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Carleton Co., 1896

birth place is given before residence


002052-96  Jean Baptiste ALBERT, 53, Labourer, Wid., La Natch, Hinton, s/o Henri ALBERT & Marie COLVIN; married Philomene McGILVRAY, 50, Wid, St. Scholastique, Hintonburgh, d/o Duncan McGILVRAY & Angelina LEFEBVRE; wit Samuel POTVIN & Charles MONET, both Hintonburgh, 18 Jul 1896, Hintonburgh  
002200-96  Robert BELL, 36, Farmer, North Gower, North Gower, s/o John BELL & Helen WALLACE; married Albina DUNBAR, 28, North Gower, North Gower, d/o William & Ann Jane DUNBAR; wit Edward KIDD & Jane BELL, both North Gower, 14 Jan 1896, Manotick 002067-96  Alfred BERGERON, 23, Labourer, Clarence Creek, Mechanicsville Nepean, s/o Honor BERGERON & Philomene VEZEAU; married Cordilia LATREILLE, 19, Ottawa, Mechanicsville Nepean, d/o Hyacinthe LATREILLE & Florie GOULET; wit Honor BERGERON & Hyacinthe LATREILLE, both Mechanicsville Nepean, 8 Jun 1896, Hintonburgh
002058-96  Gideon BOURGEON, 20, Labourer, Lachute, Hintonburgh, s/o Baptiste BOURGEON & Louise ST. JACQUES; married Melina BOURQUE, 16, Ottawa, Hintonburgh, d/o Maurice BOURGEON & Flavie LASSAGE; wit Joseph POTVIN, Hintonburgh & Augusta LEGER, Ottawa, 21 October 1896, Hintonburgh 002069-96  Edwin Sauge BRADEY, 22, Farmer, Marsh Twp, s/o Henry? & Ruth BRADEY; married Emma May HOBBS, 19, Torbolton, Torbolton, d/o William & Jane HOBBS; wit John HOBBS & Alberta BRADEY, both Marsh, 28 Oct 1896, Dunrobin
002065-96  William CARON, 24, Bread Driver, England, Hull Quebec, s/o no parents given; married Mary Maud THOMAS, 16, Cornwall England, Hintonburgh, d/o Richard & Mary THOMAS; wit Henry BALL, Ottawa & Annie THOMAS, Hintonburgh, 12 Mar 1896, Hintonburgh 002070-96  Edward CARROLL, 22, Brakesman, Dunrobin Ont, Carleton Place, s/o Alexander CARROLL & Catherine O’BRIAN; married Ann KELLY, 24, South Marsh, South Marsh, d/o Thomas KELLY & Frances Ann FARLEY; wit Anitide GILBEAU, Ottawa & James KELLY, South Marsh, 21 Jan 1896, Ottawa
002182-96  Patrick R. CASSIDY, 28, Farmer, Nepean, Nepean, s/o Thomas CASSIDY & Margaret BURNS; married Elizabeth LYNCH, 26, Nepean, Nepean, d/o Thomas LYNCH & Margaret FEENEY; wit Margaret CASSIDY, Nepean & Susan MARTIN, Bayswater, 6 Jan 1896, Nepean 002192-96  Harold Doane COFFIN, 31, Builder, Barrington NS, Cambridge Mass USA, s/o Thomas & Sarah COFFIN; married Mary Belle VROOMAN, 27, Jonesville Mich, Seattle Washington, d/o Sidney & Sarah VROOMAN; wit Frederick Ashley COFFIN & Jessie Mary COFFIN, both Skeads Mills, 14 May 1896, Skeads Mills
002121-96  William CONGAN (COUGAN?), 36, Farmer, Goulburn, Goulburn, s/o Dennis & Sarah CONGAN; married Mina STANZELL, 27, Goulburn, Goulburn, d/o Thomas & Eleanor STANZELL; wit Thomas STANZELL & Eleanor STANZELL, both Stittsville, 28 Apr 1896, Goulburn 002126-96  T.B. Hill CONLEY, 21, none given, Munster, Goulburn, s/o John CONLEY & Mary Jane TUBMAN; married Ida Carra MORTON, 18, Goulburn, Goulburn, d/o Thomas & Jane MORTON; witn W.L.B. CONLEY & Emma May MORTON, both Stapledon, 24 Nov 1896, Goulburn
002128-96  Isidore COTE, 22, Barber, St. Lin, Ottawa, s/o Louis COTE & Aglase? CLOUTIER; married Anne Rose CHAMPAGNE, 21, Orleans Gloucester, Orleans Gloucester, d/o Joseph CHAMPAGNE & Catherine TOMKINS; wit Joseph CHAMPAGNE, Orleans & Louis COTE, Ottawa, 25 May 1896, Orleans 002201-96  Howard DEPENCIER, 28, Farmer, Burritts Rapids, Wellington Village, s/o Isaac & Ann DEPENCIER; married Catherine Sarah SCOTT, 28, North Gower Wellington, North Gower, d/o none given; wit W.T. DEPENCIER, Burritts Rapids & Mary Jane SCOTT, Wellington, 14 Apr 1896, Wellington
002196-96  George DUFORD, 34, Painter, Wid, Ottawa, Bayswater, s/o not given; married Marie DORION, 28, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Charles DORION & Mary O’HEARN; wit J.A. DORION & L.E. DORION, both Ottawa, 19 Aug 1896, Bayswater 002183-96  Michael DUNN, 23, Labourer, Chelsea Quebec, Chelsea Quebec, s/o John DUNN & Ann GRIMES (Grimes?); married Ellen RYAN, 25, Chelsea Quebec, Chelsea Quebec, d/o William RYAN & Charlotte O’NEIL; wit Peter DONNEGAN, Ottawa & Annie O’NEIL, Chelsea Quebec, 20 Jan 1896, Nepean
002076-95 : Arthur Fleming ELLIS, 27, machinist, Gloucester, Chicago Illinois, s/o James ELLIS & Mary TOMPKINS married Elizabeth Jane SPRATT, 24, Gloucester, same, d/o James SPRATT & Sarah MOORE. Wit: William J. SPRATT of Gloucester and Fanny E. ELLIS of Ottawa. January 1, 1896 at Gloucester 002187-96  Napoleon FARRELL, 30, Labourer, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Daniel FARRELL & Lena THIBEAULT; married Ellen DAVIS, 34, Wid, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o none given; wit Isaac THOMPSON & Arlene THOMPSON, both Ottawa, 3 Jun 1896, Nepean
002066-96  Chester FREDINBURGH, 28, Cheese Maker, Toledo, Poltimore Quebec, s/o Amos FREDINBURGH & Manda McCALLUM; married Elizabeth ORANGE, 27, Wid, Poltimore Quebec, Poltimore Quebec, d/o John H. BONSALE & Maggie MASON; wit Robert SCANNELL & Flora EADIE, both Hintonburgh, 28 May 1896, Hintonburgh 002119-96  Edward Joseph GARLAND, 24, Farmer, Goulburn, Goulburn, s/o John N. & Catherine GARLAND: married Lavinia Jane BLACK, 27, Goulburn, Goulburn, d/o William & Sarah BLACK; wit G.W. EDWARDS, Ormond & Sarah BEAMAN, Fallowfield, 10 Jun 1896, Methodist Church, Munster
002181-96  Frank C. GOSLING, 28, Suffolk England, Nepean, s/o no father given & Charlotte GOSLING; married Mary DRAFFIN, 43, Nepean, Nepean, d/o John DRAFFIN & Emily SWITZER; wit W.J. AIKENS, Nepean & Ella WATCHORN, Ottawa, 2 Apr 1896, Nepean 002062-96  William GRANT, 34, Blacksmith, Inverness Scotland, Ottawa, s/o John GRANT & Katherine CORBETT; married Jane Margaret WOODHUS, 34, Gloucester, Ottawa, d/o Robert WODHUS & Mary WILKIE; wit Hattie SMIRLE & Lizzie SMIRLE, both Hintonburgh, 6 Apr 1896, Hintonburgh
2032-96 William R. GRIFFITH, 22, farmer, Nepean twp., Osgoode twp., s/o William GRIFFITH & Eliza BROWN, married Elizabeth STENSON, 20, Nepean, same, d/o John STENSON & Betsy GRIFFITH, witn: Leonard FISHER of Osgoode & Louisa STENSON of Nepean, 12 Aug 1896 at Greely 002127-96  Jean Baptiste GUY, 26, Farmer, St. Jean Portjoli, Orleans Gloucester, s/o Joseph GUY & Hermine PARADIS; married Ocatavia GERVAIS, 21, Orleans Gloucester, Orleans Gloucester, d/o Octave GERVAIS & Aurolie CARDINAL; wit Isidore CARDINAL, Orleans & Cleophas PERRON, Ottawa, 7 Jan 1896 at Gloucester
002117-96  William Pitman HAND, 22, Farmer, Nepean, Nepean, s/o Thomas & Jane K. HAND; married Amelia Agnes LANGDON, 19, Nepean, Nepean, d/o John & Agnes LANGDON; wit Reiggles GRAHAM, Huntley & Margaret Ann LANGDON, Ottawa, 4 Mar 1896, Hazledean 002123-96  Herbert Fawcet HARTLAND, 29, Accountant, London England, Montreal, s/o Godfrey George HARTLAND & Elizabeth E. FAWCET, married Mary Jane ALHEM, 22, Wilberforce Co Renfrew, Manotick, d/o Carl ALHEM & Ellen ALEXANDER; wit Agnes ARGUE, Ashton & Arthur W. ALHEM, Renfrew, 21 Oct 1896, Ashton
002115-96  William HEMPILL, 26, none given, Richmond, Richmond, s/o William HEMPILL & Mary Ellen FARMER; married Ann Elizabeth McCOY, 24, Goulburn, Goulburn, d/o Robert McCOY & Rachel GRAHAM; wit Jennat McCOY, Goulburn & Thomas Well MONTGOMERY, Richmond, 29 Jan 1896, Goulburn 002055-96  William HILL, 22, Labourer, England, Hintonburgh, s/o Richard HILL & Mary Jane SCOTT; married Anna Bella FOSTER, 24, Fallbrook Co Lanark, Hintonburgh, d/o James FOSTER & Eliza Ann MORRIS; wit T. HILL, Hintonburgh & S. LACY, Ottawa, 6 Oct 1896, Hintonburgh
2031-96 Thomas HODGINS, 25, farmer, Goulbourn twp., same, s/o Michael HODGINS & Elizabeth, married Jennie CONDIE, 23, Smith Falls, Osgoode twp., d/o not given, witn: S.G. BAIRD of Fitzroy & Maria HODGINS of Goulbourn, 8 July 1896 at not given 002199-96  Arrin Hall HUTCHISON, 23, Dentist, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o George HUTCHISON & Agnes FAULKNER; married Annie Moore SMITH, 23, Chicago USA, Nepean, d/o John CAMPBELL SMITH & Jane REID; wit Thomas HINTON & Bertha McGILLIVRAY, both Ottawa, 2 Dec 1896, Nepean
002071-96  William LAHEY, 34, Farmer, South Marsh, South Marsh, s/o John LAHEY & Margaret KILLEN; married Sarah Elizabeth KELLY, 23, South Marsh, South Marsh, d/o Thomas KELLY & Frances Ann FARLEY; wit John LAHEY, Morehurst & Emma KELLY, South Marsh, 10 Nov 1896, Fallowfield  
002068-96  Elie LAUZON, 23, Labourer, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Elie LAUZON & Victorian CORDON; married Levina MALBOEUF, 19, Bouchette, Hintonburgh, d/o Theophile MALBOEUF & Nathalias TURCOTTE; wit Elie LAUZON, Ottawa & Theophile MALBOEUF, Hintonburgh, 29 Jun 1896, Hintonburgh 002118-96  Robert Alfred LEACH, 29, Farmer, Beckworth, Beckworth, s/o Robert & Ellen LEACH; married Jennie McRAE, 26, Appleton, Goulburn, d/o D. & Jane McRAE; wit D. McRAE Jr & Emma ROBERTSON, both no place given, 31 Mar 1896, Goulburn
002059-96  George LEMOINE, 42, Farmer, Merivale, Merivale, s/o Antoine LEMOINE & Nancy LANG; married Elizabeth Jane WILSON, 23, Merivale, Merivale, d/o John WILSON & Eliza HAY; wit Flora EADIE & Roderick Percy SPARKS, both Hintonburgh, 28 Oct 1896, Hintonburgh 002184-96  Alphonse LEPINE, 31, Labourer, Italy, Ottawa, s/o Antonio LEPINE & Concetta BAGLIES; married Mary FLANLEY, 30, Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Patrick FLANLEY & Ellen HALE; wit John LAPORITE? & Annie FLANLEY, both no place given, 13 Apr 1896, Nepean
002188-96  Martin MARKER, 25, Butter Maker, Lemming Denmark, Hintonburgh, s/o Claus Christian Nicholson MARKER & Maran CHRISTIANSON; married Petra Sofie Freterikka SNELBERG, 20, Silkborg Denmark, Hintonburgh, d/o Mattias Peter SNELBERG & Sofie SORENSEN; wit Anders OLESEN & Annie JOHNSON, both Ottawa West, 25 Jul 1896, Nepean  
002198-96  Joseph McBRIDE, 30, Farmer, South Gloucester, South Gloucester, s/o James McBRIDE & Ann STAFFORD; married Alice CRAIG, 30, Nepean, Nepean, d/o Gervais CRAIG & Sarah LAUGAN; wit John CRAIG & Bridget CRAIG, both Nepean, 20 Sept 1896, Bayswater 002122-96  Joseph McKEEN, 38, Farmer, South Gower, South Gower, s/o Robert & Grace McKEEN; married Mary CASSADY, 30, Goulburn, Goulburn, d/o James & Agnes CASSADY; wit Frank GRAHAM & Mrs. ROSS, both Goulburn, 10 Jun 1896, at res of the bride
002053-96  H.F. McKENNY, 27, C.P.Railway Employee, Co. Fermanagh Ireland, Ottawa City, s/o William McKENNY & Alice FAUCETT; married Hannah H. YOUNG, 21, Ontario, Hintonburgh, d/o Thomas YOUNG & Margaret GORDON; wit Jane Eliza YOUNG, James McKENNY & George YOUNG, all Hintonburgh, 19 Aug 1896, Hintonburgh 002056-96  David George McWATTERS, 27, Machinist, Ottawa, Thetford Mines Quebec, s/o Thomas McWATTERS & Elizabeth ROSS; married Annie LAFLEUR, 24, Ottawa, Hintonburgh, d/o William LAFLEUR & Martha AITKEN; wit Alice LEFLEUR & Bella FULLER, both Hintonburgh, 13 Oct 1896, Hintonburgh
002195-96  Thomas MEAGHER, 39, Farmer, Wid, Gloucester, South Gloucester, s/o John MEAGHER & Ann DALY?; married Mary CLARKE, 20, Jock Vale, Jock Vale, d/o Michael CLARKE & Julia DAVIS; wit Joseph MEAGHER, Gloucester & Julia CLARKE, Jock Vale, 3 Nov 1896, Fallowfield 002057-96  Alexander Ross MOWAT, 25, Labourer, Merrivale Nepean, Ottawa, s/o William MOWAT & Annie LONG; married Isabella McCORMICK, 29, Gloucester, Hintonburgh, d/o Nelin McCORMICK & Annie MACLEOD; wit Addie MOWAT, Merrivale & Albert WHITE, Hintonburgh, 21 Oct 1896, Hintonburgh
  002186-96  Joseph PARE, 21, Butcher, Hull Quebec, Hull Quebec, s/o John PARE & Delima ROCHON; married Alexina LEGAULT, age not given, Hull Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Pierre LEGAULT & Philomene CHARBONNEAU; wit J.A. LAURIN, Hull Quebec & A.J. ROY, Ottawa, 31 May 1896, Nepean
002039-95 : Joseph Thomas QUINLAN, 39, farmer, Nepean, same, s/o Thomas QUINLAN & Catherine GOODAL married Margret O'CONNOR, 29, Goulbourne, same, d/o Jeremiah O'CONNOR & Mary McCORMICK. Wit: Patrick QUINLAN of Nepean and Nellie O'CONNOR of Goulbourne. February 3, 1896 at Goulbourne. (RC) 002120-96  Thomas Joseph RALPH, 25, Farmer, Goulburn, Osgoode, s/o James & Margaret RALPH; married Hannah P. YOUNG, 27, Goulburn, Goulburn, d/o William & Ann YOUNG; witn Thomas ARGUE, Stittsville & Jennie E. YOUNG, Muncester, 10 Jun 1896, Methodist Church, Munster
002190-96  Jesse RAWLINGS, 25, Labourer, Oxfordshire England, Nepean, s/o Charles & Sarah RAWLINGS; married Mary Ann HARRIS, 20, Wexford Ireland, Skeads Mills, d/o Thomas & Mary HARRIS; wit Lachariah O’NEIL & Sarah Jane PARKS, both Skeads Mills, 12 Nov 1896, Skeads Mills 002191-96  Charles RAWLINGS, 62, Labourer, Wid, Oxfordshire England, Skeads Mills, s/o Samuel and Mary RAWLINGS; married Theresa LAFLEUR, 49, Wid, Bells Corners, Skeads Mills, d/o Samuel & Nancy LAFLEUR; wit Richard & Christina RAWLINGS of Skeads Mills, 19 Oct 1896, Skeads Mills
002125-96  Frederick Lowry RICHARDSON, 36, Farmer, Hazledean, Hazledean, s/o Richard RICHARDSON & Mary Ann LOWRY; married Ellen BRADLEY, 24, Hazledean, Hazledean, d/o Albert & Ellen BRADLEY; wit George ALEXANDER, Carp & Bernice BRADLEY, Hazledean, 16 Dec 1896, Hazledean 002116-96  Robert Haskett RICHARDSON, 27, Farmer, South Marsh, South Marsh, s/o William & Elizabeth C. RICHARDSON; married Elizabeth Mary ABBOTT, 25, Hazledean, Hazledean, d/o Adam & Susan Y. ABBOTT; wit Ira Edward RICHARDSON & Meda CUMMINGS, both Hazledean, 18 Feb 1896, Hazledean
002129-96  John RIOPEL, 24, Farmer, St. Jacques, Ottawa, s/o Francis RIOPEL & Mary BROOKS; married Julia McDONALD, 18, Orleans Gloucester, Orleans Gloucester, d/o Patrick McDONALD & Mary Ann CAMERON; wit Patrick McDONALD, Orleans & Francois RIOPEL, Ottawa, 25 May 1896, Orleans 002185-96  Joseph ROI, 35, Labourer, Wid, unknown, Hintonburgh, s/o no parents stated; married Mary McDARBY, 30, Wid, Ireland, Hintonburgh, d/o none stated; wit Augusta ROI & Louis ROI, both Hintonburgh, 4 May 1896, Nepean
002051-96  Philippe ST. DENYS, 22, Labourer, Caledonia, Hintonburgh, s/o Israel ST. DENYS & Priscille PIETTE; married Delina JOANISSE, 20, Ottawa, Hintonburgh, d/o Moise JOANISSE & Delina LADOUCEUR; wit Israel ST. DENYS & Moise LADOUCEUR, both Hintonburgh, 27 Jul 1896, Hintonburgh 002197-96  Frederick SHOEMAN (Shoenaur?), 33, Labourer, Germany, Ottawa, s/o Michael SHOEMAN & Hattie SOMMERFIELD; married Mary FREEMAN, 28, Ireland, Ottawa, d/o James FREEMAN & Bridget DORAN; wit William DORAN & Ann DORAN, both Ottawa, 24 Aug 1896, Bayswater
002189-96  Richard Beeken SMITH, 26, Butcher, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Alfred Chambers SMITH & Elizabeth CLEMENTS; married Alvira Nancy NESBITT, 24, Richmond, Ottawa, d/o Samuel NESBITT & Mary Jane LE MOINE; wit John R. ANNAND & Ada BURGESS, both Billings Bridge, 20 Aug 1896, Billings Bridge 002194-96  Robert Joseph TAYLOR, 35, Printer, Granby Shefford Co Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Joseph TAYLOR & Marion WALLACE; married Kate Gertrude RICHARDSON, 21, Nepean, Nepean, d/o David RICHARDSON & Alice HUGHES; wit Jessie RICHARDSON, Nepean & William C. McAMMOND, Goulburn, 30 Sept 1896, Nepean
002063-96  Henry THOMPSON, 39, Sawyer, Wid, Lochaber Quebec, Hintonburgh, s/o James THOMPSON & Eliza KELLY; married Emma HALL, 19, Hintonburgh, Hintonburgh, d/o Thomas HALL & Jane JONES; wit Ada WHITEHORN, Ottawa & William JOYNT, Hintonburgh, 8 Apr 1896, Hintonburgh 002064-96  Hermadis TRUDEAU, 36, Labourer, St. Martin Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Benjamin TRUDEAU & Amelie LEPRAIRIE?; married Julia LAFRANCE, 36, Oka, Ottawa, d/o Peter LAFRANCE & Ellan LEE; wit Andrew CARON & Edith SPARKS, both Hintonburgh, 14 Apr 1896, Hintonburgh
002124-96  William TURNER, 26, Farmer, Beckwith, Beckwith, s/o John TURNER & Jessie CRAM; married Annie Elizabeth FERGUSON, 24, Beckwith, Beckwith, d/o John FERGUSON & Margaret McDIARMID; wit Maggie KIDD, Beckwith & John TURNER, Ramsay, 7 Oct 1896, Ashton 002050-96  Alphi VACHON, 26, Labourer, Riviere de Loup, Hintonburgh, s/o Simon VACHON & Adeline LECLAIR, married Exilda PAQUETTE, 21, Ottawa, Hintonburgh, d/o Marcel PAQUETTE & Philimene SERI; wit Simon VACHON & Marcel PAQUETTE, both Hintonburgh, 23 Jul 1896, Hintonburgh
2033-96 John Alexander WALLACE, 29, farmer, Osgoode twp., same, s/o Benjamin WALLACE & Margaret BELL, married Louisa SHELDRAKE, 33, Osgoode twp., same, d/o Alfred SHELDRAKE & Susanna SHELDRAKE, witn: Henry & Matilda SHELDRAKE of Osgoode, 9 Sept 1896 at Vernon 002180-96  Arthur WEBB, 26, Labourer, England, Nepean, s/o William WEBB & Jane BAYLIS; married Sarah Ann Louisa HODGINS, 31, Nepean, Nepean, d/o John HODGINS & Maria HOBBS; wit Margaret BEARMAN & James BEARMAN, both Nepean, 19 Mar 1896, Nepean
  002064-96  George Arthur WHITE, 23, Book Binder, Ottawa, Gloucester Twp Russell Co, s/o John & Margaret WHITE; married Frances Amy AMBRIDGE, 21, Ottawa, Hintonburgh, d/o Frank & Julia AMBRIDGE; wit Edwin COLDREY, Cummings Bridge & Maggie AMBRIDGE, Ottawa, 15 Jan 1896, Hintonburgh