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Bruce Co., 1880, part 2

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001688/80 (Bruce Co) Joseph ANTHONY, 28, farmer, Germany, Culross, s/o Michael & Catherine ANTHONY, married Catherine BEER, 22, Baden, Carrick, d/o Michael & Elizabeth BEER, witn: Peter ANTHONY & Laurence BEER both of Culross, 27 January 1880, Formosa 001457/80 (Bruce Co) James BAILEY, 26, farmer, Ontario, Bentinck, s/o John & Fanny BAILEY, married Mary BROWN, 19, Ontario, Bentinck, d/o George & Faith BROWN, witn: George BROWN & Fanny BAILEY of Bentinck, 11 November 1880, Brant
001385/80 (Bruce Co) James BARNIE? (Barnes?), 63, farmer, Ireland, Brant Twp, s/o James & Mary Ann, married Margaret RUNNING, 53, widow, Ireland, Kincardine Twp, d/o Thomas & Mary GARDENER, witn: R.J. BROWN of Bervie & A.A. McCONNELL of Kinlough, 18 December 1880, Bervie 001613-80 (Bruce Co) Joseph BAUCK, 24, miller, Haldimand Co., Culross, s/o Peter BAUCK & Marianna HOLARTH married Magdalena SCHELL, 19, Waterloo Co., Greenock Twp, d/o Joseph SCHELL & Elizabeth BENINGER, witn: Aloysius BROHMAN, Joseph SEITZ, Regina ZETTEL & Josephine BRICK all of Carrick, 9 February 1880 in Formosa
001625-80 (Bruce Co) Henry BEITZ, 26, carpenter, U.S.A., Carlsruhe Carrick, s/o Peter BEITZ & Margaretta SEIZ (Sing?), married Catherina REINHART, 25, Woolwich Twp, Carrick, d/o John REINHART & Merlana SCHENK, witn: George REINHART, Anna REITZ, John REITZ & Anna BAUHN, 3 February 1880 in Formosa 001283/80 (Bruce Co) John BIDLAKE, 22, farmer, England, Manitoba, s/o John & Harriet BIDLAKE, married Helen FLEMING, 19, Ontario, Elderslie, d/o Robert FLEMING & Jennie FLEMING, witn: Robert HAY of Greenock & J.E. MAY of Paisley, 2 July 1880, Elderslie
001339/80 (Bruce Co) John BONNALIE, 22, farmer, Carrick Twp, Greenock Twp, s/o Andrew BONNALIE & Annie O'NEIL, married Angeline MONAGHAN, 22, Brant Twp, Walkerton, d/o Patrick MONAGHAN & Dennze DENNEY, witn: Henry PATTON & Lucy MONAGHAN both of Walkerton, 10 November 1880, Walkerton 001276/80 (Bruce Co) John BOYD, 26, farmer, Quebec, Arran Twp, s/o William BOYD & Mary A. MAGAHAY, married Sarah M. BOYD, 21, Burrards Rapids, Sullivan, d/o Nathaniel BOYD & Mary A. CHRISTIE, witn: David & Mary BOYD of Arran, 7 January 1880, Chesley
001598/80 (Bruce Co) Robert BROWN, 35, widower, farmer, Lanark Scotland, Elderslie, s/o Henry BROWN & Matilda BROWN, married Susan LEASK, 21, Greenock, Greenock, d/o George LEASK & Barbara LAMB, witn: George LEASK Jr. of Greenock & Matilda BROWN of Elderslie, 1 July 1880, Greenock 001683/80 (Bruce Co) Joseph BROWN, 26, labourer, Canada, Culross, s/o George & Matilda BROWN, married Mary Jane HILTS, 17, Egremont, Culross, d/o Michael & Rebecca HILTS, witn: Solomon S. SMITH & Phoebe Ann HILTS both of Culross, 5 January 1880, Culross Twp.
001299/80 (Bruce Co) Adam BURWASH, 28, Clergyman, Quebec, Eaton Quebec, s/o Thomas BURWASH & Eliza BURWASH, married Cecilia D. BURWASH, 25, Ontario, Twp Bruce, d/o Adam BURWASH & Mary BURWASH, witn: David DACK of North Bruce & Emma McCLURE of Port Elgin, 16 August 1880, Twp Bruce 001631-80 (Bruce Co) Joseph BUTLER, 22, painter, Waterloo Co., Culross, s/o John BUTLER & Catherine WEISS married Caroline KIRSCH, 23, Carrick, Carrick, d/o John KIRSCH & Veronica SCHIEL, witn: Joseph SEITZ, Magdalena ALT, Absolem & Catherine BUTLER all of Carrick, 10 May 1880 in Formosa.
001681/80 (Bruce Co) William BUTTEN, 27, cabinet maker, Eramosa, Teeswater, s/o William & Mary Ann BUTTEN, married Elizabeth DEVER, 27, Cartwright, Culross, d/o William & Mary Ann DEVER, witn: George DEVER & Mary Ann BUTTEN both of Culross, 29 September 1880, Culross 001679/80 (Bruce Co) James E. CALLEN, 25, farmer, Ontario, North Easthope Ont., s/o John & Mary Anne CALLEN, married Mary Ann COLVIN, 19, Ont., North Easthope, d/o Robert & Margaret COLVIN, witn: Joseph CALLEN of North Easthope & Jane COLVIN of Culross, 22 December 1880, Culross Twp.
001590/80 (Bruce Co) Daniel CAMERON, 27, farmer, Scotland, Prince Albert North West, s/o Angus CAMERON & Isabella CRAIG, married Mary Isabella McDONALD, 30, Canada, Greenock, d/o Dougald & Sarah McINNES, witn: William LEAN & Robert CHAMBERS both of Greenock, 24 June 1880, Greenock 001649/80 (Bruce Co) Joseph CHIDLEY, 47, widower, manufacturer, England, Clinton, s/o Joseph CHIDLEY & Susan FRY, married Mary FLEMING, 34, Scotland, Mildmay, d/o Neil FLEMING & Flora McTAGGART, witn: Malcolm McTAGGART of Clinton & Flora KIRKLAND of Teeswater, 23 December 1880, Mildmay
001618-80 (Bruce Co) William Robert COCHRANE, 23, yeoman, Churchwell, Minto, s/o Robert & Sarah married Annie NICHOL, 18, Puslinch, Carrick, d/o Henry & Ann, witn: Andrew HARMAN of Clifford & Elizabeth COCHRANE of Minto, 24 March 1880 in Carrick  
001571/80 (Bruce Co) Josiah Thomas COUCH Jr., 30, merchant, Cornwell England, Stratford, s/o Josiah Thomas COUCH & Susan Emma LOBB, married Isabella SCOTT, 24, Kincardine Twp Ontario, Kincardine Twp Ontario, d/o William SCOTT & Margaret SUTHERLAND, witn: Robert MUIR of Port Elgin & Maggie SCOTT of Kincardine, 1 September 1880, Kincardine 001463/80 (Bruce Co) Thomas John CUNNINGHAM, 24, farmer, Wellington Co. Ontario, Brant, s/o Robert S. CUNNINGHAM & Anne Jane LOWERY, married Mary Ann McDOWELL, 19, Peel Co. Ontario, Brant, d/o John McDOWELL & Jane MARSHALL, witn: Robert S. CUNNINGHAM & Ann Jane CUNNINGHAM both of Brant, 23 December 1880, Brant Twp.
001692/80 (Bruce Co) William CURRIE, 27, merchant, Dumfries Twp. Ont., Woolwich Twp. Ont., s/o William & Margaret CURRIE, married Allie HEHN, 19, Paris Ont., Culross Ont., d/o William & Janet HEHN, witn: Robert CURRIE of Woolwich & Janet HEHN of Culross, 25 February 1880, Culross 001617-80 (Bruce Co) Henrich DEIBEL, 25, farmer, North Easthope, Carrick, s/o Conrad DIEBEL & Maria SLURIHING? married Maria HELWIG, 21, Carrick, Carrick, d/o George HELWIG & Anna HAMMER, witn: John HELWIG & Anna SEIP both of Carrick, 22 March 1880 in Neustadt
  001689/80 (Bruce Co) James DONALDSON, 25, farmer, Nassagaweya, Culross, s/o Robert & Isabella DONALDSON, married Elenor SMITH, 21, Culross, Culross, d/o William & Eliza SMITH, witn: David DONALDSON & Ann Jane SMITH both of Culross, 25 March 1880, Culross
001677/80 (Bruce Co) Thomas DOWNEY, 28, farmer, Peel Twp., Howick, s/o James & Margaret DOWNEY, married Minnie STEWART, 23, Town of Acton, Culross, d/o James & Jane STEWART, witn: William STEWART & Kate SMITH both of Culross, 4 November 1880, Culross Twp 001466/80 (Bruce Co) Valentine DRESCH, 23, brick maker, Waterloo Co. Ontario, Hanover Ontario, s/o Valentine DRESCH & Anna Marge FINRESMAN, married Elizabeth HALLER, 21, Toronto Ontario, Bentinck Twp, d/o Casper HALLER & Barbara KUNTZIE, witn: Daniel KNAPP of Neustadt & Dorothea REIS of Carrick, 25 October 1880, Brant Twp.
001620-80 (Bruce Co) John DRISCOLL, 30, farmer, Guelph, Brant Twp, widower, s/o Michael DRISCOLL & Joanna DUGGAN married Rosa CAIN, 23, Bentinck Twp, Bentinck Twp, d/o William CAIN & Bridget KELLEY, witn: Timothy SWEENEY & Elizabeth CAIN both of Bentinck, 8 January 1880 in Carlsruhe 001634-80 (Bruce Co) Henry EGGERT, 26, farmer, Germany, Sullivan Twp, s/o Charles EGGERT & (no mother’s name given) married Sarah SCHMIDT, 18, Carrick, Carrick, d/o David & Sarah, witn: Daniel PIEHL & Mary SCHMIDT of Carrick, 29 June 1880 in Carrick
001278/80 (Bruce Co) Thomas ENGLISH, 25, farmer, Ontario, Elderslie, s/o James & Sarah ENGLISH, married Margaret RATTRAY, 21, Ontario, Elderslie, d/o James SCRIMGEOUR & Margaret RATRAY (sic) , witn: Robert & Elizabeth ENGLISH of Elderslie, 26 March 1880, Elderslie 001459/80 (Bruce Co) James ENGLISH, 26, farmer, Ireland, Manitoba, s/o John Alexander ENGLISH & Ann BOADMAN, married Mary Ann McNALLY, 24, Bruce Co. Ontario, Bruce Co. Ontario, d/o George McNALLY & Ann WILSON, witn: James TOPLEY of Manitoba & Sarah McNALLY of Ontario, 24 December 1880, Brant Twp.
  001623-80 (Bruce Co) Seb. ERNEWEIN, 44, farmer, Germany, Culross, widower, s/o Joseph ERNEWEIN & Catherine ?ODT married Meela HIMELSBACH, 25, New Germany, Culross, d/o George HIMELSBACH & Maria KISCH, witn: Anthony SCHUMACHER & Anna NEIPEL (no residence given), 27 January 1880 in Formosa
001280/80 (Bruce Co) Alexander EWING, 34, farmer, Ontario, Saugeen, s/o John EWING & Janet McKINNON, married Catherine CAMERON, 28, Ontario, Elderslie, d/o Hector CAMERON & Sarah McNEIL, witn: James CAMERON of Elderslie & Ellen EWING of Saugeen, 21 April 1880, Elderslie 001465/80 (Bruce Co) Peter FAIRBAIRN, 28, farmer, Atlantic Ocean, Bruce Co. Ontario, s/o Thomas FAIRBAIRN & Flora WOODROW, married Annie JOHNSTON, 20, Brant Twp. Ontario, Brant Twp. Ontario, d/o Robert JOHNSTON & Elizabeth CORMACK, witn: George JOHNSTON of Pinkerton & Elizabeth JOHNSTON of Brant, 29 December 1880, Brant Twp
001281/80 (Bruce Co) George FIELD, 50, widower, miller & farmer, England, Elderslie, s/o Samuel FIELD & Eliza GOODERHAM, married Margaret McGILLIVARY, 18, Ontario, Elderslie, d/o Malcolm McGILLIVARY & Christina REID, witn: Hugh McNEIL & Sarah McGILVARY both of Elderslie, 29 April 1880, Elderslie 001375-81 ( Bruce Co) John FIELDS , 21 , laborer , Howick , Carrick , s/o Lorenzo FIELDS & Margaret GRIER , married Mary J. KLINSCHMIDT (Kleinschmidt?), 19 , Carrick , same , d/o Ferdinand KLINSCHMIDT & Dorothea JANT , witn: John CLYNE & Sophia PROP of Carrick , 3 Nov 1880 at Carrick
001461/80 (Bruce Co) Wilhelm FISCHER, 24, farmer, Normanby Twp, Normanby Twp, s/o Frederick FISCHER & Sophia gel SCHULTZ, married Wilhelmine ERINEL, 19, Waterloo Ontario, d/o Heinrich ERINEL & Elisabeth SCHAAF, witn: Heinrich ERINEL & Topram FOSBOEN?, 30 November 1880, Brant Twp 001633-80 (Bruce Co) Jacob FRITZ, 24, carriage maker, Waterloo Co., Greenock Twp, s/o Jacob FRITZ & Thekla HARTMANN married Elizabeth HAUCK, 21, Waterloo Co., Carrick, d/o Philip HAUCK & Margaretta BARBERICH, witn: Philip & Magdalena HAUCK both of Carrick & Thekla & Erasmus FRITZ both of Greenock, 22 June 1880 in Formosa
001566/80 (Bruce Co) John E. GILROY, 27, yeoman, Ontario, Kincardine, s/o John GILROY & Ann GILROY, married Emma GARDINER, 20, England, Kincardine, d/o John GARDINER & Jane GARDENER, witn: Jacob H. GILROY & Mary B. GARDENER of Kincardine, 8 December 1880, Kincardine 001315/80 (Bruce Co) Smith GOODBY, 30, farmer, Waterloo County, Twp Brant, s/o Joseph GOODBY & Hannah HEILING, married Jane ELLIS, 30, Ireland, Brant, d/o John ELLIS & Catherine NIXON, witn: Sydney SYMES & Addy HARTLEY, 11 February 1880, Walkerton
001451/80 (Bruce Co) Thomas GRAY, 34, farmer, Scotland, Brant Twp, s/o Thomas GRAY & Isabella GILCHRIST, married Sarah Ann HOOEY, 16, Brant Twp, Brant Twp, d/o William HOOEY & Margaret FAIRBAIRN, witn: Thomas HOOEY & Elizabeth McCONNELL both of Brant, 23 June 1880 001458/80 (Bruce Co) Levi Thomas GREENHOW, 23, farmer, East Zorra, Brant, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth, married Hannah JARVIS, 20, Brant, Brant, d/o Joseph JARVIS & Jane JARVIS, witn: Robert PARKER of Brant & Nellie HELSLER of Greenock, 25 November 1880, Brant Twp.
001425/80 (Bruce Co) Robert James GROGAN, 24, farmer, Canada, Bruce Twp, s/o John & Jane GROGAN, married Sarah Ann McKEE, 19, Canada, Bruce Twp, d/o John & Jane McKEE, witn: Thomas HENDRY of Saugeen & Sarah McGREGOR of Bruce, 21 April 1880, Port Elgin 001462/80 (Bruce Co) Robert HETHRINGTON, 32, farmer, England, Brant, s/o Ralton HETHRINGTON & Jemima OLIPHANT, married Janet Walker KIRKWOOD, 32, Scotland, Brant, d/o James KIRKWOOD & Janet WALLACE, witn: John HETHRINGTON of Brant & Ann HOPE of Elderslie, 15 December 1880, Brant Twp.
001654/80 (Bruce Co) Joseph HOFFARTH, 25, farmer, Carrick, Carrick, s/o John HOFFARTH & Francisca ZETTLER, married Maria GRUB, 23, Carrick, Carrick, d/o Philip GRUB & Anna STETSGER, witn: John HOFFARTH, Andrew OBERLE, Francisca HOFFARTH & Maria STROEDER all of Carrick, 10 November 1880, Carlsruhe 001656/80 (Bruce Co) John HOFFARTH, 26, farmer, Carlsruhe Carrick, Carlsruhe Carrick, s/o Conrad HOFFARTH & Rosina FISCHER, married Maria KOLMEL, 23, Michigan U.S., Carlsruhe Carrick, d/o Rugmond KOHNEL (sic) & Catherine GEILFUZ, witn: Nicolus HOFFARTH, Margaret HOFFARTH of Carrick, Henry BOHM of Saginaw & Ann REINHART of Formosa, 26 October 1880, Carlsruhe
001379/80 (Bruce Co) Thomas HULL, 42, widower, farmer, Albion Ontario, Albion Ontario, s/o William & Charlotte HULL, married Sarah Ann DOBBIN, 40, United States, Elderslie, d/o James & Ruth DOBBIN, witn: William FOSTER of Elderslie & Mary Ellen NEELANDS of Derby, 22 April 1880, Arran 001454/80 (Bruce Co) William KEITH, 23, farmer, Ontario, Brant Twp, s/o David KEITH & Mary GEARY, married Jessie STEVENS, 22, Ontario, Brant Twp, d/o James B. STEVENS & Margaret YOUNG, witn: David KEITH & Christian STEVENS of Brant, 12 May 1880, Brant
001627-80 (Bruce Co) Frederic KIRSTEIN, 29, farmer, Brant Twp, Brant Twp, s/o John KIRSTEIN & Elenora HART married Elizabeth WALTER, 25, Wilmot Twp, Brant Twp, d/o Aloys. WALTER & Regina MEYER, witn: Simon GOTZ of Carrick, Maria KUNZ of Wilmot, Mathias WALTER of (illeg) & Margaretta DIETRICH (no residence given), 3 February 1880 in Carlsruhe  
001655/80 (Bruce Co) August KLAGAS, 24, farmer, Ontario, Carrick, s/o Gottlieb KLAGAS & Juliana LIESE, married Louisa WILFANG, 17, Carrick, Carrick, d/o David WILFANG & Sophia KROHN, witn: John NICHOLAY & Carolina KLAGAS, 28 September 1880, Neustadt 001592/80 (Bruce Co) John KORNER, 22, farmer, Chepstow Greenock, Chepstow, s/o Michael KORNER & Mary WAHL, married Barbara BECHBERGER, 22, Detroit, Chepstow, d/o August BECHBERGER & Anna SCHWOB, witn: Joseph BECHBERGER & Theresa KORNER both of Chepstow, 5 October 1880, Chepstow
001456/80 (Bruce Co) James A. LAMB, 23, farmer, Brant, Brant, s/o Joseph LAMB & Maria WILSON, married Sarah F. HETTRICH, 22, Normanby, Brant, d/o Samuel HETTRICH & Mary FLEMING, witn: Joseph LAMB & James A. WILSON both of Brant, 14 October 1880, Brant 001567/80 (Bruce Co) Leon LEWIS, 26, painter, Ontario, Kincardine, s/o Levi & Sarah LEWIS, married Annie McLEAN, 24, Kincardine Ontario, Kincardine, d/o Archibald & Mary Ann McLEAN, witn: R. M. CAMPBELL & Julia Ann McLEAN of Kincardine, 22 December 1880, Kincardine
001629-80 (Bruce Co) Joseph LORENTZ, 34, no occupation given, Wilmot Twp, Carrick Twp, s/o Joseph LORENTZ & Magdalen KRIETTER (KUETTER ?) married Lena St.MARIE, 23, Quebec Province, Carrick Twp, d/o Alexander St. MARIE & Selma (Selina?) DUVAL, witn: Alexander St.MARIE Jr. & Caroline St.MARIE both of Carrick, 3 February 1880 in Belfort 001616-80 (Bruce Co) Daniel Augustus LOWERY, 25, brick layer, Ontario, Brussels, s/o Edward & Sarah Ann married Elizabeth KRATT, 20, Ontario, Carrick, d/o John & Barbara, witn: Alfred LOWERY of Brussels & Emma KRATT of Carrick, 16 March 1880 in Carrick
001448/80 (Bruce Co) Fritz MANTO, 47, widower, farmer, Prussia, Brant Twp, s/o Christoph MANTO & Maria REIER, married Maria Augusta STOUFF, 48, widow, Prussia, Bentinck Twp, d/o Frederick LIEBKNECHT & Marie FEIDEN, witn: Sophia MARTT & Christina MARTT both of Brant, 3 February 1880 001596/80 (Bruce Co) James Joseph MARSHALL, 29, farmer, Scotland, Riverdale, s/o Francis MARSHALL & Ann SCULLAN, married Ann Jennet KNOX, 21, Toronto, Greenock, d/o Simon KNOX & Bridget RYAN, witn: Adam KNOX, Mary COUMMANS, Richard CASKANETT & Mary KNOX all of Greenock, 15 June 1880, Chepstow
001569/80 (Bruce Co) Alex MATHESON, 28, yeoman, Ashfield Twp, Ashfield Twp, s/o John MATHESON, & Elizabeth McKENZIE, married Margaret McKENZIE, 27, Scotland, Kincardine Twp, d/o Hugh McKENZIE & Catherine McKENZIE, witn: Kenneth FINLAYSON & Maggie McKENZIE of Kincardine, 22 September 1880, Kincardine Town 001268/80 (Bruce Co) Neil McARTHUR, 25, farmer, Elderslie Ontario, Elderslie Twp, s/o Duncan & Mary McARTHUR, married Maggie GRAHAM, 21, Elderslie Ontario, Saugeen Twp, d/o John & Lucy GRAHAM, witn: Donald McNEIL & Sarah McARTHUR both of Elderslie Twp, 10 March 1880, Elderslie Twp.
001413/80 (Bruce Co) James McCARTHY, 26, general jobber, Canada, Elmwood, s/o John & Catherine McCARTHY, married Eliza COUCH, 22, Canada, Brant Twp, d/o James & Judith Ann COUCH, witn: Joseph YOUNGE of Walkerton & Judith Ann COUCH of Elmwood, 1 October 1880, Chesley 001682/80 (Bruce Co) Richard McDANIEL, 25, farmer, Ops, Culross, s/o George & Ann McDANIEL, married Mary Elizabeth BALLAGH, 22, Hope Twp., Culross, d/o Fleming & Margaret BALLAGH, witn: Herbert BALLAGH & F. BALLAGH & son of Culross, 3 October 1880, Culross
001453/80 (Bruce Co) Neil A. McDIARMID, 33, widower, Clergyman, Canada, Markdale, s/o Alexander McDIARMID & Catherine McDIARMID, married Kate CANNON, 22, Canada, Brant, d/o William CANNON & Mary J. CANNON, witn: Mathew B. CANNON of Chesley & Maria HUGHSON of Orangeville, 18 August 1880, Brant 001595/80 (Bruce Co) Murdock H. McFADYEN, 25, farmer, Kincardine Bruce Co, Kincardine, s/o Hugh McFADYEN & Margaret A. McFADYEN, married Mary Alice HOWSON, 29, Esquesing Twp, Greenock, d/o Thomas F. HOWSON & Isabella HOWSON, witn: Thomas PICKARD & Ann F. PICKARD both of Greenock, 7 October 1880, Greenock
001282/80 (Bruce Co) William McFAUL, 25, farmer, Ontario, Elderslie, s/o Alexander McFAUL & Mary Ann McFAUL, married Flora SMITH, 23, Ontario, Elderslie, d/o James & Catherine SMITH, witn: Michael SPARROW & Elizabeth SMITH both of Elderslie, 2 June 1880, Elderslie 001593/80 (Bruce Co) Neil McGILLIVRAY, 35, farmer, Ontario, Saugeen, s/o Peter McGILLIVRAY & Mary McGILLIVRAY, married Mary CAMPBELL, 27, Ontario, Greenock, d/o Malcolm CAMPBELL & Christina McCALLUM, witn: Agnes CAMPBELL Of Greenock & John McGILLIVRAY of Saugeen, 28 October 1880, Greenock
001601/80 (Bruce Co) William McINTYRE, 27, farmer, Michigan U.S., Casselton Cass Co Dakota, s/o William McINTYRE & Mary McINTYRE, married Alice Ann HEWITT, 21, York Twp, Greenock Bruce Co, d/o James HEWITT & Charlotte HEWITT, witn: Benjamin MOULTON & Charlotte Jane HEWITT both of Greenock, 25 February 1880, Bervie 001605/80 (Bruce Co) Kenneth McIVER, 25, wagon maker, Island of Lewis Scotland, Underwood Bruce Co, s/o Donald McIVER & Margaret MORRISON, married Anne Eliza ROLSTON, 24, Canada, Glammis, d/o James ROLSTON & Jane RONEY, witn: Norman McIVER & James ROLSTON both of Bruce, 5 February 1880, Glammis
001686/80 (Bruce Co) John McKAGUE, 28, farmer, Ont., Culross, s/o William & Ann McKAGUE, married Annie HUGHES, 22, Ont., Culross, d/o Thomas & Mary Ann HUGHES, witn: Anthony HUGHES & Margaret McKAGUE both of Culross, 21 January 1880, Culross 001690/80 (Bruce Co) James McKAY, 27, plasterer, Scotland, Teeswater, s/o William & Jane McKAY, married Annie McKIGGAN, 21, Culross, Culross, d/o Archibald & Annie McKIGGAN, witn: Archy McVICAR & Malcolm McDONALD both of Culross, 31 March 1880, Culross
001570/80 (Bruce Co) Alex McKENZIE, 24, rail road employee, Kincardine Twp, Kincardine, s/o John McKENZIE & Johanna McKENZIE, married Jessie McLEOD, 24, Guelph Ontario, Kincardine, d/o William & Betsy McLEOD, witn: Hugh McKENZIE & Mary McLEOD, 19 October 1880, Kincardine 001568/80 (Bruce Co) John McLENNAN, 28, blacksmith, Kincardine, Kincardine, s/o Murdoch McLENNAN & Mary Ann McDONALD, married Margaret MORROW, 20, Wallace Twp Ontario, Kincardine Twp, d/o George MORROW & Ann Jane HANEY, witn: Alex McLENNAN & Margaret HANEY of Kincardine Twp, 29 October 1880, Kincardine Twp
001450/80 (Bruce Co) Norman McPHERSON, 31, farmer, Lanark Ontario, Kincardine Twp, s/o Malcolm McPHERSON & Elizabeth McPHERSON, married Ida Jane WARD, 19, Lanark Ontario, Bruce Co. Ontario, d/o John WARD & Margaret WILKIE, witn: McPherson ALLOMEY of Kincardine & Mary C. WARD of Bruce Co, January 1880  
001606/80 (Bruce Co) James McVEETY, 28, yeoman, Ontario, Greenock, s/o Thomas McVEETY & Mary McTAVISH, married Elizabeth McGRAW, 26, Ontario, Greenock, d/o John McGRAW & Isabella WALLACE, witn: Archibald McARTHUR of Paisley & Grace McGRAW of Greenock, 9 June 1880, Greenock 001277/80 (Bruce Co) James Richard MEDAUGH, 24, farmer, Canada, Arran Twp, s/o George MEDAUGH & Mary Ann ROGERS, married Eliza Gertrude HICKS, 19, Canada, Elderslie, d/o Richard HICKS & Eliza HARVEY, witn: George FOSTER of Arran & Mollie HICKS of Elderslie, 27 February 1880, Elderslie
001269/80 (Bruce Co) John MILLER, 26, farmer, Ireland, Wawanosh Huron Co, s/o James & Rosemary MILLER, married Barbara WALLACE, 26, Saugeen Twp, Saugeen Twp, d/o Alexander & Mary Ann WALLACE, witn: David McFADDEN of Allenford & Margaret WALLACE of Saugeen, 3 June 1880, Saugeen Twp 001452/80 (Bruce Co) William MILLER, 30, farmer, Kincardine Twp, Kincardine Twp, s/o William MILLER & Sarah PARKER, married Anne LINDSAY, 29, widow, Ramsay Ontario, Kincardine, d/o Patrick WHALEN & Debora COLLINS, witn: Leo RANSEL of Walkerton & Margaret GLINTZ of Brant, 20 August 1880, Brant
  001418/80 (Bruce Co) Robert MILLONS, 35, book keeper, Edinburgh Scotland, Walkerton, s/o Thomas And Agnes MILLONS, married Rosanna Well GRASSER, 18, Bayford, Walkerton, d/o George & Mary GRASSER, witn: Robert McLACHLAN & M. MUSSELMAN both of Port Elgin, 11 October 1880, at Tremont House in Port Elgin
001603/80 (Bruce Co) Joseph MULLER, 35, widower, farmer, Alsace, Greenock Twp, s/o John MULLER & Barbara SCHNEIDER, married Barbara HILLER, 23, Philadelphia, Greenock Twp, d/o John HILLER, & Barbara GRAULI, witn: Louis BATTE of Formosa & Thicla FRITZ of Chepstow, 26 April 1880, Chepstow #001287-80 (Bruce Co): Angus MUNN, 43, widower, farmer, Ontario, Elderslie, s/o Charles MUNN & Sarah McKINNON, married Jane McTAVISH, 23, Ontario, Elderslie, d/o Peter McTAVISH & Sarah MUNN, witn: Alexander MUNN & Annie McTAVISH, both of Elderslie, 29 Dec 1880 at Elderslie
001464/80 (Bruce Co) William PEPPER, 30, farmer, Brant Co. Ontario, Brant Co, s/o William PEPPER & Hannah UPTON, married Mary LAESO, 20, Germany, Bruce Co. Ontario, d/o William LAESO & Christina RODY, witn: James PEPPER & Mary LEGGETT both of Brant, 29 December 1880, Brant Twp. 001604/80 (Bruce Co) John PHELAN, 26, farmer, Greenock, Chepstow Greenock, s/o John PHELAN & Bridget SHEA, married Mary O'DONNELL, 24, Perth Co, Greenock, d/o John O'DONNELL & Mary McARTHY, witn: James O'DONNELL, Mary PHELAN, Dennis PHELAN & Ann O'DONNELL all of Chepstow, 5 April 1880, Chepstow
001653/80 (Bruce Co) Harvey PRIESTER, 28, blacksmith, Wellesley, Carlsruhe, s/o John PRIESTER & Barbara SCHNEIDER, married Elizabeth ZETTLER, 24, Carlsruhe, Carlsruhe, d/o Florian ZETTLER & Maria KNECTHEL, witn: David SCHWANN, Peter PRIESTER, Maria KEIL & Louisa L. NEIDER? all of Carrick, 16 November 1880, Carlsruhe 001390/80 (Bruce Co) William PURDEY, 30, farmer, Canada, Kincardine, s/o James PURDEY & Mary PURDEY, married Charlotte STEWART, 26, Canada, Kincardine Twp, d/o Robert STEWART & Betsy STEWART, witn: Archibald PURDEY & Margaret J. HISE both of Kincardine Twp, 11 February 1880, Kincardine Twp.
001444/80 (Bruce Co) John REED, 33, farmer, Ontario, Edengrove Ontario, s/o William REED & Mary GREEN, married Catherine ALLEN, 29, Guelph, Brant Twp. Ontario, d/o William ALLEN & Agness McFARLANE, witn: George REED of Edengrove & Jane ALLEN of Nassagaweya, 25 February 1880, Brant Twp. 001449/80 (Bruce Co) Joshua REED, 23, farmer, Nassagaweya, Greenock Twp, s/o Robert REED & Mary NAPPIER, married Catherine SCOTT, 20, Brant Twp, Brant Twp, d/o William SCOTT & Mary YOUNG, witn: Robert MAXWELL & Isabella REED, 5 May 1880
001615-80 (Bruce Co) Charles REUBER, 26, farmer, Germany, Carrick, s/o Peter & Mary married Anna BERSCHT, 21, Wellesley Twp, Carrick, d/o Magnus & Sarah, witn: John BERSCHT & Mary REUBER of Carrick, 3 March 1880 in Carrick. 001612/81 (Bruce Co) Thomas M. REYNOLDS, 23, farmer, Ontario, Tiverton, s/o Thomas REYNOLDS & Sarah REYNOLDS, married Esther A. KNIGHT, 22, Ontario, Bruce, d/o Daniel KNIGHT & Mary Ann KNIGHT, witn: Neil ROBERTSON of Bruce Twp & Ellen REYNOLDS of Tiverton, 28 December 1880, Bruce Twp
001691/80 (Bruce Co) William ROANE, 50, widower, farmer, Ireland, Culross, s/o William Henry & Ann ROANE, married Isabella WHITE, 30, Ireland, Culross, d/o William & Mary WHITE, witn: Robert WHITE & Robert McMULLEN both of Culross, 24 April 1880, Culross 001445/80 (Bruce Co) Menno RODY, 24, farmer, Waterloo Co, Brant Twp, s/o John RODY & Louisa PRIES, married Maria WILKIN, 20, Waterloo Co, Brant Twp, d/o Charles WILKIN & Elizabeth BORNEMAN, witn: John WILKIN & John LIEFSO both of Brant, 17 February 1880, Brant Twp
001460/80 (Bruce Co) Heinrich RUHL, 24, weaver, Brant Twp, Chesley Bruce Co. Ontario, s/o Henrich RUHL & Elizabeth AGCOTA, married Caroline FLETT, 20, Waterloo Ontario, Hanover Ontario, d/o Conrad FLETT & Elizabeth TOBY, witn: William RUHL of Chesley & Tofami? SCHAINFELE of Bentinck, 27 July 1880, Brant Twp. 001614-80 (Bruce Co) John SCHIEL, 25, tanner, Woolwich, Woolwich, s/o Joseph SCHIEL & Christina KAUFMAN married Regina MUSSEL, 25, Woolwich, Culross, d/o Joseph MUSSEL & Ann Mary HUNZINGER, witn: Reginald SCHIEL, Magdalena MUSSEL, Joseph MUSSEL & Anna MUSSEL all of Culross, 10 February 1880 in Formosa.
001630-80 (Bruce Co) Peter SCHNEIDER, 26, farmer, Prussia, Carrick Twp, s/o Peter SCHNEIDER & Catherine PYRIUS married Agnes STROEDER, 20, Carrick Twp, Carrick Twp, d/o Mathias STROEDER & Ann DRUAR, witn: John SCHNEIDER, Mary SCHNEIDER & Elizabeth STROEDER all of Carrick, 3 February 1880 in Belfort. 001628-80 (Bruce Co) John SCHNEIDER, 25, laborer, Prussia, Carrick Twp, s/o Michael SCHNEIDER & Angela BACKES married Mary Magdalen DIEMERT, 22, Carrick Twp, Carrick Twp, d/o Daniel DIEMERT & Appolonia STOSSER, witn: Joseph FLACH, and Joseph, Clara & Margaret DIEMERT all of Carrick, 3 February 1880 in Belfort.
001622-80 (Bruce Co) Joseph SCHUMACHER, 22, farmer, Culross, Culross, s/o Anthony SCHUMACHER & Marianna MOSBACHER married Rosalie BRICK, 22, Rainham Twp, Culross, d/o Peter BRICK & Maria HOLRATH, witn: Jacob SCHUMACHER, Lilly ZETTEL & Mary SCHUMACHER all of Culross, 20 January 1880 in Formosa  
001652/80 (Bruce Co) Joseph SEITZ, 23, saddler, Waterloo Co., Formosa, s/o Joseph SEITZ & Maria HUCK, married Mary BRICK, 20, Haldimand Co., Culross, d/o Peter BRICK & Mary HOLRATH, witn: Herbert ZETTEL, Carl NUKING, Josephine BUELL all of Culross & Catherine SEITZ of Carrick, 9 November 1880, Formosa 001455/80 (Bruce Co) John Alex SLOAN, 27, mechanic, Grey Co, Elmwood Co Grey, s/o William SLOAN & Eliza Jane DOUGLAS, married Isabella L. SMITH, 21, Bruce Co Ontario, Bruce Co Ontario, d/o William SMITH & Jane LURNER, witn: Aaron McLARY & Hannah M. SMITH both of Grey Co., 16 November 1880, Elmwood
001687/80 (Bruce Co) William Henry SMITH, 31, farmer, Tipperay Ireland, Culross, s/o Stephen & Belinda SMITH, married Jane Helena RUTHERFORD, 21, Oakville Ont., Culross, d/o Isaac & Agnes RUTHERFORD, witn: G.A. PRINGLE & A. I. LINDSAY both of Culross, 7 February 1880, Culross 001270/80 (Bruce Co) John SMITH, 28, farmer, Prince Edward Island, Saugeen Twp, s/o Alexander & Grace SMITH, married Mary Currie LAMONT, 22, 3rd Conc. Saugeen Twp, 3rd Conc. Saugeen Twp, d/o Gilbert & Margaret LAMONT, witn: Angus SMITH & Mary McLEAN both of Saugeen, 30 June 1880, Saugeen Twp.
001680/80 (Bruce Co) Charles STEEL, 30, farmer, Quebec, Culross, s/o Charles & Mary STEEL, married Jane MOFFAT, 27, Scotland, Culross, d/o William & Elizabeth MOFFAT, witn: Linns? A. BRENK? of Teeswater & Janet MOFFAT of Culross, 22 June 1880, Culross 001651/80 (Bruce Co) Richard William SUGG, 24, farmer, Woolwich, Clifford, s/o Samuel SUGG & Hellen, married Sarah Ellen REDDON, 23, Carrick, Carrick, d/o John REDDON & Ann CAMPBELL, witn: James REDDON of Carrick & Mary Ann SUGG of Minto, 29 September 1880, Carrick
001678/80 (Bruce Co) Albert E. THEOBOLD, 22, school teacher, Holmesville village, Teeswater, s/o George & Elizabeth THEOBOLD, married Catherine S. ROLLAND, 21, Clark Twp., Culross Twp., d/o William & Mary Ann ROLLAND, witn: George THEOBOLD & Sarah Q. THEOBOLD both of Teeswater, 27 September 1880, Culross 001650/80 (Bruce Co) George TITMUS, 22, yeoman, Carrick, Carrick, s/o James TITMUS & Margaret LEWIS, married Jennie HEATH, 20, Puslinch, Carrick, d/o Levi HEATH & Mary J. CHAMBERS, witn: Alexander BUTCHART of Mildmay & Emma HEATH of Puslinch, 8 December 1880, Carrick
001626-80 (Bruce Co) Joseph TRAUTMANN, 27, farmer, Perth Co., Culross, s/o Anton TRAUTMANN & Margaretta BUCKEL married Catherine KEMPEL, 22, Wilmot Twp, Carrick, d/o Mathias KEMPEL & Francisca WEBBER (WEBBE?), witn: Frederick KEMPEL, Elizabeth HORAP?, Henry DIETNER & Anna KEMPEL all of Culross,. 3 February 1880 in Formosa 001632-80 (Bruce Co) Joseph TSCHIRHART, 27, carriage maker, Waterloo Co., Culross, s/o John B. TSCHIRHART & Catherine DOSMANN? married Catherine MENITZMEYER, 20, Waterloo Co., Culross, d/o John MENITZMEYER & Catherine SCHERA, witn: Louis & Josephine TSCHIRHART, Henry & Juliana KRAUSE all of Culross, 1 June 1880 in Formosa.
001446/80 (Bruce Co) John UNRUH, 23, farmer, Prussia, Elderslie Twp, s/o John UNRUH & Louisa HAMAN, married Emma MAUER, 21, Bentinck Twp, Bentinck Twp, d/o Elias MAUER & Henrietta MAUER, witn: Joachim WILMAIER & Charles LIEFSO both of Brant, 17 February 1880, Brant Twp 001624-80 (Bruce Co) Anthony VOIGT, 28, farmer, Germany, Culross, s/o Michion ANTHONY & Salanda KENZIES (Heuyns?) married Catherine BAER, 22, Germany, Carrick, d/o George Michael BAER & Anna Maria FLUGTE?, witn: Lorentz BAER, Maria FEHRENBACH, Peter Anthony BAER all of Culross, 27 January 1880 in Formosa.
001599/80 (Bruce Co) Peter VALAD, 37, farmer, United States, Riversdale, s/o Anthony VALAD & Paulina CHATREAU, married Sarah RACHEL, 23, Canada, Riversdale, d/o John RACHEL & Anne BURNS, witn: Andrew VALAD & Jessie RACHEL both of Riversdale, 7 January 1880, Teeswater 001279/80 (Bruce Co) James WATSON, 25, farmer, Ontario, Elderslie, s/o William & Jane WATSON, married Margaret LEDGERWOOD, 22, Ontario, Greenock, d/o James & Elizabeth LEDGERWOOD, witn: Robert W. LEDGERWOOD of Greenock & Rebecca WATSON of Elderslie, 15 April 1880
001284/80 (Bruce Co) William WEBB, 23, farmer, Ontario, Greenock Twp, s/o John & Mary Ann WEBB, married Elizabeth Mary BROWN, 20, Ontario, Greenock d/o Alexander BROWN & Jane BROWN, witn: Samuel WEBB & Maggie Jane BROWN both of Greenock, 21 July 1880, Baptist Parsonage Paisley 001594/80 (Bruce Co) William WEBB, 22, farmer, Greenock Bruce Co, Greenock, s/o John WEBB & Mary Ann ROLSTON, married Elizabeth Mary BROWN, 20, Greenock Bruce Co, Greenock, d/o Alexander BROWN & Jennie YOUNG, witn: Samuel WEBB & Margaret BROWN both of Greenock, 20 July 1880, Greenock
001597/80 (Bruce Co) William WEBER, 25, tailor, Abewrier? Germany, Chepstow, s/o Joseph WEBER & Theresa LEBNER, married Thicla GRAF, 19, Greenock, Greenock, d/o John GRAF & Anna LANG, witn: Joseph GRAF, Catherine LANG, Nicholas LANG & Caroline HANZEN all of Greenock, 22 June 1880, Chepstow 001591/80 (Bruce Co) Thomas WELLINGTON, 22, farmer, Fergus, Greenock, s/o Thomas & Mary Ann WELLINGTON, married Maggie T. CURRIE, 23, Esquesing, Brant, d/o John & Rebecca CURRIE, witn: Johnston CURRIE & Jane CURRIE both of Brant, 22 September 1880, Greenock
001619-80 (Bruce Co) Joseph ZETTLER, 24, farmer, Carrick, Carrick Twp, s/o Alexander ZETTLER & Elizabeth LAMBERTUS married Magdalena WEBER, 18, Carrick, Carrick, d/o Gregory WEBER & Elizabeth STEHLI, witn: Bernard ELLINGHAUSER, Louis LOBSINGER, Anthony WEBER & Caroline WEBER all of Carrick, 13 January 1880 at Carlsruhe