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008484-25 (Carleton Co) Nathaniel ALEXANDER, 32, Dyer, Newburg NY, Providence RI, s/o Nathaniel ALEXANDER (b. Newburg NY) & Mary MARTIN; married Beatrice CLABBY, 32, Minder, North Grosvenorville Con, Nepean Twp, d/o Frederic AUTHIER (b. South Bridge Mass) & Jeanne BEBEAU; wit Walter FLODDY, Providence RI & Henrietta TREMBLAY, Stevenson's Place, 11 Sept 1925, Bellevue

008481-25 (Carleton Co) Alexander Louden ALLEN, 43, Farmer, Osgoode, Osgoode, s/o Robert ALLEN (b. Ireland) & Matilda TAYLOR; married Carrie Edna YORK, 42, Osgoode, Osgoode, d/o Henry D. YORK (b. Cornwall) & Fannie BOURNS; wit Mrs. G.C. MENOR & Mrs. J.J.E. BROWNLEE, Manotick, 23 Sept 1925, Manotick

008480-25 (Carleton Co) Donald William ALLISON, 28, Farmer, Winchester Twp, Russell Twp, s/o Alexander ALLISON (b. Ontario) & Celia PITCHER; married Ella Flora SPARKS, 21, Russell Twp, Russell Twp, d/o Thomas SPARKS (b. Ontario) & Emma RALPH; wit Addie HOWE, Athens & Helena V HOWE, Metcalfe, 21 Nov 1925, Metcalfe

008482-25 (Carleton Co) Adrien AMMON, 24, Cook, Cyrville, Ottawa, s/o Emile AMMON (b. France) & Angele NEVILLE; married Marie Gratia Aldia THERIAULT, 23, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Odelard THERIAULT (b. Ottawa) & Letitia BEDARD; wit Y--? AMMON & James WINDSOR, Ottawa, 28 Nov 1925, Carleton

008486-25 (Carleton Co) Frederick William ANTHONY, 20, Carpenter, Truro Cornwall England, Woodroffe, s/o James ANTHONY (b. Truro Cornwall England) & Adelaide COURTS; married Velma Irene QUIGG, 19, Bell Telephone Operator, Ottawa, Woodroffe, d/o William H. QUIGG (b. Brockville) & Emily BELLINGER; wit W.J. QUIGG, Woodroff & M. MACINTYRE, Ottawa, 24 Jun 1925, Woodroffe

008478-25 (Carleton Co) Augustus ARCAND, 47, Labourer, Wid, North Gower, Kemptville, s/o Augustus ARCAND (b. North Gower Twp) & Rose MATTE; married Florence DAVIS, 26, Hazeldean, Burritts Rapids, d/o John (b. Ireland) & Louise DAVIS; wit Howard DEPENSIER, Kemptville & Mary E. DePensier GARDIANE?, Burritts Rapids, 10 Mar 1925, Burritts Rapids

008485-25 (Carleton Co) Chester Bennett ARMSTRONG, 30, Mechanic, North Gower, Detroit USA, s/o James E. ARMSTRONG (b. Canada) & Carrie BARTLEY; married Lydia Edith PRATT, 26, Marlborough Twp, North Gower, d/o W.H. PRATT (b. Canada) & Edith A. HILL; wit Albert S. ARMSTRONG & Annie B. CALDWELL, both North Gower, 19 Aug 1925, Marlborough

008479-25 (Carleton Co) Herman Headley ARMSTRONG, 21, Lineman, Goulburn Twp, Ottawa, s/o John H. ARMSTRONG & Emilia GRAHAM; married Mary Idella CHISHOLM, 24, Stenographer, Navan Village, Ottawa, d/o John CHISHOLM & Isabella DASHNEY; wit Ruben McDERMOTT & Delina CHISHOLM, both Ottawa, 23 Dec 1925, Ottawa East

008483-25 (Carleton Co) James ATCHESON, 26, Labourer, Grey Abbey Down Ireland, Ottawa, s/o William ATCHESON (b. Grey Abbey Down Ireland) & Agnes Jane PRITCHARD; married Margaret Mary DOOGAN, 19, Domestic, Carleton, Garston Liverpool England, d/o John DOOGAN (b. Crewe England) & Catherine REYNOLDS; wit George RANZELL & Mrs. BLISSETT, both Eastview, 10 Nov 1925, St. Margarets Church, Eastview

008483-25 (Carleton Co) George Harold BELL, 22, Farmer, Roleau Sask, Appleton, s/o James BELL (b. Ashton) & Catherine Jane LEWIS; married Emma Edith BOBIER, 24, Canada, none given, d/o Gregory (b. Ashton) & Barbara Ann BOBIER; wit Alma BOBIER, Ashton & Irwin FRASER, Richmond, 3 Jun 1925, Ashton

008496-25 (Carleton Co) Ernest BISSON, 36, Farmer, Lafaivre Ontario, Carlsbad Springs, s/o Athonase BISSON & Marie Louise MAJOR; married Alice LALONDE, 36, Housekeeper, Orleans, Orleans, d/o Antoine LALONDE & Delia ETHIER; wit Joseph GOYETTE, Carlsbad Springs & Leo LALONDE, Orleans, 8 Jun 1925, Orleans

008492-25 (Carleton Co) Howard Levi BLACK, 26, Farmer, Huntley, Stittsville, s/o Thomas J. BLACK (b. Ontario) & Christina RICHARDSON; married Velma Beryl ARGUE, 26, Goulbourn Twp, Goulbourn Twp, d/o Albert ARGUE (b. Ontario) & Lena CAVANAGH; wit Howard ARGUE & Eva BLACK, Stittsville, 16 Dec 1925, Stittsville

008494-25 (Carleton Co) Joseph Percy George BLACKBURN, 22, Tinsmith, Ottawa, Eastview, s/o George BLACKBURN & Rose FRIEND; married Sarah Jane ABBOTT, 17, Billings Bridge, Eastview, d/o James ABBOTT & Mary Ann BIRCH; wit Dora BLACKBURN & Charles APPS, both Eastview, 9 Nov 1925, Eastview

008493-25 (Carleton Co) Harry Robert BLAIR, 23, Farmer, Granville Vermont, South March, s/o George BLAIR (b. unknown, Scottish Descent) & Maud SWEATON (Swanson?); married Priscilla Mae SMITH, 17, Domestic, Fitzroy Twp, Carp, d/o Isaac SMITH (b. Ontario) & May CARR; wit Wallace Henry HILL & Mrs. Wallace Henry HILL, both South March, 19 Nov 1925, Carp

008491-25 (Carleton Co) Elzear BOURQUE, 25, Labourer, Ottawa, Eastview, s/o Alexandre BOURQUE & Marie LECLERC; wit Victorine BOUCHER, 21, Ottawa, Eastview, d/o Joseph BOUCHER & Victorine DORION; wit Alexandre BOURQUE & Alexander BEAUPRE, both Eastview, 11 mar 1925, Eastview

008487-25 (Carleton Co) Patrick BRADY, 58, Caretaker, Wid, Gloucester Twp, Eastview, s/o Patrick BRADY & May SHIELDS; married Katie PERRAULT, 56, Gloucester Twp, Ottawa, d/o Louis PERRAULT & Elizabeth COSGROVE; wit W.J. PERRAULT & Mrs. W.J. PERRAULT, both Ottawa, 23, Feb 1925, Eastview

008495-25 (Carleton Co) Rene BRISEBOIS, 24, Labourer, Orleans, Orleans, s/o Louis BRISEBOIS & Philomene PARISIEN; married Ernestine CLEROUX, 20, Orleans, Orleans, d/o Louis CLEROUX & Anna DUMAS; wit Louis BRISEBOIS & Louis CLEROUX, both Orleans, 31 Aug 1925, Orleans

008489-25 (Carleton Co) John Clarke BURCHILL, 29, Baker, Richmond, Westboro, s/o John BURCHILL (b. Merrickville) & Frances CLARKE; married Annie TAYLOR, 26, Stenographer, England, Laurentian View, d/o Charles TAYLOR (b. England) & Isabella Maude HASELDINE; wit Frank TAYLOR & Bertha TAYLOR, both Laurentian View, 25 Jul 1925, Bells Corners
008490-25 (Carleton Co) John Angus BURNS, 21, Labourer, Osgoode Twp, Billings Bridge, s/o William BURNS (b. Osgoode) & Ann SULLIVAN; married Florence Margaret JACK, 19, Fitzroy, Billings Bridge, d/o Livingston JACK (b. Scotland) & Florence KIRBY; wit George KEARNEY, Ottawa & Marjorie BURNS, Billings Bridge, 7 Aug 1925, Billings Bridge

008504-25 (Carleton Co) David CAMERON, 30, Trainman, Scotland, North Bay, s/o David CAMERON (b. Scotland) & Jesse SINCLAIR; married Florence Margarette DUNCAN, 38, Smith Falls, none given, d/o Joseph DUNCAN (b. Kars Ontario) & Jennie May ALPORTE; wit George LITTLE, Smith Falls & Verna DUNCAN, Richmond, 15 Sept 1925, St. Johns Church, Richmond

008502-25 (Carleton Co) Robert Duncan CAMPBELL, 33, School Teacher, Ormond, Ottawa City, s/o Alvin CAMPBELL (b. Vernon) & Grace MACDONALD; married Annie Louise McLAREN, 26, School Teacher, Kenmore, Ottawa City, d/o Peter MACLAREN (b. Kenmore) & Janet FORREST; witn: Donald F. MACLAREN & Gladys H. PRITTIE, both Ottawa, 15 Aug 1925, Kenmore

008501-25 (Carleton Co) Robert Alpin CAMPBELL, 52, Farmer, Osgoode Twp, Vernon, s/o Daniel (b. Osgoode Twp) & Barbara Jane CAMPBELL; married Bessie McCormick McCONNELL, 27, Farming, Osgoode Twp, Vernon, d/o W.A. McCONNELL (b. Osgoode Twp) & Margaret A. STUART; wit Maynard McDIARMID & Annie McCONNELL, both Osgoode, 8 Aug 1925, Vernon

008499-25 (Carleton Co) James Maywood CAMPION, 34, Civil Servant, Bournemouth England, Westboro, s/o Henry CAMPION (b. England) & Annie BAKER; married Mildred Dorothy DIER, 27, Bookkeeper, Ottawa, Westboro, d/o William A. DIER (b. Ontario) & Mary E. FOSTER; witn: Edgar E.T. RUSSELL, Ottawa & Marjorie D. DIER, Westboro, 14 Feb 1925, Westboro

008498-25 (Carleton Co) Henry Eldon CARRY, 26, Farmer, Fitzroy Twp, Fitzroy Twp, s/o Hugh Byron CARRY (b. Kitley Twp) & Frances ARMSTRONG; married Edna Irene AUSTIN, 19, Fitzroy Twp, Fitzroy Twp, d/o William Hiram AUSTIN (b. Kinburn) & Matilda COE; wit Christopher Ira JOHNSTON, Woodroff & Gladys Elizabeth CARRY, Kinburn, 17 Jun 1925, Kinburn Church

008503-25 (Carleton Co) John Penner CARSON, 62, Farmer, Wid, Osgoode Twp, Osgoode Twp, s/o Thomas CARSON (b. Ireland) & Thurza JAMES; married Ada FAYDER, 53, Wid, Williamsburg Twp, Osgoode Twp, d/o George BARCLAY (b. Holland) & Catherine LANE; wit S.G. SEDGWICK & Minnie FERGUSON, both Vernon, 12 Aug 1925, parsonage, Vernon

008506-25 (Carleton Co) Nathan CASEY, 44, Farmer, Jockvale, Jockvale, s/o Michael CASEY & Ann DOOLY; married Catherine MONAHAN, 42, Jockvale, Jockvale, d/o John MONAHAN & Mary KEALY; witn Thomas CLARK & Annie MONAHAN, both Jockvale, 27 Oct 1925, Fallowfield

008497-25 (Carleton Co) Cecil Everett CATHCART, 29, Civil Servant, Stittsville, Ottawa, s/o Thomas A. CATHCART & Esther COWAN; married Margery Ethel CAIRNS, 29, Civil Servant, Ottawa, Westboro, d/o George Robert CAIRNS & Orissa ADAMS; wit Leota M. CAIRNS & W.J. CAIRNS, both Montreal, 18 May 1925, Westboro

008500-25 (Carleton Co) Hermas CHARRON, 25, Labourer, Carlsbad Springs, Gloucester Twp, s/o Augustine CHARRON (b. Plaisance Quebec) & Elmire PATENAUDE; married Aurore GENDRON, 16, Maid, Carlsbad Springs, Eastview, d/o Adelard GENDRON (b. Alonice? Quebec) & Exilia REGINABALD; wit Eugene CHARRON, Eastview & Domina REGINBALD, Eastview, 15 Jan 1925, Eastview

008507-25 (Carleton Co) Aristide CLEROUX, 22, Labourer, Orleans, Cumberland Twp, s/o Xavier & Flavie CLEROUX; married Dorsina ROY, 16, Orleans, Gloucester Twp, d/o Zephir ROY & Mathilda LEBLANC; wit Xavier CLEROUX & Pierre ROBINSON, both Orleans, 4 May 1925, Orleans

008505-25 (Carleton Co) Felix CLEROUX, 20, Labourer, Orleans, Cumberland Twp, s/o Xavier CLEROUX & Octavie LACROIX; married Delima ROBINSON, 17, Housekeeper, Orleans, Cumberland Twp, d/o Johnny ROBINSON & Delima CLEROUX; wit Albert CLEROUX & Johnny CLEROUX, both Navan, 16 Nov 1925, Orleans

008508-25 (Carleton Co) Albert Edward COCKWELL, 19, Picture Framer, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Thomas COCKWELL & Elizabeth HAMILTON; married Georgina May LOWEN, 21, Ottawa, Leitrim, d/o George LOWEN & Elizabeth NORRIS; wit Frederick N. LEWIS & Bella A. LOWEN, both Ottawa, 15 Apr 1925, Leitrim

008509-25 (Carleton Co) Eugene COTE, 28, gardener, Cyrville, Orleans, s/o Alexander COTE & Delia ROY; married Donalda VALLIERES, 20, Orleans, Orleans, d/o Joseph VALLIERES & Rose Anna JOANNISSE; wit Alexander COTE & Joseph VALLIERES, both Orleans, 17 Feb 1925, Orleans

008513-25 (Carleton Co) Francis DAGENAIS, 29, Labourman, Buckingham, Ottawa, s/o Alfred DAGENAIS & Justine BELLISLE; married Eva LADOUCEUR, 22, Ottawa, Hurdmans Bridge (Lynville), d/o Jean Baptiste LADOUCEUR & Harriet IBARRE; wit Joseph FERLAND, Ottawa & Jean Baptiste LADOUCEUR, Hurdmans Bridge, 20 Jul 1925, Cyrville

008511-25 (Carleton Co) John Henry DALE, 22, Chauffeur, Nottingham England, Laurentian View, s/o Harry DALE (b. England) & Phoebe May PILGRIM; married Doris May LAWSON, 21, Sussex England, none given, d/o Arthur Thomas LAWSON (b. England) & Emily JAGGERS; wit Stephen HUTCHINGS & Mrs. Nellie MARKELL, both Laurentian View, 5 Mar 1925, Westboro

008510-25 (Carleton Co) Gordon Henry DAVIDSON, 27, Farmer, Merivale, Merivale, s/o Andrew DAVIDSON (b. Gloucester) & Margaret BOYD; married Mary Eleanor RIVINGTON, 26, Merivale, Merivale, d/o John RIVINGTON (b. Merivale) & Margaret STINSON; witn: R. L. RIVINGTON & E.E. DAVIDSON, both Ottawa, 25 Feb 1925, Merivale

008071-25 (Carleton Co) Joseph Napoleon Gauthier DE LANDREVILLE, 43, Civil Servant, Wid, Monebello Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Stanislas Gauthier DE LANDREVILLE (b. Montebello) & Urbane LADOUCEUR; married Josephine Bertha BOLDUC, 28, Saleslady, Quebec Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Alfred BOLDUC (b. Quebec) & Josephine RENAUD; wit Michel PARENT & Mrs. Michael PARENT, both Ottawa, 3 Jun 1925, Ottawa

008514-25 (Carleton Co) Joseph Emile DROUIN, 24, Farmers son, Casselman, Casselman, s/o Ferdinand DROUIN & Basilier PAQUETTE: married Marie Elaine LADOUCEUR, 23, School Teacher, Clarence Creek, Orleans, d/o Alexis LADOUCEUR & Yvonne VIAU; wit Ferdinand DROUIN, Casselman & Alexis LADOUCEUR, Orleans, 4 Aug 1925, Orleans

008512-25 (Carleton Co) Octave DUBE, 65, Labourer, Wid, Quebec Province, Eastview, s/o John DUBE & Marguerite LARUE; married Matilda LAROCQUE, 43, Wid, St. Eugene Quebec, Eastview, d/o Ludger QUAIN? & Josephine GOYETTE; wit Charles FARMER & Donat BOIVIN, both Eastview, 10 Aug 1925, Carleton

008515-25 (Carleton Co) Nicholas Cavanagh EMERY, 25, Farmer, Goulbourne Twp, Goulbourne Twp, s/o Peter EMERY & Mary GARLAND; married Mary Margaret LAUGHLIN, 22, Goulbourne Twp, Goulbourne Twp, d/o Patrick LAUGHLIN & Ann SULLIVAN; wit Daniel LAUGHLIN, Ashton Station & Mary GONEAU, Dwyer Hill, 24 Nov 1925, Goulbourne Twp

008516-25 (Carleton Co) Leo Joseph FAHEY, 23, Labourer, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o F. FAHEY & Mary FITZGERALD; married Deliska CHATELAIN, 20, Plantagenet, Plantagenet, d/o Oscar CHATELAIN & Nephtalie TAILLON; wit Mrs. H. Y. CLARK & Mr. H.Y. CLARK, both Ottawa, 21 Apr 1925, Ottawa East

008521-25 (Carleton Co) Hector FAUCHER, 32, Labourer, Ottawa, Eastview, s/o Narcisse FAUCHER & Flavie LATOUR; married Laurence LANTHIER, 17, St. Pierre de Wakefield Quebec, Eastview, d/o Adelard LANTHIER & Adelaide ST. AMOUR; wit Narcisse FAUCHER & Adelard LANTHIER, both Eastview, 19 Oct 1925, Eastview

008520-25 (Carleton Co) John Francis FENNING, 41, Farmer, Osgoode Twp, Osgoode Twp, s/o Alexander FENNING (b. Quebec Quebec) & Mary MALONE; married Annie KEHOE, 28, Osgoode Twp, Osgoode Twp, d/o Patrick KEHOE (b. Osgoode Twp) & Joan FENNING; wit Thomas KEHOE, & Catherine O'BRIEN, both Manotick Station, 24 Nov 1925, South Gloucester

008522-25 (Carleton Co) Kenneth FINLAY, 27, Farmer, Cumberland, Cumberland, s/o John FINLAY & Jane McCASKILL; married Annie CASEY, 22, Perkins Mills Quebec, Cumberland, d/o William CASEY & Elisabeth HALL; wit William CASEY & Lawrence CASEY, both Cumberland, 10 Jun 1925, Orleans

008518-25 (Carleton Co) John Patrick FITZSIMMONS, 43, Farmer, South Gloucester, South Gloucester, s/o John FITZSIMMONS & Margaret MURRAY; married Lila Mary KENNEDY, 33, South March, South March, d/o Patrick KENNEDY & Theresa NASH; wit Angus FITZSIMMONS, Billings Bridge & Lillian KENNEDY, Dunrobin, 25 Nov 1925, at March

008500-25 (Carleton Co) Hilton Roy FLEMING, 26, Clerk, Goulbourne Twp, Ashton, s/o John FLEMING (b. Ontario) & Anne SIMPSON; married Charlotta May HOBBS, 29, Goulbourne, Ashton, d/o Angus HOBBS (b. Ontario) & Eliza May LYTTLE; wit Samuel Edwin FLEMING & Ethel Maud HOBBS, both Ashton, 17 Jun 1925, Christ Church, Ashton

008517-25 (Carleton Co) Hartley Hayes FULFORD, 33, Farmer, Fitzroy Twp, Fitzroy Twp, s/o Thomas FULFORD (deceased) (b. Fitzroy Twp) & Catherine Elanor HAYES; married Laurene Hazel BAIRD, 23, Fitzroy Twp, Fitzroy Twp, d/o Richard G. BAIRD (b. Fitzroy Twp) & Mary Angeline MAYBERRY; wit Kenneth Kitchener STEVENSON & Clara Mae BAIRD, both Kinburn, 11 Mar 1925, at res of the bride

008523-25 (Carleton Co) Arthur GAUTHIER, 22, Farmers son, Orleans, Cumberland Twp, s/o Theodule GAUTHIER & Perpetue PILON; married Alma LACHAPELLE, 19, Orleans, Cumberland Twp, d/o Leandre LACHAPELLE & Exilda BRAULT; wit Theodule GAUTHIER & Leandre LACHAPELLE, both Orleans, 19 Jan 1925, Orleans

008524-25 (Carleton Co) Charles GILLAN, 28, Farmer, Fitzroy Twp, Pakenham Twp Lanark Co, s/o Frank GILLAN & Elizabeth OWENS; married Marguerite Ann WILSON, 28, School Teacher, North Gower Twp, North Gower Twp, d/o John Bell WILSON & Ida M. ACRES; wit Hube NEEDHAM, Pakenham & Winona WILSON, Kars, 16 Sept 1925, Manotick

8629-25 Charles Blackstock GREER, 20, bookkeeper, Colborne, Ottawa, s/o F. C. D. GREER b. Colborne & Maude C. VENTRESS married Margaret Cecile BUTLER, 23, clerk, Hammond, Ottawa, d/o Peter BUTLER b. Hammond & Matilda LAPLAM, witn: A.H. SCHRUTT & M. LAZENBY, both of Ottawa, 13 April 1925, Ottawa 7976-25 Orville Edwin HACKETT, 20, laborer, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Thomas HACKETT b. England & Mary KENNEDY married Delila Elizabeth DAVIS, 18, maid, Bella Corners, Westboro, d/o Hugh DAVIS, b. not given & Maimie SPROULE, witn: David DAVIS & Verna MONCRIEFF of Westboro, 1 July 1925, Ottawa

008530-25 (Carleton Co) Samuel HALL, 54, Agent, Wid, Perkins Mills Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Samuel HALL (b. Ireland) & Sarah SMITH; married Martha BARNETT, 35, Registered Nurse, England, Ottawa, d/o James BARNETT (b. Ireland) & Sarah CHARLES; wit Arthur HALL & Lydie Barnett HALL, both Ottawa, 4 Apr 1925, Metcalfe

7959-25 Edgar Harold HALL, 34, manufacturer, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o William HALL b. Canada & Winifred ADE married Lea Ethel MILKS, 35, book keeper, March, Ottawa, d/o William Thomas MILKS, b. Canada & Francis BOUCHER, witn: W. J. HALL, Ottawa & Mrs. Vera MERRIFIELD, Beech Grave Quebec, 19 Feb 1925, Ottawa

7960-25 James Henry HALLIDAY, 46, widower, cement contractor, Wentworth, Carleton Place, Nathaniel Henry HALLIDAY, b. Wentworth Co & Mary GILBERT married Jane PERKINS, 41, housekeeper, Maxville, Carleton Place, d/o Donald PERKINS, b. Glengarry Co & Ellen DONNELLY, witn: Albert E. MILLNER, Renfrew & Mrs. H. M. RICHARDS, Ottawa, 20 Feb 1925, Ottawa 7977-25 John Erwin HALPIN, 22, civil servant, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o John HALPIN b. Ottawa & Margaret BURKE married Margaret Emma ERLER, 22, sales lady, Hesson, Ottawa, d/o John ERLER b. Hesson & Mary LEHMAN, witn: Gordon HALPIN & Mildred ERLER of Ottawa, 21 July 1925, St. Patrick's Church, Ottawa
008536-25 (Carleton Co) John Russell HAMILTON, 27, Science Master, Nelson Twp, St. Catharines, s/o Watson HAMILTON (b. Flamboro Twp) & Martha PRUDHOM; married Muriel KIDD, 25, Dietitian, Kemptville, Kemptville, d/o Richard York KIDD (b. Kemptville) & Elizabeth BELL; wit L.W. MISKELLY, Merrickville & Helen D. ANDERSON, Kemptville, 28 Dec 1925, Burritts Rapids 7964-25 Wallace Thomas HAMILTON, 21, trunk maker, Pembroke, Ottawa, s/o Thomas George HAMILTON, b. Canada & Elizabeth FISHER married Mary Bridget HAYDON, 20, domestic, Ireland, Ottawa, d/o Joseph HAYDEN b. Ireland & Elizabeth WHITE, witn: Rolland P. MARTIN & A Clare BARKLEY of Ottawa, 10 Sept 1925, Ottawa
7961-25 Walter Harold Kenneth HAMILTON, 23, laborer, North Wakefield, Ottawa, s/o William HAMILTON b. USA & Isabel BROWN married Aretha May FITZPATRICK, 20, telephone operator, Lasalles Quebec, Ottawa, d/o William FITZPATRICK b. Canada & Annie IRWIN, witn: Edward FITZPATRICK, Lasalles Quebec & Vera HAMILTON, North Wakefield Quebec, 11 Feb 1925, Ottawa 7972-25 Frederic James HANNA, 26, Barrister, Ottawa, Toronto, s/o James Edward HANNA b. Harlem & Eva Jane HENDERSON married Victoria Muriel BOYCE, 26, graduate nurse, Rat Portage, Ottawa, d/o Arthur Cyril BOYCE b. Wakefield England & Victoria Mary Louisa MACHIN, witn: G F HANNA of Toronto & Sybil BOYCE of Ottawa, 5 Sept 1925, Ottawa
7993-25 Joseph Ambrose HANNON, 24, store manager, St. Thomas, North Bay, s/o Joseph HANNON & Mary MURPHY married Mary Beatrice Hilda KELLY, 21, Mayor Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Geo. KELLY & Agnes MCANDREW, witn: Harry COUGHLIN & Loretta DOHERTY of Ottawa, 17 Feb 1925, St. Patrick's Church, Ottawa 7984-25 Lester Theodore HARCOURT, 21, machinist, Syracuse NY, Syracuse NY, s/o William Clifford HARCOURT b. USA & Mabel HOTANG married Olive Gilmore HELMAN, 19, clerk, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o George HELMAN, b. Canada & Elizabeth PICKERING, witn: Lorne HELMAN & Georgina HELMAN of Ottawa, 30 May 1925, Ottawa
7995-25 Fred Elvin HARE, 26, mechanic, Sowerby Ont, Detroit Michigan, s/o Walter HARE & Hannah Lang LENG married Laura Belle SALLY (Lally?), 27, stenographer, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Edward SALLY & Susan HOBBS, witn: Hertha F. CAROW of Beech Grove Quebec & J. Hamilton LOWRY of Ottawa, 12 Aug. 1925, Ottawa 008527-25 (Carleton Co) David Ercell McDonald HARTIN, 23, Farmer, Nepean Twp, Fallowfield, s/o David HARTIN (b. Goulbourne Twp) & Mary McDONALD; married Erma Harriet Irene JARDINE, 18, Powassen, Richmond, d/o James H. JARDINE (b. Newington) & Matilda ARMSTRONG; wit Robert D. HARTIN & Florence HARTIN, both Richmond, 10 Jun 1925, Richmond
7969-25 Lawrence Alexander HARTLEY, 20, electrician, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o James HARTLEY b. Canada & Elizabeth ROSS married Honor Agnes LESLIE, 17, housework, Cawood Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Francis LESLIE b. Canada & Ann KNOX, witn: Thomas P. HARRIS of Ottawa & Matilda BURKE of Farrelton Quebec, 23 Sept 1925, Ottawa 7965-25 Lee Armstrong HAUN, 26, Barrister Solicitor etc, Toronto, Dunnville, s/o Adolphus Walter HAUN, b. Marshville & Carmine Olivia Gertrude ARMSTRONG married Margaret Lois Parnelia JOHNSON, 26, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Daniel E. JOHNSON b. Rochester NY & Margaret BRADEN, witn: Helen B. HANN of Dunnville & John O. ARMSTRONG of Lloydtown, 26 Sept 1925, Ottawa
7968-25 Evan Baldwin HAWKER, 29, private secretary, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Joseph Thomas HAWKER b. England & Catherine Ruth ANDERSON married Margaret ELLISON, 26, civil servant, Stockton on Tees England, Ottawa, d/o Thomas ELLISON b. England & Sarah Helen DAWSON, witn: Charles H. MILK & Mrs. Edna HAWKER of Ottawa, 18 Aug 1925, Ottawa 7973-25 Joseph Traverse Lewis HAWKINS, 44 (b. 9 Feb 1881), master mechanic CNR, Ramsay twp, Horne Payne, s/o William Henry HAWKINS b. Ontario & Caroline HERROW married Eunice Olivetta HARDY, 35, widow, school teacher, d/o James Howard MUNRO b. Ontario & Anna WARREN, witn: Annie J. MUNRO of Nokiva & Ida GROUT of Arnprior, 26 Aug 1925, Ottawa
7970-25 Walter HAWN, 26, farm hand, Grantley Dundas, Ellwood, s/o William Jacob HAWN b. Canada & Hattie GALLAGHER married Mary Margaret Ann ECCLES, 17, Hawthorne, Ellwood, d/o Robert John ECCLES b. Canada & Mary MONTGOMERY, witn: Hildah WALTER & Ruth ELLISON of Ottawa, 22 Sept 1925, Ottawa 7963-25 Arthur John HEBERT, 23, web pressman, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Samuel HEBERT b. not given & Mary Jane JORDAN married Marie Beatrice LAFRENIERE, 22, telephone operator, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o David LAFRENIERE, b. not given & Marie Louise ST. AMAND, witn: Edgar GARNEAU & Lorenzo LABELLE, Ottawa, 28 Nov 1925, Ottawa

7983-25 Albert Wesley HELMAN, 28, clerk, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Frank HELMAN, b. England & Lena DAUGHERTY married Cora Beatrice FAULKNER, 21, clerk, Nepean, Ottawa, d/o John FAULKNER b. Ontario & Prudence BRADLEY, witn: John KEELEY & Harriet FAULKNER of Ottawa, 4 June 1925, Ottawa

008529-25 (Carleton Co) Samuel HENDERSON, 41, Clerk, Scotland, Montreal Quebec, s/o Samuel HENDERSON (b. Glasgow Scotland) & Ann Bell SMITH; married Mrs. Margaret Maude MULLIN, 39, Wid, Metcalfe, Metcalfe, d/o Alexander McPHERSON (b. Perth Scotland) & Emma QUAIL; wit William M. DOIG, Montreal & Gertrude E. YORK, Metcalfe, 21 Sept 1925, Metcalfe

7962-25 Walter Green HENWOOD, 36, teamster, Buckingham Quebec, Ottawa, s/o John HENWOOD b. England & Lily GREEN married Sybil Alice DYCIE (Dyne?), 20, printer, Co Montcalm Quebec, Ottawa, d/o John DYCIE b. Canada & Alice GREEN, witn: Iva Marjorie YOUNG, Ottawa & Claude Clifford DYCIE, Ottawa, 19 Sept 1925, Ottawa 7994-25 Moses HERTEL, 21, widower, laborer, Papineauville Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Daniel HERTEL & Sarah BEAULIEU married Annie Viola DEVINE, 46, Goulbourne, Ottawa, d/o Henry DEVINE & Mary MURPHY, witn: Alfred HERTEL & Elizabeth LARKEN of Ottawa, 16 Nov 1925, Ottawa
008528-25 (Carleton Co) Reginald Clarence Cecil HEWENS, 25, Shipper, England, Ottawa, s/o Clarence W.M. HEWENS (b. England) & Alice Emily GURNEY; married Hazel Fern SCOBIE, 19, Saleslady, Westboro, Westboro, d/o William B. SCOBIE (b. Westboro) & Bella FERIN; wit John C. KETTLES, Ottawa & Gertrude SCOBIE, Westboro, 17 Jun 1925, Westboro 7980-25 Rosaire HEYENDAL, 25, merchant, Hull Quebec, Hull Quebec, s/o Alphonse HEYENDAL b. Belgique & Anna BONNEVILLE married Estella GOSSELIN, 21, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Zephyrin GOSSELIN b. Ottawa & Adele AUGER, witn: Lucien MONTPETIT & Valerien RENAUD of Hull Quebec. 10 June 1925, Ottawa

7971-25 William John HILL, 55, widower, railroader, Nepean, Ottawa, s/o William HILL b. Ireland & Hannah LESLIE married Louisa Acton MATTHEWS, 56, widow, North Gower, Ottawa, d/o Albey MCCARVAN? (McCarran?) b. Nepean & Julie BARTON, witn: A. H. ACTON of Ottawa & M. S. SULLY of Britannia Bay, 5 Sept 1925, Ottawa

008534-25 (Carleton Co) Thomas Henry HOBBS, 24, Farmer, Ashton, Ashton, s/o Arthur HOBBS (b. Goulbourn) & Lauretta Helena VAUGHAN; married Lola Nesbit DOWDALL, 25, Ashton, Ashton, d/o James DOWDALL (b. Goulbourn) & Miss LEWIS; wit Lola Nesbitt DOWDALL & Robert James HOBBS, both Ashton, 24 Jun 1925, Prospect

008525-25 (Carleton Co) George Harold HODGINS, 25, Motor Mechanic, Quyon Quebec, Westboro, s/o Walter A. HODGINS (b. Quyon Quebec) & Christina MURRAY; married Dorothy Pauline WILSON, 21 Stenographer, Merrickville, Ottawa, d/o David A. WILSON (b. Merrickville) & Penelope CODE; wit Denver Percy WILSON, Ottawa & Alice Christina HODGINS, Westboro, 25 Nov 1925, Westboro 7974-25 Erskine Fred HODGINS, 23, merchant, Shawville Quebec, Ottawa, s/o George Frederick HODGINS b. Canada & Georgina Ed. THOMAS married Norma May SMITH, 17, hair dresser, Bangor Maine, Ottawa, d/o Peter C. SMITH b. Canada & Emma O'CONNOR, witn: George Frederick HODGINS & Emma SMITH of Ottawa, 24 Nov 1925, Ottawa
7991-25 Richard George HODGKINSON, 29, mechanic, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, Ottawa, s/o Richard George HODGKINSON & Annie COCHRANE married Josephine Katherine CAVILL, 26, Bristol England, Ottawa, d/o John Beaumont CAVILL & Catherine GRANGER, witn: Phyllis K. CAVILL & Arnold HODGKINSON of Ottawa, 7 Nov 1925, Ottawa 7966-25 Leonidas HOGUE, 23, laborer, Bourget, Ottawa, s/o Hormidas HOGUE b. Canada & Fidelia LALONDE married Catherine Orr BLOOM, 18, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o John Andrew BLOOM b. Canada & Catherine MCCAFFERY, witn: Harold VILLENEUVE & Norah CADY of Ottawa, 30 Sept 1925, Ottawa

008533-25 (Carleton Co) William Stanley HOLLAND, 22, Chauffeur, Oakham England, Nepean Twp, s/o Charles Henry HOLLAND (b. England) & Elizabeth BAER (Beer?); married Margaret Veronica GILBAULT, 20, Ottawa, Nepean Twp, d/o Napoleon GILBAULT (b. Ottawa) & Margaret KELLY; wit Gordon NORRIS & Catherine O KAVANAGH, both Ottawa, 15 Aug 1925, Ottawa

008532-25 (Carleton Co) Maynard HOLLOWAY, 20, Teamster, Ottawa, Billings Bridge, s/o Bert HOLLOWAY (b. England) & Mary MULLEN; married Lena RYAN, 17, Billings Bridge, Billings Bridge, d/o Philip RYAN (b. Osgoode) & Mary Jane CLERMONT; wit Philip RYAN, Billings Bridge & Lucy MULLEN, Ottawa, 14 Nov 1925, Billings Bridge

7975-25 Byron Wakefield HOWARD, 22, student, Ontario, Ottawa, s/o deceased b. Ontario & Ethel M. HOWARD married Irene Olive BURDITT, 21, stenographer, Manitoba, Ottawa, d/o George BURDITT, b. England & Sarah TURNER, witn: M. G DAWSON & Lois CLARKE of Ottawa, 29 Aug 1925, Ottawa 7979-25 James Derby Alexander HOWARD, 29, farmer, Cawood Quebec, Wright Quebec, s/o Thomas HOWARD, b. Danford Quebec & Jane DERBY married Matilda Hannah SPEARS, 23, maid, Hastings England, Ottawa, d/o George STONHAM b. Old Town - Hastings England & Sarah Jane SPEARS, witn: R.A.V. NICHOLSON of Ottawa & George R. HOWARD of Wright Quebec, 17 June 1925, Ottawa
7978-25 Osmond Francis HOWE, 26, barrister, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Francis William HOWE, b. Rugby, England & Mary MCINTOSH married Helen Freda KAISER, 25, Hagersville, Ottawa, d/o Jesse Bennett KAISER b. Co York & Annie Freda HARE, witn: Stanley E. NELSON & Edyth F. MILLER of Ottawa, 18 June 1925, Ottawa 7992-25 Clarence Joseph HOWELL, 40, editor, Montreal, New York City, s/o James HOWELL & Sarah DIAMOND married Margaret Mary MURPHY, 28, typist, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Thomas MURPHY & Brigid CONNELL, witn: Raymond MCCLOSKY of Montreal & Carmel MURPHY of Ottawa, 9 Sept 1925, Ottawa
  008535-25 (Carleton Co) Harold HUDDLESTON, 24, Labourer, Smith Falls, Smith Falls, s/o William HUDDLESTON (b. Elmsley N. Twp) & Eliza DILLABOUGH; married Florence Luella DOUGLAS, 25, Montague Twp, Montague Twp, d/o Arthur DOUGLAS (b. Montague Twp) & Julia BENNETT; wit William Joseph LYNN & Julia Ann DOUGLAS, both Smith Falls, 9 Sept 1925, Ashton
7990-25 Joseph Albert HUDON, 25, Watchmaker, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Sylvie HUDON & Amanda ST. GERMAINE married Rhea COUTURIER, 25, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Alfred COUTURIER & Delia LACELLE, witn: Sylvie HUDON & Alfred COUTURIER of Ottawa, 10 Sept 1925, Ottawa 7986-25 Oscar HUDON, 20, merchant, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Sylvio HUDON & (late) Amanda ST. GERMAIN married Marie Jeanne BERUBE, 22, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Ernest Edmond BERUBE & Angeline MAHEW, witn: Sylvio HUDON & Ernest Edmond BERUBE of Ottawa, 5 June 1925, Ottawa

008526-25 (Carleton Co) William John HUME, 30, Farmer, Wid, Russell Twp, Russell Twp, s/o John HUME (b. Osgoode Twp) & Mary HILL; married Edna Bell BRINSTON, 21, Osgoode Twp, Russell Twp, d/o Robert Alexander BRINSTON (b. Osgoode Twp) & Ida May GRAHAM; wit Donald J. WOODSIDE & Florence M. WOODSIDE, both Kenmore, 26 Aug 1925, Kenmore


7988-25 J. Theophile Lucien HUNEAULT, 19, day laborer, Hull Quebec, Hull Quebec, s/o Noe HUNEAULT & Dolorise MARCIL married M. Del Lucienne Eliane SAUVE, 20, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Honore SAUVE & Adele MONTPETIT, witn: Noe HUNEAULT of Hull Quebec & Romeo LACHAINE of Ottawa, 28 July 1925, Ottawa 008537-25 (Carleton Co) Marcel HUNEAULT, 17, Labourer, Sarsfield, Cumberland Twp, s/o Gilbert HUNEAULT & Victoria LEVEILLE; married Claudia CLEROUX, 17, Orleans, Gloucester Twp, d/o Michel CLEROUX & Celine SOUCIER; wit Gilbert HUNEAULT & Michel CLEROUX, both Navan, 31 Dec 1925, Orleans

008531-25 (Carleton Co) Benjamin John HUNT, 62, Pressman, Wid, London England, Ottawa, s/o Thomas James HUNT (b. London England) & Sarah Ann DYER; married Mary Ida Jane JOHNSTON, 58, Charwoman, Wid, New York State, Ottawa, d/o James JOHNSTON (b. Quebec) & Mary FLOOD; wit Rev. John O'NEILL & Mary Jane DOYLE, both Ottawa West, 30 Apr 1925, Ottawa West

7989-25 Thomas Arthur HUNT, 21, accountant, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Frederick J. HUNT & Esther HALL married Hilda Mae JEACLE, 20, stenographer, Osgoode, Ottawa, d/o George Edward JEACLE & Everetta NUTTALL, witn: George FERRIS & G. Muriel JEACLE of Ottawa, 18 Aug 1925, Ottawa
7981-25 Lee Porter HUNTER, 21, driver, Warren Pennsylvania, Warren Pennsylvania, s/o Sullivan ELMER [surname?] b. USA & Nellie Rebecca PORTER married Eliza May RAMSAY, 25, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o James John RAMSAY b. Scotland & Ida Ellen SIMPSON, witn: Mrs. William A. RANKIN & James John RAMSAY of Ottawa, 1 June 1925, Ottawa 7982-25 Joshua Wells HUNTER, 22, paper maker, Edinburgh Scotland, Ottawa, s/o Alexander HUNTER b. Scotland & Mary WANLESS married Bernice WATERS, 21, clerk, USA, Ottawa, d/o Charles WATERS, b. USA & Henrietta FOWLER, witn: Jack HASTINGS & Bertha May HASTINGS of Ottawa, 12 May 1925, Ottawa
7967-25 William Howard HUNTER, 29, civil engineer, Toronto, Maniwaki Quebec, s/o William Howard HUNTER b. Canada & Mary Christina TROTTER married Julia Alice DOYLE, 35, public stenographer, Hawkesbury, Ottawa, d/o Denis DOYLE b. Canada & Elizabeth DUNNE, witn: W. E. DOYLE & J. Elias DOYLE of Ottawa, 26 Dec 1925, Ottawa 7987-25 Joseph Louis Adelard HURTEAU, 28, physician, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o David HURTEAU & Rose Helena TREMBLEY married Marie Antoinette ST. LAURENT, 24, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Arthur Antoine ST. LAURENT & Marie FALLE, witn: David HURTEAU of Cornwall & Arthur Antoine ST. LAURENT of Ottawa, 15 June 1925, Ottawa
7985-25 Rene HURTUBISE, 31, confectioner, Papineauville Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Napoleon HURTUBISE & Marguerite CHABOT married Adeline H. DENAULT, 32, telephone central, Almonte, Ottawa, d/o (the late) Paul DENAULT & Mary FINNERS, witn: Napoleon HURTUBISE & Telesphore BENOIT of Ottawa, 2 June 1925, Ottawa 7958-25 Elijah HYLAND, 49, carpenter, Hull Quebec, Nepean, s/o James HYLAND b. Osgoode & Jacobine POOL married Lily WORTHINGTON, 35, cook, England, Lady Grey Hospital, Ottawa, d/o Doctor Worthington, b. Lancashire, England & Sarah WOLSENHAM, witn: James DEANE, Catherine Avenue & Mrs. Amelia DEANE, Strathcona Avenue, 23 Feb 1925 Ottawa
8008-25 James JACKSON, 48, divorce, Labour, Warwickshire England, Ottawa, s/o John JACKSON & Elizabeth JACKSON married Frances Jessie LYON, 28, domestic servant & cook, Cheshire England, Ottawa, d/o Edward LYON & Annie LYON, witn: Olive PRINCE of Rockcliffe & Herbert COLTIE of Ottawa, 6 July 1925, Ottawa 8540-25 William Lloyd JAMES, 35, farmer, Lanark twp, Lanark twp, s/o Thomas JAMES b. Lanark twp & Elizabeth Jane WOODS married Irene Edith CHAMBERS, 21, not given, Lanark twp, d/o Moses CHAMBERS b. Oso twp & Susannah GRAHAM, witn: Edith C. TURLEY & William MCGEE of Ottawa, 18 February 1925, Ottawa
8010-25 Harold Thomas JAMES, 24, civil engineer, Ottawa, 130 Flora St. in Ottawa, s/o Thomas Charles JAMES, b. England & Emma MARTIN married Edyth Gertrude BAILEY, 22, stenographer, 317 McLeod St. in Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Tom BAILEY b. England & Gertrude E. BAXTER, witn: William. E. JAMES & Helen PETRIE of Ottawa, 5 June 1925, Ottawa 8007-25 Carmel Herbert JAMES, 31, civil servant, Rockland, Ottawa, s/o William JAMES b. Riceville & Lilian SARTEES married Marjorie Euphemia BEATON, 30, clerk, Rockland, Ottawa, d/o Archibald Hector BEATON b. Rockland & Mary GOODLAND, witn: Mable BOSTON & Charllie WRIGHT of Ottawa, 23 June 1925, Ottawa
8004-25 Edward Gordon JAMIESON, 23, air force Canadian militia, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o William A. JAMIESON b. Ottawa & Alice STEWART, married Maebelle Gwenyth GOLLMAN, 24, civil servant, New York City NY, Ottawa, d/o Abraham GOLLMAN b. Montreal & Annie MARKS, witn: John PRESTON & H. W. WILSON of Ottawa, 25 April 1925, Ottawa 7997-25 George William JAMIESON, 26, lumberman, Renfrew, Ottawa, s/o George JAMIESON. b. Renfrew & Isabel LAVENTURE married Annie Edith NELSON, 19, Ross, Ottawa, d/o William NELSON b. Sweden & Jessie LEBARRON, witn: G. S. FRASER & Nora NELSON of Ottawa, 5 Nov 1925, Ottawa
8628-25 William Stewart JEAILE, 27, farmer, Osgoode, Osgoode, s/o William JEAILE & Jessie STEWART married Gussy Isabella COWAN, 31, Osgoode, Osgoode, d/o Edward COWAN & Caroline DOWNEY, witn: Bessie Kathleen JEAILE & Alvin Barton COWAN, 10 June 1925, Metcalfe  
7999-25 Wilfred JETTE, 54, widower, shipper, Chicago Illinois, Ottawa, s/o Wilfred JETTE b. Chicago & Josephine LASSALLE married Mary ROBERTSON, 52, civil servant, Montreal Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Joseph ROBERTSON b. Montreal & Marcelline CHANTILLEZ, witn: Joseph ROBERTSON & William HURTUBISE of Ottawa, 21 Sept 1925, Ottawa 8003-25 Gordon JOHNS, 20, farmer, Clarence Creek, Clarence Creek, s/o Samuel JOHNS b. England & Mary MINNIE married Loretta DENIS, 18 7/12, Rockland, Rockland, d/o deceased b. Quebec & Delima BRISBOIS, witn: Margaret A. SMALLEY of Ottawa & Emilienne DENIS, 30 April 1925, Ottawa
8011-25 Camille JOHNSON, 23, laborer, Gracefield Quebec, Ottawa, s/o J. Bte JOHNSON & Liza CRYTE married Fidelia PETRIN, 19, Gracefield Quebec, Ottawa, d/o J. Bte. PETRIN & Armeline SICARD, witn: F. Z. TREPANIER & Aureleiu BELANGER of Ottawa, 4 may 1925, Ottawa 8002-25 William Henry JOHNSON, 33, carpenter, New Glasgow Nova Scotia, Ottawa, s/o Thomas A. JOHNSON b. Nova Scotia & Annie L. ANTHONY married Olive COX, 30, cook, Gracefield Quebec, Ottawa, d/o James COX b. Quebec & Margaret BOYD, witn: M. L. BROWN & William SHORT of Ottawa, 11 May 1925, Ottawa
7998-25 William Thomas JOHNSON, 26, civil servant, Kingston, Ottawa, s/o Thomas William JOHNSON, b. Kingston & Mary Elizabeth PHALEN?, married Dorothy Morton GREENE, 21, clerk, Toronto, Ottawa, d/o Albert Elliot GREENE, b. Peterborough & Mary Emily BRODY, witn: Mary E. GREENE & W. A. CAMERON of Ottawa, 2 Nov 1925, Ottawa 8005-25 William Frederick Thomas JOHNSTON, 48, widower, farmer, Osgoode, Osgoode, s/o Samuel JOHNSTON b. Ontario & Margaret HYLAND married Dolly PERRIER, 19, Hull Quebec, Nepean, d/o Joseph PERRIER b. Ontario & Jennie HYLAND, witn: James S. HENEY of Russell & MCCOVEYE (McCooey?) of Ottawa, 18 Feb 1925, Ottawa
8006-25 Earl Bidwell JOHNSTON, 31, salesman, Cornwall Ont, Ottawa, s/o Wesley Osborne JOHNSTON b. Cornwall & Bertha WAY married Stella Louise HOWELL, 26, civil servant, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Henry P. HOWELL b. Denmark & Lucinda QUEALE?, witn: Ruth JOHNSTON & Dalton HOWELL of Ottawa, 1 July 1925, Ottawa 8009-25 John Leonard JOHNSTON, 28, seed inspector, Carp, Ottawa, s/o Robert JOHNSTON b. Canada & Sarah ALLEN married Lila Elizabeth THOMPSON, 25, clerk, Brinston - Dundas, Co Ottawa, d/o George THOMPSON b. Canada & Catharine Ann BUSH, witn: Arthur CLARA & Mary PAYNE of Ottawa, 24 June 1925, Ottawa
8001-25 Wallace Andrew JOHNSTONE, 22, soldier, Sheerness - Shappy Island England, Ottawa, s/o Wallace Andrew JOHNSTONE & Susan BLITHE married Phyllis Ruby ELLIOTT, 18, Hastings England, Ottawa, d/o Reginald ELLIOTT b. England & Phyllis PARKER, witn: Gladys Elizabeth BAKER & Ida Annie WHELAN of Ottawa, 14 Dec 1925, Ottawa 7996-25 George Reginald JOWSEY, 29, sales manager, Eardley Quebec, Aylmer Quebec, s/o John JOWSEY b. Eardley Quebec & Annie JACKSON married Mary E. BAKER, 32, reg nurse, Nepean, Nepean, d/o Samuel BAKER b. Quebec & Caroline HAMMEL, witn: T. Alex BARR & Annie Baker BARR of Ottawa, 28 Oct 1925, Ottawa
8000-25 Howard Willis JUSTUS, 23, student, Winchester, Winchester, s/o Richard Willis JUSTUS b. Winchester & Edith Melissa MCCONKEY married Margaret DALGLEISH, 23, teacher, Metcalfe, Vernon, d/o Thomas Lee DALGLEISH b. Metcalfe & Mary Matilda ROBERTSON, witn: Jesse H. ARMSTRONG & Helen A. ARMSTRONG of Ottawa, 18 Nov 1925, Ottawa 8544-25 Patrick KEHOE, 30, farmer, Gloucester, Gloucester, s/o Patrick KEHOE & Johanna FENNING married Julia SHANAHAN, 38, Gloucester, Gloucester, d/o Patrick SHANAHAN & Catherine STACKPOLE, witn: Paul SHANAHAN & Anna KEHOE of Gloucester, 23 June 1925, Gloucester
8542-25 James Clarence KELLY, 23, farmer, March, March, s/o James KELLY b. March & Alice Jane COOLER married Isabell Story MUNRO, 23, Huntley, Blackburn, d/o Donald William MUNRO b. Torlbolton & Frances WILSON, witn: Margaret HOPKINS & C.R. MUNRO of Blackburn, 15 April 1925, Eastview 8024-25 John Edwin KELLY, 22, truck driver, Farrelton Que., Ottawa, s/o John Peter KELLY & Catherine O'CONNOR married Anna Mary CARROLL, 27, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Daniel Francis CARROLL & Elizabeth MCGRATH, witn: Anthony KELLY of Farrellton Quebec & Violet KELLY of Ottawa, 22 June 1925, Ottawa
8013-25 Harry Clifford KEMP, 23, transferer, Campbellford, Ottawa, s/o Bedwell Wright KEMP b. Canada & Emma GREEN married Muriel Mildred OLIVE, 23, civil servant, Nepean, Westboro, d/o John OLIVE b. Canada & Liza Jane HURST, witn: Arley CHERRY & Susie MARCLAND (Marchand?) of Ottawa, 31 March 1925, Ottawa 8026-25 Frederick John KEMPSTER, 26, telephone inspector, London England, Ottawa, s/o H. J. KEMPSTER & Minnie E. RIX married Etta Winnifred LEGGE, 22, trouble clerk bell telephone, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o George W. LEGGE & Ida M. CROSHAW, witn: Ida May LEGGE & George Wilson LEGGE of Ottawa, 5 Dec 1925, Ottawa
8022-25 Duncan Roy KENNEDY, 37, barrister at law, Scotland, Ottawa, s/o John Greg KENNEDY b. Scotland & Jessie Greig RITCHIE married Margaret Thelma ALLAN, 24, Perth Ont, Ottawa, d/o Alexander ALLAN b. Perth & Edith SHEPHERD, witn: Helena A. KENNEDY of Glasgow & George WHITE of Ottawa, 3 June 1925, Ottawa 8021-25 John Cyril KENNEDY, 27, theatre manager, London Ont, Fort William, s/o James Albert KENNEDY b. London & Elizabeth WALLACE married Mary Jean Blanche GAUVREAU, 21, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Eugene GAUVREAU b. Ottawa & Josephine GAUVREAU, witn: Peter GAUVREAU & Edgar GAGNE, 2 July 1925, Ottawa
8016-25 John Francis KERR, 25, plasterer, Kinburn, Arnprior, s/o William John KERR b. Kinburn Ont & Elizabeth Emily KENNEDY married Alice Emma STEILOW, 20, factory employee, Arnprior, Arnprior, d/o Albert Auguste STEILOW b. Germany & Emile LAMPOLE, witn: Rosalie WHALLEY & Cecil WHALLEY of Ottawa, 15 Feb 1925, Ottawa 8543-25 Andrew Earle KERR, 21, foreman CNRy, Trenton, Ottawa, s/o Oscar S. KERR b. Milford & Sarah A. MINAKER married Susan May BAKER, 20, nurse, Woodroffe, Woodroffe, d/o F. R. BAKER b. England & Anna B. NESBITT, witn: Frederick William BAKER & Elsie Jane NESBITT of Woodroffe, 21 November 1925, Woodroffe
8019-25 Martin James KILT, 26, auditor, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o John George KILT (deceased) b. Canada & Esther A. CARROLL married Clara Ariel MCCONNELL, 32, civil servant, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o George Edwin MCCONNELL b. Canada & Emma Clara CHAMBERLAIN, witn: Olive M. MCCONNELL & Emma B. LA FRANCHISE of Ottawa, 8 Jan 1925, Ottawa  
8012-25 John Herbert KIMBER, 28, chauffeur, London England, Ottawa, s/o Herbert KIMBER b. London England & Lucy GRIST married Johanna Mary MAHONEY, 31, clerk, South Wales England, Ottawa, d/o Jeremiah MAHONEY b. S. Wales England & Elizabeth HARTIERE, witn: P.V. NEVILLE & Muriel NEVILLE of Ottawa, 4 Nov 1925, Ottawa 8020-25 John Dudley KIRBY, 24, insurance clerk, Montreal Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Chauncey Thomas KIRBY, b. Ottawa & Florence Auguste JOYNT married Cicely STOKSBURY, 20, stenographer, London England, Ottawa, d/o Joseph STOKSBURY b. London England & Elizabeth Sophia WILLIAMS, witn: Joseph STOKSBURY & Chauncey T. KIRBY of Ottawa, 16 Sept 1925, Ottawa
8018-25 James KIRKPATRICK, 34, painter, Nepean twp, Ottawa, s/o James KIRKPATRICK b. Ireland & Elizabeth BRADLEY married Estella Rosie Ruth LOW, 21, Slough England, Nepean, d/o Wallie Charles LOW b. England & Emma RALPH, witn: Walter John UPHAM & Edith UPHAM of Nepean, 3 Jan 1925, Ottawa 8017-25 Cyril Lane KNIGHT, 21, clerk, Orillia Ont, Ottawa, s/o Cyril KNIGHT b. England & Cecile MCARTHUR married Bae Helena WHITE, 22, clerk, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Charles William. WHITE b. Nova Scotia & Mary Ann QUIN, witn: L. GAMBLE & G. HEARNEY of Ottawa, 15 Jan 1925, Ottawa
8023-25 Johan KOKURIAN, 29, cook, Bukowina Romania, Ottawa, s/o Peter KOKURIAN b. Bukowina Romania & Katerina CHERNTERLIAK married Glikeria PRINKOWSKY, 23, Bukowina Romania, Ottawa, d/o Tziprian PRINKOWSKY b. Bakowina Romania & Maria ROSMIRITZA, witn: Flarion ROZMIRITZA & Kristena STRUTINSKA of Ottawa, 31 May 1925, Ottawa 8014-25 Benjamin KOLICHMAN, 58, widower, dyer & cleaner, Romania, Ottawa, s/o Moses KOLICHMAN b. Romania & does not know, married Esther MEYERSAM, 41, widow, Russia, Ottawa, d/o J. MEYERSAM, b. Russia & does not know, witn: M. OKMAN & H. FLORENCE of Ottawa, 11 may 1925, Ottawa
8025-25 Andrew Stanislaus KOSABOSKI, 28, farmer, Renfrew, Renfrew, s/o Simon KASABOSKI (sic)& Anastasia Teresa COBUS married Catherine KLUCKE, 24, clerk, Vinton Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Matthias KLUCKE & Josephine MARLOCK, witn: Ernest BLAIS & Catherine KASABOSKI of Renfrew, 15 July 1925, Ottawa 8015-25 John Mitchell Frederick KRITSCH, 29, laborer, Eastview, Eastview, s/o Frank KRITSCH b. Germany & Wilhelmina BURKE married Nora BURKE, 24, domestic, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Martin BURKE b. Ontario & Charlot LOVE, witn: Otto FROBEL & Minnie KRITSCH of Ottawa, 18 Feb 1925, Ottawa
8541-25 Joseph KUSHNER, 26, merchant, Russia, Ottawa, s/o Aaron KUSHNER b. Russia & Rebecca SCHEVANTZUSA married Tillie GENCHER, 20, Russia, Billings Bridge, d/o Joseph GENCHER b. Russia & Bessie SALAMAH, witn: M. HOLD & A. BOOKMAN of Billings Bridge, 10 February 1925, Billings Bridge  
8559-25 Joseph Hector LABELLE, 25, farmer, Carlsbad Springs, Carlsbad Springs, s/o Pierre LABELLE & Ida TRUDEL married Elgin Marie Blanche HUNEAULT, 15, Bonfield, Eastview, d/o Louis HUNEAULT & Helene ST. DENIS, witn: Pierre LABELLE of Carlsbad Springs & Xengshen LECLAIRE of Eastview, 12 January 1925, Eastview 8546-25 George LABEL, 23, wood merchant, Masham Quebec, Masham Quebec, s/o Adolph LABELLE (late) & Adeline CLOUTIER married Blanche ROBERT, 21, maid, Gloucester, Gloucester, d/o Zepherin ROBERT & Marguerite LIARD, witn: Rene ROBERT & Zepherin ROBERT of Cyrville, 27 January 1925, Ottawa East
8547-25 Joseph Alphonso LABONTE, 26, clerk, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Alphonse LABONTE b. Ottawa & Mathilda FRANCHE married Marie Therese Alice CASVELLE (Casvette?) b. St. Barthelemy Quebec & Georgiana PROULX, witn: Alphonse LABONTE of Ottawa & Raoul CASVELLE of Eastview, 29 November 1925, Eastview [ divorce granted 27 May 1933, Ottawa] 8553-25 James Frederick LABRULLE, 25, plumber, Messina New York, Norwood New York, s/o William LABRULLE & Sarah Jane COLBERT married Agnes Gertrude HAND, 20, Nepean, res not given, d/o Robert HAND, witn: Leslie ROOD of Norwood New York & Ethel CUMMINGS of Hazeldean 20 June 1925, Hazeldean
8555-25 Aime LAFRANCE, 21, merchant, Hull Quebec, Val Tetnau, s/o Henri LAFRANCE & Mathilda GAUTHIER married Jeanne MEILLEUR, 21, Ottawa, Nepean, d/o Josephat MEILLEUR & Alexina CARRIERE, witn: Henri LAFRANCE of Val Tetnau & Josephat MEILLEUR of Central Experimental Farm, 30 September 1925, Bellevue 008036-25 (Carleton Co) Philias LAGACE, 21, Bricklayer, Hull Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Philias LAGACE & Rose De Lima LACASSE; married Blanche SEGUIN, 19, Hull Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Telesphore SEGUIN & Rosanna PELLETIER; wit Romuald ST. LOUIS & Ferdinand GRAVEL, both Ottawa, 14 Mar 1925, Ottawa

8548-25 John LANE, 43, millhand, Dublin Ireland, Arnprior, s/o Thomas LANE b. Dublin Ireland & Margaret BOX married Catherine Theresa MCGRATH, 35, Huntley, Arnprior, d/o John MCGRATH b. Dublin Ireland & Margaret MAHONY, witn: Nellie LANE & Robert HOLT of Eastview, 21 May 1925, Eastview

008051-25 (Carleton Co) Alderic LANGEVIN, 34, Motor Mechanic, Montreal Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Albert LANGEVIN & Philomene COUTALL (or CONTALL); married Delle Marie POIRIER, 34, Hull Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Arsene POIRIER & Marie Louise GERVAIS; wit Alfred GARDNER, Ottawa & Alice SABOURIN, no place given, 10 Nov 1925, Ottawa

8027-25 Gordon Hiram LANGFORD, 21, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Silas Samuel LANGFORD & Mary Jane CRAIN married Kathleen Strain BEGGS, 18, Glasgow Scotland, Montreal Quebec, d/o James BEGGS & Catherine CARMICHAEL, witn: Winifred Gladys BUSBY & Arthur Ryman BUSBY of Ottawa, 26 Nov 1925, Ottawa  (also 8630-25)  
8554-25 Rodolph LANOUE, 22, skipper, Eastview, Ottawa, s/o Olivier LANOUE b. Ottawa & Rose Delina PROULX married Delisca ETHIER, 20, Ontario, Ottawa, d/o Xavier ETHIER b. St. Joseph Orlean & Delisca BRIERE, witn: Olivier LANOUE of Eastview & Xavier ETHIER of Ottawa, 23 June 1925, Eastview 8549-25 Napoleon LANOUE, 54, widower, farming, Quebec, Lot 23 Con 5 of Osgoode, s/o Louis LANOUE b. Canada & Alvire LAUNDRY married Ida BLACK, 44, house keeping, Morewood, Russell twp, d/o M. H. BLACK b. Canada & Matilda BOLTON, witn: Wesley LEWIS & Mrs. Margaret LEWIS of Osgoode Station, 27 April 1925, Kars
8551-25 Solomon LANTHIER, 19, laborer, St. Pierre de Wakefield Quebec, Eastview, s/o Adelard LANTHIER & Adelaide ST. ARROW married Rosanna PAQUETTE, 21, Eastview, Eastview, d/o Aime PAQUETTE & ?--lphire COURVILLE, witn: Adelard LANTHIER & Aime PAQUETTE of Eastview, 21 October 1925, Eastview 8552-25 Rodolphe LANTHIER, 25, laborer, Sarsfield, Carlsbad Springs, s/o Edmond LANTHEIR & Marceline LAVERGNE married Bertha ROY, 16, housemaid, Orleans Ont, Navan, d/o Zephir ROY & Mathilda LEBLOND, witn: Edmond LANTHEIR of Carlsbad Springs & Pierre ROBISON of Navan, 5 October 1925, Orleans
  008058-25 (Carleton Co) John LARKS, 49, Labourer, Wid, Perth, Ottawa, s/o John LARKS (b. Scotland) & Annie MOULTON; married Hazel RAWLINS, 21, Maid, Nepean twp, Ottawa, d/o Richard (b. England) & Christina RAWLINS; wit Mrs. Sarah GALLINGER, Westboro & Hilson RAWLINS, no place given, 19 Aug 1925, Ottawa

008034-25 (Carleton Co) Ernest John LAROCHELLE, 37, Civil Servant, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o (late) Norbert LAROCHELLE (b. St. Simon Quebec) & Flora McDONNELL; married Josephine BELANGER, 36, Boston Mass, Ottawa, d/o (late) Saxton BELANGER (b. Quebec) & Virginie CHILDS; wit R.G. LOVERIN & Albert BELANGER, both no place given, 10 Apr 1925, Ottawa

008037-25 (Carleton Co) Albert LAROCQUE, 22, Labourer, Plantagenet, Ottawa, s/o Edmond LAROCQUE (b. St. Marthe Quebec) & Annie LEROUX; married Irene LALONDE, 18, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Amede LALONDE (b. Plantagenet) & Victoria LACROIX; wit Edmond LAROCQUE & Moise LALONDE, both no place given, 5 Dec 1925, Ottawa

8028-25 Clifford LAWRANCE, 21, baker, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o George A. LAWRANCE b. Montreal & Mary ATKINSON married Violet May MCFARLANE, 24, widow, Ipswich England, Ottawa, d/o William Joseph ABBOTT b. England & Edith OSBORNE, witn: W. A. THIBERGE & Mrs. Elizabeth THIBERGE of Ottawa, 29 Oct 1925, Ottawa

008041-25 (Carleton Co) Anthony LAWRUK, 18, Waiter, Poland, Ottawa, s/o Nicholas LAWRUK (b. Poland) & Annie ZYONA (Zyma?); married Noreen Janet Mary LEE, 18, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Albert LEE (b. Canada) & Elizabeth REILLY; wit William ST. JOHN & Albert HOLMES, both Ottawa, 24 Feb 1925, Ottawa

008048-25 (Carleton Co) Howard Samuel Vernon LEAFLOOR, 22, Litho Printer, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Samuel LEAFLOOR (b. Canada) & Florence MARKS; married Lilian Florence REARDON, 19, Domestic, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o John REARDON (b. Canada) & Annie SULLIVAN; wit Robert James STARKINS, Ottawa & M.R. WARD, no place given, 16 Dec 1925, Ottawa

8550-25 Eugene LEBLANC, 23, cement product worker, Eastview, Eastview, s/o Pierre LEBLANC b. Quebec & Caroline BARNABE married Violette Bella CHARRON, 21, Boltimore Quebec, Eastview, d/o Moe CHARRON b. L'Orignal & Alice SMITH, witn: Edward BARNABE & Moe CHARRON of Eastview, 4 August 1925, Eastview

008060-25 (Carleton Co) Arthur Ozias Emile LECLERC, 33, Printer, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Ozias LECLERC (b. St. Hyacinthe Quebec) & Elizabeth LETEAU; married Mary Bridget PROVOST, 35, Wid, St. Michael Parish Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Lawrence O'LEARY (b. Perce Gaspesie) & Susanne PARENT; wit Ephreens? THEORET & James O'LERAY, both Ottawa, 22 Dec 1925, Ottawa 8556-25 Joseph Alfred LEDUC, 26, salesman, Canada, Billings Bridge, s/o Hornidas LEDUC & Eloise LABELLE married Anna Marguerita MCMAHON, 22, Canada, Fitzroy twp, d/o James MCMAHON & Sarah STANTON, witn: Eugene LEDUC & Teresa MCMAHON of Ottawa, 19 August 1925, Fitzroy Harbour

008043-25 (Carleton Co) Albert LEGASEE, 33, Riverman, Ottawa, Gatineau Point Quebec, s/o David LEGASEE (b. South Gatineau) & Marcelline BELISLE; married Delia PAUL, 24, Sorel Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Felix PAUL (b. Sorel Quebec) & Hermine AUSSONG; wit David LAGACE (sic), Pointe Gatineau Quebec & Alphonse CHARRON, Hull Quebec, 23 Feb 1925, Ottawa

8557-25 Edouard LEFEVRE, 19, laborer, Ottawa, Carlington, s/o Eugene LEFEVRE & Marie TREMBLAY married Bertha SIGOUIN, 20, Ottawa, Carlington, d/o Eugene SIGOUIN & Olivine GOYETTE, witn: William BELLEVILLE & Eugene SIGOUIN of Carlington, 25 May 1925, Carlington

008031-25 (Carleton Co) John Alexander LEGGE, 21, Pressman, Scotland, Ottawa, s/o John LEGGE (b. Scotland) & Annabella McKAY; married Bertha Florence HUGHES, 18 3/12, Civil Servant, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o William HUGHES (b. Scotland) & Sara ORRELL; wit Milton WOODS & Mrs. Milton WOODS, both Ottawa, 6 May 1925, Ottawa 008033-25 (Carleton Co.) Louis Donat Joseph LEMAY, 20, Clerk, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Alphonse LEMAY (b. St. Jerome Quebec) & Emelia AUBRY; married Amy Irene UTMAN, 19, Ottawa, Eastview, d/o Nelson UTMAN (b. Winchester) & Rosette PINARD; wit Orville E. McCARTHY & Mrs. J.H. OSTERHOUT, both Ottawa, 8 Apr 1925, Ottawa

008039-25 (Carleton Co) Thomas LEMOINE, 35, Painter, Nepean, Ottawa, s/o Joseph LEMOINE (b. Canada) & Mary PLUNKETT; married Eva WALTON, 20, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Charles WALTON (b. Canada) & Eva JOHNSTON; wit Rose SHOCK & Eileen MEGAN (Megaw?), both Ottawa, 2 Feb 1925, Ottawa

008057-25 (Carleton Co) Henry LENNOX, 28, Clergyman, Newcastle on Tyne England, Hamilton, s/o John LENNOX (b. Girvan Ayrshire Scotland) & Annie TAYLOR; married Margaret Euphemia GRAHAM, 26, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o William Andrew GRAHAM (b. Toronto) & Margaret Cameron McBETH; wit Dr. Donald McRAE, Montreal & Miss Donalda GORDON, Ottawa, 9 Nov 1925, Ottawa

8545-25 Joseph Ernest LEONARD, 36, teller, widower, St. Monique Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Damase LEONARD b. St. Janvier Quebec & Mary Louise FORTIER married Mary Loretta GREGOIRE, 30, Vinton Que., Ottawa, d/o Norbert GREGOIRE b. Fort Coulonge Quebec & Mary KEEFER, witn: Norbert GREGOIRE of Westboro & Anna GREGOIRE of Ottawa, 15 October 1925, Ottawa

8558-25 Joseph LIARD, 36, farmer, St. Cecile de Markham Quebec, St. Cecile du Markham Quebec, s/o Xavier LIARD & Philomene MOREAU married Bertha BEAULNE, 21, Ottawa, Eastview, d/o Oscar BEAULNE & Dorilde MOYNIEUX, witn: Rosario RAYMOND of Ottawa & Oscar BEAULNE of Eastview, 12 May 1925, Eastview

008052-25 (Carleton Co) William Earl LINTTELL, 20, Clerk, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o William John LINTTELL (b. Canada) & Margaret Ann BOYD; married Almeda Hazel BOYD, 19, North Gower, Ottawa, d/o David Garner BOYD (b. Canada) & Eliza Jane GREEN; wit Stewart Bradley LINTTELL & Esther May GARLAND, both Ottawa, 7 Oct 1925, Ottawa 008073-25 (Carleton Co) Charles Edward LOGNE, 33, Maniwaki Quebec, Maniwaki Quebec, s/o Charles LOGNE & Anna Maria KENNEDY; married Matilda M. MULVEY, 30, Ottawa, Toronto, d/o Thomas MULVEY & Louise BOLSTER; wit Willard S.C. THIEL, Ithaca NY & Eleanor MULVEY, no place given, 6 Jun 1925, Ottawa

8631-25 William Wallace LOUTTET, 55, agent, widower, Bellwood Sask., Ottawa, s/o James LOUTTET b. Scotland & Margaret SMELTZER married Nancy Broadbent LOWE, 38, widow, England, Ottawa, d/o Charles HIGHHAM b. England & Louisa May FROST, witn: M. & L. LAZENBY of Ottawa, 29 April 1925, Ottawa

008110-25 (Carleton Co) John Macoun MACOUN, 26, Civil Servant, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o William Terrill (b. Canada) & Elizabeth MACOUN; married Audrey Carmen HOPEWELL, 21, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Charles HOPEWELL & Annie McMURTRY; wit Obelle HOPEWELL, Ottawa & R.C.P. WEBSTER, no place given, 13 Apr 1925, Ottawa

008121-25 (Carleton Co) Herbert James MAGEE, 43, Lumber Inspector, Wid, Buckingham Quebec, Ottawa, s/o James MAGEE (b. New Ross Ireland) & Brigetta KELLY; married Lillian Frances SPOTTISWOOD, 29, Civil Servant, Kemptville, Ottawa, d/o William SPOTTISWOOD (b. Cardinal) & Agnes BROWNLEE; wit B. BASSETT, Ottawa & D.B. SPOTTISWOOD, no place given, 7 Jan 1925, Ottawa

8566-25 Arnott Gladwyn MAGURN, 24, Winnipeg Manitoba, Ottawa, s/o Arnott James MAGURN b. Kingston & Margaret MCGURN married Elizabeth Olive ARMSTRONG, 20, Brighton England, Ottawa, d/o Arthur Findlay ARMSTRONG b. Manchester England & Emily Mary CASWALL, witn: A. E. KEIGH & W. ST. RILEY of Westboro, 14 March 1925, Westboro
008138-25 (Carleton Co) Robert MAHARRY, 20, Labourer, Liverpool England, Ottawa, s/o Robert (b. Liverpool England) & Mary Jane MAHARRY; married Elsie COX, 19, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Arthur Joseph COX (b. London England) & Julia Mary O'CONNELL; wit O.L. LANDRY & Mrs. O.L. LANDRY, both Ottawa, 1 Jun 1925, Ottawa 8572-25 Joseph Thomas MAILLE, 28, laborer, Ottawa, Cyrville, s/o Thomas MAILLE & Emma LANTHIER married Clorinda LABELLE, 18, Cyrville, Cyrville, d/o France LABELLE & Julie LANTHIER, witn: Siggroy LANTHIER & Jules LANTHIER, both of Cyrville, 14 April 1925, Cyrville

008094-25 (Carleton Co) Zenon MALLETTE, 21, Painter, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Johnny & Alberta MALLETTE: married Marie Eugenie Theordora BOULAY, 17, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Theodore B. BOULAY & Victoria DAIGNAULT; wit Zenon LAVIGNE & Theodore B. BOULAY, both Ottawa, 24 Dec 1925, Ottawa

8571-25 Joseph Hector MALOUIN, 21, mechanic, Eastview, Ottawa, s/o Joseph MALOUIN & Eugenie GUINDON married Gloriosa LACHAPELLE, 19, St Joseph Orlean, Eastview, d/o Hercule LACHAPELLE & Hermline BAZINET, witn: Gustave MALOUIN of Ottawa & Hercule LACHAPELLE of Eastview, 11 August 1925, Eastview
  008116-25 (Carleton Co) Michael MANDIA, 22, Fruit Dealer, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Antonio MANDIA (b. Italy) & Josephina BOVA; married Josephine BOVA, 19, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Salvatore BOVA (b. Italy) & Salvatoria LIBERTI; wit Rene GODBANT & Marie LIBERTY, both Ottawa, 24 Feb 1925, Ottawa

008136-25 (Carleton Co) Richard MANNION, 32, Police Officer, Ireland, Eastview, s/o Thomas MANNION (b. Ireland) & Mary McNICHOLAS; married Emma Mary DOHERTY, 27, Mayo Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Robert DOHERTY (b. Canada) & Ellen McDONNELL; wit Wilfred Walter DOHERTY, Ottawa & Florence WALSH, no place given, 1 Jun 1925, Ottawa

008126-25 (Carleton Co) Alex MARINCHUK, 28, Hat Maker, Austria, St. Catharines Ont, s/o His MARINCHUK (b. Bukowina) & Olana POPOUCYUK; married Antonette BARK, 21, Austria, Ottawa, d/o Leopod BARK (b. Bukowina) & Jula KERPEZAR; wit Charles PENTSHIEL, Ottawa & Thelma JOHNSON, no place given, 21 Apr 1925, Ottawa

008117-25 (Carleton Co) Rene MARION, 19, Clerk, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Alexander MARION & Marie Louise CROTEAU; married Laura BOUDRIA, 21, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Aladin BOUDRIA & Cecile PHILIPPS; wit Alexandre MARION & Eugene TREMBLAY, both Ottawa, 23 Feb 1925, Ottawa

008097-25 (Carleton Co) Alexander MARION, 47, Civil Servant, Wid, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Solomon MARION (b. Ottawa) & Marie POTVIN; married Marie Fleur-Ange Octavie DUPUIS, 21, Domestic Servant, St. Joseph's de Orleans, St. Joseph's de Orleans, d/o Maxime DUPUIS (b. Ottawa) & Felicite MERINGER; wit Edgar GARNEAU & Joseph BLAIS, both Ottawa, 26 Oct 1925, Ottawa

008118-25 (Carleton Co) Stanley Roberts MARSHALL, 34, Salesman, England, Brockville, s/o William MARSHALL (b. Leeds Yorkshire England) & Georgina ROBERTS; married Emma Ernestine TURKINGTON, 28, Clerk, Brockville, Brockville, d/o Malcolm TURKINGTON (b. Canada) & Joana MORRISON; wit D.D. WALKER & Mrs. D.D. WALKER, both Ottawa, 16 Feb 1925, Carleton Co

8565-25 Myron Isaac MARSHALL, 30, railway agent, Parry Sound, Torbolton, s/o William MARSHALL b. Parry twp & Mary Ann SIMPSON married Irma Ethel GRAHAM, 20, Torbolton, Torbolton, d/o Jacob GRAHAM b. March twp & Catherine Jane MILFORD, witn: Walter GRAHAM & Muriel Irene MILFORD of Woodlawn, 22 July 1925, Woodlawn

008123-25 (Carleton Co) Paul MARTIN, 30, Insurance Agent, Fournierville, Ottawa, s/o Octave MARTIN (b. Alfred) & Adeline LEGER; married Margaret WEBB, 23, London England, Ottawa, d/o (late) Charles (b. London England) & Margaret WEBB; wit Octave MARTIN & Jean Baptiste MARTEL, both no place given, 20 Aug 1925, Ottawa 008127-25 (Carleton Co) John Francis MASH, 26, Steel Engraver, England, Ottawa, s/o Charles MASH (b. London England) & Agnes Louise TIMBERLAKE; married Ada St. George HOLMES, 23, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Herbert HOLMES (b. England) & Mary REID; wit W.G. JONES, Grand Valley & Bertha A. GRAYDON, South River, 30 Jun 1925, Ottawa

008129-25 (Carleton Co) Leonard MAYER, 19, Plumber & Steamfitter, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Olier MAYER & Leocadie LEBLANC; married Marie Sophronie Lucienne GUERARD, 20, Factory Employee, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Edmond GUERARD & Louisana RAINVILLE; wit Edgar GARNEAU & Lorenzo LABELLE, both Ottawa, 24 Nov 1925, Ottawa

8562-25 Robert Birch MAXWELL, 45, colonization agent, Armagh Ireland, 74 High St. in Belfast Ireland, s/o James MAXWELL b. Ireland & Margaret ARMSTRONG married Mildred Frances GROMAN, 32, Kent England, Westboro, d/o M. R. HAGAN b. England & Annie M. HOGG, witn: Arthur Henry HAGAN & Mabel Florence HAGAN of Westboro, 8 January 1925, Westboro

8577-25 Forest MCBRYDE, 20, farmer, Marlborough, Marlborough, s/o William MCBRYDE b. Marlborough & Mary PETTIPIECE married Pearl TODD, 24, Richmond, Marlborough, d/o Thomas TODD b. Marlborough & Mary Jane MITCHELL, witn: Jennie MCBRYDE & Edna MCBRYDE of Richmond, 24 June 1925, North Gower 008147-25 (Carleton Co) Douglas Weston MACCALLUM, 25, Bookkeeper, Combermere, Ottawa, s/o Jas. D. McCALLUM (sic) (b. Carleton Place) & Trixie WESTON; married Hilda Marina DAVIS, 26, Stenographer, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Samuel James DAVIS (b. Isle Wight England) & Marina YORK; wit Annie Janet WILLSON, Ottawa & Florence Patricia DAVIS, Hawkesbury, 2 May 1925, Carleton
8574-25 Owen MCCARTIN, 29, driver – Producers Dairy, Billings Bridge, Billings Bridge, s/o Owen MCCARTEN b. Osgoode & Mary BLANCHFIELD married Dorothy ROWAN, 25, Metcalfe, Billings Bridge, d/o Michael ROWAN b. Metcalfe & Bridget CONLON, witn: Norman ROWAN & Edward MCCARTIN of Billings Bridge, 19 February 1925, Billings Bridge 8578-25 Joseph Rene MCDONALD, 27, motorman, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o James MCDONALD & Laura AUCLAIR married Marie Jeanne Gertrude LAUZON, 34, seamstress, Ogdensburg New York, Ottawa, d/o Joseph LAUZON & Azelda BINET, witn: James MCDONALD & Alfred LAUZON, Ottawa, 21 April 1925, Ottawa
8579-25 Peter Harold Scott MCEWEN, 35, farmer, Beckwith, Beckwith, s/o John MCEWEN b. Beckwith & Isabell SCOTT married Berle Helene CAMPBELL, 23, registered nurse, Carleton Place, Beckwith, d/o William CAMPBELL b. Admaston Ont & Christina AITKEN, witn: Lilian Marguerite CAMPBELL of Carleton Place & Jennie S. CRAMER of Westboro, 17 November 1925, Westboro 8582-25 Cecil Joseph MCINTYRE, 22, farmer, Douglas, Douglas, s/o George MCINTYRE & Bridget ENGLISH married Mary Elizabeth SCOTT, 23, Huntley, Huntley, d/o Timothy SCOTT & Emma HAY, witn: John Leo SCOTT & Mrs. John Leo SCOTT of Carkey, 24 November 1925, Carkey
8580-25 James Alvin MCKAY, 32, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Andrew MCKAY b. Canada & Dorothy Annie BIGGAR married Roberta Henrietta PRATT, 23, Canada, Hamilton, d/o N. Garland PRATT b. Canada & Hilda COWAN, witn: E. A. PRATT & E. A. BEAMAN, both of North Gower, 30 December 1925, Marlborough 8576-25 George Banford MCKENDRY, 45, farmer, Osgoode, Metcalfe, s/o Robert MCKENDRY b. Osgoode & Ellen E. MILLER married Violet Nancy DAVIDSON, 27, Gloucester, Metcalfe, d/o William DAVIDSON b. Gloucester & Jane MCMENOURY, witn: Thomas STANLEY & Mary STANLEY of Metcalfe, 8 July 1925, Westboro
8581-25 Cameron Roy MACLAURIN, 23, merchant, widower, Vankleek Hill, Nepean, s/o C. R. MACLAURIN b. Glengarry & not known married Violet Mary Jane STAPLETON, 23, Britannia Heights - Nepean, Green Bank - Nepean, d/o Robert STAPLETON b. Nepean & Margaret BROWNLEE, witn: Emerson FALLIS of Britannia Heights & Jean MCEWEN of Britannia Bay, 10 December 1925, Nepean 8573-25 Herman MCLELLAN, 21, farmer, Fitzroy, Fitzroy, s/o Lloyd MCLELLAN b. Canada & Bella TURNER married Ethel Marjory DODDS, 19, Delemonte? Ont., Fitzroy twp, d/o James W. DODDS b. Canada & Mary ADAM, witn: K. C. MCLELLAN & Mamie F. HALPENNY of Arnprior, 18 March 1925, Fitzroy


008149-25 (Carleton Co) Walter Lyman MACLENNON, 28, Shipper, North Nation Mills Quebec, Detroit USA, s/o Neil MACLENNON (b. North Nation Mills) & Ellen McBAIN; married Sadie Irene SHEFFIELD, 21, Stenographer, Braeside, Ottawa, d/o Joseph Jas. SHEFFIELD (b. Pembroke) & Lydia McGILLIS; wit William L. MACLENNAN, Buckingham Quebec & Marion E. MacFAUL, Ottawa, 27 Sept 1925, Ottawa

008150-25 (Carleton Co) James Edward McLEAN, 30, Farming, Ormond, Ormond, s/o William McLEAN (b. Canada) & Nancy MAINE; married Jean Isabella CUMMINGS, 24, Farming, Ormond, Ormond, d/o John CUMMINGS (b. Canada) & Mary DURE; wit Nathaniel Mark SMITH & Isabella SMITH, both Ottawa, 8 Oct 1925, Ottawa

008148-25 (Carleton Co) Thomas Michael McMAHON, 21, Railway Employee, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Jas. McMAHON & Annie ENWRIGHT; married Bertha Martha BRUNKIE, 19, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Frankie & Amelia BRUNKIE; wit Mr. C.L. BUELL & Mrs. BUELL, both no place given, 15 Apr 1925, Ottawa

8575-25 Milford MCNAUGHTON, 38, farmer, Kitley twp, RR2 Maberley, s/o M. MCNAUGHTON b. Drummond & Sarah MCKAY married Mary Marion L. ENGLAND, 18, Oso twp, Maberley, d/o Alexander ENGLAND b. Oso & Sophia SARGEANT, witn: Alexander ENGLAND & Sophia ENGLAND of Maberley, 19 August 1925, Bells Corners 008096-25 (Carleton Co) William MEARS, 58, Mechanic, Wid, Quebec Quebec, Ottawa, s/o John MEARS (b. Quebec) & Mary MILLER; married Catherine Lindsay ARMOUR, 35, Cook, Kilmun Scotland, Ottawa, d/o Angus ARMOUR (b. Scotland) & Annie DUNCAN; wit Doris McDONALD & James GOURLAY, both Ottawa, 28 Oct 1925, Ottawa
8569-25 John Russell MELDRUM, 34, farmer, Osgoode, Osgoode, s/o Daniel MELDRUM b. Avonmore & Lydia STOODLEY married Elizabeth REANEY, 20, Osgoode, Osgoode, d/o Robert D. REANEY b. Metcalfe & Elizabeth DOUGLAS, witn: George REANEY of Metcalfe & Christina CURRY of Kenmore, 25 November 1925, Metcalfe

008106-25 (Carleton Co) Alex MELNYCHUK, 42, Labourer, Bukowina, Ottawa, s/o John MELNYCHUK (b. Bucowina) & Maria MISUNSKA; married Josie SKIBINSKI, 47, Wid, Grace, Ottawa, d/o Ignatius CRIMNIAK (b. Galicia) & Anna KRIVALSKA; wit Mike MELINICH & Anna PALAGMUK, both Ottawa, 19 Feb 1925, Ottawa

8568-25 Wilfred Leo MERRIMAN, 34, conductor, Gloucestershire England, Ottawa, s/o William John MERRIMAN b. Gloucestershire England & Ann Maria FREEMAN married Lucy Agnes BAYNE, 27, trained nurse, Nepean, Nepean, d/o James P. BAYNE b. Merivale & Nora HARBOUR, witn: Margaret MOFFATT of Hintonburg & Vera GRAHAM of City View, 2 September 1925, Merivale  

008124-25 (Carleton Co) Henry MERRITT, 59, Clerk, Wid, St. Andrews Quebec, Ottawa, s/o John MERRITT (b. England) & Jane ALBERTY; married Christina REYNOLDS, 50, Domestic Servant, Wid, North Onslow Quebec, Ottawa, d/o William DAUGHARTY (b. Ireland) & Mary Jane COPELAND; wit R.E. REYNOLDS & Olive Bannister REYNOLDS, both no place given, 29 Aug 1925, Ottawa

8560-25 Richard MERRITT, 34, baggage checker, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Richard MERRITT b. St. Andrews & Kate KEENAN married Philomene Marie POTTER, 28, widow, telephone operator, Blackburn, Eastview, d/o George LENEOGE? (Leverge?) b. Rimouski Quebec & Philomene LENEOGE, witn: Rene BARRETT & Jean KELLY of Ottawa, 23 June 1925, Eastview

008095-25 (Carleton Co) Arthur MEUNIER, 19, labourer, Masham Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Emeril MEUNIER (b. Masham Quebec) & Armandire MARTIN; married Cecilia PARENT, 18, Domestic, Masham Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Moise PARENT (b. Ottawa) & Marie CLOUTIER; wit Eugene LAROSE & Mrs. Emilie LAROSE, both Ottawa, 17 Dec 1925, Ottawa 8567-25 John Robert MILLER, 23, farmer, Nepean, Nepean, s/o Thomas MILLER b. Nepean & Carrie JOHNSON married Edith Viva CRAWFORD, 24, North Gower, not given, d/o John CRAWFORD b. North Gower & Sarah WILSON, witn: John R. MILLS of Marlboro & Johnston MILLER of Nepean, 1 September 1925, North Gower

008109-25 (Carleton Co) William MIRBACH, 50, Ladies Hair Dresser, Germany, Ottawa, s/o William MIRBACH (b. Germany) & Gertrude GOERGENS; married Ella SCHINDLER, 24, Ladies Hair Dresser, Germany, Ottawa, d/o Alfred SCHINDLER (b. Germany) & Annie DOCHE (Diche?) wit Freida Clara KRUEBER & J.A. NIXON, both no place given, 18 Apr 1925, Ottawa

008137-25 (Carleton Co) William MITCHELL, 60, Plasterer, Wid, England, Windsor, s/o Thomas MITCHELL (b. Hastings England) & Elizabeth BRAY; married Catherine Eliza STOCKER, 47, Domestic, Wid, England, Ottawa, d/o William James BURRELL (b. Battersea England) & Elizabeth DICKSON; wit Richard MOULD & Mrs. Richard MOULD, both Ottawa, 1 Jun 1925, Ottawa

008133-25 (Carleton Co) Reginald Robert MITCHELL, 20, Heating Engineer, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Samuel MITCHELL (b. Canada) & Julia GAINSFORD; married Charlotte Winifred FORDE, 23, Civil Servant, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Frederick William FORDE (b. Canada) & Charlotte PALMER; wit Mildred MITCHELL & J.R. Scott FORDE, both Ottawa, 15 Jun 1925, Ottawa

008134-25 (Carleton Co) John MITCHELL, 44, Brewer, Wid, Switzerland, Ottawa, s/o Casper MITCHELL (b. Switzerland) & Margaret BAICHEL; married Marjorie Winnifred HICKS, 30, Trained Nurse, England, Ottawa, d/o Charles Thomas HICKS (b. England) & Charlotte CREAMER; wit Beatrice KIRK of 25 Electric St. & Gertrude B. EBINGER of 272 Creighton St., 13 Jun 1925, Ottawa

008144-25 (Carleton Co) Douglas Vernon MONTGOMERY, 29, Stock broker, Brockville, Detroit Mich USA, s/o William MONTGOMERY & Catherine ROURKE; married Margaret Jean BETHUNE, 23, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Cecil BETHUNE & Jean PEDEN; wit Cecil BETHUNE & Jean BETHUNE, both Ottawa, 29 Dec 1925, Ottawa

008107-25 (Carleton Co) William Herbert MONTGOMERY, 25, Clerk, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Richard Henry MONTGOMERY (b. Bells Corners) & Louise McEWAN; married Charlotte Maud ARMITAGE, 23, Onslow Corners Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Albert R. ARMITAGE (b. Onslow Corners Quebec) & Margaret ALEXANDER; wit E.L. CLEMENTS & E.A. SMITH, both Ottawa, 9 May 1925, Ottawa

8561-25 George Earl MOODIE, 26, medical doctor, Nepean twp, Campbell Bay Quebec, s/o John MOODIE b. Nepean twp & Bertha KEENAN married Laura Gracie BRADLEY, 25, nurse, Gananoque, Ottawa, d/o William BRADLEY b. Gananoque & Catherine GRACIE, witn: Jennie S. CRAMM & Dr. Jan S. NELSON of Westboro, 7 February 1925, Westboro 8563-25 Frederick Arthur MOORE, 24, salesman, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Henry MOORE b. Markham Quebec & Mary MOORHOUSE married Mary Ellen Laurena KELLY, 18, Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Christian KELLY b. Vinton Quebec & Edith KAVANAGH, witn: William R. KENNY & Ella A. HAAK of Ottawa, 30 May 1925, Westboro

008125-25 (Carleton Co) George Leigh MOORE, 46, Insurance Agent, Wid, Ontario, 68 Rathnally Ave in Toronto, s/o Abner Wellington MOORE (b. Ontario) & Mary Ann ROBINSON; married Marion Elizabeth PLAYFAIR, 28, School Teacher, Ontario, Ottawa, d/o John Lyon PLAYFAIR (b. Ontario) & Margaret Ella FALLAS; wit Keith PLAYFAIR, Ottawa & Laura M. SHILLINGTON, Lanark, 29 Jun 1925, Ottawa

008135-25 (Carleton Co) Joseph Francis MOORE, 32, Millhand, Ireland, Ottawa, s/o James MOORE (b. Ireland) & "don't know"; married Irene KINCH, 21, Saskatchewan, Stittsville, d/o John KINCH (b. Canada) & Sarah TAYLOR; wit E. Charlotte BUTLER & Alice A. BUTLER, both no place given, 10 Jun 1925, Ottawa

008102-25 (Carleton Co) George Richard MOORE, 26, Plumber, London England, Ottawa, s/o George MOORE (b. England) & Elizabeth EDMONDS; married Bridget Veronica LESAGE, 22, Clerk, Eganville, Ottawa, d/o Alexander LESAGE (b. Canada) & Nellie MASSEY; wit Frank FERMOYLE & Ellen O'CONNOR, both Ottawa, 7 Sept 1925, Ottawa

008114-25 (Carleton Co) Kenneth MOORE, 24, Farmer, Elmsley, Elmsley, s/o James Samuel MOORE (b. Scotland) & Isabella MACLENNAN; married Viola GARRETT, 24, Sharbot Lake, Perth, d/o George GARRETT (b. Canada) & Jane JOHNSTON; wit W. CHURCH (D.C.M.) & ?. A. illegible, both Ottawa, 12 Mar 1925, Ottawa

008113-25 (Carleton Co) Gabriel MORA, 28, Waiter, Spain, Montreal Quebec, s/o Bernardino MORA (b. Rafol de Almunia Spain) & Bienvenida CATALA; married Maria VALLEE, 20, Domestic, Gaspe Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Joseph VALLEE (b. St. Jochin of Gaspe Quebec) & Alice LEVESQUE; wit Eugene MONETTE & Ovile MONETTE, both Ottawa, 17 Mar 1925, Ottawa

008130-25 (Carleton Co) George Henry MORAN, 28, Clerk, Pennsylvania USA, Fassett Quebec, s/o William Henry MORAN (b. USA) & Jennie Gertrude ROMAINE; married Doris Pauline ROBINSON, 23, Cashier, Frampton Quebec, Ottawa, d/o William James ROBINSON (b. Canada) & Nina Ethel WHITE; wit Laura E. LUSH & Birtle R. LUSH, both Ottawa, 24 Jun 1925, Ottawa

008099-25 (Carleton Co) Adelard MORIN, 28, Printer, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Alfred MORIN (b. Ottawa) & Marie JACQUES; married Aldea LEBLANC, 22, Hair Dresser, Aylmer Quebec, Ottawa, d/o ? LEBLANC (b. Aylmer Quebec) & Jose--? COURYON?; witnesses illegible, both Ottawa, 17 Oct 1925, Ottawa [faded reg'n]

008120-25 (Carleton Co) Edward MORIN, 59, Carpenter, Lac St. Marie Quebec, Porcupine, s/o Charles MORIN (b. Sorel) & Virginie BEAUDOIN; married Margaret Philomene McGUIRE, 55, Cook, Wid, Gracefield Quebec, Eastview, d/o Joseph LACROIX (b. Cumberland) & Emelie JOLICOEUR; wit Thomas LACROIX, Wrightville & Francois GRATTON, Ottawa, 15 Jan 1925, Ottawa

008103-25 (Carleton Co) George Herbert Bruce MORRIS, 23, Hide Dealer, Bristol Quebec, Smith Falls, s/o Joseph Edward MORRIS (b. Beckwith Twp) & Margaret KEMP; married Olive Wilena BLANCHARD, 22, Nurse, Elmsley South twp, Perth, d/o Sala BLANCHARD (b. Elmsley South Twp) & Mary Louise ALEXANDER; wit Hartley S. IVEY & Helen M. MORRIS, both Ottawa, 28 Oct 1925, Ottawa

008112-25 (Carleton Co) Leonard Lionel MORRIS, 33, Painter, England, Ottawa, s/o Michael MORRIS (b. Jamaica) & Rachel WATKINS; married Emma SALOWAY, 25, Domestic Servant, Arnprior, Ottawa, d/o Oliver SALOWAY (b. Canada) & Mary Ella CRAWFORD; wit Michael MORRIS & Helen MORRIS, both Ottawa, 27 Mar 1925, Ottawa

008119-25 (Carleton Co) Ray MORRIS, 22, Stonecutter, Wrightville Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Patrick MORRIS (b. Ontario) & Anna TEVINS; married Etta MACDONALD, 22, Stewartville, Ottawa, d/o Hugh MACDONALD (b. Glengarry) & Minerva THOMAS; wit Mary G. MACDONALD & Robert J. TRAILL, both Ottawa, 4 Feb 1925, Ottawa

8564-25 William James MORRISON, 29, farmer, Marlborough, Marlborough, s/o Robert MORRISON b. USA & Carolina PRATT married Ethel May ROSS, 26, Marlborough, Marlborough, d/o David H. ROSS b. Ontario & Margaret TAYLOR, witn: Mrs. R. MORRISON of Richmond & David H. ROSS of Kemptville, 4 August 1925, Marlborough

  008143-25 (Carleton Co) Lorenzo MOUSSEAU, 26, Salesman, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Telesphore MOUSSEAU & Georgiana PINARD; married Laurentia LEMIEUX, 26, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Oscar LEMIEUX & Georgiana AMYOT; wit Telesphore MOUSSEAU & Oscar LEMIEUX, both Ottawa, 9 Dec 1925, Ottawa

008104-25 (Carleton Co) James MOWAT, 25, Fruit Farmer, Thurso Scotland, Beamsville, s/o John MOWAT & Georgina MUNRO; married Eleanor Agnes WALLACE, 20, Winnipeg Man, Ottawa, d/o Thomas Henry WALLACE & Sophia BEDINGFIELD; wit Elise A. SHAVER & R.A. SHAVER, both Ottawa, 24 Nov 1925, Ottawa

008115-25 (Carleton Co) Joseph Daniel MOYNEUR, 21, Merchant, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Riel MOYNEUR (b. St. Andre Avellin) & Calina SIGUIRE (or SIGUIN?); married Marie Emelie Lucienne GUAY, 19, Notre Dame de Chainie Sectuelle Secours Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Philippe GUAY (b. St. Etienne de Lauzon) & Emilia DUBOIS; wit Mazino GRAVELLE & Jude? Mazens GRAVELLE, both Ottawa, 13 Mar 1925, Ottawa

008105-25 (Carleton Co) Thomas Elliot MUIR, 24, Groundsman, Edinburgh Scotland, Ottawa, s/o James MUIR (b. Scotland) & Georgina STRATHMORE?, married Louise DEVRIES, 21, Bank Note Co. Employee, Holland, Hurdman Bridge, d/o Sevre? DEVRIES (b. Holland) & Adriana DE STERKE; wit Reginald BOUNSALL, Hurdmans Bridge & Alice EDGE, no place given, 14 May 1925, Ottawa

8632-25 John William MUIR, 41, accountant, widower, Glasgow Scotland, Birmingham Alabama, s/o William MUIR & Jessie Bell WILDRIDGE married Ella May ELIGH, 28, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Peter ELIGH & Esther MCFERRAN, witn: J. C. ALLAN & E. ELIGH, both of Ottawa, 10 September 1925, Ottawa

008140-25 (Carleton Co) George Stephen MULDOON, 27, Farmer, South March, South March, s/o Patrick Thomas MULDOON & Honora KENNEDY; married Catherine Ellen NASH, 25, Civil Servant, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o John NASH & Mary BYRNE; wit Albert MULDOON, South March & Wilfred NASH, Ottawa, 21 Jul 1925, Ottawa 8570-25 Nathaniel MULLIGAN, 40, farmer, Huntley, Huntley, s/o Nathaniel MULLIGAN & Jane HODGINS married Mary Elinor FULFORD, 29, Huntley, Huntley, d/o David FULFORD 7 Lila E. HUMPHRIES, witn: George H. RIVINGTON & Edythe M. RIVINGTON of Carp, 23 September 1925, Huntley

008100-25 (Carleton Co) Michael James Edgar MULRONEY, 21, Ledger Keeper - Bank of NS, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o George MULRONEY (b. Ottawa) & Phebe O'BRIEN; married Stella Margaret Rita MURPHY, 21, Clerk, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Patrick MURPHY (b. Ottawa) & Mary Emily GAUTHIER; wit Ellen O'CONNOR & Helen LYNCH, both Ottawa, 17 Oct 1925, Ottawa

008146-25 (Carleton Co) Ernest Eugen MUNZ, 30, Labourer, Cleveland Ohio USA, Eastview, s/o John MUNZ & Johanna MIEKE (Milke?); married Evelin Carolina NOFFKE, 24, Ottawa, Overbrook, d/o Fred NOFFKE & Emilie BICHLER; wit Ernest NOFFKE, Overbrook Ont & Anjuna MUNZ, Inlet Quebec, 30 Sept 1925, Ottawa

008108-25 (Carleton Co) William David MURPHY, 38, Butcher, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o David MURPHY (b. Canada) & Sarah SMITH; married Lulu May JACKLIN, 32, Clerk, Perth, Ottawa, d/o Joseph William JACKLIN (b. Canada) & Elizabeth CAVELL; wit Grace Lillian JACKLIN & Walter B. GORMAN, both Ottawa, 30 Apr 1925, Ottawa

008111-25 (Carleton Co) Charles Stuart Parnell MURPHY, 48, Engineer, Hawkesbury, Ottawa, s/o John MURPHY (b. Cork Ireland) & Mary HAY; married Bertha HENEY, 32, Dundas Co, Dundas Co, d/o John HENEY (b. Ottawa) & Christine McEWAN; wit Mrs. A.J. ROBINSON, no place given & May ROBINSON, Ottawa, 18 Apr 1925, Ottawa

008098-25 (Carleton Co) Barnie MURRAY, 28, Merchant, Russia, Billings Bridge, s/o Joseph MURRAY (b. Russia) & Lalea KRASNOW; married Esther CRATZBORG, 22, Romania, Billings Bridge, d/o Shalom CRATZBORG (b. Romania) & Punie? KRUPNICK; wit M. HELD & C. GEUCHER, both Billings Bridge, 1 Nov 1925, Ottawa

008128-25 (Carleton Co) James Frederick Clarence MURRAY, 24, Manager, Calumet Quebec, Ottawa, s/o William MURRAY (b. Canada) & Elizabeth COUSINS; married Amanda Marie Louise LAPOINTE, 20, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Louis LAPOINTE (b. Canada) & Sophie BECQUE; wit Jewel LAPOINTE & Alexander S. ROBB, both Ottawa, 25 Nov 1925, Ottawa

008185-25 (Carleton Co) Edgar Obre NEEDHAM, 29, Civil Servant, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Charles NEEDHAM (b. Pakenham) & Elizabeth OBRE; married Lorna Alexandra MANN, 24, Civil Servant, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o William E.B. MANN (b. Montreal Quebec) & Edith Maude LYON; wit George S. NEEDHAM, Ottawa & Mrs. H.F. BUSH, Montreal, 24 Jun 1925, Ottawa


8583-25 Thomas Dalton NESBITT, 28, farmer, Nepean, Nepean, s/o William Henry NESBITT b. Merivale & Leonia Clara LEMOINE married Bertha STAPLEDON, 28, Nepean, Nepean, d/o Philip Charles STAPLEDON b. Ottawa & Joanna GRECRE (Grece?), witn: Minerva STAPLEDON & W. H. NESBITT of Merivale, 11 March 1925, Merivale 008184-25 (Carleton Co) Andrew Clair Liddon Harcourt NESBITT, 32, Clergyman, Smith's Falls, New York USA, s/o Andrew Clair NESBITT (b. Canada) & Anne Clair MERRITT; married Ethel LEES, 33, Civil Servant, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o John Walmsley LEES (b. England) & Jane DAWES; wit Colin E. SWORD, Toronto & Eva NESBITT, New York, USA, 3 Jan 1925, Ottawa

008182-25 (Carleton Co) William Barclay NEVILLE, 29, Railway mail Clerk, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o William J. NEVILLE (b. Kingston) & Jane NELLIGAN; married Loretta LECLERC, over 20, Stenographer, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Ozias LECLERC (b. St. Antoine Quebec) & Elisabeth LETEAU; wit L.A. SMITH & Emile LECLERC, both Ottawa, 18 May 1925, Ottawa

008188-25 (Carleton Co) Redmond James NEVILLE, 37, Clerk, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o James NEVILLE & Mary Ann REDMOND; married Mary Genevieve KINSELLA, 35, Typist, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o John KINSELLA & Catherine O'BRIEN; wit James NEVILLE & Bernard KINSELLA, both Ottawa, 14 Oct 1925, Ottawa

008183-25 (Carleton Co) Thomas Henry NICHOLLS, 22, Plumber, Aylesbury England, Nepean twp, s/o Arthur NICHOLLS (b. Aylesbury England) & Edith Catherine TODD; married Beatrice Emily SMITH, 23, Employee of Bank Note Co, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o William SMITH (b. Ottawa) & Elizabeth BROWN; wit Harold INGOE & Bertha SMITH, both Ottawa, 20 April 1925, Ottawa

008187-25 (Carleton Co) Raymond NICHOLSON, 21, Electrician, Derrick NY, Ottawa, s/o George NICHOLSON & Cecelia PURCEL; married Lorette BLANCHETTE, 17, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Napoleon BLANCHETTE & Clarissa LAPLANTE; wit George NICHOLSON & Napoleon BLANCHETTE, both Ottawa, 14 Sept 1925, Ottawa

008186-25 (Carleton Co) John NOAK, 52, Locomotive Fireman, Lansley Ont, Ottawa, s/o Christian NOAK & Elizabeth REGEL; married Mave KRITSCH, 24, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Franz KRITSCH & Adelina NOFFKE; wit Albert RATTLE, Pembroke & Meta KRITSCH, no place given, 24 Jun 1925, Ottawa

008189-25 (Carleton Co) Florimond NOEL, 26, Mechanical, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Cleophas NOEL & Olivie BELAIRE; married Germaine JOANISSE, 23, Hull Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Vincent JOANISSE & Marie HUOT; wit Rene NOEL & Vincent JOANISSE, both no place given, 19 May 1925, Ottawa


008202-25 (Carleton Co) Frederick OAKE, 25, Carpenter, Newfoundland, Ottawa, s/o John OAKE & Louise FREEMAN; married Marjorie Agnes HAYTER, 21, Toronto, Ottawa, s/o John HAYTER & Maud Emma GRANT; wit John HAYTER & Lillian PETTAPIECE, both Ottawa, 24 Aug 1925, Ottawa

008193-25 (Carleton Co) Trevelyn Edwin O'BRIEN, 24, Mechanic, Westmeath, Ottawa, s/o William P. O'BRIEN (b. Westmeath Twp) & Maud FRAIR; married Gladys Ellen LEE, 22, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o James A. LEE (b. Almonte) & Elizabeth REILLEY; wit Mrs. J.H. OSTERHOUT & Doris OSTERHOUT, both no place given, 29 Dec 1925, Ottawa

008196-25 (Carleton Co) John Robert O'BRIEN, 49, Surgeon, Renfrew, Ottawa, s/o David O'BRIEN (b. Huntley) & Teresa FORAN; married Mary Helen BARKLEY, 30, Stenographer, Connaught Stormont, Ottawa, d/o John F. BARKLEY (b. Glengarry) & Catherine GILLIES; wit Charles MURPHY & Annie BARKLEY, both Ottawa, 19 Aug 1925, Ottawa

008197-25 (Carleton Co) John Alexander OGILVIE, 28, City Fireman, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o John C. OGILVIE (b. Canada) & Rebecca CUMMINGS; married Mabel Ethel SYMES, 27, Civil Servant, Wid, London England, Ottawa, d/o Elwod? Charles ARCHER (b. England) & Mary Jane BUSWELL; wit J.H. WALTER? & Janet Cringan MORROW, both no place given, 14 Dec 1925, Ottawa

008192-25 (Carleton Co) William Charles OGILVIE, 63, Builder, Wid, Gloucester twp, Ottawa, s/o Robert OGILVIE (b. Ireland) & Rebecca Jane CUMMINGS; married Mary Ann WATKINS, 59, Dressmaker, Gloucester twp, Ottawa, d/o Henry Steven WATKINS (b. England) & Mary Ann FARLER; wit Mrs. A.F. POLLOCK & Mrs. SILVER, both Ottawa, 20 Apr 1925, Ottawa

008199-25 (Carleton Co) William O'KEEFE, 33, Carpenter, West Templeton Quebec, Ottawa, s/o William John O'KEEFE (b. Fermoy Cork Ireland) & Mary Jane McNULTY; married Dorothy Ann MILLINGTON, 27, Furrier, London England, Ottawa, d/o Herbert John MILLINGTON (b. Brantwood Essex England) & Eliza MUIR; wit B.C. DONELLY & Mary Jane DONELLY, both Ottawa, 13 Jul 1925, Ottawa

008194-25 (Carleton Co) William Hiram OLIVE, 36, Clerk, Fitzroy twp, Westboro, s/o John Edward OLIVE (b. Huntley Ontario) & Eliza Jane HURST; married Flossie Adelia HANES, 31, Winchester, Ottawa, d/o James Meeker HANES (b. Winchester) & Hester Jane BILOU, wit Colin H. ANDERSON & Gertrude H. HANES, both Ottawa, 14 Apr 1925, Ottawa

008203-25 (Carleton Co) Erne Olaf OLSEN, 19, Labourer, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Reginald OLSEN & Frances Lillie GARDNER; married Ivy Grace YOUNG, 18, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o James William YOUNG & Grace Frances SAMPSON; wit. O.S. PACKER & R.M. MARKWICK, both no place given, 14 Apr 1925, Ottawa

008201-25 (Carleton Co) Gerald Daniel O'MEARA, 35, Barrister, Peterboro, Townsite of Kirkland Lake, s/o John O'MEARA (b. Canada) & Mary E. McGAUVRAN; married Agnes Pearl BROOKBANK, 30, Clerk, Streetsville, Ottawa, d/o Joseph BROOKBANK (b. Canada) & Mary McKENZIE; wit John Francis O'MEARA, New York State & Neta A. ARMSTRONG, Kirkland Lake, 3 Jun 1925, Ottawa

008190-25 (Carleton Co) Thomas William O'NEILL, 28, Mechanic, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Thomas Peter O'NEILL (b. Dublin Ireland) & Frances Ann FAHEY; married Margaret Adair MACKENZIE, 27, Glasgow Scotland, Ottawa, d/o Robert MACKENZIE (b. Scotland) & Margaret CUMMINS; wit Mary C. & Lulla M.M. BROWNRIGG of Ottawa, 24 Sept 1925, Ottawa

008200-25 (Carleton Co) Samuel O'ROURKE, 68, Miner, Merrickville, Boston Creek Temiskaming, s/o James O'ROURKE (b. Grenville) & Margaret O'GRADY; married Susan Rachel CRAWFORD, 63, Wid, Billings Bridge, Boston Creek Temiskaming, d/o Charles CRAWFORD (b. United States) & Sarah DAVIS; wit Frank ADAMS & Melissa BROWN, both Ottawa, 22 May 1925, Ottawa

008198-25 (Carleton Co) Mike OSOKO, 37, Miner, Wid, Poland, Ottawa, s/o Nykola OSOKO (b. Galicia) & Victoria AUGUSTYNSKI; married Sophia ARTYCH, 37, Housekeeper, Wid, Poland, Hull Quebec, d/o Paul BUDZYK (b. Galisia) & Martia ARTORZ?; wit Karolka KAUTIKI & Marith BHICHAN, both Ottawa, 9 Aug 1925, Ottawa

008195-25 (Carleton Co) Leo Ruben O'SULLIVAN, 32, R.C.M.P., Nepean twp, Ottawa, s/o John O'SULLIVAN (b. Canada) & Amelia HOGAN; married Theresa BRENNAN, 30, Civil Servant, Nepean twp, Ottawa, d/o William BRENNAN (b. Canada) & Anne MONAHAN; wit Peter SHORKEY & Marjorey SHORKEY, both Ottawa, 21 Jan 1925, Ottawa

8593-25 Alexander PARISIEN, 23, farmer, St. Joseph Orleans, St. Joseph Orleans, s/o William PARISIEN & Exilia DUFORT married Angelina CANGUAY, 18, Cyrville, Cyrville, d/o Michel CANGUAY & Marie LAVERGNE, witn: William PARISIEN of St. Joseph Orlean & Michel CANGUAY of Blackburn, 20 April 1925, Cyrville 8588-25 Orville Glasford PARKS, 27, farmer, Nepean, Nepean, s/o William PARKS b. Scotland & Susanna DEAVY married Ermel Adesta FAULKNER, 22, Goulbourn, Goulbourn, d/o Albert FAULKNER b. Canada & Rachael BROWN, witn: Aldyth FAULKNER & Reginald FAULKNER, 23 September 1925, Miffeville
8585-25 John PARSON, 25, laborer, Ottawa, Nepean, s/o George PARSON b. Ottawa & Adele BELLEVILLE married Lena CHAPUT, 29, servant, Pembroke, Nepean, d/o Thomas CHAPUT b. Gloucester & Ameline ALLARD, witn: George PASSON of Stevenson's Place & Joseph BOYER of Carlington, 23 April 1925, Carlington 8594-25 Donat PATRY, 20, stenographer, Ottawa, Westboro, s/o Eugene PATRY & Louisa LATREILLE married Alda CHAPMAN, 17, Ottawa, Carlington, d/o John CHAPMAN & Alda LECUYER witn: Eugene PATRY of Westboro & John CHAPMAN of Carlington, 1 January 1925, Carlington
8592-25 Alphonse PAYEUR, 19, laborer, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Elzear PAYEUR & Delia PATIER married Alice MCHUGH, 19, Ottawa, Eastview, d/o Walter MCHUGH & Alice FRIEND, witn: Elzear PAYEUR of Ottawa & Walter MCHUGH of Eastview, 20 July 1925, Eastview 8587-25 George PERRIN, 42, mill wright, widower, England, Westboro, s/o George PERRIN b. Sawbridge England & Mary Anne ROBINSON married Ernestine Florence Mary SIMPSON, 31, book binder, Edinburgh Scotland, Westboro, d/o Clayton SIMPSON b. Cumberland England & Mary Ann DAYON (Dargon?), witn: Sarah GREEN & Albert E. GREEN of Westboro, 26 December 1925, Westboro
8590-25 William Walter PETTES, 22, manager, St. Chrysastome Quebec, Ottawa, s/o George Alexander PETTES b. Brome Quebec & Florence GILMORE married Gladys Ellen BELFORD, 20, clerk, Ottawa, Westboro, d/o Gabriel BELFORD b. Ottawa & Francis BRADLEY, witn: Annie Florence BOYD of Westboro & Philip CARRIERE of Ottawa, 4 September 1925, Westboro 8589-25 William Henry POOLE, 25, farmer, Torbolton, Torbolton, s/o Henry Wilson POOLE, b. Fitzroy & Mary CAVANAUGH married Marjorie WILSON, 20, Fitzroy, Fitzroy, d/o Thomas Broughton WILSON b. Torbolton & Jane WEATHERDON, witn: John W. POOLE & Emma J. DOLAN of Woodlawn, 8 October 1925, Fitzroy Harbour
8591-25 Alexander POTEL, 28, blacksmith, Gracefield Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Joseph POTEL & Malvina L'ECUYER married Dora L'ECUYER, 20, Gloucester, Gloucester, d/o Louis L'ECUYER & Margaret SABOURIN, witn: Raymond L'ECUYER of Beauceville & Mary SABOURIN of Ottawa, 16 September 1925, Gloucester 8586-25 John Hiram Charles Beresford PRATT, 22, farmer, Marlborough, North Gower, s/o William Ferguson PRATT, b. Marlborough & Sarah Alice SCOTT married Alma Bell MOFFATT, 24, housekeeper, North Gower, North Gower, d/o Hugh MOFFAT b. North Gower & Anne Jane FIDDES, witn: Ben H. PRATT & Ida MOFFATT of North Gower, 26 August 1925, Manotick
8584-25 Sidney Edward PROUDMAN, 23, civil servant, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o John A. PROUDMAN b. Ireland & Frances R. ROBINSON married Mary Ellen JARDINE, 21, clerk, Ross twp, Westboro, d/o John A. JARDINE b. Ross twp & Minerva THOMSON, witn: Thomas JARDINE of Glasgow Station & Claribel E. PROUDMAN of Ottawa, 15 July 1925, Westboro 8595-25 Victor Wilfrid QUIGG, 28, garage owner, Brockville, Ottawa, s/o Wilfrid QUIGG b. New York & Mary BELANGER married Margaret Luella BROMLEY, 19, stenographer, Brockville, Ottawa, d/o William BROMLEY b. Brockville & Luella CRAIG, witn: Mrs. Robert BENJAMIN of Danbrooke? & Leslie C. KIRBY of Ottawa, 16 January 1925, Eastview
  8606-25 John REANEY, 62, farmer, widower, Osgoode, Osgoode, s/o Robert REANEY b. England & Jane DOUGLAS married Theressa LOGAN, 46, retired, widow, North Gower, Osgoode, d/o Hugh FIDDIS b. Ireland & Anne THOMPSON, witn: Clinton JACKSON & Mrs. Clinton JACKSON of Metcalfe, 8 September 1925, Manotick
8599-25 William George REDMOND, 35, laborer, Billings Bridge, Detroit, s/o William George REDMOND & Mary FORESTER married Louise Victoria Alexandria LAFRAMBOISE, 21, Ottawa, Detroit, d/o Frances LAFRAMBOISE & Victoria L'HEUREUX, witn: Norman REDMOND of Beauceville & Francis LAFRAMBOISE of Ottawa, 27 May 1925, Ottawa 8598-25 Harvey Elliot RICHARDSON, 21, chauffeur, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Ira RICHARDSON b. Smith March & Carrie MCCURDY married Dora Gwendolyn FAITH, 18, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Robert Bert FAITH b. Ottawa & Olive RUTLEY, witn: N. A. MONTAGANO? of Ottawa & M. STINTON of Westboro, 28 May 1925, Westboro
8596-25 William Asa ROSS, 21, farmer, Hawthorne, Gloucester, s/o Joseph ROSS b. North Gower & Susanna CRAVEN married Pearl BUCKLAND, 25, Poltimore Quebec, Gloucester, d/o William BUCKLAND b. England & Emma POITRAS, witn: Denis TOMPKINS of Billings Bridge & Luella A. ROSS of 540 Gilmour St, 29 December 1925, Billings Bridge 8597-25 Walter RUSSELL, 24, farmer, England, City View, s/o Thomas James RUSSELL b. Burton on Trent England & Mary Jane LEE married Marie Gabrielle Lauretta CHARETTE, 21, Ottawa, Nepean, d/o Palma CHARETTE b. Ottawa & Corinne RHEAUME, witn: Palma CHARETTE & Peter P. BROWN of Carlington, 9 June 1925, Bellevue
8616-25 Joseph Francis Pascal Honore SAUVE, 23, Ottawa, Osgoode, s/o Honore SAUVE & Eszelle MONPETIT married Mary Mabel Elizabeth DRIVE? (Dene?), 22, England, Osgoode, d/o Reginald DRIVE & Elizabeth GRUNDY, witn: Charles BLANCHFIELD of Osgoode & Lilian SAUVE of Ottawa, 6 may 1925, Osgoode 8602-25 Herbert Wilson SCHARF, 24, driver, Eastview, Eastview, s/o William D. SHARP b. East Templeton Quebec & Flora WYMAN married Marguerite Julie BARNABE, 22, domestic servant, Gloucester, Eastview, d/o Octave BARNABE b. Gatineau Dist. Quebec & Cora SCOTT, witn: A. H. unreadable of Ottawa & Ruby H. DUBAY? of Eastview, 20 October 1925, Eastview
8610-25 Ellard SEABROOK, 23, carpenter, Goulbourn, Smiths Falls, s/o Anthony A. SEABROOK b. Goulbourn & Emeline HEALEY married Jane Elizabeth MCCOY, 20, Goulbourn, Goulbourn, d/o Francis Robert MCCOY, b. Goulbourn & Ellen Jane HEALEY, witn: Allan Herbert MCCOY of Stittsville & Edna TOKES of Richmond, 23 December 1925, Richmond 8617-25 Edward Patrick SHANAHAN, 29, farmer, Richmond, Richmond, s/o Cornelius SHANAHAN & Mary MEARS married Catherine Loretta BYRNE, 22, servant, Bells Corners, Bells Corners, d/o John BYRNE & Margaret Mary ROONEY, witn: Patrick LARKIN of Ottawa & Reta M. BYRNE of Bells Corners, 7 January 1925, St. Patrick's Church, Fallowfield
8607-25 Amiel Wilson SHELP, 24, farmer, Russell twp, Russell twp, s/o John SHELP b. Russell & Annie LEES married Margaret Rachel GRIFFITH, 19, Osgoode twp, Russell twp, d/o Isaac GRIFFITH b. North Gower & Emma SHELDRICK, witn: R. C. EAKIN & A. E. EAKIN of Metcalfe, 29 June 1925, Metcalfe  
8615-25 Flynn Charlemaigne SHEPPARD, 31, civil employee, St. David d'Yinaska, Ottawa, s/o Charles George SHEPPARD & Mathilda BERNICE married Marie Estelle Lavine DESROSIERS, 30, Clarence Creek, Eastview, d/o Napoleon DESROSIERS & Ernestine DIONNE, witn: Lucien GUIGIERE? of Montreal & Dr. A. DESROSIERS of Eastview, 30 June 1925, Eastview 8614-25 Donald Russell SILLS, 20, Canada, Westboro, s/o William Clayton SILLS & Annie May LONG married Lily Constance MILTON, 17, England, Westboro, d/o James Alfred MILTON & Sarah Ann Elizabeth NORTON, witn: John Ray SILLS & Evelyn MILTON of Westboro, 12 October 1925, Westboro
8611-25 Clayton SIMPSON, 48, farmer, Ashton, Ashton, s/o Joshua SIMPSON b. Goulbourn & Elijah KIDD married Bella ANDERSON, 34, Ashton, Ashton, d/o Robert ANDERSON b. Goulbourn & Mary SIMPSON, witn: Frank & Mrs. Frank PAUL of Appleton, 15 July 1925, Richmond 8605-25 Harry Edmond SMITH, 20, laborer, Ashton, Ashton, s/o Alfred SMITH b. Stanley's Corners & Lottie SIMPSON married Anne SEABROOK, 26, Stanleys Corners, Stanleys Corner, d/o Anthony SEABROOK b. Stanleys Corner & Emma HEALEY, witn: Ward SEABROOK of Stanleys Corner & May SMITH of Ashton, 15 July 1925, Stanleys Corner
8613-25 Robert George SPRATT, 37, farmer, Gloucester, Gloucester, s/o Robert SPRATT b. Johnstons Corners & Isabella NELSON married Maud HERON, 30, Gloucester, Gloucester, d/o Alexander HERON b. Billings Bridge & Minerva LIDDELL, witn: James Harold DAVIDSON of Johnston Corners & Margaret Jean HERON of Billings Bridge, 21 October 1925, Billings Bridge 8612-25 James Emerson SPRATT, 29, farmer, Gloucester, Gloucester, s/o T. A. SPRATT b. Ellwood Ont & Annie GAMBLE married Eleanor Annie JAMES, 29, Kars, Kars, d/o William H. JAMES b. Oxford twp & Mary Jane KERFOOT, witn: Muriel SPRATT of Billings Bridge & Alma J. HEWITT of Ottawa, 23 November 1925, Manotick
8600-25 Wilbert Andrew SPRATT, 37, farmer, widower, Gloucester, Gloucester, s/o William SPRATT b. Johnson Corners Ont & Hana DAVIDSON married Elizabeth Louisa CRAIG, 31, Nepean, Nepean, d/o William CRAIG b. Nepean & Elizabeth STINSON, witn: Christina BAKER & David H. BAKER, both of Ottawa, 9 September 1925, City View 8604-25 George Robert STEELE, 34, farmer, Onslow twp, Onslow twp, s/o William STEELE b. Onslow twp Que. & Margaret EADES married Susanna POOLE, 24, Torbolton, Torbolton, d/o Henry Wilson POOLE b. Fitzroy & Mary Ellen CAVANAUGH, witn: Thomas N. & Lillian TRUDEAU of Fitzroy Harbour, 17 September 1925, Fitzroy Harbour
8601-25 Gordon STEWART, 29, farmer, Ramsayville, Ramsayville, s/o Peter Stewart (deceased) b. Dumblane Scotland & Margaret LILLICO married Lucy May WHYTE, 28, Hawthorn, Ramsayville, d/o John WHYTE b. Manotic & Bella SIMS, witn: Mrs. Mary A. MCMAHON & Stuart Daniel WHYTE of Ramsayville, 14 October 1925, Ramsayville 8609-25 Thomas STEWART, 23, farmer, Lorne Ireland, Fitzroy twp, s/o William STEWART b. Lorne Ireland & Agnes STEWART married Wreatha Alice May BOWES, 20, Hagarty twp, Fitzroy twp, d/o William BOWES b. Lorne Ireland & Margaret Ellen TROY, witn: Emison? BOWES of Kurlman? Ont & Dellis PIERCE of Pakenham, 11 November 1925, Fitzroy
8608-25 John James STONE, 23, machinist, North Andover Massachusetts, Ottawa, s/o Walter STONE b. North Andover Mass & Jennie LITTLE married Maud TROWSER, 20, Wakefield Quebec, Wakefield Quebec, d/o Philip TROWSER b. Wakefield Quebec & Anne WRAY, witn: Ester TROWSER of Wakefield Quebec & Gladys STONE of Ottawa, 18 April 1925, Eastview 8603-25 Harry Bertram SWEENEY, 32, farmer, Dunrobin, Dunrobin, s/o B. SWEENEY b. Dunrobin & M. A. JORDAN married Sarah Elizabeth Mabel SWITZER, 34, Nepean, Nepean, d/o A. SWITZER b. Nepean & E. J. NESBITT, witn: Ernest McOUATT & Mrs. E. McOUATT of Nepean, 31 March 1925, Westboro
8621-25 Francis TAYLOR, 24, laundryman, Earlstown Lancashire England, Ottawa West, s/o Charles TAYLOR & Isabella HOSALDINE married Mabel MCNALLY, 24, USA, Ottawa West, d/o Joseph Francis MCNALLY & Mary MCINNIS, witn: Frederick MURCH of Woodruff & Alice MCNALLY of Ottawa West, 26 December 1925, Ottawa 8622-25 William Austin TIERNEY, 30, farmer, Jockvale, Jockvale, s/o William TIERNEY & Elizabeth CAYENS married Evelyn Annie MCKENNA, 21, Jockvale, Jockvale, d/o Charles MCKENNA & Mary BROPHY, witn: Clement TIERNEY & Rosaline MCKENNA of Jockvale, 17 February 1925, Fallowfield
8618-25 Frederick Ernest THATCHER, 22, laborer, London England, Ottawa, s/o Frederick Ernest THATCHER b. London England & Harriet MABBS married Eva Evelyn DRISKILL, 19, London England, Stevensons Place - Nepean, d/o James Evans DRISKILL b. London England & Ada CARTER, witn: John GAMBLE & W. M. ANDREWS, both of Westboro, 22 January 1925, Westboro 8620-25 Thomas Webster TRUDEAU, 28, railroader, Bristol twp Que., Fitzroy, s/o John TRUDEAU b. Pontiac Co. Quebec & Elizabeth ARMSTRONG married Mary Lillian POOLE, 21, Fitzroy, Fitzroy, d/o Edward POOLE b. Fitzroy & Mary Jane WILSON, witn: George Robert & Susannah STEELE of Quyon Quebec, 17 September 1925, Fitzroy Harbour
8623-25 Frederick William VANCE, 36, farmer, Torbolton, Torbolton, s/o William VANCE b. Carp & Catherine ARMSTRONG married Myrtle Margaret Ann BASKIN, 30, civil servant, Carlisle Dakota USA, Torbolton, d/o Robert J. BASKIN b. Torbolton & Melissa SPICER, witn: James Hodgins S. ARMSTRONG of Kinburn & Eileen BASKIN of Ottawa, 27 August 1925, North March  
8627-25 Stephen WALCHUK, 29, blacksmith, Poland, Black Donald Mines, s/o John WALCHUK & Aksena KOSKIEN married Anna PRYTULA, 19, South Gloucester, South Gloucester, d/o Michael PRYTULA & Kalyna GYRYLO, witn: Daniel LATOSKI & Kathleen POOKI, both of Billings Bridge, 27 July 1925, South Gloucester 8625-25 James Stanley WALLACE, 36, farmer, Edwardsburg twp, Spencerville, s/o Joseph B. WALLACE, b. Edwardsburg twp & Margaret B. ANDERSON married Emma Dell WATERSON, 35, school teacher, Osgoode, Kemptville, d/o John A. WATERSON b. Oxford twp & Emma A. EDWARDS, witn: Mary Elizabeth MEIKLE & Juanita A. CHRISTIE of Ottawa, 22 December 1925, Westboro
8626-25 Martin Leo WATTERS, 32, clerk, Fallowfield, Ottawa, s/o John WATTERS & Catherine WATTERS married Cecilia LAVELL, 23, Gloucester, Ottawa, d/o Anthony LAVELL & Sarah MONAGHAN, witn: Leo J. FAGAN & Loretta WATTERS, 30 September 1925, Ottawa West 8624-25 William David WHYTE, 36, farmer, Gloucester, Gloucester, s/o John WHYTE b. Gloucester & Bella SYMMES married Frances Ellen WILSON, 28, North Gower, North Gower, d/o Thomas WILSON, b. Carleton Co & Esther GARLAND, witn: T. Harold WILSON of North Gower & Mrs. W. H. MITCHELL of Richmond, 24 June 1925, Richmond