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Carleton County, 1868

from Ontario Archives microfilm MS 248, reel 5, vol 5, Carleton County marriages 1865 - 1869

Birthplace is given before residence.


Page 12, Return by John A. Dowler, W. Methodist Church

Thomas BRADLEY, 28, Goulbourne, Nepean, s/o William & Ann, married Catherine LEWIS, 20, March, same, d/o John & Catherine, witn: Robert HAND of Nepean & Catherine KENNEDY of March, 29 April 1868

William FALLS, 30, Huntley, same, s/o Samuel & Margaret, married Jane GREEN, 22, Huntley, same, d/o William & Mary Ann, witn: Henry MOONEY & Ellen CALDWELL, both of Huntley, 24 June 1868

James McCOAY, 26, Osgoode, March, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth, married Sarah Ann ROBINSON, 23, March, same, d/o John & Sarah, witn: John BOUCHER & Mary ROBINSON, both of March, 17 Sept 1868

Edward WILLIS, 34, Dublin Ireland, Nepean, s/o Robert & Ann, married Catherine LEE, 24, Canada Nepean, d/o Richard & Jane, witn: David (Daniel?) & Rachel COURTNEY of Nepean, 19 Oct 1868


Page 12, Return by William D. Brown, Wesleyan minister, Richmond

Noble WALLACE, 37, Goulbourne, Marlborough, s/o Andrew & Isabella, married Margaret LINDSAY, 29, Goulbourne, same, d/o Robert & Margaret, witn: Noble TRIMBLE & James HENDERSON, both of Goulbourne, 5 March 1868

Robert EDWARDS, 32, Goulbourne, Almonte, s/o Edward & Mary Ann, married Margaret SHILLINGTON, 19, Goulbourne, same, d/o James & Elizabeth, witn: Thomas SHILLINGTON of Goulbourne & Lydia ALCOCK of Beckwith, 23 March 1868

James NICHOL, 36, Goulbourne, same, s/o John & Jane, married Eliza BURNS, 35, Goulbourne, same, d/o Andrew & Eliza, witn: James CONNELLY & Eliza HENDERSON, both of Goulbourne, 15 Dec 1868


Page 12, Return by E. S. Curry, Fitzroy Harbour Mission

William Alex SHIRREFF (Sherriff?), 25, Fitzroy Harbour, same, s/o Robert & Emma Matilda, married Sarah Ann MARSHALL, 25, Fitzroy, same, d/o John & Sarah, witn: Thomas MARSHALL of Fitzroy, 29 July 1868

John WILSON, 36, Ireland, Goulbourne, s/o John & Jane, married Eliza BAKER, 23, Torbolton, same, d/o Thomas & Ann, witn: Robert CATTCALL of Goulbourne, 8 Dec 1868


Page 12, Return by D. P. Merritt, Parish Priest, North Gower

no bride's surnames were given in this return

Thomas LEWIS, 27, Canada Goulbourne, s/o Thomas & Catherine, married Jane, 20, Canada Marlborough, d/o Robert GOOD & Ellen, witn: William GOOD of Marlborough, 14 April 1868

William J. WOOD, 23, Canada North Gower, s/o William & Harriet, married Lavinia, 17, Canada North Gower, d/o Adam J. EASTMAN & Elizabeth Ann, witn: Charles EASTMAN of North Gower, 3 June 1868

Robert William LANGDON, 21, Canada Goulbourne, s/o James & Elizabeth, married Mary Ann, 17, Canada Marlborough, d/o Robert MONTGOMERY & Jane, witn: Fred J. DAVIDSON of Goulbourne, 14 Sept 1868

William LEWIS, 27, Canada North Gower, s/o William & Catherine, married Sarah S., 24, Ireland, North Gower, d/o Ingram SCOTT & Mary, witn: Francis SCOTT of North Gower, 12 Nov 1868

Charles BRIDGES, 33, England, Arnprior, s/o John & Fanny, married Ann, 33, Canada North Gower, d/o Arthur PETTAPIECE & Mary, witn: James BAUR of North Gower, 26 Dec 1868


Page 13, Return by A. Chaine, Catholic Church of St. Joseph Villeans

Gusebe PAQUETTE, 31, St. Martin, Cumberland, s/o Joseph PAQUETTE & Marie LEBLANC, married Josephine GUIMET, 19, St. Garrison, Gloucester, d/o Michael GUIMET & Louise GIGRAS, witn: Francois Xavier ALORS of Cumberland & Pare? LAPLANT of Gloucester, 13 Jan 1868

Maxime LAVIGNE, 22, Cumberland, same, s/o Alexander LAVIGNE & Jule LAROUGE, married Marcelline PROVOST, 16, Templeton, Cumberland, d/o Louis PROVOST & blank CLOTHIER, witn: Alexander LAVERN? & Angele (Auguste?) CROUBERT, both of Cumberland, 15 Jan 1868

Joseph MAJOR, 22, Ottawa, Cumberland, s/o Luc MAJOR & Emilie MAISON, married Mary D--? VANIER, 16, Le Orignal, Gloucester, d/o John VANIER & Catherine DILLON, witn: Felix VANIER of Gloucester & Francois CRIPPS of Cumberland, 28 April 1868

Jean Baptiste DESJARDINS, 41, St. Therese, Templeton, s/o Louis DESJARDINS & May Louise LENDROU?, married Marceline GAUDAUR, 23, Templeton, same, d/o Jean Baptiste DESCHAMP & Anastace TASSER?, witn: Francois GIVET Chilbert GASTION, both of Gloucester, 11 June 1868

Damase TASSIER, 29, Cumberland, same, s/o Jean Baptiste TESSIER & Mary MORIN?, married Claire MONTIGNAL, 17, Cumberland, same, d/o Alex MONTIGNAL & Justine MILORE, witn: Jean Baptiste TASSIER & Alex MONTREUIL, both of Cumberland, 4 Aug 1868

Joseph LEBLOND, 22, Grenville, Cumberland, s/o Francois LEBLOND & Archange LARIVE, married Marie Louise LEIGE, 23, St. Andre Argenteuil, Cumberland, d/o Louis Louis (sic) LEIGE & Emile PHARAN, witn: Regis & Basile LEBLOND of Cumberland, 4 Aug 1868

Alphonse CHARTRAND, 20, St. Rose, Cumberland, s/o Pierre CHARTRAND & Virginie CHARTRAND?, married Eliza TAILFAIR (sic), 15, St. Martin, Gloucester, d/o Louis CALLAPER & Aurelie VALIQUETTE, witn: Louis & Alexis TAILIFER of Gloucester, 26 Aug 1868

Richard GRIMES, 28, Ottawa, Cumberland, s/o John GRIMES & Mary MONTGOMERY, married Mary TOMKINS, 22, Ottawa, Cumberland, d/o John TOMKINS & Elizabeth TRAINER, witn: John TOMKINS & John GRIMES, both of Cumberland, 7 Sept 1868

Francis LEPAGE, 22, St. Therese, L’Orignal, s/o Francis Xavier LEPAGE & Marie CHARBONEAU, married Marceline LEPAGE (sic), 22, Cumberland, same, d/o Oliver LAVIGNE & Lacros LAROCQUE, witn: Francis Xavier LEPAGE of L’Orignal & Olive LAVIGNE of Cumberland, 14 Sept 1868

William SUMMERS, 26, Lochaber, Buckingham, s/o William SUMMERS & Margaret O’TOOL, married Ellen PRESLEY, 24, Gloucester, same, d/o Thomas PRESLEY & Calstein BYRNE, witn: Stephen PRESLEY of Gloucester & Martin GLINN of Packingham, 6 Oct 1868

Dosithe PAILLET dit St.AMOUR, 19, Montebello, Gloucester, s/o Baptiste PALET (sic) dit St. AMOUR & Adelaide POILET (sic) St.AMOUR, married Justine MARENGOR, 21, St. Ganvige, Gloucester, d/o Francois MARENGOR & Judith CARSOLOS, witn: Francois MARENGOR of Gloucester & Joseph PALLET dit St.AMOUR of Cumberland, 3 Nov 1868

Antoine DROUBART, 19, Cumberland, same, s/o Amable ROBERT & Pauline MORIN, married Zoe DIONNE, 19, Cumberland, same, d/o Louis DIONNE & Thusele HAMSHAM?, witn: Amabel ROBERT & Theosphoe LAROCQUE, both of Cumberland, 9 Nov 1868

William COSGROVE, 26, Wicklow Ireland, Gloucester, s/o Robert COSGROVE & Bridget HANNON?, married Mary Jane HALL, 20, Packingham, Gloucester, d/o John HALL & Emily LAW, witn: Robert COSGROVE & Margaret JOHNSTON, both of Gloucester, 17 Nov 1868


Page 13, Return by James Tait, Canada Presbyterian Church, Fitzroy Harbour

John McLEOD, 27, Glengarry, Torbolton, s/o Angus McLEOD & Cath McMILLAN, married Mary MURPHY, 23, Pembroke, Torbolton, d/o Edward MURPHY & Margaret FRASER, witn: Roderick McLEOD of Fitzroy & Janet BAIRD of Torbolton, 1 June 1868

John ROSS, 29, Torbolton, same, s/o William ROSS & Mary MONROE, married Isabella MUNROE, 28, Torbolton, same, d/o William MUNROE & Ann WHITE, witn: William McDONALD of Torbolton & Jessy MUNROE of Bristol, 1 Jan 1868

Francis H. MONROE, 38, Scotland, Fitzroy, s/o John MONROE & Chritstena HENRY, married Janet HALLEY, 32, Torbolton, Fitzroy Harbour, d/o Andrew HALLEY & Christena MILLOY? (Millan?), witn: Daniel McLAREN & James McOUSTON, both of Fitzroy Harbour, 3 Jan 1868


Page 14, Return by Richard A. Adams, Wesleyan Methodist

William FINDLEY, 20, Lanark, North Elmsley, s/o Thomas & Agnes, married Margaret J. CONDIE, 17, Smith Falls, Osgoode, d/o William & Jane, witn: Mary ADAMS & Ida FERGUSON, both of Gloucester, 26 Sept 1868

Samuel HELMER, 23, Nepean, same, s/o John & Agnes, married Margaret BEATY, 21, Nepean, same, d/o William & Sarah, witn: Mary ADAMS & Ida FERGUSON, both of Gloucester, 17 Nov 1868

Thomas LEE, 26, Gloucester, Ottawa, s/o Robert & Elisa, married Catherine FENTON, 25, Gloucester, same, d/o William & Catherine, witn: Margaret FENTON & Robert LEE, both of Gloucester, 25 Nov 1868

David MOODIE, 24, Burgess, Gloucester, s/o James & Christine, married Eliza J. HAWKINS, 19, Gloucester, same, d/o John & Eliza, witn: Thomas & Ann MOODIE of Gloucester, 27 Nov 1868


Page 14, Return by Charles Taggart, Wesleyan Methodist

duplicated on page 21

William HENDERSON, 24, Ireland, Marlborough, s/o William HENDERSON & Margaret LANE, married Margaret SCARLET, 19, Marlborough, same, d/o John SCARLET & Sarah NEELAND, witn: James MAHAN of Marlborough, 15 Jan 1868

John FENNEL, 24, Wolford, North Gower, s/o John FENNEL & Catherine GRIFFIN, married Mary A. MOFFAT, 21, North Gower, same, d/o Robert MOFFAT & Susan GRAHAM, witn: George MOFFAT of North Gower, 24 June 1868

David FULCHER, 37, England, Osgoode, s/o John FULCHER & Mary SKIPPEN, married Eliza LITTLE, 32, Ireland, Osgoode, d/o Samuel LITTLE & Mary POWER, witn: Robert DAVIDSON of Osgoode, 11 Sept 1868

John GOULDIE, 24, Marlborough, same, s/o not given, married Mary A. MAGEE, 23, Marlborough, North Gower, d/o not given, witn: James BEAMAN of North Gower, 17 Nov 1868

John G. ZIMMERMAN, 25, Germany, North Gower, s/o Adam ZIMMERMAN & Otella HERBOLD, married Louize DENLY (Denby?), 23, Germany, North Gower, d/o Philip A. DENLY & Christian DENLY, witn: Thomas W. BUSH of North Gower, 19 Nov 1868

Henry J. BIRD, 26?, England, Almonte, s/o Oliver BIRD & Catherine LISTER, married Sarah FRASER, 24, North Gower, same, d/o John FRASER & Margaret WHITE, witn: Samuel FRASER of North Gower, 25 Dec 1868

Thomas H. FENNEL, 33, Wolford, North Gower, s/o Richard FENNEL & Nancy GRIFFIN, married Mary ARMSTRONG, 21, North Gower, same, d/o James ARMSTRONG & Martha FETTIS (Feltis?), witn: Peter WELLINGS of North Gower, 1 Dec 1868

William JOHNSTON, 28, Ireland, Marlborough, s/o Adam JOHNSTON & Jane JENKINS, married Mary J. BROWNLEE, 21, Marlborough, same, d/o James BROWNLEE & Margaret HILL, witn: Thomas HOUSE of Marlborough, 31 Dec 1868


Page 14, Return by D. Brill, M. E. Church

William BRILL, 27, Bagot, same, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Annie G. RONSON, 22, Fitzroy, same, d/o Hugh & Ann, witn: Richard BRILL of Bagot & A. E. RONSON of Fitzroy, 24 March 1868

Jenner? HEENAN, 28, Huntley, Nepean, s/o George & Margaret, married Sarah A. WARREN, 22, Nepean, same, d/o Henry & Margaret, witn: Ebenezer & Margaret WARREN of Nepean, 17 Oct 1868


Page 15 Return by James Whyte, Canada Presbyterian,

duplicated on page 20

Hugh CLUFF, 23, Ireland, Quebec, s/o Edward CLUFF & Isabella, married Jane McKEOWN (or McKeon), 20, Ontario, same, d/o Robert & Isabella, witn: William McKEOWN of Osgoode, 2 March 1868

James McINTYRE, 38, Scotland, Ontario, s/o Daniel & Margaret, married Eleanor CRAIG, 24, Ontario, same, d/o Daniel & Caroline, witn: James CAMERON of Osgoode, 19 March

James PELTON, 27, Ontario, same, s/o Robert & Sarah, married Mary Ann LONG, 24, Ontario, same, d/o Edward & Mary, witn: Edward WHITESIDE of Ontario, 26 June 1868

Duncan McEWEN, 34, Scotland, Ontario, s/o Peter & Margaret, married Margaret ANDREWS, 28, Ontario, same, d/o James ANDREWS & Jane THOMSON, witn: James ANDREWS of Ontario, 19 Nov 1868

William DUNCAN, 25, Ontario, same, s/o James & Margaret, married Eliz. SHEPHERD, 21, Guernsey, Ontario, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: Thomas DUNCAN of Ontario, 10 Dec 1868


Page 15, return by J. illegible C of E, Nepean

No ages or parents names given in this return

William A. MURPHY, Nepean, same, married M. J. RAMSAY, Nepean, same, witn: J. E. MURPHY of Nepean, 28 March 1868

William POUBY? (Pouley?), Nepean, Ottawa, married Margaret GRAHAM, Nepean, same, witn: May GRAHAM of Nepean, 6 May 1868

Robert SHERA (Sherd?), Ireland, Nepean, married Sarah CORBETT, Nepean, same, witn:? J. H. CORBETT of Nepean, 27 May 1868

John MOXLEY (Morley?), Nepean, Gloucester, married Sarah A. LITTLE, Gloucester, same, witn: Esther MOXLY (sic) of Gloucester, 29 June 1868

Thomas LAFLEUR, Nepean, same, married Eliza SHARP, Nepean, same, witn: Mary J. WEIR of Nepean, 5 Aug 1868

Richard HALL, Gloucester, same, married M. M. DOXEY, Gloucester, same, witn: H. A. DOXEY of Gloucester, 9 Dec 1868


Page 17,

John McMILLAN, no age given, Glengarry Co., Nepean, s/o not given, married Jane HOMES?, no age given, Ireland, Nepean, d/o not given, witn: Anna HUNTER & C. S. GOURLAY & Winnifred CONNELL?, 1 July 1867

Robert McKORD, no age given, Ireland, Ottawa, s/o not given, married Mary Jane LARKE, no age given, Nepean, Ottawa, d/o John LARKE & Hannah TAYLOR, witn: George LARKE & Miss TAYLOR, both of Ottawa, 25 Sept 1867

Samuel STEVENSON, no age given, Nepean, same, s/o William & Sarah, married M. Jane TAYLOR, no age given, North Gower, same, d/o James & Ann, witn: John STEVENSON of Nepean & John GRIFFITH of North Gower, 31 Oct 1867

John GILLESPIE, no age given, Ireland, Gloucester, s/o William & Elizabeth, married E. A. MILLIGAN, no age given, Ireland, Nepean, d/o John MILLIGAN & Elizabeth BOYD, witn: James MILLIGAN of Nepean & A. HACKETT of Gloucester, 12 Dec 1867

John BISHOP, no age given, Monck?, Ottawa, s/o William ERSKIN & Jane ARMSTRONG, married M. A. RICHARDSON, no age given, Nepean, same, d/o David RICHARDSON & Janet DUNBAR, witn: Robert McALISTER & A. RICHARDSON, both of Ottawa, 29 April 1868

John NESBITT, no age given, Nepean, same, s/o John NESBITT & E. RORINGTON? (Remington?), married Mary NESBITT, no age given, Nepean, same, d/o Robert NESBITT & Nancy ADAMS, witn: James NESBITT & E. MILLIGAN, both of Nepean, 3 Sept 1868