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Bruce Co., 1887, part 2

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001575/87 (Bruce Co) Joseph ACKERMAN, 23, carpenter, Mornington Twp., Eastnor Twp., s/o William Henry ACKERMAN & Magdelina LINDNERMAN, married Mary Ellan NIXON, 18, Euphrasia Twp., Lindsay Twp., d/o James NIXON & Elizabeth ROGERS, witn: John ACKERMAN of Eastnor & Margaret NIXON of Lindsay, 11 October 1887, Wiarton 001703/87 (Bruce Co) John Brown AUSTIN, 35, miller, Scotland, Cargill, s/o William AUSTIN & Agnes, married Mary Agnes DAY, 27, Greenock, Greenock, d/o Thomas Patrick DAY & Ann, witn: William McILVEEN & Jacob SCHUMACHER of Walkerton, 26 October 1887, Walkerton

001716/87 (Bruce Co) Layfayette BADGEROW, 27, widower, farmer, Canada, Artemesia, s/o Samuel & Sarah BADGEROW, married Mary LUMLEY, 21, Canada, Walkerton, d/o Thomas & Emma LUMLEY, witn: Alex CRAIG & Eliza CRAIG both of Walkerton, 28 December 1887, Walkerton

001719/87 (Bruce Co) Arthur BARBER, 28, farmer, Ont., Arran Twp., s/o William & Mary Ann BARBER, married Sarah GRIEVE, 18, Ont., Arran, d/o Walter & Isabella GRIEVE, witn: E.E. EDMUNDS & Sarah CRAWFORD both of Allenford, 26 January 1887, (Allenford) Arran

001762/87 (Bruce Co) Joseph D. BARKER, 26, tinsmith, Kincardine Ont., Kincardine Ont., s/o Joseph BARKER & Margaret CAMPBELL, married Mary WHITE, 25, Kincardine Ont., Kincardine Ont., d/o John WHITE & Catherine WILSON, witn: Sarah MORRISON & Sophia WHITE of Kincardine, 31 August 1887, Kincardine

001833-87 (Bruce Co) William BECKER, 27, farmer, Brant, Brant, s/o George & Annie married Sophia WILKEN, 18, Brant, Brant, d/o John & Mary, witn: John MONK & Sophia KUERTER of Brant, 22 February 1887 in Brant.

001713/87 (Bruce Co) Angus BELL, 28, farmer, Elderslie, Elderslie, s/o James BELL & Catherine BELL, married Margaret McINTYRE, 37, widow, Lanark, Elderslie, d/o Edmund ANDERSON & Jane, witn: Hector BELL & Charlotte SOMERVILLE both of Elderslie, 22 December 1887, Walkerton 001643-87 (Bruce Co) Henry BENNINGER, 24, farmer, Culross Bruce Co., Culross, s/o Joseph BENNINGER & Margaretha MOSACK (?) married Veronica SCHAEFER, 24, Carrick, Carrick, d/o Jacob SCHAEFER & Elisabeth SIMER (?), witn: Adolph MOSACK, Everita SCHAEFER, Anton BENNINGER & Elisabeth BENNINGER all of Culross, 15 November 1887 in Formosa
001699/87 (Bruce Co) Wilmot Earl BOTSFORD, 27, engine man, Hamilton, Collingwood, s/o Joseph BOTSFORD & Fanny EARLE, married Annie Eliza KINNEY, 27, Wales, Walkerton, d/o Stephen W. KINNEY & Annie VAUGHAN, witn: Stephen W. KINNEY & Tillie KINNEY, 14 October 1887, Walkerton 001654-87 (Bruce Co) John BROHLER (BREHLER?), 26, farmer, Waterloo Co., Carrick, s/o Raphel BROHLER & Maria ODEAWELL? married Magdalena SCHNEIDER, 28, Carrick, Carrick, d/o Peter SCHNEIDER & Catharine PERIUS, witn: John SCHNEIDER & Maria PERIUS, 8 November 1887 in Mildmay.
001596/87 (Bruce Co) Neil BROWN, 53, widower, farmer, Scotland, Bruce Mines Ont., s/o Donald BROWN & Catherine McLEAN, married Catherine KENNEDY, 30, Ontario, Bruce Twp., d/o Hugh KENNEDY & Mary BROWN, witn: Hugh McLEAN of Underwood & Florence KENNEDY of Bruce Twp., 12 August 1887, Underwood 001602/87 (Bruce Co) Archibald BROWN, 32, sailor, Ontario, Bruce Twp., s/o Alexander BROWN & Flora McLEAN, married Mary GRUNDER, 26, Ontario, Bruce Twp., d/o Adam GRUNDER & Euphemia McGREGOR, witn: Alexander BROWN of Tiverton & Peter McRAE of Bruce Twp., 14 December 1887, Bruce Twp.
001650-87 (Bruce Co) Jacob BRUDER, 26, laborer, Brant Bruce Co., Brant, s/o Jacob BRUDER & Maria BROWN married Caty SCHNURR, 23, Carrick Twp, Carrick Twp, d/o Amand & Christina, witn: Wendel SCHNURR & Caty DITNER both of Carrick, Noah BRUDER & Emma WAECHTER both of Brant, 27 September 1887 in Formosa 001450/87 (Bruce Co) Alexander BUTTS, 24, laborer, Kinmount Ont., Thessalon Algoma, s/o James & Georgina BUTT, married Phoebe Jane BROCK, 23, Walkerton Ont., Southampton Ont., d/o Isaac & Eliza BROCK, witn: David BROCK & Maggie BROCK, 17 May 1887, Port Elgin

001850-87 (Bruce Co) John CAIN, 25, carpenter, Brant, Walkerton, s/o Paul CAIN & Catherine SHONES married Margaret BROWN, 21, Brant, Walkerton, d/o Alexander BROWN & Jane ELLIS, witn: William WINKLER of Hanover, 27 August 1887 in Brant Twp.

001772/87 (Bruce Co) John H. CALDWELL, 44, widower, mechanic, Middlesex Co., Kincardine, s/o Mathew CALDWELL & Margaret CALDWELL, married Henrietta GLAZIER, 44, widow, Brockville, Kincardine, d/o Edward GLAZIER & Mary GLAZIER, witn: Robert COBEAN of Kincardine Ont., 29 November 1887, Kincardine
001593/87 (Bruce Co) Hugh CAMERON, 29, carpenter, Bruce Co. Ont., Bruce Twp., s/o Malcolm CAMERON & Sarah McLEAN, married Henrietta McNAUGHTON, 28, Wellington Co. Ont., Bruce Twp., d/o Hugh McNAUGHTON & Elizabeth STIRTON, witn: Donald CAMERON & Elizabeth McNAUGHTON both of Bruce Twp., 2 June 1887, Bruce Twp. 001453/87 (Bruce Co) Archibald CAMERON, 25, farmer, Bruce Twp., Bruce Twp., s/o Malcolm CAMERON & Sarah CAMERON, married Janet LANTON, 24, Bruce Twp., Bruce Twp., d/o Benjamin LANTON & Christina LANTON, witn: Hugh CAMERON & Euphemia LANTON, 2 March 1887, Port Elgin
  001586/87 (Bruce Co) Frederick CAMPBELL, 25, mechanic, Scotland, Bruce Twp., s/o Alexander CAMPBELL & Margaret MORRISON, married Mary McINNES, 24, Ontario, Bruce Twp., d/o Donald McINNES & Mary McVICAR, witn: Donald McKINNON & Annie McINNES both of Bruce Twp., 18 January 1887, Bruce Twp.
001592/87 (Bruce Co) William CAMPBELL, 20, farmer, Ontario, Saugeen Twp., s/o Daniel CAMPBELL & Susan Maria STINSON, married Johanna McLEOD, 21, Ontario, Bruce Twp., d/o Hugh McLEOD & Katie McDONALD, witn: John CAMPBELL & Mary LEEDER both of Saugeen, 2 June 1887, Underwood 001769/87 (Bruce Co) Alexander CAMPBELL, 30, farmer, Kincardine Twp., Kincardine Twp., s/o Duncan CAMPBELL & Elizabeth CAMPBELL, married Abigail GODFREY, 24, Kincardine Twp., Kincardine, d/o Andrew GODFREY & Isabella GODFREY, witn: Thomas ROBINSON & Isabella GODFREY of Kincardine Town, 3 November 1887, Kincardine
001642-87 (Bruce Co) Joseph CAMPEL, 26, farmer, Wilmot, Carrick Bruce Co., s/o Mathias CAMPEL & Franziska WENZLER married Catharina STRAUS, 24, Carrick, Carrick, d/o Christian STRAUS (late) & Theresia BENNINGER, witn: John COMPEL, Caroline STRAUS, William STRAUS & Anna COMPEL all of Carrick, 13 November 1887 in Formosa

001845-87 (Bruce Co) Miller CARSON, 28, farmer, Manvers, Amabel, s/o William CARSON & Margaret MILLER married Janet STRANG, 24, Brant, Brant, d/o Alexander STRANG & Mary McFADDEN, witn: William STRANG & Margaret CARSON both of Amabel, 24 May 1887 in Brant

001444/87 (Bruce Co) John C. CASSIDY, 26, farmer, Saugeen Twp., Saugeen Twp., s/o Neil CASSIDY & Catherine CASSIDY, married Salina GRAHAM, 27, widow, Peel Twp., Pt. Elgin, d/o Henry BROOKS & Margaret BROOKS witn: William SUTHERLAND & Eliza SUTHERLAND both of Pt. Elgin, 13 July 1887, Manse (Pres.) Pt. Elgin 001604/87 (Bruce Co) William CHANNON, 24, farmer, England, Lindsay Twp., s/o Joseph CHANNON & Ann Elizabeth MAY, married Catherine Jane ROSS, 22, Bruce Ont., Lindsay Twp., d/o Arnold ROSS & Grace Stephen RIDDELL, witn: William STRUTHERS of Bruce Twp. & Alice S. ROSS of Duluth Minnesota, 20 December 1887, Bruce Twp.

001547/88 (Bruce Co) John W. COLE, 21, cooper, Tara, Amabel, s/o William COLE & Melissa COLE, married Barbara Ann McCASSA, 21, Sydenham Co. Grey, Sydenham Co. Grey, d/o Angus McCASSA & Mary McCASSA, witn: Andrew BANNISTER & Roda Ellen SMITH both of Amabel, 25 October 1887, Amabel

001446/87 (Bruce Co) Henry COLLINS, 23, farmer, Canada, Kincardine Twp., s/o Frances COLLINS & Sarah KEOGH, married Sarah Ann GRIFFITH, 18, Canada, Kincardine Twp., d/o Hiram GRIFFITH & Sarah STEWART, witn: Robert I. MOWAT of Kincardine Twp. & Cassie COLLINS of Kincardine Twp., 21 March 1887, Port Elgin 001704/87 (Bruce Co) Martin CONNOR, 49, widower, yeoman, Canada, Brant Twp., s/o Michael CONNOR & Mary MURPHY, married Catharine McGURN, 41, widow, Ireland, Brant Twp., d/o Daniel McGURN & Jane CONNOR, witn: Francis CONNOR & Ann FINARTY both of Brant, 1 November 1887, Walkerton
001577/87 (Bruce Co) John CORMIER, 25, laborer, Woodstock, Keppel Twp., s/o Joseph CORMIER & Janet CORMIER, married Sarah Jane Wilhelmina WALKER, 19, Keppel Twp., Keppel Twp., d/o Henry WALKER & Margaret WALKER, witn: George Albert McVAY of Wiarton & Alice Adeline CORMIER of Cleveland Ohio U.S., 14 November 1887, Wiarton 001594/87 (Bruce Co) John Thomas COTTRILL, 23, farmer, Illinois U.S., Bruce Twp., s/o Valentine COTTRILL & Margaret COTTRILL, married Adeline Amanda Ann ORFORD, 24, Wellington Co. Ont., Bruce Twp., d/o John ORFORD & Catherine ORFORD, witn: Wellington W. ORFORD & Mary Ann McDONALD both of Bruce Twp., 15 June 1887, Bruce Twp
001760/88 (Bruce Co) John CRANDON, 22, farmer, Canada, Keppel, s/o Thomas CRANDON & Susan CRANDON, married Jemima HENDRY, 18, Scotland, Chesley, d/o James HENDRY & Isabella HENDRY, witn: Chester HAHN & Maggie CRANDON both of Keppel, 26 December 1887, Wiarton 001854-87 (Bruce Co) Robert CROP (Cross?), 27, carpenter, Bruce Co., Bruce Co., s/o Robert CROP & Elizabeth McCULLOCH married Sarah McNALLY, 27, Bruce Co., Bruce Co., d/o George McNALLY & Ann WATSON, witn: William J. McNALLY & Alice GRAHAM of Brant, 23 November 1887 in Brant.

001710/87 (Bruce Co) John CURRIE, 30, farmer, Scotland, Elderslie, s/o Archibald & Margaret CURRIE, married Elizabeth THOMSON, 26, Elderslie, Elderslie, d/o Edward & Annie THOMSON, witn: Archibald THOMSON & Janet THOMSON both of Elderslie, 9 December 1887, Walkerton

001456/87 (Bruce Co) Angus CURRIE, 33, farmer, Canada, Bruce Twp., s/o Archibald CURRIE & Ann GILLESPIE, married Barbara ALLEN, 17, Canada, Bruce Twp., d/o Richard ALLEN & Mary WATSON, witn: Hector MORRISON & Mary CURRIE both of Bruce, 26 January 1887, Port Elgin

  001759/87 (Bruce Co) Edgar C. DACK, 26, printer, Markham Ont., Kincardine Ont., s/o John DACK & Agnes DACK, married Adda C. FISHER, 25, Kincardine Ont., Kincardine Ont., d/o John FISHER & Mary Ann FISHER, witn: Josiah SCULLY of Berlin & Ella FISHER of Kincardine, 30 July 1887, Kincardine
001702/87 (Bruce Co) Alexander DAVIDSON, 24, farmer, Scotland, Mildmay, s/o James DAVIDSON & Margaret MAITLAND, married Elizabeth R. SCOTT, 20, Canada, Mildmay, d/o Archibald SCOTT & Mary REDPATH, witn: George MONTGOMERY & Grace SCOTT, 19 October 1887, Walkerton 001765/87 (Bruce Co) Albert I. DELAPLANTE, 22, lumber merchant, Toronto Ont., Toronto Ont., s/o Magloire DELAPLANTE & Emma JEWELL, married Daisey HOGARTH, 18, Hespeler Ont., Kincardine Ont., d/o William HOGARTH & Margaret BROWN, witn: Edward BLAKE & Martha HOGARTH both of Kincardine, 25 October 1887, Kincardine

001582/87 (Bruce Co) Richard DELMAGE, 23, farmer, Bruce Co. Ontario, Bruce Twp., s/o Edward DELMAGE & Margaret DELMAGE, married Margaret PEER, 23, Ottawa City Ont., Bruce Twp., d/o Richard PEER & Rebecca PEER, witn: William BRADLEY & Jane DELMAGE, 11 January 1887, Bruce Twp.

001632-87 (Bruce Co) Alphons DIEMERT, 21 ½, tailor, Wilmot, Deemerton, s/o John DIEMERT & Barbara BRICK married Carolina LOBSINGER, 19, Carlsruhe, Carlsruhe, d/o Anthony LOBSINGER & Agnes WEILER, witn: Henry HAUTE, Magdalena LOBSINGER, Louis WAECHTER & Susan DIEMERT all of Carrick, 5 July 1887 in Carrick.
001597/87 (Bruce Co) John DOBSON, 26, farmer, Ontario, Bruce Twp., s/o Matthew DOBSON & Elizabeth VENNARD, married Mary Jane SMITH, 22, Ontario, Bruce Twp., d/o James SMITH & Hannah LYONS, witn: William DOBSON & Polly CARR both of Bruce Twp., 28 September 1887, Bruce Twp. 001637-87 (Bruce Co) John DOIG, 26, farmer, Quebec, Carrick, s/o Paul DOIG & Jane BROWN married Joan INGLIS, 25, Glen Morris, Carrick, d/o George INGLIS & Ellen SMITH, witn: Thomas INGLIS & Margaret DOIG both of Carrick, 16 March 1887 in Carrick
001841-87 (Bruce Co) William J. ELMER, 31, farmer, East Gwillimbury, East Gwillimbury, widower, s/o William & Mary married Mary May LEGGETT, 35, Orangeville, Brant, single, d/o William & Lydia LEGGETT, witn: Chesley DOAN of East Gwillimbury & Jane LEGGETT of Brant, 24 May 1887 in Brant Twp. 001635-87 (Bruce Co) John ERNST, 26, laborer, Waterloo Twp, Brant Bruce Co., s/o Aloysius ERNST & Maria HAUS married Josephina KRAEMER, 22, Wellesley, Formosa Bruce Co., d/o Joseph KRAEMER & Anna KROETSCH, witn: Michael KRAEMER & Peter KROETSCH both of Culross, Theresia WEITER of Carrick & Anna FLACHS of Waterloo Co., 2 May 1887 in Formosa
001447/87 (Bruce Co) Adam EWALD, 46, widower, farmer, Germany, Saugeen Twp., s/o Daniel & Dorothea EWALD, married Sarah GEORGE, 40, Kingston, Saugeen Twp., d/o John & Martha GEORGE, witn: H. HILLIKER Jr. & Lizzie GEORGE both of Pt. Elgin, 23 March 1887, Saugeen 001451/87 (Bruce Co) Joshua FAULKNER, 50, widower, farmer, Co. Monaghan Ireland, Arran Twp., s/o William FAULKNER & Jane FAULKNER, married Mary CHARLTON, 25, Mariposa, Derby Twp., d/o John B. CHARLTON & Elizabeth CHARLTON, witn: Lawrence CAMPBELL & Etta FRITZINGER both of Port Elgin, 4 May 1887, Queens Hotel Pt. Elgin
001701/87 (Bruce Co) Christian FEISKE, 23, farmer, Germany, Howick, s/o John FEISKE & Minnie, married Charlotte MARRIOTT, 17, Carrick, Carrick, d/o John MARRIOTT & Ann, witn: William JUERGENS & Mary JUERGENS both of Brant, 19 October 1887, Walkerton 001851-87 (Bruce Co) George Jackson GIBBON, 22, no occupation given, Walkerton, Walkerton, s/o Charles GIBBON & Margaret JASPER married Adeline CARTER, 20, Howick, Harriston, d/o Henry CARTER & Margaret WOOD, witn: Alex A. RUNSTADLER of Walkerton, 6 July 1887 in Brant Twp.
001700/87 (Bruce Co) William N. GILES, 22, farmer, London Eng., Saugeen, s/o Samuel GILES & Margaret GILES, married Christina McDONALD, 18, Proton, Elderslie, d/o Allan McDONALD & Catherine McDONALD, witn: James GILES of Saugeen & Emily SCOTT of Walkerton, 18 October 1887, Walkerton 001707/87 (Bruce Co) Henry GISSLER, 22, yeoman, Canada, Brant, s/o George GISSLER & Elizabeth KINNER, married Theresa HARTLEP, 19, Canada, Walkerton, d/o Anselm HARTLEP & Ellen HERLER, witn: Noah BRUDER, Joseph GISSLER & Josephine GISSLER all of Brant & Mary HARTLEP of Walkerton, 22 November 1887, Walkerton
  001712/87 (Bruce Co) Isaac GLINZ, 24, farmer, Lincoln, Brant Twp., s/o Frederick GLINZ & Ardunch PALINCH, married Elizabeth SMITH, 23, Brant Twp., Brant Twp., d/o David SMITH & Mary KERR, witn: David SMITH (sen.?) & Robert J. BEST of Walkerton, 21 December 1887, Walkerton

001580/87 (Bruce Co) John GLOVER, 22, laborer, Canada, East Whitby Ont., s/o Samuel GLOVER & Margaret BRONTON, married Elizabeth Evans WATTS, 20, Canada, Amabel, d/o John WATTS & Jane TEMPLETON, witn: George WATTS & Janet WATTS both of Amabel, 8 November 1887, Wiarton

001822/87 (Bruce Co) John GORDON, 37, widower, blacksmith, Ontario, Drayton, s/o Thomas & Isabella GORDON, married Sarah Ann DICKSON, 28, Ontario, Elderslie, d/o Jonathan & Elizabeth DICKSON, witn: John DRAPER of Drayton & Mary Jane DICKSON of Elderslie, 25 January 1887, Elderslie

001855-87 (Bruce Co) Adam HAUERT, 25, joiner, Germany, Hanover, s/o George HAUERT & Elizabeth BUSCHBACKER married Rosine SCHAEUFELE (s/b SCHEIFELE), 21, Smithville, Hanover, d/o Andrew SCHAEUFELE & Elisabeth ALLEMANG, witn: John LITT of Bentinck & Henry HERMAN of Brant, 19 October 1887 in Brant.  
001599/87 (Bruce Co) William HENDERS, 31, farmer, Durham Co. Ont., Bruce Twp., s/o Richard HENDERS & Phoebe EVANS, married Bessie McLEOD, 28, Oxford Co. Ont., Underwood, d/o William McLEOD & Margaret GUNN, witn: Alexander ROSS of Bruce Twp. & Janet GOAR of Paisley, 16 November 1887, Paisley 1696/87 (Bruce Co) John W. HENRY, 31, livery, Sullivan Twp., Chesley, s/o Andrew HENRY & Ann HENRY, married Mary Russell MAXWELL, 35, widow, Scotland, Chesley, d/o John WILSON & Ann, witn: George KLUMPP & Catherine KLUMPP, 4 October 1887, Walkerton

001649-87 (Bruce Co) John HERZNER, 32, peddler, Preston, Formosa, s/o Joseph HERZNER (late) & Anthony MESSNER married Christina MESSNER, 19, Culross, Formosa, d/o Susy MESSNER & late Mary HORNLY?, witn: Joseph MESSNER & Mary MESSNER of Formosa, Francis CASKINETT of Riversdale & Anna HERZNER of Preston, 17 August 1887 in Formosa

001766/87 (Bruce Co) Harry HICKS, 22, bartender, England, Kincardine Ont., s/o William John HICKS & Emily PICOTT, married Hallie SMILEY, 19, Ingersoll Ont., Kincardine Ont., d/o William SMILEY & Mary Ann HAINES, witn: Thomas FITZELL & Aggie SMILEY of Kincardine, 14 November 1887, Kincardine

  001591/87 (Bruce Co) William HILKER, 25, labourer, Ontario, Port Elgin, s/o Adam HILKER & Sarah Jane HINES, married Maria COLEMAN, 21, Ontario, Underwood, d/o John COLEMAN & Elizabeth DIMOND, witn: Levi SCHATZ of Port Elgin & Mary McKINNON of Underwood, 18 May 1887, Underwood
001840-87 (Bruce Co) Frederick HOFFMAN, 24, laborer, Germany, Walkerton, s/o Frederick & Fredericka married Sophia NEVERMAN, 20, Germany, Walkerton, d/o Christian NEVERMAN & Mary WILKEN, witn: Mary NEVERMAN & Rudolph MISCH of Walkerton, 12 April 1887 in Brant Twp. 001836-87 (Bruce Co) Heinrich HOSBACH, 24, farmer, Wilmot, Bentinck, s/o George HOSBACH & Louise DUCHARDT married Auguste WIEGAND, 21, Prussia, Chesley, d/o Gottlieb WIEGAND & Pauline LINSTEDT, witn: Heinrich AHRENS of Brant & Amalie WIEGAND of Chesley, 1 February 1887 in Brant.
001834-87 (Bruce Co) Wilhelm HUENEMOERDER, 28, carpenter, Mecklenberg Schwerin, Brant, s/o John HUENEMOERDER & Elise G. MAAS married Fredericka HOFFMANN, 18, Brant, Brant, d/o Heiner HOFFMANN & Elizabeth KNECHTEL, witn: Wilhelm BIERWIRTH & Heiner AHRENS of Brant, 15 February 1887 in Brant. 001846-87 (Bruce Co) George S. HUNT, 25, Methodist minister, Tecumseth, Toronto, s/o John WAND & Ann Jane HUNT married Emily M. CANNON, 23, Brant, Brant, d/o William & Mary Jane, witn: Henry COLWELL of Montreal & Bessie J. CANNON of Brant, 28 June 1887 in Brant.
001645-87 (Bruce Co) Julius JAGELEWSKI, 25, farmer, Poland Prussia Crandenz, Carlsruhe Carrick, s/o Joseph JAGELEWSKI & Anna TULOWSKA married Susanna SCHATKOWSKI, 22, Carrick Twp, Carrick Twp, d/o Joseph SCHATKOWSKI & Margaret GRUB, witn: Joseph HIMMELSPACH of Carlsruhe, Leopold HIHN, Caroline & Christine SCHATKOWSKI all of Chepstow, 22 September 1887 in Carlsruhe 001843-87 (Bruce Co) Francis JASPER, 57, farmer, Cornwall England, Carrick, widower, s/o Thomas & Jane married Carrie DENNIE, 36, Brock, Brant, spinster, d/o William & Matilda DENNIE, witn: William GRAINGER of Brant & Sophia M. FELT of Bay City Michigan, 26 May 1887 in Brant

001566/88 (Bruce Co) Thomas JOHNSTON, 30, farmer, Co. Wentworth, Co. Bruce, s/o John JOHNSTON & Hannah BANKS, married Margaret FIDDES, 29, Co. Bruce, same, d/o William FIDDES & Helen MINTY, witn: Mary A. FIDDES of Brant & Finlay GORDON, 22 December 1887, Brant Twp.

001761/88 (Bruce Co) John KEER (Kees, Kerr?), 27, teamster, Canada, Keppel, s/o William KEER & Mary KEER, married Isabella WILSON, 26, Canada, Keppel, d/o William WILSON & Elizah WILSON, witn: William H. JAMESON of Arran & Maggie PEACOCK of Elderslie, 28 December 1887, Wiarton 001705/87 (Bruce Co) Edward KERRY, 28, carpenter, Guelph, Brant Twp., s/o John KERRY & Sarah KERRY, married Mary Jane KNAPPS, 26, Brant Twp., Brant Twp., d/o William KNAPPS & Jane ARMSTRONG, witn: William KNAPPS & Hannah M. KNAPPS both of Brant, 9 November 1887, Walkerton
001848-87 (Bruce Co) Robert KEYES, 31, merchant, Greenock Twp, Pinkerton, s/o John & Elizabeth married Emily WATSON, 24, Brant, Brant, d/o John & Caroline Lavinia, witn: George HARRISON of Pinkerton & Ann WATSON of Brant, 7 September 1887 in Brant. 001631-87 (Bruce Co) Bastian KOEHNSTEDT, 24, farmer, Carrick, Deemerton, s/o Franz KOEHMSTEDT (sic) & Catharine MONTAG married Anna HAMMER, 23, Waterloo Co., Deemerton, d/o Peter HAMMER & Margareta DORSCH, witn: John KOEHMSTEDT & Barbara WAECHTER (no residence given), 18 April 1887 in Deemerton.

001568/88 (Bruce Co) William KRENZWEISER, 37, labourer, Waterloo Co., Hanover, s/o John KRENZWEISER & Dorothea KRENZWEISER, married Mary HAHN, 22, Hanover, Hanover, d/o Joachim HAHN & Mary HAHN, witn: Jacob KRENZWEISER & Mary BOTTENHORN of Hanover, 22 December 1887, Brant

001641-87 (Bruce Co) Aloysius KUTCHER, 22, laborer, Waterloo Twp, Brant Bruce Co., s/o Michael KUTCHER & Barbara KREIL married Mary Ann MILLEN, 20, Carrick, Carrick, d/o John & Clara, witn: Felix KUTCHER, Barbara MILLEN, Fred SCHNURR of Carrick & Emily SHAFBUCK of Culross, 22 November 1887 in Formosa. 001763/87 (Bruce Co) Henry LANGSTON, 26, cattle dealer, Virginia U.S.A., Walkerton Ont., s/o William LANGSTON & Mary POWELL, married Annie McIVOR, 25, Huron Twp. Ont., Kincardine Ont., d/o Angus McIVOR & Maggie McDONALD, witn: George WAKEFIELD & Jessie McIVOR of Kincardine, 6 September 1887, Kincardine
001638-87 (Bruce Co) Jacob LEHMANN, 23, farmer, Culross Bruce Co., Mildmay, s/o Sebastian LEHMANN & Catharine BRICK married Regina SCHEFTER, 23, Waterloo Co., Mildmay, d/o Philip SCHEFTER & Magdalena Von HOTTEN, witn: Philip SCHEFTER, Maria LEHMAN, Nicolas LEHMAN & Louisa SCHEFTER all of Carrick, 22 November 1887 in Mildmay. 001856-87 (Bruce Co) Johann LIST (s/b LITT), 21, mason, Waterloo Co., Bentinck, s/o Jakob LIST & Barbara WELFLE (Woelfle?), married Christine SCHAEUFELE (s/b SCHEIFELE), 17, Bentinck, Hanover, d/o Andrew SCHAEUFELE & Elisabeth ALLEMANG, witn: Wilhelm MESSINGER of Hanover & Henrich HERMAN of Brant, 15 November 1887 in Brant.
001644-87 (Bruce Co) George LOBSINGER, 23, farmer, Wellesley Twp, Formosa, s/o Peter LOBSINGER & Mary Ann MAYER married Catharine KRAMER, 26 yrs 6 mths, Carrick Bruce Co., Formosa, d/o Leopold KRAMER & Franciska BAUDENDISTEL, witn: Andrew OBERLE & Carolina BRUDER both of Walkerton, Peter & Caty LOBSINGER both of Carrick, 20 September 1887 in Formosa 001709/87 (Bruce Co) Andrew LUNN, 27, farmer, Ingersoll, Minto, s/o James LUNN & Agnes, married Jane THOMPSON, 23, Minto, Minto, d/o William THOMPSON & Ellen, witn: Joseph E. THOMPSON & Ann Jane THOMPSON both of Walkerton, 2 December 1887, Walkerton

001830/87 (Bruce Co) William MARTIN, 26, yeoman, Ontario, Holland Twp., s/o not given, married Sarah POLLARD, 25, Ontario, Elderslie, d/o William & Sarah POLLARD, witn: George KING of Arran & Maggie MARTIN of Holland, 26 October 1887, Elderslie

001768/87 (Bruce Co) Robert MARTIN, 41, commercial traveler, Guelph, Toronto, s/o Robert MARTIN & Elizabeth MARTIN, married Maggie CAMPBELL, 24, Wentworth Co. Ont., Kincardine, d/o Alex CAMPBELL & Mary BARKER, witn: Susan BARKER & Mary CAMPBELL of Kincardine Town, 2 November 1887, Kincardine

001646-87 (Bruce Co) Anton MASON, 27, laborer, Canada, Mildmay, s/o (parent’s names not known) married Julian SCHMIDT, 19, Ontario, Mildmay, d/o David & Sophia, witn: Aaron SCHMIDT of Carrick, 26 July 1887 in Mildmay  

001824/87 (Bruce Co) Neil McCAFFRAY, 33, farmer, Ontario, Sullivan Twp., s/o John & Mary McCAFFRAY, married Flora GALBRAITH, 23, Ontario, Elderslie, d/o Archibald & Margaret GALBRAITH, witn: Godfrey LAMONT of Saugeen & Hester GALBRAITH of Elderslie, 16 March 1887, Elderslie

001771/87 (Bruce Co) William A. McCALLUM, 29, merchant, Bridgewater Ont., Ft. William Algoma, s/o Duncan McCALLUM & Almira McCALLUM, married Rebecca VANCE, 25, Kinloss, Kincardine, d/o John VANCE & Elizabeth CARLETON, witn: Robert BRECKENRIDGE of Owen Sound Ont., 18 October 1887, Kincardine

  001606/87 (Bruce Co) Angus McDIARMID, 25, farmer, Scotland, Bruce Twp., s/o Donald McDIARMID & Catherine McDIARMID, married Christina McKINNON, 25, Ontario, Bruce Twp., d/o Neil McKINNON & Janet McKINNON, witn: Charles McFADYEN & Katie A. McKINNON both of Bruce Twp., 9 November 1887, Bruce Twp

001770/87 (Bruce Co) Dan McDONALD, 38, contractor, Ashfield Twp., Ashfield Twp., s/o Donald McDONALD & Isabella McDONALD, married Maggie McKENZIE, 29, Ashfield Twp., Ashfield Twp., d/o Kenneth McKENZIE & Isabella McKENZIE, witn: Mary MURRAY & Alistor MURRAY both of Town of Kincardine, 1 December 1887, Kincardine

001711/87 (Bruce Co) Caleb Spragg McDONALD, 26, agent, Kinloss, Walkerton, s/o Donald McDONALD & Elizabeth, married Sarah Viola ATCHESON, 21, Elgin Co. Leeds, Walkerton, d/o James ATCHESON & Laura, witn: A.R. McDONALD of Toronto, Daniel McDONALD, Alex ATCHESON of St. Mary's & Gertie O'HARA of Walkerton, 20 December 1887, Walkerton

001761/87 (Bruce Co) A.H. McDOUGALL, 27, school teacher, York Co. Ont., Stratford Ont., s/o John McDOUGALL & Mary MOON, married Gerty McINNES, 25, Kincardine Ont., Kincardine Twp., d/o Paul McINNES & Eliza VanKLEEK, witn: John McCRIMMON & Bella McKENZIE of Kincardine Ont., 17 August 1887, Kincardine

001605/87 (Bruce Co) Coll McDOUGALL, 32, farmer, Ontario, Bruce Twp., s/o Coll McDOUGALL & Ann CLARK, married Mary Ann BURWASH, 18, Ontario, Bruce Twp., d/o Adam BURWASH & Mary McINTOSH, witn: Henry A. BURWASH of Bruce Twp. & Sarah CLARK of Kincardine Twp., 14 December 1887, Bruce Twp.

001449/87 (Bruce Co) John McDOUGALL, 22, baker, Canada, Port Elgin, s/o Daniel McDOUGALL & Charlotte STAFFORD, married Sarah G. SMITH, 19, Canada, Grey Twp., d/o William SMITH & Elizabeth MARSHALL, witn: Richard McFOULE of Pt. Elgin & Mary SMITH of Grey Twp., 23 March 1887, Grey Twp. 001443/87 (Bruce Co) William McDUFF, 26, farmer, Kincardine, Bruce Twp., s/o Donald McDUFF & Christina McDUFF, married Euphemia McDONALD, 27, Bruce Twp., Bruce Twp., d/o Finlay McDONALD & Flora McDONALD, witn: Annie McLENNAN of Underwood & George HORNER of Tiverton, 6 July 1887, Manse (Pres.) of Pt. Elgin
  001823/87 (Bruce Co) Duncan McEACHERN, 30, widower, farmer, Canada, Saugeen, s/o Finlay & Janet McEACHERN, married Sarah McNEIL, 28, Canada, Elderslie, d/o John & Sarah McNEIL, witn: Malcolm McEACHERN of Elderslie & Christina McNEIL of Bruce, 23 February 1887, Elderslie

001821/87 (Bruce Co) Alex Wesley McFAUL, 27, farmer, Canada, Arran Twp., s/o William & Sarah McFAUL, married Annie Levina ROADHOUSE, 22, Canada, Elderslie, d/o William & Charlotta ROADHOUSE, witn: A.D. ROADHOUSE of Elderslie & Frances Carin McFAUL of Arran, 12 January 1887, Elderslie

001832-87 (Bruce Co) David A. McGEAGH, 21, farmer, Pickering, Hanover, s/o James McGEAGH & Margaret HOLLINGER married Jennie LEACH, 24, Haldimand, Hanover, d/o Joseph LEACH & Margaret CRAIGIE, witn: John C. LEACH of Hanover, 16 February 1887 in Hanover.

001826/87 (Bruce Co) David Norman McINTYRE, 24, farmer, Ontario, Elderslie, s/o Hugh & Isabella McINTYRE, married Janet STEWART, 24, Canada, Elderslie, d/o Neil & Isabella STEWART, witn: Hugh McINTYRE & Neil STEWART both of Elderslie, 26 April 1887, Elderslie

001601/87 (Bruce Co) Norman McIVER, 36, farmer, Scotland, Bruce Twp., s/o Donald McIVER & Margaret McIVER, married Rachel McDIARMID, 29, Scotland, Bruce Twp., d/o Donald McDIARMID & Catherine McDIARMID, witn: Kenneth McSWEEN & Bella McFADYEN both of Bruce Twp., 14 December 1887, Glammis

001750/88 (Bruce Co) Donald McKAY, 23, farmer, Huron Twp., Huron Twp., s/o Donald McKAY & Rachel McLEOD, married Eliza LORRENCE (Torrence?), 22, Huron Twp., Huron Twp., d/o Andrew LORRENCE & Mary JOHNSON, witn: John LORRENCE & Annie STANLEY, 6 September 1887, Lucknow

001775/87 (Bruce Co) James McKEE, 27, farmer, Norfolk Co. Ont., Culross, s/o Samuel McKEE & Mary McKEE, married Mary Jane ARMSTRONG, 24, Puslinch Ont., Culross, d/o Robert ARMSTRONG & Janet ARMSTRONG, witn: Mary Ann McKEE & George ARMSTRONG both of Culross, 26 January 1887, Culross

001587/87 (Bruce Co) Roderick McKENZIE, 61, widower, shoemaker, Scotland, Southampton, s/o Duncan McKENZIE & Annabel McKENZIE, married Euphemia DYKE, 47, widow, Cape Breton Nova Scotia, Bruce Twp., d/o Kenneth McDONALD & Catherine McDONALD, witn: Miss McKINNON & Roderick McDONALD both of Bruce Twp., 8 March 1887, Bruce Twp 001847-87 (Bruce Co) Daniel McKERRACHER, 36, farmer, Scotland, Bruce Co., widower, s/o Alexander McKERRACHER & Jane CAMERON married Mary Campbell WARD, 29, Lanark Co., Bruce Co., d/o John WARD & Margaret WILKIE, witn: Anna Jane WARD & Hugh McKERRACHER both of Brant Twp, 12 September 1887 in Brant.
001588/87 (Bruce Co) Alexander McKINNON, 37, farmer, Scotland, Kincardine Twp., s/o Malcolm McKINNON & Catherine CAMPBELL, married Sarah McFARLANE, 28, Ontario, Bruce Twp., d/o Alexander McFARLANE & Edith SMITH, witn: Donald McLEAN & Maggie McFARLANE both of Bruce Twp., 9 March 1887, Inverhuron 001825/87 (Bruce Co) William Thomas McLAUCHLAN, 24, yeoman, Canada, Elderslie Twp., s/o Archibald & Janet Isabella McLAUCHLAN, married Flora Ann MUNN, 26, Canada, Elderslie, d/o Donald & Catherine MUNN, witn: Donald McMILLAN of Vesta & Kate MUNN of Elderslie, 15 March 1887, Elderslie
001589/87 (Bruce Co) John McLEAN, 35, widower, farmer, Scotland, Bruce Twp., s/o John McLEAN & Elizabeth BURGESS, married Elizabeth McKEEMAN (McKeenan?), 23, Ontario, Kincardine Twp., d/o John McKEEMAN & Jane CAMPBELL, witn: George BROWN of Bruce Twp. & Isabella SMITH of Underwood, 28 April 1887, Underwood 001585/87 (Bruce Co) Angus McLEAN, 30, salesman, Bruce Co. Ontario, Port Elgin, s/o John McLEAN & Flora McKINNON, married Ellen McKAY, 22, Bruce Co. Ontario, Bruce Twp., d/o George D. McKAY & Mary MACFARLANE, witn: Alexander BELL of Saugeen Twp. & Christina WILKIE of Underwood, 16 February 1887, Bruce Twp.
001584/87 (Bruce Co) John McLENNAN, 26, farmer, Ontario, Bruce Twp., s/o Christopher McLENNAN & Margaret McLENNAN, married Agnes KERR, 21, Ontario, Bruce Twp., d/o Donald KERR & Wilhelmina KERR, witn: William McDUFF & Christina McKAY both of Bruce, 9 February 1887, Bruce Twp 001721/87 (Bruce Co) Alexander McLEOD, 24, farmer, Ont., Sarawak Twp., s/o Donald & Elizabeth Cath. McLEOD, married Mary REID, 18, Ont., Arran, d/o Murdoch & Ann REID, witn: William McLEOD of Sarawak & Ann REID of Arran, 23 February 1887, Arkwright Arran

001583/87 (Bruce Co) Daniel McLURE, 27, Ontario, Tiverton, s/o Archibald McLURE & Mary McLURE, married Kate McINNES, 27, Ontario, Bruce Twp., d/o Donald McINNES & Margaret McINNES, witn: Malcolm McINNES & Mary Ann McDONALD both of Bruce, 5 January 1887, Bruce Twp.

001831-87 (Bruce Co) Henry McNALLY, 53, farmer, Co. Cavan Ireland, Walkerton, widower, s/o John McNALLY & Mary CROZIER married Susan BELCH, 38, Durham Co., Chesley Bruce Co., single, d/o John BELCH & Margaret HARRISON, witn: Mary & Peter DUFF of Malcolm, 5 January 1887 in Malcolm

001829/87 (Bruce Co) Donald McNEIL, 28, farmer, Canada, Arran, s/o Archie & Janet McNEIL, married Effie McDOUGALD, 21, Canada, Elderslie, d/o Hugh & Mary McDOUGALD, witn: Donald McDOUGALD & Janet McNEIL both of Elderslie, 7 September 1887, Elderslie

001548/88 (Bruce Co) Andrew McPHEE, 26, farmer, Arran, Amabel, s/o Malcolm McPHEE & Christina PURVIS, married Ruth PEER, 21, Amabel, Amabel, d/o Philip PEER & Mary PEER, witn: Malcolm McPHEE & Jane PEER both of Amabel, 23 November 1887, Amabel

001636-87 (Bruce Co) Duncan McPHERSON, 30, farmer, Stanley Huron Co., Turnberry, s/o William McPHERSON & Ellen McDOUGALL married Lydia DUFFY, 24, Pilkington, Carrick, spinster, d/o Partine DUFFY & Eliza CLAYTON, witn: Alexander McPHERSON & Martha A. DUFFY (no residence given), 30 March 1887 in Carrick 001600/87 (Bruce Co) William McRAE, 31, farmer, Oakville Ont., Saugeen Twp., s/o Robert McRAE & Mary MUBERRY, married Isabella McPHEE, 27, Ontario, Bruce Twp., d/o Donald McPHEE & Ann McGILLIVRAY, witn: Archibald McPHEE of Bruce Twp. & Isabella RAEBURN of Saugeen, 7 December 1887, Underwood
001839-87 (Bruce Co) John MONK, 23, laborer, Bentinck, Brant, s/o William MONK & Frederika WENDORF married Sophia KOSTER, 21, Brant, Brant, d/o Theodor KOSTER & Dorothea EULENBURG, witn: Joseph MONK of Bentinck & Frederika KOSTER of Brant, 12 April 1887 in Brant Twp. 001598/87 (Bruce Co) Alexander MONTGOMERY, 28, farmer, Ontario, Kincardine Twp., s/o Kenneth MONTGOMERY & Flora MONTGOMERY, married Annie McLAURIN, 32, Ontario, Bruce Twp., d/o Alexander McLAURIN & Mary McLAURIN, witn: Murdoch MONTGOMERY of Kincardine Twp. & Archibald McLAURIN of Bruce Twp., 28 September 1887, Bruce Twp.

001445/87 (Bruce Co) Hector MORRISON, 25, farmer, Bruce Twp., Bruce Twp., s/o Roderick MORRISON & Catherine MORRISON, married Miss Mary CURRIE, 21, Nottawasaga Twp., Bruce Twp., d/o Archibald CURRIE & Annie CURRIE, witn: James CURRIE of Bruce & Mary Elizabeth MINTO, 9 March 1887

001827/87 (Bruce Co) Alexander MUNN, 33, farmer, Canada, Elderslie, s/o Neil & Barbara MUNN, married Sarah TAYLOR, 22, Canada, Elderslie, d/o Donald & Margaret TAYLOR, witn: Peter MUNN & Maggie TAYLOR both of Elderslie, 25 April 1887, Elderslie

001760/87 (Bruce Co) William MURCHISON, 24, druggist, Huron Twp. Ont., Toronto Ont., s/o Donald MURCHISON & Anne BAN, married Isabella MATHEWSON, 23, Kincardine Twp., Kincardine Ont., d/o Murdock MATHEWSON & Anne MATHEWSON, witn: A.B. CAMERON & Sophy WHITE of Kincardine Ont., 16 August 1887, Kincardine 001595/87 (Bruce Co) Michael NELSON, 26, farmer, Brant Twp. Ont., Bruce Twp., s/o William NELSON & Sarah ARMSTRONG, married Maggie FOSTER, 20, Ontario, Bruce Twp., d/o Thomas FOSTER & Mary Jany MEWHINNEY, witn: Thomas FOSTER & Jane NELSON both of Bruce Twp., 10 August 1887, Bruce Twp.
001653-87 (Bruce Co) Simon NIESON, 27, farmer, Wellesley, Greenock Twp Bruce Co., s/o John NIESON (late) & Elizabeth DURR married Mary KUNZ, 25, Carlsruhe, Carlsruhe, d/o Henry KUNZ & Rosalia HUNT, witn: John HUNT & Elisabeth KUNZ of Carrick, 24 October 1887 in Carlsruhe. 001838-87 (Bruce Co) George Albert NOBLE, 24, sawyer, Bentinck, Bentinck, s/o George NOBLE & Sarah LOFERTY married Eliza Merna ATKINS, 21, Brant, Brant, d/o William ATKINS & Ann Jane NOBLE, witn: Jacob KREUTWISSER of Hanover & Lydia Ann NOBLE of Bentinck, 16 February 1887 in Brant Twp.

001742/88 (Bruce Co) James PARKER, 35, farmer, Ontario, Greenock, s/o Michael PARKER & Elizabeth PARKER, married Matilda GAMBLE, 23, Ontario, Greenock, d/o James GAMBLE & Ann GAMBLE, witn: Robert John GAMBLE & Mary H. PARKER both of Greenock, 16 November 1887, Greenock

001708/87 (Bruce Co) Thomas PATTEN, 27, factory hand, Normanby, Walkerton, s/o Joseph PATTEN & Helen MOHAN, married Margaret J. MONTGOMERY, 25, Dumfries, Walkerton, d/o Robert MONTGOMERY & Janet REDPATH, witn: Robert MONTGOMERY & George MONTGOMERY, 30 November 1887, Walkerton

001647-87 (Bruce Co) Henry PFEFFER, 21, blacksmith, Canada, Clifford Bruce Co., s/o Conrad & Anna Elisabeth married Lena STUMPF, 20, Canada, Carrick Twp, d/o Conrad & Maria, witn: John PFEFFER of Colborne Twp & Susanna STUMPF of Carrick Twp, 24 May 1887 in Carrick Twp. 001722/87 (Bruce Co) Joseph POOL, 31, farmer, Ont., Elderslie Twp., s/o Jessie & Phoebe POOL, married Jane UNDERWOOD, 25, Ont., Arran, d/o William & Mary UNDERWOOD, witn: William POOL of Elderslie & Matilda UNDERWOOD of Arran, 10 March 1887, Arran
001698/87 (Bruce Co) James Dunbar PRINGLE, 31, accountant, Walkerton, s/o James Dunbar PRINGLE & Phoebe Emma nee WILY, married Alice Naomi KINGSMILL, 22, Guelph, Walkerton, d/o J.J. KINGSMILL & Julia DICKSON, witn: R.A. PRINGLE of Hamilton & Pauline KINGSMILL of Walkerton, 12 October 1887, Walkerton 001774/87 (Bruce Co) Peter REID, 35, farmer, Ontario, Kinloss, s/o Peter REID & Isabella REID, married Martha Jane ELLIOTT, 26, Ontario, Culross, d/o John S. ELLIOTT & Mary ELLIOTT, witn: William FOSTER of Kinloss & Esther ELLIOTT of Culross, 17 March 1887, Culross

001842-87 (Bruce Co) James ROBINSON, 26, carpenter, Durham Co., Bruce Co., s/o James ROBINSON & Eliza Jane CURRY married Angeline CROP (Cross?), 23, Bruce Co., Bruce Co., d/o Robert CROP & Elizabeth McCULLOCH, witn: Elizabeth & William CROP both of Brant, 10 June 1887 in Brant Twp.

001463/87 (Bruce Co) James ROBINSON, 24, labourer, Grey Co. Ont., Paisley, s/o James ROBINSON & Elizabeth ROBINSON, married Annie McNEILL, 20, Elderslie Twp., Paisley, d/o Murdoch McNEILL & Anne McNEILL, witn: Mrs. H. B. HELLER & F.M. STAFFORD, 8 August 1887, Royal Hotel Pt. Elgin

001773/87 (Bruce Co) William Henry ROSE, 27, miner, Cornwall England, U. States, s/o James ROSE & Blanch JAMES, married Mary PENNA, 28, Cornwall England, Kincardine Ont., d/o Thomas PENNA & Phoebe PHILLIPS, witn: Thomas GARDINER & Agnes PENNA both of Kincardine Ont., 23 December 1887, Kincardine 001461/87 (Bruce Co) David W. ROWAND, 25, miller, Canada, Oak Lake Manitoba, s/o (not given on slip given to registrar), married Lizzie L. GEORGE, 23, Canada, Port Elgin, d/o James GEORGE & Barbara FALCONER (or FAULKNER), witn: Wm. ROWAND of Saugeen & Josephine GEORGE of Port Elgin, 27 July 1887, Port Elgin

001752/88 (Bruce Co) Hugh RUTHERFORD, 30, widower, clerk, Wawanosh Twp., Ashfield Twp., s/o Donald RUTHERFORD & Catherine CAMERON, married Margaret IRWIN, 26, Ashfield, Ashfield, d/o James IRWIN & Mary Ann IRWIN, witn: Daniel RUTHERFORD of Ashfield & Emma CAMPBELL, 6 September 1887, Lucknow

001706/87 (Bruce Co) Robert J. RUTHERFORD, 25, lumberman, Flamboro, Bruce Ont., s/o Isaac RUTHERFORD & Agnes McCROSSAN, married Sarah McDONALD, 22, Bruce Ont., Bruce Ont., d/o Donald McDONALD & Euphemia McPHAIL, witn: John CRAIG & Jessie McDONALD both of Bruce, 16 November 1887, Walkerton
  001835-87 (Bruce Co) George SACHS, 22, farmer, Bentinck, Bentinck, s/o Johann SACHS & Sophie PRUESS married Hannah MANTO, 21, Brant, Brant, d/o Fritz MANTO & Christine AHRENS, witn: Johann SACHS of Bentinck & Heinrich MANTO of Brant, 23 February 1887 in Brant.
001640-87 (Bruce Co) George SCHELL, 27, station master, Carrick Bruce Co., Hereford Minn., s/o George & Julia married Margaretha HEIMBECKER, 23, Neustadt, Neustadt, d/o Henry & Anna, witn: Charles & Maria MORAL of Neustadt, 23 November 1887 in Carrick. 001652-87 (Bruce Co) George SCHISTEL, 24, farmer, Culross Bruce Co., Culross, s/o Michael SCHISTEL & Catharine SCHIBL married Cecelia DIETRICH, 21, Culross, Culross, d/o Ambros DIETRICH & Julia ZOGER, witn: Michael LEHMAN of Carrick, Magdalena SCHISTEL, John SCHISTEL & Cungiunda MARTIN of Culross, 20 October 1887 in Formosa.
001633-87 (Bruce Co) Frank SCHMIDT, 25, blacksmith, Wilmot Twp, East Tawas? Michigan, s/o Franz SCHMIDT & Dorothea NARGANG married Francisca SCHELE, 27, Wilmot, Formosa Culross, spinster, d/o John SHELE & Margaret SCHRANK, witn: Alexander SCHMIDT of Wilmot, Elisabeth ?FROERER of Culross, Michael SEITZ of Formosa & Emilia SCHRANK of Wilmot, 26 April 1887 in Formosa 001639-87 (Bruce Co) Urban SCHMIDT, 23, butcher, Carrick Bruce Co., Mildmay, s/o Joseph SCHMIDT & Maria NEUBECKER married Maria BREIG, 22, Waterloo Co., Mildmay Carrick, d/o Simon BREIG & Catharine MEYER, witn: John SCHMIDT, Theresia BREIG, Andrew SCHMIDT & Elora SCHMIDT all of Carrick, 22 November 1887 in Mildmay
001634-87 (Bruce Co) Columban SCHNITZLER, 23, farmer, Wellesley Twp, Carrick, s/o Michael SCHNITZLER & Theresia SCHMIDT married Fransisca DITNER, 19 ½, Grey Co., Carrick Bruce Co., d/o Louis DITNER & Agatha WALTIN, witn: Joseph DITNER, Mary SCHNITZLER, Wendel SCHNURR & Caty DITNER all of Carrick, 24 May 1887 in Formosa 001655-87 (Bruce Co) Philip SCHUMACHER, 24, farmer, Sprikelbach Germany, Willoughby, s/o Michel & Catharine married Catharine FINK, 28, New Hamburg, Carrick, d/o Henry & Philimina, witn: Jacob FINK of Carrick & Cecelia SCHNEIDER of Mildmay, 13 December 1887 in Mildmay

001853-87 (Bruce Co) Charles SCHWARK, 31, laborer, Germany, Brant, widower, s/o Charles & Mary married Frederika SPRING, 23, Germany, Brant, d/o Lewis & Mary, witn: Christopher & Minnie GATEMAN of Brant, 1 November 1887 in Brant.


001590/87 (Bruce Co) Adam SCOTT, 30, carpenter, Scotland, Paisley, s/o John SCOTT & Margaret BIGGAR, married Alice FULLERTON, 21, Ontario, Bruce Twp., d/o Robert FULLERTON & Jane FAIRBAIRN, witn: Robert GRANT of Paisley & Jane FULLERTON of Bruce Twp., 27 April 1887, Bruce Twp. 001578/87 (Bruce Co) Samuel SCOTT, 39, widower, laborer, Canada, Wiarton, s/o Samuel SCOTT & Eleanor SCOTT, married Mary Ann HALLIGAN, 34, Canada, Amabel, d/o Nicholas HALLIGAN & Anne HALLIGAN, witn: Thomas SCOTT of Wiarton & Ella SMITH of Amabel, 21 October 1887, Wiarton
  001457/87 (Bruce Co) Adam G. SEAMAN, 28, sawyer, Canada, Wiarton, s/o Theodore SEAMAN & Elizabeth NEELAND, married Sarah Jane McCLURE, 28, Canada, Port Elgin, d/o Robert McCLURE & Mary McCLELLAN, witn: Eason MARSHALL & Martha McCLURE, 13 January 1887, Port Elgin
001579/87 (Bruce Co) William Alexander SHAW, 25, sawyer, Thorold Welland Co., Wiarton, s/o Alexander SHAW & Sarah WHITMORE, married Victoria Adelaide BRADFORD, 21, Piccadilly Frontenac Co., Wiarton, d/o Thomas BRADFORD & Jane LILLIE, witn: Marry Whitmore SHAW & Lillie Ann BRADFORD both of Wiarton, 8 November 1887, Wiarton 001715/87 (Bruce Co) John Ross SHAW, 25, Barrister, Kincardine, Walkerton, s/o Alexander SHAW & Anna SHAW, married Mary Emma SHEFFIELD, 23, Brockville, Walkerton, d/o Thomas R. SHEFFIELD & Lucy, witn: Benjamin RAEY & Sarah Isabella SHAW of Walkerton, 28 December 1887, Walkerton
001857-87 (Bruce Co) James SMITH, 44, farmer, Canada, Saugeen, widower, s/o Alexander & Grace married Mary SMITH, 35, Canada, Paisley, spinster, d/o James & Catherine SMITH, witn: James WATSON of Brant Twp & Kate GALBRAITH of Saugeen Twp, 26 January 1887 in Paisley 001764/87 (Bruce Co) William SMITH, 25, farmer, Huron Twp. Ont., Huron Twp. Ont., s/o John SMITH & Mary STEPHEN, married Catherine BOWIE, 19, Wisconsin U.S., Kincardine Ont., d/o John BOWIE & Catherine HEATHERMAN, witn: Alex. McKENZIE of Lucknow & Mary MURRAY of Kincardine, 15 September 1887, Kincardine
  001696/87 (Bruce Co) George STEEL, 27, farmer, Chateauguay Que., Culross, s/o Charles STEEL & Mary, married Catherine McKAY, 22, Culross, Culross, d/o Donald McKAY & Mary Jane, witn: Robert McKAY of Culross & Mary A. CAMERON of Lucknow, 5 October 1887, Walkerton

001777/87 (Bruce Co) Isaiah STEWART, 28, farmer, Kincardine Twp., Culross, s/o John STEWART & Mary STEWART, married Mary Ann THOMPSON, 22, Culross, Culross, d/o Thomas THOMPSON & Catherine THOMPSON, witn: John STEWART & Sarah THOMPSON both of Culross, 16 March 1887, Culross

001718/87 (Bruce Co) Duncan STEWART, 28, farmer, Ont., Saugeen Twp., s/o Archibald & Mary STEWART, married Maggie ESPLEN, 22, Ont., Arran Twp., d/o Alex. & Beulah ESPLEN, witn: Charles SANG & Mary ESPLEN both of Arran, 18 November 1886, Arran

001576/87 (Bruce Co) Thomas Edward STUBBS, 24, butcher, Seneca Twp., Wiarton, s/o William STUBBS & Mary Matilda STUBBS, married Phoebe Irene McRAE, 24, Merrickville, Wiarton, d/o James E. McRAE & Adilia B. McRAE, witn: James SOUTHERBY & Harriet PARKE both of Wiarton, 17 August 1887, Wiarton 001452/87 (Bruce Co) Joseph SUFFERT, 26, blacksmith, Saugeen Twp., Saugeen Twp., s/o Joseph SUFFERT & Mary SUFFERT, married Margaret McDONALD, 23, Greenock Twp., Bruce Twp., d/o Dougald McDONALD & Kate McDONALD, witn: Mary LANSON of Mildmay & Joseph RICHEL of N. Bruce, 9 February 1887, Queen Hotel Port Elgin
001849-87 (Bruce Co) Donald SUTHERLAND, 30, baker, Galt, Hanover, s/o John SUTHERLAND & Maggie DUNCAN married Amy LAURIE, 23, Brant, Elmwood, d/o James Scott LAURIE & Sarah McDANIEL, witn: Alexander McCLELLAN & Mary Scott LAURIE both of Elmwood, 6 September 1887 in Elmwood  
001603/87 (Bruce Co) James THOMPSON, 24, farmer, Ontario, Greenock Twp., s/o James THOMPSON & Margaret THOMPSON, married Christina Rebecca McSWEEN, 18, Ontario, Bruce Twp., d/o Roderick McSWEEN & Mary McSWEEN, witn: Murdock McSWEEN of Bruce & Sarah McLEAN of Kincardine, 21 December 1887, Bruce Twp. 001844-87 (Bruce Co) David THOMPSON, 27, yeoman, Ireland, Greenock, s/o James & Ellen married Maggie TAYLOR, 20, Sullivan Grey Co., Greenock, d/o Benjamin & Mary, witn: James & Nellie THOMPSON both of Greenock, 8 June 1887 in Eden Grove, Brant.
  001462/87 (Bruce Co) Hiram VANWYCK, 24, painter, Canada, Southampton, s/o blank, married Isabella ATKINSON, 21, Canada, Owen Sound, d/o Thomas ATKINSON & Margery ROBSON, witn: William GIBBON & Raith E. VANWYCK both of Southampton, 15 August 1887, Port Elgin

001767/87 (Bruce Co) George E. WAKEFIELD, 24, butcher, Welland Co. Ont., Kincardine Ont., s/o George WAKEFIELD & Phebe ROBINSON, married Jessie McIVOR, 20, Ripley Ont., Kincardine Ont., d/o Angus McIVOR & Margaret McDONALD, witn: W.R. STOTT & Cassie WAKEFIELD of Kincardine, 16 November 1887, Kincardine

001651-87 (Bruce Co) John WAND, 23, farmer, Carlsruhe, Carlsruhe, s/o Lorence WAND & Josephina FISCHER married Barbara GRUB, 18, Carlsruhe, Carlsruhe, d/o Philip GRUB & Anna STROEDER, witn: Alex ZETTEL of Carlsruhe, Philip GRUB of Carrick Twp, Christina SCHULKEWSKI & Eli HOFFARTH of Carlsruhe, 30 August 1887 in Carlsruhe
001648-87 (Bruce Co) George WEILER, 24, farmer, Carrick, Carrick, s/o Frederick WEILER & Mary REINHART married Theresa FEDY, 19 ½, Carrick, Carrick, d/o Joseph FEDY & Franciska HEINZMAN, witn: Philip SCHUMACHER of Culross, Paulina FEDY, John WEILER & Ellen O’REILY of Normanby, 11 October 1887 in Formosa 001448/87 (Bruce Co) Moses WILDFANG, 23, merchant, Wallace, Listowel Ont., s/o Levi & Maria WILDFANG, married Catherine BOLENDER, 22, Carrick Twp., Ont., Saugeen Twp., d/o Conrad & Elizabeth BOLENDER, witn: Adam Henry BOLENDER of Toronto & Louise WELKING of Tavistock, 6 April 1887, Saugeen
001714/87 (Bruce Co) William WILLITS, 45, widow, farmer, Beverly, Howick, s/o Charles Henry WILLITS & Mary Ann, married Elizabeth AIKINS, 36, widow, Burford, Howick, d/o William AIKINS & Emily J., witn: Percy CARRS & Herbert SCOTT both of Walkerton, 27 December 1887, Walkerton  
001837-87 (Bruce Co) John WILLS, 30, farmer, Carrick, Carrick, s/o Robert WILLS & Elizabeth DICKENSON married Mary CORD, 30, Blenheim, Brant, single, d/o Charles CORD & Sofiah HORNING, witn: George WILLS of Carrick & Sofiah CORD of Brant, 22 March 1887 in Brant Twp.

001697/87 (Bruce Co) Andrew WILSON, 23, miller, Newbridge, Frederick, s/o Thomas WILSON & Janet IRVINE, married Lillian BELL, 20, Teeswater, Frederick, d/o John BELL & Agnes SHAW, witn: Mrs. J. JAMES & Miss H. JAMES, 6 October 1887, Walkerton

001828/87 (Bruce Co) Wellington Wesley WINCH, 26, farmer, Canada, Elderslie, s/o Richard & Rosanna WINCH, married Mary Elizabeth SPENCER, 19, Canada, Sullivan, d/o Jason SPENCER & Margaret SHOULDICE, witn: William H. WINCH & M. J. WINCH of Elderslie, 10 May 1887, Elderslie 001852-87 (Bruce Co) William ZARN, 42, laborer, Germany, Carrick, widower, s/o William & Magdalene married Sophia STEINHAGEN, 30, Germany, Brant, single, d/o Frederick & Sophia STEINHAGEN, witn: Christoph & Mina WILKEN (WILKIN?) both of Brant, 15 November 1887 in Brant.