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Carleton Co., 1888

birth place is given before residence


2318-88 Carl Alfred Leonard AKERLINDT, 26, interpreter, Sweden, Ottawa, s/o John Franz Leonard & Matilda Charlotte, married Hildur JOHNZON, 20, Sweden, Ottawa, d/o Frederick & Charlotte, witn: Clara POTTER of Van Kleek Hill & W.J. WILLS of Ottawa, 29 Sept 1888 at Ottawa (Lutheran)  
1908-88 James ALEXANDER, 35, yeoman, Gloucester, same, s/o James ALEXANDER & Margaret, married Eliza Jane CRAIG, 21, Nepean, same, d/o Robert CRAIG & Jane, witn: Thomas ALEXANDER of Gloucester & Mary GREER of Nepean, 24 Oct. 1888 at res of the bride's mother, Nepean 2197-88 Gustav Robert ALKGONIST, 21, brick maker, Finland, Ottawa, s/o August Wilhelm ALKGONIST & Marie Sophie NYTENEN, married Maria SODERSTROM, 35, widow, Finland, Nepean, d/o Gustave CONANEN & Christena STRANBURG, witn: Nelson BOURNELK of Nepean & John FAULNE? of L'Orignal, 31 Aug 1888 at Ottawa
2335-88 Charlie Bosswick ALLEN, 29, carpenter, Cleveland Ohio, Kingston, s/o Theophile Folger & Mary Ann, married Robena JONES, 26, Ottawa, same, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth, witn: Amelia JONES of Ottawa & Archie SMYTH of Kingston, 26 Sept 1888 at Ottawa 2332-88 William Alfred ALLEN, 26, shantyman, Chelsea Quebec, same, s/o John & Maria, married Isabella CARSON, 22, Cascades, same, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: William CARSON & Margaret ALLEN, 24 July 1888 at Ottawa
1909-88 William Wesley ARGUE, 28, blacksmith, Ashton, same, s/o George ARGUE & Ann, married Jennie COOKE, 25, Ottawa, Pakenhan, d/o John COOKE & Eleanor, witn: Robert Kennedy STEWART of Ashton & Katie COOKE of Ottawa, 17 July 1888 at res of Alexander Moffatt, Nepean 1932-88 Thomas BARCLAY, 27, farm laborer, Ireland, 3rd line of Huntley, s/o John BARCLAY & Mary MONTEITH, married Ellen DAVIS, 16, Liverpool England, 3rd line of Huntley, d/o William DAVIS & unknown, witn: James HAMILTON & Isabella GORDON, both of 3rd line, Huntley twp, 26 Jan 1888 at Christ Church
2339-88 Isaac BETTS, 21, boiler maker, Chester--? England, Ottawa, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Nellie DUDLEY, 18, Ottawa, same, d/o William & Martha, witn: James DUDLEY & Rachel BROWN, both of Ottawa, 31 Oct 1888 at Ottawa 2187-88 Felix BIGSON, 57, widower, farmer, Lachute Que., Arundel - Argentueil Que., s/o Felix BIGSON & Charlotte, married Lucinda HUTTON, 18, Chatham Que., Arundel Que., d/o William HUTTON & Lucinda, witn: John SWEETMAN of Ottawa, 26 June 1888 at Ottawa
2300-88 Hugh Bradish BILLINGS, 27, farmer, Gloucester, Billings Bridge, s/o Charles BILLINGS & Maria MURRAY, married Eliza Jane MUTCHMORE, 26, Ottawa, same, d/o Alexander MUTCHMORE & Dorinda BALL, witn: C. H. FITZSIMMONS of Brockville & H. A. MUTCHMORE of Ottawa, 16 Oct 1888 at Ottawa 2172-90 Pierre BOURGET, 45, widower, laborer, St. Roch Que., Ottawa, s/o Jean BOURGET & Angele BELANGER, married Mary Ann LAROCQUE, 54, widow, Rigaud, Ottawa, d/o Achille LAROCQUE & Euphrosine BELANGER, 30 Aug 1888 at Ottawa
002252-87 (Carleton Co) Joseph BOYD, 31, butcher, Ireland, Ottawa, s/o James BOYD and Hannah KENNEDY married Olive Stayden STEVENS, 27, Ottawa, same, d/o Richard STEVENS & Fanny SLOCOMBE. Wit James SLOCOMBE and Rose SLOCOMBE, both of Ottawa. January 12, 1888?, at Ottawa. 2188-88 Roderick John BRENNAN, 34, civil service, Montreal, Ottawa, s/o Martin BRENNAN & Margaret FINLAY, married Catherine Rose O'REILLY, 23, Ottawa, same, d/o John O'REILLY & Catherine DEVLIN, witn: William KEARNS & Mary A. O'REILLY, both of Ottawa, 31 July 1888 at Ottawa
2301-88 Donald BURNETT, 27, miner, Ontario, Portland Quebec, s/o Samuel BURNETT & Marjorie McMULLEN, married Margaret Maria COLLINS, 23, Ottawa, same, d/o Thomas COLLINS & Catherine O'BRIEN, witn: Sawray? BURNETT of Portland & Sarah COLLINS of Ottawa, 27 Sept 1888 at Ottawa  
2174-90 Thomas CARRIERE, 22, laborer, Chrysler, Ottawa, s/o Thomas CARRIERE & Virginie LEPAGE, married Celina DECHESNES, 20, Levi Que., Ottawa, d/o George DECHESNES & Celina LEBRUN, witn: Maxime LEDUC & Alexis GOULET, both of Ottawa, 12 Nov 1888 at Ottawa 2170-88 Joseph CARRIERE, 22, Ottawa, same, s/o Frederick CARRIERE & Sophie CARDINAL, married Olivia DAIGNAULT, 18, Ottawa, same, d/o Joseph DAIGNAULT & Sophie, witn: Alderic CARRIERE & Joseph DAIGNAULT, both of Ottawa, 9 July 1888 at Ottawa
2296-88 Henry Lee CARSON, 24, farmer, Ottawa Co - Que., North Nation Mills, s/o James CARSON & Margaret MACKENZIE, married Agnes KIRKPATRICK, 22, Ottawa Co., St. Emilie, d/o William KIRKPATRICK & Matilda KENNY, witn: James KIRKPATRICK of W. illegible & Emily DUNCAN of Ottawa, 5 Sept 1888 at Ottawa 2341-88 William John CHURCH, 25, mechanic, Ottawa, same, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Annie Emma WOODS, 22, North Wakefield Que., same, d/o David & Maria, witn: Hugh McGILLIVRAY of Ottawa & Martha WOODS of Wakefield, 10 Oct 1888 at Ottawa
1934-88 William James CLARKE, 28, farmer, 7th con of Huntley, same, s/o Robert William CLARKE & Jane DOHERTY, married Mary Jane DALEY, 21, of 7th con of Huntley, d/o William DALEY & Ann GRIFFITHS, witn: Francis CLARKE & Eliza Jane DALEY, both of Huntley, 17 April 1888 at Christ Church, 3rd line of Huntley 1919-88 John James CLARKE, 27, laborer, Nepean, Birchton - Nepean twp., s/o James CLARKE & Ellen, married Elizabeth WILLSON, 25, Dunrobin, same, d/o Isaac WILLSON & Elizabeth, witn: Richard CLARKE of Birchton & Sarah WILLSON of Dunrobin, 5 Dec 1880 at St. Johns Church, South March
2340-88 William John CLEAVE, 28, delivery clerk, Ottawa, same, s/o William & Agnes, married Kate BOIVIN, 21, Ottawa, same, d/o Patrick & Delaney, witn: Charles W. HARRISON & Bertha DOYLE, both of Ottawa, 13? Oct. 1888 at Ottawa 2319-88 John Ralph CLEWES, 23, clerk, Canada, Ottawa, s/o John & Agnes, married Charlotte Elizabeth SMYTH, 23, Canada, Ottawa, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth, witn: Clarence W. MARTIN of Ottawa & Mary J. O'HARA of Renfrew, 18 Sept 1888 at Ottawa
2302-88 Thomas COGHLAN, 28, laborer, Canada, Ottawa, s/o John COGHLAN & Ann PACK, married May A. CASH, 24, Canada, Ottawa, d/o Peter CASH & Maria MURPHY, witn: John NASH & Annie CASH, both of Ottawa, 20 June 1888 at Ottawa (Rom Cath) 002277-87 (Carleton Co) Robert COMRIE, 26, blacksmith, Osgoode, Gloucester, s/o William COMRIE & Rebecca GRAHAM married Prudence DYCEE (DYCIE?), 23, East Templeton PQ, same, d/o George DYCEE and Mary OGILVIE. Wit John COMRIE of Osgoode and Laura MURPHY of East Templeton. January 18, 1888 at Ottawa
  2291-88 John S. CONCANNON, 35, attorney, Boston Mass, same, s/o Michael CONCANNON & Ann BRENNAN, married Mary KAVANAGH, 25, Canada, Ottawa, d/o Michael KAVANAGH & Sarah BRANIGAN, witn: Francis R. LATCHFORD & Mary KAVANAGH, both of Ottawa, 11 June 1888 at Ottawa
2303-88 William COSTELLO, 38, mechanic, Canada, Smith Falls, s/o Michael COSTELLO & Catherine WELSH, married Ellen ALLEN, 30, Canada, Ottawa, d/o Edward ALLEN & May PURTALL, witn: Thomas COSTELLO of Smith Falls & Agnes FITZGERALD of Ottawa, 20 June 1888 at Ottawa (Rom Cath) 1916-88 James COWIE, 35, laborer, Nepean, same, s/o David COWIE & Catherine, married Martha HOGAN, 28, South March, same, d/o unknown, witn: Timothy McCARTHY of Nepean & Mrs. peter COWAN of Brae--?, 13 July 1888 at Fallowfield
2309-88 Michael DARCEY, 24, laborer, Canada, Ottawa, s/o Patrick DARCY (sic) & Mary KELLY, married Margaret KELLY, 21, Canada, Ottawa, d/o Thomas & Mary, witn: Henry HANLY & Catherine DARCY, both of Ottawa, 23 July 1888 at Ottawa (Rom Cath) 2165-88 George DAVEY (Dorey?), 25, laborer, Eardley Que., Hull Que., s/o Nelson DAVEY & Mary ERNS?, married Elizabeth SKIPAGE, 22, widow, Ottawa, Hull, d/o John DUNCAN & Elizabeth CODY, witn: John DUNCAN of Hull? & Caroline SCANLON of Ottawa, 14 June 1888 at Ottawa
2316-88 Thomas DAVIS, 29, gardener, Canada, Ottawa, s/o William DAVIS & Mary EVANS, married Esther McGOVERN, 26, Canada, Ottawa, d/o Thomas McGOVERN & Mary HENRY (Heney?), witn: William LAMBKIN & Catherine DONOVAN, both of Ottawa, 13 Sept 1888 at Ottawa 1923-88 Albert Edward DAWSON, no age given, farmer, Goulbourne, same, s/o Francis DAWSON & Jane, married Jane Ann Melinda SEABROOK, no age given, Goulbourne, same, d/o Thomas SEABROOK & Ann, witn: Alice SEABROOK of Goulbourne & John McCORD of Richmond, 6 June 1888 at St. Johns Church, Richmond
2312-88 Michael DOCHERTY, 31, laborer, Ireland, Ottawa, s/o Michael DOCHERTY & Bridget LYNCH, married Joanna KENNA, 28, Canada, Nepean, d/o John KENNA & Ellen FITZGERALD, witn: Michael O'CONNELL & Eliza KENNA, both of Nepean, 22 Aug 1888 at Ottawa (Rom Cath) 2185-88 Robert DONALDSON, 52, widower, miller, Chatham Que., Hull, s/o Robert DONALDSON & Agnes JACKSON, married Matilda LESTER, 41, London England, Ottawa, d/o Richard LESTER & Matilda WALLACE, witn: Archer BAILEY & Matilda WOODS, both of Ottawa, date & location not given
1920-88 Hugh DONEVIN, 28, farmer, Cantly - North Chelsey, same, s/o David DONEVIN & Catherine, married Ellen Jane TIMMINS, 30, Goulbourne, same, d/o John TIMMINS & Ellen, witn: Patrick TIMMINS & Margaret Jane COSGROVE, both of Goulbourne, 9 April 1888 at Goulbourne Church 2176-88 John Edward DONLEY, 23, yeoman, Canada, Stittsville, s/o Edward DONLEY & Caroline CLARK, married Mary Ann SULLIVAN, 22, Canada, Nepean, d/o Daniel SULLIVAN & Mary RYAN, witn: Albert W. DONLEY of Stittsville & Maggie SULLIVAN of Nepean, 31 July 1888 at Ottawa
2314-88 Fred DREWRY, 30, widower, commercial traveller, Trenton, Toronto, s/o John & Sarah, married Emeline GRAHAM, 27, Canada, Ottawa, d/o Thomas & Mary, witn: A. B. CORDINGLEY of Toronto & Bella MacPHERSON of Ottawa, 10 Sept 1888 at Ottawa 1911-88 Charles DUKELOW, 38, yeoman, Canada, Edwardsburgh, s/o Charles DUKELOW & Ann NEWMAN, married Hester Ann YOUNG, 23, Canada, Rochesterville, d/o Trueman YOUNG & Jane CONNELL, witn: Joshua CONNELL of Prescott & Minnie YOUNG of Rochesterville, 25 Dec 1888 at Rochesterville
2326-88 William Leslie DUNCAN, 35, foreman, Masham Quebec, same, s/o James DUNCAN & Jane Ann BROWN, married Ellen WHEELER, 19, Bath England, Masham Quebec, d/o William & Isabella, witn: William COCHRANE of Rochesterville & Mrs. Thomas McKITTRICK of Chelsea, 16 Oct 1888 at Ottawa 2175-88 Arthur ECCLES, 22, teamster, Canada, Almonte, s/o John ECCLES & Mary Ann NESBITT, married Emma Retta TOOLE, 21, USA, Almonte, d/o Samuel TOOLE & Angeline HANNAH, witn: Kate DENISON & Eleanor BROOKS, 25 July 1888 at Ottawa
2194-88 Joseph EUSTACHE, 48, widower, laborer, Oka Que., Hull, s/o unknown, married Ellen LEE, 49, widow, Oka, Hull, d/o unknown, witn: John SMART of Tyendinaga & Joseph NELSON of Oka, 27 Aug 1888 at Ottawa 1935-88 Joshua FENNELL, 27, merchant tailor, Wellington Ont., Carp, s/o Thomas FENNELL & Judith, married Louisa ARGUE, 28, Huntley, same, d/o Robert ARGUE & Mary McDANIEL, witn: Robert ARGUE of Huntley & Eleanor MacDOWELL of Carp, 21 March 1888 at res of Robert Argue, Huntley
2345-88 Wesley E. FENTON, 24, book keeper, Gloucester, Ottawa, s/o George FENTON & Elizabeth CALDWELL, married Elizabeth FOSTER, 24, Woolwich England, Ottawa, s/o James W. FOSTER & Elizabeth PARSONS, witn: Samuel LAWSON & Ada FOSTER, both of Ottawa, 9 May 1888 at Ottawa 2297-88 Robert FIELDS, 25, laborer, Canada, Ottawa, s/o John FIELDS & Rebecca DAVIS, married Adeline WOODS, 22, Canada, Hull Que., d/o William WOODS & Ellen Jane McKEE, witn: Benjamin WOODS & Hanna FITZGERALD, both of Hull, 29 Aug 1888 at Ottawa
2334-88 William FITZPATRICK, 29, driver, North Wakefield Que, Ottawa, s/o Michael & Ellen CULVERT, married Elizabeth Ann JAM--?(off page), 25, Carleton Co., Ottawa, d/o George & Ann (nee HARRIS?), witn: William HILMAN? & Annie FITZPATRICK, both of Ottawa, 5 Sept 1888 at Ottawa 2179-88 Jeremiah FRAPPIER, 29, farmer, Winchester Ont., Portland Que., s/o Joseph FRAPPIER & Mary Jennie TRYRRA?, married Catherine Amanda DAVIS, 18, Wakefield Que., same, d/o William Wallace DAVIS & Frances SMITH, witn: William & Miss DAVIS of Wakefield [father & sister of the bride], 22 Aug 1888 at Ottawa
2202-88 Fanny? FREDERICK, 37, laborer, Ehfend? Germany, Ottawa, s/o Henry? FREDERICK & Catherine BROOKS, married Agnes KAHL, 27, Posen Germany, Ottawa, d/o Henry F. KAHL & Elizabeth COVIAL, witn: John SOBENSKI & Joseph OMBRESS, both of Ottawa, no date given, at Ottawa 2320-88 Henry FRYMIRE, 30, carriage maker, Canada, Morrisburg, s/o John & Catherine, married Kate MALLOY, 28, Canada, Routhier - Prescott, d/o Michael Edmund & Sarah, witn: Alice OWEN-JONES & Wilhelmina WINGES, both of Ottawa, 25 Sept 1888 at Ottawa
2299-88 Alfred James GAMMON?, 24, teamster, Canada, Ottawa, s/o Thomas GAMMON & Mary Jane CLOSE, married Eliza Sajient? FITZSIMMONS, 19, Canada, Ottawa, d/o Henry FITZSIMMONS & Susannah Jane BINKS, witn: William H. FITZSIMMONS & S. J. GAMMON, both of Ottawa, 1 Oct. 1888 at Ottawa 2338-88 Frank GOODEN, 23, painter, NY City, Ottawa, s/o William GOODEN & illegible WARD, married Annie COWAN, 23, Ottawa, same, d/o Joseph COWAN & Annie? LAPINE?, witn: James & Ida PURDY of Ottawa, 8 Oct. 1888 at Ottawa
2199-88 Adolphus GOODERICH, 24, laborer, White Cape Que., Hull, s/o Joseph GOODERICH & Delia LASARD, married Mary POIRIER, 18, Lochiel, Hull, d/o Samuel POIRIER & Hattie LAVIOLETTE, witn: Samuel POIRIER of Hull & E.C. DEMPSTER of Chelsea, 24 Aug 1888 at Ottawa 1925-88 William Lyons GRAY, 26, miller, Almonte, same, s/o Hugh GRAY & Jane, married Phoebe Amanda GOOD, 24, Burritts Rapids, Richmond, d/o John GOOD & Mary A., witn: William & Eliza HAMILTON of Richmond, 28 Aug 1888 at Richmond
2321-88 Alexander James GREEN, 29, farmer, East Templeton, same, s/o Alexander GREEN & Elizabeth BOYES, married Sarah TOLL, 20, East Templeton, same, d/o Thomas TOLL & Annie Ellen O'BRIEN, witn: Jennie SLY & Emily DUNCAN, both of Ottawa, 26 Sept 1888 at Ottawa 002276-87 (Carleton Co) Frederick GRIFFIN, 23, laborer, Droiges Wiltshire Eng, East Templeton PQ, s/o George GRIFFIN and Elizabeth STELLIAR married Margaret Jennett DUNSE, 23, East Templeton PQ, same, d/o James DUNSE & Margaret MURRAY. Wit James DUNSE of East Templeton and Helen STOOD of Ottawa. January 24, 1888 at Ottawa
2304-88 William HALL, 29, farmer, Canada, Chelsea Quebec, s/o John HALL & Catherine CREELEY, married Eliza McCUSKE?, 27, widow, Canada, Ottawa, d/o William MADDEN & Catherine BAXTER, witn: Dan RONEY & Catherine GLEESON, both of Ottawa, 24 June 1888 at Ottawa (Rom Cath) 002278-87 (Carleton Co) Percy Richard HAMBLIN, 26, clerk, Clapham England, Ottawa, s/o William HAMBLIN and Emily PALMER married Mary Ann Young BUCHANAN, 21, Utica N.Y, Ottawa, s/o James BUCHANAN & Maggie WOOD. Wit Samuel LAWSON of Ottawa and Maggie BARKER of Pakenham. January 18, 1888 at Ottawa
1906-88 Albert Edward HARE, 28, farmer, Nepean, same, s/o Robert HARE & Barbara SHILLINGTON, married Mary Jane BELL, 25, Nepean, same, d/o George BELL & Mary KEARTON, witn: Charles ROBINSON & Christena BELL, both of Nepean, 17 July 1888 at Nepean 1924-88 Gilbert HARTIN, 29, farmer, Goulbourne, same, s/o David HARTIN & Sarah, married Hannah Bella TORNEY, 23, Richmond, same, d/o William TORNEY & Jane, witn: R.G. TORNEY of Richmond & Thomas H. KIRBY of Ottawa, 20 Aug 1888 at res of the bride, Richmond
1938-88 Henry HAYNES, 34, carriage painter, Montreal, Carp, s/o James HAYNES & Mary O'SHAUGHNESSY, married Mary MacPHERSON, 24, Goulbourne, Carp, d/o Patrick McPHERSON & Sophia, witn: Clare O'KEEFE & A.M. LYON, both of Ottawa, 11 June 1888 at Episcopal parsonage, Carp 2198-88 Albert Edward HENNING, 25, civil service, England, Ottawa, s/o Henry HENNING & Eliza Ann, married Charlotte FLOYD, 27, Canada, Ottawa, d/o Arthur FLOYD & Frances Amelia SMITH, witn: D. KEELEY? & Marion HENNING, both of Ottawa, 7 June 1888 at Ottawa
1931-88 Frederick Charles HIRSCH, 22, clerk, Marrs Corners - Fitzroy, Carp, s/o Charles HIRSCH & Elizabeth FORBES, married Frances Maria RIVINGTON, 22, Carp, same, d/o William RIVINGTON & Jane PEARSON, witn: Andrew HIRSCH of Montreal & Florence RIVINGTON of Carp and Minnie HODGINS of Fitzroy, 3 Jan 1888 at res of Mrs. William Rivington, Carp 2310-88 James HOLLAND, 23, mechanic, Nelson, North Bay, s/o Pat HOLLAND & Bridget McGAUVRE?, married Rose FITZPATRICK, 25, Canada, Ottawa, d/o John FITZPATRICK & Mary TREMBLAY, witn: John CROW of North Bay & Marcella ORDILL of Ottawa, 31 July 1888 at Ottawa (Rom Cath)
2294-88 Charles HUNGER, 42, widower, wood & coal merchant, Nue? Germany, Ottawa, s/o Charles HUNGER & Charlotte Henrietta NESTLER, married Elizabeth Montgomery HALL, 36, New Edinburgh, Ottawa, d/o William HALL & Margaret SMITH, witn: Abraham HENDERSON of Toronto & Hannah Amelia HEPINSTALL of Ottawa, 4 Sept 1888 at Ottawa 2190-88 Alexander JACKSON, 28, farmer, Lanark, Winnipeg, s/o Alexander JACKSON & Isabella, married Alice McVEITH, 19, Richmond, same, d/o James McVEITH & Elizabeth, witn: Robert PHILLPS & Harriet McVEITY, both of Richmond, 16 July 1888 at Ottawa
2346-88 William James JOHNSON, 40, farmer, London England, Thamesville - Kent, s/o William James JOHNSON & Agnes RIDLEY, married Mary Ann KENTN--?(off page), 28, widow, West Winchester, same, d/o Sidney SHAVER & Didema STEAD, witn: Nellie M. & Arthur W. CARSON of Ottawa, 7 Sept 1888 at Ottawa 2330-88 George Storey JOHNSTON, 27, merchant, Huntley, Ottawa, s/o William & Eliza, married Bertha Elizabeth ELLIOTT, 24, Ottawa, same, d/o Robert & Mary, witn: Ida McCRACKEN of Pembroke & William (Mrs?) James JOHNSTON of Carp, 13 June 1888 at Ottawa
2293-88 Henry KARGELINE?, 30, sawyer, Troy NY, Ironsides, s/o George KARGELINE & Anna Catherine FRESHAW, married Elizabeth Jane CAMERON, 20, Desert - Ottawa Co. Que., Ironsides, d/o Hugh & Jessie Graham CAMERON, witn: James KENNEDY of Hawkesbury & Janet CAMERON of Ironsides, 10 Oct 1888 at Ottawa  
2192-88 Cotes Andrew KELLY, 38, machinist, Waterbury Vermont, South Indian Ont., s/o Lawrence KELLY & Ellen, married Florence McDONALD, 22, St. Isidore Que., South Indian, d/o Frank McDONALD & Mary, witn: Charles & Ellen LAROSE of South Indian, 16 Aug 1888 at Ottawa 2173-88 Albert KENDRICK, 23, livery driver, Mountain twp., West Winchester, s/o Thomas KENDRICK & Martha, married Ida Bell BROWN, 21, West Winchester, same, d/o Joseph BROWN & Jennie, witn: John & Eliza BURNS of Ottawa, 11 Aug 1888 at Ottawa
001961-89 (Carleton Co) John Bryden KERR, 24, mechanic, Edinburgh, Ottawa, s/o George Munroe & Agnes KERR married Kate MERRIFIELD, 21, Ottawa, Nepean, d/o William James & Nancy MERRIFIELD. Wit Charles MEECH of Ottawa and Laura MERRIFIELD of Sherwood. July 17, 1888 at Sherwood Nepean. 2180-88 John Boydon KERR, 24, mechanic, Edinburgh Scotland, Ottawa, s/o George Munroe KERR & Agnes, married Katie MERRIFIELD, 21, Ottawa, Mount Sherwood, d/o William James MERRIFIELD & Nancy, witn: Charles MEECH & Laura MERRIFIELD, 17 July 1888 at Ottawa
2311-88 Patrick KILT, 43, merchant, Canada, Hull Quebec, s/o John KILT & Margaret KEHOE, married Mary A. KILDUFF, 33, Canada, Ottawa, d/o Peter KILDUFF & Ellen McCAULEY, witn: William O'DELL & Catherine BYRNES, both of Ottawa, 15 Aug 1888 at Ottawa (Rom Cath) 2169-88 William KING, 21, USA, Ottawa, s/o William KING & Rosalie NAULT, married Meline ALBERT, 22, St. Therese Que., Ottawa, d/o Jean ALBERT & Marie DORE, witn: Pierre THIBAULT & Pierre DORE, both of Ottawa, 11 June 1888 at Ottawa
2171-88 Joseph LAJOIE, 23, Le Madelaine Que., Ottawa, s/o Hypolite LAJOIE & Valercienne? DAFOUR, married Mathilde RHEAUME, 19, Ottawa, same, d/o Jean Baptiste RHEAUME & Aglorie? RENAUD, witn: Raphael BELANGER & Octavie LAJOIE, both of Ottawa, 29 July 1888 at Ottawa 1926-88 Vincent LAMPING, 35, iron founder, Kemptville, same, s/o Lavious LAMPING & Elizabeth, married Mary DOWLER, 35, Goulbourne, same, d/o Daniel DOWLER & Jane, witn: James BURNS of Kemptville & Teresa DOWLER of Goulbourne, 10 Sept 1888 at Richmond
2262-88 Edmond LANDRY, 20, Ottawa, same, s/o Joseph LANDRY & Melina RATHIER, married Emma BIGRAS, 20, St. Dorothy Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Elie BIGRAS & Elzire ROUTHIER?, witn: Joseph LANDRY & William LICARD, both of Ottawa, 22 Aug 188 at Ottawa (Rom Cath) 2342-88 George William LANGDON, 25, grocers clerk, Goulborn - Carleton, Ottawa, s/o Thomas & Mary Jane, married Helen Elizabeth COLLINS, 24, Carleton Co., Ottawa, d/o George & Annie Emily, witn: Archibald LANGDON & Annie COLLINS, both of Ottawa, 19 Sept 1888 at Ottawa
2173-90 Alex LAROCQUE, 21, laborer, Ottawa, same, s/o Alex LAROCQUE & Elmire SOULIERE, married Veliatede RENEAUD, 20, Ottawa, same, d/o Joseph RENEAUD & Genevieve POTVIN, witn: Pierre POTVIN, Alex LAROCQUE and Mary & Joseph RENEAUD, all of Ottawa, 22 Oct. 1888 at Ottawa  
2167-88 Ferdinand Charles Francis LATELLIER, 41, widower, ship carpenter, Richbucto Que., Hull, s/o Pierre LETELLLIER & Catherine OUELLETTE, married Louise LACELLES, 43, widow, Co. of Two Mountains Que., Hull, d/o Camille LACELLES & Oliver MAYHEUR?, wtn: A.P.A. PERRY & Helen HOOD, both of Ottawa, 18 July 1888 at Ottawa 1922-88 Thomas LENNON, 32, farmer, Nepean, Goulbourne, s/o Hugh LENNON & Catherine, married Elizabeth LARKIN, 29, Goulbourne, same, d/o Patrick LARKIN & Ann, witn: Thomas LENAHAN of Nepean & Mary Ann LARKIN of Goulbourne, 18 June 1888 at Richmond
2172-88 Joseph LEVESQUE, 23, Isle Verte, Ottawa, s/o Pierre LEVESQUE & Desanges McCLAINE, married Julienne DAGENAIS, 19, Ottawa, same, d/o Edouard DAGENAIS & Julienne LACROIX, witn: E. DESJARDINS & E. DAGENAIS, both of Ottawa, 18 June 1888 at Ottawa 001958-89 (Carleton Co) William H. LIDDLE (Olmstead?), 28, teacher, Clarendon PQ, Almonte, s/o Henry DIDDLE & Hannah BEST married Mary J. A. ALMSTED, 18, Nepean, same, d/o Richard ALMSTED & Sarah J. TAYLOR. Wit George SHIPMAN of Almonte and Maude H. J. ALMSTED of Gloucester. December 26, 1888 at Nepean
2166-88 Herman? LOCKYEAR, 41, widower, laborer, Somersetshire? England, Ottawa, s/o Herman LOCKYEAR & Mary JEFFREY, married Jane DONOVAN, 39, Goulbourne, Ottawa, d/o Samuel DONOVAN & Ann McCAFFREY, witn: J.W. FOSTER of Ottawa & Edith DAWSON of Richmond, 19 July 1888 at Ottawa 2331-88 Paul MADRE, 31, laborer, Aylmer Que, Hull Que, s/o Adolphe & Louisa, married Mary OBAR, 18, Gatineau Que, Aylmer Que, d/o Joseph & Elizabeth, witn: Henry W. C. POLLARD, 4 July 1888 at Ottawa (Rom Cath)
1912-88 William Archibald MAGEE, 26, blacksmith, Masham Que., Lovell Mass., s/o Francis MAGEE & Catherine WOODLAND, married Margaret Ann HONEYWELL, 22, Nepean, same, d/o Ira HONEYWELL & Sarah Ann NELSON, witn: John James HONEYWELL & Georgina WATSON, both of Nepean, 26 Sept 1888 at Nepean 2186-88 Charles MALMBURY, 21, butcher, Hamburg, Ottawa, s/o William MAGNUS & Lena BROEGER, married Jane Elizabeth AUBREY, 22, Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Lewis CLARK & Mary, witn: Henry CREAGAN of Nepean & Elizabeth OTTERSON of Gloucester, 27 June 1888 at Ottawa
2201-88 Jonathan MANLEY, 29, printer, Ireland, Ottawa, s/o William MANLEY & Mary Josephine BOUCHER, married Mary Jane GORE (Gorr?), 25, Quebec, Nickville?, d/o John William GORE & Catherine ROCHE, witn: Neres DUCHARME & John GORE, both of Nickville, 19 July 1888 at Ottawa 2344-88 Robert MASSON, 26, merchant, Ottawa, same, s/o Donald MASSON & Elizabeth GREY, married Harriett HOWE, 24, Ottawa, same, d/o William HOWE & Elizabeth CRIDEFORD, witn: Lizzie MASSON & John C. WHITE, both of Ottawa, 19 Jan 1888 at Ottawa
002279-87 (Carleton Co) Henry McCAULEY, 22, fireman, Ottawa, same, s/o George & Catherine McCAULEY married Elizabeth NICHOL, 21, Ottawa, same, d/o Robert & Sarah NICHOL. Wit R.W. NICHOL and Jennie POWELL, both of Ottawa. January 19, 1888 at Ottawa.  
1927-88 John Joseph McCORD, 23, farmer, North Gower, same, s/o Henry McCORD & Mary, married Mary Jane JOY, 20, Goulbourne, same, d/o William JOY & Elizabeth, witn: George A. DAWSON of Goulbourne & Mary Jane MULLIGAN of Nepean, 20 Sept 1888 at St. Johns Church, Richmond 2325-88 Alexander McCULLOUGH, 39, widower, Glasgow, Ottawa, s/o Hugh McCULLOUGH & Mary McNEIL, married Theresa LESTER, 24, Huntley, same, d/o James LESTER & Annie CORKAN, witn: Robert DICKSON of Archville & John HOPKINS of Ottawa, 16 Oct 1888 at Ottawa
2295-88 Charles A. McKINNON, 28, widower, merchant, Addison, Smith Falls, s/o Robert McKINNON & Maggie LAWSON, married Amelia PHILBIE, 28, Dundee Scotland, Smith Falls, d/o David PHILBIE & Euphemia JACKSON, witn: John & Mrs. John SMITH of Ottawa, 12 Sept 1888 at Ottawa 2306-88 James McKNIGHT, 21, laborer, Canada, Ottawa, s/o Patrick McKNIGHT & Mary A. LYNAN, married Hannah BROWN, 17, Canada, Ottawa, d/o John BROWNE (sic) & Jane ANDERSON, witn: William LITTLE & Annie BROWN, both of Ottawa, 9 July 1888 at Ottawa
  1929-88 William McLENGHNY, 38, farmer, Ireland, Nepean, s/o Michael McLENGHNEY & Ellen, married Bridget LENNON, 35, Goulbourne, same, d/o James LENNON & Catherine, witn: Margaret PEAL? of Marlborough & Michael McLENGHNY of Nepean, 20 Nov 1888 at Richmond
2292-88 Thomas? A. McMASTER (could be McMartin), 36, mechanic, Canada, Ottawa, s/o Thomas A. McMASTER & Catherine HENDRICK, married Margaret EGAN, 25, Canada, Ottawa, d/o Denis EGAN & Bridget MORRISON, witn: Michael J. EGAN & Bridget SWAIN?, both of Ottawa, 18 June 1888 at Ottawa 2260-88 John McMASTER, 25, saddler, Ottawa, same, s/o Duncan McMASTER & Bridget O'MEARA, married Bridget SPARROW, 21, Templeton Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Michael SPARROW & Bridget LAPIMAU?, witn: Pierre ROBERT & Gustave LAMOTHE, both of Ottawa, 26 July 1888 at Ottawa (Rom Cath)
2324-88 Hector McRAE, 31, merchant, Renfrew, Ottawa, s/o John & Catherine, married Eleanor SKEAD, 26, Ottawa, same, d/o James & Rosina, witn: J. P. FISHER & Josephine Ethel MACKEY, both of Ottawa, 9 Oct. 1888 at Ottawa  
2170-90 Francois MEUNIER, 26, laborer, St. Andrews Que., Mechanicsville, s/o Frederick MEUNIER & Sophie GIBARD, married Philomene LACASSE, 28, Cote St. Pierre Que., Hintonburg, d/o Joseph LACASSE & Scholastique BRAZEAU, witn: Frederick MEUNIER & Joseph LACASSE, both of Hintonburg, 6 Aug 1888 at Ottawa 1918-88 William Thomas MILKS, 26, farmer, Eardley Que., same, s/o Benjamin MILKS & Deborah LUSK, married Frances BOUCHER, 28, March, same, d/o Henry BOUCHER & Ann, witn: William Henry BOUCHER of March twp & Lea MacLEAN of Eardley, 25 April 1888 at St. Johns Church, South March
1937-88 Charles MILLS, 30, farmer, Winchester England, Fitzroy, s/o George MILLS & Mary HARMAN, married Isabella ROSAMOND, 27, Fitzroy, same, d/o Thomas ROSAMOND & Jane MOORHEAD, witn: William John MOORHEAD & Susannah LOWERY, 16 May 1888 at Carp 2178-88 Frank Wilfrid MIX (Nix?), 21, carpenter, Ottawa, same, s/o Joshua MIX & Ellen, married Evaline Melissa WAY, 22, Rockland Ont., Ottawa, d/o Frederick WAY & Sarah, witn: Robert Alex BROWN of Ottawa & Kate WAY of Rockland, 20 Aug 1888 at Ottawa
2305-88 William J. MORSE, 23, railway conductor, USA, Ottawa, s/o Herman MORSE & Josephine WODDARD, married Ellan A. MORAN, 20, Canada, Ottawa, d/o John MORAN & Annie BALDWIN, witn: William MORAN & Isabella BULGER, both of Ottawa, 26 June 1888 at Ottawa  
1905-88 Thomas Alexander MULVAGH, 30, farmer, Nepean, same, s/o James MULVAGH & Jane HOMES, married Matilda WHITE, 26, Nepean, same, d/o Thomas WHITE & Sarah OLMSTED, witn: Thomas WHITE & Ellen MULVAGH, both of Nepean, 24 May 1888 at Nepean 001959-89 (Carleton Co) William OLIVER, 26, labourer, Lennox Co, Nepean, s/o Jacob & Margaret married Henrietta GREY, 18, Ottawa, Nepean, d/o William & Charlotte. Wit William George GREY of Nepean and Minnie BIRCH of Ottawa. November 6, 1888 at Nepean
2308-88 Joseph O'MEARA, 21, laborer, Canada, Nepean, s/o David O'MEARA & Annie HOGAN, married Mary A. O'DEA, 22, Canada, Nepean, d/o Simon O'DEA & Ellen O'LOUGHLIN, witn: John BUTLER & Mary FOGARTY, both of Nepean, 18 July 1888 at Ottawa (Rom Cath) 2336-88 Joseph O'NEILL, 28, lumberman, Torbolton, Skeads Mills - Nepean, s/o John & Esther, married Mary Ann WILSON, 25, March, same, d/o Isaac & Elizabeth, witn: Lizzie WILSON of March & John J. CLARK of Nepean, 3 Oct. 1888 at Ottawa
1930-88 Alexander PARKS, 23, farmer, Fallowfield, same, s/o Robert PARKS & Jane, married Annie JENKINSON, 21, Goulbourne, same, d/o George JENKINSON & Mary, witn: Thomas JENKINSON of Goulbourne & Sarah A. PARKS of Fallowfield, 6 June 1888 at Stittsville 2174-88 Robert PARSONS, 22, carpenter, England, Ottawa, s/o Joseph PARSONS & Sarah, married Kate BERTRAM, 19, Canada, Ottawa, d/o Daniel BERTRAM & Sarah McKINNON, witn: Jamesina McRITCHIE & Mary MILLS, both of Ottawa, 2 July 1888 at Ottawa
2343-88 William Henry PATTERSON, 35, gardener, Aylmer Quebec, Ottawa, s/o William & Eleanor, married Mary Ann BOTHWELL, 29, Montreal, Ottawa, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: Robert S. PATTERSON & Elizabeth SPENCE, both of Ottawa, 25 Sept 1888 at Ottawa 1933-88 William PEARSON, 30, farmer, Huntley, same, s/o John PEARSON & Maria WHEELER, married Lucinda Ann REID, 32, Huntley, same, d/o John REID & Susan MOONEY, witn: James Robert HAYES & Mary Eleanor ARMSTRONG, both of Huntley, 28 March 1888 at St. Johns church, Huntley
1936-88 John PEEVER, 48, widower, cooper & farmer, Carp, same, s/o David PEEVER & Catherine, married Jane MOFFATT, 47, Huntley, same, d/o David MOFFATT & Ellen, witn: James GILCHRIST & William FALLS, 2 May 1888 at Huntley 2323-88 Charles George PEPPER, 26, printer, Kingston, Ottawa, s/o Robert PEPPER & Sarah TURNER, married Christy Ann BILEDO, 25, Douglas Ont., Ottawa, d/o Joseph BILEDO & Mary McLARY, witn: T. A. HOOD & Margaret BILEDO, both of Ottawa, 2 Oct 1888 at Ottawa
2317-88 Henry PHELAN, 29, merchant, Canada, Peterborough, s/o Edward PHELAN & Mary SULLIVAN, married Margaret O. NAGLE, 26, Canada, Ottawa, d/o Richard NAGLE & Mary A. O'BRIEN, witn: Fred G. COX of Toronto & Agnes NAGLE of Ottawa, 18 Sept 1888 at Ottawa (Rom Cath) 2313-88 Peter RACINE, 29, laborer, Canada, Ottawa, s/o Frank RACINE & Catherine KEHOE, married Eliza CARROLL, 28, Canada, Ottawa, d/o Joseph CARROLL & Eliza DALY, witn: William SMITH & Margaret STAPLETON, both of Ottawa, 4 Sept 1888 at Ottawa (Rom Cath)
2181-88 Alfred Alexander RADLEY, 31, clergyman, London England, Oxford - Grenville Co., s/o Alexander RADLEY & Ann, married Rosa Kate HARYETT, 22, Ottawa, same, d/o Samuel HARYETT & Elizabeth, witn: Herbert E. RANDALL & Bessie HARYETT, both of Ottawa, 24 July 1888 at Ottawa 2327-88 John Emmanuel RADMORE, 24, farmer, Eardley twp - Quebec, Hull Quebec, s/o William C. RADMORE & Frances FERRIS, married Elizabeth RADMORE, 17, Hull Quebec, same, d/o Robert & Jane, witn: John FERRIS & Mary Jane RADMORE, 24 Oct. 1888 at Ottawa
1915-88 George Clarke RICHARDSON, 30, doctor, March twp., Richmond twp., s/o William RICHARDSON & Elizabeth, married Alice TEASDALE, 25, Colborne, March twp., d/o W. TEASDALE & A.?, witn: R. RICHARDSON & Annie TEASDALE, both of March, 19 Aug 1888 at St. Johns Church, South March 2290-88 illegible RITTER, 26, mechanic, Europe, Ottawa, s/o Joseph RITTER & Josephine ERENE?, married Mary CORBY, 26, Ireland, Ottawa, d/o Robert CORBY & Mary BRENNAN, witn: John BAM--ILK? & Mary CASE, both of Ottawa, 28 May 1888 at Ottawa
2315-88 Francis ROBILLARD, 26, laborer, Canada, Ottawa, s/o Joseph ROBILLARD & Rosalie LAFLEUR, married Bridget C. SECGRUE, 22, Canada, Nepean, d/o Cornelius SECGRUE & Annie TIERNEY, witn: Cornelius SECGRUE (Seegrue?) & Harriet MURPHY, both of Nepean, 11 Sept 1888 at Ottawa (Rom Cath)  
2191-88 Joseph ROBINSON, 22, farmer, Masham Que., Piche - Masham Que., s/o William ROBINSON & Eliza LASH, married Sarah LASH (or Laiche), 19, Masham Que., same, d/o Sam LASH & Maralle?, witn: Joseph STUTKINS? & Eliza ROBINSON, both of Masham, 14 Aug 1888 at Ottawa 2298-88 John William ROBINSON, 24, brick layer, England, Ottawa, s/o John ROBINSON & Emma INGRAM, married Elizabeth WOODS, 22, Canada, Ottawa, d/o James WOODS & Ann HANRAHAN, witn: John GILLESPIE & Mary MILLS, both of Ottawa, 14 Aug 1888 at Ottawa
2168-88 Robert Vincent ROSS, 23, merchant, Lachaher? Que., Shawville Que., s/o Andrew ROSS & Margaret McLACHLAN, married Kate CUTHBERTSON, 24, Bristol Que., Shawville Que., d/o James CUTHBERTSON & Mary Ann GOSLIN, witn: John Alexander KNOX & Mrs. Nelson MOORE, both of Ottawa, 6 Aug 1888 at Ottawa 2337-88 Rurny? St.GERMAINE, 40, widower, laborer, Thurso Que., Hull Que., s/o Joseph St.GERMAINE & Mary Ann MATHEWS, married Domathilde BEAUPRE, 39, widow, Las Passe Que., Ottawa, d/o Xavier LACHANCE & Domathilde GERVAIS, witn: Francis RONDEAU & Nebon MOORE, both of Ottawa, 6 Oct 1888 at Ottawa
2164-88 Alex Stewart SALISBURY, 27, laborer, Liverpool England, Ottawa, s/o Alex Stewart SALISBURY & Henriette STEWART, married Charlotte Jane DREW, 22, Arnprior, Ottawa, d/o James DREW & Maria STEELE, witn: John A. & Caroline SCANLON of Ottawa, 20 June 1888 at Ottawa 1913-88 Archibald SCOTT, 34, farmer, Nepean, same, s/o William SCOTT & Mary Jane BELL, married Mary Elizabeth DRIVER, 21, Ireland, Nepean, d/o John DRIVER & Sarah BOURNE, witn: Samuel DAVIDSON of Ottawa & Lizzie SCOTT of Nepean, 13 Sept 1888 at Nepean
2261-88 Joseph SEGUIN, 22, St. Andre Avelin, Ottawa, s/o Gabelus SEGUIN & Arelie PATRY, married Zilia GAGNON, 21, of Ottawa, d/o Augustus GAGNON & Henriette DRAPEAU, witn: Aug. GAGNON & Elie RENAUD, both of Ottawa, 11 Sept 1888 at Ottawa (Rom Cath) 1928-88 Denis SHANAHAN, 34, farmer, Goulbourne, same, s/o Alexander SHANAHAN & Ellen, married Ann CAVANAGH, 24, Goulbourne, same, d/o Peter CAVANAGH & Margaret, witn: Bryson SHANAHAN & Mary CAVANAGH, both of Goulbourne, 18 Nov 1888 at Richmond
2322-88 Elmer Ellsworth SMITH, 24, farmer, Mowes Forks NY, same, s/o William SMITH & Eleanor McKEE, married Louisa SODEN, 21, Mowes Forks NY, same, d/o Samuel SODEN & Mary J. COPELAND, witn: Francis GAUTHIER & Hannah OLSSON?, both of Ottawa, 27 Sept 1888 at Ottawa 1939-88 Alfred SMITH, 22, carpenter, Manchester England, Fitzroy Harbour, s/o John Henry SMITH & Eliza STOCKDALE, married Armenia TURNER, 19, Fitzroy Harbour, same, d/o James TURNER & Sarah ABBOTT, witn: Thomas SMITH of illegible Que & Louise CODE of Ottawa, 13 June 1888 at parsonage, Carp
2177-88 John STEWART, 24, upholsterer, Ottawa, same, s/o Robert STEWART & Ann, married Mary Elizabeth PECK, 24, Stittsville, Ottawa, d/o Neal? PECK & Sarah, witn: J.T. PENNOCK & Eliza BURNS, both of Ottawa, 15 Aug 1888 at Ottawa 2183-88 William SUTHERLAND, 33, merchant, Ottawa, Fort Qu'Appelle, s/o William SUTHERLAND & Sarah HANAN?, married Henrietta Agnes TRAVELLER, 27, Ottawa, same, d/o Thomas TRAVELLER & Anna TERAIT?, witn: John W. THOMPSON & Ida TRAVELLER, both of Ottawa, 5 June 1888 at Ottawa
2329-88 Henry TEMPLE, 40, waiter, London England, Ottawa, s/o Henry & Sarah, married Johana Matilda JOHANSEN, 36, Carlsknona Sweden, Ottawa, d/o Axel & Ellen, witn: James MOYLAN & Maria ANDERSON, 11 June 1888 at Ottawa 1921-88 Peter TENASY, 27, farmer, Marlborough, same, s/o James TENASY & Mary, married Bridget Ann BENNETT, 23, Marlborough, same, d/o Thomas & Ann, witn: James & Ellen BENNETT of Marlborough, 17 June 1888 at Richmond
2195-88 Samuel Leonard THOMSON, 26, civil service, Halifax NS, Ottawa, s/o Samuel L. THOMSON & Annie FELLOWS, married Beatrice Maud BACON, 21, Montreal, Ottawa, d/o Thomas BACON & Emma Mary HILL, witn: John WINGER of Halifax & Louisa B. BACON of Ottawa, 12 Sept 1888 at Ottawa 1907-88 John Alfred TORNEY, 23, steam fitter, Richmond - Carleton Co., Ottawa, s/o Archibald TORNEY & Isabella EADIE, married Margaret LA VALLEY, 22, Nepean, same, d/o Louis LA VALLEY & Esther MULLIGAN, witn: William ALLAN of Ottawa & Lucy YELLAND of Mt. Sherwood, 21 Nov 1888 at Rochesterville
2184-88 David TURNBULL, 59, widower, baker, Scotland, Ottawa, s/o James TURNBULL & Agnes LATHAM, married Margaret FORBES, 59, widow, Matilda Ont., Ottawa, d/o Peter GOODMAN & Esther WAIT, witn: Robert & Ann JORDAN of Ottawa, 21 April 1888 at Ottawa 1917-88 John James VANCE, 28, farmer, Huntley, Torbolton, s/o Thomas VANCE & Elizabeth, married Isabella NESBITT, 32, Nepean, same, d/o Robert NESBITT & Jane, witn: John Irwin VANCE of March twp & Elizabeth Jane NESBITT of Nepean twp., 4 Jan 1888 at St. Johns Church, South March
2307-88 Thomas WALSH, 23, laborer, Canada, Ottawa, s/o Michael WALSH & Catherine CAHILL, married Ellen CONNELLY, 22, Canada, Ottawa, d/o Pat CONNELLY & Mary A. HOWARD, witn: William CONNELLY & Catherine DARCY, both of Ottawa, 9 July 1888 at Ottawa (Rom Cath) 2200-88 Robert WATSON, 35, farmer, Cumberland, same, s/o Joseph WATSON & blank, married Susanna CONN, 28, Clarence Ont., Cumberland Ont., d/o John CONN & Jane JOHNSTON, witn: Charles BRISSON of Cumberland & Emma ELLIOTT of Ottawa, 2 Aug 1888 at Ottawa
2182-88 Arthur? WELCH, 27, printer, Belleville, Ottawa, s/o Daniel? (David?), WELCH & Susanna SCRIB, married Anna LESTER, 20, Gloucester, Ottawa, d/o Richard LESTER & Matilda WALLACE, witn: Thomas KENNEDY & Sarah PAINTER, both of Ottawa, 14 Sept 1888 at Ottawa 2328-88 James WHITE, 25, mill hand, Hull twp - Quebec, Aylmer - Ottawa Co. Quebec, s/o James & Margaret, married Annie DUDLEY, 26, Ottawa Co., Ottawa, d/o William & Jane, witn: Nettie HOLLINGTO--? & George CODE, both of Ottawa, 7 June 1888 at Ottawa
1922-91 Thomas Broughton WILSON, 27, farmer, Fitzroy, same, s/o Charles Broughton WILSON & Mary Ann, married Jane WEATHERDON, 18, New Edinburgh, Torbolton, d/o Herbert WEATHERDON & Jane, witn: James WEIR of March & Mary Ann WILSON of Torbolton, 22 Dec 1888 at St. Thomas Church, Torbolton 2189-88 William Hugh WILSON, 29, farmer, Huntley, Marlborough, s/o Robert WILSON & Elizabeth, married Jane BEAMEN, 29, North Gower, same, d/o James BEAMEN & Theresa BOND, witn: Mabel RICHARDSON & Mary BURRITT, both of Ottawa, 4 July 1888 at Ottawa
2196-88 Henry WOODS, 23, clerk, Cumberland, Ottawa, s/o James WOODS & Sarah Hamilton WOODS, married Nancy FLINN, 22, North Nation Que., Ottawa, d/o Michael FLINN & Jane Morin FLINN, witn: Margaret WHITE & Eliza Ann CAMPBELL, both of Ottawa, date & location not given 2168-90 Napoleon YELLE, 23, laborer, Beauharnois Que., Ottawa, s/o Paul YELLE & Adele PRIMEAU, married Marguerite DEVILLE, 21, Chatham, Ottawa, d/o Louis DEVILLE & Emelie MEUNIER, witn: Louis SHULTZ & Jeannette LAFLEUR, both of Ottawa, 5 Nov 1888 at Ottawa
2193-88 Samuel YOUNG, 29, engine driver, Ontario, Bristol Que., s/o James YOUNG & Rachel REYNOLDS, married Susan ADE, 27, Quebec, Bristol Que., d/o Charles ADE & Elizabeth RICH, witn: Charles ADE & Christena ROSS, both of Bristol, 17 Aug 1888 at Ottawa 2333-88 James YOUNG, 26, farmer, March, same, s/o James & Martha, married Maria Elizabeth GAINSFORD, 23, March, same, d/o Joseph & Jane, witn: William GAINSFORD & Jeanie HUDSON, both of March, 27 June 1888 at Ottawa