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Carleton Co., 1909

birth place is given before residence (if it is given on the registration)


#006795-09 (Carleton Co): Alexander BANNERMAN, 21, insurance broker, of Ottawa, s/o John BANNERMAN & Jane McMURTRY, married Catherine May GALLAGHER, 22, of Ottawa, d/o John GALLAGHER, occupation = "C.S.", & Mary OGILVIE, witn: George PERKINS & Josie DEITZ, both of Ottawa, 24 Nov 1909 at Ottawa #006147-09 (Carleton Co): Joseph Severe Leopold BEAUDRY, 28, store keeper, of Montreal, s/o Narcisse BEAUDRY, optician, & Rose de Lima GAGNON, married Marie Evang. Rose Alba LEMAY, 27, of Ottawa, d/o Tertullian LEMAY, store keeper, & Celina DUBE, witn: Narcisse Jos. BEAUDRY & Tertullien LEMAY, 16 Feb 1909 at Ottawa (Rom Cath)
#006798-09 (Carleton Co): Francois D’ALLAIRE, 45, widower, laborer, of Ottawa, s/o Francis D’ALLAIRE, laborer, & Lucie FAUCHER, married A. EMERY dit BEAUVAIS, 32, of Ottawa, d/o Pierre EMERY dit BEAUVAIS, laborer, & Justine CLOUTIER, witn: F.X. GIROUX & J. Bte. DEMERS, 21 Nov 1909 at Ottawa (Rom Cath) #006148-09 (Carleton co): Sidney Frederick DODSON, 25, book keeper, of Ottawa, s/o Frederick James DODSON, book keeper, & Augusta THOMPSETT, married Florence BARBER, 21, of Ottawa, d/o Charles BARBER, architect, & Sarah C. MOULTON, witn: H.G. BARBER of Kenora & S.J. PEARSE of Ottawa, 22 Feb 1909 at Ottawa
#006435-09 (Carleton Co): Napolean GIROUX, 25, laborer, of Ottawa, s/o Edouard GIROUX, laborer, & Eldmire DESLAURIERS, married Eldmire DESLAURIERS, 18, of Ottawa, d/o Joseph DESLAURIERS, dead, & Louisa LANDRY, witn: Raoul GIROUX & Honore GENEPY?, both of Ottawa, 10 July 1909 at Ottawa (Rom Cath) #006149-09 (Carleton Co): William H. GREEN, 29, hotel clerk, of Ottawa, s/o George GREEN, farmer, & Elisha EVOY, married Mary L. NOLAN, 26, of Ottawa, d/o Richard NOLAN, retired caretaker, & Christena BROWN, witn: Henry C. & Mary NOLAN of Ottawa, 11 Feb 1909 at Ottawa
#006434-09 (Carleton Co): Rene GUENETTE, 28, laborer, of Hull Quebec, s/o Theophile GUENETTE, laborer, & Maria MASSON, married Rosa BEAUCHAMP, 20, of Ottawa, d/o Olivier BEAUCHAMP, laborer, & Marguerite PELLETIER, witn: Theophile GUENETTE of Hull & Olivier BEAUCHAMP of Ottawa, 13 July 1909 at Ottawa (Rom Cath) #006433-09 (Carleton Co): John Lawrence GUNN, 22, teamster, of Ottawa, s/o John GUNN, laborer, & Annie HAROLD, married Sarah TRUEMAN, 18, of Ottawa, d/o George TRUEMAN, laborer, & Elizabeth McCOEY, witn: William & Harriet OUELLETTE of Ottawa, 28 June 1909 at Ottawa
#006438-09 (Carleton Co): William H. HALL, 28, farmer, of West Templeton, s/o Sam HALL, farmer, & Sarah SMITH, married Margaret DALTON, 32, widow, of East Templeton, d/o John DALTON, farmer, & Jessie BLOW, witn: Mrs. B.W. SHERWOOD & Miss TOOL, both of Ottawa, 2 June 1909 at Ottawa #006437-09 (Carleton co): John A. HANRETTY, 22, teamster, of Ottawa, s/o John A. HANRETTY, stationer, & Catherine KEHOE, married Mary COWISON, 20, of Ottawa, d/o James COWISON, teamster, & Helen ROCHON, witn: James E. DEAN & Lillian DUVAL, both of Ottawa, 30 June 1909 at Ottawa (Rom Cath)
#006436-09 (Carleton Co): John HOUSTON, 49, laborer, of Ottawa, s/o Hugh HOUSTON, farmer, & Catherine McGREGOR, married Mary Ann WASMUNCH, 34, of Ottawa, d/o Theodore T. WASMUNCH, farmer, & Elizabeth BUDERICK, witn: Mr. & Mrs. George HUTCHINSON of Ottawa, 3 July 1909 at Ottawa #006796-09 (Carleton Co): Elmore Albert KEAYS, 23, engineer, of Perth, s/o John A. KEAYS, engineer, & Isabella WILSON, married Sarah Agnes MOSS, 23, of Perth, d/o William MOSS, farmer, & Eliza BROUGHAN, witn: Clara E. ANDERSON & Eliza EDWARDSON, both of Ottawa, 23 Nov 1909 at Ottawa
#006144-09 (Carleton Co): Edward LAFRANCE, 24, baggage man, of Ottawa, s/o Edward LAFRANCE, laborer, & Delina ROY, married Lillian DRISCOLL, 21, of Ottawa, d/o Patrick DRISCOLL, foreman, & Bridget COUGHLIN, witn: Charles DRISOLL of 104 Cathcart St. & Mary L. R. MURPHY of 217 Murray St., 1 Feb 1909 at Ottawa #006843-09 (Carleton co): Odelon LAPOINTE, 48, widower, driver, of Ottawa, s/o Celestin LAPOINTE, deceased, & Esther ROY, married Abeline LACROIX, 52, widow, of Hull, d/o Leon DROUIN, deceased, & Zoe RILODEAU, witn: Omar LAPOINTE & Joseph POTVIN, 8 Dec 1909 at Ottawa (Rom Cath)
#006844-09 (Carleton Co): Joseph LAULETTA, 29, musician, of Ottawa, s/o John LAULETTA & Raffaela RAMAGNANS, married Jennie (or Jemima) Gertrude COYNE, 23, of Chrysler, d/o Timothy COYNE, farmer, & Isabella BROWN, witn: Thomas H. LAKE & A.J. PRIOR, both of Ottawa, 10 Dec 1909 at Ottawa (Rom Cath) #006793-09 (Carleton Co): Joseph LAVIOLETTE, 31, hotel keeper, of Ottawa, s/o Pierre LAVIOLETTE & Melina JOHNSON, married Jane LEVESQUE, 30, widow, of Ottawa, d/o blank DE COELI (father) & not given, witn: Charles LEVESQUE & Arthur LAFRAMBOISE, both of Ottawa, 5 Nov 1909 at Ottawa (Rom Cath)
#006848-09 (Carleton Co): George LETTS, 29, lumberman, of Coulonge Quebec, s/o Thomas LETTS, carpenter, & Celia BONNAH, married Sarah FROST, 26, of Coulonge Quebec, d/o John FROST, bailiff, & Mary Ann CALAGHAN, witn: Walter B. WALBY of Ottawa, 16 Dec 1909 at Ottawa #006248-09 (Carleton Co): William MacDONALD, 32, reporter, of Ottawa, s/o Donald MacDONALD, farmer, & Christena NICHOLSON, married Rae CONNERY, 38, widow, of Ottawa, d/o Thomas, millwright, & Ann NICKSON, witn: R. MARTIN & William NOAKES, both of Ottawa, 29 April 1909 at Ottawa
#006247-09 (Carleton Co): Damase Antoine MARTEL, 20, merchant, of Montreal, s/o Joseph MARTEL & Rose DE LIMA, married Marie Ange Claire LE BEL, 17, of Ottawa, d/o Godfroi LE BEL & Angelique BLAIS, witn: J. MARTEL of Beloeil? & Godfroi LE BEL of Ottawa, 26 April 1909 at Ottawa (Rom Cath) #006245-09 (Carleton Co): David Howard MATTHEWS, 35, telegraph operator, of Ottawa, s/o James MATTHEWS, builder, & Eliza TODD, married Augusta Alvina MOESER, 32, music teacher, of Ottawa, d/o Augustine MOESER, machinist, & Johanna THORBAHN, witn: Adele Hermina DONAULT of Mechanicsville & Flora EADIE of Ottawa, 21 April 1909 at Ottawa
#006250-09 (Carleton Co): John McCAULEY, 30, farmer, of Eddyville, s/o Hugh McCAULEY, farmer, & Elizabeth HALL, married Lena DIXON, 24, of Pendleton, d/o John DIXON, farmer, & Maggie MATTHEWS, witn: G.A. DIXON & Ida A. CAMPBELL, both of Pendleton, 27 April 1909 at Ottawa #006249-09 (Carleton Co): Herbert McGOWAN, 24, clerk, of Ottawa, s/o Herbert McGOWAN, farmer, & G. DAZE, married Mary Elizabeth DAZE, 18, of Ottawa, d/o Gilbert DAZE, civil service, & Annie PATTERSON, witn: G. & William G. DAZE, 13 April 1909 at Ottawa
#006388-09 (Carleton Co): John McKENNA, 36, civil service, of Ottawa, s/o Arthur McKENNA, farmer, & Mary MURPHY, married Julia M. MORAN, 25, of Ottawa, d/o John A. MORAN, agent, & Ann DUNN, witn: Ronald A. J. McISAAC & Mary McKENNA, both of Ottawa, 19 June 1909 at Ottawa (Rom Cath) #006387-09 (Carleton Co): Joseph McNAMARA, 40, widower, yard foreman, of Cartier Ont., s/o John McNAMARA, farmer, & Ellen ROE, married Gladys Mary GALT, widow, 22, of Masson Quebec, d/o William F. COLLISON, electrician, & Mary D. NIXON, witn: Austin RORSHARITE? & Ernie BAMBRICK, both of Ottawa, 29 June 1909 at Ottawa (Rom Cath)
#006246-09 (Carleton Co): Peter Bernard MELLON, 34, journalist, of Ottawa, s/o Bernard MELLON, hotel Keeper, & Elizabeth NEWMAN, married Muriel Florence ARNOLD, 22, of Ottawa, d/o William ARNOLD, merchant, & Fanny EATON, witn: Charles T. BISHOP & Ethyl ARNOLD, both of Ottawa, 26 April 1909 at Ottawa #006384-09 (Carleton Co): Walter John MELLOR, 30, boiler maker, of Ottawa, s/o Charles MELLOR & Biddy PATTERSON, married Catherine Ida CORNWALL, 25, of Ottawa, d/o Richard CORNWALL & Agnes SPEARS, witn: J.F. & Ethel CORNWALL of Ottawa, 15 June 1909 at Ottawa (Rom Cath)
#006386-09 (Carleton Co): Samuel MILLIGAN, 29, switchman, of not given, s/o William MILLIGAN & Mary AITKEN, married Elizabeth SPROULE, 22, of Ottawa, d/o William James SPROULE & Sarah Jane HAMILTON, witn: Sidney A. TYERS & D.A. YOUNGHUSBAND, both of Ottawa, 21 April 1909 at Ottawa #006383-09 (Carleton Co): Raoul MONTPETIT, 23, clerk, of Ottawa, s/o Alfred MONTPETIT, civil service, & Delia GAUMONT, married Blanche MONETTE, 24, of Ottawa, d/o Onesime MONETTE, civil service, & Hectorine BOURGOIN, witn: Alfred MONTPETIT of Hull & Onesime MONETTE of Ottawa, 22 June 1909 at Ottawa (Rom Cath)
#006846-09 (Carleton Co): Robert MOORE, 39, farmer, of Nepean twp., s/o Andrew MOORE, farmer, & Maria NEEDHAM, married Georgina CRAIG, 24, of Nepean twp., d/o William, farmer, & Christena WILSON, witn: Evelyn DWYER of 52 Baywater Ave. & Annie L WINFIELD of Hotel Cecil?, Ottawa, 15 Dec 1909 at Ottawa #006385-09 (Carleton Co): A. Daniel MOWAT, 40, farmer, of Ottawa, s/o William MOWAT, farmer, & Anna LONG, married Wilhelmina A. ATKINSON, 36, of Ottawa, d/o William ATKINSON, mechanic, & Jane KENNEDY, witn: David KEENAN of Nepean & Eugene ATKINSON of Ottawa, 23 June 1909 at Ottawa
006598-10 (Carleton Co) John James MULLIGAN, 21, Labourman, of Ottawa, s/o John MULLIGAN & Elisabeth CONNORAN; married Albina RENAUD, 17, d/o Joseph RENAUD & Angelina DESJARDINS; wit Joseph RENAUD, Beechwood & George RENAUD, Ottawa, 31 Dec 1909, Clarkstown  
#006847-09 (Carleton co): Edward PAYNE, 45, widower, farmer, of North Gower, s/o Edward PAYNE, farmer, & Sarah NIXON, married Margaret Matilda SCALLON, 42, of North Gower, d/o Edward PAYNE & Sarah NIXON (registration has same parents for both - a mistake?), witn: Alfred CARTER of 98 Empress Ave & Phoebe HIND? of 760 Somerset St., Ottawa, 14 Dec 1909 at Ottawa #006845-09 (Carleton Co): Peter QUINN, 34, laborer, of Ottawa, s/o Peter QUINN, laborer, & Honora McCARTHY, married Ann Mary JOHNSON, 21, of Ottawa, d/o Richard JOHNSON, laborer, & Ann MALONEY, witn: Hugh DOYLE & Mrs? James DOOLEY, both of Ottawa (Rom Cath)
#006794-09 (Carleton Co): Rene RODIER, 22, painter, of Ottawa, s/o Antoine RODIER, paper hanger, & Anna LABEALE, married Valentine LEBEAU, 21, of Ottawa, d/o Pierre LEBEAU, laborer, & Melina BELANGER, witn: Antoine RODIER & Pierre LEBEAU, both of Ottawa, 23 Nov 1909 at Ottawa #006797-09 (Carleton Co): Euclide SOULIERE, 20, clerk, of Ottawa, s/o Jean B. SOULIERE, foreman, & Marie VALIQUETTE, married Mary McCORMICK, 21, of Ottawa, d/o Joseph McCORMICK & Catherine MARPAN, witn: Edward LEE & George McCORMICK, 25 Nov 1909 at Ottawa (Rom Cath)
#06145-09 (Carleton Co): Percy THOMAS, 25, gardener, of Ottawa, s/o Albert James THOMAS, gardener, & Sophia Jane WALKS, married Dollie WOODCOCK, 25, of Ottawa, d/o Wesley WOODCOCK, laborer, & Johanna THOMPSON, witn: Mary HENDERSON of 243 Lisgar St. & A.E. L. ROSSIGNOL of Ottawa, 10 Feb 1909 at Ottawa (Salv Army) #006146-09 (Carleton Co): Alfred Richard WELDON, 25, blacksmith, of Ottawa, s/o James Henry WELDON, brakes fitter, & Emily MAY, married Florence Emily SEYMOUR, 23, of Ottawa, d/o Henry John SEYMOUR, teamster, & Alice WHITE, witn: William W. WELDON & Mrs. Jane CHRISTIAN, both of Ottawa, 10 Feb 1909 at Ottawa