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001783-75 (Carleton Co) William Joseph ALLAN, 22, turner, Tynemouth Eng., Ottawa, s/o William ALLEN & Maria WYATT married Annie McCLOY, 19, Ottawa, same, d/o Thomas McCLOY & Janet CLARK. Wit William ESDALE and George ALLEN, both of Ottawa. July 8, 1875 at Ottawa. 001871-75 (Carleton Co): Donald ANDERSON, 21, farmer, Goulbourn, same, s/o Thomas & Jane ANDERSON married Mary Ellen BIRTCH, 20, Nepean, same, d/o George & Mary Ann BIRTCH. Wit: Robert BIRTCH of Nepean and Elizabeth BIRTCH of Richmond. July 16, 1875
1799-75 John ARBUCKLE, 28, farmer, Ireland, Fitzroy, s/o Samuel ARBUCKLE & Mary McMICHAEL, married Jane ABBOTT, 24, Huntley, Fitzroy, d/o Thomas ABBOTT & Margaret BRIGGS, witn: John ABBOTT & Fanny CARR, both of Fitzroy, 31 Aug 1875 at St. Georges Church, Fitzroy Harbour 1898-75 Leon ARCON, no age given, farmer, North Gower, same, s/o Leon ARCON & Sarah MATTE, married Eliza RIVET, no age given, North Gower, same, d/o Antoine RIVET & Henriette BEAUDRY, witn: Felix ARCON & Henriette RIVET, both of N. Gower, 12 July 1875 at Osgoode
001874-75 (Carleton Co): Henry ARMSTRONG, 23, farmer, Addington Co, Lennox Co, s/o Henry & Letty ARMSTRONG married Eliza Jane CLARKE, 21, Huntley, same, d/o John & Ann CLARKE. Wit: Hamilton ARMSTRONG of Nepean and Absolom CLARKE of Huntley. January 9, 1875 at Huntley 001740-75 (Carleton Co) Patrick ARMSTRONG, 24, blacksmith, Ottawa, same, s/o Sam ARMSTRONG & Elizabeth KEHOE married Mary Ann WATERSON, 22, Ottawa, same, d/o Charles WATERSON & Mary COURTNEY. Wit John ARMSTRONG and Martha WATERSON, both of Ottawa. November 3, 1875 at Ottawa.
001763-75 (Carleton Co) John R. ARMSTRONG, 31, clerk, Bradford Ont, Ottawa, s/o John & Eliza ARMSTRONG married Rosamond Brendley GEDDES, 26, Kingston Ont., Ottawa, d/o W.A. & Jane GEDDES. Wit E.S. STEAD and Emily ARMSTRONG both of Ottawa. October 28, 1875 at Ottawa. 001766-75 (Carleton Co) Alfred ARNAULT, 28, lumberer, Ottawa, same, s/o Alex & Sophia ARNAULT married Catherine TANNEY, 45, widow, Waterford Ireland, Ottawa, d/o Thomas & Margaret RUSSELL. Wit Joseph and Marianne LABELLE, both of Ottawa. December 9, 1875 at Ottawa.
001794-75 (Carleton Co): Joseph S. BADHAM, 24, farmer, Fitzroy, same, s/o Enoch & Sophia married Essie MILLER, 28, Fitzroy, same, d/o Abraham & Jane. Wit: Lisa? BENNETT and Ann MOHR, res not given 001588-75 (Carleton Co) Henry John BAILEY, 30, waiter, England, Ottawa, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth BAILEY married Agnes McBEATH, 26, Canada, Ottawa, d/o Alexander & Isabella McBEATH. Wit: Kate E. SAGER & William CAIRNS, both of Ottawa. April 20, 1875 at Ottawa
1849-75 Robert BAIRD, 25, farmer, Fitzroy, same, s/o John & Sarah, married Elizabeth ROBERTSON, 24, March, same, d/o William & Jane, witn: Samuel BAIRD of Fitzroy & Kate GRAHAM of Nepean, 23 March 1875 at res of bride's father, South March 001872-75 (Carleton Co): Thomas BAKER, 35, widower, farmer, Canada, Marlborough, s/o James & Jane BAKER married Mary McCREA, 25, Canada, Marlborough, d/o Lawrence & Bridget McCREA. Wit: Adam BAKER and Jane BAKER, both of Marlborough. August 5, 1875
#001567-75 (Carleton Co): Elijah BALDWIN, 25, farmer, Papineauville - Ottawa Co. Quebec, same, s/o William & Rosane, married Eliza STEWART, 26, Jacques Cartier Quebec, Ottawa, d/o John & Catherine, witn: Lorenzo BALDWIN of Papineauville & Jesse McINTOSH of Ottawa, 9 Feb 1875 at St. Johns Church, Ottawa 001819-75 (Carleton Co) James BARRY, 27, farmer, township of McNab, Pakenham, s/o Walter & Mary BARRY married Elizabeth Ann McADAM, 23, Pakenham, same, d/o James & Mary Ann McADAM. Wit Norman McADAM, Pakenham and Adeline Paterson, Mount Sherwood. 12 July 1875 at Mount Sherwood, Nepean
1835-75 James BEAMAN, 26, farmer, Marlborough, same, s/o Joseph & Ann, married Jane VAUGHAN, 24, North Gower, same, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: James POTTER & Robert VAUGHAN, both of North Gower, 24 March 1875 at North Gower 001793-75 (Carleton Co): Richard Francis BEAMISH, 24, farmer, Quebec City, Clarendon Que, s/o John BEAMISH and Ann his wife married Mary TURNER, 22, Fitzroy, Fitzroy Twp, d/o Joseph TURNER & Ann his wife. Wit: Benjamin GRANT of Marsham Twp Que and Josephine, wife of the aforesaid Benjamin Grant
001577-75 (Carleton Co): Thomas BELANGER, 27, laborer, Ottawa, same, s/o Francois BELANGER & Sophie LAROQUE married Wimenia BOISVIN, 17, Three Rivers, Ottawa, d/o Antoine BOISVIN & Domatilde LAHAYE. Wit: Francois BELANGER & Antoine BOISVIN, res not given. February 8, 1875 at Ottawa 001641-75 (Carleton Co): Charles BELL, 21, gardener, Ireland, Ottawa, s/o William BELL & Elizabeth YOUNG married Elizabeth GOLDEN, 22, Quebec, Ottawa, d/o John GOLDEN & Mary DAVIDSON. Wit: Isaac N? HONEFEDD and Dianna GOLDEN, both of Ottawa. March 3, 1875 at Ottawa.
001571-75 (Carleton Co): Samuel BINGHAM, 27, not given, Ottawa, same, s/o Samuel BINGHAM & Sarah FITZPATRICK married Ellen BRANNIGAN, 23, not given, Ottawa, d/o George BRANNIGAN & Mary CUSAK. Wit: Edward BRANNIGAN and Samuel BINGHAM, both of Ottawa. January 11, 1875 at Ottawa 001791-75 (Carleton Co): Robert BISHOP, 30, farmer, Nepean, Fitzroy, s/o Henry BISHOP and Elizabeth, married Sarah Jane HUMPHREY, 20, Fitzroy, same, d/o George H. and Sarah, Wit: William NESBITT of March and Alice HUMPHREY of Carp
1616-75 David BLACK, 29, mason, Earl Perthshire Scotland, Ottawa, s/o Robert BLACK & Catherine ANDERSON, married Eliza Jane QUAIL, 20, Leitrim Ireland, Ottawa, d/o James QUAIL & Jane MAGEE, witn: George QUIN & Margaret QUAIL, both of Ottawa, 5 May 1875 at Ottawa 1721-75 Johann Albert BOEHMER, 38, widower, laborer, Kries Stolp Bandrechon Pomerania, New Edinburgh, s/o Carl & Dorothea, married Henriette POLLEY, 36, Kreis Stolp Bandrechon, New Edinburgh, d/o Martin & Henriette, witn: Ludwig SCHULZ, Henry HAUL, Rudolph STROERNER & Fred KRANZUSCH, 15 Nov 1875 at St. Paul's Church, Ottawa
001580-75 (Carleton Co): Olivier BOILEAU, 46, widower, laborer, Ottawa, Clarence, married Henriette ST. JACQUES, 38, widow, Ottawa, same, d/o Toussaint ST. JACQUES & Esther LECLAIR. Wit: Louis BOILEAU and James BURLESTON(?) March 29, 1875 at Ottawa 001611-75 (Carleton Co): Amos BONELL, 23, printer, Ottawa, same, s/o George BONELL & Annie TUREN? married Mary STEELE, 24, Sterling Scotland, Ottawa, d/o James STEELE & Alison GIBSON. Wit: William FURNIVAL. April 17, 1875 at Ottawa
1613-75 John BOYD, 25, mason, Perthshire Scotland, Ottawa, s/o Robert BOYD & Christena MILLER, married Elizabeth McCOOAYE, 23, Osgoode, Ottawa, d/o Thomas McCOOAYE & Elizabeth WADDELL, witn: Calvin McKENZIE & Mary McCOOAYE, both of Ottawa, 17 April 1875 at Ottawa 001889-75 (Carleton Co) Robert BOYES, 27, farmer, Templeton, same, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth Hannah BOYES married Lucinda SCHARF, 17, Templeton, same, d/o Thomas & Maria SCHARF. Wit Allinson SCHARF and Sarah BOYES, both of Templeton. 13 October 1875 at New Edinburgh.
1647-75 James BOYLE, 26, laborer, Tipperary Ireland, Gloucester, s/o Michael BOYLE & Margaret ANDREWS, married Mary TOUKEY (Tonkey?), 23, Tipperary Ireland, Pakenham, d/o Michael TOUKEY & Julia NANTZ, witn: B. GILLIGAN Jr. & Mary Jane CLEARY, both of Ottawa, 13 July 1875 at Ottawa 001709-75 (Carleton Co): Samuel BOYLE, 21, farmer, Goulbourn, same, s/o James & Ann BOYLE married Eliza McGREGOR, 21, Goulbourn, same, d/o William & Margaret McGREGOR. Wit: Ephraim SAMPEL and Annie McGREGOR, both of Nepean. October 13, 1875 at Ottawa
001805-75 (Carleton Co) Arthur BRADLEY, 27, farmer, Nepean, same, s/o William & Ann BRADLEY married Elizabeth BOYCE, 24, Nepean, same, d/o John & Jane BOYCE. Wit John BOYCE and David BRADLEY, both of Nepean. 27 April 1875, home of bride's father, Nepean. 001771-75 (Carleton Co) Luke BRITTEN, 22, farmer, Wiltshire Eng., Nepean, s/o George BRITTEN & Jane CHIVERS married Jane STEWART, 18, Nepean, same, d/o James STEWART & Hannah HUMES. Wit James and MaryAnn STEWART, both of Nepean. November 18, 1875 at Ottawa.
1722-75 William BROWN, 24, farmer, Lachute, Torbolton, s/o George & Mary, married Jane Ann HEADLEY, 21, Torbolton, same, d/o John & Ann Amelia, witn: James BROWN of Hull & Marg Elizabeth HEADLEY of Torbolton, 22 Nov 1875 at Ottawa 001584-75 (Carleton Co): Napoleon BRUNET, 25, laborer, Ottawa, same, s/o Pierre BRUNET & Ann LAMOUREUX married Marie Louise CLAUDE, 19, Ottawa, same, d/o Glaude CLAUDE & Rosalia BRISEBOIS. Wit: Ferdinand LUSETTE and Elie BRUNET, both of Ottawa. April 6, 1875 at Ottawa
1905-75 Peter BRUNTON, 21, farmer, Osgoode, same, s/o Samuel BRUNTON & Agnes DALGLEISH, married Elizabeth PENDER, 24, Gloucester, Admaston, d/o William PENDER & Jane DALGLEISH, witn: William CONLIN & Grace McVEIGH, both of Osgoode, 14 Oct 1875 at Osgoode 001739-75 (Carleton Co) James BURGESS, 32, farmer, Wexford Ireland, Gloucester, s/o John BURGESS & Jane HALL married Elizabeth BOND, 28, Gaspe, Ottawa, d/o James BOND & Anastasia GALL. Wit Samuel DAVIS and Mary Jane DAZE, both of Gloucester. 26 October 1875 at Ottawa.
1637-75 Thomas BURKE, 21, lumberman, Ottawa, same, s/o Thomas BURKE & Ann LEAMEY, married Selina BURKE, 22, Ontario, Ottawa, d/o Francis BURKE & Mary "SHAPPO" (sic), witn: James & Christena BURKE of Ottawa, 23 Feb 1875 at Ottawa  
001845-75 (Carleton Co): Forest E. CALDWELL, 26, yeoman, Nepean, Gloucester, s/o James & Ellen married Sarah Ann MORTON, 19, Goulbourn, same, d/o Lewis & Mary. Wit: Robert FEE of Gloucester and Mary H. MORTON of Goulbourn. October 15, 1875 at Goulbourn 001578-75 (Carleton Co): Olivier CAPELET, 23, laborer, Ste Victoire, same, s/o Olivier CAPELET & Aurelie FORCIER married Marguerite BELANGER, 23, Ottawa, same, d/o Joseph BELANGER & Sophie VALLEE. Wit: Francois BELANGER and Antoine BOISVIN, both of Ottawa. February 15, 1875 at Ottawa
1828-75 John CARSON, 26, farmer, North Gower, same, s/o Robert & Sarah, married Deborah CRAIG, 18, North Gower, same, d/o Robert & Eliza, witn: Thomas & Hannah CRAIG of North Gower, 7 April 1875 at North Gower 001706-75 (Carleton Co): Addison CHAMBERLIN, 25, hostler, Hull, Ottawa, s/o Edmund & Amanda CHAMBERLIN married Hattie McVEAN, 22, Plantagenet, Ottawa, d/o Archibald & Annie McVEAN. Wit: Archibald McQUAIG and Annie McVEAN, both of Ottawa. August 18, 1875 at Ottawa
001586-75 (Carleton Co): Francis Ozee Clark CHARLEBOIS, 26, storekeeper, Rigaud, Ottawa, s/o Fabien Hyacinthe CHARLEBOIS & Cleophie RANGER married Louisa PAGE, 19, Ottawa, same, d/o R. PAGE & Sophie Emery BEAUSE. Wit: Romain PAGE and Louise FONTAINE. April 13, 1875 at Ottawa 001725-75 (Carleton Co) Amos CHATFIELD, 31, watchmaker, England, Ottawa, s/o Edward & Sarah CHATFIELD married Mary Jane SHAW, 23, Canada, Ottawa, d/o Charles & Mary Ann SHAW. Wit H. S. SHAW and Mary J. HUNTER, both of Ottawa. 7 October 1875 at Ottawa.
1904-75 Thomas Isaac CINNAMON, 23, farmer, Winchester, same, s/o Henry CINNAMON & Sarah SMITH, married Dianah POOLE, 21, Goulbourne, Mountain, d/o William POOLE & Mary JONES, witn: O. N. CAMPBELL of Mountain & Sarah CINNAMON of Winchester, 13 Oct 1875 at Osgoode 1755-75 Charles Allmatt? CLARKE, 40, widower, engineer, England, Ottawa, s/o William CLARKE & Margaret ALLMATT?, married Matilda BALL, 41, widow, Ireland, Ottawa, d/o William MARTIN & C. S. MAGHIE, witn: Naomi EVANS & R. POPE, both of Ottawa, 31 July 1875 at Ottawa
1719-75 George CLARKE, 28, carpenter, Bells Corners Nepean, Ottawa, s/o Nicholas & Frances, married Sarah COWAN, 19, North Gower, Ottawa, d/o William & Caroline, witn: George Benjamin & Charlotte CLARKE of Ottawa, 5 Aug 1875 at Ottawa 001787-75 (Carleton Co): James CLARKE, 27, yeoman, Fitzroy, same, s/o Thomas & Mary married Martha DEAN, 24, Fitzroy, same, d/o William & Margaret. Wit: Noble DEAN of Renfrew and Sarah CLARKE of Fitzroy. (Date & Location?)
1895-75 Thomas CODE, 21, farmer, Kitley, South Gower, s/o Abraham CODE & Jane WILLIS, married Martha TODD, 22, North Gower, South Gower, d/o William TODD & Esther McCALLUM, witn: James W. LEACH of Smith Falls & Esther ANDERSON of N. Gower, 5 April 1875 at Osgoode #001564-75 (Carleton Co): Henry COLE, 28, laborer, Wiltshire England, Ottawa, s/o John & Mary, married Sarah GIBSON, 21, Brighton England, Ottawa, d/o Robert William & Eliza, witn: Henry & Eliza GIBSON, 11 Jan 1875 at St. Johns Church, Ottawa
1901-75 Patrick CONLIN, 22, farmer, Osgoode, same, s/o John CONLIN & Mary LAVAN, married Margaret DIAMOND, 16, Osgoode, same, d/o Henry DIAMOND & Mary McKENNA, witn: Thomas & Catherine FINLEY of Osgoode, 14 Sept 1875 at Osgoode 1894-75 Jeremiah CONNORS, 34, farmer, South Gower, Osgoode, s/o Dennis CONNORS & Helen GROGAN, married Mary O'BRIEN, 21, Osgoode, same, d/o James O'BRIEN & Joanna DALEY, witn: Francis KEEFE & Ann DOYLE, 2 Feb 1875 at Osgoode
1897-75 Benjamin COOPER, 29, farmer, Ottawa, Osgoode, s/o Paul COOPER & Rachel WALLACE, married Ann Jane STANLEY, 20, Osgoode, same, d/o Richard B. STANLEY & Ann LAWLOR, witn: Samuel LATIMER of Osgoode & Mary MILLS of Burritts rapids, 10 June 1875 at Osgoode 001777-75 (Carleton Co) Thomas COWDEN, 25, farmer, Wakefield, Wakefield Que., s/o James COWDEN & Elizabeth BROWN married Hester JOHNSTON, 22, Ireland, Wakefield, d/o Charles JOHNSTON & Isabella GRAHAM. Wit Thomas WELLS, Wakefield and Jane NELSON, res. not stated. Aaugust 19, 1875 at Ottawa.
001804-75 (Carlton Co) Thomas COYLE, 41, widower, farmer, Ireland, Nepean, s/o (parents not given) married Margaret BURNS, 35, Ireland, Nepean, d/o John & Bridget BURNS. Wit John WATERS and Ann Jane ROONEY, res. not stated. 6 April, 1875 at Nepean. (RC) 001738-75 (Carleton Co) James CROSS, 20, blacksmith, Ottawa, same, s/o William CROSS & Bridget DOWD? married Josephine LECQUI, 21, Ottawa, Hull, d/o John LECQUI & Catherine THEREAULT. Wit T. W. ARLESS and Sarah DAMIE?, both of Ottawa. October 22, 1875 at Ottawa. (RC)
001793-76 (Carleton Co) Cyprien Alfred CROTTEAU, 27, laborer, St. Nicholas PQ, Ottawa, s/o Alexandre & Mary CROTTEAU married Olivie BARBE, 19, St. Martin PQ, Rochesterville Nepean, d/o Jeremie BARBE and Leocadie LACROIS. Wit Jeremie BARBE of Rochesterville and Thomas LABRIE of Ottawa. September 24, 1875. (RC) 1649-75 William CUMMINS, 26, laborer, Cincinnati Ohio, Ottawa, s/o Patrick CUMMINS & Ann DILLON, married Elizabeth ENGLISH, 28, Dublin, Ottawa, d/o Thomas ENGLISH & Frances LOURY, witn: William KIRKBRIDE & Ann BRENNAN, both of Ottawa, 3 May 1875 at Ottawa
1848-75 William DALGLEISH, 27, farmer, Osgoode, same, s/o not given, married Lucy HEDLEY, 22, March, same, d/o William & Bridget, witn: P. DALGLEISH of Osgoode & B. HEDLEY of March, 31 March 1875 at St. Johns Church, South March 1753-75 Peter DARLINGTON, 34, yeoman, North Plantagenet, same, s/o Joseph DARLINGTON & Martha BATES, married Elizabeth Jane HALPENNY, 29, Gloucester, same, d/o Richard HALPENNY & Ann McGILL, 27 Oct 1875 at Ottawa
001789-75 (Carleton Co): Thomas DART, 25, farmer, Ireland, Pakenham, s/o Thomas & Catherine DART married Elizabeth MORECRAFT, 21, Pakenham, Fitzroy, d/o James & Jane MORECRAFT. Wit: Adam NEEDHAM and Ellen Jane GELERICH  
001569-75 (Carleton Co): Thelesphore DAURAY, 26, bookkeeper, St. Mauntho, same, s/o Jean B. DAURAY and Marguerite LEFEBRE married Marie Scholastique BERGERON, 22, Ottawa, same, d/o Moise BERGERON & Marguerite B. DE LA MOTTE. Wit: John B. DAUREY and Louis DAUREY, both of Ottawa. January 7, 1875 at Ottawa 001576-75 (Carleton Co): Jean Amadre DAZE, 20, barber, Ottawa, same, s/o Jean Amadre DAZE & Lea BOURKE married Ernestine BOILEAU, 18, Ottawa, same, d/o Moise BOILEAU & Marceline CLAUDE. Wit: Vincent DAZE & Moise BOILEAU, both of Ottawa. February 9, 1875 at Ottawa
1630-75 Anthony A. DELMAGE, 28, merchant, Cape of Good Hope, Ottawa (late of Ceylon), s/o C.C.J. & Susan Levina, married Edith Baurabe? A. GEDDES, 21, illegible birth place, Ottawa, d/o William Allan & Jane A., witn: Edward WALDO & Rose GEDDES, both of Ottawa, 4 Aug 1875 at Ottawa 001790-75 (Carleton Co): Andrew DICKSON, 24, farmer, Fitzroy, same, s/o Robert DICKSON & Margaret WALLACE married Mary DELAHUNT, 23, Huntley, Fitzroy, d/o Thomas DELAHUNT & Eliza OLIVE. Wit: Andrew FORBES and Eliza RITCHIE, both of Fitzroy.
1832-75 William DILWORTH, 30, teacher, North Gower, same, s/o Thomas & Ann, married Maggie JAMIESON, 21 (31?), North Gower, same, d/o David & Mary Jane, witn: John JAMIESON & Jane DILWORTH, both of North Gower, 30 Dec 1875 at North Gower 001773-75 (Carleton Co) James Webb DOBIER, 26, gilder, Montreal, Ottawa, s/o John William DOBIER & Eliza Ann ROBINSON married Wilimena CRACK, 19, Prescott, Ottawa, d/o William CRACK and Mary MIDDLEDICH. Wit Robt. I. BLAIR and Samuel MOORS, both of Ottawa. October 25,1875 at Ottawa.
001741-75 (Carleton Co) Richard DOLAN, 22, laborer, Ireland, Ottawa, s/o Michael DOLAN & Ann MALONE married Bridget SHEA, 21, Montreal, Ottawa, d/o Michael SHEA & Margaret CONNORS. Wit Henry ROBINSON and Mary Ann SHEA, both of Ottawa. November 9, 1875 at Ottawa. 1723-75 James DOOL, 21, laborer, Oxford Ont., Ottawa, s/o Thomas DOOL & Eliza McCORD, married Agnes THOMPSON, 21, Augusta Ont., Ottawa, d/o Samuel THOMPSON & Jane CUDDIE, witn: James & Emeline THOMPSON of Ottawa, 2 Dec 1875 at Ottawa
001881-75 (Carleton Co) William DOOLEY, 33, blacksmith, Canada, Huntley, s/o William & Mary Ann DOOLEY married Isabella McWHINNY, 20, Huntley, d/o Samuel & Isabella McWHINNY. Wit William HUMPHREY and James JOHNSTON, both of Huntley. 12 October 1875 at Huntley. 1606-75 James DOW, 30, mechanic, Osgoode, same, s/o Alexander DOW & Christena McTAVISH, married Jane Bruce GOLD, 28, Osgoode, same, d/o Thomas GOLD & Jane CAMERON, witn: Alexander DOW & Helen Barbara CAMERON, both of Osgoode, 4 Feb 1875 at Ottawa
1900-75 James DRISCOLL, 26, inn keeper, Gloucester, Osgoode, s/o Cornelius DRISCOLL & Rosanna McGUIRE, married Sarah QUINN, 22, Nepean, same, d/o Bernard QUINN & Margaret PANE, witn: William QUINN & Helen DRISCOLL, both of Nepean, 17 Aug. 1875 at St. Johns, Osgoode 001823-75 (Carleton Co) William DUBRUILLES, 28, farmer, Nepean, Goulbourn, s/o Louis MARSHALL?? and Ellen DUBRUILLES married Mary BURNETT, 24, Nepean, same, d/o William & Mary BURNETT. Wit James ROONEY and Julia BURNETT, both of nepean. 9 November 1875 at Nepean. (RC)
1892-75 Joel EASTMAN, 20, carpenter, Ontario, Osgoode, s/o Robert EASTMAN & Harriet MANSON, married Margaret REID, 22, Canada, Osgoode, d/o Alexander REID & Mary CARSON, witn: M. McMILLEN & Andrew REID, both of Osgoode, 22 Jan 1875 at Osgoode 001864-75 (Carleton Co) George EDMONDS, 30, farmer, Goulbourn, same, s/o William & Elizabeth EDMONDS married Catherine HYLAND, 24, Goulbourn, same, d/o William & Mary HYLAND. Wit James DURAN and Margaret Jane RYAN, both of Goulbourn. 27 September 1875 at Richmond. (RC)
001862-75 (Carleton Co) Edwin ELLIOTT, 23, moulder, Ottawa, same, s/o William & Jane ELLIOTT married Catherine FIRTH, 22, Goulbourn, same, d/o Joseph & Frances FIRTH. Wit Robert McCAULEY, Ottawa and Elizabeth FIRTH, Goulbourn. 12 July 1875 at Richmond. 001865-75 (Carleton Co) James ELLIOTT, 23, yeoman, Canada, Westmeath, s/o Walter & Jennette ELLIOTT married Eliza Jane SHILLINGTON, 20, d/o William & Margrette SHILLINGTON. Wit Thomas B. SHILLINGTON, Richmond and Barbara TRIMBLE, Goulbourn. 10 November 1875 at Richmond.
001734-75 (Ottawa) Humphrey ERRATT, 26, confectioner, Canada, Ottawa, s/o Isaac & Catherine married Maggie SHIAK?, 26, Canada, Ottawa, d/o David & Elizabeth. Wit George PENNOCK and Mary T. HUNTER, both of Ottawa. 9 December 1875 at Ottawa. 001821-75 (Carleton Co) Hazlewood FALLS, 28, farmer, Canada, Huntley, s/o Samuel & Magaret FALLS married Mary HAZLEWOOD, 28, Canada, Huntley, d/o William & Elizabeth HAZLEWOOD. Wit Margaret and Nellie KEOUGH, both of Bell's Corners Nepean. 30 June 1875 at Bell's Corners Nepean.
001796-75 (Carleton Co): James FARRELL, 30, farmer, Fitzroy, same, s/o James FARRELL & Ellen SHANNON married Ellen KELLY, 20, Fitzroy, same, d/o John KELLY & Ellen IVES. Wit: Martha KILROY of Bristol Que and Catherine KELLY of Fitzroy. June 21, 1875 at Fitzroy Harbor. 001861-75 (Carleton Co) Walter FEATHERSON, 24, farmer, Goulbourn, same, s/o William & Isabelle FEATHERSON married Kezie? HEALEY, 21, Goulbourn, same,d/o William & Ann HEALEY. Wit David Featherson and Lucy HEALEY, both of Goulbourn. 20 June 1875 at Richmond.
001795-75 (Carleton Co): William FICK, 24, farmer, Germany, Wilberforce, s/o William FICK & Dorothea his wife married Christina STERNSDORFF, 21, Germany, Fitzroy, d/o Ferdinand STERNDORFF & Dorothea his wife. Wit: Colin DREW and Agnes LONDON, both of Fitzroy Twp  
001747-75 (Carleton Co) James FIM (Fine? Finn?), 23, merchant, Gloucester, Ottawa, s/o Patrick FIM & Bridget NOLAN married Mary Ann CROSS, 18, Ottawa, same, d/o William CROSS & Bridget DORAN. Wit E. McDOUGALL and L. NEVILLE, both of Ottawa. 15 November 1875 at Ottawa. 1899-75 William FISHER, 22, farmer, Osgoode, same, s/o James FISHER & Margaret WATSON, married Isabella PHAIR, 23, Osgoode, same, d/o William PHAIR & Jane GILLIS, witn: John WATSON of Osgoode & Mary E. HAYES of Russell, 22 July 1875 at Osgoode
1626-75 Daniel FISHER, 22, farmer, Gloucester, same, s/o Finley FISHER & Margaret McMULLEN, married Jane McDONALD, 18, Canada, Clarence, d/o John McDONALD & Flora McPHEE, witn: Duncan FISHER of Gloucester & Angus McMILLAN of Dunbar, 1 July 1875 at Ottawa 1605-75 Archibald FLEMING, 23, steel engraver, Glasgow Scotland, Montreal, s/o James FLEMING & Martha PATTISON, married Georgina STEWART, 25, Ottawa, same, d/o Andrew STEWART & Margaret PATTISON, witn: Thomas McOUAT & Agnes FLEMING, both of Ottawa, 4 Jan 1875 at Ottawa
001768-75 (Carleton Co) Thomas FOLEY, 30, carter, County York Ont., Hull Que., s/o Barney FOLEY (mother not noted) married Catherine CAMPBELL, 30, Beckwith, Nepean, d/o John CAMPBELL & Elizabeth McNAUGHTON. Wit John & Lizzie CAMPBELL, both of Franktown. December 15, 1875,at Ottawa. 01775-75 (Carleton Co) Robert FORGIO (Forgie?), 29, merchant, Ramsay, Ottawa, s/o Graham FORGIO and Ann W. GEMMEL married Ellen ROBERTSON, 23, Toronto, Ottawa, d/o William ROBERTSON & Jane RALSTON. Wit Andrew FORGIO and William ANDERSON, both of Ottawa. September 15, 1875, Rideau Hall, New Edinburgh.
005172-75 (Carleton Co): Theophile FORTIER, 23, clerk, Montreal, Ottawa, s/o Jean B. FORTIER & Marguerite LAMONTANE married Mary Caroline LECOURT, 22, Ottawa, same, d/o Joseph Michel LECOURT & not given. Wit: Joseph RICHARD and Ozee RICHARD, res not given. January 19, 1875 at Ottawa 1720-75 Mathew FRANKISH, 29, carpenter & joiner, Bedford England, Hull, s/o Thompson FRANKISH & Ann ROBINSON, married Adeline THIBAULT, 21, Aylmer Que., Hull, d/o Narcisse THIBAULT & Adeline PERRAULT, witn: Frances VANDUSEN of Whitby & Narcisse THIBAULT of Hull, 13 Nov 1875 at Ottawa
#001964-77 (Carleton Co): Edward Lewis FROST, 23, yeoman, Owen Sound, same, s/o Tobin & Mary FROST married Carrie WILLIAMS, 19, Nepean, same, d/o Lewis & Arilla WILLIAMS. Wit: C. H. WHITCOMB and Peter FAIRBURN, both of Nepean. October 4, 1875 at Nepean 001814-75 (Carleton Co) James Dalhousie FULFORD, 25, widower, farmer, Nepean, same, s/o James & Janet FULFORD married Adey? LOWRY, 24, Fitzroy, same, d/o Hamilton & Susanna LOWREY. Wit Thomas PAGET, Gloucester and Jane LOWRY, Huntley. 21 April 1875 at Merrivale Nepean.
1847-75 William GARVIN, 35, yeoman, Goulbourne, same, s/o Robert GARVIN & Sarah VAUGHAN, married Susannah HILL, 22, Goulbourne, same, d/o Robert HILL & Easter Ann BROWNLEE, witn: James TUBMAN? & Elizabeth HILL, both of Goulbourne, 11 Nov 1875 at Goulbourne 001708-75 (Carleton Co): Frederick James GEORGE, 22, upholsterer, Bratton England, Ottawa, s/o Sarah & William GEORGE married Alice JONES, 22, Beaulieu? England, Ottawa, d/o George & Eliza JONES. Wit: William GEORGE of Ottawa and Sarah MAXWELL of New Edinburgh. September 9, 1875 at Ottawa.
1628-75 George GILES, 48, widower, waiter, England, Ottawa, s/o George GILES & Margaret BAYNES, married Elizabeth BRYANT, 27, Canada, Ottawa, d/o Thomas BRYANT & Ann ARMSTRONG, witn: Thomas Francis CLEAVE? of Ottawa & Annie Armstrong BRYANT, 1 July 1875 at Ottawa 001772-75 (Carleton Co) William GOFF, 23, confectioner, Carleton Place, Ottawa, s/o George GOFF and Margaret DOUGLAS married Phoebe EDWARDS, 18, Ottawa, same, d/o Evan EDWARDS & Eleanor HOPKINS. Wit Frank MAUNDER and Ellen WALSH, both of Ottawa. November 9, 1875 at Ottawa.
001856-75 (Carleton Co) William GOODS, 31, farmer, Marlborough, same, s/o Robert & Ellen GOODS married Mary JOHNSTON, 30, Marlborough, same, d/o John & Ellen JOHNSTON. Wit John REILLY and Mary Isabelle PETTIT, both of Richmond. 30 January 1875 at Richmond. 001876-75 (Carleton Co): William GORDON, 30, farmer, Canada, Goulbourne, s/o John & Margaret GORDON married Sarah Jane HOLMES, 23, Canada, Huntley, d/o Robert & Margaret HOLMES. Wit: John LOWREY and John GORDON, both of Goulbourne. February 11, 1875 at Huntley
  1635-75 Stewart W. GRAFTON, 21, cutter, South Caroline US, Ottawa, s/o Stewart GRAFTON & Margaret HELMKEE, married Emily ELLISON, 20, England, Ottawa, d/o James ELLISON & Frances MILBURN, witn: R. A. SHELDON & "Minia CRACK!", both of Ottawa, 5 Jan 1875 at Ottawa
1650-75 John GRAHAM, 24, brick layer, Ottawa, same, s/o John GRAHAM & Susan McCARTHY, married Ann HARRIGAN, 23, Belleville, Ottawa, d/o Robert HARRIGAN & Margaret GORMAN, witn: James WOODS & Nora HARRIGHAN (sic), 10 June 1875 at St. Josephs Church, Ottawa 1650-75 John GRAHAM, 24, brick layer, Ottawa, same, s/o John GRAHAM & Susan McCARTHY, married Ann HARNIGAN, 23, Belleville, Ottawa, d/o Robert HARNIGAN & Margaret GORMAN, witn: James WOODS & Nora S. HARNIGAN, both of Ottawa, 10 June 1875 at St. Josephs Church, Ottawa (Rom Cath)
001792-75 (Carleton Co): Benjamin GRANT, 27, farmer, Grenville Que, Masham Twp Que, s/o Donald GRANT & Martha his wife married Josephine TURNER, 21, Fitzroy, same, d/o Joseph TURNER & Ann his wife. Wit: Richard Francis BEAMISH of Clarendon and Mary TURNER of Fitzroy 001582-75 (Carleton Co): Daniel GRAY, 51, widower, farmer, Canada, Nepean, s/o William and Jane GRAY married Ann McBRIDE, 50, widow, Ireland, Marlborough, d/o James & Sarah McBRIDE. Wit: Bessie HALL and Elizabeth ROSS, both of Ottawa. April 2, 1875 at Ottawa.
001640-75 (Carleton Co): Matthew GREEN, 25, farmer, Gatineau? same, s/o John GREEN & Laney DAVIS married Julia DIXON, 23, Cornwall, Nepean, d/o Alexander DIXON & Hannah RUPERT. Wit: George Lawrence & Mary A. POPE, both of Ottawa. March 20, 1875 at Ottawa. 1614-75 Edmund GREEN, 40, yeoman, Goulbourn, same, s/o James GREEN & Maria TESSACK?, married Caroline CASSIDY, 42, widow, Goulbourn, same, d/o John GREEN & Lanny? SERVICE, witn: Thomas HOUGHTON of Goulbourn & Agnes WARREN of Richmond, 28 April 1875 at Ottawa
001817-75 (Carleton Co) William GRIER, 33, merchant, Ottawa, same, s/o William & Eliza GRIER married Amelia MITCHINOR (s/b Mitchener), 18, Oneida Ont, Nepean, d/o Alexander & Dorinda MITCHINOR. Wit Brock GRIER, St. Ann's and Mary B. MITCHINOR, Nepean. 6 May 1875, res. of bride's father, Nepean. 1839-75 Thomas GRIFFITH, 23, agriculturist, Co. Kilkenny Ireland, North Gower, s/o William & Catherine, married Eliza Jane GRIFFITH, 24, Co. Kilkenny Ireland, North Gower, d/o Francis & Ann, witn: Rebecca O'LAUGHLIN & Ann MILLGATE, both of North Gower, 8 Dec 1875 at North Gower
001857-76 (Carleton Co): J. Baptiste GUILBAULT, 21, laborer, Ottawa, same, s/o Adolphe GUILBAULT & Rosalie DUBE married _?rane BLAIS, 19, Ottawa, same, d/o John BLAIS & Margaret GIBAN. Wit: Adolphe GUILBAULT & John BLAIS, both of Ottawa. February 8, 1875 at Ottawa 001778-75 (Carleton Co) William GUTHRIE, 25, stone cutter, Brichin Forfar Scotland, Ottawa, s/o Thomas GUTHRIE & Jessie LAW married Sarah CAMPBELL, 20, Gloucester, Ottawa, d/o Robt. CAMPBELL & Elizabeth SPRATT. Wit Peter ARNOT and Janet CAMPBELL, both of Ottawa. August 6, 1875 at Ottawa.
001813-75 (Carleton Co) Joseph HAND, 26, farmer, Canada, Shelbourne Village, s/o Joseph & Catherine HAND married Catherine BRADLEY, 21, Canada, Nepean, d/o William & Ann BRADLEY. Wit David BRADLEY, Nepean and Avis J. TAGGART, Ottawa. 4 January 1875 at Nepean. 1639-75 Oliver HANEY, 23, farmer, East Hawkesbury, Clarence, s/o Robert HANEY & Elizabeth HEMPHILL, married Ellen WATSON, 19, Cumberland, same, d/o Joseph & Margaret, witn: Daniel YOUNG of Clarence & Margaret WATSON of Cumberland, 15 March 1875 at Ottawa
001704-75 (Carleton Co): Frederick James HEATH, 25, clerk, Jamaica, Ottawa, s/o George & Ellen HEATH married Priscilla Atkinson SINGLETON, 33, Yorkshire England, Ottawa, d/o John & Ann SINGLETON. Wit: James JONES and Ann SINGLETON, both of Ottawa. July 15, 1875 at Ottawa. 001810-75 (Carleton Co) Richard HEATHERSTON, 31, farmer, Canada, Twp. of Fitzroy, s/o Richard & Jane WEATHERSTON married Susan Jane CARR, 21, Canada, Twp. Nepean, d/o William and Margaret CARR. Wit Arthur A. SPECK, Twp. of Lanark and Eliza Ann SCOTT, Twp. of Nepean. 19 September 1875, Bell's Corners, Nepean.
001811-75 (Carleton Co) James HILL, 24, farmer, Nepean, same, s/o Samuel & Elizabeth HILL married Annie FALLS, 22, Goulbourn, Nepean, d/o Hugh & Ann Jane FALLS. Wit Eliza Jane and Anna Cleary SHORTS, both of Nepean. 22 March 1875 at Scott's Settlement, Nepean. 001540-75 (Carleton Co): Benjamin HILL, 21, market gardener, Canada, Ottawa, s/o John HILL & Mary HYRD married Eliza LINDSAY, 20, Ireland, Ottawa, d/o William LINDSAY & Mary CLARKE. Wit: William McFARLANE and Mary HILLIGAN, both of Ottawa. January 13, 1875 at Ottawa
001863-75 (Carleton Co) James HILL, 26, farmer, Marlborough, same, s/o Robert & Elizabeth HILL married Eliza DAWSON, 25, Goulbourn, same, d/o Samuel & Ann DAWSON. Wit Westley HILL, North Gower and Jane DAWSON, Goulbourn. 25 September 1875 at Richmond. 001736-75 (Carleton Co) Michael HINDMARSH, 40, clerk, England, Ottawa, s/o Michael HINDMARSH & Jane ROBSON married Sarah USHER, 23, Ireland, Ottawa, d/o Alexander USHER & Elizabeth COURTNAY. Wit William McGIRR and Mary SALMON, both of Ottawa. December 23, 1875 at Ottawa.
1617-75 Archibald HINTON?, 37, widower, laborer, Armagh Ireland, Cumberland, s/o Archibald HINTON & Jane GILSON, married Mary Ann WALSH, 26, Linford? Ireland, Cumberland, d/o Robert WALSH & Mary TANNER, witn: John ALLAN Jr. & Helen KINSELLA, both of Cumberland, 12 May 1875 at Ottawa 001761-75 (Carleton Co) Andrew HOLT, 35, farmer, Belleville Canada, Ottawa, s/o Sylvanius & Susan HOLT married Susan CLARK, 28, Wexford Ireland, Ottawa, d/o William & Elizabeth CLARKE (sic). Wit Joseph and Catherine CLARKE, both of Ottawa. November 15, 1875 at Ottawa.
1645-75 John HOPE, 29, porter, Scotland, Ottawa, s/o George HOPE & Mary WILSON, married Jane HENRY, 24, Scotland, Ottawa, d/o John HENRY & Catherine CALNER?, witn: Samuel & Harriet TODD of Ottawa, 13 May 1875 at Ottawa 001724-75 (Carleton Co) Frederick Houghton HUNTON, 27, merchant, Ottawa, same, s/o Thomas HUNTON & Amelia HOUGHTON married Charlotte Helen ORME, 23, Arbroath Scotland, Ottawa, d/o James Louis ORME & Charlotte MARCH. Wit Charles CORISTINE of Montreal and Jane Redpath DRUMMOND of Ottawa. 6 October 1875 at Ottawa.
1907-75 William HUNTER, 33, farmer, Ottawa, Clarence, s/o William HUNTER & Mary McLAUGHLIN, married Margaret MELVIN, 35, Osgoode, same, d/o Patrick MELVIN & Mary SERSON, witn: Thomas MELVIN of Osgoode & Ellen HUNTER of Clarence, 2 Nov. 1875 at Metcalfe, Osgoode 1651-75 Denis Joseph HURLEY, 25, artist, Toronto, Ottawa, s/o John HURLEY & Catherine FARRELY, married Fanny Sophia DOYLE, 25, Wexford, Ottawa, d/o Denis DOYLE & Mary FOXEN, witn: Bella HURLEY & Helen VAUGHAN, 8 June 1875 at St. Josephs Church, Ottawa
1651-75 Denis Joseph HURLEY, 25, artist, Toronto, Ottawa, s/o John HURLEY & Catherine FARRELY, married Fanny Sophia DOYLE, 25, Wexford, Ottawa, d/o Denis DOYLE & Mary FOXEN, witn: Bella HURLEY & Ruben? VAUGHAN, 8 June 1875 at St. Josephs Church, Ottawa (Rom Cath) 1654-75 John HUTCHINGHAM, 28, laborer, Ottawa, same, s/o Thomas HUTCHINGHAM & Joanna illegible, married Ellen McLASNEN?, 27, widow, illegible, Ottawa, d/o Patrick SHEHEEN & Honora KANE, witn: Antoine TORROT? & J. B. Edward GAGNON, both of Ottawa, 13 April 1875 at St. Josephs Church, Ottawa (Rom Cath)
001767-75 (Carleton Co) William HYPER, 28, mill hand, Clerkwell London Eng., Ottawa, s/o John & Eliza HYPER married Isabel GILMAN, 22, Kent Eng., Ottawa,d/o Elizabeth & George GILMAN. Wit James and Charlotte ALLEN, both of Ottawa. December 21,1875 at Ottawa.  
001703-75 (Carleton Co): William Edward JAMES, 27, mechanic, Ireland, Rockingham Renfrew Co, s/o Richard & Elizabeth JAMES married Emily HARGET, 20, England, Rockingham Renfrew Co, d/o William & Margaret HARGET. Wit: Mildred HARGET of Rockingham and Richard JAMES of Mount Sherwood. May 4, 1875 at Ottawa 1826-75 James JAMIESON, 30, teacher, North Gower, same, s/o John & Catherine, married Penelope McCALLUM, 23, North Gower, same, d/o James & Penelope, wtn: James McCALLUM & Mary JAMIESON, both of North Gower, 4 Jan 1875 at North Gower
001854-75 (Carleton Co) Robert JOHNSTON, 24, painter, Canada, Huntly, s/o John & Elizabeth JOHNSTON married Mary GALLAHER, 19, Canada, Huntly, d/o Francis & Mary GALLAHER. Wit Mary Isabella PETTIT and Stanly PETTIT, both of Richmond. 20 January 1875 at Richmond. 1869-75 George JOHNSTON, 26, farmer, Canada, Nepean, s/o Matthew & Martha, married Jane FALKNER, 21, Goulbourne, same, d/o Andrew & Ann, witn: James & Adelaide McGUIRE of Richmond, 22 Dec 1875 at St. Georges Church, Richmond
001820-75 (Carleton Co) James Dudley JOYNT, 28, clerk, Ottawa, same, s/o James & Sarah JOYNT married Isabella Harriet HOPPER, 18, Merrivale Nepean, same, d/o Edward Benjamin and Mary Louisa HOPPER. Wit Fred BECURETT, Ottawa and Annie Sparling HOPPER, Merrivale Nepean. 19 October 1875 at Merrivale Nepean. 001746-75 (Carleton Co) Thomas KAVANAGH, 28, laborer, Wexford Ireland, Ottawa, s/o James KAVANAGH & Catherine MURRAY married Catherine HAGER, 22, Wexford Ireland, Ottawa, d/o Nicholas HAGER & Mary FURLONG. Wit James KAVANAGH and Ellen HIGGINS, both of Ottawa. November 10, 1875 at Ottawa. (RC)
001726-75 (Carleton Co) John KENNEDY, 29, farmer, Canada, Nepean, s/o Alexander & Catherine KENNEDY married Mary WILLIAMS, 24, Canada, Nepean, d/o Lewis & Orillia KENNEDY. Wit James KENNEDY of Ottawa and Martha WILLIAMS of Nepean. 12 October 1875 at Nepean. (also 1965-77) 1831-75 William KENNEY, 24, farmer, Goulbourne, same, s/o Mark & Elizabeth, married Olivia NIXON, 21, Marlborough, same, d/o John & Eleanor, witn: Hugh & Barbara BROWNLEE of Goulbourne, 9 June 1875 at North Gower
001765-75 (Carleton Co) James Samuel KINGSTON, 24, clerk, London Eng., Ottawa, s/o John & Charlotte KINGSTON married Eliza Maud OLVER, 21, Cornwall Eng., Ottawa,d/o Richard & Amelia OLVER. Wit Richard OLVER and H. POLLARD both of Ottawa. September 29, 1895 at Ottawa. 001610-75 (Carleton Co): George LAMONT, 23, shoemaker, Thurso Que, Belleville, s/o Archibald LAMONT & Christina CALLUM married Henrietta GOFF, 20, Elizabethtown, Ottawa, d/o Joseph GOFF & Mary Ann WEST (adopted daughter of George Charles GOFF & Margaret M. DOUGLAS) Wit: William GOFF and John FORSTER, both of Ottawa. April 12,1875 at Ottawa
001769-75 (Carleton Co) George LANGFORD, 26, farmer, Ottawa, Templeton Que., s/o WilliamLANGFORD & Isabel BUCKHAM married Elizabeth Jane McCANN, 22, Goulbourn Ont., same, d/o John Westly McCANN & Margaret McCONNELL. Wit James LANGFORD, Ottawa and William LANGFORD, Templeton. December 8, 1875 at Ottawa. 001585-75 (Carleton Co): Barnabe LAROQUE, 23, farmer, Cumberland, same, s/o Jean Baptiste LAROQUE & Salomie PAQUETTE married Susan TAYLOR, Goulbourn, Ottawa, d/o William TAYLOR & Sarah POLLOCK. Wit: Peter McWRIGHT and Thomas ROBINSON, both of Ottawa. April 7, 1875 at Ottawa
1648-75 Peter Elousippe? LARUE, 38, inporteur, St. Antoine de Tilly?, Quebec, s/o Damase LARUE & Des Anges LEFEBRE, married Marie Matilde BAUSET (Bauret?), 17, Longueil, Ottawa, d/o Samuel Pierre BAUSET & Virginia EALKER, witn: R?. CORBETT of Ogden & Edward BAUSET of Ottawa, 25 May 1875 at Ottawa 1615-75 William James LAUGHREN, 29, stone cutter, Guelph, Ottawa, s/o Alexander LAUGHREN & Margaret McGROGAN, married Jennie O'CONNOR, 25, Ottawa, same, d/o Patrick COLEMAN? & Mary CUMMINGS, witn: Henry WILLIAMS & Annie TAGGART, both of Ottawa, 28 April 1875 at Ottawa
001816-75 (Carleton Co) Joseph LAVALLE, 26, bookkeeper, Nepean, Rochesterville Nepean, s/o Louis & Esther LAVALLE married Sarah GARVIN, "of full age", Reach Canada, Mt. Sherwood Nepean, d/o James & Elizabeth GARVIN. Wit John REID, Richmond Road, Ottawa and Mary Jane GARVIN, Mt. Sherwood Nepean. 4 May 1875 at Mt. Sherwood Nepean. 1906-75 William LEE, 30, farmer, Gloucester, Ottawa, s/o Robert LEE & Elizabeth BEATTON, married Christiann SIMPSON, 30, Scotland, Ottawa, d/o Andrew SIMPSON & Charlotte PATTERSON, witn: Robert LEE of Ottawa & Annie YORK of Osgoode, 28 Oct 1875 at Osgoode
001737-75 (Carleton Co) SBt (J. Bte?) LEMELIN, 27, merchant, Quebec, Ottawa, s/o SBt. LEMELIN & Elizabeth CLOSS married Emilie NORMAND, 22, Founbourg St. Jean Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Frs. Aimeo NORMAND & Emilie BELANGER. Wit (Not given). October 12, 1875 at Ottawa. (RC) 001855-75 (Carleton Co) James LING, 28, carpenter, Goulbourn, same, s/o Thomas & Catherine LING married Catherine McCANNA, 25, Marlborough, same, d/o Owen & Mary McCANNA. Wit Patrick TIMONS, Goulbourn and Mary Ann McCANNA, Marlborough. 27 January 1875 at Richmond. (RC)
001860-75 (Carleton Co) Richard LING, 25, farmer, Goulbourn, same, s/o Thomas & Catherine LING married Catherine McCARTHY, 22, Nepean, same, d/o David & Elizabeth McCARTHY. Wit Nicholas PEEL, Marlborough and Ellen McCARTY (sic), Nepean. 15 June 1875 at Richmond. 1636-75 James LINK, 28, shantyman, England, New Edinburgh, s/o Robert LINK & Jane BRAY, married Catherine FIELD, 29, widow, Fitzroy, Ottawa, d/o William FINN & Margaret DONAHUE, witn: George IRVINE & Mary Ann FINNEY, both of Ottawa, 20 Jan 1875 at Ottawa
001886-75 (Carleton Co) Henry LIVING, 26, Draper's Assistant, Perth, Ottawa City, s/o Henry & Ellen RYAN married Margaret McKINNEY, 19, Ottawa City, New Edinburgh, d/o James & Margaret McKINNEY. Wit Henry CLUFF and Anna Maria LIVING, both of Ottawa. 6 July 1875 at New Edinburgh. 001770-75 (Carleton Co) Thomas LYNESS, 25, tailor, Co. Antrim Ireland, Ottawa, s/o John LYNESS & Margaret BRYANS married Mary Ann CAMPBELL, 18, Metis Que., Ottawa, d/o Dugald CAMPBELL & Agness TARRIFF. Wit Walter SCOTT and Thomas McFARLANE, both of Ottawa. November 29, 1875 at Ottawa.
1756-75 Charles LYON, 20, teamster, Richmond, Ottawa, s/o Robinson LYON & Sarah MAXWELL, married Hannah GREEN, 21, Ottawa, same, d/o M--? GREEN & Agnes SERVICE, witn: Robert MOXLEY & Annie TIPPEN, both of Ottawa, 12 Aug 1875 at Ottawa 001867-75 (Carleton Co) Lauson? V? MANHARD, 26, wagon maker, Canada, Richmond, s/o Nehemiah and Emily MANHARD married Sarah RIELLY, 25, Richmond, same, d/o Edward & Sarah RIELLY. Wit John and Hugh RIELLY, both of Richmond. 20 October 1875 at Richmond.
#001565-75 (Carleton Co): Bernard MATERASS, 30, interpreter, Amsterdam Holland, Ottawa, s/o Joseph & Hannah, married Mary Jane GIBSON, 27, Armagh Ireland, Ottawa, d/o William & Mary, witn: Charles F. NEVILLE & Sarah McDONALD, both of Ottawa, 18 Jan 1875 at St. Johns Church, Ottawa 001774-75 (Carleton Co) Edward MAXOM, 26, gardener, Lincolnshire Eng., New Edinburgh, s/o Edward MAXOM & Ann BELHAM married Mary Jane JONES, 23, New Edinburgh, same, d/o John JONES & Mary RUSSELL. Wit John JONES, Jr. and Margaret JONES, both of New Edinburgh. November 3, 1875 at Ottawa.
1836-75 Samuel McCAFFREY, 29, farmer, Goulbourne, Nepean, s/o James & Mary, married Matilda CRAIG, 22, North Gower, same, d/o Hugh & Mary Ann, witn: Hugh CRAIG of Goulbourne & William PRATT of Ottawa, 6 Oct. 1875 at North Gower 001780-75 (Carleton Co) Duncan McDONALD, 41, civil service, Cornwall Ont., Ottawa, s/o John McDONALD & Amelia McGILLIS married Kate Lena McMARTIN, 22, Plantagenet Ont., Ottawa, d/o Peter McMARTIN and Julia Ann GATES. Wit Robert SHIRLEY and Armon BURWASH, both of Ottawa. June 26, 1875 at Ottawa.
1837-75 Ronald McDONALD, 27, farmer, Lancaster Ont., North Gower, s/o Roderick & Mary, married Agnes THOMSON, 19, North Gower, same, d/o Robert & Margaret, witn: Gilbert THOMSON of North Gower, 10 Nov 1875 at North Gower 1830-75 William McDOWELL, 39, farmer, Ireland, South Gower, s/o Robert & Ann, married Margaret ARMSTRONG, 20, North Gower, same, d/o James & Dorothy, witn: Hugh McDOWELL of S. Gower & Dorothy ARMSTRONG of N. Gower, 26 April 1875 at North Gower
001859-75 (Carleton Co) William McELROY, 27, merchant, Richmond, same, s/o Patrick & Eliza McELROY married Edith Cilana? RIELLY, 17, Goulbourn, Richmond, d/o Edward & Sarah RIELLY. Wit John and Sarah RIELLY, both of Richmond. 5 May 1875 at Richmond. 1902-75 Richard McEVOY, 24, farmer, Osgoode, same, s/o John McEVOY & Anastatia POWER, married Elizabeth SHEARAN, 25, Osgoode, same, d/o Bernard SHANNON & Catherine O'NEIL, witn: Philip & Honora McEVOY, 7 Nov 187 at St. Johns, Osgoode
  001844-75 (Carleton Co): Joseph McFARLANE, 24, yeoman, Goulbourn, same, s/o William McFARLANE & Margaret ANDERSON married Catherine Ann GEMMILL, 22, Goulbourn, same, d/o Archibald GEMMILL & Margaret EADIE. Wit: John Albert FEE of Goulbourn and Eliza Jane SHILLINGTON of Richmond. April 28, 1875 at Goulbourn
001583-75 (Carleton Co): Richard McGEE, 27, farmer, Handley Ottawa Co, same, s/o John McGEE & Bridget BURNS married Ann KARWIN, 23, March, same, d/o William KARWIN & Catherine MOONEY. Wit: Robert McGEE & Edward KARWIN, res not given. April 5, 1875 at Ottawa 001760-75 (Carleton Co) Thomas McGILTON, 21?, painter, Ottawa, same, s/o Thomas & Mary Ellen McGILTON married Fanny Adelia CLARK, 21, England, Ottawa, d/o Charles & Matilda CLARKE (sic). Wit Edward KILLEM and H. POLLARD, res. not noted. November 12, 1875 at Ottawa.
001743-75 (Carleton Co) Alexander McGINNIS, 43, widower, sawyer, Ireland, New Edinburgh, s/o Christopher McGINNIS & Jane WEIR married Isabella ARCHIBALD, 38, Scotland, Ottawa, widow, d/o Edward HARKNESS & Mary BYER. Wit Thomas EVANS of Ottawa and Agnes PATTERSON of New Edinburgh. July 28, 1875 at Ottawa. 1638-75 John W. McINTIRE?, 28, raftsman, Ontario, Gloucester, s/o Alexander McINTIRE & Christena MILLARD, married Mary FISHER, 24, Ontario, Gloucester, d/o Finley FISHER & Mary McMULLEN, witn: Daniel FISHER & Mary O. McQUAIG, both of Ottawa, 9 March 1875 at Ottawa
1652-75 James McINTYRE, 30, painter, Quebec, Ottawa, s/o George McINTYRE & Jane O'DONNELL, married Mary Ann GOODE, 26, Ottawa, same, d/o Daniel GOODE & Mary KELLY, witn: John GOODE & Mary Jane McINTYRE, 8 Feb 1875 at Ottawa (Rom Cath) 1896-75 Elijah McINTYRE, 27, yeoman, Mountain, same, s/o Donald & Lucy, married Mary McMARTIN, 27, South Gower, same, d/o Hugh & Margaret, witn: William PELTON of S. Gower & John McINTYRE of Mountain, 6 April 1875 at South Gower
001878-75 (Carleton Co): Robert McINTYRE, 21, farmer, Ireland, Huntley, s/o Robert & Elizabeth Jane McINTYRE married Eliza Jane BOYD, 20, Canada, Huntley, d/o Anthony & Mary BOYD. Wit: Andrew P. EBERT and James BOYD, both of Huntley. April 27, 1875 at Huntley.  
001727-75 (Carleton Co) Frederick E. McKNIGHT, 23, bricklayer, Canada, Ottawa, s/o - parents not stated, married Esther LANELLY, 19, Canada, Ottawa, d/o Lewis & Esther LANALLY. Wit Henry Smith and Mary J. GERM?, both of Ottawa. 13 October 1875 at Ottawa. 1853-75 Duncan McLAREN, 30, farmer, Beckwith, same, s/o Duncan & Catherine, married Naomi Jane COX, 18, Merrickville, Marlborough, d/o Herbert & Jane, witn: Peter KING & Jessie LAMB, both of Beckwith, 20 April 1875 at Marlborough
001759-75 (Carleton Co) Samuel McLATCHIE, 30, farmer, Templeton, Gloucester, s/o John & Ann McLATCHIE married Ellen HARRIS, 21, Templeton, same, d/o John & Mary Ann HARRIS. Wit Samuel and Emily McLATCHIE, both of Templeton. June 14, 1875 at Ottawa. 001879-75 (Carleton Co) James McLELLAND, 35, farmer, Canada, Cumberland, s/o Joseph & Mary McCLELLAND married Rebecca Margaret HAYES, 21, Canada, Huntley, d/o James & Rebecca HAYES. Wit William HAYES and Alice McLELLAND, both of Cumberland. 8 June 1875 at Huntley.
1833-75 Robert McLELLAND, 20, farmer, Marlborough, same, s/o Matthew & Mary, married Susanah MONTGOMERY, 22, Marlborough, same, d/o John & Mary, witn: Hebron WEDMARK & Sabina CASSELS, both of Marlborough, 30 Dec 1876 (sic - reg'd Feb 1876) at North Gower 001815-75 (Carleton Co) Duncan McMILLAN, 27, farmer, Lochiel, Dunham, Co. Ottawa Quebec, s/o Dugald & Mary McMILLAN married Johanna GREER, 20, Nepean, Dunham, Co. Ottawa Quebec,d/o James & Ellen GREER. Wit James McMILLAN, Dunham Quebec and Jane GREER, Nepean. 24 March 1875, res. of Christopher GREER, Nepean.
1632-75 Thomas McOUAT, 24, pattern maker, Chatham Argenteuil, Ottawa, s/o Andrew McOUAT & Elizabeth ROBSON, married Annie Wigginson FRASER, 22, St. Andrew Argenteuil, New Edinburgh, d/o Andrew FRASER & Jane WALKER, witn: Nathaniel HAY? of Ottawa & Mary WALKER of Van Kleek Hill, 16 June 1875 at Ottawa 001642-75 (Carleton Co): Duncan McPHAIL, 25, farmer, Gilmentic?, Gloucester, s/o Hector McPHAIL & Mary McNICHOL married Maggie WATSON, 21, Gilmentic?, Thurso, d/o Samuel WATSON & Martha E. PATEN. Wit: Alexander McKINNON of Gloucester and Jane McPHAIL of Ottawa. April 13, 1875 at Ottawa
1891-75 Gordon W. MELDRUM, 29, merchant, Winchester, same, s/o John MELDRUM & Elizabeth McDONALD, married Elizabeth Jane McLEAN, 19, Winchester, Osgoode, d/o blank & Henrietta McLEAN, witn: F. M. GIFFORD of Winchester & Peter K. MACDONALD of Osgoode, 22 Jan 1875 at Osgoode 001873-75 (Carleton Co): James MILFORD, 35, widower, farmer, Canada, Huntley, s/o Samuel & Mary MILFORD married Mary Jane BROWN, 26, Canada, Huntley, d/o Thomas BROWN & Mary BURGESS. Wit: Richard CAVANAGH and Armanella McBRIDE, both of Huntley. October 20, 1875 at Huntley
1604-75 James MINIONS, 49, widower, teacher, Ireland, Bearbrook, s/o James & Margaret, married Sarah HORNBROOK, 28, Canada, Bearbrook, d/o Edmond & Frances, witn: D. H. EASTMAN & Jane MINIONS, both of Gloucester, 29 March 1875 at Ottawa 1838-75 Robert MOFFATT, 22, farmer, Marlborough, same, s/o Thomas & Esther, married Isabella FEE, 23, Marlborough, same, d/o Thomas & Isabella, witn: Robert McCULLOCH of Marlborough & Rebecca O'LAUGHLIN of North Gower, 24 Nov 1875 at North Gower
001889-75 (Carleton Co) Jackson MONTGOMERY, 25, farmer, Canada, Huntley, s/o William & Margaret MONTGOMERY married Mary GRIFFIN, 19, Canada, Huntley, d/o Edward & Mary GRIFFIN. Wit Lowry (Larry?) and Anne ALEXANDER, both of Huntley. 4 August 1875 at Huntley. 001825-75 (Carleton Co): William MOODIE, 29, mariner, Scotland, Nepean, s/o Robert & Elizabeth MOODIE married Martha Frances DAWSON, 18, Nepean, same, d/o John & Ann DAWSON. Wit: Richard BISHOP and Margaret DAWSON, both of Nepean. December 30, 1875 at Nepean
001854-76 (Carleton Co): Chrysosteme MORIER (Mosier?), 24, laborer, Ottawa, Lebrelon's Flats, d/o Michel MORIER & Anastasie NAULT married Adeline MALIEUX, 17, Ottawa, Lebrelon's Flats, d/o Louis MALEUX (sic) & Adelaide DENERS. Wit: Alexander MONIE and Marie PERRAULT, both of Lebrelon's Flats, Ottawa. January 6, 1875 at Ottawa. (RC) 001568-75 (Carleton Co): James Henry MUNROE, 30, farmer, Rosshire Scotland, Fitzroy, s/o John MUNRO & Christina HENRY married Mary Jane CRAIG, 26, widow, Onslow, Ottawa, d/o George LINDSAY & Ann MUNRO. Wit: John MUNROE of Pakenham, Mary Lloyd and Edith BURKE, both of Ottawa. March 23, 1875 at Ottawa
001818-75 (Carleton Co) Thomas MYERS, 36, widower, farmer, Goulbourn, same, s/o John & Catherine MYERS married Sarah WATERS, 26, Nepean, same, d/o Martin & Bridget WATERS. Wit John LARKIN and Maria WATERS, both of Nepean. 13 July 1875 at Nepean. 001856-76 (Carleton Co): Joseph NADON, 20, laborer, Ottawa, same, s/o Joseph NADON & Emelie MARCOTTE married Celina ALLARD, 20, St Andre D'Argenteuil, Ottawa, d/o J. Baptiste ALLARD & Sophia MONER. Wit: J. Baptiste ALLARD and Pierre NADON, both of Ottawa. April 19, 1875 at Ottawa. (RC)
001846-75 (Carleton Co): William J. NEELIN, 20, merchant, Goulbourn, Ottawa, s/o William NEELIN & Ann married Eliza J. TRIMBLE, 20, Goulbourn, same, d/o Noble TRIMBLE and Mary Ann HENDERSON, both of Ottawa and William J. DAVIDSON and Eliza J. SHILLINGTON, both of Richmond. November 2, 1785 at Goulbourn 001705-75 (Carleton Co): Robert George NESBIT, 23, bookkeeper, Kingston, Hull, s/o James & Margaret NESBITT married Margaret Sophia HANNUM, 23, Lewisville N.Y., Hull, d/o John Abner Burton & Sarah HANNUM . Wit: Joshua WRIGHT and Esther E. HANNUM, both of Hull. July 25, 1875 at Hull
001875-75 (Carleton Co): James George NESBITT, 28, farmer, Canada, Torbolton, s/o John & Isabella NESBITT married Victoria LOWE, 21, Canada, Huntley, d/o John & Eliza Jane LOWE. Wit: Robert BLAIR and Rebecca (not given). February 10, 1875  
001788-75 (Carleton Co): 001788-75 (Carleton Co): Richard NEIL, 26, farmer, Fitzroy, McGillivray, s/o Daniel & Ann WILLIAMS married Fannie NEIL, 30, Fitzroy, same, d/o John NEIL & Elizabeth HODGINS. Wit: Daniel NEIL and Margaret NEIL, both of Fitzroy. (Date and location?) 001710-75 (Carleton Co): William John NELSON, 21, clerk, Montreal, same, s/o John NELSON & Sarah DUNLOP married Mary Jane IRVINE, 21, Montreal, Ottawa, d/o William IRVINE & Ann Jane BAYLEY. Wit: George IRVINE and Elizabeth IRVINE, both of Ottawa. September 14, 1875 at Ottawa
1621-75 John NICHOL, 24, farmer, Kilsamon? Aberdeenshire Scotland, Bristol Que., s/o James NICHOL & Jane LEEGROBEN?, married Frances MELDRUM, 22, Bristol Que., same, d/o John MELDRUM & Mary COLLINS, witn: Thomas & Mary MELDRUM of Bristol 7 April 1875 at Ottawa 1643-75 Frederick NICHOLLS, 19, gentleman, London England, Ottawa, s/o Thomas NICHOLLS & Elizabeth PITKIN, married Mary CASEY, 18, Ottawa, same, d/o Thomas CASEY & Florence NELLIE?, witn: Eliza CAWTHREY & Mary A. POPE, both of Ottawa, 3 May 1875 at Ottawa
001797-75 (Carleton Co): William O'GRADY, 25, farmer, Nepean, Brummell?, s/o Thomas O'GRADY & Margaret SPAINE married Anne COUGHLAN, 26, Torbolton, Fitzroy, d/o Patrick COUGHLIN & Bridget TRACEY. Wit: Roderick O'GRADY, Thomas O'GRADY, both of Brummell and Catherine SHERMAN, Ellen Mary COUGHLIN, both of Fitzroy. August 16, 1875 at Fitzroy Harbor 001824-75 (Carleton Co): John O'SULLIVAN, 26, farmer, Nepean, same, s/o Jeremie & Elizabeth O'SULLIVAN married Joanna McKENNA, 22, Nepean, same, d/o Charles & Bridget McKENNA. Wit: Michael SHIRLEY and Mary McKENNA, both of Nepean. January 20, 1875 at Nepean.
001822-75 (Carleton Co) Thomas O'SULLIVAN, 36, farmer, Ontario, Ontario, s/o Michael & Mary O'SULLIVAN married Jane TIERNEY, 29, Nepean, same, d/o John & Ann TIERNEY. Wit James & Catherine TIERNEY, both of Nepean. 3 November 1875 at Nepean. (RC) 001570-75 (Carleton Co): Aristide OUELLET, 24, not given, Montreal, Ottawa, s/o Michel OUELLETTE & Elotide not given married Celina BEDARD, 22, Ottawa, same, d/o Jacques BEDARD & Eleanore TULUME?. Wit: Jacques BEDARD and Edouard BELAND, both of Ottawa. January 10, 1875 at Ottawa
  001888-75 (Carleton Co) Henry PACE, 35, watchmaker, Devon Eng., Ottawa, s/o Henry & Fanny PACE married Rosina Abigail LAYTON, 19, St. John New Brunswick, New Edinburgh, d/o John G.G. & Anna Maria LAYTON. Wit A.T. DUFFY, Ottawa and A. LAYTON at New Edinburgh. 13 January 1875 at New Edinburgh.
001776-75 (Carleton Co) Thomas PLUNKETT, 35, farmer, Nepean, same, s/o Thomas PLUNKETT & Mary CRAIG married Ruth Ellen SCARF, 30, Goulbourn, Nepean, d/o Joseph SCARF & Catherine SAUNDERS. Wit James COLWELL, Nepean and Margaret DUNCAN, res. not stated. August 26, 1875 at Ottawa. 001882-75 (Carleton Co) Peter James POOLE, 28, Engineer, Canada, Pennsylvania, s/o William & Mary POOLE married Mary Ann STITT, 29, Canada, Goulbourn, d/o James & Isabella STITT. Wit John STITT and Isaac WALKER, both of Goulbourn. 21 October 1875 at Huntley.
#001566-75 (Carleton Co): George POOLEY, 21, plasterer, London England, Ottawa, s/o Henry & Jane, married Ann McCRAY, 24, Co. Wexford Ireland, Ottawa, d/o William & Mary, witn: Henry POOLEY & Sarah Ann McLAREN, both of Ottawa, 3 Feb 1875 at St. Johns Church, Ottawa 001781-75 (Carleton Co) William POTTER, 23, laborer, Bromley by Bow, Eng., Ottawa, s/o Charles POTTER & Sarah HOLLINGTON married Mary Ann SARSFIELD, 22, Dublin Ireland, Ottawa, d/o James SARSFIELD & Theresa HORAN. Wit William GRIBBINS and Mary Ann JAMES, both of Ottawa. June 28, 1875 at Ottawa.
001785-75 (Carleton Co) Henry POTTER, 24, laborer, Bromley Parish London Eng., Ottawa City, s/o Charles POTTER & Sarah HOLLINGTON married Dora BRIEN, 22, Dublin Ireland, Ottawa City, d/o John BRIEN & Bridget DUGGAN. Wit William POTTER and Theresa BRIEN, both of Ottawa. August 4, 1875 at Ottawa. 1840-75 John POWELL, 50, widower, farmer, Co. Fermanagh Ireland, Marlborough, s/o William & Maria, married Ellen TAYLOR, 30, Co. Cavan Ireland, Marlborough, d/o William & Lanah?, witn: Annie & Rebecca O'LAUGHLIN of North Gower, 20 Dec 1875 at North Gower
1629-75 Henry PRAMSCKKE?, 38, widower, farmer, Prussia, Gloucester, s/o Richard & Henrietta, married Adeline KNOPP, 28, Prussia, Gloucester, d/o Henry & Dorothea, witn: Carl & Ernestina PAPPE (Poppe?) of Gloucester, 1 July 1875 at Ottawa 001574-75 (Carleton Co): Thelesphore PRUNEAU, 22, painter, Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Thomas PRUNEAU & Lucy Handy MONETTE married Louisa HANDY, 20, Ottawa, same, d/o Peter HANDY & Josephine FORTIER. Wit: Peter HANDY & Thomas PRUNEAU, both of Ottawa. January 25, 1875 at Ottawa
001858-75 (Carleton Co) John RALPH, 25, farmer, Canada, Nepean, s/o William & Matilda RALPH married Mary Ann KENEDY, 22, Canada, Nepean, d/o Andrew & Jane KENEDY. Wit John MILLER and Sara KENEDY, both of Nepean. 27 April 1875 at Richmond. 001711-75 (Carleton Co): David RANTON, 28, Glasgow, Ottawa, s/o Adam RANTON & Elizabeth DALTON married Mary McARTHUR, 24, Glasgow, Ottawa, d/o Andrew William Byrd ARTHUR & Sarah BRUNTON? Wit: James McARTHUR and Mary McARTHUR, both of Ottawa. September 22, 1875 at Ottawa
  001798-75 (Carleton Co): Nicholas REID, 24, SHANTYMAN, Fitzroy, same, s/o Nicholas REID & Letitica BEAMISH married Ann ARBUCKLE, 24, Fitzroy, same, d/o Samuel ARBUCKLE & Mary McMICHAEL. Wit: Lewis KELLEY and Hanna ARBUCKLE, both of Fitzroy. September 8, 1875 at Fitzroy
001729-75 (Carleton Co) James Gillespie REID, 34, stone cutter, Perthshire Scotland, Ottawa, s/o William & Catherine married Margaret FAHEY, 24, March, Ottawa, d/o John & (inked out), Wit John SWEETMAN and Thomas SMITH, 29 November 1875 at Ottawa. 001887-75 (Carleton Co) Hugh REILLY, 29, clerk, Richmond, Richmond Ont, s/o Edward & Sarah Ann REILLY married Henrietta E. LEWIS, 22, Richmond, same, d/o Thomas & Mary Ann LEWIS. Wit H.A. KNAPP and M.E. LANDERSON, both of New Edinburgh. 29 January 1875 at New Edinburgh.
001758-75 (Carleton Co) Felix RICARD, 24, carpenter, Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Edmond RICARD and Cecilia DUFRESNE married Delice VALADE, 24, St. Rose, Ottawa, d/o Joseph VALADE & Adilie CYR. Wit Jeremiah LEAKER (Seaker?) and Mary VARETT, both of Ottawa. September 28, 1875 at Ottawa. 001784-75 (Carleton Co) Robert RICHARDSON, 23, butcher, Ottawa, same, s/o Robert RICHARDSON and Mary Ellen FRANSWAY married Jessie Olive VICARS, 20, Ottawa, same, d/o Robert VICARS & Sarah DUNLOP. Wit Mathew BURROWS and James DUNLOP, both of Ottawa. July 27, 1875 at Ottawa.
  001581-75 (Carleton Co): Henry George ROACHE, 28, clerk, Prescott, Ottawa, s/o James ROACHE & Mary FOLEY married Catherine McCONNELL, 26, Ottawa, same, d/o Henry B. McDONNELL & Lucia M. McDOUGALL. Wit: Henry BOURK and Catherine McDONNELL, res not given. March 13, 1875 at Ottawa
001779-75 (Carleton Co) Alexander ROBERTSON, 29, coachman, St. John's N.B., Ottawa, s/o Thomas ROBERTSON & Ann BLAIR married Mary MORRISON, 22, Osgoode, same, d/o John & Esther MORRISON. Wit William MATHEWS and George WALLACE, both of Ottawa. June 21, 1875 at Ottawa. 1646-75 Peter ROGERS, 25, laborer, Tyrone Ireland, Gloucester, s/o Peter ROGERS & Margaret CHARKEY?, married Ida BRENNAN, 23, Gloucester, same, d/o Michael BRENNAN & Bridget LYON, witn: James WOODS & Authime? TALBOT (Tabbot?), both of Ottawa, 14 July 1875 at Ottawa
1754-75 John ROWATT, 26, yeoman, Bathurst, Gloucester, s/o William ROWATT & Eliza McLEAN, married Ida FERGUSON, 22, Monteagle, North Plantagenet, d/o William G. FERGUSON & Maria MILTON, 27 Oct. 1875 at Ottawa 1634-75 William RUSSELL, 22, dry goods packer, Canada, Ottawa, s/o James RUSSELL & Ann HUME, married Christena PAGE, 22, Canada, Buckingham, d/o William PAGE & Mary GIBSON, witn: Bessie HALL & Margaret HENRY, both of Ottawa, 11 March 1875 at Ottawa
1827-75 Thomas B. RUTLEDGE, 26, merchant, Goulbourne, Ottawa, s/o John & Martha, married Mary Jane COLE, 21, North Gower, same, d/o John & Mary, witn: A. D. RUTLEDGE & Anson (Aaron?) COLE, both of North Gower, 21 Jan 1875 at North Gower 001579-75 (Carleton Co): Fereale ST. DENIS, 40, widower, laborer, Vaudreuil, Ottawa, s/o not given, married Angele PERIER, 36, widow, Ottawa, same, d/o not given. Wit: Antoine BEAUCHAMPS and Alfred St. DENIS, both of Ottawa. February 9, 1875 at Ottawa
  1786-75 Alonzo SCARF, 21, farmer, East Templeton Que., same, s/o Thomas & Maria, married Janet BOYCE, 20, East Templeton, same, d/o Thomas BOYCE & Elizabeth HANNAH, witn: Sarah BOYCE & Alison SCARF, both of E. Templeton, 26 May 1875 at East Templeton Quebec
1843-75 Alfred SCARF, 21, farmer, Templeton Que., Gloucester, s/o John & Margaret, married Mary Ann CLIFFORD, 18, Gloucester, same, d/o Thomas CLIFFORD & Elizabeth McCARTY, witn: John SCARF & Elizabeth CLIFFORD, both of Gloucester, 3 May 1875 at Gloucester 001728-75 (Carleton Co) Nicholas SCARF, 24, farmer, Canada, Gloucester Ont, s/o Beacham & Frances married Mary Jane JOHNSTON, 25, Canada, Ottawa, d/o Joseph & Mary.(not stated). Wit Charles GREY of Osgoode and Fanny DAWSON of Ottawa. 21 October 1875 at Ottawa.
1619-75 Walter SCOTT, 55, widower, tailor, Pensicote?, Rosebank - Ramsay, s/o William SCOTT & Christena TODD, married Sarah Ann PAINE, 36, widow, Co. Derry Ireland, Goulbourn, d/o Samuel HUTCHINSON & Margaret FINLAY, witn: John MOORE & William WOOD, both of Ottawa, 14 May 1875 at Ottawa  
001762-75 (Carleton Co) William SHARP, 40, widower, lumberer, West Hawkesbury, same, s/o John & Ellen SHARP married Sarah SHIELDS, 35, Plantagenet, Co. Prescott, d/o Alexander & Mary SHIELDS. Wit Catherine Cameron and R.D. McRAE, no res. given . November 11, 1875 at Ottawa. 1851-75 Robert SHAW, 36, farmer, Ireland, Cumberland twp., s/o George & Mary, married Martha WILSON, 22, March, same, d/o John & Ellen, witn: John G. SHAW of Cumberland & E. WILSON of March, 31 March 1875 at March
1893-75 John SHEIL, 30, farmer, Ireland, Osgoode, s/o Patrick SHEIL & Bridget MURPHY, married Eliza Jane O'LEARY, 21, Huntley, Osgoode, d/o Patrick O'LEARY & Bridget DUNN, witn: Patrick DORAN & Catherine CLARK, both of Osgoode, 2 Feb 1875 at Osgoode 1903-75 Thomas SHEIL, 32, farmer, Ireland, Osgoode, s/o Patrick SHIEL & Bridge MURPHY, married Bridget DEWAR, 18, Osgoode, same, d/o Patrick DEWAR & Mary McGEE, witn: Bernard & Alice DEWAR, 9 Nov 1875 at St. Johns, Osgoode
1718-75 Robert Atcheson SHELDON, 22, clerk, Ottawa, same, s/o G. A. & Sarah J, married Elizabeth BURNETT, 20, Ireland, Ottawa, d/o William & Mary, witn: Elizabeth McMEEKIN & Frances QUAIL, both of Ottawa, 19 June 1875 at Ottawa  
001870-75 (Carleton Co): Michel SHIRLEY, 25, farmer, Nepean, same, s/o Paul & Catherine SHIRLEY married Alice PHELAN, 20, North Gower, same, d/o John & Margaret PHELAN. Wit: Robert SHIRLEY of Nepean and Helena PHELAN of North Gower. July 25, 1875 001744-75 (Carleton Co) William SHORE, 24, grocer, Ottawa, same, s/o Robert SHORE & Mary Jane PROCTOR married Christina MULLER, 21, Ontario, Ottawa, d/o Henry MULLER & Sarah McKINNON. Wit Mr. & Mrs. Colin CAMPBELL of Ottawa. September 11, 1875 at Ottawa.
001812-75 (Carleton Co) Albert SHOULDICE, 35, farmer, Canada, Nepean, s/o John & Elizabeth SHOULDICE married Elizabeth GRAHAM, 33, widow, Canada, Nepean, d/o Thomas & Ann ARGUE. Wit George SHOULDICE and Nellie KEOUGH, both of Nepean. 14 January 1875 at Nepean. 1620-75 James SLACK, 37, widower, brick maker, Derbyshire England, Ottawa, s/o James SLACK & Rebecca NAILOR, married Agnes GREEN, 26, Nepean, Ottawa, d/o Philip GREEN & Margaret MACKIE, witn: Frederick LEWIS & Margaret MACKIE, both of Ottawa, 15 May 1875 at Ottawa
  001707-75 (Carleton Co): Daniel James SMITH, 24, clerk, Ogdensburg N.Y., Ottawa, s/o William & Sarah SMITH married Sarah Jane BROWN, 21, Quebec, Brantford, d/o John & Sarah SMITH. Wit: Joseph BROWN and Mary BROWN, res not given. September 1, 1875 at Ottawa
1633-75 George SNELLING, 23, mechanic, Torquay England, Ottawa, s/o George SNELLING & Elizabeth COLE, married Jessie Walker NEILL, 19, Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Robert NEILL & Judith McKENZIE, witn: N?. A. SNELLING & Sarah COOMBS, both of New Edinburgh, 19 July 1875 at Ottawa 001782-75 (Carleton Co) Peter SOMMERVILLE, 24, marble dealer, Torbolton Ont., Arnprior, s/o Thomas G. SOMMERVILLE & Elizabeth TAYLOR married Annie ROBERTSON, 24, Ottawa, same, d/o Daniel ROBERTSON & Janet McDONALD. Wit John SOMMERVILLE, Wendover Ont., and H. ROBERTSON, Ottawa. July 1, 1875 at Ottawa.
001858-76 (Carleton Co): John SOUBLIERE (Soulliere?), 24, laborer, St Andre D'Argenteuil, Chaudiere, s/o J. Baptiste SOUBLIERE & Virginie LABONDE married Julie CHARRON, 19, Papineauville, Ottawa, d/o Augustin CHARRON & Julie MONIR. Wit: J. Baptiste SOUBLIERE and Augustin CHARRON, both of Ottawa. March 29, 1875 at Ottawa. (RC) 1842-75 William SPRATT, 26, farmer, Gloucester, same, s/o Andrew & Catherine Ellen, married Annie MOORE, 26, Gloucester, same, d/o Samuel & Ann, witn: James T. FEASMAN & Elizabeth SPRATT, both of Gloucester, 27 April 1875 at Gloucester
001809-75 (Carleton Co) John Rice STANLEY, 26, contractor, Nepean, Ottawa, s/o Robert & Jane STANLEY married Mary Louisa CHAPMAN, 18, (illegible) Quebec, Ottawa, d/o John & Louisa CHAPMAN. Wit John CHAPMAN and James ? TAYLOR, both of Ottawa. 4 May 1875 Nepean.  
001877-75 (Carleton Co): Benjamin STARNS, 28, farmer, widower, Canada, Russell, s/o Hiram & Sarah Ann STARNES (sic) married Ann McEWEN, 29, widow, Canada, Huntley, d/o George & Ann McEWEN. Wit: James STARNES of Russell and Ellen CORTEL of Goulbourn. March 29, 1875 1653-75 Alphonse STEENS?, 24, organist, New York, Ottawa, s/o W, STEENS & Margaret HIGGINS, married Elizabeth BIRMINGHAM, 23, Galway Ireland, Ottawa, d/o James BIRMINGHAM & Mary Ann O'CONNOR, witn: W. McCARTHY & Ellen BROPHY, both of Ottawa, 28 Jan 1875 at Ottawa (Rom Cath)
01885-75 (Carleton Co) James STENHOUSE, 34, farmer, Trante Isle of Greece, Cumberland Co. Russell, s/o Robert & Rebecca STENHOUSE married Grace STEWART, 16, Beckwith, Cumberland Co. Russell, d/o Alexander & Margaret STEWART. Wit Alex McEWAN, Osgoode and Catherine STEWART, Beckwith. 16 June 1875 at New Edinburgh. 1644-75 Charles STOCKAM, 32, widower, carpenter, England, Ottawa, s/o Ambrose STOCKAM & Elizabeth FORREST, married Phidelia DARCEY, 26, widow, Ontario, Ottawa, d/o George W. MUNROE & Emeline DALY, witn: George W. MUNROE Jr. & A. HOWELL, both of Ottawa, 6 May 1875 at Ottawa
001742-75 (Carleton Co) Thomas Tilley STODDART, 29, pattern maker, Perth Scotland, Ottawa, s/o Alexander STODDART & Margaret TILLEY married Elizabeth BOYD, 28, Ireland, Ottawa, d/o William BOYD and Eliza PORTER. Wit Mary PORTER and James GRANT, both of Ottawa. June 8, 1875 at Ottawa. 001587-75 (Carleton Co): John SULLIVAN, 27, farmer, Lowe, same, s/o Patrick SULLIVAN & Mary KELLY married Ellen RYAN, 22, Lowe, Ottawa Co, Ottawa, d/o Patrick RYAN & Bridget JORIE. Wit: John SWEENEY and Louisa Honora STACKPOLE, res not given. April 13, 1875 at Ottawa
  001764-75 (Carleton Co) Joseph TAYLOR, 25, printer, London Eng., Ottawa, s/o Joseph & Sarah TAYLOR married Eliza May ARMYTAGE, 22, London Eng., Ottawa, d/o Richard & Elizabeth ARMYTAGE. Wit William TAYLOR and Marion BAIRD both of Ottawa. October 11, 1875 at Ottawa.
001612-75 (Huron Co): Thomas THOMPSON, 26, millwright, Buckingham, Nepean, s/o James THOMPSON & Elizabeth PELTZ married Agnes SCOBIE, 25, Nepean, same, d/o Walter SCOBIE & Ellen CLARKE. Wit: Mrs ? BAGG and Hannah SCOBIE, both of Nepean. April 27, 1875 at Ottawa 1951-74 (Carleton Co): William Henry TIMBERS, 36, machinist, Grenville, Ottawa, s/o Joseph TIMBERS & Cecilia CULLEN, married Marion YOUNG, 32, Glasgow Scotland, Ottawa, d/o John YOUNG & Elizabeth ALLEN, witn: Thomas McOUAT & Elizabeth YOUNG, both of Ottawa, 1 Jan 1875 at Ottawa
1829-75 Andrew TRIMBLE, 24, farmer, Marlborough, same, s/o James & Ann Jane, married Elizabeth CALLENDER, 18, North Gower, same, d/o William & Margaret, witn: Andrew SHELLINGTON of Richmond & Janet CALLENDER of North Gower, 7 April 1875 at North Gower 001855-76 (Carleton Co): Joseph TURGEN, 28, laborer, Ottawa, Chaudiere Ottawa, s/o not given, married Dephine AUCLAIR, 25, St Vincent de Paul, d/o J. B. AUCLAIR & Nane? GAUTHIER. Wit: Pierre AUCLAIR and Charles GAUTHIER, both of Ottawa. March 29, 1875 at Ottawa. (RC)
001575-75 (Carleton Co): Pierre TURGEON, 39, laborer, widower, Ottawa, s/o Francois TURGEON & Marie PROVOST married Catherine BLANCHETTE, 33, widow, Ottawa, same, d/o Joseph BLANCHETTE & Caroline ROY. Wit: Eleazar PARADIS and Joseph TURGEON, both of Ottawa. February 8, 1875 at Ottawa. 001865-75 (Carleton Co.) John VAUGHAN, 22, farmer, Nepean, Goulbourn, s/o John & Margrett VAUGHAN married Julia FOX, 20, North Gower, Richmond, d/o Patrick & Bridgett FOX. Wit John WHELAN and Catherine CARRIGAN, both of Nepean. 29 September 1875 at Richmond. (RC)
001745-75 (Carleton Co) George Francis VENN, 22, shipper, Buffalo N.Y., Ottawa, s/o John VENN & Mary Ann TURNER married Agnes Nelson FLEMING, 25, Glasgow Scotland, Ottawa, d/o James FLEMING & Martha PATTERSON. Wit Hugh BOYD and Mary PATTERSON, both of Ottawa. September 28, 1875 at Ottawa. 001757-75 (Carleton Co) Henry WATCHORN, 58, widower, farmer, Ireland, Cumberland, s/o Richard WATCHORN and Mary CONDELL married Mary Ann MULLINS?, 30, widow, England, Nepean, d/o Amos BONELL and Martha FERNARIL?. Wit Thomas FLOYD and Martha BONNELL, both of Ottawa. September 22, 1875 at Ottawa.
1850-75 Robert WATT, 27, farmer, Nepean, same, s/o John & Ann, married Jane BEATTY, 22, Nepean, same, d/o Alexander & Catherine, witn: Andrew WATT & Mary A. BEATTY, both of Nepean, 10 March 1875 at St. Johns Church, South March 001866-75 (carleton Co) Cornelius WATTS, 24, farmer, Nepean, same, s/o Arthur & Ann WATTS married Margrett TIERNEY, 20, Nepean, same, d/o John & Bridgett TIERNEY. Wit Timothy TIERNEY and Jane MADDEN, both of Nepean. 29 September 1875 at Richmond. (RC)
1627-75 George WEBB, 23, stove? man, Canada, Montreal, s/o William WEBB & Barbara McKNIGHT, married Annie BROWN, 22, Canada, Ottawa, d/o Thomas BROWN & Mary BURGESS, witn: George ABBS of Hamilton & Matilda BARRY of Ottawa, 1 July 1875 at Ottawa 001573-75 (Carleton Co): Samuel WHITE, 32, gardener, England, Nepean, s/o William WHITE & Mary Ann MORRIS married Amelia KUTCHKEY, 20, Germany, Nepean, d/o not given. Wit: William BLACK and Ellen BLACK, both of Gloucester. January 25, 1875 at Ottawa
001857-75 (Carleton Co) Robert WHITE, 23, yeoman, Hinchinbrook, Armstown P.Q., s/o William & Catherine WHITE married Margrette LINDSEY, 23, Armstown, Richmond, d/o Robert & Agnes LINDSEY. Wit Robert McELROY and Agnes LINDSEY, both of Richmond. 10 February 1875 at Richmond. 001733-75 (Carleton Co) Alex WILKIE, 26, compositor, Scotland, Ottawa, s/o Allen & Ann married Sarah Jane JOHNSTON, 21, Canada, Ottawa, d/o William & Letitica, Wit George SIM and Kate JOHNSTON, both of Ottawa. 3 December 1875 at Ottawa.
1841-75 Henry WILLIAMS, 57, gentleman, Nepean, North Gower, s/o Lewis & Mary, married Maria PARKER, 27, Canada, North Gower, d/o Justus & Philanda, witn: A. F. PARKER & Eliza Ann GRAY, both of Lohaber?, 1 Dec 1875 at North Gower 001735-75 (Carleton Co) William WILSON, 23, lumberer, Ireland, Buckingham Que, s/o David & Margaret, married Elizabeth DONALDSON, 24, Canada, Buckingham Que., d/o Robert & Elizabeth, Wit George DONALDSON and Ellen DONALDSON, both of Buckingham. 15 December 1875 at Ottawa.
001883-75 (Carleton Co) George WILSON, 25, farmer, Ireland, Gloucester, s/o James & Mary WILSON married Susan WALLS, 28, Canada, Huntley, d/o Thomas & Ellen WALLS. Wit Thomas WALLS, Huntley and Frances COLBERT, Goulbourn. 16 November 1875 at Huntley. 1631-75 John Bains WRIGHT, 28, [illegible word] maker, Manchester England, Ottawa, s/o Charles & Elizabeth, married Fanny Jane MARSHALL, 22, Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Thomas & Eliza, witn: N.? PHYPERS? & Isahel GILMAN, 12 July 1875 at St. [illegible] Church, Ottawa
1852-75 Henry YOUNG, 22, farmer, March, same, s/o James & Mary, married Eliza J. YOUNG, 22, Nepean, same, d/o John & Eliza, witn: Thomas GAINFORD of March & S. YOUNG of Nepean, 28 April 1875 at St. Johns Church, South March