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Carleton Co, 1920

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10189-20 William Donald ALLISON, 23, farmer, Chesterville Ont., Russell, s/o Alexander ALISON (b. Chesterville) & Celia PITCHER, married Elizabeth HALL, 23, Kenmore, same, d/o Richard HALL (b. Kenmore) & Isabella MacDOUGALL, witn: Miles & Amy HALL of Kenmore, 24 Nov 1920 at Kenmore 15810-1920 (Carleton Co) Charles ARIS, 24. Clerk, Ottawa, same, s/o James ARIS & Catherine GREEN, married Rose BURKE, 20, Clerk, Ottawa, same, d/o George BURKE & Elizabeth WELLINGTON, witn: George BURKE, Arthur BENOIT, both of Ottawa. 16 June 1920 Ottawa
10187-20 William ARMSTRONG, 40, widower, farmer, Mountain twp., Osgoode twp., s/o Henry W. ARMSTRONG (b. Osgoode) & Mary KENNEDY, married Aweilda HOY (Hay?), 23, Osgoode twp., same, d/o Andrew HOY (b. Osgoode) & Armanella DOCKSTEADER, witn: Ruby & Russell HOY of Vernon, 24 Nov 1920 at Vernon 10188-20 Charles Joseph AUBREY, 37, locomotive engineer, Ottawa, Eastview, s/o Charles AUBREY (b. Ottawa) & Catherine McGOVERN, married Rosa SEVIYER, 26, Ottawa, Eastview, d/o Horace SEVIYER (b. Kent England) & Ledia LAMBERT, witn: Charles AUBREY of Eastview & Horace SEVIYER of Cummings Bridge, 9 Nov 19920 at L--? Church, Ottawa
15921-20 Walter M. BEATON, 32, merchant, Ottawa, same, s/o Murdock BEATON (b. Canada) & Mary Ann FRITH, married Jean READE, 27, Chelsea Que., Ottawa, d/o William READE (B. Canada) & Effie A. McBEAN, witn: Alma R. FORWARD of 425 Parkdale Ave & Jane A. READE of 468 Elgin St., 29 April 1920 at Ottawa 15923-20 Venane BOIVIN, 57, widower, merchant, Canada, Ottawa, s/o J. B. BOIVIN (b. Canada) & Greiva? JOLY, married Melanie MENARD, 46, widow, Canada, Ottawa, d/o John Philip MENARD (b. Canada) & Melanie BROUSSEAU, witn: Father W. SCANTLAND of St. Anns Church & Alphonse LAFLEUR of Ottawa, 22 April 1920 at St. Anns Church, Ottawa
15911-1920 (Carleton Co) Alfred James BOOTH, 32, Widower, Machinist, Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Elijah BOOTH, (b. Bury P.Q.) & Julietta TODD, married, Aldea BERGERON, Hull, Ottawa, d/o Adrien BERGERON (b. West Moulten P.Q.) & Anastasia LACOMBE, witn: Adrien BERGERON, Hull, Henry COOK, Ottawa. 31 May 1920 Ottawa 15973-1920 (Carleton Co) Arthur Stanley BOURIUVT (Bourindt?), 26, Lawyer, Ottawa, same, s/o John Ezra BOURIUVT (?) & Isabella CAMERON, married Norah SHERWOOD, 24, Ottawa, same, d/o Arthur Percy SHERWOOD & Alberta SLATER, witn: L. H. BISHOP, Hilda A. WRIGHT, both of Ottawa. 27 Apr 1920 Ottawa
15920-20 William Steven BOWDEN, 55, widower, civil service, Babbicombe England, 179 Sparks St., s/o Henry Benjamin BOWDEN (b. Totnes England) & Mary HYNE, married Diana JETTE, 32, widow, civil service, Billings Bridge, 477 Cooper St., d/o Paul MILLETTE (b. Three Rivers Que.) & Filena CHARRON, witn: Mary E. COX of 14 Aylmer Ave & K. E. CLENDINNER of 384 Arlington Ave., 28 April 1920 at 384 Arlington Ave., Ottawa 15919-20 Thomas Wallace BRADLEY, 23, civil service, Ottawa, 133 Cartier St., s/o John BRADLEY (b. Smith Falls) & blank WALLACE, married Elizabeth Thompson LAWSON, 21, Ottawa, 55 James St., d/o Robert LAWSON (b. Carleton Place) & Mary Ellen NICHOL, witn: John MacLARTY of 91 Daly & Mary B. WATTS of 104? Daly, 7 May 1920 at Ottawa
15922-20 William Edward BROWN, 47, widower, millwright, Nepean twp., 62 Primrose, s/o Thomas BROWN (b. Wicklow Ireland) & Anna STACHIA , married Addie KELLY, 36, widow, Allumette Island Que., 64 James St., d/o Jos. LE MARE (b. Calumet Island) & Julia McCAULEY, witn: Justain ROY & Alphonse BROUSSEAU, both of 95 Empress, 28 April 1920 at Ottawa 10225-20 Robert McDonald CAIRNS, 29, physician, Ottawa, same, s/o William CAIRNS (b. Ireland) & Annie McDONALD, married Emily Elizabeth HUNT, 29, Pakenham, Ottawa, d/o William HUNT (b. Canada) & Sarah MAY, witn: Mrs. Eleanor GRAHAM of 5 Second Ave in Ottawa & Aubrey W. HUNT of Pakenham, 15 Sept 1920 at Fitzroy
  16058-20 James Patrick CARROLL, 26, Ottawa, 435 Clarence St. Ottawa, s/o Patrick CARROLL (b. Ireland) & Ann ROWAN, married Mary Agnes McNAMARA, 24 (27?), Sudbury Ont., 56 Sherbrooke Ave., d/o Mich F. McNAMARA (b. Ireland) & Mary McNULTY, witn: Thomas McNAMARA & Catherine WINTERS, both of Ottawa, 22 June 1920 at St. Marys Church, Ottawa
16060-20 Lowell CHENIER, 21, carpenter, Buckingham Que., same, s/o Joseph CHENIER (b. Buckingham Que) & Alexina SOUCY, married Lillian DELCOURT, 23, Buckingham Que., 208 Fingel? Ave in Ottawa, d/o Isidore DELCOURT & Elizabeth SCHMILER, witn: Joseph WELSH & Elie BOILEAU, both of Ottawa, 7 June 1920 at Ottawa 16057-20 Bert CLARKE, 29, painter, Leicester England, 458 Adelaide St. West in Toronto, s/o George CLARKE (b. England) & Elizabeth FALL, married Rose ROBILLARD, 29, Arnprior, 575 McLaren St. in Ottawa, d/o Francis ROBILLARD (b. Canada) & Sarah HENDERSON, witn: T. T. & Constance SMYTHE of 575 McLaren St., 16 June 1920 at Ottawa
16064-1920 (Carleton Co) John William CONNELLY, 24, Hotel Clerk, Birmingham Eng., Russell Hotel-Ottawa, s/o George CONNELLY & Maria CHAPLIN, married Violet Mary THIVIERGE, 19, Ottawa, 88 Baird St. Ottawa, Machinist, d/o Joseph THIVIERGE & Mary MacKERELL, witn: Bernard CONNELLY, Eva KEARNAN, both of Ottawa. 10 May 1920 Ottawa. 16062-20 Charles COPLEY, 34, RCMP, Leeds England, Ottawa, s/o Simeon COPLEY (b. England) & Ann ATKINSON, married Martina BERTRAND, 20, Gracefield Que., Ottawa, d/o John BERTRAND (b. Canada) & Elizabeth ETHIER, witn: C. DALEY of 29 Hannah St. & Mrs. C. DALEY, 3 June 1920 at St. Matthews Church, Ottawa
16063-1920 (Carleton Co) Robert Wesley CRAIG, 23, Farmer, Merivale, Osgoode Station, s/o Robert CRAIG & Elizabeth STINSON, married Josephine CROWDER, 21, Moncton Ont, Osgoode Station., d/o Allen CROWDER & Sarah Jane WOOD, witn: Lillian RUDDY, Etta B. AIKENS, both of Ottawa. 25 May 1920 Ottawa 16061-20 Robert CULLIS, 37, machinist, London Eng, Ottawa, s/o James CULLIS & Jane Eliza ARROL, married Minda Irene CAKE, 31, St. Helens - Jersey Channel Islands, d/o John Richard CAKE & Lucy WALLIS, witn: Albert & Emily HAYNES of Ottawa, 1 May 1920 at Ottawa
16059-20 George T. CUTHILL, 45, widower, laborer, London England, 642 Gladstone Ave Ottawa, s/o Joseph CUTHILL (b. London Eng) & Mary E. WATSON, married Alice WILLIAMS, 42, widow, Berkshire Eng., 642 Gladstone Ave., d/o Henry TUCK (b. Norfolk Eng) & Harriet RYMAN, witn: George Thomas CUTHILL Jr. & Harriet Alice Mary WILLIAMS, both of 452 Gladstone Ave. Ottawa, 7 June 1920 at Ottawa  
16268-20 Percy FARMER, 22, clerk, Carlsbad Springs Ont., 288? Bell St. in Ottawa, s/o Wesley FARMER (b. Carlsbad Springs) & Annie CASSIDY, married Evelyn WILSON, 22, Ottawa, 180 Isabella St., d/o Robert Forest WILSON (b. Metcalfe Ont) & Amanda COOPER, witn: Mary & Dorothy KALEM (Kalern?) of 516 McLeod St. Ottawa, 17 Sept 1920 at Ottawa 16270-1920 (Carleton Co) Roy James FERRILL, 20, Labourer, Carleton Place, same, s/o James FERRILL (b. Pakenham) & Maud McDANIEL, married Mary Beatrice BOOTH, mill hand, Panmure Ont, Braeside, d/o John BOOTH (b. Clarendon, P.Q.) & Emily MARKS, witn: Loretta CURLEY, Carleton Place, Noble ARMSTRONG, Braeside. 15 Sept 20 Ottawa
16269-20 Michael Joseph FLANNERY, 24, structural steel worker, Venosta Que., Wrightsville Que., s/o Patrick FLANNERY & Elizabeth MONTAGUE, married Mabel COLEMAN, 21, Stenographer, Wrightsville Que., Ottawa, d/o William COLEMAN & Lena JARVIS, witn: J. HANDLEY & E. SCANLON, both of Hull, 20 Sept 1920 16267-20 Alexander FRASER, 28, Corp. RCMP, Glasgow Scotland, 337 James St. in Ottawa, s/o Alexander FRASER (b. Glasgow) & unknown, married Ella Franklin HAMILTON, 29, North Wakefield Que., same, d/o William HAMILTON (b. Minneapolis) & Bella Ida BROWN, witn: Mrs. W. C. JARVIS of 288 Le Boston St. Ottawa & Mrs. W. J. HALL of 250 Flora St. Ottawa, 6 Oct 1920 at 384 Arlington Ave in Ottawa
 16377-1920 (Carleton Co) George Forfar HUTCHESON, 28, Wholesale Lumberman, Huntsville, same, s/o William Edward HUTCHESON (b. Arkwright Ont.) & Jennie Isabel FORFAR, married Laura Edna BOOTH, 26, Stenographer, Ottawa, same, d/o Washington Edward BOOTH (b. Addison Ont) & Minnie Huldah BROWN, witn: Eva HUTCHESON, Huntsville, Maynard W. BOOTH, Ottawa. 23 June 1920 Ottawa 16480-20 Daniel LOAN, 31, civil service clerk, Milan Pennsylvania, 227 Catherine St. in Ottawa, s/o Michael LOAN & Margaret O'BRIEN, married Mary GAUTHIER, no age given, Bourget Quebec, 87 Catherine St., d/o Hormisdas GAUTHIER & Marcelline DUMOUCHEL, witn: Rev. Brother Martin & Mrs. May RAWLINGS, both of Ottawa, 30 Oct 1920 at Ottawa
16690-20 Robert John MAVERTY, 21, clerk, Ottawa, Overbrook, s/o R. H. MAVERTY & S. A. KEEGAN, married Florabella BEDARD, 19, Ottawa, Ottawa West, d/o N. L. BEDARD & N. WRIGHT, witn: D. BEDARD & Mrs. W. L. FRASER, both of Westboro, 3 Jan 1920 at Ottawa, divorced 4/10/51 16619-20 Francis Edward MONTGOMERY, 55, widower, harness? maker, Ottawa, same, s/o R. S. MONTGOMERY (b. Belfast Ireland) & J. WILSON, married Eliza Jane McEWAN, 36, Ottawa, same, d/o J. McEWAN (b. Ottawa) & E. WILSON, witn: Nathalie MACFARLAND of Ottawa & Robert Drury MONTGOMERY of Overbrook, 15 Jan 1920 at 300 Chapel St. in Ottawa
17048-1920 (Carleton Co) Edwin James SHERWOOD, 22, Plumber, Ottawa, 420 Bronson Ottawa, s/o James Taylor SHERWOOD (b. Ottawa) & Martha Ellen GEROU, married Edith Young SHERWOOD, 22, Civil Servant, Ottawa, 172 Stanley Ave Ottawa, d/o Sidney SHERWOOD (b. Ottawa) & Elizabeth LILLICO, witn: James Taylor SHERWOOD, Gordon Stanley SHERWOOD, both of Ottawa 17049-1920 (Carleton Co) Wilfred SHEFFIELD, 28, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Dundas Ont., Ottawa, s/o Joseph S. SHEFFIELD & Abigail Maria PILLOW, married Frances Mary SEYMOUR, 18, Billings Bridge - Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Angus SEYMOUR & Maggie Jane HYMAN, witn: William. HOWARD, Maggie Jane HYMAN, both of Ottawa. 3 Aug 1920 Ottawa

17138-20 Emmanuel VACHON, 22, laborer, Ottawa, same, s/o Charles VACHON & Zenaide CHARETTE, married Rachel QUENNEVILLE, 17, Ottawa, same, d/o Joseph QUENNEVILLE & Rachel RAYMOND, witn: Charles VACHON & Joseph QUENNEVILLE, both of Ottawa, 11 Oct 1920 at Ottawa


17137-20 Albert VEZINA, 20, clerk, Ottawa, same, s/o Alfred VEZINA & Onesie LAUZON, married Lauretta MARIER, 20, Ottawa, same, d/o Joseph MARIER & Delima MACRA, witn: Onesime VEZINA & Joseph MARIER, both of Ottawa, 27 Sept 1920 at Ottawa

17136-20 (Carleton Co) Robert Botsford VIETO (Viets?), 40, civil servant, Nova Scotia, Mono, s/o John Moore VIETO, b. Nova Scotia & Jane S. ROBERTS married Helen Campbell HUGHSON, 26, USA, Mono, d/o Ward C, HUGHSON, b. USA & Aurelia MCBEAN, witn: Charles Denning O'BRIEN of Ottawa & Florence L. WALTON of Orange NJ, 25 Sept 1920, Ottawa

17140-20 Alfred Thomas WEATHERALL, 23, farmer, Kent England, Ottawa, s/o Thomas Alfred WEATHERALL (b. Kent England) & Henrietta WILLIS, married Maud WALTON, 32, maid, Liverpool England, Ottawa, d/o unknown, witn: R. & Mrs. Alice M.E. WOODHENS? of 202 Patterson St., 1 Dec 1920 at 309 Frank St. in Ottawa

17139-20 Thomas S. WOOD, 32, widower, checker, Ottawa, 172 Drummond St. in Ottawa, s/o William WOOD (b. Scotland) & Euphemia FLEMING, married Olive GILBERT, 30, widow, England, Ottawa, d/o Alfred FALKENER (b. Surrey England) & Alice GRAHAM, witn: Mary & William Jeffrey WOOD of Henry St. in Ottawa, 6 Dec 1920 at Church of the Ascension, Ottawa

17178-1920 (Carleton Co) James Cunningham WRIGHT, 49, Widower, Manufacturer, Hull Que., Albion Hotel Ottawa, s/o Charles Browne WRIGHT (b. Potsdam NY) & Sarah CUNNINGHAM, married Barbara Harris WORTH, 33, Divorced, Trained Nurse, Toronto, 361 Nelson St. in Ottawa, d/o Frederick John WORTH (b. Stratford Ont) & Isabella ESSON, witn: G. E. BARBER, Muriel BARBER, both of Ottawa. 20 May 1920 Ottawa