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Carleton Co., 1877, part 2

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001686-77 (Carleton Co): George AMEIL, not given, laborer, Ottawa, same, s/o David AMEIL & Marguerite LANGEVIN married Alexina ROBITAILLE, not given, Ottawa, same, d/o Charles ROBITAILLE & Angelique LANDREVILLE. Wit: Joseph DESSAIN and David ROBITAILLE, both of Ottawa. January 23, 1877 at Ottawa (RC) 001808-77 (Carleton Co): Severe AMYOTTE, 26, baker, Ottawa, same, s/o Augustin AMYOTTE & Clemine GUINDON married Delimas BLAIS, 24, Ottawa, same, d/o Benjamin BLAIS & Esther LAFRANCE. Wit: Augustin AMYOTTE and Benjamin BLAIS, both of Ottawa. September 12, 1877 at Ottawa (RC)
2020-77 James ARMSTRONG, 34, farmer, Huntley, same, s/o Robert & Miriam, married Elizabeth OWENS, 26, Fitzroy, same, d/o Edward & Elizabeth, witn: John OWENS of Fitzroy 7 William BARTON of Huntley, 25 April 1877 at St. Johns Church, Antrim 001771-77 (Carleton Co): Thomas ASKWITH, 32, carpenter, Canada, Ottawa, s/o John & Elizabeth ASKWITH married Martha WATERS, 23, Canada, Ottawa, d/o William & Ann WATERS. Wit: Walter SHIRREFF and Ella WATERS, both of Ottawa. May 1, 1877 at Ottawa
001745-77 (Carleton Co): James BARNES, 327, laborer, Hazelton, Brockville, s/o Philip BARNES & Mary NICHOLS married Elizabeth HALLIDAY, 21, Pembroke Ont, Rockville, d/o Samuel HALLIDAY & Annie LANG. Wit: William GENTLE and Harriet BURNS, both of Ottawa. May 9, 1877 at Ottawa 001744-77 (Carleton Co): Francois BELANGER, 24, laborer, St. Francois Racine Sud, Hull, s/o Jacques BELANGER & Geonise LAINIE married Marie Nadine COULOMBE, 24, Cape of Ignatius, Ottawa, d/o Joseph & Genevieve COULOMBE. Wit: Pierre PECHE and John LAMONTAGNE, both of Ottawa. May 7, 1877 at Ottawa
2010-77 John BENNETT, 23, farmer, Marlborough, same, s/o Daniel & Elizabeth, married Martha SCARF, 22, Nepean, same, d/o John & Ann, witn: Alexander BENNETT of Marlborough & Miss? Ann SCARF of Nepean, 3 May 1877 at Richmond 001749-77 (Carleton Co): Thomas BERTHWICK, 35, widower, farmer, Gloucester, same, s/o Morris BERTHWICK & Margaret TEMPLETON married Margaret BLYTH, 25, Gloucester, Ottawa, d/o William BLYTH & Mary ANTWN?. Wit: Alexander BERTHWICK and Bella BLYTH, both of Gloucester. March 15, 1877 at Ottawa
001852-77 (Carleton Co): Jean BLAIS, 31, traveller, Papineauville, same, s/o Joachim BLAIS & Felicite NERBON married Julie MATHE, 22, Ottawa, same, d/o Louis MATHE & Josepte BENOIT. Wit: Joachim BLAIS and Alexander BLAIS, both of Papineauville. August 27, 1877 at Ottawa (RC) 001803-77 (Carleton Co): John BLYTH, 29, cooper, Galt Ont, Ottawa, s/o Robert & Eliza BLYTH married Mary Ann HALL, 20, Ottawa, same, d/o John & Catherine HALL. Wit: Mrs. LOW and Ellen LOW, both of Ottawa. June 23, 1877 at Ottawa
001674-77 (Carleton Co): William BOWMAN, 21, silver plater, Ottawa, same, s/o William BOWMAN & Ellen KELLY married Ellen HARVEY,12(?), Ottawa, same, d/o William HARVEY & Mary McNAMARA. Wit: Thomas COOPER and Emma BOWMAN, both of Ottawa. February 13, 1877 (RC) 001670-77 (Carleton Co): Patrick BRANKIN (Breakin?), 23, laborer, Co Antrim Ireland, Ottawa, s/o James BRANKIN & Ellen DONNEGAN married Mary DOYLE, 22, Quebec, Ottawa, s/o James DOYLE & Anne McDADE. Wit: James CULLIGAN and Catherine GAMON, both of Ottawa. July 6, 1877 at Ottawa (RC)
1674-77 William BRENNAN, 21, silver plater, Ottawa, same, s/o William BRENNAN & Ellen KELLY, married Ellen HARVEY, 12?, Ottawa, same, d/o William HARVEY & Mary McNAMARA, witn: Thomas COOPER & Emma BRENNAN, both of Ottawa, 13 Feb 1877 at RC Cathedral, Ottawa 001668-77 (Carleton Co): Joseph BRISBOIS, 22, laborer, Nation, same, s/o Peter & Negean BRISBOIS married Louisa LAVELLE, 19, Nation, same, d/o Herminegilde & Louise LAVALLE. Wit: John and Mrs. John ROBINSON of Ottawa. March 13, 1877 at Ottawa (RC)
1995-77 William BROWN, 39, widower, engineer, Ayrshire Scotland, New Edinburgh, s/o Hugh BROWN & Sarah, married Mary Jane BEERS, 37, widow, Co. Monaghan Ireland, New Edinburgh, d/o William HARRISON & Fanny, witn: Joseph VILLENEUVE & Marianne CAMERON, both of New Edinburgh, 6 Feb 1877 at New Edinburgh 001797-77 (Carleton Co): John BROWN, 38, widower, Superintendent of Postal Delivery, Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Joseph & Catherine BROWN married Mary S. CUDDIE, 26, Nepean, Ottawa, d/o Andrew CUDDIE & Jessie STUART. Wit: Levi McCULLOUGH and Charlotte HILL, both of Ottawa. August 20, 1877 at Ottawa
1851-77 Louis Napoleon BRUNET, 24, laborer, Ottawa, Hull, s/o Charles BRUNET & Marcile BERTRAND, married M. Albina CHARLEBOIS, 22, Ottawa, same, d/o Alderic CHARLEBOIS & Celine PROULX, witn: Charles BRUNET of Hull & Isaie TAILLEFER of Ottawa, 12 Aug 1877 at Ottawa 1670-77 Patrick BRUNKIN, 28, laborer, Co. Antrim Ireland, Ottawa, s/o James BRUNKIN & Ellen DUNNEGAN, married Mary DOYLE, 22, Quebec, Ottawa, d/o James DOYLE & Ann McDADE, witn: James CALLIGAN & Catherine GAMON, both of Ottawa, 6 Feb 1877 at RC Cathedral, Ottawa
2021-77 William BURNS, 31, yeoman, Goulbourne, Ramsay, s/o William BURNS & Sarah THORP, married Margaret BOWES, 20, Fitzroy, same, d/o Thomas BOWES & Isabella WADDELL, witn: Thomas BURNS & Thomas BOWES, 28 March 1877 at Fitzroy 001828-77 (Carleton Co): John CANTY, 22, switchman, Ottawa, same, s/o John CANTY & Margaret KINSELLA married Elizabeth McDONELL, 20, Ireland, Ottawa, d/o Patrick McDONELL & Ann MURRAY. Wit: William NIDD and Jane McDONELL, both of Ottawa. September 2, 1877 at Ottawa (RC)
001769-77 (Carleton Co): James CARRY, 21, engineer, Scotland, Ottawa, s/o Jonathan & Eliza CARRY married Eliza WALKER, 28, Ireland, Ottawa, d/o John & Ann WALKER. Wit: Albert HILL and Elizabeth HILL, both of Ottawa. March 29, 1877 at Ottawa 2006-77 Peter CAVANAGH, 30, farmer, Goulbourne, same, s/o Walter & Mary, married Ann McCARTHY, 21, Nepean, same, d/o Daniel & Margaret, witn: John LARKIN of Goulbourne & Ellen McCARTHY of Nepean, 12 Feb 1877 at Richmond
001687-77 (Carleton Co): Weldon CHAMPNESS, 37, widower, hotel keeper, England, Ottawa, s/o Thomas CHAMPNESS & Elizabeth STOKES married Isabella DAVIDSON, 24, Carleton Co, Ottawa, d/o James DAVIDSON & Ann ALEXANDER. Wit: James STEWART of Richmond and Rachel ALEXANDER of Ottawa. January 16, 1877 at Ottawa 001810-77 (Carleton Co): Elie CLAUDE, 30, laborer, Ottawa, same, s/o Cassimir CLAUDE & Julie LAMPIE married Celaine LASSALLE, 24, Ottawa, same, d/o Joseph LASALLE & Vitoline CASSIEU. Wit: Alexander FAULKNER and Joseph SMITH, both of Ottawa. August 6, 1877 at Ottawa
001789-77 (Carleton Co): James (Louis?) CLEROUX, 20, cooper, St. John's, Ottawa, s/o Louis & Delphine CLEROUX married Sarah SIMONS, 23, Osgoode, Ottawa, d/o Stephen & Ann SIMONS. Wit: Rev. B. F. AUSTIN, B. A., and Gardiner PHILLIPS, both of Ottawa. June 30, 1877 at Ottawa  
2007-77 William CONELY (Conley?), 44, yeoman, Goulbourne, same, s/o Thomas & Hester, married Jane BARKLEY, 24, Goulbourne, same, d/o John & Ellenor, witn: John BARKLEY of Kemptville & Hester CONELY of Goulbourne, 12 April 1877 at Richmond 001817-77 (Carleton Co): Michael CONLON, 22, laborer, Smith's Falls, Ottawa, s/o Patrick & Elizabeth CONLON married Sarah Alexina McGILLIS, 22, Pakenham, Ottawa, d/o Donald John McGILLIS & Catherine BARNHARDT. Wit: Abel HARRIS and Nagle McGILLIS, both of Ottawa. April 5, 1877 at Ottawa (RC)
001831-77 (Carleton Co): Amable CORBEIL, 23, laborer, Ottawa, same, s/o Paul CORBEIL & Margaret PAQUETTE married Eleanore DUFRESNE, 24, Ottawa, same, d/o Edward DUFRESNE & Euphrosine DUBEAU. Wit: Lucie CORBEIL and Mme GROULX, both of Ottawa. May 14, 1877 at Ottawa (RC) 001754-77 (Carleton Co): William CROOK, 23, farmer, Devonshire England, Hull PQ, s/o William & Mary CROOK married Cecile FOURNIER, 20, St. Cecile, Hull, d/o Honore & Elizabeth FOURNIER. Wit: Annie FOURNIER and Elizabeth FOURNIER, res not given. May 26, 1877 at Ottawa (RC)
001683-77 (Carleton Co): Stephen CROSBY, 27, cabinet maker, Montreal, Ottawa, s/o Charles CROSBY & Mary CIRTE married Ellen MULLIN, 20, Ottawa, same, d/o William MULLIN & Sarah MURPHY. Wit: Frederich CHAMPNESS and W. H. BUTLEND, both of Ottawa. January 8, 1877 at Ottawa 2017-77 Thomas CUDDIE, 34, farmer, Bathurst, North Keppel, s/o William & Jane, married Eliza Matilda Evans ARMSTRONG, 26, Gloucester, same, d/o Thomas & Maria, witn: Andrew FINDLAY & Maria ARMSTRONG, both of Gloucester, 24 May 1877 at Gloucester
  001845-77 (Carleton Co): Robert DALY, 28, laborer, Ottawa, same, s/o Patrick DALY & Elizabeth CORRIDAN married Margaret Jane STEEL, 23, Carleton Place, New Edinburgh, d/o Thomas STEEL & Jane ATCHESON. Wit: Michael DALY and Elizabeth DALY, both of Ottawa. July 4, 1877 at Ottawa
001801-77 (Carleton Co): Richard DAVIS, 30, laborer, March, Ottawa, s/o Joseph DAVIS & Sarah WATKINS married Alice PLUNKETT, 26, Nepean, Ottawa, d/o Thomas PLUNKETT & Mary CRAIG. Wit: William James PLUNKETT and Margaret DAVIS, both of Ottawa. September 15, 1877 at Ottawa 001692-77 (Carleton Co): James DAVIDSON, 31, clerk, Scotland, Ottawa, s/o Peter DAVIDSON & Mary DAVIS(?) married Mary Jane STARMER, 23, Ottawa, Gloucester, d/o Thomas STARMER & Sarah BAILEY. Wit: Julie WILLIAMS and Thomas STARMER, both of Gloucester. January 7, 1877 at Ottawa
001849-77 (Carleton Co): William DAY, 26, carpenter, Ottawa, New Edinburgh, s/o Patrick DAY & Elizabeth CLAUDIN married Elizabeth KIRKBRIDE, 20, Carleton, New Edinburgh, d/o William KIRKBRIDE & Elizabeth O'NEILL. Wit: Robert DALY and Margaret RUTLEDGE, both of Ottawa. May 28, 1877 at Ottawa 001836-77 (Carleton Co): George Telesphore DESJARDIN, 24, laborer, Ottawa, same, s/o Fabien DESJARDIN & M. Theotime LALONDE married Marguerite COUSINEAU, 19, Ottawa, same, d/o Felix CARDINAL & Caroline CHENIER. Wit: Pierre ROBERT and John COUSINEAU, both of Ottawa. July 2, 1877 at Ottawa (RC)
001850-77 (Carleton Co): Napoleon DESLAURIER, 22, laborer, Ottawa, same, s/o Felix DESLAURIER & Esther CHESLAND married Adelaide GASCON, 25, Ottawa, same, d/o Emmanuel GASCON & Sophie LEGAULT. Wit: Jean LABICIER and Emmanuel GASCON, both of Ottawa. April 6, 1877 at Ottawa (RC) 001835-77 (Carleton Co): Honore DESORMEAUX, 24, shantyman, Ottawa, same, s/o Joseph DESORMEAUX & Francessie PLOUFFE married Marcelline CARRIERE, 26, Ottawa, same, d/o Francois CARRIERE & Aglae MASIE. Wit: J. Baptiste DESORMEAUX and Marcelle GAGNE, both of Ottawa. July 15, 1877 at Ottawa (RC)
001739-77 (Carleton Co): Jane (s/b James?) DICKSON, 32, farmer, Co Armagh Ireland, Ottawa, s/o John & Mary DICKSON married Rachel LONEY, 35, Osgoode, Russell, d/o John & Margaret LONEY. Wit: Samuel DUNN and Hannah KERRIAN, both of Ottawa. April 27, 1877 at Ottawa 001823-77 (Carleton Co): James DOLAN, 30, farmer, Torbolton, same, s/o James & Anne DOLAN married Charlotte ANDERSON, 26, Torbolton, same, d/o John & Sarah ANDERSON. Wit: Thomas F. WALKER and Annie BISHOP, both of Ottawa. October 10, 1877 at Ottawa
1680-77 Louis Alexander DORION, no age given, grocer, Ottawa, same, s/o Noel DORION & Emelie PROULX, married Louise DUGART, no age given, widow, Ottawa, same, d/o not given, win: Moise DORION & Julia LEMIEUX, both of Ottawa, 7 Jan 1877 at Ottawa  
001811-77 (Carleton Co): Louis DOURAZ, 28, government employee, Coteau du Lac, Ottawa, s/o Jean Baptiste DOURAZ & Marguerite LAFLEUR married Clarisse CHARLEBOIS, 20, Vaudreuil, Ottawa, d/o Hyacinth CHARLEBOIS & Cleophe RANGER. Wit: Joseph O. CHARLEBOIS and Herminegeld COSGRAIN, both of Ottawa. June 25, 1877 at Ottawa 001679-77 (Carleton Co): James DOYLE, 35, widower, contractor, Co Wexford Ireland, Ottawa, s/o Martha(?) DOYLE & Joanna KENNEDY married Bridget GODLEY, 20, Toronto, Ottawa, d/o James GODLEY & Mary WHELAN. Wit: Thomas KENNEDY and Mary CURRAN, both of Ottawa. Date not given, 1877 at Ottawa
001832-77 (Carleton Co): Joseph DUBEAU, 35, carpenter, Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Alexandre DUBEAU & Marie DUCHARME married Virginie FOUKS, 26, U.S., Ottawa, d/o Jacob FOUKS & Mary Roody KING. Wit: Joseph PICOTTE of Ottawa and Albert SEVIGNY of New Edinburgh. April 29, 1877 at Ottawa (RC) 001837-77 (Carleton Co): Arthur DUGAL, 21, clerk, Ottawa, same, s/o Theophile DUGAL & Caroline BLAISE married Ezilda GOSSELIN, 18, Ottawa, same, d/o Andre GOSSELIN & Delphine ROBILLARD. Wit: Sevise GOSSELIN and Theophile DUGAL, both of Ottawa. July 1, 1877 at Ottawa (RC)
001846-77 (Carleton Co): Francis DUHAMEL, 46,. widower, butcher, Carleton, Ottawa, s/o Francis DUHENIL & Marie Josephte LAPOINTE married Dileme LEMAY, 40, Ottawa, same, d/o Antoine LEMAY & Francoise PREUSS. Wit: Lamont DUHAMEL and Tertullian LEMAY, both of Ottawa. July 15, 1877 at Ottawa (RC) 001785-77 (Carleton Co): Frederick DUNCAN, 23, sewing machine agent, Kemptville, Ottawa, s/o Donald & Dorothy DUNCAN married Harriet Jane HILLMAN, 26, Papineauville, Ottawa, d/o George & Sarah Ann HILLMAN. Wit: George FOX and Emma HILLMAN, both of Ottawa. May 16, 1877 at Ottawa
1861-77 George Edward ELLIOTT, 50, merchant, Frolick? Kent England, Ottawa, s/o Robert ELLIOTT & Elizabeth BROUGH, married Jane HAMILTON, 39, Kilwinnen Scotland, Ottawa, d/o John HAMILTON & Mary BOYD, witn: John HENDERSON? of New Edinburgh & William HAMILTON of Ottawa, 18 Sept 1877 at Ottawa 001790-77 (Carleton Co): John Henry ELLIS, 25, carpenter, Gloucester, Ottawa, s/o James & Mary Ann ELLIS married Jennie GODWIN, 16, Ottawa, same, d/o Jeremiah & Sarah GODWIN. Wit: Benjamin GODWIN of Ottawa and Mary Ann ELLIS of Gloucester. July 10, 1877 at Ottawa
1863-77 William FAIRBAIRN, 23, farmer, Wakefield Que. same, s/o William FAIRBAIRN & Martha Jane ROGERS, married Agnes Emmeline PRITCHARD, 23, Masham Que., same, d/o Thomas PRITCHARD & Alvira HAMILTON, witn: Orin EVANS of Low twp Que & Jemima PRITCHARD of Masham, 5 Oct. 1877 at Ottawa 001677-77 (Carleton Co): Edward FAUGHEY, 20, baker, s/o Edward FAUGHEY & Ann LACEY(?) married Emelie LISETTE, 20, East Hawkesbury, Ottawa, d/o Olivier LISETTE & Henriette DAUDELIN. Wit: Robert JAMIESON and Ellen SINCLAIR, both of Ottawa. March 7, 1877 at Ottawa
001838-77 (Carleton Co): Elzear FAVREAU, 21, laborer, Ottawa, same, s/o Paul FAVREAU & Esther ROSSIGNAL married Albina PARISEAU, 18, Ottawa, same, d/o de E. PARISEAU and Zoe PROULX. Wit: Paul FAVREAU and Esther ROSSIGNAL, both of Ottawa, May 23, 1877 at Ottawa (RC) 001753-77 (Carleton Co): George Stevens FENWICK, 46, widower, merchant, Dundee Scotland, Kingston, s/o John FENWICK & Jessie STEVENS married Myra DYDE, 20, Ottawa, same, d/o Samuel DYDE & Jane C. WOODROFT. Wit: Kenneth S. FENWICK of Kingston and Flora DYDE of Ottawa. April 11, 1877 at Ottawa
001793-77 (Carleton Co): Thomas FITZGERALD, 23, farmer, Napean, same, s/o John & Mary FITZGERALD married Mary Ann ROCK, 19, Nepean, same, d/o John & Roseann ROCK. Wit: John CUNNINGHAM and Jane FITZGERALD, both of Nepean. August 4, 1877 at Ottawa 001812-77 (Carleton Co): John FITZGERALD, 32, farmer, Nepean, same, s/o John FITZGERALD & Ann GEARY married Ann KELLY, 28, Nepean, same, d/o James KELLY & Mary MARTIN. Wit: John FITZGERALD of Nepean and David PROVOST of Ottawa. August 16, 1877 at Ottawa (RC)
001825-77 (Carleton Co): John Charles FLEMING, 31, reporter, Ireland, Ottawa, s/o Mathew FLEMING & Mary O'FARRELL married Mary Josephine CALDWELL, 22, Ottawa, same, d/o John Francis CALDWELL & Lacale CAREY. Wit: N. J. WHELAN and Margaret McNAUGHTON, both of Ottawa. May 23, 1877 at Ottawa (RC) 2011-77 Andrew FLEMING, 24, yeoman, Goulbourne, same, s/o William & Eliza, married Susannah SIMPSON, 19, Goulbourne, same, d/o Samuel & Sarah, witn: Hugh CONN of Ashton & Mary SIMPSON of Goulbourne, 6 June 1877 at Richmond
1862-77 Fred Beckham FLOOD, 27, salesman, Dover Kent England, Ottawa, s/o William M--? FLOOD & Ann BECKHAM, married Mary STEWART, 19, Ottawa, same, d/o William STEWART & Sarah Jane DONALDSON, witn: Elizabeth STEWART of Ottawa, 5 Oct. 1877 at Ottawa 1998-77 Leroy FOOTE, 45, teacher, Ohio US, New Edinburgh, s/o Epaphroditis & Charlotte, married Anne ARMITAGE, 25, North Onslow, same, d/o Richard & Mary, witn: T. W. MACDONALD & Ellen Jane GLEN of Hull Que., 4 June 1877 at New Edinburgh
001818-77 Lawrence FORTESCUE, 38, Stratford-on-Avon England, Ottawa, s/o Edward Bowles RUTHERFORD & Frances Ann FORTESCUE married Emily Alison RUSSELL, 22, Percy Canada, Ottawa, d/o Alexander Jamieson & Isabella RUSSELL. Wit: A. J. RUSSELL of Ottawa and W. A. SPOONER of Oxford England. August 23, 1877 at Ottawa 001834-77 (Carleton Co): David FORTIN, 27, traveller, Ottawa, same, s/o J. Baptiste FORTIN & Aglae NEVEAU married Domatilde LEFEBRE, 25, Ottawa, same, d/o Joseph LEFEBRE & Elizabeth GAGNE. Wit: J. B. QUEVILLON and Joseph FORTIN, both of Ottawa. July 16, 1877 at Ottawa (RC)
  001702-77 (Carleton Co): William FOSTER, 31, livery stable keeper, Canada, Almonte Ont, s/o William FOSTER & Ann not given, married Rebecca MURPHY, 28, Canada, Ottawa, d/o Hankins & Elizabeth MURPHY. Wit: George MURPHY and Berea WOODLAND, both of Ottawa. November 30, 1877 at Ottawa
001820-77 (Carleton Co): Antoine GOBEIL, 24, civil engineer, St. Jean Que, Ottawa, s/o Antoine GOBEIL & Eleanore POULIOTTE married M. Blanche GINGRAS, 20, Montreal, Ottawa, d/o T. Fabien GINGRAS & Philomene DE MONTIGNY. Wit: J. F. GINGRAS and L. D. DION, both of Ottawa. September 17, 1877 at Ottawa (RC) 001806-77 (Carleton Co): Antoine GOBEIL, 27, laborer, Ottawa, same, s/o Alexander GOBEIL & Adele TREMBLAY married Almine BILODEAU, 19, Ottawa, same, d/o Pierre BILODEAU & Marie POITVIN. Wit: Guillaume BANDREAU and Pierre BILODEAU, both of Ottawa. September 17, 1877 at Ottawa (RC)
001772-77 (Carleton Co): Thomas N. GARLAND, 29, farmer, North Gower, s/o John & Bridget GARLAND married Martha RUTLEDGE, 20, Canada, North Gower, d/o John & Martha RUTLEDGE. Wit: Mary CASSELS and Mary NEVES, both of Ottawa. May 24, 1877 at Ottawa  
2014-77 John GOTH, 60, widower, farmer, Yorkshire England, Gloucester, s/o John & Margaret, married Hannah DAVIS, 55, widow, Monmouthshire England, Gloucester, d/o Thomas STEVENS & Rachel, witn: Mary SIMPSON & Charlotte CLARKE, both of Gloucester, 15 March 1877 at Gloucester 001840-77 (Carleton Co): Joseph Mathew GOULDEN, 28, merchant, Ottawa, same, s/o Charles GOULDEN & Rose Ann STARRS married Mary Ann BUCKLEY, 22, Ottawa, same, d/o Patrick BUCKLEY & Mary GRAHAM. Wit: J. C. O'KEEFE and Elizabeth BELL, both of Ottawa. August 22, 1877 at Ottawa (RC)
2009-77 William GRAHAM, 28, yeoman, Osgoode, Russell, s/o Solomon & Jane, married Martha Elizabeth BROWNLEE, 18, North Gower, same, d/o William & Ann, witn: Charles BROWNLEE of North Gower & Isabella GRAHAM of Russell, 17 April 1877 at Richmond 001666-77 (Carleton Co): John GRAHAM, 19, hotel keeper, Ottawa, same, s/o Robert & Jane GRAHAM married Flora HAY, 19, Glengarry, Ottawa, d/o Alexander & Ann HAY. Wit: John McGILLIVRAY of Ottawa and Catherine McPHEE of Grenville. March 1, 1877 at Ottawa
001690-77 (Carleton Co): James GRAHAM, 22, not given, Scotland, Ottawa, s/o David GRAHAM & Margaret BALLANTYNE married Isabel THOMPSON, 20, Scotland, Ottawa, d/o Edward THOMPSON & Isabel STEWART. Wit: John BLYTHE and Elizabeth ROBERTSON, both of Ottawa. January 19, 1877 at Ottawa 2016-77 John GREENAWAY, 34, widower, plumber, Buckinghamshire England, Ottawa, s/o Thomas & Jane, married Sarah Jane FARMER, 21, Ottawa, Gloucester, d/o Robert FARMER & Catherine BENSON, witn: Robert FARMER Jr. & Sarah BASKERVILLE, both of Gloucester, 27 June 1877 at res of Robert farmer, Gloucester
  001809-77 (Carleton Co): Exias GROULX, 19, laborer, Ottawa, same, s/o Joseph GROULX & Helena MORIN married Marie BARTHOLET, 18, Ottawa, same, d/o Stanislas BARTHOLET & Carline DEMARAIS. Wit: Joseph GROULX and Zoe GROULX, both of Ottawa. September 18, 1877 at Ottawa (RC)
001743-77 (Carleton Co): Charles HAY, 29, baker, Kingston, Ottawa, s/o James HAY & Amelia ALLEN married Elizabeth Amelia McLAUGHLIN, 21, widow, Montreal, Ottawa, d/o Charles HITCHENCE & Sarah EMERY. Wit: Mrs. William MOORE and Mrs. George HOLLAND, both of Ottawa. April 30, 1877 at Ottawa 001741-77 John Ernest HOPKIRK, 26, civil servant, Kingston, Ottawa, s/o James & Jessie HOPKIRK married Isabella COLEMAN, 20, Ottawa, same, d/o Patrick & Mary COLEMAN. Wit: William LEWIS and Ines? CRAIG, both of Ottawa. March 30, 1837 at Ottawa
001697-77 (Carleton Co): Joseph HOPPERT, 27, widower, cook, Surpareil le Bois Naute Esone(?), France, Ottawa, s/o Victor HEPPERT & Ulalie VASSEUR married Sophia MAHER, 22, Co Cork Ireland, Ottawa, d/o Patrick Joseph MAHER & Elizabeth O'LEARY. Wit: Rene BRAZEAU of Hull PQ, John E. SINCLAIR and Helen SINCLAIR, both of Ottawa. February 27, 1877 at Ottawa (RC) 001669-77 (Carleton Co): Alphonse HUNEAU, 26, voyageur, Ottawa, same, s/o Alexis HUNEAU & Sophie RAYMENT married Francoise BOURQUE, 18, Ottawa, same, d/o Alexis BOURQUE & Emelie TASSE. Wit: Auguste LEGER and Alexis BOURQUE, both of Ottawa. March 3, 1877 at Ottawa (RC)
001839-77 (Carleton Co): James HUTCHINGAME, 26, laborer, Ottawa, same, s/o Thomas HUTCHINGAME & Johanna FINN married Elizabeth MULROONEY, 22, Ottawa, same, d/o William & Sarah MULROONEY. Wit: James O'MALLEY and Catherine MULROONEY, both of Ottawa. May 20, 1877 at Ottawa (RC) 001748-77 (Carleton Co): Andrew JACKSON, 24, farmer, Glasgow Scotland, Cumberland Ont, s/o John & Christina JACKSON married Annie McLEAN, 22, Clarence, Cumberland Ont, d/o Alexander & Sarah McLEAN. Wit: H. McLEAN and J. A. McLEAN, both of Ottawa. May 18, 1877 at Ottawa. May 18, 1877 at Ottawa

001684-78 Samuel JEFFREY no age given, farmer, Ireland, Fitzroy, s/o James and Jane JEFFERY, married Mary KYLE, no age given, Fitzroy, same, d/o William and Isabella KYLE, witn: John FULFORD and Nancy JEFFERY, 13 March 1877 in Fitzroy Harbor

001691-77 (Carleton Co): John JENKINS, 63, widower, clergyman, Exeter England, Montreal, s/o John JENKINS & Mary EVANS married Louisa Mary MacLENNAN, 42, Belfast PEI, Ottawa, d/o John MacLENNAN & Catherine MacNAB. Wit: Eliza GORDON and Kate GLEASON, both of Ottawa. January 11, 1877 at Ottawa
001768-77 (Carleton Co): Hiram JOHNSON, 37, widower, gentleman, Ottawa, same, s/o David & Elizabeth JOHNSON married Martha HILL, 26, Ottawa, same, d/o William & Mary HILL. Wit: Emma HILL and Alfred KINGSTON, both of Ottawa. February 22, 1877 at Ottawa  
2038-79 Albert JONES, 34, clerk in civil service, Prescott, Ottawa, s/o Alpheus JONES & Mary Little JONES, married Elizabeth A.A. WEBBER, 22, Ottawa, New Edinburgh, d/o Charles WEBBER & Elizabeth A., witn: Ellen May WEBBER of New Edinburgh & Joshua STANSFIELD of Ottawa, 1 Sept 1877 at New Edinburgh 001694-77 (Carleton Co): William JONES, 27, millwright, England, Ottawa, s/o William & Elizabeth JONES married Estella Emma NELSON, 21, Compton Que, Ottawa, d/o Robert & Victoria NELSON. Wit: Richard B. MARTIN and Susanna GEMMILL?, both of Ottawa. January 4, 1877 at Ottawa
001673-77 (Carleton Co): Michael KENNEDY, 29, farmer, March, same, s/o William KENNEDY & Margaret BOWMAN married Mary MURPHY, 26, March, same, d/o Patrick MURPHY & Margaret MEAGHEN. Wit:: Michael DUFFY and Ann MURPHY, both of March. February 12, 1877 at Ottawa (RC) 001667-77 (Carleton Co): Hugh KENNEDY, 25, farmer, Masham - Ottawa Co Que, same, s/o Robert KENNEDY & Sarah GRAHAM married Mary KENNY, 26, Hull PQ, Finch Ont, d/o Ralph KENNY & Jane EADIE. Wit: Stewart BLAIR of Hull and Letitia KENNY of Finch. March 7, 1877 at Ottawa
  001847-77 (Carleton Co): George KEOGH, 26, laborer, Ottawa, same, s/o John KEOGH & Angelique ROCQUEBRUN married Louise LANDRY, 21, Ottawa, same, d/o Francis LANDRY & Louise DAULT. Wit: Charles CLEMENT and James LABERGE, both of Ottawa. July 23, 1877 at Ottawa
001819-77 (Carleton Co): Carl August KIRK, 26, laborer, Cladieu Pommerin Pruszzau, Ottawa, s/o Heinrich & Henriette KIRK married Therese Auguste Elise RHODE, 19, Strickershagen Pommerin Pruszau, Ottawa, d/o Michelin & Wilhelmine RHODE. Wit: N. KIRK, Fred KIRK, Ferd. KIRK and Johann SCHERNBURN, all of Ottawa. September 4, 1877 of Ottawa 001815-77 (Carleton Co): Mathias LAFLEUR, 24, laborer, Ottawa, same, s/o Michel LAFLEUR & Scholastique BINETTE married Emelie POIRIER, 21, Ottawa, same, d/o Nilieu POIRIER & Marie LAVAL. Wit: Simon HOTTE and Joseph DELORMIERE, both of Ottawa. September 10, 1877 at Ottawa
001843-77 (Carleton Co): Olivier LAFONTAINE, 45, widower, Bush, Ottawa, s/o parents not given married Philomene DESMOULIN, 32, Ottawa, same, d/o Eustache DESMOULIN & Angelique BOUCHER. Wit: Napoleon LAFONTAINE and Alphonse LEGUIN, both of Ottawa. June 9, 1877 at Ottawa (RC) 001792-77 (Carleton Co): Peter LAFRAMBOISE, 28, laborer, Caledonia Springs, Ottawa, s/o Peter LAFRAMBOISE & Domatilde LIASSON married Harriet McLISH, 23, Massachusetts U.S., Ottawa, d/o John McLISH & Harriet OSTRANDER. Wit: Charles HUTCHINSON and Salone De ETHIER, both of Ottawa. July 30, 1877 at Ottawa
001833-77 (Carleton Co): Theophile LANDREAU, 25, founder, Papineauville, Ottawa, s/o Ermain LANDREAU & Auralie HURTUBISE married Eulalie FORTIER, 22, Ottawa, same, d/o F. Louise FORTIER & Julie KERIVOE?. Wit: Ermain LANDREAU of Papineauville and Alexis RENAUD of Ottawa. July 31, 1877 at Ottawa (RC) 001804-77 (Carleton Co): Frederick LARSON, 25, cooper, Christiania, Ottawa, s/o Christian & Nikeline LARSON married Mary McGIRN, 20, Ottawa, same, d/o George McGIRN & Mary. Wit: Mary BEAN of Ottawa. July 21, 1877 at Ottawa
001681-77 (Carleton Co): Jean Baptiste LASELLE, 20, laborer, Ottawa, same, s/o Charles LASELLE & Marie BENOIT married Mary Louise ST. ARMAND, 21, Ottawa, same, d/o Louis ST. ARMAND & Euphrasie DESEUR. Wit: Moise LASELLE and Euphrasie DESEUR, both of Ottawa. January 10, 1877 at Ottawa (RC)  
001794-77 (Carleton Co): Gilbert LAUZON, 23, barber, Ste Anne des Plaines PQ, Ottawa, s/o Giles LAUZON & Elmira DAVIS married Sophie JOHNSTON, 18, Ottawa, same, d/o Edouard JOHNSTON & Sophie JOLIBOIS. Wit: Prosper FILION of Hull and Albina ST. GERMAINE, both of Ottawa. August 4, 1877 at Ottawa (RC) 001813-77 (Carleton Co): Gilbert LAUZON, 23, barber, Montreal, Ottawa, s/o Jules LAUZON & Elsmire DAVIS married Sophie JOHNSON, 22, Ottawa, same, d/o Edouard JOHNSON & Sophia JOLIBOIS. Wit: Edouard JOHNSON and Prosper FILION. August 7, 1877 at Ottawa (RC)
  001747-77 (Carleton Co): George Hamilton LESLIE, 27, railway employee, Gloucester, Ottawa, s/o George Hamilton & Margaret Harriet LESLIE married Mary Jane CADRET, 22, Durham PQ, Ottawa, d/o Johnson & Sarah CADRET. Wit: T. HILLINE and Ellen CADRET, both of Ottawa. May 5, 1877 at Ottawa
001682-77 (Carleton Co): Norbert LIVIGNY, 22, blacksmith, Ottawa, same, s/o Norbert LIVIGNY & Clara JOHANNIER married Catherine BOESE, 18, Montreal, Ottawa, d/o Joseph BOESE & Bridget BYRNE. Wit: Peter LASEAU and Joseph BOESE, both of Ottawa. January 8, 1877 at Ottawa (RC) 001767-77 (Carleton Co): Thomas LOWRY, 23, coachman, New York, Ottawa, s/o Samuel LOWRY & Mary Ann HARRISON married Julia CONNELL, 23, London England, Ottawa, d/o Michael CONNELL & Ann CRONYN. Wit: William PAUL and Sabina PAUL, both of Ottawa. June 21, 1877 at Ottawa
  2008-77 Thomas LYSICK, 28, farmer, Bathurst, same, s/o Robert & Sarah, married Eliza Jane CASTLES, 24, Goulbourne, same, d/o James & Mary, witn: James DOWDLE & Mary Ann CASTLES, both of Goulbourne, 17 April 1877 at Richmond
001711-77 (Carleton Co): John MacKAY, 30, laborer, Tain Scotland, Ottawa, s/o Alexander MacKAY & Jane SKINNER married Ellen MOORE, 26, Huntingdon PQ, Ottawa, d/o Thomas MOORE & Mary SADLER. Wit: Frederick BLACK and Mrs. Frederick BLACK, res not given. January 3, 1877 at Ottawa 001687-77 (Carleton Co): Peter MAINELL, 25, plasterer, Detroit U.S., Ottawa, s/o James MAINELL & Ellen O'TOOLE married Ellen LOUGHRAN, 23, Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Bernard LOUGHRAN & Margaret DUNN. Wit: D. T. O'CONNOR and Moses FOLEY, both of Ottawa. January 24, 1877 at Ottawa
001736-77 (Carleton Co): William McCANDLISH, 27, carpenter, Richmond, Ottawa, s/o William & Bridget McCANDLISH married Susan BOND, 22, Perth Lanark Co, same, d/o John & Margaret BOND. Wit: John McCANDLISH and James McCANDLISH, res not given. March 18, 1877 at Ottawa 001802-77 (Carleton Co): Benjamin McCARTHY, 26, farmer, Gloucester, same, s/o Donald McCARTHY & Mary Ann NAGLE married Mary Ann SMITH, 21, Gloucester, same, d/o James SMITH & Bridget SHEEHAN. Wit: James SMITH and Margaret DAWSON, both of Gloucester. June 12, 1877 at Ottawa
2012-77 George McCURDY, 24, farmer, Marlborough, same, s/o David & Sarah, married Sophia PETTIPIECE, 22, North Gower, same, d/o James & Ann, witn: James BRADLEY & Susan PETTIPIECE, both of North Gower, 4 July 1877 at Richmond 001830-77 (Carleton Co): Albert Byon McDONALD, not given, auctioneer, Ottawa, same, s/o John McDONALD & Sarah MARTIN married Louisa Gour KILBY, not given, Ottawa, same, d/o Francis Thomas KILBY & Mary MURPHY. Wit: George O'KEEFE and Henrietta KILBY, both of Ottawa. June 6, 1877 at Ottawa (RC)
001786-77 (Carleton Co): Robert McGREGOR, 29, salesman, Osgoode, New Edinburgh, s/o Alexander & Clementine McGREGOR married Julia Roberta NEILL, 24, Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Robert & Julia NEILL. Wit: D. A. McGREGOR of Manotick?, Marion METCALF of Riceville and Thomas CAMERON of Ottawa. June 26, 1877 at Ottawa 1860-77 John McLEAN, 41, widower, farmer, Richmond Ont., Goulbourn, s/o James McLEAN & Mary PEARSON, married Eleanor Gawn BRYSON, 23, Richmond, Ottawa, d/o John Alex BRYSON & Mary GAMBLE, witn: James STEWART of Richmond & Mary Jane BRYSON of Ottawa, 15 Sept 1877 at Ottawa
001791-77 (Carleton Co): Robert McKINNON, 24, lumberer, Hawkesbury, same, s/o Archibald & Harriet McKINNON married Jane McMILLAN, 21, Lochiel, Hawkesbury, d/o Duncan John & Margaret McMILLAN. Wit: John McKINNON of Caledonia and Maggie CAMERON of Ottawa. July 9, 1877 at Ottawa 001755-77 (Carleton Co): Alexander McKINNON, 40, millwright, Prince Edward Island, Ottawa, s/o Alexander McKINNON & Ann McDOUGAL married Annie LINDSAY, 30, Nepean, Ottawa, d/o William LINDSAY & Eliza BLACK. Wit: Alexander McINTOSH and Mary WILSON, both of Ottawa. April 26, 1877 at Ottawa
2004-77 Robert McNAB, 24, farmer, Lanark, Beckwith, s/o Peter McNAB & Catherine KENNEDY, married Mary McFADDEN, 25, Ashton, same, d/o Joseph McFADDEN & Sarah SYKES, witn: John C. STEWART of Beckwith & Jane McFADDEN of Ashton, 25 March 1877 at Ashton 001684-77 (Carleton Co): John McNEIL, 28, engineer, Co Antrim Ireland, Ottawa, s/o Hugh McNEIL & Jane MARLIN (Martin?),  married Mary Ann CARROLL, 22, Ottawa, same, d/o John CARROLL & Mary Ann LARKIN. Wit: William NEVILLE and Jane BOLGER, both of Ottawa. January 9, 1877 at Ottawa (RC)
2013-77 Allan McNEIL, 37, farmer, Edwardsburgh, Nepean, s/o William & Rebecca, married Margaret BROWN, 30, Nepean, same, d/o James & Mary, witn: Mary SIMPSON & Lizzie BASKERVILLE, both of Gloucester, 27 Feb 1877 at Gloucester 001710-77 (Carleton Co): Schuyler J. F. McQUINN, 25, teacher, Prince Edward Co, Ottawa, s/o William McQUINN & Isa SPAFFORD married Elizabeth F. BELL, 24, Scotland, Ottawa, d/o James BELL & Mary McTAGGART. Wit: Duncan BELL and Christina BELL, res. not given. January 2, 1877 at Ottawa
001672-77 (Carleton Co): Jean Baptiste MENARD, 23, laborer, Notre Dame de Lourdes, Ottawa, s/o Jean MENARD & Francoise LEROUX married Celanie SIMINS, 22, Ottawa, same, d/o Regis SIMINS & Sophie ROBERGE. Wit: Theophile MENARD and Albert MENARD, both of Ottawa. February 8, 1877 at Ottawa (RC) 001816-77 (Carleton Co): Joseph MICHAUD, 26, traveller, Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Leandre MICHAUD & Alin REMOND married Louise CHARON, 19, Gatineau, Ottawa, d/o Arsene CHARON & Marie RATHIER. Wit: Pierre MORIN and Jean LEPAGE, both of Ottawa. October 14, 1877 at Ottawa
  2003-77 George MILLER, 24, shoe maker, Lanark, Lanark twp., s/o William S. MILER & Anna GRAHAM, married Margaret CASSIDY, 17, Goulbourn, same, d/o Michael CASSIDY & Caroline GREEN, witn: Jarvis? (James?) MILLER of Lanark & Jemima CASSIDY of Goulbourn, 15 Feb 1877 at Ashton
001842-77 (Carleton Co): Michael MORRIS, 45, widower, shoemaker, Ottawa, same, s/o parents not given married Mary KELLY, 40, not given, Ottawa, d/o Lawrence KELLY & Anastasia EARN. Wit: Patrick CONWAY and Mary YOUNG, both of Ottawa. April 30, 1877 at Ottawa (RC) 001774-77 (Carleton Co): James MORRISON, 27, stone mason, Co Down Ireland, Ottawa, s/o James MORRISON & Jane COTTER married Rose Ann FRIZZELL, 22, Ballymena Ireland, Ottawa, d/o David FRIZZELL & Eleanor CAIN. Wit: William CAVINS(?) and Matilda WOOD, both of Ottawa. July 2, 1877 at Ottawa
1686-77 George MUCIL?, no age given, laborer, Ottawa, same, s/o David MUCIL & Marguerite LANGEVIN, married Alexinor ROBITAILLE, no age given, Ottawa, same, d/o Charles ROBITAILLE & Angelique LANDREVILLE, witn: Joseph DESSAIN & David ROBITAILLE, both of Ottawa, 22 Jan 1876 at Ottawa  
001685-77 (Carleton Co): Edward MURRAY, 25, railroad employee, Franktown Ont, Ottawa, s/o Michael MURRAY & Julia McHUGH married Maria BURROWS, 22, Franktown Ont, Ottawa, d/o James BURROWS & Elizabeth STANLEY. Wit: Andrew BURROWS and Elizabeth COGHLAN, both of Ottawa. January 19, 1877 at Ottawa 001689-77 (Carleton Co): William Norman NEWTON, 22, farmer, Buckingham PQ, same, s/o Henry NEWTON & Elizabeth LONSDALE married Mary BIGELOW, 22, North Nation PQ, Buckingham PQ, d/o Charles BIGELOW & Nancy Agnes LONSDALE. Wit: Mrs. M. H. HARDY of Ottawa and Charles BIGELOW of Buckingham. January 22, 1877 at Ottawa
001740-77 (Carleton Co): Richard NILES, 24, compositor, Cobourg Ont, Ottawa, s/o Richard NILES & Ann REYNOLDS married Elizabeth HUCKELL, 25, Buckinghamshire England, Ottawa, d/o Benjamin HUCKELL & Ann READING. Wit: Charles Edward CLARK and Caroline HARMER, both of Ottawa. March 27, 1877 at Ottawa 001750-77 (Carleton Co): John OGILVIE, 48, widower, farmer, Grenville, same, s/o William OGILVIE & Prudence WILLIAMSON married Mary CAMERON, 37, widow, Bessille, Ottawa, d/o Andrew COUSINS & Eliza MURRAY. Wit: Samuel OGILVY (sic) and Maria J. J. THORBURN, both of Ottawa. March 26, 1877 at Ottawa
  001848-77 (Carleton Co): J--? OULETTE, 22, traveller, La--? Montreal, same, s/o Michele OULETTE & Clotilde GUERAND married Emilie BEDARD, 22, Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Jacques BEDARD & Eleanore FREDERICK. Wit: Jacques BEDARD and (faded) BEDARD, both of Ottawa. August 27, 1877 at Ottawa (RC)
001826-77 (Carleton Co): Charles PAQUET, 30, laborer, Ottawa, same, s/o Charles PAQUET & Louisa PINARD married Marguerite PARISEAU, 52, widow, Prov. Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Joseph PARISEAU & Marguerite PINARD. Wit: Joseph PARISEAU and Alexander PINARD, both of Ottawa. May 10, 1877 at Ottawa (RC) 001773-77 (Carleton Co): Joseph Huston PATTERSON, 30, widower, clerk, Ottawa, same, s/o George PATTERSON & Anna HUSTON married Esther Symmes WILLIAMS, 28, widow, Hartford Connecticut, Ottawa, d/o Moses SUMNER & Sarah GRAHAM. Wit: Henry WILLIAMS and R. J. MILLS, both of Ottawa. Jun 11, 1877 at Ottawa
001796-77 (Carleton Co): Hannacott? PINKEY, 24, farmer, March, same, s/o Horace & Kate PINKEY married Elinor Maude HALLIWELL, 24, Flamboro, Ottawa, d/o Charles & Eliza HALLIWELL. Wit: Horace PINKEY and Kate PINKEY, both of Ottawa. August 8, 1877 at Ottawa 001807-77 (Carleton Co) Domingo POSTINGHAL (Pastinghal?), 24, widower, merchant, Italy, Ottawa, s/o Antonio POSTINGHAL & Catherine GOLD married Flavie ST. ARMAND, 32, widow, Ottawa, same, d/o Louis ST. ARMAND & Euphrasie DESSEN. Wit: Joseph COURSELLES and Euphrasie COURSELLES, both of Ottawa. October 7, 1877 at Ottawa
001788-77 (Carleton Co): Patrick POWERS, 27, lumberman, Ce-cester(c/b Gloucester?), Ottawa, s/o Patrick & Ellen POWERS married Mary McLAUGHLIN, 26, Wakefield, Ottawa, d/o Sims(?) McLAUGHLIN & Mary DUGGAN. Wit: George TWOMLY and Annie McLAUGHLIN, both of Ottawa. June 13, 1877 at Ottawa 1997-77 John Lawrence Edmund PRESTON, 21, farmer, Ottawa, s/o George Honey & Mary Ann PRESTON, married Mary Wilson Melinda DOLLAR, 19, Falkirk Scotland, Wakefield, d/o William & Mary, witn: William T. R. PRESTON & George STEPHENS, both of Ottawa, 27 March 1877 at New Edinburgh
  001664-77 (Carleton Co): William RAINEY, 26, farmer, not given, Osgoode, s/o Robert RAINEY & Jane HEARST married Sarah Elizabeth SCHARF, 19, North Gower, Osgoode, d/o William & Mary Ann SCHARF. Wit: Denis KEARNS and Jane INGLIS, both of Osgoode. February 23, 1877 at Ottawa
001853-77 (Carleton Co): David RAINVILLE, 27, laborer, Ottawa, same, s/o Francois RAINVILLE & Charlotte DALASAIR? married Eliza CARDINAL, 19, Ottawa, same, d/o Augustin CARDINAL & Elise SEGUIN. Wit: Edouard RAINVILLE and Pierre ROBERT, both of Ottawa. June 7, 1877 at Ottawa (RC) 001738-77 (Carleton Co): Thomas M. REID, 29, merchant, Hull, same, s/o James & Ann REID married Marion M. NEIL, 26, Quebec, Hull, d/o Robert & Julia M. NEIL. Wit: Charles STRACHAN and Julia R. NEILL (sic), both of Hull. April 26, 1877 at Ottawa
2018-77 Richard RIVINGTON, 40, widower, farmer, Huntley, Nepean, s/o Thomas & Frances, married Eleanor FREEMAN, 29, Apple Grove - Gloucester, Gloucester, d/o John & Sarah, witn: Joseph NESBITT of Nepean & Sarah MOXLEY of Ottawa, 1 May 1877 at Gloucester  
001698-77 (Carleton Co): Emile ROCH, 31, machinist, Strasburg France, Rochesterville, s/o Francis ROCH & Sarah RUMILLY married Adeline MASSIE, 28, Plattsburgh N.Y., Rochesterville, d/o Pierre MASSIE & Aglais LAVIGNE. Wit: D. REYMOND, Richard(?) LIDO, Anna AMI and Josephine WALTER, all of Ottawa. February 17, 1877 at Ottawa (RC) 001800-77 (Carleton Co): William Paul ROCHE, 33, merchant, Masham Pontiac PQ, North Crosby, s/o Martin ROCHE & Barbara GREEN married Elizabeth LANDON, 19, Chichester PQ, Waltham, d/o John LANDON & Margaret HUGHES. Wit: Josiah CHENEY and Elizabeth CHENEY, August 28, 1877 at Ottawa
001770-77 (Carleton Co): John Edwin Young ROCHESTER, 22, lumber merchant, s/o John & Elizabeth Ann ROCHESTER married Sarah Emma WILLIAMS, 22, Wales Gr. Britain, Ottawa, d/o Hugh J. WILLIAMS & (mother's name not given). Wit: Charles W. CLEMEN and Elizabeth Ann ROCHESTER, both of Ottawa. April 18, 1877 at Ottawa 001829-77 (Carleton Co): Antoine ROCHON, 24, laborer, Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Jacques ROCHIN & Angelique COUSINEAU married Rosa Ann GATIEN, 17, Ottawa, same, d/o Leandre GATIEN & Zoe MACHABIE. Wit: Felix GATIEN and Pierre ROBERT, both of Ottawa. October 6, 1877 at Ottawa (RC)
001814-77 (Carleton Co): James ROONEY, 28, farmer, Nepean, same, s/o Michael ROONEY & Anne CHANNELL married Anna HOLLAND, 25, March, same, d/o Patrick HOLLAND & Mary MULDOON. Wit: David PROVOST and John McCORMICK, both of Ottawa. August 8, 1877 at Ottawa (RC) 2002-77 James B. ROWE, 27, farmer, Ireland, Goulbourn twp., s/o Thomas ROWE & Mary, married Ann J. MAINS, 22, Marlborough, same, d/o John & Mary E., witn: Margaret MAINS of Nepean & Thomas B. Ira? LANNAN? (Lawson?) of Goulbourn, 7 Feb 1877 at Marlborough
001766-77 (Carleton Co): Charles Edward RUFFENSTEIN, 27, gentleman, Montreal, same, s/o George Charles RUFFENSTEIN & Georgina GODARD married Agnes Mary GATES, 27, widow, New Edinburgh, d/o William Bledlow MAYER & Julia PATTERSON. Wit: James Henry RUFFENSTEIN and Julia Rhoda RUFFENSTEIN, both of Ottawa. June 19, 1877 at Ottawa  
001844-77 (Carleton Co): Michel ST. JACQUES, 19, shantyman, Ottawa, same, s/o Joseph ST. JACQUES & Vitollene LEVESQUE married Marie GAUTHIER, 17, Ottawa, same, d/o Celestin GAUTHIER & Marguerite ST. MARTIN. Wit: Magliore BORDEAU and Olivier LEVEILLE, both of Ottawa. July 2, 1877 at Ottawa (RC) 001841-77 (Carleton Co): Jean SAVARY, 46, widower, laborer, Ottawa, same, s/o Alexis SAVARY & Louise HEBERT married Esther CANTIN, 45, widow, not given, Ottawa, d/o parents not given. Wit: Pierre ROBERT and John LITOIR, both of Ottawa. September 29, 1877 at Ottawa (RC)
001695-77 (Carleton Co): Joseph SCHARF, 25, farmer, North Gower, Cumberland, s/o Thomas & Sarah SCHARF married Eliza HOLMES, 27, Ireland, Cumberland, d/o Samuel & Mary HOLMES. Wit: William McELVOY and James SCHARF, both of Nepean. January 9, 1877 at Nepean 001805-77 (Carleton Co): William James SCOTT, 35, Registrar of N. Elmsley, Prescott, Battleford, s/o William James SCOTT & Sarah Ann McDONELL married Mary Patricia GOUGH, 20, Aldershot, Ottawa, d/o Nelson GOUGH & Juliana WILSON. Wit: M. L. HENN and Charles A. GOUGH, both of Ottawa. July 25, 1877 at Ottawa
1682-77 Norbert SEVIGNY, 22, blacksmith, Ottawa, same, s/o Norbert SEVIGNY & Clara JOHANNIER, married Catherine BOESE, 18, Montreal, Ottawa, d/o Joseph BOESE & Bridget BYRNE, witn: Peter LAREAU (Saveau?) & Joseph BOESE, both of Ottawa, 8 Jan 1877 at St. Josephs Church, Ottawa 2005-77 George SHANNON, 21, carriage maker, Goulbourne, same, s/o John & Jane, married Sarah MALALY? (Mahaly?), 17, Canada, Goulbourne, d/o James & Euphemia, witn: John BROWN & John DAGLEISH, both of Richmond, 1 Jan 1877 at Richmond
  1865-77 John SHAVER, 24, grocer, Canada, Ottawa, s/o William H. & Mary, married Annie YOUNG, 21, Canada, Ottawa, d/o John & Catherine, witn: Miles SHAVER & Angus BUCHANAN, both of Ottawa, 20 June 1877 at Ottawa
001676-77 (Carleton Co): John Charles SINCLAIR, 25, baker, Shetlands Scotland, Ottawa, s/o Joseph SINCLAIR & Helen IRVINE married Emily BYRNE, 19, Ottawa, Rochesterville, d/o Jacob BYRNE & Ann LILES. Wit: Jacob BYRNE and Jessie SINCLAIR, both of Ottawa. March 7, 1877 at Ottawa 001746-77 (Carleton Co): John SMEDLEY, 22, laborer, North Gower, Ironsides PQ, s/o Mathew SMEDLEY & Jane DUNCAN married Margaret DUNCAN, 19, North Gower, Merrivale Ont, d/o Joseph DUNCAN & Sarah SCARF. Wit: Alex. FISHER of Gloucester and Harriet DUNCAN, res not given. May 15, 1877 at Ottawa
001696-77 (Carleton Co): John SMITH, 24, gas fitter, Ontario, Ottawa, s/o Maxwell SMITH & Mary HAMILTON married Mary CONNELL, 22, England, Ottawa, d/o Michael CONNELL & Hannah CRONIN. Wit: Sarah BEDFORD JONES of Ottawa. February 15, 1877 at Ottawa 001787-77 (Carleton Co): Robert SMITH, 26, coachman, Gloucester, Ottawa, s/o James SMITH & Bridget SHEEHAN married Ellen SHEA, 19, Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Michael NILE & Margaret CONNORS. Wit: Alexander SMITH of Gloucester and Catherine REYNOLDS of Ottawa. May 22, 1877 at Ottawa
001799-77 (Carleton Co): Robert SPARKS, 38, provincial land surveyor, Gloucester, Ottawa, s/o Williamina STUART, 26, Nepean, same, d/o Roderick STUART & Williamina ROSS. Wit: James JACKSON and Selina JACKSON, both of Ottawa. July 4, 1877 at Ottawa 001822-77 (Carleton Co): Angus SPARROW, 24, drover, Ottawa, Gloucester, s/o Charles SPARROW & Mary McDONELL married Hattie MOONEY, 22, Ottawa, same, d/o James & Matilda MOONEY. Wit: Charles SPARROW of Gloucester and Frances DESLOGES, both of Ottawa. September 26, 1877 at Ottawa (RC)
2019-77 Henry Bush SPENCER, 22, telegraph operator, Oxford twp., Ottawa, s/o Charles & Elizabeth, married Elizabeth Jane GREENE, 21, Fitzroy twp., same, d/o William & Frances, 26 April 1877 at Fitzroy  
001737-77 (Carleton Co): Thomas SPROULE, 25, lumberer, Nepean, Hull, s/o Henry & Hannah SPROULE married Eleanor HELEY, 21, Ottawa, same, d/o F. B. & Robina HELEY. Wit: John P. A. SPROULE of Ottawa and Matilda ARMSTRONG of Waterloo. April 26, 1877 at Ottawa 001756-77 (Carleton Co): James STANNIS, 22, plasterer, Chatham PQ, Ottawa, s/o John STANNIS & Margaret MARTIN married Mary Ann McGANN, 21, Ottawa, same, d/o Gregory McGANN & Irene JAMES. Wit: Ellen McGATON and Mary Jane MACY, both of Ottawa. May 8, 1877 at Ottawa
001752-77 (Carleton Co): Alexander STEWART, 24, farmer, Bathurst Co, same, s/o Alexander & Janet STEWART married Mary HARPER, 24, Burgess Lanark Co, Ottawa, d/o Henry HARPER & Isabella ALLEN. Wit: James McEWAN of Elmsley and Sarah McKINNON of Ottawa. April 10, 1877 at Ottawa 001751-77 (Carleton Co): Duncan STUART, 40, farmer, Scotland, Nepean, s/o John & Grace STUART married Maggie COCHRANE, 26, Martintown Ont, Ottawa, d/o Robert COCHRANE & Margaret YOUNG. Wit: William COCHRANE and Jeannie McFARLANE, both of Ottawa. May 4, 1877 at Ottawa
001827-77 (Carleton Co): William SUMMERS, 29, laborer, Ottawa, same, s/o William SUMMERS & Margaret O'TOOLE married Catherine McCABE, 22, Aylmer Que, Ottawa, d/o M. McCABE & Mary MULLIN. Wit: Patrick CASSIDY and Patrick McCABE, both of Ottawa. August 14, 1877 at Ottawa (RC) 001821-77 (Carleton Co): Charles Hunter TERRY, 26, civil service clerk, England, Ottawa, s/o Charles TERRY & Jane HUNTER married Fairy Emily Jane NETTLE, 21, Prov. Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Richard NETTLE & Lydia EASTSTAFF. Wit: H.B. D. BRUCE and George CROOKSHANK, both of Ottawa. September 12, 1877 at Ottawa
1864-77 Webber? THOMAS, 33, farmer, Franklin Co NY, Eardley twp Que., s/o Marvin THOMAS & Hannah BENEDICT, married Catherine Isabella McGREGOR, 23, Smith Falls, Onslow Que., d/o John McGREGOR & Margaret STEWART, witn: Nelson McALLISTER of Eardley Que & John McALLISTER of Hull Que., 22 Oct. 1877 at Rochesterville, Ottawa 1994-77 Lawence Jans TIVERSEN, 24, brick layer, Schleswig, Ottawa, s/o Lawrence Hansen & Mary Dorothy TIVERSEN, married Mary Ann DICKS, 19, Petersfield England, Ottawa, d/o Thomas James & M. A. Holding DICKS, witn: Walter & Caroline DICKS of Ottawa, 18 Jan 1877 at New Edinburgh
001671-77 (Carleton Co): Michael TUFFIE, 38, widower, laborer, Ireland, Ottawa, s/o Michael TUFFIE & Hannah SULLIVAN married Ellen BENNETT, 27, Pembroke, Ottawa, d/o Michael BENNETT & Octave RANGER. Wit: Peter ROLENT and Octave RANGER, both of Ottawa. July 6, 1877 at Ottawa (RC) 001665-77 (Carleton Co): Joseph VALIQUETTE, 21, stone cutter, Ottawa, same, s/o Joseph & Fanny VALIQUETTE married Lucy BROMAN, 19, Ogdensburgh, Ottawa, d/o Joseph & Lucy BROMAN. Wit: Sarah O'CONNOR and Edward O'CONNOR, both of Ottawa. February 25, 1877 at Ottawa
001699-77 (Carleton Co): Samuel James WALSH, 25, farmer, Ontario, Cumberland, s/o George WALSH & Elizabeth DURON married Margaret Matilda ANDREWS, 19, Ontario, Cumberland, s/o John ANDERSON & Dorothy M. EVAN. Wit:: Samuel MOFFATT and Lucy Ann ANDREWS, both of Cumberland. February 27, 1877 at Ottawa 001795-77 (Carleton Co): James WARDEN, 30, farmer, Hawkesbury, Cumberland, s/o James WARDEN & Elizabeth HALL married Ann HURLEY, 24, Glengarry, Ottawa, d/o Cornelius HURLEY & Caroline O'BRIEN. Wit: Edulph GAGNON and Antoine ALEXANDER, both of Ottawa. August 6, 1877 at Ottawa
001742-77 (Carleton Co): W. WASHBURN, 31, Registrar of the Co of Ottawa, Hull, same, s/o Sexton WASHBURN & Sarah BANCROFT married Mary Ann TURGEON, 27, Ottawa, same, d/o Joseph TURGEON & Mary Ann DONAGHUE. Wit: J. G. BRYSON of Ottawa. April 16, 1877 at Ottawa 001675-77 (Carleton Co): Isaac WATSON, 30, painter, Co Antrim Ireland, Ottawa, s/o James WATSON & Mary McCULLOUGH married Mary Ann BYERS, 26, Mornington, Ottawa, d/o David BYERS & Sarah HAIR. Wit: Joseph BYERS and Eliza BYERS, both of Ottawa. July 33, 1877 at Ottawa
1795-77 James WAUDON, 30, farmer, Hawkesbury, Cumberland, s/o James WAUDON & Elizabeth HALL, married Ann HURLEY, 24, Glengarry, Ottawa, d/o Cornelius HURLEY & Catherine O’BRIEN, witn: Adolphe GAGNON & Antoine ALEXANDER, both of Ottawa, 6 Aug 1877 at St. Josephs Church, Ottawa 001824-77 (Carleton Co): Thomas B. WEIR, 34, widower, blacksmith, Lachute Que, Torbolton, s/o James & Elizabeth WEIR married Mary VANCE, 29, Huntley, Torbolton, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth VANCE. Wit: William J. PETRIE and Nancy Ann PETRIE, both of Ottawa. October 11, 1877 at Ottawa
001798-77 (Carleton Co): William WILLIAMS, 24, carpenter, Ontario, New Edinburgh, s/o Mathew WILLIAMS & Mary PALMER married Annie RADLEY, 23, Ireland, New Edinburgh, d/o Bartholomew RADLEY & Annie TANNER. Wit: William KENNEDY of New Edinburgh and James METCALF of Ramsay. July 11, 1877 at Ottawa 1996-77 William WOOD, 24, driver, Aberdeenshire Scotland, Nepean, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Christena CLARKE, 20, Nepean, same, d/o Thomas & Christena, witn: John G. & Helen CLARKE of Nepean, 16 Feb 1877 at New Edinburgh