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Carleton Co., 1927, part 3

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009388-27 Thomas John BAKER, 40, Farmer, Marlborough Twp, Marlborough Twp, s/o Adam BAKER (b. Canada) & Jane THOMPSON; married Etta Amelia COWELL, 35, Marlborough, Marlborough, d/o James COWELL (b. Canada) & Jane TEMPLETON; wit Arthur R. BROWNLEE & Gertrude SIMPSON, both North Gower, 28 Sept 1927, Marlborough Twp

009389-27 William James BALL, 23, Farmer, North Gower, North Gower, s/o John Henry BALL (b. Canada) & Hannah MCBRYDE; married Annie K. WALLACE, 21, School Teacher, North Gower, North Gower, d/o J. Fulton WALLACE (b. Canada) & Agnes WRIGHT; wit Fred WALLACE & Mildred WILSON, both North Gower, 30 Nov 1927, North Gower

009390-27 Adrien BARETTE, 19, Driver, Ottawa, Eastview, s/o John BARETTE & Marie Ange TRUDEAU; married Marie Jeanne CARRIERE, 16, Montreal, Eastview, d/o Joseph CARRIERE & Rose Anna LALONDE; wit John BARETTE & Xenophon LECLAIR, both Eastview, 6 Nov 1927, Eastview

009391-27 Nelson Henry BARTLEY, 25, Farmer, Marlborough Twp, Marlborough Twp, s/o Joseph BARTLEY (b. Canada) & Elizabeth REDDICK; married Anna Christina MCCURDY, 23, Marlborough twp, Kemptville, d/o David MCCURDY (b. Canada) & Mary Ann FENNELL; wit Jared ARMSTRONG & Laura ARMSTRONG, both Kemptville, 20 Apr 1927, North Gower

009392-27 Cecil Irwin BEACOM, 28, Merchant, Armagh Ireland, Toronto, s/o Christopher BEACOM (b. Lisbellow) & Elizabeth MCLOUGHLIN; married Ina Sophia TYNER, 24, Operator, Marlbank, Toronto, d/o George TYNER (b. Marlbank) & Clara A. WILLIAMS; wit Christopher Edward BEACOM, Toronto & Iva Zebia TYNER, Marlbank, 7 Nov 1927, Richmond

009396-27 Harold BLONGNO, 19, Labourer, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Joe BLONGNO (b. Italy) & Mary SMYHER; married Marie Alice LALONDE, 17, Ottawa, Nepean Twp, d/o Amide LALONDE (b. Plantagenet) & Victoria LACROIX; wit F. BEAUDOIN, Ottawa & Moise LALONDE, Westboro, 22 Oct 1927, Church of St. Joan of Arc

009399-27 James Roy BOYD, 27, Farmer, Gloucester Twp, Nepean Twp, s/o Nathaniel BOYD (b. Murvale) & Hester CARRIE; married Irene Isobel GREER, 24, Nepean Twp, Nepean Twp, d/o John A. GREER (b. Murvale) & Sarah J. STINSON; wit Edna NESBITT, Hogs Back & Allen BOYD, Murvale, 6 Jul 1927, Nepean Twp

009400-27 Alfred BOYER, 20, Labourer, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Charles BOYER & Violet FOSTER; married Dora DAVIS, 20, Clarence Creek, Nepean Twp, d/o Clement DAVIS & Maria Jeanne BEAULIEU; wit Charles BOYER, Ottawa, & Clement DAVIS, Carlington, 7 Nov 1927, Carlington

009401-27 James BROWN, 21, Barber, North Emsley, Ottawa, s/o James BROWN (b. Montague) & Martha CODE; married Esther Gwendolyn STEPHENS, 20, Eastview, Eastview, d/o James STEPHENS (b. Newfoundland) & Charlotte Ann SCHARF; wit Irene MACPHAIL, Eastview & Ross BROWN, Ottawa, 1 Sept 1927, Eastview

009402-27 Willard Bower BROWNLEE, 30, Farmer, North Gower, Osgoode Station, s/o John BROWNLEE (b. North Gower) & Catherine JAMES; married Ellen Muriel MOORE, 25, Hawthorne, Hawthorne, d/o Alex MOORE (b. Hawthorne) & Margaret MONTGOMERY; wit Lulu Margaret MOORE, Hawthorne & Horace BROWNLEE, Osgoode Station, 22 Jun 1927, Carleton Co

009403-27 John Wesley BUCHANAN, 44, Farmer, Goulbourn Twp, Goulbourn Twp, s/o Hugh BUCHANAN (b. Goulbourn Twp) & Hessy CONLEY; married Eva Elizabeth BLEEKS, 35, Goulbourn Twp, Goulbourn Twp, d/o William BLEEKS (b. Goulbourn Twp) & Sarah GARVIN; wit William Herbert GARLAND & Barbara GARLAND, both Richmond, 22 Jun 1927, Goulbourn Twp

009404-27 John George BUTTERWORTH , 45, Merchant, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o John George BUTTERWORTH (b. Port Hawkesbury NS) & Elizabeth Jane SHAW; married Ethelena Hilda BURGESS, 18, Stenographer, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Ernest John BURGESS (b. Cranbrook Kent England) & Hilda Frances CAMPBELL; wit John Leslie ROUNTHWAITE & Lucy Celectia ROUNTHWAITE, both 110 Gloucester St., 23 Dec 1927, Eastview


009405-27 Robert Lorne CAMPBELL, 41, Farmer, North Elmsley Twp, Pakenham Twp, s/o Ralph S. CAMPBELL (b. Montague Twp) & Mary Ann ORR; married Olivia Frances HUDSON, 26, Fitzroy Twp, Fitzroy Twp, d/o Frank HUDSON (b. Fitzroy Twp) & Mary Ann POOLE; wit Charles A. CAMPBELL, illegible Ontario & Jessie HUDSON, Kinburn, 27 Jan 1927, Fitzroy Twp

009406-27 Edward Francis CAVANAGH, 32, Farmer, Goulbourn Twp, Stanley's Corner, s/o William CAVANAGH & Margaret COSGROVE; married Catherine Cecilia LARKIN, 23, Farmer, Goulbourn Twp, Stanley's Corners, d/o Michael LARKIN & Ellen FORBES; wit William CAVANAGH & Annie Alice LARKIN, both Stanley's Corners, 4 Oct 1927, Richmond

009407-27 J. Louis Alfred CHARRETTE, 33, Facteur, Rockland, Ottawa, s/o Amedee CHARRETTE & Delphine WHELAN; married Aurore LAVIGNE, 38, Housekeeper, Cyrville, Cyrville, d/o Hyacinthe LAVIGNE & Eulalie BEAUDOIN; wit Amedee CHARRETTE, Rockland & Hyacinthe LAVIGNE, Cyrville, 7 Nov 1927, Cyrville

009408-27 Alderic CLEROUX, 22, Labourer, Orleans, Gloucester Twp, s/o Andre CLEROUX & Marguerite ROBINSON; married Beatrice CLEROUX, 15yr 5mo, Orleans, Gloucester Twp, d/o Michel CLEROUX & Vitaline NADON; wit Andre CLEROUX, Kars? & Michel CLEROUX, Orleans, 20 Jun 1927, Orleans

009409-27 Joseph CLEROUX, 20, Labourer, Orleans, Cumberland, s/o Xavier & Flossie CLEROUX; married Bertha CLEROUX, 21, Orleans, Gloucester Twp, d/o Michel CLEROUX & Vitaline NADON; wit Xavier CLEROUX, Navan & Michel CLEROUX, Orleans, 13 Jun 1927, Orleans

009410-27 Richard Frederick COLE, 55, Locomotive Engineer, Arthur, Ottawa, s/o Charles COLE (b. North Gore) & Christina BANNERMAN; married Ellen Florence WAGENER, 59, Housekeeper, Wid, Gloucester Twp, Ottawa, d/o Joseph COSGROVE (b. Ireland) & Alice LAWRENCE; wit Ambygory? NYESTER & Giedeun? NYESTER, both Eastview, 1 Jun 1927, Eastview

009411-27 Russell Thomas COWELL, 42, Farmer, Marlborough Twp, Marlborough Twp, s/o James COWELL (b. Canada) & Jane TEMPLETON; married Anna Pearl MOFFATT, 40, Marlborough Twp, Marlborough Twp, d/o Robert MOFFATT (b. Canada) & Isabel FEE; wit Arthur R. BROWNLEE & Lillian I.B. DOOL, both North Gower, 30 Jun 1927, North Gower

009412-27 Harry Edwood CRAIG, 24, Farmer, Osgoode Twp, Metcalfe, s/o Cyrus T. CRAIG (b. North Gower) & Alice CROSS; married Viola Irene STANLEY, 23, Osgoode Twp, Metcalfe, d/o Robert STANLEY (b. Osgoode Twp) & Margaret JOHNSON; wit C. Earl CRAIG, Metcalfe & Lila Edith STANLEY, Greeley, 14 Apr 1927, Carleton Co

009413-27 Norton Thomas James CRAWFORD, 21, Farmer, North Gower Twp, Richmond, s/o William J. CRAWFORD (b. North Gower) & Edith JAMES; married Lilias Maude HOBBS, 21, Goulbourn Twp, Stittsville, d/o Joshua HOBBS (b. Munster) & Margaret CALDWELL; wit Melville SEABROOK & Mrs. Melville SEABROOK, both Richmond, 3 Dec 1927, Ashton

009414-27 Bernadette Rene Edmond CHARTRAND, 25, Labourer, St. Joseph of Orleans, Cyrville, s/o Oedipe CHARTRAND & Presille BRIND'AMOUR; married Clothilde Marie Jeanne TURGEON, 28, Eastview, Eastview, d/o Charles TURGEON & Alexine LALONDE; wit Oedipe CHARTRAND, Cyrville & Charles TURGEON, Eastview, 1 Jun 1927, Eastview

009415-27 Michael CRONIN, 29, Labourer, Ireland, Mountain Station, s/o John CRONIN (b. Ireland) & May MCCARTER; married Laura Ellis CARKNER, 20, Ottawa, Mountain Station, d/o William CARKNER (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth LAROCQUE; wit Carrol FLEGEL & Mary FLEGEL, both Westboro, 6 Jul 1927, Westboro

009416-27 Glen McCullough CULBERTSON, 24, Carpenter, Carleton Place, Carleton Place, s/o Bolton CULBERTSON (b. Drummond) & Sarah MCCULLOUGH; married Margreta Bessie Maud CRAIG, 22, Ashton, Carleton Place, d/o Absolom Anthony CRAIG (b. Prospect) & Mina Maud SIMPSON; wit Rhea LOWREY & Laura M. Raeburn GIBSON, both Carp, 19 Nov 1927, Carp

009417-27 Frederick Earnest CUMMINGS, 37, Contractor, Gloucester Twp, Westboro, s/o William CUMMINGS (b. Canada) & Mary GREEN; married Eurice Escell PACK, 29, Bookkeeper, Hintonburg, Westboro, d/o William PACK (b. England) & Harriet MOORE; wit Chester PACK? & Mabel CUNNINGS, both Westboro, 26 Nov 1927, Westboro

009418-27 John Fairburn DIZZELL, 26, Farmer, Montague Twp, Montague Twp, s/o John DIZZELL (b. Montague Twp) & Sarah Jane LEACH; married Louella Irene LEACH, 25, Montague Twp, Montague Twp, d/o Edward George (b. Montague Twp) & Carrie Louise LEACH; wit Leonard Brock LEACH & Mary Alila DIZZELL, both Smiths Falls, 20 Jun 1927, Ashton

009419-27 George Earl Opal DONALDSON, 31, Truck Driver, Buckingham Quebec, Ottawa, s/o George Angus DONALDSON (b. Buckingham Quebec) & Annie MCEWAN; married Mary Catherine RITCHIE, 22, Clerk, Tottenham England, Westboro, d/o George Alexander RITCHIE (b. Aberdeen Scotland) & Barbara ALLEN; wit Louisa May MONTGOMERY, Ottawa & J.M. RITCHIE, Westboro, 14 Sept 1927, Westboro

009420-27 Florean DOUCET, 28, Pool Room Keeper, Hull Quebec, Hull Quebec, s/o Eugene DOUCET (b. Quebec) & Exilda PICARD; married Marie Donalda ROBERGE, 26, Eastview, Eastview, d/o Henri ROBERGE (b. Quebec) & Donalda TURPIN; wit Oscar DOUCET, Hull & Evelide LINNON, Eastview, 10 Oct 1927, Eastview

009421-27 James Vincent DOYLE, 34, Farmer, Perth, Perth, s/o Patrick DOYLE & Catherine LALLY; married Sarah Loretta O'BRIEN, 28, Huntley, Huntley, d/o Patrick O'BRIEN & Johanna WHITE; wit James Vincent CLOSE, Perth & Mary E. FLYNN, Corkery, 22 Jun 1927, Corkery

009422-27 Garfield George DUNCAN, 26, Physician, Gloucester Twp, Philadelphia USA, s/o Samuel DUNCAN & Matilda MANSFIELD; married Dorthea Eva WATERMAN, 26, School Teacher, Franktown, Carp, d/o Robert B. & Anna Bella WATERMAN; wit Cecil C. SHEETS (MD), Paulstow NY & Marjorie K. WATERMAN, 3 Sept 1927, Carp


009423-27 Hilliard EADIE, 27, Farmer, Richmond, Richmond, s/o James EADIE (b. Richmond) & Margaret STEWART; married Lola Eileen MONTGOMERY, 19, Richmond, Richmond, d/o Gabriel MONTGOMERY (b. Mallakoff Ont) & Sarah Matilda DOBSON; wit Mrs. Susie COLQUHOUN & Mrs. Sarah MONTGOMERY, both Richmond, 9 Apr 1927, Richmond

009424-27 Peter EMERY, 40, Labourer, Goulbourn Twp, Goulbourn Twp, s/o Henry EMERY & Susanna TIMMONS; married Mary Helen Rosalie BELANGER, 16, Housekeeper, Mattawa, Goulbourn Twp, d/o John Baptiste BELANGER & Adelaide LAFRENIERE; wit Henry EMERY & John B. BELANGER, both Ashton, 10 Aug 1927, Richmond

009425-27 Harold Eldon FENNELL, 26, Grain Merchant, North Gower Twp, Winchester, s/o Milton FENNELL (b. Canada) & Sarah Armona SMITH; married Nellie Maud POTTER, 26, School Teacher, North Gower Twp, North Gower, d/o Samuel POTTER (b. Canada) & Sarah Ellen ROBINSON; wit Bowes POTTER, North Gower & Florence M. FENNELL, Winchester, 16 Jul 1927, North Gower

009426-27 Walter George FERGUSON, 26, Miner, Arundel Quebec, Fitzroy Twp, s/o Duncan William FERGUSON (b. Ashland Wis USA) & Elizabeth MORROW; married Ruby Hazel MORROW, 18, Wentworth Twp Quebec, Wentworth Twp Quebec, d/o George (b. Laurel) & Nellie MORROW; wit William John BRIDGES & Lizzie A. BRIDGES, both Galetta, 21 Jun 1927, Fitzroy

009427-27 John Arthur FISHER, 33, Banker, Oakville, Fitzroy Harbour, s/o Francis FISHER & Margaret CURREN; married Mary Josephine STANTON, 26, Farmer, Fitzroy Harbour, Fitzroy Harbour, d/o Thomas STANTON & Agnes MCDERMOTT; wit Domnic STANTON, Fitzroy Harbour & John STANTON, Galetta, 22 Jun 1927, Fitzroy Harbour

009428-27 Andrew Walker FLECK, 21, Construction Engineer, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o James Gordon FLECK (b. Canada) & Annie MOORE; married Gladys HOUGHTBY, 19, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Harry Henry HOUGHTBY (b. England) & Gertrude Elizabeth SHORE; wit A.E. LEIGH & A.W. PHILLIPS, both Westboro, 29 Oct 1927, Westboro

009429-27 Michael FLYNN, 39, Farm Labourer, Glendermoth Derry Ireland, Londonderry Ireland, s/o Patrick FLYNN (b. Londonderry) & Theresa O'DONNELL; married Susanna DOHERTY, 21, Domestic Servant, Londonderry Ireland, Ottawa, d/o Patrick DOHERTY (b. Londonderry) & Bridget MCLAUGHLIN; wit James Joseph KENNEY & Elizabeth BIRDWISTLE, both Ottawa, 22 Apr 1927, Billings Bridge

009430-27 John Harold FORD, 26, Manager, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o James FORD (b. Ireland) & Jane MULLEN; married Elizabeth Learmonth JOSS, 27, Civil Servant, Galashields Scotland, Ottawa, d/o John JOSS (b. Scotland) & blank; wit Roger MAHER, Ottawa & Maud FORD, Billings Bridge, 21 Nov 1927, Gloucester Twp

009431-27 Merritt Edison FRASER, 2, Farmer, Richmond, Richmond, s/o John FRASER (b. Pembroke) & Carrie VAUGHAN; married Olive Myrtle NEWCOMBE, 20, Richmond, Richmond, d/o Albert NEWCOMBE (b. Wakefield) & Martha KETTLES; wit John Irvin FRASER, Richmond & Olivia NEWCOMMON, Wakefield, 16 Nov 1927, Munster

009432-27 Winterfield Philip FROATS, 31, Farmer, Alfred Village, Chesterville, s/o Amoziah FROATS (b. Winchester) & Annie JOHNSTON; married Violet HESS, 41, Nurse, Chesterville, Chesterville, d/o Manla HESS (b. Winchester Springs) & Margaret Ellen BARCLAY; wit Mary ROSS & Annie G. MICK, both Westboro, 10 Jul 1927, Westboro


009433-27 Wallace Colby GALLUP, 28, Farmer, Danville Quebec, Danville Quebec, s/o Colby Dennison GALLUP (b. Danville Quebec) & Elizabeth PICKEN; married Lois May WILSON, 26, Carp, Carp, d/o James Humphries WILSON (b. Carp) & Sadie Eden ADAMS; wit Allan McLean WILSON & Alice Maud HUMPHRIES, both Carp, 4 Jun 1927, Carp

009434-27 Ernest GARIEPY, 24, Day Labourer, Eastview, Eastview, s/o Joseph GARIEPY & Emilia TURPIN; married Juliette TAILLEFER, 19, Eastview, Eastview, d/o Joseph TAILLEFER & Victoria AYOTTE; wit Joseph GARIEPY & Joseph TAILLEFER, both Eastview, 17 May 1927, Eastview

009435-27 George Lorne GARVIN, 29, Moulder, Goulbourn Twp, Carleton Place, s/o Moses GARVIN (b. Goulbourn Twp) & Margaret JENKINSON; married Agnes Ruth MACDOUGALL, 31, Housekeeper, Dalhousie Twp, Carleton Place, d/o Robert MACDOUGALL (b. Dalhousie) & Ellen BULLOCK; wit Arthur G. SCOTT & M.E. GARVIN, both Carleton Place, 6 Oct 1927, Huntley Twp

009436-27 Aurellien GLADU, 21, Salesman, Eastview, Eastview, s/o Joseph GLADU (b. Eastview) & Rose Delima LEBLANC; married Rose Lorella GIROUX, 18, Ottawa, Eastview, d/o Aquila GIROUX (b. Plantagenet) & Ella PARISIEN; wit Rosaria GLADU & Aquila GIROUX, both Eastview, 16 Jun 1927, Eastview

009437-27 Robert Wesley GOTH, 23, Farmer, Nepean Twp, Gloucester Twp, s/o John W. GOTH (b. South Gloucester) & Grace G. BARRETT; married Laura Christina RODNEY, 20, Gloucester Twp, Gloucester Twp, d/o Hugh W. RODNEY (b. North Osgoode) & Margaret SUMMERS; wit G.W. GOTH, Billings Bridge & M. RODNEY, Ramsayville, 19 Oct 1927, Gloucester Twp

009441-27 Ernel Howard GREEN, 21, Farmer, Goulbourn Twp, Goulbourn Twp, s/o Henry GREEN (b. Goulbourn) & Drusilla GREEN; married Edna Jennie Margaret CRAWFORD, 19, North Gower Twp, Richmond, d/o William J. CRAWFORD (b. North Gower) & Gertrude Edith Ethel JAMES; wit Norton Thomas James CRAWFORD & Annie Elva GREEN, both Richmond, 1 Jun 1927, Goulbourn Twp

009442-27 Milton James GREEN, 24, Farmer, Goulbourn Twp, Goulbourn Twp, s/o William J. GREEN (b. Goulbourn Twp) & Mary KIRKMAN; married Jeanetta Evelyn DOUGLAS, 23, Montague Twp, Montague Twp, d/o Arthur DOUGLAS (b. Montague Twp) & Julia BENNETT; wit Alexander E. BENNETT & Myrtle S. DOUGLAS, both Smiths Falls, 28 Dec 1927, Ashton

009443-27 Thomas James GREGOIRE, 23, Civil Servant, Aylmer Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Norbert GREGOIRE (b. Quebec Province) & Mary KEYES; married Gratia LABELLE, 21, Maid, L'Orignal, Ottawa, d/o Pierre LABELLE (b. Ottawa) & Ida TRUDEL; wit Mary Jane DOYLE & Rev. John O'NEILL, both Ottawa, 1 Jan 1927, Ottawa West

008859-27 George JOLY, 25, Labourer, Lac Ste. Marie Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Louis JOLY & Marguerite HENRI; married Geotia GAMACHE, 18, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o F.C. GAMACHE & Gratia LAPOINTE; wit F.C. GAMACHE (Sr) & F.C. GAMACHE, both Ottawa, 21 Nov 1927, Ottawa

008863-27 Walter Melville JONES, 30, Civil Servant, London, Ottawa, s/o Thomas JONES (b. London) & Mary Frances FRANKLIN; married Cherie Amy ASTON, 37, Divorced, Kingston, Ottawa, d/o Chamberlain Arthur IRWIN (b. Kingston) & Marian Ann MURRAY; wit A. BURFEE & Mrs. A. BURFEE, both Ottawa, 8 Oct 1927, Ottawa

008860-27 Andrew Harold JONES, 29, Clerk, Ottawa, Rochester NY, s/o Robert Montgomery JONES (b. Ottawa) & Elizabeth TAGGERT; married Ella Kathleen WRIGHT, 26, Employee Bank Note Co, Victoria Harbour, Ottawa, d/o James Wesley WRIGHT (b. Port Hope) & Nellie Elizabeth WARD; wit Winnifred G. MILLER & C.E. CLARK, both Ottawa, 29 Jun 1927, Ottawa

008861-27 George JONES, 34, Shoe Shiner, Cardiff Wales, Ottawa, s/o unknown (Barnardo's Boy); married Edith BERGER, 28, Maid, Pembroke, Ottawa, d/o John BERGER (b. Ontario) & Minnie RADSKIE; wit W.V. COE & Mrs. Nora MARTIN, both Ottawa, 16 May 1927, Ottawa

008862-27 James Robert JONES, 20, Teamster, Gloucester twp, Ottawa, s/o John JONES (b. Canada) & Isabella ECCLES; married Bertha Azelah LOWEN, 22, Domestic, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o George LOWEN (b. Canada) & Elizabeth MORRIS; wit Irene LOWEN, Ottawa & Willie John JONES, Hurdmans Bridge, 19 Oct 1927, Ottawa

008864-27 Frederick Stewart JOURNEAUX, 26, Salesman, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Frederick M. JOURNEAUX (b. Ottawa) & Mary Ellen DANCEY; married Marian Hunter MACINTYRE, 22, Stenographer, Edinburgh Scotland, Ottawa, d/o Donald MACINTYRE (b. Scotland) & Janet HUNTER; wit Wilfred L. DE LA RONDE & Jessie S. MACINTYRE, both Ottawa, 4 Jul 1927, Ottawa

008865-27 Jacob KANDEL, 27, Painter, Romania, Chicago USA, s/o Dave KANDEL (b. Romania) & Hannah KAPELONSCHUIK; married Pesea SNITOVSCHE, 27, Romania, Ottawa, d/o Abraham SNITOVSCHE (b. Romania) & Bella MORRISSON; wit E. JONES & Margaret MCDIARMID, both Ottawa, 29 Jul 1927, Ottawa

008866-27 Israel KANNER, 24, Reverend, Poland, Ottawa, s/o David KANNER (b. Galicia Poland) & Zetel LENSHITZ; married Mindel BERGER, 20, Poland, Ottawa, d/o Wolfe BERGER (b. Poland) & Manie TAFFEL; wit Nathan DRAZIN & Max MASER, both Ottawa, 11 Feb 1927, Ottawa

008867-27 Cecil James KEALEY, 18, Labourer, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o William KEALEY (b. Canada) & Margaret SCISSONS; married Grace Isabel Lucienne BELLEFEUILLE, 18, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Walter BELLEFEUILLE (b. Canada) & Lizette BUNEL; wit William KEALEY & Walter BELLEFEUILLE, both Ottawa, 13 Sept 1927, Ottawa

008868-27 Maynard John Joseph KEATING, 26, Teamster, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o James Edward KEATING (b. Canada) & Elizabeth LANG; married Nessie Flora HARPER, 22, Maid, Chesterville, Ottawa, d/o John HARPER (b. Canada) & Hannah SMITH; wit Muriel Constance BANWELL?, South March & Dorothy Elizabeth BRAND, Ottawa, 2 May 1927, Ottawa

008869-27 John Young KELLOUGH, 25, Agriculturist, Lanark Co, Port Hope, s/o Robert George KELLOUGH (b. Lanark Co) & Margaret Brown YOUNG; married Jean Elizabeth SNEDDEN, 27, Pakenham twp, Pakenham, d/o Alexander Dixon SNEDDEN (b. Lanark Co) & Abigail PRITCHARD; wit Wilber Palmer WILSON & Catherine Snedden WILSON, both Pakenham, 20 Dec 1927, Ottawa

008870-27 Alfred KELLY, 30, Railway Employee, Birmingham England, Madawaska, s/o James Ed KELLY (b. Ireland) & Agnes Florence HILL; married Elizabeth GUY, 30, Domestic Servant, Liverpool England, Ottawa, d/o John GUY (b. Ireland) & Margaret JOHNSTON; wit Alphonse CROTEAU & Rose CROTEAU, both Ottawa, 17 Nov 1927, Ottawa

008871-27 Hector Henry KELLY, 22, Chauffeur, Matawa, Ottawa, s/o John KELLY (b. Ottawa) & Florence ATKINSON; married Violet BURTON, 18, Waitress, Northampton England, Ottawa, d/o Thomas BURTON (b. England) & Elizabeth SEYMOUR; wit Mrs. V.H. CHAMBERLIN & V.H. CHAMBERLIN, both Ottawa, 14 Feb 1927, Ottawa

008872-27 Hugh John KELLY, 28, Employee Bell Telephone Co, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Charles KELLY & Sarah SULLIVAN; married Hilda Rosebud O'TOOLE, 21, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Thomas O'TOOLE & Bridget O'MEARA; wit William KELLY & Constance O'TOOLE, both Ottawa, 17 Sept 1927, Ottawa

008873-27 Herbert Edgar KENNEDY, 42, Electrician, Quebec Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Joseph KENNEDY (b. Brockville) & Mary KELLY; married Corinne GILBERT, 24, Pembroke, Ottawa, d/o George Rufus GILBERT (b. Ontario) & Mary FRASER; wit Lutwidge Edward BOURNE & Annie SHLEACE?, both Ottawa, 29 Jun 1927, Ottawa

008874-27 James William KENNEDY, 29, Mechanical Engineer, Hamilton, 224 North Water St. in Galt, s/o James Scott KENNEDY (b. Canada) & Essie HARBISON; married Doris Grace MILLER, 27, Ottawa, Galt, d/o John E. MILLER (b. Canada) & Isabel L. HILL; wit L.K. KENNEDY, Hamilton & Evelyn MILLER, Ottawa, 5 Nov 1927, Ottawa

008875-27 William KENNEDY, 35, Farmer, Scotland, Farrellton Quebec, s/o James KENNEDY (b. Scotland) & Mary WATSON; married Esther Mann DAVIDSON, 22, Domestic, Scotland, Ottawa, d/o Robert DAVIDSON (b. Scotland) & Margaret MILTON; wit Janet DAVIDSON, Ottawa & Stephen NANCOMMON, Farrellton Quebec, 19 Mar 1927, Ottawa

008876-27 John Buren KENT, 46, Student Writer, Ottawa, Boston? Mass USA, s/o Nathan KENT (b. Ohio USA) & Susan WHITCOMB; married Norma Lillian CHENEY, 34, Student, Elkhart Iowa USA, Ottawa, d/o William CHENEY (b. Brewers Mills) & Catherine WALLACE; wit Grace Bell CHENEY, Ottawa & Cora Edith SMITH, Cardinal, 24 Aug 1927, Ottawa

008877-27 Gordon Weir KER, 32, Accountant, Peebles Scotland, Ottawa, s/o Harvey KER (b. Glasgow Scotland) & Elizabeth Barbara WATSON; married Helena Rose Caroline LANGDON, 27, Civil Servant, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o E.T. LANGDON (b. Plymouth England) & Mary SUROLASKI; wit Thomas Mathew Walker KER, Ottawa & Lilys LANGDON, 309 Cambridge St., 7 Jun 1927, Ottawa

008878-27 Clarence Wilfred KERR, 31, Salesman, Hamilton, Hamilton, s/o William H. KERR (b. Canada) & Addie Mina RYMAL; married Helen Camille MISENER, 23, Welland Co, Hamilton, d/o Franklin E. MISENER (b. Canada) & Sarah Elizabeth EASTMAN; wit Mary C. TRIBBLE & Mrs. Elmina E. TRIBBLE, both Ottawa, 11 Jun 1927, Ottawa

008879-27 Samuel John KEYES, 54, Teacher, Wid, Inkerman, Ottawa, s/o John KEYES (b. Ontario) & Eliza BLAIN; married Elizabeth Eliza Mildred HALLETT, 43, Teacher, Lindsay, Ottawa, d/o William John HALLETT (b. England) & Caroline SIBBETT; wit Robert E HOLMES & Frances H. HOLMES, both Ottawa, 18 Jun 1927, Ottawa

008880-27 Sidney Charles Alfred KICKS, 29, Chauffeur, London England, London Ontario, s/o Richard KICKS (b. England) & Mary CAPEL; married Mary Adela ANDERSON, 21, Housekeeper, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o David ANDERSON (b. Scotland) & Minnie HAINES; wit C.H. ANDERSON & L.H. HAINES, both Ottawa, 23 Jun 1927, Ottawa

008881-27 Joseph Walter KILLAM, 51, Machinist, Moncton NB, Ottawa, s/o James KILLAM (b. Canada) & Mary KENNAR; married Agnes Gertrude FITZSIMMONS, 38, Nurse, Cleveland Ohio, Ottawa, d/o James FITZSIMMONS (b. Ireland) & Mary SULLIVAN; wit Frederick William WILKINS & Mary Agnes WILKINS, both Ottawa, 17 Oct 1927, Ottawa

008882-27 Harold Joseph KILLEEN, 23, Civil Servant, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o George KILLEEN (b. Canada) & Margaret KEALEY; married Lottie Mary GOODEN, 18, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Alfred GOODEN (b. Canada) & Sadie CROSIER; wit Eric KILLEEN & Mildred MCMILLAN, both Ottawa, 16 Jul 1927, Ottawa

008883-27 Giles Metcalfe KIRKBY, 20, Salesman, London England, Ottawa, s/o James KIRKBY (b. England) & Annie BENNETT; married Edna Lillian LOVEDAY, 24, Stenographer, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Edmund T. LOVEDAY (b. Newark New Jersey USA) & Annie E. GRANT; wit V.C. LOVEDAY, Ottawa & George B. LOVEDAY, Hamilton, 20 Oct 1927, Ottawa

008884-27 Luke Alfred KNOX, 52, Retired, Farrellton Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Michael KNOX & Elizabeth HICKEY; married Mary HARRIS, 35, Maid, Clonroche Wexford Ireland, Ottawa, d/o John HARRIS & Catherine BRENT; wit Thomas HARRIS & Margaret HARRIS, both Ottawa, 28 Sept 1927, Ottawa

008885-27 William KNOX, 32, Farmer, Nepean twp, Bells Corners, s/o Alexander KNOX (b. Ireland) & Annie Jane BELFORD; married Elva McNay BOMPAS, 27, Nepean twp, Bells Corners, d/o John BOMPAS (b. England) & Elizabeth McKAY; wit Sarah Elizabeth STINSON & Robert STINSON, both Bells Corners, 27 Apr 1927, Ottawa

008886-27 Eugene John KOCH, 26, Waiter, Flawil Switzerland, Ottawa, s/o Albert Joseph KOCH & Rosina TABER; married Esther CANAVAN, 22, Chamber Maid, Ballyclare Antrim Ireland, Ottawa, d/o James CANAVAN & Rose Ann BARKLEY; wit Charles SUVIES? & Margaret HAYES, both Ottawa, 26 Oct 1927, Ottawa

008887-27 Mose KORN, 23, Barber, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Meyer KORN (b. Russia) & late Basla Golda? FRANK; married Mildred MONSON, 20, Stenographer, Russia, Ottawa, d/o Harry MONSON (b. Russia) & Baila MALAOFF; wit J.J. KORN, New York NY & Joseph KUSHNER, 414 Bank St., 4 Sept 1927, Ottawa

008888-27 August Nicholas KRANZ, 28, Labourer, North Algona twp, Pembroke, s/o William KRANZ (b. Golden Lake) & blank BARNDT; married Mabel Pearl JOHNSTON, 26, Matilda twp, Matilda twp, d/o Christie JOHNSTON (b. Glen Stewart) & blank WILSON; wit Margaret Edna JOHNSTON, Brinston & Arthur BROWN, Cardinal, 28 Jun 1927, Ottawa

008889-27 Samuel KRONICK, 25, Merchant, Russia, Ottawa, s/o Benjamin Michael KRONICK (b. Oshwa Russia) & Rastia KRONICK; married Leah CHERTKOFF, 22, Bookkeeper, Russia, Ottawa, d/o Harry CHERTKOFF (b. Oshwa Russia) & Esther Hinda SCHLOSSMAN; wit R. HANSOR & J. MIRSKY, both Ottawa, 26 Jun 1927, Ottawa

008890-27 Maurice Edward LABELLE, 19, Decorator, Hull, Ottawa, s/o Honore LABELLE & Minnie BOLAND; married Blanche POTHIER, 21, Civil Servant, Aylmer, Ottawa, d/o William POTHIER & Josephine LAMOUREUX; wit Honore LABELLE & William POTHIER, both Ottawa, 24 May 1927, Ottawa

008891-27 Alexandre LABERGE, 31, Driver, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Theodore LABERGE & Emilie VEZINA; married Alexina CHOUINARD, 28, Cap Desrosier Gaspe Quebec, Ottawa, d/o late Alexandre CHOUINARD & Adele RIFOU (Ripon?); wit Joseph TALBOT & Joseph CHOUINARD, both Ottawa, 25 Jul 1927, Ottawa

008892-27 William James LABOW, 33, Salesman, Ross twp, Pembroke, s/o Thomas William LABOW & Caroline RICHARDS; married Sarah Kathleen DOUGHERTY, 32, Nurse, Beachburg, Beachburg, d/o Alexander James DOUGHERTY & Jane MITCHELL; wit L.M. WOODSIDE & Sadie ROSS, both Ottawa, 14 Sept 1927, Ottawa

008894-27 Lucien LABRANCHE, 22, Clerk, Buckingham, Hull, s/o Joseph LABRANCHE & Hedwige GRAVEL; married Malvina QUENNEVILLE, 23, Montreal, Ottawa, d/o Alexandre QUENNEVILLE & Malvina GRENIER; wit Joseph LABRANCHE, Hull & Alexandre QUENNEVILLE, Ottawa, 1 Dec 1927, Ottawa

008893-27 Oswald David LABRECHE, 24, Electrician, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Henry Charles LABRECHE & Catherine SHEEDY; married Dorinda BEAULNE, 22, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Joseph BEAULNE & Julia LEBLANC; wit Adjutor BEDARD, Ottawa & Severe BEAULNE, 685 St. Patrick in Ottawa, 1 Mar 1927, Ottawa

008895-27 Adelard LACHAINE, 28, Civil Servant, Perkins Hill, Ottawa, s/o Theophile LACHAINE & Christine RAINVILLE; married Juliette LATENDRESSE, 24, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Medard LATENDRESSE & Marie-Louise LAFLEUR; wit Theophile LACHAINE & Medard LATENDRESSE, both Ottawa, 10 May 1927, Ottawa

008896-27 Willie LACROIX, 35, Merchant, Embrun, Ottawa, s/o William LACROIX & Christina DEGUIRE; married Eugiene RACETTE, 26, Hull Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Joseph RACETTE & Marie GAGUIRE; wit Albert THIBERT & Joseph RACETTE, both Ottawa, 25 Jan 1927, Ottawa

008897-27 Edward LADOUCEUR, 23, Paper Maker, Ottawa, Potsdam NY USA, s/o Joseph LADOUCEUR & Rose Delima HENRY; married Martha Irene LAVIOLETTE, 26, Maid, Otter Lake -  Pontiac Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Napoleon LAVIOLETTE & Martha LAFLEUR; wit Aurile CAYEN (Cayeu?) & Florida LADOUCEUR, both Potsdam NY, 14 Jul 1927, Ottawa

008898-27 Joseph Alfred LAFLAMME, 22, Riviere au Renard Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Pierre LAFLAMME & Onesime? PELLETIER; married Antoinette PAPINEAU, 18, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Joseph PAPINEAU & Lea JODOIN; wit Pierre LAFLAMME & Joseph PAPINEAU, both Ottawa, 19 Aug 1927, Ottawa

008899-27 Raoul LAFLEUR, 21, Manager, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Ferdinand LAFLEUR (b. Toronto) & Olivine ROCHON; married Florence WARE, 21, Telephone Operator, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o William James WARE (b. England) & Harriett SMITH; wit: Antoine MAHEUX & Father Robert, both Ottawa, 6 Sept 1927, Ottawa

008900-27 Victeur LAFLECHE, 20, Labourer, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Thomas LAFLECHE & Josephine CHARRON; married Rosa Alena BOURGEAU, 20, Aylmer Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Charles BOURGEAU & Josephine MARTIAL; wit Thomas LAFLECHE & Charles BOURGEAU, both Ottawa, 5 Dec 1927, Ottawa

008901-27 Joseph Etienne LAFONTAINE, 49, Machinist, Wid, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Etienne LAFONTAINE (b. St. Charles Quebec) & Caroline LABRIE; married Marie Eva Ernestine COUILLARD, 44, Housekeeper, Wid, Ripon Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Theophile LANTHIER (b. Ripon Quebec) & Georgiana LANDRIAU; wit Ovila PROULX & Philias ST. AMOUR, both Ottawa, 21 Nov 1927, Ottawa

008902-27 Hector Oscar LAFRANCE, 20, Labourer, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Calixte LAFRANCE & Philomene ROY; married Elizabeth Gertrude SKINNER, 20, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Albert SKINNER & Ellen TAYLOR; wit Calixte LAFRANCE & Mary BURKE, both Ottawa, 23 Jun 1927, Ottawa

008903-27 Maxime LAFRANCE, 22, Labourer, Casselman, Ottawa, s/o Emilien LAFRANCE (b. Pointe aux Gr--? Quebec) & Rose Ann FILION; married Bertha Irene LATREILLE, 20, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Radolph LATREILLE (b. Ottawa) & Carianne SIMPSON; wit Gideon LATREILLE, of 42 Beach & Donat LAFRANCE, Nepean?, 27 Jun 1927, Ottawa

008904-27 Joseph LAHAISE, 23, Engineer, Ottawa, Billings Bridge, s/o Joseph LAHAISE & Edmire RENAUD; married Mary Kathleen BROOKS, 23, School Teacher, Sydenham, Ottawa, s/o Francis BROOKS & Hattie MCGOWAN; wit Eugene BOISVERT, Ottawa & Isobel BRAWLEY, Sydenham, 6 Aug 1927, Ottawa

008905-27 Alexandre LAMADELEINE, 26, Currier, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Joseph LAMADELEINE & Marie Louise MALLET; married Dora ALBERT, 19, Ottawa, Ottawa, Joseph ALBERT & Lucia CRUDEAU?; wit Joseph LAMADELEINE & Joseph ALBERT, both Ottawa, 4 Feb 1927, Ottawa

008906-27 Alphonse LAMONTAGNE, 77, Farmer, Wid, Ste Arsine Quebec, South Indian, s/o Jean Baptiste LAMONTAGNE (b. Quebec Province) & Apoline THEBEAULT; married Victorine GERARD, 72, Wid, St. Eustache Quebec, Lemieux Russell, d/o Andre GERARD (b. Quebec Province) & Emelie LEBRUN; wit C.H. TASSOT & Francois H. DRACK, both Ottawa, 18 Jun 1927, Ottawa

008909-27 Leopold LANDRY, 38, Baker, Hull, Ottawa, s/o Amedie LANDRY & Marcelline LAUZON; married Laurette LAUZON, 27, Nurse, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Nelson LAUZON & Ernestine LEDUC; wit Amedie LANDRY & Nelson LAUZON, both Ottawa, 16 Jun 1927, Ottawa

008907-27 Arthur LANDRY, 35, Transferman, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Theodule LANDRY (b. St. Scholastique Quebec) & late Elise GOUVREAU; married Marie Josephine Beatrice CHARETTE, 21, Clerk, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Oscar CHARETTE (b. Pointe Gatineau Quebec) & Corinne GOUVREAU; wit Theodule LANDRY & Oscar CHARETTE, both Ottawa, 7 Feb 1927, Ottawa

008908-27 George LANDRY, 28 (b. 13 Jan), Journeyman, Paquetville NB, Ottawa, s/o Joseph & Octavie LANDRY; married Cecile LAUZON, 23 (b. 3 Jun 1904), St. Joseph du Lac Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Omer LAUZON & Exerine DAMOUR; wit Augustin LANDRY & Omer LAUZON, both Ottawa, 23 Jun 1927, Ottawa


008910-27 George Thomas LANGDON, 24, Salesman, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Archibald LANGDON (b. Ottawa) & Ellen MCGOVERN; married Agnes Florence BUTT, 20, Saleslady, Montreal Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Thornton Reginald BUTT (b. England) & Ellen FORD; wit William C. SKUCE & Dorothy HITCHMAN, both Ottawa, 7 Feb 1927, Ottawa

008911-27 Joseph Allan LANGILL, 21, Meat Cutter, Cantley Quebec, Ottawa, s/o James W. LANGILL (b. New Brunswick) & Elizabeth DOUGHERTY; married Bertha CARLETON, 22, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o William CARLETON (b. Ireland) & Hannah MOORING; wit E. Gladys CARLETON & H.V. CURRY, both Ottawa, 22 Jul 1927, Ottawa

008912-27 Jean Baptiste LANOUETTE, 24, Machinist, Depot Harbour, Ottawa, s/o Joseph LANOUETTE & Valeda DALLAIRE; married Marie Genevieve Rhea MAJOR, 22, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Hormidas MAJOR & Lea PROULX; wit Hormidas Thomas CARDE & Hormidas MAJOR, both Ottawa, 28 Jul 1927, Ottawa

008914-27 Wilfred Joseph LANTHIER, 23, Labourer, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Frederick LANTHIER (b. Canada) & Ellen BOLGER; married Catherine GAFFNEY, 26, Maid, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o James GAFFNEY (b. Canada) & Elizabeth KENNA; wit John MIX, Eastview & Olive MITRON, Ottawa, 27 Oct 1927, Ottawa

008913-27 Joseph Donald LANTHIER, 29, Agriculturist, Ottawa, Peterboro, s/o Joseph LANTHIER & Clara MCISAAC; married Stella Clementina MAYLE, 31, Civil Servant, Quyon Quebec, Peterboro, d/o Hugh MAYLE & Jennie TOALIHAN; wit Jack BRIGHAM, St. Alban's Vermont USA & Veronica CONROY, Ottawa, 25 Apr 1927, Ottawa

008915-27 Thomas Jarold LARKIN, 27, Paint Inspector, Fallowfield Ont, Detroit Michigan, s/o John LARKIN & Nora CLARKE; married Mary Margaret Thelma FOGARTY, 22, Civil Servant, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o John FOGARTY & Ann MARTIN; wit Austin FOGARTY, Ottawa, & Martha LARKIN, Fallowfield, 29 Jun 1927, Ottawa

008916-27 Henri LAROCHE (alias Hendrik Albert VAN DEN BEECK), 31, Artist, Hull Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Francois LAROCHE (b. St. Andre d'Avelin Que) & Marie DORIN; married Flora MOREAU, 22, Clerk, Cumberland, Ottawa, d/o Anthime MOREAU (b. Rockland) & Maria SABOURIN; wit Achille FORTIER & Maurice MAJOR, both Ottawa, 1 Apr 1927, Ottawa

008917-27 Romeo LAROCQUE, 22, Mechanic, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Alphonse LAROCQUE & Mary ARCHAUD; married Hilda ALLEN, 19, Employee of Bank Note Co, Hintonburg, Ottawa, d/o Frederick ALLEN (b. Canada) & Ida GODSELL; wit Arthur & Lily SCROBIE, both Ottawa, 14 Feb 1927, Ottawa

008918-27 Adelard LASCELLE, 19, Moulder, Masson Ont, Ottawa, s/o Joseph LASCELLE & Malvina TREMPE; married Albina LAVERGNE, 19, Maid, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Eugene LAVERGNE & Anna BELAIR; wit Joseph LASCELLE & Eugene LAVERGNE, both Ottawa, 18 Apr 1927, Ottawa

008919-27 Alfred LASELLE, 23, Journalist, Maniwaki, Ottawa, s/o Andre LASELLE & Marie CHARBONEAU; married Mea VALIQUETTE, 18, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Emery VALIQUETTE & Eva DESLAURIERS; wit Emery VALIQUETTE & Rene VALIQUETTE, both Ottawa, 23 May 1927, Ottawa

008920-27 Ray Charles LATHAM, 21, Carpenter, Thorne twp Quebec, Ottawa, s/o John LATHAM (b. Canada) & Sarah Jane DAGG; married Beryl Angel RALPH, 19, Domestic, North Clarendon Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Richard RALPH (b. Canada) & Mary Theressa HANLEY; wit Julia Isabel RALPH & Real GAUTHIER, both Ottawa, 8 Oct 1927, Ottawa

009489-27 Lachlan MACDONALD, 51, River Agent, Window, Riceville, Ottawa, s/o Neil (b. Riceville) & Catherine MACDONALD; married Anna Margaret SURTEES, 44, Bouchet Quebec, Westboro, d/o Adrimmon SURTEES (b. Clarence Ont) & Margaret LYNCH, wit John SENECAL, Hull Quebec & Mrs. Loretta SURTEES, Westboro, 3 Oct 1927, Ottawa

009490-27 James Angus MCGOVERN, 32, Farmer, Prescott, Kemptville, s/o Richard MCGOVERN & Mary BARCLAY; married May Clare Grace BOURBONNAIS, 19, Embrun, Metcalf, d/o Polydore BOURBONNAIS & Dorcena GERVAIS; wit Polydore BOURBONNAIS & Adelard BOURBONNAIS, both Metcalfe, 2 May 1927, Metcalfe

009491-27 Joseph Stewart MCINTYRE, 27, Cheese Maker, Merrickville, Woodlawn, s/o Joseph MCINTYRE & Jane KEATING; married Mary Martha EMERY, 21, Housekeeper, Ashton, Ashton, d/o James EMERY & May Ellen O'CONNOR; wit Mr. Courtenay J. HURRELL & Mrs. Courtenay J. HURRELL, both Carleton Place, 31 May 1927

009492-27 Louis John MCKAY, 36, Insurance Agent, Plantagenet, Ottawa, s/o William Adolphus MCKAY & Mary Ann OLEARY (CLEARY?); married Marie Antoinette TIERNEY, 26, Housemaid, Fallowfield, Fallowfield, d/o Thomas TIERNEY & Mary BURROWS; wit Thomas Harold STAPELON & Elizabeth TIERNEY, both Ottawa, 29 Jun 1927, Fallowfield

009493-27 Cisero Joseph MCKENNA, 32, Farmer, South Gloucester, Osgoode, s/o Virgil MCKENNA & Catherine O'CALLAGHAN; married Margaret Loretta WATTERS, 25, Farmer, Jockvale, Jockvale, s/o William WATTERS & Margaret Jane FAGAN; wit John H. MCKENNA & Irene O'LEARY, Billings Bridge, 22 Jun 1927, Fallowfield

009494-27 William Herbert MACLAREN, 24, School Teacher, Kenmore, Kenmore, s/o Daniel MACLAREN (b. Kenmore) & Marietta STEARNS; married Hazel Lillias DILLABOUGH, 23, Kenmore, Kenmore, d/o George Edgar DILLABOUGH (b. Morewood) & Katharine HETHERINGTON; wit Florence M. WOODSIDE & Hilda F. WOODSIDE, both Kenmore, 27 Aug 1927, Kenmore

009495-27 James Peter MACLEAN, 37, Farmer, Winchester twp, Winchester twp, s/o Thomas G. MACLEAN (b. Williamsburg) & Jessie MCDONALD; married Hannah MCDONALD, 31, Clerk, Carleton Co, Winchester twp, d/o Thomas G. MCDONALD (b. Carleton Co) & Mary Ann MCVEY; wit Lola F. MERRITT & Lena M. CARKNER, both Kenmore, 28 Dec 1927, Kenmore

009496-27 Carl Empey MCMONAGLE, 23, Treasurer Producers Dairy Ltd, Berwick Ont., 6th Ave McKellar - Nepean twp., s/o Alexander MCMONAGLE (b. Berwick) & Emma EMPEY; married Lyla May MENAGH, 20, Stenographer, Ottawa, 6th Ave McKellar, d/o Fred MENAGH (b. Oshawa) & Blanche CARON; wit Basil MCMONAGLE, McKellar & Della C. MENAGH, Westmount Quebec, 18 Oct 1927, Westboro

009497-27 David John MCNULTY, 19, Foundry Worker, Ottawa, Eastview, s/o John MCNULTY & Rose GUILBEAULT; married Margaret Cecilia ALBERTY, 25, Eastview, Eastview, d/o Edward ALBERTY & Margaret CORBETT; wit Ernest ETHIER & Molly MCNULTY, both Eastview, 15 Jun 1927, Eastview

009498-27 Joseph Patrick MCNULTY, 22, Stone Foundry Worker, Ottawa, Eastview, s/o John MCNULTY & Rose GUILBEAULT; married Mary Irene Cecilia LANONE, 19, Day Labourer, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Joseph LANONE & Mary CORBETT; wit John LAVERGNE & Evelyn LANONE, both Ottawa, 7 Jun 1927, Eastview


009499-27 Michael MCSORLEY, 32, Day Labourer, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o John Baptiste MCSORLEY & Leontine MICHAUD; married Odelia DESJARDINS, 22, Eastview, Eastview, d/o Clovis DESJARDINS & Anna DAGENAIS; wit Edouard CHARTRAND, Ottawa & Clovis DESJARDINS, Eastview, 27 Jun 1927, Eastview

009500-27 Thomas Clifford NESBITT, 28, Farmer, Nepean twp, City View, s/o J. Robert NESBITT (b. City View) & Margaret ARMITAGE; married Margery BAYNE, 23, Nepean twp, City View, d/o Frank BAYNE (b. City View) & Margaret CLOTHIER; wit Ernest NESBITT & Mildred CALDWELL, both City View, 22 Jun 1927, City View

009501-27 Ronald NOEL, 23, Paper Maker, Aylmer Quebec, Hull Quebec, s/o Joseph NOEL (b. Aylmer Quebec) & Evangeline LAMOUREAUX; married Gloria CADIEUX, 20, Laundress, Eastman's Springs, Eastview, d/o Joseph CADIEUX (b. Papineauville Quebec) & Maria LEGARE; wit Joseph NOEL, Aylmer Quebec & Joseph CADIEUX, Eastview, 26 Jan 1927, Eastview

009503-27 Michael Edgar O'BRIEN, 29, Farmer, Gloucester twp, Gloucester twp, s/o Patrick O'BRIEN (b. Osgoode) & Catherine O'ROURKE; married Jane Ann SMYTH, 27, Gloucester twp, Gloucester twp, d/o (late) James SMYTH (b. Billings Bridge) & Mary Ann CRAIG; wit Edward James SMYTH & Olive O'BRIEN, both Billings Bridge, 28 Jun 1927, St. Thomas

009502-27 Alfred Alphonse O'BRIEN, 30, Farmer, Carleton Place, Carleton Place, s/o William O'BRIEN & Mary Julia TIERNEY; married Elizabeth CAVANAGH, 20, Goulbourn twp, Goulbourn twp, d/o Walter CAVANAGH & Mary POWERS; wit Edward O'BRIEN, Appleton & Clare LEMON, Twin Elma, 27 Sept 1927, Richmond

009504-27 Eugene OUELLETTE, 40, Motorman, Wid, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Jean Baptiste OUELLETTE & Mathilda POULIN; married Julia DUFORD, 26, Cyrville, Eastview, d/o Edouard DUFORD & Edith HOWE; wit Auguste LANGLIER (Langlis?) Ottawa & Edouard DUFORD, Eastview, 27 Jun 1927, Eastview

009505-27 Rene OUELLETTE, 23, Cabinet Maker, Val Tetreau Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Joseph OUELLETTE (b. Val Tetreau Quebec) & Victoria CHARRON; married Yvonne CYR, 19, Eastview, Eastview, d/o Johney CYR (b. Cyrville) & Angelique MARCEAU; wit Rene LAVALLEE & Joseph BOULET, both Clarkstown, 24 Jun 1927, Clarkstown

009506-27 James Nelson PATTERSON, 36, Auto Electrician, Philadelphia USA, Atlantic City USA, s/o James Nelson PATTERSON (b. Philadelphia USA) & May Flora BEUSTEAD; married Dorothy Bessie Matilda PARKER, 36, Graduate Nurse, Kent England, Atlantic City USA, d/o Albert PARKER (b. England) & Elizabeth Kate WOODMAN; wit Charles A. PARKER (father), Ottawa & Mrs. Gladys J. BOWMAN, Toronto, 23 Apr 1927, Westboro


009507-27 Emile PAULIN (Poulin?), 25, Mechanic, Ottawa, Gloucester twp, s/o Adelard PAULIN & Leda RONDEAU; married Claudia LEGARE, 25, Carlsbad Springs, Eastview, d/o Charles LEGARE & Marie Louise CADIEUX; wit Adelard PAULIN, Cyrville & Charles LEGARE, Eastview, 22 Jun 1927, Eastview

009508-27 Francis PAULIN, 22, Labourer, Ottawa, Westboro, s/o Gervais PAULIN & Marguerite RENAUD; married Marie Aurore CLEMENT, 20, Moose Creek, Westboro, d/o Telesphore CLEMENT & Emilie SEGUIN; wit Gervais PAULIN, Westboro & Alphonse CLEMENT, Ottawa, 2 Aug 1927, Westboro

009509-27 Allan Robert PEARSON, 26, Blacksmith, Gloucester twp, Gloucester twp, s/o Hugh PEARSON (b. Billings Bridge) & Martha ALEXANDER; married Lois Ivy Pearl BACKS, 28, Domestic, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o John BACKS (b. Belgium France) & Christina LYALL; wit Walton E. CRAM, Ellwood & Florence BACKS, Billings Bridge, 6 Apr 1927, Gloucester twp

009510-27 John Reginald PHILLIPS, 46, Civil Servant, Wid, Ledbury England, Nepean twp, s/o James William PHILLIPS (b. Wales) & Emily M. GRUBB; married Jane Ann MAIN, 33, Housekeeper, Stonehaven Scotland, Nepean twp, d/o Robert MAIN (b. Scotland) & Mary LEES; wit Mrs. Susan J. BEDWELL, Westboro & Mrs. Annie E. MERRIFIELD, Ottawa West, 9 Sept 1927, Westboro

009511-27 Edward POIRIER, 24, Labourer, Montcerf Quebec, Ottawa, s/o George POIRIER & Eliza FOURNIER; married Alice DAVIS, 22, Clarence Creek, Carlington, d/o Clement DAVIS & Marguerite BEAULIEU; wit Provin POIRIER, Ottawa & Clement DAVIS, Carlington, 17 Oct 1927, Carlington

009512-27 William Wilson POOLE, 26, Farmer, Fitzroy Harbour, Fitzroy Harbour, s/o Edward Robert POOLE (b. Fitzroy) & Mary Jane WILSON; married Eliza Laughlin TRIPP, 22, Woodlawn, Woodlawn, d/o William Henry TRIPP (b. Fitzroy) & Ethel BLEWETT; wit John POOLE, Torbolton twp & Elean TRIPP, Woodlawn, 27 Oct 1927, Woodlawn

009513-27 Merrill Fortune PORTEOUS, 25, Merchant, Torbolton twp, Woodlawn, s/o Henry PORTEOUS (b. Como Quebec) & Mary GORDON; married Martha Elizabeth Eileen BAIRD, 21, School Teacher, Torbolton twp, Woodlawn, d/o Joseph Albert BAIRD (b. Fitzroy twp) & Gertrude MCOUAT; wit Iva Lorena BAIRD, Torbolton twp & Howard GORDON, 28 Sept 1927, Woodlawn

009514-27 Ernest George POTTER, 45, Locomotive Engineer, Wid, England, Smiths Falls, s/o no parents given; married Mabel Augusta VAUGHAN, 38, Registered Nurse, Manotick, Manotick, d/o Edward & Mary VAUGHAN; wit Frances TOMKINS, Manotick Station & Thomas ELLIOT, Smiths Falls, 19 Apr 1927, Manotick

009515-27 Fred Colborne READ, 25, Bread Distributor, March twp, Westboro, s/o Henry READ & Minerva BOUCHER; married Ethel Muriel BRADLEY, 22, Goulbourn twp, Westboro, d/o Alfred BRADLEY & Jeanette RICHARDSON; wit Mrs. H.B. READ & Howard B. READ, both South March, 1 Jun 1927, Bells Corners

009516-27 Ubald Alexander RENAUD (Hubert, Ben), 31, Auto Mechanic, Wid, Eastview, Eastview, s/o Charles RENAUD & Delia COTE; married Marie Blanche JACQUES, 23, Eastview, Eastview, d/o Herman JACQUES & Elizabeth LABELLE; wit Thomas JACQUES & Hermeline JACQUES, both Eastview, 29 Aug 1927, Eastview

009517-27 Victor Martin RENNICK, 17yr 10mo, Driver, Shawville Quebec, Ottawa, s/o William Alex RENNICK (b. Quebec) & Violet Agnes STITT; married Edith Mabel GAW, 22, Ottawa, Westboro, d/o Thomas GAW (b. Ontario) & Ethel ROWE; wit Annie F. MICK, Westboro & Bert A. MACLEAN, Hawkesbury, 5 Nov 1927, Westboro (NOTE – Divorced 10/8/49)

009518-27 Reginald Thomas RICH, 22, Civil Servant, Barrie - South Wales, Ottawa, s/o Thomas RICH (b. Cardiff S. Wales) & Edith Florence HARPER; married Laura Grace BOURNE, 19, Ottawa, Eastview, d/o George BOURNE (b. Ashford Kent England) & Alice Grace LONG; wit Esther BOURNE, Eastview & Harvey WALTON, Ottawa, 15 Jul 1927, Eastview

009519-27 Wilfred RICHARD, 26, Day Labourer, Eastview, Eastview, s/o Jean Baptiste RICHARD & Marie Louise COTE; married Rachel MENARD, 23, Ottawa, Eastview, d/o David MENARD & Agnes SARAZIN; wit Leandre LORTIE, Aylmer & Corime RICHARD, Eastview, 25 Oct 1927, Eastview

009520-27 George Oscar Ludovic RICHER, 21, Chauffeur, Eastview, Eastview, s/o Hector RICHER & Odelia LAVIOLETTE; married M. Josephine Lucie PARENT, 16, Billings Bridge, no res given, d/o Johnny PARENT & Lucie BRULE; wit Johnny PARENT, Cyrville & Hector RICHER, Ottawa, 20 Aug 1927, Cyrville (NOTE – Divorced; Sept 7 1940)

009521-27 Francis William RILEY, 31, Farmer, Manchester England, Kinburn, s/o Frank Bolton RILEY (b. England) & Clara BOSTOCK; married Louisa Adeline ARMSTRONG, 26, Employee Bank Note Co, March twp, Westboro, d/o William Christopher ARMSTRONG (b. Canada) & Annie Mary MCCORD; wit W.E. MCBRIDE, Kinburn & Gertrude ARMSTRONG, Westboro, 30 Nov 1927, Westboro

009522-27 Wilbur RITCHIE, 22, Farmer, Fitzroy twp, Fitzroy twp, s/o Evan Alexander RITCHIE (b. Carleton Co) & Annie FERGUSON; married Mary Hilda Ruby GREENE, 22, Fitzroy twp, Fitzroy twp, d/o William GREEN (b. Fitzroy Twp) & Mary Lucinda GOURLEY; wit Cecil RITCHIE, Fitzroy & Iva GREENE, Kinburn, 20 Apr 1927, Fitzroy twp

009523-27 William James ROBINSON, 29, Farmer, Russell twp, Russell twp, s/o James Henry ROBINSON (b. Marvelville - Russell Ont) & Phoebe Charlotte CHENEY; married Ruby May HILL, 22, Osgoode twp, Russell twp, d/o Daniel James HILL (b. Marvelville) & Clymean Bertha HELMER; wit Albert W. ROBINSON & Margaret M. HILL, both Marvelville, 20 Apr 1927, Osgoode twp

009524-27 John Frederick RODGERS, 24, Caretaker, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Alexander RODGERS (b. United States) & Janet BROWN; married Marie Anne Irene Alice LAVERGNE, 22, Ottawa, Eastview, d/o Joseph LAVERGNE (b. Ottawa) & Catherine AUBRY; wit Charles AUBRY & Mrs. Joseph DUBE, both Eastview, 26 Nov 1927, Eastview

009525-27 Arthur RODNEY, 22, Salesman, Ottawa, Westboro, s/o Thomas RODNEY (b. Winchester) & Florence Beth WHITEHOUSE; married Rose Hannah DEAN, 20, Clerk, London England, Westboro, d/o Charles Ogden DEAN (b. London England) & Hannah HAWES; wit Charles J. DEAN, Westboro & M. MCEWEN, Woodroffe, 5 Aug 1927, Westboro

009526-27 Robert Preston RODNEY, 28, Millwright, Winchester twp, Dearborn MIchigan, s/o Robert RODNEY (b. Winchester Twp) & Maria CARKNER; married Jeanetta Rebecca MCNAB, 36, Osgoode twp, Dearborn Michigan USA, d/o Archie MCNAB (b. Osgoode Twp) & Mary HAYES; wit Russell MCNAB, Kenmore & Mary MCNAB, Metcalfe, 29 Sept 1927, Kenmore

009527-27 Lawrence Lewis ROWAN, 29, Farmer, Buckingham Quebec, Buckingham Quebec, s/o Frank ROWAN & Annie KEARNEY; married Mary Stella MCDOWELL, 22, Maid, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Edward MCDOWELL & Theresa COX; wit James BURKE, Buckingham Quebec & Cecilia HOLLY, Ottawa, 27 Apr 1927, Metcalfe

009528-27 William Scott ROWAT, 28, Insurance Agent, Gloucester twp, Manotick, s/o James ROWAT (b. Canada) & Christine MOODIE; married Rhea Robena HARRIS, 22, Osgoode twp, Manotick, d/o George HARRIS (b. Canada) & Sarah HAWKINS; wit Clark MANSFIELD & Miss E. JOHNSON, both Manotick, 6 Aug 1927, Osgoode twp


009529-27 Kenneth Earing ROWE, 22, Manager Dom. Stores, Buffalo NY, Ottawa, s/o William G. ROWE (b. United States) & May Belle REID; married Clara Bertha MCDONALD, 18, Saleslady, Glasgow Scotland, Ottawa, d/o Albert J. MCDONALD (b. Scotland) & Margaret MCGONIGAL; wit Margaret FERRIN & Annie Fraser MICK, both Westboro, 20 Oct 1927, Westboro

009530-27 Henri ROY, 20, Farmer, Orleans, Orleans, s/o Alexander ROY & Laurence LABELLE; married Almeda GROULX, 27, School Teacher, Orleans, Orleans, d/o Hercule GROULX & Onesine TAILLEFER; wit Alexander ROY & Hercule GROULX, both Orleans, 27 Dec 1927, Orleans

009531-27 John Leon RYAN, 29, Pakenham, Pakenham, s/o William RYAN & Mary DEVINE; married Mary Anita CHARLEBOIS, 29, Dunrobin, Dunrobin, d/o Francis CHARLEBOIS & Mary Ann KENNEDY; wit Andrew RYAN, Pakenham & Josephine CHARLEBOIS, Dunrobin, 23 Nov 1927, South March

009533-27 Philip Earnest SABOURIN, 29, Labourer, Billings Bridge, Billings Bridge, s/o Francis SABOURIN & Hellen MEAGER; married Alexina Mary SABOURIN, 21, South Gloucester, South Gloucester, d/o Edward SABOURIN & Ellen LE CUYER; wit Louis LE CUYER & Francis SABOURIN, both Billings Bridge, 27 Sept 1927, South Gloucester

009532-27 Joseph SABOURIN, 22, Farm Help, Escanata Mich, Cumberland twp, s/o Zotique SABOURIN & Clara DAULT; married Alice ROY, 27, House Maid, Orleans, Gloucester twp, d/o LOUIS ROY & Delina CLEROUX; wit Zotique SABOURIN & Adelard ROY, both Orleans, 22 Aug 1927, Orleans

009534-27 Joseph Hermas SAUVE, 27, Labourer, Eastview, Clarkstown, s/o Hercule SAUVE & Georgiana LAPRADE; married Marie Louise Aldea ROBILLARD, 19, Maniwaki Quebec, Eastview, d/o Abraham ROBILLARD & Victoire RIEL; wit Hercule SAUVE & Louis MORIN, both Eastview, 24 Sept 1927, Eastview

009535-27 John SCOBIE, 77, Clergyman, Wid, Nepean twp, Westboro, s/o Walter SCOBIE (b. Scotland) & Helen OLIVER; married Laura Ethel LETTS, 46, Campbells Bay Quebec, Campbells Bay Quebec, d/o George LETTS (b. Quebec Province) & Lucy May ANDREWS; wit Bruce C. SCOBIE & Gertrude SCOBIE, both Westboro, 28 Sept 1927, Westboro

009536-27 Joseph George Albert SIMPSON, 24, Baker, Montreal Quebec, Eastview, s/o William SIMPSON & Agnes DERLUDE (DESLUDE?); married Marie Veronique Columbe CYR, 23, Ottawa, Eastview, d/o William CYR & Emelia LACASSE; wit William CYR & Paul CYR, both Eastview, 16 Jul 1927, Eastview


009537-27 George STEEDS, 22, Machinist, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Albert STEEDS (b. England) & Mary J. ROGERS; married Mary Claire CARLETON, 22, Ottawa, Gloucester twp, d/o John Charles CARLETON (b. Ottawa) & Christina MCKAIN; wit Allan ROBERTSON & Clive CARLETON, 1 Jun 1927, Eastview

009538-27 John M. STEWART, 40, Farmer, Winchester twp, Winchester twp, s/o Hugh STEWART (b. Osgoode Twp) & Margaret MACARTHUR; married Margaret MCKAY, 35, Farmer, Osgoode twp, Winchester twp, d/o Carson MCVAY (b. Osgoode Twp) & Grace Agnes MONTGOMERY; wit Alex MCLEAN, Ormond & Annie M. CINNAMON, Winchester, 23 Nov 1927, Kenmore

009285-27 Elburn Alfred SUMMERS, 27, Machinist, Russell, Ottawa, s/o James Alexander SUMMER & Anna Hella DEMPSEY; married Ernestina Ottilie Louisa BRUNKE, 17, High Falls Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Gustave BRUNKE & Augusta MITSCHKE; wit Charles A. QUAIL & Minnie E.O. BRUNKE, both Ottawa, 18 May 1927, Ottawa

009286-27 George Charles SUTTON, 24, Labourer, Bell's Corner, Ottawa, s/o Charles SUTTON (b. Whitehouse London) & Mary MCCLUSKEY; married Esther Jean RYAN, 26, Binder, Hull Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Michael RYAN (b. Old Chelsea Quebec) & Mary BURGESS; wit Myrtle Mary LEAFLEUR & Walter Allen LASALLE, both Westboro, 30 Jul 1927, Ottawa

009287-27 Guy Leonard SWAIN, 24, Farmer, Mulgrieve NB, Kapuskasing, s/o Charles SWAIN (b. Canada) & Hattie FITT; married Elinor ROBERTSON, 22, Teacher, Churchville NB, Churchville NB, d/o John James ROBERTSON (b. Canada) & Jeanie CAMPBELL; wit Alfred John MACKERRY? & Annie R. TRAY, both Ottawa, 31 Aug 1927, Ottawa

009288-27 William Hershel SWALES, 46, Civil Servant, Whitchurch Twp, Ottawa, s/o John SWALES (b. York City Ontario) & Mary Ann DOUGHERTY; married Nora SHUTT, 29, Cashier, Liverpool England, Ottawa, d/o William SHUTT (b. York England) & Agnes TAYLOR; wit Erie? SHUTT, Chicago & Zella THOMAS, Ottawa, 24 Dec 1927, Ottawa

009539-27 George Frederick SWIFT, 29, Farmer, Bath Somerset England, Goulburn twp, s/o Asa SWIFT (b. England) & Josie CARR; married Emma Jane MCVEITTY, 42, Housekeeper, North Gower twp, Goulburn twp, d/o George (b. Ontario) & Mary GEDDES; wit Maria Jane GEDDES, Richmond & John GEDDES, North Gower, 1 Mar 1927, Richmond

009540-27 Robert Gordon SWITZER, 18, Labourer, Nepean twp, Britannia Heights, s/o Obadiah SWITZER (b. Nepean Twp) & Emily FASSEL; married Evelyn Maud SANDERS, 18, Telephone Operator, Charlton Hulme England, Ottawa, d/o William J. SANDERS (b. London England) & Rosa A KNIGHT; wit William J SANDERS & Mrs. Rose Amelia SANDERS, both Ottawa, 8 Jan 1927, Nepean twp

009289-27 Omer TAILLEFER, 21, Civil Servant, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Joseph Louis TAILLEFER (b. St. Joseph of Orleans) & Corine ROBILLARD; married Rita Rose MURPHY, 21, Stenographer, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Thomas Patrick MURPHY (b. Ottawa) & Mary MORAN; wit John GALE & Mrs. John GALE, both Ottawa, 26 Jan 1927, Ottawa

009290-27 James Lloyd TAIT, 27, Farmer, Roxborough Twp, Osnabruck Twp, s/o William TAIT (b. Canada) & Elizabeth BAKER; married Alice Ann OUDERKIRK, 24, Stenographer, Finch Twp, Finch Twp, d/o Cimeon OUDERKIRK (b. Canada) & Catherine BARKLEY; wit E.M. THOMPSON, Ottawa & J.K. SUTHERLAND, Vancouver BC, 8 Dec 1927, Ottawa

009291-27 Wilfred Harold TAPP, 26, Carpenter, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Herbert TAPP (b. Canada) & Sarah Mathilda VILLENEUVE; married Ruth Elizabeth SWEAIN, 26, Cook, Berlin Germany, Ottawa, d/o Edward (b. Germany) & Emma SWEAIN; wit John GUILBAULT of 133 Pattersons? & Marion GORDON of 155 Parkdale Ave, 27 Jul 1927, Ottawa


009541-27 George F. TAYLOR, 35, Farmer, England, Ashton, s/o Joseph TAYLOR (b. England) & Fannie RUST; married Annie M.K. FLEMING, 27, Ashton, Ashton, d/o John FLEMING (b. Ashton) & Annie SIMPSON; wit Edwin FLEMING & Mrs. J. MEREDITH, both Ashton, 2 Jun 1927, Ashton

009292-27 Bernard Lewis TAYLOR, 31, Motorman, Pointe Gatineau Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Robert TAYLOR & Catherine BUTLER; married Ellen Elizabeth EMMERSON, 23, Maid, England, Ottawa, d/o Charles EMMERSON & Winifred WARD; wit W. WITHERS & Mrs. W. WITHERS, both Ottawa, 19 Oct 1927, Ottawa

009293-27 Edward Plunket TAYLOR, 26, Investment Banker, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Plunket B. TAYLOR (b. Ottawa) & Florence G. MAGEE; married Winifred Mabel Thornton DUGUID, 23, England, Ottawa, d/o Charles F.M. DUGUID (b. Ontario) & Cora THORNTON; wit Frederick D. TAYLOR & Grace RITCHIE, both Ottawa, 15 Jun 1927, Ottawa

009294-27 Frederick TAYLOR, 27, Civil Servant, Oldham England, Ottawa, s/o Frederick TAYLOR (b. Oldham England) & Susanna CURRY; married Grace Mabel SYKES, 31, Stenographer, Montreal Quebec, Ottawa, d/ Albert George SYKES (b. Malta) & Elizabeth ASSELS; wit Stanley Curtis HUDSON, Ottawa, & Marion Elizabeth HILL, Woodroffe, 7 Nov 1927, Ottawa

009295-27 Henry TAYLOR, 35, Mechanic, England, Ottawa, s/o Henry TAYLOR (b. England) & Susanna CURRY; married Martha HYLES, 27, Domestic, Ireland, Ottawa, d/o Thomas HYLES (b. Ireland) & Annie BROWN; wit Charles MCDONALD & Edith V. MCDONALD, both Ottawa, 1 Oct 1927, Ottawa

009296-27 Thomas TAYLOR, 38, Millwright, Baltimore Cork Ireland, Ottawa, s/o Samuel TAYLOR (b. Ireland) & Catherine COLLINS; married Annie COOK, 41, Housekeeper, Wid, d/o John MAUGHAN (b. England) & Mary Jane WILSON; wit John V. CAHILL & Mary Ann CAHILL, both Ottawa, 23 Mar 1927, Ottawa

009297-27 Thomas George TAYLOR, 23, Printer, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Thomas Patrick TAYLOR (b. Canada) & Clara MCCALLUM; married Bessie Iris JAMIESON, 18, Clerk, Ramsay Twp Lanark, Ottawa, d/o Walter JAMIESON (b. Canada) & Elizabeth WALTERS; wit J. TAYLOR, Ottawa, & Mrs. C. Earl DAY, North Bay, 15 Sept 1927, Ottawa

009298-27 Joseph Jean Ubald TESSIER, 25, Carpenter, Gatineau Point Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Joseph TESSIER (b. Gatineau Point) & Eugenie CHARRON; married Doralice VIAU, 27, Clarence Twp, Ottawa, d/o Telesphore VIAU (b. Clarence Creek) & Anna DIOTTE; wit Joseph TESSIER & Telesphore VIAU, both Ottawa, 27 Sept 1927, Ottawa

009542-27 Richard Ray THEBARGE (Thiberge?), 28, Insurance Agent, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Charles A. THEBARGE (b. Ottawa) & Margaret DALE; married Marie Germaine Antoinette Emiline VALIQUETTE, 19, Stenographer, Eastview, Eastview, d/o Frank VALIQUETTE (b. Eastview) & Esperence CHENIER; wit Charles SIMPSON, of not given, Dr. A.B. HYNDMAN & Rhea LOWREY, both Carp, 3 Dec 1927, Carp

009299-27 Albert THERIEN, 27, Butcher, Rockland, Rockland, s/o J.B. THERIEN (b. Curran) & Marie LALONDE; married Irene GUINDON, 24, Rockland, Ottawa, d/o Armand GUINDON (b. Rockland) & Azilia TOURANGEAU; wit Albert RENAUD & Maurice MARIER, both Ottawa, 25 Mar 1927, Ottawa

009300-27 Edward THIBAULT, 26, Motor Mechanic, Bouchette Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Pierre THIBAULT (b. Burybridge (M--?) Quebec) & Marcelline BEAUREGARD; married Clarise PORTELANCE, 22, Curran, Ottawa, d/o Moise PORTELANCE (b. Curran) & Adele LAVIGNE; wit Isidore NAULT & Joseph PORTELANCE, both Ottawa, 5 Feb 1927, Ottawa

009301-27 Joseph Olivier THIBAULT, 20, Labourer, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Francis THIBAULT & Irene NEEDON; married Jeannette Blanche Marie PRUD'HOMME, 19, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Alexander PRUD'HOMME & Hortense GOSSELIN; wit Jean Bernard BAZINET & Florida PRUD'HOMME, both Ottawa, 2 Feb 1927, Ottawa

009302-27 Alderic THIBERT, 30, Labourer, Buckingham Quebec, Ottawa, s/o late Francois THIBERT & Rose Delima ROBERT; married Blanche ROSSIGNOL, 24, Riviere du Loup Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Napoleon ROSSIGNOL & Esther CLOUTIER; wit Teophile CHENIER & Napoleon ROSSIGNOL, both Ottawa, 3 Jan 1927, Ottawa

009303-27 Joseph Frank THINEL, 59, Civil Servant, Wid, St. Calixte Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Joseph THINEL (b. Ile Perrot Quebec) & Roseanne PRESEAU; married Albertine CUSSON, 52, Clerk, Wid, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Octazarde? MARTINEAU (b. St. Nicolas Quebec) & Marguerite LEBLANC; wit Camille MESSIER & Roland MAJOR, both Ottawa, 20 Aug 1927, Ottawa

009304-27 Joseph THISDELLE, 27, Cook, Gracefield Quebec, Hull, s/o Joseph THISDELLE (b. Gracefield Quebec) & Philomena CHARBONNEAU; married Laurence Marie BERTRAND, 19, Maid, Maniwaki Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Victor BERTRAND (b. Gracefield Quebec) & Maria SYLVESTRE; wit Joseph THISDELLE & Paul LABELLE, both Hull Quebec, 11 Jun 1927, Ottawa

009305-27 David Glascott THOBURN, 21, Clerk, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Adolph Harold THOBURN (b. Ontario) & Anna GRAVES; married Winnifred Catherine LATIMER, 19, Clerk, Aylmer Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Albert Edward LATIMER (b. Ontario) & Mary Elizabeth WRIGHT; wit S.D. LEAFLOOR & Jean LEAFLOOR, both Woodroffe, 25 Jun 1927, Ottawa

009306-27 Charles Henry THOMAS, 22, Butcher, Toronto, Westboro, s/o Charles THOMAS (b. England) & Elizabeth THOMAS; married Agnes HEWLETT, 21, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Harry HEWLETT (b. Canada) & Sara ARDLE; wit Cameron H. TURNER, Westboro & Mrs. Doris MOREAU, Ottawa, 20 Sept 1927, Ottawa

009307-27 Clifford Henry Baden THOMAS, 27, Clerk at Royal Mint, Hull Quebec, Hull Quebec, s/o Arthur THOMAS (b. England) & Clara Jane BABB; married Marie Ozilda BERTRAND, 24, Housemaid, Hawkesbury, Ottawa, d/o Hormisdas BERTRAND (b. Ontario) & Marie TREPANIER; wit Frank STRINGER & Margaret EGAN, both Ottawa, 27 Aug 1927, Ottawa

009308-27 Edwin Albert THOMAS, 20, Mechanic, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Edwin James THOMAS (b. London England) & Edith Jessie VEARY; married Anna Barr CAUGHEY, 20, Employee Bank Note Co, Belfast Ireland, Ottawa, d/o Alexander CAUGHEY (b. Ireland) & Fanny Agnes WALTER or WALKER; wit Harold James THOMAS & Jean E. MCINTOSH, both Ottawa, 22 Nov 1927, Ottawa

009309-27 Austin Earl THOMPSON, 28, Salesman, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o David THOMPSON (b. Canada) & Essie CRAWFORD; married Mary Lorna Winnifred LEAMY, 20, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Frank Albert LEAMY (b. Canada) & Eliza Jane C. CODY; wit George CODY & Kenneth CODY, both Ottawa, 4 Nov 1927, Ottawa

009310-27 Frank THOMPSON, 29, Railway Employee, Birkenhead England, Ottawa, s/o Jonathan THOMPSON (b. Liverpool England) & Annie WEST; married Mary Helen O'Donnell Kirkwood BYRNE, 19, Maid, Patick Scotland, Ottawa, d/o Michael BYRNE (b. Ireland) & Annie O'DONNELL; wit Charlotte STEWART & Robert EARBY, both Ottawa, 31 May 1927, Ottawa

009311-27 James Cedric THOMPSON, 20, Porter CP Rail, Toronto, Toronto, s/o George Wallace THOMPSON (b. Ontario) & Frances SHEPARD; married Theresa ADAMS, 18, Domestic, Oshawa, Ottawa, d/o Mitchel ADAMS (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth DAY; wit Janet L. RODGERS & H.S. HINTON, both Ottawa, 20 Jan 1927, Ottawa

009312-27 Samuel Cairns THOMPSON, 56, Sales Manager, Wid, Belfast Ireland, Montreal Quebec, s/o Samuel THOMPSON (b. Ulster Ireland) & Caroline CAIRNS; married Marion Carlyle ROSS, 37, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Crawford ROSS (b. Compton Co Quebec) & Elizabeth CHRISTIE; wit Nathaniel R. HALL, Buffalo NY & Florence B. WAITE, Montclair NJ, 12 Nov 1927, Ottawa

009543-27 James Stewart THOMPSON, 23, Labourer, Alyth Perthshire Scotland, s/o Leonard THOMPSON (b. Scotland) & Margaret MCDONALD; married Mary Elizabeth DUNNACHIE, 25, Maid, Glasgow Scotland, Carp, d/o William DUNNACHIE (b. Scotland) & Violet HENDERSON; wit James H. DUNNACHIE & Lily Rose DUNNACHIE, both Ottawa, 8 Jun 1927, Huntley twp

009313-27 Duncan Lachlan THORBURN, 30, Civil Servant, Lindsay, Ottawa, s/o John THORBURN (b. Canada) & Jane MCTAGGART; married Gladys Mary HENSHAW, 28, Stenographer, Chesterfield England, Ottawa, d/o Joseph Bernard HENSHAW (b. Chesterfield England) & Emily NEWTON; wit Ethel HENSHAW & Ed. J. MCMILLAN, both Ottawa, 16 Aug 1927 Ottawa

009314-27 Anthony Edward Arden THORNWELL, 25, Clerk, Hartshorne Leicester England, Ottawa, s/o Joseph THORNWELL & Nora Maud ARDEN; married Anna Teresa COBUS, 33, Clerk, Renfrew, Ottawa, d/o Joseph COBUS & Mary SWITCH; wit Willis BAXTER & Lillian COBUS, both Ottawa, 8 Sept 1927, Ottawa

009315-27 John Albert THURSTON, 23, Telegraph Operator, Madawaska, Madawaska, s/o Jason N. THURSTON (b. Ontario) & Margaret BISHOP; married Eileen Ethyl NEIL, 24, Mattawa, Ottawa, d/o John NEIL (b. Quebec) & Agnes ELLIOTT; wit William Allen VIZARD & Beryl NEIL, both Ottawa, 20 Sept 1927, Ottawa

009316-27 Lewis Ray TIERNEY, 29, Butcher, Fallowfield, Detroit Mich, s/o William TIERNEY & Sarah Elizabeth CAYIS; married Ann Veronica Alice NICHOLS, 22, Typist, Eastview Centre, Ottawa, d/o Michael NICHOLS & Mar SHANNON; wit Neil WATT, Detroit Mich & Jessie NICHOLS, Ottawa, 9 Aug 1927, Ottawa

009317-27 Leo Henry TIMMINS, 26, Mining Engineer, Mattawa, Montreal Quebec, s/o Noah Alfred TIMMINS & Lelia PARE; married Anna HENEY, 26, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o John J. HENEY & Ellen O'CONNOR; wit Gerald TIMMINS, Montreal Quebec & Margaret HENEY, Ottawa, 20 Apr 1927, Ottawa

009544-27 Roy Carman TODD, 23, Farmer, Nepean twp, Marlborough twp, s/o Nathaniel TODD (b. Canada) & Elizabeth JOHNSTON; married Lola SADLER, 21, North Gower, North Gower, d/o Johnson SADLER (b. Canada) & Emma CRAIG; wit Orval SADLER, North Gower & Myrtle MONTGOMERY, Richmond, 28 Dec 1927, North Gower

009318-27 Bertrum Edward TOLTON, 25, School Teacher, Eramosa Twp, Kingsville (or Guelph - both given), s/o Benjamin TOLTON (b. Eramosa Twp) & Margaret YEATS; married Helen Mary NELSON, 25, School Teacher, Kemptville, Kingsville, d/o John NELSON (b. Bear Brook Ontario) & Mary Jane STANLEY; wit Margaret Y. TOLTON, Guelph & Mrs. J. NELSON, Smiths Falls, 27 Aug 1927, Ottawa

009319-27 Henry Joseph TOSE, 33, Secretary Treasurer, Boston Mass USA, Montreal Quebec, s/o Charles TOSE (b. Italy) & Louise MULTEDE; married Kathleen Mary GRANT, 25, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o James Evans GRANT (b. Carleton Co) & Ida May STACKHOUSE; wit, J. Hardy GRANT, Ottawa & Rita TOSE, Winthrop? Mass, 8 Jun 1927, Ottawa

009545-27 George TRAIN, 56, Civil Servant, Wid, Belton Lincolnshire England, Britannia, s/o Joseph TRAIN (b. England) & Annie BARLOW; married Eva Melinda POWELL, 39, Housekeeper, South Indian, Britannia, d/o Robert POWELL (b. Russell) & Ann ARGUE; wit Walter H. HEWITT, Britannia & Mabel A. POWELL, Ottawa, 3 May 1927, Britannia Heights

009320-27 Emile TRAVERSY, 31, Painter, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Honore TRAVERSY (b. Canada) & Marie Louise VALIQUETTE; married Maria Eva LAVERGNE, 22, Waitress, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Charles LAVERGNE (b. Canada) & Mathilda LAUZON; wit Eugene DEMERS & Charles LAVERGNE, both Ottawa, 2 May 1927, Ottawa

009322-27 Barthelemy TREMBLAY, 39, labourer, Thurso, South Indian, s/o Adolphe TREMBLAY & Elizabeth MARTEL; married Alexida DESABROIS, 25, South Indian, Ottawa, d/o Jean DESABROIS & late Lucie DUBE; wit Victor TREMBLAY, Ottawa & Vital JOHNSON, Hull, 19 Apr 1927, Ottawa

009321-27 Alphonse TREMBLAY, 48, Labourer, Wid, Rockland, Ottawa, s/o David TREMBLAY (b. Papineauville) & Rosalie VILLENEUVE, married Alphonsine VIAU, 46, Wid, St. Placide Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Alphonse LAURIN (b. Ste Scholastique Quebec) & Alphonsine COTE; wit Alphonse LAURIN, 121 Carruthers & Eusebe TREMBLAY, Rockland, 1 Oct 1927, Ottawa

009323-27 Alvin TRIPP, 21, Miner, Forester's Falls, Forester's Falls, s/o David TRIPP (b. Forester's Falls) & Mina PRICE; married Hazel GOODFELLOW, 21, White Lake Renfrew, Ottawa, d/o Robert George GOODFELLOW (b. Clay Bank) & Mary SPINKS; wit Alfred DIXON & Nettie Anna PEEVER, both Ottawa, 25 Feb 1927, Ottawa

009324-27 Eric Emmett TRUDEL, 26, Driver, Peterboro, Ottawa, s/o Theophile TRUDEL (b. Canada) & Carrie ROBILLARD; married Delarine Eugenie Jenny SANGSTER, 20, Waitress, London England, Ottawa, d/o John SANGSTER (b. Scotland) & Alice DYETT; wit Regis A. TRUDEL, Hull & Lyda M. TRUDEL, Ottawa, 3 Dec 1927, Ottawa

009325-27 Robert Lawrence TRUSSELL, 21, Hatter, Brockville, Brockville, s/o Harry TRUSSELL (b. Brockville) & Isabel CLEMENTS; married Jean Anne Victoria WALTON, 18, Saleslady, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Charles WALTON (b. Port Hope) & Eva JOHNSON; wit Marion E. GORDON & Charles WALTON, both Ottawa, 30 Apr 1927, Ottawa


009546-27 Victor William TUFTS, 27, Farmer, Mallorytown, Yonge twp, s/o Israel TUFTS (b. Mallorytown) & Elida TENNANT; married Eliza Sarah MACDONALD, 20, Housework, Escott twp, Escott twp, d/o John MACDONALD (b. Mallorytown) & Matilda STAFFORD; wit Etta M. MCCONNELL, Elgin & Gulielma BROWNLEE, Billings Bridge, 20 Aug 1927, Gloucester twp

009326-27 Joseph Ferdinand TURCOTTE, 56, Telegrapher, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Peter TURCOTTE (b. Ontario) & blank BOLDUC; married Bertha Maud LAROSE, 49, Nurse, Wid, Pembroke, Ottawa, d/o John NELSON (b. Ontario) & blank CHARETTE; wit D. DAGENAIS & Rose DAGENAIS, both Ottawa, 22 Jul 1927, Ottawa

009327-27 Charles Bruce TURNER, 22, Accountant, Kingston, Ottawa, s/o Charles TURNER (b. England) & Ida May MCKEE; married Catherine Grace Henrietta May HAYWARD, 24, Nurse, Stoneham Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Charles Ernest HAYWARD (b. New York) & Margaret Jane MCKEE; wit Mary G. MCDONALD & W.H.D. MCMAHON, both Ottawa, 26 Feb 1927, Ottawa

009330-27 Kingsley Mathieson TURNER, 22, Bank Clerk, West Templeton Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Robert TURNER (b. Canada) & Edith SCHARF; married Ada Irene RICE, 22, Stenographer, North Gower Twp, Ottawa, d/o Joseph RICE (b. Canada) & Mary Isabel BALL; wit Myrtle Edith TURNER & Lyman Cecil EVANS, both Ottawa, 22 Jul 1927, Ottawa

009329-27 Kendall Herbert TURNER, 21, Civil Servant, Port Arthur, Ottawa, s/o Daniel TURNER (b. Almonte) & Mildred DEBENARDI; married Ethel Victoria Constance RUSSELL, 22, Telephone Operator, Sussex England, Ottawa, d/o William James RUSSELL (b. England) & Ada Priscilla BALDOCK; wit William James RUSSELL & Dan TURNER, both Ottawa, 27 Jul 1927, Ottawa

009328-27 Geoffrey Oswald TURNER, 37, Railway Employee, England, Billings Bridge, s/o John TURNER & Sarah JUPP; married Pearl FITZPATRICK, 32, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o George FITZPATRICK & Jessie TAYLOR; wit John Albert Charles TURNER, Ottawa & Stella Shrimpton HAMBOOK, 166 Glen Ave, 15 Jun 1927, Ottawa

009331-27 Euclid TURPIN, 24, Telegraph Operator, Angers Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Henri TURPIN & Euphenie MEILLEUR; married Beatrice Catherine RAGANOLD, 21, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o William RAGANOLD & Marguerite MCQUITTY; wit M.L. CHAUVIN & Thomas W. JOHNSTON, both Ottawa, 25 Apr 1927, Ottawa

009332-27 Robert TURWURA (Zurwura?), 31, Clerk, Switzerland, Civic Hospital, s/o Benjamin TURWURA & Babett ROST; married Alice PAULIN, 22, Nurse, Gatineau Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Alfred PAULIN & Emma BIGRAS; wit Wilfred DESJARDINS & Aristide MAISONNEUVE, both Ottawa, 19 Sept 1927, Carleton Co

009333-27 William VALLIANT, 46, Telegraph Operator, Wid, Bryson Quebec, Vancouver BC, s/o John VALLIANT (b. Canada) & Carrie DUNLOP; married Queenie SMITH, 42, Telegraph Operator, Wid, Pembroke, Ottawa, d/o Samuel CAMPBELL (b. Canada) & Clarinda TOWNSON; wit Minnie GLADHILL, Ottawa & Florence BLACK, Renfrew, 17 Sept 1927, Ottawa