, Saugeen Indian Village, d/o William & Mary WATSON, witn: Thomas & Cashne? SOLOMON, both of Saugeen Indian Village, 17 Nov 1878 at Saugeen Indian village
1473-78 William MILLER, 28, blacksmith, Peel Co., Mount Forest, s/o William & Eliza, married Ellen DICKSON, 33, widow, Scotland, Mount Forest, d/o David & Margaret ROBERTSON, witn: Malcolm COOK of Saugeen & David ROBERTSON of Southampton, 29 Jan 1878 at Southampton 1293-78 (Bruce Co): Thomas MOORE, 34, farmer, Canada, Keppel twp., s/o William MOORE & Mary McCALLUM, married Isabella WATSON, 30, widow, Canada, Elderslie, d/o William GREENE & Mary CASSELS, witn: George HARPER of Paisley & Jenny MOORE of Brant, 20 May [probably 1878], at Elderslie
001558/78 (Bruce Co) John MOORE, 23, plasterer, Beachville Ontario, Walkerton, s/o Timothy MOORE & Janet BAKER, married Jane COULTER, 22, Whitby Ontario, Walkerton, d/o James COULTER & Isabella ANDERSON, witn: William J. NICKLE & Margaret COULTER both of Walkerton, 20 February 1878, Walkerton 001565/78 (Bruce Co) Elisha MOORE, 26, plaster, Woodstock Ontario, Walkerton, s/o William MOORE & Eliza SMITH, married Marion J. O'BRIEN, 18, Berlin Ontario, Listowel, d/o Jeremiah O'BRIEN & Anastasia MURPHY, witn: John MOORE & Eliza Jane PINKERTON both of Walkerton, 16 May 1878, Walkerton
1374-78 James MOORE, 22, farmer, Ontario, Derby, s/o John MOORE & Janet GRISDALE, married Mary BARBER, 23, Ontario, Derby, d/o Nathaniel BARBER & Margaret ROSS, witn: Samuel CARLETON & Mary BARBER, both of Derby, 5 March 1878 at Arran 001507/78 (Bruce Co) John MOORE, 22, yeoman, Jordan Ontario, Saugeen Twp, s/o Frederick MOORE & Mary VAUGHAN, married Jane RUTHERFORD, 19, Clark Ontario, Saugeen Twp, d/o Robert RUTHERFORD & Jane REAVIE, witn: Richard CAMPBELL & Elizabeth RUTHERFORD both of Saugeen Twp, 2 April 1878, house of brides father in Saugeen Twp
001407-78 (Bruce Co) Robert NANNER (?), 22, farmer, Nassagawega, Brant Twp, s/o William and Isabella married Azubah STEVENS, 21, South Crosby, Brant Twp, d/o Alphons and Paulina, witness - Joshua REED and Jane O. ATCHISON, May 23, 1878, Edengrove 1478-78 John NAWASH, 20, farmer, Ontario, Saugeen, s/o David & Sophia, married Mary MITCHELL, 16, Ontario, Saugeen, d/o John & Jane, witn: John KAHBAGE & John MITCHELL, both of Saugeen, 17 March 1878 at Saugeen
001503/78 (Bruce Co) William NEIL, 28, farmer, Ireland, Kincardine, s/o William NEIL & Margaret NEIL, married Eliza RUTLEDGE, 18, Canada, Kincardine, d/o James RUTLEDGE & Mary RUTLEDGE, witn: Murdock MORRISON & James STEWART, 20 February 1878, Kincardine #001596-78 (Bruce Co.) Samuel NEIL, full age, b. Canada, of Kincardine, Farmer, s/o William & Margaret NEIL, married Jane REID, full age, b. Canada, of Huron, d/o Alexander & Elizabeth REID, witnesses: Alexander REID of Huron & Mary Ann DAVIES(?) of Kincardine, on 26 March 1878
001334/78 (Bruce Co) Barnabas NETTLETON, 27, farmer, Renfrew County, Howick Twp, s/o Samuel NETTLETON & Elizabeth BURNS, married Mary BAWKS, 19, Durham County, Howick Belmore, d/o James BAWKS & Esther MAY, witn: Lorenzo NETTLETON & Martha BAWKS of Howick, 26 November 1878, Carrick 001330/78 (Bruce Co) John NEUBECKER, 21, carriage maker, Carrick, Mildmay, s/o Nicolas NEUBECKER & Catherine CARTIS, married Therepha VOGT, 19, Culross, Carrick, d/o Samuel VOGT & Magdalena LACHER, witn: Joseph NEUBECKER, Maria SCHAFER, Bernard ALT & Catherine CASTEL all of Carrick, 8 October 1878, Formosa
001594-79 (Bruce Co.) Solomon NICHOLSON, 28, farmer, England, Amabel, s/o John NICHOLSON & Hannah PATTERSON, married Sarah Jane BAINE, 18, Nelson Twp Quebec, Amabel, d/o John BAINE & Ann Jane GIBSON, wtn: Thomas PATTERSON & Caroline PATTERSON both of Amabel, on Dec 3, 1878, at Hepworth 1622-77 William NICHOLSON, 52, widower, Yorkshire England, Bruce, s/o William & Jane, married Margaret AGAR, 54, widow, Ontario, Bruce, d/o John LAWRIE & Isabella, witn: Moses SHERK & John GRAHAM, both of Saugeen, 1 Jan 1878 at res of Mrs. AGAR, Bruce
001564/78 (Bruce Co) James O’BRIAN, 21, painter, Canada, Walkerton, s/o Jeremiah O’BRIAN & Anastasia MURPHY, married Martha MILLER, 18, Canada, Walkerton, d/o Charles MILLER & Nancy FRELIC, witn: Peter DOLAN & Clara MILLER both of Walkerton, 16 May 1878, Walkerton 1386-78 Richard OLDREIVE, 27, carpenter, Stoke England, Arran, s/o John OLDREIVE & Mary BROWN, married Eliza Jane JACQUES, 20, Arran, same, d/o Thomas JACQUES & Susan GRAHAM, witn: John Martin OLDREIVE & Hannah GRANGE, both of Arran, 23 Dec 1878 at Arran
1545-78 Thomas Smith OLDHAM, 30, mechanic, England, Tiverton, s/o John OLDHAM & Eliza CLARK, married Jane MORRISON, 25, Scotland, Inverhuron, d/o Norman MORRISON & Effie SMITH, witn: David McKAY of Kincardine & Dougall McKENZIE of Bruce, 3 Dec 1878 at Inverhuron 001595-78 (Bruce Co.) George L. OLIVER, 35, b. Scotland, of Kincardine, Minister of the Gospel, s/o William & Agnes OLIVER, married Margaret McINTYRE, 25, b. Victoria Co., of Kincardine, d/o John C. McINTYRE & Sarah McEACHERN, witnesses: Donald McLENNAN of Glammis & Ed. Robt. CAMERON of Kincardine, on 2 June 1878 at Kincardine
001564-79 (Bruce) Joseph OSBORNE, 28, farmer, Canada, Huron, s/o James & Mary Jane OSBORNE, to Mary Ann HARRISON, 24, Canada, Huron, d/o James & Dorothe Ann HARRISON, wit: Benjamin OSBORNE & Sarah M. HARRISON both of Huron, 20 November 1878, Huron 001406-78 (Bruce Co) Thomas Hayes OSBORNE, 24, farmer, Esquesing, Twp of Greenock, s/o Albert and Mary, married Eliza Jane WILSON, 18, West Gwillimbury, Twp of Greenock, d/o John and Eliza, witness - W. J. WILSON and Maria McLEAN, May 24, 1878, Greenock
001557/78 (Bruce Co) Mathias PORCHMAN (Poechman?), 24, bricklayer, Canada, Walkerton, s/o Vincent PORCHMAN & Mary SLATER, married Dorothy GEHL, 15, Canada, Walkerton, d/o Charles GEHL & Mary WAUD, witn: John GRUBB & Mary SWARTZBECK both of Carlsruhe, 19 February 1878, Walkerton 001634/78 (Bruce Co) Nathaniel PROCTOR, 27, carpenter, Peel Co, Allenford, s/o William PROCTOR & Mary PROCTOR, married Emily MANCHESTER, 19, Rawdon Quebec, Amabel, d/o William J. MANCHESTER & Elizabeth MANCHESTER, witn: Samuel MANCHESTER & Mary DEAN both of Amabel, 25 June 1878, Port Elgin
001325/78 (Bruce Co) Jacob A. REINHARDT, 25, farmer, Wilmot, Carrick, s/o Jacob REINHARDT & Katherine REINHARDT, married Susannah DIPPEL, 25, Carrick, Carrick, d/o Peter DIPPEL & Frederica DIPPEL, witn: Dietrich DIPPEL of Neustadt & John REINHARDT of Elmwood, 22 October 1878, Carrick 001333/78 (Bruce Co) Frederick RETTINGER, 30, hawker, Waterloo Co, Carrick, s/o Franciscan RETTINGER & Maria SCHLAND, married Clara BECK, 23, Austria, Carrick, d/o George Misch BECK & Anna Thesessa KAUFTRUR?, witn: Joseph SCHEAK, Catherine BECK, John BECK & Marianna MONTEY? of Carrick, 26 November 1878, Formosa
001567/78 (Bruce Co) David ROBERTSON, 26, Barrister, Perth Ontario, Walkerton, s/o Robert ROBERTSON & Betsy ROBERTSON, married Jemima Agnes COLLINS, 23, Stormont Ontario, Walkerton, d/o George COLLINS & Agnes COLLINS, witn: Robert H. ROOS of Montreal & Annie ROBERTSON of Walkerton, 25 July 1878, Walkerton 001630/78 (Bruce Co) John ROBERTSON, 40, widower, mason, Perthshire Scotland, Southampton, s/o John ROBERTSON & Catherine STEWART? married Elizabeth McCULLOCH, 32, Kircudbright Scotland, Bruce, d/o John McCULLOCH & Elizabeth McCULLOCH, witn: Mary McCULLOCH & Hugh McCULLOCH both of Twp Bruce, 22 March 1878, residence of John McCULLOCH in Port Elgin
001331/78 (Bruce Co) John RONSTETTLER, 21 yeas 6 months, carpenter, Waterloo Co, Carrick, s/o Louis RONSTETTLER & Christina POHL, married Theresa BRUDER, 18, Formosa, Carlsruhe, d/o William BRUDER & Margaret MURPHY, witn: John Mathias RICK (Rietz?), Maria HOFFARTH, Nicolas HOFFARTH & Marie BRUDER, 29 October 1878, Carlsruhe 1453-78 Henry M. ROSS, 33, wagon maker, Scotland, Lucknow, s/o Donald & Elizabeth, married Flora McDONALD, 26, Ashfield, same, d/o Donald & Catherine, witn: Dr. McCRIMMON & Alexander McPHERSON, both of Lucknow, 4 Oct. 1878 at Lucknow
001574/78 (Bruce Co) John ROTHWELL, 24, clerk, Ireland, Walkerton, s/o William ROTHWELL & Elizabeth ROTHWELL, married Ida DUGAN, 22, United States, Walkerton, d/o Joseph DUGAN & Sarah DUGAN, witn: James ROTHWELL of Berlin & Georgina ROTHWELL of Walkerton, 8 October 1878, Walkerton 1537-78 (Bruce Co): Thomas ROWAN, 27, farmer, Manvers twp., Greenock twp., s/o John ROWAN & Ann NELSON, married Jenny FERGUSON, 20, Charlottenburg twp., Glammis, d/o William FERGUSON & Margaret McLENNAN, witn: John CAMPBELL & William ROWAN, both of Greenock, 3 April 1878 at Glammis
001400-78 (Bruce Co) Robert ROWLAND, 25, farmer, Rurlingham (?) - Norfolk England, Brant Twp, s/o Robert and Susan married Maggie McDONALD, 25, Puslinch, Brant, d/o John and Sarah, witness - John ROWLAND and Mary McDONALD, April 2, 1878, Brant 001568/78 (Bruce Co) William ROWLAND, 31, widower, teamster, Devonshire England, Clifford, s/o Richard ROWLAND & Jane HURRALL, married Elizabeth LEICK, 20, Lincolnshire England, Clifford, d/o Thomas LEICK & Eliza BURN, witn: John CHAMBERS & Marion MOORE both of Walkerton, 27 August 1878, Walkerton
001319/78 (Bruce Co) John RUMIG, 25, farmer, Wilmot, Carrick, s/o Joseph RUMIG & Marian DIERN, married Agatha KOCHER, 19, Mornington Twp, Carrick Twp, d/o Louis KOCHER & Mary MAYER, witn: Joseph KOCHER, Alexander KRUNTZ, Catherine KOCHER & Catherine REISING all of Carrick, 14 May 1878, Belfort Carrick 1466-78 William RUMIG, 45, widower, laborer, Germany, Pinkerton, s/o Philip & Margaret, married Mary Jane FOUNDEN, 30, Canada, Pinkerton, d/o Louis & Mary, witn: Aaron HARRISON & William GORMAN, both of Pinkerton, 8 Sept 1878 at Pinkerton
1541-78 Michael RUSSELL, 65, widower, farmer, Ireland, Bruce, s/o John RUSSELL & Bridget BOYLE, married Margaret EVANS, 52, widow, Ireland, Goderich, d/o Thomas CONNEL & Bridget COLLINS, witn: William C. VALENTINE of Paisley & Isabella McLEOD of Underwood, 21 Aug 1878 at Underwood (Rom Cath) 1429-78 Thomas RUTHERFORD, 26, carpenter, Ayr, Wingham, s/o George & Sarah, married Catherine McKINNON, 24, Brantford, Culross, d/o Neil & Ann, witn: William LOUTES? (Tontes?) of Teeswater & Margaret McKINNON of Culross, 5 Feb 1878 at Teeswater
001553/78 (Bruce Co) Michael SCHAEFTER, 24, shoemaker, Canada, Walkerton, s/o Naron? SCHAEFTER & Mary, married Mary Ann RIES, 19, Canada, Walkerton, d/o Joseph RIES & Mary LIDDELL, witn: Jacob SCHAEFTER & Kate RIES both of Walkerton, 4 February 1878, Walkerton 1303-78 Christopher SCHNEIDER, 21, farmer, Waterloo Co., Formosa, s/o Deibald SCHNEIDER & Barbara FREIBERGER, married Maria HELL, 20, Waterloo Co., Formosa, d/o Joseph HELL & Christiana RAU, witn: Johana HELL, Harriet NEVSACK? and Feronice? & Johana FERINBACH, 12 Feb 1878 at Formosa (Rom Cath)
001329/78 (Bruce Co) Theodore SCHNITZLER 22, farmer, Wellesley, Carrick, s/o Michael SCHNITZLER & Theresa SCHMIDT, married Mary STRODER, 20, Neustadt, Carrick, d/o Mathew STRODER & Ann DRUAR, witn: Joseph & Maria SCHNITZLER and James & Agnes STRODER all of Carrick, 8 October 1878, Belfort Carrick 001561-1878 (Bruce Co.) Christian SCHRAMM, 28, carpenter, Schomberg Germany, Palmerston, s/o Gottfried & Mary, married Mary ALLANDORF, 24, Lingelbach Germany, Walkerton, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: John SCHNEIDER & Anna KRUGER, both of Walkerton, 2 Apr 1878 at Walkerton
1474-78 Samuel SCOTT, 27, farmer, Albion twp., Elderslie twp., s/o Samuel & Eleanor Ann, married Rebecca McCARTNEY, 22, "Toronto twp. Co. of York", Brant twp., d/o Blackley & Eastor, witn: William SCOTT of Elderslie twp & Jane McCARTNEY of Brant twp., 8 June 1878 at Southampton 1452-78 Robert SCOTT, 22, painter, Ireland, Lucknow, s/o James & Charlotte, married Elizabeth A. ARMSTRONG, 23, Middlesex, Lucknow, d/o Leonard & Tamar, witn: George SMITH & Mary ARMSTRONG, both of Lucknow, 1 July 1878 at Lucknow
1282-78 (Bruce Co): David SCOTT, 22, farmer, Canada, Eastnor twp., s/o David & Sarah, married Jemima GREEN, 22, Canada, Albermarle twp., d/o Edward & Agnes, witn: James SCOTT of Eastnor & Abigail GREEN of Albermarle, 14 Feb 1878 at res of bride's father, Albermarle 001515/78 (Bruce Co) Henry SHANNON, 29, farmer, Germany, Amabel, s/o Frederick SHANNON & Caroline SHANNON, married Rachel BLENKIN, 19, Canada, Amabel, d/o Thomas BLENKIN & Hannah BLENKIN, witn: George SLING & Louise SHANNON of Amabel, 20 September 1878, Owen Sound
1285-78 (Bruce Co): William SHAW, 26, farmer, Blanshard twp., Eastnor, s/o Richard & Sarah Ann, married Margaret Ann McCAULEY, 19, Ontario, Eastnor, d/o F. & S., witn: Robert HAYES & Margaret BOYLE, both of Eastnor, 23 Dec 1878 at Eastnor 001339/78 (Bruce Co) Lewis Harry SHEGGINGS? (Spriggings?), 35, merchant, England, Paisley, s/o George & Blanche SHEGGINGS?, married Jane Elizabeth HALL, 31, widow, Canada, Paisley, d/o William & Jane HALL, witn: Frank GRANGE & J. CAMPBELL both of Paisley, 5 March 1878, Paisley
1471-78 Michael SHIELDS, 21, farmer, Ontario, Amabel twp., s/o James & Maria, married Mary JOSHUA, 18, Ontario, Saugeen Indian village, d/o William George & Eliza, witn: Alick BIRD & Pollie CHRISTIE, both of Saugeen Indian Village, 27 May 1878 at Saugeen 001612/78 (Bruce Co) John SMITH, 32, engineer, Banffshire, Wingham, s/o James & Catherine SMITH, married Sarah McLEOD, 20, widow, Bruce Co. Ontario, Kincardine, d/o John & Johanna McKAY, witn: Hugh McKAY & John McKAY, 21 August 1878, Kincardine
001516/78 (Bruce Co) Hiram SMITH, 24, millwright, 24, Haldimand Co, Amabel, s/o James B. SMITH & Elizabeth B. SMITH, married Lizzie JOHNSTON, 22, Durham Co, Hepworth, d/o blank CULLY (adopted d/o Robert JOHNSTON) , witn: Thomas HUGHES & Mary L. FLETCHER, 9 October 1878, Hepworth 1451-78 Thomas SMITH, 21, farmer, Blanford, Kinloss twp., s/o Thomas & Sarah, married Helen ALEXANDER, 17, Quebec, Kinloss, d/o William & Catherine, witn: Henry ALEXANDER & Sarah SMITH, both of Kinloss, 24 Dec 1878 at Lucknow
1617-77 George SMITH, 23, miller, Waterloo, Port Elgin, s/o Barthold & Margaret, married Catherine SHAFER, 18, Waterloo, Port Elgin, d/o John & Catherine, witn: Henry SMITH of Port Elgin & Andrew MITCHELL, 2 Jan 1878 at res of Mrs. B. SMITH, Port Elgin #001642-78 (Bruce Co): Robert SMITH, 30, farmer, Ireland, Saugeen, s/o Burrows SMITH & Sarah MOORE, married Margaret ROSS, 19, Ontario, Port Elgin, d/o Arthur ROSS & Elspet MILNE; witnesses were Niel D McKINNON, Bruce, Jane ROSS, Port Elgin. 27 Dec 1878 at Port Elgin, res of bride.
001394-78 (Bruce Co) Johnston SMITH, 48, mill owner, Scotland, Elmwood, s/o David SMITH and Margaret McKINLEY (or McKINLY) married Mary Ann COOK, 35, Ireland, Elmwood, d/o Charles and Jane COOK, witness - Thomas K. SMITH and Mary BARTLEMAN, February 14, 1878, at Brant twp 001408-78 (Bruce Co) William SOLE, 24, mechanic, Leeds, Elmwood - Grey Co, s/o William SOLE and Isabella COUTTS married Mary BARTLEMAN, 19, Co Bruce, Twp Brant, d/o Mathew BARTLEMAN and Janet SMITH, witness - William WATSON and Jennet SMITH, June 5, 1878, Malcolm
1465-79 John H. SPENCE, 26, mariner, Southampton, same, s/o John & Jane, married Martha RUSH, 23, Owen Sound, Southampton, d/o John & Margaret, witn: Mary E. SPENCE of Southampton & John HARRISON of Hamilton, 27 Dec 1878 at Southampton 001322/78 (Bruce Co) Donald SUTHERLAND, 25, merchant, West Gwillimbury, Toronto, s/o William SUTHERLAND & Elizabeth MOWAT, married Alice A. DICKSON, 25, Scarborough, Carrick, d/o James DICKSON & Mary HARKNESS, witn: Adam DARLING & Mary DICKSON of Carrick, 20 February 1878, Carrick
001412-78 (Bruce Co) Lewis TANNER, 22, farmer, Canada, Twp Brant, s/o John TANNER and Mary KELLAR married Maria MAUER, 19, Co Grey, Twp Bentinck, d/o Elias MAUER and Henrietta BLUM, witness - Elias MAUER and John LOGIE (?), October 22, 1878, Twp Brant 001405-78 (Bruce Co) James W. TAYLOR, 27, farmer, Brock, Brant, s/o James TAYLOR and Mary Anne MAJORES (?) married Mary McCONNELL, 27, Brant Twp, Brant Twp, d/o William McCONNELL and Rachel CHAMBERS, witness - Joseph McCONNELL and Ada SMITH, May 22, 1878, Brant Twp
1431-78 William John TAYLOR, 26, farmer, Nelson twp., Kinloss, s/o Thomas & Mary Jane, married Jane SHOEBOTTOM, 19, London twp., Kinloss, d/o John & Jane Ann, witn: Hugh TAYLOR & Mary E. SHOEBOTTOM, both of Kinloss, 12 Feb 1878 at res of bride's father, Kinloss 001415/78 (Bruce Co) Daniel TAYLOR, 25, farmer, Sydenham Grey Co, Holland Grey Co, s/o Hugh TAYLOR & Dorothy TAYLOR, married Martha Ann LINDALE, 26, Albion Twp, Brant Bruce Co, d/o Thomas LINDALE & Margaret LINDALE, witn: Joseph EDGE of Chesley & Elizabeth TAYLOR of Holland, 24 December 1878, Brant Twp
1424-78 William Robert THOMPSON, 35, cooper, Port Hope, Teeswater, s/o William & Jane, married Eliza Jane BELL, 25, Dundas, Culross, d/o John & Jane, witn: Robert MACK of Teeswater & Lavenia BELL of Culross, 22 May 1878 at Culross 001528-78 (Bruce Co) Andrew THOMPSON, 27, b. Ontario, of Huron Twp, Farmer, s/o John & Elizabeth THOMPSON, married Jane Ann FINLAY, 24, b. Ontario, of Huron Twp, d/o John & Mary FINLAY, witnesses: Alexander FINLAY & Catherine THILSON (Shilson?), both of Huron Twp, 16 May 1878 at Huron twp
1539-78 (Bruce Co): John Archibald THOMSON, 48, widower, farmer, Scotland, Bruce, s/o Archibald & Elizabeth, married Mary MacLEAN, 30, Scotland, Bruce, d/o Charles & Flora, witn: John PATERSON & Neil McINTYRE, both of Bruce, 21 Feb 1878 at Bruce 1470-78 John THOMSON, 25, farmer, Michigan, Saugeen Indian Reserve, s/o Peter & Betsy, married Hannah KABASHKUNG, 17, Ontario, Saugeen Indian Reserve, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: Richard NOON & Frank KAHZEE, both of Saugeen I.R., 21 April 1878 at Saugeen Indian Reserve
001600/78 (Bruce Co) George THOMSON (a/s), full, farmer, Ireland, Kincardine, s/o John & Eliza THOMPSON, married Catherine KEYS, full, Canada, Huron Twp, d/o Cowan & Mary KEYS, witn: Andrew GRIFFITH & Jane ANDERSON of Kincardine, 1 January 1878 001547/78 (Bruce Co) Thomas K. TODD, 24, farmer, Walkerton, Walkerton, s/o Hugh W. TODD & Elizabeth GUINN, married Mary Jane ROTHWELL, 20, Ireland, Walkerton, d/o William ROTHWELL & Bessie blank, witn: Thomas C. SPENCE & Georgina ROTHWELL both of Walkerton, 9 January 1878, Walkerton
1287-78 (Bruce Co): William TOWNSEND, 69, farmer, England, Scott twp., s/o Joseph & Mary, married Mary TOMLINSON, 70, widow, England, Scott twp., d/o James & Mary BRIGGS, witn: David & Ann ARMSTRONG of Elderslie, 6 Dec 1878 at Chesley 1463-78 John TRIMBLE, 28, farmer, Manvers twp., Howick twp., s/o John TRIMBLE & Jane GRAHAM, married Alexander CAMPBELL, 28, blacksmith, Canada, Glammis, s/o Duncan & Margaret, married Catherine McKENZIE, 20, Canada, Greenock, d/o Donald & Catherine, witn: John & Finley CAMPBELL of Bruce, 5 Feb 1878 at Greenock
1441-78 (Bruce Co): Archibald TRUE, 27, farmer, Ontario, Ashfield, s/o Archibald & Jane, married Frances JELLY, 19, Ontario, Lucknow, d/o William & Mary, witn: Henry RIDDLE of Ashfield & Sarah Ann HUMPHREY, 6 March 1878 at Lucknow #001445-78 (Bruce Co.) George F. TWEED, b. Percy, of Lucknow, Merchant, s/o George & Ann TWEED, married Minerva (?) TRELEAVEN, 19, b. Amherst Island, of Lucknow, d/o John & Eunice TRELEAVEN, witnesses: Mrs. H. TRELEAVEN of Lucknow & Bella CAMPBELL, on 25 March 1878 at Lucknow
001635/78 (Bruce Co) Thomas VANCE, 27, farmer, Cartwright Twp, Arran Twp, s/o Alexander VANCE & Esther VANCE, married Christina CARDICK, 24, Arran, Arran Twp, d/o John CARDICK & Ann Jane CARDICK, witn: Richard VANCE & Ann Jane CARDICK both of Arran, 3 September 1878, Port Elgin 001488/78 (Bruce Co) Edward Oscar VANHORN, 48, widower, farmer, Prince Edward Island, Huron, s/o Cornelius & Ann VANHORN, married Jane BIGGAR, 50, widow, Nova Scotia, Kincardine Twp, d/o James & Ann GILROY, witn: Thomas BROKLEBANK & Jane BROKLEBANK, 21 February 1878, Kincardine
1482-78 Albert WANTEKAKAKA, 29, widower, basket maker, Ontario, Saugeen Indian village, s/o "he does not know", married Jane JONES, 30, widow, Ontario, Saugeen Indian village, d/o James & Elizabeth SHILLING, witn: James B. & Annie JAQUES of Saugeen I.V., 10 Oct 1878 at Saugeen Indian Village 1464-79 Jabez WASHINGTON, 21, farmer, Ontario, Amabel twp., s/o Antony & Elizabeth, married Harriet SAXON, 20, Ontario, Amabel, d/o John & Emma, witn: John & Henry SAXON (Luxon?) of Amabel, 14 Dec 1878 at Wiarton
1294-78 (Bruce Co): Andrew WATT, 33, farmer, Scotland, Elderslie, s/o Francis WATT & Anna YOUNG, married Elizabeth McPHAIL, 23, on the ocean, Chesley, d/o Angus McPHAIL & Jennet GALBRAITH, witn: Frank WATT of 24 Shuter St. in Toronto, & Mary STEVENS of Elderslie, 19 June 1878 at Chesley 1463-79 Edwin WEATHERALL, 24, baker, London England, Southampton, s/o Samuel & Elizabeth, married Robertina McLEOD, 19, Southampton, same, d/o Neil & Mary, witn: James McGREGOR & Maggie McAULAY, both of Southampton, 24 Oct 1878 at Southampton
001332/78 (Bruce Co) Francis Xavier WEBER, 21, wagon maker, Waterloo County, Carrick Carlsruhe, s/o Xavier WEBER & Elizabeth STEHLE, married Maria ZETTLER, 21, Waterloo County, Normandy Twp, d/o Alexander ZETTLER & Elizabeth LAMBERTUS, witn: Wilhelmina WEBER, Magdalena WEBER, Joseph ZETTLER & Maria STROEDER of Carrick, 12 November 1878, Carlsruhe 1554-77 (Bruce Co): Francis Ed. WEBSTER, 25, miller, Ontario, Dundas, s/o Joseph WEBSTER & Mariah GREEN, married Jessie McDONALD, 19, Ontario, Paisley, d/o Joseph McDONALD & Margaret McPHERSON, witn: George E. CHAMBERLAIN & Julia ROWE, both of Paisley, 1 Jan 1878 at Paisley
001636/78 (Bruce Co) Andrew WELSH, 30, farmer, Co Tyrone Ireland, Arran Twp, s/o Stewart WELSH & Margaret WELSH, married Flora GALBRAITH, 19, Colensay Scotland, Arran Twp, d/o Angus GALBRAITH & Julia GALBRAITH, witn: Christina ARMSTRONG & B. Annie GOURLAY both of Port Elgin, 6 April 1878, at the residence of officiating clergyman in Port Elgin 001519/78 (Bruce Co) John Henry WHICHER, 27, farmer, Haldimand, Albemarle Canada, s/o Henry & Harriett WHICHER, married Henrietta Agnes Godfrey LAURIE, 22, Southampton Canada, Keppel, d/o Andrew & Henrietta G. LAURIE, witn: James COVENEY of Albemarle & Henry WHICHER of Amabel, 25 September 1878, Wiarton
001517/78 (Bruce Co) Thomas WIGGINS, 24, wagon maker, Owen Sound, Owen Sound, s/o Thomas WIGGINS & Letitia STONE, married Sarah Elizabeth FRENCH, 19, Keppel, Keppel, d/o John FRENCH & Harriett HILL, witn: Robert AGNEW & Mary JAMIESON of Allenford, 21 May 1878, Allenford 001395-78 (Bruce Co) August WILKEN, 25, farmer, ? - Germany, Brant Twp, s/o Charles WILKEN and Elizabeth BOHMAN married Mary THEDORFF, 18, Dumfries - Co Waterloo, Brant Twp, d/o Frederick THEDORFF and Elizabeth MANTO, witness - Christian THEDORFF, Theodore WILKEN, Hannah THEDORFF, Mary WILKEN, March 5, 1878, St. Peters Church - Brant Twp.
001599/78 (Bruce Co) Edward Harry WILLARD, full, barber, England, Wingham, s/o Robert & Matilda WILLARD, married Anne BELLAMORE, full, Canada, Kincardine, d/o Larence & Julia Ann BELLAMORE, witn: John LOCKE & Ann McKENZIE, both of Kincardine, 23 January 1878, Kincardine 001643/78 (Bruce Co) Andrew WITTMAN, 31, merchant tailor, Austria, Port Elgin, s/o Joseph HUDLEJACK & Barbara WITTMAN, married Anne HAUBUER, 20, Waterloo, Port Elgin, d/o Anthony HAUBUER & Margaret HEPPESER, witn: Anthony HAUBUER & Sarah SHERK both of Port Elgin, 16 October 1878, residence of brides father in Port Elgin
1292-78 (Bruce Co): Cyrus WOLFE, 24, farmer, Ontario, Arran twp., s/o Andrew & blank, married Eliza POOLE, 20, Ontario, Elderslie, d/o Jesse & Phebe, witn: Joseph POOLE of Elderslie & Kate WOLFE of Arran, 26 Feb 1878 at Elderslie 1297-78 (Bruce Co): George WRIGHT, 26, farmer, England, Elderslie, s/o David WRIGHT & Mary LORNE, married Rachel Ann ALEXANDER, 22, Ontario, Elderslie, d/o James ALEXANDER & Elenor LINDSAY, witn: Joseph ALEXANDER & Lizzie WRIGHT, both of Elderslie, 25 Sept 1878 at Elderslie
001548/78 (Bruce Co) William WYNN, 24, bricklayer, Montague Ontario, Walkerton, s/o Edward WYNN & Catherine SHANNON, married Janet McDOUGALL, 19, blank, Harriston, d/o Allan McDOUGALL & Sarah CAMPBELL, witn: Henry C. YOUNG & Archibald CAMPBELL both of Walkerton, 9 January 1878, Walkerton 001403-78 (Bruce Co) John YOUNG, 25, farmer, Huntingdon Que., Brant Twp, s/o William YOUNG and Elizabeth HARDIE married Isabella STEPHEN 28, Culsalmond - Scotland, Brant, d/o William STEPHEN and Mary GLENNIE, witness - Robert YOUNG and Mary STEPHEN, May 8, 1878, Brant