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Carleton Co., 1882 , part 2

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2022-82 Israel ARBOUR, 30, traveler, Perce Que., Ottawa, s/o Jean ARBOUR & Ann ?--AHNE?, married Bridget KANE, 23, Perce Que., Ottawa, d/o John KANE & Catherine LAWLESS?, witn: John KANE & Ed (Cath?) B. MYERS, both of Ottawa, 6 Feb 1882 at Ottawa 2107-82 James L. ARMSTRONG, 24, merchant, Ottawa, Winnipeg, s/o W. ARMSTRONG & Mary PERKINS, married Adelina M. E. PERKINS, 19, Ottawa, same, d/o Nelson PERKINS & Wife, witn: Alva S. ARMSTRONG & Sidney PERKINS< both of Ottawa, 15 Nov 1882 at Christ Church, Ottawa
002034-82 (Carleton Co): William ASH, 26, carpenter, Ireland, Ottawa, s/o Edward ASH & Rebecca WILSON married Sarah W. ORR, 25, Ireland, Ottawa, d/o Mathew ORR & Susannah DANS. Wit: George ORR and Martha ASH, res. not stated. January 26, 1882 at Ottawa. 001778-82 (Carleton Co) Robert A. BARRY, 21, plumber, Ottawa, same, s/o Robert BARRY & Charlotte WOOD married Lucinda PARCHER, 19, Buckingham Que, Ottawa, d/o Simon PARCHER & Margaret DONALDSON. Wit Edward and Ellen MARTIN of New Edinburgh. September 12, 1882 at New Edinburgh.
2045-82 Joseph BAULNE, 43, widower, laborer, St. Augustine Que., Ottawa, s/o Gabriel BAULNE & Liza PROULX, married Emeline MONET, 20, Montreal, Ottawa, d/o Senalle? MONET & Justine THIBAULT, witn: Desire LARABIE & illegible GRAVELLE, both of Ottawa, 2 March 1882 at Ottawa 2047-82 James William BELL, 29, stock raiser, Ireland, Fort McLeod NWT, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Harriet Maria GILLMER, 24, Ottawa, same, d/o not given, witn: Arthur B. HENRY? & John BELL, both of Ottawa, 6 June 1882 at Ottawa
002138-82 (Carleton Co): Simon BELON, 26, merchant, St. Andre, Ottawa, s/o Simon BELAND (sic) & Vitaline PAQUETTE married Delima DIOTTE, 23, Plantagenet, Ottawa, d/o Antoine DIOTTE & Sophie HENRI. Wit: Simon BELAND and Hector BELAND, both of Ottawa. July 28, 1882 at Ottawa. (RC) 2156-82 Michael BERNET, 56, widower, farmer, St. Hermas Que., Gloucester, s/o Pierre BERNET & Marie LAPALME, married Delaide LUCIER, 41, Cumberland, Ottawa, d/o Francois LUCIER & Adelaide DIMONT, 15 Feb 1882 at Ottawa
2046-82 Napoleon BERTAND, 22, carpenter, St. Felix Deseronto Cap Rouge, Quebec, s/o Gadefroi BERTRAND & Josephine DROLET, married Mathilda FORTIER, 28, Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Ignace FORTIER & Louise LETARTRE, witn: Lucien FORTIER & Louis DIDIER, both of Ottawa, 9 Jan 1882 at Ottawa  
002151-82 (Carleton Co): Joseph BLAIS, 24, laborer, Montreal, Ottawa, s/o Jean B. BLAIS & Margaret SEGUE married Olympe LaFRANCE, 23, St. Andre, Ottawa, d/o Francois LaFRANCE & Margaret BOULNE. Wit: Jean B. BLAIS and Francois LaFRANCE, both of Ottawa. March 15, 1882 at Ottawa. (RC) 002037-82 (Carleton Co): Frederick Kendall BLATCH, 41, widower, civil service, s/o George & Emily BLATCH married Alice Lydia HOLGATE, 22, Kingston, Ottawa, d/o not given. Wit: Ralph L. BROADBENT. July 11, 1882 at Ottawa
2154-82 Francois Roque BRIENE, 19, laborer, Ottawa, Rochester, s/o Jos. Roque BRIENE & M. Ann BOYLE, married Emelie CHOYE, 17, Ottawa, Rochester, d/o Jos. CHOYE & Henrietta Dufour LATOUR?, witn: Jos. Roque BRIENE of Ottawa, 16 April 1882 at Ottawa 1805-82 Henry BRISTOW, 26, coachman, England, Ottawa, s/o Henry & Jane, married Eliza Jane DAVIS, 22, Belleville, Ottawa, d/o Thomas & Harriet, witn: Charles DAVIS of Gloucester & Charles HUNT of Ottawa, 11 Jan 1882 at Gloucester
002036-82 (Carleton Co): R. BROWN, 29, marble sculpture, Hawkesbury, Ottawa, s/o John & Libby BROWN married Miss Emma HOY, 21, Quebec, Ottawa, d/o James & Anna HOY. Wit: Robert BROWN of Ottawa. July 3, 1882 at Ottawa. 002050-82 (Carleton Co): David BROWN, 28, farmer, Hull PQ, same, s/o James BROWN & Ann PRITCHARD married Mary STROY, 17, Hull PQ, same, d/o William STROY & Matilda GEVOY. Wit: Andrew STROY and Lucy STROY, both of Hull. August 22, 1882 at Ottawa
2105-82 Joseph BROWN, 68, widower, gentleman, English Channel, Ottawa, s/o John & Mary, married Annie GARLIC, 66, widow, England, Ottawa, d/o William BLATCHFORD & Jane, witn: John HIGHFIELD of Quebec & Mrs. BROWN of Ottawa, 21 Nov 1882 at Ottawa 2161-82 Hugh CAMERON, 24, foreman, Nation River Que., Goulbourne, s/o Samuel CAMERON & Isabella ELLIS, married Lizzie SPENCE, 34, Goulbourne, same, d/o Andrew & Isabella, witn: John LANCASTER of Ottawa & Isabella SPENCE of Goulbourne, 26 Dec 1882 at Ottawa
2025-82 John CARR, 36, grocer, Galway Ireland, Ottawa, s/o James CARR & Mary WELSH, married Sarah BURTON, 26, Dublin Ireland, Ottawa, d/o James BURTON & Catherine ODELL, witn: John WALLS & L--? CURREN, both of Ottawa, 2 May 1882 at Ottawa 2119-82 Louis CHARRON, 29, architect, Longueil Que., Ottawa, s/o Louis CHARRON & Aurelie BRASSARD, married Isabella DOUCETTE, 25, widow, Thurso, Ottawa, d/o Laurent DOUCETTE & Delima FRAPPIER, witn: N. DESLAURIERS & J. E. MITHOT?, both of Ottawa, 5 Sept 1882 at St. Josephs Church, Ottawa
2271-82 (Carleton Co): Augustine Southby COCHRANE, 32, geological survey office, Canada, Ottawa, s/o J.C.T. & Catherine, married Grace illegible TODD, 32, Toronto, Ottawa, d/o Alfred & Catherine, witn: Dr. H.P. WRIGHT of Ottawa & Miss M.K. COCHRANE of Brockville, 13 Dec 1882 at Ottawa 002090-82 - Edward COLLINS, 26, laborer, Torbolton, Princess St., s/o Thomas COLLINS & Catherine O'BRIEN married Catherine PARKISON, 18, Onslow, Princess St., d/o Benjamin PARKISON & Mary PEARCE. Wit: John WHITE and Catherine COLLINS, res. not stated. June 8, 1882 at Ottawa.
002029-82 (Carleton Co): Thomas COLLINS, 23, lumberman, Pontiac, Ottawa, s/o Thomas COLLINS & Catherine O'BRIEN married Annie BROKER, 17, Winchester, Ottawa, d/o Theodore BROKER & Maria HUMMER. Wit: Theodore BROKER and Margaret COLLINS. July 3, 1882 at Ottawa. 002096-82 - William Holmes COMB, 28, occup. not given, Canada, Perth, s/o John & Mary Ann COMB married Jane Adams COWIE, 21, Canada, Lanark Co, d/o James & Isabella COWRIE. Wit: William PORTEUS (Porteous?) and Martha HANSON, both of Ottawa. September 28, 1882 at Ottawa.
2020-82 George DEMERS, 25, laborer, Chapeau - Isle de Allumette, same, s/o Vincent DEMERS & Angele CHAPUT, married Amelina DEMERS, 19, Isle de Allumettes, same, d/o Joseph DEMERS & Julie CHAPUT, witn: Arostide GIBEAUD & Pierre ROBERT, both of Ottawa, 20 Feb 1882 at Ottawa 002014-82 (Carleton Co): Bernard DEVINE, not given, hotel keeper, Fitzroy, Arnprior, s/o Andrew DEVINE & Catherine MULLIGAN married Catherine McDOUGALL, 22, not given, Arnprior, d/o Donald McDOUGALL & Christiana McDONALD. Wit: Rev. Joseph CHABTANS and Aristide ARCHAMBAULT. January 25, 1882 at Ottawa.
001892-82 (Carleton Co) Edgar Frank DEY, 21, boat builder, Canada, Ottawa, s/o Joseph & Annie DEY married Mary Jane BROWN, 19, Canada, Ottawa, d/o James & Ann BROWN. Wit Ann McEWEN and Edwin R. DEY, both of Ottawa. March 6, 1882 at Ottawa. 2017-82 William DIXON, 20, servant & laborer, Quebec, New Edinburgh, s/o George DIXON & Mary Margaret PATTSON, married Ann HAGARTY, 21, Quebec, New Edinburgh, d/o John HAGARTY & Ann BRENNAN, witn: Napoleon LAFLAMME & Ann BEAHAN, both of Ottawa, 8 Jan 1882 at Ottawa
  002116-82 (Carleton Co): Andrew ELDER, 47, farmer, Hull PQ, same, s/o William ELDER & Margaret HASLITT (Haslett?) married Annabella TOMS, 31, Grenville PQ, Hull PQ, d/o John TOMS & Jane McPHEE. Wit: Austin LESBINTY? of Hull and Mrs. William HAYS of Ottawa. November 24, 1882 at Ottawa.
002027-82 (Carleton Co): Robert Albert ELLIOTT, 21, currier, Pakenham, Antwerp N.Y., U.S., s/o John & Margaret ELLIOTT married Margaret Ida AUSTIN, 19, Eganville, Ottawa, d/o William Wesley & Sarah AUSTIN. Wit: George A. ELLIOTT of Pakenham and Mary Bertha COULTER of Ottawa. June 25, 1882 at Ottawa. 002030-82 (Carleton Co): Joseph FERGUSON, 26, plumber and steam fitter, Ireland, Ottawa, s/o William FERGUSON & Mary Jane McCRUMB married Elizabeth DUNLOP, 22, Ireland, Ottawa, d/o James DUNLOP & Sarah Jane MORISON. Wit: Annie DUNLOP and S. A. FURRIES, res. not given. January 2, 1882 at Ottawa.
2018-82 Hector (Victor?) FREDERICK, 20, shoe maker, Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Olivier FREDERICK & Catherine GERVAIS, married Malvina KIROUETTE, 18, Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Eduoard KIROUETTE & Marcelline LESSARDE, witn: Alfred BEDARD & Pierre BERRY, both of Ottawa, 16 Jan 1882 at Ottawa 002150-82 (Carleton Co): Rollo Campbell GARVEN, 31, clerk, Montreal, same, s/o James GARVEN & Margaret STEELE married Clara SUAVE, 23, St. Eugene, Ottawa, d/o Edward SAUVE & not given. Wit: Edmond SUAVE and Auguste DUBOIS, both of Ottawa. March 22, 1882 at Ottawa.
002128-82 (Carleton Co): Joseph GIROUX, 29, clerk, St. Jean Christoshome, St. Jean Baptiste, s/o Pierre GIROUX & Marie Louise BOUROSSA married Rose Glacide GRISON, 21, Cumberland, St. Jean Baptiste, d/o Jules Leger GRISON & Rose Josephine GOUBERT. Wit: David TAYLOR and Adrien GRISON, res. not given. October 16, 1882 at Ottawa 002102-82 - John George GOULDTHRICK (Gouldthrite?), 23, clerk, Sparta U.S., Ottawa, s/o Samuel Slocum GOULDTHRICK & Miriam Amelia O'CONNOR married Annie Maria WILLIAMS, 22, Toronto, Ottawa, d/o Daniel WILLIAMS & Ann McLEOD. Wit: John Bland ALLEN and Peter LAMONTH, both of Ottawa. October 3, 1882 at Ottawa
002140-82 (Carleton Co): Teodore GOULET, 22, cocher?, St. Andre, Ottawa, s/o Amable GOULET & Philomene LACASSE married Marie BELLEMORE, 18, Three Rivers, Ottawa, d/o Antoine BELLEMORE & Emelie LAROCHE. Wit: Amable GOULET and Antoine BELLEMORE, both of Ottawa., November 6, 1882 at Ottawa. (RC)  
2106-82 Christopher D. GRAHAM, 21, merchant, Ottawa, same, s/o Robert & Jane, married Ida Matilda PERKINS, 21, Ottawa, same, d/o Nelson & wife, witn: Edmund CUSHING & Jennie GRAHAM, both of Ottawa, 15 Nov 1882 at Christ Church, Ottawa 001873-82 (Carleton Co) Edward Joseph GRANT, 27, farmer, Marlborough, same, s/o Martin & Catherine GRANT married Mary O'NEIL, 24, Marlborough, same,d/o James & Ellen O'NEIL. Wit Patrick TIMMONS of Goulbourn and Mary McCANNA of Marlborough. April 19, 1882 at Richmond.
2117-82 Frederick John GREEN, 22, coach man, London England, not given, s/o Thomas Henry GREEN & Emily FURNESS, married Mary Jane FORD, 31, widow, Buckingham Que., not given, d/o Onesiperus F. LARNELL? & Isabella MURPHY, witn: Joseph Francis AUGHEY? & Samuel J. JARVIS, both of Ottawa, 27 Nov 1882 at Ottawa 2124-82 James Thomas HALE, 29, butcher, New York state, Ottawa, s/o John HALE & Jessie? (Jane?) ANDERSON, married Annie Elizabeth McFARLAND, 26, Perth Ont., Ottawa, d/o Thomas McFARLAND & Mary McCANN, witn: F. Martin GUERARD & Ellen CRONIN, both of Ottawa, 9 Oct 1882 at St. Josephs Church, Ottawa
002051-82 (Carleton Co): John HALL, 23, lumberman, Hull, East Templeton, s/o Samuel HALL & Sarah SMITH married Martha McELROY, 26, West Templeton, same, d/o John McELROY & Mary J. ROBINSON. Wit: John McELROY and Agnes McELROY, both of West Templeton. August 31, 1882 at Ottawa. 002040-82 (Carleton Co): John Alfred HOPPER, 26, farmer, s/o Edward HOPPER & Margaret Louisa TOONEY married Jane Agnes FULFORD, 22, Canada, Nepean, d/o James & Janet FULFORD. Wit: John E. HOPPER of Nepean. February 21, 1882 at Ottawa
002127-82 (Carleton Co): William James IRVINE, 25, merchant, Ottawa, same, s/o William IRVINE & Ann Jane HAZELRY married Marjorie B. ROSS, 23, Ottawa, same, d/o William ROSS & Maryann BAYNE. Wit: A. M. SUTHERLAND and Annie ROW, both of Ottawa. October 12, 1882 at Ottawa. 002135-82 (Carleton Co): Moise LAFLEUR, 24, laborer, St. Andrew?, Ottawa, s/o Alexis LAFLEUR & Emelie DINEL married Celina ROY, 22, Clarence, Ottawa, d/o Bazil ROY & Emelie SAUVE. Wit: Louis LAFLEUR and J. B. LAFLEUR, both of Ottawa. August 14, 1882 at Ottawa (RC)
2016-82 Mathias LAFLEUR, 26, widower, painter, St. Scholastique, Ottawa, s/o John LAFLEUR & Scholastique RIVET, married Marie Louise BARBEAU, 19, St. Joseph (2 Mountains), Ottawa, d/o Ferdinand BARBEAU & Adelie LALONDE, witn: Henry & Cyrille BARBEAU of Ottawa, 7 Feb 1882 at Ottawa 002012-82 (Carleton Co): Pierre Nelson LANDRY, 20, plumber, St. Augustine PQ, Ottawa, s/o Louis LANDRY & Delinas DAOUST married Domatilde LaFRAMBOISE, 21, Ottawa, same, d/o John LaFRAMBOISE & Autheime BISSETTE. Wit: Louis LANDRY and John LaFRAMBOISE, both of Ottawa. January 30, 1882 at Ottawa. (RC)
002031-82 (Carleton Co): George LARON, 21, laborer, Quebec, Ottawa, s/o H. Zavi & Mary LARON married Marian DEAN, 21, Quebec, Ottawa, d/o James W. & Kate DEAN. Wit: James DEAN and Kate DEAN, res. not given. July 11, 1882 at Ottawa 002137-82 (Carleton Co): Narcisse LAROQUE, 24, laborer, St. Andre, Ottawa, s/o Bernobe LAROQUE & Sophie CARDINAL married Melina GAUTHIER, 20, St. Andre, Ottawa, d/o Julien GAUTHIER & Josephine FOURNIER. Wit: Julien GAUTHIER & Narcisse LAROQUE. July 31, 1882 at Ottawa. (RC)
002033-82 (Carleton Co): William LaROQUE, 24, lumberman, Grenville, same, s/o Francis LaROQUE & Jennie HAMILTON married Eliza PURDY, 22, Grenville, same, d/o Robert PURDY & Jane BIGLOW. Wit: Mrs. F. W. FARRIES and Nellie CRONIAN (Cronan?). June 16, 1882 at Ottawa 2153-82 Hilaire LAUZON, 23, carter, St. Andre, Basse Ville - Ottawa, s/o J. B. LAUZON & Henrietta LAVERGNE, married Marie Agnes Adeline TURPIN, 20, Ottawa, same, d/o Louis TURPIN & Anny McCLANE, witn: Louis TURPIN & J. B. LAUZON, both of Ottawa, 24 April 1882 at Ottawa
2120-82 Louis J. Bte. LEPAGE, 25, civil service, Rimouski Que., Ottawa, s/o Jean Baptiste LEPAGE & Hortense GAROW, married M. Delphine FISSEAULT, 28, Montreal, Ottawa, d/o H. Adolphe FISSEAULT & M. Leocadie BARBE, witn: Adolphe FISSEAULT & F. ENNIS, both of Ottawa, 25 April 1882 at St. Joseph's Church, Ottawa 002039-82 (Carleton Co): William Leddy LLOYD, 41, widower, druggist, New Glasgow PQ, Ottawa, s/o John LLOYD & Sarah LEDDY married Lilias MAXWELL, 41, widow, Perth Scotland, Ottawa, d/o David & Jane TAYLOR. Wit: Rev. W. H. SPARLING of Cowansville PQ and Anne TAYLOR of Ottawa. January 12, 1882 at Ottawa
2043-82 Hiram Albert LOWE, 21, miller, Cumberland twp., same, s/o Nathaniel LOWE & Mary Ann HOYT, married Mary DUNNING, 24, Chelsea Que., same, d/o Alpheus & Mary, witn: Albert & Fanny SMITH of Ottawa, 10 Aug 1882 at Ottawa 2044-82 John Barnard LYNCH, 24, C. S. clerk, Woodstock NB, Ottawa, s/o Bartholomew LYNCH & Margaret CARNEY, married Theresa McKINNON, 26, Ottawa, same, d/o Allan McKINNON & Catherine LUNNEY, witn: Francis McDOUGAL & John GORMAN, both of Ottawa, 15 Aug 1882 at Ottawa
002091-82 - Hugh Fraser McARTHUR, 22, merchant, Osgoode, Ottawa, s/o Donald McARTHUR & Catherine FRAZER married Loraine Louisa KNAPP, 20, Virginia, Ottawa, d/o Marcus B. KNAPP & Loraine DRAPER. Wit: George McLAURIN and Fannie L. WRIGHT, both of Ottawa. October 11, 1882 at Ottawa 002052-82 (Carleton Co): William R. McELROY, 26, farmer, West Templeton, same, s/o W. McELROY & Elizabeth ROBINSON married Arabella DALTON, 19, East Templeton, same, d/o John DALTON & Jessie BLOW. Wit: Mrs. F. W. FARRIES and Nellie CRONIN, both of Ottawa. July 12, 1882 at Ottawa.
2054-82 John McFARLANE, 22, miner, Storrington twp., Kingston, s/o John McFARLANE & Olivia DALER?, married Agnes ROSS, 21, Buckingham, same, d/o John ROSS & Catherine McDERMAID, witn: Henry HUTCHISON & Mary Ann SEABROOK, 12 Sept 1882 at Ottawa 2160-82 Robert William McKNIGHT, 25, blacksmith, Osgoode, Gananoque, s/o William McKNIGHT & Elizabeth WILSON, married Clara Ann MERIFIELD, 26, Kingston, Ottawa, d/o William MERIFIELD & Ann FLOYD, witn: Wesley BICK & Martha MERIFIELD, both of Ottawa, 28 Dec. 1882 at Ottawa
002053-82 (Carleton Co): Andrew McLENNAN, 42, civil service clerk, Glengarry, Ottawa, s/o Hugh McLENNAN & Mary McCUAIG married Annie WELLS, 20, England, Ottawa, d/o William WELLS & Jane FOROW? Wit: Mrs. F. W. FARRIES and Miss Nell CROM--? (off page), both of Ottawa. July 19, 1882 at Ottawa 001993-82 (Carleton Co): James Augustin McSLOY, 26, merchant, not given, St. Catharines, s/o Hugh McSLOY and Catharine Lucie McARDELL, married Bessy Cecilia CALDWELL, 19, Ottawa, same, d/o Francis CALDWELL & Sarah TYRELL. Wit: Not given. April 19, 1882 at Ottawa. (RC)
2158-82 Joshua C. METCALFE, 27, book keeper, Riceville, Ottawa, s/o Henry & Maria, married Jessie PHILBIE, 23, Dundee Scotland, Ottawa, d/o David & Euphemia, witn: W. A. COOK of North Gower & Amelia PHILBIE of Ottawa, 27 Dec 1882 at Ottawa  
2019-82 Alfred MIGNEAULT, 22, engineer, Montreal, Ottawa, s/o Alfred MIGNEAULT & Ann LYNE, married Celeste VINETTE, 21, USA, Ottawa, d/o Onesime VINETTE & Malvina TESSIER, witn: Narcisse LAPRADE & Charles DALLAIRE, both of Ottawa, 21 Feb 1882 at Ottawa 2109-82 Henry James MOLONEY, 30, commercial, City of New York, same, s/o C. & L.A., married Agnes WARD, 31, Preston England, Ottawa, d/o M. & Mary, witn: John R. & E. C. ARNOLDI of Ottawa, 19 Oct 1882 at Ottawa
2055-82 John Banning MONK, 27, bank clerk, Ottawa, same, s/o "father deceased", married Ann Waring? Lloyd HENNING, 26, Nottingham, Ottawa, d/o "father deceased", witn: Henry C. MONK & F. A. HENNING, both of Ottawa, 12 June 1882 at Ottawa 2121-82 Felix MONTREUIL, 26, teamster, Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Felix MONTREUIL & Emelie LALIBERTE, married Mary Ann BURNS, 24, Nepean, Ottawa, d/o John BURNS & Mary BERGAN, witn: Lawrence DONHUE? & Ann Cherise SABOURIN, both of Ottawa, 27 Nov 1882 at St. Josephs Church, Ottawa
002041-82 (Carleton Co): David MURPHY, 35, currier and farmer, Ireland, Ottawa, s/o Frank William MURPHY & Sarah HALFPENNY married Sarah McLEOD, 33, widow, Canada, Ottawa, d/o Isaac SMITH & Margaret PIERCE. Wit: Peter NEWRICH and Catherine NEWRICH, both of Ottawa. March 9, 1882 at Ottawa. 002048-82 (Carleton Co): Daniel Robert NEVING, 22, tinner?, Owen Sound, Davisburg Michigan, s/o Thomas NEVING & Susan EVANS married Annie LAWSON, 19, Glasgow, Ottawa, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth T. LAWSON. Wit: Daniel McLAUGHLIN and Lizzie McFAYDEN, both of Carleton Place. August 29, 1882 at Ottawa.
2026-82 Leger Wilfred NORMAND, 28, tobacconist, St. Michael, Ottawa, s/o F. X. NORMAND & E. Eliza BELANGER, married Apolline LARIVIERE, 18, St. Paul US, Ottawa, d/o Pierre LARIVIERE & Caroline GALLIPEAU, witn: Victor LAPORTE & Aurelie BLAIS, both of Ottawa, 17 April 1882 at Ottawa 2024-82 John Francis O'CONNOR, 28, government official, Rochester NY, Ottawa, s/o Patrick O'CONNOR & Catherine HARE, married Julia BOWES, 29, Kingston, Ottawa, d/o John BOWES & Mary DELANEY, 1 June 182 at St. Josephs Church, Ottawa
1877-52 Robert O'HARA, 28, farmer, Markan - Ottawa Co., Pembina Dakota, s/o John James & Sarah, married Isabella FETHERSON, 23, Goulbourne, same, d/o Thomas & Mary Ann, witn: Robert McCAFFREY & Adeline FEATHERSON (sic), both of Goulbourne, 16 March 1882 at St. Johns Church, Richmond 002115-82 (Carleton Co): Joseph PANCHETTE, 21, farmer, Templeton PQ, Portland PQ, s/o Augustine PANCHETTE & Amelia DAGENAIS married Mary McMULLEN, 20, Portland PQ, same, d/o Angus & Mary McMULLEN. Wit: George PANCHETTE of Portland and Maggie McMULLEN of Buckingham. October 16, 1882 at Ottawa. (RC)
002114-82 (Carleton Co): George PAQUETTE, 26, farmer, Portland, Co of Ottawa PQ, s/o David PAQUETTE & Margaret GALLAGHER married Margaret McMULLEN, 21, Buckingham PQ, same, d/o Archibald & Christina McMULLEN. Wit: Edmond VERBOUCHEUR of Hull PQ and Julia PAQUETTE of Portland PQ. October 27, 1882 at Ottawa. (RC) 2125-82 Harvey Thompson PARKER, 21, blacksmith, Quebec, Aylmer Que., s/o Timothy & Asenath, married Theresse PILOT, 21, Quebec, Quron? Que., d/o John & Ellen, witn: Fred PARKER of Aylmer & Calvin KIDDER of Hull, 21 Nov 1882 at Ottawa
002049-82 (Carleton Co): William Steel PETTEGREW, 37, civil service, Lanarkshire, Ottawa, s/o James & Janet PETTEGREW married Adeline VENNING, 28, St. John N.B., Ottawa, d/o William Henry & Adeline Georgina VENNING. Wit: Arthur CHRISTHOLM and R. McLAUGHLIN. August 3, 1882 at Ottawa. 2110-82 David PORTER, 44, widower, lumberer, Perth Ont., Pembroke, s/o John PORTER & Elizabeth McDONALD, married Mary RAMSAY, 37, Arnprior, Ottawa, d/o Alexander RAMSAY & Margaret LAW, witn: Thomas? E. DRISCOLL & Elizabeth LAW, both of Ottawa, 22 Oct 1882 at Ottawa
002139-82 (Carleton Co): Osias Mont Petit dit POTVIN, 28, barber, Montreal, Ottawa, s/o Pierre Mon Petit dit POTVIN & Rose DAOUST married Ida SUAVE, 18, St. Andre, Ottawa, d/o Onesime SAUVE & Gertrude GOYER. Wit: Onesime SAUVE and Pierre Mon Petit di POTVIN, both of Ottawa. July 24, 1882 at Ottawa. (RC) 2157-82 Joseph POTVIN, 23, laborer, Ottawa, same, s/o Joseph POTVIN & Marie ALBERT, married Marie ROBERT, 36, widow, Russell, Ottawa, d/o Vennee? F. TURNIER?, witn: Albert DORIN & Moise JOANISE, both of Ottawa, 5 Oct 1882 at Ottawa
001771-82 (Carleton Co) William PRITCHARD, 28, labourer, Cookefield Que, Hull Que, s/o Abraham PRITCHARD & Agnes CLYD married Ann HUME, 20, North Gloucester, Hull, d/o James HUME & Ann GRANT. Wit James PRITCHARD of Hull and Julia SMITH of Ottawa. November 1, 1882 at Rochesterville, Nepean. 2021-82 Narcisse PROVOST, 22, baker, St. Martin, Ottawa, s/o David PROVOST & Martine PARENT, married Melina LATOUR, 23, widow, St. Benoit, Ottawa, d/o Emeric LATOUR & Emelie St.LOUIS, 15 June 1882 at Ottawa
002136-82 (Carleton Co): Jean Baptiste RAYMOND, 21, laborer, Plantagenet, Ottawa, s/o Damase RAYMOND & Margaret MODERY married Marie Louise GUENET, 27, St.Pierre de Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Francois GUENET & Helene FOURNIER. Wit: Theophile GUENET and Hermos RAYMOND, both of Ottawa. August 2, 1882 at Ottawa. (RC) 2108-82 Robert READER, 23, lumberer, Gaspe Que., Arnprior, s/o not given, married Minnie MORAN, 24, Ottawa, St. Vincent de Paul Que., d/o not given, witn: R. G. STEWART & Margaret BAKER, both of Ottawa, 18 Oct 1882 at Christs Church, Ottawa
2162-82 George Reuben ROSS, 23, blacksmith, Minneapolis, Ottawa, s/o James ROSS & Elizabeth McDONALD, married Maria JOHNSTON, 22, Toronto, Ottawa, d/o Henry JOHNSTON & Ann McCANN, witn: George STEELE & Jennie TORRANCE, both of Ottawa, 19 July 1882 at Ottawa 001996-82 (Carleton Co): Augustine ROUSSELL, age not given, occup. not given, Borachier Gaspe, Ottawa, s/o Augustine ROUSSELL & Merence? LACLERC married Sarah PICKNELL, not given, Perce, Ottawa, d/o not given. Wit: Jean Baptiste FEAUBERT? and Alex. CHARRON, both of Ottawa. April 24, 1882 at Ottawa. (RC)
2155-82 Ferdinand ROY, 40, widower, laborer, Quebec, Hull, s/o Nosolor? ROY & Angel BOLDEN, married Julie DURAND, 24, Hull, Ottawa, d/o Edward DURAND & Marie CHORTIER, witn: Edward DURAND & Cecil CHORTIER, both of Ottawa, 21 Jan 1882 at Ottawa 2015-82 Narcisse Etienne ROY, 21, tailor, St. Vincent de Paul, Ottawa, s/o Etienne ROY & Marie Louisa MOREAU, married Agnes LINCOURT, 17, Ottawa, same, d/o Alexander LINCOURT & Zoraide? BRUNET, witn: Joseph Henri ROY & Ayrille POTIER (Pothier?), both of Ottawa, 16 Jan 1882 at Ottawa
2159-82 Abraham St.PIERRE, 40, widower, sailor, St. Hernon Que., Ottawa, s/o William & Mary, married Florestine GRENIER, 15, Aylmer Que., Ottawa, d/o Baptiste & Anastasie, witn: Moise LORTIE & Beverly BOGERT, both of Ottawa, 30 Dec 1882 at Ottawa 002152-82 (Carleton Co): Israel SAUVE, 28, laborer, St. Andre, Montreal, s/o Casimere SAUVE & Rosalie BARBORIE married Matilda GRATON, 24, St. Augustine, Ottawa, d/o Gideon GRATON & Angelique GIROUX. Wit: Casimere SUAVE and Gideon GRATON, both of Ottawa. March 8, 1882 at Ottawa. (RC)
002032-82 (Carleton Co): John SCHARF, 42, widower, farmer, Nepean, same, s/o John SCHARF & Jane JAMES married Sarah Ann McLEAN, 28, Ireland, Ottawa, d/o William McLEAN & Elizabeth McKNIGHT. Wit: Robert HOOD and Sarah Jane HOOD, res. not given. May 25, 1882 at Ottawa. 002038-82 (Carleton Co): George SCULLEN, 23, farmer, Richmond, same, s/o William & Mary Ann J. SCULLEN married Mary LITTLE, 22, Aylmer PQ, same, d/o Alexander LITTLE & Sarah McLEAN. Wit: Thomas SCULLEN of Richmond. August 10, 1882 at Ottawa.
2023-82 Charles SENECAL, 26, laborer, St. Norbert, Ottawa, s/o Charles SENECAL & Beauzeliza CHOUINARD, married Emelie ROLIER, 21, St. Sanveur?, Ottawa, d/o Alexander ROLIEU & Elizabeth LABELLE, witn: Regis CYR & Lazare LAVECQUE, both of Ottawa, 22 May 1882 at Ottawa 002035-82 (Carleton Co): Joseph SHEENAN, 41, clerk, Lower St. Columb England, Eganville, s/o Thomas & Ann SHEENAN married Mary SEATON, 28, Montreal, Ottawa, d/o William & Jane SEATON. Wit: E. T. SHAW and A. CAMPBELL, both of Ottawa. July 18, 1882 at Ottawa.
2056-82 Robert SLACK, 25, carpenter, March Ont., Nepean, s/o "father deceased" & Susan, married Matilda ARMSTRONG, 27, Shefford? Que., Ottawa, d/o "father deceased" & Ann, witn: John H. SLACK & Susan GILLARD, both of Ottawa, 28 June 1882 at Ottawa 1811-82 George Ephraim SUDBY, 26, farmer, Osgoode, same, s/o George SUDBY & Ann Jane BLAIR, married Ann Ruth WILTON, 24, Huntley, Nepean, d/o George WILTON & Elizabeth BIRCH, witn: James E. BLAIR of Osgoode & Hattie CLARKE of Nepean, 26 April 1882 at Gloucester
002028-82 (Carleton Co): Lewis TOMLINSON, 30, salesman dry goods, 30, England, Ottawa, s/o Thomas TOMLINSON & Mary HOLLINGWORTH married Rosetta WOOD, 19, England, Ottawa, d/o Robert WOOD & Matilda GRIBBLE. Wit: Charles St. JACQUES and Harriet M. WOOD, res. not given. July 1, 1882 at Ottawa. 2118-82 Malaire? TURPIN, 18, laborer, St. Joseph Que. Hull, s/o Eustache & Calliste, married Josephine ROYDIER?, 16, St. Henri - North Nation Que., Ottawa, d/o Alexander & Marie, witn: Mary A. ROYAL? (Boyd?) & S. ROYIER, both of Ottawa and Pierre BRISBOIS of Hull, 27 Nov 1882 at St. Albans Church, Ottawa
2123-82 Theophile VIAU, 32, Valleyfield, Hull, s/o A. Timothe? VIAU & Leocadie LEDUC, married Marie Delima BOURGEAULT, 25, Aylmer Que., same, d/o Alexander BOURGEAULT & Sophie NOEL, witn: N. R. CORMIER of Aylmer & C. LEDUC of Hull, 3 Oct 1882 at St. Josephs Church, Ottawa 2163-82 Peter WALKER, 29, carpenter, Ottawa, same, s/o John WALKER & Christie McMARTIN, married Jane SUTHERLAND, 22, Aylmer, Ottawa, d/o Agnes (sic) SUTHERLAND & Jane WHITE, witn: Miles BURNELL & Mary LACKEN, both of Ottawa, 5 Aug 1882 at Ottawa
002126-82 (Carleton Co): James Johnson WILDER, 24, printer, Canada, Ottawa, s/o George & Phoebe married Mary ROWAN, 20, Canada, Metcalfe, d/o John & Bertha. Wit: Miss WOOD and W. E. THOMAS, both of Ottawa. November 18, 1882 at Ottawa.