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Carleton Co., 1889

birth place is given before residence


2137-89 Samuel ALEXANDER, 24, teamster, Ballymoney Ireland, Ottawa, s/o Robert ALEXANDER & Nancy MILL (Hill?), married Hattie Lavina (Louisa?) MOORE, 20, Ottawa, same, d/o Nathan MOORE & Mary LINDSAY, witn: William Lindsay MOORE & Esther LESLIE, both of Ottawa, 15 May 1889 at Ottawa  
001999-89 (Carleton Co) Joseph BELAN, 25, shanty man, Ottawa, Metcalfe, s/o Pierre BELAN & Marie BOUCHE--?(off page) married Lucy ROBERT, 22, Metcalfe, d/o Charles ROBERT & Liza DAVIGN--?(off page). Wit Charles ROBERT and Charles ROBERT, both of Metcalfe. November 10, 1889 at Metcalfe (RC) 002471-89 (Carleton Co) John BELL, 24, plasterer, Battersea England, Ottawa, s/o George & Mary BELL married Mary Edith JEAL, 26, Forest Hill - Kent, Eng, Ottawa, d/o Thomas & Martha JEAL. Wit Mrs. Jeal and James LACKY, both of Ottawa. June 11, 1889 at Ottawa.
002466-89 (Carleton Co) William Sidney BENEDICT, 25, clerk, Hull, Ottawa, s/o Joseph BENEDICT & Maria HICKS married Adeline HEADLY, 22, Hull, Ottawa, d/o Joseph HEADLY & Jane ELDER. Wit Patrick R. Graham and Annie MOONEY. September 17, 1889 at Ottawa. 002473-89 (Carleton Co) Robert BONSALL, 23, farrier, Portland PQ, Ottawa, s/o William & Elizabeth BONSALL married Elizabeth Margaret ORANGE, 21, Wakefield PQ, same, d/o William & Jane ORANGE. Wit John ORANGE and Elizabeth M. BONSALL, both of Ottawa Co. PQ. October 1889 at Ottawa.
  002099-89 (Carleton Co) Thomas BOWES, 30, farmer, Gloucester, same, s/o John BOWES & Jane McGINGAN married Ellen LARKIN, 27, Gloucester, same, d/o John LARKIN & Mary MYERS. Wit Richard STYLES of Metcalfe and Marion LARKIN of Gloucester. June 25, 1889 at Gloucester. (RC)
002464-89 (Carleton Co) James BOYNE, 41, widower, contractor, Scotland, Ottawa, s/o Charles & Jane BOYNE married Elizabeth GALL, 35, widow, d/o James & Charlotte BROWN. Wit Susan HOBBS and William OSTER, both of Ottawa. December 30, 1889 at Ottawa. 2134-89 Andrew BRADLEY, 22, farmer, March Ont., Eardley Quebec, s/o William & Jane, married Sarah Jane CAMPBELL, 22, Onslow Quebec, same, d/o Archibald & Margaret, witn: William H. EGLESON Sophia CROTHERS, both of Ottawa, 16 April 1889 at Ottawa
002469-89 (Carleton Co) Pierre BRISBOIS, 26, farmer, Dundas, Ottawa, s/o Benjamin BRISBOIS & Julienne LEGUISE married Mary Ann HAMILTON, 19, Winchester, Ottawa, d/o William HAMILTON & Sarah HARVEY. Wit Joseph BELAND & Emile LENTY, both of Ottawa. July 7, 1889 at Ottawa. 2138-89 John BROWN, 25, blacksmith, Hull Quebec, same, s/o James BROWN & Mary SMITH, married Mary Emma Alberta BROWN, 18, Hull Quebec, same, d/o Andrew BROWN & Caroline PRITCHARD, witn: Christopher BROWN of Hull & Ann Jane HOUSE? of Ottawa, 29 May 1889 at Ottawa
001992-89 (Carleton Co) William BURNS, 42, farmer, Canada, Temiscaming, s/o William & Betsy BURNS married Annie THOMPSON, 37, Osgoode, same, d/o Alexander THOMPSON & Ellen CASSERLY. Wit Michael MURRAY and Mary SWEENEY, both of Metcalfe. June 18, 1889 at Ottawa. 002462-89 (Carleton Co) Thomas James CALDWELL, 24, mill hand, Canada, Ottawa, s/o Thomas CALDWELL & Mary BURNS married Victoria REED, 24, Canada, Aylmer PQ, d/o George REED & Victoria ROUTLIFFE. Wit Elizabeth DUNLOP of Pembroke, Jameson D. McRITCHIE of Ottawa. November 6, 1889 at Ottawa.
001991-89 (Carleton Co) Patrick CAREY, 34, farmer, St. Ann of Prescott, same, s/o Thomas CAREY & Julia HINDS married Kate HURLEY, 27, Osgoode, same, d/o John HURLEY & Mary McGILL. Wit William GILLISSIE and Addie GILLISSIE, both of Osgoode. June 13, 1889 at Metcalfe. (RC)  
  #002011-89 (Carleton Co): Richard CAVANAGH, 43, widower, farmer, Huntley, Fitzroy, s/o Dennis & Jane, married Sarah McCARTHY, 30, Drummond, Fitzroy, d/o John & Ann Jane, witn: John & Susan TURNER, 30 Sept 1889 at Fitzroy Harbour
002101-89 (Carleton Co) Solomon CHARRON, 28, labourer, Gloucester, same, s/o Augustus CHARRON & Josephine LESCYER married Elmire CHARLEBOIS, 17, Gloucester, same, d/o Hilaire CHARLEBOIS & Emire OUELETTE. Wit Hilaire CHARLEBOIS and Augustine CHARLEBOIS, both of Gloucester. June 24, 1889 at Gloucester. #002008-89 (Carleton Co): Alvah Bennett CHENEY, 26, farmer, Russell, same, s/o Clark Eli CHENEY & Rebecca SARGENT, married Catherine Melissa Elizabeth BELLINGER, 19, Winchester, Russell, d/o Henry BELLINGER & Rosa FOY, witn: James M. ROBERTSON & Phoebia CHENEY, both of Russell, 25 Dec 1889 at Metcalfe
002108-89 (Carleton Co.) William COCHRANE, 34, carter, Hawkesbury, Ottawa, s/o Robert COCHRANE & Margaret YOUNG married Laura Jessie McEWEN, 22, Gloucester, same, d/o Archibald McEWEN & Laura HERON. Wit Peter A. FERGUSON of Alexandria and Miss B? A. KENADY of Osgoode. June 6, 1889 at Gloucester. #002001-89 (Carleton Co): William CONLON, 28, farmer, Metcalfe, same, s/o Patrick CONLON & Ann CORRIGAN, married Ellen CORCORAN, 26, Metcalfe, same, d/o Thomas CORCORAN & Honora DUFFY, witn: James CORCORAN & Bridget CONLON, 19 Nov 1889 at South Gloucester (Rom Cath)
002100-89 (Carleton Co) Joseph Wallace CRAWFORD, 22, car conductor, London Eng, Ottawa, s/o Henry CRAWFORD & Sarah KEELING married Rose Ann BURKE, 19, Gloucester, d/o Patrick BURKE & Martha McGARVEY. Wit Thomas CONDON of Ottawa and Edmund BURKE of Billings Bridge. January 7, 1889 at Gloucester. (RC) 2169-90 Alphonse CYR, 25, laborer, St. Therese Que., Ottawa, s/o H.R. CYR & Henriette DESJARDINS, married Philomena Vaddela? DESROSIERS, 25, widow, Rimouski Que., Ottawa, d/o Joseph DESROSIERS & Claire VOLANT, 7 Jan 1889 at Ottawa
2136-89 Benjamin J. DARLYSON (Darbyson?), 25, Montreal, Ottawa, s/o Benjamin DARLYSON & Ellen McFADDEN, married Lizzie ROBINSON, 20, Ottawa, same, d/o Henry ROBINSON & Martha HINDS, witn: William DARLYSON of Iroquois & Mayh? HINDS of Ottawa, 15 April 1889 at Ottawa  
002102-89 (Carleton Co) Thomas DELANEY, 36, farmer, Gloucester, same, s/o Thomas DELANEY & Mary DEVINE married Mary BURNS, 32, Gloucester, same, d/o James BURNS & Margaret COSGROVE. Wit Laurent GRAVELLE and Patrick MURPHY, both of Gloucester. May 6, 1889 at Gloucester. (RC) 2496-90 John DEWAR, 27, farmer, Osgoode, same, s/o Patrick DEWAR & Mary McGEE, married Margaret SHIELDS, 23, Osgoode, same, d/o Patrick SHIELDS & Mary McEVOY, witn: James DOYLE & Ann SHIELDS, both of Osgoode, 28 Dec 1889 at Osgoode
002104-89 (Carleton Co) Anesiem (Anselm?) DUPUIS, 23, labourer, Gloucester, same, s/o Edward DUPUIS & Aurelia ROBY married Virginia BASTIEN, 19, Gloucester, same, d/o Philibert BASTIEN & Emerance BECHON. Wit Maxime BASTION and Edward DUPUIS, both of Gloucester. June 25, 1889 at Gloucester. #002006-89 (Carleton Co): Edward EASTMAN, 30, farmer, Russell, same, s/o Daniel EASTMAN & Eliza NORMAN, married Luticia BEATTIE, 25, Russell, same, d/o William BEATTIE & Ann ARGUE, witn: Andrew BEATTIE & Sarah EASTMAN, 17 Dec 1889 at Metcalfe
#002004-89 (Carleton Co): Thompson EASTMAN, 24, cheese maker, Osgoode, same, s/o William & Margaret, married Virginia E. CAMPBELL, 19, Osgoode, same, d/o Daniel & Barbara, witn: William EASTMAN & Josephus CAMPBELL, 12 Dec 1889 at Osgoode 001988-89 (Carleton Co) Joseph GAUTHIER, 30, plaster, Metcalfe, same, s/o Michel GAUTHIER & Rosalie PELLETIER married Martha Ellen ROCHON, 25, not given, Kenmore, d/o Peter ROCHON & Amielline DAMOUE. Wit Evangeliste GAUTHIER, not given and Margaret ROCHON of Kenmore. January 15, 1889 at Metcalfe. (RC)
001990-89 (Carleton Co) Thomas H. GRANT, 27, carpenter, Osgoode, Metcalfe, s/o James GRANT & Elizabeth McNALLY married Annie Bertha DALEY, 21, Osgoode, same, d/o Thomas DALEY & Mary McGEE. Wit James DALEY of Osgoode and Agnes GRANT of Metcalfe. June 4, 1889 at South Gloucester. (RC) 001960-89 (Carleton Co) Lancelot HEALEY, 26, farmer, Goulbourne, same, s/o John & Jane HEALEY married Fannie GRAHAM, 21, Goulbourne, same, d/o David & Mary GRAHAM. Wit Dawson McCAFFREY and Minnie GRAHAM, both of Goulbourne. March 13, 1889 at Bell's Corner, Nepean.
  001997-89 (Carleton Co) Edward B. HENDERSON, 30, farmer, Williamsburg, same, s/o Edward & Elizabeth HENDERSON married Lizzie C. CAMPBELL, 25, Vernon Osgoode, same, d/o Joseph M. & Catherine CAMPBELL. Wit George H. CAMPBELL and Helen CAMPBELL, res. not given. October 15, 1889 at Vernon Osgood.
#002009-89 (Carleton Co): Robert Malcolm KEMP, 22, Huntley twp., same, s/o Hazelwood KEMP & Hannah HAZELWOOD, married Sarah Elizabeth GROVES, 22, Fitzroy, same, d/o William GROVES & Eliza ALLISON, witn: John H. KEMP of Morris Corners & Mary Ann HODGINS of Carp, 10 July 1889 at Fitzroy 001989-89 (Carleton Co) Patrick KEOUGH, 35, farmer, Canada, Osgoode, s/o Thomas KEOUGH & Johanna SHANAGHAN married Johanna FANNING, 28, Metcalfe, same, d/o Patrick FANNING & Ann KILFOYLE. Wit Joseph BELAND and Josephine BROUSSEAU, both of Ottawa. February 19, 1889 at Ottawa. (RC)
#002003-89 (Carleton Co): Robert KINKADE, 63, widower, farmer, Londonderry Ireland, Kenmore, s/o John KINCADE (sic) & Elizabeth RANKIN, married Ann KELLY, 45, widow, Adair Ireland, Russell, d/o John PIPER & Dina (or Dora) DALMAGE, witn: James KEYS, 28 Nov 1889 at Russell 002463-89 (Carleton Co) Frank Roddick KIRKPATRICK, 27, machinist, England, Montreal, s/o James KIRKPATRICK & Margaret RODDICK married Mida? DUNN, 20, Canada, Ottawa, d/o William DUNN & Sarah YOUNG. Wit Drummond K. PAUTZ and Gertrude DUNN of Montreal. November 27, 1889 at Ottawa.
002472-89 (Carleton Co) Robert KNOX, 26, clerk, Antrim Ireland, Minneapolis, U.S.,s/o Samuel & Sarah KNOX married Isabella Sophia POTTS, 21, Leicester England, Archville Ont, d/o William Little & Sophia POTTS. Wit MIchael LENNAGHAN and Florence POTTS, both of Archville, July 18, 1889 at Ottawa. 002105-89 (Carleton Co) Joseph LABLAND (Lablond?), 24, mason, Gloucester, same, s/o Regis LABLAND & Philomene DUPUIS married Lodia RICHER, 19, S.E. Martin, Gloucester, d/o Honore RICHER & Margarette LEVER. Wit Eugene LABLAND and Maxime BASTIEN, both of Gloucester. June 25, 1889 at Gloucester.
  001963-89 (Carleton Co) William Jos. LITTLE, 25, farmer, Ireland, Nepean, s/o William and Ila? A. LITTLE married Letiticia LITTLE, 16, Nepean, same, d/o James & Leticia LITTLE. Wit William J. MANN and George MANN, both of Nepean. June 26, 1889 at Nepean.
#002002-89 (Carleton Co): John MALONE, 28, farmer, Osgoode, same, s/o John MALONE & Ellen MEAGHER, married Lizzie MURRAY, 26, Osgoode, same, d/o John MURRAY & Mary THOMPSON, witn: John CASSERLY & Ellen MALONE, 26 Nov 1889 at South Gloucester (RC) 001998-89 (Carleton Co) James MANTEL, 30, farmer, Osgoode, same, s/o Robert MANTEL & Martha DEVERAUX married Annie HASSETT, 28, S.Gloucester, same, d/o Patrick HASSETT & Ellen MOLLOY. Wit John DEVERAUX and Ellen HASSETT, both of Osgoode. October 29, 1889 at S. Gloucester. (RC)
2135-89 Hugh MATHEWSON, 38, journalist, York Co., Bradley Dakota, s/o John & Jane, married Mary Addia PENNOCK, 30, Ottawa, same, d/o J. T. & Eliza, witn: Joseph Abraham BOWAN, of Toronto & Caroline Elizabeth PENNOCK of Ottawa, 14 May 1889 at Ottawa 001995-89 (Carleton Co) Charles Fraser McARTHUR, 24, merchant, Kenmore, same, s/o Donald McARTHUR & Catherine FRASER married Mary IMLAY, 23, Metcalfe, same, d/o Andrew P. IMLAY and Sarah WADDELL. William MEIKLE and Tena MEIKLE, both of New Glasgow N.S. October 2, 1889 at Russell.
001994-89 (Carleton Co) Norman McCORMICK, 29, doctor of medicine, Fort William Que, Renfrew Ont, s/o Andrew McCORMICK & Margaret McVICAR married Margaret CAMPBELL, 23, Dunregan Ont, parents not given. Wit John GIBBONS of Renfrew and Mary CAMPBELL of Dunregan. September 10, 1889 at Russell. 002465-89 (Carleton Co) Robert Ferguson McEWEN, 27, blacksmith, Tha--?, Ottawa, s/o David McEWEN & Margaret CRAIG married Elizabeth GRAY, 27, Keith, Ottawa, d/o William GRAY & Barbara THOMPSON. Wit John B. McLELLAN and Margaret O'GRADY. September 18, 1889 at Ottawa.
002098-89 (Carleton Co) Frank McGEE, 40, merchant, Gloucester, same, s/o Terrance McGEE & Alice HUGHES married Ellen FORAN, 30, Gloucester, same, d/o Nicholas FORAN & Alice DALY. Wit James DALY and Bridget FORAN, both of Gloucester. June 12, 1889 at South Gloucester. (RC) #002010-89 (Carleton Co): Michael Lawrence McHALE, 23, plasterer, Quebec, Fitzroy, s/o James McHALE & Mary WELSH, married Margaret Alice COYLE, 23, Torbolton, same, d/o Philip COYLE & Ellen MORAN, witn: Michael & Ellen COYLE of Torbolton, 4 Nov 1889 at Fitzroy Harbour (Rom Cath)
001987-89 (Carleton Co) William McLEAN, 24, farmer, Winchester, same, s/o William McLEAN & Nancy HURLEY married Nancy LEMOINE, 25, Osgoode, same, d/o Antoine LEMOINE & Ann REILLY. Wit Samuel McLAREN and Lottie LEMOINE., res. not given. July 1, 1889 at Russell. 001962-89 (Carleton Co) John McMURCHY, 27, farmer, Lanark Scotland, Gloucester, s/o James McMURCHY & Jane CASSELS married Maggie NEIL, 25, Nepean, same, d/o Robert NEIL & Eliza PAUL, Wit Robert NEIL of Nepean and Eliza PAUL of Huntley. April 30, 1889 at Nepean.
  #002005-89 (Carleton Co): Samuel MILLER, 24, widower, farmer, Cairn Castle - Co. Antrim Ireland, Russell, s/o James MILLER & Ann DUFFIN, married Mary BRUCE, 24, Russell, same, d/o James BRUCE & Elizabeth YORK, witn: Donald Mc--(off page) & Emma SHEPHE--(off page), 17 Dec 1889 at Russell
002106-89 ICarleton Co) Thomas MOORE, 23, blacksmith, Ottawa, Chelsea Que, s/o Thomas MOORE & Margaret NESBIT married Margaret COLLINS, 27, Gloucester, same, d/o John COLLINS & Maggy LALLY. Wit Walter SCOTT of Ottawa and Nellie MAGEE of Gloucester. June 26, 1889 at Gloucester. 001953-89 (Carleton Co) James O'HARA, 22, farmer, South March, same, s/o Thomas O'HARA & Mary EDGE married Elizabeth LAINSBURY, 24, London Eng, So. March, d/o William LAINSBURY & Mary Ann McCREEDY. Wit Joseph O'HARA and Sarah MONOGHAN, both of South March. September 16, 1889 at South March. (RC)
002467-89 (Carleton Co) Charles Thomas Day PATTERSON, 23, clerk, Ottawa, same, s/o Joseph & Elizabeth PATTERSON married Margaret Jane TAGGART, 21, England, widow, Ottawa, d/o John B. LAURIE & Elizabeth Catherine BOND. Wit Walter Joseph PATTERSON and Blanche LAURIE, both of Ottawa. November 4, 1889 at Ottawa. 001957-89 (Carleton Co) Keehan PEEVES, 22, farmer, Fitzroy, same, s/o James & Ann PEEVES married Charlotte RAY, 21, Dunrobin, same, d/o John & Sarah RAY. Wit Alfred FINLEY of Fitzroy and Horace RAY of Dunrobin. May 15, 1889 at South March.
001996-89 (Carleton Co) Hiram Whitney PELTON, 23, laborer, Kenmore, Russell, s/o Hiram Whitley PELTON & Annie McQUILLAN married Edith Abigail POWELL, 18, Russell, same, d/o William POWELL & Ravana PILLAR. Wit Victoria WATSON and Mariah Henrietta PELTON. October 12, 1889, at Russell. 001993-89 (Carleton Co) Daniel PERRY, 32, farmer, Russell, Osgoode, s/o Alpheus PERRY & Phebie LOVON married Mary LEVIA, 29, Russell, Osgoode, d/o Francis LEVIA & Barbery TENIFE?. Wit Wesley ERRATT and Z. McMILLEN, both of Metcalfe. July 29, 1889 at Metcalfe.
002103-89 (Carleton Co) Charles RENAUD, 32, labourer, Gloucester, same, s/o Charles RENAUD & Mary LaPORTE married Edilia COTE, 26, Gloucester, same, d/o Hubert COTE & Philomene CREVIER. Wit Charles RENAUD and Joseph CYR, both of Gloucester. June 11, 1889 at Gloucester. 2458-90 Thomas Edward RILEY, 28, plasterer, Richmond Ont., same, s/o Thomas RILEY & Sarah BLAKE, married Catherine Jane VAUGHAN, 27, Richmond Ont., same, d/o Thomas VAUGHAN & Caroline LEWIS, witn: Richard Robert GAMBLE of Wakefield Que & Miss Martha illegible of Ottawa, 5 Nov 1889 at Ottawa
002468-89 (Carleton Co) William Murray RUSSELL, 29, farmer, Cumberland, same, s/o William Henry RUSSELL & Mary FINDLAY married Jennie Royce GOLIGHTLY, Cumberland, same, d/o James GOLIGHTLY & Eliza WALKER. Wit John GOLIIGHTLY and Lorinda DUNNING, both of Cumberland. November 7, 1889 at Ottawa. 2133-89 William John SHERWOOD, 26, mill hand, Ottawa, same, s/o Joseph SHERWOOD & Maria YOUNG, married Sarah Frances ROME (Rowe?), 23, Riceville Ont., Ottawa, d/o John ROME & Eliza DICKSON, witn: Ann & Sidney SHERWOOD of Ottawa, 5 May 1889 at Ottawa
001986-89 (Carleton Co) William Featherstone SLACK, 23, carpenter, March, Mount Sherwood Ottawa, s/o William & Susanna SLACK married Florence STRINGER, 23, Metcalfe, same, d/o William STRINGER & Margaret BOWEN. Wit William F. MERREFIELD of Ottawa and Lola STRINGER of Metcalfe. May 8, 1889 at home of bride's father, Metcalfe. 001955-89 (Carleton Co) Leonard Edward STANLEY, 23, farmer, Osgoode, Manotick, s/o Richard STANLEY & not given married Clara ARMSTRONG, 20, South March, same, d/o James & Ann ARMSTRONG. Wit Fleming STANLEY of Ottawa and Lela KENNEDY of South March. September 25, 1889 at South March.
#002007-89 (Carleton Co): John TAYLOR, 45, widower, farmer, Marlborough, same, s/o James TAYLOR & Susan SCARLET, married Hannah CARSON, 29, Osgoode, same, d/o Thomas CARSON & Thursa JAMES, witn: Samuel REYNOLDS of Ottawa & William CARSON of Osgoode, 24 Dec 1889 at Osgoode 002470-89 (Carleton Co) Noe VALIQUET, 39, widower, labourer, St. Jerome, Ottawa, s/o ? VALIIQUET & Genevieve PAGE married Marcelle BOILLEAU, 40, widow, St. Scolastique, Ottawa, d/o Marie BOILLEAU and Marcelline GLAUDE. Wit Amedee DAZE and Pierre ROBERT, both of Ottawa. July 11, 1889 at Ottawa.
#002000-89 (Carleton Co): Edmund Augustus Wilton WHITE, 28, house carpenter, North Wilton Mills Ont., Buckingham Quebec, s/o Thomas WHITE & Hannah HARDY, married Emeline BOLEN, 23, Russell Ont., Buckingham Quebec, d/o John BOLEN & Mary McGUIRE, witn: Joseph PATTERSON & Mary BOLEN, 19 Nov 1889 at Russell 001956-89 (Carleton Co) James WICE, 23, farmer, Torbolton, March, s/o William & Sarah WICE married Charlotte JORDAN, 23, Torbolton, same, d/o Thomas & Bridget JORDAN. Wit John JORDAN and Lucy BOOKIN, both of Torbolton. September 21, 1889 at North March.
002107-89 (Carleton Co) Joseph Driffiel WILSON, 25, farmer, Lincolnshire Eng, Gloucester, s/o James WILSON & Fanny DRIFFIEL married Rebecca Ann BASKERVILLE, 26, Gloucester, same, d/o John BASKERVILLE & Sarah BIRCH. Wit Jos. E. WILSON and Ellen BASKERVILLE, both of Gloucester. January 9, 1889 at Gloucester.  
001954-89 (Carleton Co) John Godfrey YOUNG, 28, farmer, Goulbourne, same, s/o William YOUNG & Jane ABBOTT married Elizabeth WATT, 28, March, same, d/o James WATT & Ann McCONACHY. Wit Ellen MONTGOMERY of Carp and William R. CUMMINGS of Goulbourne. July 31, 1889 at March.