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Carleton Co., 1886

Birth place is given before residence.


2213-86 Thomas ARMSTONG, 27, farmer, South March, same, s/o James ARMSTRONG & Bridget KELLY, married Henrietta CHARLEBOIS, 24, Richmond Ont., Torbolton, d/o Arsene CHARLEBOIS & Margaret MORAN, witn: Larcy? CHARLEBOIS of Torbolton & Rose Ann SHIRLEY of Nepean, 24 Nov 1886 at Ottawa 2022-86 (Carleton Co): Paul Louis BARCOMB, 23, laborer, Clinton Co. NY, Ottawa, s/o Louis BARCOMB and Margaret SHANESSY married Kate WOODLAND, 34, Ottawa, same, widow, d/o John COWAN and Catherine LATIMER. Wit: Nelson FULCHER, and Nellie MIX, both of Ottawa. May 20, 1886, at Ottawa. (RC)
2038-86 (Carlton Co): Adhelard BEAUCHAMPS, 22, carpenter, St. Eustache QC, Ottawa s/o Isidore BEAUCHAMPS and Mathilda LEBLANC married Marie Rose A. COUSINEAU, 21, St. Martha, Ottawa d/o Alexander COUSINEAU and Angelique POTVIN. Wit: Isidiore BEAUCHAMPS and Alexander COUSINEAU, both of Ottawa. January 17, 1886. (RC) 2227-86 Jules BELANGER, 23, laborer, Gatineau Quebec, Hull, s/o Jules BELANGER & Rosalie CHARETTE, married Malvina KEEPLESS, 23, Gatineau Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Michel KEEPLESS & Sophie HOTTE, witn: Stanislas HOTTE & Jules BELANGER, 6 July 1886 at Ottawa
2215-86 Elie BENOIT, 18, butcher, Ottawa, same, s/o Isidore BENOIT & Adelaide MASSON, married Alphonsine BEAUNE, 21, Ottawa, same, d/o Antoine BEAUNE & Adelaide LACROISE, witn: Isidore BENOIT & Antoine BEAUNE, 22 Nov 1886 at Ottawa 2026-86 (Carleton Co): Walter BIRD, 26, machinist, England, Ottawa,s/o Thomas BIRD and Annie IVES married Mina CLARKE, 29, Brockville, Ottawa,d/o Robert CLARKE and Jane SAWYER. Wit: S.A.D. FARRIS and Nellie FARRIS, both of Ottawa. June 4, 1886, at Ottawa
  1976-86 (Carleton Co): James BLACKBURN, 26, Thurso, same, farmer, s/o William BLACKBURN and Elizabeth BURKE married Jennie McCLELLAND, 26, Cantly, same d/o James McCLELLAND and Mary BROWN. Wit: Eliza McCLELLAND, Cantly and William McINTYRE, Thurso. May 25, 1886, Ottawa
2202-86 Alfred BOIVER, 21, laborer, Thurso Quebec, Ottawa, s/o H. BOIVER & F. GASGEAU, married Jenny HALLICK, 20, Isle of Wight, Ottawa, d/o James HALLICK & Ellen HAYES, witn: Mrs. John BURNS & Mrs. A. HARDIE, both of Ottawa, 31 Dec 1886 at Ottawa 2145-86 Samuel James BRADLEY, 24, widower, farmer, March twp., Onslow Quebec, s/o William BRADLEY & Jane DOWNEY, married Martha Ann WOLSEY, 18, Ireland, Onslow Quebec, d/o William WOLSEY & Martha GILMOUR, witn: Mrs. John BURNS & Mrs. Alex HARDIE, both of Ottawa, 19 Oct. 1886 at Ottawa
1980-86 (Carlton Co): Duncan BROWN, 25, blacksmith, Hull, Que., Ottawa s/o Andrew BROWN and Catherine STEVENSON married Annie DUNLOP, 23, Co. Antrim Ireland, Ottawa d/o James DUNLOP and Sarah Jane MORRISON. Wit: William McCRACKEN and Mary Orr DUNLOP, both of Ottawa. June 2, 1886, at Ottawa 2152-86 Samuel BROWN, 22, laborer, Londonderry Ireland, Shawville - Pontiac Co Quebec, s/o William BROWN & Clara McIVER, married Isabella SHIELDS, 19, Londonderry Ireland, Ottawa, d/o James SHIELDS & Eleanor LITTLE, witn: W.H. BELL & Helen HOOD, both of Ottawa, 23 Oct. 1886 at Ottawa
1971-86 (Carlton Co): Joseph BUNTON, 48, Railway Sections man, Percy, Gaspe, Renfew s/o George and Ann BUNTON, married Mary Leterno GILLIS, 40, widow, Bay Chaleur,d/o Eugene and Mary LETERNO (s/b Letourneau?). Wit: D.M. PATTERSON and Chrissie M. PORTER, both of Ottawa. April 3, 1886, at Ottawa 1977-86 (Carleton Co) George BURNS, 30, Lanark, Ont., Manitoba, farmer s/o John BURNS and Mary MORRIS married Hannah Spence PURDY, 22, Marlborough, Goulbourn, d/o Robert PURDY and Catherine SPENCE. Wit: William CLEAVY, and Mrs. William Cleavy, both of Ottawa. May 5, 1886, Ottawa
2159-86 James CAMPBELL, 45, widower, laborer, Co. Antrim Ireland, Ottawa, s/o James & Eliza Reid CAMPBELL, married Sarah BAILLIE, 40, Co. Down Ireland, Ottawa, d/o James & Margaret Hackett BAILLIE, witn: James & Lizzie CAMPBELL of Ottawa, 12 Nov 1886 at Ottawa 2027-86 (Carleton Co): Alexander CAMPBELL, 26, laborer, Thurso Que., Michigan s/o Neil CAMPBELL and Margaret CHAPMAN married Lottie BLACKBURN, 18, Thurso Que., same d/o James BLACKBURN and Catherine McLEAN. Wit: John McARTHUR and Emma BLACKBURN, both of Thurso. June 2, 1886, at Ottawa
2035-86 (Carleton Co): John CARROLL, 28, farmer, South March, same s/o Patrick CARROLL and Margaret BRENNAN married Frances ARMSTRONG, 21, South March, same d/o James ARMSTRONG and Bridget KELLY. Wit: Thomas ARMSTRONG, South March and Henrietta CHARLEBOIS, Torbolton, Ontario. January 8, 1886, at Ottawa. (RC) 2220-86 Joseph CHAMPAGNE, 45, widower, blacksmith, Malone USA, Chalk River, s/o Louis CHAMPAGNE & Sophie PREVOST, married Leocadie BOUTEN, 26, St. Etienne de Lauzon, Ottawa, d/o Eduoard BOUTEN & Agathe PLANTE, witn: Andre & Lascelle GRAVEL of Ottawa, 16 Nov 1866
2210-86 Adolphe CHARRON, 29, laborer, St. Scholastique, Ottawa, s/o Jeremie CHARRON & Adelaide BRUNET, married Albina GROULX, 19, Ottawa, same, d/o Joseph GROULX & Edwidge MORIN, witn: Joseph GROULX & Thomas BRUNET, both of Ottawa, 27 Nov 1886 at Ottawa  
2312-1886 (Carleton Co.) Arthur CHESTER, 29, bank clerk, Birmingham England, Ottawa, s/o John CHESTER & Matilda IMRIE, married Letitia Jane SMITH, 23, South Africa, Ottawa, d/o Marcus SMITH & Anne BROCK, witn: S. PEDDINGTON, A.G. SMITH, Ottawa & Lilian BROCK, Toronto. 17 June 1886 at Ottawa 2041-86 (Carleton Co): ?Thocite CHOQUET, 28, laborer, Coteau Landing, North Bay s/o Isaie CHOQUET and Isumine FOREST married Caroline DESMARAIS, 25, Ottawa, same d/o Leonard DEMARAIS (sic) and Caroline BRIARD. Wit: Gustave LAMOTHE and Leonard DESMARAIS. January 19, 1886, at Ottawa. (RC)
2020-86 (Carleton Co): John George CLARK, 24, farmer, Nepean, same, s/o Thomas CLARK and Christina McMILLAN, both of Nepean married Caroline Elizabeth KENNEDY, 24, Ottawa, Nepean d/o Henry KENNEDY and Margaret ARMSTRONG, Nepean. Wit: John James BAYNE and Addie KENNEDY, both of Nepean. March 24, 1886, at Nepean 1979-86 (Carleton Co): Hugh CLARK, 23, farmer, Wakefield, same s/o John CLARK and Nancy MILLS married Catherine MAXWELL, 23, Hull Twp., same d/o Thomas MAXWELL and Mary Jane MILNE. Wit: Margaret CLARK, Wakefield and Joseph M. MAXWELL, Hull. April 7, 1886, at Ottawa
2039-86 (Carlton Co): Thomas CONLON, 33, farmer, (?Toofgown, Ont.), Northern Dakota, s/o Patrick CONLON and Margt. Jane JOHNSTON married Margaret O'REILLY, 24, Quebec, Ottawa d/o William O'REILLY and Margt. McNAMARA. Wit: Stanislas BOURGUE and Ellen O'REILLY, both of Ottawa. January 13, 1886, at Ottawa. (RC) 2211-86 - J. B. CORBEIL, 37, widower, farmer, St. Hermas, St. Joseph, s/o Jean Bapt. CORBEIL & Elmire CLEMENT, married Felicite LALONDE, 22, Templeton Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Edmond LALONDE & Amelie BERTRAND, witn: Jean B. CORBEIL & Toussant PILON, 27 Nov 1886 at Ottawa
2163-86 Peter COURMASOTA?, 33, stone cutter, Italy, Ottawa, s/o James COURMASOTA & Maria El--? LAOSA?, married Mary BRENNAN, 36, Kilkenny Ireland, Ottawa, d/o Edward BRENNAN & Mary MORAN, witn: James KITTS & Jean PAQUETTE, both of Ottawa, 4 Oct. 1886 at Ottawa 2153-86 Arthur McDonald CUSHING, 33, widower, hotel keeper, Pembroke, Ottawa, s/o Emery Job CUSHING & Mary Ann McGUIRE, married Mary Jane BURROWS, 18, Nepean twp., Chelsea Quebec, d/o Henry BURROWS & Catherine CARESON, witn: John A. SMITH & M.J. KERR, both of Ottawa, 2 Nov 1886 at Ottawa
2034-86 (Carleton Co): Edward CUSHING, 27, clerk, Pembroke, Ottawa s/o M.J. CUSHING and Mary Ann McGUIRE married Leocadie MAUD LEBLANC, 22, Gloucester, Ottawa d/o Charles LEBLANC and Margaret FOURNIER. Wit: Grant BOYDER and Josephine LEBLANC. January 4, 1886, Ottawa (RC) 2157-86 Henry DALRYMPLE, 22, gardener, Ottawa, same, s/o Robert DALRYMPLE & Virginie St.GERMAINE, married Emelie GIGAULT, 21, Thurso Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Jean GIGAULT & Lucie PROULX, witn: Robert DALRYMPLE of Ottawa & Seraphim PROULX of Thurso, 4 Oct. 1886 at Ottawa
2036-86 (Carlton Co): Norasse DAUFOUSSE (Dampousse?), 22, laborer, Ottawa, same s/o Francois DAUFOUSSE and Leocadie BELAND married Angelina JULIEN, 18, Ottawa, same d/o Gilbert JULIEN and Julie FAUCHER. Wit: Francois DAUFOUSSE and Gilbert JULIEN, January 7, 1886, at Ottawa. (RC) 1972-86 (Carleton Co.): Robert A. DAVIS, 28, farmer, Papineauville, QC, same s/o Robert and Nancy DAVIS married Anne ROBILLARD, 22, Aylmer, Q.C., Ottawa d/o ?Joseph and Julia ROBILLARD. Wit: Chrissie M. PORTER and Annie M. POLLARD, both of Ottawa. March 29, 1886, at Ottawa.
  2329-87 Arthur DAWSON, 41, widower, clerk, Liverpool England, Ottawa, s/o Richard DAWSON & Ann, married Florence DAWSON, 21, Liverpool England, Ottawa, d/o John DAWSON & Elizabeth, witn: William Alfred PERRY of Ottawa, 26 Aug 1886 at Ottawa
1990-86 (Carlton Co): Joseph DEASE, 40, laborer, St. Giles, P.Q., Hull s/o John DEASE and Bridget O'DONNELL married Mary KYLE, 40, widow, St. Giles, PQ, Hull, d/o Charles KYLE and Anna McGRANAHAN. Wit: Robet. Nicholas SLATER and John SWEETMAN, both of Ottawa. May 22, 1886, Christ Church, Ottawa 2030-86 (Carleton Co): Hermingelde DEGAGNE, 23, printer, Rimouski, Ottawa s/o Timothe DEGAGNE and Josephine BRENNAN married Alphonsine GRANGER, 20, Ottawa, same d/o Isaie GRANGER and Justine VILLENEUVE. Wit: F. Xavier GRAVEL and Isaie GRANGER, both of Ottawa. January 10, 1886, at Ottawa. (RC)
2032-86 (Carleton Co): Adhilard DENAUT, 21, cooper, not stated, Ottawa s/o Octave DENAUT and Angelique LAVERGNE married Albertine PAQUET, 18, Ottawa, same, d/o William and Philomene PAQUET. Wit: Eustache DEVANT and William PAQUET, both of Ottawa. June 22, 1886, at Ottawa. (RC) 2141-86 Pierre DEROUIN, 45, widower, St. Augustin, Ottawa, s/o Pierre DEROUIN & Eloaisue SAUVAGE, married Alma TURGEON, 3 (sic), widow, Point Levis, Ottawa, d/o Pierre TURGEON & Flavie COTE, witn: Pierre TURGEON & Gereminie MILLETTE, both of Ottawa, 7 Sept 1886 at Ottawa
2230-86 Napoleon DESLOGES, 21, laborer, Ottawa, same, s/o George DESLOGES & Adele DEBIEN, married Ann BLAIS, 19, Ottawa, same, d/o Joseph BLAIS & Olympe CHENIER, witn: George DESLOGES & Joseph BLAIS, 12 July 1886 at Ottawa 2205-86 Peter DEWAR, 37, farmer, Charlottenburg Ont., Lancaster, s/o James DEWAR & Jane McINTYRE, married Ellen McNAUGHTON, 26, Lancaster, same, d/o William McNAUGHTON & Elizabeth McGREGOR, witn: John DEWAR of Lancaster & Christena McGREGOR of Williamstown, 7 Dec 1886 at Ottawa
2219-86 Ernest DUNN, 22, laborer, Cap Deslauriers, Ottawa, s/o John DUNN & Sarah CHATERTON (s/b Chatterton?), married Adelaide CHOUINARD, 21, Riviere au Renord, Ottawa, d/o Alexis CHOUINARD & Mary HARVEY, witn: Charles DUNN & Andre CHOUINARD, 21 Nov 1886 at Ottawa 1178-86 (Carleton Co): George FEE, 34, Gloucester, same, farmer, s/o William FEE and Jane ARMSTRONG married Margaret KETTLES, 36, widow, Gloucester, same d/o Michael ANDERSON and Magdaline SHARP. Wit: Margaret WILSON and D.A.S. FARRIS, both of Ottawa., March 24, 1886, at Ottawa
2164-86 John Robert FERGUSON, 31, farmer, Fitzroy Harbour, Torbolton, s/o John FERGUSON & Sarah DRAPER, married Caroline Kay Jennet SCOTT, 25, Richmond, same, d/o James SCOTT & Jane HERON?, witn: James McMURTRY of South March & James SCOTT of Richmond, 23 Nov 1886 at Ottawa 1973-86 (Carleton Co): Elijah Abraham FISHER, 27, tinsmith, Toronto, Ottawa s/o George and Mary FISHER married Emily Mary HAWKINS, 25, Ottawa, same d/o George and Emily HAWKINS. Wit: George James HAWKINS and Susan FISHER, both of Ottawa. May 20, 1886, at Ottawa
2206-86 Alexander FISHER, 27, farmer, Glengarry, Wakefield Quebec, s/o Finlay FISHER & Mary McMILLAN, married Christena McPHEE, 23, Denholme twp Quebec, same, d/o Duncan McPHEE & Sarah McMILLAN, witn: Edward KERRINGER? of Ottawa & Sarah McPHEE of Denholme twp., 29 Dec 1886 at Ottawa  
2149-86 John Henry FLATTERS, 23, printer, Lincolnshire England, Ottawa, s/o Joseph & Frances, married Emily Helen TRUMAN, 20, Montague twp., Ottawa, d/o William & Sophia, witn: William T. & Laura J. TRUMAN of Ottawa, 21 Sept 1886 at Ottawa 2214-86 Alexis FORSY, 24, tinsmith, Ottawa, same, s/o Alexis FORSY & Euphemie LAROSE, married Alphonsine METHE, 20, Ottawa, same, d/o Pierre METHE & Domathilde SEGUIN, witn: Alexis FORSY & Pierre METHE, 22 Nov 1886 at Ottawa
2161-86 George Beveridge FOTHERINGHAM, 35, stationer, Ottawa, same, s/o John & Margaret, married Elizabeth LEE, 24, Gloucester, New Edinburgh, d/o Robert & Elizabeth, witn: John BUCHANAN & Emma FRASER, both of Ottawa, 17 Nov 1886 at Ottawa 2024-86 (Carleton Co): Gilbert FURGUSON, 27, mechanic, New Edinburgh, same, s/o John FURGUSON and Mary Ann SHARPLY married Sarah Ann WYMAN,26, Templeton, Cumberland, d/o Edger WYMAN and Ellen Jane McELROY. Wit: William McLATCHIE,Templeton and Mary FERGUSON, New Edinburgh. May 24, 1886, at Ottawa.
1975-86 (Carleton Co): William B. GARVOCK (Garnock?), 26, joiner, Scotland, New Edinburgh s/o James GARVOCK and Annie IRONSIDE married Jane D. ANDERSON, 34, Gloucester, same, d/o Alexander ANDERSON and Margaret WHILLAND. Wit: Alexander GARVOCK, New Edinburgh and Jane ANDERSON,Gloucester. May 23, 1886, at Ottawa. 1991-86 (Carleton Co): William GODFREY, 28, Bank of B.N.A., Huntly, St. John's NB, s/o James and Sarah GODFREY married Elizabeth Campbell CHIPMILL?, 22, Aylmer Que, Ottawa, d/o Henry and Elizabeth CHIPMILL. Wit: Josiah James GODFREY, Toronto and Harriet CHIPMILL, Ottawa. Jun 1, 1886, at Christ Church, Ottawa 
2328-87 Edward GOULSON (Godson?), 23, laborer, Liverpool England, Ottawa, s/o James GOULSON & Ann, married Nellie PIERSON, 22, widow, USA, Ottawa, d/o Edward CASSIDY & Mary, witn: Michael & Mrs. Michael SHORT, both of Ottawa, 26 Aug 1886 at Ottawa [with note: The bride states that her former husband Pierson was killed by a race horse to years ago. She is identified here as "Happy Nell"] 2226-86 Noe GOYER, 19, laborer, Templeton Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Pierre GOYER & Sophie DESEAVE?, married Philomene VEZINA, 19, Ottawa, same, d/o Jean Bapt. VEZINA & Angele RUBY, witn: Delphis St. AUBIN & Napolean VEZINA, 6 July 1886 at Ottawa
1970-86 (Carleton Co) Thomas James GRAHAM, 24, farmer, Bell's Corners, same s/o William and Martha GRAHAM married Margaret DAWSON, 22 Bell's Corners, same d/o John and Jane DAWSON. Wit J.C.McNURTY and Lilia DAWSON, both of Belll's Corners. April 14, 1886, at Ottawa. 2021-86 (Carleton Co): Ronald GRANT, 22, clerk, Osgoode, Rochesterville, s/o William GRANT and Catherine YORK married Charlotte CROSS, 23, Ottawa, same, d/o John CROSS and Eliza BARRY. Wit: Edmond GRANT and Caroline Eliza CROSS, both of Ottawa. February 3, 1886, at Ottawa.
2023-86 (Carleton Co): George HAWLEY, 23, fireman, Edwardsburg, Ottawa, s/o George HAWLEY and Elizabeth HALLIDAY married Hannah CANAVAN, 23, Ottawa, same d/o Edward CANAVAN and Annie AYLE. Wit: James MONAHAN and Jennie WELSH, both of Ottawa. May 19, 1886, at Ottawa. 2154-86 John HOARE, 30, mill wright, Portage du Fort, New Edinburgh, s/o John HOARE & Catherine SIRSON, married Jenny GOWAN, 20, Enniskillen Ireland, Ottawa, d/o Daniel GOWAN & Jenny ELLIOTT, witn: John & Mrs. Margaret O'BRIEN of Ottawa, 1 Nov 1886 at Ottawa
1984-86 (Carleton Co): Barnabas Noble HUGHES, 40, sewing machine agent, Nepean Twp., Pembroke, s/o Barnabus HUGHES and Catherine BROOKS married Mary Alexina GAUTHIER, 30, Stafford Twp., Ont., Montreal, Que., d/o Michael GAUTHIER and Julia LaFLAMME. Wit: Sarah Jane WOOD and Charlotte E. DEMPSTER, both of Ottawa. June 5, 1886, at Ottawa. (RC).  
2314 - 1886 (Carleton Co.) Joseph JARVIS, 28, Onslow Que., Hull, Que., s/o Lewis JARVIS & Ellen JARVIS, married Harriett ELLARD, 30, Chelsea Que., Ottawa, d/o James ELLARD & Mary ELLARD, witn: Lewis JARVIS, Jane JARVIS, Hull, 15 July, 1886 at Ottawa 2019-86 (Carleton Co): George JOHNSTON, 38, laborer, Huntly, same, s/o Henry JOHNSTON and Margaret WIGGINS married Martha EVOY, 21, Huntly, same, d/o James EVOY and Martha LOWRY Wit: John ORANGE and Georgina ORANGE. February 16, 1886, at Ottawa
2031-86 (Carleton Co): Rudolph JOLINEAU, 21, shantyman, Rigaud, Vaudreuil, Ottawa s/o Gregorie JOLINEAU and Philomene BENOIT married Emma LOYER, 26, Ottawa, same d/o Joseph LOYER and Leocadie BERGERON. Wit: Hermidas BELANGER and Joseph J.TASSE, both of Ottawa. (RC) 2228-86 Gilbert JULIEN, 25, mechanic, Ottawa, same, s/o Gilbert JULIEN & Julie FANCHER, married Elodie LANDRY, 22, St. Augustin, Ottawa, d/o Louis LANDRY & Delina DAOUST, witn: Gilbert JULIEN & Louis LANDRY, both of Ottawa, 12 July 1886 at Ottawa
2044-86 (Carlton Co): Daniel KELLY, 40 (occup. not given), Nova Scotia, Ottawa s/o Daniel KELLY and Ann COSTELLO married Norah McINNERY, 35, New Brunswick, Ottawa d/o Thomas McINNERY and Norah MORAN. Wit: Edouard BOYER and Lily HAGERTY. February 1, (yr. not noted), at Ottawa. (RC) 1998-86 (Carleton Co): Thomas John KENNEDY, 31, civil engineer, , Cobourg, Ont., Dalton - Dist. Algoma s/o Daniel Kennedy and Jane EYRE married Florence Eleanor SHAW, 24, Quebec City, Ottawa, d/o R.J. SHAW and Eleanor DAWSON. Wit: G.A. HENDERSON and Mary Duncan KEEFER, both of Ottawa. June 7, 1886, at Ottawa
2046-86 (Carleton Co): Patk. Jos. KENNY, 30, brakesman, Ottawa, same s/o Patrick KENNY and Mary O'NEIL married Sarah Ann HEARNEY, 25, St. Malachy Ont., Ottawa, d/o James HEARNEY and Mary SHEHAN. Wit: Michael KENNY, Toledo, Ont., Margaret O'LEARY, Ottawa. February 15, 1886, at Ottawa. (RC) 2203-86 Andrew KERR, 27, farmer, Eardley Quebec, same, s/o Samuel KERR & Margaret Jane McCOOK, married Violetta LUSK, 24, Eardley Quebec, same, d/o Thomas LUSK & Elizabeth MOORE, witn: Samuel Petit HEMPLE & Helen HOOD, both of Ottawa, 31 Dec 1886 at Ottawa
1983-86 (Carlton Co): William KERR, 49, widower, plumber, Montreal, PQ, Ottawa, s/o John KERR and Elizabeth DAVIDSON married Helen Eliza KERR, 46, widow, Hawkesbury, Ottawa, d/o Julius C. BLAISDELL and Margaret BLYTH. Wit: George DEMPSTER and Sarah J. WOOD, both of Ottawa. June 2, 1886, at Ottawa. 2033-86 (Carleton Co): Timothy KILMARTIN, 30, laborer, Nepean, same s/o Patrick KILMARTIN and Mary DRISCOLL married Rose HAMELIN, 17, Hull PQ, Nepean (parents not listed). Wit: James CARROLL, Nepean and Julie ORVICANT, Ottawa.(RC)
2042-86 (Carleton Co.) Octave LABBE, 28, Hotel keeper, Gaspe, Que., Ottawa s/o Jaques LABBE and Josephine BOURGUE married Hermenie ST. JEAN, 25, L'Assumption, Ottawa d/o Cyprica ST. JEAN and Theoliste MARTEL. Wit: Cyrille ST. JEAN and Octavia MOREL, both of Ottawa. January 31, 1886, at Ottawa. (RC) 2049-86 (Carleton Co): Joseph LABELLE, 46, widower,f armer, St. Martin, Temercouminque (Temiskaming?), s/o Pierre LABELLE and Marie PHILICON married Adelaide PIPIN, 46, Montabelle P.Q., Ottawa, d/o Jean Baptiste PIPIN and Sophie CARRIERE. Wit: Joseph LAUDRIAN and Alfred F. GINGRAS, 21 Feb 1886 at Ottawa
2223-86 Edmond LACELLE, 25, laborer, St. Scholastique, Ottawa, s/o Joseph LACELLE & Vitaline GATIEN, married Josephine CLAUDE, 20, Ottawa, same, d/o Claude CLAUDE & Rosalie BRISBOIS, witn: Joseph & Ferdinand LACELLE, 5 July 1886 at Ottawa 2155-86 Louis LAFONTAINE, 23, cabinet maker, Ottawa, St. Joseph Montreal, s/o Olivier LAFONTAINE & Marie Ann PROVENCHER, married Alexina LETOURENAU, 19, Ottawa, same, d/o Elie LATOURNEAU & Euphrasine LAFONTAINE, witn: Joseph & Joseph LAFONTAINE of Ottawa, 26 Sept 1886 at Ottawa
2040-86 (Carlton Co): Alphonse LANDRY, 42, laborer, Ottawa, same s/o Francois LANDRY and Louise DAOUST married Mary POTTS, 40, Ontario, Ottawa, widow,d/o John POTTS and Elizabeth Ann SHIVERS. Wit: Rev. J. O. ROUTHIER and Leon LAUDRY (No res. given). July 17, 1886, at Ottawa. (RC) 2204-86 John LANGSTAFF, 25, blacksmith, Augusta Ont., Ottawa, s/o John LANGSTAFF & Eliza ACKLAND, married Mary JOHNSTON, 22, Gloucester Ont., Ottawa, d/o James JOHNSTON & Jane BAILEY, witn: William J. & Mrs. W.J. TORRANCE of Ottawa, 16 Dec 1886 at Ottawa
2050-86 (Carleton Co): Alphonse LAROQUE, 26, laborer, Ottawa, same, s/o Antoine LAROQUE and Marguerite DAWLOR married Josephine BELLEVILLE, 24, Riviere du Lievre, d/o Pierre BELLEVILLE and Angile FAUBERT. Wit: Francis and Joseph LAROQUE, (Res. not stated). March 1, 1886, at Ottawa. (RC)  
2209-86 George LASCELLE, 23, laborer, Ottawa, same, s/o Jean Bapt. LASCELLE & Emelie CADEUX, married Flora St.AMAN, 35, widow, Williamstown, Ottawa, d/o Jean Bapt. St.AMAN & Marie LABRANCHE, witn: Pierre & Alphonse ROBERT of Ottawa, 1 Dec 1886 at Ottawa 2043-86 (Carleton Co): Bruno LAUZON, 22, (occup. not given), St. Scholastique, PQ, Thurso, PQ, s/o Claude Bruno LAUZON and Amelia AUBRY married Angelina MANTHA, 19, Ottawa, same d/o Pierre TAMBEAU dit MANTHA and Tharcille AUBRY. Wit: Claude Bruno LOUZON and Pierre MANTHA. February 1, 1886, at Ottawa. (RC)
2053-86 (Carleton Co) Ernest LEDUC, 49, widower,farmer, St. Scholastique, Rigaud, P.Q., s/o Joseph LEDUC and Amelie CHARRON married Catherine MAME, 48, widow, St. Jerome, Ottawa d/o Joseph MAME and Catherine LENTHIER. Wit: Pierre ROBERT and Octavie RANGER. (No res. given). March 8, 1886, at Ottawa. (RC) 2048-86 (Carleton Co): Victor Emmanuel L'HEUREUX, 25, barber, St. Hyacinthe, Ottawa s/o Francis L'HEUREUX and Adele DARON married Marie Louise CHAMPAGNE, 22, Papineauville, Ottawa d/o Pierre CHAMPAGNE and Elmire BEAUVAIS. Wit: Frs. H.H. L'HEUREAUX and Pierre CHAMPAGNE, February 8, 1886, at Ottawa. (RC)
2160-86 Charles LEWIS, 24, cook, Birmingham England, Ottawa, s/o Thomas Walter LEWIS & Maria NEIL, married Margaret McCORKEL, 22, Wakefield Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Robert McCORKEL & Margaret NICHOL, witn: George MANNERS & Margaret CAMERON, both of Ottawa, 13 Oct. 1886 at Ottawa 1999-86 (Carleton Co): Richard LIGLOW, 27, bookseller, Goderich, Winnipeg, s/o Richard LIGLOW and Mary Ann JOHNSTON married Charlotte E. HALL, 26, Ottawa, same, d/o Edward HALL and Margaret MONTGOMERY. Wit: Albert Edmund HALL and Eliza BROOM. June 2, 1886, at Ottawa.
  2143-86 Joseph LONGPRE, 21, boucher, Papineauville Quebec, Ottawa, s/o D. Ant. LONGPRE & Emelie SEY, married Emma COUTERE, 21, Ottawa, same, d/o Francois COUTURE & Annie Belle PICTNELL?, witn: Arthur BOND & John HILLMAN, both of Ottawa, 15 Sept 1886 at Ottawa
1993-86 (Carleton Co): William Thomas MASON, 22, (No occup. given), Ottawa, Rochesterville, s/o George and Annie MASON married Esther Ann Caroline ABBOTT, 20, Ottawa, same, d/o Francis and Catherine ABBOTT. Wit: C.A. OLMSTEAD and Addie ABBOTT, both of Ottawa. June 9, 1886, at Christ Church, Ottawa. 2150-86 John Albert McDOLE, 21, laborer, Thurso Quebec, Ottawa, s/o William & Maria, married Elizabeth McGILLIVRAY, 26, Thurso, same, d/o John & Matilda, witn: Allan McGILLIVRAY of Thurso & Ida McDIARMID of Ottawa, 26 Oct 1886 at Ottawa
2051-86 (Carleton Co): John Henry McFALL, 23, police constable, Bristol P.Q., Ottawa, s/o Henry McFALL and Margaret McMENNOMEN married Catherine ROWAN, 21, Buckingham PQ, Ottawa, d/o Richard ROWAN and Catherine KANE. Wit: P.H. HENNIGAN and Maria GILLIS, both of Ottawa. March 4, 1886, at Ottawa. (RC) 2229-86 Joseph MENNIER, 25, laborer, St. Jerome, Ottawa, s/o Edward MENNIER & Adele ROBERT, married Celina ROBITAILLE, 22, Point aux Trembles, Ottawa, d/o Charles ROBITAILLE & Angeligne LANDREVILLE, witn: Samuel LEPINE & Etienne BOUCHARD, both of Ottawa, 12 July 1886 at Ottawa
1988-86 (Carleton Co): Aldred MEREDITH, 25, shoe cutter, England, Ottawa, s/o Richard and Alice MEREDITH married Mary HARWOOD, 25, March, Ottawa, d/o William and Mary Ann HARWOOD. Wit: James Mead and Elizabeth HARWOOD, Ottawa. May 3, 1886, at Christ Church, Ottawa.  2144-86 Willie Henry MIDDLETON, 24, gentleman, Mauritius, Ottawa, s/o William Alex MIDDLETON & Harriet Margaret KAVANAGH, married Mary Froud WISE, 22, Toronto, Ottawa, d/o Frederick A. WISE & Frances N. FROUD (Frond?), witn: Leonard SHANNON & Henriette F. WISE, both of Ottawa, 3 Nov. 1886 at Ottawa
2162-86 Fred MISON, 25, laborer, England, Gloucester, s/o William & Charlotte, married Ada Elizabeth FOOKES, 23, Portsmouth England, Hull Quebec, d/o Charles & Beatrice, witn: James WILSON & Charlotte MISON, both of Gloucester, 20 Nov 1886 at Ottawa 2327-87 William MITCHELL, 26, widower, laborer, England, Ottawa, s/o Samuel MITCHELL & Sarah, married Emily PARKINSON, 19, Chelsea Que., Ottawa, d/o Benjamin PARKINSON & Mary, witn: William PARKINSON & Catherine COLLINS, both of Ottawa, 4 Aug 1886 at Ottawa
2025-86 (Carleton Co.): Charles Milburn MOONEY, 22, telegraph operator, Drummondville, Ottawa, s/o Barnabas MOONEY and Adaline BRUNDEGE, married Racheal Ann HINDES, 21, Ottawa, same d/o Hugh HINDS and Fannie LYTLE. Wit: Hugh HINDS, Jr., Ottawa and Elizabeth LYTLE, Valleyfield. July 8, 1886, at Ottawa 1989-86 (Carlton Co): William Henry MORGAN, 23, London, Eng., Ottawa, s/o William Henry and Rosa LIVING (sic) married Edith Ellen LIVING, 23, Ottawa, same, d/o Henry and Ellen Jemima LIVING. Wit: George F. MORGAN, Florence M. LIVING, Louisa MORGAN, of Ottawa. May 13, 1886, at Christ Church, Ottawa
2045-86 (Carleton Co): Jos. MORIN, 28, laborer, Quebec, Ottawa s/o Jos. MORIN and Cecile MARICHAL married Josephine GASCON, 21, Gatineau, PQ, same, d/o J.B. GASCON and Josephine BEDARD. Wit: Laurent DEFEUIL and Jos. Oscar BROUSSEAU (res. not stated). February 8, 1886, at Ottawa (RC) 2218-86 Leandre MORISSETTE, 27, widower, laborer, Hamilton, Ottawa, s/o Cyprien MORISSETTE & Sophie GALINEAU, married Rosanna GAUTHIER, 27, St. Andrew Avelin, Ottawa, d/o Jean B. GAUTHIER & Eupronie SABRE, witn: Alfred & Joseph MARTEL?, 21 Nov 1886 at Ottawa
2217-86 Francis Joseph MURRAY, 21, laborer, Ottawa, same, s/o Patrick Joseph MURRAY & Catherine M. T. FRAIN, married Ida Theresa EVANS, 18, Ottawa, same, d/o William EVANS & Jane McVEY, witn: Thomas MULRONEY & Minnie EVANS, both of Ottawa, 21 Nov 1886 at Ottawa  
2047-86 (Carleton Co): Edward O'MALLEY, 32, blacksmith, South March, Ont., same s/o Patrick O'MALLEY and Jane ?TINLOS married Ellen BURKE, 31, Cantly, PQ, South March, Ont., d/o David and Ellen BURKE. Wit: Gustave LAMOTHE and Julia BURKE, both of Ottawa. (No date), at Ottawa. (RC) 1196-86 (Carleton Co): William Andrew ORR, 31, civil servant, Canada, Stewarton, Ont., s/o William Andrew and Mary Ann ORR married Lizzie Lonsdale FELTON, 21, Canada, Stewarton, d/o Daniel Gurnsey and Lucretia FELTON. Wit: Caroline ORR, Toronto and Haldane MILLER, Ottawa. June 15, 1886, Stewarton.
2221-86 Felix PARENT, 36, laborer, Ottawa, same, s/o Felix PARENT & Adeline PAGE, married Esther COURTEMANCHE, 24, Sr. Andre Avelin, Ottawa, d/o Jean B. COURTEMANCHE & Domithile LACASSE, witn: Maseime PARENT & Regis CARDINAL, 5 Nov 1886 at Ottawa 1986-86 (Carleton Co): William PARKINSON, 21, laborer, Turo, Ottawa, s/o Benjamin PARKINSON and Mary Anne PIERCE married Susan RALPH, 21, Clarendon, PQ, same, d/o Robert RALPH and Amelia RICHARDSON. Wit: W. MITCHELL and Emil PARKMAN, both of Ottawa. February 20, 1886, Christ's Church, at Ottawa
  1195-86 (Carleton Co): John PETERKIN, 33, bricklayer, New Edinburgh, Ottawa, s/o John PETERKIN and Isabella MORRISON married Mary HEAL, 21, Erinsville, Ottawa, d/o James HEAL and Catherine HENESSY. Wit: John SWEETMAN and Annie DONALDSON, both of Ottawa. April 27, 1886, at Christ Church, Ottawa.
1974-86 (Carleton Co): Henry James PRATT, 26, farmer, London, England, Buckingham, PQ, s/o John and Sarah PRATH (sic) married ELIZABETH GILL, 22, ? Eng., Buckingham, PQ, d/o Joseph and Elizabeth GILL. Wit: Charles M. NEIGHE and Lily GILL, both of Buckingham. May 24, 1886, at Ottawa 2208-86 Homere (Honiere?) PROULX, 32, laborer, Ottawa, same, s/o Hyacinthe PROULX & Pauline GIROUX?, married Delima GIROUX, 29, Ottawa, same, d/o Louis GIROUX & Elmire POTVIN, witn: Gustave LAMOTHE & Marie BROUSSEAU, 29 Dec 1886 at Ottawa
2224-86 Wilfred QUIVILLION, 19, laborer, Ottawa, same, s/o J.B. QUIVILLON & Aglie NAU (Nare?), married Marie Gouin DESJARDINS, 19, Chatham, Ottawa, d/o Moise DESJARDINS & Phippeline BREMPEUR?, witn: Francis FORTIER & Moise DESJARDINS, 5 Feb 1886 at Ottawa 2052-86 (Carleton Co): Michael ROY, 22, laborer, Point Fortune, Ottawa, s/o Oliver ROY and Marie REILLY married Victoria LAMBERT, 22, Gaspe P.Q., Ottawa, d/o Barnabi LAMBERT and Anastasie PICKARD. Wit: Pierre ROBERT and Thomas MALONEY, both of Ottawa. March 7, 1886, at Ottawa. (RC)
2142-86 Regis ROY, 22, civil service, Ottawa, same, s/o Francois REGIS & Philomene BRUNET, married Celina CORBEIL, 21, Ottawa, same, d/o Louis CORBEIL & Esther CLARETTE, witn: Louis CORBEIL & Moise LAVOIE, both of Ottawa, 27 Sept 1886 at Ottawa 2054-86 (Carleton Co): Thomas ST. DENIS, 24, laborer, Ste. Anne du Bart del Isle, Ottawa, s/o Thomas ST. DENIS and Elmire BRUNET married Marie DESCHAMP, 21, Quebec, Ottawa d/o Joseph DESCHAMP and Elinore SERVIS. Wit: Laurent DRAPAIN and George SOUCY. (No res. given) March 31, 1886, at Ottawa. (RC)
2151-86 Andrew H. SAULTER, 22, farmer, Alnwick Ont., Cloverdale Calif., s/o James SAULTER & Helen SMITH, married Maggie Campbell DALGLEISH, 19, Ottawa, same, d/o George DALGLEISH & Jessie CAMPBELL, witn: James C. DALGLEISH of Ottawa & William SAULTER of Toronto, 27 Oct. 1886 at Ottawa 2225-86 Jean Baptiste SAUVE, 22, blacksmith, Van Kleek Hill, Ottawa, s/o Benjamin SAUVE & Christine SABOURIN, married Philomene BEAUNE, 22, Ottawa, same, d/o George BEAUNE & Catherine DESJARDIN, witn: Marie BROUSSEAU & Alphonse ROBERT, 5 July 1886 at Ottawa
2148-86 Henry SCHARF, 24, farmer, Nepean, Gloucester, s/o Henry SCHARF & Sarah Ann, married Charlotte WATTERS, 23, March, Ottawa, d/o James & Isabella, witn: Joseph & Maria FITZSIMMONS, 7 Sept 1886 at Ottawa 1992-86 (Carlton Co): Robert SCHARFF, 20, farmer, Cumberland, same, s/o Joseph SCHARFF and Eliza DAVEY married Annie SWEENY, 19, Ireland, Goulburn, d/o John SWEENY and Anna Maria MORRIS. Wit: Archibald McLEAN and Mary Ellen CHELSEA. June 8, 1886, at Christ Church, Ottawa.
2037-86 (Carlton Co): Zephir SEGUIN, 30, cabman, Ottawa, same s/o Antoine SEGUIN and Elizabeth OUIMET married Josephine LAPERRIERE, 24, Quebec, Ottawa d/o Hector LAPERRIERE and Angelique GENAIS. Wit: Octave SEGUIN and Hector LAPERRIERE, both of Ottawa. January 11, 1886, at Ottawa. (RC)  
1194-86 (Carleton Co): Angus SOUVEY, 35, laborer, Glengarry, Hull, s/o William SOUVEY and Betsey McMULLEN married Annie WILSON, 28, Quebec, Hull, d/o John WILSON and Elizabeth O'NEIL. Wit: Mary A. GRAHAM and John SWEETMAN, both of Ottawa. May 1, 1886, at Christ Church, Ottawa. 2147-86 Patrick STAFFORD, 34?, widower, quarry man, Co. Wexford Ireland, Ottawa, s/o Michael & Catherine, married Margaret TAYLOR, 24, Co. Fermanagh Ireland, Ottawa, d/o Thomas & Mary, witn: S. WILLIAMSON & Catherine TAYLOR, both of Ottawa, 4 Sept 1886 at Ottawa
1981-86 (Carleton Co): John STRACHAN, 31, farmer, Hull Twp., same, s/o William STRACHAN and Isabella KIRK married Lucy STOREY, 21, Cantly, same, d/o William STOREY and Martha GREY. Wit: Anderson STOREY, Cantly and Annie PINK, Hull Twp., March 16, 1886. 2156-86 Joseph THOMPSON, 22, farmer, Cumberland England, Mount Vernon, s/o William THOMPSON & Frances ARMSTRONG, married Elizabeth MUIR, 23, Dalry Scotland, Ottawa, d/o John MUIR & Mary HOLLAND, witn: John BECKETT & George COX, both of Ottawa, 8 Oct. 1886 at Ottawa
2222-86 William THOMPSON, 35, policeman, Nepean, Ottawa, s/o William THOMPSON & Jane DORAN, married Ann MAHONEY, 25, North Gower, Ottawa, d/o John MAHONEY & Nora GORMAN, witn: George O'KEEFE & Martha MAHONEY, both of Ottawa, no date, 1886 at Ottawa 2313 - 1886 (Carleton Co.) Charles Albert THOMPSON, 23, merchant, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Philip N. THOMPSON & Louisa THOMPSON, married Marian Bell VEITCH, 17, Brockville, Ottawa, d/o William VEITCH & Emeline VEITCH, witn: A.M. THOMPSON, 14 July, 1886 at Ottawa.
  2028-86 (Carleton Co): George Alexander TOUGH, 28, boardinghouse keeper, Arnprior, Ottawa s/o William TOUGH and Catherine TAYLOR married Lydia RAMEY, 23, Metcalfe, same d/o John RAINEY and Isabella MATHEWSON. Wit: J.B. Spencer, Ottawa and Helen RAMEY, Metcalfe. June 2, 1886, at Ottawa.
2216-86 Honore TRAVERSY, 25, butcher, Ottawa, same, s/o Ephraim TRAVERSY & Judith MERANGER, married Marie Louise VALIQUETTE, 20, St. Scholastique, Ottawa, d/o Mathias VALIQUETTE & Agnes LASCELLE, witn: John GLEESON & Mathias VALIQUETTE, both of Ottawa, 22 Nov 1886 at Ottawa 2212-86 Alphonse TRUDEL, 26, confectioner, Levis Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Pierre TRUDEL & Henriette COUTU--(off page), married Louise AYOTTE, 21, Ottawa, same, d/o Alexander AYOTTE & Marguerite CHARLE--(off page), witn: Pierre TRUDEL & Paul FAVREAU, 24 Nov 1886 at Ottawa
2158-86 John TYTLER, 60, clerk, widower, Forfar Scotland, Clarence Ont., s/o William TYTLER & Margaret SMITH, married Martha Burnett ROSS, 27, Ayr Ont., Clarence Ont., d/o Alex ROSS & Agnes MURRAY, witn: Abraham CODE & Emmeline GRAHAM, both of Ottawa, 12 Oct. 1886 at Ottawa 2029-86 (Carleton Co): Elizar VALEE, 26, lumber man, Quebec, Ottawa s/o Elizar VALEE and Mary TRUBER married Mary INGLEHART, 40, widow, Quebec, Ottawa d/o Thomas PICKMER and Catherine L. WRIGHT. Wit: Nellie FARRIS and Minnie ROSS, both of Ottawa. June 30, 1886, at Ottawa. (RC)
  1197-86 (Carlton Co): Charles Henry WADE, 46, mercantile agent, Ireland, Montreal, s/o William M. and Catherine WADE married Adelaide STEACY, 28, Ireland, Ottawa, d/o John B. and Grace A. STEACY. Wit: Constance and Henry/Herty(?) H. STEACY, both of Ottawa. June 14, 1886, at Ottawa.
1982-86 (Carleton Co): Frederick McLean WALSH, 22, clerk, Quebec, PQ, Montreal, PQ s/o Michael and MARY WALSH married Olive Wilhemina McAULEY, 21, Thurso, Que., Ottawa d/o William and Catherine McAULEY. Wit: Catherine McAULEY, Mary McAULEY, both of Ottawa. June 2, 1886, at Ottawa. (RC) 1985-86 (Carleton Co): Robert WHITE, 22, laborer, King's Co., N.B., Maxwell, Ont. s/o Robert WHITE and Esther ?HOLMES married Mary GOODWIN, 24, Michigan, U.S., Cornwall, d/o James GOODWIN and Eliza NOLAND. Wit: S. JAMES and Mabel P. BOGERT, both of Ottawa. June 5, 1886, Church of St. Alban the Martyr, at Ottawa
1987-86 (Carleton Co): Samuel WILSON, 37, farmer, Onslow, PQ, same, s/o Robert WILSON and Mary GILPIN married Margaret ANN SMITH, 23, Bristol, PQ, Turo, d/o Elijah Douglas Ross SMITH and Judith GILPIN. Wit: John SWEETMAN, Ottawa and Minnie MATHESON, Shawville. Christ Church, March 18, 1886, at Ottawa. 2146-86 James William YOUNG, 20, glue manufacturer, Toronto, Ottawa, s/o James & Ann Hogg YOUNG, married Charlotte Eliz. HOLLET, 16, Toronto, Ottawa, d/o Joseph E. & Amelia Maria Daniels HOLLET, witn: James & Mrs. James REID of Nepean, 28 Oct 1886 at Ottawa