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7613-25 Daniel Newman BARBER, 27, physician, Charleston West Virginia, same, s/o Timothy Lawrence BARBER (b. Springfield Illinois) & Lucy BROWN, married Edith Margaret NAISMITH, 27, Guelph, Ottawa, d/o James NAISMITH (b. Guelph) & Mary Ann EVERSON, witn: Dr. T. M. BARBER of Charleston WV & Miss Muriel NAISMITH of Ottawa, 7 May 1925 at Ottawa 7632-25 William Hedley BARLOW, 34, book binder, Toronto, Ottawa, s/o William BARLOW (b. England) & Annie THOMAS, married Gertrude Mary McGILLICUDDY, 27, Ottawa, same, d/o John McGILLICUDDY (b. Ottawa) & Ellen BUTLER, witn: Frederick Robert THOMAS & Evaline M. SAYLES, both of Ottawa, 18 April 1925 at Ottawa
7633-25 Joseph BAZINET, 20, laborer, Clarence Creek, Eastview, so Gedeon BAZINET (b. Clarence Creek) & Celina DUTRIZAC, married Edna BIGRAS, 18, Ottawa, 76 Cathcart St. in Ottawa, d/o Louis BIGRAS (b. Ottawa) & Emma CASAULT, witn: Joseph DUBE of Eastview & Lorenzo LABELLE of Ottawa, 15 March 1925 at Ottawa 7619-25 Oswald Foster BEAMISH, 27, physician, Ottawa, Kemptville, s/o John A. BEAMISH (b. Canada) & Mary FOSTER, married Henrietta Francis BROUSE, 26, civil servant, Fort Coulonge Que., Ottawa, d/o Charles BROUSE (b. Canada) & Agnes BENNETT, witn: Charles BROUSE of 201 Fifth Ave & John A. BEAMISH of 255 Fifth Ave (both Ottawa), 20 Oct 1925 at Ottawa
7615-25 Joseph BEAULIEU, 41, widower, motorman, Kamouraska Que. 130 Friel St. in Ottawa, s/o Adjustor BEAULIEU (b. Kamouraska) & Lea PELLETIER, married Marie Rose Anna LABELLE, 30, seamstress, Masham Que., 42 Notre Dame St. in Ottawa, d/o Joseph LABELLE (b. Hull) & Marie GAUVREAU, witn: Philippe BEAULIEU of Ottawa & Xavier BOULAY of Hull, 21 Sept 1925 at Ottawa 7636-25 John Alexander BELL, 33, gardener, Nepean twp., Gloucester twp., s/o David BELL (b. Scotland) & Isabella HANLEY?, married Susannah BURNEY, 26, Ireland, 66 James St. in Ottawa, d/o John BURNEY (b. Ireland) & Annie BROWNRIGG, witn: J. M. BURNEY of 66 James St. & Agnes McELROY of 147 Arlington Ave., 5 Feb. 1925 at Ottawa
7634-25 Horace Philip BENEDICT, 28, civil servant, Ottawa, 124 Eccles St. in Ottawa, s/o William E. BENEDICT (b. Canada) & Fanny PULL, married Muriel Elsie SEANER, 27, Ottawa, 111 Waverley St. in Ottawa, d/o Thomas Hugh SEANER (b. Canada) & Emma KOLFSEL, witn: Newell B. & Emerson SEANER of 111 Waverley St., 11 April 1925 at Ottawa 7626-25 William BICCUM, 42, widower, farmer, Ormond - Winchester twp., same, s/o Sydney BICCUM (b. Canada) & Mary LOUGH, married Lucinda Ellen CAMPBELL, 41, farmer, Vernon - Mountain twp., Ormond, d/o Chester CAMPBELL (b. Canada) & Isabel ROBERTSON, witn: Maymie BECKER of Manse [illegible] Ottawa & Mrs. George DUNCAN of Ottawa, 8 April 1925 at Ottawa
7624-25 Ronald Cecil BIGLAND, 32, accountant, Middleborough England, 1 Percy St. in Ottawa, s/o Herbert BIGLAND (b. England) & Mary STEWART, married Millicent Florence BRADBURY, 21, secretary, Nottingham England, 292 Breezehill Ave in Ottawa, d/o Samuel BRADBURY (b. England) & Florence BRAMLEY, witn: Harold J. SMITH of 1 Percy St. & Dorothy BRADBURY of 292 Breeze Hill, 14 April 1925 at St. Matthias Church, Ottawa 7625-25 John Wesley BLANEY, 30, farmer, Pendleton Ont., Cumberland Ont., s/o William Thomas BLANEY (b. Ont) & Margaret Ellen HARRIGAN, married Louise DALY, 22, maid, Barrys Bay Ont., 222 Somerset St in Ottawa, d/o William Thomas DALY (b. Ont) & Jemima SKUCE, witn: James HUTCHINS of 186 McGillivray St. & May HUNTER of 243 Booth St. (both Ottawa), 18 April 1925 at Church of the Ascension, Ottawa
7623-25 Walter Smith BLYTH, 65, widower, Gloucester twp., Ottawa, s/o Alexander BLYTH & Jean ANDERSON, married Annie Hickman NEWTON, 40, widow, England, Ottawa, d/o Thomas HICKMAN & Elizabeth RICHARDS, witn: E. C. & Agnes A. YOUNG of Ottawa, 27 April 1925 at Ottawa 007629-25 (Carleton Co) Joseph Jean Aldine BOIVIN, 22, Factory Hand, St. Agathe Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Joseph BOIVIN (b. St. Hippolyte Terrebonne Co Quebec) & Pauliann BENOIT; married Marie Alphonsine Anna DUPUIS, 27, Housekeeper, St. Guillaume d'Upton Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Edouard DUPUIS (b. St. Guillaume d'Upton Yarnoski Co Quebec) & Marie Rose BEAUREGARD; witn F. DENIS & F.R. JUSTINIEN, both no place given, 25 Dec 1925, Ottawa
007631-25 (Carleton Co) Joseph Lionel BOND, 33, Salesman, Birmingham England, Ottawa, s/o John BOND (b. Birmingham England) & Clara NEILIES; married Jean Orr ALEXANDER, 31, Secretary, Glasgow Scotland, Toronto, d/o Daniel ALEXANDER (b. Paisley Scotland) & Agnes N. ROBB; witn M.E. ALEXANDER, Toronto & J.L. LAVORE, Ottawa, 24 Nov 1925, Ottawa 7621-25 Asa Edward BOOTH, 36, policeman, Ottawa, 219 Kent St. in Ottawa, s/o John BOOTH (b. Ont) & Emily MARKS, married Geneva SHEA, 20, stenographer, Vinton Que., same, d/o Daniel SHEA (b. Quebec) & Sarah CUNNINGHAM, wtn: Charles KAVANAGH of 211 Slater St. in Ottawa & Catherine CUNNINGHAM of Vinton Que., 7 May 1925 at Ottawa

7614-25 Napoleon Louis BOUDREAULT, 23, printer, Ottawa, same, s/o C.S.O. BOUDREAULT (b. Quebec) & Victorine ROCHON, married Marie Evelin DUBE, 18 1/12, Ottawa, same, d/o Joseph DUBE (b. Quebec) & Melanie PROULX, witn: Philius GRAVEL & A. ARSENAULT, both of Ottawa, 2 May 1925 at Ottawa

7616-25 Charles Joseph BOWIE, 41, farmer, Calumette Island Que., Calumette twp - Pontiac Co. Que., s/o Michael BOWIE (b. St. Lin Que) & Ann GILLEN, married Veronica KINSLEY, 20, Fort Coulonge Que., 848 Somerset St. in Ottawa, d/o Joseph KINSLEY (b. Ile de Calumet Que) & Agnes ARMOUR, witn: Paul LACOMBE & Leon FOURNIER, both of Ottawa, 27 April 1925 at Ottawa

7628-25 Samuel Russell BOYD, 28, farmer, Gloucester twp., Elwood, s/o Samuel BOYD (b. Carleton Co) & Catherine Ellen SPRATT, married Kathleen Florence WOOD, 22, River Desert Que., Elwood, d/o Leonard WOOD (b. Carleton Co) & Caroline McAMMOND, witn: Amory R. & Gertrude CAMERON of 164 Centre St. in Ottawa, 25 Dec 1925 at 164 Centre St., Ottawa 7622-25 Alfred Charles BRISTOW, 26, valet, Brighton England, Rideau Hall in Ottawa, s/o Richard Thomas BRISTOW (b. Brighton England) & Agnes STREETER, married Marjorie Ellen BEDMORE, 32, maid, Paddington London England, Rideau Hall, d/o George Frank BEDMORE (b. London England) & Ellen HOLMAN, witn: John Edwin & Jane TURPIE of Government House, 30 April 1925 at Ottawa

007630-25 (Carleton Co) Samuel BROWN, 27, Tool Maker, Ireland, Waterville, s/o Samuel BROWN (b. Ireland) & Sarah KIRKPATRICK; married Jean McLEES, 26, Scotland, enroute from Scotland, d/o Frances McLEES (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth McKINNON; witn M. BARR & Mrs BARR, both Ottawa, 20 Oct 1925, Ottawa

7617-25 Arthur Alexander BROWN, 24, railway employee, Goulbourn twp., Richmond, s/o David BROWN (b. Richmond Ont) & Annie JOY, married Norman Evelyn GREEN, 18, Marlboro twp., same, d/o John GREEN (b. Richmond Ont) & Laura HILL, witn: R. Harold & Gertrude MOORE of Richmond, 13 May 1925 at Ottawa

7620-25 Donald Walter BROWNRIGG, 23, mechanic, Ottawa, same, s/o Isaac Lawrence BROWNRIGG (b. Canada) & Teresa GRANDEAU, married Mary Winnifred MOYNAHAN, 25, telephone operator, Ottawa, same, d/o Mr. James MOYNAHAN (Moynihan?) (b. Canada) & Ellen SAURIOL, witn: Emma MURPHY & Mary Beatrice MOYNAHAN, both of Ottawa, 18 Nov. 1925 at Ottawa 7627-25 Harold Samuel BURCHILL, 23, barber, Merrickville, Smith Falls, s/o Samuel BURCHILL (b. Merrickville) & Annie POSTLETHWAITE, married Blanche Margaret LODGE, 21, Eganville, Smith Falls, d/o Thomas LODGE (b. Almonte) & Margaret ANDERSON, witn: Willie Theodore & Lillian Blanche BRADSHAW of 127 Spruce St. in Ottawa, 14 April 1925 at Church of the Ascension, Ottawa
7618-25 Edward Stewart BURKE, 22, bookkeeper, Billings Bridge, 53 Hopewell Ave in Ottawa, s/o Edward BURKE (b. Canada) & Theresa FLANNERY?, married Julia Frances McGREEVY, 23, clerk, Pershing Penn. USA, 103 Waverley St. in Ottawa, d/o Bernard McGREEVY (b. USA) & Mary LUDDEN, witn: Emmett M. BAXTER & Myrtle BURKE, both of Ottawa, 29 April 1925 at Ottawa 7635-25 Charles BURKE, 32, widower, carpenter, NY state, 299 Bay St. in Ottawa, s/o Martin BURKE (b. Canada) & Charlotte LOVE, married May READ, 21, saleslady, Scotland, 616 Cooper St. in Ottawa, d/o George READ (b. Scotland) & Mary INNES, witn: Martin & Harriet BURKE of Ottawa, 5 March 1925 at Ottawa
  007761-25 (Carleton Co) Robert Cameron CAMPBELL, 29, Farmer, Osgoode Twp, Osgoode Twp, s/o John Hugh CAMPBELL & Mary CAMERON; married Violet Christanna COWAN, 26, Osgoode Twp, Osgoode Twp, d/o Edmund Ephraim COWAN & Caroline DOWNEY; witn Rose Emma COWAN, Vernon & Henry Alexander CINNAMON, Winchester, 9 Sept 1925, Ottawa

007781-25 (Carleton Co) Allan Macdonald CAMPBELL, 40, Engineer, Scotland, Bells Corners, s/o Archibald CAMPBELL (deceased) (b. Scotland) & Mary MACDONALD; married Alice Letitia MORRISON, 34, Chelsea Que, Bells Corners, d/o Robert MORRISON (b. Ireland) & Margaret FERGUSON (deceased); witn Rose Emma MORRISON & Archibald CAMPBELL, both Bell's Corners, 22 Jul 1925, Ottawa

007762-25 (Carleton Co) John Gordon CAMPBELL, 29, Clerk, Ottawa, Oshawa, s/o John CAMPBELL (b. Glengarry Co) & Margaret MILLS; married Eva Victoria SMITH, 30, Accountant, Arnprior, Ottawa, d/o Charles SMITH (b. Canada) & Mary CATHCART; witn B.M. TELFORD & J.A. GUTHRIE, both Ottawa, 8 Aug 1925, Ottawa

7753-25 Charles CHARTRAND, 69, widower, retired, St. Martine - Chateaguay Que., 103 St. Andrew St. in Ottawa, s/o Michel CHARTRAND (b. Ste. Martine Que) & Zoe CARDINAL, married Graziella CORBEIL, 49, widow, Sorel Que., 658 Cumberland St. in Ottawa, d/o Alphonse CHAMPION? & Eliza STEADWORTHY, witn: Godfroy CHARTRAND of 658 Cumberland & Edouard CHARTRAND of 142 Botelier?, 3 Sept 1925 at Ottawa

007754-25 (Carleton Co) John CHATTERTON, 39, Manager, Wid, Comboro Ont, Sarnia, s/o Alexander CHATTERTON (b. Ontario) & Jeanette HUNTER; married Sophia McDOWELL, 32, Housekeeper, Wid, Shawville Quebec, Shawville Quebec, d/o George HODGINS (b. Quebec) & Almera McDOWELL (McDONELL?); witn Mrs D. & David BELHARRIE? (Boharrie?), both Ottawa, 17 Nov 1925, Ottawa

007751-25 (Carleton Co) William CHRISTIE, 49, Civil Servant, Wid, Sullivan Twp Grey, Ottawa, s/o Robert CHRISTIE (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth CARTES (Curtis?); married Sarah Catherine KENNEDY, 28, Housekeeper, Wingard Sask, Ottawa, d/o William KENNEDY (b. Manitoba) & Sarah McKAY; witn Edith C. FINLAY & Beatrice CHRISTIE, both no place given, 18 Dec 1925, Ottawa

7752-25 Hormidas CONSTANTIN, 35, widower, traveller, Buckingham Que., 10 McGee St. in Ottawa, s/o Hormidas CONSTANTIN (b. St. Hermase Que) & Marie Louise D'AOUST, married Olivine LAVIGNE, 26, domestic, Masson Que., 21 McGee St., d/o Fortunat LAVIGNE (b. Ripon Que) & Louise LAVIGNE, witn: Edmond BEAUCHAMP & Mathias LAVIGNE, both of Ottawa, 31 Dec 1925 at Ottawa

007765-25 (Carleton Co) Hermon John COOK, 22, Salesman, Burks Falls, Ottawa, s/o John Charles COOK (b. Ontario) & Martha BATES; married Hilda May Elizabeth LARRY, 20, Stenographer, Cardinal, Ottawa, d/o Clarence A. LARRY (b. Ontario) & Edith V. BARBER; witn Clarence A. LARRY & Mrs Clarence LARRY, both no place given, 15 Aug 1925, Ottawa

7794-25 Edmund Peter CORKERY, 23, carter, Richmond Ont., Ottawa, s/o Dennis Patrick CORKERY & Helena Mary HAYES, married Mary Loretta Genevieve WHELAN, 20, South March, Ottawa, d/o Patrick WHELAN & Honorah KENNEDY, witn: Dennis CORKERY & Azeta WHELAN, both of Ottawa, 29 July 1925 at Ottawa

007763-25 (Carleton Co) Gordon COSTELLO, 23, Bricklayer, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o John COSTELLO (b. Detroit Mich) & Lena KRANE; married Florence MILLS, 24, Domestic, Liverpool England, Ottawa, d/o Walter MILLS (b. Berkinhead England) & Kathleen FOGARTY; witn H.H. GORDON & K.C. MORRISON, both Ottawa, 6 Nov 1925, Ottawa

7784-25 Herbert Cornelius COUGHLAN, 24, railway clerk, Ottawa, 319 Parkdale Ave., s/o George COUGHLAN (b. Canada) & Anna MULCAHEY, married Harriet Christena TURNBULL, 25, telephone operator, Janeville Ont. 691 Bank St. in Ottawa, d/o John TURNBULL (b. Canada) & Anna CRAIG, witn: James O. COUGHLAN of 319 Parkdale Ave & Mildred T. TURNBULL of 691 Bank St., 23 June 1925 at St. Marys Rectory, Ottawa
7799-25 Wilfrid COUILLARD, 22, laborer, Ottawa, same, s/o Jerome COUILLARD & Eva LAUTHIER, marred Marie Jeanne LEVEILLEE, 20, Ottawa, same, d/o Emile LEVEILLEE & Mathilda TREMBLAY, witn: Joseph Etienne LAFONTAINE of 18 Douglas & Emile LEVEILLEE of Rockcliffe Annex in Ottawa, 10 Nov 1925 at Ottawa 7789-25 Jean Louis COUPAL, 27, doctor, St. Philppe la Prairie Que., Ottawa, s/o Dosithe COUPAL & Josephine LEFEBVRE, married Agnes Clare FOLEY, 25, Ottawa, same, d/o James G. FOLEY (late) & Mary Emma WHILLOCK, witn: Edward L. GUNNAR of 836 Davoar? Ave in Outremont Que & Osborne FOLEY of 87 Goulbourn Ave in Ottawa, 22 June 1925 at Ottawa
7768-25 Grant COURTNEY, 34, laborer, Morrisburg, same, s/o John COURTNEY (b. Canada) & Emma KEILEY, married Marguerite HIMES?, 31, Ottawa, 187 McGillivray St., d/o James HIMES (b. Canada) & Mary Ann McALLISTER, witn: William James HENRY of 187 McGillivray & Miss Rose Gladys HOPPINS of 8 Royal Ace in Laurentian View, 24 Aug 1925 at 187 McGillivray, Ottawa 7771-25 Lorenzo COUTURIER, 27, chauffeur, Ottawa, 552 St. Patrick St. in Ottawa, s/o Alfred COUTURIER (b. Ottawa) & Delia LARELLE? (Sauble?), married Clarice TREMBLAY, 21, Gatineau Point Que., 576 ½ St. Patrick St., d/o George TREMBLAY (b. Gatineau Point) & Isabelle CARRIERE, witn: Nap. LACOMBE & Leo LEFEBVRE, both of Ottawa, 21 Aug 1925 at Ottawa

007764-25 (Carleton Co) John CRAIG, 27, Plumber, Ottawa, Eastview, s/o William CRAIG (b. Brighton England) & Flora McKINNON; married Emily BENNETT, 27, Waitress, Sussex England, Ottawa, d/o Albert BENNETT (b. Ireland) & Ella CARSON; witn Evan CRAIG & Elizabeth CRAIG, both Eastview, 15 Aug 1925, Ottawa

7808-25 Willis Peter CRAIGIE, 25, plumber, Ottawa, same, s/o Peter M. CRAIGIE & Mary Ann GRAHAM, married Ella Margaret HANNAN, 19, Ellwood - Carleton Co., Ottawa, d/o Thomas George HANNAN & Edith Mary HENRY, witn: Arthur WILLIAMS of 172 Glenna? Ave in Ottawa & Alma CLIFFORD of Ellwood, 30 Sept 1925 at St. Matthews, Ottawa 7782-25 Oscar CREIGHTON, 22, laborer, Bancroft Ont., same, s/o Charles CREIGHTON (b. Renfrew) & Emma BOWERS, married Laura WHITEFOOT, 17, maid, Bancroft, Salvation Army Home, d/o Edward WHITEFOOT (b. England) & Lucinda ROBINSON, witn: Adjutant M. ROE of 1140 Wellington St. & Bertha WALLACE of 352 Slater St. (both Ottawa), 30 June 1925 at Ottawa
7783-25 William James CROFT, 25, draughtsman, Ottawa, 272 Slater St. in Ottawa, s/o William James CROFT (b. Belfast Ireland) & Elizabeth Ann MEAKINS, married Lillian Beatrice Mary O'HAGAN, 24, civil servant, Kingston, 52 Frank St. in Ottawa, d/o James Henry O'HAGAN (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth DEAN, witn: Ernest Arthur GORMAN of 573 O'Connor St. & Grace ROSEBROOKE of 167 Irving Ave (both Ottawa), 27 June 1925 at Ottawa 7785-25 Robert Andrew CROOKS, 23, laborer, Arnprior, same, s/o William James CROOKS (b. Wiltshire England) & Martha LANGFORD, married Whilena Ruth LAUNDRIE, 27, Vanacher Ont., Arnpior, d/o Eugene LAUNDRIE (b. Ont) & Catherine GARRISON, witn: William. J. CURRIE of 5 Craig St. & Margaret A. SMALLEY of 239 Fifth Ave (both Ottawa), 24 June 1925 at 239 Fifth Ave., Ottawa
7740-25 William James CURREN, 29, laborer, Ireland, 73 Willow St. in Ottawa, s/o William CURREN (b. Ireland) & Jenny WILSON, married Lillian Gertrude BUCK, 21, telephone operator, Fitzroy Harbour, 73 Willow St. in Ottawa, d/o Frank BUCK (b. England) & Emily MADDOX, witn: Walter Earnest & Emily ROOKE 73 Willow St., 3 Feb 1925 at Ottawa 7788-25 Edward CURSON (Cusson?), 25, clerk, Ottawa, same, s/o Arthur CURSON & Josephine DESJARDINS, married Gearia BEAUSEJOUR, 22, Ottawa, same, d/o Eugene BEAUSEJOUR & Florida REGIMBAL, witn: Moise DESJARDINS & Eugene BEAUSEJOUR, both of Ottawa, 1 June 1925 at Ottawa
7786-25 William Harvey CURRIE, 30, Ayrshire Scotland, 154 Florence St. in Ottawa, s/o Alexander CURRIE (b. Fenwick Ayrshire Scotland) & Rose CAMERON, married Marion Gladys HUMPHREYS, 33, civil servant, Ottawa, 111 Cameron St. in Ottawa, d/o Beauchamp Henry HUMPHREYS (b. Montreal) & Clara Amelia WURTELLE, witn: Austin O'CONNOR of 288 Nelson St. in Ottawa & Bessie B. HUMPHREYS of 111 Cameron St., 3 June 1925 at St. Barnabas Church, Ottawa 7795-25 Adolphe CYR, 25, workman, St. Andre d'Avelin Que., Hull, s/o Edouard CYR & Ernestine BOURGEOIS, married Margaret DUPUIS, 26, widow (of Andrea Crifero?), Prescott England, Ottawa, d/o Edouard DUPUIS & Elizabeth GASKELL, witn: Edouard CYR of St. Henry St. in Hull & Joseph AGYCK? of 622 Booth in Ottawa, 31 Aug 1925 at St. Gerards church, Ottawa

007835-25 (Carleton Co) George Samuel DALZELL, 23, Carpenter, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Samuel DAZELL (sic) (b. Belfast Ireland) & Margaret CHILCOTT; married Daisy Evelyn DAVIDSON, 22, Clerk, Ottawa, Ridgemont, d/o William DAVIDSON (b. Templeton) & Isabella McCLELLAND; witn Basil S. DAVIDSON & Grace DAVIDSON, both Ottawa, 16 Sept 1925, Ottawa

7854-25 Armando DAMOUR, 33, widower, Hull, Ottawa, s/o Camille DAMOUR & Clemence HARPER, married Albertine LAFRAMBOISE, 22, Masson, Ottawa, d/o Dolphis LAFRAMBOISE & Clara MONETTE, witn: Auguste DAMOUR of Ottawa & Londoe? DAMOUR of Hull, 6 May 1925 at Ottawa

007838-25 (Carleton Co) Joseph Ernest DENAULT, 24, Carpenter, Ottawa, Hull Quebec, s/o Joseph Alexander DENAULT (b. Ottawa) & Marguerite TREMBLAY; married Alice DUKE, 23, LaPasse Ont, Ottawa, d/o James DUKE (b. Quebec) & Marie ROMAIN; witn Joseph Alexander DENAULT, Hull & Mae Boushell? EDWARD, Ottawa, 30 Jun 1925, Ottawa

7825-25 Frank DENNERY, 23, painter, Alexandria Ont., 179 Arlington Ave in Ottawa, s/o James Rengo DENNERY (b. England) & Mary McDONALD, married Florence Gertrude GIMSON, 17, Bardsville Ont., 297 Queen St. in Ottawa, d/o Henry GIMSON (b. Canada) & Sarah OWENS, witn: James GIMSON of 297 Queen St. & Julia An KENNELLY of 397 Cambridge St. in Ottawa, 3 Oct 1925 at Ottawa

007856-25 (Carleton Co) William John DEROUIN, 33, Butcher, Fort Coulonge Quebec, Campbells Bay Quebec, s/o Louis DEROUIN & Esther DAGENAIS; married Gladys Ellen VIBERT, 31, Buyer, Gaspe Quebec, Ottawa, d/o James VIBERT & Emily MILLER; witn Hector SEGUIN & Thomas J. GILLISSIE, both Ottawa, 13 Apr 1925, Ottawa

7850-25 John Patrick DOOLAN, 33, accountant, Ottawa, same, s/o John DOOLAN & Margaret FITZGERALD, married Eileen Elizabeth NUNAGER?, 22, civil servant, Ottawa, same, d/o Alexander NUNINGER? & Julia CASSIDY, witn: J. O. Alphonse ROY of 138 Irving Ave & Cecilia M. McCANN of 27 Osgoode St., 8 July 1925 at Ottawa

007839-25 (Carleton Co) Thomas Herman DOUGLAS, 20, Employee of Royal Mint, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o James H. DOUGLAS (b. North Bay) & Isabel MATTHEWS; married Marguerite Ethel PELL, 24, Employee of Bank Note Co, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Thomas PELL (b. Ottawa) & Sarah BARNES; witn John A. DOUGLAS & Gwendoline DOUGLAS, both Ottawa, 30 Jun 1925, Ottawa

7832-25 Anthony Leo DUFOUR, 21, accountant, Ottawa, 245 Rideau St. in Ottawa, s/o Joseph DUFOUR (late, b. Ottawa) & Cecilia LAUZON, married Marie Theresa Anstasie SARRAZIN, 23, Ottawa, 852 Somerset St. in Ottawa, d/o Pascal SARRAZIN (late, b. Ottawa) & Therese LAMBERT (late), witn: Samuel Ernest DUFOUR of 340 Mackay & Camille MESSIER of 600 Cumberland, 9 Jan 1925 at Ottawa

007862-25 (Carleton Co) William Arthur ELLIS, 45, Telegrapher, Pontiac Co Pontiac Quebec, Ottawa, s/o John ELLIS (b. McNab Twp) & Caroline McCALLUM; married Mary Florence TAYLOR, 30, Nurse, Ottawa East, Ottawa, d/o William James TAYLOR (b. West Osgoode) & Margaret Ann REID: witn Jessie Belle ELLIS, Arnprior & William Henry TAYLOR, no place given, 30 Sept 1925, Ottawa

7869-25 Louis Frederick ENGELS, 30, railroad brakeman, Sullivan twp., Bridgeburg, s/o Christian ENGELS (b. Germany) & Elizabeth PRIBE?, married Ida Victoria Bertha HAAK, 27, telephone operator, Ottawa, same, d/o Charles HAAK (b. Germany) & Bertha KRITSCH, witn: William RENNEY of 92 Hamilton St. & Ella HAAK of 629 Chapel St. (both Ottawa), 24 June 1925 at Ottawa

007893-25 (Carleton Co) Francis Joseph FAGAN, 30, Labourer, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Michael FAGAN & Sarah CAHILL; married Mary Catherine Hazel EGAN, 30, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Thomas EGAN & Annie THORNTON; witn Oswald EGAN & Mildred EGAN, both Ottawa, 4 Feb 1925, Ottawa

007889-1925 (Carleton Co) Arthur Wilson FAGAN, 24, Siderographer, Leeds England, 162 Pretoria Ave. in Ottawa, s/o William Lewis FAGAN & Jane Anna WILSON, married Helen Davidson LEGGE, 24, Scotland, 163 Drummond St. in Ottawa, d/o John LEGGE & Annabella McKAY, witn: Warren FAGAN, Bertha A. LEGGE, both of Ottawa, 23 May 1925 at Church of the Ascension, Ottawa

007879-1925 (Carleton Co) Arlo Vivian Small FARLEY, 34, Hamilton, same, s/o Edgerton Hamilton FARLEY & Amelia SMALL, married Elizabeth May COOME, 30, Hamilton, same, d/o Charles Edward COOME & Georgia CAILLE, witn: Irene DESJARDINS, Aurora CHRETIEN, both of Ottawa, 16 Oct 1925 at Ottawa 007878-1925 (Carleton Co) George Albert FARIS, 41, Farmer, Eardley Que., Aylmer East Que., s/o Robert FARIS, b. Que & Eleanor RADMORE, married Eleanor Alice Eliza Dolly WILSON, 30, Ottawa, 14 Harvard Ave. in Ottawa, d/o Arthur WILSON, b. England & Eliza Ambestina MITCHEL, witn: J.A. WILSON, 425 Sunnyside Ave. in Ottawa, Mrs. E. M. WILSON, Mrs. L.L. HOWE, 6 Nov 1925 at St. Matthews, Ottawa
007890-1925 (Carleton Co) Arthur Roland FAULKNER, 27, Helper at Bowles Lunch, Cradley Heath - Staffs. England, Ottawa, s/o Roland FAULKNER & Isabel GILMOUR, married Lily Mary WILLIAMS, 25, Nurse Maid, Duncan Terraces - London England, Ottawa, d/o Henry George WILLIAMS & Catherine KENNEDY, witn: Randolph FAULKNER, Temiskaming District Ont, Florence DeLUCA, Ottawa, 2 June 1925 at Ottawa (RC) 007885-1925 (Carleton Co) Harold FIELDS, 22, Driver, Hull Que., Ottawa, s/o Robert FIELDS & Adeline WOODS, married Mina WALL 23, Stittsville, Ottawa, d/o Robert WALL, b. Canada & Lena WHITE, witn: Herbert DOWNS, Mabel DOWNS, 26 Gloucester St., 8:30 p.m., 31 July 1925 at St. Matthew's Church, Ottawa
007883-1925 (Carleton Co) John James FISHER, 24, Electric Operator, Hawick Scotland, Newark-USA, s/o Robert Oliver FISHER, b. Hawick Scotland, & Annie Roden JARDINE, married Sarah REVEL, 21, Hawick Scotland, 184 Henderson Ave. in Ottawa, d/o Archibald REVEL, b. Hawick Scotland, & Agnes SCOTT, witn: A.I. CALDWELL, Isabel CALDWELL, both of Ottawa, 27 Jan 1925 at Ottawa 007880-25 (Carleton Co) Arthur FITZGERALD, 36, Clerk, Belfast Ireland, Ottawa, s/o John FITZGERALD (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth PAXMAN; married Margaret Irene McGAHAN, 29, Employee of Bank Hotels, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o William McGHAN (sic) (b. England) & Julia FLOOD; witn George PRITCHARD & Marjorie McGHAN, both Ottawa, 18 Nov 1925, Ottawa
007877-1925 (Carleton Co) William E. FITZSIMMONS, 28, Undertaker, Russell, Iroquois, s/o John FITZSIMMONS, b. Bear Brook Ont & Margaret Emily SCHARF, married Elizabeth Grey BROWN, 22, Nurse, Perth, Iroquois, d/o Alex BROWN, b. Banff-Scotland & Marion Isabel TAYLOR, witn: Annie FITZSIMMONS, Thomas N. FITZSIMMONS, both of Ottawa, 9 Oct 1925 at Ottawa 007882-25 (Carleton Co) Frank FLESHER, 19, Driver, Russia, Ottawa, s/o Morris FLESHER (b. Russia) & Kathileen BAMBRE; married Birdee Kathleen O'LEARY, 19, Stenographer, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Joseph Morgan O'LEARY (b. Ottawa) & Mary O'REILLY; witn Anthony DAMIANS & Lucy MONTAGUE, both Ottawa, 17 Feb 1925, Carleton
007876-1925 (Carleton Co) Nathaniel Thomas FLOYD, 44, Bricklayer, Ottawa, 51 Argyle Ave. in Ottawa, s/o Nathaniel FLOYD, b. Carp & Laura L. BELAT, married Mary Ann Esther RUSSELL, 33, Domestic Servant, Nepean Twp., 14 Rupert St. in Ottawa, d/o William RUSSELL, b. England & Hannah E. SPENCE, witn: Henry RUSSELL, 28 4th Ave. in Ottawa, Mrs. Mildred RUSSELL, 28 Fourth Ave. in Ottawa, 10 Oct 1925 at Ottawa 007891-1925 (Carleton Co) Joseph Lorio? FLYNN, 22, Ottawa, same, s/o Joseph FLYNN & Bridget McEVOY, married Mary Elizabeth FORTIER, 19, Ottawa, same, d/o Joseph FORTIER & Catherine KELLEY, witn: Ernest POULIN, Mary FLYNN, both of Ottawa, 16 June 1925 Ottawa (RC)
007888-1925 (Carleton Co) Nicholas FORAN, 51, Widower, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, South Gloucester, Ottawa, s/o Nicholas FORAN, b. South Gloucester & Alice DALEY, married Catherine COGHLAN, 47, Ottawa, same, d/o James COGHLAN, b. Ottawa, & Jane HONAN, witn: Xavier FORAN, Zena COGHLAN, both of Ottawa, 2 June 1925 St. Patrick's Church, Ottawa (RC) 007875-1925 (Carleton Co) Grenville Barker FROST, 34 Chemical Engineer, Orillia, Kingston, s/o William Sword FROST, b. Glasgow Scotland & Margaret BARKER, married Eunice Letitia LAW, 28, Civil Servant, Oxford Mills, Ottawa, d/o Samuel J. LAW, b. Grenville Twp & Sarah Eliza STREIGHT, witn: illegible M. FROST, Lindsay, M. Myrtle LAW, 190 Lisgar St. in Ottawa, 3 Sept 1925 at 190 Lisgar St., Ottawa
007881-1925 (Carleton Co) Albert Edward FULFORD, 21, Journalist, Ottawa, 21 LeBreton Ottawa, s/o Frederick FULFORD, b. Canada & Mary BYRNES, married Frances Gertrude BLOUNT, 19, Stenographer, Ottawa, 203 Fifth Ave. in Ottawa, d/o William BLOUNT & Abbie CLISSOLD, witn: Harold VILLENEUVE, Norah CODY, both of Ottawa, 24 Nov 1925 at Ottawa (RC) 008618-25 William James Edmund FULFORD, 42, widower, farmer, Fitzroy twp, same, s/o John FULFORD (b. Fitzroy twp) & Mary Jane JEFFREY married Sarah Jane EWING, 32, housemaid, Castlefinse Ireland, Ottawa d/o Robert EWING (b. Castlefinse Ireland) & Mary Jane LEWIS wtn: Rosa Ellen PALMER of 28 Gilmour St in Ottawa & Grant W. RILEY of Kinburn 11 November 1925 at the manse in Carp.
007896-1925 (Carleton Co) John Thomas FURRIE, 28, Electrician, Old Chelsea Que., Ironsides Que., s/o Thomas FURRIE & Anastasia MURPHY, married Sarah Helen FRASER, 33, Telephone Operator, Renfrew, Ironsides Que., d/o James Alfred FRASER & Sarah HOURIGAN, witn: Nellie TURNER, Ottawa, Edmund FURRIE, Old Chelsea Que., 23 Nov 1925 at Ottawa (RC)

007921-25 (Carleton Co) Herbert Robert GADDE, 23, Printer, Ottawa, Plattsburg NY USA, s/o Robert GADDE (b. Wabessa? Stolp Pommern Germany) & Augusta BUSKE; married Eileen Theresa BURTON, 23, Bookbinder, Lewisham England, Ottawa, d/o Joseph BURTON (b. London England) & Katherine LEIGH; witn Norman H. GADDE, Ottawa & Patricia M. BURTON, no place given, 16 Sept 1925, Ottawa

7948-25 John Baptiste Gustave GAGNON, 30, commercial traveller, Montreal, same, s/o Wenslaus GAGNON & Helen LEMIEUX, married Mary Eva Beatrice LEMIEUX, 24, telephone operator, Alfred Ont., Ottawa, d/o Jeremiah LEMIEUX & Margaret JAMES, witn: Wenslaus GAGNON of Montreal & Jeremiah LEMIEUX of Ottawa, 12 Oct. 1925 at St. Patricks Church, Ottawa 7937-25 Wesley Alanson GAMBLE, 28, prospector, Ransaelar Falls NY, Rouyn Que., s/o John Wesley GAMBLE & Lottie Evelyn GLANCEY, married Lillian Emaline BRADLEY, 20, clerk, Ottawa, 140 Arthur St. in Ottawa, d/o Wellington Brown BRADLEY & Emma Jane CAVANAGH, witn: Leitha E. ARGUE of Stittsville & Ray ANDERSON of 23 Central Terrace in Ottawa, 23 June 1925 at Ottawa

007913-25 (Carleton Co) Michael GARGANO, 22, Driver, Naples Italy, Ottawa, s/o Joseph GARGANO (late) & Fiorinda GIORDANO; married Aldea FORTIER, 16 (consent attached), St. Charles, Ottawa, d/o Leonida FORTIER & Aldea CHAMBERLAND; witn Vincenzo SORRENTI, no place given & Bernadette PLUARD?, Ottawa, 28 Feb 1925, Ottawa

007933-25 (Carleton Co) Graham Clifford GARNER, 29, Asst Manager, England, Ottawa, s/o Henry Charles GARNER (b. London England) & Ellen S. LIGHT; married Lucille KEMP, 26, Civil Servant, Blackburn, Ottawa, d/o Adam KEMP (b. Blackburn) & Harriett QUAILE; witn Myrtle M. NELSON & Nellie M. GARNER, both Ottawa, 6 Jun 1925, Ottawa

007923-25 (Carleton Co) James GARRICK, 25, Counterman, Wick Caithness Scotland, Ottawa, s/o John GARRICK (b. Bellscooltry? Scotland) & Mary SUTHERLAND; married Jeannie CAMERON, 21, Aberdeen Scotland, Ottawa, d/o James H. CAMERON (b. Aberdeen) & Barbara GREY; witn Ina GARRICK & Daniel FOLEY, both Ottawa, 14 Aug 1925, Ottawa

7943-25 Albert GARRIPY, 27, Ottawa, same, s/o Napoleon GARRIPY & Louisa BONIER, married Yvonne GRAVEL, 25, Ottawa, same, d/o Edouard GRAVEL & Delphine RIVARD, witn: Napoleon GARRIPY & Edouard GRAVEL, both of Ottawa, 23 Feb 1925 at Ottawa

007934-25 (Carleton Co) John Henry GATES, 28, Civil Servant, Liverpool England, Ottawa, s/o Henry GATES & Beatrice JOHNSON; married Gertrude BROOKS, 28, Saltney Wales, Saltney Wales, d/o Joseph BROOKS & Hannah FISHER; witn Henry GATES & Beatrice GATES, both no place given, 6 Jun 1925, Ottawa 7927-25 William GAUDREAU, 30, laborer, Hull Que., same, s/o Joseph GAUDREAU (b. Cap. St. Ignace Que) & Celanie LACHANCE, married Eva PARISIEN, 30, widow, charwoman, Hull Que., 262 Clarence St. in Ottawa, d/o Louisa GAUDREAU (b. Cap St. Ignace Que) & Eliza MICHEL, witn: Philippe GIRDY? & Lea LEONARD, both of Ottawa, 2 Aug 1925 at Ottawa
7930-25 Zotique GAUTHIER, 39, farmer, Bourget, same, s/o Hormisdas GAUTHIER (b. Bourget) & Marceline DUMOUCHEL, married Marie Rebecca SAULNIER, 40, Memraoncook NB, 36 Vittoria St. in Ottawa, d/o Alpha SAULNIER (b. Memraoncook NB) & Marguerite DUPRIER? (Dupuis?), witn: Lowella McINNIS of 26 Vittoria & George CLARK of 93 York St. in Ottawa, 25 June 1925 at Ottawa 7939-25 Andre GAUVREAU, 43, laborer, Montreal, Ottawa, s/o Edouard GAUVREAU & Alphonsine RACICOT, married Alice LEMIEUX, 38, Ottawa, same, d/o Jules LEMIEUX & Valerie DUGAS, witn: Edouard GAUVREAU of Montreal & Emile BOHEMIER of Ottawa, 19 Aug 1925 at Ottawa
7919-25 Emanuel GENESOVE, 26, Russia, Toronto, s/o Jacob GENESOVE (b. Russia) & Minnie SHIFFEREN, married Marion SHAPIRO, 18, Ottawa, 477 Wellington St. in Ottawa, d/o Barnet SHAPIRO (b. Russia) & Katheleen ENGELSON, witn: Jos. GOLDBERG of 36 Lett St. & D. MIRSKY of 740 Albert (both Ottawa), 22 Nov 1925 at Ottawa 7945-25 Paolo GIACOMINI, b. 5 Feb 1898, laborer, Treviso Italy, Ottawa, s/o Pietro GIACOMINI & Regina FEDATTO (both deceased), married Caterine FEDATTO, b. 17 Nov 1901, Sacile - Udine Italy, Ottawa, d/o Pellegrino FEDATTO & Angela PERUO, witn: Dominic Paolo GIACOMINI & Giacomo PENN?, both of St. Narcisse Que. 29 Jan 1925 at Ottawa

007924-25 (Carleton Co) Edgar Francis GIBSON, 42, Ferryman, Louisville NY, Aultsville, s/o Eugene C. GIBSON (b. New York State) & no first name WILSON; married Mabel McCULLOUGH, 30, Wid, Aultsville, Aultsville, d/o Reuben BAKER (b. Aultsville) & blank DAFOE; witn Nellie EARDLEY & Eric A. EARDLEY, both Ottawa, 30 Jul 1925, Ottawa

7946-25 George GIBSON, 24, workman, Ontario, Ottawa, s/o George GIBSON & Alice DAMOUR, married Marie Louise CRETE, 20, Ottawa, same, d/o Anthime CRETE & M. Louise FORTIN, witn: Alfred LABBE of 548 1/2 Rochester & Anthime CRETE of 45 Adelin (both Ottawa), 15 Jan 1925 at St. Gerards, Ottawa

  007903-1925 (Carleton Co) John James GILCHRIST, 45, Contractor, Vinton Que., 351 Nepean St. in Ottawa, s/o William GILCHRIST, b. Canada & Hanna KELLY, married Violet Elle O'HARE, 26, Saleslady, Calumette Island-PQ, 351 Nepean St. in Ottawa, d/o John O'HARE, b. Canada & Ellen NEEDHAM, witn: M. F. CAIN, Katherine CAIN, both of Ottawa, 22 Apr 1925 at Ottawa
7929-25 Mervin Ernest GILES, 29, grocery clerk, Wakefield Que. Westboro, s/o Robert GILES (b. Canada) & Bella MANARY, married Stella ROTHWELL, 28, Huntley Ont., 131 Bell St. in Ottawa, d/o James ROTHWELL (b. Canada) & Mary EVOY, witn: Gusta BOYLE & Bernard GILES, 23 June 1925 at Ottawa 7920-25 Henry Robert Thistle GILL, 24, insurance broker, Ottawa, 281 O'Connor St. in Ottawa, s/o Robert GILL (b. Dundas Ont) & Anna Louisa THISTLE, married Melissa Vera Drummond BIRKETT, 21, Ottawa, Aylmer Apts. in Ottawa, d/o Frederick Wren BIRKETT (b. Ottawa) & Clare TAYLOR, witn: Robert GILL of O'Connor St. & Clare BIRKETT of Aylmer Apts., 12 Sept 1925 at Ottawa
007915-25 (Carleton Co) Cyrus Phillip GILLIS, 24, Grain Trimmer, Coulonge Quebec, Port Arthur, s/o William GILLIS & Mary STEVENS, married Dolly Matilda HALL, 22, Teacher, Perkins Mills Quebec, Perkins Mills Quebec, d/o Francis HALL & Ann Elizabeth SCULLION; witn Herttie? F. COMA, Aylmer East Quebec & John Stewart HALL, Perkins Mills Quebec, 19 Jan 1925, Ottawa 007897-1925 (Carleton Co) Odilon GINGRAS, 33, Widower, Farmer, Masham Que., same, s/o Joseph GINGRAS, b. Ste Cecile de Masham & Marguerite BELISLE, married Lorenza LAROCQUE, 18, Domestic Servant, Masham Que., 391 Daly Ave. in Ottawa, d/o Pierre LAROCQUE, b. Ste Cecile de Masham & Clara LORRAIN, witn: Godfrey GINGRAS, Ste Cecile de Masham, Leon LAFRANCE, 185 Friel, 25 Oct 1925 at Ottawa (RC)
007898-25 (Carleton Co) Joseph William GINGRAS, 29, Chauffeur, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Leon GINGRAS (b. Ottawa) & Marie Louise BEAULNE, married Ethel MACMILLAN, 29, dressmaker, St. Pierre de Wakefield Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Alexander McMILLAN (sic) (b. Rigaud Quebec) & Louanna? McGLASHAN; witn Camille MESSIER & Dolor DORE, both no place given, 20 Oct 1925, Ottawa 7914-25 Hector GINGRAS, 29, laborer, Gloucester twp., Eastview, s/o Leon GINGRAS (b. Eastview) & Marie Louise BEAULNE, married Marianne CHARRON, 26, Ottawa Rockland, d/o Alphonse CHARRON (b. Ottawa) & Eugenie LAFLEUR, witn: Paul (Roaul?) LACOMBE & Emile RAYMOND, both of Ottawa, 6 Feb 1925 at Ottawa
7949-25 Ernest GODARD, 28, laborer, South Indian Ont., Detroit, s/o Adrien GODARD (late) & Methilda LEDUC, married Rose Delima BEAUVAIS, 33, Rigaud Que., Ottawa, d/o Wilfrid BEAUVAIS & Rose Delima BOUTIN, witn: Joseph LEDUC of South Indian & Wilfrid BEAUVAIS of Ottawa, 30 Sept 1925 at Ottawa 007907-1925 (Carleton Co) Joachim Telesphore GODBOUT, 37, Druggist, Hull Que., 278 St. Patrick St. in Ottawa, s/o Victor GODBOUT, b. Eastview, & Hermelina BAULNE, married Mary Alinea O'TOOLE, 32, Saleslady, Ottawa, 293 Clarence St. in Ottawa, d/o James O'TOOLE, b. Ottawa, & Olivia MALOUIN, witn: James O'TOOLE, Weldon GRAHAM, both of Ottawa, 14 Apr 1925 at Ottawa (RC)
7932-25 Samuel Aron GOLDBERG, 27, insurance agent, New York, Ottawa, s/o Reuben GOLDBERG (b. Holetz Russia) & Bertha MERSON, married Rose KAVALSKY, 20, London England, Ottawa, d/o Max KAVALSKY (b. Groduc Russia) & Annie BROMBERG, witn: Abraham BILMAN of 101 4th Ave & C. COFLER (Cofen?) of 356 Stewart St., 9 June 1925 at Ottawa 7928-25 Harry GOLDENBERG, 20, counter man, Roumania, New York NY, s/o Isaac GOLDENBERG, b. Roumania & THelma GOLDSTEIN, married Helen GINSBERG, 21, Russia, 55 William St. in Ottawa, d/o William GINSBERG, b. Russia, & Matek SCHWARTZBERG, witn: Moses APPLEBAUM of 304 Murray St. & M. SHORE of 277 York St., 28 June 1925
  007908-1925 (Carleton Co) Harry GOLDSTEIN, 32, Jeweller, Kelm Russia, 49 St. Luke St. in Montreal, s/o Aaron GOLDSTEIN, b. Russia, & Leah GOLDSTEIN, married Leah KRIGER, 27, Book keeper, Russia, 283 York St. in Ottawa, d/o Solomon KRIGER, b. Russia & Sarah VEEDEUSAN, witn: Mendel PEARLMAN, 166 Rideau St., David FRIENDLY, 264 Clarence St., 29 March 1925, at Ottawa (Hebrew) [as written]
007918-1925 (Carleton Co) John GOODEN, 23, Clerk, Ottawa, 106 Nelson St. in Ottawa, s/o John GOODEN, b. Canada & Fannie BROUSE, married Blanche MARCHAND, 28, Montreal, 79 Nelson St. in Ottawa, d/o Euclid MARCHAND, b. Canada & Almina ETHIER (deceased), witn: Mrs. C. LaROSE, 79 Nelson St. in Ottawa, Mrs. J. F. MACFARLAND, 28 Melgund Ave. in Ottawa, 9 Dec 1925 at Ottawa 007917-1925 (Carleton Co) Abraham GOODWIN, 58, Widower, Manager, Treuthan - Staff. Eng, Brantford, s/o William GOODWIN, b. Eng & Sarah EDWARDS, married Margaret Caroline BERNARDIN, 57, Buyer, Buckingham Que., 64 Riverdale in Ottawa, d/o Isidore BERNARDIN, b. Canada & Mary SMITH, witn: Bernard P. SLATTERY, Mrs. Irene H. SLATTERY both of 64 Riverdale Ave.-Ottawa, 24 Nov 1925 at Ottawa (RC)
007904-1925 (Carleton Co) William Dickson GOOLD, 32, Civil Servant, Ottawa, Westboro, s/o Cecile Charles GOOLD, b. Waterloo Que & Jane HENEY, married Mary Frances Loretta EBBS, 23, Civil Servant, Ottawa, 36 Stewart St. in Ottawa, d/o Simon EBBS, b. Que & Fanny HAYES, witn: Joseph BLAIS, Lorenzo LABELLE, both of Ottawa, 20 Apr 1925 at Ottawa 007906-1925 (Carleton Co) John Redvers GORMAN, 21 Clerk, Ottawa, same, s/o Thomas GORMAN & Margaret OMEARA, married Violet Marguerite BORTHWICK, 20, Music Teacher, Ottawa, same, d/o Hugh H. BORTHWICK & Mary GANEFORD, witn: Percy ROBERT, Mary C. GORMAN, both of Ottawa, 14 Apr 1925 at Ottawa
7935-25 Valmore GOUGEON, 27, clerk, Eastview, Ottawa, s/o Eustache GOUGEON & Ambrosine MONTHA, married Emma Jeanne BERTRAND, 22, Fort Coulonge, Ottawa, d/o Evangeliste BERTRAND & Anna LAFRENIERE, witn: William Emile BOUCHER & William Olivier BOUCHER, both of Aylmer, 25 May 1925 at Ottawa 7944-25 Ambroise Amiele GOUGEON, 24, laborer, Ottawa, same, s/o Hermenegilde GOUGEON & Angelina BLAIS, married Alexina GORLEY, 22, Messines Que., Ottawa, d/o Joseph GORLEY & illegible ETHIER, witn: Hermenegilde GOUGEON of 143 Nelson in Ottawa & Joseph GORLEY of Messines - Wright Co. Que., 23 Feb 1925 at Ottawa
007909-1925 (Carleton Co) Leopold GOYER, 24, Fireman & Laborer, Ottawa, 19 Augusta St. Ottawa, s/o Noe GOYER, b. Gatineau Que., & Philomina VEZINA, married Yvonne BERNIER, 22, Hull Que., 105 St James St. in Hull, d/o Joseph BERNIER, b. Lilet Que., & Ledivinie MORRIS, witn: Hector BELANGER & P?. GRAVEL, both of Ottawa, 26 Mar 1925 at Ottawa (RC)  
007905-1925 (Carleton Co) Percy Melbourne GRAHAM, 28, Farmer, Osgoode Twp, s/o James GRAHAM, b. Canada & Sara GRAY, married Lulu Isabella MEHAREY, 25, Russell Twp, Osgoode Twp, d/o Robert MEHAREY, b. Canada & Lilly WYATT, witn: Robert MEHAREY, 2 Sept 1925 at Ottawa 007900-1925 (Carleton Co) Harold Stacey GRAHAM, 33, Clerk, Stoke Newington - London Eng., Government House in Ottawa, s/o Thomas James GRAHAM, b. England & Innes WILLIAMS, married Margaret Ethel HOWE, 30, Ottawa, 135 Lorne Ave. in Ottawa, d/o Stephen HOWE, b. Canada & Mina BOBIER?, witn: Peter BRODERICK, Marjorie BRODERICK, both of Ottawa, 9 Nov 1925 St. Pat's Church, Ottawa

007916-25 (Carleton Co) Alexander McDonald GRANT, 32, Civil Servant, Glengarry Co, Ottawa, s/o Peter GRANT (b. Glengarry) & Christie Flora MACDONALD; married Elizabeth Kinnear DORWARD, 30, Domestic, Dundee Scotland, Ottawa, d/o John DORWARD (b. Forfar Scotland) & Isabella ESPLIN; witn William SMITH & Isabella WESTWOOD, 23 Jan 1925, Ottawa

007901-25 (Carleton Co) Henri GRANT, 35, Civil Servant, Orleans, Ottawa, s/o Pierre GRANT (b. Ottawa) & Eugene RICHARD; married Marie IMBLEAU, 33, Secretary, Montreal Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Joseph IMBLEAU (b. Montreal) & Emma LEGENDRE; witn Pierre GRANT, Ottawa & Philippe IMBLEAU, Montreal, 24 Oct 1925, Ottawa

7938-25 Joseph Stanislas GRATTON, 35, clerk, Plantagenet, Toronto, s/o Stanislas GRATTON & Susanna DEMERS, married Marie Louise Amore St.MARSEILLE, 32, Chelmsford, Ottawa, d/o Joseph St.MARSEILLE & Anna PROULX, witn: Stanislas GRATTON of Plantagenet & Amilie St.MARSEILLE of Ottawa, 20 July 1925 at Ottawa 7947-25 Julien GRATTON, 20, clerk, Ottawa, same, s/o Napoleon GRATTON & Rose Alma JULIEN, married Marie Elieth PARADIS, 20, Ottawa, same, d/o Albert PARADIS & the late Dora TASSE, wit: Napoleon GRATTON & Albert PARADIS, both of Ottawa, 9 Nov 1925 at Ottawa
7941-25 Mozart GRAVELLE, 23, laborer, Ottawa, same, s/o Joseph GRAVELLE (late) & Marie Louise RENAUD, married Lauria ROBERT, 25, Ottawa, same, d/o Alfred ROBERT (late) & Felicite RAYMOND, witn: Elie RENAUD & Alfred ROBERT, both of Ottawa, 31 Aug 1925 at Ottawa 7942-25 Francis Wood GRAVES, 40, physician, Barbadoes, same, s/o Francis Wood GRAVES & Henrietta EDGEHILL, married Mary Catherine SNOWDON, 24, Ottawa, same, d/o Johnston M. SNOWDON & Caroline Elizabeth WEAGER, witn: C. A. SNOWDON & Andrew HAYDEN, both of Ottawa, 14 March 1925 at Ottawa

007926-25 (Carleton Co) Richard GRAY, 25, Superintendant, Quyon Quebec, Detroit Mich USA, s/o Richard GRAY (b. Ireland) & Mary DONALDSON; married Ethel Myra MOSLEY, 23, Quyon Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Edward MOSLEY (b. Quebec) & Annie ARMSTRONG; witn Howard ARMSTRONG, Quyon Quebec & Mrs. L. CLEMISS, no place given, 7 Jul 1925, Ottawa

007902-25 (Carleton Co) Milton Edward GREEN, 24, Fireman, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Thomas Henry GREEN (b. Ottawa Ont) & Mary JENKINS; married Annie Florence JACKSON, 32, Civil Servant, Lanark, Ottawa, d/o John JACKSON (b. Lanark) & Catherine BAIRD; witn Stephen M. TAGGART & Mrs Stephen M. TAGGART, both no place given, 24 Sept 1925, Ottawa

7925-25 Bennie GREENBERG, 25, trader, Ottawa, Billings Bridge, s/o Jake GREENBERG (b. Russia) & Yetta GREENBERG, married Minnie BAKER, 23, Poland, Billings Bridge, d/o Hyman BAKER (b. Poland) & Celia BLACKMAN, witn: Moses APPLEBAUM of 304 Murray St. & S. FRIENDLY of Almonte, 5 July 1925 at Ottawa 007910-1925 (Carleton Co) Samuel GREENBERG, 29, Gardener, Russia, Billings Bridge, s/o Marx GREENBERG, b. Russia & Bella GOLDENBERG, married Bessie MURRAY, 19, Russia, Billings Bridge, d/o Joseph MURRAY, b. Russia, & Bertha ALTMAN, witn: M. HELD, Billings Bridge, M. PALMER, 223 Clarence St. in Ottawa, 17 Mar 1925 at Ottawa (Hebrew)
  007931-25 (Carleton Co) Herbert GRIFFIN, 30, Jeweller, England, Ottawa, s/o Richard GRIFFIN (b. Birmingham) & Sarah SAUNDERS; married Dorothy Lilian WHITCOMB, 26, England, Ottawa, d/o George Henry WHITCOMB (b. Birmingham) & Drusilla JONES; witn Arthur Wallace WHITCOMB & Jennie WHITCOMB, both Ottawa, 20 Jun 1925, Ottawa
7936-25 Romeo GUILBAULT, 24, laborer, Montreal, 234 Cumberland in Ottawa, s/o Odile GUILBAULT & Blanche RICHARD, married Regina PROULX, 27, Ottawa, 13 Anderson in Ottawa, d/o Louis PROULX & Perpertue? LAROSE, witn: Louis PROULX & Rodolphe PROULX, both of 13 Anderson, 8 June 1925 at Ottawa 7940-25 Friedrich Julius GUTHANS, 66, widower, laborer, Germany, 196 Stanley Ave in Ottawa, s/o Friedrich Nicholaus GUTHANS & Susanne Emilia RHIDER?, married Emilie Bertha Augusta BOLDUAN?, 55, widow, Germany, 66 Carlton St. in Ottawa, d/o Friedrich Wilhelm ZIMMER & Henriette M. OTTO, witn: Paul? & Elizabeth NEUBOHM of Eastview, 17 Aug 1925 at Ottawa
8539-25 Thomas HAMELIN, 25, laborer, St. Theophil Du Lac Quebec, Hull, s/o Jean Baptiste HAMELIN & Elxire GARCEAU married Regina LEBLANC, 16, Cyrville, Cyrville, d/o Emmanuel LEBLANC & Rose LULZ, witn: Emmanuel LEBLANC of Cyrville & Jean Baptiste HAMELIN of Hull, 29 June 1925, Cyrville 007952-25 (Carleton Co) Robert James HEALEY, 48, Farmer, Wid, Stittsville, Stittsville, s/o Thomas HEALEY (b. Canada) & Eliza McCAFFREY; married Mary Elizabeth Alice THOMPSON, 43, Wid, Ashton, Ashton, d/o John HANNA (b. Ireland) & Eliza Jane MORTON; witn George Herbert LACKEY, Stittsville & Lena WEBSTER, Ottawa, 30 Apr 1925, Ottawa

8538-25 John HEGGARTY, 40, laborer, Pakenham, Arnprior, s/o Alex HEGGARTY & Isabella BARBER married Mildred Christina HUNT, 32, Huntley, Huntley, d/o Peter HUNT & Ellen RYAN, witn: William HEGGARTY of Arnprior & Ursula O’KEEFE of Ottawa, 25 November 1925, Carkery

007950-25 (Carleton Co) Burgess Ernest HENRY, 28, Farmer, Leonard Ont, South Fork Sask, s/o Samuel R. HENRY (b. Ontario) & Sarah BIRCH; married Florence May BIRCH, 29, Hammond, Hammond, d/o Thomas J. BIRCH (b. Hammond) & Jane NEALY; witn William R. BIRCH, Hammond & Margaret E. WEEKS, Ottawa, 11 Mar 1925, Ottawa

007956-25 (Carleton Co) Walter HILDEBRAND, 29, Railway Employee, Bells Corners, Ottawa, s/o Ralph HILDEBRAND (b. Germany) & Augusta YORK; married Florence MACFARLANE, 24, Maid, Buckingham Quebec, Buckingham Quebec, d/o Daniel MACFARLANE (b. Canada) & Flora MACMILLAN; witn Fred HILDEBRAND & Mrs Fred HILDEBRAND, both Hardmans Bridge, 31 Jan 1925, Ottawa

007953-25 (Carleton Co) Jacob Christian HOFF, 30, Chemist, Norway, Belleville, s/o Christian Gunner HOFF (b. Christiana Norway) & Henrietta OPHEIM; married Mildred Maud PENNOCK, 25, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o A. W. PENNOCK (b. Ottawa) & Corriene Maria POULIN; witn T.W. PENNOCK, Montreal & James Warren YORK, Ottawa, 22 Apr 1925, Ottawa

007957-25 (Carleton Co) Hilton Edmund HOLTBY, 27, Farmer, Ottawa, Senlac Sask, s/o Edmund HOLTBY (deceased) (b. Nadeau Quebec) & Sarah COULTER; married Margaret Elizabeth TWEEDY, 20, Teacher, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o John TWEEDY (b. Lombardy) & Blanche WARREN; witn Grace W. TWEEDY, Ottawa & Alva MACDIARMID, Cobden, 21 Feb 1925, Ottawa

007954-25 (Carleton Co) Allen HULETTE, 23, Merchant, Frankford KY USA, Frankford KY USA, s/o Sylvester HULETTE (b. Kentucky USA) & Virginia KING; married Sadie MOFFATT, 24, Stenographer, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o David MOFFATT (b. Canada) & Annette HOWE; witn Annette MOFFATT & M. L. BROWN, both Ottawa, 11 Apr 1925, Ottawa

007951-25 (Carleton Co) Stephen Arthur HUTCHINGS, 21, Labourer, London England, Laurentian View, s/o George HUTCHINGS (b. London England) & Annie LEWIS; married Rose Maud SMART, 19, Clerk, London England, Laurentian View, d/o Arthur SMART (b. London England) & Rose Sarah EVANS; witn Louise Hope KEMPFFER, Ottawa & John Henry DALE, Laurentian View, 28 Apr 1925, Ottawa (NOTE: Divorce granted 15 Sept 1934, Ottawa)

007955-25 (Carleton Co) William Bruce HUTCHISON, 23, Newspaper Correspondent, Prescott, Ottawa, s/o John HUTCHISON (b. Rome Italy) & Constance LESLIE; married Dorothy Kidd McDIARMAID, 23, Lindsay, Vancouver BC, d/o Frederick McDIARMAID (b. Ontario) & Edith KIDD; witn W.A. IRWIN, Toronto & Emily N. JACKSON, Vancouver BC, 9 Apr 1925, Ottawa

008092-25 (Carleton Co) Georges LABELLE, 27, Military Instructor, Worcester Mass USA, Ottawa, s/o William Pierre LABELLE & Georgiana GOYETTE; married Maria Foubert PELLETIER, 21, Montreal, Montreal, d/o Napoleon PELLETIER & Corine DURANT; witn Joseph LABELLE, Ottawa & Napoleon PELLETIER, Montreal, 2 Oct 1925, Ottawa

008047-25 (Carleton Co) Joseph Leo Midas LACHAPELLE, 23, Wire Weaver, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Joseph LACHAPELLE (b. Ottawa) & Albina DROUIN; married Marie Eugenie CHARLEBOIS, 24, Maniwaki Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Eugene CHARLEBOIS (b. Maniwaki Quebec) & Heloise DESPERES; wit Eugene CHARLEBOIS & Antoinette CHARLEBOIS, both Ottawa, 14 Jan 1925, Ottawa

008086-25 (Carleton Co) Ovila Guillaume LADOUCEUR, 23, Labourer, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Joseph LADOUCEUR & Delima HENRI; married Marie Blanche VILLENEUVE, 22, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Amedie VILLENEUVE & Elizabeth MORIN; wit Joseph LADOUCEUR & Amedee VILLENEUVE, both Ottawa, 14 Apr 1925, Ottawa

008069-25 (Carleton Co) David Cameron LECKIE, 51, Captain of Steamer, Stewartville Renfrew, Waltham Quebec, s/o David LECKIE (deceased) (b. Burnstown Ont) & Julia MUNROE; married Belle JOHNSON, 49, Castleford, Castleford, d/o Alexander JOHNSON (deceased) (b. Hull Quebec) & Ana Bella McDOUGALL; wit Mrs. R.A. McQUADE & Mr. R.A. McQUADE, both St. Lambert Quebec, 9 Jun 1925, Ottawa

008070-25 (Carleton Co) John Alexander LE MAISTRE, 23, Mechanic, Almonte, Almonte, s/o Edward LE MAISTRE (b. Channel Islands) & Christina CURRIE; married Florence Agnes MARE, 18, Mill Operative, England, Almonte, d/o Charles MARE (b. England) & Helen GODFREY; wit Laura LE MAISTRE, Almonte & Alex NESBITT, Carleton Place, 6 Jun 1925, Ottawa

008062-25 (Carleton Co) Otto LINDBLAD, 25, Printer, Sweden, Woodroffe, s/o Peter LINDBLAD (b. Sweden) & Christine TILGREN; married Frieda Alice TUERK, 23, Toronto, Toronto, d/o Frank TUERK (b. Toronto) & Emma DICKMAN; wit Mrs. Elizabeth DAUGHERTY & Eddie DAUGHTERY, both Ottawa, 22 Aug 1925, Ottawa

008054-25 (Carleton Co) Edmund John Michael LOCKMAN, 39, Farmer, St. Andrew d’Avelin Quebec, St. Andrew d’Avelin Quebec, s/o Michael LOCKMAN (b. Ireland) & Bridget WALD; married Ethel Emma CRAIG, 30, Waitress, Quyon Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Thomas CRAIG (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth WOLSEY; wit Andrew LOCKMAN, St. Andre d’Avelin Quebec & Edith ORDIDGE, Ottawa, 30 Sept 1925, Ottawa

008156-25 (Carleton Co) Frederick Conn McBRIDE, 24, Farmer, Carp, Carp, s/o Joseph McBRIDE (b. Canada) & Lucy RICHARDSON; married Edith ARMSTRONG, 18, Carp, Carp, d/o Ernest ARMSTRONG (b. Canada) & Margaret SAMPLE, wit E. HUDSON & T.G. SLINN, both Ottawa, 14 Jan 1925, Ottawa

008175-25 (Carleton Co) Patrick McCANN, 27, Clerk, Toronto, Ottawa, s/o Peter McCANN & Mary MORRISON; married Juliette GAUVREAU, 25, Clerk, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Louis & Odilia GAUVREAU; wit Peter McCANN & T.E. TREMBLAY, both Ottawa, 26 Aug 1925, Ottawa

008162-25 (Carleton Co) Edward McCANN, 34, Mechanic, Eastview, Eastview, s/o the late Edward McCANN & Mary Ann LOGUE; married Mary LAMBERT, 22, Maid, England, Ottawa, d/o William LAMBERT & Harriet HILLIER; wit Michael LOGUE, Eastview & Zelpha PLOUFFE, Gatineau, 16 Jan 1925, Carleton

008174-25 (Carleton Co) Joseph John Kenneth MACDONALD, 23, Machinist, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Angus MACDONALD & Emma NOFFHE (Noffke?); married Leonore Teresa JOHNSON, 18, Almonte, Ottawa, s/o James Robert JOHNSON & Wahulth? Victoria RICKMAN; wit Frederick CASEY & Mary JOHNSON, both Ottawa, 17 Jun 1925, Ottawa

008177-25 (Carleton Co) Thomas Donald McDONALD, 35, Mill Hand, Brudenell Ont, Kirkland Lake, s/o Patrick McDONALD & Catharine MACDONALD; married Mary Helena WHELAN, 30, South March, Ottawa, s/o Patrick WHELAN & Honorah KENNEDY; wit Reginald ALBERT & Eva WHELAN, both Ottawa, 29 Jul 1925, Ottawa

008172-25 (Carleton Co) Donald Kenneth MACDONELL, 33, Salesman, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Harry P. MACDONELL (b. Canada) & Ada May BAXTER; married Aileen Lilian MAXWELL, 28, Hull Twp Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Albert E. MAXWELL (b. Canada) & Margaret McCLYMONT; wit Edward T. HUSLEY & Maude ROSS, both Ottawa, 6 Jun 1925, Ottawa

008178-25 (Carleton Co) Kenneth Hamilton McDOUGALL, 32, Lumberman, Ottawa, McDougalls Mills, s/o John Lorn McDOUGALL & Marion Eliza MORRIS; married Margaret Helen WINTER, 27, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Charles Francis WINTER & Helen WILKINS; wit James Lorne WRIGHT, Hull Quebec, 14 Apr 1925, Ottawa

008163-25 (Carleton Co) Harry McFADDEN, 22, Manufacturer, Clarkstown, Ottawa, s/o George McFADDEN (b. Canada) & Mary VISCINA (Vezina?) married Erminie (Aimie) DESCHAMPS, 19, Laundry Hand, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Adelard DESCHAMPS (b. Canada) & Elizabeth DESORMEAUX; wit Agnes M. NEWBY & Marion E. MACFAUL, both Ottawa, 17 Jan 1925, Ottawa

008164-25 (Carleton Co) Leston John MACFARLANE, 21, Sawyer, Province of Quebec, Ottawa, s/o George MACFARLANE (b. Glasgow Scotland) & Ella LANGFORD; married Ruby Kathleen FAIRFIELD, 18 3/12, Domestic, Cardinal, Osgoode Station, d/o John FAIRFIELD (b. Iroquois) & Jenny WALTER; wit John FAIRFIELD & Mrs. John FAIRFIELD, both Osgoode Station, 19 Aug 1925, Ottawa

008153-25 (Carleton Co) William John McGEE, 55, Carpenter, Wid, Co. Antrim Ireland, Ottawa, s/o Alexander McGEE (b. Ireland) & Elisabeth McGOMERY; married Mary SMEATON, 36, Housekeeper, Co. Perth Scotland, Ottawa, d/o James SMEATON (b. Scotland) & Annie TAINSH (Tavish?); wit Anna Smith BEATON & Alfred L. MASTERMAN, both Ottawa, 9 Oct 1925, Ottawa

008157-25 (Carleton Co) Brock George Cook McGIBBON, 20, paper maker, Hawkesbury, Ottawa, s/o John B. McGIBBON (b. Canada) & Eliza COOK; married Phyllis Irene KEHOE, 19, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Peter KEHOE (b. Canada) & Margaret SMITH; wit Peter KEHOE & Neil KEHOE, both Ottawa, 11 Feb 1925, Ottawa

008161-25 (Carleton Co) James Albert McGILL, 47, Harness maker, Wid, Norwood, Ottawa, s/o Robert Henry McGILL & Margaret Ann BOLEMA; married Gertrude DAVIS, 26, maid, Manistee Mich USA, Birks Corners Ont, d/o William Francis DAVIS & Amelia HEIN; wit John CAVANAUGH, Peterboro & Agnes GLADA, Ottawa, 17 Jan 1925, Ottawa

008169-25 (Carleton Co) Gordon Maynard McGLASHAN, 22, Merchant, Wilsons Corners Quebec, Wilsons Corners Quebec, s/o Peter McGLASHAN (b. Scotland) & Annie BROWN; married Alice Russell POWER, 23, School Teacher, Foresters Falls, Foresters Falls, d/o John POWER (b. Canada) & Elizabeth FERRIER; wit Percy W. BOND & Agnes BOND, both Ottawa, 22 Jul 1925, Ottawa

008171-25 (Carleton Co) Edwin McGRANAHAN, 32, Motor Mechanic, Montreal Quebec, Ottawa, s/o John McGRANAHAN (b. Montreal) & Catherine MAGUIRE; married Florence BRADLEY, 34, Wid, England, Ottawa, d/o William RUMMERY (b. Hastings England) & Jane CLIFTON; wit Mrs. F. RICHES & Kathleen RAY, both Ottawa, 27 Jun 1925, Ottawa

008155-25 (Carleton Co) Sinclair Farquhar Wares McKAY, 31, Ins. Clerk, Scotland, Ottawa, s/o Robert McKAY & Elizabeth WARES; married Mary GAILENS, 26, Saleslady, Scotland, Ottawa, d/o William GAILENS & Alason McEWEN; wit Harold CROSS & Alason GAILENS, both Ottawa, 3 Dec 1925, Ottawa

008166-25 (Carleton Co) James McKEITH, 37, Plumber & Fitter, Scotland, Ottawa, s/o James McKEITH (b. Scotland) & Sophia Campbell SMITH; married Anna Knox HORNE, 43, Hemmingford Quebec, Ottawa, d/o William HORNE (b. Hemmingford Quebec) & Susan GOWDEY; wit Delia HORNE & Annie BOBIER, both no place given, 8 Aug 1925, Ottawa

008176-25 (Carleton Co) Edward Joseph MacKELL, 26, Banker, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Arthur P. MacKELL & Elizabeth CYR; married Mary Letitia DAGENAIS, 24, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Peter Thomas DAGENAIS & Catherine McKENDRY; wit J. Henry RENAUD & Lola MACKELL, both Ottawa, 24 Aug 1925, Ottawa

008168-25 (Carleton Co) George McLENNAN, 25, Plumber, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o John R. McLENNAN (b. Ottawa) & Jean TAYLOR; married Belva Theresa SWAN, 20, North Bay, Ottawa, d/o Fored? SWAN & Melda ELLEMENT; wit D.A. ELLEMENT & Lillian W. McLAUGHLIN, both Ottawa, 25 Jun 1925, Ottawa

008158-25 (Carleton Co) Thomas Raymond McMAHON, 33, Dairyman, May Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Daniel McMAHON (b. Canada) & Bridget McCAY; married Margaret Nora McCARTIN, 27, Billings Bridge, Ottawa, d/o Owen McCARTIN (b. Canada) & Mary BLANCHFIELD; wit John McCARTIN, Ottawa & Mary KELLY, Osgoode, 2 Feb 1925, Ottawa

008179-25 (Carleton Co) Patrick Emmett McNEIL, 34, Traveller, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o John McNEIL & Mary CARROLL; married Mary Aurelia BROOKS, 28, Clerk, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Joseph Napoleon BROOKS & Margaret Jane O'SULLIVAN; wit Thomas HIGGERTY & Catherine McNEIL, both Ottawa, 21 Jan 1925, Ottawa

008180-25 (Carleton Co) John Forbes MACNEILL, 29, Civil Servant, Hampton NB, Ottawa, s/o Norman A. MACNEILL (b. Canoe Cove PEI) & Harriet A. PRICE; married Olive Louise Eileen CAMERON, 22, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Edward R. CAMERON (b. London Ont) & Carrie A. EMERSON; wit Josephine ASKWITH & D. CAMERON, both Ottawa, 25 Dec 1925, Ottawa

008224-25 (Carleton Co) Paul PAQUETTE, 20, Clerk, Quebec Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Ladislas PAQUETTE (b. Quebec) & Odile BELANGER; married Anita GAUVREAU, 18, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Hermisdas GAUVREAU (b. Ottawa) & Emilia TREPANIER; wit Antonio PLOUFFE & Edgar GARNEAU, 9 Feb 1925, Ottawa

008237-25 (Carleton Co) William PATERSON, 23, Lineman, Scotland, Ottawa, s/o Robert PATERSON (b. Scotland) & Sophia BAXTER; married Gladys Winifred BOAL, 19, Employee of Bank Note Co, d/o John W. BOAL (b. Ontario) & Nellie LOATES; wit Anna BARNES & Clifford BURDOCK, both Ottawa, 19 Nov 1925, Ottawa

008221-25 (Carleton Co) John Ross PATTERSON, 23, Carpenter, Cantley Quebec, 305 Arlington Ave in Ottawa, s/o John PATTERSON (b. Canada) & Caroline HENDRICKS; married Edith Isabel REID, 21, Kazuabazua Quebec, 305 Arlington Ave in Ottawa, d/o James REID (b. Canada) & Emma THOMPSON; wit Leda SCHARF of Laurentian View - Hilson Ave & Borden PATTERSON of 305 Arlington Ave, 4 Apr 1925, Ottawa

008244-25 (Carleton Co) Alexander Young PATTERSON, 39, Farmer, Co. Wright Quebec, Gloucester Twp, s/o John S.D.B. PATTERSON (b. Ireland Co. Down) & Lizzie YOUNG; married Margaret MARTIN, 31, Saleslady, Gloucester Twp, Ottawa, d/o John MARTIN (b. Hawthorne) & Nancy A. MACKEE; wit Mrs. P.A. ANDERSON & Bruce R. ANDERSON, both Ottawa, 25 Nov 1925, Ottawa

008242-25 (Carleton Co) Joan or John POHRIBNEY, 28, Pastry Cook, Bukowina Roumania, Ottawa, s/o Pavel POHRIBNEY (b. Bukowina Austria) & Yustena TEMCHUK; married Zofia ZULINSKA, 19, Klevan Poland, Eastview, d/o Josef ZULINSKY (b. Klewan Russia) & Zofia ADAMCHUK; wit Alex SOYKA, Eastview & Emilia LACUSTA, Ottawa, 26 Jul 1925, Ottawa

008234-25 (Carleton Co) Cecil Alexander POWELL, 25, Butter maker, Marlborough Twp, Ottawa, s/o Joseph POWELL (b. Marlborough Twp) & Margaret TIMMINS; married Jean Hughson CULVER, 22, Stenographer, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Mortimer Houston CULVER (b. Milbrook Ont) & Jennie MELLAN; wit Edith HOOPER, Montreal & Garnet POWELL, Kemptville, 19 Aug 1925, Ottawa

008240-25 (Carleton Co) John Henry PRITCHARD, 22, Manager, Eastview, Eastview, s/o Henry Thomas PRITCHARD (b. Canada) & Margaret BLACK; married Isabel Gertrude McGOVERN, 20, Hair Dresser, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Thomas Matthew McGOVERN (b. Canada) & Pauline CONNOLLY; wit Russell Fee TUBMAN & Edith Darken PRITCHARD, both Eastview, 13 Aug 1925, Ottawa

008253-25 (Carleton Co) William Hilliard PRITCHARD, 27, Dentist, Dunrobin, Ottawa, s/o Andrew PRITCHARD & Agnes NESBITT; married Elsie Marion SWEENEY, 24, Civil Servant, Dunrobin, Ottawa, d/o Birkett SWEENEY & Mary Ann JORDAN, wit Bessie B. SWEENEY & Charles S. SWEENEY, both Dunrobin, 12 Sept 1925, Ottawa

008214-25 (Carleton Co) Alcide PROULX, 24, Farmer, Sarsfield, Cumberland, s/o Joseph PROULX (b. Sarsfield) & Amanda SABOURIN; married Eva AUBE, 21, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Ovila AUBE (b. Sorel Quebec) & Hennriette BESSERER; witn Arthur AUBE & John BESSERER, both Ottawa, 16 Apr 1925, Ottawa

008216-25 (Carleton Co) David Norman PURVIS, 25, Gentleman, Wid, Lansdowne, Lyn, s/o John PURVIS (b. Yonge Twp) & C. CLARK; married Alice PUFF, 50, Canada, Ottawa, d/o Thomas PUFF (b. Ireland) & E. McDONALD; witn Mrs. E.T. NESBTT, Carleton Place & Mrs. SHAVER, Ottawa, 8 Apr 1925, Ottawa

008262-25 (Carleton Co) Tuey PYNE (Pyne TUEY?), 34, Cook, China, Ottawa, s/o Tuey Dick YING (Dick Ying TUEY?) (b. China) & no mother given; married Irene LEBRUN, 23, Cook, Alaska, Ottawa, d/o Joseph LEBRUN & Alma PHILPS; wit Low CHONG of 98 Elgin St. & Mrs. Mark YOUNG of 104 Queen St., 6 Oct 1925, Ottawa

008268-25 (Carleton Co) Thomas Edward QUAILE, 30, Civil Engineer, River Desert Quebec, Montreal Quebec, s/o Jeremiah QUAILE & Mary McKINLEY; married Margaret Mary LYONS, 25, Civil Servant, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o John Francis LYONS & Laura BURKE; wit James QUAILE, Beauchere Quebec & Dorothy LYONS, Ottawa, 23 Sept 1925, Ottawa

008263-25 (Carleton Co) Wong Hong QUEN (Hong Quen WONG?), 24, Chef, Hong Kong China, Ottawa, s/o John WONG (sic) (b. Hong Kong China) & Lee HOER; married Mary ROONEY, 26, Domestic Servant, Bootle Liverpool England, Ottawa, d/o Thomas ROONEY (b. Liverpool England) & Sarah FARRELL; wit Charles BOULE & Mrs. May BOULE, both Westboro, 12 Nov 1925

008266-25 (Carleton Co) Romeo QUESNEL, 25, Clerk, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Hyacinth QUESNEL & Exilda JUNEAU; married Maria LADOUCEUR, 26, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Moise LADOUCEUR & Josephine ST. DENIS; wit Hyacinth QUESNEL of 69 Spadina & Moise LADOUCEUR of 59 Forest, 16 Jun 1925, Ottawa

008269-25 (Carleton Co) Ross James QUIGG, 27, Iron Moulder, Marysville Ont, Ottawa, s/o William Joseph QUIGG & Mary BELANGER; married Teresa FEENEY, 20, England, Ottawa, d/o Andrew FEENEY & unknown; wit Rene MALLE & Florence BELANGER, both Ottawa, 7 Sept 1925, Ottawa

008264-25 (Carleton Co) William James QUIGG, 29, Paper Maker, Brockville, Woodroffe - Nepean twp, s/o William H. QUIGG (b. Canada) & Emily BELANGER; married Marjorie Louise BRADLEY, 18yrs 6mo, Chester West Virginia USA, Woodroffe, d/o Richard A. BRADLEY (b. Canada) & Caroline ELSOM; wit Fred W. ANTHONY & Velina Irene ANTHONY, both Woodroffe, 9 Dec 1925, Ottawa

008267-25 (Carleton Co) Edward Henry QUIGG, 22, Gas Fitter, Brockville, Nepean Twp, s/o William Henry QUIGG & Emily BELANGER; married Winnifred Agnes DAY, 23, London England, Ottawa, d/o Samuel Evans DAY & Minnie DAVIS; wit Charles Merrick DAY & Dorothy Margaret DAY, both Ottawa, 18 Jun 1925, Ottawa

008265-25 (Carleton Co) Sidney Martin QUINN, 23, Chauffeur, Perkins Mills Quebec, Ottawa, s/o James QUINN & Catherine KILLEEN; married Mary Minota LOWELL, 20, Martindale Quebec, Ottawa, d/o James LOWELL & Mary Ann HAYES; wit Bartley McANDREW & Cecilia MALONEY, both Ottawa, 19 Feb 1925, Ottawa

8398-25 Albert Frederick SPERBERG, 37, farmer, Wilberforce twp., same, s/o Frederick SPERBERG & Augusta PETZ, married Minerva Augustsa GARSKE, 39, domestic, 245 MacKay St., d/o August GARSKE & Emilie WELKE, witn: George KAUFMANN of 192 Stanley Ave & Emilie GARSKE of 245 MacKay St., 21 Oct. 1925 at 245 MacKay St., Ottawa 8397-25 Hubert Leslie SPROULE, 23, accountant, Arnprior, Ottawa, s/o Andrew SPROULE & Susan Eliza CONNERY (dead), married Eilleen Roberta KENNEDY, 23, Ottawa, same, d/o Robert William KENNEDY & Annie Kate HILDRETH, witn: A. H. GUEST, A.M. KENNEDY, R. E. KENNEDY and D. NIX, all of Ottawa, 15 Sept 1925 at St. Matthews, Ottawa
8396-25 Alleyne Morgan SUTHERLAND, 32, widower, Vice President, Ottawa, Toronto, s/o Edward Davenport SUTHERLAND & Kate GOODEVE, married Doreen de Mille BURPEE, 20, Ottawa, same, d/o Frederick de Mille BURPEE & Mabel Geraldine SHEA, witn: Graham T. EVANS of 25 Cornish Rd in Toronto & Laleah C. BURPEE of 443 Albert St. in Ottawa, 28 Dec 1925 at Ottawa 8405-25 William Frederick TAGGART, 25, motor mechanic, Wakefield Que., Detroit, s/o William TAGGART (b. Canada) & Kathleen JENNER, married Myrtle Nellie JOHNSTONE, 22, saleslady, Wakefield Que., 57 Ottawa St. in Ottawa, d/o George JOHNSTON (sic) (b. Canada) & Elmire PECHE, witn: Janet COOPER of Laurier Blvd in Ottawa & Thomas TAGGART of Wakefield Que., 2 Dec 1925 at Ottawa
8416-25 Wilbert Dawson TAYLOR, 28, civil servant, Ottawa, same, s/o Robert Peter TAYLOR (b. England) & Crawford Adeline MacDONALD, married Mabel Florence Harriet MORELAND, 24, civil servant, Ottawa, same, d/o William Alexander MORELAND (b. England) & Anna Maud DAY, witn: Milfred TAYLOR of 295 McKay St. & George McLEOD of 58 Florence St., 12 Jun 1925 at Ottawa 8411-25 Samuel TAYLOR, 29, cutter, Russia, Montreal, s/o Isaac TAYLOR (b. Russia) & Sarah BENMAN, married Bertha SLOVER, 22, clerk, Roumania, 447 King Edward Ave in Ottawa, d/o Abraham SLOVER (b. Roumania) & Malea BLUMER, witn: Henry FINKELSTEIN of Wellington St. & Harry HERTZ of 237 Daly Ave., 28 June 1925 at Ottawa
  8413-25 Denis THEODOSIA, 35, merchant, Greece, 72 Chapel St. in Ottawa, s/o Peter THEODOSIA (b. Greece) & Antonia STEFANOPOULOS, married Maria DESJARDINS, 24, Ottawa, 72 Chapel St., d/o Albert DESJARDINS (b. Ottawa) & Levina St.AMAND?, witn: Andrew THEODOSIS of 72 Chapel St. & Silvia MULLIGAN of 27 Pine St. in Ottawa, Sunday 5 July 1925 at Ottawa
8421-25 Alonzo THERRIEN, 27, laborer, Ottawa, same, s/o Jean Baptiste THERRIEN & Lida GROSLEAU, married Helene READ, 18, Ste. Adelaide d Pabon Gaspe, Ottawa, d/o John READ & Elizabeth GRENIER, witn: Jean Baptiste THERRIEN & John READ, both of Ottawa, 11 Aug 1925 at Ottawa 8399-25 Osias Elie THIBAULT, 36, widower, civil servant, Embrun Ont., 97 College Ave in Ottawa, s/o Philias THIBAULT (b. Ottawa) & Marie EMARD, married Regina LIMOGE, 27, clerk, Ottawa, 168 St. Patrick St. in Ottawa, d/o Noel LIMOGES (b. Montreal) & Eliza EMERY, witn: Phlias THIBAULT of Embrun & J. Alpheus RICHARD of Ottawa, 8 May 1925 at Ottawa
8409-25 Leonard Charles THOMAS, 28, barrister, Ottawa, 11 Spruce St. in Ottawa, s/o Fred R. THOMAS (b. England) & Annie RAYNER, married Alice Irene SMITH, 30, teacher, Chesterville Ont., 256 Flora St. in Ottawa, d/o Charles S. SMITH (b. Chesterville) & Lillian KEE (Ker?), witn: Miss M. CUMMINGS of 105 Spadina Ave in Allison? & Dr. Fred THISTOW of Ottawa, 31 Dec 1925 at Ottawa 8424-25 Joseph Douglas THOMAS, 29, clerk, Ottawa, same, s/o George THOMAS & Elizabeth Elinor BYRNE, married Edith Daykin PRITCHARD, 26, Ottawa, same, d/o Henry Thomas PRITCHARD & Margaret Ramsay BLACK, witn: Honour COLDREY & J.F. HAMBLY, both of Ottawa, 29 Sept 1925 at Ottawa
8412-25 Russell THOMPSON, 25, carpenter, Ogdensburg Que., Detroit, s/o Albert THOMPSON (b. St. Eugene Ont) & Mary McKIDDIE, married Grace BARNETT, 25, stenographer, Scotland, Ottawa, d/o James BARNETT (b. Ireland) & Sarah CHARLES, witn: John? DALMAN of 261 Bell St. & Sarah BARNETT of 102 Arthur St., 16 July 1925 at 102 Arthur St., Ottawa 8417-25 Clinton Robert THOMPSON, 24, laborer, Chelsea Que., Gloucester twp., s/o David THOMPSON (b. Canada) & Erie CRAWFORD, married Alice LECUYER, 20, clerk, Bowesville Ont., same, d/o Auguste LECUYER (b. Canada) & Julienne LECUYER, witn: Jean BLACKBURN of Ottawa & Blanche LECUYER of Bowesville, 22 May 1925 at Ottawa
8419-25 Russell Webster THOMPSON, 27, salesman, Brooklyn NY, Poughkeepsie NY, s/o John Arthur THOMPSON & Minnie Simmons COLLINS, married Bessie Marguerite KELLEY, 25, Ottawa, same, d/o John KELLEY & Elizabeth TWEEDIE, witn: William Boyce KELLEY of 43 Millard Ave & Irene May KELLEY of 194 Belmont Ave., 5 Aug. 1925 at Trinity Church, Ottawa 8404-25 Donald Maxwell THOMPSON, 26, telegraph operator, Arnprior, Ottawa, s/o Alex W. THOMPSON & Jessie BETHUNE, married Mary Elizabeth CARSON, 23, Kemptvile, Ottawa, d/o Henry E. CARSON & Mary HAY, witn: Mina & H. CARSON of 47 Craig St. in Ottawa, 7 April 1925 at Ottawa
8408-25 Francis James THOMPSON, 27, machinist, Ottawa, 264 Laurier Ave in Ottawa, s/o Samuel THOMPSON (b. Canada) & Nellie MURRAY, married Isabella Bannerman ANDERSON, 24, Dist. of Rathen - Aberdeen Scotland, 264 Laurier Ave., d/o Peter ANDERSON (b. Scotland) & Mary Ann MURRAY, witn: Victoria DEWAR & C. SCHARFE, both of Ottawa, 12 Aug 1925 at Ottawa 8410-25 Henry Alexander THURSTON, 20, book keeper, Portsmouth England, Ottawa, s/o Alexander Edward THURSTON (b. London England) & Lizzie WEBB, married Iris Pitcher SPICER, 21, clerk, near London England, Ottawa, d/o Stephen Walter SPICER (b. Kent England) & Ada Marie HERBERT, witn: Dorothy Jean WHITEHORN of 185 Stewart St. in Ottawa & Charlie Lorne WHITEHORN of Hamilton, 8 Aug 1925 at Ottawa
8406-25 Edwin TIGHE, 21, driver, Ottawa, 494 Rideau St. in Ottawa, s/o Richard TIGHE (b. Canada) & Theresa KEON, married Viola Myrtle TUCKER, 18, domestic servant, Admaston, 32 Cedar St. in Eastview, d/o George TUCKER (b. Canada) & Emma HOFFMAN, witn: David William COLLANDER of Henderson Ave of Ottawa & Mrs. Theresa MORTIMER of 32 Cedar St. in Eastview, 3 Nov 1925 at Ottawa 8403-25 Harold Reed TINGLEY, 31, naval officer, Middleton NS, Laurentian Club in Ottawa, s/o Joseph Benjamin TINGLEY (b. Hopewell Hill NB) & Evangeline REED, married Lillian Gertrude AMBRIDGE, 31, Ottawa, 473 Besserer St. in Ottawa, d/o George AMBRIDGE (b. Bedford England) & Sarah Jane SCRIVENS, witn: Sarah Jane AMBRIDGE of 473 Besserer St. & illegible TINGLEY of Wolfville Nova Scotia, 9 Dec 1925 at Ottawa
8401-25 Francis Piner TINKER, 54, widower, railway official, Bath NY, Detroit, s/o George W. TINKER (b. Calais Maine) & Mabel BRIDGES, married Elizabeth Ann QUAY, 42, widow, Navan Ont., 7 Queen Mary Apts in Ottawa, d/o John SAVAGE (b. Navan) & Sarah SMITH, witn: Mrs. FINLAYSON of 300 Carling Ave & Mr. George TINKER of 357 Cooper St., 3 May 1925 at Ottawa 8418-25 Alfred Harding TOMLINSON, 32, horticulturist, Plymouth England, MacDonald Ave., s/o James TOMLINSON (b. Torquay England) & Mary Ann HARDING, married Grace Adelaide BLYTH, 28?, Ottawa, illegible res., d/o George R. BLYTH (b. Ottawa) & Adelaide COOK, witn: O. McCONKEY of Guelph & Maria BLYTH of Ottawa, 3 June 1925 at Ottawa
8420-25 Harvey Cyril TOURANGEAU, 22, mailer, Buckingham Que., 60 Balsam St. in Ottawa, s/o Emery TOURANGEAU & Alphonsine MERCIER, married Margaret Catherine REARDON, 20, clerk, Ottawa, 81 Preston St. in Ottawa, d/o Patrick REARDON & Rose CUNNINGHAM, witn: Les McCAFFREY of Gloucester St. & Loretta TOURANGEAU of 60 Balsam, 30 June 1925 at Ottawa 8414-25 Louis TOURANGEAU, 79, widower, retired, St. Jerome Que., Montreal, s/o Louis TOURANGEAU (b. St. Jerome) & Esther PAQUET, married Eliza LIMOGES, 59, widow, Ripon Que., 168 St. Patrick St. in Ottawa, d/o Jean Baptiste LEMERY (b. Ripon) & Elmire CHENIER, witn: Arthur GODBOUD & Louis LIMOGES, both of Ottawa, 29 June 1925 at Ottawa
8425-25 Edouard TOUSAINTE, 26, gentleman, Ottawa, 154 Lisgar in Ottawa, s/o Louis TOUSAINTE & Rebecca EMOND, married Gabriele GAUTHIER? (Lanthier?), 25, clerk, Eastview Ont., 484 McLean, d/o Napoleon GAUTHIER? & Delia MOREAU, witn: Lois TOUSAINTE of 157 Lisgar & Napoleon GAUTHIER of Lachute Que., 5 Oct. 1925 at Ottawa [very faded reg'n] 8400-25 Remi Edmard Jules TREMBLAY, 19, farmer, Montreal, 358 Wilbrod St. in Ottawa, s/o Jules TREMBLAY (b. Montreal) & Roberta Alice CARTER, married Prescilla Eva O'CONNELL, 18, Pembroke, 412 Nelson St. in Ottawa, d/o Daniel John O'CONNELL (b. Ottawa) & Priscilla Mary JESSOP, witn: Jules TREMBLAY of 332 Wilbrod St. & William O'CONNELL of 412 Nelson St., 10 Nov 1925 at Ottawa
8415-25 William Patrick TREPANIER, 28, insurance agent, Ottawa, 143 Water St. in Ottawa, s/o William TREPANIER (b. Quebec) & Charlotte Catherine O'MEARA, married Marjory Josephine McGILL, 26, civil servant, Chester NS, 250 Cooper St., d/o Robert Michael McGILL (b. St. John NB) & Josephine McEVOY, witn: Henry TREPANIER & Ursula McGILL, both of Ottawa, 22 June 1925 at Ottawa 8423-25 Raoul TREPANIER, 20, laborer, Bourget, Ottawa, s/o David TREPANIER & Fabiola PRIMEAU, married Florida LETREIILE, 20, Ottawa, same, d/o Rodolfe LETREILLE & Corinne SIMPSON, witn: David TREPANIER of Teminscomique & Rodolfe LETREILLE of Ottawa, 17 Aug 1925 at Ottawa
8402-25 Joseph Richer TROTTIER, 26, press feeder, Aylmer Que., 164 King Edward Ave in Ottawa, s/o Alexander TROTTIER (b. Ile de Calumet Que) & Marie RAJOTTE, married Sarah Bertha McCASKLIN, 21, telephone operator, Aylmer Que., 164 King Edward Ave., d/o James McCASKLIN (b. Farrelton Que) & Margaret McCOFFEE, witn: Joseph DAFFOS & Rene LEPINE, both of Ottawa, 23 April 1925 at Ottawa 8422-25 Hubert TRUDEL, 21, civil servant, Ottawa, same, s/o Jean Baptiste TRUDEL & Louisa LAROCQUE, married Dora CHOQUETTE, 23, Ottawa, same, d/o Doris CHOQUETTE & Amanda LAVEILLE, witn: Jean Baptiste TRUDEL of 46 Baird & Doris CHOQUETTE of 324 Osgoode, 19 Sept 1925 at Ottawa
8407-25 Robert James TYSICK, 20, clerk, Clarence Station Ont., 380 Nepean St. in Ottawa, s/o Joseph TYSICK (b. Ont) & Agnes CAIN, married Lillie Gertrude Louisa LACKEY, 19, saleslady, Ottawa, 325 Arthur St. in Ottawa, d/o Robert LACKEY (b. Ont) & Margaret Jane DEAVER (Deaves?), witn: Alf DOBSON of 380 Nepean & Mrs. Robert J. LACKEY of 325 Arthur St., 12 Oct. 1925 at 325 Arthur St., Ottawa 8426-25 Alfred Richard UNDERWOOD, 54, widower, CPR freight checker, North Staffordshire England, 88 Spruce St. in Ottawa, s/o Alfred UNDERWOOD (b. England) & Emma TOMLIN, married Emma LAY, 37, cook, widow, Great Yarmouth England, 71 Lees Ave in Ottawa, d/o George CHAPMAN (b. England) & Georgina HANDSCOMB, witn: Clarence William UNDERWOOD of 88 Spruce St. & Louis JUDD of 139 Spruce St., 11 Feb 1925 at Ottawa
8430-25 Joseph Lawrence VALENTINE, 33, solicitor, Ottawa, 143 Besserer St. in Ottawa, s/o Lawrence F. VALENTINE (b. Italy) & Anna NICOLINI, married Pearl CARAVAGGIO, 25, clerk, Italy, 195 Gloucester St. in Ottawa, d/o Lazzara CARAVAGGIO (b. Italy) & Giovanna SISTA, witn: Miss Rita & Miss Ethel McDONALD of Ottawa, 24 Jan 1925 at Ottawa 8431-25 Clifford George VALLILLEE, 20, chauffeur, Ottawa, 131 Bell St. in Ottawa, s/o Peter Halan VALLILLEE (b. Ottawa) & Rebecca MAY, married Marie Jeanne BEAUPRE, 19, usher, Aylmer Que., 212 St. Patrick St. in Ottawa, d/o Ferdinand BEAUPRE (b. Aylmer) & Josephine DOZOIS, witn: Gerald WINTER & Alice BEAUPRE, both of Ottawa, 20 Jan 1925 at Ottawa
8432-25 Joseph Alderic Charles Emile VALOIS, 19, baker, Ottawa, Laurentian View Ont., s/o Paul VALOIS (b. Montreal) & Emma BLANCHETTE, married Mary Josephine CARNEY, 20, saleslady, Billings Bridge, Laurentian View, d/o Patrick Joseph CARNEY (b. Quebec Que) & Annie CONLIN, witn: Frank FERMOYLE & Margaret CONLIN, both of Ottawa, 27 June 1925 at Ottawa 8433-25 Hector VALOIS, 27, barber, Ottawa, 193 Bell St., s/o Aurele BALOIS & Naida LAUZON, married Imelda BLAIR, 26, Ottawa, 266 Preston St., d/o Frederic BLAIR & Emma LADOUCEUR, witn: Aurele VALOIS of 193 Bell & Frederic BLAIR of 266 Preston, 25 May 1925 at Ottawa
  8435-25 Charles Edward VANN, 32, mechanic, Surrey England, Ottawa, s/o Charles Edward VANN & Sarah Jessie DEED, married Irene Helen PALEN, 29, examiner, Ottawa, same, d/o William PALEN & Annie CASH, witn: Louis & Myrtle VANN of Ottawa, 8 Oct. 1925 at Ottawa
8434-25 Leonor VERDON, 25, laborer, St. Hermas Que., Syracuse US, s/o Joseph VERDON & Edwidge PAIEMENT, married Marie Elainne LECLERC, 25, Ottawa, Syracuse US, d/o Francois Xavier LECLERC & Marie CHARLEBOIS, witn: Joseph VERDON of 154 Clarence St. & F.X. LECLERC of 155 Drummond St. (both Ottawa), 11 Aug 1925 at Ottawa 8429-25 Eugene VERDUN, 24, plasterer, Ottawa, Eastview, s/o Alexander VERDON (b. St. Joseph d'Orleans) & Lucie PAYMENT, married Lydia TURPIN, 19, Ottawa, 193 St. Patrick St., d/o Napoleon TURPIN (b. Papineauville Que) & Xephora FORGET, witn: Wilfrid VERDUN of Eastview & Antonia PLOUFFE of Ottawa, 18 Feb 1925 at Ottawa
8428-25 Joseph Albert VEZINA, 25, widower, guide at House of Commons, Ottawa, same, s/o Alfred VEZINA (b. Quebec) & Anezie LAUZON, married Emiline SEGUIN, 22, Ottawa, same, d/o Jean Baptiste SEGUIN (b. Rigaud) & Hortense VERMETTE (Vennette?), witn: Rinoudo ANTONIO of 88 Norman & Emilia VEZINA of 202 Queen Edward (sic), 18 April 1925 at Ottawa 8427-25 Julian VINSON, 27, marine engineer, Fort Worth Texas, New York City, s/o James VINSON & Mary TAGGART, married Elizabeth Patricia STEWART, 20, clerk, Belfast Ireland, Ottawa, d/o James STEWART (b. Ireland) & Isabel McGANNON, witn: James & Isabel STEWART of Ottawa, 22 Sept 1925 at Ottawa
8443-25 Arthur James WALDRON, 20 factory hand, Trenton, same, s/o Albert WALDRON (b. Trenton Ont) & Mary J. KIMMERLY, married Dora May TOWNS, 19, maid, Ottawa, 71 Poplar St. in Ottawa, d/o Steven TOWNS (b. Bristol Que) & Betsy Elizabeth NEWTON, witn: Ena M. McNEILL & Mrs. MAINS, both of Ottawa, 28 Feb 1925 at Salvation Army Home, Ottawa, 8440-25 Cornelius WARRANDER, 23, Salvation Army officer, Toronto, Long Branch Ont., s/o George WARRANDER (b. Scotland) & Mary CLARK, married Ethel Elizabeth HUSSEY, 25, graduate nurse, England, 92 Gilmour St. in Ottawa, d/o Christopher HUSSEY (b. England) & Emily PARKER, witn: Alexander BUNTON of Seaforth & Isabel HAWKES of London, 2 April 1925 at Ottawa
8539-25 Frederick Bearman WATSON, 51, widower, Ottawa, 455 Gilmour St. in Ottawa, s/o Robert WATSON (b. Carleton Co) & Elizabeth Esther Ann BEARMAN, married Annie Mabel JOHNSTON, 45, civil servant, Hamilton, 1 Frank St. in Ottawa, d/o James JOHNSTON (b. Kemptville Ont) & Annie WESTAWAY, witn: Ruby WATSON of 455 Gilmour & JAmes JOHNSTON of Broadway Ave in Ottawa, 23 April 1925 at Ottawa 8436-25 Chauncey Kirby WATSON, 27, accountant, Ottawa, 24 Delaware Ave in Ottawa, s/o James Beaton WATSON (b. St. John NB) & Emma KIRBY, married Beatrice Helen HODGINS, Ottawa, Roxborough Apts in Ottawa, d/o William Egerton HODGINS (b. Toronto Ont) & Eleanor Jaffray RITCHIE, witn: Edith L. DION of Ottawa & W.E. HODGINS of Roxborough Apts., 9 May 1925 at Ottawa
8445-25 James WEBBER, 57, widower, merchant, Cornwall England, 528 Wellington St. in Ottawa, s/o Richard WEBBER (b. Cornwall England) & Hannah Roberts WEBBER, married Mary Elizabeth THOMAS, 48, widow, Shipdham Norfolk England, 359 Le Breton St. in Ottawa, d/o Charles FITT (b. Shipdham England) & Harriet ROBERTSON, witn: Mr. B. & Mrs. Agnes BECKWORTH of Laurentian View, 29 Sept 1925 at Ottawa 8442-25 Robert James WHYTE, 26, carpenter, Gloucester twp., same, s/o John WHYTE (b. Canada) & Isabel SIMMS, married Madeline ANDERSON, 22, Gloucester twp., same, d/o James ANDERSON (b. Canada) & Jane DONER? (Danes?). wtn: Lucy M. WHYTE & James ANDERSON, both of Ramsayville, 4 Feb 1925 at Ottawa
  8441-25 Albert Ernest WIGNEY, 41, farmer, Potsdam NY, Labelle twp. Que., s/o Ed William WIGNEY (b. Liverpool England) & Clara DIXON, married Ida Sarah DIXON, 34, clerk, Pendleton Ont., 111 James St. in Ottawa, d/o John DIXON (b. Pendleton) & Margaret AM?, witn: George Dixon DERBY of 111 James St. & Clara Edith WIGNEY of Valdor Que., 21 March 1925 at Ottawa
8537-25 Carson Winston Robert WILSON, 24, blacksmith, Cobden, same, s/o R.T. WILSON (b. Smith Falls) & Frances DOBSON, marred Winnifred DUNLOP, 25, clerking, Westmeath twp., Cobden, d/o R.J. DUNLOP (b. Renfrew) & Mary A. LARONDE, witn: Ruby WILSON of 167 Henderson Ave & Sadie MARTIN of Aylmer E., 9 April 1925 at 65 Stewart St. in Ottawa 8446-25 Archer Fortescue Boswell WILSON, 51, widower, merchant tailor, Scotland, 779 1/2 Banks St. in Ottawa, s/o Archer Fortescue Boswell WILSON (b. Orkney Islands) & Jessie SUTHERLAND, married Adeline Lavinia DICKSON, 50, widow, house keeper, Sand Point Ont., 585 McLeod St. in Ottawa, d/o Charles STEWART (b. Sand Point) & Lavina Rose MARTIN, witn: Emily C. McFARLANE of 41 Fourth Ave & W.H. BRADSHAW of 27 Java St. (both Ottawa), 26 Sept 1925 at Ottawa
8444-25 Grias WISTAFF, 57, widower, carpenter, Pointe Lewis Que., 709 Albert St. in Ottawa, s/o Laurent WISTAFF (b. Quebec) & Josephine LANGEVIN?, married Marie Marguerite Virginie TROTTIER, 36, fur repairer, Hawkesbury, 262 Albert St. in Ottawa, d/o Francois TROTTIER (b. Hawkesbury) & Marcelline BRAZEAU, witn: illegible, 22 Oct. 1925 at Ottawa [faded reg'n] 8538-25 Robert Simpson WRIGHT, 23, electric lineman, Beauharnois Que., 45 Glen Ave in Ottawa, s/o Robert WRIGHT (b. Quebec) & Helen DUNN, married Eleanor Mary HOUSTON, 23, domestic servant, Belfast Ireland, 29 Argyle Ave in Ottawa, d/o Robert HOUSTON (b. Ireland) & Ellen Jane LORMIER, witn: E. Muriel WICKWARE of Argyle St. & Frederick William HILL of 1091 Bank St., 2 April 1925 at Ottawa