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Carleton Co., 1910

birth place is given before residence (if it is given on the registration)


006583-10 (Carleton Co) James Alfred AITKEN, Full, Farmer, of Delta Leeds Co, s/o John AITKEN & Ellen STEWART; married Annie M. HALL, 20, Seamstress, of Appleton, d/o Thomas HALL & Elizabeth CRAWFORD; wit E.H. HENDERSON & E.A.J. HENDERSON, both Ashton, 14 Jun 1910, Ashton  
006625-10 (Carleton Co) Arthur Ernest ALEXANDER, 25, Carpenter, of Hawthorne, s/o John ALEXANDER & Sarah LITTLE; married Caroline FARMER, 27, of Gloucester, d/o John FARMER & Elizabeth SPARKS; wit Agnes McDONALD & Elizabeth McMILLAN, both Ramsayville, 11 Oct 1910, Ramsayville 006586-10 (Carleton Co) George Franklin ALEXANDER, 36, Labourer, of Stittsville, s/o Hugh ALEXANDER & Mary Jane SCHARF; married Hilda Jane STITT, 35, of Stittsville, d/o John STITT & Mary POOLE; wit John A. DAVIDSON, Merivale & Louise E. CUMERIAN?, Ormond, 8 Nov 1910, Goulburn
7365-10 William ANDERSON, 30, carpenter, of Ottawa, s/o John ANDERSON, farmer, & Jane McMONAGLE, married Annie Victoria JAMES, 23, of village of Prospect, d/o Robert H. JAMES, farmer, & Elizabeth ANDERSON, witn: James & Mrs. Rachel MELBOURNE of Ottawa, 17 Sept 1910 at Ottawa 7366-10 Peter Walter ANDERSON, 22, chef, s/o Evan John ANDERSON & Margaret CHRISTOPHER, married Laura Emma POWELL, 19, of Ottawa, d/o Michael POWELL & Laura HAND, witn: W.J. POWELL & Ivy MOORE, both of Grand Union Hotel, 11 Oct 1910 at Ottawa
7364-10 George Ernest ATKINSON, 23, machinist, of Ottawa, s/o John ATKINSON, harness maker & Margaret Jane RICHERS, married Frances COWANS, 21, of Ottawa, d/o unknown & Frances COWANS, witn: William & Florence Alice ATKINSON of 144 Maple St., 18 Oct 1910 at Ottawa #006938-10 (Carleton Co): Romeo Victor illegible AUBIN, 23, clerk, of Ottawa, s/o Norbert AUBIN, printer, & Emma IMBEAU? dit NANCE--(off page), married Clorinda DUPONT, 21, of Ottawa, d/o Joseph DUPONT, clerk, & Elmire BAIYANA (or Baizana), witn: Norbert AUBIN of 82 St. Andrew St. & Rodolphe DUPONT of 91 St. Andrew St., 26 April 1910 at Ottawa (Rom Cath)

7444-10 (Carleton Co) John Robert BAKER, 23, polisher, of Ottawa, s/o Charles BAKER, farmer & Mary ROBILLARD married Nellie BRAWN, 20, of Ottawa, d/o not given, witn: Ernest MOULTON & Lillian MOULTON of Ottawa, 5 Nov 1910, Ottawa

7367-10 Arthur Grantham BAKER, 27, mariner, of Ottawa, s/o Samuel Grantham BAKER, accountant & Letitia DIXON, married Maude Ewart SADLER, 24, of Aldrington England, d/o Ernest William SADLER, estate agent & Maud MOLYNEAUX, witn: George LAW Jr. & F.M. BAKER, both of Ottawa, 22 Oct 1910 at Ottawa

7440-10 Fred H. BARNES, 19, merchant, of Hull Que., s/o Fred G. BARNES, clerk, & Emma Florence TROWSE, married Edith Myrtle YOUNG, 19, of Ottawa, d/o George YOUNG, turnkey, & Margaret WILSON, witn: Alfred R. & Lillian G. BARNES of Hull, 8 Nov 1910 at Ottawa 7368-10 Velmore BEDARD, 21, laborer, of Rockliffe Ont., s/o Eugene BEDARD, carpenter & contractor, & Albina BERGERON, married Annie PICHE, 20, of Mechanicsville, d/o Louis PICHE, farmer, & Olive MALLETTE, witn: Fr. EMELIEN & Fr. DESIRE, both of 1062 Wellington St., 13 Oct. 1910 at Ottawa
006643-10 (Carleton Co) James Alex BIRT, 35, Farmer, of Ottawa, s/o James BIRT & Mary CRAIG; married Mary Theresa BIRT (sic), 24, d/o John FINDLEY & Mary CARRAKER; wit Daniel BIRT, Ottawa & James FINLEY (sic), Gloucester, 27 Sept 1910, South Gloucester 7429-10 William Robert BLACKBURN, 25, farmer, of Poltimore Que., s/o Robert BLACKBURN, farmer, & Isabella BLACKBURN, married Lola Ann CANAVAN, 17, of Ottawa, d/o Richard CANAVAN, farmer, & Isabella BRADLEY, witn: Maggie GIBB & Eileen TAYLOR, both of Ottawa, 25 Oct. 1910 at Ottawa
006616-10 (Carleton Co) Godfrey BLAIS, no age given, Farmer, of South Gloucester, s/o Stephen BLAIS & Mathilda PHILION; married Regina CHARRON, no age given, of South Gloucester, d/o Adelard CHARRON & Anastasia LAROSE; wit Stephen BLAIS & Adelard CHARRON, both South Gloucester, 7 Jun 1910, South Gloucester

#006934-10 (Carleton Co): William J. BLAKE, 26, salesman, of Ottawa, s/o William BLAKE, shoe maker, & Ann McGINNIS, married Mary GAUDETTE, 28, of Ottawa, d/o Maxine J. GAUDETTE, farmer, & Catherine DELLIHUNT, witn: Stephen RIGGINS & Catherine GAUDETTE, both of Ottawa, 27 April 1910 at Ottawa (Rom Cath)

7443-10 (Carleton Co) Jules BOCQUART, 56, typographer, widower, of Ottawa, s/o Francois BOCQUART & Rose DUVAL married Marie BARBET, 48, of Ottawa, d/o Jean Bte BARBET, gardener & Marie Josephine POLLET, witn; Rodrique CLAUDE & Raoul ROULEAU of Ottawa, 30 Oct 1910, Ottawa 006626-10 (Carleton Co) John BOLGER, 26, Civil Employee, of South Gloucester, s/o John BOLGER & Ellen O'BRIEN; married Mary Ann MAHER, 24, of Ottawa South, d/o John MAHER & Annie COUGHLIN; wit Thomas BOLGER & John MAHER, both Ottawa, 12 Oct 1910, Billings Bridge
#006933-10 (Carleton Co): Harold Ord BOMPAS, 23, fitter, of Ottawa, s/o Walter Frederick BOMPAS, machinist, & Dorothy Jane ORD, married Alice Maud WHITE, 18, of Ottawa, d/o Robert John WHITE, blacksmith, & Mary Jane COSGROVE, witn: William Morley SWIMWOOD & Bertha DENNY (or Denvy), both of Ottawa, 12 April 1910 at Ottawa

7369-10 Joseph Alfred BOULET, 37, laborer, of Ottawa, s/o Ephraim BOULET & Precile LECLERC, married Marie Anne CHEVRIER, 25, of Ottawa, d/o Edmond CHEVRIER, hotel keeper & Flavie LABELLE, witn: Thomas PAYMENT & Edmond CHEVRIER, both of Ottawa, 11 Oct. 1910 at Ottawa

006602-10 (Carleton Co) Emmanuel BOURQUE, 22, Tailor, of Ottawa, s/o Joseph BOURQUE & Virginie RODIER; married Adeline CHARLEBOIS, 22, of Carlsbad Springs, d/o Moise CHARLEBOIS & Cecile BROUSSEAU; wit Virgina RODIER, Ottawa & Cecile BROUSSEAU, Carlsbad Springs, 7 Feb 1910, Carlsbad Springs  
7442-10 (Carleton Co) Stanley BOWEN, 23, shipping clerk, of Ottawa, s/o Neil BOWEN, printer & Nellie SYMOMDS married Elizabeth CUMMINGS, 19, of Ottawa, d/o Leonard CUMMINGS & Sarah WINDSOR, witn: Alma BUFFETT of Renfrew & Walter BOWEN of Ottawa, 9 Nov 1910, Ottawa 006599-10 (Carleton Co) Joseph BOYER, 20, Farmer, of Orleans, s/o Paul BOYER & Martha DELINA; married Delima CHAMPAGNE, 19, of Orleans, d/o Joseph CHAMPAGNE & Catherine TOMPKINS; wit Paul BOYER & Joseph CHAMPAGNE, both Orleans, 9 Jan 1910, Orleans
006587-10 (Carleton Co) Sydney Wood BRADLEY, 31, Dentist, of Richmond, s/o Albert BRADLEY & Harriet WOOD; married Bertha MANN, 23, of Stittsville, d/o Samuel MANN & Esther McKERCHER; wit H.S. MANN, Stittsville & Laura BRADLEY, Hazeldean, 7 Nov 1910, Stittsville

006600-10 (Carleton Co) Herbert Harrington BRADLEY, 26, Farmer, of Manitoba, s/o William BRADLEY & Charlotte MORRIS; married Ethel Florence MORRIS, 19, of Leitrim, d/o John Henry MORRIS & Mary Ann DUNCAN; wit Joseph E. BRADLEY, Manitoba & Mabel DUNCAN, Johnstons Corners, 12 Jan 1910, Leitrim

  7445-10 Matthew John BRANDON, 32, teamster, of Ottawa, s/o Thomas Edward BRANDON, farmer, & Jane HENDERSON, married Elizabeth JALLAND, 27, of Ottawa, d/o John JALLAND, locksmith, & Margaret TAYLOR, witn: James & Maud Isobel TAYLOR of Ottawa, 9 Nov 1910 at Ottawa

7447-10 John William BRENNAN, 21, laborer, of Ottawa, s/o John BRENNAN, teamster, & Kate NOLAN, married Leon PARENT, 20, of Ironsides Que., d/o Moise PARENT, millhand, & Melissa LADOUCEUR, witn: Frank VEZINA of Ottawa & Melissa PARENT of Ironsides Que., 10 Nov 1910 at Ottawa

7441-10 William Henry BRENNAN, 31, blacksmith, of Ottawa, s/o Michael BRENNAN, laborer, & Hannah JOHNSON, married Mary BURNS, 31, of Ottawa, d/o James BURNS, civil service, & Frances St. GEORGE, witn: William MURPHY & Mrs. Julia O'CONNOR, both of 179 Murray St., 3 Nov 1910 at Ottawa

7439-10 Robert Cockburn BROWN, 23, clerk, of Ottawa, s/o John BROWN & Harriet GODWIN, married Martha FLANAGAN, 24, of Ottawa, d/o John FLANAGAN & Martha BECKETT, witn: Arthur DAVIES & Henry DUNBAR, both of Montreal, 7 Nov 1910 at Ottawa


006606-10 (Carleton Co) Lawrence BURNS, 42, Farmer, of South Gloucester, s/o Lawrence BURNS & Bridget JORDAN; married Maggie McDONALD, 32, of Carlsbad Springs, d/o Daniel & Flora McDONALD; wit Daniel McDONALD (Sr.), Carlsbad Springs & Daniel McDONALD (Jr), Ottawa, 11 Apr 1910, Carlsbad Springs 006597-10 (Carleton Co) Terrance BURNS, 22, Labourer, of Ottawa, s/o James BURNS & Annie ROBB; married B. Ellen RYAN, 20, Housekeeper, of Billings Bridge, d/o Michael RYAN & Marguerite HUGHES; wit Charlotte BURNS & Joseph JOURDON, both Ottawa, 4 Jan 1910, Billings Bridge
006608-10 (Carleton Co) Howard Arthur BURT, 28, Farmer, of Billings Bridge, s/o John Arthur BURT & Rachel LANCASTER; married Annie ANDERSON, 23, of Billings Bridge, d/o James ANDERSON & Edith WHITEN; wit John W.M. BURT & Mabel ANDERSON, both Billings Bridge, 18 Apr 1910, Billings Bridge 7446-10 John Thomas BUTLER, 32, widower, engineer, of Ottawa, s/o John BUTLER, farmer, & Maggie SPENCE, married Ada Helen RAYNER, 22, of Ottawa, d/o Percy RAYNER & Louise, witn: Dora MARKQUADT (Marquardt?) & C. E. SNOWDEN, both of Ottawa, 9 Nov 1910 at Ottawa
7428-10 Welland BYRON, 23, driver, of Ottawa, s/o Thomas BYRON, carpenter, & Jemima LYNCH, married Elizabeth Jane HILL, 21, of Ottawa, d/o Robert HILL & Ellen WHITE, witn: Robert HILL & Flora EADIE, both of Ottawa, 26 Oct 1910 at Ottawa 006607-10 (Carleton Co) Thomas BYRNE, 35, Farmer, of Gloucester, s/o James BYRNE & Hannah TIERNEY; married Agnes BIRT, 38, of Gloucester, d/o James BRIT & Mary CRAIG; wit Mary FLEMING, Ottawa & Thomas CRAIG, Gloucester, 12 Apr 1910, South Gloucester
7378-10 Francesco CALVO, 22, laborer, of Ottawa, s/o Antoni CALVO, laborer, & Maria PETRARCI, married Calarina CARDVAGGIO, 17, of Ottawa, d/o Lazzaro CARDVAGGIO, laborer, & Giovanna LISTE, witn: Francesco ZUMPARELLI & Stefano GRAZIANO, both of Ottawa, 3 Oct. 1910 at Ottawa 7371-10 Thomas John CANTWELL, 21, syrup maker, of Montreal, s/o Charles John CANTWELL & blank, married Julia McGURK, 22, of Montreal, d/o James McGURK & Virginia DAVIS, witn: Thomas W. VERNON & S.L. VERNON, both of Ottawa, 17 Oct 1910 at Ottawa
  7377-10 Filippe CARPENTI, 34, gardener, of Ottawa, s/o Domenico CARPENTI, laborer, & Petronella LUPIDI, married Angeolina ROSANOVA, 28, widow, of Ottawa, d/o Carmine ROSANOVA, laborer, & Rosaria GALIZIA, witn: Francesco & Rosina MONTAGNA of 340 St. Patrick St., 2 Oct 1910 at Ottawa
7449-10 John Hayes CATTRALL, 30, soldier, of Ottawa, s/o John Hayes CATTRALL & Margaret WILSON, married Ada Louisa LOWE, 25, of Liverpool, d/o Joseph LOWE & Sarah HILEY, witn: G. W. WORTH & H. LISTER, both of Ottawa, 16 Oct 1910 at Ottawa 006565-10 (Carleton Co) John Andrew CAVANAGH, 39, Farmer, of Fitzroy, s/o John CAVANAGH & Sarah DENGE; married Cynthia OWENS, 25, of Fitzroy, d/o Edward W. OWENS & Sarah STOREY; wit William James CAVANAGH, Kinburn & Sara Alice HUNT, Fitzroy Harbour, 2 Feb 1910, Antrim
006637-10 (Carleton Co) William CHARLEBOIS, 24, Labourer, of St. Josephs Orleans, s/o Andrew CHARLEBOIS & Rosalie PAQUETTE; married Melina CHARRON, 17, of Billings Bridge, d/o Solomon CHARRON & Elmira CHARLEBOIS; wit Andrew CHARLEBOIS, Orleans & Solomon CHARRON, Billings Bridge, 22 Aug 1910, Billings Bridge 7452-10 Vital CHARRON, 41, widower, clerk, of Ottawa, s/o Paul CHARRON, laborer, & Clemence BELANGER, married Adele LALIBERTE, 33, widow, of Ottawa, d/o Louis POIRIER, laborer, & Pareille CHARRON, witn: Adelard E. CHARRON & Louis POIRIER, 13 Nov 1910 at Ottawa
7376-10 Hector CHENEVERT, 20, laborer, of Ottawa, s/o Emile CHENEVERT, printer, & Exilia RATTEY, married Rosa Alma GERVAIS, 18, of Ottawa, d/o Emelien GERVAIS, laborer, & Levina PROULX, witn: Emile CHENEVERT & Emelia GERVAIS, both of Ottawa, 10 Oct 1910 at Ottawa  
006570-10 (Carleton Co) Thomas A. CLARKE, 29, Labourer, of Arnprior, s/o Robert CLARKE & Elizabeth BLAIR; married Agnes M. FINDLAY, 23, of Fitzroy, d/o James FINDLAY & Emma CRAIG; wit Edward STYLES & Rachael FINDLAY, both Limestone, 22 Jun 1910, Fitzroy 7374-10 Charles CLARKE, 20, clerk, of Ottawa, s/o Charles Edward CLARKE & Mary WHELAN, married Sadie Ethel AMABLE, 19, of Rockland, d/o William AMABLE, clerk, & Christena CHAPMAN, witn: Joseph NOONAN & Bernadette DOWDALL, both of Ottawa, 14 Oct 1910 at Ottawa
7370-10 Edward COOKE, 35, yeoman, of South Plantagenet, s/o William COOKE & Margaret HEUGHES, married Elizabeth Ann HEUGHES, 37, of Ottawa, d/o Henry HEUGHES & Letitia HEUGHES, witn: Samuel HEUGHES of Alfred & Minnie HEUGHES of Plantagenet, 20 Oct 1910 at Ottawa 006605-10 (Carleton Co) Martha COSTELLO, 32, Photographer, of Ottawa, s/o Christopher COSTELLO & Nora Elizabeth FOLEY; married Rose Aline BLAIS, 23, of South Gloucester, d/o Stephen BLAIS & Mathilda TILEOR?; wit John DUMPHEY, Montreal & Stephen BLAIS, Gloucester, 4 Apr 1910, South Gloucester
  7375-10 George Ballantine COUTTS, 24, manager, of Toronto, s/o John COUTTS, barrister, & Katharine BALLANTYNE, married Alberta Strauber BASTEDO, 24, of Ottawa, d/o Samuel BASTEDO, government official & Ida B. STRAUBER, witn: E.V. GRAHAM of Toronto & Katharine BASTEDO of Ottawa, 12 Oct. 1910 at Ottawa
7448-10 Joseph COUVRETTE, 25, roofer, of Ottawa, s/o Gedeon COUVRETTE, laborer, & Adeline SABOURIN, married Florida BIGRAS, 21, of Ottawa, d/o Jean Bte. BIGRAS, foreman, & Victorine LAROSE, witn: Gedeon COUVRETTE of 365 Division St. & Jean Bte. BIGRAS of 12 Ellen St., 7 Nov 1910 at Ottawa 7451-10 Adelard COUVRETTE, 21, saddler, of Ottawa, s/o Simon F. COUVRETTE & Olivine AYOTTE, married Clara JOANNIS, 17, of Mechanicsville, d/o John J. JOANNIS, laborer, & Salome PERRIER, witn: Alfred COUVRETTE of 263 King St. & John JOANNIS of Mechanicsville, 9 Nov 1910 at Ottawa
006592-10 (Carleton Co) Ernest Edmond COWELL, 20, Farmer, of Bridge View - Marlborough, s/o no father given illegitimate & Hannah COWELL; married Ida May RALPH, 21, of Kars, d/o Joseph RALPH & Margaret ADAMS; wit Russell T. COWELL, North Gower & Lilly RALPH, Kars, 21 Jun 1910, Wellington Village 7450-10 Ernest CRAIG, 22, teamster, of March, s/o William CRAIG, farmer, & Christena WILSON, married Emma BOWES, 24, of March, d/o John BOWES, farmer, & Maria SCOTT, witn: L. LOGAN & A. BOWES, both of March, 26 Oct 1910 at Ottawa
7373-10 Arthur Alfred CRAWLEY, 27, secretary, of Ottawa, s/o Alfred CRAWLEY, accountant & Mary Ann SINCLAIR, married Ruth ORME, 28, of Ottawa, d/o Matthew ORME, merchant, & Emily RADFORD, witn: Lilian Agnes ORME & Charles Ed PRESTON, both of Ottawa, 7 Sept 1910 at Ottawa 7372-10 Norman Gray CROTHERS, 28, manufacturer, of Kingston, s/o William J. CROTHERS, manufacturer, & Eliza BAGERO, married Alice M. NEWLANDS, 28, of Kingston, d/o William NEWLANDS, architect & Alma CREIGHTON, witn: Millicent A. MURRAY & Percy MURRAY, both of Ottawa, 15 Oct. 1910 at Ottawa
7430-10 William Thomas CROWE, 32, electrician, of Ottawa, s/o Thomas CROWE, mechanic & Margaret SMITH, married Lena Margaret RYAN, 24, of Ottawa, d/o John RYAN, railroader & Susannah GALBRAITH, witn: John RYAN & Katie GALBRAITH, both of Ottawa, 26 Oct. 1910 at Ottawa 7383-10 Thomas C. DALZELL, 19, merchant, of Ottawa, s/o Samuel DALZELL, merchant, & Margaret CHILCOTT, married Beatrice WILKIE, 18, of Ottawa, d/o Alexander WILKIE, laborer, & Sarah JOHNSTON, witn: William B. WILKIE of 298 Florence St. & Mrs. William B. WILKIE of Ottawa, 5 Oct 1910 at Ottawa
7382-10 John Arthur DAVIS, 24, wood merchant, of Ottawa, s/o John DAVIS, wood merchant & Eliza DAVIS, married Laura Grace TEAGUE, 22, of Ottawa, d/o John TEAGUE, clerk & Maria TEAGUE, witn: Evelyn B. DAVIS & John TEAGUE, both of Ottawa, 11 Oct. 1910 at Ottawa 7453-10 William DELARY, 42, widower, carpenter, of off, s/o Hugh DELARY, stone mason, & Mary MURRAY, married Elizabeth McIntyre QUAIL, 39, widow, of Metcalfe, d/o James McINTYRE & Ellen CRAIG, witn: F. Sedden & M. MACKAY, both of Ottawa, 1 Nov 1910 at Ottawa
7381-10 Martin James DENNIS, 28, salesman, of Ottawa, s/o Ernest DENNIS, farmer, & Mary BARRETT, married Julia Theresa WALSH, 27, of Ottawa, d/o Thomas WALSH, carpenter, & Julia YOUNG, witn: James & Margaret WALSH of Ottawa, 12 Oct. 1910 at Ottawa 7380-10 John Goodall DICKENSON, 27, mining engineer, of Albany NY, s/o Samuel S. DICKENSON, agent & Sophia GRANT, married Agnes E. O'DONOHOE, 26, of Ottawa, d/o John Charles O'DONOHOE, merchant, & Margarite SMYTHE, witn: Ernest H. DICKENSON of New York & Helen M. O'DONOHUE of Ottawa, 12 Oct. 1910 at Ottawa
006593-10 (Carleton Co) Ernest O. DOBSON, 23, Farmer, of Rowlean Sask, s/o George DOBSON & Eliza JOHNSTON; married Edith May MOFFATT, 22, of Carsonby, d/o R.R. MOFFATT & Sarah SCOTT; wit M.R. MOFFATT, Ottawa & W.A. MOFFATT, Carsonby, 6 Jun 1910, Carsonby 7379-10 Francis Smith DORION, 25, civil servant, of Ottawa, s/o Eusebe DORION, merchant, & Ozema SMITH, married Marie GAUTHIER, 22, of Ottawa, d/o Joseph Victoire GAUTHIER, civil servant & Clara GAUTHIER, witn: Antoine BOUTEL & Joseph GAUTHIER, both of Ottawa, 20 Oct 1910 at Ottawa
7431-10 Howard Anson DUNLOP, 25, draughtsman, of Ottawa, s/o Samuel DUNLOP, station agent & Elizabeth DUNLOP, married Ivy Mary WORDEN, 26, of Ottawa, d/o Edwin WORDEN, farmer, & Sarah ADAIR, witn: Gordon F. & Mrs. E. WORDEN of Ottawa, 26 Oct. 1910 at Ottawa 006632-10 (Carleton Co) Arthur Elias DUNNING, 25, Clerk, of Ottawa, s/o Levi Elias DUNNING & Elizabeth BROWN; married Meaford TOLL, 19, of Gloucester, d/o Inkerman TOLL & Nellie WEATHERALL; wit Amos TOLL, Piperville & Nellie WEATHERALL, Eastview, 5 Jul 1910, Eastview
  006628-10 (Carleton Co) Thomas William EADIE, 34, Farmer, of Rideauview, s/o William EADIE & Jessie HOSSIE; married Oddanah GAMBLE, 28, of Limebank, d/o William GAMBLE & Sarah LEE; wit Herbert EADIE, Richmond & Bertha GAMBLE, Limebank, 2 Jan 1910, Lime Bank
7385-10 Walter Henry FARLEY, 39, electrician, of Ottawa, s/o James Frederick FARLEY, civil servant, & Annie SPROULE, married Mary Euphrasia O'MEARA, 38, chief telephone operator, of Ottawa, d/o Michael O'MEARA, clerk, & Eliza LAVIN, witn: James FARLEY & John O'MEARA, both of Ottawa, 19 Oct 1910 at Ottawa 7384-10 George Edward FLEGG, 25, plate printer, of Ottawa, s/o William FLEGG, boiler maker & Ellen WEDGE, married Miriam Cowan DALE, 24, of Ottawa, d/o Samuel DALE, miller, & Maggie BEGGS, witn: Hilda DALE & David Harper MOFFETT, both of Ottawa, 18 Oct 1910 at Ottawa
006574-10 (Carleton Co) James Edward FULFORD, 27, Farmer, of Fitzroy, d/o John FULFORD & Mary Jane JEFFREY; married Annie McBRIDE, 36, of Fitzroy, d/o James McBRIDE & Isabella MOORHOUSE; wit Herbert McBRIDE, Limestone & Minnie FULFORD, Kinburn, 22 Oct 1910, Fitzroy 006566-10 (Carleton Co) David Alex FULFORD, 40, Farmer, of Fitzroy, s/o Peter FULFORD & Margaret HAWLEY, married Jessie McBRIDE, 31, of Fitzroy, d/o William John McBRIDE & Agnes DONALDSON; wit Thomas McBRIDE, Fitzroy & Annie FULFORD, Fitzroy Harbour, 3 Feb 1910, Diamond
006640-10 (Carleton Co) Samuel GAMBLE, 26, Machinist, of Hamilton, s/o A. GAMBLE & J. MURPHY; married Annie M. BRATTON, 25, of Leitrim, d/o Thomas BRATTON & A. POWELL; wit J. HODGINS, Ottawa & Dora BRATTON, Leitrim, 13 Sept 1910, Carleton 006629-10 (Carleton Co) Emile GERVAIS, 23, Farmer, of none given, d/o Octave GERVAIS & Aurelie CARDINAL; married Alice LALONDE, 19, of none given, d/o Antoine LALONDE & Delia ETHIER; wit Z. GERVAIS, Navan & Antoine GERVAIS, Orleans, 7 Nov 1910, Orleans
006595-10 (Carleton Co) John GOOD, 25, Farmer, of North Gower, s/o William GOOD & Harriett BROWN; married Luella MUSSELL, 26, of Osgoode, d/o Solomon MUSSELL & Maria VAUGHAN; wit Arthur MUSSELL, Osgoode Station & Laura POTTER, Manotick, no date given, Osgoode Station 006580-10 (Carleton Co) Allan GOODFELLOW, 26, Farmer, of Innisfil Simcoe, s/o Joseph GOODFELLOW & Bella TRUEMAN; married Eva Mildred HEWITT, 27, of Goulburn, d/o Hugh HEWITT & Martha Ann WATT, wit H.L. WATT & Margaret BEAVEN, both Ottawa, 23 Feb 1910, Goulburn
7385-10 William GREENWOOD, 21, checker, of Ottawa, s/o William GREENWOOD, barber & Martha GREENWOOD, married Mary YERICH, 19, of Ottawa, d/o John YERICH, laborer, & Julia LATERISKI, witn: Albert GREENWOOD & Muriel PRICE, both of Ottawa, 4 Oct. 1910 at Ottawa  
006571-10 (Carleton Co) Osler Monk GROVES, 24, Physician, of Kinburn, s/o George Hodgins GROVES & Fannie MONK; married Delta May JAMIESON, 20, of Fitzroy, d/o George JAMIESON & Isabella LAVENTURE; wit W.P. DILLON (M.D.) & Margaret BROWNLEE, both Ottawa, 28 Jun 1910, Fitzroy 006567-10 (Carleton Co) Edgar Lorne GROVES, 28, Farmer, of Fitzroy, s/o Alexander GROVES & Martha SHIELDS; married Edith A. MACMILLAN, 28, of Fitzroy, d/o John MACMILLAN & Isabella MCLEOD; witn Stanley GROVES, Pakenham & Mellissa MACMILLAN, Diamond, 1 Jun 1910, Fitzroy
7432-10 Ubald Joseph HAMEL, 23, civil servant, of Ottawa, s/o Amedee HAMEL, civil servant & Adele MAILLOUX, married Florence FULFORD, 22, of Ottawa, d/o John Joseph FULFORD, laborer, & Catherine GIBBONS, witn: Joseph J. HAMEL & Florence CREGAN, both of Ottawa, 31 Oct. 1910 at Ottawa 006630-10 (Carleton Co) Peter HART, 25, Driver, of Ottawa, s/o Martin HART & Elisabeth WARNICK, married Lydia Mary KEHOE, 21, of Cyrville, d/o James KEHOE & Mary HOGAN; wit Gerald KEHOE, Cyrville & Annie HART, Orleans, 16 Nov 1910, Cyrville
7286-10 Harry HENEY, 34, track inspector, of Ottawa, s/o Henry HENEY, laborer, & Marjory DOURES, married Theresa M. FITZGERALD, 32, of Ottawa, d/o Michael FITZGERALD, farmer, & Ann KELLY, witn: Maurice FITZGERALD & Catherine FOLEY, both of Ottawa, 19 Oct 1910 at Ottawa 7388-10 George Henry HOPE, 25, carpenter, of Ottawa, s/o John HOPE, plasterer, & Jane HONEY, married Jennie FOWLER, 25, of Ottawa, d/o George FOWLER, civil service & Kate COX, witn: G.E. LAVALLEY & M.E. FOWLER, both of Ottawa, 11 Oct. 1910 at Ottawa
006601-10 (Carleton Co) William Johnston HORNRIDGE, 33, Steel Plate Printer, of Ottawa, s/o no first name HORNRIDGE & Marguerite JOHNSTON; married Ellen SABOURIN, 27, of Billings Bridge, d/o Frank SABOURIN & Ellen MOBE; wit Michael CAREY & Magloire CHARTRAND, both Billings Bridge, 25 Jan 1910, Billings Bridge 006617-10 (Carleton Co) Patrick James HOULAHAN, 26, Labourer, of Ottawa, s/o Thomas HOULAHAN & Margaret GLEASON; married Mary Teresa FITZSIMMONS, 23, of Gloucester, d/o John FITZSIMMONS & Margaret MURRAY; wit Thomas HOULAHAN, Fallowfield & Nellie FITZSIMMONS, Ottawa, 7 Jun 1910, South Gloucester
7389-10 John Benson HOW, 26, insurance, of Montreal, s/o Rev. Henry HOW, clergyman & Harriet MAYNARD, married Margaret Alma TAPLIN, 26, of Ottawa, d/o Harmonious TAPLIN, real estate, & Mary ALEXANDER, witn: Jean ROBERTSON & W. DENISON, both of Ottawa, 11 Oct 1910 at Ottawa 7390-10 Ernest Arthur HURDMAN, 36, lumberman, of Ottawa, s/o George HURDMAN, lumberman & Agnes FRASER, married Ruby E. DELARONDE, 31, of Ottawa, d/o Stuart DELARONDE, commercial, & Estella H. CAIRNS, witn: Leonard F. ASKWITH & Beatrice Agnes HURDMAN, both of Ottawa, 11 Oct. 1910 at Ottawa
006611-10 (Carleton Co) Andrew HUTCHINSON, 29, Moulder, of Montreal, s/o William HUTCHINSON & Christina COLVILLE; married Odel Elizabeth ARMSTRONG, 21, of Cyrville, d/o Robert George ARMSTRONG & no mother given; wit Robert ARMSTRONG & Charles ARMSTRONG, both Cyrville, 11 May 1910, Cyrville 7391-10 Charley JODOIN, 25, laborer, of Ottawa, s/o Charley JODOIN, stone mason & Mary BOW, married Jeane WALTERS, 20, of Carleton Place, d/o James WALTERS, laborer, & Lizzie McILQUHAM, witn: Zoe COUVRETTE & Florida BIGRAS, both of Ottawa, 13 Oct. 1910 at Ottawa
7392-10 John KANE, 26, electrician, of Ottawa, s/o James KANE, laborer, & Ann MYALL, married Emma PAYMENT, 27, domestic, of Ottawa, d/o Samuel PAYMENT, farmer, & Mary PARRY, witn: Francis SHIELDS & Nellie FOLEY, both of Ottawa, 24 Oct. 1910 at Ottawa 7395-10 John Agnew KEENAN, 47, farmer, of Cummings Bridge, s/o Thomas KEENAN, farmer, & Charlotte LONG, married Frances Olive LANCASTER, 22, of Cyrville, d/o George LANCASTER, farmer, & Mary Jane WILSON, witn: Harriet BOYD of Carlsbad Springs & John LANCASTER of Cyrville, 28 Sept 1910 at Ottawa
7394-10 John Charles KEITHLEY, 26, painter, of Ottawa, s/o Henry KEITHLEY, gardener, & Mary Ann DAYNES, married Florence Mabel GARNHAM, 28, of Ottawa, d/o William Ernest GARNHAM, gardener, & Fanny Elizabeth PHILLIPS, witn: William GARNHAM & John GREENGRAVE, both of Ottawa, 8 Oct 1910 at Ottawa 006618-10 (Carleton Co) Joseph KELLY, 28, Farmer, of Osgoode, s/o Patrick KELLY & Catherine McEVOY; married Mary BRENNAN, 20, of Billings Bridge, d/o John BRENNAN & Mary BLANCHFIELD; wit Michael BLANCHFIELD, Ottawa & Ewen McCARTIN, Billings Bridge, 15 Jun 1910, Billings Bridge
7393-10 James Black KNOX, 24, lumber merchant, of Vancouver BC, s/o Arthur M. KNOX, lumbering & Kate McMILLAN, married Elizabeth Gertrude FOTHERINGHAM, 22, of Ottawa, d/o George FOTHERINGHAM & Elizabeth LEE, witn: Jack FOTHERINGHAM & Marion ROGERS, both of Ottawa, 17 Sept 1910 at Ottawa 7401-10 Claude LACELLES, 21, of Ottawa, s/o Edmond LACELLES, motorman & Josephine CLAUDE, married Maria MONETTE, 19, of Ottawa, d/o Elie MONETTE, blacksmith & Guillaume BOUCHARD, witn: Edmond LACELLES & Elie MONETTE, 4 Oct. 1910 at Ottawa
7400-10 Georges LAFLEUR, 23, printer, of Ottawa, s/o Alex LAFLEUR & Josephine ROCHON, married Marie Blanche BOILY, 24, of Ottawa, d/o Napoleon LAFLEUR (sic), painter, & Almedia GAUVREAU, witn: Josephine ROCHON & Almedia GAUVREAU, 18 Oct 1910 at Ottawa 7399-10 Alexander LAFLEUR, 28, railroader, s/o Joseph LAFLEUR & Henriette BISSON, married Mary Ann SULLIVAN, 23, of Ottawa, d/o Jeremiah SULLIVAN & Ellen KELLY, witn: Patrick SULLIVAN & Xavier PATENAUDE, both of Ottawa, 20 Sept 1910 at Ottawa
7397-10 Gilbert LAMOTHE, 38, widower, laborer, of Carlsbad Springs, s/o Bedard LAMOTHE, laborer, & Mathilde St.DENIS, married Georgiana LABELLE, 24, widow, of Ottawa, d/o Augustus LABELLE, laborer, & Alexandrine LEON, witn: Bedard LAMOTHE of Hull Que & Narcisse ROY of Ottawa, 16 Oct 1910 at Ottawa 006639-10 (Carleton Co) Isidore LANTHIER, 26, Farmer, of Cyrville, s/o Julien LANTHIER & Julie DUBOIS; married Agnes CHENIER, 18, Farmer, of Cyrville, d/o Jolique CHENIER & Marguerite FOUBERT; wit Julie LANTHIER & Victor RENAUD, both Cyrville, 31 Aug 1910, Cyrville
006604-10 (Carleton Co) Leonard LAVEIGRE, 28, Farmer, of Cumberland, s/o Isidore LAVEIGRE & Azelie LEFEBRE; married Flavie CLEROUX, 18, d/o Xavier & Flavie CLEROUX; wit Azelalie LEFEBRE, Sarsfield & Flavie CLEROUX, Orleans, 4 Apr 1910, Orleans 7402-10 Nelson LEBLANC, 28, music teacher, of Ottawa, s/o Severe LEBLANC & Alphonsine EDWARDS, married Beatrice GOUGON, 20, of Ottawa, d/o Eustache GOUGON, provision dealer & Ambrosine MANTHA, witn: Severe LEBLANC & Eustache GOUGON, both of Ottawa, 3 Oct. 1910 at Ottawa
006614-10 (Carleton Co) Valmire LECLERC, 21, Grocer, of Ottawa East, s/o Francis Xavier LECLERC & Marie CHARLEBOIS; married Eugenie CHARLEBOIS, 19, of Carlsbad Springs, d/o Moise CHARLEBOIS & Cecile BROUSSEAU; wit Edmond LECLERC, Ottawa East & Moise CHARLEBOIS, Carlsbad Springs, 2 May 1910, Carlsbad Spring 006642-10 (Carleton Co) Paul LEGAULT, 36, Employed by Bell Telephone, of Ottawa, s/o Pierre LEGAULT & Julie BELLEFEUILLE; married Emmentine LEGAULT, 19, of Orleans, d/o Joseph LEGAULT & Celina FORTIER; wit Pierre LEGAULT, Pembroke & Joseph LEGAULT, Orleans, 20 Sept 1910, Orleans
7398-10 William James LELLAND, 24, electrician, of Ottawa, s/o James LELLAND, gardener, & Eliza Ann CLARK, married Harriet HOPSON, 26, of Tetraville Que., d/o Thomas HOPSON, wood turner, & Harriet POWELL, witn: Thomas Ed. & Edith HOPSON of Ottawa, 15 Oct. 1910 at Ottawa 006636-10 (Carleton Co) Philias LEMIEUX, 34, Labourer, of Cyrville, s/o Frederick LEMIEUX & Adeline MORREAN; married Marguerite BLAIS, 24, of Ottawa, d/o Francis BLAIS & Marie Louise CHARBONNEAU; wit Joseph BURBEE, Cyrville & Francis BLAIS, Gloucester, 15 Aug 1910, Carleton Co
006634-10 (Carleton Co) Albert LEROUX, 21, Labourer, of Cumberland, s/o Emelien LEROUX & Flavie BOUCHER; married Theresa BOURGEOIS, 17, of Gloucester, d/o Antoine BOURGEOIS & Vitaline BERGERON; wit Louis LEROUX, Navan & Antoine BOURGEOIS, Orleans, 15 Aug 1910, Orleans 7396-10 Frederick William LITTLEFIELD, 25, civil service, s/o Francis LITTLEFIELD, Dominion policeman, & Helena MAINVILLE, married Emma Lucy PLANTE, 26, saleslady, of Ottawa, d/o Francis X. PLANTE, carpenter, & Margaret SNOOKS, witn: Wilfrid & Alfred PLANTE of Ottawa, 19 Oct. 1910 at Ottawa
006609-10 (Carleton Co) Charles Alex LOUGH, 21, Gardener, of Billings Bridge, s/o John LOUGH & Elizabeth ROBINSON; married Annie JEFFREY, 19, of Billings Bridge, d/o James JEFFREY & Jane JONES; wit Robert LOUGH, Billings Bridge & Agnes R. McDONALD, Ramsayville, 27 Apr 1910, Ramsayville 006624-10 (Carleton Co) Emile LOUISEIZE, 25, Farmer, of Gloucester, s/o Gilbert LOUISEIZE & Emma P. LAROND; married Eugenie CHARRON, 18, of Gloucester, d/o Augustine CHARRON & Elmira PARKMOND; wit Gilbert LOUISEIZE & Augustine CHARRON, both Gloucester, 17 Oct 1910, South Gloucester
006581-10 (Carleton Co) Albert Benjamin MAINS, 31, Carpenter, of Beckwith, s/o John MAINS & Annie MORETON; married Martha Elsie ANDERSON, 24, of Dwyer Hill, d/o Robert ANDERSON & Mary SIMPSON; wit Howard MAINS, Beckwith & Mary M. ANDERSON, Dwyer Hill, 31 May 1910, Dwyer Hill 006615-10 (Carleton Co) Charles James MANSON, 26, Farmer, of Ramsayville, s/o William MANSON & Flora CAMERON; married Francis Marie CROLL, no age given, of Ramsayville, d/o David CROLL & Elizabeth JOHNSTON; wit Flora MEASON & Agnes G.T. McDONALD, both Ramsayville, 1 Jun 1910, Ramsayville
7404-10 Napoleon MAYOTTE, 21, railroader, of Rockland, s/o Felix MAYOTTE & Elizabeth LONGTAIN, married Josephine ROCKBRUNE, 17, of Mechanicsville, d/o Francis ROCKBRUNE & Emily JOYER, witn: Felix MAYOTTE of Rockland & Francis ROCKBRUNE of Mechanicsville, 15 Oct. 1910 at Ottawa 006638-10 (Carleton Co) Laurence McALLISTER, 26, Conductor CNR, of Joliette Quebec, s/o John McALLISTER & Catherine ROBINSON; married Helen DAVIS, 26, Teacher, of Orleans, d/o Samuel DAVIS & Catherine O'TOOLE; wit Samuel DAVIS & Leslie McALLISTER, both no place given, 7 Sept 1910, Orleans
006573-10 (Carleton Co) William Edward McBRIDE, 31, Farmer, of Fitzroy, s/o James McBRIDE & Isabella MOORHOUSE; married Lizzie Agnes FULFORD, 24, of Fitzroy, d/o John FULFORD & Mary Jane JEFFREY; wit Herbert McBRIDE, Limestone & Minnie FULFORD, Kinburn, 28 Sept 1910, Fitzroy 006564-10 (Carleton Co) Jeffrey David McBRIDE, 29, Farmer, of Fitzroy, s/o William John McBRIDE & Agnes DONALDSON; married Lila BAIRD, 25, of Fitzroy, d/o William BAIRD & Mary A. STEVENSON; wit Edgar BAIRD, Diamond & Lena ROSS, Kinburn, 6 Jan 1910, Diamond
#006844-10 (Carleton Co): Edwin Herbert McCAFFREY, 30, farmer, of Stanley Corners, s/o George McCAFFREY, farmer, & Elizabeth Jane CATHCART, married Mary Wilberforce HEALEY, 21, of Stanley Corners, d/o Lancelot HEALEY, farmer, & Fanny GRAHAM, witn: Robert S. McCAFFREY & Gladys HEALEY, both of Stanley Corners, 9 March 1910 at Ottawa 006619-10 (Carleton Co) George McCAULEY, 21, Moulder, of Ottawa, s/o Henry McCAULEY & Eliza MATREL? (Malrol?); married Mabel Beatrice HERON, 22, of Ellwood, d/o William HERON & Margaret CLAYTON; wit James DUNCAN & Rebecca DUNCAN, both no place given, 15 Jun 1910, Ellwood
  006644-10 (Carleton Co) James McGOVERN, 30, Farmer, of Carlsbad Springs, s/o Hugh McGOVERN & Bridget COLLINS; married Elizabeth SOMERS, no age given, of Gloucester, d/o John SOMERS & Ann CAVANNAGH; wit Hugh McGOVERN, North Bay & Agnes SOMERS, South Gloucester, 28 Sept 1910, South Gloucester
006641-10 (Carleton Co) John Melville McGREGOR, 30, Mechanic, of Ottawa, s/o James McGREGOR & Jemima GILBERT; married Mary Elizabeth BRYDGE, 25, Domestic, of Ottawa, d/o Stephen BRYDGE & Rachel EDMUNDS; wit J.B. McGREGOR & Myrtle M. PRYSE, both Ottawa, 21 Sept 1910, Billings Bridge 006603-10 (Carleton Co) Frank R. McLAUGHLIN, 42, of Carlsbad Springs, s/o John McLAUGHLIN & Catherine GUNN; married Mary Ann McGOVERN, 37, of Carlsbad Springs, d/o Hugh McGOVERN & Bridget COLLINS; wit James O'REGGAN, Piperville & Joanis McGOVERN, Carlsbad Springs, 8 Feb 1910, Carlsbad Springs
7405-10 George Walter McMULLEN, 22, letter carrier, of Ottawa, s/o Duncan H. McMULLEN, carpenter, & Matilda LADOUCEUR, married Victoria E. McGEE, 18, of Ottawa, d/o James H. McGEE, farmer, & Catherine J. SETTLES, witn: Richard DONAHUE & Martin McGEE, both of Ottawa, 17 Oct 1910 at Ottawa 006569-10 (Carleton Co) James McNAB, 37, Foreman in lumber yard, Wid, of Arnprior, s/o Alexander A. & Christina McNAB; married Sarah E. STYLES, 32, of Fitzroy, d/o John STYLES & Emily PIERCE; wit Charles JACKSON & Beatrice NEILL, both Arnprior, 1 Jun 1910, Fitzroy Harbour
7403-10 Ozias MILLAIRE, 21, laborer, of Ottawa, s/o Joseph MILLAIRE, laborer, & Caroline LAROCQUE, married Josephine SERVANT, 22, of Hull Que., d/o Jules SERVANT, laborer, & Prescille SERVANT, witn: Thomas RYAN & George YOUNG, both of Ottawa, 5 Oct. 1910 at Ottawa 006589-10 (Carleton Co) Rowley Frederick MILLS, 29, mechanic, of North Gower, s/o Thomas MILLS & Martha McCORDICK; married Annie Louise REDDICK, 26, of North Gower, d/o John REDDICK & Margaret McMILLAN; wit Thomas J. MUNDLE & D.H. REDDICK, both no place given, 11 Jul 1910, North Gower
006633-10 (Carleton Co) Ernest MORIN, 23, Labourer, of Billings Bridge, s/o Jeremie MORIN & Julie LACOSTE; married Rachelle BRULE, 16, of Ottawa South, d/o Joseph BRULE & Josephine LACOMPTE; wit George MORIN, Billings Bridge & Joseph BRULE, Ottawa South, 10 Aug 1910, Billings Bridge 006577-10 (Carleton Co) Joseph MURRY, 29, of Cumberland, s/o John MURRY & Rose McCORMIC; married Rose Ann COADY, 23, of Fitzroy, d/o William COADY & Margaret KELLY; wit Michael MANION, Admaston & Agnes COADY, Danmore, 23 Nov 1910, Fitzroy
7406-10 Andrew NEILSON, 51, widower, watch maker & jeweler, of Carleton Place, s/o Andrew NEILSON & Jane HOLLIDAY, married Mary Elizabeth CAMERON, 44, nurse, of Ottawa, d/o Peter CAMERON & Margaret YOUNG, witn: John W. CAMERON of Bathurst & Annie W. McEWEN of Ottawa, 18 Oct 1910 at Ottawa 7407-10 Charles A. O'CONNELL, 38, mining engineer, of Cobalt, s/o Timothy O'CONNELL, mining engineer, & Margaret CRANE, married Gwendolyn Beatrice CLEMOW, 26, of Ottawa, d/o Francis Cockburn CLEMOW, lawyer & Mary Schryer FITCH, witn: W.F. POWELL of Ottawa & Robert O'CONNELL of San Francisco, 8 Oct 1910 at Ottawa
006622-10 (Carleton Co) Israel OULETTE, 28, Paper maker, of Hull Quebec, s/o Pierre OULETTE & Sedilere BOYD; married Julie BRULE, 28, Working in Millinery, Wid, of Billings Bridge, d/o Alexander BRULE & Annie HUMMELL; wit Pierre OULETTE, Hull Quebec & Joseph BRULE, Billings Bridge, 27 Jun 1910, Billings Bridge 006588-10 (Carleton Co) Franklin John PAUL, 27, Farmer, of Ramsay, s/o William PAUL & Sarah SHAW; married Marguerite Ina ANDERSON, 22, of Dwyer Hill, d/o Robert ANDERSON & Mary SIMPSON; wit b. MAINS & Elsie MAINS, both Ottawa, 14 Dec 1910, Dwyer Hill
6596-10 (Carleton Co) Charles PERKINS, 24, Farmer, of Malakoff, s/o Herman PERKINS & Margaret McSHIRLEY; married Annie WILSON, 23, of Kemptville, d/o Thomas WILSON & Emmeline DRAFFIN; wit Robert McCONLEY & Bertha PERKINS, both Malakoff, 22 Dec 1910, Malakoff 7408-10 Rene Garfield PEYTON, 30, salesman, of Ottawa, s/o Jacob M. PEYTON & Phoebe L. HENDRICKS, married Mary KANE, 24, of Ottawa, d/o John KANE & Alice COOK, witn: Nellie MILLS & Lilian BAIRD, both of Ottawa, 11 Oct. 1910 at Ottawa
#006840-10 (Carleton Co): Senkie Martin PETERSEN, 20, machinist, of Ottawa, s/o Imber & Martha, married Tessie BIGRAS, 21, of Ottawa, d/o Edward BIGRAS & Delia LATROUILLE, witn: Gustav ROMHILD & Elsie RISTO, both of Ottawa, 2 Sept 1910 at Ottawa 006610-10 (Carleton Co) Hector PHILIPS, 21, Farmer, of Eastmans Springs, s/o John PHILIPS & Melanie BRUSSEAU; married Alice BERTHELET, 21, Farmer, of Hawthorne, d/o Alphonse BERTHELET & Josephine DENAULT; wit Alphonse BERTHELET, Mere Blue & John PHILIPS, Eastmans Springs, 9 May 1910, Cyrville
#006839-10 (Carleton Co): James PLUNKETT, 28, carter, of Ottawa, s/o Isaac PLUNKETT, laborer, & Nancy LEMOINE, married Bertha PERRY, 28, of Ottawa, d/o John PERRY & Jane BRECKENRIDGE, witn: William LEMOINE of 342 Sparks St. & J.E. EDWARDS of 547 Wellington St., 2 March 1910 at Ottawa 006621-10 (Carleton Co) Michael Thomas POWERS, 20, Farmer, of South Gloucester, s/o Michael POWERS & Mary FOGAN; married Mary RYAN, 20, of Osgoode, d/o Thomas RYAN & Elizabeth SHANAHAN; wit John McGEE, Gloucester & Julia SHANAHAN, Osgoode, 28 Jun 1910, South Gloucester
7410-10 William M.H. QUARTERMAINE, 47, widower, clergyman, of Renfrew, s/o Matthew QUARTERMAINE & Elizabeth WHITE, married Louise Wright CLEARY, 45, of Renfrew, d/o Cornelius CLEARY & Louise WRIGHT, witn: G.H. HAYES & G.H. CODE, both of Ottawa, 6 Oct 1910 at Ottawa 7409-10 Clement QUESNEL, 35, laborer, of Ottawa, s/o Pierre QUESNEL, laborer, & Elmire FOURNIER, married Florence Gertrude MOORE, 23, of Ottawa, d/o James Willie MOORE, laborer, & Louise Clara BUTT, witn: Henry DELANEY & Mrs. Elizabeth QUESNEL, both of Ottawa, 1 Oct 1910 at Ottawa
#006841-10 (Carleton Co): David QUINN, 21, farmer, of Osgood twp., s/o David QUINN, farmer, & Margaret SCOBIE, married Martha DYER, 23, of Charlottenburg twp., d/o Robert DYER, farmer, & Mary TALLON, witn: James QUINN of Metcalfe & Bertha MONAHAN? of Greely?, 26 Jan 1910 at Ottawa #006935-10 (Carleton Co): Francis QUINN, 28, plumber, of Ottawa, s/o Francis QUINN, trader, & Mary CONNOLLY, married Ellen STOKES, 32, of Ottawa, d/o Martin STOKES, potter, & Hanah QUINN, witn: William P. BATTERTON & William QUINLAN, both of Ottawa, 23 April 1910 at Ottawa (Rom Cath)
7354-10 George RANKIN, 22, laundry man, of Ottawa, s/o Robert HIGGINS (sic), laborer, & Isabel McCAULEY, married Jane HIGGINS, 21, of Ottawa, d/o R.. HIGGINS, laborer, & Isabel McCAULEY, witn: Tom TRAFFORD & Sarah TRAFFORD, both of Ottawa, 17 Aug 1910 at Ottawa 7411-10 Edgar J. RAPSEY, 25, book keeper, of Haileybury, s/o Henri RAPSEY, mechanic & Annie MOSES, married Laura E. LAMOTHE, 25, of Haileybury, d/o G.L. LAMOTHE, merchant, & Valerie GENDREAU, witn: Andrew PAQUET & E.A. LATULIPPE, both of Ottawa, 26 Oct 1910 at Ottawa
006590-10 (Carleton Co) David Hammond REDDICK, 31, Thresher, of North Gower, s/o John REDDICK & Margaret McMILLAN; married Sarah Edith Jane MONTGOMERY, 25, of North Gower, d/o Hugh MONTGOMERY & Emma JONES; wit Edgar S. PIMLOTT & Irene D. MONTGOMERY, both North Gower, 22 Feb 1910, North Gower 006613-10 (Carleton Co) Jean Baptiste RENAUD, 25, Farmer, of Ste. Cecile de Masham Quebec, s/o Jean Baptiste RENAUD & Julienne GAUTHIER; married Melina TAILLEFER, 19, of Billings Bridge, d/o Louis TAILLEFER & Melina FASSET; wit J.B. RENAUD, Ste. Cecile de Masham Quebec & Melina FASSET, Billings Bridge, 10 May 1910, Billings Bridge
006579-10 (Carleton Co) James RICHARDS, 30, Farmer, of Clayton Lanark, s/o Edward Albert RICHARDS & Mary Ann McMUIR (McMinn?) married Eliza Emma LEWIS, 35, of Almonte, d/o James LEWIS & Ann FOSTER; wit Charles H. LEWIS & J.G. McGUIRE, both Stittsville, 12 Jan 1910, Stanleys Corners 7355-10 John RICHARDS, 29, clerk, of Ottawa, s/o Thomas RICHARDS, tinsmith & Ann McBRIDE, married Maud Edith SMITH, 23, of Ottawa, d/o Thomas SMITH, dairy man & Elizabeth GALLARD, witn: Doreen TAGGARD & Annette M. PEEVER, both of Ottawa, 29 Sept 1910 at Ottawa
7353-10 William Gordon RICHARDSON, 33, bank accountant, of Winnipeg, s/o Archdeacon James Banning RICHARDSON, clergyman, & Mary Jane TREMAINE, married Ethel Clara JONES, 30, of Ottawa, d/o Louis Kosuth JONES, secretary dept. railway & canals, & Clara DEIVE?, witn: Louis Kosuth JONES & Muriel BURROWS, both of Ottawa, 28 Sept 1910 at Ottawa 7352-10 Samuel A. RICHARDSON, 27, broker, of Montreal, s/o John RICHARDSON, banker & Wilhelmina REILLY, married Edith B. COBBEAN, 23, of Toronto, d/o Charles Gladwyn COBBEAN, deceased, & Emma Sophia BRENT, witn: G.K. ROSS of Montreal & Blanche LAURIE of Ottawa, 28 Sept 1910 at Ottawa
#006936-10 (Carleton Co): John Lister RINGROSE, 26, merchant tailor, of Ottawa, s/o Thomas RINGROSE, shoe maker, & Alice WOODWARD, married Mary Maud HENRY, 24, of Ottawa, d/o John HENRY, brick layer, & Eliza HILL, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J.B. RINGROSE of Ottawa, 26 April 1910 at Ottawa 7413-10 Henry ROSE, 40, machinist, of Ansonia Connecticut, s/o George ROSE, gardener, & Ann ANDREWS, married Clara MASON, 39, of Ottawa, d/o Henry MASON & Mary MASON, witn: Benjamin STOCK & Henry HALFPENNY, both of Ottawa, 13 Oct 1910 at Ottawa
7414-10 Alexander ROSS, 22, engineer, of Ottawa, s/o John ROSS & Janet AGNEW, married Mary BRAIN, 21, of Ottawa, d/o Thomas BRAIN & Hannah MORRIS, witn: Frank HAWKINS & Phoebe READ, both of Ottawa, 17 Oct 1910 at Ottawa 7412-10 Stephen Tilbury Augustus ROWE, 35, blacksmith, of Ottawa, s/o Stephen Thomas ROWE, laborer, & Jane WELCH, married Harriet SCOTT, 21, of Ottawa, d/o William SCOTT, commercial traveler, & Caroline STEWART, witn: William & Elizabeth BELL of Ottawa, 1 Oct. 1910 at Ottawa
006623-10 (Carleton Co) Philippe SABOURIN, 22, Telegraph Operator, of Billings Bridge, s/o Leandre SABOURIN & Victoria SURGEON; married Cora Jane BARTON, 20, Housekeeper, of North Bay, d/o Anthony BARTON & Lizzie FEATHERSTON; wit F.K. SABOURIN, Ellwood & George MORIN, Billings Bridge, 29 Jun 1910, Billings Bridge 007478-1910 (Carleton Co.) John Spurgeon SCHRAM, 28, physician, not given, London, s/o John SCHRAM & Lydia MATHERS, married Mabel Beulah JONES, 26, not given, Ottawa, d/o George JONES & Agnes LAVIRA, witn: Gertrude JONES & Marion GRANT, both of Ottawa, 9 Nov 1910 at Ottawa.
7416-10 William John SCOTT, 25, carpenter, of Ottawa, s/o William SCOTT, brakeman & Elizabeth MOONEY, married Margaret M. DOODY, 19, of Ottawa, d/o John DOODY, carpenter, & Bella BILLINGS, witn: John M. & Esther DOODY of Ottawa, 4 Oct. 1910 at Ottawa 006578-10 (Carleton Co) John Herbert SEABROOK, 28, Farmer, of Stanleys Corners, s/o Anthony SEABROOK & Catherine CATHCART; married Emma May CATHCART, 23, Domestic, of Stanleys Corners, d/o William CATHCART & Emma McCAFFREY; wit Ronald SMITH & Mary CATHCART, both Stanleys Corners, 5 Jan 1910, Stittsville
7417-10 Arthur SEGUIN, 37, electrician, of Ottawa, s/o Joseph SEGUIN, carpenter, & Virginie VALIQUETTE, married Alice GAREAU, 28, dress maker, of Ottawa, d/o Joseph GAREAU, merchant & Philomene BLAIS, witn: Joseph SEGUIN & Albert Louis GAREAU, 20 Oct. 1910 at Ottawa 006582-10 (Carleton Co) James SERVICE, Full, Farmer, of Ramsay, s/o William SERVICE & Jane ROBINSON; married Mary Elizabeth AITKEN, Full, of Ramsay, d/o John AITKEN & Ellen STEWART; wit Ernest H. RUMMERTON & Grace A. AITKEN, both Appleton, 8 Jun 1910, Ashton
006572-10 (Carleton Co) Daniel SEVANS (LEVANS?), 29, Farmer, of Fitzroy, s/o James SEVANS; married Anne McMAHON, 26, of Fitzroy, d/o John McMAHON & Catherine O'KELLY; wit Daniel McMAHON, Fitzroy Harbour & Mary SEVANS of Torbolton, 20 Sept 1910, Fitzroy Harbour 007479-1910 (Carleton Co.) Stephen Henry SHEPPARD, 26, laborer, not given, Hull Quebec, s/o Charles & Elizabeth SHEPPARD, married Mary Isabel WHISSALL 23, not given, Ottawa, d/o Peter & Marianne WHISSALL, witn: H. A. & Lillian NAVIN, both of Ottawa, 12 Nov 1910 at Ottawa.
7356-10 George SHOULDIS, 24, confectioner, of Ottawa, s/o George W. SHOULDIS, confectioner & Mary Ann BUCK, married Mary Katherine ROCHON, 21, of Ottawa, d/o Louis ROCHON, merchant, & Mary Katherine HEALY, witn: John HOLLINGSWORTH & Louis ROCHON, both of Ottawa, 20 Sept 1910 at Ottawa 7357-10 Milton Butler SIMPSON, 24, mechanic, of Arnprior, s/o Joseph M. SIMPSON, mechanic & Sarah E. BUTLER, married Harriet R. HANNA, 22, of Almonte, d/o James HANNA & Harriet BARBER, witn: James E. & Flo EDWARDS, 21 Sept 1910 at Ottawa
7419-10 Frederick George SIMS, 31, merchant, of Ottawa, s/o Henry SIMS, merchant & Rachel DEVLIN, married Annie Florence Mary McCULLOUGH, 27, of Ottawa, d/o Alex McCULLOUGH, inspector & Mary McCULLOUGH, witn: F.H. KIMBERLEY of Ottawa & George McCULLOUGH of Atlantic City, 13 Oct. 1910 at Ottawa #006842-10 (Carleton Co): William SNIDER, 32, widower, engineer, of Ottawa, s/o Henry William SNIDER & Martine TOURONGEAU, married Mary CARNEY, 34, of Manotick, d/o Patrick CARNEY & Josephine BOGIZE, witn: George & Chloe BOSWELL of Ottawa, 2 Sept 1910 at Ottawa
006591-10 (Carleton Co) George Ernest SNOWDON, 24, Farmer, of Snowdon Corners, s/o Eccles SNOWDON & Rhoda BRADFORD; married Lillie Oville BALDRY, 21, of Osgoode Station, d/o Samuel BALDRY & Sarah Eva HANKE (Nanke?); wit Mrs. J. SNOWDON, Snowdon Corners & Lucy J. BALDRY, Osgoode Station, 5 Jan 1910, Osgoode Station 7418-10 John SOPER, 35, clerk, of Ottawa, s/o William Verner SOPER, soldier & Mary HEALEY, married Sarah Adeline JACKSON, 30, of Ottawa, d/o James JACKSON, clerk & Selina Hester HENEY, witn: T.Y. O'NEILL & Edith JACKSON, both of Ottawa, 19 Oct 1910 at Ottawa
006575-10 (Carleton Co) John STAFFORD, 23, Labourer, of Campbells Bay Quebec, s/o Michael STAFFORD & Annie TORRIGAN? (Corrigan?); married Jane ROBINSON, 21, of Torbolton, d/o Patrick ROBINSON & Ellen O'CONNELL; wit James D. RILEY, Wyman Quebec & Josephine ROBINSON, Dirletore?, 25 Oct 1910, Fitzroy Harbour 7415-10 Stephen Thomas STANDING, 26, motorman, of Ottawa, s/o John STANDING, laborer, & Rose Alice CRANE, married Mildred Amelia BROWNLEE, 22, of Ottawa, d/o Norman Henry BROWNLEE & Sarah RAINER, witn: James STANDING of Ottawa & Bella BROWNLEE of South Indian, 6 Oct. 1910 at Ottawa
006631-10 (Carleton Co) William A. STANLEY, 34, Farmer, of Greely, s/o R. STANLEY & Francis HEADLEY; married Violet JOHNSTON, 28, of Johnstones Corners, d/o K. JOHNSTON & Mary Ann CAMPBELL; wit A.K. JOHNSTON, Johnstones Corners & V.E. SMYTH, Rideau View, 21 Dec 1910, Carleton 7358-10 Edward STIMPSON, 21, laborer, of Ottawa, s/o Thomas STIMPSON, laborer, & Mary POTVIN, married Mary Maude St.LOUIS, 19, of Ottawa, d/o Gilbert St.LOUIS, laborer, & Mary PELLETIER, witn: Robert STIMPSON & Francis CRETE, both of Ottawa, 26 Sept 1910
006594-10 (Carleton Co) David Hugh STINSON, 32, Farmer, of Carsonby, s/o John STINSON & Mary RICHARDSON; married Eliza Fanstina CARSON, 18, of Carsonby, d/o William CARSON & Alvina POTTER; wit J.J. STINSON, Bells Corners & Beatrice A. CRAIG, Carsonby, 6 April 1910, Carsonby #006937-10 (Carleton Co): Harvey SUNDERLAND, 29, pressman, of Ottawa, s/o James SUNDERLAND, overseer, & Frances CORE, married Agnes McGRATH, 19, of Ottawa, d/o Edward P. McGRATH, manufacturer, & Mary MORGAN, witn: George POWELL & Tillie EDWARDS, both of Ottawa, 25 April 1910 at Ottawa
006620-10 (Carleton Co) Israel TAILLEFER, 36, Farmer, of none given, s/o Alexis TAILLEFER & Marie BREBAULT; married Adrienne GROULX, 25, of none given, d/o Hercule GROULX & Onesime TAILLEFER; wit Joseph GUINDON & Hercule GROULX, both no place given, 21 Jun 1910, Orleans 7421-10 Arthur D. TAYLOR, 23, clerk, of Ottawa, s/o John TAYLOR, engineer, & Annie BARNETT, married Rose Elizabeth LAWSON, 22, waitress, of Ottawa, d/o Robert Mitchell LAWSON, warehouseman & Lois GREEN, witn: Frank HARRIS & Mrs. Frank HARRIS, both of Ottawa, 21 Oct. 1910 at Ottawa
7420-10 James Brownlee TRIMBLE, 48, widower, farmer, of Munster, s/o Noble TRIMBLE, farmer, & Mary Ann HENDERSON, married Sarah BURLEIGH, 38, of Inkerman, d/o Nathan W. BURLEIGH, farmer, & Amelia MORRIS, witn: W.J. TOMPKINS of Ramsayville & Isabel FITZSIMMONS of Ottawa, 5 Oct. 1910 at Ottawa 7425-10 Telesphore VACHON, 24, carpenter, of Ottawa, s/o Simeon VACHON, laborer, & Adeline LECLERC, married Marie CHARTRAND, 21, of Ottawa, d/o Octave CHARTRAND & Octavie AUGER, witn: Simeon VACHON & Joseph BELLAIRE, both of Ottawa, 17 Oct 1910 at Ottawa
7423-10 Magloire VAILLENT, 31, widower, laborer, of Ottawa, s/o Charles VAILLENT & Delphine PROULX, married Rosina SURCENNES, 27, servant, of Ottawa, d/o David SINCENNES?, laborer, & Adelaide RACINE, witn: Charles VAILLENT of Ottawa & Philippe SOUBLIERE of 11 Maple St., 2 Oct 1910 at Ottawa 7422-10 George VALENTINE, 38, widower, secretary, s/o John VALENTINE, workman & Elizabeth HILLIS, married Annie Maple STROUD, 33, nurse, of Ottawa, d/o William Robert STROUD & Agnes LONGMAN, witn: L.E. Pearl THURSTON & H. STROUD, both of Montreal, 3 Sept 1910 at Ottawa
7424-10 Thomas Ouimette VAN BRIDGER, 28, electrician, of Winchester, s/o James VAN BRIDGER, conveyancer, & Helen OUIMETTE, married Margaret Elizabeth LASALLE, 22, of Winchester, d/o Felix LASALLE, shoe maker & Ellen COX, witn: Thomas O'NEIL & W.E. GREEN, both of Ottawa, 5 Oct 1910 at Ottawa 7359-10 Edward VAUGHAN, 42, widower, bar tender, of Ottawa, s/o John VAUGHAN, farmer, & Margaret HOLMES, married Margaret O'NEILL, 36, of Ottawa, d/o Michael O'NEILL, laborer, & Catherine WALSH, witn: Simon O'GRADY & Bertha GOULDEN, both of Ottawa, 21 Sept 1910 at Ottawa
006635-10 (Carleton Co) Napoleon VEZINA, 29, Labourer, of Orleans, s/o Joseph VEZINA & Aglae CORBEIL; married Josephine LAURIN, 26, of Orleans, d/o Johnny LAURIN & Delina LEGAULT; wit Joseph VEZINA & Johnny LAURIN, both Orleans, 16 Aug 1910, Orleans 007480-1910 (Carleton Co.) Achille VIAU, 25, laborer, not given, Ottawa, s/o Joseph VIAU & Euphemia JILL, married Maria O'DONNELL, 23, not given, Ottawa, d/o James O'DONNELL & Marie LEE, witn: William SEVIGNY & Robert GILL, both of Ottawa, 9 Nov 1910 at Ottawa. (Rom Cath)
#006843-10 (Carleton Co): Thomas Edward WADDELL, 21, of Ottawa, s/o Thomas WADDELL & Minnie TAYLOR, married Ida Mary QUIGG, 18, of Ottawa, d/o William Henry QUIGG & Emily BELLINGER, witn: Annie Gertrude BINKS of 72 Revis St. & Mary Helen SQUIRE of 153 Echo Dr., 20 July 1909 at Ottawa 7361-10 Edwin Wright WADSWORTH, 18, clerk, of Ottawa, s/o John WADSWORTH, metal worker & Susanna CLUFF, married Frances Margaret RADING, 20, of Ottawa, d/o John RADING (Roding?), farmer, & Mary RADING, witn: Hortense M. BOUDREAU & Grace LOUCKS, both of Ottawa, 19 Sept 1910 at Ottawa
006612-10 (Carleton Co) Robert Clark WALSH, 28, Clerk, of Winnipeg, s/o Robert WALSH & Elizabeth CLARK; married Mary PURDY, 26, of Blackburn Gloucester, d/o George PURDY & Mary VIRGIN; wit Herman T. WALSH & H.M. WALSH, both Blackburn, 11 May 1910, Blackburn 7360-10 William WALSH, 40, farmer, of Vars, s/o Richard WALSH, farmer, & Sarah A. HILL, married Alice BURROWS, widow, 26, of Cumberland Ont., d/o Frank DEWEY & Catherine BREEN, witn: Hugh MORRISON of Vars & Miriam DEWEY of Cumberland, 14 Sept 1910 at Ottawa
7363-10 George Anderson WELLS, 31, clergyman, of Minnedosa, s/o William John WELLS, ship owner, & C. M. SPOONER, married Charlotte Gertrude McDONELL, 28, of Montreal, d/o Francis William MacDONALD, grain dispatcher & Jane Ann CARDEN, witn: W.C. COUSENS of Ottawa & L.M. McDONELL of Montreal, 28 Sept 1910 at Ottawa 7426-10 Robert WENTZLAFF, 24, carpenter, of Ottawa, s/o Herman WENTZLAFF, carpenter, & Henriette SCLAFF, married Gustina LARGWAY, 22, of Ottawa, d/o Alex LARGWAY, laborer, & Mary LOBER, witn: William EGGERT, August POLLEX, Florence LARGWAY and Erna LAERBERG, all of Ottawa, 19 Oct 1910 at Ottawa
006585-10 (Carleton Co) Lloyd WILLOWS, 22, Farmer, of Carleton Place, s/o Jackson WILLOWS & Mary STEVENSON; married Lola Jane JAMES, 20, Music Teacher, of Stittsville, d/o John J. JAMES & Jane ARGUE; wit Orville JAMES, Stittsville & Mabel B. EVANS, Billings Bridge, 29 Jun 1910, Stittsville 006627-10 (Carleton Co) George Hard WILSON, 26, Engineer, of Cantley Quebec, s/o George Albert WILSON & Catherine COOPER; married Louisa May BIRCH, 18, of Billings Bridge, d/o William & Mary Ann BIRCH; wit James PATTERSON, Cantley Quebec & Vera Mabel HOWEL, Billings Bridge, 31 Oct 1910, Billings Bridge
7362-10 Arthur Edward WOODS, 27, barber, of Ottawa, s/o Richard WOODS & Mary Ann, married Sophia RAYMOND, 23, saleslady, of Ottawa, d/o Joseph RAYMOND, culler, & Sophia CARRIERE, witn: Florence Emilie MARTIN & Gedeon LEFEBVRE & Joseph RAYMOND, 28 Sept 1910 at Ottawa 006568-10 (Carleton Co) John Robert WOODS, 33, Clerk, of Ottawa, s/o Patrick WOODS & Margaret Ann DUNFIELD; married Katie Belle SMYTH, 29, of Fitzroy, d/o George SMYTH & Isabella GILLES; wit George BRYAN, Ottawa & Pearl SMYTH, Fitzroy, 22 Jun 1920, Fitzroy
006576-10 (Carleton Co) Ernest George WORLEY, 33, Director of Medicine, of Ashton, s/o Henry WORLEY & Frances JONES; married Gertrude SERSON, 34, of Fitzroy, d/o William SERSON & Martha SCOTT; wit Reginald SERSON & Edith SERSON, both Antrim, 2 Dec 1910, Fitzroy 006584-10 (Carleton Co) George Frederick WRIGHT, 42, Farmer, Wid, of Smith Falls, s/o Abel WRIGHT & Alice BURNEY; married Esther Ida GARLAND, 36, of Goulburn, d/o John GARLAND & Catherine CONLEY; wit Mrs. R.W. LEWIS, Ashton & W. Elmer GARLAND, Goulburn, 29 Jun 1910, Ashton
7427-10 Alfred George YOUNG, 40, millwright, of Ottawa, s/o Truman YOUNG, retired & Jane CONNELL, married Nancy CLARK, 40, of Ottawa, d/o James CLARK & Eleanor TAYLOR, witn: Sarah DOUGLAS & Jamesea MacRITCHIE, both of Ottawa, 5 Oct 1910 at Ottawa