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#001626-83 (Bruce Co): James Robertson AITCHISON (Actchison?), 28, printer, Scotland, Paisley, s/o Robert AITCHISON& Euphemia ROBERTSON, married Maggie FULLERTON, 28, Ontario, Bruce Tp, d/o Robert FULLERTON & Jane FAIRBAIRN; witnesses were John H QUAYLE, of Paisley, Jane FULLERTON, of Bruce. 16 May 1883 at Gresham.  
001414/83 (Bruce Co) Frances ALBRIGHT, 65, widower, blank, Bodon Europe, Carlsruhe, s/o Andrew ALBRIGHT & Frances FUGER, married Louisa KUNZ, 46, widow, Bodon Europe, Carlsruhe, d/o James KUNZ & Eli STETZ, witn: Anthony HUNT & Eli STETZ of Carlsruhe, 25 September 1883, Carlsruhe 1742-83 (Bruce Co): Joseph ALEXANDER, 26, farmer, Quebec, Kinloss, s/o William & Catherine, married Mary Ann SMITH, 19, Blandford, Kinloss, d/o Thomas & Sarah, witn: Hugh LOCKHART & Catherine ALEXANDER, both of Kinloss, 2 March 1883 at Kinloss
1589-83 (Bruce Co): Charles? ALLEN, 22, butcher, Ontario, Goderich, s/o Anthony & Margaret, married Ellen SMITH, 19, Ontario, Goderich, d/o Abraham & Ellen, witn: John & Mary GENTLES of Kincardine, 20 Nov 1883 at Kincardine 001536/83 (Bruce Co) James ALLEN, 21, brakeman, Canada, Palmerston, s/o Turnbull & Margaret ALLEN, married Florence McARTHUR, 20, Canada, Paisley, d/o Hugh & Sarah McARTHUR, witn: John ALLEN & William ALLEN of Paisley, 26 December 1883, Paisley
  1371-83 Donald ANDERSON, 25, farmer, Canada, Elderslie, s/o John ANDERSON & Isabella McGREGOR, married Martha WRIGHT, 26, Canada, Elderslie, d/o David WRIGHT & Mary LORNE, witn: Alexander ANDERSON & Elizabeth WRIGHT, both of Elderslie, 17 Oct 1883 at Elderslie
001676-83 (Bruce) William ARNOTT, 35, farmer, Lanark Co., Greenock, s/o John & Jean, to Christina McVICAR, 23, Scotland, Teeswater, d/o John & Jessie, wit: Archibald McVICAR of Teeswater & Mary Ann RAY of Puslinch, 29 March 1883, Teeswater 001411/83 (Bruce Co) Samuel ARSCOTT, 30, farmer, England, Walkerton, s/o Samuel ARSCOTT & Mary Jane EASTERBROOK, married Sarah Jane NICKLE, 20, Eramosa, Walkerton, d/o Thomas NICKLE & Isabella FAIR, witn: Robert HAMILTON & Lizzie NICKLE of Walkerton, 29 June 1883, Walkerton
1600-83 (Bruce Co): George AVERY, 23, farmer, Kincardine twp., same, s/o Samuel & Harriet, married Mary Jane HOCKIN, 24, Wentworth, Kincardine, d/o Joseph & Jane, witn: Patrick McEVOY & Hannah HOCKIN, both of Kincardine, 27 March 1883 at Kincardine 001412/83 (Bruce Co) Francis D.G. BACON, 25, plasterer brickster, Canada, Walkerton, s/o Henry BACON & Ann BACON, married Martha REID, 19, Canada, Walkerton, d/o Jas. McMullen REID & Jennie REID, witn: Ely SOLYARDS & Mary SOLYARDS of Mildmay, 25 October 1883, Mildmay
  001469/83 (Bruce Co) Louis BARBER, 22, farmer, Reach, Arran, s/o William & Mary Ann BARBER, married Sarah E. MILLER, 18, Arran, Arran, d/o James & Isabella MILLER, witn: Byron BARBER & Georgina MILLER both of Arran, 23 November 1883, Port Elgin
1746-83 (Bruce Co): John J. BEATON, 28, PEI, Manitoba, s/o John BEATON & Janet McLEOD, married Delina McLEOD, 18, Kinloss, same, d/o James McLEOD & Mary McLENNAN, witn: John McKENZIE & Sarah McLEOD, both of Kinloss, 28 March 1883 at Kinloss 001370/83 (Bruce Co) James BELL, 32, farmer, Scotland, Dakota United States, s/o William BELL & Cecilia SMITH, married Jeannie HERRIOT, 22, Ontario, Elderslie Twp, d/o John HERRIOT & Janet SCOTT, witn: William BELL of Chesley & Margaret HERRIOT of Elderslie, 24 January 1883, Elderslie
001659/83 (Bruce Co) John BENNETT, 21, farmer, Kincardine Twp, Kincardine Twp, s/o Samuel BENNETT & Mary Ann FAILS, married Elizabeth SHEWFELT, 18, Kincardine Twp, Kincardine Twp, d/o William SHEWFELT & Catherine ROBINSON, witn: James BENNETT & Catherine Ann SHEWFELT of Kincardine Twp, 28 March 1883, Kincardine Twp 001468/83 (Bruce Co) George BENTLY, 26, farmer, Blanshard, Saugeen, s/o Joseph BENTLEY & Mary BENTLEY, married Mary Ann WINTERS, 22, Saugeen, Saugeen, d/o Robert WINTERS & Jenett WINTERS, witn: David McCARREL & Catherine WINTERS of Saugeen, 19 November 1883, Port Elgin
001422/83 (Bruce Co) William Henry BERRY, 29, farmer, Cambden?, Howick, s/o James BERRY & Matilda LONG, married Margaret HARKNESS, 26, East Missouri (Nissouri?), Carrick, d/o George HARKNESS & Agness ANGUS, witn: James DIXON & Agness HARKNESS of Carrick Bruce Co, 27 April 1883, Carrick  
1635-83 (Bruce Co): Archibald BINE (Buie?), 27, farmer, Bruce twp., same, s/o Angus & Mary, married Flora McNEILL, 25, PEI, Bruce twp., d/o Hugh & Catherine, witn: Duncan McNEILL of Bruce twp. & Sarah McNEILL of Elderslie twp., 23 Oct 1883 at Bruce twp 001415/83 (Bruce Co) Joseph BIRCH, 27, widower, miller, Reinbur? Brant Co, Formosa, s/o Peter BIRCH & Mary HOLRAITH of Culross, married Francisca SHRUTT, 20, Waterloo Twp, Formosa, d/o John SCHRUTT (sic) & Annie DURAR of Carrick, witn: Edward BIRCH & Caty BIRCH both of Culross & Antony SCHRUTT & Ann SCHRUTT both of Carrick, 23 October 1883, Formosa
1735-83 (Bruce Co): George BLACK, 32, farmer, Oxford Co., Kinloss, s/o David BLACK & Margaret ORR, married Elspeth STEWART, 18, Kinloss, same, d/o Charles STEWART & Mary ORR, witn: Adam BLACK of Dakota & Euphemia STEWART of Kinloss, 7 March 1883 at Kinloss 1731-83 (Bruce Co): William BOAL, 23, farmer, Wellington twp., East Wawanosh, s/o John BOAL & Mary OATE, married Margaret Lily FERGUSON, 22, Vaughan twp., East Wawanosh, d/o James FERGUSON & Lilly PARKHILL, witn: Andrew FERGUSON of Belgrave & Annie BOAL of Wawanosh, 24 Jan 1883 at Whitechurch, Kinloss
1671-83 James BONNETT (Bennett?), 24, farmer, Ontario, Kincardine, s/o James & Mary, married Catherine SHEWFELT, 20, Ontario, Kincardine twp., d/o William & Catherine, witn: Leonard? & Grace SHEWFELT, 5 June 1883 at Kincardine twp 1749-83 (Bruce Co): James BOYLE, 25, farmer, Kinloss, same, d/o Darnton & Elizabeth, married Elizabeth JOHNSTONE, 23, Waterloo Co., Kinloss, d/o James & Elizabeth, witn: Joseph BOYLE & Mary JOHNSTONE, both of Kinloss, 28 March 1883 at Kinloss
001564/83 (Bruce Co) William BOYLE, 26, farmer, Peel Twp, Eastnor, s/o Thomas BOYLE & Elizabeth DOHERTY, married Jane INGRAM, 17, McKillop Twp. Ontario, Eastnor, d/o James INGRAM & Martha Maria SHAW, witn: Andrew LUNN of Lions Head & Elizabeth BOYLE of Eastnor, 3 January 1883, Lions Head 001666/83 (Bruce Co) Jacob BRADLEY, 24, farmer, Middlesex Co. Ontario, Kincardine Twp, s/o John & Ann BRADLEY, married Elizabeth Jane CLEMENTS, 18, Halton Co, Kincardine Twp, d/o John CLEMENTS & Sarah CLEMENTS, witn: Fred A. CLEMENTS of Kincardine & Emma Jane HUMPHREY of Halton Co, 3 January 1883, Kincardine Twp.
001445/83 (Bruce Co) Joseph BRENNER, 32, farmer, St. Clemens Wellesley Waterloo, St. Clemens Waterloo Ont., s/o John BRENNER & Magdalena MAYER, married Mary MARTIN, 37, Twp. Woolwich Co. Waterloo, Carrick Bruce Co., d/o John MARTIN & Theresa HARTS?, witn: Andrew MARTIN of Carrick & Elizabeth MAYER of Wellesley Waterloo Co., 25 January 1883, Formosa 001374/83 (Bruce Co) Jacob BRIMLEY, 22, farmer, Salem Ontario, Greenock, s/o Gottfried BRIMLEY & Catherine SCHLEGEL, married Anne RITCHIE, 22, Beverly, Greenock, d/o John RITCHIE & Ann BURNS, witn: John BRIMLEY of Greenock & Catherine McLEOD of Kincardine, 2 July 1883, Walkerton
001672-83 (Bruce) Linus Augustus BRINK, 28, Hardware merchant, St. Mary’s, Teeswater, s/o Joshua & Chloe, to Anne Adelina McKEE, 19, Wallasy?, Teeswater, d/o Samuel & Margaret, wit: W. I. HOWSON of Teeswater & Lotta MUIR of Woodstock, 7 February 1883, Teeswater #001640-83 (Bruce Co.): Archibald BROOKS, 24, Ontario, Bruce, farmer, s/o George BROOKS & Phoebe McINTYRE, married Mary Ann STOUT, 20, Quebec, Bruce Twp., d/o Lachlan STOUT & Flora McKINNON. witn: John BROOKS of Saugeen Twp., Maggie STOUT, Bruce Twp., 19 December 1883 at Bruce Twp
#001642-83 (Bruce Co): Alexander BROWN, 25, farmer, Kincardine Township, same, s/o James & Harriot BROWN, married Martha HILDER, 22, Ontario, Kincardine Township, d/o Henry & Kate HILDER; witnesses were John BROWN, Henrietta HILDER, of Kincardine Tp. 4 Jun 1883 at Armow? (Arran?) 1732-83 (Bruce Co): Thomas BROWN, 42, widower, farmer, Ontario, Kinloss, s/o Thomas BROWN & Ann FITZGERALD, married Margaret Ann HANNA, 33, widow, Ontario, Kinloss, d/o Alexander McCUTCHEON & Ann LASCELLES, witn: Mary Jane & George TURNER of Culross, 23 Jan 1883 at Kinloss
001615-83 (Bruce) John Lyon BROWN, 32, farmer, Halton Co., Caradoc twp., s/o Hugh & Agnes BROWN, to Sarah Jane WILSON, Huron twp., same, d/o William & Elizabeth WILSON, wit: Samuel HOLMS of Bervie & Rachael Ann WILSON of Huron, 3 January 1883, Huron 001547/83 (Bruce Co) James BUCHANNAN, 25, farmer, Ontario, Grafton Dakota U.S., s/o Peter BUCHANNAN & Catherine GILBREATH, married Lillian STEWART, 22, Ontario, Tiverton Ont., d/o Peter STEWART & Florah McMASTER, witn: Euphemia STEWART & Walter KEPPER of the Village of Tiverton, 29 March 1883, Tiverton
001405/83 (Bruce Co) Henry BURNHAM, 26, merchant, Brant Twp, Walkerton, s/o Albert BURNHAM & Mary RIVERS, married Ellen Elizabeth MANN, 23, Durham, Walkerton, d/o John MANN & Margaret ELLISON, witn: Robert MANN of Durham & Mary Ann MANN of Walkerton, 5 June 1883, Walkerton 001408/83 (Bruce Co) William L. BUSH, 33, hairdresser, Detroit Michigan, Brantford Ont., s/o Theodore L. BUSH & Margaret A. McFADDEN, married Josephine RUDOLPH, 26, Waterloo Twp, Brant Twp, d/o Henry RUDOLPH & Frances M. STEWART, witn: George KIDD & Catherine RUDOLPH of Brant Twp, 13 June 1883, Walkerton
001491/83 (Bruce Co) Murdoch D. CAMPBELL, 32, farmer, blank, Teeswater, s/o Hugh CAMPBELL & blank, married Matilda GARLAND, 22, Pinkerton, Pinkerton, d/o Richard GARLAND & Mary GARLAND, witn: Samuel GARLAND & Richard McLEOD of Greenock, 21 March 1883, St. Paul’s Church Pinkerton 1638-83 (Bruce Co): John M. CAMPBELL, 35, farmer, widower, Ontario, Greenock twp., s/o Malcolm CAMPBELL & Christena McCALLUM, married Catherine McGILLIVRAY, 22, Ontario, Bruce twp., d/o Donald McGILLIVRAY & Catherine McFARLANE, witn: Alexander & Mary McGILLIVRAY of Bruce twp., 28 Nov 1883 at Bruce twp
001409/83 (Bruce Co) Joseph F. CARROLL, 26, storekeeper, Canada, Moosemin N.W.T., s/o Edward CARROLL & Ellen LYNCH, married Mathilda WISSER, 26, Canada, Walkerton, d/o Louis WISSER & Frances M--?, witn: Louis WISSER Jr. & Emilia WISSER of Walkerton, 13 June 1883, Walkerton  
001709-83 (Bruce) Alex. CATHCART, 45, farmer, Ireland, Ashfield, s/o David CATHCART & Ann BYERS, to Catherine DOUGLAS, 35, Ontario, Ashfield, d/o John DOUGLAS & Jane NOBLE, wit: John & Mary DOUGLAS of Ashfield, 11 April 1883, Lucknow 001470/83 (Bruce Co) George E. CHAPMAN, 21, painter, Arran Bruce Co, Port Elgin, s/o Nathaniel & Margaret CHAPMAN, married Margaret Jane GUNN, 20, Carrick Ont., Mildmay, d/o Alexander & Jane GUNN, witn: Samuel CHAPMAN & R.M. LOWRY both of Port Elgin, 1 January 1883, Port Elgin
001541/83 (Bruce Co) Samuel CHENSCHWETH, 23, yeoman, Canada, Saugeen Twp. Ontario, s/o Andrew & Mary Ann CHENSCHWETH, married [blank], 17, Canada, Saugeen Twp., d/o Mary Ann MALES, witn: S.R. CULBERT & J.R. MILLER both of Saugeen, 20 June 1883, Saugeen 001616-83 (Bruce) Archibald D. CHISHOLM, 26, farmer, Ontario, Manitoba, s/o Robert & Margaret CHISHOLM, to Elizabeth SHIELDS, 22, Scotland, Huron twp., d/o Robert & Elizabeth SHIELDS, wit: John SCOTT of Seaforth & Elizabeth SHIELDS of Huron, 21 March 1883, Huron
001661/83 (Bruce Co) William Thomas CLEMENTS, 27, bricklayer, Milton Ontario, Manitoba, s/o John CLEMENTS & Sarah CLEMENTS, married Annie Jane BECKTON, 20, Kincardine Twp, Kincardine Twp, d/o Joseph & Jessie BECKTON, witn: John & George BECKTON & Sarah Isabella CLEMENTS all of Kincardine Twp., 14 February 1883, Kincardine Twp 1592-83 (Bruce Co): Frank B. COLLINS, 30, machinist, Ontario, Kincardine, s/o Robert & Catherine, married Salome BERRY, 26, Ontario, Kincardine, d/o Robert & Alitia?, witn: John COLLINS of Dakota & Mathew? BERRY of Kincardine, 26 Dec 1883 at Kincardine
001376/83 (Bruce Co) William James COOPER, 23, Barrister, Bruce Co., Portage la Prairie, s/o James Graham COOPER & Jessie McINTYRE, married Mineva Helen SINCLAIR, 22, Napier Middlesex Co, Walkerton, d/o William HENDERSON M.D. & Julia A. Finkle SINCLAIR, witn: J.D. GRAHAM of Lakefield & Nelly SUTTON of Walkerton, 26 July 1883, Walkerton [with note: "the bride was born HENDERSON but added the name of her step father SINCLAIR"] 1584-83 (Bruce Co): James A. COPELAND, 24, merchant, Brucefield, Moose Jaw, s/o John & Eliza, married Mary Ann FISHER, 22, Goderich, Kincardine, d/o Ebenezer & Mary, witn: R.J?. LESLIE & Annie L. FISHER, both of Kincardine, 31 July 1883 at Kincardine
001569/83 (Bruce Co) James William CORRIGAN, 23, sawyer, Ayrshire Scotland, Lions Head, s/o Hugh CORRIGAN & Jane FERGUSON, married Annie Julia BAKER, 25, London England, Lions Head, d/o William Townsend BAKER & Sarah BROOKS, witn: George JAMES & Sarah Ann HAYES of Eastnor, 31 May 1883, Lot 29 Conc. 3 E. Eastnor 001471/83 (Bruce Co) Archibald COSGROVE, 98, farmer, Canada, Saugeen, s/o Thomas & Martha COSGROVE, married Ann Eliza HOPKINS, 16, Canada, Saugeen, d/o Robert & Julia HOPKINS, witn: Sell DUNLOP & M.J. JOHNSON both of Port Elgin, 10 January 1883
001549/83 (Bruce Co) George A. CRAGG, 26, farmer, Dereham Oxford Co., Keppel, s/o Apple Yard CRAGG & Jane ADAMSON, married Susannah ATKINSON, 21, Tecumseth Simcoe Co., Keppel, d/o Edward ATKINSON & Sarah Jane MULLEN, witn: Thomas HARRISON & Elizabeth ATKINSON both of Keppel, 9 July 1883, Allenford 001538/83 (Bruce Co) James Thomas CRAIG, 21, photographer, Bruce Twp, Paisley, s/o James & Ann CRAIG, married Maggie FRASER, 21, Paisley, Brussels, d/o George & Annie FRASER, witn: John CRAIG of Bruce & Mina RAE of Paisley, 19 December 1883, Paisley
001539/83 (Bruce Co) George CRAWFORD, 28, farmer, Clark Twp, Arran, s/o Patrick & Mary CRAWFORD, married Eliza A. THOMPSON, 23, Arran, Arran, d/o William & Margaret THOMPSON, witn: James THOMPSON & Fanny CRAWFORD both of Arran, 19 December 1883, Paisley 1747-83 (Bruce Co): Abram CULBURT, 24, farmer, Ashfield twp., same, s/o Thomas & Jane, married Louisa CONGRANE?, 22, England, Kinloss, d/o Richard & Ann, witn: William CONGRENN (sic) of Kinloss & Annie CULBURT of Ashfield, 14 Feb 1883 at Kinloss
001356/83 (Bruce Co) Alex. CUNNINGHAM, 20, lumber merchant, Arran Twp, Albemarle Twp, s/o Alex. CUNNINGHAM & Isabella CUNNINGHAM, married Susannah CRANE, 20, Sullivan Twp, Albemarle Twp, d/o Richard CRANE & Joannah GREEN, witn: A. CUNNINGHAM & Edna CRANE of Albemarle Twp., 9 May 1883, Albemarle 001577/83 (Bruce Co) John DARRAH, 28, laborer, Scotland, Arran Twp, s/o Charles DARRAH & Catherine DARRAH, married Sarah McARTHUR, 24, Elderslie Twp, Saugeen Twp, d/o Duncan McARTHUR & Mary McKECHNIE, witn: John McINNES of Saugeen & Maggie McNEIL of Elderslie Twp, 5 September 1883, Saugeen Twp.
001481/83 (Bruce Co) Thomas Henry DAVIES, 23, farmer, Lansdowne Co. Leeds, Amabel, s/o William & Eliza DAVIES, married Miriam Patience Estella EARL, 18, Lansdowne Ontario, Amabel, d/o Allan & Rachel EARL, witn: Maggy Sophia SYMON of Wiarton & William DAVIES of Lyndhurst Ontario, 14 June 1883, Amabel 1730-83 (Bruce Co): William DIAMOND, 35, farmer, Stephen twp., Hullett twp., s/o John & Mary, married Naomi Martha REINHART, 25, Stanley twp., Kinloss, d/o Charles & Ruth Elizabeth, witn: James Charles & Etta Ainitia REINHART of Grey & Kinloss, 1 Jan 1883 at res of bride's father, Kinloss
001364/83 (Bruce Co) William Edward DOERSAM, 21, tailor, Canada, Wiarton, s/o Peter & Fedridy DOERSAM, married Mary Jane BROWN, 19, Canada, Tara Ontario, d/o James & Betsy BROWN, witn: Betsy Ann BROWN of Tara & Annie HEDDLE of Allenford, 22 February 1883, Tara 001710-83 (Bruce) Rodrick DOUGLAS, 34, farmer, Ashfield, same, s/o John DOUGLAS & Jane NOBLE, to Christina MATHESON, 22, Ontario, Ashfield, d/o Roderick & Christina MATHESON, wit: Don. CAMERON & Mary MATHESON both of Ashfield, 11 January 1883, Lucknow
001662/83 (Bruce Co) Joseph DOUPE, 27, farmer, Huron Twp, Huron Twp, s/o Adam & Rachel DOUPE, married Elizabeth Jane EMERSON, 22, Kincardine Twp, Kincardine Twp, d/o John & Maria EMERSON, witn: James EMERSON of Kincardine Twp & Jacob WRIGHT of Huron Twp, 7 February 1883, Kincardine Twp. 001497/83 (Bruce Co) Martin DOYLE, 22, farmer, Greenock Twp, Greenock Twp, s/o Martin DOYLE & Catherine FOWLER, married Catherine KARTZ (Kartez?), 20, Culross Bruce Co, Brant Twp, d/o Peter KARTZ & Mary SHIREDEN, witn: Joseph DOYLE, Mary J. CONNARY, John KARTES & Mary FRITZ, 4 September 1883, Chepstow
  001712-83 (Bruce) Robert G. DRYDEN, 29, farmer, Ont., Manitoba, s/o James DRYDEN & Mary SWAN, to Sarah MURDOCH, 22, Lucknow, Ashfield, d/o Steel MURDOCH & Sarah CUTHBERTSON, wit: John MURDOCH of Ashfield & William KILTON of Lucknow, 4 April 1883, Lucknow
001660/83 (Bruce Co) William ELLIOTT, 30, farmer, Hastings Co, Huron Twp, s/o John & Sarah ELLIOTT, married Matilda Jane FAIR, 23, Huron Twp, Bervie Kincardine Twp, d/o John & Margaret FAIR, witn: James ELLIOTT of Huron Twp & Eliza Ann FAIR of Bervie, 7 February 1883, Bervie Kincardine Twp #001475-84 (Bruce Co): Andrew E. EMERSON, 22, farmer, Kincardine twp., same, s/o John & Maria, married Jennie H. CLINTON, 17, Brant Co., Kincardine twp., d/o Archibald & Jessie, witn: Andrew ARRIGAN of Kinloss twp & Mary TROWSE of Kincardine twp., 25 Dec 1883 at Kincardine twp
001714/83 (Bruce Co) Henry William EVENS, 38, carpenter, Canada, Brant Twp, s/o Henry EVENS & Maria WALTERS, married Susan AIKINS, 21, Canada, Brant Twp, d/o William AIKINS & Ann J. NOBLE, witn: Harriet G. GREENE & Jane WILLIAMS of Chesley, 22 July 1883, Chesley  
1733-83 (Bruce Co): John FARRELL, 38, widower, farmer, Quebec, Huron twp., s/o James & Catherine, married Nancy Ann McCONNELL, 28, Wellington Co., Kinloss, d/o Robert & Mary, witn: Thomas FARRELL of Huron & Margaret McCONNELL of Kinloss, 14 Feb 1883 at Kinloss 001612-83 (Bruce) Samuel Henry FARRELL, 26, farmer, Huron twp., same, s/o James & Catherine FARRELL, to Margaret GRAHAM, 25, Huron twp., same, d/o James & Ja? (white line through name, looks like it could be Jane) GRAHAM, wit: William R. GRAHAM & Sarah Ann FARRELL both of Huron twp., 18 April 1883, Bervie
001677-83 (Bruce) Douglas H. FARROW, 24, butcher, Canada, Mitchell, s/o Howard D. & Mary Jane FARROW, to Alice WILLIAMS, 21, Canada, Mitchell, d/o William & Leah WILLIAMS, wit: George YEO & Sarah I. YEO both of Teeswater, 18 October 1883, Teeswater 001367/83 (Bruce Co) John FERGUSON, 24, tin smith, Canada, Glammis, s/o William & Margaret FERGUSON, married Rachael McFAYDEN, 23, Scotland, Tara, d/o Hector & Jennet McFAYDEN, witn: A. MacDONALD & Lizzie BLAIN both of Tara, 19 March 1883, Tara
  001416/83 (Bruce Co) Michael FOX, 25, farmer, Coburn, Michigan Enrich Co, s/o Patrick FOX & Ellen LAVERY, married Bridget BURNS, 20, Grey Co, Grey Co, d/o Joseph BURNS & Ellen RYON (Ryan?), witn: James SCANLAR & Ellen BURNS of Grey Co, 23 October 1883, Carlsruhe
#001729-83 (Bruce Co): John FRASER, 35, farmer, Toronto, Kinloss, s/o William FRASER & Helen WARD, married Marion ANDERSON, 18, Ashfield, Kinloss, d/o Samuel ANDERSON & Jane SMELTZER (or Sweltzer), witnesses were Joseph FRASER & Mary Ann MUNRO, both of Kinloss, 11 Oct. 1883 at The Manse, (South) Kinloss #001726-83 (Bruce Co): Charles FRASER, 19, farmer, Canada, Kinloos, s/o William & Johanna, married Rachel McLEAN, 20, Canada, Kinloss, d/o John & Elizabeth, witnesses were Charles MUNRO & Eliza McLEAN, both of Kinloss, Oct. 10, 1883 at the home of the bride's father
001421/83 (Bruce Co) Johann FRUIR (Frerir?) 20, farmer, Ellice twp., same, s/o Karl FRUIR & Sophia LOELK, married Sophia WICKE, 22, Ellice Perth Co, Carrick Bruce Co, d/o August WICKE & Dorette FAMME, witn: Ferdinand WICKE & Wilhelmine ZINK of Carrick Bruce Co, 11 October 1883, Carrick  
001477/83 (Bruce Co) Thomas GALBRAITH, 34, miller, Co. Galway Ireland, Colpoy’s Bay, s/o James & Dorothea GALBRAITH (nee LANCASTLE) married Harriet Amelia WHICHES, 22, Haldimand Co. Canada, Colpoy’s Bay, d/o Henry & Harriet WHICHES (nee HULL), witn: James McCARTHY & Harriet GARTLE both of Wiarton, 28 November 1883, residence of parents Colpoy’s Bay 001355/83 (Bruce Co) Charles GILBERT, 27, farmer, Darlington Ontario, Artemesia Twp, s/o Thomas GILBERT & Rosanna GILBERT, married Caroline CRAIG, 15, Holland Twp, Albemarle Twp, d/o George CRAIG & Elizabeth CRAIG, witn: Henry N. CRAIG & Mary HEASMAN both of Albemarle Twp, 3 April 1883, Albemarle
001424/83 (Bruce Co) William GILMAN, 22, farmer, Carrick Twp, Carrick Twp, s/o Robert GILMAN & Mary Ann LUCAK, married Rachel WYNN, 21, Carrick Twp, Carrick Twp, d/o Antony WYNN & Rachel WYNN, witn: John MERSHEIMMER? of Bruce Twp. & Marie WYNN of Carrick Twp., 10 October 1883, Carrick 001410/83 (Bruce Co) Henry Chester GLASS, 26 11/12, Barrister, London Ont., Winnipeg, s/o David GLASS & Sarah DALTON, married Beatrice E. KINGSMILL, 19 , Guelph, Walkerton, d/o John J. KINGSMILL & Julia DICKSON, witn: Alice N. KINGSMILL of Walkerton & Charles MEREDITH of Brandon, 20 June 1883, Walkerton
001562/83 (Bruce Co) William GLOVER, 69, widower, builder, England, Invermay, s/o William GLOVER & Eliza REDCLIFFE, married Jane WOODLAND, 55, Sligo Co. Ireland, Durham Ontario, d/o Joshua WOODLAND & Jane McKIM, witn: J.H. CARSON & L.M. WEBSTER of Arkwright, 18 April 1883, Arkwright 1473-83 Andrew GOWANLOCK, 45, farmer, Hopekirk Roxboroughshire Scotland, Saugeen twp., s/o William GOWANLOCK & Christena LAIDLAW, married Betsy LAIDLAW, 27, Buffalo USA, Saugeen twp., d/o Thomas & Jane, witn: Christena ARMSTRONG & William GOWANLOCK, 28 Feb 1883 at Port Elgin
001548/83 (Bruce Co) David GRAHAM, 28, yeoman, Logan Ontario, Logan, s/o Samuel & Sarah GRAHAM, married Sarah HOWE, 24, Caledonia, Bruce Twp., d/o Joshua & Sarah Jane HOWE, witn: John & Ann HOWE of Bruce Twp., 18 October 1883, Tiverton  
1475-83 Joseph GRANVILLE, 23, cooper, Michigan USA, Southampton, s/o Augustus & Lena, married Marion GREATHEAD, 23, Rockford - Norfolk Co., Southampton, d/o Joseph & Elizabeth, witn: William & Melissa M. GREATHEAD of Southampton, 15 May 1883 at Manse, Port Elgin 1595-83 (Bruce Co): John Henry HALL, 20, cabinet maker, Ontario, Kincardine, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Annie NICHOLS, 19, Ontario, Huron twp., d/o James & Elizabeth, witn: James McGUNNES? & Maria MORDEN, both of Kincardine, 15 Jan 1883 at Kincardine
1718-83 John HAMMILL, 24, farmer, Canada, Arran twp., s/o Francis HAMMILL & Catherine GRAHAM, married Margaret Jane KIDD, 22, Canada, Elderslie twp., d/o Hugh KIDD & Ann HAMMILL, witn: John JACQUES of Arran & Lucilla LAVENDER of Elderslie, 5 Nov 1883 at Chesley 1476-83 Timothy HANNAN, 29, laborer, York Co., Port Elgin, s/o Manuel & Elizabeth, married Eliza STRONG, 18, south of England, Port Elgin, d/o Robert & Jane, witn: James & Maggie STOCKS of Port Elgin, 21 June 1883 at Port Elgin
#001476-84 (Bruce Co): Noble HARRIGAN, 24, farmer, Kinloss twp., same, s/o William & Mary, married Mary Ann B. COLWELL, 22, Kincardine twp., same, d/o Samuel & Mary Ann, witn: Samuel COLWELL of Kincardine twp & Fannie McDONALD of Ripley, 7 Nov 1883 at Kincardine twp #001609-83 (Bruce Co): George HARRIS, 26, farmer, Kinloss, Ashfield, s/o Thomas & Christy, married Eliza Matilda HARRIS, 19, Amberly, Ashfield, d/o William & Susan ARMSTRONG, witnesses were Dan McDONALD & Lucy HARRIS, both of Ripley, Nov. 13, 1883 at Huron
#001580-83 (Bruce Co): John Edward HARRISON, 30, farmer, Huntingdon twp - Hastings Co., Huron twp., s/o James & Dorothy Ann, married Mary Jane CARLETON, 20, Amaranth, Huron twp., d/o James & Elizabeth, witnesses were Henry W. GEE of Kincardine & Sarah M. HARRISON of Huron twp., July 12, 1883 at Church of the Messiah, Kincardine  
001546/83 (Bruce Co) William John HAZZARDS, 22, fisherman, Hastings Co. Ontario, Southampton, s/o William & Mary HAZZARDS, married Delena GRANVILLE, 17, Southampton, Southampton, d/o Augustus & Delena GRANVILLE, witn: Joseph GRANVILLE & Delena GRANVILLE of Southampton, 29 January 1883, Southampton 1602-83 (Bruce Co): James HEFFERMAN, 41, widower, hotel keeper, Guelph twp., Kincardine, s/o Patrick HEFFERMAN & Rosan MURPHY, married Elizabeth Ann FINLAY, 29, widow, Biddulph twp., Kincardine, d/o John CARTER & Esther LEWIS, witn: Mary Roberts MURRAY of Kincardine, 10 May 1883 at Kincardine
001494/83 (Bruce Co) Joseph HENDERSON, 31, mechanic, Ireland, Superior City U.S., s/o William HENDERSON & Nancy SLEEP (Steep?), married Grace McGRAW, 32, Ireland, Greenock, d/o John McGRAW & Isabella WALLACE, witn: Ainsley McGRAW & illegible Henderson of Greenock, 27 June 1883, Greenock [faded reg’n] 001427/83 (Bruce Co) Antony HERGOTT, 22, farmer, Wilmot Twp. Waterloo, Formosa Bruce Co, s/o Antony HERGOTT & Margarette DETZLER, married Margaretta [no surname given], 17, Formosa, same, d/o Martin BENNINGER & Margarette ILLIG (Formosa), witn: Martin BENNINGER, August HERGOTT, Maggie HERGOTT & Mary KLOEPPER all of Formosa, 9 October 1883, Formosa
001493/83 (Bruce Co) Henry HETRICK, 32, widower, merchant, Ontario Co, Kinloss, s/o John HETRICK & Elizabeth FORD, married Isabella HARRISON, 25, Ontario Co, Greenock, d/o Richard HARRISON & Matilda MARTIN, witn: Richard HARRISON & Lilly CRAIG, 5 May 1883, Greenock [faded rge’n] 001668/83 (Bruce Co) Henry HODGINS, 26, farmer, Middlesex Co, Biddulph Twp. Middlesex Co, s/o John & Ann HODGINS, married Mary Jane NEEDHAM, 24, Kincardine Twp, Kincardine Twp, d/o Samuel NEEDHAM & Mary NEEDHAM, witn: George DAGG & Elizabeth NEEDHAM both of Kincardine Twp, 29 January 1883, St. John's Church Bervie
#001643-83 (Bruce Co): Samuel Switzer HOLMES, 27, merchant, Township of Vaughan, Bervie, s/o Godrey & Rebecca HOLMES, married Alice Martha McINTRYE, 20, Bervie, same, d/o Nichol & Elizabeth McINTYRE; witnesses were James McGREGGOR, Emily Elen McINTYRE, of Bervie. 13 Jun 1883 at Bervie. 001675-83 (Bruce) William James HOWSON, 26, miller, Walton? Co., Teeswater, s/o Richard & Mary Isabella, to Lizzie Ida COLVIN, 18, Teeswater, same, d/o George & Margaret, wit: Foster HOWSON & Sarah FESSANT both of Teeswater, 21 February 1883, Teeswater
001678-83 (Bruce) Richard F. HOWSON, 24, merchant, Canada, Teeswater, s/o Richard & Mary Isabella HOWSON, to Emily Matilda FULFORD, 22, Canada, Teeswater, d/o Ira & Lucy FULFORD, wit: T.E. HOWSON & B. FAIRBAIN both of Teeswater, 6 November 1883, Teeswater 1628-83 (Bruce Co): Edwin HUMPHRIES, 38, widower, stone cutter, England, Paisley, s/o Churchill HUMPHRIES & Jane PORTIN, married Agnes STORRIE, 23, Ontario, Greenock twp., d/o John STORRIE & Catherine BELL, witn: Robert GIBSON of Paisley & Jessie STORRIE of Greenock, 20 June 1883 at Underwood
#001624-83 (Bruce Co): James A. HUTTON, 28, farmer, Ontario, Carrick Tp, s/o Andrew HUTTON & Agnes McNEE, married Janet KINMOND, 25, Ontario, Bruce Tp, d/o Peter & Mary KINMOND; witnesses were Peter KINMOND, Bruce, John HUTTON, Port Elgin. 4 Apr 1883 at Township of Bruce. 1631-83 (Bruce Co): George HYDE, 26, farmer, Lincolnshire England, Bruce twp., s/o Joseph & Elizabeth, married Margaret WITTICH, 22, Ontario, Bruce twp., d/o Justus WITTICH & Magdalena ROETH, witn: William HYDE & Mary WITTICH, both of Bruce, 19 July 1883 at Bruce twp
001572/83 (Bruce Co) George JAMES, 22, laborer, West Flamboro, Eastnor, s/o William JAMES & Jane JAMESON, married Sarah Ann HAYES, 22, Blanchard Ontario, Eastnor, d/o George HAYES & Mary Ellen SHAW, witn: Thomas TACKABURY & May Jane JAMES of Eastnor, 14 November 1883, Eastnor  
#001605-83 (Bruce Co): Arthur JOHNSON, 22, farmer, Ontario, Huron twp., s/o James JOHNSON & Mary Ann SANFORD, married Mary Jane HAMILTON, 22, Huron twp., same, d/o Archibald HAMILTON & Mary Ann THOMPSON, witnesses were James SPIERS & Alexander HAMILTON, both of Huron, Sept. 19, 1883 at Huron twp 001679-83 (Bruce) Isaac JOHNSON, 32, hotel keeper, Wellington, Teeswater, widower, s/o Robert & Elisa JOHNSON, to Hanna Zella FOUNTAIN, 23, Port Hope, Teeswater, d/o George & Catherine FOUNTAIN, wit: George W. McDANIEL & Maggie BALLAGH both of Teeswater, 6 November 1883, Teeswater
001716/83 (Bruce Co) Matthew Conch JOHNSON, 22, laborer, Brant Twp, Chesley, s/o John JOHNSON & Jane JOHNSON, married Emily Jane ALLEN, 18, Brant Twp, Chesley, d/o Robert ALLEN & Mercy ALLEN, witn: William James JOHNSON & Henrietta JOHNSON both of Chesley, 3 October 1883, Chesley 001715/83 (Bruce Co) William James JOHNSON, 26, farmer, Simcoe Co, Twp Sullivan, s/o John JOHNSON & Jane JOHNSON, married Henrietta ALLEN, 24, Brant Twp, Chesley, d/o Robert ALLEN & Mercy ALLEN, witn: Matthew Conch JOHNSON & Emily Jane ALLEN of Chesley, 3 October 1883, Chesley
001393-1883 (Bruce Co.) Albert S. KAISER, 23, watchmaker, Detroit, Walkerton, s/o William KAISER & Caroline LOCDORF?, married Agnes Jordan FISHER, 18, spinster, King Twp, Walkerton, d/o Edward JORDAN & Maria TAYLOR, witn: Hugh WILSON & Bessie HARRINGTON, both of Walkerton, 6 Feb 1883 at Walkerton. 1634-83 (Bruce Co): J.B. KITCHEN, 26, farmer, Whitby, Egmondville, s/o John & Jennett, married Catherine McLAREN, 21, Bruce twp., same, d/o Alexander & Mary J., witn: W. WARREN of Stephen twp & Annie McLAREN of Bruce twp., 16 Oct 1883 at Bruce twp
1636-83 (Bruce Co): Alexander LAMONT, 25, farmer, Saugeen twp., same, s/o Archibald LAMONT & Margaret McKECHNIE, married Agnes McTAVISH, 22, Bruce twp., same, d/o Donald & blank, witn: Archibald LAMONT of Saugeen twp & Jane McTAVISH of (Bruce Co): twp., 31 Oct 1883 at Bruce twp 001366/83 (Bruce Co) George LANGSTAFF, 23, farmer, Canada, Twp Keppel, s/o George & Jane LANGSTAFF, married Maggie McKNIGHT, 23, Canada, Twp Amabel, d/o Matthew & Eliza McKNIGHT, witn: Peter MUNN of Paisley & Janet WALKINGTON of Richmond Hill, 14 March 1883, Tara
001358/83 (Bruce Co) Jesse LAWRENCE, 22, yeoman, England, Albemarle, s/o Jesse & Jane LAWRENCE, married Mary Elizabeth HARDING, 24, Scott, Albemarle, d/o Robert & Eliza HARDING, witn: Thomas LAWRENCE & Frances Ann HARDING, 27 June 1883, Albemarle 1639-83 (Bruce Co): George LEEDS, 46, widower, England, Bruce twp., s/o John & Eliza, married Nancy McINNES, 36, Nova Scotia, Bruce twp., d/o Alexander & Catherine, witn: Donald CAMERON & Mary McCALLUM, both of Bruce twp., 28 Nov 1883 at Bruce twp
  001550/83 (Bruce Co) Thomas James LESLIE, 21, farmer, Derby Grey Co., Derby Grey Co., s/o Thomas LESLIE & Sarah MALYON, married Jane BLINKIN, 19, Huron Co., Amabel, d/o Thomas BLINKIN & Hannah Ruth WUKY (Wulky?), witn: William James KERR & Isabella LESLIE, 12 July 1883, Allenford
1743-83 (Bruce Co): Thomas LOCKHART, 28, farmer, Kinloss, same, s/o Thomas LOCKHART & Mary STURGEON, married Ann Elizabeth FRASER, 17, Zorra, Kinloss, d/o William R. FRASER & Joan MUNRO, witn: Andrew LOCKHART & Janet McMILLAN, both of Kinloss, 4 April 1883 at res of bride's father, Kinloss 01540/83 (Bruce Co) Edward LONGE, 32, widower, cooper, Southampton, Southampton, s/o Joseph & Christina LONGE, married Ester SOREL, 20, Georgina, Southampton, d/o Charles SOREL & Margaret SOREL, witn: Frank SOREL & Lizzie GREATHEAD of Southampton, 23 July 1883, Southampton
1717-83 James Arthur LYTLE, 23, farmer, Canada, Chesley, s/o Robert LYTLE & Mary Ann DALE, married Anna M. McDONALD, 22, Canada, Paisley, d/o Edward McDONALD & Elizabeth BADGELY, witn: Clayton WEBB of Tecumseth & Sarah McKECHNIE of Paisley, 8 Oct 1883 at Chesley 001613-83 (Bruce) William MANSON, 23, farmer, Huron twp., same, s/o James & Mary MANSON, to Eliza Jane SEXSMITH, 20, Hungerford, Huron twp., d/o John & ? (white line through name, possibly Elizabeth) SEXSMITH, wit: John SEXSMITH & Mary Ann MANSON both of Huron twp., 10 April 1883, Huron
001418/83 (Bruce Co) Joseph MASSEL, 27, farmer, Waterloo Twp, Formosa, s/o Joseph MASSEL & Marie HOIZZER of Culross, married Theresia [no surname given], 21, Formosa, Formosa, d/o Herman ZETTLE & Mary HEIMEY, witn: Joseph ZETTLE, Edward MASSEL & Josephine SCHWACH of Carrick, Culross & Waterloo, 18 September 1883, Formosa 001419/83 (Bruce Co) John MASSEL, 25, farmer, Culross, Culross, s/o Antonio MASSEL & Elizabeth MIER, married Mary FEHRENBACH, 23, Waterloo, Formosa, d/o John FEHRENBACH & Elizabeth GEHL of Carrick, witn: Edward & Anna MASSEL and Albert & Caty FIHRENBACH, all of Carrick, 11 September 1883, Formosa
1590-83 (Bruce Co): John MATHESON, 31, laborer, Scotland, Kincardine, s/o Angus MATHESON & Betsy FRASER, married Isabella FINLAYSON, 22, Ashfield twp., same, d/o John FINLAYSON & Isabella McKENZIE, witn: Kenneth McKENZIE of Kincardine twp & Ann FINLAYSON of Ashfield twp., 10 Oct 1883 at Kincardine  
001667/83 (Bruce Co) Donald McARTHUR, 27, farmer, Bruce Co, Brock, s/o Neil McARTHUR & Margaret McARTHUR, married Catherine McLEAN, 25, Kincardine Twp, Kincardine Twp, d/o Alex McLEAN & Ann McLEAN, witn: Murdock McARTHUR of Bruce & Annie McKINNON of Kincardine, 3 January 1883, Kincardine 001663/83 (Bruce Co) Hugh McARTHUR, 23, farmer, Kincardine Twp, Kincardine Twp, s/o Donald McARTHUR & Ann McCALLUM, married Katie ROWAN, 19, Kincardine Twp, Kincardine Twp, d/o John ROWAN & Margaret TURNER, witn: Angus McARTHUR of Kincardine Twp. & Mary McCALLUM of Bruce Twp, 29 February 1883, Kincardine Twp
1374-82 (Bruce Co): Robert McCANN, 28, farmer, Manvers twp., Elderslie, s/o blank & Frances Ann McCANN, married Matilda KING, 25, Arran, same, d/o George & Margaret, witn: John McCANN of Elderslie & Jennie KING of Arran, 9 Jan 1883 at Invermay 001619-83 (Bruce) Roderick McCHARLES, 29, carpenter, Nova Scotia, Huron, s/o Donald McCHARLES & Ann McRAE, to Jessie McKENZIE, 23, Ontario, Huron, d/o Donald & Margaret McKENZIE, wit: Roderick McKENZIE of Huron & John McDERMID of Kinloss, 25 January 1883, Huron
1637-83 (Bruce Co): Neil McCLURE, 28, farmer, Stratford Ont., 2nd con of Bruce twp., s/o Archibald & Mary, married Mary BEATON, 25, Vaughan twp., 12th con of Bruce twp., d/o Archibald & Mary, witn: Alexander McCLURE & Flora BEATON, both of Bruce twp., 13 Nov 1883 at 12th con of Bruce twp 001669/83 (Bruce Co) Robert McCOMBE, 26, blacksmith, Kincardine Twp, Dakota U.S., s/o James McCOMBE & Charlotte McCOMBE, married Rachel GLASS, 24, Kincardine Twp, Kincardine Twp, d/o John & Jane GLASS, witn: A. GLASS & Miss McCOMBE all of Kincardine Twp, 26 January 1883, Bervie
#001596-83 (Bruce Co): J B McCORMICK, 30, farmer, Ireland, Kincardine Tp, s/o Joseph & Mary McCORMICK, married Ann ROBINSON, 26, Ontario, Kincardine Tp; witnesses were Adam & Mary MANNERS. 28 Jan 1883 at Kincardine Town. 001372/83 (Bruce Co) John McCORMICK, 24, fireman in Mill, Perthshire Scotland, Lions Head, s/o John McCORMICK & Catherine BROWN, Alice Maud VERNON, 17, Ancaster Ontario, Lindsay - Bruce , d/o Joseph VERNON & Ann FEWKES, witn: John CEASOR & Clara VERNON both of Lindsay, 4 June 1883, Vernon home, Lindsay
001570/83 (Bruce Co) John McCORMICK, 24, laborer, Peebleshire Scotland, Lions Head, s/o John McCORMICK & Catherine BROWN, married Alice Maud VERNON, 17, Ancaster, Lindsay - Co. Bruce, d/o Joseph VERNON & Ann FEWKES, witn: John CAESAR & Clara VERNON of Lindsay Twp., 4 June 1883, Dyer Bay, Lindsay Twp.  
001361/83 (Bruce Co) Donald MacDONALD, 26, farmer, Scotland, Amabel Twp, s/o Donald & Isabella MacDONALD, married Mary Elizabeth HAND, 23, Canada, Amabel Twp, d/o S. Within & Sarah HAND, witn: John MacDONALD of Woodstock Ontario & Hannah HAND of Amabel Twp, 10 January 1883, Parsonage Tara #001581-83 (Bruce Co): Kenneth McDONALD, 38, farmer, Cape breton, Kincardine twp., s/o Alexander & Mary, married Eliza HILDER, 22, Ontario, Kincardine twp., d/o Henry & Kate, witnesses were Fred HENDERSON of Pt. Elgin & Emma COLE, June 4, 1883 at Kincardine
1775-84 Thomas McDONALD, 26, farmer, Culross, same, s/o Richard McDONALD & Jennet FRASER, married Margaret Jane GRANT, 21, Culross, same, d/o Peter GRANT & Bridget HOWET, witn: Ann & Isabella GRANT of Culross, 25 Dec 1883 at Culross 1623-83 Archibald McDONALD, 43, farmer, Scotland, Kincardine twp., s/o James McDONALD & Catherine McLAREN, married Maggie McKENZIE, 28, Ontario, Bruce twp., d/o Archibald McKENZIE & Catherine McNAIR, witn: Dougall McKENZIE & Donald McDONALD, both of Bruce, 25 April 1883 at Bruce twp
1744-83 (Bruce Co): John McDOUGALL, 34, mason, Caledon, Kinloss, s/o Angus McDOUGALL & Elizabeth POTTERFIELD, married Catherine McDOUGALL, 20, Kinloss, same, d/o Peter McDOUGALL & Mary McKINNON, witn: Sarah McDOUGALL of Kinloss & John M. MILLEDGE of Bruce, 20 Dec 1883 at Kinloss 001657/83 (Bruce Co) Hugh McEWEN, 30, tanner, Ontario, Tiverton, s/o Donald McEWEN & Mary McNAUGHTON, married Margaret CAMERON, 27, Scotland, Kincardine Twp, d/o Donald CAMERON & Margaret McDIARMID, witn: Peter CAMERON of Kincardine Twp & John McDONALD of Tiverton, 9 May 1883, Kincardine Twp.
  1738-83 (Bruce Co): Robert James McGILL, 26, commercial man, Peterborough Co., Gorrie, s/o James McGILL & Catherine HARTLEY, married Kate BOYD, 22, Huron Co., Bruce Co., d/o John BOYD & Catherine McLENNAN, witn: George DOHERTY & Anna MAHAFFY, both of Huron Co., 14 March 1883 at res of bride's father, Kinloss
001665/83 (Bruce Co) James McGREGOR, 24, farmer, Ontario, Kincardine Twp, s/o Donald McGREGOR & Ann ANDERSON, married Christina McLEAN, 23, Ontario, Kincardine Twp, d/o John McLEAN & Christina McMARTIN, witn: Charles McLEAN of Kincardine Twp & David McGREGOR of Bruce Twp, 20 January 1883, Kincardine Twp 001711-83 (Bruce) Lachlin Campbell MacINTOSH, 52, farmer, Scotland, Huron, s/o Angus MacINTOSH & Anny KENNEDY, to Margaret McPHERSON, 37, Scotland, Lucknow, d/o John MacPHERSON & Isabella BAIN, wit: Alex MacPHERSON & Ellen CLARK both of Lucknow, 9 January 1883, Lucknow
1449-83 (Bruce Co): Edward McINTYRE, 23, laborer, Brant, Greenock, s/o James McINTYRE & Fanny BARTON?, married Maria JASPER, 23, Carrick, same, d/o Thomas JASPER & Elizabeth MARTIN, witn: Richard & Margaret J. JASPER of Carrick, 25 April 1883 at Carrick #001644-83 (Bruce Co): John McKENZIE, 30, carpenter, Lead Mills Scotland, Kincardine Tp; s/o Alexander McKENZIE & Violet WEIR, married Christena McKENZIE, 25, Kincardine Tp, same, d/o John McKENZIE, & Mary WILSON; witnesses were James & Hugh McKENZIE, of Kincardine Tp. 24 Jul 1883 at Kincardine Tp.
1734-83 (Bruce Co): Angus McKENZIE, 24, farmer, Culross, Manitoba, s/o Alexander & Ann, married Millie MORRISON, 25, Gananoque, Kinloss, d/o Malcolm MORRISON & Catherine SUTHERLAND, witn: Angus & Catherine McKENZIE of Culross, 21 Feb 1883 at Kinloss 1586-83 (Bruce Co): Herbert Clayton McKIBBON, 25, merchant, Milford – Prince Edward Co., Teeswater, s/o George & Ann, married Maggie THORNHILL, 23, Kincardine, same, d/o Edward & Martha, witn: Edward & Martha THORNHILL of Kincardine, 20 Aug 1883 at res of Mr. THORNHILL, Kincardine
001641-83 (Bruce Co): Neil Donald McKINNON, 27, Ont. Underwood., School Teacher, s/o John McKINNON & Margaret McDONALD, married Minnie MACKAY 20, Ont. Bruce, S. d/o George D. MACKAY & Mary MACFARLANE, witn: Angus McLEAN of Underwood, & Ellen McKAY of Bruce. 25 December 1883 at Bruce Twp 1632-83 (Bruce Co): Peter McKINNON, 33, farmer, Scotland, Kincardine twp., s/o Malcolm McKINNON & Catherine CAMPBELL, married Catherine CAMERON, 31, Ontario, Inverhuron, d/o Hugh CAMERON & Flora McINTYRE, witn: Isaac ORFORD of Underwood & Margaret CRAIG of Bruce twp., 8 Aug 1883 at Underwood
001369/83 (Bruce Co) Alexander McLAGGAN, 40, farmer, Scotland, Chesley, s/o Peter McLAGGAN & Isabella FISHER, married Mary CORMICK, 28, Scotland, Paisley, d/o William CORMICK & Isabella AUCKINE?, witn: Andrew CORMICK & Isabella McLAGGAN both of Elderslie, 10 January 1883, Elderslie 001373/83 (Bruce Co) Donald McLAY, 25, farmer, Huron Ontario, Lindsay - Bruce, s/o John McLAY & Margaret McIVER, married Annie McIVER, 22, Rosshire Scotland, Lindsay - Bruce Ontario, d/o Donald McIVER & Annie MURREY, witn: Kenneth McLAY & Christine McIVER of Lindsay, 12 June 1883, McIver home, Lindsay
001567/83 (Bruce Co) Donald McLAY, 28, farmer, Huron Twp., Lindsay Twp., s/o Allan McLAY & Annie McDONALD, married Barbara Allan McKAY, 22, Earltown Nova Scotia, Lindsay Twp., d/o Rev`d Adam McKAY & Eliza McDONALD, witn: Murdoch McLAY & Harriett McDONALD of Lindsay Twp., 22 March 1883, Lindsay Twp 001565/83 (Bruce Co) John McLEAN, 32, farmer, Lewis Scotland, Ripley Huron Co., s/o John McLEAN & Catherine McDONALD, married Catherine McLAY, 30, Lewis Scotland, Lindsay, d/o John McLAY & Margaret McIVOR, witn: Donald McLAY & Catherine McDONALD both of Lindsay, 15 January 1883, Lions Head
001728-83 (Bruce Co): John McLEOD, 26, farmer, Culross, Ripley Ont., s/o Hector McKINNON & Mary McRAGGEAN, married Catherine McLEOD, 21, Ripley, same, d/o Donald McLEOD & Catherine McDONALD, witneses were John McLEOD & Mary McKINNON, both of Ripley, Oct. 12, 1883 at Kinloss 001606-83 (Bruce Co): John McLEOD, 25, farmer, Huron twp., same, s/o Angus & Margaret, married Isabella McQUEEN, 22, Kinloss twp., same, d/o Murdock & Jessie, witnesses were Norman McLEOD & Christina McDONALD, both of Huron, Dec. 19, 1883 at Huron twp
#001607-83 (Bruce Co): Malcolm McLEOD, 28, farmer, Huron twp., same, s/o Donald & Mary, married Isabella SMITH, 24, Huron twp., same, d/o John & Annie, witnesses were Angus McKAY & Sarah SMITH, both of Huron, Nov., 20, 1883 at Huron 001583-83 (Bruce Co): John McLEOD, 30, farmer, Ontario, Greenock twp., s/o Kenneth & Ann, married Margaret BYERS, 17, Kincardine twp., Greenock twp., d/o Andrew BYERS & Margaret CONDIE, witnesses were Hugh McLEOD of Kincardine twp& Mary BYERS of Greenock twp., July 25, 1883 at Kincardine
001673-83 (Bruce) Miles McMILLAN, 27, farmer, Canada, Culross, s/o Alexander & Margaret, to Mary QUINN, 21, Canada, Culross, d/o James & Mary, wit: Ronald McKINNON of Culross & Maggie YAUGHER of Kinloss, 9 January 1883, Teeswater  
1474-83 Hugh McNEILL, 38, farmer, Island of Colonay - Scotland, Elderslie twp., s/o John & Sarah, married Sarah McGILLIVRAY, 22, Elderslie, same, d/o Malcolm & Christena, witn: Jenny & Duncan McGILLIVRAY of Elderslie, 30 May 1883 at Royal Hotel, Port Elgin 1629-83 (Bruce Co): Malcolm McPHAIL, 69, widower, farmer, Perthshire Scotland, Bruce twp., s/o Duncan & Janet, married Susan McNAUGHTON, 60, Chatham Quebec, Bruce twp., d/o Robert & Elizabeth McNAUGHTON, witn: Donald & Elgin McNAUGHTON of Bruce twp., 12 June 1883 at Bruce twp
1622-83 Alexander McRAE, 30, farmer, Ontario, Bruce twp., s/o Robert McRAE & Mary MOBERLY, married Mary CURRIE, 27, Ontario, Bruce twp., d/o Andrew CURRIE & Margaret McGILLVRAY, witn: William McRAE of Saugeen & Susan CURRIE of Bruce, 18 April 1883 at Underwood #001579-83 (Bruce Co): Alexander McRAE, 36, farmer, Inverness-shire Scotland, Huron twp., s/o Duncan McRAE & Flora McLENNAN, married Isabella McRAE, 21, Huron twp., same, d/o Donald McRAE & Jessie MATHESON, witnesses were Peter McDONALD of Huron twp & Mary FINLAYSON of Ashfield twp., July 12, 1883 at Kincardine
001375/83 (Bruce Co) George MIGHTON, 24, farmer, Canada, Bentinck Grey Co. Ontario, s/o George MIGHTON & Sarah FOSTER, married Hannah SMITH, 23, Canada, Bentinck Ontario, d/o Robert SMITH & Elizabeth BLAKLEY, witn: Samuel F. SMITH & Jennie CARTER both of Bentinck, 25 July 1883, Walkerton  
001495/83 (Bruce Co) Edward? MILLAR?, 24, mechanic, of Detroit City U.S., s/o George & Margaret, married Susan? Eliza S?IER?, [rest of registration is too faded to read] 1603-83 (Bruce Co): James W. MILLARD, 25 (or 28), accountant, Auburn NY, Hamilton, s/o Brooks MILLARD & Martha MONDLE?, married Christena VANSTONE, 23, Kincardine twp., Kincardine, d/o Joseph VANSTONE & Margaret SEMPLE, witn: H. WARREN of Hamilton & Lena WILLIAMSON of Kincardine, 6 June 1883 at Kincardine
001420/83 (Bruce Co) Paul MILLER, 28, blacksmith, Formosa, Formosa, s/o Mathew MILLER & Margaret MILLER, married Veronica FIHRENBACH, 24, Wallwich Waterloo, Formosa d/o John FIHRENBACH & Elizabeth GEHL, witn: John SCHNUR, Andrew SCHWARTZ & Anna PAHN (Paher?) of Formosa, 9 October 1883, Formosa 1610-83 (Bruce Co): William H. MITLE, 30, engine driver, Michigan state, Detroit, s/o Philip & Judith, married Mary Ann McLENNON, 24, Huron twp., Detroit, d/o John & Mary, witn: Malcolm McLENNEN & Mary Ann MATHESON, both of Huron, 19 Oct 1883 at Huron twp
001566/83 (Bruce Co) Samuel MOORE, 46, widower, farmer, Antrim Ireland, Eastnor Twp, s/o William MOORE & Mary McADAM, married Charlotte BAKER, 21, St. Vincent Twp, Eastnor, d/o Michael BAKER & Sarah PRENTIS, witn: Thomas MOORE & Isabella MOORE of Paisley, 27 March 1883, Eastnor 1611-83 (Bruce Co): Alexander MOWBRAY, 21, carpenter, Huron Co, Huron twp., s/o Joseph & Janet, married Mary Elizabeth STANLEY, 18, Huron twp., same, d/o William & Rebecca, witn: Isaac STANLEY & Isabella MOWBRAY, both of Huron twp., 25 Dec 1883 at Huron twp
001537/83 (Bruce Co) George MUNN, 34, farmer, Prince Edward Island, Prince Albert N.W.T., s/o Duncan & Mary MUNN, married Jennie IRVING, 27, York Co. Ontario, Paisley, d/o John & Mary IRVING, witn: A.D. SMITH & Charlotte DOBBIN of Paisley, 5 December 1883, Paisley 1633-83 (Bruce Co): Alexander MUNRO, 30, farmer, PEI, Tiverton, s/o John MUNRO & Jessie McLENNAN, married Mary McFADYEN, 27, Ontario, Bruce twp., d/o Archibald McFADYEN & Ann McLEAN, witn: Angus McLEAN & Annabella McLEOD, both of Underwood, 17 Sept 1883 at Bruce twp
001363/83 (Bruce Co) James Bothwell MULLEN, 46, widower, Clergyman, Quebec, Fergus, s/o David & Jane MULLEN, married Dorcas Vienna McNAMARA, 29, Massa. U.S., Tara, d/o George & Elleanor McNAMARA, witn: Robert P. McNAMARA of Tara & Sarah ACKLEY of Invermay, 7 February 1883, residence of brides parents in Tara #001625-83 (Bruce Co): William MURRAY, 26, mechanic, widower, Ontario, Bruce Tp, s/o James MURRAY & Sarah MOORE, married Catherine FARRELL, 23, Ontario, Bruce Tp, d/o John FARRELL, Hannah ENGLISH; witnesses were John FARRELL, Thomas MURRAY, of Bruce. 25 Apr 1883, at Township of Bruce
001544/83 (Bruce Co) David John NICHOL, 23, engineer, Hamilton Ontario, Southampton, s/o John & Janet NICHOL, married Alice Jane CAMPBELL, 20, Wallace Twp, Southampton, d/o John & Ann CAMPBELL, witn: W.B. RITCHIE & Lizzie NICHOL, 23 October 1883, Southampton 1621-83 Craven T. W. NICHOLSON, 23, farmer, Saugeen, Bruce twp., s/o William NICHOLSON & Elizabeth BAYS, married Jane E. AGAR, 22, Vaughan, Bruce twp., d/o Robert AGAR & Margaret LAURIE, witn: George KELSO of Bruce & Minnie Mary AGAR of Vaughan, 19 Jan 1883 at Bruce twp
001425/83 (Bruce Co) Robert NICKEL, 31, farmer, Barton, Carrick, s/o Robert NICKEL & Matilda JAMES, married Margaret HAMILTON, 22, Seaforth, Carrick, d/o Robert HAMILTON & Margaret LAWSON, witn: Charles NICKEL & Mary Jane HAMILTON of Carrick, 21 November 1883, Belmore 001413/83 (Bruce Co) Julius NOLL, 39, widower, Bookkeeper & Agent, Prussia, Formosa, s/o Fredrick NOLL & Regina NEOTZ (Motz?) married Margaret EBERTH, 28, widow, Hanover, Carlsruhe, d/o J.U. EBERTH & blank, witn: John NAUER & Christian BRUDER of Walkerton, 29 October 1883, Carlsruhe
#001604-83 (Bruce Co): Woodburn OGDEN, 24, blacksmith, Ontario, Huron twp., s/o John & Julia, married Rosana ROCKNER, 21, Ontario, Huron Co., d/o Lawrence & Sophonia, witnesses were John ROCKNER & Euphemia McDONALD, both of Ashfiled, Sept. 26, 1883 at Ashfield 001406/83 (Bruce Co) Constantine O’GORMAN, 33, doctor, Dublin Ireland, Hastings Ont., s/o Robert O’GORMAN & Sarah M.J. WILKINSON, married Eleanor McLEAN, 19, Walkerton, Walkerton, d/o Andrew McLEAN & Eleanor SIMPSON, witn: Andrew McLEAN & Lizzie McLEAN of Walkerton, 6 June 1883, Walkerton
001428/83 (Bruce Co) William OEHRING, 29, farmer, Wellesley Twp. Waterloo, Chepstow, s/o Philip OEHRING & Margarita HESTERMANN, married Robaca WEBER, 24, Carrick, Carrick, d/o Jacob WEBER & Mary SCHMANN, witn: Michael WEBER of Carrick, Henry OEHRING of Greenock, Rosina WEBER of Carrick & Magalena OEHRING of Formosa, 12 July 1883, Formosa 001620-83 (Bruce) William OLIVER, 33, London Ont., Middlesex Co., s/o William & Sarah OLIVER, to Mary Ann NEISBIT (Nesbit?), 23, Ontario, Huron twp., d/o Samuel & C? (white line through name, possibly Catherine) NEISBIT, wit: John OLIVER of Dorchester twp. & Fanny SMITH of Huron twp., 18 April 1883, Huron
  001551/83 (Bruce Co) Benjamin PARTRIDGE, 44, widower, farmer, England, Holland Grey Co., s/o Joseph & Frances PARTRIDGE, married Mary RUDDY, 26, Tyrone Co. Ireland, Arran, d/o Samuel & Mary RUDDY, witn: William PORTER & Lavina PORTER both of Arran, 9 October 1883, Arran
1741-83 (Bruce Co): Edward PASSMORE, 21, mason & farmer, Kinloss, same, s/o John PASSMORE & Sarah Ann PARNEL?, married Catherine Matilda HAYES, 21, Kinloss, same, d/o William & Catherine, witn: G.W. PASSMORE & Mary E. HAYES, both of Kinloss, 28 March 1883 at Kinloss #001582-83 (Bruce Co): George PATTEN, 22, farmer, Michigan USA, Culross twp, s/o Henry PATTEN & Mary WHEELER, married Mary McDONALD, 20, Culross twp., same, d/o Richard McDONALD & Jannet FRAYER, witnesses wereGeorge McDONALD & Hannah MEE, both of Culross twp., July 23, 1883 at Kincardine
#001478-84 (Bruce Co): John PERRIN, 22, store keeper, Ontario, Kincardine twp., s/o John PERRIN & Sarah Jane HARKNESS, married Rachel McKENZIE, 21, Ontario, Kincardine twp., d/o William McKENZIE & Isabella McLEOD, witn: Henry INNES & Jessie Ann McKENZIE, both of Kincardine twp., 26 Dec. 1883 at Kincardine twp 001499/83 (Bruce Co) Patrick PHELAN, 26, farmer, Chepstow, Chepstow, s/o John PHELAN & Bridget SHEA, married Mary Jane COUMANZ?, 23, Chepstow, Chepstow, d/o John COUMANY? & Ellen LAWLOR, witn: Patrick TOOHEY, James PHELAN, Mary PHELAN & Ellen COUMANY? of Chepstow, 3 October 1883, Chepstow [faded reg’n]
001480/83 (Bruce Co) Thomas PLAYFORD, 25, yeoman, Ontario, Amabel Hepworth, s/o John PLAYFORD & Margaret BAGGS, married Hannah Maria ROBINSON, 24, Ontario, Hepworth, d/o James ROBINSON & Nancy RUTLEDGE, witn: Earnest BULMAN & Elizabeth PLAYFORD both of Amabel, 6 June 1883, Hepworth #004791-83 (Bruce Co): John POWELL, 38, barrister, England, Detroit Mich., s/o John & Eliza, married Mary Martha CORBETT, 21, Caledonia, Clinton, d/o Edward & Ann, witnesses were J. CRAIG? & Priscilla POWELL, Sept. 12, 1883 at Clinton
001456-84 (Bruce Co) Carl Ludwig PUFAHL, 24, workman, Prussia, Bentinck Twp, s/o Ludwig PUFAHL & Louise DAMM married Ernestine Wilhelmine MONTTAY, 26, Prussia, Bentinck Twp, d/o Wilhelm MONTTAY & Auguste GRAHLINAM, witn Carl & Marie SCHUHL both of Bentinck, 11 December 1883 in Brant Twp. 001617-83 (Bruce) Joseph PUGH, 25, bricklayer, Ontario, Morris twp., s/o Henry & Elizabeth PUGH, to Sabrina PAUL, 21, Ontario, Ripley, d/o Richard & Mary PAUL, wit: John PUGH of Morris & Lottie LONG of Ripley, 21 February 1883, Ripley
001492/83 (Bruce Co) Samuel REID, 30, farmer, blank, Greenock, s/o John REID & Liza Jane REID, married Mary Jane KEYES, 22, Greenock, Greenock, d/o William KEYES & Mary Ann KEYES, witn: Robert KEYES & William KEYES of Greenock , 21 March 1883, Greenock 001614-83 (Bruce) Fredrick REID, 23, farmer, Manchester, Huron twp., s/o John & Elizabeth REID, to Margaret J. BEATTY, 21, Huron twp., same, d/o William & Margaret BEATTY, wit: Roland BEATTY & Isabella CRAIG both of Huron, 24 May 1883, Huron
001727-83 (Bruce Co): James Charles REINHART, 26, yeoman, Canada, Kinloss, s/o Charles & Ruth, married Mary Agnes EVANS, 19, Canada, Kinloss, d/o David & Sarah, witnesses were Daniel McDAIRMID of Morris & Etta EVANS of Kinloss, Dec. 13, 1883 at Kinloss #001725-83 (Bruce Co): Archibald ROBINSON, 23, farmer, Kincardine, Kinloss, s/o Samuel & Annie, married Catherine E. CARLETON, 18, Kinloss, same, d/o James CARLETON & Martha FRANCE, witnesses were Stephen ROBINSON & Jane CARLETON, both of Kinloss, 14 Nov., 1883 at Kinloss
1739-83 (Bruce Co): Richard ROLLAND, 37, widower, farmer, England, Brant twp., s/o Richard ROLLAND & Jane HARNOLD (should be Arnold?), married Ann HARRISON, 27, Ontario, Greenock twp., d/o George HARRISON & Matilda MARTIN, witn: Edward ROLLAND of Brant & Isabella HARRISON of Greenock, 27 March 1883 at Kinloss 1630-83 (Bruce Co): James ROSS, 25, farmer, Ontario, Bruce twp., s/o John ROSS & Isabella McLEOD, married Elizabeth ROSS, 21, Ontario, Bruce twp., d/o Hugh ROSS & Mary SINCLAIR, witn: James ROSS of Underwood & Mary ROSS of Bruce, 27 June 1883 at Bruce twp
1736-83 (Bruce Co): Thomas ROSS, 21, farmer, Kinloss, same, s/o Thomas ROSS & Mary McKINNON, married Jane DAVIDSON, 21, Scotland, Kinloss, d/o John DAVIDSON & Elizabeth SUTHERLAND, witn: Duncan & Bella ROSS of Kinloss, 9 March 1883 at Langside Manse, Kinloss 1588-83 (Bruce Co): James W. ROSS, 21, baker, Ayr Ont., Russell Ont., s/o Robert ROSS & Jane ANDERSON, married Mary Elizabeth KAY, 19, Kincardine, same, d/o William & Margaret, witn: John ROSS of Russell & Jessie KAY of Kincardine, 26 Sept 1883 at Kincardine
001498/83 (Bruce Co) Charles ROWELLEN, 33, widower, carpenter, Leeds Co. Ont., Pinkerton, s/o Robert ROWELLEN & Ann CHICK, married Sarah Jane BUCHANAN, 24, Pinkerton Ont., Pinkerton, d/o Donald BUCHANAN of Pinkerton & Anne McLEOD, witn: Jamie BUCHANAN & Martha MATHESON both of Pinkerton, no date given, Pinkerton  
001354/83 (Bruce Co) James C. RUTHERFORD, 22, yeoman, Euphrasia Twp, Eastnor, s/o David RUTHERFORD & blank, married Isabella McCUTCHEON, 18, Halifax, Eastnor Twp, d/o William & Isabella McCUTCHEON, witn: David RUTHERFORD & Catherine GILLIES of Eastnor Twp., 20 March 1883, Colpoy’s Bay Albemarle Twp 001574/83 (Bruce Co) David A. RUTHERFORD, 23, farmer, Euphrasia Ont., Eastnor Twp., s/o David RUTHERFORD & Margaret McKNIGHT, married Catherine GILLIES, 19, Reach Twp., Eastnor Twp., d/o Donald GILLIES & Catherine STEWART, witn: James McKNIGHT & Isabella RUTHERFORD of Eastnor, 29 November 1883, Eastnor
  1448-83 (Bruce Co): Arthur SCHNEIDER, 23, farmer, Germany, Demmerton?, s/o Michael SCHNEIDER & Antella BACHES, married Ann SCHULTHUS, 20, Carrick, Demmerton, d/o Joseph SCHULTHUS & Susanna SCHWARTZ, witn: Joseph SCHULTHUS, Lena SCHNEIDER & John SCHWARTZ, 9 Jan 1883 at Demmerton (Rom Cath)
1774-84 Graham SCOTT, 25, farmer, Esquesing twp., Culross, s/o John Graham & blank, married Jessie McTAVISH, 25, South Easthope, Culross, d/o John McTAVISH & Christena STEWART, witn: Thomas H. STANDISH & Eliza McTAVISH, both of Culross, 22 Nov 1883 at Culross 001483/83 (Bruce Co) James M. SHAKELTON, 24, farmer, England, Albemarle, s/o John & Mary, married Elizabeth HOGG, 23, Ontario, Albemarle, d/o James & Mary Jane, witn: S. HOGG & Margaret HOGG both of Allenford, 25 May 1883, Allenford
001365/83 (Bruce Co) Wesley SHANNON, 26, tin smith, Canada, Tara, s/o Robert & Jane SHANNON, married Annie LIND, 22, Canada, Twp Arran, d/o George & Ann Jane LIND, witn: Peter MONNA? of Tara & Jennie LIND of Twp Arran, 28 February 1883, Tara 001571/83 (Bruce Co) Joseph Sherman SHEFFIELD, 29, widower, farmer, Brock Twp., Hope Bay, s/o Thomas SHEFFIELD & Ann SNODDEN, married Abigail Maria PILLOW, 23, Montreal Quebec, Hope Bay, d/o Christopher PILLOW & Abigail Maria KIMBELL, witn: Thomas SCHERMERHORN & Margaret A. SCHERMERHORN of Hope Bay, 11 July 1883, Hope Bay
1627-83 (Bruce Co): Lionel SHIPLEY, 23, farmer, Ontario, Saugeen twp., s/o John SHIPLEY & Mary WALKER, married Catherine COLLISON, 18, Ontario, Bruce twp., d/o John COLLISON & Catherine KEYES, witn: James SHIPLEY of Blanshard & Elizabeth COLLISON of Bruce twp., 13 June 1883 at Bruce twp. 001713-83 (Bruce) Thomas T. SMITH, 35, agent, Ont., Manitoba, s/o Thomas & Mary SMITH, to Elizabeth GORDON, 23, Ont., Lucknow, d/o Jas. & Mary GORDON, wit: Mary SOMERVILLE & D.E. CAMERON both of Lucknow, 21 March 1883, Lucknow
001467/83 (Bruce Co) Samuel Frances SMITH, 28, farmer, Fraser, Bentinck, s/o Robert & Elizabeth SMITH, married Sarah Alberta SMITH, 22, Pinkerton, Saugeen, d/o Cousimar & Mary SMITH, witn: Bertha McKAY of Southampton & Hanery SMITH, 31 October 1883, Saugeen 001496/83 (Bruce Co) John SMITH, 34, carpenter, PEI, Chepstow, s/o Angus SMITH & Flora MANN, married Mary KNOX, 30, Dundas, Chepstow, d/o Simon KNOX & Bridget RYAN, witn: John STAPLETON & Olilda HARTLEB of Chepstow, 20 August 1883, Chepstow
001543/83 (Bruce Co) Douglas SMITH, 25, farmer, Kincardine Twp, Southampton, s/o Donald & Mary SMITH, married Anna McDONALD, 27, Cape Breton, Southampton, d/o Peter & Catherine McDONALD, witn: Thomas McAULEY & Mary Ann SMITH of Southampton, 27 June 1883, Southampton  
001561/83 (Bruce Co) Richard Jos. SPARLING, 22, farmer, Arran, Arran, s/o John & Ann SPARLING, married Emma GRAFTON, 20, Arran, Arran, d/o William & Ann GRAFTON, witn: William Henry SPARLING & Henrietta GRAFTON of Arran, 31 January 1883, Chippewa Hill 001395-1883 (Bruce Co.) Henry SPARLING, 22, mechanic, Scott Twp., Greenock, s/o Philip SPARLING & Mary TAYLOR, married Eliza MONAHAN, 19, d/o Patrick MONAHAN & Dennia? DENNY, witn: Walter MONAHAN of Brant Tp. & Mary SPARLING of Greenock, 13 Mar 1883 at Walkerton
001576/83 (Bruce Co) Michael SPARROW, 22, yeoman, Ontario, Elderslie Twp, s/o Michael SPARROW & Ann McCAIN, married Elizabeth SMITH, 22, Ontario, Saugeen Twp, d/o James SMITH & Catherine McNEIL, witn: James SPARROW of Elderslie & Mary SMITH of Saugeen, 7 February 1883, Saugeen Twp 001479/83 (Bruce Co) William John SPENCER, 22, merchant, Whitby Ontario, Hepworth Amabel, s/o William SPENCER & Mary A. PAGET, married Annie PENDER, 21, Waterloo Ontario, Amabel Bruce Co, d/o Robert PENDER & Car. WALKER, witn: Robert PENDER & Eliza SPENCER both of Hepworth, 3 April 1883, Amabel
001664/83 (Bruce Co) Joseph STANLEY, 20, farmer, Kincardine Twp, Kincardine Twp, s/o Edward STANLEY & Margaret STANLEY, married Nancy HANNAH, 20, Morris Twp, Morris Twp, d/o John HANNAH & Eliza HANNAH, witn: Edward STANLEY & Eliza STANLEY both of Kincardine Twp, 24 January 1883, Bervie 001542/83 (Bruce Co) Cornelious Ruleslester STEADMAN, 24, brick layer, Canada, Port Elgin Ontario, s/o Henry & Margaret STEADMAN, married Henrietta MARTINDALE, 18, Canada, Port Elgin, d/o David & Mary Ann MARTINDALE, witn: David McLEAN & Maggie R. MOORE both of Port Elgin, 27 June 1883, Port Elgin
1472-83 James STOCKS, 27, laborer, York Co., Port Elgin, s/o Abraham STOCKS & Mary IRELAND, married Margaret HANNNON, 20, York Co., Port Elgin, d/o Emanuel HANNAN & Elizabeth SEGO?, witn: John & Matilda HANNAN of Port Elgin, 28 March 1883 at Port Elgin 001500/83 (Bruce Co) Anthony SUTTER, 23, farmer, Formosa, Dunkeld, s/o Mathias SUTTER & Albertenia WEIGAND, married Barbara OEHRING, 23, Formosa, Greenock, d/o Phillip OEHRING & Margareth HESTERMAN, witn: Phillip OEHRING, John KARLES, Alice LACEY & Magdalena OEHING, 30 October 1883, Chepstow
001407/83 (Bruce Co) Frederick J. TELFER, 24, telegrapher, Collingwood, Collingwood, s/o James TELFER & Alice TELFER, married Frances Marie LAWRENCE, 18, Bondhead, Walkerton, d/o George H. LAWRENCE & Maggie STEAD, witn: Benjamin RACEY & Emma BRUCE of Walkerton, 6 June 1883, Walkerton 1599-83 (Bruce Co): George TEYELL?, 22, farmer, Limerick Ireland, Teeswater, s/o Gideon TEYELL & Ann DOLMAGE, married Jane McNEIL, 23, Culross, Palmerston, d/o Mathew McNEIL & Margaret TAYLOR, witn: Lois A. SMITH of Kincardine, 18? March 1883 at Kincardine [Deyell?]
001444/83 (Bruce Co) ?bush? William VOLLMER, 25, farmer, Mornington, Brant, s/o Thomas VOLLMER & late Kathy VOLMER, married Margaritha SCHNURR, 23, Carrick, Carrick, d/o Amand SCHNURR & Christina SCHNURR, witn: John VOLLMER of Brant, Catherine SCHNURR & John SCHNURR both of Carrick & Caroline SCHUMACHER of Culross, 30 January 1883, Formosa 001674-83 (Bruce) George E. WAKEFIELD, 21, butcher, Puslinch, Teeswater, s/o George & Phebe, to Williamima HAMILTON, 21, Chinguacousy, Teeswater, d/o William & Mary, wit: W.A. WAKEFIELD & Marion HAMILTON both of Teeswater, 20 February 1883, Teeswater
1748-83 (Bruce Co): William WALKER, 43, widower, farmer, Scotland, Kinloss, s/o Alexander WALKER & Elizabeth CUMMINGS, married Mary Ann McPHEE, 25, Ontario, Kinloss, s/o Donald McPHEE & Ann McDONALD, witn: John McPHEE & Alex WALKER, both of Kinloss, 7 June 1883 at Kinloss 1585-83 (Bruce Co): Robert H. WALKER, 26, blacksmith, of Sarnia, s/o James & Mary Ann, married Margaret Jane McKENZIE, 22, of Kincardine, d/o Duncan & Isabella, witn: Lilly E.A. & Isabella McKENZIE and William C. SPEAR, all of Kincardine, 6 Sept 1883 at Church of the Messiah, Kincardine
001362/83 (Bruce Co) Frank Miller WATT, 31, fish preserver, Scotland, Richibucto New Brunswick, s/o Frances & Ann WATT, married Francis Elizabeth NOBLE, 23, Canada, Tara, d/o Edward A. & Henrietta NOBLE, witn: Frank R. NOBLE of Tara & Isabella ?UITTE of Tara, 17 January 1883, residence of bride in Tara 1601-83 (Bruce Co): Thomas WATT, 30, book keeper, Lanarkshire Scotland, Kincardine, s/o Robert & Jane, married Isabella LENNOX, 25, Lanarkshire Scotland, Kincardine, d/o James & Janet, witn: J. FALLS, George C. TYE? & Jessie LENNOX, all of Kincardine, 29 March 1883 at Kincardine
1737-83 (Bruce Co): William L. WEBSTER, 24, farmer, Middlesex Co., East Wawanosh, s/o John WEBSTER & Ellen MORRISON, married Margaret RINTOUL, 21, West Wawanosh, East Wawanosh, d/o John RINTOUL & Hannah STEPHENSON, witn: Thomas & Elizabeth RINTOUL of Wawanosh, 7 March 1883 at Whitechurch, Kinloss 1591-83 (Bruce Co): William WHALEN, 23, store owner, Kincardine twp., Kincardine, s/o Patrick WHALEN & Deborah COLLINS, married Mary Ann ROBINSON, 22, Salem Ont., Kincardine, d/o William ROBINSON & Frances TRUEMAN, witn: Edward WHALEN & Christena ROBINSON, both of Kincardine twp., 31 Oct 1883 at Kincardine
001426/83 (Bruce Co) Franklin WHEELER, 24, mason, Canada, Morris Town, s/o Chas. WHEELER & Caroline WHEELER, married Mary CLARKE, 21, Canada, Mildmay Village, d/o James CLARKE & Elizabeth CLARKE, witn: Joel SALLUS of Morris, Robert CLARKE of Mildmay, Isabella CLARKE of Dunkeld & Sarah THOMPSON of Otter Creek, 25 December 1883, Mildmay 001394-1883 (Bruce Co.) Albert V. WHITEHEAD, 19, farmer, Eramosa, Walkerton, s/o Moses WHITEHEAD & Catherine WEDGE, married Mary Jane RUDD, 23, Greenock Twp., Walkerton, d/o William RUDD & Rachel MARTYN, witn: John WAGNER & Elizabeth WHITEHEAD, both of Walkerton, 21 Feb 1883 at Walkerton.
001573/83 (Bruce Co) William WIGHT, 28, farmer, Beverley Twp., same, s/o James WIGHT & Agnes McKINLAY, married Margaret Jane CHISHOLM, 24, East Flamboro Ont., Albemarle Twp., d/o William CHISHOLM & Isabella McDONALD, witn: J.K. WIGHT of Beverley & Isabella CHISHOLM of Eastnor , 27 November 1883, Eastnor 001608-83 (Bruce Co): Henry WILDE, 24, farmer, Huron twp., same, s/o Charles & Catherine, married Catherine McLAY, 20, Huron twp., same, d/o Donald & Ann, witnesses were James CORNISH & Elizabeth WILDE, both of Huron, Nov. 20, 1883 at Huron
001446/83 (Bruce Co) John WILKIN, 24, farmer, Germany, Bruce, s/o Fred WILKIN & Mary JOHNAN, married Mary BIHLOW, 22, Carrick, Carrick, d/o John BIHLOW & Henrietta ZARN, witn: Mary BIHLOW & Louis RINDSTATLER both of Mildmay, 25 January 1883, Mildmay 001568/83 (Bruce Co) Robert WILSON, 35, farmer, Derry Co. Ireland, Eastnor Twp, s/o James WILSON & Sarah NOLAN, married Margaret BROOKS, 31, widow, Maryboro Twp. Ontario, Eastnor Twp, d/o John BARREY & Mary WATCHORN, witn: George VOLLICK & Emma WILSON of Eastnor Twp. Ontario, 23 May 1883, Lot 6 Conc. 7 E. Eastnor
001417/83 (Bruce Co) Wolfgang WINTER, 25, shoemaker, Hundzell Bayern Europe, Formosa, s/o Wolfgang WINTER & Mary AMBERGER of Europe, married Mary [no surname given], 21, Hundzell Bavaria Europe, Formosa , d/o Wolfgang WINTER (sic) & Marie MOSES, witn: Wolfgang KOBLER & Apolonio KOBLER of Culross, 23 October 1883, Formosa 001423/83 (Bruce Co) Lev WINTER, 22, farmer, Ohio U.S., Formosa, s/o Herman WINTER & Francisca WUSS, married Elizabeth SCHALL, 21, Culross Ambleside, same, d/o Lorenz SCHALL & Genafiva LEHMAN, witn: George SCHALL, Caty WINTER, Elisabeth FLACK, Magdine? THACH all of Carrick, 30 October 1883, Bruce Co.
1587-83 (Bruce Co): George Watson WRITE?, 26, farmer, widower, Wawanosh twp., same, s/o George & Ellen, married Elizabeth COURTNEY, 18 (15?), Huron twp., same, d/o James? & Elizabeth, witn: William Robert DARWIN of Wawanosh twp & Jane Ann COURTNEY of Huron twp., 11 Sept 1883 at Church of the Messiah, Kincardine -------------------------------------