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Bruce Co., 1896

birth place is given before residence


001682-96 David ARMSTRONG, 32, farmer, Markham Tp., Elderslie, s/o William & Mary, married Margaret WOELFLE, 21, Bentinck, Elderslie, d/o Martin & Magdeline, witn: Ezra WOELFLE & Harriet TINDAL both of Elderslie on Mar. 25, 1896 at Elderslie Tp..  

003278/97 William J. BARNARD, 43, widower, farmer, Derby Twp. , Derby Twp., s/o John BARNARD & Lucy BARNARD, married Edith A. KRAUS, 23, widow, Saugeen Twp., Saugeen Twp., d/o Thomas WALKER & Charletta RICHARDS, witn: William BENNET & Lavina KNAUS both of Tara , 25 November 1896, Lot 9 Conc. 12 Saugeen

001692/96 (Bruce Co) George Thomas BEST, 23, engineer, Palmerston, Kincardine, s/o John BEST & Matilda CHARLES, married Mary AVERY, 25, Armow, Armow, d/o Samuel AVERY & Esther SHEWFELT, witn: Henry BEST of Mildmay & Annie Avery of Armow, 18 March 1896, Bervie

001909/96 (Bruce Co) John Whitemore BLAKE, 40, widower, laborer, Bentinck Grey Co., Hanover, s/o William BLAKE & Mary HOPKIN, married Susan Eliz HARRISON, 27, Carrick Twp., Carrick Twp., d/o Joseph HARRISON & Ann RAWSON, witn: Joseph John HARRISON of Carrick & Ida May FORSYTH of Walkerton, 22 April 1896, Carrick Twp

001873-96 (Bruce Co) Neil BOUEY (Boney?), 28, farmer, Ontario, Amabel, s/o Alex. BOUEY & Mary, married Ellen COOK, 18, Ontario, Amabel, d/o William COOK & Ellen, witn: John WILSON & Ellen KEYES both of Amabel, 5 Nov. 1896, at Hepworth
#003184-97 (Bruce Co): William BRIDGE, 33, farmer, Kincardine twp., same, s/o Frances KINNEY & William BRIDGE, married Mary Ann BUSHEL, 22, Kincardine twp., same, d/o Thomas BUSHEL & Rosanna PORTIS, witnesses were John BUSHEL & Lena McLELLAND, both of Kincardine twp., Dec. 30, 1896 at bride's res., Kincardine twp

001883/96 (Bruce Co) George BRIGDEN, 29, chair varnisher, Conestoga, Owen Sound, s/o John & Annie BRIGDEN, married Lena SCHRADER, 24, Arran, Arran, d/o Joseph & Elizabeth SCHRADER, witn: Andrew & Lettie SCHRADER of Arran, 5 January 1896, Southampton

#001879-96 (Bruce Co): James F. BROOKS, 26, farmer, Blanshard twp., Eastnor, s/o W.H. & Janet, married Mary A. MORTON, 23, Kings Co NB, Eastnor twp., d/o Butler & Mary, witn: Ethel MORTON & Russell GRANT, 28 Oct 1896 at Eastnor twp  

001669/96 (Bruce Co) Andrew BROUGH, 21, farmer, Perthshire Scotland, Lindsay Twp., s/o James & Jane BROUGH, married Isabella BUTCHART, 21, Bruce, Tobermory, d/o blank, witn: Alex BUTCHART & Hattie ADAMS of Tobermory, 24 June 1896, Tobermory

001671/96 (Bruce Co) John BURKE, 23, carpenter, Canada, Owen Sound Ont., s/o Henry BURKE & Martha BURKE, married Eliza Jane DUNBAR, 24, Canada, Owen Sound, d/o John DUNBAR & Christina DUNBAR, witn: (not given), 4 March 1896, Methodist Parsonage Tara

001694/96 (Bruce Co) Robert CARLETON, 24, farmer, Kinloss Twp., Lot 10 Conc. 11 Kincardine, s/o Christopher CARLTON & Margaret ANDERSON, married Minnie F. McFADYEN, 22, blank, Lot 17 Conc. 12 Kincardine, d/o Neil McFADYEN & Mary McKINNON, witn: Thomas CORKEY of Lot 7 Conc. 10 & Christina McFADYEN of Tiverton, 8 April 1896, Lot 17 Conc. 12 Kincardine

001683-96 Robert James CARSCADDEN, 27, farmer, Northumberland Co., Elderslie, s/o Thomas D. & Rachael, married Ann Elizabeth HEWES, 23, Whitby, Elderslie, d/o Henry & Emily, witn: John MORROW of Allenford & W. H. HEWES of Elderslie on Dec. 2, 1896 at Elderslie Tp

001863/96 (Bruce Co) James COLE, 26, farmer, Amabel, Amabel, s/o Lawrence COLE & Mary COLE, married Annie M. KERR, 21, Arran, Amabel, d/o William KERR & Lucy KERR, witn: Isaac KERR & Charlotte KERR both of Amabel, 6 May 1896, Allenford

001696/96 (Bruce Co) Thomas Hodgkins COLWELL, 26, farmer, Kincardine Twp., Bervie, s/o Samuel COLWELL & Marie Ann COLWELL, married Sara Elizabeth SHELTON, 20, Kincardine, Bervie, d/o Samuel SHELTON & Emma, witn: James McLELLAND, Flora COLWELL, George COLWELL, Sara NORMAN, Robert NESBETT & Sadie COLWELL all of Kincardine Twp., 4 March 1896, brides father’s home, South Line Kincardine Twp.

001877/96 (Bruce Co) Alexander CONNOR, 28, laborer, Elderslie Twp. Ont., Spry Ont., s/o Thomas & C.M. CONNORS, married Mary CAESER, 26, Holland Twp. Ont., Spry Ont., d/o George & J.D. CAESER , witn: Daniel BROWN & Annie HATT both of Eastnor, 15 July 1896, 25 Lot Conc. 2.W. Eastnor

001693/96 (Bruce Co) James B. CONWAY, 30, farmer, Con. 9 Kincardine Twp., Conc. 9 Kincardine Twp., s/o Thomas CONWAY & Elizabeth BAIRD, married Ann CAMPBELL, 29, 5 Conc. Kincardine Twp., 5 Conc. Kincardine Twp., d/o Ann KITCHING & Duncan CAMPBELL, witn: Mary Ann WRIGHT & Duncan P. CAMPBELL, 8 April 1896, 5 Conc. home of bride's father  

001721/96 (Bruce Co) James Henry CRUICKSHANK, 30, farmer, Elderslie Twp., Elderslie Twp., s/o William CRUICKSHANK & Matilda CRUICKSHANK, married Susan HENRY, 21, Elderslie Twp., Elderslie Twp., d/o James HENRY & Isabella HENRY, witn: Lara CRUICKSHANK & Robert CRUICKSHANK, 8 January 1896, Paisley

001732/96 (Bruce Co) William Edward CULBERT, 28, farmer, Canada, Huron Twp., s/o Margaret CULBERT & Henry CULBERT, married Rachel HARRIS, 23, Canada, Kinloss, d/o Mary HARRIS & Henry HARRIS, witn: James HARRIS & Nellie CULBERT both of Holyrood, 4 March 1896, Holyrood

#003136-97 (Bruce Co.) Samuel David DAWSON, 26, b. Canada, of Bruce Co., Farmer, s/o James & Elisa DAWSON, married Lizzie Ethel DOWNEY, 22, b. Canada, of Bruce Co., d/o James & Matilda Jane DOWNEY, witn: E. DAWSON of Huron & A.M. HUTTON of Ripley, on 16 December 1896 at Ripley 001680-96 James L. DOUGHERTY, 24, farmer, Bentinck, Elderslie, s/o John & Margaret, married Isabella McDONALD, 20, Elderslie, same, d/o Samuel & Catherine, witn: Joseph REANY of Port Elgin & Mary McDONALD of Elderslie on Feb. 5, 1896 at Elderslie Tp..

001690/96 (Bruce Co) William James FARREL, 22, farmer, Huron Twp., Huron Twp., s/o Benjamin H. FARREL & Margaret McLEAREN (McLaren?), married Agnes Mary BROWN, 22, Kincardine Twp., Kincardine Twp., d/o William BROWN & Jessie WELSH, witn: John FARREL of Huron & Jessie BROWN of Kincardine, 3 June 1896, Kincardine Twp.

001868-96 (Bruce Co) F. G. FARROW, 24, farmer, Ontario, Twp. of Albemarle, s/o Fred FARROW & Sarah, married Cassie McDONALD, 20, Ontario, Amabel, d/o Neil McDONALD & Sarah, witn: William McDONALD & Sarah McDONALD both of Amabel, 22 July 1896, at Amabel

001718/96 (Bruce Co) John H. FLOOD, 25, baker, Paisley, Paisley, s/o William FLOOD & Kate HENDERSON, married Eliza HILL, 25, Dungannon, Paisley, d/o James HILL & Mary WATSON, witn: G.A. MOORE of Paisley, 15 May 1896, Church of England Rectory

001681-96 Roderick GALBRAITH, 24, carriage maker, Canada, Elderslie, s/o Archibald & Maggie, married M. CALHOUN, 20, Canada, Elderslie, d/o C. J. & Eliza, witn: Andrew MAIR of Dobbington & Maggie GALBRAITH of Gillies Hill on Mar. 25, 1896 at Elderslie Tp..
#003189-97 (Bruce Co): Victor E. GAWLEY, 27, farmer, Huron twp., same, s/o Robert GAWLEY & Ann Jane ARMSTRONG, married Margaret E. GRIFFITH, 25, Kincardine twp., same, d/o Henry GRIFFITH & Eliza STEWART, witnesses were Robert GAWLEY of Huron twp & Letitia A. GRIFFITH of Kincardine twp., Dec. 23, 1896 at Bervie 1743-96 Mathew Stephenson GEMMELL, 36, farmer, Hamilton Ont., Huron twp., s/o Mathew & Mary, married Elisa Ann MITCHELL, 19, Huron twp., same, d/o George & Margaret, witn: Daniel McDONALD of Ripley & Jane DAVISON of Kincardine, 24 March 1896 at res of bride's parents, 6th con of Huron twp.
001866-96 (Bruce Co) James GERRIE, 28, labourer, Ontario, Twp. of Amabel, s/o John GERRIE & Mary Ann, married Hattie NELSON, 19, Ontario, Twp. of Keppel, d/o Charles NELSON & Phoebe, witn: Thomas SCALES & Ida CALWELL both of Amabel, 30 June 1896, at Hepworth

001912/96 (Bruce Co) Andrew GISSLER, 56, widower, accountant, Baden, Mildmay, s/o Benjamin GISSLER & Monica WALLER, married Clara GUITTARD, 55, widow, Alsace, Mildmay, d/o Francis Jos. PAL--? & Ann Maria HEN--?, witn: Jacob & Catherine GUITTARD of Mildmay, 14 May 1896, Mildmay

001882/96 (Bruce Co) Henry L. HARRISON, 24, saddler, Sussex England, Southampton, s/o John & Elizabeth HARRISON, married Frances BOUTHRON, 19, Southampton, Southampton, d/o Thomas & Isabella BOUTHRON, witn: A.B. SHIERHOLTZ & Bella BOUTHRON both of Southampton, 11 February 1896, Southampton

001728/96 (Bruce Co) John HARRISON, 48, commercial traveler, Canada, Toronto, s/o John HARRISON & Harriett OXTOBY, married Jane HOPPER, 41, Canada, Paisley, d/o Samuel HOPPER & Eleanor GRAHAM, witn: Mrs. John G. HOPPER & John G. HOPPER both of Ellengowan, 23 December 1896, Paisley

001910/96 (Bruce Co) Joseph HENHOFER, 42, widower, furniture manufacturer, Waterloo Co., Walkerton Bruce Co., s/o (late) Theobold HENHOFER & Sabina Barb WATERLOO, married Maria MOYER (w. of late B. MOYER) , 33, Carrick Bruce, Carrick Bruce, d/o Michael & Maria RINDLE, witn: Joseph RINDLE & Carolina LINGENFELDER, 5 May 1896, Deemerton

001685-96 George Albert HOEY, 21, farmer, Elderslie Tp., same, s/o Samuel & Ellen, married Annie LANG, 20, Arran Tp., Elderslie Tp., d/o William & Annie, witn: William E. STAFFORD & Lizzie HOLDEN both of Arran Tp. on Dec. 16, 1896 at Arkwright, Arran Tp
001867-96 (Bruce Co) W.H. HOPKINS, 24, farmer, Ontario, Twp. of St Edmunds, s/o Robert HOPKINS & Julia A., married Ruth MATHESON, 17, Inverhuron Ontario, Twp of St Edmunds, d/o John MATHESON & Barbara, witn: Thomas STANLEY of Twp. of Huron & Mrs. H. J. HANIVILE of Hepworth, 6 July 1896, at Hepworth

001695/96 (Bruce Co) George HUDIE, 29, farmer, Grey Co., Goderich Twp., s/o William HUDIE & Mary Ann SPLANE, married Mary Emily FAIR, 26, Bervie, Bervie, d/o John FAIR & Margaret EMMERSON, witn: Samuel EMERSON & Maggie FAIR both of Bervie, 26 February 1896, Bervie

001672/96 (Bruce Co) Marshall William JONES, 25, farmer, Canada, Keppel Twp. Grey Co., s/o Robert & Annie JONES, married Catherine Elizabeth MASON, 20, Canada, Keppel Twp. Grey Co., d/o Richard & Jane MASON, witn: John MASON & Grace MASON of Keppel Twp. Grey Co., 6 May 1896, Methodist Parsonage in Tara

001872-96 (Bruce Co) William KAHEVESQUIN?, 30, farmer, Ontario, French Bay, s/o John KAHEVESQUIN & Mary, married Rorub? WILLIAMS, 19, Ontario, Cape Croker, d/o Noah WILLIAMS & Sophia, witn: D. BESITO of Saugeen & W.J. CHAPMAN of Amabel, 9 October 1896, at Hepworth

001724/96 (Bruce Co) William F. KERNEY, 46, widower, roofer, Streetsville Ont., Walkerton, s/o F. KERNEY & Eleanor DEEDY, married Martha MARSHALL, 22, London England, Walkerton, d/o John MARSHALL & Annie GORDON, witn: G.A. MOOR of Paisley & M.A. FREEMAN of Walkerton, 6 August 1896

001864-96 (Bruce Co) George KNOX, 39, farmer, Ontario, Amabel, s/o Thomas KNOX & Euphemia, married Catherine A. KUSACK?, 37, Ontario, Twp of Bruce, d/o Charles KUSACK? & Elbeth., witn: Mrs. MOWAT & Millie MOWAT both of Allenford, 1 July 1896, at Allenford
001720/96 (Bruce Co) James Ross LAIDLAW, 24, hardware merchant, Barrie, Harriston, s/o John LAIDLAW & Elizabeth ROSS, married Julie SAUNDERS, 24, Paisley, Paisley, d/o James SAUNDERS & Mary Ann, witn: George GALBRAITH & Annie E. LAIDLAW, 17 June 1896, Paisley

001688/96 (Bruce Co) William LEDINGHAM, 31, druggist, Grey Co. Ont., Russell Manitoba, s/o Robert LEDINGHAM & Catherine LEDINGHAM, married Margaret KING, 30, Bruce Co., Dobbinton, d/o George KING & Margaret KING, witn: James LEDINGHAM & Nellie LEDINGHAM both of Grey Co. Ont., 14 September 1896, Dobbinton

001861/96 (Bruce Co) William H. LONEY, 22, farmer, Ont., Keppel Co. Grey, s/o Henry LONEY & Maria Walpole LONEY, married Ellen E. WILSON, 23, Ont., Amabel, d/o William WILSON & Elizabeth WILSON, witn: Robert LONEY of Keppel & Anna WILSON of Amabel, 2 April 1896, Amabel Twp.

001675/96 (Bruce Co) Hank LONGEE, 35, fisherman, Canada, Southampton Ont., s/o Joseph & Christina, married Mary SORRELL, 30, Canada, Southampton Ont., d/o Charles & Margaret, witn: Charles GIBBONS & Christina LONGEE both of Southampton Ont., 30 September 1896, Methodist Parsonage in Tara

001731/96 (Bruce Co) William John LOUT, 33, mason, Ashfield, Huron Bruce, s/o Mary LOUT & William LOUT, married Mary Catherine REAVIE, 20, Huron, Huron Bruce, d/o Susan REAVIE & Edward REAVIE, witn: Peter REAVIE of Huron Twp. & Ellen LOUT of Bruce Co., 9 December 1896, Huron

001716/96 (Bruce Co) William John Alex MANDLEY, 25, carriage builder, Amaranth Dufferin Co., Shelburne Dufferin Co., s/o William MANDLEY & Elizabeth CARLTON, married Kate MONTGOMERY, 22, Kincardine Twp., Kincardine Twp., d/o Kenneth MONTGOMERY & Sarah McLEAN, witn: John MONTGOMERY of Kincardine & Tina McKAY of Ripley, 23 December 1896, bride's residence of Twp. Kincardine

#003133-97 (Bruce Co.) Murdoch MATHESON, 27, b. Ripley, of same, Farmer, s/o Donald MATHESON & Ann MORRISON, married Mary Ann McDONALD, 20, b. Ripley, of same, d/o Charles McDONALD & Christie McLAY, witn: Malcolm McLAY & John MARTYN, both of Ripley, on 9 December 1896 at Ripley

001878/96 (Bruce Co) Donald McARTHUR, 21, farmer, Huron Twp. Ont., Lindsay Twp. Ont., s/o John & Kelly McARTHUR, married Laverna MERIJON, 21, Hanover Ont., Lindsay Twp. Ont., d/o Ferdinand & Mary Jane MERIJON, witn: Archibald ROUSE & Mary McARTHUR of Lindsay Twp. Ont., 23 September 1896, Lindsay Twp.

001727/96 (Bruce Co) James McBRIDE, 28, farmer, Elderslie Twp., Elderslie Twp., s/o William McBRIDE & Mary CASSELS, married Ellen HAY, 28, Elderslie Twp., Elderslie Twp., d/o Robert HAY & Janet FLEMING, witn: Robert FLEMING & Isabella GALBRAITH both of Paisley, 1 December 1896, Elderslie Twp.

001865-96 (Bruce Co) Arch. McBRIDE, 28, farmer, Ontario, Derby - Bruce, s/o George McBRIDE & Catherine, married Martha Eliza MAIER?, 20, Ontario, Derby, d/o Thomas MAIER? & Mary Ann, witn: Miss. F. M. MOORE & Ralph MUIER? both of Derby, 25 March 1896, at Allenford
1738-96 William McDONALD, 28, fisherman, Scotland, Goderich, s/o Angus & blank, married Catherine McKENZIE, 22, Ripley, same, d/o Angus & Catherine, witn: Kenneth GRAHAM of Goderich & Kate McLEAN of Ripley, 28 Jan 1896 at Ripley 001887-96 (Bruce Co) John C. McGREGOR, 34, merchant, Southampton, New Westminster B.C., s/o Peter McGREGOR & Elizabeth, married Isabella LOGIE, 24, Scotland, Southampton, d/o William LOGIE & Eliza, witn: John LOGIE & Mary LOGIE both of Southampton, 15 July 1896, at Southampton

001689/96 (Bruce Co) John McKINNON, 26, farmer, Bruce Twp., Con. 1 Bruce Lot 10, s/o Neil McKINNON & Jeanette McLAURIN, married Isabella Wilson SCOTT, 19, 7th Kincardine, Lot 14 Conc. 12 Kincardine, d/o John Green SCOTT & Jeanette MONELAWS, witn: Edwin SHEWFELT of Con 9 Kincardine & Jessie Ann SCOTT of Con. 12 Kincardine, 8 April 1896, brides residence Lot 14.12. Kincardine

001699/96 (Bruce Co) Charles McLEAN, 43, widower, farmer, Shakespeare Ont., Kincardine Twp., s/o John McLEAN & Christina McMASTER, married Janet Ellen BOWES, 24, Uxbridge Ont., Kincardine Twp., d/o Edward BOWES & Janet REED, witn: Peter James STEWART of Tiverton & Annie E. BOWES of Kincardine Twp., 15 January 1896, Kincardine Twp


003277/97 William McMILLAN, 29, farmer, Erin Twp. Ontario, Saugeen Twp., s/o John McMILLAN & Catherine NODWELL, married Mary C. WOOD, 21, Saugeen Twp., Saugeen Twp., d/o William WOOD & Isabella RAE, witn: Nettie McMILLAN of Guelph Ont. & Maud JONES of Southampton , 30 December 1896, Lot 33 Conc. 2 Saugeen

001735/96 (Bruce Co) Alex Angus McMURCHY, 38, farmer, Canada, Huron Twp., s/o Betsy McMURCHY & John McMURCHY, married Elizabeth Kate JEATER, 28, Canada, Huron Twp., d/o Margaret JEATER & John JEATER, witn: George SCOTT of Huron Twp. & Maggie McTAVISH of Bruce Co., 29 September 1896, Huron Twp.

001736/96 (Bruce Co) Robert H. McTAVISH, 28, farmer, Huron Bruce, Huron Bruce, s/o Elizabeth Sarah & John, married Minnie W. SHIELLS, 20, Huron Bruce, Huron Bruce, d/o Elizabeth & Robert, witn: John SHIELLS of Huron & Nettie McTAVISH of Bruce, 4 November 1896, Pine River

1742-96 Daniel L. MORRISON, 29, net maker, Goderich Ont., Marquette Mich., s/o Angus & Jane, married Annie MARTYN, 24, Ripley, same, d/o John MARTYN & Flora McDONALD, witn: Angus MARTYN of Huron twp. & John MARTYN of Ripley, 19 Jan 1896 at Ripley

001698/96 (Bruce Co) Ross G. MORRISON M.A.B.D., 30, Clergyman, Aberdeen Scotland, Toronto, s/o George MORRISON & Mary CHEVES, married Maggie A. FERGUSON, 28, Glengarry Co., Glammis Bruce Co., d/o Rev. William FERGUSON & Margaret McLENNAN, witn: George KEITH of Toronto & Jessie McINTYRE of Glammis, 1 January 1896, St. Paul’s Church, Glammis

001722/96 (Bruce Co) Henry Clay MUNRO, 38, widower, farmer, Durham Co., Greenock Twp., s/o Henry MUNRO & Elizabeth MUNRO, married Jessie BLUE, 28, Scotland, Paisley, d/o Hugh BLUE & Sarah BLUE, witn: Annie McNEIL of Arran & Neil BLUE of Paisley, 15 January 1896, Paisley

001717/96 (Bruce Co) Andrew MURDOCK, 31, dry goods clerk, Perthshire Scotland, Illinois U.S., s/o Andrew MURDOCK & Elizabeth Y. DOUGALL, married Kate McDOUGALL, 27, Kincardine Twp., Kincardine Twp., d/o Malcolm McDOUGALL & Bella McLEAN, witn: Mal. McDOUGALL of Kincardine & Rosa McDOUGALL of Detroit, 30 December 1896, bride's residence Kincardine Twp. Conc. 10

001888-96 (Bruce Co) Moses NASHGAWA, 23, farmer, Saugeen, Saugeen, s/o Robert NASHGAWA & Mary, married Hannah NAWASH, 20, Saugeen, Saugeen, d/o John NAWASH & Mary, witn: Amer MUSSELMAN of Berlin & Fred BIELBY of Saugeen, 4 August 1896, at Saugeen

001908/96 (Bruce Co) Xavier OBERLE, 27, farmer, Carrick, Carrick, s/o Basil OBERLE & Susan GOETZ, married Paulina POECHMANN, 23, Carrick, Carrick, d/o Vincent POECHMANN & Mary STEIBER, witn: Alexander OBERLE of Formosa & Carrie SCHWAN of Carlsruhe, 21 April 1896, St. Francis Church Carlsruhe

001874-96 (Bruce Co) Frank OXFORD, 28, labourer, widower, England, Keppel, s/o John Oxford & Fanny, married Eliza COOK, 17, Ontario, Amabel, d/o William COOK & Ellen, witn: Neil BOUEY & Ellen COOK both of Amabel, 5 Nov. 1896, at Hepworth 001674/96 (Bruce Co) Lyman PACEY, 27, laborer, Canada, Lions Head Ont., s/o Edward & Amelia PACEY, married Ermine JENKS, 18, Canada, Spry Bruce Co., d/o George & Helen JENKS, witn: Ed. GREY & C.A. RICHARDS both of Tara Ont., 8 June 1896, Queens? Hotel Tara

001729/96 (Bruce Co) George Wesley POTTER, 27, farmer, Ontario, Huron Twp., s/o William POTTER & Harriet POTTER, married Ellie HICKS, 21, Ontario, Huron Twp., d/o Daniel HICKS & Ellen Ann HICKS, witn: Melissa REED & Frederick POTTER both of Kincardine, 28 October 1986, Huron

001686/96 (Bruce Co) Arthur Thomas POWELL, 26, farmer, England, Elderslie Twp., s/o Edward POWELL & blank, married Matilda NICHOLSON, 29, Arran Twp., Elderslie Twp., d/o William NICHOLSON & Catherine WHITE, witn: John HENDERSON of Derby Twp. & Annie DARROCH of Elderslie, 22 July 1896, residence of Mr. Ebenezer HARRIS in Elderslie Twp

001719/96 (Bruce Co) George RATHWELL, 30, saddler, Brant Twp., Paisley, s/o John RATHWELL & Elizabeth RATHWELL, married Florence Erskine CLARK, 20, Goderich, Paisley, d/o George CLARK & Mary Jane CLARK, witn: Bella Anna CLARK of Paisley & John W. RATHWELL of Brant Twp., 10 June 1896, Paisley

001723/96 (Bruce Co) W.C. RAWLETT, 30, farmer, Norfolk England, Chicago, s/o Thomas RAWLETT & Alice TREDWELL, married Elizabeth START, 26, Paisley, Paisley, d/o William START of Paisley & Annie STEVENS, witn: Mary START & Charles START both of Paisley, 11 March 1896, Paisley

001673/96 (Bruce Co) Albert RITCHIE, 29, farmer, Canada, Holland Twp. Grey Co., s/o John & Elizabeth RITCHIE, married Margaret Jane WALKER, 23, Canada, Holland Twp. Grey Co., d/o George & Mary Jane WALKER, witn: G.I. McNEELEY of Markdale Ont. & Martha S. WALKER of Berkley Ont., 25 May 1896, Methodist Parsonage Tara

001869-96 (Bruce Co) Thomas ROBERTS, 32, cheese maker, England, Allenford, s/o George ROBERTS & Esther, married Isabella STEVENSON, 24, Ontario, Arran, d/o Jas. STEVENSON & Isabella, witn: John WEISS of Bruce & Caroline STEVENSON of Arran, 22 September 1896, at parents residence in Amabel
001885-96 (Bruce Co) Robert ROBERTSON, 29, widower, wagon maker, Southampton, Southampton, s/o Donald ROBERTSON & Elizabeth, married Sarah Ann FENTON, 28, Elsinore, Southampton, d/o Richard FENTON & Margaret, witn: William ROBERTSON & Mary FENTON both of Southampton, 6 May 1896, at Southampton

001670/96 (Bruce Co) William James SAUNDERS, 22, farmer, Sarawak Twp., same,  s/o William SAUNDERS & Jane SAUNDERS, married Ida Jane MATHEWS, 19, Quebec, Owen Sound Ont., d/o Edward MATHEWS & Annie MATHEWS, witn: Jacob WALTERS & Isabella DROKS?, 29 January 1896, Manse Knox Church in Tara

001907/96 (Bruce Co) Anton SCHNURR, 29, farmer, Bruce Co., Formosa, s/o Amant SCHNURR & Christina SCHNURR, married Monica RICH, 21, Bruce Co., Formosa, d/o Christian RICH & Theresia KLOEPFER, witn: Gregor RICH & Cath. RICH, 21 April 1896, Formosa

001911/96 (Bruce Co) Joseph SCHWEHR, 24, blacksmith, Elmira, Carlsruhe, s/o Herman SCHWEHR & Christina SCHRATZ, married Regina LAMBERTUS, 25, Bruce Co., Carlsruhe, d/o Joseph LAMBERTUS & Catherine WAGNER, witn: Louis LAMBERTUS of Walkerton & Wilhelmina SCHWEHR of Formosa, 5 May 1896, St. Francis Church, Carlsruhe

001700/96 (Bruce Co) William Robert SCOTT, 28, farmer, Lot 28 Conc. 12 Huron, 10 Conc. Kincardine Twp., s/o William SCOTT & Margaret WALL, married Jessie CONQUERGOOD, 25, blank, Lot 22 Kincardine Twp., d/o William CONQUERGOOD & Ellen STROUD, witn: Elizabeth SCOTT of Lot 22 12 Conc. & Lachlan McFADYEN of Lot 10 Conc. 10 Kincardine Twp., 8 January 1896, bride's father house Lot 22 Conc. 10 Kincardine

001884-96 (Bruce Co) Moses SEIGLER, 25, farmer, Arran, Arran, s/o Aaron ZEIGLER (as spelt) & Hester, married Mary Ann GIBBONS, 18, Walkerton, Southampton, d/o Henry GIBBONS & Mary, witn: D. CAMPBELL & Mary CAMPBELL both of Southampton, 19 June 1896, at Southampton
001870-96 (Bruce Co) William SHARP, 41, farmer, Scotland, Twp. of Eastnor, s/o Francis SHARP & Marjorie, married Sarah WEIR, 20, Ontario, Amabel, d/o Elias WEIR & Sarah C., witn: Robert RATHWELL & Alva V. JOHNSTON both of Wiarton, 11 November 1896, at Amabel  

001737/96 (Bruce Co) George SHIELLS, 32, farmer, Edinburgh Scotland, Huron Bruce, s/o Elizabeth & Robert, married Claresia Jane STEWART, 27, Huron Bruce, Huron Bruce, d/o Mary & Duncan, witn: John SHIELLS of Huron & Janet STEWART of Bruce Co., 11 November 1896, Huron twp

#003132-97 (Bruce Co.) John SHIELLS, 30, b. Huron, of same, Farmer, s/o Robert & Elizabeth SHIELLS, married Margaret YEMEN, 27, b. Huron, of same, d/o Thomas YEMEN & blank WELSH, witn: John WELSH & Jennie YEMEN, both of Huron Twp, on 25 December 1896 at Huron Twp

001725/96 (Bruce Co) Malcolm SINCLAIR, 26, restaurant clerk, Mount Forest, Toronto, s/o Donald SINCLAIR & Mary SINCLAIR, married Grace Stewart BUCHANNAN, 21, Paisley Ont., Paisley, d/o Alex BUCHANNAN & Jessie HOGG, witn: Annie Walker BUCHANNAN of Paisley & Daniel SINCLAIR of Bruce, 17 September 1896

001886-96 (Bruce Co) William A. SMITH, 21, barber, Drayton - Co. Wellington, Port Elgin, s/o William & Maria, married Louisa MULVENY, 19, Port Elgin, Port Elgin, d/o William & Louisa, witn: John DUFF & Fannie CHRISTIAN both of Port Elgin, 15 September 1896, at Southampton 001684-96 John Thomas SPARROW, 30, farmer, Canada, Elderslie Tp., s/o James SPARROW & Ann CAMPBELL, married Jane WRIGHTSON, 26, Canada, Elderslie Tp., d/o John WRIGHTSON & Annie C. SHUCK, witn: Jonathan SPARROW of Elderslie & Louise WRIGHTSON of Bruce Co. on Dec. 2, 1896 at Elderslie Tp

001733/96 (Bruce Co) Garner STANLEY, 24, farmer, Kinloss, Kinloss, s/o Rebecca STANLEY & William STANLEY, married Rachel McDONALD, 24, Huron, Huron, d/o Annabella MATHESON & John McDONALD, witn: William STANLEY of Kinloss & Mary McDONALD of Huron, 29 July 1896, Huron twp

001862/96 (Bruce Co) Jesse STOVER, 24, laborer, Ont., Allenford, s/o Herman STOVER & Charlotte STOVER, married Belle BROADFOOT, 21, Arran, Arran, d/o Thomas BROADFOOT & Mary BROADFOOT, witn: Thomas WHITE of Derby & Bertha BROADFOOT of Amabel, 5 February 1896, Allenford

001697/96 (Bruce Co) Isaac O. STRINGER, 29, Clergyman Missionary to Esquimau, Kincardine Twp., Fort McPherson, s/o John STRINGER & Ellen GRAHAM, married Sara Ann ALEXANDER, 25, Greenock Twp., Toronto & Greenock, d/o Henry ALEXANDER & Sarah YOUNG, witn: Rev. W. SMITH of Windsor, Alice BLACHFORD of Kincardine Twp., James STRINGER of Toronto & Rowena ALEXANDER of Greenock Twp., 10 March 1896, St. Mathew’s Church Kingarf

001691/96 (Bruce Co) David STROUD, 24, farmer, Ashfield Twp., 11 Kincardine Lot 14, s/o James STROUD & Margaret JOHNSTON, married Sarah Ellen HANEY, 20, Wallace Twp. Perth Co., 9 Kincardine Lot 10, d/o Archibald HANEY & Janet BROWN, witn: George A. HANEY of 9th Kincardine & C. STROUD of 11 Kincardine, 3 June 1896, Lot 10 9 Conc. Kincardine

001726/96 (Bruce Co) Freeman TAYLOR, 35, blank, Canada, Greenock Twp., s/o Thomas TAYLOR & Mary CARDWELL, married Henrietta DEOBLE, 25, Canada, Greenock Twp., d/o Henry DEOBLE & Cecilia AHERNS, witn: J.C. GIBSON & B.M. JOHNSTON both of Paisley, 21 October 1896

001880/96 (Bruce Co) Thomas D. THOMPSON, 22, farmer, York Co. Ont., Eastnor Twp., s/o Orron & Sarah THOMPSON, married Maud M. SHEFFIELD, 18, Eastnor Twp., Eastnor Twp., d/o Joseph & Jane SHEFFIELD, witn: Henry KELSO & Kate E. KELSO of Lions Head Ont., 20 November 1896, Lions Head

001676/96 (Bruce Co) Herbert TRAFFORD, 27, farmer, England, Sullivan Twp. Grey Co., s/o Robert & Eliza, married Elizabeth Ann STEWART, 21, Hamilton Ont., Allenford Ont., d/o Charles & Annie, witn: Charles STEWART & Anna STEWART of Allenford, 3 November 1896, Methodist Parsonage in Tara

001730/96 (Bruce Co) William John WALSH, 36, farmer, Ashfield, Ashfield Huron, s/o Elizabeth WALSH & Robert WALSH, married Agnes McCASH (McCosh?), 24, Huron, Huron Bruce, d/o Ann McCASH & Robert McCASH, witn: Maggie McCASH & Alexander McCASH, 25 November 1896, Huron

001679/96 (Bruce Co) William Thomas WARK, 23, farmer, Arran, Arran, s/o John WARK & Margaret SHOULDICE, married Lottie E. HETHERINGTON, 23, Elderslie, Elderslie, d/o Alex HETHERINGTON & Mary HAMMEL, witn: Theresa WARK of Arran & John HETHERINGTON of Elderslie, 5 February 1896, Elderslie

001871-96 (Bruce Co) Robert J. WARMINGTON 22, farmer, Ontario, Amabel, s/o Richard & Mary, married Margaret Jane MATCHES, 26, Ontario, Amabel, d/o James & Mary , win: M. McKINNON of Allenford & Martha WARMINGTON of Amabel, 18 November 1896, at Hepworth

001876/96 (Bruce Co) Joseph WAUGH Jr., 28, farmer, Wallace Twp. Ont., Hope Bay Ont., s/o Joseph WAUGH & Mary SCHERMAHORN, married Agnes E. BOYD, 20, Donegal Ireland, Hope Bay Ont., d/o Hugh & Rosannah BOYD, witn: Isaiah WAUGH & Miss BOYD both of Hope Bay Ont., 25 March 1896, Hope Bay

003090/97 Joseph WHETSTONE, 29, farmer, East Nissouri , East Nissouri , s/o John H. WHETSTONE & Catherine, married Emma L.H. SMITH, 24, East Nissouri , East Nissouri , d/o Charles SMITH & blank, witn: Charles SMITH Jr. & Kate LUIS both of East Twp. Nissouri, 25 December 1896 of East Twp. Nissouri [reg’d in Eastnor]

  1741-96 Alexander WILKIE, 21, farmer, Huron Bruce, same, s/o James & Elizabeth, married Rebecca MITCHELL, 21, Nissouri, Huron Bruce, d/o Thomas & Nancy, witn: Francis & Maggie MITCHELL, 19 Feb 1896 at Pine River

001734/96 (Bruce Co) Robert Samuel WILSON, 37, widower, farmer, Huron twp., same, s/o Elizabeth WILSON & William WILSON, married Sarah McCREIGHT, 22, Huron twp., same, d/o Adeline McCREIGHT & Matthew McCREIGHT, witn: John Thomas McCREIGHT & Catherine Ruth WILSON both of Huron twp, 23 September 1896, the Presbyterian Manse, Pine River

001875-96 (Bruce Co) John Henry WILSON, 27, farmer, Amabel, Amabel, s/o Samuel WILSON & Ann, married Alice Ann WOODWARD, 30, Ontario, Wiarton, d/o Rev’d William WOODWARD & Mary, witn: Jas. WILSON & Marian WILSON both of Amabel, 23 December 1896, at Hepworth

001687/96 (Bruce Co) Alexander McGregor YOUNG, 35, mason, Huron, Twp. Dafter - Chippewa Co. Michigan, s/o Peter YOUNG & Barbara YOUNG, married Elizabeth STEVENS, 34, Reach Twp. Canada, Elderslie Twp., d/o William A. STEVENS & Elizabeth STEVENS, witn: Morley STEVENS & Mary FINDLAYSON both of Elderslie, 13 August 1896, Elderslie