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Bruce Co., 1883, part 2

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001686/83 (Bruce Co) Herbert Charles ALLISON, 27, agent, City of London Ont., City of London, s/o Charles ALLISON & Elizabeth ALLISON, married Jessie BULL, 25, Owen Sound Ont., Wiarton Ont., d/o William BULL & Ann BULL, witn: F. ALLISON of London & L. SPRAGGE of Albemarle, 16 May 1883, residence of the bride’s father in Wiarton

001465/83 (Bruce Co) Joseph ASHBOUGH, 20, painter, Hamilton, Hamilton, s/o Frederick ASHBOUGH & Margaret ASHBOUGH, married Fanny Ann SMITH, 23, Arran Twp., Arran Twp., d/o Alfred SMITH & Jane SMITH, witn: Elizabeth SMITH of Arran & William SMITH of Arkwright, 29 October 1883, Royal Hotel in Port Elgin

001684/83 (Bruce Co) Abraham BEACOCK, 28, farmer, Cartwright Twp., Keppel Twp., s/o George BEACOCK & Elizabeth COLE, married Jane BRYANT, 28, Brockville, Keppel Twp., d/o James BRYANT & Margaret HALL, witn: James BEACOCK & Effie BRYANT both of Keppel, 28 March 1883, Wiarton


001504/83 (Bruce Co) Conrad BECKER, 25, farmer, Waterloo Twp., Brant Twp., s/o George BECKER & Anna Margaret SCHNELLER, married Alvina Wilhelmina ZELMAR, 23, Posen (Prussia), Brant Twp., d/o Frederick ZELMAR & Carolina TORNOW, witn: William BECKER & Sophia WILKEN of Brant Twp., 27 February 1883, Brant Twp.

001404/83 (Bruce Co) Samuel G. BEST, 24, farmer, Clarke Ont., Carrick, s/o William BEST & Grace HICKS, married Annie THOMPSON, 25, Walkerton, Walkerton, d/o Andrew THOMPSON & Anne BELL, witn: David BEST & Mary Jane SANG of Carrick, 30 May 1883, Walkerton

001440/83 (Bruce Co) Daniel BITTGER, 23, carpenter, Carrick Bruce Co. Ont., Carrick Bruce Co. Ont., s/o George BITTGER & Christina BITTGER, married Caroline HERTEL, 22, Hespeler Waterloo Co. Ont., Carrick Bruce Co. Ont., d/o Heinrich HARTEL & Caroline HARTEL, witn: George BITTGER of Carrick & Heinrich HARTEL of Bruce Co., 5 April 1883, Mildmay

001651/83 (Bruce Co) John BLACKWELL, 22, saddler, Ontario, Kincardine Twp., s/o John & Mary Ann BLACKWELL, married Blanche GOSSEL, 21, Ontario, Kincardine Twp., d/o Charles & Hannah GOSSEL, witn: Christopher BLACKWELL & Allie MOULLANS? of Kincardine Twp., 12 November 1883, Kincardine Twp.

  001570/84 (Bruce Co) John BLAKE, 31, farmer, Ontario, Lambton Co., s/o William BLAKE & Elizabeth RYERSON, married Mary McLURE, 19, Canada, Huron Twp., d/o Murdoch McLURE & Christie McDONALD, witn: Alexander McLEOD & John McLEOD both of Huron Twp., 10 November 1883, Ripley

001392/83 (Bruce Co) Alexander BOWER, 30, pump maker, Drummond Ont., Hanover Ont., s/o James BOWER & Elizabeth McGREGOR, married Mary C. BARNETT, 24, Walkerton, Walkerton, d/o William BARNETT & Frances WATERSON, witn: Robert SCARBORO of Hanover & Mary Ann McINTOSH of Walkerton, 7 February 1883, Walkerton

001429/83 (Bruce Co) Albert BREHLER, 29, farmer, Canada, Carrick, s/o Raphael BREHLER & Maria OVERWALD, married Maria Ann HERINGER, 28 ½, Waterloo Co., Neustadt, d/o Sebastian HERINGER, witn: John BREHLER of Formosa, Duphis HERINGER, Amelia HERINGER & Carline LONG of Neustadt, 27 November 1883, Carlsruhe

001687/83 (Bruce Co) John BUGAN, 25, mechanic, Waterloo Ont., Wiarton, s/o Samuel BUGAN & Terris, married Florence L. RORKE, 27, Collingwood, Wiarton, d/o W.D. RORKE & Eliza WILSON, witn: William C. SPENSEMAN & Sarah RORKE of Wiarton, 5 June 1883, Wiarton


001505/83 (Bruce Co) John B. CAMPBELL, 24, harness maker, Bruce Twp., Pinkerton, s/o Peter CAMPBELL & Mary BROWN, married Janet F. YOUNG, 26, Huntington, Brant Twp., d/o William YOUNG & Elizabeth HARDY, witn: Alex. CAMPBELL of Tiverton & Catherine YOUNG of Brant Twp., 28 February 1883, Brant Twp.

001708/83 (Bruce Co) John Alex CAMPBELL, 23, farmer, Ont., Lucknow, s/o John CAMPBELL & Christina McCREA, married Mary G. McKENZIE, 20, Ontario, Lucknow, d/o Donald B. McKENZIE & Agnes GUTHRIE, witn: Murdock McKENZIE & John FINLAYSON both of Lucknow, 2 July 1883, Lucknow

001381/83 (Bruce Co) William CAMPBELL, 23, teacher, Newmarket Ont., Toronto, s/o Thomas & Matilda CAMPBELL, married Mary Louisa DEBELLE, 19, Woodstock Ont., Cincinnati U.S., d/o David Mark DEBELLE & Louisa M. McDONALD, witn: John P. KLEMPP & Joseph DISCH both of Walkerton, 6 October 1883, Royal Hotel Walkerton

001528/83 (Bruce Co) William CAMPBELL, 24, farmer, Arran Twp., Manitoba, s/o Joseph & Jane CAMPBELL, married Jane THOMPSON, 21, Potsdam U.S., Greenock Twp., d/o James & Ellen THOMPSON, witn: Henry MOONEY & Mary THOMPSON both of Greenock, 19 March 1883, Paisley

001462/83 (Bruce Co) William Harry CARN (Cane?), 27, farmer, Bruce Twp., Bruce Twp., s/o John CARN & Hanna CARN, married Maggie McDONALD, 26, Canada, Bruce Twp., d/o Donald McDONALD & Elizabeth McDONALD, witn: Amanda McNEIL of Port Elgin, 29 November 1883, Port Elgin

001563/84 (Bruce Co) Edward CARRADICE, 25, farmer, Ontario, Huron Twp., s/o David CARRADICE & Mary CARRADICE, married Mary McLENNEN, 21, Ontario, Huron Twp., d/o Donald McLENNEN & Margaret Mc--?, witn: George COOK? & Helen Jane CARRADICE both of Huron Twp., 10 January 1883, Twp. Huron [faded reg’n]

  001402/83 (Bruce Co) Thomas CHAPMAN, 30, cattle drover, Canada, Denver Col. U.S., s/o George CHAPMAN & Louisa PEDDEN, married Iona SMITH, 23, Michigan U.S., Walkerton, d/o James SMITH & Hannah WHITE, witn: Frank SMITH & Henrietta SMITH of Walkerton, 9 May 1883, Walkerton
001681/83 (Bruce Co) Horatio H. CHESHIRE, 29, farmer, City of Toronto, Keppel Twp., s/o William H. CHESHIRE & Susan SPENCER, married Jane Anna GOOCH, 35, Norfolk England, Keppel Twp., d/o Robert GOOCH & M.A. WATERS, witn: W. H. CHESHIRE & M.A. JOHNSTON both of Keppel, 29 January 1883, Wiarton

001509/83 (Bruce Co) James CHISHOLM, 40, farmer, Roxburgh Scotland, Brant Twp., s/o William CHISHOLM & Agnes ECHFORD, married Isabella BELL, 25, Toronto Twp., Brant Twp., d/o John BELL & Agnes McBRIDE, witn: Thomas CHISHOLM & Agnes Helen BELL of Brant Twp., 4 April 1883, Brant Twp.

001520/83 (Bruce Co) Peter Allan CLARKE, 24, farmer, Carrick Ont., Manitoba, s/o Peter CLARKE & Rebecca CLARKE, married Mary Louisa KEYES, 21, Cargill Ont., Cargill Ont., d/o George KEYES & Mary Ann KEYES, witn: Richard GARLAND & Nellie KEYES both of Brant, 2 August 1883, Cargill

001522/83 (Bruce Co) William H. COLEMAN, 45, farmer, Innisfil, Innisfil Twp., s/o William COLEMAN & Jane HENDERSON, married Ann Jane COLEMAN, 40, Innisfil, Walkerton Brant Twp., d/o Richard COLEMAN & Catherine LYNN, witn: Henry COLEMAN of Cookstown & Elizabeth DEVER of Brant, 24 October 1883, Brant

001558/83 (Bruce Co) William John COLWELL, 26, mason, Elderslie, Arran, s/o James & Susan COLWELL, married Ellen Jameson LYTON, 23, Tecumseth, Arran, d/o Charles & Isabella LYTON, witn: Joseph COLWELL & Mary Eliz LYON of Arran, 30 January 1883, Arran

001701/83 (Bruce Co) Fergus COMB, 38, widower, farmer, North Emsley, Arthur, s/o Robert & Mania COMB, married Ann SPARROW, 37, Toronto, Albion, d/o William & Martha SPARROW, witn: Joseph WELWOOD & Susanna WELWOOD both of Culross, 30 April 1883, Culross

001682/83 (Bruce Co) Benjamin CONRAD, 19, farmer, Berlin Ont., Berlin Ont., s/o Christian CONRAD & Henrietta (did not know any more), married Isabella COLLISON, 20, Owen Sound Ont., Owen Sound Ont., d/o George COLLISON & Fanney PRESETT, witn: John COLLISON of Owen Sound & Caroline CASE of Keppel, 27 February 1883, Wiarton

01387/83 (Bruce Co) James COULTER Jr., 28, farmer, Brant Twp., Brant Twp., s/o James COULTER & Isabella ANDERSON, married Susan Jane BARTON, 23, Greenock Twp., Greenock Twp., d/o John BARTON & Margaret SHARP, witn: Edward Henry BARTON & Annie McCONKEY both of Greenock, 26 November 1883, Walkerton

001559/83 (Bruce Co) James CRAWFORD, 20, farmer, Arran, Arran, s/o Thomas & Catherine CRAWFORD, married Mary Ann MILLER, 19, Clarke, Arran, d/o James. & Isabella MILLER, witn: James. A. CRAWFORD & Melinda Jane MILLER both of Arran, 15 March 1883, Arran

001513/84 (Bruce Co) Henry CRAWFORD, 25, farmer, Canada, Arran, s/o Patrick CRAWFORD & Mary, married Lydia Maria McCURDY, 19, Canada, Arran, d/o David McCURDY & Elizabeth, witn: Daniel J. McCURDY & Fanny J. CRAWFORD both of Arran, 26 December 1883, brides home

001385/83 (Bruce Co) William John CROSS, 19, yeoman, Hamilton, Amabel, s/o Stephen CROSS & Eliza Jane CROSS, married Anne Letitia RIDDELL, 17, Brant, Walkerton, d/o James RIDDELL & Eliza Jane RIDDELL witn: Peter COCRAL of Amabel & Hannah RIDDELL of Walkerton, 7 November 1883, Walkerton

001463/83 (Bruce Co) Andrew W. CUNNINGHAM, 24, farmer, Arran, Arran, s/o Alexander & Mary Ann CUNNINGHAM, married Sarah M. NICHOLSON, 21, Arran, Arran, d/o Thomas & Matilda NICHOLSON, witn: Nellie GALLOWAY & Matilda RICHARDSON both of Port Elgin, 6 December 1883, Port Elgin

001645/83 (Bruce Co) George DAGG, 24, farmer, Kincardine Twp., Kincardine Twp., s/o James & Eliza DAGG, married Elizabeth SPLAN, 17, Hullett Twp., Greenock Twp., d/o Thomas & Elizabeth SPLAN, witn: Joseph A. MADDEN & Janet McKAY of Kincardine Twp., 18 July 1883, Bervie

001706/83 (Bruce Co) Alexander DARGIE, 24, car inspector, Beverly, Harrisburg, s/o Alexander & Ellen DARGIE, married Sophia WOCKS, 19, Dumfries Twp., Culross, d/o Frederick & Christina WOCKS, witn: Fred WOCKS & Sarah WOCK both of Culross, 26 November 1883, Culross
01401/83 (Bruce Co) James DAVIS, 28, farmer, W. Gwillimbury, Brant Twp., s/o Robert DAVIS & Jane GIBBS, married Minnie PRUEDER, 21, Brant Twp., Brant Twp., d/o John PRUEDER & Sophia STOUTOFF, witn: William PRUEDER & Eliza Ann DAVIS of Brant Twp., 18 April 1883, Walkerton

001461/83 (Bruce Co) John DAVIS, 22, common labourer, England, Saugeen, s/o John DAVIS & Mary DAVIS, married Bella DARROCH, 20, Arran Bruce Co., Arran Bruce Co., d/o Charles DARROCH & Catherine DARROCH, witn: Frederick EVANS & Mrs. John DARROCH both of Saugeen, 21 November 1883, Port Elgin

  001526/83 (Bruce Co) Edwin D. DEMPSTER, 26, builder, Illinois U.S., Michigan U.S., s/o Daniel DEMPSTER & Amanda E. CODDING (Codling?), married Hannah M. SMITH, 20, Elmwood, Elmwood, d/o William SMITH & Jane TURNER, witn: William SMITH & Maggie SMITH both of Elmwood, 25 December 1883, Brant

001388/83 (Bruce Co) Amos DENNEY, 24, farmer, Brant, Brant, s/o William DENNEY & Matilda WAGNER, married Esther E. WAKEFORD, 20, Maryborough, Greenock, d/o Abraham WAKEFORD & Mary A. MASON, witn: John WAKEFORD of Greenock & Catherine CRAMP of Walkerton, 19 December 1883, Walkerton

001396/83 (Bruce Co) William DENNY, 21, farmer, Brant Twp., Brant Twp., s/o William DENNY & Matilda WAGONER, married Mary SPARLING, 19, Scott Twp., Brant Twp., d/o Philip SPARLING & Mary TAYLOR, witn: Richard WAKEFORD & Mary Jane DENNY of Brant Twp., 14 March 1883, Walkerton

001704/83 (Bruce Co) George Stanton DEVER, 28, tanner, Durham Co., Culross, s/o William & Mary DEVER, married Mary Ann BUTTEN, 24, Culross, Culross, d/o William & Mary Ann BUTTEN, witn: James. A. REID of Goderich & Martha J. DEVER of Culross, 26 September 1883, Culross


001430/83 (Bruce Co) Jacob DIEBOLD, 28, farmer, Hohenzollern Europe, Carlsruhe, s/o George DIEBOLD & Marie STOHR, married Theresia POEHMAN, 23, Bohemia Austria, Carlsruhe, d/o Peter PRITZMAN & Maria Louis DIEBOLD, witn: John HUNT, Mans PRETZ & Frans SCHRASZBEK, 2 October 1883, Carlsruhe

001459/83 (Bruce Co) Johan DIEBOLD, 32, yeoman, Waterloo, Carrick, s/o Lawrence DIEBOLD & Walburger SCHIRMER, married Brigetta DIEMERT, 19, Waterloo, Deemerton (25 February 1883), d/o John DIEMERT & Barbara BRICK, witn: Alfons DIEMERT, Lena EVREL, Martin LENHARDT & Barbara DIEMERT, 5 July 1883, Deemerton

001432/83 (Bruce Co) Joseph DIETNER, 25, farmer, Waterloo, Deemerton, s/o Ignatz DIETNER & Barbara SCHULLER, married Maria SCHNEIDER, 27, Germania, Deemerton, d/o Peter SCHNEIDER & Catherine PERINS, witn: Joseph DIETNER, Magdalena SCHNEIDER, John SCHNEIDER, Maria SCHULER all of Carrick Twp., 4 June 1883, Deemerton

001514/83 (Bruce Co) Josiah DIRSTEIN, 22, lumber dealer, Waterloo Twp., Elmwood Brant Twp., s/o John DIRSTEIN & Lydia EBY, married Amelia REICHLE, 21, Albany New York, Brant Twp., d/o George REICHLE & Anna EPPLER, witn: Frederick STADE Jr. & Ida C. BECKER of Brant, 8 June 1883, Hanover

001382/83 (Bruce Co) John DONALD, 19, farmer, Canada, Greenock Bruce Co., s/o John DONALD & Margaret PINNELL, married Matilda BAKER, 19, Canada, Kinloss Twp., d/o Thomas BAKER & Honor WAIT, witn: Austin POTTER of Hanover & H. E. SMYTH of Walkerton, 17 October 1883, Walkerton

001696/83 (Bruce Co) David DONALDSON, 27, farmer, Ont., Culross, s/o Robert & Isabella DONALDSON, married Janet ELLIOTT, 24, Ont., Culross, d/o William & Mary ELLIOTT, witn: Thomas DONALDSON & Martha ELLIOTT both of Culross, 14 March 1883, Culross

001525/83 (Bruce Co) William ELLES, 24, farmer, Wilmot Ont., Stephen Huron Co. Ont., s/o John ELLES & Dorothea ELLES, married Catherine M. HEPENAUER, 23, Carrick, Brant, d/o Martin HEPENAUER & Ageithe? HEPENAUER, witn: Jacob BILGER & Jacob HEPENAUER of Brant, 20 November 1883, Brant

001450/83 (Bruce Co) George ERNEWEIN, 23, wagner, Culross, Formosa, s/o Sebastian and (late) Thersis ANSTADT, married Anna MASSEL, 22, New Hamburg Ont., Formosa Culross, d/o Anton MASSEL & Elizabeth MIER, witn: Edward MOSSEL, Ignatz ERNEWINE, Maggy BAER and Anna ERNEWINE of Culross, 6 February 1883, Formosa


001458/83 (Bruce Co) John R. FARRELL, 25, farmer, Durham, Turnberry, s/o Edward FARRELL & Mary HOSKIN, married Ellen NICKELL, 19, Carrick, Carrick, d/o Robert NICKEL & Matilda JAMES, witn: James FRASER & Margaret NICKEL, 13 February 1883, Carrick

001723/83 (Bruce Co) Alexander FERGUSON, 32, farmer, Paris Ont., Ashfield, s/o William FERGUSON & Ann HYSLOP, married Sophia WILSON, 23, East Wawanosh, Ashfield, d/o Alexander WILSON & Susanna FISHER, witn: George Lewis WILSON & Clara MOSS both of Ashfield, 7 August 1883, Kinloss

001655/83 (Bruce Co) Thomas FERGUSON, 25, farmer, Kincardine Twp., Kincardine Twp., s/o James & Fannie FERGUSON, married Catherine Jane COLLINS, 18, Huron Twp., Kincardine Twp., d/o William & Harriet COLLINS, witn: John STEWART of Kincardine Twp. & Jennina Alice STANLEY of Huron Twp., 26 September 1883, Kincardine Twp

001391/83 (Bruce Co) John FINNERTY, 33, widow, hotel keeper, Canada, Brant Twp., s/o John FINNERTY & Ann GROGGAN, married Mary QUIRK, 28, Canada, Brant Twp., d/o William QUIRK & Margaret RYAN, witn: Philip QUIRK & Sarah SYMINGTON of Brant Twp., 21 January 1883, Walkerton

001434/83 (Bruce Co) Valentine FISCHER, 22, farmer, Carlsruhe, Carlsruhe, s/o Fredelin FISCHER & Sophia SCHULTZ, married Marian VOLLMER, 20, Austria Bohemia, Carlsruhe, d/o John VOLLMER & Marianna HAGER, witn: Anton LOBSINGER, Theresia BOHMER, John ORF & Mathilda FISCHER of Carlsruhe, 22 May 1883, Carlsruhe

001441/83 (Bruce Co) John FISCHER, 24, farmer, Carrick, Carrick, s/o late Mick FISCHER & Kathy HOHNADD, married Regina BENINGER, 21, Culross, Culross, d/o Ignatz BENINGER & Elizabeth MAGEL, witn: Joseph BENINGER of Culross, Morrison FISCHER & Michael FISCHER both of Carrick & Christina GENTTIRDE of Mildmay, 30 January 1883, Formosa

001451/83 (Bruce Co) John FISCHER, 27, yeoman, Waterloo, Deemerton, s/o Kasper FISCHER & Maria MEYER, married Clara DEIMERT, 22, Carrick, Carrick, d/o David DEIMERT & Appolina STOG--?, witn: Joseph FISCHER, Caroline DEIMERT, Andrew DEIMERT & Rosa STURGIS?, 30 January 1883, Formosa

001460/83 (Bruce Co) Valentine FISHER, 22, farmer, Carlsruhe, Carlsruhe, s/o Frederick FISHER & Sophia SCHULTZ, married Marianna WALLNER, 20, Carlsruhe, Carlsruhe, d/o Sherer BOHMER & John ORF, witn: Matilda FISHER & Anton LOBSINGER, 22 May 1883, Carlsruhe

001553/83 (Bruce Co) John FRIES, 28, miller, Beverly Twp. Wentworth Co., Elora Wellington Co., s/o Adam FRIES & Christina WETHERSTON, married Elizabeth SPURRELL, 23, Peel Twp. Wellington Co., Arran Twp., d/o William SPURRELL & Elizabeth LUXON, witn: Albert SPURRELL of Arran & Eveline DEAN of Allenford, 31 October 1883, Arran Twp.

001515/83 (Bruce Co) Ernest GLINZ, 26, farmer, Welland Co. Ont., Brant, s/o Frederick GLINZ & Ermatha BOANSH, married Jane TENNANT, 26, Brant, Brant, d/o James TENNANT & Christina McNEILL, witn: Isaac GLINZ & Mary SMITH both of Brant, 27 June 1883, Brant

001399/83 (Bruce Co) George GIRSLER, 23, yeoman, Canada, Brant Twp., s/o George GIRSLER & Elizabeth KESSNER, married Salome O’BRIGHT, 22, Canada, Walkerton, d/o Anthony O’BRIGHT & Victoria LEDNER, witn: George O’BRIGHT & Teresa O’BRIGHT of Walkerton, 17 April 1883, Walkerton

001390/83 (Bruce Co) Edmund GODFREY, 22, yeoman, Canada, Brant Twp., s/o Patrick GODFREY & Rose DENIS, married Annie CURTISS, 17, Canada, Brant Twp., d/o Peter CURTISS & Mary SHERIDAN, witn: John CURTISS & Julia A. GODFREY of Brant Twp., 16 January 1883, Walkerton

001400/83 (Bruce Co) Louis GRANER, 22, yeoman, Canada, Walkerton, s/o George GRANER & Mary RUNSTADLER, married Susan ECKENSWILLER, 19, Canada, Walkerton, d/o Anthony ECKENSWILLER & Catherine SCHMITZ, witn: George GRANER of Walkerton & Barbara ECKENSWILLER of Carrick, 30 January 1883, Walkerton

001691/83 (Bruce Co) David GRIER, 26, farmer, Greensville Ont., Wiarton Ont., s/o James & Mary GRIER, married Laurie Eliza JONES, 24, Eramosa Ont., Wiarton Ont., d/o Arthur & Nancy JONES, witn: Lilly E. GRIER & Charles Alfred JONES both of Wiarton, 20 December 1883, Wiarton

001454/83 (Bruce Co) John GROSS, 27, yeoman, Ontario Canada, Carrick, s/o Conrad GROSS & Barbara FAM--?, married Elizabeth JANS, 19, Carrick, Carrick, d/o Jacob JANS & Catherine STRUEDER, witn: Jacob & Joseph STRUEDER, Catherine & Elizabeth STROEDER, 16 January 1883, Carlsruhe

001456/83 (Bruce Co) John HARKNESS, 29, farmer, East Missouri, Carrick, s/o George HARKNESS & Agnes ANGUS, married Mary Jane DARLING, 27, Carrick, Carrick, d/o Adam DARLING & Ellen NICKEL, witn: James THORBURN of Hide Park & ??ab DARLING of Carrick, 20 February 1883, Carrick

001511/83 (Bruce Co) Frederick HARNOCK, 20, farmer, Brant Twp., Brant Twp., s/o Earnest HARNOCK & Sophia BORN, married Anna LAHOR, 18, Brant Twp., Brant Twp., d/o Henry LAHOR & Sophia STADE, witn: Christof LAOR & Mary SCHLORFF of Brant, 25 April 1883, Brant

001403/83 (Bruce Co) George Thomas HARRINGTON, 27, miller, Canada, Walkerton, s/o George HARRINGTON & Jane CAMPBELL, married Sylvina MOYER, 24, Canada, Walkerton, d/o J.S.W. MOYER & Magdalena ALLBRIGHT, witn: Alex MOFFAT of Port Elgin & Emma F. THORNTON of Walkerton, 16 May 1883, Walkerton

001386/83 (Bruce Co) Joseph HARRIS, 27, drayman, England, Petrolia, s/o William HARRIS & Elizabeth HARRIS, married Isabella C. SCOTT, 25, Scotland, Brussels Ont., d/o Agnes SCOTT (GILROY) & Adam SCOTT, witn: Alexander ANDERSON of Walkerton & Margaret SCOTT of Brussels, 15 November 1883, Walkerton

  001601/84 (Bruce Co) Robert William HASTINGS, 23, farmer, Ontario, Wingham, s/o Robert & Mary Ann HASTINGS, married Adelaide WADE, 21, Whitechurch, d/o William & Margaret WADE, witn: Mary A. SNODGRASS & Mary H. ANDREWS both of Kincardine, 1 January 1883, Kincardine

001523/83 (Bruce Co) Heinrich HEIHNERMORDER, 27, carpenter, Mecklenburg, Bentinck Twp., s/o Johann HEIHNERMORDER & Elisa gel MAAS, married Lisette MAHN, 20, Mecklenburg, Bentinck Twp., d/o Johann MAHN & Sophie gel MANNS, witn: Wilhelm HEIHNERMORDER & Louis MAHN both of Brant, 24 September 1883, Brant

001443/83 (Bruce Co) John Babtist HEINSCHMAN, 23, brewer, Bavaria, Formosa, s/o George HEINSCHMAN & (late) Margaret SCHNEIDER, married Catherine MEISTER, 22, Bavaria, Formosa, d/o Michael MEISTER & (late) Margaret SCHER, witn: Joseph FEDY of Carrick, Jacob KOCH of Culross, Margaret BAER of Carrick & Hatty GAVIN? of Culross, 5 February 1883, Formosa

001433/83 (Bruce Co) Conrad HEINSMANN, 68, widower, shoemaker, Germaine, Mildmay, s/o Frank J. HEINSMANN & Anna Maria HAMMER?, married Anna Maria KUNRAD, 58, widow, Germaine, Mildmay, d/o Johannes STROCK & Anna M. HITZ, witn: Carl SAUER & Anna M. SAUER both of Mildmay Bruce Co., 22 May 1883, Mildmay


001562/84 (Bruce Co) Thomas Henry HILL, 22, farmer, Bruce Co., Huron Twp., s/o Thomas HILL & Isabella THOMPSON, married Anna Bella WRIGHT, 19, Ontario, Huron Twp., d/o Samuel WRIGHT & Ellen MERCER, witn: John ATCHESON & Anna HILL both of Huron Twp., 30 January 1883, Ripley [faded reg’n] 001439/83 (Bruce Co) Andrew HINSPERGER, 24, farmer, Wellesley Co. Waterloo, Deemerton Co. Bruce, d/o Andrew HINSPERGER & Maria SCHNURR, married Maria STROH, 20, Deemerton, Deemerton, d/o Simon STROH & Theresa ZIMMER, witn: Peter HINSPERGER, Maria SCHAEFER, Henry SCHNURR & Caroline HINSPERGER all of Carrick Bruce Co., 10 April 1883, Deemerton
001519/83 (Bruce Co) Jacob HOLLINGER, 26, coach maker, St. Jacobs, Galt, s/o Jacob HOLLINGER & Eva NUGENT, married Wilhelmina HETT, 20, Hanover, Hanover, d/o Conrad HETT & Elizabeth VOLZ, witn: Christian VOLZ & Elizabeth HETT both of Hanover, 25 September 1883, Hanover

001690/83 (Bruce Co) Charles HOPKINS, 24, farmer, Normanby Ont., Tobermory Ont., s/o Robert & Sarah HOPKINS, married Mary Harriett CAMPBELL, 15, Glengarry Ont., Tobermory Ont., d/o Alexander & Georgina CAMPBELL, witn: Mrs. E. B. MILLARD of Wiarton & James. ANDERSON of Hastings, 3 November 1883, Wiarton

001527/83 (Bruce Co) Solomon HOWIE, 27, explorer, Cartwright Canada, Brant Twp., s/o William & Margaret HOWIE, married Dorinda FORTUN, 24, Elderslie Canada, Elderslie Twp., d/o Thomas & Elizabeth FORTUNE (a/s), witn: A.J. BENSON & Elizabeth FORTUNE, 17 January 1883, Paisley

01466/83 (Bruce Co) Robert HUNT, 27, farmer, Maryborough, Wallace Twp., s/o Adam HUNT & Sarah HUNT, married Christina MOORE, 24, Maryborough, Port Elgin, d/o John MOORE & Barbara MOORE, witn: Ada McKAY of Chippewa Hill & J.C. MOORE of Port Elgin, 21 November 1883, in the Manse Port Elgin

001688/83 (Bruce Co) James HUTCHISON, 49, ship carpenter, Scotland, Wiarton, s/o John HUTCHISON & Elizabeth HUTCHISON, married Flora MALORY, 28, widow, Canada, Wiarton, d/o Donald McINNES & Isabella McINNES, witn: George LAKIN & Tressia LAKIN, 21 June 1883, Wiarton

001502/83 (Bruce Co) William KARSTEDT, 21, mason, New Hamburg, Brant Twp., s/o August KARSTEDT & Maria DANNENHAUSEN, married Elizabeth STADE, 23, Brant Twp., Brant Twp., d/o Frederick STADE & Sophia LIDSKE, witn: Henry STADE & Mary VIERHUS both of Brant Twp., 31 January 1883, Brant Twp

001685/83 (Bruce Co) John F. KENT, 40, widower, farmer, Cornwall England, Wiarton, s/o William KENT & Mary Ann BLIGHT, married Hannah McNAB, 27, widow, Elora Ont., Wiarton, d/o Henry PRESTON & Mary Ann ROADHOUSE, witn: A.J. TORRANCE & Effie BRYAN both of Wiarton, 4 April 1883, Wiarton

001719/83 (Bruce Co) Levi KILBORN, 28, widower, blacksmith, Canada, Wiarton, s/o Hiram KILBORN & Hester Ann ROBBINS, married Jane CAMPBELL, 26, Canada, Chesley, d/o Duncan CAMPBELL & Margaret McINTOSH, witn: Aiken KILBORN & Matilda CAMPBELL both of Chesley, 1 January 1883, Chesley

001646/83 (Bruce Co) John KIRK, 22, farmer, Kincardine Twp., Kincardine Twp., s/o Andrew & Isabella KIRK, married Faith ROBINSON, 20, Kincardine Twp., Kincardine Twp., d/o Archie & Ann ROBINSON, witn: Thomas KIRK & Matilda ROBINSON of Kincardine Twp., 1 August 1883, Kincardine Twp.

001702/83 (Bruce Co) Robert LANE, 24, farmer, Culross, Culross, s/o John & Elizabeth LANE, married Elizabeth Annie HUTCHESON, 19, Howick, Carrick, d/o James & Elizabeth HUTCHESON, witn: James DIXON & Elizabeth BALLEN both of Carrick, 4 July 1883, Carrick

001695/83 (Bruce Co) Peter S. LINKLATER, 39, widower, labourer, Orkney, Wingham, s/o John & Ann LINKLATER, married Janet HELM, 25, Paris Ont., Culross, d/o William & Janet HELM, witn: Thomas R. LINKLATER of Wingham & Mary HELM of Culross, 14 March 1883, Culross

001705/83 (Bruce Co) Archibald LIVINGSTONE, 32, farmer, Scotland, Culross, s/o Duncan & Anne LIVINGSTON, married Jane FORSYTH, 32, widow, Canada, Culross, d/o George & Sarah Ann TAYLOR, witn: Robert J. ROSS & Sarah TAYLOR both of Culross, 14 August 1883, Twp. Culross

001438/83 (Bruce Co) August LOBSINGER, 22, carpenter, Wellesley - Co. Waterloo, Carlsruhe, s/o Peter LOBSINGER & Mary MOYER of Carlsruhe, married Mary KRAMER, 24, Carrick, same, d/o Leopold KRAMER & Francesca BRANDEMDISTAL of Bruce Co., witn: George LOBSINER & Theresa O’HARA, both of Carlsruhe and Catherine KRAMER & Ludwig KRAMER both of Carrick, 3 April 1883, Formosa

001501/83 (Bruce Co) Nicholas LONG, 25, farmer, Waterloo Co., Greenock, s/o Anthony LONG & Elizabeth PHILIPPIE, married Mary WILHELM, 23, Culross, Brant, s/o Joseph WILHELM & Theresa KNOEPFFER, witn: Anthony LONG & Sophia WILHELM of Greenock, 27 November 1883, Chepstow

  001436/83 (Bruce co) John LOSCH, 23, farmer, Carrick, Carrick, s/o Joseph LOSCH & Margaretha EDINGER, married Maria EIDT, 23, Carrick, Carrick, d/o George EIDT & Catherine GIEP, witn: Conrad EIDT & Elisabeth LOSCH both of Carrick Twp., 5 April 1883, Neustadt

001700/83 (Bruce Co) Robert LOWNEY, 22, farmer, Normanby, Culross, s/o Thomas & Margaret LOWNEY, married Sarah McKINNON, 18, Greenock, Greenock, d/o Donald & Sarah McKINNON, witn: Sarah McDONALD of Greenock & James LOWNEY of Culross, 5 April 1883, Culross

001707/83 (Bruce Co) William LOWRY, 29, farmer, Hamilton, Culross, s/o Thomas & Margaret LOWRY, married Maggie McDONALD, 24, Culross, Culross, d/o John & Mary McDONALD, witn: Thomas LOWRY & Mary CAMPBELL both of Culross, 25 December 1883, Culross Twp.

001680/83 (Bruce Co) John MARTINDALE, 24, farmer, Castor Twp. (Mok?), Albemarle Twp., s/o Henry MARTINDALE & Phoebe A. LAMBERT, married Mary LAUGLAN, 17, City of Toronto, Albemarle Twp., d/o Robert LAUGLAN & Martha ARMSTRONG, witn: Albert KNEUHATZ? & Christian MACK both of Albemarle, 1 January 1883, Wiarton

001568/84 (Bruce Co) Edwin MATTICE, 24, farmer, Ontario, Huron Twp., s/o William MATTICE & Rachel MATTICE, married Rachel FITZGERALD, 19, Ontario, Huron Twp., d/o Robert FITZGERALD & Deborah FITZGERALD, witn: Gordon MATTICE & Mary Ellen FITZGERALD both of Huron Twp., 19 December 1883, Huron

001699/83 (Bruce Co) Robert McCULLOUGH, 38, farmer, Ireland, Culross, s/o Robert & Margaret McCULLOUGH, married Jane Ann ROANE, 19, Culross, Culross, d/o Richard & Ellen Jane ROANE, witn: Hugh McKAGUE & Jane LITTLE both of Culross, 4 April 1883, Culross Twp.

001552/83 (Bruce Co) George McDERMID, 19, farmer, Canada, Tara, s/o Archie & Catherine McDERMID, married Margaret WALKENBURG, 19, Canada, Tara, d/o John & Harriet WALKENBURG, witn: Charles A. RICHARDS of Tara & Elizabeth K. RUPERT of Invermay, 31 October 1883, Invermay

001569/84 (Bruce Co) Murdoch McDONALD, 27, farmer, Ontario, Huron Twp., s/o Donald McDONALD & Annie McDONALD, married Chrystie MARTIN, 24, Ontario, Huron Twp., d/o Donald MARTIN & Chrystie McKAY, witn: John McDONALD & Norman McDONALD both of Huron Twp., 11 November 1883, Ripley [faded reg’n] 001561/84 (Bruce Co) Angus McKAY, 28, farmer, Scotland, Inverhuron, s/o Angus McKAY & Margaret McDONALD, married Mary McDONALD, 23, Ontario, Huron Twp., d/o Murdoch McDONALD & Catherine McDONALD, witn: Donald McDONALD & Norman McLEAN both of Huron, 17 April 1883, Huron Twp. [faded reg’n]
001517/84 (Bruce Co) Alex McLACHLAN, 28, farmer, Arran, Arran, s/o Donald & Ann McLACHLAN, married Caroline HENG, 22, Michigan U.S., Arran, d/o David & Mary Ann HENG, witn: James D. McLACHLAN & Mary Ann HENG both of Arran Twp., 13 June 1883, Arran 001571/84 (Bruce Co) Kenneth McLAY, 27, farmer, Ontario, Huron Twp., s/o Allan McLAY & Catherine McDONALD, married Annie McLEAN, 22, Huron Twp., Huron Twp., d/o Norman McLEAN & Jane McDONALD, witn: Murdoch McLEAN & John McLAY both of Huron Twp., 24 April 1883, Ripley

001464/83 (Bruce Co) Thomas A. McLEAN, 21, barber, Waterloo Ont., Port Elgin, s/o Neil & Almyra McLEAN, married Agnes M. SCOTT, 18, Elderslie, Port Elgin, d/o John & Eliza Jane SCOTT, witn: W. SCOTT & Margaret FERRIES, 5 June 1883, Port Elgin

001533/83 (Bruce Co) Alexander McLEAN, 25, farmer, blank, Paisley, s/o William & Catherine McLEAN, married Susan MARKLE, 22, blank, Paisley, d/o Samuel & Agnes MARKLE, witn: Samuel MARKLE & Neil McCLURE, 4 October 1883, Paisley

001703/83 (Bruce Co) John McLENNAN, 30, farmer, Puslinch Wellington Co., Manitoba, s/o Thomas & Barbara McLENNAN, married Catherine Jane LANE, 21, Culross, Culross, d/o John & Elizabeth LANE, witn: Robert LANE of Culross & Barbara McLENNAN of Brant, 2 March 1883, Culross

001567/84 (Bruce Co) Donald McLEOD, 22, farmer, Ontario, Huron Twp., s/o Murdoch McLEOD & Christina McLEOD, married Ann MARSHALL, 18, Ontario, Huron Twp., d/o William MARSHALL & Elizabeth MARSHALL, witn: William CONGRAM & Elizabeth TORRANCE both of Huron, 25 October 1883, Ripley [faded reg’n]
001720/83 (Bruce Co) William McMANUS, 29, farmer, Ontario Co. Ontario, Chesley Ont., s/o James McMANUS & Catherine BROWN, married Margaret McNALLY, 20, Bruce Co. Ont., Chesley, d/o George McNALLY & Ann WATSON, witn: James B. McMANUS of Chesley & Martha McNALLY of Bruce Co., 2 January 1883, Chesley 001693/83 (Bruce Co) William A. MELVIN, 36, farmer, Ontario, Culross, s/o John MELVIN & Jane Reid MELVIN, married Ester E. BELL, 26, Ontario, Culross, d/o Jeremiah BELL & Frances ELLIOTT, witn: W.B. CYLER of Kinloss & Maria BELL of Culross, 3 January 1883, Culross

001566/84 (Bruce Co) Donald MORRISON, 31, farmer, Quebec, Minnesota U.S., s/o John MORRISON & Isabella MURRAY, married Mary MURRAY, 21, Bruce Co., Huron Twp., d/o Norman MURRAY & Mary McDONALD, witn: Peter McDONALD of Huron & Murdoch Mc--? of Ripley, 27 December 1883, Ripley [faded reg’n]

001647/83 (Bruce Co) Benjamin MOULTON, 24, farmer, Leeds Co., Kincardine Twp., s/o Henry & Margaret MOULTON, married Isabella BURGESS, 20, Kinloss Twp., Greenock Twp., d/o Simon & Dorothy BURGESS, witn: Henry MOULTON & Nelly BURGESS of Greenock Twp, 2 August 1883, Bervie

001380/83 (Bruce Co) William MOUNTAIN, 26, farmer, Bentinck, Egremont, s/o William MOUNTAIN & Janet DOUGLASS, married Elizabeth GRAY, 27, Glenelg, Glenelg, d/o Charles GRAY & Margaret MEIKLE, witn: Douglas MOUNTAIN of Bentinck & Margaret McKINNON of Normanby, 11 October 1883, Walkerton

001437/83 (Bruce Co) Joseph MOYER, 25, farmer, Formosa, Formosa, s/o Martin MOYER & Josephine GOEZ, married Caty KUNTZ, 18 years 7 months, St. Clements Wellesley, Formosa Bruce Co., d/o Joseph KUNTZ & Maria DIETRICH, witn: John & Adelhied? MOYER & John KUNTZ all of Culross & Anna SCHMIDT of Carrick, 17 April 1883, Formosa

001512/83 (Bruce Co) Robert Last MULVENEY, 21, artist, Brant Co. Ont., Port Elgin, s/o William MULVENEY & Louisa LAST, married Sarah Jane DAVIS, 18, Bruce Co. Ont., Bruce Co. Ont., d/o Robert DAVIS & Jane GIBBS, witn: John DAVIS & Sarah A. BARKER, 16 May 1883, Brant Twp.

001650//83 (Bruce Co) William MURPHY, 27, farmer, Hastings Co., West Nissora, s/o John & Jane MURPHY, married Mary L. VANDERBURGH, 22, West Nissora, Kinloss, d/o Ward & Mary VANDERBURGH, witn: George VANDERBURGH & Rachel ROBINSON of Kinloss Twp., 31 October 1883, Bervie
001565/84 (Bruce Co) Norman MURRAY, 29, farmer, Ontario, Huron Twp., s/o Angus MURRAY & Henrietta McIVER, married Annie McDONALD, 25, Ontario, Huron Twp., d/o Charles McDONALD & Eliza? McLAY, witn: Angus MURRAY & Allan McLAY both of Huron Twp., 30 November 1883, Ripley [faded reg’n] 001516/84 (Bruce Co) William NELSON, 21, farmer, Arran, Arran, s/o John & Jemima NELSON, married Annie CALDER, 20, Peterborough, Arran, d/o Alex & Rachel CALDER, witn: Robert LANGSTAFF & James CALDER both of Arran, 12 April 1883, Arran

001457/83 (Bruce Co) William James NICKEL, 24, farmer, West Flamborough, Carrick, s/o Robert NICKEL & Matilda JAMES, married Jannie McGOAN, 22, Carrick, Carrick, d/o William McGOAN & Mary STERLING, witn: Charles NICKEL & Annie McGOAN of Carrick, 13 February 1883, Carrick

001560/83 (Bruce Co) Charles NICOLL, 25, farmer, Owen Sound, Sarawack, s/o Charles & Ann NICOLL, married Ann Jane CORDOCK, 23, Arran, Arran, d/o John CORDOCK & Ann Jane CORDOCK, witn: Alex NICOLL of Sarawack & Levina Francis PORTER of Arran, 21 February 1883, Arran

001654/83 (Bruce Co) Benjamin OSBORNE, 28, farmer, Hastings Co., Huron Twp., s/o James & Mary Jane OSBORNE, married Margery MILLS, 21, Huron Twp., Huron Twp., d/o Robert & Sarah Ann MILLS, witn: Jane ANDERSON of Kincardine Twp. & John MILLS of Huron Twp., 6 November 1883, Bervie

001692/83 (Bruce Co) Charles PATERSON, 25, tinsmith, Pilkington Twp., Elora, s/o Edward PATERSON & Harriet PALMORE, married Julia Marion TOZELAND, 25, Garafraxa Ont., Wiarton, d/o Henry TOZELAND & Sarah TOZELAND, witn: Henry TOZELAND & Mrs. Martha BOLTON both of Wiarton, 21 December 1883, Wiarton
001518/84 (Bruce Co) Joseph PEAR, 28, farmer, Province Quebec, Elderslie Twp., s/o Richard & Eliz PEAR, married Margaret SANG, 27, Arran Twp., Arran Twp., d/o Wm. & Susan SANG, witn: Alex SANG & Bella SANG, 16 October 1883, Arran  

001397/83 (Bruce Co) James PHILIPS, 41, widow, laborer, Albion Ont., Brant Twp., s/o Andrew PHILIPS & Elizabeth YOUNG, married Isabella FLETCHER, 21, Dunkeld Ont., Walkerton, d/o John FLETCHER & Agnes McINTYRE, witn: James McINTYRE & Agnes DEBORN of Walkerton, 6 April 1883, Walkerton

001389/83 (Bruce Co) Miles POTTER, 28, mechanic, Peel Ont., Walkerton, s/o Joseph POTTER & Helen MEHAN, married Mary Ann BRUNT, 22, Bentinck, Walkerton, d/o William BRUNT & Mary BRUNT, witn: Mrs. R.C. MOFFAT & Jessie H. MOFFAT both of Walkerton, 22 December 1883, Walkerton

001452/83 (Bruce Co) Rapheal PRERER, 60, widower, farmer, Eramosa?, Mildmay, s/o Andrew? PRERER & Maria KOENIG, married Elizabeth SCHILL, 44, widow, Waterloo Canada, Mildmay, d/o Joseph GROUEN & Maria BINGERMANN, witn: Joseph SCHULTHES & Catherine GUITTARD of Mildmay, 12 June 1883, Mildmay

001506 (Bruce Co) Ferdinand QUAST, 40, widower, mason, Germany, Brant Twp., s/o John QUAST & Thorothea L. BUCHHOLZ, married Maria SCHROEDER, 20, Brant Twp., Brant Twp., d/o Gotlieb SCHROEDER & Louisa KRATZ, witn: Emiel QUAST & Pauline QUAST of Brant Twp., 14 March 1883, Brant Twp.

001510/83 (Bruce Co) Andrew RAE, 46, farmer, Coldstream Scotland, Brant Twp., s/o James RAE & Margaret MURDIE, married Annie BURNIE, 26, St. Catherines Ont., Brant Twp., d/o John BURNIE & Margaret MINTO, witn: Daniel McNAUGHTON of Brant & Annie MUNRO of Walkerton, 16 March 1883, Brant Twp.

001530/83 (Bruce Co) William REA, 19, farmer, Canada, Paisley, s/o Thomas & Mary REA, married Flora BESTON, 22, Canada, Paisley, d/o blank, witn: James REA & Mary REA of Paisley, 5 August 1883, Paisley

001532/83 (Bruce Co) George REID, 26, farmer, Halton, Moose Mountain N.W. Territory, s/o William & Elizabeth REID, married Maria KERRY, 27, Wellington, Brant, d/o John & Sarah KERRY, witn: Robert. MUNN & Mary A. MUNN both of Paisley, 13 October 1883, Paisley

001514/84 (Bruce Co) John ROBINSON, 36, widower, farmer, Dummer Co. Peterboro Ont., Arran, s/o Nathaniel ROBINSON & Susanna ROBINSON, married Eliza McKELVEY, 34, Co. Fermanagh Ireland, Arran, d/o John McKELVEY & Mary McKELVEY, witn: John HANBIDGE & Alice McKELVEY both of Arran, 8 November 1883, Lot 6 Conc. 2 Arran

001531/83 (Bruce Co) John ROGAN, 26, farmer, Scotland, Bruce Twp., s/o Charles & Ellan ROGAN, married Agnes CORSIE, 23, Scotland, Bruce Twp., d/o William & Harriet CORSIE, witn: Thomas CHAMBERS & Catherine CHAMBERS both of Paisley, 4 September 1883, Paisley

001698/83 (Bruce Co) Andrew ROME, 25, teacher, Ont., Culross, s/o William & Isabella ROME, married Jane MURRAY, 20, Ont., Culross, d/o Robert & Esther MURRAY, witn: James MURRAY & Minnie ROME both of Culross, 29 March 1883, Culross

001508/83 (Bruce Co) Abraham ROWAND, 28, farmer, Saugeen Twp., Saugeen Twp., s/o James ROWAND & Elizabeth GOWENLOCK, married Anna Jane WILSON, 25, Brant Twp., Brant Twp., d/o Thomas WILSON & Anna TODD, witn: (Lavin) ROWAND & Mary Ellen LAMB of Brant, 7 March 1883, Brant Twp.


001557/83 (Bruce Co) William SARGESON, 24, mechanic, blank, Paisley, s/o William & Margaret SARGESON, married Jane McKELVY, 18, Arran, Paisley, d/o Elizabeth CROW & William McKELVY, witn: William BLAKELY & Christina McNEIL of Paisley, 14 February 1883, Arran

001524/83 (Bruce Co) Herman SCHREINERT, 21, farmer, Prussia, Bentinck Twp., s/o Fredrich SCHREINERT & Dorethea gel PEIFER, married Marie MANTO, 22, Brant Twp., Brant Twp., d/o Frederick MANTO & Christine gel AHRENS, witn: George SACH of Bentinck & Menno MANTO of Brant, 16 October 1883, Brant

001383/83 (Bruce Co) Henry SEIDER, 27, yeoman, Canada, Preston, s/o John SEIDER & Margaretta SHEIPLEIN, married Lavinia DISCH, 20, Canada, Walkerton, d/o John DISCH & Elena SCHEVER, witn: Magnus DISCH & Theresa DISCH both of Walkerton, 5 November 1883, Walkerton

001653/83 (Bruce Co) John SEXSMITH, 26, farmer, Hastings Co., Huron Twp., s/o John SEXSMITH & Elizabeth SEXSMITH, married Isabella HUDSON, 23, Huron Twp., Huron Twp., d/o William & Agnes HUDSON, witn: Robert GRAHAM & Jane E. HUDSON of Huron Twp., 7 November 1883, Bervie

001652/83 (Bruce Co) Joseph Samuel SHELTON, 34, widower, farmer, England, Kincardine Twp., s/o Samuel SHELTON & Elizabeth SHELTON, married Emma JARREL, 22, Kincardine Twp., Kincardine Twp., d/o James & Sarah JARREL, witn: William PETERBAUGH & Frances BENNETT of Kincardine Twp., 29 November 1883, Kincardine Twp.

001398/83 (Bruce Co) George SPARLING, 28, farmer, Brock Twp., Brant Twp., s/o Philip SPARLING & Mary TAYLOR, married Elizabeth McCUTCHEON, 27, Aberdeen Scotland, Brant Twp., d/o George McCUTCHEON & Janet HOWE, witn: David WAGONER & Sarah ABELL of Brant Twp., 10 April 1883, Walkerton

001556/83 (Bruce Co) Egerton Ryerson SPEER, 23, painter, Peterboro, City of Winnipeg, s/o John Humphrey & Amstella SPEER, married Sarah C. FOLLIS, 23, Arran, Arran, d/o James & Jane FOLLIS, witn: John Wesley FOLLIS of Arran & Kittie May VANDISEN of Tara , 17 January 1883, Arran

001517/83 (Bruce Co) William SPEIRS, 21, farmer, Hanover Grey Co., Brant Twp., s/o John SPEIRS & Johanna SCHICK, married Wilhelmina RODEY, 23, widow, Blenheim Twp., Brant Twp., d/o George BARTEN & Sophia RUNKE, witn: Henry SPEIRS of Hanover & Carolina BARTEN of Brant, 21 July 1883, Brant

001516/83 (Bruce Co) Thomas SPENCE, 24, farmer, Garafraxa Twp. Ont., Greenock, s/o Richard SPENCE & Agnes BLACK, married Hannah Maria RAEBURN, 22, Brant, Brant, d/o Thomas RAEBURN & Jane CRAWLEY, witn: Walter RAEBURN of Brant & Maggie SPENCE of Greenock, 26 June 1883, Brant

001649/83 (Bruce Co) John Richard STANLEY, 26, farmer, Kincardine Twp., Kincardine Twp., s/o Edward & Margaret STANLEY, married Annie STURGEON, 25, Kincardine Twp., Kincardine Twp., d/o William & Jane STURGEON, witn: William H. STANLEY & Mary J. STURGEON of Kincardine, 1 August 1883, Kincardine Twp

001384/83 (Bruce Co) Duncan STEWART, 27, farmer, Brant, Carrick, s/o Alexander STEWART & Janet CAMPBELL, married Margaret WOLFE, 21, Carrick, Carrick, d/o Frederick WOLFE & Maria SEGER, witn: Mrs. R. C. MOFFAT & Jessie H. MOFFAT both of Walkerton, 6 November 1883, Walkerton

001529/83 (Bruce Co) William J. STEWART, 27, cooper, Canada, Everton Canada, s/o blank & blank, married Mattie Jane KERR, 21, Canada, Paisley, d/o blank & blank KERR, witn: G. KERR & S.J. JOLLIFF both of Paisley, 23 March 1883, Paisley

001648/83 (Bruce Co) James STRUTHERS, 24, druggist, Goderich, Teeswater, s/o James STRUTHERS & Jane WILSON, married Janet SCOTT, 23, Bruce Twp., Kincardine Twp., d/o Robert SCOTT & Jane DAGLEISH, witn: Robert LESLIE & Bella SCOTT of Kincardine Town, 11 September 1883, Kincardine Twp

001535/83 (Bruce Co) Colin THACKERY, 24, farmer, blank, Paisley, s/o Joseph & Mary THACKERY, married Hanna COLLINS, 31, Canada, Paisley, d/o Henry & Eliza COLLINS, witn: Henry COLLINS & James MAHON both of Paisley, 7 November 1883, residence of bride in Paisley

001431/83 (Bruce Co) Charles THIEL, 24, farmer, Silesia Prussia Europe, Neustadt, s/o Fredrick THIEL & Elizabeth ROSE, married Anna DIEBOLD, 28, Hohenzollern Europe, Carlsruhe, d/o George DIEBOLD & Marie GSTIHR, witn: Surphin? HENINGER & Mathew SHELL both of Neustadt & S. DUBOLDT of Carlsruhe, 4 September 1883, Carlsruhe

001554/83 (Bruce Co) Charles THOMPSON, 28, farmer, Chinguacousy Co. Peel, Arran Bruce Co., s/o Robert. & Catherine Ann THOMPSON, married Lucinda CUNNINGHAM, 33, widow, Chinguacousy Co. Peel, Arran Bruce Co., d/o Joseph & Elizabeth GLENN, witn: Robert. THOMPSON & Sarah Jane THOMPSON both of Derby, 28 November 1883, Invermay


001724/83 (Bruce Co) John TOLMIE, 38, farmer, Invernesshire Scotland, Bruce Twp., s/o Alexander TOLMIE & Mary FRASER, married Maggie H. PATTERSON, 30, Ayrshire Scotland, Kinloss, d/o William PATTERSON & Margaret H. PEARSON, witn: Angus McLEAN of Underwood & Helen KERR of Ingersoll, 26 September 1883, Kinloss

001683/83 (Bruce Co) James TORRANCE, 28, Public School teacher, Edwardsburg Co. Greenville, Milverton Ont., s/o John TORRANCE & Mary Jane VINCENT, married Florence M. GILLIS, 24, Brantford, Brantford, d/o Alexander GILLIS & Mary McLOUD, witn: James CHAPMAN & Christina CHAPMAN both of Wiarton, 27 March 1883, Wiarton

001521/83 (Bruce Co) James B. TURNER, 37, widower, farmer, Ireland, Brant, s/o William TURNER & Maria BERNEY, married Jane McCARTNEY, 35, Canada, Brant, d/o Blakley McCARTNEY & Hester McBRIDE, witn: Malcolm BLACK & Lizzie McCARTNEY both of Brant, 24 October 1883, Brant

001435/83 (Bruce Co) Emanuel UNGER, 24, agent, Waterloo Ontario, Normanby, s/o George UNGER & Elizabeth UNGER, married Sophia PROSS, 20, Ontario, Carrick, d/o August PROSS & Catherine PROSS, witn: George DURSCH of Neustadt & Miene WIEGAND of Carrick, 15 March 1883, Twp. Carrick

001689/83 (Bruce Co) Rodney VANWICK, 22, carpenter, Sydenham Ont., Wiarton Ont., s/o Veard? & Esther VANWICK, married Annie MacCENDRIE (McKendry?), 19, Paisley Ont., Wiarton Ont., d/o Thomas & Eliza MacCENDRIE?, witn: Isabella MacCENDRIE? & Stephen FERGUSON both of Wiarton, 13 August 1883, Wiarton

001442/83 (Bruce Co) John VOISIN, 24, farmer, Wellesley Co. Waterloo, Culross, s/o Joseph VOISIN & late Kathy MAGER (Magee?), married Maria KOHLER, 20, New Germany, Culross, d/o Joseph KOHLER & Mary MULLEN, witn: Wolfgang KOHLER of Culross & Ruebek? Illegible of Carrick, 30 January 1883, Formosa


001513/83 (Bruce Co) Richard WAKEFORD, 25, farmer, Twp. Elma? - Wellington Co., Brant Twp., s/o Abraham WATERFORD & Mary Ann MASON, married Mary Jane DENNY, 17, Brant Twp., Brant Twp., d/o William DENNY & Matilda WALNER, witn: Amos DENNY & Esther Elizabeth WATERFORD of Brant, 2 May 1883, Brant Twp.

001697/83 (Bruce Co) Joseph WALKER, 30, farmer, Ontario, Culross, s/o John & Matilda WALKER, married Mary E. McKAGUE, 23, Ontario, Culross, d/o Hugh & Elizabeth McKAGUE, witn: R. Q. WALKER & Lavenia BELL both of Culross, 15 March 1883, Culross

001722/83 (Bruce Co) John WALTERS, 28, farmer, England, Culross, s/o James WALTERS & Eliza SIMS, married Elizabeth CHARTRES (Charters?), 22, Kinloss, Kinloss, d/o John CHARTRES & Eliza McBURNEY, witn: George FALCONER & Mary Jane CHARTRES both of Kinloss, 10 July 1883, Kinloss

001453/83 (Bruce Co) Ignatz WEBER, 26, yeoman, New Germany Waterloo Co., Carrick Bruce Co., s/o Jacob WEBER & Maria LEHMANN, married Magdalena WEILER, 19, Carrick, Carrick, d/o Joseph WEILER (late) & Martha WEILER, witn: Jacob WEILER, Agatha? WEILER & Barbara WEILER of Carrick, 6 February 1883, Formosa

001503/83 (Bruce Co) William WEDON, 29, farmer, Mecklenburg Schwerin, Brant Twp., s/o Jacob WEDON & Mary MILLER, married Sophia STADEY, 20, Mecklenburg Schwerin, Brant Twp., d/o Frederick STADEY & Dorothea STADEY, witn: John MANDON & Carolina NEVERMAN of Brant Twp., 14 February 1883, Brant Twp.

001455/83 (Bruce Co) Christian WEISS, 26, farmer, Heidelberg, Wallace, s/o Christoff WEIS & Mary WEIS, married Caroline HUNSTEIN, 18, Carrick, Mildmay, d/o Henry HUNSTEIN & Elizabeth HUNSTEIN, witn: Frederick WEIS & John HUNSTEIN both of Mildmay, 15 May 1883, Mildmay

001534/83 (Bruce Co) Albert John WELSFORD, 26, farmer, Elderslie, Paisley, s/o John & Mary WELSFORD, married Margaret ROBERTSON, 23, Rockwood, Paisley, d/o John & Jane ROBERTSON, witn: James HARKNESS & Sarah WELSFORD both of Paisley, 29 November 1883, Paisley

001564/84 (Bruce Co) Thomas WELSH, 37, farmer, Scotland, Huron Twp., s/o Thomas WELSH & Mary HENDRY, married Marian STEWART, 21, Ontario, Huron Twp., d/o Duncan STEWART & Mary ALLISON? (Acheson?), witn: Duncan? STEWART & David STEWART both of Huron Twp., 25 December 1883, Ripley [faded reg’n]

001518/83 (Bruce Co) Robert WILSON, 24, farmer, Brant Twp., Brant Twp., s/o Hugh WILSON Sr. & Mary WILSON, married Agnes ROWAND, 22, Brant Twp., Brant Twp., d/o Andrew ROWAND & Elizabeth LITTLE, witn: John LAME Jr. & Elizabeth ROWAND both of Brant, 26 September 1883, Brant 001721/83 (Bruce Co) Henry YOUNG, 25, farmer, Quebec, Brant Twp., s/o William YOUNG & Eliza HARDIE, married Amelia E. ELLIOT, 21, Canada, Chesley, d/o George ELLIOT & Jane STRATTON, witn: J.B. DRAPER of Drayton & Addie ELLIOT of Chesley, 28 March 1883, Chesley