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33592-26 Gordon Wentworth ACRES, 27, farmer, Vernon Ont., North Gower twp., s/o Charles ACRES & Jessie ROBERTSON, married Mary Irene ALLEN, 27, Glasgow Scotland, Manotick - North Gower, d/o William ALLEN & Rubena ARMOUR, witn: Gilbert D. ACRES & Lila May CUMMINGS, both of Manotick, 21 Sept 1926 at St. James Church, Manotick 32670-26 George Clark ACRES, 42, widower, railway employee, Huntley twp., South March, s/o Thomas ACRES, b. Huntley Ont & Annie YOUNG, married Minerva Jane RICHARDSON, 37, widow, March twp., South March, d/o John BOUCHER, b. March & Ellen Jane COLBERT, witn: E. Roy SCHARFE of Stittsville & Inez M. ARGUE of Carp, 3 Aug 1926 at St. Matthews Church, Ottawa
32671-26 Alan Joseph ADAMSON, 69, widower, President of Trust Co., Co. Galway Ireland, Winnipeg, s/o John Evans ADAMSON, b. Ireland & Harriet BELL, married Lily Jane TURRIFF, 63, Little Metis Que., Winnipeg, d/o Robert TURRIFF, b. Canada & Jane GILLANDERS, witn: C?. & Edith A. TURRIFF of Ottawa, 9 Oct 1926 at Ottawa 32672-26 George Fairbairn ADAMSON, 23, carpenter, Ottawa, 70 1/2 Third Ave in Ottawa, s/o William G. ADAMSON, b. Canada & Jennie ROLSTON, married Gertrude Mary BENNETT, 24, Richmond Pnt., 54 Third Ave in Ottawa, d/o Robert A. BENNETT, b. Canada & Eva VAUGHAN, witn: W. David SALMON & J. Douglas ADAMSON, both of Ottawa, 4 Nov 1926 at Ottawa
32673-26 Berel AGUERIK, 63, widower, teacher, Poland, 54 James St. in Ottawa, s/o Aaron AGUERIK, b. Poland & Rachel COHEN, married Gitel COHEN, 52, widow, Poland, Nelson St. in Ottawa, d/o Meyer COHEN, b. Poland & Renea LENORE?, witn: Hyman AGUERIK of 362 1/2 Mansy St. & Meyer KORN of 344 Bell St., 13 March 1926 at Ottawa 33593-26 Lawrence AKESON, 23, clerk, Cantley Que., Ottawa, s/o Andrew AKESON & Catherine ROLAND, married Kathleen Ethel LEIGH, 21, stenographer, Ottawa, same, d/o John LEIGH & Elizabeth PURDY, witn: G.L. & Lola McGREGOR of 126 Drummond St. in Ottawa, 9 June 1926 at Ottawa East
32674-26 Yijo Johannes ALA-RAHNASTO, 24, laborer, Finland, 555 1/2 Sussex St. in Ottawa, s/o Johannes ALA-RAHNASTO, b. Finland & Loviisa HYONSHTI, married Tyyne VAHATALO, 21, Finland, 312 Cumberland St. in Ottawa, d/o Kustan VAHATALO, b. Finland & Idla HEIKKILA, witn: Nick & Fanny TINJAMAKI of Ottawa, 18 June 1926 at Ottawa 32675-26 Joseph Arthur ALBERTI, 26, cook, Ottawa, Eastview, s/o Joseph ALBERTI & Catherine McGORGAN, married Alice Florida BRULE, 20, shipper, Sturgeon Falls, 61 Waverly St. in Ottawa, d/o Leon BRULE & Eugenie MALENFAUT, witn: Leon RHEAUME & Dora LEGAULT, both of Eastview, 15 Feb 1926 at Ottawa East
32677-26 Harold Ernest ALEXANDER, 27, sheet metal worker, Ottawa, 205 Bell St. in Ottawa, s/o Robert David ALEXANDER & Isabella HILL, married Mary Gertrude ROSS, 23, clerk, Westmeath twp., 138 Percy St. in Ottawa, d/o Robert William ROSS & Isabella COLLINS, witn: Harold Henry ATKINSON of Ottawa & Stella Marguerite ROSS of Cobden, 5 Nov 1926 at Ottawa 32678-26 Harry McAllister ALEXANDER, 26, ledger keeper, Tolcross Scotland, 137 Waverly St. in Ottawa, s/o Auguste KRITSCH (sic), b. Scotland & Catherine WEIN?, married Elizabeth Mary Amelia KRITSCH, 21, Bank Note Co., employee, Ottawa, 203 Russell Ave in Ottawa, d/o Andrew ALEXANDER (sic), b. Germany & Susan ROSS, wtn: James ALEXANDER of 137 Waverly Ave & Esther JENKINS of 368 Gladstone Ave in Ottawa, 18 Nov 1926 at Ottawa
32676-26 Clifford Robert ALEXANDER, 21, driver, Ottawa, 205 Bell St. in Ottawa, s/o Robert D. ALEXANDER, b. Canada & Bella HILL, married Ellen Jane SHAVER, 23, Bank Note Co. employee, Ottawa, 53 Bell St. in Ottawa, d/o Ira SHAVER, b. Canada & Sarah PRINGLE, witn: H.G. ALEXANDER & Violet SHAVER, both of Ottawa, 28 Jan 1926 at Ottawa 32679-26 Charles ALGATE, 23, farmer, Winchester twp., Menima? NJ, s/o James ALGATE, b. Winchester twp & Minnie HYNDMAN, married Eva May FAWCETT, 21, farming, Matilda twp., Menima NJ, d/o Fraser FAWCETT, b. Matilda twp & Bertha BELLINGER, witn: Beryl? ROBINSON & Laura FAWCETT, both of Winchester, 12 Oct. 1926 at Ottawa
32680-26 Charles Ewart ALLEN, 29, chemist, Mount Forest Ont., 234 Lisgar St. in Ottawa, s/o J.S. ALLEN, b. Riverston Ont. & Alice C. EWART, married Marion Harmer McELHINNEY, 26, civil servant, Britannia - Carleton Co., 90 Symington Ave in Ottawa, d/o Mark G. McELHINNEY, b. Touro NS & Bertha HARMER, win: Alfred Edward GILSON of 234 Lisgar St. & Doreen GILROY of Woodroffe Ont, 19 June 1926 at 90 Sunnyside Ave., Ottawa 32681-26 George Daniel ALLEN, 23, laborer, Chesterville Ont., 216 Besserer St. in Ottawa, s/o George ALLEN, b. Chesterville & Cecelia McCLOSKEY, married Ilene BROWN, 16, Aylmer Que., 216 Besserer St. in Ottawa, d/o John BROWN, b. Quebec & Mary CODERRE, witn: John ALLEN & Florence GRENON, both of Ottawa, 2 Dec 1926 at Ottawa
32682-26 George Gray ALLEN, 22, mechanic, Ottawa, 24 Havelock Ave in Ottawa, s/o George Henry ALLEN, b. Quebec & Nellie Maud GRAY, married Annie Elizabeth HOPE, 21, waitress, Rotherfield England, 82 Florence St. in Ottawa, d/o Albert HOPE, b. England & Alice COTTENHAM, witn: Alice COTTINGHAM (sic) of 53 Catherine St. & E. BROWN of 19 Echo Dr., both Ottawa, 6 Aug 1926 at Ottawa 32683-26 Joseph AMBROSE, 22, stoker in Cdn Navy, Glasgow, Halifax NS, s/o Jabez AMBROSE, b. Glasgow Scotland & Jennie HEWITT, married Maggie Ann McLAY, 20, domestic, Bannockburn Scotland, 123 Cooper St. in Ottawa, d/o John McLAY, b. Bannockburn Scotland & Dora BANKS (Ranks?), witn: Ethel Ruth COULSON of 149 Somerset St. & John AMBROSE of 481 Pointon? St., 12 Nov 1926 at Ottawa
32684-26 Louis Alexander AMYOT, 36, merchant, Quebec City, same, s/o Joseph Alexander AMYOT, b. Quebec City & Maria Adeline RENAUD, married Simmone GENDRON, 23, Maniwaki Que., 117 Stewart St. in Ottawa, d/o Romuald GENDRON, b. Beauport Que & Corinne JOANISSE, witn: Donat GENDRON of 569 St. Jean in Quebec & Romuald GENDRON of Maniwaki, 5 Oct. 1926 at Sacred Heart Church, Ottawa  
32685-26 Armand Blyth ANDERSON, 20, undertaker, Fitzroy Harbour, 338 Somerset St. in Ottawa, s/o Joseph ANDERSON, b. Canada & May NICHOLSON, married Evelyn Barbara GREEN, 22, maid, Renfrew Ont., 47 Cooper St. in Ottawa, d/o Joseph GREEN, b. Canada & Mary KOBICK, witn: Kathleen GREEN of Ottawa & Percy SCHARF of Marrickville Road, 24 (27?) April 1926 at Ottawa 32686-26 Frederick ANDERSON, 58, hydrographer, Charlottetown PEI, 141 Gloucester St. in Ottawa, s/o Alexander ANDERSON, b. Aberdeen Scotland & Catherine Stuart ROBERTSON, married Florence Mary WILSON, 40, Buckingham Que., Westminster Apts. in Ottawa, d/o Frederick James WILSON, b. Buckingham Que & Mary Augusta PARKER, witn: Laura Kirby WILSON of East Angus Que & William Bowman WILSON of 150 Metcalfe St., 9 Dec 1926 at Ottawa
32688-26 William Park ANDERSON, 30, salesman, Almonte Ont., 262 Kent St. in Ottawa, s/o John ANDERSON, b. Painsville Ohio & May STAUGHTON, married Margaret SHINE, 26, Ottawa, 204 Stanley Ave in Ottawa, d/o Breary? SHINE, b. England & Isabella LILLICO, witn: W.B. SHINE of 204 Stanley Ave & Agnes E. ANDERSON of 262 Kent St., 8 Nov 1926 at Ottawa 32687-26 George Albert ANDERSON, 34, civil servant, Prescott Ont., same, s/o Robert Balden ANDERSON, b. Ont & blank CASSELMAN, married Emily O'NEIL, 39, nurse, Ottawa, 221 Armstrong St. in Ottawa, d/o Robert O'NEIL, b. Ont & blank CLARKE, witn: Norman SCRIM? of 240 Argyle Ave & Evangeline WENGER? of 270 MacLaren St., both Ottawa, 28 Dec 1926 at Ottawa
32689-26 Leonard ANGUS, 36, farmer, Maryland Que., same, s/o John ANGUS, b. Canada & Elizabeth GRAHAM, married Elizabeth ROY, 36, dress maker, Wyman Que, same, d/o Alexander ROY, b. Canada & Mary Ann McLAUGHLIN, witn: Lyman PERKINS & Elsie A. RYAN, both of Ottawa, 9 Aug 1926 at Ottawa 33594-26 Charles Thomas APPS, 23, salesman, England, Eastview, s/o James J. APPS & Elizabeth PASKEY, married Mary Dora Theresa BLACKBURN, 21, Ottawa, Eastview, d/o George Alfred A. BLACKBURN & Rose FRIEND, witn: Joseph P.G. & Sarah Jane BLACKBURN of Ethel St. in Eastview, 10 June 1926 at St. Margarets Church, Eastview
  32690-26 Edgar Roger ARCHAMBAULT, 28, clerk, Ottawa, Detroit, s/o Alfred Pierre ARCHAMBAULT & Marie Louise GAGNON, married Marie Anna BROSSEAU, 28, Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Francois Xavier BROSSEAU & Elodie LACOSTE, witn: Oscar LEVESQUE & Lorenzo MOUSSEAU, both of Ottawa, 4 Feb 1926 at Ottawa
32692-26 Samuel ARMOUR, 62, widower, realtor, Antrim Ireland, Westboro, s/o Andrew ARMOUR, b. Kells - Co. Antrim Ireland & Sarah AGNEW, married Annie Louisa LIVOCK, 36, Montreal, Westboro, d/o James LIVOCK, b. Montreal & Annie LOVOCK (sic), witn: Thomas H. BLACKBURN of 91 Albert St. & Lizzie A. PUGH of 157 Stanley Ave., both Ottawa, 6 Jan 1926 at Ottawa 32691-26 Charles Frederick ARMOUR, 34, widower, CNR employee, Ottawa, 112 Elgin St. in Ottawa, s/o William A. ARMOUR, b. Ottawa & Mary Jane HILL, married Marie Ana Rose SAUVE, 25, employee of printing office, Ottawa, 99 1/2 Bell St. in Ottawa, d/o Adolph SAUVE, b. Quebec & Margaret RAYMOND, witn: Mrs. J.H. OSTERHOUT of 65 Stewart St. & Mrs. A. SCOTT of 83 Daly Ave., both Ottawa 16 Feb 1926 at 65 Stewart St., Ottawa
32693-26 Albert Edward ARMSTRONG, 25, Osgoode twp., same, s/o Henry ARMSTRONG, b. Ont & Mary KENNEDY, married Jean DUNCAN, 32, Osgoode twp., same, d/o Alexander DUNCAN, b. Ont & Mary SEYMOUR, witn: Alexander DUNCAN of Osgoode twp & Gertrude CAMERON of 164 Holmwood Ave in Ottawa, 3 Nov 1926 at Ottawa 32694-26 Clinton ARMSTRONG, 25, farmer, Navan Ont., Ottawa, s/o John ARMSTRONG, b. Canada & Sarah CLARKE, married Florence WATSON, 22, Sarsfield Ont., Ottawa, d/o Matthew WATSON, b. Canada & Lily WATSON, witn: James SHANKS of Belleville & Jean MILLIKEN of Ottawa, 17 April 1926 at Ottawa
33595-26 Jared Clifford ARMSTONG, 25, farmer, Marlborough, same, s/o James E. ARMSTRONG, b. Canada & Caroline BARTLEY, married Laura Theresa McCURDY, 24, Marlborough, Kemptville, d/o David McCURDY, b. Canada & Mary Ann FENNELL, witn: Grover ARMSTRONG of North Gower & Christena McCURDY of Kemptville, 15 June 1926 at North Gower 32695-26 Thomas Howard ARMSTRONG, 29, electrician, Echo Bay Ont., 108 Kent St. in Ottawa, s/o Thomas J. ARMSTRONG, b. Canada & Margaret D. MICK, married Marie Marguerite Anita THOMAS, 18, St. Raphael - Bouchette Que., 183 Slater St. in Ottawa, d/o Charles THOMAS, b. Canada & Esther ROWAN, witn: Louise LONWAY & Jean MILLIKEN, both of Ottawa, 15 Nov 1926 at Ottawa
32696-26 Norman Stewart ARNOLD, 19, Ottawa, 72 Lyndale Ave in Ottawa, s/o John Ephraim ARNOLD, b. Warwick Que & Dorothy May ORANGE, married Pearl Margaret SULLIVAN, 18, waitress, Thessalon Ont., 97 Rochester St. in Ottawa, d/o William Daniel SULLIVAN, b. Canada & Mary Jane Olive HILL, witn: Alan NEWMAN of 168 Hinton Ave & Mary Jane Alvira SULLIVAN of 573 Wellington Ave., 26 Nov 1926 at Ottawa  
32697-26 Daniel Ward Raymond ASHTON, 20, machinist, Alexandria Ont., Ottawa, s/o Ward ASHTON, b. Waterloo Que & Monica RAYMOND, married Violet Constance MATHIES, 20, England, Ottawa, d/o Andrew MATHIES, b. Scotland & Florence SANDS, witn: Verna DONOVEN & Earl POLLARD, both of Ottawa, 3 July 1925 at Ottawa 32698-26 Frank Reginald ASHTON, 30, clerk, London England, Montreal, s/o Frank Owlon? ASHTON, b. England & Susan GAGGE, married Matilda May Harris FENN, 32, civil servant, Montreal, 243 Russell Ave in Ottawa, d/o William Henry FENN, b. England & Leah Bassett HARRIS, witn: L.A. FENN of 243 Russell Ave & William H. FENN of Ottawa, 27 Dec 1926 at Ottawa
33596-26 Ray ATKIN, 30, agriculture representative, Amberstburg, Stirling, s/o Edgar ATKIN, b. Canada & Althea BRATT, married Eleanor Maud CROSSKERRY, 26, Kinburn, Stirling, d/o David CROSSKERRY, b. Canada & Maude FEATHERSTONE, witn: Ann Winifred CROSKEY (sic) & A. E. DOBBIE, 2 Oct. 1926 at Kinburn 32699-26 Joseph illegible Francois AUCLAIR, 28, military man, Ottawa, same, s/o Francois AUCLAIR & Louise THIBAULT, married Marie Laurentine BRISSON, 24, Ottawa, same, d/o Delphis BRISSON & Helene FOURNIER, witn: Francois AUCLAIR of Cap St. Ignace Que & Delphis BRISSON of 166 Osgoode, 15? Feb 1926 at Ottawa
32700-26 George BABEK, 31, pastry cook, Kabestie - Bukowina Roumania, 134 Albert St. in Ottawa, s/o Wasel BABEK & Maria MELNYK, married Katherine McDONALD, 24, waitress, Ottawa, 131 Slater St. in Ottawa, d/o Michael J. McDONALD & Mary Ann HALL, witn: Kostantin PUDAN of 36 1/2 William St. & Evelyn ALBERT of 420 Arlington Ave., both Ottawa, 11 Nov 1926 at Ottawa 33597-26 Camille BABINEAU, 24, laborer, Richibucto NB, Eastview, s/o Ferdinand BABINEAU, b. Richibucto & Marie Anne ROBICHAUD, married Marie Reina DESROCHES, 16, Gloucester twp., Eastview, d/o Evangeliste DESROCHES, b. Berthier Que & Philomene CHARBONNEAU, witn: Romeo DESROCHES of Hull & Marie Anne ROBICHAUD of Eastview, 6 Aug 1926 at Eastview
32701-26 Honore BACHARD, 42, cook, Montreal, Ottawa, s/o Victor BACHARD & Odile BEDARD, married Andrew GENEAU, 27, Embrun, Ottawa, d/o Joseph GENEAULT (sic) & Marie DENAULT, witn: Andre HORNIER? & Wilfrid CHARBONNEAU, both of Ottawa, 21 June 1926 at Ottawa 32702-26 Jean BACHS, 27, farmer, Hadonge Luxembourg, South Gloucester, s/o Michael BACHS & Elise CRERE, married Leonie LACOSTE, 22, St. Andre Avellin, Ottawa, d/o Leonidas & Ann nee LECUYER, witn: Matthew & Emile BACHS of Ottawa, 14 April 1926 at Ottawa
32703-26 Edward Charles Henry BAKER, 23, machinist, Ottawa, same, s/o Theodore BAKER & Augusta HALFTMAN, married Yvette Louise BEDARD, 21, Ottawa, 121 Echo Dr in Ottawa, d/o Napoleon BEDARD & Nancy WRIGHT, witn: William George COUSINS of 31 Lett St. & Idene Mae McRAE of 719 Albert St., both Ottawa, 30 June 1926 at Ottawa 33598-26 John Robert BAKER, 22, farmer, Newboro, Nepean twp., s/o William BAKER & Lizzie DREW, married Queenie Bertha BLISSETT, 19, nurse, near London England, Eastview, d/o Frank BLISSETT, b. London England & Bertha MUTTON, witn: Mrs. & Leonard BLISSETT of Eastview, 3 Aug 1926 at City View
32704-26 Edgar Douglas BALDOCK, 20, civil servant, Portsmouth England, 353 St. Patrick St. in Ottawa, s/o Albert BALDOCK, b. England & Emily BRETT, married Zaldea Louisa CARRIERE, 20, clerk, Ottawa, 351 St. Patrick St. in Ottawa, d/o Moise CARRIERE, b. Canada & Delima DESLAURIERS, witn: Athanase TURGEON & Emile CARRIERE, both of Ottawa, 1 Jan 1926 at Ottawa 32705-26 Victor BALFOUR, 33, traveller, Scotland, Ottawa, s/o William BALFOUR & Mary WALKER, married Mary Irne CASSERLY, 35, stenographer, Canada, Ottawa, d/o Michael CASSERLY & Margaret LUNNY, witn: J.M. & Camilla CASSERLY of Toronto, 21 Aug 1926 at Ottawa
32706-26 Joseph Robert BAMBRICK, 47, widower, carpenter, Ottawa, same, s/o James BAMBRICK & Jane DALEY, married Catherine JOHNSON, 35, domestic, Liverpool England, Ottawa, d/o Robert JOHNSON & Elizabeth OAKLEY, witn: Frank E. BAMBRICK & Frank M. JOHNSON, both of Ottawa, 30 June 1926 at Ottawa 32707-26 Emeuble BARBE, 22, duffer, Ottawa, 68 Balsam St. in Ottawa, s/o Valence BARBE & Alvira DELORME, married Alice RULE, 22, Ottawa, 268 Preston St. in Ottawa, d/o Alonzo RULE & Donalda GIROUX, witn: Hormidas BARBE of 52 Willow & Alonzo RULE of 269 Preston St., 8 Sept 1926 at Ottawa
32708-26 John Alexander BARBER, 31, textile cutter, Ottawa, same, s/o Paul BARBER, b. Louisville Kentucky, & Elizabeth BROWN, married Anna TWEEDLY, 23, civil service, Brockville, same, d/o John TWEEDLY, b. Glasgow Scotland & Bertha CASSELMAN, witn: Leo VENNE & Jon H. DUGGAN, both of Ottawa, 4 June 1926 at Ottawa 32709-26 Roy Garnet BARCLAY, 21, Chateau Laurier employee, Winchester Ont., Ottawa, s/o George Wilbert BARCLAY & Matilda KERR, married Helen Josephine NORMOYLE, 24, house maid, Ottawa, same, d/o Patrick Joseph NORMOYLE & Mary Ann SPRATT, witn: William Joseph & Kathleen Ann NORMOYLE of Ottawa, 22 Nov 1926 at Ottawa
32710-26 Frank Elvis BARLAND, 23, carpenter, Sweden, Ottawa, s/o Marinus, b. Denmark & Elise nee DHALBRUIST, married Wilhelmina Victoria WURDEN, 24, telephone operator, Ottawa, same, d/o Herman Cran WURDEN, b. Denmark & Jennie K. WURBERG, witn: A. STULKO of 307 Lisgar & . CAPLE of 264 Albert St., 15 March 1926 at Ottawa 32711-26 John Stanley Edwin BARRETT, 22, salesman, Ottawa, 27 Alexander St. in Ottawa, s/o John BENNETT, b. Ottawa & Agnes SMITH, married Clara JOLLIFFE, 22, clerk, Ottawa, 95 Goulbourne Ave in Ottawa, d/o John JOLLIFFE, b. Ottawa & Margaret TIVETTE, witn: Norman BEDARD & Jean JOLLIFFE, both of Ottawa, 15 April 1926 at Ottawa
32713-26 Joseph Romeo BART, 37, newspaper pressman, Ottawa, 169 Nicholas St. in Ottawa, s/o Alfred BART, b. Ottawa & Adelaide MARTIN, married Marie Louise PARKER, 22, maid, Gracefield Que., 169 Nicholas St., d/o Joseph PARKER, b. Quebec & Anna ROY, witn: Vincent PERRIN of Wrightville & Alfred BART of 236 Cumberland, 26 April 1926 at Ottawa 32712-26 Joseph Napoleon BART, 27, millhand, Hull Que.., same, s/o David BART, b. Hull & Marie Louise ANTILE, married Bernadette COUSINEAU, 19, St. Joseph d'Orleans Ont, 54 Cumberland St. in Ottawa, d/o Arthur COUSINEAU, b. Orleans & Albina LABRIE, witn: Omer STUCKER & Philippe BART, both of Ottawa, 11 Sept 1926 at Ottawa
32714-26 Vincent BARTH, 20, mechanic, of Ottawa, s/o Amos BARTH & Myrtle BAKER, married Marie Anna BLAIS, 20, Ottawa, same, d/o Wilfrid BLAIS & Elvina ROBILLARD, wit: Adjustor VENONES of 102 Stirling & Wilfrid BLAIS of 98 Stirling, 20 July 1926 at Ottawa 32715-26 Harold Alexander BASKIN, 30, farmer, Torbolton twp., same, s/o William BASKIN, b. Torbolton twp & Letitia Ann DERRAUGH, married May Lorna RODGER, 25, teacher, Lanark twp., 100 James St. in Ottawa, d/o Robert Stead RODGER, b. Lanark Co Ont & Isabel Aird TWIGG, witn: William BURNIP of 206 Holland Ave on Ottawa & Mrs. Ruby V. DOLAN of Dunrobin, 6 Sept 192 at Ottawa
32716-26 Thomas BATEMAN, 27, miner, England, Kirkland Lake, s/o Thomas BATEMAN, b. England & Florence O'DONNELL, married Clara HODGINS, 31, Shawville Que., 85 O'Connor St. in Ottawa, d/o William HODGINS, b. Shawville Que & Cordelia BEACH, witn: Mrs. F.J. & F.J. PRENDERGAST of Ottawa, 18 Aug 1926 at Ottawa  
32717-26 Harry Courtenay Croker BAYLY, 31, accountant, Liverpool England, 113 18th Ave in Lachine Que., s/o Edward James BAYLY & Emma OGLESBY, married Edith Escobal IVIMEY, 28, clerk, Portsmouth England, 235 Holmwood Ave in Ottawa, d/o James IVIMEY & Edith Elizabeth ESCOBAL, witn: Mr. & Mrs. N.T. ALLAN of 14 Wendover St. & Mr. & Mrs. James IVIMEY of 233 Holmwood Ave., 22 May 1926 at St. Mathews, Ottawa 32718-26 James Clifton BEACOCK, 23, undertaker, Nestleton Ont., Picton, s/o William Isaac BEACOCK & Marie? FELLIS, married Sarah Ellen BARTON, 23, Hotham Ontario., Perth, d/o William BARTON & Margaret STELLAR, witn: Betina DALEY & T. BISSON, both of Ottawa, 28 march 1926 at Ottawa
32719-26 Albert Gordon BEAMAN, 23, accountant, Halifax NS, 68 First Ave in Ottawa, s/o Thomas BEAMAN & Sarah WILLIAMS, married Florence Irene KIRKBY (Kirkley?), 20, clerk, London, 418 Gilmour St. in Ottawa, d/o James KIRKBY & Annie BENNETT, witn: Isabel & William L. WOOD of Ottawa, 6 Jan 1926 at Ottawa 32720-26 Ernest Stuart BEAMAN, 22, electrician, Ontario, 95 Sherwood St. in Ottawa, s/o Ernest BEAMAN & Fanny DRYNAN, married Emma Rogers HENDERSON, 24, clerk, Glasgow Scotland, 64 Third Ave. in Ottawa, d/o Andrew HENDERSON & Ada ROBINSON, witn: Jan HENDERSON of 64 Third Ave & Ms. Jean RAPPLE, 2 June 1926 at St. Matthews, Ottawa
  32721-26 Osborne BEAMISH, 26, mechanic, Edwards Ont, 21 Florence St. in Ottawa, s/o Henry H. BEAMISH, b. Canada & Isabella AMBRIDGE, married Lillian WEBER, 25, stenographer, Eganville Ont., 201 Hinton Ave in Ottawa, d/o Henry WEBER, b. Canada & Mary THOMPSON, wit: Elva & W.L. BEATON, 24 May 1926 at Ottawa
32722-26 George Eric BEATTIE, 21, farmer, Ottawa, Marvelville - Russell Co., s/o George Albert BEATTIE, b. Russell & blank McALLISTER, married Edith Caroline CHERRY, 18, Russell, same, d/o W.P. CHERRY, b. Russell & blank CURRY, witn: W.P. CHERRY of Russell & George A. BEATTIE of 409 Queen St. in Ottawa, 24 March 1926 at 409 Queen St., Ottawa 32723-26 James BEATTIE, 41, laborer, Scotland, Maxville, s/o John BEATTIE, b. Scotland & Marion McDONALD, married Nellie (Helen) Barbara MURRAY, 39, Scotland, Maxville, d/o Peter Morrison MURRAY, b. Scotland & Mary Ann LEWIS, witn: Alex M. HUNTER & Mrs. Ann HUNTER, both of 243 Booth St. in Ottawa, 14 April 1926 at Ottawa
32725-26 Joseph Raoul BEAUCHAMP, 24, clerk, Ottawa, same, s/o Eugene BEAUCHAMP & Philomene Isabelle, married Vitaline RABOURIN, 21, Poltimore Que., Ottawa, d/o Maxime RABOURIN & Marie Louise GAGNON, wtn: Eugene BEAUCHAMP & Onesime BOILEAU, both of Ottawa, 14 Sept 1926 at Ottawa 32724-26 Arthur BEAUCHAMP, 24, laborer, Ottawa, same, s/o Henri BEAUCHAMP & Elizabeth MILLIGAN, married Rita BENDER, 19, Ottawa, same, d/o late Albert L. BENDER & Blanche PAQUETTE, witn: Henri BEAUCHAMP & Felix PAPILLON, both of Ottawa, 16 Sept 1926 at Ottawa
32726-26 Victor BEAUCHAMP, 19, laborer, Ottawa, 542 Rochester St. in Ottawa, s/o Oliver BEAUCHAMP & Margaret PELLETIER, married Mary Agnes Lillian FINNESSY, 19, printer's apprentice, Ottawa, 117 Pamilla in Ottawa, d/o Thomas FINNESSY & Mary AHEARN, witn: Victor BEAUCHAMP of 65 Norma St. & Mrs. Helen C. HELLAWAY of 193 Isabella St., both Ottawa, 28 April 1926 at Ottawa 32727-26 Oscar BEAUDOIN, 23, baker, Ottawa, same, s/o Joseph BEAUDOIN & Celina LAJEUNESSE, married Donal Gertrude THERIEN, 21, hair dresser, Ottawa, same, d/o Napoleon THERIEN & Elizabeth MINETT?, witn: Victor THERIEN & Gladys LLOYD, both of Ottawa, 8 June 1926 at Ottawa
32728-26 Frank Wilfrid BEDARD, 45, gentleman, Prescott Ont., 40 Lakeside Ave in Ottawa, s/o George BEDARD, b. Quebec & Eliza CUNNINGHAM, married Virgnia Nathalie SHANNON, 28, New York, 648 Parkdale Ave in Ottawa, d/o William SHANNON, b. New York NY & Virginia MARSALLUS, witn: Beulah & George L SNELLING of Rockcliffe Park, 7 June 1926 at Ottawa 32729-26 Joseph BEDARD, 69, widower, fireman, Quebec Co. Que., 240 Cumberland St in Ottawa, s/o Francois BEDARD, b. Montreal & Louise DUBEAU, married Hectorine Marguerite BOURGEOIS, 71, widow, Montreal, 55 Guignes? Ave in Ottawa, d/o Hyacinthe BOURGEOIS, b. Montreal & Marguerite PROVENCAL, witn: Edouard MONETTE of Ottawa & Edgar BEDARD of Hull, 15 April 1926 at Ottawa
32730-26 Jean Baptiste BELAIRE, 37, bridge builder, Ste. Crule de Masham Que., Ottawa, s/o Pierre BELAIR & Anna MEUNIER, married Julie VENANCE, 30, Chapeau Que., Ottawa, d/o Olivier VENANCE & Elizabeth, witn: Ovide MEUNIER & Albertine GAGNON, both of Ottawa, 28 Oct 1926 at Ottawa 32731-26 Elie BELANGER, 22, laborman, Gatineau, Gatineau Point, s/o Raoul BELANGER & Clephire COUSINEAU, married Marie Jeanne CLAIRMONT, 15, Ottawa, same, d/o Onesime CLAIRMONT & Blanche St.JEAN, win: Raoul BELANGER Jr. & Joseph St.JEAN, both of Gatineau, 18 Jan 1926 at Ottawa
32732-26 Ubbald BELANGER, 23, laborman, Gatineau Point, same, s/o Celestin BELANGER & Georgeline LANRARALIE?, married Yvonne LANDEVILLE (Landreville?), 18, Riviere Gordph? Que., Ottawa, d/o Ilda LANDREVILLE & Rosina LANGEVIN, win: Celestin BELANGER of Gatineau Point & Ilda LANDREVILLE of Ottawa, 21 Aug 1926 at Ottawa 32733-26 Ulric BELANGER, 39, widower, cabinet finisher, Ottawa, 405 Parkdale Ave in Ottawa, s/o Ed Telisph. BELANGER, b. St. Rock Que & Malvina FAUBERT, married Beatrice Madeline SYMONDS, 39, widow, nurse, Edinburgh Scotland, 506 Rochester St. in Ottawa, d/o John PALMER, b. Edinburgh & Beatrice PALMER, witn: Mr. Irve BELANGER of 22 Stevenson Ave & Mrs. Edward Telisphor BELANGER of 472 Arlington Ave., 18 Dec 1926 at Ottawa
32734-26 Joseph Israel BENNETT, 41, merchant, London England, Montreal, s/o Barsad? Israel, b. Russia & Betsy nee SOLOMON, married Eva BILSKY, 25, Ottawa, 406 Daly Ave in Ottawa, d/o Moses BILSKY, b. Russia & Pauline REICH, witn: M. GOLDSMITH of 373 King Edward Ave & Hebert MYERS of 20 Woodlawn Av., 31 Aug 1926 at Ottawa 32735-26 J. George BENOIT, 23, butcher, Eastview, Ottawa, s/o Elie BENOIT & Alphonsine BEAULNE, married Lucille PROULX, 22, Angers Que., Ottawa, d/o Felix PROULX & Helene POTVIN, witn: Elie BENOIT & Felix POTVIN, both of Ottawa, 25 Jan 1926 at Ottawa
32736-26 Leibish BERNSTEIN, 26, fruit dealer, Russia, 341 Murray St. in Ottawa, s/o David BERNSTEIN, b. Russia & Regina WEISS, married Velma KLEIN, 19, tacker, Hungary, New York, d/o Morris KLEIN, b. Hungary & Ida SECHERMAN, witn: Jacob LIPIDUS of 341 Murray St. & Barook SINACKIN? of 498 St. Patrick St., 5 Jan 1926 at Ottawa 32737-26 Abdo BESHARA, 34, merchant, Kefermeshky Sirean, 115 Queen St. in Ottawa, s/o Moses BESHARA & Sayde NESRALA, married Selema ABRAHAM, 24, waitress, Kefermeshky Sirean, 701 Somerset St. in Ottawa, d/o Farras ABRAHAM & Barbara ANBER, witn: Elias J. ABRAHAM of 287 Rochester St. & Nagrebi JOSEPH of 139 Nicholas St., both Ottawa, 20 June 1926 at Ottawa
32738-26 Robert Charles BICKERTON, 23, general merchant, Navan Ont., Leonard Ont., s/o Fred W. BICKERTON & Lottie FARMER, married Dorothy Jane FINDLAY, 19, Navan, same, d/o James FINDLAY & Mary McWILLIAMS, witn: G.B. SMITH of Navan & John E. FINDLAY of Cumberland, 10 June 1926 at St. Matthews Church, Ottawa 32739-26 William Gordon BINNS, 31, accountant, Cote St. Antoine Que., Montreal, s/o Thomas William Cook BINNS, b. England & Emily WILLINGHAM, married May Victoria VIPOND, 29, stenographer, Summerstown On., 169 Laurier Ave in Ottawa, d/o Joseph VIPOND, b. England & Janet CAMERON, witn: Harold Willingham BINNS of Detroit & Pearl GRANT of 169 Laurier Ave., 28 Sept 1926 at Trinity Church, Ottawa
32740-26 Emile BISSON, 26, laborer, Ottawa, 137 Balsam St. in Ottawa, s/o Maxime BISSON, b. St. Joseph Ont & Lea BEAUCHAMPS, married Marie Ethel O'BRIEN, 22, Hull Que., 84 Anderson St. in Ottawa, d/o Richard O'BRIEN, b. Greenfield Que. & Lumina MOQUIN, witn: Mary A. & Margaret BROWNRIGG of 199 Bayswater Ave in Ottawa, 11 Oct. 1926 at Ottawa 32741-26 Joseph Camille Floremond BLAIS, 47, gentleman, St. Pie Que., 105 Nepean St. in Ottawa, s/o Camille BLAIS, b. St. Pie de Bagot Que & Caroline ALLARD, married Nathalie FINE, 40, Russia, 258 Laurier Ave in Ottawa, d/o Losyls FINE, b. Minsk Russia & Sarah FINE, witn: Dolar DORE & Camille GAUTHIER, both of 600 Cumberland, 16 Jan 1926 at Ottawa
32742-26 Harold Leslie BLANCHARD, 30, bank clerk, Warren Ont., Ottawa, s/o Hiram A. BLANCHARD, b. Winthrop Ont & Margaret CONNOR, married Zella May GRANT, 27, Quyon Que., same, d/o Thomas GRANT, b. Bristol Que & Clara M. TABER, witn: Robert SIMMONS & Varda C. GRANT, both of Ottawa, 22 June 1926 at Ottawa  
32743-26 Frederick Pennington BLIGH, 67, widower, barrister, Kings Co. Nova Scotia, Halifax NS, s/o Ashel B. BLIGH, b. Kings Co NS & Elizabeth A. COLEMAN, married Ethelina Angele BILL, 46, 64 Carling Ave in Ottawa, Billtown Kings Co. NS, d/o Caleb R. BILL, b. Kings Co NS & Margaret A. BLIGH, witn: J. Emerson BILL of 356 Gilmour St. in Ottawa & J. Philip BILL of 64 Carling Ave in Ottawa, 23 Oct 1926 at Ottawa 32744-26 Eugene BLONDIN, 23, shoe maker, Ottawa, 31 Plymouth Ave in Ottawa, s/o Thomas BLONDIN, b. Quebec & Mary ROCKBURN, married Gladys St.CYR, 17, maid, Ottawa, 208 Gingras Ave., d/o Valmore St.CYR, b. Ottawa & Isobel PLUNKETT, witn: Thomas BLONDIN & Walter MORIN, both of Ottawa, 31 Aug 1926 at Ottawa
32745-26 Thomas BLYTHE, 33, civil servant, England, 139 McGillivray St. in Ottawa, s/o Thomas BLYTHE & Helen SALLOWS, married Augusta Olivia SHORE, 25, civil servant, Canada, 221 Florence St. in Ottawa, d/o William Thomas SHORE & Florence, witn: J. Bruce SPENCE & Rena? SHORE, both of Ottawa, 10 Nov 1926 at St. Matthews Church, Ottawa 32746-26 Henry Ferdinand William BOCHERT, 22, upholsterer, Eganville, same, s/o Carl BOCHERT, b. Germany & Auguste PAPKE, married Cora Adeline BIEDERMANN, 19, cook, Wilberforce Ont., Pembroke, d/o Fred BIEDERMANN, b. Canada & Ida HOFFMAN, witn: David BIEDERMANN of RR3 Pembroke & Mona JAMIESON of 64 Dufferin Rd in Ottawa, 12 Aug 1926 at Ottawa
32747-26 Charles Albert BOEHMER, 45, printer, widower, Ottawa, 284 Crichton St., s/o Herman BOEHMER & Hulda WENTZLOFF, married Emilie Ottelie GARSKE, 33, Ottawa, 245 MacKay St.., d/o August GARSKE & Emelie WILKE, win: Albert BOEHMER of 294 Crichton & Ruth KAUFMAN of 142 Stanley Ave., 22 Sept 1926 at Ottawa 32748-26 Joseph Andre Honore BOILY, 26, pressman, Ottawa, 42 St. Andrew St., s/o Louis Napoleon BOILY & Almira GAUDREAU, married Anna Stella BRULE, 19, Billings Bridge, 61 Waverly St. in Ottawa, d/o Leon BRULE & Eugenie BONENFANT, witn: Louis Napoleon BOILY of 28 St. Laurent & Joseph Oscar BOILY of 191 Notre Dame (both Hull), 12 July 1926 at Ottawa
32750-26 William Joseph BOIVIN, 21, assistant shipper, Ottawa, same, s/o Alfred BOIVIN, b. Thurso Que & Sarah HOLLY, married Gloria Beatrice PICHE, 21, Ottawa, same, d/o Arthur PICHE, b. Ottawa & Celina GRAVEL, win: Arthur PICHE & Joseph BOIVIN, both of Ottawa, 7 May 1926 at Ottawa 32749-26 Arthur Alexis BOIVIN, 40, widower, clerk, Quebec City, Ottawa, s/o Alexis BOIVIN, b. Quebec City & Rose Anna BOISJOLI, married Marie Dosia PROULX, 25, Hawkesbury Ont., Ottawa, d/o Esdras PROULX, b. Ottawa & Victoria GODON, witn: Alexis BOIVIN of 80 Queen? St. & Esdras PROULX of 44 Lloyd, both Ottawa, 3? Aug 1926 at Ottawa
32751-26 Alexander Herbert BOOTH, 31, manager, Ottawa, same, s/o Herbert Walter BOOTH, b. Canada & Jeanie Elizabeth MOORE, married Alice Mary HALL, 26, civil servant, L'Orignal, Ottawa, d/o William John HALL, b. Canada & Mary Elizabeth BAMFORD, witn: H.W. BOOTH & C.W. HALL, both of Ottawa, 6 Oct. 1926 at Ottawa 32752-26 Frank BONACCI, 20, laborer, Ottawa, same, s/o Michel BONACCI & Rosa FLEURAN, married Agusta CARRIERE, 19, Ottawa, same, d/o Evariste CARRIERE & Marie Louise HARNEL, witn: Rene ROSSEAU of 16 Pamelia & Evariste CARRIERE of 137 Hinchey in Ottawa, 27 Dec 1926 at Ottawa
32753-26 Charles BOUCHER, 30, laborer, Aylmer Que., Hull, s/o Louis BOUCHER & Elizabeth OMSTEAD, married Lorette VIAU, 23, Hull Que., Ottawa, d/o Ludger VIAU & Philomene NORMAND, witn: Joseph BELAIR of 8 Lowry & Ludger VIAU of 154 Kent St. in Hull, 23 June 1926 at Ottawa 32754-26 Evariste BOUCHER, 44, widower, laborer, Notre Dame du Lac Que., 31 Springfield Rd in Ottawa, s/o Edmond BOUCHER, b. Riviere du Loup Que & Edwidge DUBE, married Victoria MALBOEUF, 37, saleslady, Casselman, 18 Hilda St. in Ottawa, d/o Cleophile MALBOEUF, b. St. Joseph d'Orleans Ont & Nathalia TURCOTTE, witn: Cleophile MALBOEUF & Olive BOUCHER, both of 18 Hilda, 9 Sept 1926 at Ottawa
32755-26 Theodore BOULAY, 23, laborer, Ste. Therese Que., Ottawa, s/o Theodore B. BOULAY & Victoria DAIGNAULT, married Aline MALETTE, 23, Hudson Que., Ottawa, d/o Jean Baptiste MALETTE & Alberta MALETTE, witn: Theodore . BOULAY & Zenon LAVIGNE, both of Ottawa, 5 Jan 1926 at Ottawa 32756-26 Joseph Celesphore BOURGEAULT, 23, laborer, Aylmer Que., same, s/o Amable Elie BOURGEAULT & Marie SOULIERE, married Evelin BEAUCHAMP, 26, Ottawa, same, d/o David BEAUCHAMP & Philomene LAJOIE, witn: Amable BOURGEAULT of Aylmer & David BEAUCHAMP of Ottawa, 18 May 1926 at Ottawa
32757-26 Joseph Hector BOURQUE, 23, sheet metal worker, Ottawa, same, s/o Joseph BOURQUE, b. Sacre Coeur parish, & Annie TALBOT, married Marie Rose Aurore PARENT, 18 1/2, East Templeton Que., same, d/o Alfred PARENT, b. Ste. Rose de Lima & Emma SAVARY, witn: Damas MARTINEAU & Rolland OSTIGUAY, both of illegible du Sacre Couer, 16 Feb 1926 at Eglise Sacre Coeur, Ottawa 32758-26 Joseph BOURQUE, 51, widower, clerk, Ottawa, 5 Osgoode St. in Ottawa, s/o Edouard BOURQUE, b. Quebec & Emilie GROULX, married Marie Caroline Louise MOQUIN, 39, Hull Que., Montreal, d/o Edmond MOQUIN, b. Hull Que & Louise GROULX, witn: Trefle Elzear PETA? of 159 Champlain in Hull & Isaie LEROUX of Outremont Montreal, 18 Sept 1926 at Ottawa
32759-26 Richard Sylvester BOWES, 27, stationary engineer, Bowesville Ont., 387 Echo Dr in Ottawa, s/o John BOWES & Mary WILLIAMS, married Mary Agnes McLEOD, 23, waitress, Admaston, 420 Gladstone Ave. in Ottawa, d/o Norman McLEOD & Emma SANDERS, witn: Lionel BOISSEAU OMER? & Gilles LAPALICE, both of Oblate Ave in Ottawa, 29 May 1926 at Ottawa 32760-26 William Goudie BOWMAN, 40, railway clerk, Ottawa, 645 MacLaren St in Ottawa, s/o Thomas BOWMAN, b. Ayr Scotland & Martha BONELL, married Louisa Victoria BLACK, 25, teacher, Goulbourne twp., 79 Elm St. in Ottawa, d/o Thomas BLACK, b. Stittsville & Ellen KEYES, witn: J.F. BOYCE of 179 Slater St. & Muriel BLACK of 12 Nepean St., both Ottawa, 12 Oct 1926 at Ottawa
32761-26 William Stanley BOYCE, 23, barber, Chesterville Ont., Ottawa, s/o William BOYCE, b. Scotland & Edith PITCHER, married Marie Germaine PROULX, 23, Ottawa, same, d/o Napoleon PROULX, b. Ottawa & Rosina LAFRANCE, witn: Napoleon & Sterre? PROULX of 10 Norman in Ottawa, 24 Nov 1926 at Ottawa 32762-26 Angus Frederick BOYER, 33, business solicitor, Cardinal Ont., 235 1/2 Bank St. in Ottawa, s/o Edward BOYER, b. Canada & Eleanor FLYNN, married Velma Kirkwood ABERNATHY, 23, Carleton Place, 69 Elm St. in Ottawa, d/o Alexander ABERNATHY, b. Canada & Jennie KEMP, witn: Eric & Katie McMULLEN of Ottawa, 16 Feb 1926 at St. Patricks Church, Ottawa
32763-26 Thomas George Frederick BRADLEY, 25, locomotive engineer, Ottawa, 182 Preston St. in Ottawa, s/o Warren W. BRADLEY, b. Huntley & Ida Ann Rebekah BRADLEY, married Edna Beryl WEIR, 22, saleslady, March twp., 182 Preston St., d/o Alex G. WEIR, b. March twp & Wilena McCORD, witn: Lauretta M. BRADLEY of Stittsville & J. Vernon WEIR of 182 Preston, 27 Oct. 1926 at Ottawa 32764-26 Herbert BRANEY, 21, air force, London England, Toronto, s/o George BRANEY, b. England & Alice SNOW, married Madeline Peal COULSON, 19, Midland, Ottawa, d/o Miles COULSON, b. England & Florence FARRELL, witn: R. & Gladys E. ATTWELL of 246 Arlington Ave in Ottawa, 28 July 1926 at Ottawa
32765-26 Jean Baptiste BRAZEAU, 65, widower, laborer, St. Eustache Que., 168 Murray St. in Ottawa, s/o Andre BRAZEAU, b. St. Eustache & Josette MENARD, married Marie Henriette LAROCQUE, 66, widow, charwoman, St. Andre Que., 168 Murray St., d/o Pierre LAROCQUE, b. St. Andre d'Argenteuil, & Angele BEAULNE, witn: William & Edouard LATREILLE of Ottawa, 28 June 1926 at Ottawa 32766-26 Napoleon BRAZEAU, 22, laborman, Ottawa, same, s/o Ernest BRAZEAU & Eliza DUBOIS, married Cora SOUCY, 19, Buckingham, same, d/o Adelard SOUCY & Louise LACELLE, witn: Ernest BRAZEAU of Ottawa & Adelard SOUCY of Buckingham, 21 Sept 1926 at Ottawa
32767-26 Orvel Charles BRECKENRIDGE, 26, automobile mechanic, Aylmer Que., Detroit, s/o Elias BRECKENRIDGE & Elizabeth DAVIS, married Winnifred DOUGLAS, 22, London England, Eastview, d/o Frederick DOUGLAS & Florence RADFORD, witn: G. A. & Mrs. G.A. CARROLL of Ottawa, 7 July 1926 at Ottawa 32768-26 Neil BREINDAHL, 23, automobile painter, Christiana Norway, 15 Hill St. in Ottawa, s/o Carl BREINDAHL, b. Denmark & Mary FLESSING, married Marie Alice Salome RICARD, 18, stenographer, Ottawa, cor of York & King Edward Sts. in Ottawa, d/o Leandre RICARD, b. Ottawa & Marie Louise BEAUCHARD?, witn: Charles BREINDAHL & Harold MELONISE?, both of Ottawa, 11 Dec 1926 at Ottawa
32769-26 John Patrick BRENNAN, 27, sailor, Liverpool England, Halifax NS, s/o John BRENNAN & Winifed McGREAVY, married Catherine FINCHER, 20, domestic servant, London England, Ottawa, d/o Frederick FINCHER & Helen ROBERTSON, witn: Joseph Eugene & Mary PROULX of 116 Stirling Ave in Ottawa, 10 Nov 1926 at Ottawa 32770-26 Paul BRENNAN, 29, fireman, Gracefield Que., Chelsea Que., s/o James BRENNAN, b. Gracefield Que & Mary BARBE, married Margaret Violet BORTON (Boston?), 30, Ottawa, same, d/o Samuel BORTON, b. Cheshire England & Margaret LECKIE, witn: Catherine MANN of 35 Aberdeen St. in Ottawa & Elizabeth BROWNRIGG of Belwood Ont., 11 Dec 1926 at Ottawa
32771-26 Peter Dominick BRENNAN, 31, chauffeur, Ottawa, 430 Daly Ave in Ottawa, s/o Patrick BRENNAN, b. Jamaica West Indies, & Isabella MYLES, married Jessie Catherine DEACON, 31, forelady, Barrow in Furness England, 663 Wellington St. in Ottawa, d/o Thomas Wildman illegible, b. Bolton Lancashire England & Martha Jane RIMMER, witn: Laura & Harry J. HOLMWOOD of Ottawa, 26 April 1926 at Ottawa 32772-26 Frederick BRETHOUR, 20, civil servant, Ottawa, 307 James St. in Ottawa, s/o George F. BRETHOUR, b. Ont & Annie McKAY, married Marjorie Lillian STRATTON, 21, Ottawa, 350 Second Ave in Ottawa, d/o Thomas E. STRATTON, b. Ont & Josephine ANGER, witn: Mr. J.E. STRATTON of 250 Second Ave & Mr. J.S. CRATE of 1 Second Ave., 9 Sept 1926 at Ottawa
32773-26 Thomas BRISSON, 30, widower, civil servant, St. Rene Napierre Mills Que., s/o J.B. BRISSON & Marie BOYER, married Blanche Albertine DELORME, 23, Hull Que., Ottawa, d/o Joseph DELORME & Elmire BERUBE, witn: Joseph DELORME & J.B. BRISSON, both of Ottawa, 8 June 1926 at Ottawa 32774-26 Abraham Code BRITTAIN, 26, chartered accountant, Ottawa, Montreal, s/o Edwin BRITTAIN, b. St. John NB & Sarah L. CODE, married Elise Adrienne DUCLOS, 24, Ottawa, 152 James St. in Ottawa, d/o Arnold W. DUCLOS & Grace GILLILAN, witn: D.B. CODE of Montreal & Madeline G. DUCLOS of Ottawa, 2 Oct. 1926 at Ottawa
32776-26 James Arthur BROOKS, 37, civil servant, Ottawa, same, s/o John BROOKS & Bridget DORAN, married Mary Jane Esther BOWES, 34, Gloucester twp., Ottawa, d/o Thomas BOWES & Ellen LARKIN, witn: Hugh Edward BROOKS of 82 Spadina Ave in Ottawa & Mary Teresa BOWES of 7 Hilda St. in Ottawa, 27 Oct 1926 at Ottawa 32775-26 Donald Bane BROOKS, 27, chemical engineer, Pigua - Miami Co. Ohio, South Bend Indiana, s/o Herbert B. BROOKS, b. New Brennan? Ohio, & Florence Lillian BANE, married Doris Eggerton CALDREY, 23, clerk, Ottawa, 305 Besserer in Ottawa, d/o Edwin Thomas CALDREY, b. Ottawa & Edith Louisa KENDALL, witn: Ray CHARLES of 36 Lewis St. in Ottawa & Margaret CALDREY of 305 Besserer, 29 Dec 1926 at Ottawa
32777-26 James BROTMAN, 20, traveller, Philadelphia US, Montreal, s/o Nathan BROTMAN & Elizabeth MALADNADSON? married Roma Pauline BISHOP, 20, Ottawa, 541 Gilmour St. in Ottawa, d/o William H. BISHOP & Amelia CONROY, witn: Helen & Gertrude WYLIE, 5 July 1926 at Ottawa 32778-26 Ralph Bert BROUSE, 24, blacksmith's helper, Alexandria Ont., 517 Cambridge St. in Ottawa, s/o William M. BROUSE, b. Canada & Jemima HORNER, married Lillian Gertrude FROBEL, 24, stenographer, Ottawa, 66 Lees Ave in Ottawa, d/o Otto FROBEL, b. Germany & Jessie PACK, witn: C.A. BOYD of Ottawa & P. FROBEL of 66 Lees Ave, 23 Sept 1926 at Ottawa
32779-26 Arthur Joseph BROWN, 27, clerk, Ottawa, same, s/o Henry BROWN & Alexina POTVIN, married Elizabeth Muriel DELANEY, 25, working girl, Ottawa, same, d/o George DELANEY & Amanda CHARBONNEAU, witn: Allen Joseph BROWN, 853 Somerset St. & Kathleen Mary BYRNE of 379 Arlington Ave., both Ottawa, 20 Nov 1926 at Ottawa 32780-26 Frederick BROWN, 19, plasterer, Van Kleek Hill, Ottawa, so John James BROWN, b. Van Kleek Hill & Mary Ann CONWAY, married Elizabeth Brown SIMPSON, 17 3/12, Kirkantillock Scotland, Ottawa, d/o David SIMPSON, b. Scotland & Jessie LEITCH, win: John BROWN & Isabel BROWN, both of Ottawa, 3 May 1926 at Ottawa
32781-26 Gilman BROWN, 26, farmer, Wright twp Que., same, s/o George BROWN, b. Quebec & Mary BROWN, married Isabella HORNER, 25, Shawville Que., same, d/o Thomas HORNER, b. Quebec & Mary THRESHER, witn: Miss Irene MILLER of 338 McLeod St. & Miss Isabel TAYLOR of 340? McLeod St. in Ottawa, 4 May 1926 at Ottawa 32782-26 Jared Morrison BROWN, 23, clerk, Ottawa, Windsor, s/o George Alexander BROWN & Lucy Rebecca WILCOX, married Dorothy Hamilton GOOD, 22, Quebec Que., Ottawa, d/o John James GOOD & Alice Jane MITCHELL, witn: Stuart BROWN of 97 Darling Ave in Toronto & Helen GOOD of 23 Ossington Ave in Ottawa, 19 April 1926 at Trinity Church, Ottawa
32783-26 William Garret BROWN, 37, laborer, Huntley twp., Ottawa, s/o Thomas BROWN & Mary Ann SCISSONS?, married Catherine STAPLETON, 40, Ardley Que., Ottawa, d/o John STAPLETON & Ellen KELLY, witn: Ambrose CAHILL of Manotick Station & Irene FAHEY of 83 Rosemount Ave in Ottawa, 22 Sept 1926 at Ottawa  
32784-26 Lepold BROZEAU (Brazeau?), 24, laborer, Cyrville, Hindmans Bridge, s/o Adelard BROZEAU & Ellerie RENAUD, married Philomene BARBE, 21, Cyrville, Ottawa, d/o Pascal BARBE & Alphonsine CYR, witn: Joseph BARNABE of Cyrville & Albert DUSSIAUME of Ottawa, 7 June 1926 at Ottawa 32785-26 Abraham BROZOVSKY, 25, junk dealer, Russia, 22 Martineau St. in Ottawa, s/o Myca BROZOVSKY, b. Russia & Rose GOLOFSKY, married Ida HONIGMAN, 21, tailoress, Russia, 9 McGee St. in Ottawa, d/o Isac HONIGMAN, b. Russia & Ethel WEGER, witn: A. BAKER of 468 Rideau St. & Harry ROSE of 279 York St., 24 Jan 1926 at Ottawa
32786-26 John BRUNETTE, 53, foreman, Wright twp Que., Chelsea Que., s/o Xavier BRUNETTE, b. Alexandria Ont & Marjory McMILLAN, married May DELANEY, 42, saleslady, Ottawa, 739 Albert St. in Ottawa, d/o John DELANEY, b. Alexandria Ont & Ellen HICKSON, witn: Mrs. Mary E. & Norman KELLY of 547 Wellington St. in Ottawa, 4 Dec 1926 at Ottawa 32787-26 Frederick Wesley BURBRIDGE, 19, engineer, North Gower, 26 Arlington Ave in Ottawa, s/o Oras? BURBRIDGE, b. Ottawa & Lottie PETTYPIECE, married Jean Olive YETTS, 19, clerk, Ottawa, 122 Aylmer Ave in Ottawa, d/o Robert YETTS, b. Ottawa & Margaret BOWERS, witn: Kathleen MORRISON of 266 Sunnyside Ave & Lilian LODGE of 384 McLaren St., both Ottawa, 16 Feb 1926 at Ottawa
32788-26 Lewis Arnold BURKE, 21, civil servant, West Templeton Que., 303 Somerset St. in Ottawa, s/o Austin BURKE, b. Canada & Melina BURKE, married Emily Georgia LA FENVRE (La Faivre?), 19, Ottawa, 76 Lewis St. in Ottawa, d/o George LE FENVRE, b. Channel Islands, & Florence GIFFORD, witn: Austin & Gertrude BURKE of Ottawa, 7 April 1926 at Ottawa 32789-26 Michael Allen BURKE, 38, street car conductor, Cantley Que., Ottawa, s/o Michael Joseph BURKE & Mary CARROLL, married Ellen Victoria MOODY, 25, domestic servant, London England, Ottawa, d/o John MOODY & Eliza NICHOLSON, witn: Patrick HALL & Helen ROBINSON, both of Ottawa, 9 June 1926 at Ottawa
32790-26 Arthur Russell BURNS, 26, stenographer, Ottawa, Detroit, s/o Edward BURNS, b. Canada & Annie ESDALE, married Dorothy Alma YETTS, 24, civil servant, Ottawa, same, d/o Robert Peter YETTS, b. Ireland & Margaret Ellen BOWERS, witn: Edward BURNS of 669 Cooper St. & Marjorie YETTS of City Hospital in Binghampton NY, 18 Aug 1926 at Ottawa 32791-26 Harold James BURNS, 30, barrister, Hull Que., 673 MacLaren St. in Ottawa, s/o Michael BURNS, b. Canada & Mary TALLON, married Irma Mary Ann STEWART, 25, registered nurse, Carleton Place, 322 Frank St. in Ottawa, d/o Starr Easton STEWART, b. Canada & Elizabeth WARREN, wtn: Alexis Renaud SEED of 290 Stinson Ave & Myrtle Mary BURNS of 673 MacLaren St., 1 Oct. 1926 of Ottawa
  32792-26 John Frederick BURRY, 22, miner, London England, Cobalt Ont., s/o Charles BURRY & Matre? HUBBARD, married Agnes Laura HATTON, 17, clerk, Ottawa, 199 Slater St. in Ottawa, d/o James HATTON & Agnes DONALDSON, witn: Dorothy & Agnes HATTON of Ottawa, 1 May 1926 at Ottawa
32793-26 Oscar Robert BUSKE, 21, lithographer, Ottawa, same, s/o Ferdinand BUSKE, b. Germany & Hilda MENTZLOFF, married Mary Louise Beatrice MELLOR, 19, Ottawa, same, d/o William MELLOR, b. England & Alina DESJARDINS, witn: William BUSKE & Dorothy DESJARDINS, both of Ottawa, 30 June 1926 at Ottawa 32794-26 William Paul August BUSKE, 23, painter, Ottawa, 349 MacKay St. in Ottawa, s/o Ferdinand BUSKE & Hilda WENTZLOFF, married Florence Olivina Frederica BERNDT, 22, Ottawa, Billings Bridge, d/o August BERNDT & Bertha WOLLENSCHLAGER, witn: Arthur BUSKE of 349 MacKay St & Irene Hilda WENTZLOFF of 277 Crichton St., 23 Sept 1926 at Ottawa
32795-26 Carl Fisher BYERS, 32, widower, telegraph supervisor, Renfrew Ont., same, s/o Rudolph BYERS, b. Bagot twp & Emily McFARLANE, married Lea Mary PAULIN, 21, telegraph operator, Caraquet NB, same, d/o A.J. PAULIN, b. Caraquet NB & Beatrice BLANCHARD, witn: Jean C. CASSON & Mrs. Mary MAGEE, both of 221 Gilmour St. in Ottawa, 2 Nov 1926 at Ottawa 32796-26 Charles BYRNE, 35, clerk, Cambridge Mass., Ottawa, s/o Roderick BYRNE & Helen O'NEILL, married Mary Mildred CARROLL, 33, typist, Ottawa, same, d/o John CARROLL & Catherine MURDOCK, witn: Joseph BYRNE & Infleda CARROLL, both of Ottawa, 25 Oct. 1926 at Ottawa
32797-26 Josephat CADIEUX, 28, shoe maker, Plantagenet, Embrun, s/o Alphonse CADIEUX & Elizabeth GROULX, married Dorina BISSONNETTE, 29, St. Victor d'Alfred, Ottawa, d/o Evariste BISSONNETTE & Emelitim BRISEBOIS, witn: Alphonse CADIEUX of South Indian & Evariste BISSONNETTE of Ottawa, 1 June 1926 at Ottawa 32798-26 Joseph Wilfred CALLIGIURO, b. 20 May 1901, laborer, Ottawa, same, s/o Sante CALLIGIURO & the late Anna BELLEVILLE, married Rosie GIROTTI, b. 3 Aug. 1906, Ottawa, same, d/o Anthony GIROTTI & the late Catarine ANDRENACCI, witn: Domenic GIROTTI of 65 Pamilla St. & Melina RENAUD of 527 Rochester St., both Ottawa, 28 June 1926 at Ottawa
32799-26 William Bowes CAMERON, 24, transfer business, Bathurst Ont., 227 Nepean St. in Ottawa, s/o William E. CAMERON, b. Canada & Florence BUTLER, married Mildred Mabel BULLIS, 18, Northfield twp - Wright Co., 143 McLeod St. in Ottawa, d/o Wesley BULLIS, b. Canada & Georgina ROURKE, witn: Miss Ruby BULLIS of 119 Bank St. & Mr. E. LAMBERT of 143 McLeod St., both Ottawa, 22 Dec 1926 at Ottawa 32800-26 Charles CAOUNETTE, 64, widower, gentleman, St. Foy Que., Boucherville Que., s/o Seraphine CAOUNETTE & Delina MAISON?, married Rose DE LADURANTAYE, 50, widow, clerk, Levis Que., 176 Cathcart St in Ottawa, d/o Jean Baptiste SANSON & Josephine BERNIER, witn: Alaine RENAUD & Adutor SAMSON?, both of Ottawa, 16 Sept 1926 at Ottawa
32801-26 Frank CARD, 24, painter & decorator, Ottawa, 99 Greenfield Ave in Ottawa, s/o Charles Albert CARD, b. England & Emma STAGG, married Essie Theory ARMSTRONG, 21, domestic, Hammond Ont, 92 Clarey Ave in Ottawa, d/o Kenneth Oliver ARMSTRONG, b. Ont & Laurena WOODS, witn: Fred & Maude CARD of 99 Greenfield Ave., 30 Oct. 1926 at Ottawa 32802-26 Frederick George CARD, 29, plumber, London England, 99 Greenfield Ave., s/o Charles A. CARD, b. England & Emma STAGG, married Maude Elizabeth CARNWATH, 26, Bank Note Co. employee, Ottawa, 371 Catherine St. in Ottawa, d/o William Drew CARNWATH, b. Perth Ont & Elizabeth Maude DONALDSON, witn: Frank CARD of 99 Greenfield Ave & Mary CARNWATH of 371 Catherine St., 27 Oct 1926 at Ottawa
32803-26 Eugene CARISSE, 21, day laborer, Ottawa, same, s/o Charles CARISSE & Emelie CARISSE, married Aurora LARABIE, 20, Ottawa, same, d/o Francis LARABIE & Alphonsine RACICOT, witn: Charles CARISSE & Francis LARABIE, both of Ottawa, 22 Sept 1926 at Ottawa  
32804-26 Michael CARLEY, 20, stock keeper, Smith Falls, 412 Lisgar St. in Ottawa, s/o Horace CARLEY, b. Canada & Hilda FOLEY, married Alberta CAULBECK, 18, Pembroke Ont., 123 Kent St in Ottawa, d/o William CAULBECK, b. Canada & Edith WALSH, witn: Mrs. W. CAULBECK & Jean MILLIKEN, both of Ottawa, 3 May 1926 at Ottawa 32805-26 Isidore CARRIERE, 59, laborer, widower of Catherine Loiselle, Embrun, Ottawa, s/o Isidore CARRIERE & Louise LEPAGE, married Parmilia GIROUX, 45, Ottawa, same, d/o Isidore GIROUX & Aidie GAUVREAU, witn: Albert CARRIERE of Eastview & Jean Baptiste RICHARD of Ottawa, 12 April 1926 at Ottawa
32806-26 James CARROLL, 26, laborer, Liverpool England, Ottawa, s/o John CARROLL & Emma CUFF, married Marie Louise JOANISSE, 19, Ottawa, same, d/o Moise JOANISSE & Victoria TRUDEAU, witn: Provins? POIRIER of 52 Merton & Moise JOANISSE of 33 Merton, 5 July 1926 at Ottawa 32807-26 James Patrick CARROLL, 20, printer, Ottawa, 205 Bay St. in Ottawa, s/o William Patrick CARROLL, b. Ottawa & Mary Catherine KEYES, married Marie Lucie Lacelle MARONEY, 19, beauty cultivist?, Ottawa, Eastview, d/o Andre LACELLE, b. Ottawa & Violet LONGPRE, witn: Bernard BOWES & Irene LEPINE, both of Ottawa, 14 April 1926 at Ottawa
32808-26 Lawrence Stephen CASEY, 26, clerk, Ottawa, 295 Somerset St., s/o Elward CASEY & Catherine BRUNET, married Mary Elizabeth CARROLL, 25, telephone operator, illegible (Franalton?) Que., 264 Rochester St. in Ottawa, d/o Thomas CARROLL & Elizabeth CUNNINGHAM, witn: Arthur J. CASEY of 295 Somerset St. & Carissa SHIELDS of 89 Rosemont? Ave. in Ottawa, 9 June 1926 at St. Marys Church, Ottawa 32809-26 Francis Stephen Joseph CASHMAN, 24, bread driver, Ottawa, 244 Bell St. in Ottawa, s/o Michael Edward CASHMAN, b. Ottawa & Julia YOUNG, married Christena Anderson SMITH, 23, domestic, Dundee Scotland, 35 Ella St. in Ottawa, d/o William Cather SMITH, b. Dundee Scotland & Margaret Carnegie PEARSON, witn: Thomas DEANS & Hope SMITH, both of Ottawa, 9 Jan 1926 at St. Patricks Church, Ottawa
32810-26 Robert Alexander CASSELLS, 35, contractor, Merivale, Manotick, s/o Thomas CASSELLS, b. Ireland & Rachel MULLIGAN, married Emily Melisa DUNNING, 30, Plantagenet, Ottawa, d/o Edward E DUNNING, b. Cassells & Hannah DUNNING, witn: Ruby HAYES of L'Orignal & Edward P. PATTERSON of Manotick, 18 Sept 1926 at Ottawa 32811-26 Norman CASTLES, 31, minister of religion, Manchester England, 350 Kenilworth Rd in Rotherham England, s/o John CASTLES, b. Newcastle on Tyne & Julia Ann EVANS, married Sarah Maud BARNETT, 38, Hartland NB, Osborne St. in Ottawa, d/o John BARNETT, b. London England & Adelaide HILLMAN, witn: Mrs. G.A. MacDONALD & Mrs. T. BONHAM, both of Ottawa, 22 Dec 1926 at Ottawa
32812-26 Willard Elmer Newton CASWELL, 25, civil servant, Carleton Place, Ottawa, s/o Thomas Archibald CASWELL, b. Canada, & Minnie Zella WHITE, married Lila Vivian RICHARDSON, 23, civil servant, March twp., Ottawa, d/o Harold Franklin RICHARDSON b. Canada & Lena BURROUGHS, witn: Mrs. T.A. CASWELL of 328 Flora St in Ottawa & Harold Franklin RICHARDSON of 19 Clarendon Ave in Ottawa, 15 Sept 1926 at Ottawa 32813-26 Emile CAUTIN, 29, clerk, Quebec, same, s/o Charles CAUTIN & Marie TARDIF, married Irene LECOMPTE dit HEBERT, 25, Ottawa, same, d/o late Edouard LECOMPTE & Mathilda BOURGUIGNON, witn: Charles CAUTIN of Quebec & Solomon LECOMPTE dit HEBERT of Ottawa, 23 June 1926 at Ottawa
32814-26 Denis Joseph CAVANAGH, 61, merchant, Ottawa, Maniwaki Que., s/o Patrick CAVANAGH, b. Co. Kildare Ireland & Bridget KILLEN, married Mary Ethel BARNES, 39, saleslady, Ottawa, 45, Strathcona Ave in Ottawa, d/o Peter BARNES, b. Ottawa & Margaret KILLEN (Kellam?), witn: Thomas & Mrs. Thomas BARNES of Ottawa, 8 Sept 1926 at Ottawa 32815-26 Joseph CAYER, 31, carpenter, Ottawa, same, s/o Damase CAYER & Rose Alma BLAIS, married Marie Jeanne RONDEAU, 24, St. Andre Avelin Que., Ottawa, d/o Pierre RONDEAU & Olivine CARDINAL, witn: Damase CAYER of 93 Boileau & Rodalph RONDEAU of 6 Hilda, 14 April 1926 at Ottawa
32816-26 Leo Francis CHABOT, 23, laborer, Arnprior, same, s/o John CHABOT, b. Canada & Adelaide St.LOUIS, married Ella Florence WOERNECKE, 20, Arnprior, same, d/o Alexander WOERNECKE, b. Canada & Annie REDTMAN, win: Alvin STRINGER of Renfrew & Rose CHABOT of Arnprior, 19 Aug 1926 at Ottawa 32817-26 Albany CHAGNON, 21, St. Hyacinthe Que., Ottawa, s/o Hermingile CHAGNON & Clara DALBEC, married Bertha ROBERT, 18, Ottawa, same, d/o late Alfred ROBERT & Felicite RAYMOND, witn: Hermingilde CHAGNON & Alfred ROBERT, both of Ottawa, 26 April 1926 at Ottawa
32818-26 Deadoleau CHAIRIE (Chaine?), 23, workman, Hull, Ottawa, s/o Joseph CHAIRIE & Octavie BEAUDOIN, married Lucienne LAUZON, 20, Saint Placide Que, Ottawa, d/o Elphrege LAUZON & Cordelia MONDOUX, witn: Joseph CHAIRIE of 128 Carruthers Ave & Elphige LAUZON of 32 Beach, both Ottawa, 5 July 1926 at St. Gerards, Ottawa 32819-26 Russell CHAPMAN, 24, farmer, Clarence Ont., Cumberland twp., s/o James CHAPMAN, b. Canada & Elizabeth NEWTON?, married Sarah GRIFFITH, 23, domestic, Co. Kilkenny Ireland, 181 Gilmour St. in Ottawa, d/o Edward GRIFFITH & Annie HAYES, witn: Lottie GRIFFITH of 27 Gilmour St. & W.R. NEWTON? of 278 Frank? St. in Ottawa, 3 Nov 1926 at Ottawa
32820-26 Hector CHARBONNEAU, 21, laborer, Ottawa, same, s/o Eugene CHARBONNEAU Rosanne BARRY, married Irene Mary BROWN, 22, clerk, Ottawa, same, d/o Louis BROWN & Bridget WHALEN, witn: Eugene & Louis CHARBONNEAU of 43 Redpath St. in Ottawa, 18 Jan 1926 at Ottawa 32821-26 Odilas CHARETTE, 23, laborer, Rigaud, Ottawa, s/o Theophile CHARETTE & Priscille PILON, married Florida CARBONNEAU, 29, Madeleine Islands Que., Ottawa, s/o Telesphore CARBONNEAU & Mathilde DESJARDINS, witn: Dr. Raoul CHENIER of Hull & Telesphore CARBONNEAU of Ottawa, 5 June 1926 at Ottawa
32822-26 Jean Baptiste CHARRON, 26, clerk, Hull Que., same, d/o Philias CHARRON & Rosalie BEAUDOIN, married Marie Louise PROULX, 22, Ottawa, same, d/o Euchariste PROULX & Louise DUROCHER, witn: Phlias CHARRON of 142 Champlain in Hull & Euchariste PROULX of 118 Sterling in Ottawa, 7 June 1926 at Ottawa 32823-26 Leodas CHENIER, 28, workman, Buckingham, Ottawa, s/o Theophile CHENIER & Philomene ROBERT, married Albina LAMOUREUX, 19, Ottawa, same, d/o Joseph LAMOUREUX & Fabiola PERRAULT, witn: Theophile CHENIER of Ottawa & Joseph LAMOUREUX of 42 Champagne in Ottawa, 29 May 1926 at St. Gerards Church, Ottawa
32824-26 William Rowland CHERRY, 26, salesman, Ottawa, same, s/o William CHERRY, b. Ireland & Lillias B BRADLEY, married Margaret Victoria BROWNLEE, 29, saleslady, Nepean twp., Finch village, d/o William J. BROWNLEE, b. Canada & Lillian S. BOYD, witn: J. Clarke CHERRY of Ottawa & Lillian BROWNLEE of Finch, 20 Oct. 1926 at Ottawa 32825-26 Thomas Oliver CHILCOTT, 33, farmer, Masham twp - Wright Co. Que., same, s/o William John VAUGHAN (sic), b. Quebec & Lucina SWITZER, married May VAUGHAN, 27, Goulbourne twp., Richmond, d/o Samuel CHILCOTT (sic) b. Ont & Ellen WOODS, witn: Henry H. WILSON of 38 Brighton Ave in Ottawa & Mabel Muriel WALLACE of Lascelles Que., 20 Oct. 1926 at Ottawa
32827-26 Charles Edward CLARK, 59, widower, traveller, Hudson Que., Westboro, so Allan CLARK, b. Como Que & Amanda HALCRO, married Ann Maria MURPHY, 42, Ottawa, Westboro, d/o Michael MURPHY, b. Ireland & Sarah KENNEDY, witn: Mary Jane DOYLE & Margaret PRUDHOMME, both of Ottawa West, 19 July 1926 at St. Georges Church, Ottawa West 32826-26 Alonzo Vergil CLARK, 25, machinist, Truro NS, 327 James St. in Ottawa, s/o Une? CLARK, b. Truro NS & Carrie ARCHIBALD, married Mildred Eva LAROSE, 24, Bank Note Co employee, Ottawa, 309 Bay St. in Ottawa, d/o Robert LAROSE, b. Ottawa & Bertha NELSON, witn: C.S. CUNEYWORTH of 481 MacLeod St. & Clara GROVES of 31 Seneca St., both Ottawa, 12 Feb 1926 at 68 Stewart St., Ottawa
32828-26 Charles Garfield CLEMO, 20, steam fitter, Penance - Co. Cornwall England, 85 Holland Ave in Ottawa, s/o William Charles CLEMO, b. England & Mabel UREN, married Eva May CONLIN, 20, maid, Ramsayville Ont., 10 Windsor Ave in Ottawa, d/o John Robert CONLIN, b. Canada & Mary CLEMENTS, witn: Minette M. SPRATT of 75 Farimount Ave & Ida E. FLATT of 73 Farimount, 29 May 1926 at Ottawa 32829-26 Samuel CLERMONT, 28, laborer, Hull Que., Ottawa, s/o Olivier CLERMONT & Marie Ann CHARBONNEAU, married Irene PRUDHOMME, 21, Ottawa, same, d/o Alldige PRUDHOMME & Leontine LAMADELEINE, witn: Oliver CLERMONT of 156 Forward & Aldie PRUDHOMME of 73 Forward, 9 Feb 1926 at Ottawa
  32830-26 Clifford Goodall COBURN, 25, accountant, Ottawa, same, s/o Alexander Hugh James COBURN & Florence Hannah GOODALL, married Lillian Julia FITZSIMMONS, 24, Russell Ont., Ottawa, d/o Walter A. FITZSIMMONS & Annie Adaline ROMBURG, witn: Thomas Clive HOOD of 287 MacLeod St. & Helen Mae FITZSIMMONS of 81 Ossington Ave., both Ottawa, 6 April 1926 at Trinity church, Ottawa
32831-26 William Claude COCHRANE, 23, Bell Telephone employee, Madawaska Ont., 195 Holmwood Ave in Ottawa, s/o James Alexander COCHRANE, b. Morewood Ont, married Phyllis Marion RICHARDSON, 19, stenographer, London England, 179 Waller St. in Ottawa, d/o Albert Edward RICHARDSON, b. London England & Elizabeth PARSONAGE, witn: Herbert McDOWELL of 137 Catherine St. & Vera Marie MASON of 377 Lyon St., 4 Sept 1926 at St. Barnabas Church, Ottawa 32832-26 Wilfred Cecil COLE, 24, showroom manager, Ottawa, same, s/o William John COLE, b. Ottawa & Theresa McCALLUM, married Audrey Avril ALFORD, 23, Smith Falls, Ottawa, d/o William ALFORD, b. Chesterville Ont & Annette LOUCKS, witn: illegible DARRAUGH of 9 Purdy? Ave & C.P. COLE of 988 Bronson Ave., 24 Nov 1926 at Ottawa
32833-26 William Rudolph COLFE, 30, O.E.Ry conductor, Ottawa, 153 Crichton St. in Ottawa, s/o Frederick COLFE, b. Germany & Emma SCHINZEL, married Nellie Irene FREDERICK, 24, tailoress, Ottawa, 148 Crichton St., d/o Christie FREDERICK, b. Pembroke Ont & Caroline FRANKLIN, witn: Austin L.G. & Etta PECK of Ottawa, 14 April 1926 at Ottawa 32834-26 Hector COLIN, 27, workman, Montreal, Ottawa, s/o Elzear COLIN & Marie Louise PLANTE, married Noella RIOPEL, 20, Ottawa, same, d/o Joseph RIOPEL & Justine MENARD, wtn: Elzear COLIN of 133 Armstrong St. & Joseph RIOPEL of 33 Norman St., both Ottawa, 29 June 1926 at St. Gerards, Ottawa
32835-26 John Bernard COLTON, 28, salesman, Pakenhan Ont., 146 Arlington Ave in Ottawa, s/o Hugh COLTON, b. Canada & Elizabeth LINDSAY, married Dorothy FALCONER, 22, civil servant, Ottawa, 146 Arlington Ave., d/o Robert Stuart FALCONER, b. Canada & Catherine McLEAN, witn: John Gospel LARKIN & Caryl FALCONER, both of Ottawa, 17 April 1926 at St. Patricks Church, Ottawa 32836-26 Samuel Stanlaus COMERFORD, 21, motor mechanic, St. Johns Nfld, 251 Slater St. in Ottawa, s/o Michael Pat COMERFORD, b. Canada & Theresa JOY, married Jennie Mary LIGHT, 21, South Chelsea England, 164 Waller St. in Ottawa, d/o William LIGHT, b. England & Jane CHANDLER, witn: Albert LIGHT & Josie M. COMERFORD, both of Ottawa, 18 Sept 1926 at St. Patrick's, Ottawa
32837-26 James CONLIN, 20, chauffeur, Embrun, 349 Nepean in Ottawa, s/o Fred CONLIN & Margaret McBAIN, married Florence BLONDIN, 19, Ottawa, 31 Plymouth in Ottawa, d/o Thomas BLONDIN & Marie ROQUEBURN, witn: John CONLIN of 349 Nepean & Thomas BLONDIN of 31 Plymouth, 22 Sept 1926 at Ottawa 32838-26 John Archibald CONLIN, 19, bottler, Russell Ont., 394 Nepean St., s/o Frederick CONLIN & Margaret McBAIN, married Flora Margaret VALLILLIE, 17, Ottawa, 164 Preston St. in Ottawa, d/o Henry E. VALLILLIE, b. Canada & Rebecca McALLISTER, witn: Frederick & Margaret CONLIN of Ottawa, 23 Oct. 1926 at Ottawa
32840-26 Percy Aloysius CONNELLY, 31, civil servant, Ottawa, 432 Nelson St. in Ottawa, s/o Edward E. CONNELLY, b. Canada & Ann HANLON, married Irvina Violetta Knox STRUTT, 28, clerk, Shawville Que., 432 Nelson St. in Ottawa, d/o Robert STRUTT, b. Canada & Rachel KNOX, witn: Thomas Michael KRAUS of 274 Water St. & Anna Pearl QUIGLEY of 393 Nelson St., 12 Feb 1926 at Ottawa 32839-26 John Wilfred CONNELLY, 23, stenographer, Ottawa, Detroit, s/o Edward A. CONNELLY, b. Canada & Ann HANLON, married Anastasia Margaret BOGUE, 22, stenographer, Greenland Mich., 419 Daly Ave in Ottawa, d/o John Joseph BOGUE, b. Canada & Margaret Mary CLANCY, witn: Charles J. ROGERS of 391 McLeod St. & Gladys CONNELLY of 311 Lisgar St., 27 Nov 1926 at Ottawa
32841-26 James William COOKE, 26, civil servant, Calumet Que., 128 Maple St. in Ottawa, s/o William Wade COOKE, b. Canada & Adeline Margaret REEVES, married Muriel Ann FULFORD, 25, civil servant, Ottawa, 21 Le Breton St. in Ottawa, d/o Frederick Arthur FULFORD, b. Canada & Mary Ann BYRNES, witn: William & Margaret COOPER of Ottawa, 15 Sept 1926 at Ottawa  
32842-26 Samuel COOPER, 30, fur buyer, Russia, 11 Rose St. in Ottawa, s/o Benjamin COOPER, b. Russia & Rachel VIDRA, married Rose SLONEMSKY, 30, stenographer, Russia, 18 McGee St. in Ottawa, d/o Eli A. SLONEMSKY, b. Russia & Rebka YANKELEVICH, witn: H. FREIDMAN of 75 Augusta St. & Benjamin GOLDFIELD of 300 Crichton St., 13 June 1926 at Ottawa 32843-26 William Joseph COOPER, 23, book keeper, Renfrew Ont., Ottawa, s/o William Charles COOPER & Margaret O'GORMAN, married Margaret Mary COBUS, 23, Renfrew Ont., Ottawa, d/o Joseph COBUS & Mary SWITCH, witn: Gerald COOPER & Anna COBUS, both of Ottawa, 7 June 1926 at Ottawa
32844-26 Edouard CORBEIL, 23, clerk, Rockland Ont., 381 Clemons in Ottawa, s/o Joseph Edouard CORBEIL & Thais LANTHIER, married Bertha COUVILLON, 20, maid, Ottawa, 671 St. Patrick in Ottawa, d/o Emile COUVILLON & Marie Jeanne CAYER, witn: Thomas BURNS of 92 Stanley Ave in Ottawa & Catherine LOWER? (Lawes?) of Ottawa, 22 Feb 1926 at Ottawa 32845-26 Arthur Raymond CORK, 26, manager of Woolworth store, Cookshire? Que., Lachine Que., s/o James CORK & Willie May HUGHES, married Emma Lillian BARCLAY, 22, telephone operator, Carp, 250 Cambridge St. in Ottawa, d/o Henry BARCLAY & Mary PATRICK, witn: Mrs. W.L. DUKLOW of Spencerville & Robert George BRYANT of 202 Gloucester St. in Ottawa, 16 Sept 1926 at Ottawa
32846-26 Aurele CORMIER, 26, mechanic, Barachois NB, 151 Greenfield Ave in Ottawa, s/o C--? CORMIER & Henriette CORMIER, married Mary DOIRON, 26, Shediac NB, 145 Greenfield Ave., d/o Abel DOIRON & Catherine LALLAND, witn: Louis Philipe MARAULT of Main St. & Francis Xavier LECLERC of Drummond St., both Ottawa, 1 July 1926 at Ottawa East 32848-26 Robert William COUPLAND, 44, widower, Flight Sgt. RCAF, England, Ottawa, s/o Thomas Henry COUPLAND & Mary HUGHES, married Flossie TURNER, 30, England, Ottawa, d/o John De Hegraves? TURNER & Melinda KEATING, witn: Emilie & Ernest Edward MOORE of Ottawa, 19 April 1926 at Ottawa
32849-26 William George COUSINS, 19, RCAF, Ottawa, Camp Borden, s/o William Henry COUSINS, b. England & Helene SLEGGETT, married Idena May McRAE, 18, Breaside Ont., 719 Albert St. in Ottawa, d/o John McRAE, b. Van Kleek Hill & Mae WRIGHT, witn: Hester ROCKBANK? of 1239 Bank St. & Edna McRAE of 719 Albert St., 25 Dec 1926 at Ottawa 32850-26 Francis Henry COUSITT, 27, clerk, Ottawa, same, s/o Henry COUSITT & Theresa McGARRY, married Marie Alice Alena FOURNIER, 32, Coaticook Que., Ottawa, d/o Ovide FOURNIER & Azila CLOUTIER, witn: O.E. FOURNIER & F.H. COUSITT, both of Ottawa, 5 Oct. 1926 at Ottawa
32851-26 Leo COUVRETTE, 24, wire weaver, Ottawa, Forest Ave in Ottawa, s/o Andre COUVRETTE, b. Ottawa & Laura LADOUCEUR, married Catherine Lillian MILLS, 20, box factory employee, Ottawa, Carruther Ave in Ottawa, d/o Arthur Wellington MILLS, b. Torbolton Ont & Sadie COWAN, witn: Mr. Orville Anthony & Mrs. Muriel ANTHONY of 157 Bayswater Ave., 10 May 1926 at Ottawa 32852-26 Ernest Vincent COWICK, 28, manager, Eagleson Corners - Nepean twp., 202 Armstrong St. in Ottawa, s/o Dan COWICK, b. Ont & Julia BRENNAN, married Elsie May Code MacCARTNEY, 21, stenographer, Smith Falls, 348 Waverly St. in Ottawa, d/o William CODE, b. Ont & Elizabeth BALLANCE, witn: Delie & Mrs. Lula BROWNLEE of North Gower, 29 April 1926 at Ottawa
32853-26 Maurice Monro COX, 34, chartered accountant, St. Catharines Ont, Montreal, s/o Robert Gregory COX & Susan Strong KELLY, married Edythe Ann MacDonald SMITH, 25, civil servant, Toronto, 127 Cartier St. in Ottawa, d/o Archibald W. SMITH & Edith RICHARDSON, witn: George COX of Montreal & J. Archibald SMITH of Ottawa, 9 Oct. 1926 at Ottawa 32855-26 James Wellington CRAIG, 30, teamster, Nepean twp., Ottawa, s/o Ross CRAIG, b. Canada & Martha SWAN, married Jean Wilson McKENZIE, 20, book keeper, Scotland, Ottawa, d/o William McKENZIE, b. Scotland & Elizabeth McCRONE, witn: William Hay MacKENZIE of 92 Arthur St. & Ethel Doris FRENEL of 49 Hamilton Ave., 8 Dec 1926 at Ottawa
32856-26 Peter Alexander CRAIG, 21, salesman, Montreal, 259 Albert St. in Ottawa, s/o William CRAIG, b. Canada & Elizabeth HENFREY, married Eva Lillian BURNETTE, 18, Ottawa, 746 Albert St. in Ottawa, d/o Daniel BRUNETTE, b. Canada & Elizabeth COLLINS, witn: George & Catherine TRUDEAU of Ottawa, 17 Aug 1925 at St. Patricks Church, Ottawa 32854-26 Ernest CRAIG, 28, farmer, Nepean twp., same, s/o James CRAIG, b. Nepean twp & Janet STINSON, married Bertha CRAIG, 19, Nepean twp., same, d/o Robert CRAIG, b. Nepean twp & Elizabeth STINSON, witn: Laura OSTROM & Janet C. MORROW, both of 197 Carling Ave., 30 June 1926 at Ottawa
32859-26 Gordon Baldwin CROLL, 21, designer, Ottawa, same, s/o Ralph Oliver CROLL, b. Canada & Annie BALDWIN, married Mabel Annie ARMSTRONG, 21, civil service, Hull twp Que., Ottawa, d/o John ARMSTRONG, b. Canada & Annie OLMSTEAD, witn: Greta WILSON of Albert St. & Robert ARMSTRONG of 365 Sunnyside Ave., both Ottawa, 8 Dec 1926 at Ottawa 32872-26 Charles DACEY, 26, driver, Marmora Ont., 551 Lyon St. in Ottawa, s/o Anthony DACEY, b. Cantley Que & Margaret DACEY, married Eveline Grace KUNOLD, 20, maid, Ottawa, 547 Lyon St. in Ottawa, d/o Albert KUNOLD & "dead", witn: Violet & Raymond DACEY of Ottawa, 30 June 1926 at Ottawa
32874-26 Louis DAGENAIS, 22, laborer, Ottawa, same, s/o Emery DAGENAIS & Cordelia LANGLOIS, married Bertha MOGRIEUR?, 22, Hawkesbury, Ottawa, d/o Joseph MAGNEUX? & Marie JOLY, witn: Emery DAGENAIS & Joseph MOYRIEN?, both of Ottawa, 10 July 1926 at Ottawa 32873-26 Edmond DAGENAIS, 20, plumber, Ottawa, same, s/o Eugene DAGENAIS & Philomene GERVAIS, married Alice BORDELEAU, 21, Ottawa, same, d/o Honore BORDELEAU & Anna MICHAUD, witn: Eugene DAGENAIS of 163 McGillivray & Philippe MICHAUD of 225 Rideau, 24 Aug 1926 at Ottawa
32875-26 Thomas Irvine DALGLEISH, 36, farmer, Vernon Ont., same, s/o Thomas DALGELISH & Margaret ROBERTSON, married Hazel MUNRO, 24, teacher, Lancaster Ont., same, d/o Murdoch MUNRO & Florence McDONALD (McDonall?), witn: Frank & Mrs. Frank HANES of Vernon, 30 Jan 1926 at Ottawa 32876-26 Walter Richard DANIELL, 28, electrician, Fulham London England, 662B Rideau St. in Ottawa, s/o Walter Charles DANIELL, b. Chelsea London England & Charlotte Marion MASLIN, married Christena Gray YOUNGER, 30, laundress, Bistnel? Rothbery Northumberland England, 453 Laurier Ave in Ottawa, d/o Robert YOUNGER, b. Northumberland England & Julia Ann DALGLEISH, witn: Margaret McPIHIL? of Rockcliffe & W.J. TROTT of 452 Laurier Ave., 16 Sept 1926 at 662B Rideau St.
32877-26 Fred Joseph DANIELS, 59, carpenter, widower, Maxville Ont., 293 Somerset St in Ottawa, s/o Joseph DANIELS, b. Canada & Viney CLEMSON, married Annie Charlotte RENNY, 44, London England, 64 Lloyd St. in Ottawa, d/o John RENNY, b England & Ann LLOYD, witn: Ernest & Ella Belle CHRISP of 293 Somerset, 17 Nov 1926 at Ottawa 32878-26 Joseph Lucien D'AOUST, 33, civil servant, Hull Que., 381 Kent St. in Ottawa, s/o not given, married Dorothy Helen MILLER, 24, civil servant, Carleton Place, 109 Gloucester St. in Ottawa, d/o not given, witn: Hazel MILLER of 109 Gloucester St & George D'AOUST of 131 Slater St., 3 July 1926 at Ottawa
32879-26 John Andrew George DAVIDSON, 43, farmer, Nepean twp., same, s/o Andrew DAVIDSON, b. Merivale & Elizabeth ALEXANDER, married Mary ALEXANDER, 31, Carp, same, d/o David George ALEXANDER, b. Huntley twp & Ellen HARTIN, witn: William H. ALEXANDER of Stittsville & Lloyd ALEXANDER of Carp, 27 Oct. 1926 at Carp  
32880-26 Hobart Edwin DAVIES, 34, widower, machinist, Montreal, 87 Harvard St. in Ottawa, s/o Richard DAVIES, b. Canada & Ellandor HAYES, married Elizabeth THERIEN, 45, widow, proprietor of beauty parlor, Ottawa, 5 Florence St. in Ottawa, d/o Benjamin MERRITT, b. Canada & Catherine WILSON, witn: Victor & Donat THERIEN of Ottawa, 26 April 1926 at St. Patricks Church, Ottawa 32881-26 William Francis DAVIS, 29, auto trimmer, Walthamstow England, 86 Holland Ave in Ottawa, s/o Frederick John DAVIS, b. Wales & Henrietta SIMS, married Louisa LINDSAY, 28, Bank Note Co. employee, Ottawa, 31 Foster St. in Ottawa, d/o John Pardee LINDSAY, b. Scotland & Louisa LYNN, witn: H.A. HODGKINSON of 19 Clancey Ave & H.J. PAGET of Billings Bridge, 8 Sept 1926 at Ottawa
32883-26 Lancelot DAWSON, 69, farmer, widower, Goulbourne twp., 199 Florence St. in Ottawa, s/o Samuel DAWSON, b. Ireland & Ann McCAFFREY, married Maria DAWSON, 66, widow, Osgoode twp., 444 Bronson Ave in Ottawa, d/o James LAWLER, b. Ireland & Mary CORBETT, witn: Vera M. HOWELL of Billings Bridge & George CRE--? of 444 Bronson Ave., 10 Nov 1926 at Ottawa 32882-26 George Harmon DAWSON, 25, farmer, Hammond Ont., same, s/o John E. DAWSON, b. Canada & Helena WATSON, married Edith May MURPHY, 24, Oxford twp., same, d/o Thomas Arthur MURPHY, b. Canada & Mary Edith FAUL, witn: Gilbert & Mrs. Lila PETERSON of Spencerville, 24 March 1926 at Ottawa
32884-26 Cyril Joseph DEAN, 21, railway man, Long Sutton - Lincolnshire England, Montreal, s/o James DEAN & Ethel BATEMAN, married Doris SYMS, 24, Brighton England, Ottawa, d/o Frederick A. SYMS & Gertrude FOSSY, witn: illegible SANDS of Ottawa & Marie Emilie BEAUCHAMP of Hurdsmans Bridge, 15 Sept 1926 at Ottawa 32885-26 Emanuel DEMERS, 29, machinist, Hull Que., same, s/o Albert DEMERS, b. Ottawa & Rose POIRIER, married Marie Maud Edna GROULX, 21, Ottawa, 91 Dalhousie St. in Ottawa, d/o Joseph BLEU (sic), b. Hull & Hortense THIVERGE, witn: Albert DEMERS & Alexandre GRAVELLE, both of Ottawa, 25 Sept 1926 at Ottawa
32886-26 Victor DENOMME, 21, laborman, Gracefield Que., Ottawa, s/o Alexis DENOMME & Louise PAQUETTE, married Luxie GRAVEL, 21, Ottawa, same, d/o Thomas GROULX & Alma BOULAY, witn: Joseph LECARIE & Alexis DENOMME, both of Ottawa, 4 Sept 1926 at Ottawa 32887-26 Harry DENTON, 19, truck driver, Stockport England, 124 Royal Ave in Ottawa, s/o Fred DENTON, b. Stockport England & Clara Alice BRADBURY, married Marie Laure Irene LADOUCEUR, 16, Whitney, 291 Preston St. in Ottawa, d/o Hector LADOUCEUR, b. Ottawa & Rosanna ROBILLARD, witn: Hector LADOUCEUR of 291 Preston & N.T. RANKIN of 256 Preston, 24 Dec 1926 at Ottawa

033407-26 Stanfield de REPENTIGNY, 25, Clerk, Hull Quebec, Hull Quebec, s/o Dosithe de REPENTIGNY & Casil de DESMARAIS; married Jeanne TOUCHETTE, 21, Clarence Creek, Ottawa, s/o Leon TOUCHETTE & Leonie PILON; wit Dosithee de REPENTIGNY, Hull Quebec & Omere TOUCHETTE, Montreal Quebec, 14 Oct 1926, Ottawa

32888-26 Omer DEROCHE, 25, laborer, Ottawa, same, s/o Wolfe DEROCHE & Josephine BISSON, married Mary JOANISSE, 21, Sturgeon Falls, Ottawa, d/o Yvon JOANISSE & Alexina ASJACK, witn: Wolfe DEROCHE of 44 Ladouceur & Francis HENRY of 72 Stonehurst, both Ottawa, 5 Oct. 1926 at Ottawa
32889-26 Lucien DESLAURIERS, 19, carpenter, Hull, Billings Bridge, s/o Israel DESLAURIERS & Lucie POTVIN, married Anna ASSELIN, 18, Ottawa, same, d/o Emile ASSELIN & M.L. LONGPRE, witn: Israel DESLAURIERS of Billings Bridge & Emile ASSELIN of 91 rue Murray, 8 Sept 1926 at Ottawa 32890-26 William Arthur DESORMEAUX, 44, widower, clerk, Ottawa, same, s/o Michael DESORMEAUX & Mary LEMARANDE, married Catherine PAYNE, 27, Halifax NS, Ottawa, d/o Charles PAYNE & Ann NASH, witn: Harry & Olive DESORMEAUX of Ottawa, 30 Nov 1926 at Ottawa
32891-26 Aime DESROCHES, 22, garage keeper, Arnprior, Hull Que., s/o Noe DESROCHES, b. Arnprior & Regina BEAUDIN, married Marie Emilia Gilberte LAFRANCE, 19, waitress, Ottawa, 226 Clarence St. in Ottawa, d/o Joseph LAFRANCE, b. Ottawa & Delima LACASSE, witn: Marcel DESROCHES & Philippe PAYETTE, both of Hull, 28 Oct 1926 at Ottawa 32892-26 Raoul Laurent DESROSIERS, 38, dentist, Clarence Creek, Ottawa, s/o Dr. N. DESROSIERS & Ernestine DIONNE, married Liliane DUBE, 24, Ottawa, same, d/o Wilfrid DUBE & Genevieve CHARRON, witn: Dr. Arthur DESROSIERS of 164 Montreal Rd in Eastview & Eugenie DUBE of 461 Sussex in Ottawa, 23 June 1926 at Ottawa
32894-26 Vincent Peter DEVINE, 24, salesman, Ottawa, 74 Baird St. in Ottawa, s/o John DEVINE, b. Ont & Catherine MURPHY, married Annie Mabel DUNCAN, 20, clerk, Ottawa, 59 Bethany Rd in Ottawa, d/o John DUNCAN, b. Ont & Margaret WALSH, witn: Jackson SCHWERDFEGER & Clara CORRIGAN, both of Ottawa, 3 May 1926 at Ottawa 32893-26 Cletus Rosater DEVINE, 22, cashier, Arnprior, Ottawa, s/o Hugh A. DEVINE, b. Canada & Margaret KEYES, married Rose Laura FLEURY, 18 9/12, waitress, Masham Que., Ottawa, d/o Thomas FLEURY, b. Canada & Elizabeth ROBERTSON, witn: J. Daniel? MYRE of 55 Main St. in Hull & Leora Ranger? DEVINE of 649 King Edward in Ottawa, 26 Oct. 1926 at Ottawa
32895-26 Alexander DEWAR, 58, divorced, locomotive engineer, Fredericton NB, 133 Cartier St. in Ottawa, s/o Robert DEWAR, b. Scotland & Jessie GILCHRIST, married Mary Pearl TAYLOR, 38, Oldham Lancs. England, 634 Gladstone Ave, d/o Henry TAYLOR, b. England & Susannah CORRE?, witn: Edith & Charles McDONALD of 443 Gladstone, 15 July 1926 at 634 Gladstone Ave., Ottawa 32896-26 Frederick William DEXTER, 23, civil servant, Nottingham England, 199 Slater St. in Ottawa, s/o William DEXTER & Annie WOOD, married Mary Jane Trushall BARR, 19, checker, Paisley Scotland, 159 Bank St. in Ottawa, d/o Michael BARR & Mary Ann WISE, witn: Annie DEXTER & Mary A. BARR, both of Ottawa, 20 Oct. 1926 at Ottawa
32897-26 James DICK, 41, chemist, Glasgow Scotland, 514 Cooper St. in Ottawa, s/o James DICK, m. Scotland & Jessie MacLACHLAN, married Edith Margaret SQUIRE, 27, Ottawa, 239 Lisgar St. in Ottawa, d/o Nathaniel John SQUIRE, b. Canada & Helen LITTLEFIELD, witn: Bertha HADLEY & Matthew FLETCHER, both of Ottawa, 24 June 1926 at Ottawa 32898-26 Frederick Arthur John DICKENS, 20, paper maker, Montreal, Ottawa, s/o Frederick G. DICKENS, b. England & Helen PINKARD, married Marjory Katherine Agnes PRUNNER, 18, Ottawa, same, d/o Allan T. PRUNNER, b. Ont & Emily PURCELL, witn: Owen DICKENS of Ansonville Ont & Miss Dorella BERTRAND of St. Coulonge Que., 3 Aug 1926 at Ottawa
32899-26 Mansell Reynolds DICKENSON, 30, assistant inspector of customs, Kemptville, Oakville, s/o William DICKENSON, b. Canada & Henrietta REYNOLDS, married Anna Idyll KING, 29, Ottawa, same, d/o John KING, b. Glasgow Scotland & Annie Isabel McCUAIG, witn: Harry KIDD of Kemptville & Elsie KING of 182 Cartier St., 30 June 1926 at Ottawa 32900-26 John Adams DILLANE, 25, contractor, Kemptville, Aurora, s/o William DILLANE, b. Tottenham Ont & Mary A. ADAMS, married Janet Mabel THURSTON, 29, book keeper, Ottawa, 260A Kent St. in Ottawa, d/o Alexander THURSTON, b. London England & Lizzie WEBB, witn: J. WIDNER of 157 Belmont Ave & Ida J. RICE of 129 Eccles St., both Ottawa, 21 Dec 1926 at Ottawa
32901-26 Braithwaite DIXON, 27, dentist, Ottawa, 61 Aylmer Ave in Ottawa, s/o John DIXON & Sarah SAUNDERS, married Maybelle Reeves WHALLEY, 22, Hull Que., 232 Driveway in Ottawa, d/o Luke WHALLEY & Letitia REEVES, witn: W. Balmere BEATTIE of Ottawa & Mildred E. REEVES of Watertown NY, 28 July 1926 at St. Matthews, Ottawa 32902-26 James Ford DIXON, 27, civil servant, Brockville Ont., 29 Cartier St. in Ottawa, s/o James DIXON & Mary Elizabeth FORD, married Eileen Romsant? BAKER, 22, Ottawa, 107 Spadina Ave in Ottawa, d/o Abraham BAKER & Lily May BENNET, witn: Dorothy DIXON of Brockville & Dwight M. BRIGGS of New York NY, 4 Sept 1926 at Ottawa
32903-26 Thomas DOLMAN, 29, laborer, Blackburn Ont., 453 Laurier Ave in Ottawa, s/o John DOLMAN & Eliza PRICE, married Gladys Violet HYNDMAN, 23, Torbolton, 63 Robert St. in Ottawa, d/o Henry Allan HYNDMAN & Ann BROWN, witn; Cora Eva DRAPER of 63 Robert St. & Harry ALEXANDER of 686 Bronson Ave, 11 Jan 1926 at St. Lukes Church, Ottawa 32904-26 Ellard Murray DONALDSON, 31, civil servant, Shawville Que., Ottawa, s/o George Murray DONALDSON, b. Canada & Margaret FINLAY, married Sarah May KEMP, 23, Ottawa, same, d/o Richard Alfred KEMP, b. Canada & Jennie CRATH, witn: J.I. DONALDSON of 77 Florence St. & Marjorie KEMP of 17 Clancey Ave., 12 Oct. 1926 at Ottawa
32905-26 Victor DORHAN, 25, railway employee, Staffordshire England, 141 Flora St., s/o John DORHAN, b. Ballyadden - Roscommon Ireland, & Maria ACTON, married Annie ROBINSON, 25, dress maker, Staffordshire England, 141 Flora St., d/o Samuel George ROBINSON, b. Stoke-on-Trent England & Annie MASON, witn: Mable ROBINSON of Laurenia Club - Elgin St. & Albert MASON of 141 Flora, 17 June 1926 at 141 Flora St., Ottawa 32906-26 John Vincent DOONER, 27, civil servant, Osceola Ont., Ottawa, s/o John DOONER & Mary CONNELLY, married Anne Marie Emma BERGERON, 25, Levis Que., Ottawa, d/o late Joseph BERGERON & late Marie Aurore LANDRY, witn: Claude LAURIN of 110 College St. in Ottawa & Paul BERGERON of 122 George St., 16 Sept 1926 at Ottawa
32907-26 Francis Allan DOUGLAS, 29, clerk, Ottawa, Prince George BC, s/o James Thomas DOUGLAS & Ruth Annie ROLPH, married Dorothy Irene DREW, 25, stenographer, Ottawa, 673 Gilmour St. in Ottawa, s/o James William DREW & Elizabeth MILNE, win: Juda A. DREW & F.G. HODGKIN, both of Ottawa, 12 May 1926 at Ottawa 32908-26 George Washington DOUSETT, 28, welder, Maxville Ont., Grimsby Ont., s/o William DOUSETT, b. Ont & Catherine WARD, married Eva TURNER, 23, saleslady, Ottawa, 68 Louisa St. in Ottawa, d/o Archibald TURNER, b. Quebec & Ida SCHARFE, witn: Florence LA SALLE of Westboro & John A. CARRIE of Ottawa, 14 Sept 1926 at Ottawa
32909-26 Henry John DOWN, 23, laborer, Bristol England, 203 Gladstone Ave in Ottawa, s/o Cephas Peter DOWN, b. England & Eliza Jane UPSHAW, married Florence GUTZMAN, 22, maid, Ottawa, 273 Wilbrod St. in Ottawa, d/o William GUTZMAN, b. Canada & Elizabeth FRIDAY, witn: James & Hannah BATCHELOR of 14 Non? St. in Ottawa, 22 Oct. 1926 at Ottawa 32910-26 Albert DOWNS, 28, military valet, Thorpe Essex England, 160 Bay St. in Ottawa, s/o Henry W. DOWNS, b. England & Ada DOWNS, married Ethel May GLADWELL, 25, shop assistant, Claxton Essex England, 165C McGillivray St. in Ottawa, d/o William GLADWELL, b. England & Louisa YOUNG, witn: William H. PETTY of 166C McGillivray St. & Mrs. Alice Maude HARDY of Government House Garage in Ottawa, 2 Sept 1926 at Ottawa
32911-26 John Joseph Desmond DOYLE, 23, clerk, Ottawa, 89 Nepean St. in Ottawa, s/o John DOYLE, b. Canada & Margaret BRULE, married Jane Clara GREENWAY, 20, clerk, Worcester England, 98 Nepean St. in Ottawa, d/o Walter Henry GREENWAY, b. England & Mary Bridget O'TOOLE, witn: A. GREENWAY & Grace DOYLE, both of Ottawa, 16 Aug 1926 at Ottawa 32912-26 Michael Hulbert DOYLE, 22, clerk, Martindale Que., 178 Preston St. in Ottawa, s/o Thomas Joseph DOYLE, b. Martindale Que & Ann Amelia O'SULLIVAN, married Charlotte DUFF, 21, beauty specialist, Alloa Scotland, 32 Robinson Ave in Ottawa, d/o Robert DUFF, b. Scotland & Grace HALL, witn: Sydney Joseph McHUGH of 134 Breeze Hill in Ottawa & Victoria? BROWNRIGG of Hull Que. 19 June 1926 at Ottawa
32913-26 George DRAPER, 20, farmer, Shawville Que., 52 Elizabeth St. in Ottawa, s/o Thomas Irwin DRAPER, b. Lanark twp & Mary WHITE, married Florence KELLY, 24, maid, Carp, same, d/o Joseph KELLY, b. Ont & Jane KELLY, witn: Mrs. John ROPER of 1 Hillson Ave in Ottawa & Florida DRAPER of Carp, 25 Aug 1926 at Ottawa 32914-26 Thomas Irwin DRAPER, 21, laborer, Napanee Ont., 319 Le Breton St. in Ottawa, s/o Thomas Irwin DRAPER, b. Ont & Mary WHITE, married Annie FORGIE, 15, Vars, same, d/o Robert J. FORGIE, b. Ont & Catherine CAMERON, witn: Mrs. Thomas DRAPER of 319 Le Breton St. & Mrs. Robert J. FORGIE of Vars, 8 Jan 1926 at Ottawa
32915-26 Frederick William DREW, 50, clothes presser, London England, 113 Percy St. in Ottawa, s/o William Henry DREW, b. London England & Amelia BLAKE, married Mary Pauline DIX, 51, widow, Berlin Germany, 113 Percy St. in Ottawa, d/o Herman BOLLING, b. Berlin Germany & Clara BOHNKE, witn: Mary H. WHIDDEN of 655 Gilmour St. & Cecil C. GODDING of 113 Percy St., 16 June 1926 at Ottawa 32916-26 Joseph John DREW, 22, salesman, London England, 27 Newton St. in Ottawa, s/o James Thomas DREW, b. Wales & Rosa Bella PROUTON, married Louise Annie WOOFF, 20, Easthampstead England, 1 Roseberry Ave in Ottawa, d/o Edward Charles WOOFF, b. England & Lily Rose PROUTON, witn: Edward E. WOOFF of 1 Roseberry Ave & James G. DREW of Overbrook Ont., 8 Sept 1926 at Ottawa
32917-26 Charles Thomas DRISCOLL, 38, clerk, Ottawa, 81 Sweetland Ave in Ottawa, s/o Patrick John DRISCOLL, b. Canada & Bridget COUGHLIN, married Mary Frances LARKIN, 33, civil servant, Ottawa, 518 Besserer St. in Ottawa, d/o Patrick Daniel LARKIN, b. Canada & Catherine BLAKE, witn: Phyllis Marion & Ernest Blake LARKIN of 90 Elm St. in Ottawa, 16 June 1926 at Ottawa 32918-26 Joseph Edward Walker DROLET, 22, civil servant, Ottawa 261 Somerset in Ottawa, s/o Joseph William DROLET & Edith Jessie POOLER, married Marie Jeanne VEZINA, 23, civil servant, Montreal, 710 Albert St. in Ottawa, d/o Omer VEZINA & Odele DERY?, witn: John KAVANAGH of 398 Nelson St. & Omer VEZINA of 106 Guignes? St., both Ottawa, 26 Oct. 1926 at Ottawa
32919-26 Arthur Joseph DUBE, 21, laborer, Trenton Ont., 582 St. Patrick St. in Ottawa, s/o Louis DUBE, b. Canada & Laura SAVARD, married Erma Theresa ROY, 20, book keeper, Bristol Mines Que., 119 Sherwood St. in Ottawa, d/o unknown & Catherine ROY, witn: Hector BOISVENU & Irene TRUDEAU, both of Ottawa, 11 March 1926 at St. Patricks Church, Ottawa 32920-26 Donat DUBE, 23, laborer, Lemieux Ont., Ottawa, s/o Fabien DUBE & Dora BRUNET, married Marie LANGLOIS, 15, Casselman, Ottawa, d/o Honore LANGLOIS & Marie POITRAS, witn: Ovila BRUNET of Bourget & Honore LANGLOIS of Ottawa, 4 May 1926 at Ottawa
32921-26 William Arthur DUBIEN, 21, laborer, Ottawa, 14 Notre Dame St. in Ottawa, s/o Alphonse DUBIEN, b. Canada & Bridget Ann MAHONEY, married Mary Evelyn Maud SCHARF, 23, Gloucester twp., 118 Dalhousie St. in Ottawa, d/o James SCHARF, b. Canada & Alice SCANTLEBURY, witn: Camile SAUVE & Bridget Ann DUBIEN, both of Ottawa, 14 Feb 1926 at Ottawa 32922-26 Victor DUCHESNEAU, 70, widower, blacksmith, Russell Co., Hartney Manitoba, s/o Henry DUCHESNEAU, b. Quebec & Alice CARSCADDEN, married Mary Elizabeth DUNAN, 57, widow, farming, Smith Falls, Vernon Ont., d/o Henry LEVER, b. Lanark twp & Elsie Jane DILLABOUGH, witn: L. FOSS & Walter FORMAN, both of Ottawa, 24 March 1926 at St. Lukes Church, Ottawa
32923-26 George Wellington DUDLEY, 24, farmer, Elizabethtown twp., Brockville, s/o George Henry, b. Brockville & Mary Amelia nee DALTON, married Harriet Louise HIGGINSON, 32, teacher, Kinburn, same, d/o Henry HIGGINSON, b. Belfast Ireland & Catherine GILMORE, witn: Mr. & Mrs. William ACRES of Westboro, 10 Nov 1926 at Ottawa 32924-26 Louis DUERINSKX, 48, widower, gardener, Belgium, Eastview, s/o Edouard DUERINSKX & Stephanie DE WILDE, married Emelia LEGAULT, 39, music teacher, Hull, Ottawa, d/o Alexis LEGAULT & Stephanie CARDINAL, witn: Charles GOURGNE & Emily LEAULT, both of Hull, 29 Sept 1926 at Ottawa
32925-26 Edgar DUFORD, 21, dyer, Ottawa, same, s/o John DUFORD & Azalie BRUYERE, married Agnes Mabel MOYNAHAN, 22, telephone operator, Hawkesbury, Ottawa, d/o James MOYNAHAN & Helen SAURIOL, witn: George ALLARD & Alice MOYNAHAN, both of Ottawa, 24 Nov 1926 at Ottawa 32926-26 Alphonse DULUDE, 23, foreman, St. Alexandre Que., Detroit, s/o Pierre DULUDE, b. Iberville Que & Adele LANDRY, married Marie Therese Gertrude OLIVIER, 23, Ottawa, 132 St. Patrick St. in Ottawa, d/o Y.J. OLIVIER & .S. LAFRANCHISE, witn: Pierre DULUDE & Eugene K. LAFLECHE, both of Ottawa, 1 Jan 1926 at Ottawa
32927-26 Lorenzo DUMONT, 36, laborer, Cacunna Que., Montreal, s/o late Auguste DUMONT & Adele BELISLE, married Eva ROY, 22, Riviere Joseph Que., Ottawa, d/o Napoleon ROY & Julienne DORE, witn: George PAUNCHAUD? of Montreal & Denis? BELANGER of Ottawa, 19 April 1926 at Ottawa 32928-26 Joseph Albert Arthur DUMULON, clerk, Ville Marie Que., same, s/o Joseph DUMULON, b. Quebec & Agnes BELANGER, married Marie rose Anna Florence FANCHER (Faucher?), 25, Ottawa, same, d/o Evangeliste ANCHER, b. Ottawa & Julie GRAVELLE, witn: Arthur FANCHER & Armand ARBOUR, both of Ottawa, 4 Oct. 1926 at Ottawa
32929-26 Michael Stephen DUNN, 21, teacher, Old Chelsea Que., same, s/o Michael DUNN, b. Canada & Ella RYAN, married Elizabeth STIRLING, 25, housemaid, England, 201 Wurtemburg St. in Ottawa, d/o Matthew STIRLING, b. England & Anna FERNS, witn: James DUNN of Old Chelsea & Isabella WESTWOOD of Ottawa, 3 July 1926 at Ottawa 32930-26 James Henderson DUNNACHIE, 29, driver, Scotland, Ottawa, s/o William DUNNACHIE, b. Glasgow Scotland & Violet HENDERSON, married Lily Rose WOOFF, 23, telephone operator, England, Ottawa, d/o Edward C. WOOF (sic), b. Bracknell England & Lily Rose WOOF, witn: Mrs. R. D. HOWARD of Eastview & Fred W. WILKINS of 14 Hannah St., 3 Feb 1926 at Eastview
32931-26 Lawrence DUNNE, 40, clerk, Kingsmere, Ottawa, s/o Lawrence DUNNE & Margaret EGAN, married Gertrude MURPHY, 21, nurse, Ottawa, same, d/o Patrick MURPHY & Mary GREEN, witn: Ollie DUNNE of Chelsea Que & Frieda MURPHY of Ottawa, 26 Jan 1926 at Ottawa 32932-26 Joseph Wilbrod DUQUETTE, 24, clerk, Montreal, 4271 rue Rivard in Montreal, s/o Alfred DUQUETTE & Alda COUSINEAU, married Florestine DAGENAIS, 21, clerk, Ottawa East, 4271 rue Rivard in Montreal, d/o Eugene DAGENAIS & Philomene GERVAIS, witn: Alfred DUQUETTE of 517 Rivard in Montreal & Eugene DAGENAIS of 163 McGillivray in Ottawa, 2 June 1926 at Ottawa
  32933-26 Edward McVicar ECHLIN, 26, bond salesman, Ottawa, Toronto, s/o Edmund BURKE (sic) & Margaret McCORMICK, married Julia Katharine PARKER, 25, Peterbrough, Ottawa, d/o Archibald Gibson PARKER & Mabel CHESTER, witn: Mabel PARKER & Lewis CARLING, both of Ottawa, 17 April 1926 at Ottawa
32934-26 Robert EDELSTEIN, 30, manufacturer, Dublin Ireland, Ottawa, s/o Abraham Morris EDELSTEIN, b. Russia & Jane MOISSEL, married Blanche MILLAR, 28, civil servant, New York City, Ottawa, d/o Rudolph Herman MILLAR, b. Russia & Leah GROSSMAN, witn: Max GOLDSMITH of 375 King Edward Ave & Sam BRESLER of Aylmer Apt., 21 Nov 1926 at Ottawa 32935-26 Russell Reginald ELLACOTT, 20, electrician, Ottawa, 595 Bank St. in Ottawa, s/o James A. ELLIOTT, b. Canada & Maud SMITH, married Marjorie Isobel HEADLEY, 20, Ottawa, 323? Roseberry Ave in Ottawa, d/o John HEADLEY, b. Canada & Georgina M. COWIE, witn: Charles HIRD of 342 MacLaren St. & Margaret FRASER of 557 McLeod St., 20 April 1926 at Ottawa
32936-26 Charles ELSON, 37, civil servant, Cheshire England, 74 Iona St. in Ottawa, s/o Charles ELSON, b. Cheshire England & Emma BADROCK, married Abba Bertha Mathilda HOLZ, 33, clerk, Ottawa, Experimental Farm in Nepean, d/o Herman HOLZ, b. Germany & Augusta GRAF, witn: Agnes DETLER (Detlep?) of 2587 Esplanade Ave in Montreal & J.W. HUNTER of 239 Cambridge St. in Ottawa, 18 Sept 1926 at 70 Fairmont Ave., Ottawa 32937-26 Harry ENGEL, 32, music publisher, Austria, New York, s/o Osias ENGEL & Sarah KOLBER, married Claribel KERT, 28, journalist, Thurso Que., Wilbrod St. in Ottawa, d/o Abraham KERT, b. Russia & Fanny ZION, witn: H. DEVER of Henderson Ave & Samuel BERGER of Friel St., 8 June 1926 at Ottawa
32938-26 George Percy ERSKINE, 38, widower, steam fitter, Ottawa, 39 Crichton St. in Ottawa, s/o George ERSKINE, b. Aultsville & Mary DAVIDSON, married Mary Kathleen BLACK, 21, clerk, Deptford Greenwich England, 197 Strathcona Ave in Ottawa, d/o Joseph William BLACK, b. Head Brompton - Chatham Kent England, & Kate Edith HARBER, witn: Joseph William & K.S. BLACK of 197 Strathcona Ave, 20 May 1926 at 54 Evelyn Ave in Ottawa 32939-26 Louis EUSTACHE, 38, tanner, Hull Que., same, s/o Louis EUSTACHE, b. Canada & Mary FRASER, married Maud DESJARDINS, 38, widow, Plantagenet Ont., 38 Besserer St. in Ottawa, d/o Jean Baptiste DESJARDINS, b. Canada & Rosie LA DURANTAYE, witn: Mrs. Jennie FRECHETTE of 200 Kent St. & Mrs. Amy MacFAUL of 28 Southland Ave, both Ottawa, 24 Aug 1926 at Ottawa
32940-26 David Wesley EVANS, 28, merchant, Billings Bridge, 126 Belmont Ave in Ottawa, s/o Samuel EVANS, b. Ont & Elizabeth Rebecca LEES, married Marguerite Mary MARSHALL, 26, Ottawa, 84 Flora St. in Ottawa, d/o Archibald John MARSHALL, b. Kingston & Mary Ann GOYETTE, witn: James Arthur MARSHALL of 84 Flora St. & Frances Lees EVANS of 126 Belmont Ave., 30 Oct. 1926 at Ottawa 32941-26 Joseph Oscar EVIANE, 29, engineer, Ottawa, 55 Hotel de Ville in Hull, s/o Jean Bte. EVAINE & Marie GUAY, married Rose LAFRANCE, 28, Thurso, 119 Balsam in Ottawa, d/o Xavier LAFRANCE & Malina, witn: Honore EVAINE of 119 Balsam & Xavier LAFRANCE of Thurso, 28 June 1926 at Ottawa
32942-26 James FAGAN, 36, salesman, South Gloucester, Ottawa, s/o Patrick FAGAN & Susan SMITH, married Mary Elizabeth FITZSIMMONS, 28, civil servant, South Gloucester, Ottawa, d/o John FITZSIMMONS & Margaret MURRAY, witn: John Edgar MURRAY & Cecilia McBRIDE of Ottawa, 28 Sept 1926 at Ottawa 32943-26 Leslie Reginald FAILES, 29, mechanic, Bracebridge Ont., Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Harry FAILES, b. Bracebridge & Martha BURKHOLDER, married Marie Yvonne Berthe GAUTHIER, 27, clerk, Ottawa, 255 Nepean St. in Ottawa, d/o Francois GAUTHIER, b. Hull Que & Louise GROULX (Giroux?), witn: Alphonse SEGUIN of Hull & Francois GAUTHIER of Ottawa, 30 Nov 1926 at Ottawa
32944-26 Joseph Treffle FARDAIS, 44, laborer, Ottawa, same, s/o late Pierre FARDAIS & Mathilde COUSINEAU, married Elizabeth GIRARD, 38, Hull Que., Ottawa, d/o late Philippe GIRARD & Angelina CAUTIN, witn: Fortunat FARDAIS & Albert GIRARD, both of Ottawa, 2 Sept 1926 at Ottawa 32945-26 Frederick Sparks FARMER, 23, transfer business, Ramsayville - Carleton Co., 45 Bertrand Ave in Ottawa, s/o George FARMER, b. Canada & Frances EVANS, married Lila HELMAN, 22, clerk, Ottawa, 444 Gladstone Ave in Ottawa, d/o William HELMAN, b. England & Annie JOHNSTON, witn: Loveday HELMER & E. Gordon SLINN, both of Ottawa, 17 Aug 1926 at Ottawa
32946-26 James Fitzpatrick FARRY, 40, traveller, Perth Ont., Hamilton, s/o Daniel FARRY & Margaret Ann McCANN, married Mary Ella LYNCH, 36, secretary, Manotick, Ottawa, d/o James LYNCH & Mary Ann O'NEILL, witn: George McHUGH & Helen McKAY, both of Ottawa, 27 July 1926 at St. Patricks Church, Ottawa 32947-26 Delmar Thomas FAULKNER, 26, civil servant, Nepean twp., same, s/o Andrew Samuel FAULKNER, b. Nepean twp & Emma Jane BRADLEY, married Viola Minnia Gertrude WICKWORTH, 19, Grattan twp., Ottawa, d/o Frank Charles WINKWORTH, b. Eganville & Ann NORMAN (Noonan?), witn: Edna FAULKNER of Britannia & George A. JOYNT of 820 Somerset in Ottawa, 12 March 1926 at Bethany Church, Ottawa
32948-26 Hormidas FAUTEUX, 36, widower, Hawkesbury, Ottawa, s/o Camille FAUTEUX & Olive PROULX, married Marie Anne Dora ROBINETTE, 28, servant, Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Jacques ROBINETTE & Lucia BARETTE, witn: Victor FAUTEUX & Joseph BARRETTE (sic), both of Ottawa, 23 Nov 1926 at Ottawa 32949-26 Thompson Harold FEATHERSTON, 32, farmer, Goulbourne twp., same, s/o Thompson FEATHERSTON, b. Stittsville & Eliza HANNA, married Annie Catherine Stella MOORE, 20, Gloucester twp., 67 Grosvenor Ave in Ottawa, d/o Andrew MOORE, b. Limeback Ont & Mary MONTGOMERY, witn: Margaret J. FEATHERSTONE (sic) of 355 MacLaren St. & Elmer MOORE of 67 Grosvenor Ave., 23 Feb 1926 at Ottawa
32950-26 John James FERMOLE, 22, clerk, Jockville, 82 Bell St. in Ottawa, s/o Francis FERMOYLE, b. Jockville - Carleton Co., & Anna COYLE, married Beatrice Catherine CARROLL, 20, saleslady, Ottawa, 93 1/2 Melrose Ave in Ottawa, d/o James CARROLL, b. England & Anna MOYLAN, witn: Alphonse DIONNE of 108 Cambridge St. in M-? Illinois? & Irene FERMOYLE of 82 Bell St. in Ottawa, 18 Oct. 1926 at Ottawa 32951-26 Roy James FERRELL, 24, widower, polisher, Carleton Place, same, s/o James FERRELL, b. Pakenham Ont & Maud McDANIEL, married Verna May A. COMERFORD, 18, North Battleford Sask., Carleton Place, d/o Frank COMERFORD, b. Eldorado Ont & Inez LETTS, witn: Mrs. A. W. CRAWFORD of 182 Broadway & Lois A. CLARKE of 134 Broadway, both Ottawa, 6 Sept 1926 at Ottawa
32952-26 Charles Frank FICKEAU, 33, forester, Ladysmith Que., Ottawa, s/o Ferdinand FISKO (sic) & Christine ZIMMERMAN, married Olive KING, 20, London England, Ottawa, d/o John KING, b. Holland & Lavinia BELL, witn: Lavinia S. KING of 48 Clarenda Ave & W. A. FISKO of Murville Road, 10 May 1926 at Ottawa 32953-26 Delpha Joseph FILION, 31, railway station agent, Masson Que., Rigaud Que., s/o Jean Baptiste FILION, b. Congers - Labelle Co. Que., & Louise CARRIERE, married Clementine PROULX, 23, Buckingham Que., 656 Wellington St in Ottawa, d/o Armidas PROULX, b. Congers Que & Rose Anna MONETTE, witn: J.B. FILION of Congers Cousineau? Que & Sarah TODD of 15 Spadina Ave in Ottawa, 8 June 1926 at 656 Wellington St., Ottawa
32954-26 Edmund Charles FINLAY, 30, radio operator, Eastham Cheshire England, 337 James St. in Ottawa, s/o Edmund Charles FINLAY, b. England & Laura TAYLOR, married Clementine Diana KINKADE, 22, clerk, Kenmore Ont., 337 James St., d/o William KINKADE, b. Canada & Sarah LOUGHREY, witn: J.H. McCANN of 63 Belmont Ave & Mrs. Sarah KINKADE of 337 James St., 23 Oct. 1926 at Ottawa 32955-26 Edward Rex Clarke FINLEY, 20, truck driver, Ottawa, 450 Gladstone Ave in Ottawa, s/o William McKee FINLEY & Alice CLARKE, married Elizabeth Beatrice FORSTER, 19, Bank Note Co. employee, Deptford - Greenwich England, 212 Laurier Ave in Ottawa, d/o Goodman FORSTER & Sarah Ann BARNEY, witn: Mrs. Sarah Ann KING of 212 Laurier & A.E. STUBBS of Ottawa, 13 May 1926 at St. Matthews Church, Ottawa
32956-26 Arthur FISHER, 23, truck driver, Yorkshire England, 298 Carruthers Ave in Ottawa, s/o Edmund FISHER, b. Sheffield England & Rebecca LAMBERT, married Marie Losette OTTAWA, 19, maid, Maniwaki Que., 44 Adelaide St. in Ottawa, d/o Peter OTTAWA, b. Maniwaki Que & Josephine MERCIER, witn: Mrs. Rebecca & Alice FISHER of 298 Carruthers Ave., 13 Nov 1926 at Ottawa 32957-26 Michael Angus FITZSIMMONS, 36, farmer, Gloucester twp., Billings Bridge, s/o John FITZSIMMONS, b. Billings Bridge & Margaret MURRAY, married Isabella SNEDDON, 24, maid, Scotland, 83 Vittoria St. in Ottawa, d/o Richard SNEDDON, b. Scotland & Christena STANLEY, witn: Jessie SNEDDON of Montreal & Elizabeth FITZSIMMONS of Ottawa, 17 June 1926 at St. Patricks Church, Ottawa
32958-26 John Munroe FLEMING, 33, farmer, Finch twp., Stittsville, s/o James FLEMING, b. Finch twp & Anna Elizabeth BLACK, married Alma Elizabeth MORROW, 28, Russell Ont., 327 Powell Ave in Ottawa, d/o Robert MORROW, b. Russell twp & Jane STANWAY, witn: Florence & A.W. CRAWFORD of 132 Broadway Ave, 6 May 1926 at 134 Broadway Ave, Ottawa  
32959-26 Rosario FLEURY, 27, jeweller, Hull Que., same, s/o Ernest FLEURY & Rosa Ann HUBERT, married Marie Jeanne RACETTE, 27, Hull Que., Ottawa, d/o Joseph RACETTE & Marie GAGNON, witn: Ernest FLEURY of Hull & Joseph Francois RACETTE of Ottawa, 11 Oct. 1926 at Ottawa 32960-26 Anthony FOLEY, 23, chef, Quinnville Que., 193 Gloucester St. in Ottawa, s/o John FOLEY, b. Canada & Margaret MURPHY, married Mildred O'HEARN, 26, waitress, Wolfe Lake Que., 62 Slater St. in Ottawa, d/o Nicholas O'HEARN, b. Canada & Mary FORAN, witn: Daniel FOLEY of Ottawa & Patrick O'HEARN of Wolf Lake Que., 6 Oct. 1926 at Ottawa
32961-26 Edward James FOLLOWS, 23, clerk in RCAF, London England, Ottawa, s/o Frederick FOLLOWS, b. Canada & Ada SEYMOUR, married Isabel Douglas LATIMER, 20, clerk, Ottawa, same, d/o Archie LATIMER, b. Canada & Ella Xavia MARONEY, witn: Nellie LATIMER of 105 Preston St. & Henry J. LA GRACE of 168A Preston St., both Ottawa, 5 March 1926 at Ottawa 32962-26 Kenneth Orville FORBES, 26, roofer, Ottawa, 129 Elm St. in Ottawa, s/o James FORBES, b. Scotland & Lucinda KELLY, married Julia Sophia Lucille LAPOINTE, 26, clerk, Ottawa, Somersett St. in Ottawa, d/o Louis LAPOINTE, b. Canada & Sophia BIRK, witn: Herbert & Christena FORBES of Somersett St., 31 Dec 1926 at Ottawa
32965-26 Francis Albert Scott FOSTER, 39, widower, farmer, Nepean twp., same, s/o John FOSTER & Sarah BUCHANAN, married Etta Mildred BARTON, 43, Goulbourne twp., Nepean twp., d/o Benjamin BARTON & Harriet DAVIDSON, witn: C.J. BRITTON of 110 Flora St. & Jennie BARTON of 101 5th Ave., 15 Dec 1926 at Ottawa 32964-26 Carson Bradley FOSTER, 28, civil servant, Ottawa, 45 Pretoria Ave in Ottawa, s/o Benjamin FOSTER & Ann BRADLEY, married Dorothy May FRASER, 20, Sault Ste. Marie, 9 Echo Dr in Ottawa, d/o John FRASER & Emily Jane REYNOLDS, witn: Stephen OSTER of 45 Pretoria & Nora SHUTT of 210 Driveway, both Ottawa, 25 Aug 1926 at Ottawa
  32966-26 Patrick Henry FOURNIER, 31, traveller, Bathurst NB, Ottawa, s/o Victor FOURNIER, b. Beaties? Brook NB & Marie PITTS, married Marie Marguerite Gabrielle GOSSELIN, 23, Deschambault Que., Hull Que., d/o Mathias GOSSELIN, b. Deschambault Que & Philomene LEFEBVRE, witn: Maurice MARIER & Willie SCANTLAND, both of Ottawa, 17 April 1926 at Ottawa
32967-26 Thomas Henry FOX, 38, railroader, Riviere du Loup Que., 211 Gladstone Ave in Ottawa, s/o Henry FOX, b. Ireland & Orilla BRENNEN, married Mary Ella DARRAGH, 24, civil servant, Ottawa, 211 Gladstone Ave., d/o James DARRAGH, b. Ireland & Jessie MacDONALD, witn: Albert & Clara FINN of 83 Skeads Rd., 26 June 1926 at Ottawa 32968-26 Walter FOXALL, 41, hospital orderly, Old Hill - Staffordshire England, Civic Hospital in Ottawa, s/o William FOXALL, b. England & Annie SMALL, married Sarah WHITEHOUSE, 41, house maid, Tipton Staffordshire England, YWCA in Ottawa, d/o Samuel WHITEHOUSE, b. England & Nancy TURNER, witn: Robert A. STOKES of 6 Elm St. & Walter B. GORMAN of 700 Somerset, both Ottawa, 2 Nov 1926 at Ottawa
32970-26 Hugh John York FRASER, 28, engineer, Brockville Ont., Huntingdon West Virginia, s/o Oliver Kelly FRASER & Margaret A. BRANIFF, married Anne Maud DUNN, 31, librarian?, Ottawa, same, d/o Joseph Patrick DUNN & Margaret Eva DOWDALL, witn: Christopher FRASER of Brockville & Eleanor DUNN of Montreal, 1 Sept 1926 at Ottawa 32972-26 Lawrence Clark FRASER, 30, farmer, Charlottenburg twp., same, s/o Hugh FRASER, b. Ont & Elizabeth CLARK, married Martha Catherine LARNABE, 33, nurse, Charlottenburg twp., same, d/o Alex LAMABE?, b.Ont & Eliza McVEAN, witn: Mr. & Mrs. W.J. STEWART of 16 Marlborough in Ottawa, 16 Ottawa (sic, s/b Oct) 1926 at Ottawa
32971-26 John William FRASER, 30, accountant, Ottawa, Detroit, s/o Robert Gibson FRASER, b. Scotland & Mary Catherine HEALEY, married Jean Clyde LITLE, 27, stenographer, Aylwin Que., 587 MacLaren St. in Ottawa, d/o John LITLE & Elizabeth BAGLEY, witn: Kathleen FRASER & Reby LITLE, both of Ottawa, 20 June 1926 at Ottawa 32969-26 Alexander FRASER, 38, farmer, Osgoode twp., same, s/o Donald FRASER, b. Canada & Grace McNAB, married Grace Mabel McVEY, 30, nurse, Osgoode twp., same, d/o Carson? McVEY, b. Canada & Agnes MONTGOMERY, witn: Florence McVEY of Martinville & John STEWART of Osgoode, 7 Sept 1926 at Ottawa
32973-26 Albert FREDERICK, 27, laborer, Ottawa, Eastview, s/o Simeon FREDERICK, b. Ottawa & Marie Louise LATOUR, married Rosie POIRIER, 26, maid, Maniwaki Que., 53 Merton St. in Ottawa, d/o George POIRIER, b. Maniwaki & Elizabeth FOURNIER, witn: James CARROLL & Joseph COIRIER?, both of Ottawa, 14 June 1926 at Ottawa 32974-26 Louis Philippe FRECHETTE, 32, carpenter, St. Damase Que., Ottawa, s/o Moise FRECHETTE, b. St. Damase Que., & Cordelia JODOIN, married Flore Emma CASSON, 32, book binder, Ottawa, same, d/o Ferdinand CASSON, b. Montreal & Leda LATELLIER, witn: Ferdinand CASSON of 174 Murray & Joseph FRECHETTE of 275 (sic), 26 June 1926 at Ottawa
32975-26 Henry Elmer Powers FROOME, 21, steel worker, Toronto, 426 Kent St. in Ottawa, s/o Henry FROOME, b. England & Harriet POWERS, married Bertha Irene REID, 16, Ottawa, 39 Bayswater Ave in Ottawa, d/o John F. REID, b. Canada & Bertha MOODIE, witn: Robert H.W. FROOME of 426 Kent St. & Harriet E. REID of 39 Bayswater Ave., 10 Feb 1926 at Ottawa  
32976-26 Edgar GAGNE, 21, chauffeur, Ottawa, same, s/o Elie GAGNE & Eveline VALIQUETTE, married Marie Rita GAUVREAU, 24, Ottawa, same, d/o Eugene GAUVREAU & Josephine LEVASSEUR, witn: Elie GAGNE of 117 King Edward & Eugene GAUVREAU of 192 Charlotte, 21 Sept 1926 at Ottawa 32977-26 Joseph Emmanuel GAGNE, 23, telegrapher, Beauceville Que., Ottawa, s/o late Napoleon GAGNE & Armaza BOLDUC, married Laure Angeline BISSON, 19, music teacher, Valley Junction Que., Ottawa, d/o Joseph Napoleon BISSON & Beatrice CLOUTIER, witn: Jean Pierre GAGNE of Beauceville Que & Joseph Napoleon BISSON of Ottawa, 5 July 1926 at Ottawa
32978-26 Thomas GAINES, 47, deserted by his wife, laborer, Dundas twp. Ont, 435 Kent St. in Ottawa, s/o Joseph GAINES, b. Canada & Janet CRANDON, married Florence LAVIOLETTE, 36, widow, Martintown Ont., Ottawa, d/o Antoine MASSON, b. Canada & Mary Ann TYO, win: Susan FOURNEY of Martintown & Jean MILLIKEN of Ottawa, 5 May 1926 at Ottawa 32979-26 Albert GALLOWAY, 31, farmer, Cumberland twp., same, s/o Thomas GALLOWAY, b. North Gower & Almina DEAVY, married Maud ADAMS, 29, Cumberland twp., same, d/o John ADAMS, b. North Gower & Marion SCHARFE, witn: Miss J.R. & Mrs. Eliza WATTS of 104 Daley Ave., 26 March 1926 at Ottawa
32980-26 Rowland James GAMMAN, 22, lumber culler, Ottawa, 170 Gladstone Ave in Ottawa, s/o Alfred W. GAMMON, b. Canada & Sarah GRAHAM, married Adeline Bernadette HEBERT, 19, Fort Coulonge Que., 117 Albert St. in Ottawa, d/o John HEBERT, b. Canada & Laura DUMOUCHEL, witn: Louise CONWAY & Jean MILLIKEN, both of Ottawa, 20 Sept 1926 at Ottawa 32981-26 Thomas GARDINER, 22, laborer, England, Ottawa, s/o Thomas GARDINER, b. Canada & Eliza WENCH, married Rose Annette QUINTAL, 21, maid, Aylmer Que., same, d/o Gilbert QUINTAL, b. Canada & Rose GUERTIN, witn: Elizabeth GRAHAM of Blackburn Ave & James ARNHARDT of 470 Cambridge, both Ottawa, 23 June 1926 at Ottawa
32982-26 Albert Edward GARDINER, 26, contractor, Ottawa, same, s/o not given, married Mary Rose Evangeline GOURVILLE, 26, widow, maid, Perkins Mills Que., Ottawa, d/o not given, witn: J.R. ANDERSON & C.A. SNOWDEN, both of Ottawa, 11 March 1926 at Ottawa 32983-26 George Christopher GARDNER, 47, bank manager, Brixton London England, Mackenzie Apts. in Ottawa, s/o George John GARDNER, b. London England & Emma Mary ALLPRESS?, married Winifred Emily FAUREL (Favel?), 31, France, 321 McLeod St in Ottawa, d/o William Le Boutellier FAUREL, b. Point St. Peter Que., & Emma HEAUNE, witn: M.H. PENNOCK of 230 Chapel St. & Bertram A. FAUREL of 321 McLeod St., 5 June 1926 at All Saints Church, Ottawa
32984-26 Edward GAUTHIER, 26, undertaker's apprentice, Cedar Que., 132 Water St. in Ottawa, s/o Jean Bte. GAUTHIER, b. Cedars Que., & Delia RANGER, married Marie Jeanne ARCHAMBAULT, 24, packer, Pontiac Co. Que., 237 Bay St. in Ottawa, d/o Francois ARCHAMBAULT, b. Trois Rivieres Que & Mathilde LEBRUN, witn: Len--? ROCHON of 52 Springfield Ave & Paul GAUTHIER of 127 Water St., both Ottawa, 16 Feb 1926 at Ottawa 32985-26 John Robert GAUTHIER, 25, baker, Ottawa, same, s/o Louis GAUTHIER, b. Canada & Pamilla GAUVREAU, married Mary Eva FRIEND, 21, Lac St. Marie Que., Ottawa, d/o George Henry FRIEND, b. England & Mary KELLY, witn: Mrs. J. JOHNSTON of 156 Osgoode St. & Mrs. Amy G. MacFAUL of 28 Sweetland Ave., both Ottawa, 17 march 1926 at Ottawa
32986-26 Marion Eugene GAUTHIER, 28, civil clerk, Ottawa, 17 College in Ottawa, s/o Arthur GAUTHIER & Melina HOTTE, married Mathilde DORE, 23, Montreal, 335 Nepean in Ottawa, d/o Alfred FORE & Melina MALOUIN?, witn: Arthur GAUTHIER of 17 College & Alfred DORE of 335 Nepean, 25 Nov. 1926 at Ottawa 32987-26 Napoleon Edward GAUTHIER, 25, clerk, Buckingham Que. Ottawa, s/o David GAUTHIER, b. Canada & Olive LAUZON, married Velma Ruth SMITH, 24, clerk, Chesterville Ont., Ottawa, d/o James William SMITH, b. Canada & Aletha MERKLEY, witn: J. William SMITH of Ottawa & Hector LATOURNEVILLE of Hull, 12 July 1926 at Ottawa
32988-26 Hector GAUVREAU, 23, plumber, Ottawa, 288 Guignes Ave in Ottawa, s/o Joseph GAUVREAU, b. Ottawa & Ermina GOUPIL, married Amanda POIRIER, 17, Ottawa, 244 Dalhousie St. in Ottawa, d/o Nelson POIRIER, b. Alexandria & Fe--? FORTIN, witn: Marie LEBEL & Antoine MAHEUR, both of 1862 Wellington, 21 Nov 1926 at Ottawa 32989-26 Lucien GAUVREAU, 22, butcher, Ottawa, same, s/o Emery GAUVREAU & Josephine CUSSON, married Gertrude MORISSETTE, 23, Montreal, Ottawa, d/o Joseph MORISSETTE & Leonie OUELLETTE, witn: Ferdinand ASSELIN of 118 Charlotte & Joseph MORISSETTE of Grand illegible Hotel, both Ottawa, 7 June 1926 at Ottawa
32990-26 Armand GELINEAU, 25, terblautier?, Hull, Ottawa, s/o Pierre GELINEAU & Philomene LEVESQUE, married Ida LACROIX, 21, Ottawa, res not given, d/o Edward LACROIX & Ida PELLETIER, witn: Pierre GELINEAU of 129 St. Laurent in Hull & Edward LACROIX of 28 Winkey? in Ottawa, 22 April 1926 at Ottawa 32992-26 Thomas Edward GERRARD, 20, clerk, Ottawa, 132 Balsam St. in Ottawa, s/o James GERRARD & Catherine KEEGAN, married Lillie Rose MACE, 21, weaver, Berkshire England, Carleton Place, d/o Charles MACE, b. Berkshire England & Ada Ellen GODFREY, witn: John M.J. POUND? of 26 Laurier St. in Ottawa & Beatrice M. MACE of Carleton Place, 16 Nov 1926 at Ottawa
32993-26 Charles Edouard GHIGHE, 31, sales agent, Ottawa, same, s/o Charles GHIGHE & Agnes PLOUFFE, married Bertha LAFLEUR, 28, Ottawa, same, d/o Ferdinand LAFLEUR & Olive ROCHON, witn: Charles GHIGHE of 646 Somerset & Ferdinand LAFLEUR of 45 Sherbrooke, 5 Oct. 1926 at Ottawa 32994-26 John Hodgson GIBBS, 26, chemist, Buckingham, Shawingan Falls Que. s/o William Taylor GIBBS, b. England & Margaret WATSON, married Alice London MacLAREN, 21, Ottawa, 234 Lisgar St. in Ottawa, d/o Dr. Henry MacLAREN, b. Wakefield Que & Alice Barnet LONDON, witn: Margaret MacLAREN of Buckingham Que & W. Donald RANKIN of Woodstock NB, 26 April 1926 at 95 Wurtemburg St. in Ottawa
32995-26 Edgar Valentine GILBERT, 30, civil engineer, Liverpool England, Maniwaki Que., s/o Aaron GILBERT, b. Portadown Ireland & Sarah Ellen VALENTINE, married Georgie May HURLBERT, 30, nurse, Augusta twp., 141 Fourth Ave in Ottawa, d/o Barton Artheldo HURLBERT, b. Augusta Canada & Augusta BIRKS, witn: Gladys Birks HURLBERT of 141 Fourth Ave & George W. SIMPSON of 4705 Wellington St. in Verdon Que., 26 Oct 1926 at Ottawa ] 32996-26 Simon Joseph GILES, 27, steam fitter, Renfrew Ont., Detroit, s/o Robert GILES & Margaret McGEE, married Mary Eleanor MALONEY, 30, Ottawa, same, d/o Andrew MALONEY & Margaret SULLIVAN, witn: Patrick MALONEY & Veronica MALONEY, both of Ottawa, 28 July 1926 at St. Patricks Church, Ottawa
32997-26 Ward Hughson GILMOUR, 32, gentleman, Ottawa, 245 Cooper St. in Ottawa, s/o John GILMOUR, b. Quebec & Jessie M. McLEMONT, married Vera Louisa PHILLIPS, 24, clerk, Ottawa, 35 Maple St. in Ottawa, d/o James Frederick PHILLIPS, b. Burritts Rapids, & Elizabeth L. WRIGHT, witn: Jess M. GILMOUR of 245 Cooper & Elizabeth L. PHILLIPS of 35 Maple, 18 Jan 1926 at 547 Wellington St., Ottawa 32998-26 John Joseph GIROUARD, 20, chauffeur, Ottawa, 130 Margaret St. in Ottawa, s/o Joseph GIROUARD, b. Ottawa & Esther McLAREN, married Julia WHITE, 18, Ottawa, 307 Rideau St. in Ottawa, d/o John Albert WHITE, b. Ottawa & Mary RIOPELLE, witn: John Leo MASON of Gladstone Ave in Ottawa & Daisy Agnes NICHOLSON of Overbrook, 6? Feb 1926 at Ottawa
32999-26 Arthur GIROUX, 20, clerk, Ottawa, same, s/o F.X. GIROUX & Anna SAUVE, married Alice CLEESE, 18, Buffalo, Ottawa, d/o Late Thomas CLEESE & Amanda LAJOIE, witn: F.X. GIROUX of 169 Clarence & J. DESBIENS of 459 Clarence, 27 Nov 1926 at Ottawa 32991-26 Alphere GONDRON?, 18, laborer, Rockland, same, s/o Henry GENDRON, b. Canada & Marie Louise GUINDON, married Verda ARNOLD, 19, Rockland, same, d/o Angus ARNOLD, b. Canada & Elsie WAY, witn: Angus ARNOLD & Mrs. Eddie DUMAS, both of Rockland, 3 Aug 1926 at Ottawa

033401-26 Cyril LINCOLN- REED, 33, Author, Wid, London England, Ottawa, s/o Arthur LINCOLN-REED (b. England) & Isobel HOWARD-JONES; married Emma MORRISON, 48, Wid, New Orleans USA, Ottawa, d/o John KEYE (b. England) & Emma THACKER; wit Al--? & L. Mya PEREIRA, both Ottawa, 6 Jul 1926, Ottawa


033372-26 William Henry Labin PIERCE, 32, Telegraph Operator, Wid, Wilberforce, Ottawa, s/o Henry PIERCE (b. Wilberforce Twp Renfrew Co) & Amy HAWKINS; married Hilda Catherine TILTON, 24, School Teacher, Moulinette, Ottawa, d/o Joseph Nathaniel TILTON (b. Sheiks Island Cornwall Twp) & Maria EAMER; wit Susanna SPAUL & Eliza Margaret ELLIS, both Ottawa, 27 Jul 1926, Ottawa

033373-26 Antonio PILON, 18, Shoe Shiner, Rockland, Ottawa, s/o Adolphe PILON (b. Rockland) & Arthemise BEDARD; married Marie Rose Anna VIAU, 18, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Eugene VIAU (b. Ottawa) & Rose Anna LABELLE; wit Gaston BOURGON & Eugene VIAU, both Ottawa, 16 Apr 1926, Ottawa

033374-26 Edward PITRASZKO, 22, Counter Man, New York USA, Detroit, s/o Joseph PITRASZKO (b. Poland) & Mary KALINOSKI; married Mary Estella BRISBOIS, 20, Waitress, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Peter BRISBOIS (b. Canada) & Bertha CONLIN; wit James Henry McDONALD, 43 Dalhousie & Margaret DOYLE, 160 James St. in Ottawa, 7 May 1926, Ottawa

033375-26 Lindsay PITT, 29, Customer Officer, Williamsburg, Iroquois, s/o I.J. PITT (b. Canada) & Annie KAINE; married Florence McWILLIAMS, 22, Nurse, Cumberland, Iroquois, d/o Thomas McWILLIAMS (b. Canada) & Elmira SCARF; wit Eva McDONALD & T.D. McDONALD, both Ottawa, 19 Mar 1926, Ottawa [divorced - date illegible]

033376-26 Russell Edward POISSON, 20, Stenographer, Windsor, Ford City, s/o Edmond POISSON & Amanda NANTAIS; married Amanda BOURGEAU, 19, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Daniel BOURGEAU & Octave DUROCHER; wit Clarence OUELLETTE, Windsor & Daniel Joseph BOURGEAU of 476 Cumberland, 23 Nov 1926, Ottawa

033377-26 Jacob Victor POLOWIN, 22, Merchant, Lithuania, Ottawa, s/o Oscar POLOWIN (b. Lithuania) & Jean ERICK; married Rose SHANDLER, 22, Tailoress, Lithuania, Ottawa, d/o Nathan Louis SHANDLER (b. Lithuania) & Gertrude Judith MASS; wit Abraham GIRT? of 61 Ottawa St. & Max GOLDSMITH of 375 King Edward Ave, 10 Oct 1926, Ottawa

033379-26 David Joseph POTTER, 40, Civil Servant, Divorced (Papers filed with city clerk), Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Thomas POTTER (b. England) & Ellen LABLANC; married Florence Nightingale JOSLING, 36, Housekeeper, Hull Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Robert JOSLING (b. England) & Sophia GLOVER; wit Bertha ROWLAND & Grace TIGHE, both Ottawa, 3 Jul 1926, Ottawa

033380-26 Guy Ralph Lewis POTTER, 33, Civil Servant, Marchwiel North Wales, Ottawa, s/o Charles John Valentine POTTER (b. Wales) & Constance Lewis BARLOW; married Dulcibella CRANSTON, 27, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o William Shillete CRANSTON (b. Canada) & Maria Dulcibella LETT; wit M.C. CRANSTON & C.L. POTTER, both Ottawa, 2 Oct 1926, Ottawa

033382-26 Alexander POTVIN, 19, Civil Servant, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Alexander POTVIN (b. Canada) & Caroline SMITH; married Patricia Magdalin BURTON, 18, Printers Helper, Lewisham - London England, Ottawa, d/o Joseph BURTON (b. England) & Kathleen MURRAY; wit Edward DOOLEY & Mary DOOLEY, both Ottawa, 21 Mar 1926, Ottawa

033383-26 Conrad POTVIN, 20, Shipper, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Louis POTVIN (b. Billing's Bridge) & Angeline DESCHESNE; married Mary Jeanne POTVIN, 19, Hull Quebec, Hull Quebec, d/o Napoleon POTVIN (b. Billing's Bridge) & Julie DESLAURIERS; wit Albert POTVIN & Julie POTVIN, both Hull Quebec, 11 Feb 1926, Ottawa

033384-26 Maxime POTVIN, 19, Labourer, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Jacques POTVIN (b. Ottawa) & Victoria POTVIN; married Valida LESSARD, 21, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Joseph LESSARD (b. Quebec) & Victoria CLEMENT; wit Joseph W. ROCHON & Joseph LEVARD?, both Ottawa, 19 Aug 1926, Ottawa

033381-26 Alexandre POTVIN, 28, Labourer, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Thomas POTVIN & Marguerite BEAUCHAMP; married Marie Marguerite Aldonia ALBERT, 21, Maid, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Joseph ALBERT & Marie Louise SAYER. wit Harold ROBILLARD & Eugene GINGRAS?, both Ottawa, 1 Apr 1926, Ottawa

033386-26 William Adam PRENTICE, 26, Insurance Agent, Rupert - Wright Co Quebec, Ottawa, s/o William PRENTICE (b. Rupert Quebec) & Eliza Ann IRWIN; married Violet Marian BULLIS, 19, Gracefield Wright Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Richard BULLIS (b. Gracefield Quebec) & Louisa THOMPSON; wit Fred THOMPSON & Mrs. Fred THOMPSON, both Ottawa, 16 Jun 1926, Ottawa

033385-26 William Ramsay PRENTICE, 31, Engineer, Scotland, Hawkesbury, s/o Archibald PRENTICE (b. Scotland) & Annie RAMSAY; married Edith MACPHERSON, 38, Arnprior, Ottawa, d/o Adam MACPHERSON (b. Ottawa) & Mary REDDINGTON; wit Hugh CAMPBELL & Flo JAMIESON, both Ottawa, 30 Jun 1926, Ottawa

033392-26 Armand RACETTE, 20, Barber, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Joseph RACETTE (b. Ottawa) & Marie GAGNON; married Maria Florida Gracia QUIRONETTE, 19, Clerk, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Arthur QUIRONETTE (b. Ottawa) & Florida DESORMEAU; wit Leonard CRUSE & Elizabeth NOON, both Ottawa, 12 Jun 1926, Ottawa

033394-26 William Robert RAIL, 22, Day Labourer, St. Pierre de Malbaie Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Thomas Villeneuve RAIL & Marie Anne LAFLAMME; married Marie Antonia QUIRION, 17, St. Pierre de Malbaie Quebec, d/o Charles QUIRION & Elisabeth TRUDEL; wit Alphonse TRUDEL & Charles QUIRION, 17 Aug 1926, Ottawa

033396-26 William Henry RAWLINS, 21, Machinist, Hintonburgh now Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o John RAWLINS (b. Ottawa) & Agnes HOLSON; married Euphemia WEIR, 22, Domestic, Scotland, Ottawa, d/o William WEIR (b. Scotland) & Mary GRANT; wit Jean LAVIOLETTE & Arthur L. LAVIOLETTE, both Ottawa, 9 Aug 1926 (Note – Divorced 14/10/53)

033397-26 Walter Reginald Gubbins RAY, 26, Mechanical Engineer, Quebec City Quebec, Riverbend Quebec, s/o Walter John RAY (b. Quebec City) & no first name GUBBINS; married Leila Elizabeth ARGUE, 25, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o John Fenton ARGUE (b. Ontario) & no first name MARSHALL; wit Walter J. RAY, Quebec City & J. Fenton ARGUE, Ottawa, 27 Oct 1926, Ottawa

033400-26 Thomas Peter REDDY, 28, Farmer, Nepean, Nepean, s/o Michael REDDY & Catherine LARKIN; married Margaret Hilda WATTERS, 27, School Teacher, Nepean, Ottawa, d/o Hugh WATTERS & Bridget NASH; wit Gerald REDDY of 45 Gilmore & Monica REDDY of Hintonburg, 12 Oct 1926, Ottawa

033403-26 Peter REISS, 33, Foreman, Spokane Wash USA, Ottawa, s/o Lewis REISS (b. Cincinnati Ohio) & Helen KEITZMAN (Kertzman?); married Mabel Delila MORRIS, 21, Stenographer, Rat Portage, Ottawa, d/o Charles E. MORRIS (b. Perth) & Lillian MCGARRY; wit Louise MAHONEY & M.A. MAHONEY, both of 37 Lakeside Ave, 13 Mar 1926, Ottawa

033405-26 Armand RENAUD, 30, Butcher, Wid, Montreal, Ottawa, s/o Gaudiose RENAUD & Isoleine LAPENSEE; married Dora JOANISSE, 31, Nurse, Old Chelsea Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Vincent JOANISSE & Marie HUOT; wit Gaudiose RENAUD, both Ottawa, 22 Jun 1926, Ottawa

033406-26 Joseph Wilfred RENY, 62, Messenger, St. Henedine Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Joseph RENY (b. Beauce) & Emma BONNEVILLE; married Marie Anne Leopoldine ALARIE, 57, Wid, Quebec Quebec, Quebec Quebec, d/o Misoel THIBAUDEAU (b. Quebec) & Adeline GIRANDIN; wit Alfred ALARIE & Achilles PERRY, both Ottawa, 25 Oct 1926, Ottawa

033408-26 Harold REVINE, 23, Driver, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Ross REVINE (b. Morewood) & Mary HERRON; married Azelia LONGPRE, 19, maid, Aylmer Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Peter LONGPRE (b. Aylmer Quebec) & Emma SOULIER; wit Rosalie WHALLEY & W. TEMBETTE?, both Ottawa, 4 Jun 1926, Ottawa

033413-26 Maurice RICHER, 25, Bookkeeper, Eastview, Ottawa, s/o Hector RICHER & Adelia LAVIOLETTE; married Annette BELANGER, 18, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Gilbert BELANGER & Anna LAFLEUR; wit Hector RICHER & Gilbert BELANGER, both Ottawa, 24 May 1926, Ottawa

033414-26 John RICKERD, 35, Farmer, Hallville, Vars, s/o John RICKERD & Mary MURPHY; married Emma EASTMAN, 24, Saleslady, Russell, Russell, d/o William EASTMAN & Jane BIRTCH; wit Lucy RICKERD & Darla SABOURIN, both Ottawa, 28 Apr 1926, Ottawa

033415-26 George Sheldon RIDGEWAY, 19, hotel clerk, Ottawa, 389 Chapel St in Ottawa s/o Sam RIDGEWAY (b. Canada) & Sarah SHELDRICK married Mary GOODRIDGE, 16, Ottawa, 77 Stirling Ave in Ottawa d/o James GOODRIDGE (b. England) & Agnes PETTITT wtn: Minette M. SPRATT of 75 Fairmount Ave in Ottawa & Ida E. FLATT of 73 Fairmount Ave in Ottawa, 8 June 1926 at Ottawa 033432-26 Thomas William ROGERS, 22, electrician, Eastview, 20 Hawthorne Ave in Ottawa s/o John Thomas ROGERS (b. London in England) & Elizabeth ALLEN married Evelyn Arletta WELSFORD, 18, Ottawa, 543 Lyon St in Ottawa d/o Roy Walker WELSFORD (b. Ottawa) & Mary E. CARTER wtn: Elizabeth ROGERS & Mary H. JOHNSON both of Ottawa, 25 October 1926 at Ottawa
033433-26 Frederick Joseph ROLLO, 27, labourer, Glasgow Scotland, 342 McKay St in Ottawa s/o Donald & Marjorie McMILLAN (foster parents) married Mary Jean CAIRNS, 26, checker, Edinburgh Scotland, 34 Bayview Rd in Ottawa d/o John CAIRNS & Ida SMITH wtn: John FARRELL of 24 Bayview Rd in Ottawa & Mrs Irene McGREGOR of 84 Willow St in Ottawa, 1 July 1926 at Ottawa 033436-26 Robert Stuart ROSS, 21, salesman, Ottawa, 965 Bronson Ave in Ottawa s/o John Robert ROSS (b. Renfrew Ont.) & Christina WALKER married Muriel Lillian McLEAN, 20, clerk, Hespeler Ont., 291 Lisgar St in Ottawa d/o Harry W. McLEAN (b. Chrysler Ont.) & Annie MEARCE wtn: Ellen SCOTT of 83 Daly Ave in Ottawa & Mrs OSTERHOUT of 65 Stewart St in Ottawa, 15 October 1926 at Ottawa
033437-26 Ralph ROSSINI, 21, draughtsman, Washington USA, Detroit, s/o Ralph ROSSINI (b. Italy) & Elsie SPESKI married Edna May MITCHELL, 23, Gracefield Que., 22 Scott St in Ottawa d/o Robert MITCHELL (b. Gracefield Que.) & Levina JOHNSON wtn: Harold NOBLE of Aylmer Apts in Ottawa & Helen M.M. BOWES of 7 Hilda, 30 December 1926 at St Francis d.Assisi Church 033438-26 Michel Alphonse ROUSSEL, 26, labourer, Barachois Gaspe Que., Hull Que., s/o Michel ROUSSEL (b. B--? de Mal Baie Que.) & Rose de Lima DEPREZ married Laura Salome GIROUX, 31, Masham Que., 192 MacLaren St in Ottawa d/o Antoine GIROUX (b. Hull? Que.) & Sidomie PROULX wtn: Antoine GIROUX of Hull Que., & John H. DU QUETTE of E4 Willow St in Ottawa, 20 July 1926 at 67 Belmont St in Ottawa
033439-26 Lester John ROUTLIFFE, 20, mechanic, Deschenes Que., Deschenes Que., s/o James ROUTLIFFE (b. Deschenes) & Nellie QUINN married Yvonne Eleontine CORRIVEAU, 22, waitress, Otter Lake Que., Ottawa d/o Joseph CORRIVEAU (b. Otter Lake) & Mathilda LAFLEUR wtn: Joseph CORRIVEAU of Eardley & Joseph LAFLEUR of Otter Lake, 27 October 1926 at Ottawa 033444-26 Robert Johnston RUSSELL, 27, clerk, Glasgow Scotland, 327 Laurier Ave W in Ottawa s/o David RUSSELL (b. Scotland) & Margaret JOHNSTON married Edith FLATTERS, 24, stenographer, Aylmer Que., Aylmer Que., d/o Frederick Richard FLATTERS (b. Aylmer Que.) & Maria HENDERSON wtn: A.N. Leon BUTLER of 11 Fairmont Ave & Olive HENDERSON of Detroit, 23 August 1926 at St Matthias Church in Ottawa
033445-26 Charles Wingfield SADDINGTON, 29, accountant, Richmond Ont., Ottawa s/o Archdeacon Charles SADDINGTON & Florence M. HARVEY married Rebecca Mary ORR, 26, civil servant, Navan Ont., Ottawa d/o Rev. Robert ORR & Lillie M. SHAW wtn: Lillie M. ORR of Ottawa & Florence M. SADDINGTON of Arnprior, 30 June 1926 at Ottawa 033451-26 Harold Sidney SAUNDERS, 23, elevator operator, England, Ottawa s/o Matthew SAUNDERS (b. England) & Florence HUMPHRIES married Ina GORDON, 21, bookkeeper, Scotland, Ottawa d/o David GORDON (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth McFARLANE wtn: George D. SPENCE of 39 Edina St in Ottawa & Winnie GORDON of 135 Lees Ave in Ottawa, 18 September 1926 at Ottawa
033452-26 Roy Manson SAUNDERS, 32, farmer, Osgoode twp, Osgoode twp s/o Thomas SAUNDERS (b. North Gower twp) & Sophia RICE married Annie Kathleen McLAREN, 22, at home of relatives, Osgoode twp, Osgoode twp d/o William McLAREN (b. Osgoode twp) (deceased) & Janet ANDREWS (deceased) wtn: R.R. THOMPSON & Ellen W. BUTLER both of Osgoode, 28 April 1926 at Ottawa 033453-26 Stanley Victor SAUNDERS, 31, dentist, Smiths Falls Ont., Smiths Falls s/o William John SAUNDERS (b. Canada) & Helena COPELAND married Esther Mae McCREARY, 32, registered nurse, Montague Ont., Smiths Falls d/o Joseph McCREARY (b. Canada) & Martha BOURNE wtn: Alice G. SAUNDERS & E. Noreen MONTGOMERY both of Smiths Falls, 21 August 1926 at Ottawa
033454-26 Alfred SAUVE, 25, clerk, Ottawa, 85 Carruthers Ave in Ottawa s/o Francis Xavier SAUVE & Elizabeth CAYEL married Ellen Anetta DINELLE, 23, clerk, Ottawa, 148 Hinchey Ave in Ottawa d/o Frederic DINELLE & Jane COUGHLAN wtn: Francis Xavier SAUVE of 85 Carruthers Ave in Ottawa & Frederic DINELLE of 148 Hinchey Ave in Ottawa, 15 April 1926 at Ottawa 033456-26 Harry SCALES, 42, CPR employee, Manchester in England, 17 Oxford St in Ottawa s/o Thomas SCALES (b. England) & Mary NELSON married Elizabeth BAMBER, 51, divorced, Liverpool in England, 17 Oxford St in Ottawa d/o William FORSHAW (b. England) & Anne WOODWARD wtn: Rev. A.F. POLLACK of 138 Lewis St in Ottawa & Mrs Elizabeth LOGAN of 340 McLeod St in Ottawa, 22 November 1926 at Ottawa
033458-26 Walter Max SCHEER, 21, railway employee, Madawaska Ont., Madawaska s/o Max Christian SCHEER (b. Berlin Germany) & Hattie GOLTZ married Julia RECOSKIE, 18, maid, Wilno Ont., Barry.s Bay Ont. d/o John RECOSKIE & Agnes DROMBROSKIE wtn: Rene Leon GIROUX & Elsie Minnie GIROUX both of 584 Chapel St in Ottawa, 25 January 1926 at All Saint.s Church in Ottawa 033459-26 Conrad SCHROEDER, 22, clerical stenographer, Ottawa, 508 Church St in Windsor Ont. s/o August SCHROEDER & Emma BUSKE married Edna BOEHMER, 22, domestic, Ottawa, 284 Crichton St in Ottawa d/o Karl BOEHMER & Martha JORDAN wtn: William SCHROEDER of Rockcliffe Park in Ottawa & Myrtle JORDAN of Eastview, 22 July 1926 at St Lucas Church in Ottawa
033461-26 Norbert Angus SCOTT, 21, labourer, Ottawa, Ottawa s/o James SCOTT & Bridget NOLAN married Mary Kathleen Gladys O.CONNOR, 23, office girl, Ottawa, Ottawa d/o Matthew H. O.CONNOR & Mary Ann RYAN wtn: Ambrose Andrew SCOTT of 45 Champagne Ave in Ottawa & Beatrice O.CONNOR of 209 Minton Ave in Ottawa, 11 August 1926 at Ottawa 033462-26 Henry Stewart SCULLION, 25, farmer, East Templeton Que., West Templeton Que., s/o David SCULLION (b. Canada) & Nellie FITZPATRICK married Sarah Violet WHITE, 21, March twp Ont., Blackburn Ont. d/o Robert James WHITE (b. Canada) & Isobel DUNCAN wtn: Ella SCULLION of Gatineau Point Que., & Gordon WHITE of Blackburn, 26 November 1926 at Ottawa
033464-26 Beresford Henry SEGRE, 39, civil servant, Savanna Le Mer Jamaica, YMCA in Ottawa s/o Benjamin Henry SEGRE (b. Savanna Le Mer Jamaica) & Mary Helen SEGRE married Mary Evelyn MEUNIER, 25, civil servant, Ottawa, 23 Poplar St in Ottawa d/o Francis MEUNIER (b. Ottawa) & Mary Ann McCARTHY wtn: Austin CUMMING of 286 Laurier Ave W in Ottawa & Mrs Effie MONTAGUE of 579 Somerset St in Ottawa, 20 January 1926 at Ottawa 033467-26 Mitchell SHAHEN, 35, merchant, Syria, Montreal s/o Nisrallah SHAHEN (b. Syria) & Mary KOURI married Jennie KALIL, 21, Ottawa, 442 Bay St in Ottawa d/o George KALIL (b. Syria) & Takla KANEMY wtn: Mrs Massey KALIL of 990 St Thimothee St in Montreal & Miss Holwy KANEMY of 11B St Elizabeth St in Montreal, 20 June 1926 at St Barnabas Church in Ottawa
033468-26 Simon F. SHANE, 44, widower, farmer, Lemieux Ont., Lemieux Ont. s/o Moses SHANE (deceased) & Christina McINNIS married Ellen REID, 42, teacher, Lemieux Ont., Lemieux Ont. d/o Archibald REID (deceased) & Rose MOONEY wtn: McClellan REID & Elizabeth McCORMICK both of 53 Strathcona in Ottawa, 16 February 1926 at Ottawa East 033472-26 Ira SHEFFIELD, 25, painter, Arnprior, Detroit, s/o Joseph SHEFFIELD b. Bristol Que.) & Mary SIMPSON married Sarah Muriel MOORE, 26, Gloucester twp, 67 Grosvenor Ave in Ottawa d/o Andrew William MOORE (b. Manotick Ont.) & Mary MONTGOMERY wtn: Myrtle Sheffield ANNABLE of Rockland & Annie MOORE of Ottawa, 9 January 1926 at Ottawa
033473-26 James SHELLARD, 33, widower, groom, King.s Neath in England, Government House in Ottawa s/o James SHELLARD (b. Warwickshire) & (not known) married Eva CASTLE, 35, domestic, Lynn near Walsawl? Staffordshire in England, 299 Clarence St in Ottawa d/o James SHELLARD (b. Boldock in Bedfordshire in England) & Sarah FOOTE wtn: Archibald FAIRNIE of Government House & James FAIRNIE of 20 Crichton St, 1 April 1926 at St David.s Church in Ottawa