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Bruce Co, 1879, part 2

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001616-79 (Bruce) Robert John AGNEW, 25, farmer, Ont., W. Wawanosh, s/o Jas. & Anna AGNEW, to Lizzie KERR, 24, Scotland, Lucknow, d/o Jas. & Margaret KERR, wit: Andrew KERR of Lucknow & Christopher MATHERS of Kinloss, 26 November 1879, Lucknow  
001363/80 (Bruce Co) Horace BARTLETT, 23, laborer, Bruce Twp Ontario, Hepworth, s/o Horace BARTLETT & Lucinda BROCK, married Louisa MOORE, 23, London Ontario, Hepworth, d/o John MOORE & Louisa SHORT, witn: James & Jane LEDDICOATT both of Invermay, 2 September 1879, Invermay # 001484, George W. BAUMAN, 30, Waterloo twp., Port Elgin, teacher, widower, s/o Noah & Lydia BAUMAN, married Mary BAUMAN, 27, Waterloo twp., Port Elgin, d/o Samuel BAUMAN, mother not recorded, witn:--cleus(?) BAUMAN of Port Elgin & Clarence BAUMAN of West Montrose, on 16 Jult 1879 at Woolwich Ont., J. BAUMAN' s residence. [reg'd in Pt. Elgin]
001528/79 (Bruce Co) Robert BAWKES, 23, farmer, Canada, Howick Twp, s/o James BAWKS (sic) & Esther NAY, married Isabella GRAHAM, 20, Canada, Howick, d/o James GRAHAM & Jane ARMSTRONG, witn: Thomas KENNING of Berlin & Peter DIEMERT of Carrick, 13 November 1879, Mildmay 001647/79 (Bruce Co) Thomas BEARMAN, 32, miller, Ontario, Elderslie, s/o Thomas & Ellen BEARMAN, married Mary Jane MOURON, 17, Ontario, Elderslie, d/o Andrew & Margaret MOURON, witn: Peter McVICAR & R.P. BEARMAN both of Elderslie, 6 September 1879, Elderslie
001651/79 (Bruce Co) John A. BEATON, 26, school teacher, Ontario, Elderslie, s/o Neil BEATON & Agnes DALE, married Margaret CATTO, 21, Ontario, Elderslie, d/o Andrew CATTO & Jane HEPBURN, witn: Abraham SHERIN & Sarah SHERIN both of Chesley, 30 September 1879, Chesley 001540/79 (Bruce Co) William BELL, 33, laborer, King Twp, Elderslie, s/o Rowland & Eliza BELL, married Ann DOCHERTY, 30, widow, Georgina? Twp, Elderslie, d/o James ELVES & Catherine ELVES, witn: Peter & Agnes ELVES, 14 January 1879, Paisley
001368/79 (Bruce Co) John BLAKE, 24, farmer, Canada, Brant Twp, s/o William & May BLAKE, married Lillie McKELVIE, 26, Ontario, Brant Twp, d/o John & Elizabeth McKELVIE, witn: George SHANKS & Martha Jane BLAKE, 12 November 1879 001543/79 (Bruce Co) Arch BLUE, 30, farmer, Scotland, Elderslie Twp, s/o Donald BLUE & Mary DUNCANON, married Annie BELL, 24, Mariposa, Elderslie Twp, d/o Lachlan BELL & Christen McPHAIL, witn: William BLUE & Rachel BELL, both of Elderslie, 19 February 1879, Paisley
#01418-79 (Bruce Co): John BOAL, 35, farmer, Canada, Kincardine, s/o Mathew & Ann, married Catherine Murray KIRK, 18, Canada, Kincardine, d/o James & Catherine, witn: John KIRK & Harriet Ann AVERY, both of Kincardine, 15 Oct 1879 at Kincardine 001621-80 (Bruce Co) George N. BOLSLEY, 28, photographer, New York, Mildmay, s/o Henry & Mary married Josephine BROGLIN, 19, Ontario, Mildmay, d/o Lawrence BROGLIN & (no mother’s name given), witn: W. K. MARKLE & Elizabeth CLARK both of Mildmay, 24 November 1879 in Mildmay
  001537/79 (Bruce Co) John BONES, 26, carpenter, Lanark Twp, Paisley, s/o James & Elizabeth BONES, married Christina EDMUND, 21, Grey County, Paisley, d/o William & Catherine EDMUND, witn: Alex BONES & Mary CLINE both of Paisley, 1 January 1879, Paisley
001539/79 (Bruce Co) Ed Francis BOYLE, 27, widower, machinist, Ontario, Paisley, s/o Francis BOYLE & Mary PHILIPS, married Mary STEWART, 29, Ontario, Paisley, d/o John STEWART & Mary L. SCOTT, witn: James STOREY & Jas. HAMILTON both of Paisley, 11 March 1879, Paisley 1459-79 William BOYLE, 28, widower, lumberman, USA, Chatham, s/o Matthew & Ann, married Emma Isabella BELMORE, 18, Kincardine, Abermarle, d/o Joseph & Mary, witn: George DOBSON & Eliza D. BOUTHRON?, both of Southampton, 28 Oct. 1879 at Southampton
001634/79 (Bruce Co) Joseph BRADLEY, 31, farmer, Ireland, Kincardine Twp, s/o Nathaniel BRADLEY & Elizabeth PARENT, married Agnes Priscilla WILLIAMS, 19, Kemmingford? Twp. Que., Kincardine Twp, d/o Simon WILLIAMS & Ellen RODGER, witn: Joshua WILLIAMS of Kincardine Twp Bruce Co. & Archy ARMORE of Bruce Twp. Bruce Co, 5 February 1879, at Neil McLEAN’S Hotel in Glammis  
001381/79 (Bruce Co) Siegmund BREHM, 50, widower, merchant, Saxe. Cobourg, Hanover, s/o Gotlieb BREHM & Barbara M. KRAN, married Wilhelmina KOETSCH, 45, widow, Baden Germany, Preston Ontario, d/o William Abraham KOETSCH & Phileppena WATTE, witn: John NAUER of Walkerton & Anne KARCH of Hespeler, 26 June 1879, Walkerton 001548/79 (Bruce Co) Michael BRYAN, 40, widower, farmer, Ireland, Elderslie, s/o William BRYAN & Margaret BRYAN, married Hannah SNELL, 32, Ontario, Elderslie, d/o blank, witn: Samuel FLEMING of Paisley & Martha CAMPBELL of Harriston, 10 January 1879, Paisley
001638/79 (Bruce Co) Williams BURROWS, 28, blacksmith, Bradford, Greenock, s/o John & Margaret BURROWS, married Matilda ROSS, 21, Culross Bruce Twp, Culross, d/o Alexander & Catherine ROSS, witn: Alexander ROSS & Susan WHITING both of Culross, 28 July 1879, Culross 001633/79 (Bruce Co) James BUTTEN, 27, farmer, England, Culross, s/o William & Mary BUTTEN, married Elizabeth WILSON, 21, Ontario, Culross, d/o David & Isabella WILSON, witn: James WILSON & Mary Ann BUTTEN of Culross, 30 September 1879, Culross
  001653/79 (Bruce Co) Robert CHALMERS, 24, farmer, Ontario, Elderslie, s/o William CHALMERS & Jane THORN, married Martha LYONS, 27, Ontario, Elderslie, d/o David LYON & Mary HEMBROFF, witn: James CHALMERS of Kincardine & Elizabeth PIERCE of Elderslie, 20 November 1879, Elderslie
001632/79 (Bruce Co) Cyril CHILTON, 22, farmer, Normanby, Culross, s/o William & Sarah Ann CHILTON, married Ann CROSS, 18, Esquesing, Culross, d/o William & Margaret CROSS, witn: William & Margaret CROSS of Culross, June 1879, Culross 001636/79 (Bruce Co) George COLLINS, 31, farmer, not given, Greenock Twp, s/o John COLLINS & Elizabeth COLLINS, married Elizabeth Ann YOUNG, 19, not given, Greenock Twp, d/o Robert YOUNG & Mary YOUNG, witn: William CARSON & Maria J. YOUNG both of Greenock Twp of Bruce Co, 4 June 1879, Bervie
001650/79 (Bruce Co) William CORMICK, 32, widower, contractor, Scotland, Elderslie, s/o William CORMICK & Isabella ACHNIE, married Jane FLEMING, 19, Ontario, Elderslie, d/o Adam FLEMING & Mary Ann TAYLOR, witn: John BEARMAN & Robert BROWN of Elderslie, 24 September 1879, Elderslie 001643/79 (Bruce Co) Thomas COURON, 54, widower, flesher, Ireland, Chesley, s/o William COURON & Ellen COURON, married Carrie MANLEY, 30, Ontario, Elderslie Twp, d/o William MANLEY & Elizabeth MANLEY, witn: Mathew B. COURON of Hanover & Eliza MANLEY of Elderslie, 25 March 1879, Elderslie
1677-79 Robert CUMMING, 29, farmer, Woolwich twp., Saugeen twp., s/o George CUMMING & Helen SMITH, married Jane MITCHELL, 18, Vaughan twp., Saugeen twp., d/o John MITCHELL & Janet FORRESTER, witn: George CUMMING of Woolwich & Janet FORRESTER of Saugeen, 20 March 1879 at bride's father's, 1st Con of Saugeen twp  
001531/79 (Bruce Co) Henry DIETZ, 25, carpenter, Carrick, Carrick, s/o Fredrick DIETZ & Rosa DIETZ, married Anna D. HEBERLE, 19, Canada, Carrick, d/o Daniel HEBERLE & Barbara HEBERLE, witn: George SEEGMILLER & Stephen HEBERLE of Carrick, 25 December 1879, Carrick 001629/79 (Bruce Co) William DOBSON, 27, farmer, Mount Forest, Culross, s/o Robert & Hannah DOBSON, married Mary Elizabeth DOUSE, 22, Culross, Culross, d/o Richard & Anne DOUSE, witn: John DOBSON & Susan DOUSE both of Culross, 6 March 1879, Culross
1522-79 Mathew FEHENBACH, 20, brewer, Waterloo Co., Carrick, s/o John FEHENBACH & Elizabeth GEHL, married Susannah BEITZ, 23, Culross, Carrick, d/o Anton BEITZ & Martina SCHELL, witn: Louis BATTE, Caroline SCHMIDT and Veronika & Anton FEHENBACH, 28 Jan 1879 at Formosa 001527/79 (Bruce Co) Johannes FERNBACH, 22, brewer, Waterloo Ont., Carrick Twp, s/o Johannes FERNBACH & Elizabeth GEHL, married Florietta MOSACK, 23, Culross Twp, Carrick Twp, d/o Michael MOSACK & Catherine HAUP, witn: John MOSACK, Mary FERNBACH, John LUISEMAN & Magdalena MOSACK all of Carrick, 4 November 1879, Formosa
001551/79 (Bruce Co) J.A. FLEWELLING, 23, farmer, Bruce Twp, Brant, s/o James & Jane, married Mary MILLESICE, 24, King Twp, Greenock, d/o Ann & James, witn: E. PURY of illegible, 26 April 1879, Paisley 001640/79 (Bruce Co) Alexander C. FRASER, 28, merchant, Renfrew Co. Ontario, Rothsay Ontario, s/o Simon C. FRASER & Jessie McGILLIVRAY, married Mary Jane BELL, 24, Brant Bruce Co, Pinkerton, d/o Hugh BELL & Dinah MAXWELL, witn: George FRASER of Hamilton & Annie CAMPELL (Campbell?) of Lucknow, 22 October 1879, Pinkerton
001526/79 (Bruce Co) Edward GALBRIATH (s/b Galbraith?), 25, farmer, Cartwright Twp, Howick Twp, s/o James GALBRIATH & Isabella LINDSAY, married Sarah Amelia SCOTT, 20, Howick Twp, Howick Twp, d/o George SCOTT & Margaret MARTIN, witn: Benjamin SCOTT & Mary GALBRIATH of Howick, 8 October 1879, Presby. Manse Belworth? 001544/79 (Bruce Co) Alexander GALLINGER, 24, farmer, Dalhousie, Brant Twp, s/o George & Rebecca GALLINGER, married Margaret DOUGLASS, 17, blank, Brant Twp, d/o John & Eliza DOUGLASS, witn: Joseph GALLINGER & Isabella DOUGLASS, 22 January 1879
001583-79 (Bruce) John GEMMELL, 29, farmer, Scotland, Huron, s/o Matthew & Mary GEMMELL, to Catherine McIVER, 22, Huron, same, d/o Malcolm & Ann McIVER, wit: Martha STEVENSON of Listowell & Maggie GEMMELL, 26 March 1879, Huron 001554/79 (Bruce Co) Sinclair GIBSON, 26, farmer, Guelph, Brant Twp, s/o John & Mary GIBSON, married Mary Ann ROWE, 17, Canada, Brant Twp Canada, d/o Colin ROWE & Mary ROWE, witn: W.J. LILLIWHITE & Margaret HAY of Paisley, 29 October 1879, Paisley
  001685/80 (Bruce Co) John GORDON, 20, farmer, Ontario, West Zorra Oxford Co., s/o George & Barbara GORDON, married Jane HALL, 29, Scotland, Culross, d/o Walter & Margaret HALL, witn: Richard HALL & Martha HALL both of Culross, 12 December 1879, Culross
1675-79 Donald P. GRANT, 35, carpenter, Ontario, Wallace Co - Kansas US, s/o Peter & Isabella, married Isabella McNAUGHTON, 29, Ontario, Glengarry Co., d/o John McNAUGHTON & Christy DEWAR, witn: Donald & James McGREGOR of Kincardine twp., 9 July 1879 at Kincardine twp 001542/79 (Bruce Co) Thomas GRICE, 31, carpenter, England, Paisley, s/o Joseph & Maldra GRICE, married Maria CLAXTON, 28, Thornhill Ontario, Paisley, d/o Thomas & Matilda CLAXTON, witn: Thomas CLAXTON & Sarah STORY both of Paisley, 1 January 1879, Paisley
001541/79 (Bruce Co) Thomas Ed HOBBS, 24, farmer, Ontario, Elderslie Twp, s/o James & Eliza HOBBS, married Lettisea? McLAUGHLAN, 22, Ontario, Elderslie Ontario, d/o F.L. ANDES? & M.E.H. HINDS both of Paisley, witn: James & Mary Ann McLAUGHLAN, 8 March 1879, Paisley [as written] 001639/79 (Bruce Co) James HOLMES, 23, farmer, Quebec, Bruce Twp, s/o Joseph HOLMES & Hannah HOLMES, married Eliza Jane SEABOURNE, 18, Quebec, Bruce Twp, d/o William SEABOURNE & Eliza Jane SEABOURNE, witn: Joseph ARMSTRONG & Christina CAMPBELL both of Greenock, 28 July 1879, Glammis
001533/79 (Bruce Co) Joseph HUEBSCHWERLEN, 28, widower, laborer, Wellesley Twp, Carrick, s/o Francis HUEBSCHWERLEN & Catherine WIELAND, married May Magdalena GRASSER, 20, Howick Twp, Carrick, d/o Joseph GRASSER & Barbara WEILLER, witn: Peter HUEBSCHWERLEN of Culross Twp & Sarah FRASSER of Carrick, 22 September 1879, Belfort Carrick 001546/79 (Bruce Co) John IRELAND, 28, farmer & miner, Ontario, Elderslie Twp, s/o Robert IRELAND & Isabella IRELAND, married Mary Ann ELVES, 17, Elderslie Twp, Elderslie Twp, d/o Alexander ELVES & Sarah ELVES, witn: Allen EDMUNDS & Hannah ELVES of Elderslie, 4 February 1879, Paisley
001645/79 (Bruce Co) David JACKLIN, 27, farmer, Ontario, Bentinck Grey Co, s/o Moses JACKLIN & Ann MORRISON, married Sarah GRAHAM, 24, Loughboro, Brant Twp, d/o Thomas GRAHAM & Sarah KENNEDY, witn: William H. GRAHAM & Elizabeth GRAHAM both of Brant, 11 June 1879, Chesley 1390-79 Aaron JACKLIN, 25, farmer, Bentinck, same, s/o Moses JACKLIN & Ann JOHNSTONE, married Maggie LAIDLAW, 21, Bentinck, same, d/o Thomas LAIDLAW & Janet SCOTT, witn: Marshall JACKLIN & Jane LAIDLAW, both of Bentinck, 4 Sept 1879 at Walkerton
001654/79 (Bruce Co) Moses Christopher JOHNSON, 24, farmer, Ontario, Euphrasia, s/o Moses JOHNSON & Ann THOMAS, married Elizabeth Ann PIERCE, 21, Ontario, Elderslie, d/o John PIERCE & Mary WALKER, witn: William PIERCE of Elderslie & C.A. McDONALD of Saugeen, 24 December 1879, Elderslie 001646/79 (Bruce Co) Isaac Lyon JOHNSTON, 32, widower, farmer, United States, Greenock Twp, s/o Wesley R. & Priscilla JOHNSTON, married Isabella Jane WOLFE, 22, Elderslie, Elderslie Twp, d/o John & Elizabeth WOLFE, witn: William Thomas WOLFE of Elderslie & Martha JOHNSTON of Paisley, 4 June 1879, Elderslie
001525/79 (Bruce Co) George KOHLEA, 22, carpenter, Waterloo Co. Ontario, Brant Twp, s/o Joseph KOHLEA & Marie MILLER, married Magdalena BALK, 21, Waterloo Co. Ont., Brant Twp., d/o Andrew BALK & Catherine BITSHY, witn: Mathius BALK of Brant, Jacob KOHLEA of Culross & Marie KOHLER of Brant, 23 September 1879, Formosa 001655/79 (Bruce Co) John LEE, 26, wagon maker, Ontario, Elderslie, s/o Thomas LEE & Flora FLETCHER, married Mary ZIMMERMAN, 20, Ontario, Allenford, d/o Robert ZIMMERMAN & Rebekah ZIMMERMAN, witn: Edwin D. DEMPSTER & Alevilda NELSON both of Chesley, 16 December 1879, Chesley
001644/79 (Bruce Co) John Henry LEWIS, 21, farmer, Ontario, Walpole Twp, Haldimand Co. Ontario, s/o Charles LEWIS & mothers name not given, married Isabella Ann HARRISON, 18, Clifford, Ontario, d/o John & Mary A. HARRISON, witn: William HARRISON of Clifford & Elizabeth Y. KIDD, 11 June 1879, residence of Rev. M.P. CAMPBELL of Paisley town 1299-79 Middleton LINDSAY, 24, hotel keeper, Canada, Kincardine twp., s/o Walter & Deborah, married Anna WHALEN, 22, Canada, Kincardine twp., d/o Patrick & Deborah, witn: Robert & Mary LINDSAY of Kinloss twp., 15 April 1870 (sic) at Kincardine twp
001648/79 (Bruce Co) Archibald McARTHUR, 29, blacksmith, Scotland, Greenock, s/o Duncan McARTHUR & Ellen McLAREN, married Rachel LYON, 24, Ontario, Elderslie, d/o David LYON & Mary HEMBROFF, witn: Neil McARTHUR of Greenock & Martha LYON of Elderslie, 18 September 1879, Elderslie  
001545/79 (Bruce Co) Rodrick McDONALD, 28, farmer, Scotland, Bruce, s/o Donald McDONALD & Catherine McDONALD, married Mary Ann CAMERON, 20, blank, Bruce, d/o Malcolm & Sarah CAMERON, witn: Arch’ CAMERON & Flora McKINNON, 9 January 1879, Paisley 001538/79 (Bruce Co) Charles McDONALD, 27, farmer, Ontario, Bruce, s/o Alexander McDONALD & Janet McGILLVRAY, married Elizabeth BELL, 21, Scotland, Bervie, d/o John BELL & Esther? McNEILL, witn: John KENEDY & Catherine BELL both of Bruce, 26 March 1879, Paisley
001628/79 (Bruce Co) John McDONALD, 24, farmer, Esquesing, Teeswater, s/o James & Mary McDONALD, married Mary McDONALD, 19, Culross, Culross, d/o Hugh & Hannah McDONALD, witn: James McKAY & Ann McKIGGAN both of Culross, 5 March 1879, Culross 001652/79 (Bruce Co) John McDONALD, 27, farmer, Ontario, Elderslie, s/o John McDONALD & Amanda HUNTER, married Mary DOUGHERTY, 23, Ontario, Elderslie, d/o John DOUGHERTY & Margaret LIND, witn: Margaret Jane DOUGHERTY & James McDONALD both of Elderslie, 14 October 1879, Paisley
001550/79 (Bruce Co) Donald McDOUGALD, 29, farmer, of Chesley, s/o Allan & Mary McDOUGALD, married Mary McMILLAN, 23, Scotland, Elderslie, d/o Angus & Isabella McMILLAN, witn: Neil McDOUGALD & Effie McMILLAN, both of Elderslie, 29 April 1879, Paisley 001627/79 (Bruce Co) Donald McDOUGALD, 25, farmer, Vaughan, Allenford, s/o Archibald & Catherine McDOUGALD, married Ellen WALKER, 25, Cumberland Twp, Culross, d/o John & Matilda WALKER, witn: Neil McCALLUM of Allenford & Mary Ellen SHARP of Culross, 12 March 1879, Culross
001630/79 (Bruce Co) Dugald McGREGOR, 40, widower, merchant, Scotland, Teeswater, s/o Dugald & Janet McGREGOR, married Mary Jane FARSON, 28, Scotland, Culross, d/o Alexander & Jane FARSON, witn: Daniel FARSON of Carrick & Eliza BOOTH of Culross, 9 April 1879, Culross #001417-79 (Bruce Co): John McIVER, 27, farmer, Galt Ont., Huron twp., s/o Malcolm McIVOR & Margaret GRAHAM, married Christina McRAE, 23, Goderich, Kincardine, d/o John McRAE & Jessie GRAHAM, witn: Murdoch McIVER of Huron twp & Barbara McCREA of Kincardine, Dec 1879 at Kincardine
001555/79 (Bruce Co) Allan McLENNAN, 46, farmer, Scotland, Bruce Twp, s/o Roderick & Jennie McLENNAN, married Mary MATHESON, 20, Canada, Paisley, d/o John MATHESON & Eliza McKENZIE, witn: H. McRAE of Saugeen Twp & Kate MATHESON, 12 July 1879, Paisley 1676-79 Murdock McPHADEN, 24, medical student, Brock twp., Kincardine twp., s/o Archibald & Rebecca Hinds McPHADEN, married Elizabeth McCOSH, 18, Kincardine twp., same, d/o John McCOSH & Maria JACKSON, witn: Duncan McINTYRE & Mary MILLER, both of Bervie, 16 Oct. 1879 at Kincardine twp
  001641/79 (Bruce Co) Hugh McTAVISH, 25, farmer, Saugeen Twp, Saugeen, s/o Donald McTAVISH & Mary Ann McTAVISH, married Eliza Ann MAHON, 20, Brant Twp Canada, Elderslie, d/o William MAHON & Elizabeth MAHON, witn: William MAHON & Elizabeth MAHON both of Elderslie, 2 January 1879, Elderslie
001549/79 (Bruce Co) David MINARY, 24, farmer, Mono Twp., Amabel Bruce Co., s/o Joseph & Ellen MINARY, married Margaret JOHNSON, 23, Albion Twp, Paisley, d/o Wesley & Priscilla JOHNSON, witn: Robert CARRIE of Bruce Twp. & Sarah JOHNSON of Paisley, 5 February 1879, Paisley 001649/79 (Bruce Co) Hugh MITCHELL, 38, farmer, Ontario, Elderslie, s/o William MITCHELL & Euphemia MITCHELL, married Janet McNEIL, 27, Chicago United States, Elderslie, d/o James & Catherine McNEIL, witn: Alexander NORRIE & Hester McNEIL both of Elderslie, 23 September 1879, Elderslie
001447/80 (Bruce Co) Toh. August MESSERSCHMIDT, 22, farmer, Prussia, Brant Twp, s/o Martin MESSERSCHMIDT & Wilhelmine gel. SCHLENDER, married Wilhelmina McOLLER, 26, Prussia, Brant Twp, d/o father unknown & Helene McOLLER, witn: Henry ERMEL of Bentinck & William BEIRWITH of Brant, 23 November 1879, Brant Twp  
001443/80 (Bruce Co) William John MOONEY, 26, farmer, Antrim Ireland, Brant Ontario, s/o William MOONEY & Margaret THOMPSON, married Elizabeth A. SCOTT, 24, Georgetown Ontario, Brant Ontario, d/o William SCOTT & Mary YOUNG, witn: John SHOULDICE & Mary L. HOWES both of Brant, 24 December 1879, Brant Twp 001362/80 (Bruce Co) George MORROW, 23, farmer, Ireland, Arran Ontario, s/o William MORROW & Margaret HARRON, married Eliza Jane KNAUS, 19, Arkwright Ontario, Arkwright Ontario, d/o Gottfried KNAUS & Catherine LOVE, witn: Francis HARRON & Margaret HARRON both of Arran, 12 August 1879, Invermay Arran
001599-79 - William NICKASON (Nickerson?), 24, farmer, Pilkington Twp, Amabel, s/o George NICKASON & Matilda CHATTEL, married Louisa SHANNON, 26, Hanover Germany, Amabel, d/o Frederick SHANNON & Caroline RAUMAN?, wtn: Frederick SHANNON & Elizabeth SIMPSON both of Amabel, on April 2, 1879, at Amabel 001365/80 (Bruce Co) Edwin OWENS, 21, miller, Derby Ontario, Invermay Ontario, s/o John OWENS & Agnes MORPHET , married Sophia WIESNER, 20, Invermay Ontario, Invermay Ontario, d/o John Job WIESNER & Mary PARR, witn: Thomas MILLER & Emma WIESNER both of Invermay, 30 December 1879, Invermay
001530/79 (Bruce Co) Michael PERSCHBACHER, 26, mason, Waterloo Village, Carrick, s/o John PERSCHBACHER and blank, married Sophia GIMBER, 23, Woolwich Twp, Carrick, d/o Nancy GIMBER & Eva, witn: Simon KOECHLE & Christian PERSCHBACHER of Carrick, 30 December 1879, Carrick 1674-79 William PETTIPIECE, 21, farmer, Canada, Greenock, s/o William PETTIPIECE & Ann IRELAND, married Fanny DALAHY, 19, Brant twp., Greenock, d/o James DALAHY & Jane HUNT, 25 Nov 1879 at Kinloss
#001307-80 (Bruce Co): John PORTICE, 29, farmer, Biddulph twp., Kinloss, s/o Richard PORTICE & Mary Davis ARMITAGE, married Abbey HAYES, 19, Kinloss, Kinloss, d/o William HAYES & Catherine RYAN, witnesses were Isaac & Kate HAYES of Kinloss and William McI--? of Walkerton, 16 Oct 1879 at Walkerton 001553/79 (Bruce Co) Henry Benjamin PUTMAN, 26, merchant, Canada, Paisley, s/o Eliza PUTMAN, married Julia ROWE, 22, Paisley Canada, Paisley, d/o Samuel ROWE & Mary Ann ROWE, witn: W.A. MANSFIELD & Jennie SAUNDERS of Paisley, 28 October 1879, Paisley
1509-79 George QUIGGIN, 35, farmer, Cleveland Ohio, Paisley, s/o George & Mary Ann, married Amelia Ida JASPER, 24, Carrick, same, d/o Francis & Mary, witn: John JASPER & Julia ROWE, both of Carrick, 18 March 1879 at Carrick 001552/79 (Bruce Co) Samuel RAE, 25, farmer, Glenary Ireland, Paisley, s/o James RAE & Lydia ROE, married Eliza RAE, 23, Paisley, Brant Twp, d/o Thomas RAE & Mary RAE, witn: James RAE of Paisley & Sarah THOMPSON of Arran Twp Bruce Co, 27 November 1879, Paisley
001362/79 (Bruce Co) Henry RAMSAY, 22, laborer, Ireland, Greenock Twp, s/o Henry RAMSAY & Margaret RAMSAY, married Catherine CAMPBELL, 17, Ontario, Brant Twp, d/o William & Margaret CAMPBELL, witn: Joseph GALLANGER & Ellen J. CAMPBELL both of Brant, 4 August 1879, Brant Twp 001532/79 (Bruce Co) James RAMSAY, 34, farmer, Scotland, Howick, s/o Alexander RAMSAY & Elizabeth MITCHELL, married Sarah Ann VOGAN, 29, Cartwright Twp, Carrick , d/o George VOGAN & Sarah BRADEN, witn: Henry VOGAN & Annie V. BRADEN of Carrick, 17 December 1879, Carrick
001631/79 (Bruce Co) Abija RAWN, 42, widower, laborer, Albion Ontario, Culross, s/o John & Catherine RAWN, married Charlotte Ann SMITH, 18, Culross, Culross, d/o Bleakney & Susannah SMITH, witn: Bleakney SMITH & Robert McINTOSH of Culross, 13 August 1879, Culross Twp. 001556/79 (Bruce Co) William James REID, 22, farmer, Goderich Canada, Amabel Twp Canada, s/o William REID & Rachel REID, married Ann Mary BROWN, 19, Perth - Lanark Co, Kinloss Twp, d/o Thomas BROWN & Jane Ann BROWN, witn: Henry BROWN & Jane BROWN of Paisley, 3 November 1879, Paisley
  001382/79 (Bruce Co) John ROSS, 35, farmer, Cape Breton, Glammis Ontario, s/o Allan ROSS & Alexina McLEOD, married Kate TOOLEY, 26, widow, England, Glammis, d/o Henry POCOCK & Elisabeth WILDSHEIR (Wiltshire?), witn: Mrs. R.C. MOFFATT & Jessie H. MOFFATT both of Walkerton, 1 July 1879, Walkerton
001536/79 (Bruce Co) John ROTH, 23, carpenter, Wellesley Twp, Clifford, s/o Henry ROTH & Barbara MACK, married Catherine WOLFE, 19, New Hamburg, Clifford, d/o Adam WOLFE & Catherine FLINK, witn: Joseph WOLFE & Margaret ROTH both of Howick, 27 November 1879, Belfort Carrick 001534/79 (Bruce Co) Bernard RULAND, 23, carpenter, New Hamburg, Carrick Twp, s/o Michael RULAND & Christina HARTUNG, married Georgina JANTZ, 19, Carrick, Carrick, d/o George JANTZ & Francis JANTZ, witn: Peter SCHNIEDER, George BUHLER, Mary Ann JANTZ & Julianne DIEMERT all of Carrick, 25 November 1879, Belfort Carrick
001529/79 (Bruce Co) Nicholas SCHWALM, 25, mechanic, Zorra? Twp, Mildmay Twp. Carrick, s/o John SCHWALM & Anne Maria SCHWALM, married Louisa SCHELL, 22, Carrick Twp, Mildmay Twp. Carrick, d/o George SCHELL & Julianna SCHELL, witn: George SCHELL & Mary ZINN of Carrick, 9 December 1879, Walkerton 001684/80 (Bruce Co) William SCOTT, 25, farmer, Puslinch, Culross, s/o John & Elizabeth SCOTT, married Mary C. STULL, 21, Culross, Culross, d/o Samuel & Hester STULL, witn: Ralph STULL & Mary COTTIN both of Culross, 29 December 1879, Culross
001586-79 - Thomas SHARP, 29, blacksmith, Canada, Allenford, s/o William SHARP & Mary Jane DRINKWATER, married Rhoda Ann Temperance EMBREE, 24, Canada, Allenford, d/o John EMBREE & Temperance McPHERSON, wtn: Margaret Jane EMBREE & John SHARPE both of Allenford, on Jan 29, 1879, at Allenford 001604/79 (Bruce Co) Joseph SPEERS, 25, farmer, Ontario, Eastnor Twp, s/o John & Sarah SPEERS, married Annie DUNBAR, 15, Ontario, Albemarle, d/o John DUNBAR & Mary Ann DUNBAR, witn: George ELLIOT & Mary WAUGH both of Eastnor, 4 April 1879, Albemarle Twp.
001625/79 (Bruce Co) John Ambrose THACKER, 34, widower, wagon maker, Pilkington, Teeswater, s/o John & Catherine THACKER, married Jane WHYTOCK, 25, widow, Scotland, Culross, d/o James & Jane WHYTOCK, witn: Joseph WHYTOCK of Culross, 22 January 1879, Culross Twp 001524/79 (Bruce Co) William Henry THETFORD, 33, school teacher, Ontario, Mildmay Ontario, s/o Elizabeth blank & Henry THETFORD, married Helen ANDERSON, 26, Ontario, Mildmay Ontario, d/o William ANDERSON & Agnes ANDERSON, witn: John HENDERSON of Mildmay & D. GRIFFIN of Wingham, 15 July 1879, Mildmay
001472-79 John TYNDALL, 27, Montague, Eastnor, farmer, s/o Anthony TYNDALL & Mary Ann SINGLETON, married Elizabeth SHEAN, 22, Stratford Ont., Eastnor, d/o James SHEAN & Ann MURPHY,   Witnesses: William TYNDALL & Ellen F. WRIGHT both of Eastnor on 06 October 1879 at Wiarton 001637/79 (Bruce Co) Henry WALLACE, 25, farmer, Chinguacousy, Greenock, s/o Thomas WALLACE & Jane WALLACE, married Janet RITCHIE, 21, Greenock Bruce Co, Greenock, d/o John B. RITCHIE & Margaret RITCHIE, witn: R. G. RITCHIE & Maggie WALLACE both of Greenock, 2 July 1879, Teeswater
001593-79 - James WIGGINS, 21, wagon maker, Ontario, Derby?, s/o Thomas WIGGINS & Lettice WIGGINS, married Mary Agnes HARRIS, 16, Ontario, Amabel, d/o David HARRIS & Jane HARRIS, wtn: John COLEMAN & A J FIFE both of Arran, on Feb 25, 1879, at Amabel 001635/79 (Bruce Co) John WILHELM, 22, farmer, Waterloo, Greenock Twp, s/o Jacob WILHELM & Mary Ann SUTTER, married Luisa SPITZIG, 21, North Easthope, Greenock, d/o Lawrence SPITZIG & Elizabeth DELAN, witn: Nicholas LANG of Greenock Twp & Mary WILHELM of Brant, 22 April 1879, Chepstow
001535/79 (Bruce Co) Adam WOLFE, 24, painter, New Hamburg, Howick Twp, s/o Adam WOLFE & Catherine FLINK, married Josephine ROTH, 19, Wellesley Twp, Carrick Twp, d/o Henry ROTH & Barbara MACK, witn: John HIMLER of Normanby Twp. & Louisa WOLFE of Howick Twp, 27 November 1879, Belfort Carrick 001361/80 (Bruce Co) James YATES, 27, carpenter, Oxford Twp. Quebec, Arran Ontario, s/o William YATES & Charlotte McROBERTS, married Isabella MORRAN, 19, Canada, Arran Ontario, d/o Andrew MORRAN & Anne MORROW, witn: William MORRAN & Annie MORRAN both of Arran, 11 July 1879, Invermay